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Anne Marie Louise De La Tour Dauvergne British royalty, born 08/01/1722

Somerset, Arthur John Henry, Lord soldier, member of parliament, born 02/12/1780

Ashur Ware United States federal judge, born 02/10/1782

Anthony Allaire NYPD police inspector responsible for the break up of the Slaughter House Gang and the Dutch Mob; captured murder Daniel McFarland in 1869., Police detective, born 02/17/1820

Alphonse James De Rothschild Financier, vineyard owner, philanthropist, art collector, racehorse owner/breeder, born 02/01/1827

Martin Tovar Y Tovar born 02/10/1827

Marie Lloyd Music hall singer, born 02/12/1870

Marcus William Robertson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/12/1870

Hugo Stinnes ENTREPRENEUR, INDUSTRIALIST, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, Industrialist, born 02/12/1870

Henry Riggs Rathbone congressman, born 02/12/1870


Andrew Kehoe Farmer, School board member, Treasurer, born 02/01/1872

Jerome Donovan congressman, born 02/01/1872

Albert William Flewitt English footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1872