Richard B. Fitzgibbon in Numbers of Pythagoras Square

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Pope Saint Leo IX POPE, REIGNED 1049-54, pope, born 06/21/1002

Gerald Kaufman politician, born 06/21/1930

Douglas Romayne Composer, Conductor, Orchestrator, Music Producer, Song Writer, Instrumentalist, musical artist, born 06/21/1974

Jean-Pascal Lacoste Singer, actor, presenter, musical artist, born 06/21/1978

Pablo Barrera soccer player, born 06/21/1987


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Joseph Haydn Potter United States Army general during American Civil War, military person, born 10/12/1822

George P. Doles Confederate Army general, military person, born 05/14/1830

Ernst Mengersen German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 06/30/1912

Carmelo Delgado Delgado military person, born 04/20/1913

Karl Kloskowski Wiesman military person, born 02/09/1917


Richard B. Fitzgibbon

- First person killed in the Vietnam War. Richard B. Fitzgibbon, Jr. was the first person to lose his life in the conflict that would later be known as the Vietnam War. He was killed by another U. S. airman. The United States Air Force Technical Sergeant died on June 8, 1956. Through the efforts of his sister the Fitzgibbon's name was added to the wall in 1999. Following his father's footsteps Richard B. Fitzgibbon, Jr III also served in Vietnam where he too was killed in 1965. Born 06/21/1920. Died 06/08/1956. (Wikipedia)

Richard B. Fitzgibbon, Matrix of Birth

June 21th (Monday) 1920

06/21/1920 = 21 = 3 (3 )

21 - 4 = 17 = 8

1111 (four) 7 (one)
222 (three) 8 (one)
3 (one) 6 (one) 9 (one)

Personal Psychological Portrait:

EccentricEccentric : Eccentricity, Originality in Methods and Actions. Paradoxical Mind and Temper. Tend to Swim Against the Stream. Might Be Innovative, Unpredictable and Unruly - Very Strong

MaximalistMaximalist : Striving for Big Goals. Workaholic, Perfectionist. Tendency to Impatience, Intolerance, Destructive Criticism of Others. Easily Disappointed. Apathetic and Lazy when Cannot See Worthy Goals. Achieving Goals Can Bring Unexpected Outcomes - Very Strong

EquilibristEquilibrist : Mobility, Flexibility, Taste for Grace and Balance. Might be Over-Reactive and Explosive under Pressure - Strong

AnalystAnalyst : Observational and Analytical Talents. Might be Reflective, Theoretical and Distant - Moderate

Lonely StarLonely Star : Individualism, Concentration on Self. Many Talents, Clouded by a Hot Temper, Hidden Sense of Superiority or Open Narcissism. Tend to Turn Down Advice and Requests of Others. Sensitive to Criticism, Occasionally Might Feel Lost and Misunderstood. Their Lot - Triumph or Obscurity, Both with Touch of Loneliness - Moderate

Energy of the Life Path

3 (Three)

Intrigue of Life

Personal Image, Performance. Imagination, Dreams, Fun. Connection with Time and Generation. Arch of Arts/Commerce.


Energy Portrait:

Life Path Number = 3

Types of Energy:

Personal Energy - Very Strong - 8 points

Mass/Universal Energy - Moderate - 3 points

Social Energy - Weak - 1 point

Aspects of Life:

Mental Life - Strong - 5 points

Materialistic/Physical Life - Moderate - 4 points

Artistic/Public Life - Moderate - 3 points

Stages of Life:

Youth - Very Strong - 8 points

Maturity - Moderate - 3 points

Middle Age - Weak - 1 point

Types of Destiny:

Predestination, Universe Mission - Strong - 5 points

Free Will, Opportunities - Weak - 2 points

Mental Indexes:

Intellectual Creativity/Invention - Strong - 6 points

Smart Memory/Wit - Strong - 6 points

Fantasy/Spirituality - Moderate - 3 points

Personal Characteristics:

Persona : Personal Ambitions, Self-Expression - Very Strong - 8 points

Mogul : Risk, Investment, Politics - Strong - 6 points

Inner Self : Inner Maxims, Individual Beliefs - Strong - 5 points

Guru : Intellectual Independence, Leadership - Strong - 5 points

Down-to-Earth : Vitality, Practicality, Skillfulness - Moderate - 4 points

Touch of the Universe : Gifts, Legacy, Karma - Moderate - 3 points

Artist : Artistic, Dramatic, Entertaining Talents - Moderate - 3 points

Venturer : Free Enterprise, Commercial Spirit - Weak - 2 points

Authority : Social Skills, Career Potential - Weak - 1 point