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Murray Macarthur

- Actor. Murray McArthur is a British stage, television and film actor (6 ft 2in) born in Devon in the South West of England on 4 May 1966. The son of a mushroom farmer, of Scottish parentage and red-haired, he often plays Scottish roles. He attended King's School Ottery St. Mary, received a BA (Hons) Degree in English and Drama at Loughborough University and went on to study acting at the Drama Studio London. He has appeared in many stage-plays in British regional theatres and on London's West End. Born 05/04/1966. (Wikipedia)

Murray Macarthur, Matrix of Birth

May 4th (Wednesday) 1966

05/04/1966 = 31 = 4 (4 )

31 - 8 = 23 = 5

11 (two) 44 (two)
2 (one) 55 (two)
33 (two) 66 (two) 9 (one)

Personal Psychological Portrait:

FighterFighter : Readiness to Fight for Everyday Goals. Energetic, Pushing, Problem-Solver. Tendency to Aggressive Discontent when Lacking Desired Results - Very Strong

AnalystAnalyst : Observational and Analytical Talents. Might be Reflective, Theoretical and Distant - Moderate

EquilibristEquilibrist : Mobility, Flexibility, Taste for Grace and Balance. Might be Over-Reactive and Explosive under Pressure - Moderate

DreamerDreamer : Desire for Joy and a Better Life. Enthusiasm, Consumerism. Tend to Count on the World in Realization of their Plans and Dreams. High Expectations, Excessive Demands, Idealistic Wishes. Charming when Satisfied. Tend to be Depressed and/or Blame Others when Fail. Might be Infantile, Tricky and Vindictive - Moderate

Energy of the Life Path

4 (Four)

Office Space

Career. Hierarchy. Authority. Design. Construction. Form. Professional Skills.


Energy Portrait:

Life Path Number = 4

Types of Energy:

Social Energy - Strong - 6 points

Personal Energy - Strong - 5 points

Mass/Universal Energy - Weak - 1 point

Aspects of Life:

Artistic/Public Life - Strong - 5 points

Mental Life - Moderate - 4 points

Materialistic/Physical Life - Moderate - 3 points

Stages of Life:

Middle Age - Strong - 6 points

Youth - Strong - 5 points

Maturity - Weak - 1 point

Types of Destiny:

Predestination, Universe Mission - Strong - 5 points

Free Will, Opportunities - Moderate - 4 points

Mental Indexes:

Smart Memory/Wit - Strong - 5 points

Intellectual Creativity/Invention - Moderate - 3 points

Fantasy/Spirituality - Moderate - 3 points

Personal Characteristics:

Authority : Social Skills, Career Potential - Strong - 6 points

Artist : Artistic, Dramatic, Entertaining Talents - Strong - 5 points

Inner Self : Inner Maxims, Individual Beliefs - Strong - 5 points

Persona : Personal Ambitions, Self-Expression - Strong - 5 points

Venturer : Free Enterprise, Commercial Spirit - Moderate - 4 points

Mogul : Risk, Investment, Politics - Moderate - 4 points

Guru : Intellectual Independence, Leadership - Moderate - 4 points

Down-to-Earth : Vitality, Practicality, Skillfulness - Moderate - 3 points

Touch of the Universe : Gifts, Legacy, Karma - Weak - 1 point