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A human person using a computer or other electronic device can visit the Website, view, read and search the data it contains, use a Free Calculator, study a Free Personal Report for each entered information or existing record this Website offers. All of these services are still open and free of charge, some additional information may be restricted to subscribers with time.

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Publication means here works of individual creative writing (for example books, newspaper or magazine articles, articles for websites), which deal with individual persons or small groups of persons.

Proper quotation means, that there must be correct citation that includes, besides the information itself, a reference to the, which must be a functioning http link in electronic media:

No right is granted to copy data from this Website ( into other large data and informational collections.

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  • If you want to quote or use otherwise more than 100 data records (which means 100 pages, including Pythagoras Square Calculation and Analysis for each Record) in one publication, you need to receive permission from One website is considered as one publication, i.e. it is not allowed to place 100 pages on it each with 100 data records. To request permission, please write us by email. Please specify the details of the intended publication and the data you are going to use in it.
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