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Iemitsu Tokugawa office holder, born 08/12/1604

Jules Gabriel Janin WRITER, DRAMA/LITERARY CRITIC, JOURNALIST, born 02/16/1804

Jean Reynaud ENGINEER, SOCIAL PHILOSOPHER, AUTHOR, born 02/14/1806

Peter Rindisbacher artist, born 04/12/1806

Joachim Menant French linguist, born 04/16/1820

Victor Puiseux ASTRONOMER, MATHEMATICIAN, born 04/16/1820

James Chatham Duane Union Army General, military person, born 06/10/1824

Henry Watterson United States journalist, congressman, born 02/16/1840

Allerton, William Jackson, 1st Baron office holder, born 02/16/1840

Eugene Semple governor, born 06/12/1840

Satyendranath Tagore Civil Servant, social reformer, Civil servant, social reformer, born 06/01/1842

Henry Traphagen politician, born 06/01/1842

James Burns Australian businessman, shipowner and philanthropist, born 02/10/1846

1st Baron Charles William de la Poer Beresford MILITARY, ADMIRAL, born 02/10/1846

Ira Remsen scientist, born 02/10/1846

Elliot Johnson Australian politician, Sailor, member of parliament, born 04/10/1862

Lewis Wilkieson Johnstone member of parliament, born 04/10/1862