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Class: writer

Dante Alighieri Italian poet, Statesman, poet, language theorist, writer, born 06/01/1265

Petrarch 14th-century Italian humanist, writer and poet, Renaissance humanist, writer, born 07/20/1304

Giovanni Boccaccio Writer, humanist, Renaissance humanist, author, poet, writer, born 06/16/1313

Pietro Bembo Scholar, poet, literary theorist, Catholic cardinal, writer, born 05/20/1470

Mikolaj Rej Poet, writer, politician, musician, writer, born 02/04/1505

Jean-Antoine de Baif Poet, writer, born 02/19/1532

Torquato Tasso POET, PLAYWRIGHT, Poet, Novelist, Author, writer, born 03/11/1544

Miguel de Cervantes Spanish novelist, poet and playwright, Novelist, poet, playwright, soldier, writer, born 09/29/1547

Lope de Vega PLAYWRIGHT, POET, Poet, playwright, writer, born 11/25/1562

Christopher Marlowe English playwright and poet, Playwright, poet, writer, born 02/26/1564

John Donne English poet, Poet, Priest, Lawyer, writer, born 01/21/1572

Ben Jonson English dramatist, poet and actor, Dramatist, poet and actor, writer, born 06/11/1572

Jacob Cats Poet, Writer, politician, writer, born 11/10/1577

Joost Van Den Vondel Writer, playwright, writer, born 11/17/1587

Robert Herrick Poet and clergyman, writer, born 08/24/1591

George Herbert Welsh poet, priest, Poet, orator, priest, writer, born 04/03/1593

John Milton English poet and prose polemicist, Poet, prose polemicist, civil servant, writer, born 12/09/1608

Charles De Saint-Evremond Essayist, critic, soldier, writer, born 04/01/1610

Thomas Killigrew Dramatist, writer, born 02/07/1612

Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld POLTICIAN, SOLDIER, AUTHOR, writer, born 09/15/1613

Andreas Gryphius Lyric poet • Dramatist, writer, born 10/11/1616

Antoine Furetiere Scholar and writer, writer, born 12/28/1619

Andrew Marvell Poet, writer, born 03/31/1621

Henry Vaughan Poet, writer, born 04/17/1621

Jean de La Fontaine AUTHOR, POET, WRITER OF FABLES, Fabulist, Poet, writer, born 07/08/1621

Molière French playwright, actor, playwright, writer, born 01/15/1622

Charles Perrault Author, writer, born 01/12/1628

John Bunyan Writer, preacher, writer, born 11/28/1628

John Dryden English poet, literary critic, playwright, poet, literary critic, playwright, writer, born 08/09/1631

Gregório de Mattos e Guerra Brazilian poet and lawyer, Poet, lawyer, writer, born 04/07/1636

Songling Pu Writer, writer, born 06/05/1640

Jean de la Chapelle writer, born 10/24/1651

Jonathan Swift Anglo-Irish writer, Satirist, essayist, political pamphleteer, poet, priest, writer, born 11/30/1667

Alain-Rene Lesage Novelist, Playwright, writer, born 05/06/1668

Giambattista Vico political philosopher, historian, jurist, writer, born 06/23/1668

William Congreve Playwright, Poet, writer, born 01/24/1670

Antoine Houdar de La Motte writer, born 01/18/1672

Allan Ramsay Scottish poet, poet, writer, born 10/15/1686

Alexander Pope English poet, Poet, writer, born 05/21/1688

Samuel Richardson Writer, printer & publisher, writer, born 08/19/1689

John Byrom Poet, inventor of a shorthand system, writer, born 02/29/1692

Voltaire Enlightenment philosopher., Writer, philosopher, playwright, writer, born 11/21/1694

Richard Pococke writer, born 11/19/1704

Carlo Goldoni Playwright • Librettist, writer, born 02/25/1707

Henry Fielding English novelist, dramatist, Novelist, dramatist, writer, born 04/22/1707

Thomas Gray English poet, historian, poet, historian, writer, born 12/26/1716

Johann Joachim Winckelmann German archaeologist, Archaeology, Art history author, writer, born 12/09/1717

Tobias Smollett Author, poet, surgeon, writer, born 03/19/1721

Christopher Smart Actor, Editor, Playwright, Poet, Translator, writer, born 04/11/1722

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing writer, philosopher, publicist, and art critic, writer, philosopher, dramatist, publicist, art critic and dramaturg, writer, born 01/22/1729

Pierre Beaumarchais writer, born 01/24/1732

Richard Cumberland English playwright and novelist, Dramatist, writer, born 02/19/1732

José Basílio da Gama Brazilian poet, Poet, writer, born 04/10/1740

Marquis de Sade Novelist, philosopher, Noble, writer, poet, critic, delegate to the National Convention, philosopher, writer, born 06/02/1740

Louis-Sebastien Mercier writer, born 06/06/1740

James Boswell Scottish Lawyer, Diarist, Author, Lawyer, diarist, author, writer, born 10/29/1740

Augustin Barruel priest, historian, theologian, writer, born 10/02/1741

Edmond Malone Lawyer, historian, writer, born 10/04/1741

Pierre Choderlos De Laclos Writer, official and army general, writer, born 10/18/1741

Dimitrije Obradovic writer, born 02/17/1742

Tomás Antônio Gonzaga Brazilian poet, jurist and activist, Poet, jurist, activist, writer, born 08/11/1744

Iolo Morganwg Antiquarian, poet, collector, literary forger, Poet, literary forger, writer, born 03/10/1747

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe German philosopher, poet, and writer, Poet, Novelist, Playwright, Natural Philosopher, Diplomat, Civil servant, writer, born 08/28/1749

Alexander Nikolayevich Radishchev Writer, writer, born 08/31/1749

Dominique Joseph Garat writer, born 09/08/1749

Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz writer, playwright, writer, born 01/23/1751

Thomas Chatterton English poet, forger, Poet, forger, writer, born 11/20/1752

William Godwin Journalist, Philosopher, Novelist, Journalist, Political philosopher, novelist, writer, born 03/03/1756

William Blake Poet, Painter, Printmaker, writer, born 11/28/1757

August Lafontaine writer, born 10/05/1758

Robert Burns Scottish poet and lyricist, Poet, lyricist, farmer, exciseman, writer, born 01/25/1759

Friedrich Schiller German poet, philosopher, historian, and dramatist, poet, dramatist, writer, born 11/10/1759

Joanna Baillie Playwright, Poet, writer, born 09/11/1762

Sousa Caldas Orator, poet, priest, writer, born 11/24/1762

Samuel Egerton Brydges bibliographer, genealogist, Member of Parliament for Maidstone from 1812 to 1818, writer, born 11/30/1762

William Cobbett Pamphleteer, journalist, writer, born 03/09/1763

Jean Paul German novelist, novelist, writer, born 03/21/1763

Jens Immanuel Baggesen Poet, writer, born 02/15/1764

Ann Radcliffe Novelist, writer, born 07/09/1764

Robert Heron Writer, writer, born 11/06/1764

Adelaide Dufrenoy poet, painter, novelist, translator, writer, born 12/03/1765

Maria Edgeworth Novelist, writer, born 01/01/1767

Edward Dodwell Writer, painter, writer, born 11/30/1767

William Robert Spencer Poet, humorist, writer, born 01/09/1770

Eliza Fletcher Autobiographer and early travel writer, writer, born 01/15/1770

Friedrich Hölderlin German poet, Lyric poet, writer, born 03/20/1770

William Wordsworth English poet, Poet, writer, born 04/07/1770

James Hogg Novelist, essayist, poet, biographer, journalist, writer, born 12/09/1770

Walter Scott Novelist, Historical novelist, Poet, Lawyer, Sheriff of Selkirkshire, writer, born 08/15/1771

Novalis German poet, Prose writer, poet, mystic, philosopher, civil engineer, writer, born 05/02/1772

Samuel Taylor Coleridge English poet, critic, and philosopher, Poet, critic, philosopher, writer, born 10/21/1772

Robert Southey POET, MAN OF LETTERS, POET LAUREATE 1813, Poet, writer, born 08/12/1774

Hipolito Da Costa Journalist, diplomat, Freemason, writer, born 08/13/1774

Jane Porter Scottish novelist, Novelist, writer, born 01/17/1776

Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann Prussian jurist, author, composer, music critic, and artist, jurist, author, composer, music critic, artist, writer, born 01/24/1776

Heinrich von Kleist German poet, dramatist, novelist and short story writer, poet, dramatist, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 10/18/1777

Ugo Foscolo Poet, writer, writer, born 02/06/1778

William Hazlitt Essayist, literary critic, painter, philosopher, writer, born 04/10/1778

Thomas Moore Irish Poet, Poet, singer, songwriter, entertainer, writer, born 05/28/1779

Adam Muller critic, theorist, economist, writer, born 06/30/1779

Clement Clarke Moore writer, born 07/15/1779

Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger Danish poet and playwright, Poet, playwright, writer, born 11/14/1779

Horace Smith Poet, Novelist, writer, born 12/31/1779

Charles Bucke English Writer, Poet, Writer, Philosophical observer, Playwright, writer, born 04/16/1781

Lucy Aikin writer, born 11/06/1781

Stendhal 19th century French writer, Writer, writer, born 01/23/1783

Washington Irving American short story writer, essayist, biographer, Short story writer, essayist, biographer, magazine editor, diplomat, writer, born 04/03/1783

Maria Bibiana Benitez poet, playwright, writer, born 12/10/1783

Jakob Ludwig Carl Grimm German philologist, jurist and mythologist, writer, born 01/04/1785

Alessandro Manzoni WRITER, POET, NOVELIST, SENATOR OF ITALY, Poet, novelist, writer, born 03/07/1785

Jan Holly Poet and translator, writer, born 03/24/1785

Wilhelm Grimm PHILOLOGIST, FOLKORIST, LEXICOGRAPHER, writer, born 02/24/1786

Otto Magnus von Stackelburg Classicist and art historian, Classicist, archaeologist,, writer, born 07/25/1786

Ludwig Uhland POET, writer, born 04/26/1787

Lord George Gordon Byron GREAT ENGLISH ROMANTIC POET, BISEXUAL, Poet, politician, writer, born 01/22/1788

Thomas Medwin Poet, biographer, novelist, translator, writer, born 03/20/1788

Prideaux John Selby ornithologist, botanist, artist, writer, born 07/23/1788

Blessington, Marguerite, Countess of Novelist, miscellaneous writer, writer, born 09/01/1789

James Fenimore Cooper American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 09/15/1789

Catharine Sedgwick writer, born 12/28/1789

Fitz-Greene Halleck Poet, writer, born 07/08/1790

Augustus Baldwin Longstreet lawyer, minster, educator, humorist, writer, born 09/22/1790

Alphonse De Lamartine Writer, poet, politician, writer, born 10/21/1790

Richard Carlile British social reformer, Publisher, writer, born 12/09/1790

Percy Bysshe Shelley English poet, Poet, Dramatist, Essayist, Novelist, writer, born 08/04/1792

John Neal Writer, Critic, Lawyer, Architect, writer, born 08/25/1793

John Hamilton Reynolds Poet, journalist, lawyer, writer, born 09/09/1794

Philip Richard Fendall District Attorney of Washington, D.C., writer, born 12/18/1794

John William Polidori Writer, Physician, writer, born 09/07/1795

Convers Francis writer, born 11/09/1795

Thomas Carlyle Essayist, satirist, historian, writer, born 12/04/1795

James Robinson Planché Dramatist, antiquary and officer of arms, writer, born 02/27/1796

Thomas Bulfinch Banker, writer, writer, born 07/15/1796

Agnes Strickland Author, writer, born 08/19/1796

Hartley Coleridge writer, born 09/19/1796

Heinrich Heine journalist, an essayist, and one of the most significant German romantic poet, Poet, essayist, journalist, literary critic, writer, born 12/13/1797

Dionysios Solomos Poet, writer, born 04/08/1798

Giacomo Leopardi Italian poet and philosopher, Poet, Essayist, Philosopher, Philologist, writer, born 06/29/1798

Robert Pollok Scottish poet, Poet, writer, born 10/19/1798

Henry Nelson Coleridge writer, born 10/25/1798

Charles Philip Brown Civil Servant, writer, born 11/10/1798

Adam Bernard Mickiewicz Polish poet, essayist, Poet, essayist, writer, born 12/24/1798

Almeida Garrett Poet, playwright, novelist, politician, journalist, writer, born 02/04/1799

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin Russian poet, novelist, playwright, Poet, novelist, playwright, writer, born 06/06/1799

France Preseren Poet, writer, born 12/03/1800

Ion Heliade Rădulescu Academic, Romantic and Classicist poet, essayist, memoirist, short story writer, newspaper editor and politician, poet, essayist, journalist, translator, historian, philosopher, writer, born 01/06/1802

Catherine Parr Traill Author, writer, born 01/09/1802

Jacob van Lennep Historian, novelist, and poet, writer, born 03/24/1802

Alexandre Dumas (Dumas pere) AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, 277 BOOKS WRITTEN, playwright and novelist, writer, born 07/24/1802

Edward Pinkney American poet, lawyer, sailor, professor, and editor, Sailor, writer, born 10/01/1802

Sara Coleridge translator, writer, born 12/23/1802

Oleksandr Dukhnovych Priest, poet, writer, pedagogue, and social activist, writer, born 04/24/1803

Jacob Abbott Children's author, writer, born 11/14/1803

Susanna Moodie Author, writer, born 12/06/1803

Victor-Marie Hugo French poet, novelist, dramatist, Poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, visual artist, statesman, human rights campaigner, writer, born 02/26/1804

Nathaniel Hawthorne American writer, Novelist, Short story writer, Custom House worker, United States Consul, writer, born 07/04/1804

Karl Friedrich Hermann Philology, Archaeology, writer, born 08/04/1804

Aleksander Chodzko poet, Slavist, and Iranologist, writer, born 08/30/1804

Eduard Friedrich Mörike German poet, Poet, writer, born 09/08/1804

Alexander Harris Australian writer., soldier, teacher, novelist, writer, born 02/07/1805

Hans Christian Andersen Danish novelist, short story writer, fairy tales writer, and poet, Novelist, short story writer, fairy tales writer, writer, born 04/02/1805

Frederick Hedge writer, born 12/12/1805

Jovan Popovic Playwright, poet, pedagogue, writer, born 01/13/1806

Alecu Donici civil servant in Chişinău, writer, born 01/19/1806

Nathaniel Parker Willis American magazine writer, editor, and publisher, writer, born 01/20/1806

Robert Montgomery Bird Novelist, playwright, physician, writer, born 02/05/1806

Elizabeth Barrett Browning POET, Poet, writer, born 03/06/1806

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow American poet, Poet, writer, born 02/27/1807

John Greenleaf Whittier POET, ESSAYIST, Editor and Poet, writer, born 12/17/1807

Lysander Spooner Anarchist, Entrepreneur, Abolitionist, writer, born 01/19/1808

Jose de Espronceda Poet, writer, born 03/25/1808

Henrik Wergeland Poet, playwright and non-fiction writer, writer, born 06/17/1808

Edgar Allan Poe American poet, short story writer and literary critic, Poet, short-story writer, editor, literary critic, writer, born 01/19/1809

Nicole Craig Trinidadian poet, short story writer, copy writer, curator and artist, Poet, short story writer, editor, copy writer, artist, curator, writer, born 01/19/1809

Mariano Jose de Larra Journalist, novelist, playwright, politician, writer, born 03/24/1809

Edward FitzGerald English poet, Poet, writer, born 03/31/1809

Nikolai Gogol Russian-language writer of Ukrainian origin, Playwright, short story writer and novelist, writer, born 04/01/1809

Juan Donoso Cortes politician, diplomat, writer, writer, born 05/06/1809

Alfred, Lord Tennyson POET, PLAYWRIGHT, Poet laureate, writer, born 08/06/1809

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. POET, NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, PHYSICIAN, writer, born 08/29/1809

Juliusz Slowacki Poet, essayist, writer, born 09/04/1809

Thomas Holley Chivers 19th century American poet, Doctor, writer, born 10/18/1809

Alexandre Herculano Novel writer, poet, journalist, historian, politician, writer, born 03/28/1810

Eugène Cormon Dramatist and librettist, Dramatist • Librettist, writer, born 05/05/1810

Margaret Fuller American feminist, poet, author, and activist, Teacher, writer, born 05/23/1810

Elizabeth Gaskell Novelist, writer, born 09/29/1810

Karel Hynek Macha Poet, writer, born 11/16/1810

Alexandros Rhizos Rhankaves Poet, writer, born 12/25/1810

Charles Bray philosopher, reformer, philosopher, writer, born 01/31/1811

Harriet Beecher Stowe Abolitionist, author, writer, born 06/14/1811

William Makepeace Thackeray Novelist, writer, born 07/18/1811

Domingos José Gonçalves de Magalhães Brazilian poet, playwright, medician and diplomat, Poet, playwright, medician, diplomat, writer, born 08/13/1811

Samo Chalupka writer, born 02/27/1812

Antonio Goncalves Teixeira E Sousa Poet, playwright, novelist, writer, born 03/28/1812

Charles William Russell Writer, clergyman, writer, born 05/14/1812

Ivan Goncharov Novelist, writer, born 06/18/1812

Christian Friedrich Hebbel German poet and dramatist, poet and dramatist, writer, born 03/18/1813

Ivar Aasen Philologist, lexicographer, playwright, poet, writer, born 08/05/1813

Georg Büchner German playwright, dramatist, writer, born 10/17/1813

Nikolay Ogarev poet, historian and political activist, writer, born 12/06/1813

Taras Shevchenko Poet and writer, Poet and artist, writer, born 03/09/1814

Gertrudis Gomez De Avellaneda writer, poet, writer, born 03/23/1814

Sheridan Lefanu Novelist, writer, born 08/28/1814

Thomas Osborne Davis Poet, writer, writer, born 10/14/1814

Mikhail Lermontov Russian Poet, romantic writer, Soldier, Poet, Novelist, artist, writer, born 10/15/1814

Rufus Wilmot Griswold 19th century American editor, literary critic, anthologist, and writer., Editor, literary critic, writer, writer, born 02/15/1815

Martins Pena Playwright, writer, born 11/05/1815

Eliza Farnham American novelist, feminist, abolitionist, and activist for prison reform, Novelist, feminist, abolitionist, and activist for prison reform, writer, born 11/17/1815

Charlotte Brontë English novelist, poet and governess, governess, novelist, poet, writer, born 04/21/1816

Carit Etlar writer, born 08/07/1816

Paul Feval AUTHOR, NOVELIST, Novelist, Dramatist, writer, born 09/29/1816

George Bemis Lawyer, writer, born 10/13/1816

Jose Zorrilla y Moral WRITER, POET, PLAYWRIGHT, Poet, Playwright, writer, born 02/21/1817

George Henry Lewes Philosopher, literary, theatre critic, writer, born 04/18/1817

Theodor Storm German novelist, Writer, writer, born 09/14/1817

Rudolf Friedrich Kurz writer, animal and landscape painter, teacher, writer, born 01/08/1818

Aasmund Olavsson Vinje Journalist, poet, essayist, writer, born 04/06/1818

Emily Jane Brontë English novelist and poet, Poet and novelist, writer, born 07/30/1818

Charles Marie Rene Leconte de Lisle POET, LEADER OF PARNASSIANS, Poet, writer, born 10/22/1818

Ivan Turgenev Novelist and Playwright, writer, born 10/28/1818

James Russell Lowell American poet, critic, and diplomat, writer, born 02/22/1819

Walter Whitman Journalist, writer, born 05/31/1819

Herman Melville American novelist, essayist and poet, Novelist, short story writer, teacher, sailor, lecturer, poet, customs inspector, writer, born 08/01/1819

Mary Anne Evans English novelist, Novelist, writer, born 11/22/1819

Anne Brontë English novelist and poet, Governess, novelist, poet, writer, born 01/17/1820

Anna Sewell Novelist, writer, born 03/30/1820

Joaquim Manuel De Macedo Novelist, medician, teacher, playwright, journalist, writer, born 06/24/1820

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Vidyasagar was a philosopher, academic, educator, writer, translator, printer, publisher, entrepreneur, social reformer, and philanthropist associated with the Bengal Renaissance. He simplified and modernized Bangla prose., Writer, lecturer, writer, born 09/26/1820

Carolina Coronado writer, poet, writer, born 12/12/1820

Frederick Goddard Tuckerman American poet, Poet, writer, born 02/04/1821

Charles Baudelaire Poet, Art critic, writer, born 04/09/1821

Fortune du Boisgobey Novelist, writer, born 09/11/1821

Cyprian Kamil Norwid Poet, Essayist, writer, born 09/24/1821

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky Russian novelist, Novelist, writer, born 11/11/1821

Gustave Flaubert NOVELIST, AUTHOR OF "MADAME BOVARY" 1857, Novelist, playwright, writer, born 12/12/1821

Lev Mei Dramatist • Poet, writer, born 02/13/1822

Richard Malcolm Johnston Educator, writer, educator and author, writer, born 03/08/1822

George Lippard Novelist, journalist, writer, born 04/10/1822

Donald Grant Mitchell writer, born 04/12/1822

Antal Csengery writer, born 06/02/1822

Alonso writer, poet, journalist, writer, born 10/06/1822

August Dillmann Orientalist and biblical scholar, writer, born 04/25/1823

Antônio Gonçalves Dias Brazilian poet and dramatist, Poet, dramatist, writer, born 08/10/1823

Tom Arnold school inspector, teacher, writer, academic, writer, born 11/30/1823

Michael Madhusudan Dutt Writer, lecturer, writer, born 01/25/1824

George MacDonald Scottish journalist, novelist, Minister, Poet, Novelist, writer, born 12/10/1824

Camelo Ferreira Botelho Castelo-Branco 19th-century Portuguese writer, novelist, playwright, essayist, writer, born 03/16/1825

Auguste Poulet Malassis Printer, Publisher, writer, born 03/16/1825

Robert Michael Ballantyne Writer, writer, born 04/24/1825

Augustus Le Plongeon antiquarian and amateur archaeologist, writer, born 05/04/1825

Bernardo Guimaraes Poet, novelist, writer, born 08/15/1825

Catherine Helen Spence Nineteenth century Australian author, teacher, journalist, politician and leading suffragette, Author, teacher, journalist and politician, writer, born 10/31/1825

Pleshcheyev writer, born 12/04/1825

Jozsef Borovnjak Writer, politician, priest, writer, born 02/09/1826

Tapia y Rivera dramaturg, poet, writer, essayist, writer, born 11/12/1826

Maria Susanna Cummins Novelist, writer, born 04/09/1827

John Townsend Trowbridge Writer, writer, born 09/18/1827

José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva Brazilian poet, teacher and politician, Poet, politician, teacher, writer, born 11/08/1827

Jules Verne French science fiction author, Novelist, writer, born 02/08/1828

George Meredith Writer and poet, writer, born 02/12/1828

Henrik Johann Ibsen Norwegian playwright, Playwright, poet, theatre director, writer, born 03/20/1828

Andrew Murray Pastor, Author, writer, born 05/09/1828

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Pre-Raphaelite artist and poet, Poet, Illustrator, Painter, writer, born 05/12/1828

Viktor Rydberg Author, publicist, translator and poet, writer, born 12/18/1828

Rosanna Elanor Leprohon Author, Poet, writer, born 01/12/1829

Mikael Nalbandian writer, born 11/02/1829

Whitley Stokes Lawyer, Civil Servant, writer, born 02/28/1830

Paul Johann Ludwig von Heyse writer, born 03/15/1830

Robert Hamerling writer, born 03/24/1830

Montrose Author, Playwright, writer, born 10/22/1830

Pantazi Ghica 19th century Romanian writer and politician, journalist, dramatist, poet, short story writer, essayist, politician, lawyer, writer, born 03/15/1831

Victorien Sardou PLAYWRIGHT, Playwright, writer, born 09/07/1831

Manuel Antônio Álvares de Azevedo Brazilian poet, essayist, short story writer and playwright, Poet, essayist, short story writer, playwright, writer, born 09/12/1831

Manuel Antônio de Almeida Brazilian novelist, medician, teacher and literary critic, Novelist, medician, teacher, literary critic, writer, born 11/17/1831

Horatio Alger, Jr. AUTHOR OF RAGES-TO-RICHES NOVELS, GAY, Author, writer, born 01/13/1832

Lewis Carroll Author, mathematician, and clergyman, Author, mathematician, Anglican clergyman, photographer, writer, born 01/27/1832

Wilhelm Busch German painter and poet, writer, born 04/15/1832

Jose Echegaray y Eizaguirre Dramatist, civil engineer and Mathematician, writer, born 04/19/1832

Maria Ruiz De Burton Writer, political instigator, active feminist, writer, born 07/03/1832

Louisa May Alcott writer, Novelist, born 11/29/1832

Bjørnstjerne Martinus Bjørnson Norwegian writer, Poet, novelist, playwright, lyricist, writer, born 12/08/1832

Luís José Junqueira Freire Brazilian poet and essayist, Poet, writer, born 12/31/1832

Thomas Jefferson Ramsdell lawyer / entrepreneur, lawyer, writer, born 07/19/1833

Robert G. Ingersoll Union United States Army officer, Politician, orator, lecturer, writer, born 08/11/1833

Jonas Lie Novelist, poet, fairy tales writer, journalist, and lawyer, writer, born 11/06/1833

Volodymyr Antonovych archeologist, paleographer, historian, ethnographer, and civil activist, writer, born 01/30/1834

George Du Maurier cartoonist and author, writer, born 03/06/1834

Franziska Freifrau von Reitzenstein writer, born 09/19/1834

Lillian Spender novelist, writer, born 02/22/1835

Celia Thaxter Poet and writer, writer, born 06/29/1835

Giosue Carducci POET, PROFESSOR, NOBEL PRIZE/LITERATURE 1906, Poet, writer, born 07/27/1835

Krisjanis Barons writer, born 10/31/1835

Mark Twain American humorist, novelist, writer, and lecturer, Writer, lecturer, writer, born 11/30/1835

Samuel Butler Novelist, Writer, writer, born 12/04/1835

Stephen Ambrose Historian, writer, born 01/10/1836

William Henry Venable American author and educator, Author, English teacher, writer, born 04/29/1836

Thomas Bailey Aldrich EDITOR, POET, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, ESSAYIST, Poet, novelist and editor, writer, born 11/11/1836

W. S. Gilbert playwright, poet, Dramatist, writer, born 11/18/1836

James Murray Academic, Lexicographer, writer, born 02/07/1837

Alfred Ainger English biographer and critic, Biographer and critic, writer, born 02/09/1837

William Dean Howells Novelist, short story writer, literary critic, novelist, short story writer, magazine editor, writer, born 03/01/1837

Jorge Isaacs Ferrer Writer, Journalist, Politician, writer, born 04/01/1837

Algernon Swinburne POET, PLAYWRIGHT, CRITIC, CHOIR LEADER, Poet, writer, born 04/05/1837

Thomas C. Zimmerman Pennsylvania German language writer and translator, Writer, translator and newspaper editor, writer, born 01/23/1838

Franca Junior Journalist, playwright, writer, born 03/18/1838

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay Writer, lecturer, writer, born 06/27/1838

Jose Rosas Morena writer, journalist, writer, born 08/14/1838

Annie Hall Cudlip English novelist and editor, Writer, novelist, editor, writer, born 10/25/1838

Casimiro de Abreu Poet, novelist, playwright, writer, born 01/04/1839

Eugenio Maria De Hostos educator, philosopher, national activist, writer, born 01/11/1839

René-François-Armand Prudhomme French poet and essayist, Poet and Essayist, writer, born 03/16/1839

Tobias Barreto Poet, philosopher, critic, jurist, writer, born 06/07/1839

Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Novelist, short story writer, poet, literary critic, writer, born 06/21/1839

Louis Frechette poet, playwright, short story writer, writer, born 11/16/1839

Emile Zola Novelist, playwright, journalist, writer, born 04/02/1840

Palmer Cox Illustrator, author, poet, writer, born 04/28/1840

Alphonse Daudet writer, Novelist, Short story writer, Playwright, Poet, born 05/13/1840

Giovanni Verga WRITER, LAWYER, HISTORIAN, JOURNALIST, NOVELIST, Writer, writer, born 09/02/1840

Eliza Orzeszkowa novelist, essayist, publisher, writer, born 06/06/1841

Juliana Horatia Ewing Novelist, writer, born 08/03/1841

Mykhailo Drahomanov economist and historian, writer, born 08/30/1841

Sidney Lanier Poet, Poet, musician, academic, writer, born 02/03/1842

Georg Brandes Danish Author, Critic, writer, born 02/04/1842

Karl Friedrich May German writer; author, Writer; author, writer, born 02/25/1842

Stephane Mallarme POET, TEACHER, ESSAYIST, TRANSLATOR, SYMBOLIST, Poet, writer, born 03/18/1842

Antero de Quental Poet, writer, born 04/18/1842

Maria Konopnicka Writer, poet, writer, born 05/23/1842

Ambrose Bierce American journalist and writer, Journalist, Writer, writer, born 06/24/1842

Rebati Novelist ,Short Story Writer, poet, , philosopher, Social Activist, writer, born 01/14/1843

Alfredo d'Escragnolle Taunay Writer, musician, professor, military engineer, historian, politician, sociologist, writer, born 02/22/1843

Eliza Jane Poitevent Holbrook Nicholson Poet and journalist, Journalist and poet, writer, born 03/11/1843

Henry James American-born, later British, author and literary critic. Novelist, short story writer, biographer, autobiographer, travel writer, playwright., Writer, writer, born 04/05/1843

Benito Perez Galdos AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, POLITICIAN, Novelist, playwright, politician, writer, born 05/10/1843

Arthur William Law Playwright, actor, scenic designer, writer, born 03/22/1844

Paul Verlaine SYMBOLIST POET, GAY, Poet, writer, born 03/30/1844

Jacques Anatole François Thibault French novelist, Novelist, writer, born 04/16/1844

Julio Ribeiro Novelist, journalist, philologist, writer, born 04/16/1845

Carl Spitteler poet, writer, born 04/24/1845

Jacint Verdaguer Poet, priest, writer, born 05/17/1845

Abay Ibrahim Qunanbayuli Kazakh poet, philosopher and composer, Akyn, writer, born 08/10/1845

Eca De Queiroz Novelist, writer, born 11/25/1845

Claude Phillips English writer, historian and critic, Writer, historian, critic, writer, born 01/29/1846

Henry K. Sienkiewicz NOVELIST, Novelist, writer, born 05/05/1846

Naim Frasheri Poet, censor, and translator, writer, born 05/25/1846

Julian Hawthorne Novelist, Short story writer, Journalist, writer, born 06/22/1846

Narcis Oller Novelist, writer, born 08/10/1846

John Alexander Stewart Scottish writer, poet, teacher, lecturer and philosopher, Writer, philosopher, educator, lecturer, writer, born 10/19/1846

Edmondo De Amicis AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, novelist, journalist, short-story writer, poet, writer, born 10/21/1846

Castro Alves Brazilian poet, Poet, playwright, writer, born 03/14/1847

Jens Peter Jacobsen Writer, writer, born 04/07/1847

Arthur Sherburne Hardy Engineer, educator, editor, diplomat, novelist, poet, engineer, educator, editor, diplomat, novelist, poet, writer, born 08/13/1847

Bolesław Prus Polish journalist, short-story writer and novelist, Novelist, journalist, short-story writer, writer, born 08/20/1847

Bram Stoker Irish novelist, Novelist, writer, born 11/08/1847

Hristo Botev poet, journalist, revolutionary, writer, born 01/06/1848

Octave Mirbeau French author, Novelist, Playwright, writer, born 02/16/1848

Kurd Lasswitz Writer, writer, born 04/20/1848

Joel Chandler Harris journalist, children's writer, Journalist, fiction writer, folklorist, writer, born 12/09/1848

August Johan Strindberg Swedish writer, playwright, painter, Playwright • Novelist • Essayist, writer, born 01/22/1849

Pavol Orszagh Hviezdoslav poet, dramatist, translator, writer, born 02/02/1849

Alexander Kielland Novelist, short story writer, playwright, essayist, businessman, and politician., writer, born 02/18/1849

William Francis Barry English Catholic priest, novelist, teacher, theologian and lecturer, Catholic priest, theologian, educator, writer, lecturer, writer, born 04/21/1849

William Digby Journalist; Politician, writer, born 05/01/1849

William Ernest Henley British poet, critic and editor, Poet, critic, and editor, writer, born 08/23/1849

Elizabeth Harrison College President, founder, educator, and author, writer, born 09/01/1849

Sarah Orne Jewett Novelist, short story writer, Novelist and short story writer, writer, born 09/03/1849

Robert Barr writer, born 09/16/1849

James Whitcomb Riley POET, NEWSPAPER EDITOR, writer, born 10/07/1849

Kazimierz Zalewski dramatist, theatre critic, dramatist, novelist, writer, born 12/05/1849

Eugen Kumicic Novelist, Playwright, Politician, writer, born 01/11/1850

Pierre Loti MILITARY, NAVAL OFFICER, AUTHOR, NOVELIST, French Navy Officer, Writer, writer, born 01/14/1850

Mihai Eminescu 19th century Romanian poet, poet, writer, born 01/15/1850

Kate Chopin American novelist, short story writer, Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 02/08/1850

Walter Herries Pollock English novelist, poet, lecturer and journalist, Writer, lecturer, poet, journalist, writer, born 02/21/1850

Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards writer, born 02/27/1850

Alice French American writer, Writer, writer, born 03/19/1850

Frederic William Maitland Historian, Jurist, writer, born 05/28/1850

Ivan Vazov poet, novelist, playwright, writer, born 07/09/1850

Guy de Maupassant AUTHOR, SHORT-STORY WRITER, NOVELIST, Novelist, short story writer, poet, writer, born 08/05/1850

Henri Chantavoine French writer, writer, born 08/06/1850

Robert Louis Stevenson Novelist, Poet, Travel writer, Novelist, poet, travel writer, writer, born 11/13/1850

Mariana Alley Van Rensselaer U.S. critic and writer, critic and writer, writer, born 02/21/1851

John Wilson Bengough cartoonist, newspaper cartoonist, writer, born 04/07/1851

Jose Gautier Benitez writer, born 04/12/1851

Mary Augusta Ward British novelist, writer, born 06/11/1851

Francis Hindes Groome miscellaneous writer, son of a clergyman, wrote for various encyclopaedias, etc, writer, born 08/30/1851

Emilia Pardo Bazan Novelist, short story writer, journalist, critic, writer, born 09/16/1851

Ion Luca Caragiale Romanian playwright, writer and poet, short story writer, playwright, journalist, essayist, actor, translator, poet, civil servant, restaurateur, writer, born 02/13/1852

Brander Matthews Professor of Dramatic Literature, writer, born 02/21/1852

Edwin Markham POET, LECTURER, FARMER, Poet, writer, born 04/23/1852

Edward Frederick Knight Writer, writer, born 04/23/1852

Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman Novelist, short story writer, poet, children's author, Novelist, writer, born 10/31/1852

John Oxenham English journalist, Novelist, Poet, Journalist, Novelist & Poet, writer, born 11/12/1852

Gustav Falke WRITER, POET, NOVELIST, MUSIC TEACHER, writer, born 01/11/1853

José Julián Martí Pérez Poet, writer, Cuban nationalist leader, poet, writer, nationalist leader, writer, born 01/28/1853

Hall Caine English novelist and playwright, draughtsman, writer, born 05/14/1853

Vedam Venkataraya Sastry Sanskrit pandit, writer, born 12/21/1853

Alexandru Macedonski poet, novelist, short story writer, literary critic, journalist, translator, civil servant, writer, born 03/14/1854

Frederick James Whishaw English novelist, poet, historian and musician, Writer, historian, musician, writer, born 03/14/1854

Benjamin Tucker American anarchist, writer, born 04/17/1854

George Frederick Cameron Poet, lawyer, and journalist, writer, born 09/24/1854

Oscar Wilde Irish writer, Writer, writer, born 10/16/1854

Arthur Rimbaud POET, GAY LOVER OF POET PAUL VERLAINE, GUNRUNNER, Poet, writer, born 10/20/1854

Manuel Zeno Gandia writer, born 01/10/1855

Ludwig Ganghofer Novelist, playwright, writer, born 07/07/1855

Giovanni Pascoli POET, SCHOLAR, Poet, scholar, writer, born 12/31/1855

Henry Thomas Mackenzie Bell British writer, poet, critic, journalist and biographer, Writer, poet, critic, journalist, lecturer, writer, born 03/02/1856

Henry Rider Haggard English novelist, scholar, Novelist, scholar, writer, born 06/22/1856

George Bernard Shaw Irish playwright, critic, and political activist, Playwright, critic, political activist, writer, born 07/26/1856

Ivan Franko Poet and writer, Poet, writer, and political activist, writer, born 08/27/1856

William Henry Oliphant Smeaton Scottish novelist, educator, historian and journalist, Writer, journalist, editor, historian, educator, writer, born 10/24/1856

Mabel Loomis Todd editor and writer, writer and editor, writer, born 11/10/1856

Gabriela Zapolska novelist, playwright, prose writer, publicist, feuilletonist, theatre critic, stage actress, Novelist, publicist, playwright, prosaist, writer, born 03/30/1857

Aluísio Azevedo Short story writer, playwright, novelist, diplomat, caricaturist, writer, born 04/14/1857

William Keith Leask Writer, biographer, historian, lecturer, writer, born 04/16/1857

Herman Joachim Bang Danish writer, Writer, writer, born 04/20/1857

Karl Adolp Gjellerup writer, born 06/02/1857

Henrik Pontoppidan writer, born 07/24/1857

Peadar Toner Mac Fhionnlaoich writer, born 10/05/1857

Gertrude Atherton Novelist, short story writer, Novelist and short story writer., writer, born 10/30/1857

Ida M. Tarbell Teacher, writer and journalist, writer, born 11/05/1857

Gunnar Heiberg writer, born 11/18/1857

Filippo Turati Italian sociologist, poet and Socialist politician., Poet, journalist, politician, writer, born 11/26/1857

Joseph Conrad AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Novelist, writer, born 12/03/1857

Tomas Carrasquilla novelist, storyteller and essayist, writer, born 01/17/1858

Neel Doff writer, born 01/27/1858

J. Meade Falkner Novelist, writer, born 05/08/1858

José Leite de Vasconcelos Ethnographer, Author, writer, born 07/07/1858

Edith Nesbit English writer, poet, Writer, poet, writer, born 08/15/1858

Selma Lagerlöf Writer, writer, born 11/20/1858

Kuno Meyer German linguist, Academic, writer, born 12/20/1858

Kostis Palamas Poet, writer, born 01/13/1859

Kenneth Grahame British novelist, Novelist, writer, born 03/08/1859

David Graaff Politician, cold storage magnate, Businessman, Politician, writer, born 03/30/1859

Jerome K. Jerome Author, writer, born 05/02/1859

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle Scottish author of Sherlock Holmes, Novelist, short story writer, poet, doctor of medicine, writer, born 05/22/1859

Verner von Heidenstam WRITER, POET, NOVELIST, NOBEL PRIZE/LIT 1916, poet, novelist, writer, born 07/06/1859

Annie Shepherd Swan Scottish writer, novelist and jouralist, Writer, novelist, journalist, writer, born 07/08/1859

Knut Hamsun AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, PLAYWRIGHT, NOBEL PRIZE, Author, poet, dramatist, social critic, writer, born 08/04/1859

Katharine Lee Bates Author, Poet, Educator, writer, born 08/12/1859

Adeline E. Knapp American journalist and social activist, Writer, Newspaper editor, Newspaper publisher, Lecturer and Social reformer., writer, born 03/14/1860

Manuel De Jesus Andrade Suarez Writer and Politician., writer, born 04/17/1860

Charlotte Perkins Gilman American Short story and non-fiction writer, novelist, commercial artist, lecturer and social reformer., Writer, Commercial artist, Magazine editor, Lecturer and Social reformer., writer, born 07/04/1860

Frederick Rolfe Novelist, artist, fantasist, eccentric, writer, born 07/22/1860

Elizabeth Morse Symonds English author, Author, writer, born 09/04/1860

Ralph Connor writer, born 09/13/1860

Amanda Mckittrick Ros Teacher, novelist, poet, writer, born 12/08/1860

Jan Kasprowicz poet, writer, born 12/12/1860

Harry B. Smith Writer, lyricist, composer, writer, born 12/28/1860

Herminie Templeton Kavanagh writer, born 01/01/1861

Federico De Roberto Novelist, writer, born 01/16/1861

George Sumner Huntington American comparative anatomist and professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Professor, Doctor, writer, born 03/21/1861

Thomas Nicoll Hepburn Writer, poet, novelist, biographer, writer, born 04/21/1861

Emily Bissell Writer and charitable worker, writer, born 05/31/1861

Peter Jackson Australian boxer, boxer, born 07/03/1861

Maria Scholz patron and writer, writer, born 12/01/1861

Edith Wharton American novelist, short story writer, designer, Novelist, short story writer, designer, writer, born 01/24/1862

Joseph Alexander Altsheler Novelist, writer, born 04/29/1862

John Kendrick Bangs Author, creator of Bangsian fantasy, Author, editor, satirist, writer, born 05/27/1862

Elizabeth Haldane Writer, biographer, historian, philosopher, writer, born 05/27/1862

Henry Newbolt British poet, writer, born 06/06/1862

Gangadhar Judicial Moharir, writer, born 08/09/1862

Maurice Maeterlinck POET, PLAYWRIGHT, PHILOSOPHER, NATURALIST, AUTHOR, PlaywrightPoetEssayist, writer, born 08/29/1862

Horace Kephart Librarian, writer, born 09/08/1862

Violet Hunt Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 09/28/1862

Edward Stratemeyer Writer, Publisher, writer, born 10/04/1862

Gerhart Hauptmann Hauptmann German dramatist who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1912, dramatist, writer, born 11/15/1862

Aleko Konstantinov writer, born 01/01/1863

Arthur Machen Welsh short story writer,novelist, Short story writer, novelist, journalist, actor, writer, born 03/03/1863

Prince Gabrielle D'Annunzio POET, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, AVIATOR, PATRIOT, Poet, journalist, novelist, dramatist, writer, born 03/12/1863

Soho Tokutomi Journalist, Historian, writer, born 03/14/1863

Constantine P. Cavafy Poet, journalist, civil servant, writer, born 04/29/1863

Raul Pompeia Novelist, short story writer, chronicler, writer, born 05/12/1863

George Essex Evans Australian poet, Poet, Journalist, Farmer, Teacher, and Public Servant., writer, born 06/18/1863

Julia Frankau British writer, Writer, writer, born 07/30/1863

Geza Gardonyi writer and journalist, writer, born 08/03/1863

Ernest Thayer Poet, writer, born 08/14/1863

Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev Geologist, Novelist, writer, born 09/28/1863

Arthur Quiller-Couch Writer, Poet, novelist, critic, writer, born 11/21/1863

Henry Brereton Marriott Watson English novelist, playwright, editor and journalist, Writer, novelist, journalist, editor, writer, born 12/20/1863

Dixon, Thomas, Jr. Novelist, playwright, minister, lecturer, novelist, playwright, minister, state legislator, lecturer, writer, born 01/11/1864

Jules Renard Author, writer, born 01/22/1864

Coelho Neto Playwright, short story writer, novelist, politician, writer, born 02/21/1864

Richard Harding Davis Journalist, war correspondent, novelist, short story writer, writer, war correspondent, journalist, writer, born 04/18/1864

Ethel Lilian Voynich Novelist, Musician, writer, born 05/11/1864

Erik Axel Karlfeldt LYRIC POET, LIBRARIAN, NOBEL PRIZE/LIT 1931, Poet, writer, born 07/20/1864

Sachio Itō Japanese writer, Writer, writer, born 09/18/1864

Barry Pain writer, born 09/28/1864

Stefan Zeromski Writer, writer, born 10/14/1864

Elinor Glyn SOCIALITE, ACTRESS, NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, Author, writer, born 10/17/1864

Aino Emma Wilhelmina Malmberg writer and politician, writer, born 02/24/1865

Sui Sin Far journalist, writer, born 03/15/1865

Netta Syrett English novelist of the late Victorian era., writer, born 03/17/1865

Robert W. Chambers Artist, novelist, short story writer, short story writer, writer, born 05/26/1865

M. P. Shiel writer, born 07/21/1865

Micha Josef Berdyczewski Ukrainian Jewish writer, Journalist, writer, born 08/07/1865

Jose Asuncion Silva Poet, Author, Political figure, writer, born 11/27/1865

Rudyard Kipling British novelist and poet, Short story writer, novelist, poet, journalist, writer, born 12/30/1865

Romain Rolland NOVELIST, BIOGRAPHER, NOBEL PRIZE/LITERATURE 1915, Dramatist, Essayist, Art historian, Novelist, writer, born 01/29/1866

Andon Zako Çajupi Albanian nationalist poet and playwright, writer, playwright, lawyer, writer, born 03/27/1866

Jose De Diego statesman, poet, attorney, legislator, journalist, writer, born 04/16/1866

Jacinto Benavente writer, born 08/12/1866

James J. Corbett Boxer and actor, boxer, born 09/01/1866

Archibald Marshal Novelist, Journalist, writer, born 09/06/1866

Herbert George Wells English novelist, teacher, historian and journalist, Novelist, teacher, historian, journalist, writer, born 09/21/1866

Alice Dudeney English dramatic/romantic novelist, Writer, writer, born 10/21/1866

Thomas J. De La Hunt Writer, Historian, writer, born 11/09/1866

Ndre Mjeda Priest, writer,, writer, born 11/20/1866

Ruben Dario Poet, Journalist and Diplomat, writer, born 01/18/1867

Vicente Blasco Ibanez AUTHOR, NOVELIST, ANTI-ROYALIST, writer, born 01/29/1867

Laura Ingalls Wilder American novelist, Novelist, schoolteacher, writer, born 02/07/1867

Soseki Natsume Writer, writer, born 02/09/1867

Karl Schönherr writer of Austrian Heimat themes, medical doctor, writer, born 02/24/1867

Wladyslaw Reymont writer, born 05/07/1867

Luigi Pirandello Italian writer, dramatist, author, writer, born 06/28/1867

Edith Hamilton WRITER, CLASSICIST, Classical scholar, author, writer, born 08/12/1867

John Galsworthy AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, POET, Writer, writer, born 08/14/1867

Camilo Pessanha Public defender, Judge, Teacher, Poet, Writer, writer, born 09/07/1867

W. E. B. Du Bois CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER, AUTHOR, PROFESSOR, HISTORIAN, Academic, scholar, activist, journalist, sociologist, writer, born 02/23/1868

Jessie Pope writer, born 03/18/1868

Lloyd Osbourne Novelist, writer, born 04/07/1868

Stanislaw Przybyszewski Poet, writer, novelist, playwright, writer, born 05/07/1868

Aleksa Santic Poet, writer, born 05/27/1868

Edgar Lee Masters Poet, Biographer, Lawyer, writer, born 08/23/1868

Tokoku Kitamura Writer, Philosopher, writer, born 12/29/1868

George Douglas Brown AUTHOR, NOVELIST, journalist, teacher, novelist, short story writer, critic, writer, born 01/26/1869

Virgilio Davila poet, educator, politician, businessman, writer, born 01/28/1869

Else Lasker-Schuler WRITER, POET, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, Poet, writer, born 02/11/1869

Fairfax Harrison American businessman; writer, Railroad president, writer, born 03/13/1869

Algernon Blackwood NOVELIST, SHORT STORY WRITER, THEOSOPHIST, Writer, broadcaster, writer, born 03/14/1869

Olivia Ward poet, journalist, author, novelist, writer, columnist, writer, born 05/23/1869

Martin Andersen Nex_ NOVELIST, WROTE "PELLE THE CONQUEROR", Writer, writer, born 06/26/1869

Booth Tarkington American novelist, Novelist/Dramatist, writer, born 07/29/1869

André Gide French novelist and essayist, Novelist, essayist, writer, born 11/22/1869

Edwin Arlington Robinson American poet, Poet and playwright, writer, born 12/22/1869

Frank Norris Novelist, Writer, writer, born 03/05/1870

Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti poet, essayist, and art and literary critic, poet, journalist, political activist, businessman, visual artist, writer, born 06/13/1870

Alphonsus de Guimaraens Poet, writer, born 07/24/1870

Hilaire Belloc Writer, Writer, Member of Parliament, writer, born 07/27/1870

Aleksandr Kuprin Russian writer, pilot, explorer and adventurer, writer, pilot, explorer, and adventurer, writer, born 08/26/1870

Douglas, Alfred, Lord British poet, translator and prose writer, Poet, writer, born 10/22/1870

Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin Short story writer, writer, born 10/22/1870

Hector Hugh Munro writer, Author, Playwright, born 12/18/1870

Larysa Petrivna Kosach-Kvitka Poet and writer, writer, born 02/25/1871

Chogyu Takayama Writer, writer, born 02/28/1871

Edmund John Millington Synge Irish playwright, poet, prose writer, and collector of folklore, novelist, writer, born 04/16/1871

James Weldon Johnson AUTHOR, SOCIAL REFORMER, EDITOR, POET, EDUCATOR, educator, lawyer, diplomat, songwriter, writer, anthropologist, poet, activist, writer, born 06/17/1871

Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree philanthropist industrialist and sociologist writer, Industrialist, sociological researcher and writer, writer, born 07/07/1871

Marcel Proust French Novelist, essayist, Novelist, essayist, critic, writer, born 07/10/1871

Kunikida Doppo Japanese writer and journalist, Writer and Journalist, writer, born 07/15/1871

Hajj Nematollah Author, writer, born 07/15/1871

Gjergj Fishta Poet, writer, priest, translator, member of the Albanian parliament, writer, born 09/23/1871

Grazia Deledda Writer, novelist, writer, born 09/27/1871

Louis Fles Dutch businessman, activist and author. He is best known for writing and broadcasting against Zionism and organized religion., businessman, author, activist, writer, born 10/19/1871

Zane Grey American novelist, Novelist, dentist, writer, born 01/31/1872

Toson Shimazaki Writer, writer, born 03/25/1872

Sutton E. Griggs Novelist, clergyman, social activist, novelist, minister, and theologian, writer, born 06/19/1872

Khalil Mutran Egyptian poet and journalist, Poet, Journalist, writer, born 07/01/1872

Otto Manninen writer, born 08/13/1872

Baird T. Spalding Writer, Miner, writer, born 10/03/1872

Emily Post AUTHOR, ETIQUETTE EXPERT, INTERIOR DECORATOR, Author, Founder of The Emily Post Institute, writer, born 10/27/1872

Pio Baroja y Nessi AUTHOR, NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, Author, Novelist, Biographer, Physician, writer, born 12/28/1872

Hayyim Nahman Bialik Poet, journalist, Children's writer, Translator, writer, born 01/09/1873

Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Writer, writer, born 01/20/1873

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette French novelist, Novelist, writer, born 01/28/1873

Henri Adrien Barbusse WRITER, JOURNALIST, BIOGRAPHER, NOVELIST, POET, Novelist, Communist, writer, born 05/17/1873

Alfred Jarry French writer, Dramatist, writer, born 09/08/1873

George Cram Cook playwright, author, poet, writer, born 10/07/1873

John Birmelin American poet, known as the Poet Laureate of the Pennsylvania Dutch, Poet, writer, musician, writer, born 10/31/1873

Karel Zaalberg writer, born 11/26/1873

Willa Cather AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, ESSAYIST, Novelist, writer, born 12/07/1873

Ford Madox Ford English novelist, publisher, novelist, publisher, writer, born 12/17/1873

William Somerset Maugham British playwright, novelist, short story writer, Playwright, Novelist, Short Story writer, writer, born 01/25/1874

Gertrude Stein American writer, poet, writer, poet, writer, born 02/03/1874

Amy Lowell POET, CRITIC, LECTURER, LESBIAN, NOTED FAMILY, Poet, writer, born 02/09/1874

Arthur John Arbuthnott Stringer writer, born 02/26/1874

Gabriel Scott Poet, novelist, playwright and children's writer, writer, born 03/08/1874

Robert Frost POET, PROFESSOR, 4 PULITZER PRIZES/POETRY, Poet, Playwright, writer, born 03/26/1874

Maurice Baring writer, born 04/27/1874

Percy Redfern Creed American author, Captain, British Army, writer, born 05/13/1874

G. K. Chesterton English writer, Journalist, Novelist, Essayist, writer, born 05/29/1874

Leopoldo Lugones Journalist, Writer, writer, born 06/13/1874

Antoni Kucharczyk poet, writer, born 08/02/1874

Zona Gale Novelist, short story writer, playwright, essayist, Writer, writer, born 08/26/1874

Eugene C. Barker Historian, Author, writer, born 11/10/1874

Krste Misirkov philologist, slavist, historian, ethnographer, publicist, translator and professor., writer, born 11/18/1874

Lewis Spence AUTHOR, SCHOLAR, OCCULTIST, POET, journalist, folklorist, occult scholar, writer, born 11/25/1874

Jacques Futrelle Mystery writer, Mystery writer, journalist, writer, born 04/09/1875

Rafael Sabatini AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, Novelist, writer, born 04/29/1875

Thomas Mann German novelist, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, and Nobel Prize laureate, Novelist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 06/06/1875

Shaul Tchernichovsky Poet, Essayist, Translator, writer, born 08/20/1875

Edgar Rice Burroughs American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 09/01/1875

Stefan Octavian Iosif poet, translator, writer, born 09/11/1875

PC Wren writer, born 11/01/1875

Isabel Ecclestone Mackay writer, born 11/25/1875

Rainer Maria Rilke Austrian poet and novelist, poet, novelist, writer, born 12/04/1875

Evelyn Underhill writer, born 12/06/1875

Jack London American writer of fiction and non-fiction; Journalist, Novelist, journalist, short story writer and essayist, writer, born 01/12/1876

Morten Korch Writer, writer, born 01/17/1876

Maria Kirstine Dorothea Jensen Writer, writer, born 01/19/1876

Dragotin Kette Poet, writer, born 01/19/1876

Ariake Kambara Novelist, poet , translator, writer, born 03/15/1876

Arvid Morne writer, born 05/06/1876

Ivan Cankar Writer, Essayist, Playwright, Poet, Political activist, writer, born 05/10/1876

Luis Llorens Torres poet, playwright, politician, writer, born 05/14/1876

Nesta Webster writer, historian, theorist, writer, born 08/24/1876

Sherwood Anderson NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, ESSAYIST, PLAYWRIGHT, Author, writer, born 09/13/1876

Mary Augusta Dickerson author of children's books, author of children's books and cook books, writer, born 09/22/1876

Natalie Clifford Barney Writer and salonist, writer and salonist, writer, born 10/31/1876

Boleslaw Lesmian Poet, writer, born 01/22/1877

Andre Simon Wine merchant, gourmet and wine writer, Wine merchant and writer, writer, born 02/28/1877

Jane Mander novelist, essayist, journalist, writer, born 04/09/1877

Sir Philip Gibbs journalist, novelist, writer, born 05/01/1877

Hermann Hesse German novelist, short story writer, essayist and poet, Novelist, short story author, essayist, poet, writer, born 07/02/1877

Elin Pelin writer, born 07/08/1877

Gopabandhu Dash Freedom Fighter , poet, Philosopher, Social Activist, writer, born 10/09/1877

Vahan Tekeyan poet and public activist, writer, born 01/21/1878

Edward Thomas Poet and journalist, Journalist and poet, writer, born 03/03/1878

Takeo Arishima Writer, writer, born 03/04/1878

Jack Johnson American boxer, boxer, born 03/31/1878

Robert Walser Writer, writer, born 04/15/1878

John Masefield poet, writer, writer, born 06/01/1878

Sydney B. Mitchell writer, born 06/24/1878

Plunkett, Edward John Moreton Drax, 18th Baron of Dunsany Novelist, Writer, writer, born 07/24/1878

Oliver St John Gogarty Author, poet, memoirist, surgeon, politician, athlete, writer, born 08/17/1878

Adelaide Crapsey Poet, writer, born 09/09/1878

Sinclair, Upton Beall, Sr. American novelist, writer, journalist, political activist, Novelist, writer, journalist, political activist, writer, born 09/20/1878

Dimitrija Cupovski Lexicographer and philologist, writer, born 11/08/1878

Leopold Staff Poet, writer, born 11/14/1878

Akiko Yosano Writer, educator, writer, born 12/07/1878

Nemesio Canales journalist, novelist, playwright, writer, born 12/18/1878

Edward Morgan Forster Writer, writer, born 01/01/1879

Effie Waller Smith writer, born 01/06/1879

Sarojini Naidu writer, born 02/13/1879

Luigj Gurakuqi writer, journalist, politician, writer, born 02/19/1879

Catherine Carswell author, biographer, journalist, writer, born 03/27/1879

James Branch Cabell AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PUBLISHER, EDITOR, ESSAYIST, Author, writer, born 04/14/1879

Freeman Wills Crofts Civil Engineer, Novelist, writer, born 06/01/1879

Ole Hallesby writer, born 08/05/1879

Wallace Stevens POET, LAWYER, PULITZER PRIZE/POETRY 1955, Poet, Insurance Executive, writer, born 10/02/1879

Luisa Capetillo writer, labor organizer, writer, born 10/28/1879

Melchior Lengyel Writer, playwright, screenwriter, writer, born 01/12/1880

Lytton Strachey BIOGRAPHER, CRITIC, ESSAYIST, GAY, Author, critic, writer, born 03/01/1880

J. Marvin Hunter Journalist; Historian; Printer, writer, born 03/18/1880

Mid'hat Bey Frasheri Poet, writer, born 03/25/1880

Sean O'Casey PLAYWRIGHT, Dramatist, writer, born 03/30/1880

Maria Jotuni writer, born 04/09/1880

Radclyffe Hall Novelist, poet, short story writer, writer, born 08/12/1880

Guillaume Apollinaire POET, ART CRITIC, AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT, Poet, Writer, Art critic, writer, born 08/26/1880

Llewellyn Williams British World War II songwriter, Songwriter, writer, born 09/17/1880

Damon Runyon Writer, writer, born 10/04/1880

Grantland Rice Sportswriter, writer, born 11/02/1880

Mihail Sadoveanu Writer, politician, novelist, short story writer, journalist, essayist, civil servant, politician, writer, born 11/05/1880

Robert Musil Austrian writer, Novelist, writer, born 11/06/1880

Elsie Jeanette Oxenham Children's writer, Children's Novelist, writer, born 11/25/1880

Giovanni Papini essayist, journalist, literary critic, poet, novelist, writer, born 01/09/1881

Roger Martin du Gard NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, NOBEL PRIZE/LITERATURE 1937, writer, born 03/23/1881

Afonso Henrique de Lima Barreto Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 05/13/1881

Louella Parsons Gossip columnist, screenwriter, writer, born 08/06/1881

Zhou Shuren Chinese novelist, essayist, Short Story writer, critic, Essayist, writer, born 09/25/1881

Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville, Sir English comic writer, novelist, playwright and lyricist, writer, born 10/15/1881

Stanwood Cobb American educator, author and Bahá'í, educator, writer, born 11/06/1881

Balijepalli Lakshmikantham writer, born 12/23/1881

Juan Ramon Jimenez POET, NOBEL PRIZE/LITERATURE 1956, poet, writer, born 12/24/1881

Jess Willard Boxer, boxer, born 12/29/1881

Metropolitan Ilarion cleric, historian, ethnographer, and scholar, writer, and translator, writer, born 01/02/1882

Anthony Ludovici philosopher, writer, writer, born 01/08/1882

A. A. Milne Novelist, playwright, poet, writer, born 01/18/1882

Louis Pergaud French writer, writer, born 01/22/1882

Virginia Woolf English novelist, essayist, Novelist, Essayist, Publisher, Critic, writer, born 01/25/1882

Geoffrey O'Hara Canadian American composer, singer and music professor, Canadian American composer, singer and music professor., writer, born 02/02/1882

E. J. Pratt Canadian poet, writer, born 02/04/1882

Anne Spencer writer, born 02/06/1882

Jose Bento Monteiro Lobato Novelist, journalist, publisher, writer, born 04/18/1882

Isabel Gonzalez Activist, writer, born 05/02/1882

Frederic Manning Poet, Novelist, writer, born 07/22/1882

Alojz Gradnik Poet; translator, Poet, writer, born 08/03/1882

Robert Nathaniel Dett Composer, composer, writer, born 10/11/1882

Federigo Tozzi Italian writer, writer, born 01/01/1883

Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Novelist, Poet, Journalist, Short story writer, writer, born 01/10/1883

Sax Rohmer AUTHOR, NOVELIST, Novelist, writer, born 02/15/1883

Naoya Shiga writer, born 02/20/1883

Marie Under writer, born 03/27/1883

Gyula Juhasz writer, born 04/04/1883

Lewis A. “Tam” Macarthur Business executive, geographer, and author, writer, born 04/27/1883

Jaroslav Hasek Novelist, soldier, writer, born 04/30/1883

Fritz Lohner-Beda librettist, lyricist, writer, writer, born 06/24/1883

Franz Kafka German Czech novelist, Insurance officer, factory manager, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 07/03/1883

William Carlos Williams American poet and physician, Writer, Doctor, writer, born 09/17/1883

William Donahey Comic strip illustrator / author, cartoonist and illustrator, writer, born 10/19/1883

Guido Gozzano AUTHOR, REGIONAL WRITER, LYRIC POET, Poet, writer, writer, born 12/19/1883

Lawrence Counselman Wroth Author, librarian, research professor, writer, born 01/14/1884

Arthur Ransome Author, Journalist, writer, born 01/18/1884

A. Merritt Writer, writer, born 01/20/1884

Yevgeny Zamyatin Russian author, Novelist, Journalist, writer, born 02/01/1884

Omer Seyfettin Author, teacher, military officer, writer, born 03/11/1884

Alexander Belyayev Novelist, writer, born 03/16/1884

Bernard Cronin Australian journalist and novelist, Writer and Journalist, writer, born 03/18/1884

Angelos Sikelianos Poet, writer, born 03/28/1884

Augusto dos Anjos poet, writer, born 04/20/1884

Maurice Nicoll PSYCHOLOGIST, AUTHOR, Author, writer, born 07/19/1884

T. P. Kailasam Playwright, Geologist, writer, born 07/29/1884

Will Cuppy Satirist, book reviewer, writer, born 08/23/1884

Vasile Voiculescu Poet, short story writer, playwright, physician, writer, born 11/27/1884

Hakushu Kitahara Poet, writer, born 01/25/1885

Sinclair Lewis AUTHOR, NOVELIST, NOBEL PRIZE/LITERATURE 1930, Novelist, Playwright, Short story writer, writer, born 02/07/1885

Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz Writer; painter; dramatist; philosopher, writer, born 02/24/1885

Mateiu Ion Caragiale poet, short story writer, novelist, visual artist, heraldist, civil servant, Poet, short story writer, novelist, visual artist, heraldist, civil servant, journalist, writer, born 03/25/1885

Thomas B. Costain Journalist, author, writer, born 05/08/1885

Saneatsu Mushanokoji Writer, writer, born 05/12/1885

Gauntier Screenwriter, writer, born 05/17/1885

Sophia Parnok poet, writer, born 08/11/1885

Edna Ferber AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, PULITZER PRIZE 1925, Novelist, playwright, writer, born 08/15/1885

Jules Romains AUTHOR, POET, INVESTIGATOR OF EYELESS SIGHT, Poet and writer, writer, born 08/26/1885

D. H. Lawrence English novelist, Novelist, writer, born 09/11/1885

Shane Leslie Writer, Diplomat, Literary critic, Public Speaker, writer, born 09/24/1885

Francois Mauriac NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, PLAYWRIGHT, NOBEL PRIZE 1952, Novelist, dramatist, critic, poet and journalist, writer, born 10/11/1885

Will Durant AUTHOR, HISTORIAN, EDUCATOR, Historian, writer, philosopher, teacher, writer, born 11/05/1885

Aldo Leopold author, ecologist, forester, and nature writer, writer, born 01/11/1886

Hugh John Lofting English novelist, Novelist, Poet, writer, born 01/14/1886

Clara Beranger Screenwriter,, Screenwriter, writer, born 01/14/1886

Alfonso Daniel Rodriguez Castelao Politician, writer, painter, caricaturist, writer, born 01/30/1886

Edward Sheldon playwright, writer, born 02/04/1886

Shelton Brooks popular music and jazz composer, writer, born 05/04/1886

Olaf Stapledon Novelist, Philosopher, writer, born 05/10/1886

Ella Wuolijoki Author, writer, born 06/22/1886

Clifford Bax writer, born 07/13/1886

Junichiro Tanizaki Writer, writer, born 07/24/1886

Maithili Sharan Gupt Poet, Politician, Dramatist, Translator, writer, born 08/03/1886

Ben Hur Lampman journalist, essayist, poet, writer, born 08/12/1886

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon English Poet, Diarist, Memoirist, Poet, Diarist, Memoirist, writer, born 09/08/1886

Delmira Agustini poet, writer, writer, born 10/24/1886

Vyvyan Holland British author, translator, Author, translator, writer, born 11/03/1886

Janko Polic Kamov Poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist, writer, born 11/17/1886

Margaret Caroline Anderson editor, author, writer, born 11/24/1886

Rose Wilder Lane Writer, political theorist, writer, born 12/05/1886

Alfred Joyce Kilmer American poet, editor, literary critic, soldier, poet, journalist, editor, lecturer, soldier, writer, born 12/06/1886

Rex Stout American writer, Writer, writer, born 12/11/1886

Austin Osman Spare artist, painter and magician, writer, born 12/31/1886

Robinson Jeffers TRAGIC POET, PLAYWRIGHT, Poet and Environmentalist, writer, born 01/10/1887

Charles Bernard Nordhoff Novelist, Novelist, memoirist, writer, born 02/01/1887

Georg Trakl Pharmacist, writer, born 02/03/1887

John Van Melle writer, born 02/11/1887

Les Kurbas theater director, writer, born 02/25/1887

Robert Keable British novelist and priest, Missionary and Church of England priest, writer, born 03/06/1887

James Norman Hall NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Novelist, memoirist, writer, born 04/22/1887

Saint John Perse POET, DIPLOMAT, NOBEL PRIZE/LIT 1960, writer, born 05/31/1887

Francis Ledwidge Labourer, Miner, Soldier., writer, born 08/19/1887

Zenobia Camprubi writer, poet, translator, writer, born 08/31/1887

Dame Edith Sitwell POET, PROSE WRITER, EDITOR, NOTED FAMILY, Poet, writer, born 09/07/1887

Thapi Dharma Rao writer, born 09/19/1887

Sukumar Ray writer, born 10/30/1887

Marianne Moore Poet, writer, born 11/15/1887

Giuseppe Ungaretti Italian writer and leader of Ermetismo movement, poet, journalist, essayist, academic, civil servant, writer, born 02/08/1888

Alexei Mateevici Greek language teacher, writer, born 03/27/1888

Walter Prescott Webb Author, Historian, writer, born 04/03/1888

Harry Oliver Art director, artist, humorist, writer, born 04/04/1888

Pedar Jalvi writer, born 04/10/1888

Fernando Pessoa POET, Poet, writer and translator, writer, born 06/13/1888

Raymond Chandler Novelist, screenwriter, Novelist, writer, born 07/23/1888

Andrija Stampar Physician, writer, born 09/01/1888

Frans Eemil Sillanpaa Writer, writer, born 09/16/1888

Thomas Stearns Eliot Poet, dramatist, literary critic, writer, born 09/26/1888

Katherine Mansfield Author, writer, born 10/14/1888

Agnes Sligh Turnbull American novelist, short story writer, Author, Novelist, writer, born 10/14/1888

Eugene O'Neill American playwright, and Nobel laureate in Literature, Playwright, writer, born 10/16/1888

Dale Carnegie AUTHOR, LECTURER, Writer, lecturer, writer, born 11/24/1888

Mamidipudi Venkatarangaya writer, born 01/08/1889

Dorothy Macardle Historian, Novelist, Playwright, writer, born 02/02/1889

Siegfried Kracauer Journalist, sociologist, film theorist, writer, born 02/08/1889

Kanoko Okamoto Writer, writer, born 03/01/1889

Ben Ames Williams Writer, writer, born 03/07/1889

Gabriela Mistral Chilean poet, educator, diplomat, writer, born 04/07/1889

Mary Susanne Edgar Canadian author, camp director, writer, born 05/23/1889

Erle Stanley Gardner LAWYER, AUTHOR, DETECTIVE STORY WRITER, Lawyer, writer, writer, born 07/17/1889

Conrad Potter Aiken Poet, playwright, essayist, novelist, critic, writer, born 08/05/1889

Zofia Kossak-Szczucka Writer, resistance fighter, writer, born 08/10/1889

Herbert Asbury Writer and journalist, writer, born 09/01/1889

Robert Benchley HUMORIST, WRITER, CRITIC, ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, Writer, critic, film actor, writer, born 09/15/1889

Stepan Zoryan writer, born 09/15/1889

C. K. Scott Moncrieff translator, author, writer, born 09/25/1889

Mantaro Kubota Writer, playwright and poet, writer, born 11/11/1889

Konosuke Hinatsu Writer, University Professor, writer, born 02/22/1890

H. C. Witwer Short story author, screenwriter, cartoonist, writer, born 03/11/1890

E. E. "Doc" Smith SCI-FI AUTHOR, NOVELIST, FOOD MIX CHEMIST, Food Engineer and Writer, writer, born 05/02/1890

Mario De Sa-Carneiro Poet and writer, writer, born 05/16/1890

Harrison Owen Novelist, writer, born 06/24/1890

Howard Phillips Lovecraft American short story writer, Novelist, Short story writer, Poet, writer, born 08/20/1890

Jean Rhys Novelist, short story writer, essayist, demimonde, writer, born 08/24/1890

Agatha Mary Christie English author, Novelist, writer, born 09/15/1890

Alvaro De Campos Poet, ship engineer, writer, born 10/15/1890

Richmal Compton Lamburn English novelist, short story writer,, Teacher, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 11/15/1890

Mary Franeis Butts novelist, writer, born 12/13/1890

Zora Neale Hurston American folklorist, novelist, short story writer, Folklorist, anthropologist, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/07/1891

Yevgeny Dmitrievich Polivanov linguist, writer, born 02/28/1891

Par Lagerkvist poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, short story writer, writer, born 05/23/1891

Maasti Venkatesh Iyengar District Commissioner, Professor, Writer, writer, born 06/06/1891

Esther Forbes Novelist, writer, born 06/28/1891

Yelizaveta Tarakhovskaya writer, Poet, born 07/26/1891

Oliverio Girondo Poet, writer, born 08/17/1891

Neil M. Gunn novelist, writer, born 11/08/1891

Masao Kume writer, born 11/23/1891

Nelly Sachs Poet, Playwright, writer, born 12/10/1891

Henry Miller AUTHOR, Writer, painter, writer, born 12/26/1891

J. R. R. Tolkien British philologist and author, Author, Academic, Philologist, Poet, writer, born 01/03/1892

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa Japanese writer, Writer, writer, born 03/01/1892

Ruth Isabel Seabury missionary, writer, educator, writer, born 06/02/1892

Pearl Buck NOVELIST, NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE 1938, Writer, Missionary, writer, born 06/26/1892

James M. Cain Novelist, short story writer, journalist, Novelist, journalist, writer, born 07/01/1892

Bruno Schulz Polish novelist and painter, writer, fine artist, literary critic, art teacher, writer, born 07/12/1892

S. R. Ranganathan Author, Academic, Mathematician, Librarian, writer, born 08/09/1892

Eiji Yoshikawa Writer, writer, born 08/11/1892

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva Russian poet and writer, Poet and writer, writer, born 10/08/1892

Ivo Andrić Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 10/09/1892

Yuen Ren Chao Chinese American linguist and composer, linguist, composer, writer, born 11/03/1892

Erich Auerbach Literary critic, Philologist, writer, born 11/09/1892

Sir Osbert Sitwell AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, CRITIC, NOTED FAMILY, Writer, writer, born 12/06/1892

Harriet Adams novelist, publisher, writer, born 12/11/1892

Dame Rebecca West NOVELIST, CRITIC, JOURNALIST, Writer, writer, born 12/21/1892

Clark Ashton Smith American short story writer and poet, writer, born 01/13/1893

Guillermo Iturralde Fernández-Shaw Spanish poet and journalist, poet, journalist, writer, born 02/26/1893

Mercedes de Acosta Poet, Novelist, Playwright, writer, born 03/01/1893

Wilfred Edward Salter Owen English poet and soldier, writer, born 03/18/1893

Almada Jose De Negreiros Painter, writer, writer, born 04/07/1893

Sankrityayan Writer, Essayist, Scholar, sociology, Indian Nationalist, History, Indology, Philosophy, Buddhism, Tibetology, Lexicography, Grammar, Textual Editing, Folklore, Science, drama, Politics, Polymath, Polyglot, writer, born 04/09/1893

Dorothy Leigh Sayers British novelist, Novelist, Playwright, Essayist, translator, Copywriter, Poet, writer, born 06/13/1893

Vladimir Mayakovsky writer, born 07/19/1893

Prezihov Voranc Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 08/10/1893

William March United States Marine, novelist, short story writer, Novelist, writer, born 09/18/1893

Faith Baldwin Novelist, writer, born 10/01/1893

Mário Raul de Morais Andrade Brazilian poet, novelist, musicologist, art historian and critic, and photographer, Poet, writer, born 10/09/1893

Liang Shuming philosopher, writer, born 10/18/1893

Herbert Read Poet, modern art historian, and literary & art critic, writer, born 12/04/1893

Maria Luisa Arcelay educator, businesswoman and politician, writer, born 12/23/1893

Vera Brittain Writer, author, journalist, writer, born 12/29/1893

Oyunsky Poet, playwright., writer, born 12/30/1893

Georges Carpentier French boxer, boxer, born 01/12/1894

Junzaburo Nishiwaki Writer, Translator, Literary Critic, writer, born 01/20/1894

Masajiro Kojima Writer, writer, born 01/31/1894

Edwin Russell Jackman Agricultural Extension Agent, writer, born 02/14/1894

Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz writer, born 02/20/1894

Elinor Brentdyer Novelist, writer, born 04/06/1894

Marguerite Steen British writer, Writer, writer, born 05/12/1894

Louis-Ferdinand Céline Novelist, writer, born 05/27/1894

Dashiell Hammett American Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 05/27/1894

Mark Van Doren American poet and literary critic, poet, critic, teacher, writer, born 06/13/1894

Ikbal Ali Shah Author, diplomat, savant, writer, born 07/12/1894

Aldous Huxley Writer; author, Writer, writer, born 07/26/1894

Westbrook Pegler Author, writer, born 08/02/1894

John Boynton Priestley English Writer, Writer, writer, born 09/13/1894

Julian Tuwim Poet, writer, born 09/13/1894

John Howard Lawson Playwright, Screenwriter, writer, born 09/25/1894

H. L. Davis Novelist, poet, writer, born 10/18/1894

Rampo Edogawa Novelist, writer, born 10/21/1894

James Grover Thurber American humorist, Humorist, writer, born 12/08/1894

Concha Melendez poet, writer, educator, writer, born 01/21/1895

Aliagha Vahid Poet, Ghazal Singer, writer, born 02/18/1895

Mercedes Negron Munoz poet, writer, born 03/08/1895

Ernst Junger writer, born 03/29/1895

Vardis Fisher Novelist, essayist, Author, Essayist, writer, born 03/31/1895

Vladimir Propp Literary critic, scholar, writer, born 04/17/1895

Henry De Montherlant writer, born 04/26/1895

Norman S. Hall Prolific American screenwriter from the 1930s to the 1960s, Screenwriter, writer, born 07/21/1895

Robert Graves English novelist, poet, novelist, poet, writer, born 07/24/1895

Simon Evans British writer, radio broadcaster, postman, Writer, radio broadcaster, postman, writer, born 08/10/1895

Ira L. Baldwin American agricultural bacteriologist, biologist, writer, born 08/20/1895

Viswanatha Satyanarayana Poet, writer, born 09/10/1895

Lewis Mumford Historian,, writer, born 09/19/1895

Antoni Slonimski Poet, writer, born 11/15/1895

Mischa Auer FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, COMEDIAN, Novelist, writer, born 02/18/1936

John Dos Passos Novelist, playwright, poet, journalist, painter, novelist, playwright, poet, journalist, painter, translator, writer, born 01/14/1896

Evaristo Ribera Chevremont Poet, writer, born 02/16/1896

Andre Breton Writer, writer, born 02/19/1896

Suryakant Tripathi Nirala Writer, Poet, Essayist, Novelist, writer, born 02/21/1896

Phil Brogan Journalist and author, writer, born 03/23/1896

Dodie Smith Novelist, Playwright, writer, born 05/03/1896

Murray Leinster Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 06/16/1896

Philip Barry writer, born 06/18/1896

Shen Dehong Chinese Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 07/04/1896

Sri Anirvan monk, philosopher, scholar, writer, writer, born 07/08/1896

A. J. Cronin M.D., Writer, M.D., novelist, writer, born 07/19/1896

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings writer, born 08/08/1896

Miyazawa Kenji Writer, Teacher, Writer, Poet, Teacher, Geologist, writer, born 08/27/1896

Liam Oflaherty Author, writer, born 08/28/1896

Antonin Artaud POET, PLAYWRIGHT, THEORIST, SCREENWRITER, ACTOR, Theatre director • Poet • Playwright • Actor, writer, born 09/04/1896

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald American novelist and screenwriter, novelist, short story writer, poet, writer, born 09/24/1896

Eugenio Montale POET, MUSIC CRITIC, TRANSLATOR, NOBEL PRIZE/LIT, Poet, prose writer, editor, translator, writer, born 10/12/1896

J. R. Ackerley English writer and editor, Writer and editor, writer, born 11/04/1896

Nikolay Semenovich Tikhonov Poet, writer, humanitarian, writer, born 12/04/1896

Betty Smith Writer, writer, born 12/15/1896

Dennis Wheatley editor, author, writer, born 01/08/1897

Valentin Kataev Novelist • Dramatist, writer, born 01/28/1897

Denise Robins author, Journalist, Novelist, writer, born 02/01/1897

Thornton Wilder AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT, NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, GAY, Playwright, novelist, writer, born 04/17/1897

Fletcher Pratt Novelist, historian, writer, born 04/25/1897

Gene Tunney United States Marine, boxer, born 05/25/1897

Enid Blyton English children's novelist, Novelist, poet, teacher, writer, born 08/11/1897

Louise Bogan POET, POETRY CRITIC, EDITOR, Poet, critic, writer, born 08/11/1897

Walter Brown Gibson Pulp writer and magician, Author & Magician, writer, born 09/12/1897

William Faulkner AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, NOBEL PRIZE/LIT, Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 09/25/1897

Heinrich Fraenkel writer, born 09/28/1897

Joseph Auslander Poet, anthologist, novelist, writer, born 10/11/1897

Alexander Lernet-Holenia poet, novelist, writer, born 10/21/1897

Ronald Gow Dramatist, writer, born 11/01/1897

Krishnasastri Devulapalli writer, born 11/01/1897

Sacheverll Sitwell Writer, writer, born 11/15/1897

Nirad C. Chaudhuri writer and commentator on culture, writer, born 11/23/1897

Reub Long Rancher, writer, born 01/26/1898

Jūkichi Yagi Japanese poet, school teacher, writer, born 02/09/1898

Kikuko Kawakami writer, born 02/09/1898

Bertolt Bertolt Brecht Poet, playwright, and theatre director, Playwright Theatre Director Poet, writer, born 02/10/1898

Luis Pales Matos poet, writer, born 03/20/1898

John Grierson FILM MAKER, DOCUMENTARY FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, Documentary maker, writer, born 04/26/1898

Vicente Aleixandre Poet, writer, born 04/26/1898

Julius Evola author, metaphysician, political philosopher, philosopher, writer, writer, born 05/19/1898

Scott O'Dell Novelist, children's author, Novelist, writer, born 05/23/1898

Bennett Cerf Humorist, writer, born 05/28/1898

Norman Vincent Peale PROTESTANT CLERGYMAN, AUTHOR, RADIO PREACHER, Author, Professional speaker, Minister, writer, born 05/31/1898

Federico Garcia Lorca POET, PLAYWRIGHT, MURDER VICTIM, dramatist, poet, theatre director, writer, born 06/05/1898

Erich Maria Remarque German Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 06/22/1898

Jan Brzechwa Poet, writer, born 08/15/1898

Malcolm Cowley Writer, writer, born 08/28/1898

Jose Antonio Davila poet, writer, born 10/07/1898

Simon Vestdijk WRITER, NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, PHYSICIAN, Novelist, Essayist, Poet, writer, born 10/17/1898

Benjamin Fondane poet, dramatist, opinion journalist, critic, philosopher, translator, theater producer, screenwriter, film director, librarian, news presenter, writer, born 11/14/1898

Antun Branko Šimić Herzegovinian Croat expressionist poet, Poet, journalist and writer, writer, born 11/18/1898

Fredric Warburg publisher, author, Publisher; author, writer, born 11/27/1898

Clive Staples Lewis Author & Christian apologist, Novelist, scholar, broadcaster, writer, born 11/29/1898

Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatte composer, writer, born 01/06/1899

Rebecca Caudill Children's author, writer, born 02/02/1899

Yuriko Miyamoto Writer, writer, born 02/13/1899

Ishikawa Jun Writer, translator and literary critic, writer, born 03/07/1899

Louis Adamic Author, translator, writer, born 03/23/1899

Henri Michaux Poet, journalist and painter., writer, born 05/24/1899

Yasunari Kawabata writer, born 06/14/1899

George Calinescu writer, born 06/19/1899

Bruce Marshall Novelist & Accountant, writer, born 06/24/1899

Ernest Miller Hemingway American writer and journalist, Author, writer, born 07/21/1899

Sakae Tsuboi Japanese novelist and poet, novelist, poet, writer, born 08/05/1899

Jorge Luis Borges Argentine writer, Writer, poet, critic, librarian, writer, born 08/24/1899

C. S. Forester novelist, writer, born 08/27/1899

Miguel Angel Asturias Novelist, writer, born 10/19/1899

Edgar Du Perron writer, born 11/02/1899

Carlo Rosselli Political activist and socialist thinker, political leader, journalist, historian and anti-fascist activist, writer, born 11/16/1899

Allen Tate Poet, essayist, writer, born 11/19/1899

Lasgush Poradeci Poet, writer, born 12/27/1899

Richard Halliburton Travel writer, journalist, lecturer, writer, born 01/09/1900

Hayashi Fubo Writer, writer, born 01/17/1900

Jacques Prévert poet, Poet, Screenwriter, writer, born 02/04/1900

Roberto Arlt Novelist, dramatist and journalist, writer, born 04/02/1900

Elizabeth Goudge author, writer, born 04/24/1900

Taito Kannonen writer, born 04/24/1900

Antonieta Rivas Mercado writer, born 04/28/1900

Ignazio Silone AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, POLITICIAN, SATIRIST, Author, Politician, writer, born 05/01/1900

Strange, John Drummond, 15th Baron author, farmer, hereditary peer, writer, born 05/06/1900

Sumitranandan Pant Writer, Poet, writer, born 05/20/1900

Alain Grandbois writer, born 05/25/1900

Nan Chauncy English-Australian children's author, Novelist, writer, born 05/28/1900

Garrett Elsden Fort Screenwriter, Playwright, Screenwriter, writer, born 06/05/1900

A. N. Murthy Rao Professor, Writer, writer, born 06/16/1900

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry French writer, Aviator, Writer, writer, born 06/19/1900

Kathryn Hulme writer, born 07/06/1900

Wilhelm Hunermann novelist, short story writer, playwright, writer, born 07/28/1900

Eyvind Johnson writer, born 07/29/1900

Tatsuji Miyoshi writer, critic, poet, writer, born 08/23/1900

Newton Arvin literary critic, Teacher, writer, writer, born 08/25/1900

Risto Krle Playwright, writer, born 09/03/1900

Taylor Caldwell AUTHOR, NOVELIST, Novelist, writer, born 09/07/1900

James Hilton AUTHOR, JOURNALIST, NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, Novelist, writer, born 09/09/1900

Jin-geon Hyun Novelist, writer, born 10/02/1900

Dong-In Kim Novelist, writer, born 10/02/1900

Gishu Nakayama Writer, writer, born 10/05/1900

Oscar Garcia Rivera politician, lawyer, New York State Assemblyman, writer, born 11/06/1900

Nellie Campobello writer, dancer, choreographer, writer, born 11/07/1900

H.H. Lewis Writer, Laborer, writer, born 01/13/1901

Laura Jackson American poet, critic and essayist, Poet, critic, essayist, novelist, writer, born 01/16/1901

Hryhorii Epik Ukrainian writer and journalist, Writer, journalist, writer, born 01/17/1901

Tomoyoshi Murayama Writer, writer, born 01/18/1901

Daniel-Rops WRITER, HISTORIAN, TEACHER, MORALIST, ESSAYIST, Author, writer, born 01/19/1901

Janusz Meissner pilot, soldier, journalist, author, writer, born 01/21/1901

Valerian Pidmohylny novelist, translator, literary critic,, writer, born 02/02/1901

Ramon Jose Sender Garces writer, born 02/03/1901

Lewis Grassic Gibbon Scottish writer, Novelist, writer, born 02/13/1901

Julian Przybos Poet, essayist, translator, writer, born 03/05/1901

Rudolf Fischer Writer, writer, born 03/06/1901

Uuno Kailas Poet, author, translator, writer, born 03/29/1901

Glenway Westcott Writer, writer, born 04/11/1901

Laszlo Nemeth Dentist, Teacher, writer, born 04/18/1901

Xavier Herbert Author, writer, born 05/15/1901

Pierre Lafitte Ithurralde Writer, writer, born 05/21/1901

Anton Vodnik Poet, art historian, critic, writer, born 05/28/1901

G. Sankara Kurup Teacher, Poet, Essayist, Translator, Lyricist, Member of Indian Parliament, writer, born 06/03/1901

Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar Writer, Poet, Scholar, writer, born 06/23/1901

Barbara Cartland NOVELIST SPECIALIZING IN ROMANCE NOVELS, Novelist, writer, born 07/09/1901

Claude Aveline Writer, Poet, writer, born 07/19/1901

Salvadore Quasimodo POET, TRANSLATOR, NOBEL PRIZE/LITERATURE 1959, Author, writer, born 08/20/1901

Julia Strachey novelist, photographer, model, writer, born 08/20/1901

Jose Regio Writer, writer, born 09/17/1901

Jaroslav Seifert Writer, Poet, Journalist, writer, born 09/23/1901

John Faulkner Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 09/24/1901

Gerald Warner Brace Novelist, writer, educator, sailor, boat builder, Novelist, Writer, Educator, Sailor, Boat Builder, writer, born 09/24/1901

Roy Campbell Poet, journalist, writer, born 10/02/1901

Ludo Ondrejov Author, writer, born 10/19/1901

Aleksandrs Caks poet, writer, writer, born 10/27/1901

Chogoro Kaionji Writer and screenwriter, writer, born 11/05/1901

Francis Van Wyck Mason Novelist, Historian, Soldier, Novelist, writer, born 11/11/1901

Arturo Martin Jauretche writer, politician, and philosopher, writer, born 11/13/1901

Oliver La Farge Novelist, anthropologist, writer, born 12/19/1901

Vitorino Nemesio Poet, writer, born 12/19/1901

Pingali Nagendra Rao writer, born 12/29/1901

Angela Sidney Storyteller, author, writer, born 01/04/1902

Stella Gibbons Writer, writer, born 01/05/1902

Langston Hughes Poet, playwright, novelist, poet, columnist, dramatist, essayist, lyricist, novelist, writer, born 02/01/1902

Joseph Bentwich educator, writer, born 02/03/1902

Yutaka Mafune Writer, writer, born 02/16/1902

Kay Boyle Writer, educator, political activist, writer, born 02/19/1902

Hill Lorna Novelist, Teacher, writer, born 02/21/1902

John Ernst Steinbeck American writer, Nobel Prize for Literature laureate in 1962, Novelist, Short story writer, War Correspondent, writer, born 02/27/1902

Juran Hisao Writer and journalist, writer, born 04/06/1902

Hideo Kobayashi Literary critic, writer, born 04/11/1902

Haldor Laxness writer, born 04/23/1902

Seishi Yokomizo Writer, writer, born 05/24/1902

Hideo Yoshino Writer, writer, born 07/03/1902

Nicolas Guillen writer, born 07/10/1902

Esther Averill Author, illustrator, writer, born 07/24/1902

Eric Hoffer Author, Longshoreman, writer, born 07/25/1902

Frank Waters Writer, writer, born 07/25/1902

Georgette Heyer English novelist, Writer, writer, born 08/16/1902

Wallace Thurman Novelist, dramatist, columnist, essayist, editor, publisher, intellectual, writer, born 08/16/1902

Fyfe Robertson Television journalist, writer, born 08/19/1902

Stevie Smith Poet, novelist, writer, born 09/20/1902

Phiroz Mehta Pianist, Author, Lecturer, writer, born 10/01/1902

Shivaram Karanth Writer, Film director, Journalist, writer, born 10/10/1902

Allison Davis Academic, Anthropologist, Educator, writer, born 10/14/1902

Leslie Macfarlane novelist, writer, born 10/25/1902

Beryl Markham Writer, pilot, horse trainer, writer, born 10/26/1902

Carlos Drummond de Andrade Poet, writer, born 10/31/1902

Nordahl Grieg Playwright, poet, novelist, journalist, soldier, writer, born 11/01/1902

Gyula Illyes writer, born 11/02/1902

Hideki Hojo Writer, writer, born 11/07/1902

Isaac Bashevis Singer Yiddish author, Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 11/21/1902

Juan Alberto Montes Surveyor, Writer, Historian., writer, born 12/12/1902

Thomas A. Bailey Historian, writer, born 12/14/1902

Vasil Iljoski writer, professor, writer, born 12/20/1902

Nidudavolu Venkatarao Telugu lecturer, writer, born 01/03/1903

Louis De Wohl writer, born 01/24/1903

Irene Nemirovsky Novelist, writer, born 02/11/1903

Georges Simenon Novelist, writer, born 02/13/1903

Anais Nin DIARIST, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Author, writer, born 02/21/1903

Raymond Queneau NOVELIST, POET, SCREENWRITER, ENCYCLOPEDIST, Poet, Novelist, writer, born 02/21/1903

Julius Fucik Journalist, writer, born 02/23/1903

Vladimir Bartol Writer, writer, born 02/24/1903

Rabbe Enckell writer, born 03/03/1903

Maurice Valency Playwright, Author, Critic, writer, born 03/22/1903

Malcolm Muggeridge journalist, author, satirist, writer, born 03/24/1903

Charles R. Jackson Novelist, writer, born 04/06/1903

Niven Busch AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, writer, born 04/26/1903

Miklos Laszlo playwright, writer, born 05/20/1903

Charles Spaak Screenwriter, writer, born 05/25/1903

Fusao Hayashi Writer and literary critic, writer, born 05/30/1903

Younghill Kang author, lecturer, writer, born 06/05/1903

Marguerite Yourcenar Author, essayist, poet, writer, born 06/08/1903

Shugoro Yamamoto Writer, writer, born 06/22/1903

George Orwell British author and journalist, Novelist, political writer and journalist, writer, born 06/25/1903

Abul Fazal Novelist, writer, born 07/01/1903

Herb Hake Cartoonist, writer, born 08/10/1903

Jack Common Writer, writer, born 08/15/1903

James Gould Cozzens NOVELIST, PULITZER PRIZE/FICTION 1948, Writer, writer, born 08/19/1903

Kensaku Shimaki Japanese writer, Writer, writer, born 09/07/1903

Eileen Norah Owbridge Novelist, writer, born 09/08/1903

Mart Raud writer, born 09/14/1903

Frank O'Connor Short story writer, playwright, writer, born 09/17/1903

Jorge Cuesta chemist, writer, editor, writer, born 09/23/1903

Yao Kitabatake Writer, writer, born 10/05/1903

Gosta Knutsson Writer, writer, born 10/12/1903

Pixie Oharris Author, artist, illustrator, broadcaster, writer, born 10/15/1903

Yrjo Kokko writer, born 10/16/1903

Nathanael West NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, Novelist, Screenwriter, writer, born 10/17/1903

Evelyn Waugh AUTHOR, NOVELIST, BIOGRAPHER, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Writer, writer, born 10/28/1903

Kyuya Fukada Writer, writer, born 11/03/1903

H. Warner Munn Novelist, short story author, poet, writer, born 11/05/1903

Hidemi Kon Writer and literary critic, writer, born 11/06/1903

Tomoji Ishizuka writer, born 11/15/1903

Tatsuko Hoshino writer, born 11/15/1903

Kiyoshi Jinzai Writer, Literary Critic, writer, born 11/15/1903

Mary Norton Author, writer, born 12/10/1903

Emilio Giuseppe Dossena artist, writer, born 12/10/1903

Theo Harych writer, born 12/19/1903

Bogomir Magajna Writer, Psychiatrist, writer, born 01/13/1904

Benjamin Arthur Quarles history professor, writer, born 01/23/1904

Muhammed Mansooruddin Teacher, writer, folklorist, writer, born 01/31/1904

S. J. Perelman Author, screenwriter, writer, born 02/01/1904

MacKinlay Kantor Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, journalist, writer, born 02/04/1904

Osvaldo Lira Priest, Philosopher, Theologian, writer, born 02/11/1904

Riccardo Pacifici rabbi, essayist, teacher, writer, born 02/18/1904

Dagon Khin Khin Lay Writer, Publisher, writer, born 02/20/1904

Adelle Davis NUTRITIONIST, AUTHOR, NATURAL FOODS CRUSADER, writer, born 02/25/1904

Dr. Seuss Writer, cartoonist, animator, writer, born 03/02/1904

Margot Arce De Vazquez writer, essayist and educator, writer, born 03/10/1904

Srečko Kosovel Poet, writer, born 03/18/1904

Joseph Campbell MYTHOLOGIST, SCHOLAR, AUTHOR, EDITOR, TEACHER, Scholar, writer, born 03/26/1904

Richard Eberthart Poet, writer, born 04/05/1904

Harry Martinson writer, born 05/06/1904

Conrad Bernier French-Canadian organist, composer, and teacher., writer, born 05/09/1904

Gilberto Owen writer, born 05/13/1904

Margery Allingham NOVELIST, DETECTIVE & MYSTERY STORY WRITER, Novelist, writer, born 05/20/1904

Tatsuo Nagai Writer, poet, journalist, writer, born 05/20/1904

Ineko Sata Writer, writer, born 06/01/1904

Atanas Dalchev Poet, critic, translator, writer, born 06/12/1904

Brett Halliday Novelist, writer, born 07/31/1904

Clifford D. Simak SCI-FI & FANTASY AUTHOR, Journalist, novelist, short story author, writer, born 08/03/1904

Witold Gombrowicz Writer, writer, born 08/04/1904

John F. Hayes Author, writer, born 08/05/1904

Christopher Isherwood Novelist, short story writer, Novelist, writer, born 08/26/1904

Maxie Rosenbloom Boxer, actor, boxer, born 09/06/1904

C. B. Colby Author, writer, born 09/07/1904

Sheilah Graham Westbrook Gossip columnist, author, actress, writer, born 09/15/1904

Mykola Bazhan writer, poet, writer, born 09/26/1904

Edvard Kocbek poet, writer, politician, essayist, translator, writer, born 09/27/1904

Nikolai Alexeevich Ostrovsky novelist, soldier, Communist Party worker, writer, born 09/29/1904

Henry Graham Greene Novelist, Playwright, Short story writer, Novelist, writer, born 10/02/1904

Edmond Hamilton Novelist, comics books, writer, born 10/21/1904

Audrey Brown writer, born 10/29/1904

K. D. Sethna Poet, scholar, writer, philosopher, and cultural critic, writer, born 11/26/1904

Eve Curie Journalist, pianist, writer, born 12/06/1904

Tatsuo Hori Writer, writer, born 12/28/1904

Anand Kausalyayan Writer, Essayist, Scholar, Buddhism, writer, born 01/05/1905

Yahya Haqqi Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/07/1905

Birlic actor, writer, born 01/24/1905

John H. O'Hara AUTHOR, NOVELIST, REPORTER, ESSAYIST, ALCOHOLIC, novelist, short story writer, playwright, screenwriter, essayist, writer, born 01/31/1905

Ayn Rand novelist, philosopher, playwright, screenwriter, Philosopher, writer, writer, born 02/02/1905

Zaki Naguib Mahmoud Philosopher, writer, born 02/02/1905

Beb Vuyk writer, born 02/11/1905

Glyn Jones Author, poet, translator, writer, born 02/28/1905

Nat Perrin Comedy writer, writer, born 03/15/1905

P. T. Narasimhachar Writer, Poet, writer, born 03/17/1905

Phyllis McGinley writer and poet, writer, born 03/21/1905

Hérib Campos Cervera Paraguayan poet, Poet, short story writer, play writer, writer, born 03/30/1905

Attila Jozsef writer, born 04/11/1905

Robert Penn Warren AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, 1ST POET LAUREATE OF U.S., Poet, novelist, writer, born 04/24/1905

Akhtar Sheerani Urdu poet, writer, born 05/04/1905

Michail Sholokhov Novelist, writer, born 05/24/1905

Ricardo Ernesto Montes I Bradley writer, born 06/09/1905

Lillian Hellman PLAYWRIGHT, SCREENWRITER, ESSAYIST, AUTHOR, writer, born 06/20/1905

Tatsuzo Ishikawa writer, born 07/02/1905

Mildred Benson Author, writer, born 07/10/1905

Elias Canetti Bulgarian-born novelist, Novelist, writer, born 07/25/1905

Stanley Kunitz Poet, writer, born 07/29/1905

Pedro Garcia Cabrera Writer, poet, military intelligence, bureaucrat, writer, born 08/19/1905

Alberto Arvelo Torrealba Poet, Diplomat, Political figure, writer, born 09/03/1905

Mary Renault Author, writer, born 09/04/1905

Arthur Koestler British/Hungarian writer, Novelist, essayist, journalist, writer, born 09/05/1905

Frederick Kohner Writer ("Gidget" novels), Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 09/25/1905

Jose Maria Soler Garcia Archaeologist, Historian, Researcher, Folklorist, Mail carrier, Accountant, writer, born 09/30/1905

Fumiko Enchi Writer, writer, born 10/02/1905

Taiko Hirabayashi Japanese author, Writer, writer, born 10/03/1905

Lev Nussimbaum writer, born 10/05/1905

Barrows Dunham university professor, author, writer, born 10/20/1905

Elizabeth Yates Author, writer, born 12/06/1905

Mulk Raj Anand Writer, writer, born 12/12/1905

Vasily Grossman writer, journalist, writer, born 12/12/1905

Erico Verissimo novelist, short story writer, writer, born 12/17/1905

Daniil Kharms writer, born 12/30/1905

Frank Marshall Davis journalist, poet, writer, born 12/31/1905

Takashi Matsumoto Writer, writer, born 01/05/1906

Robert Ervin Howard American short story writer, poet, novelist, epistolean, short story writer, poet, novelist, epistolean, writer, born 01/22/1906

Henry Roth novelist, short story writer,, writer, born 02/08/1906

Juan Boria Teacher, carpenter, writer, born 02/17/1906

Meindert De Jong Writer, writer, born 03/04/1906

Francisco Ayala Novelist, writer, born 03/16/1906

Samad Vurgun Poet, writer, born 03/21/1906

Karl Stern neuropathologist, writer, born 04/08/1906

Samuel Beckett Irish novelist, playwright and poet, Novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, writer, born 04/13/1906

Enrique A. Laguerre writer, poet, critic, teacher, writer, born 05/03/1906

Charles Exbrayat detectives story writer, writer, born 05/05/1906

Arturo Uslar Pietri novelist, writer, writer, born 05/16/1906

Frederick Bernays Wiener Appellate Lawyer, writer, born 06/01/1906

Barrie Stavis American novelist, Playwright, writer, born 06/09/1906

R. S Mugali Professor, Writer, writer, born 07/15/1906

James Still Poet, novelist and folklorist, writer, born 07/16/1906

Olena Ivanivna Teliha Poet and writer, writer, born 07/21/1906

John Betjeman Poet, writer, broadcaster, writer, born 08/28/1906

James Gray writer, born 08/31/1906

Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert English novelist, Novelist, writer, born 09/01/1906

Alexander Petrovitch Kazantsev Writer, writer, born 09/02/1906

Hertha Pauli Journalist, Writer, Actress, writer, born 09/04/1906

Ellen Tarry Author, writer, born 09/26/1906

Jim Thompson Novelist, writer, born 09/27/1906

R. K. Narayan Indian novelist, Writer, writer, born 10/10/1906

Dino Buzzati Graphic artist, novelist, short story writer, journalist, writer, born 10/16/1906

Winifred Watson British novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/20/1906

Fredric Brown American novelist, short story author, Novelist, short story author, writer, born 10/29/1906

Sterling North novelist, literary critic, writer, born 11/04/1906

Klaus Mann AUTHOR, CRITIC, NOVELIST, NOTED FAMILY, GAY, Novelist, writer, born 11/18/1906

Sait Faik Abasiyanik short story writer, writer, born 11/18/1906

Yōko Ōta Japanese author, Writer, writer, born 11/18/1906

T.N. Srikanthaiah Poet, Writer, Professor, writer, born 11/26/1906

John Dickson Carr Novelist, short story writer, playwright, Novelist, writer, born 11/30/1906

Jun Takami kung fu master, writer, born 01/30/1907

Dmitri Kedrin Poet, playwright, correspondent, writer, born 02/04/1907

Zygmunt Haupt Writer, writer, born 03/05/1907

Mircea Eliade Romanian historian, philosopher, short story writer, journalist, essayist, novelist, Historian, philosopher, short story writer, journalist, essayist, novelist, writer, born 03/13/1907

Hugh Maclennan writer, born 03/20/1907

Mahadevi Varma Writer, Poet, Freedom Fighter, Woman's Activist, Educationist, writer, born 03/26/1907

Gabriel Casaccia Paraguayan novelist, Novelist, short story writer, playwriter, writer, born 04/20/1907

Nakahara Chuya Writer, writer, born 04/29/1907

Edgar Lustgarten novelist and journalist, writer, born 05/03/1907

Leslie Charteris Author, Mystery writer, screenwriter, writer, born 05/12/1907

Pawel Kubisz Poet, writer, activist, writer, born 05/12/1907

Dame Daphne du Maurier AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, NOTED FAMILY, Novelist, writer, born 05/13/1907

Rachel Louise Carson American zoologist, marine biologist, Marine biologist, writer, writer, born 05/27/1907

Nictzin Dyalhis Short story writer, chemist, writer, born 06/04/1907

Varlam Shalamov Writer, journalist, poet, political prisoner, writer, born 06/18/1907

Eriks Adamsons writer, poet, translator, writer, born 06/22/1907

Robert Anson Heinlein Science fiction writer, Novelist, short story author, essayist, screenwriter, writer, born 07/07/1907

Tom Lea American artist, writer and journalist, Author, Painter, writer, born 07/11/1907

George Weller Journalist, novelist, playwright, writer, born 07/13/1907

Jesse Stuart Author, educator, writer, born 08/08/1907

Jean Bernard Journalist, memoirist, writer, born 08/13/1907

John D. Clark Scientist, writer, writer, born 08/15/1907

Roger Peyrefitte novelist, writer, born 08/17/1907

Vedat Kokona writer, born 09/13/1907

Gunnar Ekelof Poet, writer, born 09/15/1907

Charles Birkin short story writer, editor, writer, born 09/24/1907

Mihail Sebastian playwright, essayist, journalist, novelist, lawyer, writer, born 10/18/1907

Homero Manzi Tango lyricist, writer, born 11/01/1907

Catherine Crook De Camp Author and editor, writer, born 11/06/1907

John Moore English author and Conservationist, Author, writer, born 11/10/1907

Astrid Lindgren Swedish children's book author, Children's book author, writer, born 11/14/1907

Christie Harris Author, writer, born 11/21/1907

Jim Bishop Journalist, author, writer, born 11/21/1907

Evangeline Walton Author, writer, born 11/24/1907

L. Sprague De Camp American author, Novelist, short story author, essayist, historian, writer, born 11/27/1907

Harivanshrai Bachchan Poet, writer, born 11/27/1907

Michael Blankfort Jewish-American screenwriter, playwright and author, Screenwriter Author Playwright, writer, born 12/10/1907

Hans Aslak Guttorm writer, born 12/15/1907

Christopher Fry Playwright, Screenwriter, Translator, and Critic, writer, born 12/18/1907

Sebastian Haffner Journalist and historian, writer, born 12/27/1907

Harry Kurnitz Playwright, novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 01/05/1908

Adolf Fierla Educator, poet, writer, writer, born 01/16/1908

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Novelist, short story writer,, writer, born 01/21/1908

Aleen Leslie screenwriter-playwright-novelist, writer, born 02/05/1908

Geo Bogza Romanian writer, surrealist, dissident, poet, essayist, journalist, writer, born 02/06/1908

Roderick Haig-Brown writer, born 02/21/1908

Olivia Manning novelist, writer, Writer, writer, born 03/02/1908

Louis L'Amour Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 03/22/1908

Gale Wilhelm writer, born 04/06/1908

Donald Wandrei writer, poet, editor, writer, born 04/20/1908

Ian Lancaster Fleming English author and journalist, Author and journalist, writer, born 05/28/1908

Stephen Tall Author, writer, born 06/14/1908

Joao Guimaraes Rosa Novelist, short story writer, diplomat, writer, born 06/27/1908

Winston Graham writer, born 06/30/1908

Ernest Buckler writer, born 07/19/1908

Joseph Mitchell Writer, writer, born 07/27/1908

Aluri Chakrapani film director, writer, writer, born 08/05/1908

A. I. Bezzerides Novelist, Screenwriter, writer, born 08/09/1908

Bronislawa Wajs Poet, singer, writer, born 08/17/1908

Josephine Jacobson Poet, literary critic, writer, born 08/19/1908

Roger Tory Peterson author, ornithologist, naturalist, writer, born 08/28/1908

William Saroyan Novelist, playwright, short story writer, writer, born 08/31/1908

Hildegarde Dolson Lockridge Freelance Writer, writer, born 08/31/1908

Richard Nathaniel Wright American novelist, writer, Novelist, writer, poet, essayist, short story writer, writer, born 09/04/1908

Mildred Grosberg Bellin writer, born 09/07/1908

Luc Etienne Perin writer, 'pataphysicist, writer, born 09/08/1908

Lili Pancu Painter, writer, born 09/13/1908

William Haines Novelist, screenwriter, playwright, writer, born 09/17/1908

Mika Waltari AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Author, translator, academician, writer, born 09/19/1908

Abdurakhman Avtorkhanov Historian, Political scientist, writer, born 10/23/1908

Gyo Fujikawa artist, illustrator, writer, writer, born 11/03/1908

Martha Gellhorn Author, War correspondent, writer, born 11/08/1908

Nikolai Nosov Writer, film producer, writer, born 11/23/1908

Nigel Marlin Balchin Psychologist, author, Psychologist, Author, writer, born 12/03/1908

Denis Charles Pratt Writer, Actor, Writer, illustrator, actor, artist's model, writer, born 12/25/1908

Friedrich Schlotterbeck Novelist, writer, born 01/09/1909

Domingo Marrero Navarro educator, writer, and speaker, writer, born 01/11/1909

Tang Junyi Chinese philosopher, writer, born 01/17/1909

Saul Alinsky Community organizer, Writer, writer, born 01/30/1909

A. M. Klein Writer, journalist, lawyer, writer, born 02/14/1909

Wallace Stegner Historian, novelist, Historian, novelist, short story writer, environmentalist, writer, born 02/18/1909

Sir Stephen Harold Spender CBE Poet, Poet, novelist, essayist, writer, born 02/28/1909

Shohei Ooka writer, born 03/06/1909

Kuri Kikuoka Poet, Novelist, literary critic, writer, born 03/08/1909

Gabrielle Roy novelist, Teacher, writer, born 03/22/1909

Robert Spencer Carr Short story writer, novelist, writer, born 03/26/1909

Kiyoteru Hanada writer, born 03/29/1909

John Fante Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, writer, born 04/08/1909

Hubert Skidmore Novelist, writer, born 04/11/1909

Eudora Welty Author, photographer, writer, born 04/13/1909

Yannis Ritsos Poet, writer, born 05/01/1909

Miklos Radnoti Poet, writer, born 05/05/1909

T. Harry Williams Historian affiliated with Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, writer, born 05/19/1909

Osamu Dazai Japanese author, Writer, writer, born 06/19/1909

Robb White Writer, writer, born 06/20/1909

Juan Carlos Onetti Journalist, Novelist, writer, born 07/01/1909

Sariamin Ismail writer, born 07/09/1909

Malcolm Lowry Novelist, poet, writer, born 07/28/1909

Chester Himes Novelist, writer, born 07/29/1909

Maa Naa Chowdappa Journalist, Novelist, Radio Broadcaster, writer, born 07/29/1909

C. Northcote Parkinson Naval historian, writer, born 07/30/1909

Manuel Mendez Ballester writer, born 08/04/1909

Charles Hadfield Historian, writer, born 08/05/1909

Max Blecher Romanian writer, Writer, writer, born 09/08/1909

Viljo Kajava writer, born 09/22/1909

Howard Wandrei Artist, short story writer, writer, born 09/24/1909

Anni Blomqvist writer, born 10/07/1909

Max Simon Ehrlich writer, born 10/10/1909

Dorothy Livesay writer, born 10/12/1909

Franz Baermann Steiner anthropologist, polymath, poet, Anthropologist, poet, writer, born 10/12/1909

Dorothy Kinglsey Screenwriter,, Screenwriter, writer, born 10/14/1909

Kodavatiganti Kutumbarao Journalism, writer, born 10/28/1909

Max Zimmering writer, born 11/16/1909

Nigel Tranter writer, born 11/23/1909

P.D. Eastman Writer, cartoonist, animator, writer, born 11/25/1909

Eugene Ionesco PLAYWRIGHT, Playwright, dramatist, writer, born 11/26/1909

James Agee AUTHOR, SCREENWRITER, FILM CRITIC, POET, writer, born 11/27/1909

Joseph P. Lash Writer, writer, born 12/02/1909

Tsuneko Nakazato Writer, writer, born 12/23/1909

Ursula Nordstrom Editor, Author, writer, born 02/02/1910

Jack Belden American author and war correspondent, Author, War correspondent, writer, born 02/03/1910

Enrique Anderson Imbert Writer, Critic, Professor, writer, born 02/12/1910

Genzo Murakami writer, born 03/14/1910

Ormond Robbins Author, writer, born 03/14/1910

Ennio Flaiano Writer, Screenwriter, Journalist, writer, born 03/25/1910

Ai Qing poet, writer, born 03/27/1910

Angelico Chavez American writer, poet and historian, priest, writer, painter, historian, writer, born 04/10/1910

Berton Roueche Journalist, novelist, writer, writer, born 04/16/1910

Mesa Selimovic Writer, writer, born 04/26/1910

Margaret Wise Brown Writer, Editor, writer, born 05/23/1910

Harry Bernstein Magazine editor / Author, writer, born 05/30/1910

Luis Rosales Writer, writer, born 05/31/1910

John W. Campbell American science-fiction writer and editor, SF magazine editor, writer, born 06/08/1910

Kate Bosse-Griffiths Curator, writer, born 06/16/1910

Jean Anouilh Dramatist, writer, born 06/21/1910

Aleksandr Tvardovsky Poet, Editor, writer, born 06/21/1910

Diana Ross Writer, teacher, illustrator, fine artist, writer, born 07/08/1910

Hugh Barnett Cave Author, writer, born 07/11/1910

Josefina Niggli playwright, novelist, professor, screenwriter, writer, born 07/13/1910

Vincent Brome English Author, English writer, writer, born 07/14/1910

Kendell Foster Crossen Novelist, writer, born 07/25/1910

Julien Gracq Novelist, critic, playwright, poet, writer, born 07/27/1910

Rajzel Żychlińsky Polish writer of Yiddish poetry, poet, writer, born 07/27/1910

Michael Stern reporter, author, philanthropist, writer, born 08/03/1910

Jacquetta Hawkes Writer & archaeologist, writer, born 08/05/1910

Marius Torres Poet, playwright, journalist, writer, born 08/30/1910

Skender Kulenovic Writer, writer, born 09/02/1910

Leila Antionette Sterling Mackinlay British novelist, Novelist, writer, born 09/05/1910

Betty Neels Novelist, writer, born 09/15/1910

Jean Bedford Novelist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 09/17/1910

Anne Wilkinson writer, born 09/21/1910

Sandilyan Novelist, Essayist, writer, born 11/10/1910

Antanas Skema novelist, short story writer, playwright, writer, born 11/29/1910

Hilda Kay Grant writer and artist, writer, born 11/29/1910

Kjelgaard author, writer, born 12/06/1910

John H. Reese Author, writer, born 12/18/1910

Jean Genet Novelist, Dramatist, Political Activist, writer, born 12/19/1910

Fritz Leiber Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 12/24/1910

Castelot Novelist, writer, born 01/23/1911

Mitsuo Nakamura Writer and literary critic, writer, born 02/05/1911

Elizabeth Bishop Poet Laureate of the United States, 1949 - 1950, Poet, writer, born 02/08/1911

David Walker Novelist, writer, born 02/09/1911

Christer Boucht writer, born 03/04/1911

Sachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayana Writer, Textual Editing, Novelist, Travelog, writer, born 03/07/1911

Pietro Di Donato Novelist, reporter, writer, born 04/03/1911

Rifat Ilgaz Author, Academic, Poet, writer, born 04/24/1911

Ben Belitt Poet, translator, writer, born 05/02/1911

Guy des Cars AUTHOR, NOVELIST, Writer, writer, born 05/06/1911

Max Frisch Architect, novelist, playwright, philosopher, writer, born 05/09/1911

Wilbert Vere Awdry writer, born 06/15/1911

Sufia Kamal poet, writer, writer, born 06/20/1911

Hannah Kahn poet, writer, born 06/30/1911

Umashankar Joshi Poet, Novelist, writer, born 07/21/1911

Ji Xianlin linguist, paleographer, historian, writer, writer, born 08/06/1911

Gerald Kersh Writer of fiction, writer, born 08/26/1911

Paul Goodman Sociologist, novelist, poet, playwright, Writer, writer, born 09/09/1911

William H. Armstrong writer, born 09/14/1911

Sven Berlin British artist, and novelist, Painter, sculptor, poet, writer and dancer, writer, born 09/14/1911

William Golding Writer, writer, born 09/19/1911

Ruth Gruber Journalist, photographer, writer, humanitarian and US government official, writer, born 09/30/1911

Jack Finney Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 10/02/1911

Peter Kalifornsky Alaska Native writer (Dena'ina Indian), writer, ethnographer, translator, writer, born 10/12/1911

Millosh Gjergj Nikolla writer, born 10/13/1911

Sorley Maclean School teacher, writer, born 10/21/1911

Yoshinori Yagi writer, born 10/21/1911

Odysseas Elytis Poet, writer, born 11/02/1911

Mary Elizabeth Counselman short story writer, poet, writer, born 11/19/1911

J. Gwyn Griffiths Professor, writer, born 12/07/1911

Naguib Mahfouz Novelist, writer, born 12/11/1911

Hortense Calisher Novelist, short story writer, memoirist, Novelist, writer, born 12/20/1911

Tillie Olsen writer, born 01/14/1912

Barbara W. Tuchman writer, journalist, historian, writer, born 01/30/1912

Ronald Kirkbride Novelist, writer, born 02/01/1912

Rufus Travis Amis Entrepreneur, writer, born 02/13/1912

Tibor Sekelj writer, lawyer, explorer, Esperantist, writer, born 02/14/1912

George Mikes writer, born 02/15/1912

Andre Norton novelist, writer, born 02/17/1912

Hassiba Boulmerka OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION ATHLETE, Author, writer, born 07/10/1968

P. Schuyler Miller Author and critic, technical writer, writer, born 02/21/1912

Lawrence Durrell Biographer; poet; playwright; novelist, Biographist; poet; playwright; novelist, writer, born 02/27/1912

A. Bertram Chandler AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SCI-FI/FANTASY WRITER, writer, born 03/28/1912

William Lederer Novelist, non-fiction writer, American author, writer, born 03/31/1912

Ken'ichi Yoshida Writer, writer, born 04/01/1912

Mira Mihelic Writer, writer, born 04/14/1912

Marten Toonder Writer, writer, born 05/02/1912

Pannalal Patel novelist, writer, born 05/07/1912

Studs Terkel American author, historian and broadcaster, Author, Historian, Radio Personality, Actor, writer, born 05/16/1912

Pedro Ortiz Davila popular singer of boleros and Puerto Rican patriotic songs., writer, born 05/21/1912

John Cheever Short story writer, novelist, short story writer, novelist, writer, born 05/27/1912

Patrick White Australian novelist and playwright; Nobel Laureate, Novelist, playwright, poet, short-story writer, essayist, writer, born 05/28/1912

Jiro Nitta Novelist, writer, born 06/06/1912

Vishnu Prabhakar Novelist, writer, journalist, writer, born 06/21/1912

Essie Summers novelist, writer, born 07/24/1912

Jorge Amado Novelist, writer, born 08/10/1912

Erwin Strittmatter Writer, writer, born 08/14/1912

David Daiches Literary critic, scholar,, writer, born 09/02/1912

James Fisher author, ornithologist, naturalist, broadcaster, writer, born 09/03/1912

Kenneth S. Davis Author, Journalist, writer, born 09/29/1912

Zohra Begum Kazi Philanthropist, Medical Professional, writer, born 10/15/1912

Pablo Antonio Cuadra Poet, essayist, art and literary critic, playwright, graphic artist, writer, born 11/04/1912

Monica Edwards Author, naturalist and farmer, writer, born 11/08/1912

Anton Koolhaas Journalist, novelist, scenario writer, writer, born 11/16/1912

Thorbjoern Egner Artist, author, songwriter, playwright, musician, illustrator and translator, writer, born 12/12/1912

Jay Bennett Author, writer, born 12/24/1912

Hidemitsu Tanaka Writer, writer, born 01/10/1913

Ragnhild Hatton historian, writer, born 01/10/1913

Reginald Charles (Rex) Ingamells Early twentieth century Australian nationalist poet, Poet, writer, born 01/19/1913

Mary Durack author, historian, writer, born 02/20/1913

Irwin Shaw Playwright, Screenwriter, Novelist, writer, born 02/27/1913

T. B. Ilangaratne politician, author, dramatist, actor, writer, born 02/27/1913

Ralph Waldo Ellison 20th century American writer, Novelist, Essayist, Short story writer, writer, born 03/01/1913

Sankaran Pottekkat Teacher, Novelist, Travelogue writer, Member of Indian Parliament, writer, born 03/13/1913

Tias Mortigjija writer, journalist, writer, born 04/07/1913

Joyce Barkhouse writer, born 05/03/1913

Rafiq Husain Writer, poet, critic, writer, born 05/14/1913

Clara Stanton Jones Librarian, former Librarian and President of the American Library Association, writer, born 05/14/1913

Peter B. Germano Author, screenwriter, Author, writer, born 05/17/1913

Nicolas Gomez Davila aphorist, writer, philosopher, writer, born 05/18/1913

Irving Shulman Writer, screenwriter, Writer, writer, born 05/21/1913

Gustaw Przeczek Poet, writer, activist, writer, born 05/30/1913

Shamim Karhani Poet, writer, born 06/08/1913

Tom W. Blackburn Writer, Screenwriter, Lyricist, writer, born 06/23/1913

Rafibeyli Writer, writer, born 06/23/1913

Patrick Beesly Author, writer, born 06/27/1913

Dorothy Kilgallen Journalist, television personality, Journalist, writer, born 07/03/1913

Gwyn Thomas School teacher, writer, born 07/06/1913

Salvador Espriu Catalan writer, Playwright, poet, novelist, writer, born 07/10/1913

Cordwainer Smith American author and psychological warfare expert, Writer, professor, military officer, writer, born 07/11/1913

Mario Finzi writer, born 07/15/1913

Catherine Storr Novelist, writer, born 07/21/1913

Scott Corbett Novelist, writer, born 07/27/1913

Nancy Phelan writer, born 08/02/1913

Robert Hayden Poet, essayist, educator, writer, born 08/04/1913

Charlotte Delbo playwright, memoirist, writer, born 08/10/1913

Luis Felipe Ramon y Rivera Folklorist, writer, poet, teacher, composer, musician, writer, born 08/23/1913

William Robertson Davies Canadian journalist, playwright, professor, critic, and novelist, Journalist, playwright, professor, critic, novelist, writer, born 08/28/1913

Boris Pahor Writer, writer, born 08/28/1913

Jose Ferrer Canales educator, writer and a pro-independence political activist., writer, born 09/18/1913

Edward Sagarin Professor, novelist, essayist, writer, born 09/18/1913

Edith Pargeter Author, writer, born 09/28/1913

Simon Carmiggelt Columnist, poet, writer, born 10/07/1913

Claude Simon Novelist, writer, born 10/10/1913

Alice Chetwynd Ley British novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/12/1913

Vinicius Demoraes Poet, essayist, playwright, lyricist, writer, born 10/19/1913

David H. Greene Author, Teacher, writer, born 11/04/1913

Anne Marriott Canadian Poet, Writer, writer, born 11/05/1913

Karl Shapiro Poet, essayist, writer, born 11/10/1913

Benjamin Walker Diplomatic attaché and author in the area of esoterica, philosophy, and religion, writer, born 11/25/1913

Caitlin Thomas Author, writer, born 12/08/1913

Anne Froelick Screenwriter, dramatist, novelist, writer, born 12/08/1913

Alfred Bester Novelist, short story writer, comic book writer, radio scripter, Novelist, short story author, comic book writer, radio scripter, writer, born 12/18/1913

Adam Wawrosz Poet, writer, writer, born 12/24/1913

Elizabeth Smart Canadian poet and novelist, Writer, writer, born 12/27/1913

William Stafford Poet, writer, born 01/17/1914

William S. Burroughs American novelist, essayist, Author, writer, born 02/05/1914

Jan Nisar Akhtar poet, lyricist, writer, born 02/14/1914

Julia Burgos poet, activist, writer, born 02/17/1914

Nathan Rotenstreich writer, born 03/13/1914

Budd Schulberg American novelist and screenwriter, Film writer, sports writer, novelist, writer, born 03/27/1914

Octavio Paz Mexican writer laureated with the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literatue, Writer, poet, diplomat, writer, born 03/31/1914

Orhan Veli Kanik Poet, writer, born 04/13/1914

Ramnath Shastri Dogri Writer, playwright, poet, writer, born 04/15/1914

Claire Martin writer, born 04/18/1914

Jan de Hartog Novelist and Playwright, writer, born 04/22/1914

Lockridge, Ross, Jr. Novelist, novelist, writer, born 04/25/1914

Bernard Malamud Novelist, short story writer, Author, writer, born 04/26/1914

H. L. Gold Editor, novelist, short story author, writer, born 04/26/1914

Randall Jarrell Poet, critic, novelist, essayist, poet, critic, novelist, and essayist, writer, born 05/06/1914

Romain Gary diplomat, pilot, writer, writer, born 05/08/1914

Bertus Aafjes Poet, writer, born 05/12/1914

Joe Louis American boxer, boxer, born 05/14/1914

Joaquin Pasos Poet, essayist, narrator, writer, born 05/14/1914

Jay Williams Author, writer, born 05/31/1914

Mohammad Moin writer, born 06/12/1914

John Hersey WWII CORRESPONDENT, NOVELIST, PULITZER PRIZE/LIT, journalist, novelist, professor, writer, born 06/17/1914

Laurie Lee Author, screenwriter, poet, writer, born 06/26/1914

Majeed Amjad Urdu poet, Bureaucrat, writer, born 06/29/1914

Hannes Bok author, illustrator, writer, born 07/02/1914

Thein Pe Myint writer, publisher , journalist, politician, writer, born 07/10/1914

Ernest Hill Author, writer, born 07/14/1914

James Purdy Novelist, poet, playwright, writer, born 07/17/1914

Wayne Robbins Author, Artist, Propagandist, writer, born 07/22/1914

Alfonso Gumucio Reyes President of CBF, Minister of Economy, Ambassador to Uruguay, Ambassador to Spain, writer, born 08/03/1914

Geoffrey Cornish Golf course architect, writer, born 08/06/1914

Colin Macinnes novelist, journalist, writer, born 08/20/1914

Adolfo Bioy Casares Writer, poet, critic, librarian, writer, born 09/15/1914

Robert Maccloskey Author and Illustrator, writer, born 09/15/1914

Martin Gardner American recreational mathematician, magician, skeptic, and magazine columnist, Author, writer, born 10/21/1914

John Allyn Berryman poet, Poet, writer, born 10/25/1914

Dylan Thomas POET, PLAYWRIGHT, SCREENWRITER, LECTURER, Poet and writer, writer, born 10/27/1914

Hodai Yamazaki poet, writer, born 11/01/1914

Raphael Aloysius Lafferty American writer, Novelist, short story author, writer, born 11/07/1914

Basil Davidson Historian, writer, born 11/09/1914

Howard Fast Novelist, novelist, writer, born 11/11/1914

Arthur Wilson Tucker Projectionist, writer, writer, born 11/23/1914

Mark Saxton Author, editor, writer, born 11/24/1914

Bernard Knox professor, author, writer, born 11/24/1914

Dare Wright Photographer, author, model, writer, born 12/03/1914

Fred Bachrach Dutch art and literary historian, Dutch literary and art historian, writer, born 12/09/1914

Bob Leach -Journalist, writer, born 12/16/1914

Bidia Dandaron Dharmaraja, tibetologist, writer, born 12/28/1914

Danylo Shumuk Poet, writer, and political activist, writer, born 12/30/1914

Branko Copic Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/01/1915

Pakhal Tirumal Reddy writer, born 01/04/1915

K. S. Narasimhaswamy Poet, writer, born 01/26/1915

Nien Cheng writer, born 01/28/1915

Margaret Millar American-Canadian mystery and suspense writer, Novelist, writer, born 02/05/1915

Melih Cevdet Anday writer, born 03/13/1915

Puttaparthi Narayanacharya Teacher, writer, born 03/28/1915

Henry Kuttner short story writer; novelist, writer, born 04/07/1915

Emil Petaja novelist, short story writer, poet, publisher, writer, born 04/12/1915

Lydia Ugoini Italian author, Writer, writer, born 05/03/1915

Herman Wouk NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, PULITZER PRIZE, American author, writer, born 05/27/1915

Lester del Rey Novelist, short story writer, editor, Novelist, Short story writer, writer, born 06/02/1915

Saul Bellow Novelist, short story writer, critic, professor, writer, born 06/10/1915

Francisco Arrivi writer, born 06/24/1915

Palagummi Padmaraju Lecturer, writer, born 06/24/1915

Jerome Lawrence Playwright, Screenwriter, writer, born 07/14/1915

Cesar Andreu Iglesias journalist, novelist, and short-story writer, writer, born 07/31/1915

Rina Lasnier writer, born 08/06/1915

Tambimuttu Editor, poet, writer, born 08/15/1915

Ismat Chughtai Writer, writer, born 08/15/1915

Tasha Tudor Author and illustrator, writer, born 08/28/1915

Fawn Brodie Biographer and history professor, writer, born 09/15/1915

William E. Vaughan Columnist, writer, born 10/08/1915

Arthur Miller American playwright and essayist, Playwright, essayist, writer, born 10/17/1915

Nathaniel Benchley Author, journalist, film writer, painter, writer, born 11/13/1915

Konstantin Simonov War Poet, writer, born 11/15/1915

Marc Simont artist, cartoonist, illustrator, writer, born 11/23/1915

Leigh Brackett Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 12/07/1915

Ross Macdonald Novelist, writer, born 12/13/1915

Wilhelm Szewczyk Writer, poet, translator, politician, writer, born 01/05/1916

Brion Gysin painter, writer, poet, writer, born 01/19/1916

William Dufty writer, born 02/02/1916

Valentyn Rechmedin Journalist and writer, writer, born 02/12/1916

Huu Loan Poet, writer, born 02/14/1916

Giorgio Bassani Author, editor, poet, essayist, writer, born 03/04/1916

Irving Wallace AUTHOR, NOVELIST, REFERENCE BOOK WRITER WITH SON, writer, journalist, screenwriter, writer, born 03/19/1916

Beverly Cleary Novelist, short story writer, children's author, Author, writer, born 04/12/1916

Helene Hanff Screenwriter, writer, writer, born 04/15/1916

Morris West writer, born 04/26/1916

Jane Jacobs Writer, Urban theorist, writer, born 05/04/1916

Camilo Jose Cela writer, born 05/11/1916

John Ciardi poet, teacher, etymologist, translator, writer, born 06/24/1916

Margaret Wade Labarge Historian, writer, born 07/18/1916

John D. MacDonald Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 07/24/1916

Richard Hofstadter American historian, Author, writer, born 08/06/1916

Neagu Djuvara Writer, historian, philosopher, journalist, diplomat, writer, born 08/18/1916

John Holbrook Vance American Novelist, Short story writer, Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 08/28/1916

Philip Oconnor Poet, Writer, Radio host,, writer, born 09/08/1916

William Woodruff Professor, historian, writer, writer, born 09/12/1916

Roald Dahl Norwegian and British novelist, short story writer, Author, Screenwriter, writer, born 09/13/1916

Pierre Boutang philosopher, poet, translator, journalist, writer, born 09/20/1916

Jessica Anderson Novelist and short story writer, Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 09/25/1916

Stetson Kennedy Author, folkorist, anti-Ku Klux Klan crusader, Award-winning Author, writer, born 10/05/1916

Bai T. Moore Civil servant, writer, born 10/12/1916

Harry Blamires Anglican theologian, literary critic, and novelist, writer, born 11/06/1916

Shelby Foote Novelist, historian, writer, born 11/17/1916

Forrest J. Ackerman Science fiction writer, collector, writer, born 11/24/1916

Adrien Stoutenburg poet, writer, librarian, writer, born 12/01/1916

Shirley Jackson Novelist, short story writer, Author, Novelist, writer, born 12/14/1916

Allen Adler writer, born 12/25/1916

O.F. Snelling Author/Antiquarian, writer, born 12/30/1916

Neil Paterson Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, journalist, footballer, writer, born 12/31/1916

William Macdonald Investor, Author, Minister, writer, born 01/07/1917

Ahsan Habib Writer, Poet, writer, born 02/02/1917

Giuseppe Tontodonati Italian Poet, writer, born 02/02/1917

Musine Kokalari Writer, writer, born 02/10/1917

Sidney Sheldon Author, Novelist, writer, born 02/11/1917

Abbas Vasi Poet, Journalist, writer, born 02/22/1917

Anthony Burgess Novelist, critic, composer, librettist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, essayist, travel writer, broadcaster, translator, linguist, educationalist, novelist, critic, composer, librettist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, essayist, travel writer, broadcaster, translator, linguist, educationalist, writer, born 02/25/1917

Robert Lowell Poet, writer, born 03/01/1917

Kartar Duggal writer, born 03/01/1917

David Goodis Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 03/02/1917

Edith Lambert Sharp Author, writer, born 03/07/1917

Robert Bloch NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Novelist, Short story writer, writer, born 04/05/1917

Robert Woodruff Anderson writer, born 04/28/1917

Richard Thacker Morris Professor and author, writer, born 04/28/1917

Fay Kanin Screenwriter,, writer, born 05/09/1917

Juan Rulfo Writer, writer, born 05/16/1917

Glen Coffield Poet, writer, born 06/05/1917

Gwendolyn Brooks Poet, writer, born 06/07/1917

Eric John Blair Hobsbawm British historian; Marxist historiographer; history professor; studied French Revolution and Industrial Revolution; Communist Party of Great Britain theorist, historian, writer, born 06/09/1917

Augusto Roa Bastos Writer, journalist, professor, writer, born 06/13/1917

Lise Nørgaard Writer, journalist, Novellist, screenwriter, journalist, writer, born 06/14/1917

Judson Crews Poet, writer, born 06/30/1917

Robert Farnon Canadian-born composer, conductor, musical arranger and trumpet player., writer, born 07/24/1917

John Hillaby Journalist, writer, born 07/24/1917

Tsung-I Jao poet, calligrapher, linguist, paleographer, historian, writer, writer, born 08/09/1917

Fernando Ponce de León Colombian writer, Writer, entrepreneur, writer, born 09/06/1917

William Brinkley Novelist, journalist, naval officer, writer, editor, reporter, writer, born 09/10/1917

Janez Gradisnik writer, translator, writer, born 09/22/1917

Fereydoun Motamed linguists, Linguist, writer, Aesthetics critic, writer, born 10/06/1917

Arthur Meier Schlesinger American historian, Historian, writer, writer, born 10/15/1917

Mak Dizdar Poet, writer, born 10/17/1917

Denys Val Baker novelist, journalist, short story writer, editor, writer, born 10/24/1917

Qaysin Quli Poet, writer, writer, born 11/01/1917

J. E. Macdonell writer, born 11/03/1917

Joshua Prawer Israeli medievalist and educator, Medievalist, Educator, writer, born 11/10/1917

Gajanan Madhav Mukibodh writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, political critic, writer, born 11/13/1917

Frank Doyle Writer, writer, born 11/17/1917

Tove Ditlevsen Poet, Memoirist, writer, born 12/14/1917

Shan-Ul-Haq Haqqee Urdu poet, Writer, Lexicographer, writer, born 12/15/1917

Arthur Charles Clarke British and Sri Lankan Author and Inventor, Author, Inventor, writer, born 12/16/1917

Heinrich Theodor Böll German writer and Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1972, writer, born 12/21/1917

Frithjof Saelen Writer, Illustrator, Resistance Fighter, writer, born 12/24/1917

Yusuf Al-Khal Poet, Writer., writer, born 12/25/1917

Guy Butler Playwright, poet, writer, born 01/21/1918

Philip José Farmer Novelist, short story writer, Novelist, Short story writer, writer, born 01/26/1918

Muriel Spark novelist, short story writer, poet, essayist, writer, born 02/01/1918

Lothar-Günther Buchheim Author, artist, writer, born 02/06/1918

Louis Dudek writer, born 02/06/1918

William Bronk Poet, writer, born 02/17/1918

Mickey Spillane Novelist, writer, born 03/09/1918

Jozef Ondrusz Folklorist and writer, writer, born 03/18/1918

Louis Osborne Coxe Author, poet, professor, playwright, writer, born 04/15/1918

William Jay Smith Poet, writer, born 04/22/1918

Maurice Druon Novelist, writer, born 04/23/1918

Jimmy O'Connor English author, Author, writer, born 05/20/1918

Bernie West television writer, writer, born 05/30/1918

Kathryn Tucker Windham Journalist, short story writer, storyteller, photographer, writer, born 06/02/1918

Pauline Phillips Advice columnist, writer, born 07/04/1918

Amina Shah Author, poet, storyteller, writer, born 07/10/1918

Arthur Laurents AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT, SCREENWRITER, NOVELIST, GAY, Playwright, writer, born 07/14/1918

P. H. Newby Author, Managing Director of BBC Radio, writer, born 07/25/1918

Edwin Oconnor novelist, radio personality, journalist, writer, born 07/29/1918

Willis Harman Professor, writer, born 08/16/1918

George Goodheart chiropractor, writer, born 08/18/1918

Jacqueline Susann Novelist, actress, Novelist and actress, writer, born 08/20/1918

Karandikar Vinda Writer, Poet, Essayist and Critic, writer, born 08/23/1918

Juan Jose Arreola writer, born 09/21/1918

Bill Robinson editor, writer, writer, born 10/04/1918

Robert Edwin Lee Playwright, Screenwriter, writer, born 10/15/1918

Rene De Obaldia AuthorPlaywrightPoet, writer, born 10/22/1918

Roger Lancelyn Green Novelist, Biographer, writer, born 11/02/1918

Cesar Andrade writer, born 11/02/1918

Lindquist Marita Novelist, writer, born 11/10/1918

Seymour Reit Writer, cartoonist, writer, born 11/11/1918

Ilhan Berk Poet, Essayist, writer, born 11/18/1918

Madeleine L'Engle Novelist, children's writer, writer, born 11/29/1918

Yichang Liu novelist, editor, writer, born 12/07/1918

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Russian novelist, dramatist and historian, Novelist, soldier, teacher, writer, born 12/11/1918

Cecily Norden Author, Senior Horse Judge, Champion Rider and Exhibitor, Stud Breeder, writer, born 12/23/1918

Maritta Wolff Novelist, homemaker, writer, born 12/25/1918

J. D. Salinger American novelist and writer, Writer, writer, born 01/01/1919

Andy Rooney Writer, humorist, television personality, writer, born 01/14/1919

Subhash Mukhopadhyaya Poet, writer, born 02/12/1919

Constant Tonegaru poet, journalist, activist, civil servant, writer, born 02/26/1919

Henryk Jasiczek Poet, writer, journalist, writer, born 03/02/1919

Miroslav Marcovich writer, born 03/18/1919

Lawrence Ferlinghetti BEATNIK POET, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, BUSINESSMAN, poet, activist, essayist, painter, writer, born 03/24/1919

Fernando Gonçalves Namora writer and medical doctor, medical doctor, writer, born 04/15/1919

Juan Rodolfo Wilcock writer, poet, critic, translator, engineer, writer, born 04/17/1919

R. V. Cassill Novelist, short story writer, editor, painter, lithographer, novelist, short story writer, editor, painter, lithographer, writer, born 05/17/1919

Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 05/30/1919

Richard McClure Scarry author and illustrator, writer, born 06/05/1919

Nelson Wu professor, novelist, Novelist, Professor, writer, born 06/09/1919

Mildred Savage American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 06/26/1919

Pierre Gamarra Writer, writer, born 07/10/1919

Amrita Pritam Novelist, poet, essayist, writer, born 08/31/1919

Reed Whittemore Poet, writer, born 09/11/1919

Nikolay Haytov writer, playwright, publicist and patriot, writer, born 09/15/1919

Roger Grenier NOVELIST, JOURNALIST, EXISTENTIALIST, Writer, Novelist, writer, born 09/19/1919

G D Madgulkar One of the greatest modern poets of Maharashtra, India, Poet, Lyricist, Playwright, Script Writer, Dialog Writer, Actor, and Orator, writer, born 10/01/1919

Rene Marques writer, born 10/04/1919

Edwin Charles Tubb Author, writer, born 10/15/1919

David Pritchard writer, born 10/19/1919

Doris Lessing British writer, Writer, writer, born 10/22/1919

Genevieve Pou writer, born 10/23/1919

P. L. Deshpande Writer, Actor, Music Composer, Film and TV Producer and Director, writer, born 11/08/1919

Lucilla Andrews Nurse, novelist, writer, born 11/21/1919

Frederik Pohl American novelist, short story author, essayist, publisher, editor, and literary agent, Novelist, short story author, essayist, publisher, editor, literary agent, writer, born 11/26/1919

Siegfried Einstein Writer, writer, born 11/30/1919

Charles Lynch Journalist and Author, writer, born 12/03/1919

Eric Newby Author, Travel Writer, writer, born 12/06/1919

Qateel Shifai Urdu poet, Lyricist, writer, born 12/24/1919

Philippa Pearce Author, writer, born 01/23/1920

Benoite Groult writer, born 01/31/1920

Jose Manuel Castanon writer, born 02/10/1920

Anne-Catharina Vestly Children's book author, writer, born 02/15/1920

Lucjan Wolanowski journalist, translator and traveller, writer, born 02/26/1920

Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos writer, born 02/26/1920

Howard Nemerov Poet, writer, born 02/29/1920

Madhunapantula Satyanarayana Sastry Poet, writer, born 03/05/1920

Yang Bo Historian, writer, philosopher, writer, born 03/07/1920

Douglass Wallop Writer, writer, born 03/08/1920

Lawrence Sanders Writer, writer, born 03/15/1920

Sid Fleischman Children's author, novelist, screenwriter, Author, writer, born 03/16/1920

Alba Bouwer Journalist, writer, born 03/16/1920

Mary Stolz Writer, writer, born 03/24/1920

Abdullah Hussain Novelist, writer, born 03/25/1920

Oriel Gray playwright, screenwriter, writer, born 03/26/1920

Hugh Macphillips Actor/Director, writer, born 03/31/1920

Ivor Forbes Guest Historian, writer, born 04/14/1920

William Bast Author, screenwriter, Screenwriter, writer, born 04/17/1920

TaRaSu Writer, Professor, writer, born 04/21/1920

April Fitzlyon translator, biographer, historian, writer, born 04/22/1920

Elizabeth Post writer, born 05/07/1920

Richard George Adams Novelist, writer, born 05/09/1920

William "Popsie" Randolph Photographer, writer, born 05/15/1920

James Plunkett Writer, Playwright, writer, born 05/21/1920

Helen Andelin writer, born 05/22/1920

Shotaro Yasuoka Japanese author, novelist, Author, novelist, writer, born 05/30/1920

Marcel Reich-Ranicki German literary critic, writer, born 06/02/1920

Johnny Speight Scriptwriter, writer, born 06/02/1920

Serge Lang Journalist, writer, born 06/06/1920

Geoffrey Jenkins writer, born 06/16/1920

Eleanor Ross Taylor poet, writer, born 06/30/1920

Pierre Francis Berton author and journalist, writer, born 07/12/1920

Griffin, Loyal Martin, Jr. American environmentalist, Doctor, writer, environmentalist, vintner, writer, born 07/23/1920

Keith Leopold author, novels & language textbooks, writer, born 07/30/1920

P. D. James Novelist, writer, born 08/03/1920

John Figueroa Poet, Teacher, writer, born 08/04/1920

Hector Rojas Herazo writer, born 08/12/1920

Charles Bukows-ki American Novelist, Poet, Novelist, Poet, Short story writer, Columnist, writer, born 08/16/1920

Ray Bradbury SCI-FI/FANTASY/HORROR WRITER, Novelist, Short story writer, Essayist, Poet, writer, born 08/22/1920

Raina Fehl Classicist, Writer, Editor, writer, born 08/23/1920

Bert Stiles American World War II pilot, Writer and journalist, writer, born 08/30/1920

Liz Carpenter writer, born 09/01/1920

B.M. Idinabba poet, novelist, journalist, writer, born 09/17/1920

Roger Angell Author, writer, born 09/19/1920

Akimitsu Takagi Writer, writer, born 09/25/1920

Eileen Chang Chinese novelist, essayist, screenwriter, novelist, essayist, screenwriter, writer, born 09/30/1920

Frank Herbert American author and journalist, Novelist, writer, born 10/08/1920

Jens Bjoerneboe author, waldorf school teacher, writer, born 10/09/1920

Mario Gianluigi Puzo American Novelist, novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 10/15/1920

Miguel Delibes Novelist, Editor, writer, born 10/17/1920

Elie Abel Journalist, Author, Academic, writer, born 10/17/1920

Dick Francis English jockey and crime writer, Jockey, novelist, writer, born 10/31/1920

Jacques Natteau Director of Photography, writer, born 11/15/1920

Colin Thiele Australian author, Children's novelist, writer, born 11/16/1920

Clarice Lispector Brazilian writer, Writer, writer, born 12/10/1920

Rosemary Sutcliff Author, writer, born 12/14/1920

Vaino Linna Author, writer, born 12/20/1920

Franco Lucentini Italian writer, novelist, journalist, translator, editor, writer, born 12/24/1920

Witold Zalewski writer, publicist, prosaist, novelist, born 01/04/1921

Friedrich Durrenmatt AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT, NOVELIST, THEATER CRITIC, Playwright, novelist, writer, born 01/05/1921

Leonardo Sciascia WRITER, CIVIL SERVANT, TEACHER, AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT, writer, born 01/08/1921

Kenneth Bulmer Author, writer, born 01/14/1921

Radha Krishna Choudhary Writer, Historian, Educationist, writer, born 01/15/1921

Patricia Highsmith Novelist, short story writer, novelist, writer, born 01/19/1921

Ivan Shamiakin writer, born 01/30/1921

Helene Deschamps Adams Author, writer, born 01/30/1921

Junzo Shono writer, born 02/09/1921

Richard Wilbur Poet, writer, born 03/01/1921

Phanishwar Nath Renu Novelist, memoirist, writer, born 03/04/1921

Sahir Ludhianvi poet, lyricist, writer, born 03/08/1921

Don Brinkley Television writer, director writer, writer, born 03/10/1921

Elizabeth Linington Novelist, writer, born 03/11/1921

Boris Aprilov Novelist, Short story writer, Dramaturge,, writer, born 03/21/1921

Andre Stil Author, writer, born 04/01/1921

Warren E. Preece Editor, Encyclopedist, writer, born 04/17/1921

Chike Obi is a Nigerian Mathematician, Mathematician, writer, born 04/17/1921

Margherita Guidacci Italian poet, Poet, writer, born 04/25/1921

Dick Sharples Scriptwriter, writer, born 04/25/1921

Sugar Ray Robinson Hall of Fame American pugilist, boxer, born 05/03/1921

Acharya Atreya writer, born 05/07/1921

Wolfgang Borchert writer, born 05/20/1921

James Houston Author, writer, born 06/12/1921

Christopher Derrick publisher's reader, reviewer, essayist, writer, born 06/12/1921

Radovan Ivsic Writer and translator, writer, born 06/22/1921

Pamulaparthi Sadasiva Rao Poet, Journalist, Political Thinker, writer, born 07/21/1921

Ion Negoitescu critic, poet, novelist, writer, born 08/10/1921

Alex Haley African American biographer, screenwriter, and novelist, Writer, writer, born 08/11/1921

Hisaye Yamamoto writer, born 08/23/1921

Vetom Mani Scholar, Writer, Teacher, writer, born 08/27/1921

Willem Frederik Hermans Physical geographer, writer, writer, born 09/01/1921

Stanisław Lem Polish science fiction author, writer, born 09/12/1921

Peter Russell Poet, writer, born 09/16/1921

Cintio Vitier Poet, essayist, writer, born 09/25/1921

Bruce Mason Playwright, actor, critic, fiction writer, writer, born 09/28/1921

Andrea Zanzotto Italian poet, writer, born 10/10/1921

Jose Arrano Writer, Historian, Radio announcer, writer, born 10/14/1921

Kati Rekai Author, writer, born 10/20/1921

Frances Scott Fitzgerald writer, journalist, writer, born 10/26/1921

Mario Rigoni Stern Novelist, writer, born 11/01/1921

Peter Rabe Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 11/03/1921

James Jones NOVELIST, Novelist, author, writer, born 11/06/1921

Robert Fleming Canadian composer, pianist, organist, choirmaster and teacher., writer, born 11/12/1921

Yoshiko Uchida short story writer, editor, Novelist, children's book author, writer, born 11/24/1921

Janos Pilinszky writer, born 11/25/1921

France Balantic Poet, writer, born 11/29/1921

Kosuke Gomi writer, born 12/20/1921

Joe Baksi Boxer, boxer, born 01/14/1922

Franz Fühmann East German writer, writer, born 01/25/1922

Mireya Cueto writer, born 02/03/1922

Cam Hoang Poet, novelist, playwright, writer, born 02/22/1922

Mervyn Jones writer, born 02/27/1922

Paulo Mendes Campos novelist, short story writer, journalist, writer, born 02/28/1922

Jay Presson Allen Screenwriter, Producer, Playwright, writer, born 03/03/1922

Pier Paolo Pasolini Italian novelist, poet, intellectual, film director, journalist, linguist, philosopher, Novelist, poet, intellectual, film director, journalist, linguist, philosopher, writer, born 03/05/1922

Jack Kerouac American novelist and poet, Novelist, Poet, Painter, writer, born 03/12/1922

Percy Janes Novelist, writer, born 03/12/1922

Dick Kingsmith Author, writer, born 03/27/1922

Sir Kingsley William Amis English novelist, poet, critic, teacher, novelist, poet, critic, teacher, writer, born 04/16/1922

Thomas Nigel Kneale Film and television screenwriter, Screenwriter, writer, born 04/18/1922

Harry M Caudill Author, historian, lawyer, legislator, and environmentalist, writer, born 05/03/1922

Francis A. Sullivan Priest, Professor, Theologian, Ecclesiologist, Academic Dean, writer, born 05/21/1922

Lawrence Ritter Journalist, Author, writer, born 05/23/1922

Kevin Laffan Screenwriter, playwright, writer, born 05/24/1922

Sidney Keyes War poet, writer, born 05/27/1922

Hal Clement Novelist, military pilot, teacher, Novelist, military pilot, science teacher, writer, born 05/30/1922

John Amis Music critic, writer, born 06/17/1922

Ivy Duffy Doherty writer, born 06/22/1922

Akilan Author, writer, born 06/27/1922

Jean-Pierre Richard literary critic, writer, born 07/15/1922

Boy Lornsen Sculptor and author of children's literature, writer, born 08/07/1922

Gertrude Himmelfarb writer, born 08/08/1922

Arnulfo Trejo Professor & Writer, writer, born 08/15/1922

Lotte Motz writer, born 08/16/1922

Louis Lomax writer, born 08/16/1922

Harry Forrester Basketball and Baseball Coach, writer, born 08/19/1922

John Williams Author, editor, professor, writer, born 08/22/1922

Austin Wright Novelist, literary critic, Professor, Author, writer, born 09/06/1922

Damon Knight author, editor, critic, writer, born 09/19/1922

Francis Woodbine Blackman Barbadian novelist, teacher, historian and journalist, Author, Educator, writer, born 09/21/1922

Philip Sherrard Author, Translator, Theologian, writer, born 09/23/1922

Floyd Levin journalist, historian, writer, born 09/24/1922

John W. Aldridge Writer, critic, essayist, professor, writer, born 09/26/1922

Reed Irvine media critic, syndicated columnist, radio commentator, corporate executive, writer, born 09/29/1922

Raffaele La Capria Novelist, Screenwriter, writer, born 10/03/1922

Adam Hollanek writer, born 10/04/1922

Pran Nevile Author-Scholar, writer, born 10/22/1922

Bernice Hunter Author, writer, born 11/03/1922

Anton Myrer American novelist and United States Marine, Novelist, writer, born 11/03/1922

Hiroshi Kashiwagi writer, born 11/08/1922

Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. Novelist, Essayist, Novelist, essayist, writer, born 11/11/1922

Tadeusz Borowski writer, journalist, writer, born 11/12/1922

José de Sousa Saramago Portuguese Playwright, Novelist, Playwright, novelist, writer, born 11/16/1922

Kundurti Anjaneyulu writer, born 12/16/1922

Warner, Harry, Jr. writer, born 12/19/1922

Calder Willingham Writer, writer, born 12/23/1922

William Gaddis Novelist, writer, born 12/29/1922

Judith Merril Editor, novelist, short story author, writer, born 01/21/1923

Norman Mailer Novelist, essayist, journalist, poet, playwright, Novelist, essayist, journalist, columnist, poet, playwright, writer, born 01/31/1923

James Dickey American writer, Poet, novelist, critic, lecturer, writer, born 02/02/1923

Brendan Behan NATIONALIST PLAYWRIGHT, IRA MEMBER, POET, BISEXUAL, Writer, writer, born 02/09/1923

Loren Singer Novelist, writer, born 03/05/1923

Milo Dor writer, born 03/07/1923

Richard Hiller Composer, writer, born 03/14/1923

Marcello Fabbri Italian poet, Poet, writer, born 03/17/1923

Ryuichi Tamura Poet, Essayist, writer, born 03/18/1923

Shaikh Ayaz Poet, vice chancellor of Sindh University, writer, born 03/23/1923

Elizabeth Jane Howard Novelist,, writer, born 03/26/1923

Shusaku Endo Writer, writer, born 03/27/1923

John Mortimer Barrister, dramatist, author, Barrister, dramatist, screenwriter and author, writer, born 04/21/1923

Ronald Cass Screenwriter, composer, playwright, novelist, musical director, writer, born 04/21/1923

Radoy Ralin writer satirist, writer, born 04/22/1923

Paula Fox Novelist, children's author, memoirist, writer, born 04/22/1923

Avram Davidson Novelist, short story writer, Novelist, writer, born 04/23/1923

Sarvapalli Gopal Historian, writer, born 04/23/1923

William Marchant Playwright and screenwriter, writer, born 05/01/1923

Joseph Heller Novelist, short story writer, playwright, Novelist, Short story writer, Playwright, writer, born 05/01/1923

Will Inman Poet, writer, born 05/04/1923

Giovanni Testori Playwright, writer, born 05/12/1923

Richard Avedon Photographer, writer, born 05/15/1923

Harald Sverdrup writer, born 05/29/1923

Cleo Virginia Andrews Novelist, writer, born 06/06/1923

Judith Kerr writer, born 06/14/1923

Heinz Pototschnig physician, writer, writer, born 06/30/1923

Wislawa Szymborska poet, essayist, translator, writer, born 07/02/1923

Marshall Fishwick Professor, Journalist, Author, writer, born 07/05/1923

Hamner, Earl, Jr. Writer, Producer, writer, born 07/10/1923

Kulkarni Author and Professor, writer, born 07/10/1923

Cyril M. Kornbluth Novelist, short story author, Editor, writer, born 07/23/1923

Robert Sabatier WRITER, POET, JOURNALIST, NOVELIST, CRITIC, poet and writer, writer, born 08/17/1923

Ruth Park author, author, novels, writer, born 08/24/1923

Dorothy Dunnett Novelist, writer, born 08/25/1923

Alvaro Mutis Poet and novelist, writer, born 08/25/1923

Mac Hyman Novelist, writer, born 08/25/1923

Harry Preston screenwriter, short story writer, author, writer, born 09/04/1923

Eduard Asadov Poet, Prosaist, writer, born 09/07/1923

Rasul Gamzatov Poet, writer, born 09/08/1923

Jimmy Perry Scriptwriter, writer, born 09/09/1923

Grigory Baklanov writer, born 09/11/1923

A. C. Baantjer writer, born 09/16/1923

John Okada writer, born 09/23/1923

Eswyn Lyster Author, writer, born 09/27/1923

Jack Hemingway Writer, writer, born 10/10/1923

Italo Calvino AUTHOR, EDITOR, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Journalist, short story writer, novelist, essayist, writer, born 10/15/1923

Denise Levertov Poet, writer, born 10/24/1923

Eustace Mullins Writer, writer, born 10/30/1923

Arthur W. Saha editor, anthologist, writer, born 10/31/1923

Gordon R. Dickson Novelist, short story author, writer, born 11/01/1923

Dean Grennell Writer/Editor, writer, born 11/01/1923

Hitomi Yamaguchi Writer, writer, born 11/03/1923

John Herbers Journalist, author, Journalist, Author, writer, born 11/04/1923

Elizabeth Pepper Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, writer, born 11/07/1923

Paul Georgescu literary critic, journalist, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 11/07/1923

Gangadhar V. Chittal Poet, Indian Audit and Account Service, writer, born 11/12/1923

Marc Camoletti Playwright, writer, born 11/16/1923

Nadine Gordimer South African Playwright, Novelist, Playwright, Novelist, writer, born 11/23/1923

Michael Gill Writer, Director, Producer, writer, born 12/10/1923

Gerald Glaskin writer, born 12/16/1923

James Leasor English novelist, Author, writer, born 12/20/1923

Gene L. Coon Screenwriter & Television Producer, writer, born 01/07/1924

Paruyr Sevak Poet, writer, born 01/26/1924

Lloyd Alexander Novelist, Author, Novelist, writer, born 01/30/1924

Subagio Sastrowardoyo poet, short-story writer, essayist, literary critic, writer, born 02/01/1924

Andrzej Szczypiorski novelist, politician, diplomat, writer, born 02/03/1924

Yong Jin novelist, essayist, writer, born 02/06/1924

Margaret Truman writer, born 02/17/1924

Chen Soon Shin writer, critic, writer, born 02/18/1924

Cyril Freezer Author and editor, writer, born 02/19/1924

Eugen Barbu novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, journalist, writer, born 02/20/1924

Bahadur Krishna Prakash Writer, writer, born 02/21/1924

Mercedes Valdivieso author and feminist theorist, writer, born 03/01/1924

Phyllis Grosskurth writer, born 03/16/1924

Paul Fussell Educator; Historian; Social critic; Author, writer, born 03/22/1924

Leo Buscaglia Motivational speaker, writer, professor, writer, born 03/31/1924

Howard Hendricks Seminary Professor, Speaker, writer, born 04/05/1924

Johannes Mario Simmel Novelist, screenwriter, journalist, writer, born 04/07/1924

Humberto Costantini writer, born 04/08/1924

P. Bhaskaran poet, lyricist, Film director, Actor, Journalist, writer, born 04/21/1924

Margit Sandemo Novelist, writer, born 04/23/1924

Wolfram Aichele Artist, writer, born 04/29/1924

Gerda Weissmann Klein Memoirist, writer, born 05/08/1924

Alexander Esenin-Volpin Poet & Mathematician, writer, born 05/12/1924

Idries Shah Writer and Sufi teacher, Writer, publisher, writer, born 06/16/1924

Gotthold Gloger writer, painter, writer, born 06/17/1924

Gianni Toti Italian poet, poet, writer, journalist, video artist, electronic art, writer, born 06/24/1924

William H. Gass Fiction writer, critic, philosophy professor, short-story writer, novelist, essayist, critic, writer, born 07/30/1924

Jose Antonio Villarreal novelist, writer, born 07/30/1924

James Baldwin American writer, novelist, Writer, Novelist, Essayist, Poet, Playwright,, writer, born 08/02/1924

Leon Uris United States Marine, Novelist, writer, born 08/03/1924

Nancy Buckingham Novelist, writer, born 08/10/1924

Lee Adams LYRICIST, Writer, Librettist, writer, born 08/14/1924

Harishankar Parsai Writer, writer, born 08/22/1924

Janet Paterson Frame Author, Novelist, short story writer, essayist, poet, writer, born 08/28/1924

Joan Aiken Writer, writer, born 09/04/1924

Grace Metalious Author, writer, born 09/08/1924

Rosamunde Pilcher Novelist, writer, born 09/22/1924

Truman Capote Novelist, short story writer, playwright, Artist/ Writer, writer, born 09/30/1924

Thirunalloor Karunakaran Poet, writer, born 10/08/1924

Jane Cooper Poet, writer, born 10/09/1924

James Clavell novelist, screenwriter, director, writer, born 10/10/1924

Zbigniew Herbert Poet, essayist, writer, born 10/29/1924

Leonard Nathan Poet, Professor of Rhetoric and Oral Interpretation, writer, born 11/08/1924

Iordan Chimet Romanian writer; poet, poet, novelist, essayist, translator, publisher, copywriter, writer, born 11/18/1924

Christopher Tolkien Editor, Novelist, writer, born 11/21/1924

Francisco Sionil Jose Filipino novelist, writer, journalist, writer, born 12/03/1924

Kirsi Kunnas Finnish poet and translator, Poet, translator, writer, born 12/14/1924

Rod Serling Screenwriter, Screenwriter, TV producer, writer, born 12/25/1924

Om Prakash Sharma Writer, Novelist, Notable Hindi Writer, writer, born 12/25/1924

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Islamic Spiritual Leader, Speaker and Author, writer, born 01/01/1925

Koji Nakano Novelist, translator, literary critic, writer, born 01/01/1925

Anker Rogstad Crime writer, writer, born 01/08/1925

Mohan Rakesh Novelist, Playwright, writer, born 01/08/1925

Kimitake Hiraoka Japanese novelist, playwright, poet,, short story writer, essayist, novelist, playwright, poet,, writer, born 01/14/1925

Eva Ibbotson Writer, writer, born 01/21/1925

Karl Skala Austrian poet, poet, writer, born 02/03/1925

Krishna Sobti Fiction Writer, Essayist, writer, born 02/18/1925

Etel Adnan writer, born 02/24/1925

Khawaja Reazuddin Atash writer, born 03/04/1925

Jorge Medina Vidal poet, educator, literary critic, writer, born 03/04/1925

Christopher Anvil Novelist, short story author, writer, born 03/11/1925

Harry Harrison SCI-FI NOVELIST, EDITOR, ARTIST, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Fiction writer - short stories, novellas, novels, et cetera, writer, born 03/12/1925

Flannery O'Connor American novelist, short story writer, novelist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 03/25/1925

Ravindra Kelekar freedom fighter, activist, linguistic activist, poet, author, writer, born 03/25/1925

Linda Goodman astrolger, numerology, palmist and author, writer, born 04/09/1925

Leon C. Standifer Novelist, soldier, professor, writer, born 04/24/1925

Koshi Kurumizawa Writer, writer, born 04/26/1925

Peter Blum Poet, writer, born 05/04/1925

John Simon Critic, writer, born 05/12/1925

Margot Arnold novelist, writer, born 05/16/1925

Harry Mazer novelist, writer, born 05/31/1925

Maxine Kumin Poet, novelist, children's writer, Poet, author, writer, born 06/06/1925

V J P Saldanha litterateur, dramatist, musician, novelist, and poet, writer, born 06/09/1925

James Salter Short story writer, novelist, poet, Writer, writer, born 06/10/1925

Styron, William Clark, Jr. Novelist, Essayist, writer, born 06/11/1925

Attila Ilhan writer, born 06/15/1925

Anatol Baconsky poet, translator, journalist, essayist, literary critic, art critic, short story writer, novelist, publisher, writer, born 06/16/1925

Alistair Campbell poet, playwright, and novelist, writer, born 06/25/1925

Rosie Harris Novelist, writer, born 07/12/1925

Krishnamacharyulu Dasaradhi Poet, writer, born 07/22/1925

Shivram Dattatreya Phadnis writer, born 07/29/1925

Alan Donald Whicker Journalist and broadcaster, Journalist and Broadcaster, writer, born 08/02/1925

Brian Aldiss SCI-FI WRITER, NOVELIST, REVIEWER, ANTHOLOGIST, Novelist, writer, born 08/18/1925

Toma Caragiu actor, writer, born 08/21/1925

Khin Hnin Yu Writer, writer, born 09/07/1925

Gore Vidal American author, Novelist, essayist, journalist, playwright, writer, born 10/03/1925

Shana Alexander Journalist, writer, born 10/06/1925

Elmore Leonard Novelist, screenwriter, author, screenwriter, writer, born 10/11/1925

Robert Moore American writer, Author, writer, born 10/31/1925

Kotayya Pratyagatma writer, born 10/31/1925

Ritwik Ghatak Film maker, Film maker and writer, writer, born 11/04/1925

William Wharton American author, writer, born 11/07/1925

Him Mark. Lai historian, author, mechanical engineer, writer, born 11/11/1925

Rio Preisner Czech poet, writer, poet, translator, professor, writer, born 11/13/1925

John Royden Maddox chemist, physicist, journalist, editor, writer, born 11/27/1925

Con Houlihan Sports journalist, writer, born 12/06/1925

Seiichi Niikuni Poet, writer, born 12/07/1925

John Ehle Novelist, nonfiction writer, activist, Writer, writer, born 12/13/1925

Dan Morgan Author, guitarist, writer, born 12/24/1925

Mitsugu Saotome Novelist, writer, born 01/01/1926

Masaaki Tachihara Writer, writer, born 01/06/1926

Bseiso Journalist, politician, intellectual, writer, born 01/10/1926

Mario Trejo Poet, playwright, and journalist., writer, born 01/13/1926

Mahashweta Devi Activist, Author, writer, born 01/14/1926

Roderick Macleish Writer, journalist, writer, born 01/15/1926

Tom Gish Newspaper reporter and editor, writer, born 01/28/1926

Richard Yates Novelist, short story writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 02/03/1926

G.S. Shivarudrappa Writer, Professor, writer, born 02/07/1926

Neal Cassady BEATNIK, AUTO MECHANIC, WRITER, CON MAN, BISEXUAL, Author, poet, writer, born 02/08/1926

Guillermo Moron Historian, writer, writer, born 02/08/1926

George Nonte Army Ordnance Corps Officer/Writer/Editor, writer, born 02/09/1926

Richard Matheson SCI-FI/FANTASY AUTHOR, SCREENWRITER, Novelist, Short story writer, Screenwriter, writer, born 02/20/1926

Don Coldsmith Author, writer, born 02/28/1926

Jose Luis Gonzalez short story writer, novelist, essayist, writer, born 03/08/1926

Siegfried Lenz German writer, Novelist, writer, born 03/17/1926

Dario Fo Italian satirist, playwright, Playwright, writer, born 03/24/1926

Jaime Sabines Poet, writer, born 03/25/1926

Frank Ohara Poet, Museum curator, Art critic, Playwright, writer, born 03/27/1926

Ronyoung Kim writer, born 03/28/1926

Bonnie Bluh Novelist, essayist, publisher, speaker, actor, writer, born 03/29/1926

Anne Inez McCaffrey American novelist, novelist, writer, born 04/01/1926

Edgar Hilsenrath Novelist, writer, born 04/02/1926

Luis de Sttau Monteiro Playwright, Novelist, writer, born 04/03/1926

Victor Bouchard Canadian pianist and composer, writer, born 04/11/1926

Khozh-Akhmed Bersanov Ethnographer, Author, writer, born 04/12/1926

J. P. Donleavy Novelist, playwright, essayist, writer, born 04/23/1926

Tim LaHaye Minister, religious writer, novelist, Minister, Author, writer, born 04/27/1926

Harper Lee novelist, Novelist, writer, born 04/28/1926

Elmer Kelton Journalist, novelist, writer, born 04/29/1926

Anthony Shaffer Playwright, writer, born 05/15/1926

Phyllis Gotlieb poet, novelist, writer, born 05/25/1926

Max von der Grün novelist, writer, born 05/25/1926

Sukumar Azhikode Writer, Social Critic, Orator, Pro Vice Chancellor, writer, born 05/26/1926

Allen Ginsberg poet, activist, essayist, Writer & Poet, writer, born 06/03/1926

Wieslaw Adam Berger Writer, writer, born 06/06/1926

Italo Alighiero Chiusano writer, literary critic, Germanist, writer, born 06/10/1926

Ingeborg Bachmann writer, born 06/25/1926

James Keir Baxter New Zealand poet, Poet, writer, born 06/29/1926

Frederick Buechner Poet, novelist, short story writer, theologian, Author, Presbyterian Minister, writer, born 07/11/1926

Sanh Thong Huynh translator, teacher, author, publisher, editor, writer, born 07/15/1926

Arrigo Levi Journalist, Writer, TV anchorman, writer, born 07/17/1926

Taw Galay Writer, Owner of English Speaking School, writer, born 07/30/1926

Per Wahloo Novelist, crime reporter, writer, born 08/05/1926

Gordon Donaldson Journalist, historian, author, writer, born 08/18/1926

Thomas Mandl Jewish-Czech musician, philosopher, inventor, author, contemporary witness to the Holocaust, writer, born 08/18/1926

Alfred Slote American children's author of sports and science fiction novels., writer, born 09/11/1926

Mohamed Chafik writer, born 09/17/1926

Carlo Fruttero Italian writer, novelist, journalist, translator, editor, writer, born 09/19/1926

Daniel Singer Journalist, writer, born 09/26/1926

Evan Hunter Crime fiction writer, screenwriter, Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, writer, born 10/15/1926

Hugh Leonard writer, born 11/09/1926

Paul Blackburn Poet, translator, teacher, writer, born 11/24/1926

Poul Anderson Novelist, short story writer, Novelist, short story author, writer, born 11/25/1926

Harold Stephens Author, writer, born 12/03/1926

Elisabeth Elliot writer, born 12/21/1926

Joan Kennedy Taylor Journalist, writer, born 12/21/1926

Luis Costales political, poet, writer, writer, born 12/24/1926

Punaloor Balan Poet, writer, born 01/03/1927

Rafibeyli Writer, writer, born 01/05/1927

Rodolfo Walsh writer, journalist, activist, writer, born 01/09/1927

Ronald Alan Waldron American medievalist, writer, born 01/09/1927

Vera B. Williams American children's author and illustrator., Writer and illustrator, writer, born 01/28/1927

Edward Abbey author, anarchist, environmentalist, Essayist, Novelist, writer, born 01/29/1927

Galway Kinnell Poet, poet, writer, born 02/01/1927

Joan Lowery Nixon Author, writer, born 02/03/1927

Kevin Conner Theologian, pastor and author, Theologian, Author, Minister, writer, born 02/06/1927

Mary Turnbull Historian, author, writer, born 02/09/1927

Erma Bombeck COLUMNIST, HUMORIST, AUTHOR, novelist, columnist, writer, born 02/21/1927

Gabriel García Márquez Colombian novelist, journalist, publisher, political activist, and short story writer., novelist, short-story writer, and journalist., writer, born 03/06/1927

Ethel Portnoy Author, writer, born 03/08/1927

Martin Walser German writer, Novelist, writer, born 03/24/1927

Joan Howard Maurer Writer, Actor, writer, born 04/02/1927

Arthur Herzog Novelist, journalist, writer, born 04/06/1927

Tilly Armstrong British novelist, Novelist, writer, born 04/08/1927

Robert Brustein theatrical critic, producer, playwright, educator, writer, born 04/21/1927

Oscar Yanes Journalist, writer, writer, born 04/25/1927

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, writer, born 05/07/1927

Robert Ludlum Novelist, writer, born 05/25/1927

Marijane Meaker Novelist, writer, born 05/27/1927

Herbert R Axelrod tropical fish expert, publisher of pet books, musical instrument collector, and entrepreneur, writer, born 06/07/1927

Fernand Dumont French-Canadian sociologist, philosopher, theologian and poet, writer, born 06/24/1927

Dominic Jeeva author, writer, born 06/27/1927

Patricia Anne Klein Ernst Brisco Matthews gothic, romance and mystery writer, Novelist, writer, born 07/01/1927

Balivada Rao writer, born 07/03/1927

Thomas Fleming Historian, Novelist, writer, born 07/05/1927

Shirley Hughes Freelance writer and illustrator, writer, born 07/16/1927

John Ashbery Poet, professor, Poet, Professor, writer, born 07/28/1927

Anne Edwards Author, Biographer, writer, born 08/20/1927

Genevieve Huriet Writer, writer, born 08/24/1927

Martin Caidin Author, screenwriter, writer, born 09/14/1927

Barbara Mertz Author, writer, born 09/29/1927

W. S. Merwin Poet, writer, born 09/30/1927

Donald Roynald Bensen Editor, author, writer, born 10/03/1927

Günter Wilhelm Grass German novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/16/1927

John Hyson Dentist, dental historian, writer, museum curator, writer, born 10/17/1927

Roger Kahn Author, writer, born 10/31/1927

Luigi Malerba Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, essayist, writer, born 11/11/1927

Anne George Teacher, Author, Poet, writer, born 12/04/1927

C. J. Stevens Writer, writer, born 12/08/1927

James Wright Poet, writer, born 12/13/1927

Peter Dickinson Author, poet, writer, born 12/16/1927

Albert Huffstickler Writer, Poet, writer, born 12/17/1927

Sterling Edmund Lanier Editor, author, sculptor, writer, born 12/18/1927

Mary Higgins Clark Novelist, novelist, writer, born 12/24/1927

Laye Camara Poet, writer, born 01/01/1928

Daniel Stern Writer, writer, born 01/18/1928

Qurratulain Hyder Writer, writer, born 01/20/1928

David M. Howard writer, born 01/28/1928

Walter Tevis Novelist, writer, born 02/28/1928

Rhys Adrian playwright, screenwriter, writer, born 02/28/1928

Alan Sillitoe Writer, writer, born 03/04/1928

William F. Nolan writer, born 03/06/1928

Lore Segal Novelist, translator, teacher, children’s author, Writer, writer, born 03/09/1928

Edward Albee AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT, GAY, Dramatist, writer, born 03/12/1928

Carleton Elliott Canadian composer, theorist, choir conductor and music educator., writer, born 03/15/1928

Maya Angelou Poet, dancer, producer, playwright, director, author, Poet, civil rights activist, dancer, film producer, television producer, playwright, film director, author, actress, professor, writer, born 04/04/1928

Cesare Segre Philologist, writer, born 04/10/1928

Richard Sylbert actor, producer, scenery painter, production designer, art director, set designer, writer, born 04/16/1928

Cynthia Ozick Writer, writer, born 04/17/1928

Niazi Urdu poet, writer, born 04/19/1928

Violet Winspear Novelist, writer, born 04/28/1928

Nash Candelaria Mexican American novelist, novelist, writer, born 05/07/1928

Raymond Federman Novelist, poet, critic, translator, academic, writer, poet, writer, born 05/15/1928

Adele Wiseman writer, born 05/21/1928

William Trevor novelist, short-story writer, writer, born 05/24/1928

RD Wingfield author, playwright, writer, born 06/06/1928

Maurice Sendak artist, illustrator, writer, writer, born 06/10/1928

Salvador Garmendia novelist, writer, writer, born 06/11/1928

Barry Took Scriptwriter, writer, born 06/19/1928

Pedro Juan Soto writer, born 07/11/1928

Anita Brookner Novelist, writer, born 07/16/1928

Robert Sheckley American author, Author, writer, born 07/16/1928

Simon Vinkenoog Writer, poet, writer, born 07/18/1928

Terence Feely Screenwriter, Author, writer, born 07/20/1928

Yashwant Vithoba Chittal Fiction writer, writer, born 08/03/1928

Vince Powell British television writer and producer, Scriptwriter, writer, born 08/06/1928

Betsy Byars Novelist, writer, born 08/07/1928

Alan E. Nourse Novelist, physician, writer, born 08/11/1928

Anatoly Kasheida novelist, poet, journalist, writer, born 08/14/1928

Nicolas Roeg FILM DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, SCREENWRITER, writer, born 08/15/1928

Marion Woodman PSYCHOLOGIST, AUTHOR, EATING DISORDER SPECIALIST, Nonfiction writer, writer, born 08/15/1928

Anthony Price Novelist, writer, born 08/16/1928

Luciano De Crescenzo writer, film actor, director, writer, born 08/18/1928

Naim Kattan writer, born 08/26/1928

Charles D. Macatee Marine Corps officer, FBI agent, and attorney, writer, born 08/28/1928

Manuel Scorza Novelist, Poet, Political activist, writer, born 09/07/1928

Elie Wiesel American-Jewish political activist, professor, and novelist, Political activist, professor, novelist, writer, born 09/09/1928

Jack Robinson Photographer, Designer, writer, born 09/18/1928

Donald Hall poet, writer, born 09/20/1928

Tone Pavcek poet, translator, writer, born 09/29/1928

Piri Thomas writer, born 09/30/1928

Louise Fitzhugh Children's author, novelist, illustrator, novelist, illustrator, writer, born 10/05/1928

Enrique Gonzalez Rojo writer, philosopher and teacher, writer, born 10/05/1928

Carlos Fuentes 20th century Mexican writer, novelist, writer, writer, born 11/11/1928

Beverley Jackson American author, Novelist, Columnist, Lecturer, Curator, writer, born 11/20/1928

Bano Writer, Playwright, Intellectual, Spiritualist, writer, born 11/28/1928

Raisa Akhmatova Poet, writer, born 12/13/1928

Philip Kindred Dick American science fiction author, Novelist, essayist, short story writer, writer, born 12/16/1928

Janet Lunn writer, born 12/28/1928

Jesse Hill Ford Novelist, short story writer, Writer, writer, born 12/28/1928

Veijo Meri WRITER, writer, born 12/31/1928

Heiner Muller DramatistTheatre DirectorDramaturgPoetEssayist, writer, born 01/09/1929

Rudy Kousbroek writer, born 01/11/1929

Villy Sørensen Danish author and literary critic, Author, philosopher, essayist, writer, born 01/13/1929

Kenneth Allsop broadcaster, author and naturalist, writer, born 01/29/1929

Chaim Potok Novelist, Rabbi, writer, born 02/17/1929

John Montague Poet, writer, born 02/28/1929

Frederick Exley Novelist, novelist, writer, born 03/28/1929

Nirmal Verma Novelist, Writer, Activist, Translator, writer, born 04/03/1929

Hugo Claus novelist, poet, playwright, painter, film director, Playwright, novelist, poet, painter, film director, writer, born 04/05/1929

Mukhran Machavariani Poet, writer, born 04/12/1929

Billy Lee Brammer Novelist, journalist, novelist, journalist, writer, born 04/21/1929

Guillermo Cabrera Infante writer, born 04/22/1929

Joanna Macy Author, Buddhist scholar, Environmental activist, writer, born 05/02/1929

Jane Roberts American Writer, Author, writer, born 05/08/1929

Thomas M King Theologian, Priest, Jesuit, writer, born 05/09/1929

Rigoberto Lopez Perez Poet, composer, assassin, writer, born 05/13/1929

George H. Scithers Editor, writer, born 05/14/1929

Barbara Branden Writer, writer, born 05/14/1929

Adrienne Rich POET, RADICAL FEMINIST, PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH, poet, non-fiction writer, essayist, writer, born 05/16/1929

Warren W. Wiersbe American pastor and writer, Pastor, writer, writer, born 05/16/1929

Mya Than Tint novelist , translator, writer, born 05/23/1929

James Matthqws Poet, writer, born 05/29/1929

Anne Frank Jewish Diarist, writer, born 06/12/1929

Alfred Farag Playwright, writer, born 06/14/1929

Oriana Fallaci Journalist, author, political interviewer, writer, born 06/29/1929

George Clayton Johnson Draftsman, telegraph operator, writer, writer, born 07/10/1929

Irving Wardle Writer, writer, born 07/20/1929

Virginia Spencer Carr Biographer, author, Biographer, writer, born 07/21/1929

Ursula Askham Fanthorpe British poet, Poet, writer, born 07/22/1929

Robert M Quackenbush writer, born 07/23/1929

Marilyn Kaytor American writer, Journalist, Author, writer, born 07/26/1929

Chaozhu Ji Diplomat, author, writer, born 07/30/1929

Al Alvarez poet, author, critic, writer, born 08/05/1929

Anatoly Kuznetsov writer, born 08/18/1929

Ira Levin Novelist, playwright, writer, born 08/27/1929

Pawlu Aquilina Headmaster, Poet, Writer, writer, born 08/28/1929

Primoz Kozak essayist, playwright, writer, born 09/11/1929

Serge Garant composer, conductor, teacher, writer, born 09/22/1929

Dmytro Pavlychko poet, translator, scriptwriter, culturologist, political and public figure, dissident, diplomat, writer, born 09/28/1929

Janez Menart poet, translator, writer, born 09/29/1929

Carol Fenner Writer of children's books, writer, born 09/30/1929

Robert P Davis Screenwriter, author, writer, born 10/08/1929

Ursula K. Le Guin American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/21/1929

Shamsur Rahman poet, journalist, writer, born 10/23/1929

Yordan Radichkov writer, playwright, writer, born 10/24/1929

Peter Ruhmkorf writer, born 10/25/1929

Dane Zajc poet, Poet, Playwright, writer, born 10/26/1929

Robert Gover Novelist, journalist, teacher, writer, born 11/02/1929

Anna M. Cienciala Professor, writer, born 11/08/1929

Michael Ende German writer of fantasy novels and children's books, Novelist, writer, born 11/12/1929

Norman Cantor Historian, essayist, teacher, writer, born 11/19/1929

James Lee Barrett Tony Award winner, screenwriter and United States Marine, Writer, Producer, writer, born 11/19/1929

Raghuvir Sahay writer, poet, translator, journalist, writer, born 12/09/1929

John Osborne English playwright and social rebel, Playwright, political activist, writer, born 12/12/1929

William Safire Author, columnist, lexicographer, journalist and political speechwriter, writer, born 12/17/1929

Brian Redhead author, journalist and broadcaster, writer, born 12/28/1929

Jesus Rosas Marcano journalist, poet, writer, writer, born 01/05/1930

Tekkatho Phone Naing Author, Poet, Professor, writer, born 01/16/1930

Ying-shih Yu writer, born 01/22/1930

Roy Clarke Scriptwriter, writer, born 01/28/1930

Peter Joseph Kenna playwright, radio actor and screenwriter, playwright, film and screenwriter, writer, born 03/18/1930

Gregory Corso BEATNIK POET, poet, writer, born 03/26/1930

Carol Bly short story writer, essayist, nonfiction, writer, born 04/16/1930

Derek Humphry writer, born 04/29/1930

Kalifa Tillsi Writer, linguist, historian and politician, writer, born 05/09/1930

Stanley Elkin Novelist, essayist, professor, Novelist, professor, writer, born 05/11/1930

Lorraine Hansberry PLAYWRIGHT, Playwright, author, writer, born 05/19/1930

John Barth AUTHOR, NOVELIST, EDUCATOR, FRATERNAL TWIN, Novelist, professor, writer, born 05/27/1930

Mark Adayre Bence-Jones Writer, writer, born 05/29/1930

Marion Zimmer Bradley Novelist, editor, Novelist, Editor, writer, born 06/03/1930

Lin Carter Novelist, short story writer, editor, Science fiction writer, Editor, Critic, writer, born 06/09/1930

Slawomir Mrozek Dramatist, Writer, writer, born 06/29/1930

O. V. Vijayan Novelist, short story writer, cartoonist, journalist, writer, born 07/02/1930

Harold Bloom Writer, literary and cultural critic, literary and cultural critic, writer, born 07/11/1930

Jeremy Lloyd Scriptwriter, writer, born 07/22/1930

Terry Nation Television Screenwriter, writer, born 08/08/1930

Baldur Ragnarsson novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist, writer, born 08/25/1930

Dixie Burrus Browning romance novelist, Novelist, Illustrator, writer, born 09/09/1930

Ivan Aralica Novelist, essayist, politician, writer, born 09/10/1930

Sir Jason Winters Author, Public Speaker, writer, born 09/13/1930

Shel Silverstein writer, born 09/25/1930

Madhurantakam Rajaram Teacher, writer, born 10/05/1930

Harold Pinter English playwright, screenwriter, poet, actor, director, author, political activist, Playwright, screenwriter, actor, theatre director, poet, writer, born 10/10/1930

J.G. Ballard English novelist, short fiction writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 11/15/1930

Chinua Achebe Nigerian novelist, poet and critic, David and Marianna Fisher University Professor and professor of Africana studies Brown University, writer, born 11/16/1930

Herberto Helder Poet, writer, writer, born 11/23/1930

Rex Shelley Singaporean author, businessman and member of the Public Service Commission (PSC) between 1976 and 2007, Author and engineer, writer, born 11/27/1930

Christopher Robin Nicole British novelist, novelist, writer, born 12/07/1930

Takeshi Kaiko writer, journalist, writer, born 12/30/1930

E. L. Doctorow AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, writer, editor, professor, writer, born 01/06/1931

Shelby Hearon Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/18/1931

Leonard Baker writer, born 01/24/1931

Sakyo Komatsu writer, born 01/28/1931

Zakaria Tamer Syrian Writer of Short stories, Newspaper Columnist, Newspaper Editor, Short story writer, Newspaper Columnist, Newspaper Editor, writer, born 02/01/1931

Thomas Bernhard Austrian novelist, playwright, Novelist and Playwright, writer, born 02/09/1931

Toni Morrison American novelist, Novelist, editor, writer, born 02/18/1931

Augusto Boal Theatre practitioner, writer, born 03/16/1931

Emma Andijewska Ukrainian poet, writer and painter, Poet, novelist, painter, radio journalist, writer, born 03/19/1931

William Bast Author, screenwriter, writer, born 04/03/1931

Donald Barthelme Short story writer, novelist, editor, professor, Author, writer, born 04/07/1931

Gene Wolfe American novelist, Novelist, Short story writer, writer, born 05/07/1931

Norma Fox Mazer Author, writer, born 05/15/1931

Colin Wilson British author, Author, writer, born 06/26/1931

Sebastien Japrisot AuthorScreenwriterFilm director, writer, born 07/04/1931

David Eddings American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 07/07/1931

Clive Cussler Novelist, writer, born 07/15/1931

Caroline Blackwood novelist, journalist, critic, writer, born 07/16/1931

F. R. C. Clarke Canadian composer and musician, writer, born 08/07/1931

L. J. K. Setright Air traffic controller, Lawyer, Author, Journalist, writer, born 08/10/1931

William Goldman AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, Screenwriter, novelist, playwright, non-fiction author., writer, born 08/12/1931

Mormarevi Brothers Writers, Screenwriters, writer, born 09/12/1931

Ayako Sono writer, born 09/17/1931

John le Carré Writer, novelist, Former Spy, writer, born 10/19/1931

Dervla Murphy Irish touring cyclist and writer, cyclist, travel writer, writer, born 11/28/1931

Jon Elia Urdu poet, Scholar, writer, born 12/14/1931

Walter Abish Austrian-American novelist, short story writer, poet, Author, writer, born 12/24/1931

Carlos Castaneda Latin American writer, Anthropologist, Author, writer, born 12/25/1931

Lewis John Carlino Director, Playwright and Screenwriter, writer, born 01/01/1932

Robert Anton Wilson American writer, writer, born 01/18/1932

Robert Coover Writer, teacher, writer, born 02/04/1932

Mika Antic Poet, editor, journalist, writer, born 03/14/1932

John Updike novelist, short story writer, literary critic, writer, born 03/18/1932

Adrian Henri writer, born 04/10/1932

Dan Wakefield novelist, journalist, screenwriter, writer, born 05/21/1932

John Gregory Dunne Novelist, screenwriter, literary critic, journalist, essayist, writer, born 05/25/1932

Ronald Ribman poet, author, playwright, poet, playwright, author, writer, born 05/28/1932

Christy Brown Novelist, painter, poet, writer, born 06/05/1932

Athol Fugard South African playwright, playwright, novelist, actor, director, teacher, writer, born 06/11/1932

Stan Gooch English Author, Author, writer, born 06/13/1932

Vassily Aksyonov writer, born 08/20/1932

Chandrakant Bakshi writer, born 08/20/1932

Carlene Hatcher Polite Writer, teacher, dancer, writer, born 08/28/1932

Ann Bannon Writer, Writer, professor, associate dean, writer, born 09/15/1932

Robert B. Parker Novelist, writer, born 09/17/1932

Ingemar Johansson Swedish boxer and former World Heavyweight Champion, boxer, born 09/22/1932

Glenn Herbert Gould Canadian classical pianist, Pianist, writer, broadcaster, writer, born 09/25/1932

Sylvia Plath American poet, novelist, short story writer, and essayist, Poet, novelist, and short story writer, writer, born 10/27/1932

Katherine Paterson Novelist, writer, born 10/31/1932

Ben Bova American novelist, short story author, essayist, and journalist, Novelist, short story author, essayist, journalist, writer, born 11/08/1932

Beryl Bainbridge Novelist, writer, born 11/21/1932

Pentti Linkola writer, born 12/07/1932

Ernest J. Gaines Novelist, short story writer, teacher, Writer, writer, born 01/15/1933

Susan Sontag Writer, activist, Novelist, Essayist, writer, born 01/16/1933

Robert Shea writer, born 02/14/1933

Michael Cook Theatre reviewer and playwright, writer, born 02/14/1933

Veno Taufer Poet, Playwright, Essayist, writer, born 02/19/1933

Saeed Ahmad Akhtar Urdu poet, writer, born 03/03/1933

Philip Roth NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Novelist, writer, born 03/19/1933

Jim Harmon American author and popular culture historian, Historian, writer, writer, born 04/21/1933

Andrei Voznesensky Poet and writer, writer, born 05/12/1933

Donald Edwin Westlake American novelist, novelist, writer, born 07/12/1933

Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko Russian poet, film director, teacher, Poet, film director, teacher, writer, born 07/18/1933

John Gardner Novelist, essayist, academic, Novelist, essayist, literary critic, professor, writer, born 07/21/1933

Eugene England Professor, writer, born 07/22/1933

Ellis Amburn biographer and book editor, writer, born 08/02/1933

M. T. Vasudevan Nair Novelist, short story writer, screenplay writer, film director, writer, born 08/09/1933

Stuart Holroyd Author, writer, born 08/10/1933

Barry Norman novelist, impresario, film critic and media personality, writer, born 08/21/1933

Irmtraud Morgner writer, born 08/22/1933

Betty Lambert writer, born 08/23/1933

Rubem Alves writer, born 09/15/1933

Huub Oosterhuis theologian and poet, writer, born 11/01/1933

Michelle Magorian Novelist, writer, born 11/06/1933

Edwin Thumboo Singaporean poet and academic, Emeritus professor, National University of Singapore, writer, born 11/22/1933

Vasireddy Seethadevi writer, born 12/15/1933

Edward Bunker Novelist, screenwriter, actor, Author, screenwriter, actor, writer, born 12/31/1933

Marek Hlasko Writer, writer, born 01/14/1934

John Christgau Teacher, writer, born 02/11/1934

August Coppola Educator, author, film executive, writer, born 02/16/1934

Barry Hughart Novelist, writer, born 03/13/1934

David Halberstam Journalist, author, Journalist, Author, writer, born 04/10/1934

Lois Duncan Young adult novelist, picture book author, Novelist, picture book author, journalist, writer, born 04/28/1934

Ruskin Bond Writer Poet, writer, born 05/19/1934

Harlan Jay Ellison American science fiction author, screenwriter, noted futurist, Author, screenwriter, writer, born 05/27/1934

Raymond Andrews Writer, writer, born 06/06/1934

Guram Rcheulishvili Writer, writer, born 07/04/1934

Wole Soyinka Author, Poet, writer, born 07/13/1934

Henry Dumas poet, short fiction writer, teacher, writer, born 07/20/1934

Wendell Berry Author, cultural critic, and farmer, Farmer, Writer, Academic, writer, born 08/05/1934

Piers Anthony American novelist and short story writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 08/06/1934

Diana Wynne Jones Children's writer, Novelist, writer, born 08/16/1934

Andrew J. Offutt Author, editor, writer, born 08/16/1934

Michael de Larrabeiti Novelist; also a journalist, writer, born 08/18/1934

Helen Craig Illustrator, author, writer, born 08/30/1934

Allen Carr Author, accountant, writer, born 09/02/1934

Srul Irving Glick Canadian composer, radio producer, conductor, and teacher., writer, born 09/08/1934

Ernesto Gastaldi writer, born 09/10/1934

John Brunner Novelist, writer, born 09/24/1934

Yasutaka Tsutsui writer, born 09/24/1934

Stuart M. Kaminsky Novelist, mystery writer, Mystery writer, novelist, writer, born 09/29/1934

Amiri Baraka Poet, playwright, critic, activist, Actor, teacher, theater director/producer, writer, activist, writer, born 10/07/1934

Oğuz Atay Novelist, Engineer, writer, born 10/12/1934

Chuck Swindoll pastor, author, educator, writer, born 10/18/1934

Edward Joseph Walker Poet, short story writer, travel writer, screenwriter, broadcaster, writer, born 11/28/1934

Joan Didion American author, Novelist, Memoirist, Essayist, writer, born 12/05/1934

Richard Brautigan Novelist, poet, Novelist/Poet, writer, born 01/30/1935

Ellen Gilchrist Fiction writer, poet, Novelist, short story writer, poet, writer, born 02/20/1935

Norman L. Richardson Journalist, writer, born 02/20/1935

Danilo Kis Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 02/22/1935

Barry Crump novelist, writer, born 05/15/1935

Susan Mary Cooper Children's writer, writer, born 05/23/1935

W. P. Kinsella AUTHOR, SHORT-STORY WRITER, author, writer, born 05/25/1935

Carol Ann Shields American author, Author, writer, born 06/02/1935

Joy Kogawa writer, born 06/06/1935

Harry Crews Novelist, short story writer, essayist, Novelist, writer, born 06/13/1935

Larry Kramer Screenwriter, novelist, essayist, playwright, activist, Screenwriter, novelist, essayist, playwright, activist., writer, born 06/25/1935

Ed Bullins Playwright, writer, born 07/02/1935

Monique Wittig French writer, author and feminist theorist, writer, born 07/13/1935

Julian Pettifer Television journalist, writer, born 07/21/1935

Bruce M. Bailey United States Marine, Author, Army Officer, Humorist, writer, born 08/10/1935

Helga M. Novak German-icelandic writer, writer, born 09/08/1935

Ken Elton Kesey novelist, Novelist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 09/17/1935

Keith Roberts Novelist, Short story writer, Artist, Graphic designer, writer, born 09/20/1935

Vladimir Andreyevich Kostrov Russian poet, poet, teacher, writer, born 09/21/1935

Paul Goma Writer and dissident, writer, born 10/02/1935

Thomas Michael Keneally Australian Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/07/1935

Ann Rule True crime writer, Writer, writer, born 10/22/1935

Alan Clarke writer, born 10/28/1935

Robert A. Caro biographer, Biographer, writer, born 10/30/1935

Tenneti Hemalata writer, born 11/15/1935

Randolph Stow writer, born 11/28/1935

Tomas Rivera writer, poet, educator, writer, born 12/22/1935

Donald Harington writer, born 12/22/1935

Anne Roiphe Novelist, Non-fiction writer, Essayist, writer, born 12/25/1935

Hunter Davies author, journalist and broadcaster,, writer, born 01/07/1936

Anne Rivers Siddons Novelist, writer, born 01/09/1936

Margaret Mahy Author, Novelist, Librarian, writer, born 03/21/1936

John Robert Colombo Writer, Folklorist, editor, Public speaker, Radio and television personality, writer, born 03/24/1936

Mario Vargas Llosa Peruvian writer, politician, journalist, and essayist, writer, born 03/28/1936

Judith Guest Novelist, screenwriter, Novelist, writer, born 03/29/1936

Valerie Solanas writer, born 04/09/1936

In-hun Choi Novelist, writer, born 04/13/1936

Tom Purdom Novelist, Short-story Writer, Essayist, writer, born 04/19/1936

M Scott Peck psychiatrist, writer, born 05/23/1936

Richard Bach AUTHOR, Writer, writer, born 06/23/1936

Stefan Tsanev Novelist, essayist, playwright, poet, writer, born 08/09/1936

Andre Dubus Novelist, short story writer, teacher, novelist, short story writer, teacher, writer, born 08/11/1936

Luis Fernando Verissimo writer, born 09/26/1936

Peter Johnston writer, born 10/13/1936

Don DeLillo American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 11/20/1936

Donald Goines Novelist, writer, born 12/15/1936

Kabi Dilwar Poet, writer, born 01/01/1937

Lenita Airisto BEAUTY QUEEN, BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, writer, born 01/01/1937

Joseph Wambaugh Writer, writer, born 01/22/1937

Gregory Macdonald Novelist, writer, born 02/15/1937

Lee John Harding photographer, science fiction writer, Photographer, writer, writer, born 02/19/1937

Richard Fariña Novelist, short story writer, singer, Novelist, Short Story Writer, Singer, writer, born 03/08/1937

Lois Lowry Children's novelist, Writer, writer, born 03/20/1937

Jonathan Weiss Author and academic, Professor, Biographer, Author, Academic Administrator, Interpreter, writer, born 05/03/1937

Rubin Carter Professional middleweight boxer, boxer, born 05/06/1937

Thomas Ruggles Pynchon American short story writer and novelist, Short story writer and novelist, writer, born 05/08/1937

Thomas Gifford Novelist, writer, born 05/16/1937

Robert Fulghum writer, born 06/04/1937

Erich Segal Author, screenwriter, educator, writer, born 06/16/1937

Stoppard, Tom, Sir British playwright and screenwriter, Playwright and screenwriter, writer, born 07/03/1937

Hunter Stockton Thompson American journalist and author, Journalist, author, writer, born 07/18/1937

Walter Dean Myers novelist, nonfiction writer, poet, writer, born 08/12/1937

Edward Stachura Poet, writer, translator, writer, born 08/18/1937

Gennady Shpalikov Poet, screenwriter, film director, writer, born 09/06/1937

Jurek Becker writer, born 09/30/1937

Rudolfo Anaya Novelist, poet, novelist, poet, writer, born 10/30/1937

Meg Campbell New Zealand poet, poet, writer, born 11/19/1937

Brian Lumley English novelist, writer, Novelist, Writer, writer, born 12/02/1937

Mutsuo Takahashi Poet, Essayist, writer, born 12/15/1937

John Kennedy Toole novelist, professor, soldier, writer, born 12/17/1937

Eduard Nikolayevich Uspensky writer, novelist, presenter, born 12/22/1937

Dale Rhoton author, writer, born 01/03/1938

Roland Topor Designer, painter, fiction writer, writer, born 01/07/1938

Nabaneeta Dev Sen author, poet, academic, novelist, children's author, poet, academic, writer, born 01/13/1938

John Anthony Bellairs American novelist, novelist, writer, born 01/17/1938

Jorge Debravo writer, born 01/31/1938

Eric McCormack Novelist, academic, Academic and Novelist and essayist and poet, writer, born 02/03/1938

Judy Blume Novelist, short story writer, author, novels and short stories, writer, born 02/12/1938

Wiley W. Hilburn Journalist; Professor, writer, born 02/20/1938

Iris Johansen Novelist, writer, born 04/07/1938

Kerry Thornley American author and religious figure, writer, born 04/17/1938

Rafiuddin Raz Poet, Urdu poet, writer, born 04/21/1938

Carlos Monsivais Prominent Mexican writer, Writer and journalist, writer, born 05/04/1938

Derek Marlowe English author, playwright, screenwriter, Author & Screenwriter, writer, born 05/21/1938

Raymond Carver Writer, writer, born 05/25/1938

Arturo Islas Novelist, writer, born 05/25/1938

Darryl Ponicsan writer, born 05/26/1938

Torgny Lindgren Swedish writer, member of the Swedish Academy, Poet, novelist, writer, born 06/16/1938

Lawrence Block Mystery writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 06/24/1938

Ernest Gary Gygax American writer and game designer, Writer, game designer, writer, born 07/27/1938

Frederick Forsyth English novelist, Novelist, writer, born 08/25/1938

Kuppalli Puttappa Poornachandra Tejaswi Kannada writer and novelist, Writer, Novelist, Farmer, Ornithologist, writer, born 09/08/1938

Rosario Ferre writer, poet, professor and essayist, writer, born 09/28/1938

Renata Adler Novelist, journalist, essayist, critic, Novelist, Non-fiction writer, Journalist, Essayist, Critic, writer, born 10/19/1938

Venedikt Yerofeyev Author, writer, born 10/24/1938

Nicholasa Mohr writer, born 11/01/1938

Nicky Cruz Christian Minister, writer, born 12/06/1938

Douglas Kent Hall Writer, photographer, writer, born 12/12/1938

Jean-Baptiste Tati Loutard Politician, writer, born 12/15/1938

Basudeb Dasgupta Novelist, Short Story Writer and School-teacher, writer, born 12/31/1938

David Horowitz Neoconservative activist, writer, Conservative Activist, Writer, writer, born 01/10/1939

Jose Arguelles FUTURIST WRITER, Author, teacher, writer, born 01/24/1939

Germaine Greer academic writer, Academic writer, writer, born 01/29/1939

Donald Eric Capps Professor and author of pastoral theology, Professor-emeritus of Pastoral Theology, writer, born 01/30/1939

Barbara Ann Brennan American Writer, Energy Healer, Teacher, Author, writer, born 02/19/1939

Chuck Wepner United States Marine and professional boxer, boxer, born 02/26/1939

Israel Horovitz Playwright and screenwriter, writer, born 03/31/1939

Claudio Magris Scholar, translator and writer, writer, born 04/10/1939

Alan Ayckbourn Playwright and director, writer, born 04/12/1939

Seamus Heaney Irish poet, Poet, writer, born 04/13/1939

Antonio Martorell writer, artist, broadcaster, writer, born 04/18/1939

Peter S. Beagle Novelist, essayist, screenwriter, Novelist, writer, born 04/20/1939

Ian Gibson Writer, writer, born 04/21/1939

Gary Paulsen Author, writer, born 05/17/1939

Margaret Drabble Writer, writer, born 06/05/1939

David Macdaniel Novelist, writer, born 06/16/1939

Yuri Galanskov Journalist, essayist, poet, and publisher., writer, born 06/19/1939

Benjamin R. Barber Academic, writer, born 08/02/1939

Alice Borchardt Author, writer, born 10/06/1939

Harvey Pekar Comic book writer, filing clerk, music & literary critic, writer, born 10/08/1939

Tor Aage Bringsvaerd Author, writer, born 11/16/1939

Michael John Moorcock English novelist, Novelist, Comics writer, Musician, Editor, writer, born 12/18/1939

David Fleming writer, born 01/02/1940

Michael Odonoghue writer, born 01/05/1940

Tony Holland Writer, Screenwriter, actor, writer, born 01/18/1940

Maureen Crane Wartski American author of novels and short stories, author, novels and short stories, writer, born 01/25/1940

Thomas Disch Novelist, short story writer, poet, Writer, Poet, writer, born 02/02/1940

John Maxwell Coetzee Contemporary South African novelist, translator and academic (now living in Australia), won the 2003 Nobel Prize in Literature, Novelist, essayist, literary critic, linguist, writer, born 02/09/1940

Frank Chin Playwright, Novelist, Writer, writer, born 02/25/1940

Virgil Nemoianu Essayist, literary critic, philosopher of culture, writer, born 03/12/1940

Russell Banks AUTHOR, NOVELIST, Writer, writer, born 03/28/1940

Thomas Harris Novelist, screenwriter, novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 04/11/1940

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio Writer, writer, born 04/13/1940

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann writer, born 04/16/1940

Sue Grafton AUTHOR, MYSTERY NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, TV WRITER, writer, born 04/24/1940

Robin Cook Novelist, ophthalmologist, aquanaut, Author, Ophthalmologist, Aquanaut, writer, born 05/04/1940

Angela Carter Novelist, writer, born 05/07/1940

Bruce Chatwin Author, travel writer, art and architecture advisor, writer, born 05/13/1940

Joseph Brodsky Poet, essayist, writer, born 05/24/1940

Luis Valdez Film Director, Producer, Writer and Teacher., writer, born 06/26/1940

Bharati Mukherjee Fiction writer, essayist, professor, Professor, Novelist, Essayist, Short Story Writer, Author, Fiction Writer, Nonfiction Writer, writer, born 07/27/1940

Yambo Ouologuem Teacher, Marabout, writer, born 08/22/1940

Robert Pinsky American poet, editor, literary critic, academic., poet, literary critic, editor, academic, beerfest proctor, writer, born 10/20/1940

Zee Edgell novelist, short story writer, writer, born 10/21/1940

Janet Kaye Fox American writer, poet and teacher, Author, Editor, Publisher, writer, born 10/25/1940

Maxine Hong Kingston Novelist, memoirist, novelist, writer, born 10/27/1940

Peter Cooley Poet, professor, Poet and Professor of English, writer, born 11/19/1940

Michael Grant Writer, writer, born 12/21/1940

Gregory Benford Novelist, astrophysicist, professor, Writer, writer, born 01/30/1941

Mahmoud Darwish Poet and writer, writer, born 03/13/1941

Uri D Herscher CEO Skirball Cultural Center, writer, born 03/14/1941

Fausto Cercignani Scholar, essayist and poet, writer, born 03/21/1941

Nancy Farmer Author, writer, born 07/09/1941

Rob Penny Writer and academic, writer, born 08/06/1941

Miguel Algarin writer, born 09/11/1941

Anne Rice AUTHOR, Novelist, Author, writer, born 10/04/1941

Max Apple Short story writer, Short story writer, novelist, essayist, professor, writer, born 10/22/1941

Laurence Leamer Author and journalist, Non-fiction author, journalist, writer, born 10/30/1941

Bijan Najdi Poet , writer, writer, born 11/15/1941

Ron Arias novelist, journalist, writer, born 11/20/1941

Judith Merkle Riley Novelist, Teacher, novelist, writer, born 01/14/1942

Paul Eerik Rummo writer, born 01/19/1942

John Irving American novelist and screenwriter, novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 03/02/1942

Erica Jong AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, author and teacher, writer, born 03/26/1942

Delany, Samuel Ray, Jr. American writer, editor, professor, literary critic, Writer, editor, professor, literary critic, writer, born 04/01/1942

Bill Oneal Historian and Author, writer, born 04/08/1942

Arto Tapio Paasilinna Finnish comic writer, journalist, novelist, poet, writer, born 04/20/1942

Barry Hannah Short story writer, novelist, professor, short story writer, novelist, professor, writer, born 04/23/1942

Roger Joseph Ebert American film critic, Author, journalist, film historian, film critic, screenwriter, writer, born 06/18/1942

Gunilla Bergstrom Author, journalist, illustrator, writer, born 07/03/1942

Jyrki Hamalainen writer, born 07/27/1942

Ernest Zerenner Engineer, Entrepreneur, Financial Writer, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Writer, writer, born 07/31/1942

Isabel Allende Chilean Novelist, Author, Journalist, writer, born 08/02/1942

Miguel Poventud Composer, singer, musician, writer, born 08/04/1942

C. J. Cherryh Novelist, short story writer, essayist, teacher, Novelist, short story author, essayist, high school teacher, writer, born 09/01/1942

Donna Leon Novelist, writer, born 09/29/1942

Michael Crichton Novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, Author, film producer, film director, screenwriter, television producer, writer, born 10/23/1942

Frank Delaney Author, novelist, journalist, broadcaster, writer, born 10/24/1942

Stan Rice Poet, Painter, writer, born 11/07/1942

Mamoni Raisom Goswami Activist, editor, poet, professor and writer, writer, born 11/14/1942

Peter Handke Australian novelist and playwright, Novelist, Playwright, writer, born 12/06/1942

Eduard Limonov writer, born 02/22/1943

Iftikhar Arif Urdu poet, writer, born 03/21/1943

Louise Glück Poet, writer, born 04/22/1943

Janet Evanovich Novelist, writer, born 04/22/1943

Thomas King Novelist, Politician, writer, born 04/24/1943

Jim Northrup Newspaper columnist, writer, born 04/28/1943

Peter Philip Carey Australian novelist, short story writer, and children's literature writer, Novelist, Short story writer, Children book writer, writer, born 05/07/1943

Pat Barker novelist, writer, born 05/08/1943

Lawrence A. Pile Cult expert (research, workshops), Cult expert, writer, born 05/11/1943

Joe Haldeman SCI-FI AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, POET, Novelist, writer, born 06/09/1943

Warren Farrell author, spokesperson, expert witness, political candidate, Author, writer, born 06/26/1943

Reinaldo Arenas writer, born 07/16/1943

So Aono writer, born 07/27/1943

Steven Millhauser Novelist, short story writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 08/03/1943

Peter Von Bagh film historian, director, writer, born 08/29/1943

Edward E. Simbalist Writer, game designer, professor, writer, born 09/05/1943

Tor Edvin Dahl Novelist, short story writer, playwright, crime writer, children's writer, writer, born 09/10/1943

James Alan McPherson Writer, writer, born 09/16/1943

R. L. Stine Writer, Novelist, short story writer, executive television producer, screenwriter , executive editor, writer, born 10/08/1943

Stephen Greenblatt literary critic, theorist, writer, born 11/07/1943

Lyn Coffin Poet, fiction writer, playwright, editor, Translator, writer, born 11/12/1943

Marilynne Robinson Novelist, essayist, writer, born 11/26/1943

N. Katherine Hayles Professor, writer, born 12/16/1943

Chris Bunch Novelist, television writer, writer, born 12/22/1943

Gyorgy Petri writer, born 12/22/1943

Sanders Anne Laubenthal Author, writer, born 12/25/1943

Teresa Toranska Journalist, writer, born 01/01/1944

Terry Brooks Novelist, lawyer, author, former attorney, writer, born 01/08/1944

Jack Abbott Author, writer, born 01/21/1944

Alice Malsenior Walker American novelist, short story writer, poet, novelist, short story writer, poet, writer, born 02/09/1944

Frances Moore Lappé activist against world hunger, writer, activist, writer, born 02/10/1944

Joy Williams Novelist, short story writer, Novelist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 02/11/1944

Florinda Donner Anthropologist, Author, writer, born 02/15/1944

Richard Ford Fiction writer, Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 02/16/1944

Bernard Cornwell Author, writer, born 02/23/1944

Pedro Pietri poet, playwright, writer, born 03/21/1944

David Nicolle Historian, writer, born 04/04/1944

Lurlene Macdaniel novelist, writer, born 04/05/1944

Armistead Maupin United States Navy officer, Author, writer, born 05/13/1944

W.G. Sebald writer, academic, writer, born 05/18/1944

Christopher Browning American historian of the Holocaust, Historian, author, writer, born 05/22/1944

John Anthony Flanagan Australian screenwriter and children's novelist, Novelist, writer, born 05/22/1944

Bengt Pohjanen author, translator, literature scientist, orthodox priest, writer, born 06/26/1944

Raymond Moody Writer, Doctor of Medicine, writer, born 06/30/1944

Bernhard Schlink Author, Professor, Judge, writer, born 07/06/1944

Leslie Scalapino poet, writer, born 07/25/1944

Bhargavi Rao Indian Telugu language writer and translator, Author, Professor, translator, Poet, writer, born 08/14/1944

Paulo Leminski Writer, Poet, Translator and Teacher, writer, born 08/24/1944

Eavan Boland Poet, writer, born 09/24/1944

Vernor Steffen Vinge Mathematician, computer scientist and science fiction author, Computer scientist, writer, born 10/02/1944

Noelle Chatelet Writer, writer, born 10/16/1944

James Parnell Hall Mystery writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 10/31/1944

Rita Mae Brown AUTHOR, LESBIAN FEMINIST, SCREENWRITER, ACTRESS, novelist, poet, screenwriter, activist, writer, born 11/28/1944

Rudiger Safranski Philosopher, author, writer, born 01/01/1945

David Starkey Historian, writer, born 01/03/1945

Joy Chant Author, writer, born 01/13/1945

Javed Akhtar Lyricist, poet, scriptwriter, writer, born 01/17/1945

Robert Olen Butler Novelist, short story writer, professor, Novelist, short fiction writer, writer, born 01/20/1945

Anwar Peerzada Journalist & Poet, writer, born 01/25/1945

John Perkins writer, born 01/28/1945

Michael Dorris Novelist, short story writer, essayist, memoirist, Writer, writer, born 01/30/1945

Josephine Humphreys Novelist, writer, born 02/02/1945

Vaidehi Kannada writer, Writer, writer, born 02/12/1945

William Sleator Young adult science fiction novelist, Novelist, young-adult writer, children's writer, writer, born 02/13/1945

Douglas Richard Hofstadter American academic and author, Professor of cognitive science, writer, born 02/15/1945

Robert Gray poet, freelance writer, critic, writer, born 02/23/1945

Elizabeth Moon Novelist, writer, born 03/07/1945

Mark William Shaw Author, writer, born 03/10/1945

Leif G.W. Persson Swedish criminologist and writer, Novelist, Criminologist, writer, born 03/12/1945

Jim Turner editor, publisher, writer, born 03/19/1945

Eric Roth Screenwriter, writer, born 03/22/1945

Karen Alkalay-Gut poet, professor, and editor, writer, born 03/29/1945

Nikolaos van Dam Diplomat and author, writer, born 04/01/1945

Katherine Neville writer, born 04/04/1945

Howard Schwartz author, professor, editor, writer, born 04/21/1945

Annie Dillard American writer, Writer of nonfiction narratives, novelist, poet, writer, born 04/30/1945

Wlad Godzich Literary theorist, Academic, writer, born 05/13/1945

Robert Munsch writer, born 06/11/1945

Whitley Strieber AUTHOR, Writer/Novelist, writer, born 06/13/1945

Wayne Karlin author, editor, teacher, writer, born 06/13/1945

Tobias Wolff Fiction writer, memoirist, Writer, writer, born 06/19/1945

Marc Leepson Journalist, historian, author., writer, born 06/20/1945

Quintin Jardine Novelist, Crime fiction, writer, born 06/29/1945

Linda Warren novelist, writer, born 07/02/1945

Dean Koontz Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, writer, born 07/09/1945

Wendy Cope Poet, writer, born 07/21/1945

Lee Siegel professor, novelist, writer, born 07/22/1945

Sharon Creech Children's writer, Novelist, writer, born 07/29/1945

Osborn, John Jay, Jr. novelist, attorney, law professor, writer, born 08/05/1945

Barbara Delinsky Novelist, Non-fiction writer, writer, born 08/09/1945

Noel Godin writer, critic, actor, anarchist, writer, born 09/13/1945

Liudmyla Skyrda poetess scholar literary critic, writer, born 09/15/1945

Candy Spelling writer, born 09/20/1945

David Drake Author, writer, born 09/24/1945

Hal Gibson Pateshall Colebatch Author, poet, lecturer, journalist, editor, and lawyer, writer, born 10/07/1945

Sinikka Laine Author, Novelist, writer, born 10/17/1945

Ellie Mathews author, writer, born 10/22/1945

Duncan Lunan Astronomer, writer, science and science fiction writer, astronomer, journalist, writer, born 10/24/1945

Pat Conroy Novelist, writer, born 10/26/1945

Bernadette Gray-Little writer and Educator, writer, born 10/31/1945

Gordon Gahan Photographer, writer, born 11/05/1945

Tracy Kidder Writer, writer, born 11/12/1945

Michael Bishop Novelist, short story writer, poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, poet, teacher, writer, born 11/12/1945

Joe Hayes Author, Storyteller, Editor, Translator, writer, born 11/12/1945

Nurruddin Farah novelist, essayist, professor, writer, born 11/24/1945

Shaykh Hassan Cisse writer, born 12/04/1945

John Banville novelist and screenwriter, writer, born 12/08/1945

Ann Turner writer, born 12/10/1945

Roland Harvey illustrator, author, writer, born 12/11/1945

Michael King Historian, biographer, writer, born 12/15/1945

Jacqueline Wilson Author, writer, born 12/17/1945

John Ramsey Campbell English author, Writer, film & literary critic, editor, writer, born 01/04/1946

Lisa Appignanesi Author, Writer, writer, born 01/04/1946

Noureini Tidjani-Serpos writer, born 01/15/1946

Julian Barnes Novelist, writer, born 01/19/1946

John Ray De Aragon Nonfiction, fiction writer and poet, writer, born 01/19/1946

Ann Major Novelist, writer, born 02/13/1946

Gabrielle Lord Novelist, writer, born 02/26/1946

Richard W. Strong Author, Consultant, writer, born 02/26/1946

Jim Crace Novelist, short story writer, playwright, Writer, writer, born 03/01/1946

Dan Turèll Danish writer, Writer, writer, born 03/19/1946

Stephen Hunter Novelist, film critic, writer, born 03/25/1946

Kit Fine Professor of Philosophy and Mathematics, writer, born 03/26/1946

Sue Townsend English Novelist,, Playwright,, Screenwriter,, Columnist, Novelist, playwright, screenwriter, columnist, writer, born 04/02/1946

Peter Robbins Author, Writer, Author, writer, born 04/13/1946

Tsvi Misinai Computer Scientist, Writer, Historian, writer, born 04/15/1946

Bailey, Leroy Jr., Archbishop Author, writer, born 04/25/1946

Ronnie Harold Terpening American writer and educator, author, professor of Italian, writer, born 05/03/1946

Michael Rosen British children's novelist and poet, Children's novelist and poet, writer, born 05/07/1946

Celeste De Blasis novelist, writer, born 05/08/1946

Nobuko Takagi writer, born 05/09/1946

F. Paul Wilson writer, born 05/17/1946

David Allen Hargrave Role-playing game designer, Writer, writer, born 05/25/1946

James Kelman Scottish writer, writer, born 06/09/1946

Donald Brownlie Fleming businessman, writer, born 06/11/1946

John Steinbeck IV Writer, War Correspondent, writer, born 06/12/1946

Reg Hartt film historian, film critic, orator, author, writer, born 06/12/1946

Russell Ash Author, writer, born 06/18/1946

Nicholas Boyle academic and biographer, writer, born 06/18/1946

Donna Hilbert Author, writer, born 06/25/1946

Robert Asprin Novelist, short story writer, editor, Fiction Author, writer, born 06/28/1946

Dora Pavel novelist, short story writer, poet, journalist, writer, born 06/29/1946

David France Retired Oil & Gas Industry Executive, Author, writer, born 06/30/1946

Gary Forrester Musician, writer, public servant, academic, lawyer, writer, born 07/03/1946

V. Balakumaran Writer, Novelist, writer, born 07/05/1946

Fahmida Riaz Urdu poet, Writer, writer, born 07/28/1946

James Howe Writer, writer, born 08/02/1946

Robert Wicks Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Spiritual Guide, Therapist, and Writer, writer, born 08/02/1946

Frank Asch artist, illustrator, writer, writer, born 08/06/1946

Deborah Howe Writer, writer, born 08/12/1946

Philip F. Deaver Writer, writer, born 08/14/1946

Ed Cullen Journalist, writer, born 08/25/1946

Mary Hood Novelist, short story writer, writer, writer, born 09/16/1946

Larry Levis Poet, short story writer, literary critic, college professor, Poet, short story writer, literary critic, college professor, writer, born 09/30/1946

Tim Obrien Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 10/01/1946

Susan Macclary Musicologist and professor, writer, born 10/02/1946

Chad Henry Actor, Composer, Lyricist, Playwright, writer, born 10/09/1946

Mildred Grieveson Novelist, writer, born 10/10/1946

Carol Dweck writer, born 10/17/1946

Barry Gifford Novelist, poet, screenwriter, biographer, editor, Author, writer, born 10/18/1946

Philip Pullman English novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/19/1946

Greg Hall poet, writer, born 10/19/1946

Elfriede Jelinek Austrian playwright, novelist, Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004, playwright, novelist, writer, born 10/20/1946

Wilf K. Backhaus Writer, game designer, lawyer, business professor, writer, born 11/07/1946

Marina Warner Mythographer, Novelist, Lecturer, Professor, writer, born 11/09/1946

Su-san Han Novelist, writer, born 11/13/1946

Alan Dean Foster American writer of science fiction and fantasy novels and movie novelizations, novelist, writer, born 11/18/1946

Penelope Jones (complete name) Halsall Novelist, writer, born 11/24/1946

Marc Brown Author and illustrator, writer, born 11/25/1946

Dale Furutani Novelist, writer, born 12/01/1946

David Macaulay Author, Illustrator, writer, born 12/02/1946

Allan Berube Historian, Activist, Author, writer, born 12/03/1946

Geert Mak Novelist, writer, born 12/04/1946

Kaye Umansky Novelist, writer, born 12/06/1946

Douglas Kenney writer, born 12/10/1946

Thomas Lux Poet, writer, born 12/10/1946

Diana Palmer Journalist, novelist, writer, born 12/11/1946

Adriaan Van Dis writer, born 12/16/1946

Miguel Pinero Playwright, actor, writer, born 12/19/1946

John Sullivan writer, born 12/23/1946

Keith Taylor writer, born 12/26/1946

Steve Wynn Kubby United States politician and activist, Author, Public Speaker, Cannabis Consultant & Expert Witness, writer, born 12/28/1946

David Shapiro Poet, writer, born 01/02/1947

Patricia Anthony Novelist, writer, born 01/03/1947

Don Bendell Author, Novelist, Special Forces Officer, Karate Instructor, Cowboy, Rancher, writer, born 01/08/1947

George Alec Effinger Novelist, short story writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/10/1947

Arnette Lamb Novelist, writer, born 01/12/1947

Richard Laymon novelist, writer, born 01/14/1947

Joe Sanchez writer, former NYPD police officer, writer, born 01/16/1947

Robert S. Macelvaine Historian, writer, writer, born 01/24/1947

Barbara Wood Novelist, writer, born 01/30/1947

Paul Auster Novelist, poet, essayist, screenwriter, Novelist and poet, writer, born 02/03/1947

John C. Maxwell Author, Professional speaker, Pastor, writer, born 02/20/1947

Pirmin Meier Swiss author and teacher, Writer, teacher, writer, born 02/21/1947

Stephen Goldin Author, writer, born 02/28/1947

El Qemany Sayed Academic Writer,Egyptian Thinker, writer, born 03/13/1947

Pam Ayres POET, COMEDIENNE, RACONTEUR, verse writer, entertainer and apiarist, writer, born 03/14/1947

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough American nnovelist, Writer, writer, born 03/17/1947

John Boswell historian, writer, educator, writer, born 03/20/1947

Terry Dowling Writer, freelance journalist, award-winning critic, editor, game designer and reviewer, writer, born 03/21/1947

James Patterson Novelist, writer, born 03/22/1947

James Kisner Writer, writer, born 03/26/1947

Francine Prose Writer, Novelist, writer, born 04/01/1947

Camille Paglia Professor and Cultural critic, writer, born 04/02/1947

David A. Adler Author, writer, born 04/10/1947

Tom Clancy Novelist, writer, born 04/12/1947

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Screenwriter, Producer, writer, born 04/15/1947

Robin Kornman Buddhist, translator, writer, born 04/17/1947

Kathy Acker American novelist, playwright, essayist, and poet, Novelist, playwright, essayist, poet, writer, born 04/18/1947

Viktor Suvorov writer, born 04/20/1947

Barbara Park Author, writer, born 04/21/1947

Humayun Azad prolific Bangladeshi author and scholar, writer, born 04/28/1947

David Seals Novelist, Author, Screenwriter, writer, born 04/29/1947

Kit Pearson Children's novelist, writer, born 04/30/1947

Thomas Tessier Novelist, writer, born 05/10/1947

Stephen R. Donaldson Novelist, writer, born 05/13/1947

Ted Dangelmayer ESD Consultant, writer, born 05/18/1947

Paul Gruchow writer, born 05/23/1947

Karen Van der Zee Novelist, writer, born 05/26/1947

Ashok Row Kavi Writer and LGBT activist, writer, born 06/01/1947

David Hare playwright, screenwriter, director, writer, born 06/05/1947

Sara Paretsky Novelist, writer, born 06/08/1947

Allan Gurganus American novelist and story writer, Novelist, writer, born 06/11/1947

Ahmed Salman Rushdie British-Indian novelist and author, Novelist, essayist, writer, born 06/19/1947

Octavia Estelle Butler American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 06/22/1947

Robert Buettner Novelist,, writer, born 07/07/1947

Jenny Diski Writer, writer, born 07/08/1947

Hiroshi Aramata writer, born 07/12/1947

Kat Martin Novelist, writer, born 07/14/1947

Ulla-Lena Lundberg writer, born 07/14/1947

Xavier Armange Writer, Illustrator, Photographer, Publisher, writer, born 07/17/1947

Gardner Dozois Editor, writer, writer, born 07/23/1947

Parker, Robert M., Jr. Wine critic, writer, born 07/23/1947

Geoff Macqueen Screenwriter, writer, born 07/24/1947

Alurista poet, activist, writer, born 08/08/1947

Danielle Fernande Dominique Schuelein-Steel American Novelist, novelist, writer, born 08/14/1947

Shabbir Ahmed Medical Doctor, writer, born 08/14/1947

Sylvia Nasar Journalist, writer, born 08/17/1947

William Mastrosimone Playwright, writer, born 08/19/1947

Paulo Coelho AUTHOR, Novelist, Lyricist, writer, born 08/24/1947

Steve Perry writer, born 08/31/1947

Ann Beattie Short story writer, novelist, professor, Short story writer, Novelist, Professor, writer, born 09/08/1947

Rex Weyler American / Canadian author, journalist and ecologist, Author, Journalist, Ecologist, writer, born 09/10/1947

Jude Deveraux Novelist, writer, born 09/20/1947

Stephen King American author, Novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, columnist, actor, television producer, film director, writer, born 09/21/1947

Jo Beverley Novelist, writer, born 09/22/1947

Dave Arneson American game designer, Game designer, writer, born 10/01/1947

John Perry Barlow American lyricist, essayist, lyricist, essayist, writer, born 10/03/1947

Trevor Joyce writer, born 10/26/1947

Kenzo Kitakata Japanese author, novelist, Author, Novelist, writer, born 10/26/1947

William C. Hammond Novelist, publishing consultant, writer, born 11/05/1947

Kathleen Eagle Novelist, writer, born 11/08/1947

Carol Tiggs writer, born 11/24/1947

David Alan Mamet American author, playwright, screenwriter, and film director, Author, playwright, screenwriter, film director, writer, born 11/30/1947

Tommy Tabermann Poet, Member of the Parliament, writer, born 12/03/1947

Ursula Krechel German writer, writer, born 12/04/1947

Anne Fine Author, writer, born 12/07/1947

Kati-Claudia Fofonoff writer, born 12/08/1947

Sarah Smith novelist, writer, born 12/09/1947

Jack Cashill Novelist, Journalist and Executive Editor, writer, born 12/15/1947

Shinji Kajio writer, born 12/24/1947

Michael Vavrus Author, University Professor, writer, born 12/27/1947

Michael Burns writer, born 12/30/1947

Eckhart Tolle German Author, Writer, public speaker, writer, born 02/16/1948

Tamara McKinley Australian novelist, writer, born 02/25/1948

David Edgar Playwright, writer, born 02/26/1948

Max Allan Collins writer, born 03/03/1948

James Ellroy Novelist, short story writer, essayist, memoirist, novelist, writer, born 03/04/1948

Sheila Bender essayist, poet, teacher, writer, born 03/06/1948

William Gibson Speculative fiction author, cyberpunk pioneer, Novelist, writer, born 03/17/1948

Jayne Ann Castle Krentz Romance novelist, Novelist, writer, born 03/28/1948

Daniel Simmons American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 04/04/1948

Anna Couani Contemporary Australian poet and educator, writer, born 04/06/1948

Charles R. Johnson Novelist, short story writer, essayist, academic, Writer, academic, writer, born 04/23/1948

Terry Pratchett English novelist, Novelist, writer, born 04/28/1948

Esmeralda Santiago writer, actress, writer, born 05/17/1948

James Franklin Kay Professor, author and editor of Homiletics, Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics, writer, born 05/18/1948

Elizam Escobar poet, Visual artist, writer, born 05/24/1948

Ian McEwan Author, Author, screenwriter, writer, born 06/21/1948

John Ash Poet, writer, travel writer, poet, writer, travel writer, writer, born 06/29/1948

Raffi Musician, Author, Essayist, Lecturer, writer, born 07/08/1948

S. E. Hinton Young-adult writer, Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 07/22/1948

Frank Stanford Poet, writer, born 08/01/1948

Robert Holdstock Fiction Writer, Novelist, writer, born 08/02/1948

Sue Monk Kidd Novelist, Novelist, memoirist, feminist, writer, born 08/12/1948

Alexander Maccall Smith writer, born 08/24/1948

Barry Streek Journalist, Author, Parliamentary Media Manager, writer, born 08/30/1948

Abdulqawi Yusuf writer, born 09/12/1948

George Raymond Richard Martin American author and screenwriter of science fiction, fantasy fiction and horror fiction, Author, writer, born 09/20/1948

Robert Jordan Novelist, writer, born 10/17/1948

Ellen Wittlinger Novelist, young adult fiction writer, writer, born 10/21/1948

Yandamuri Veerendranath Novelist, writer, born 11/14/1948

Mate Parlov Boxer, boxer, born 11/16/1948

Bonnie Greer Playwright; Author; Critic, writer, born 11/16/1948

T. Coraghessan Boyle Novelist, short story writer, Author, writer, born 12/02/1948

Elizabeth Berg American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 12/02/1948

Harry Shannon Novelist, songwriter, entertainer, writer, born 12/04/1948

Laurence Marks Scriptwriter, writer, born 12/08/1948

Lester Bangs American music critic and journalist, Music critic, musician, author, writer, born 12/13/1948

Olivia Goldsmith Novelist, writer, born 01/01/1949

George Edward Foreman American boxer, boxer, born 01/10/1949

Haruki Murakami Japanese author, novelist, Author, novelist, writer, born 01/12/1949

Richard Iain Torrance Professor and author of theology, President of theological institution, President of Princeton Theological Seminary and Professor of Patristics, writer, born 01/13/1949

Jonathan Carroll Novelist, short story writer, Novelist, writer, writer, born 01/26/1949

Victor Hernandez Cruz writer, born 02/06/1949

Patrick Suskind Writer, screenwriter, writer, born 03/26/1949

Dorothy Allison Poet, novelist, critic, writer, poet, novelist, writer, born 04/11/1949

Stefan Chwin Polish novelist, literary critic, and historian of literature, writer, born 04/11/1949

Christopher Eric Hitchens Author, journalist and literary critic, Writer and pundit, writer, born 04/13/1949

Mary Pope Osborne writer, born 05/20/1949

Candace Pauline Camp romance novelist, Novelist, writer, born 05/23/1949

Ken Follet British Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 06/05/1949

Harry Norman Turtledove American novelist, short story author, essayist, historian, Novelist, short story author, essayist, historian, writer, born 06/14/1949

William J. Watson Journalist/Writer, writer, born 07/15/1949

Robert Fleming Rankin British author, Writer, writer, born 07/27/1949

Doren Robbins writer, born 08/20/1949

Leslie Feinberg activist, speaker, and author, writer, born 09/01/1949

Daniel Pipes U.S. neoconservative columnist, author, counter-terrorism analyst, and scholar of Middle Eastern history, Political commentator;, writer, born 09/09/1949

John Michael Tebelak Writer, director, writer, born 09/17/1949

Philip Neilsen Writer, Academic, Editor, writer, born 09/20/1949

Jerry B. Jenkins Novelist, biographer, Author, writer, born 09/23/1949

Peter Ackroyd English author, Author, writer, born 10/05/1949

Laurie McBain Novelist, writer, born 10/15/1949

Michael Kohlmeier writer, musician, writer, born 10/15/1949

Mary Ruwart author, assistant professor, scientist, doctor, writer, born 10/16/1949

Maurice Gran Scriptwriter, writer, born 10/26/1949

Gayl Jones Novelist, poet, playwright, professor, literary critic, novelist, poet, playwright, professor, and literary critic, writer, born 11/23/1949

Andrew Scott Berg Biographer, journalist, writer, born 12/04/1949

Mike Magee Journalist, writer, born 12/07/1949

Honey Irani screenwriter, writer, born 01/17/1950

Mikhail Horowitz editor, journalist, poet, performance poet, social commentator, writer, born 01/18/1950

Philip Lee Williams American writer, Novelist, journalist, poet, film-maker, essayist and composer, writer, born 01/30/1950

Julia Alvarez Poet, novelist, essayist, writer, born 03/27/1950

Syed Tirmezi Founder of SWF, writer, born 03/31/1950

Steve Erickson Novelist, essayist, film critic, Novelist, essayist and critic, writer, born 04/20/1950

Eve Kosofsk Sedgwick Academic, author, essayist, critic, poet, writer, born 05/02/1950

Jeffery Deaver Novelist, journalist, lawyer, Writer, writer, born 05/06/1950

Alan Zweibel Author, Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Actor, writer, born 05/20/1950

Rosie Shuster Canadian-born comedy writer. Longtime writer for Saturday Night Live, she was married to the show's creator, Lorne Micheals from 1971 to 1980. She is the daughter of comedian Frank Shuster and a cousin of Superman co-creator, Joe Shuster, writer, born 06/19/1950

Anne Carson Canadian poet, Poet, writer, born 06/21/1950

Mercedes Lackey Novelist, short story writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 06/24/1950

Matthew Philip James American film critic, Author, film historian, film critic,, writer, born 08/13/1950

Gary Larson American Cartoonist, Cartoonist, writer, born 08/14/1950

Kyoko Ariyoshi Mangaka, writer, born 09/14/1950

Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. American professor, Author, documentary filmmaker, essayist, literary critic, professor, writer, born 09/16/1950

David Brin Novelist, short story writer, Novelist, NASA consultant, writer, born 10/06/1950

Nora (pseudonym) Roberts Romance novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/10/1950

Edward Bloor Young adult novelist, Novelist, editor, writer, born 10/12/1950

Kate Grenville Australian writer and teacher of creative writing, Novelist, Teacher of creative writing, writer, born 10/14/1950

David Adams Richards writer, born 10/17/1950

Wally Lamb Novelist, writer, born 10/17/1950

Charles Frazier Novelist, Writer, writer, born 11/04/1950

William Kent Krueger Author, novelist, novelist, writer, writer, born 11/16/1950

Olvido García Valdés Spanish poet, Poet, writer, born 12/02/1950

Jeffrey Katzenberg Film producer, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, writer, born 12/21/1950

Ashfaq Hussain Urdu poet TV Producer, writer, born 01/01/1951

Timothy James Brook Canadian university professor, historian (Sinologist), University professor, historian, writer, writer, born 01/06/1951

Minfong Ho Chinese American writer, writer, born 01/07/1951

Frank E. Peretti Christian author, writer, born 01/13/1951

Steve J. Spears dramatist, writer, actor, singer, writer, born 01/22/1951

Erick Wujcik Game designer, programmer, graphic artist, editor, writer, born 01/26/1951

Isabel Preysler Journalist, Television host, writer, born 02/18/1951

Lehto Leevi writer, born 02/23/1951

Koshu Tani Writer, writer, born 03/30/1951

Anthony "Tony" William Mundine Australian boxer, boxer, born 05/01/1951

Gregory Frost American science fiction and fantasy author, Novelist, Short-story writer, Essayist, writer, born 05/13/1951

David Almond writer, born 05/15/1951

Larry Brown Novelist, short story writer, essayist, memoirist, Writer, writer, born 07/09/1951

Alan Minter Middleweight boxer champion of the world, boxer, born 08/17/1951

Greg Bear AUTHOR, SCI-FI NOVELIST, ARTIST, ILLUSTRATOR, Novelist, writer, born 08/20/1951

Oscar Hijuelos Novelist, novelist, writer, born 08/24/1951

Orson Scott Card Science fiction novelist, Novelist, English professor, writer, born 08/24/1951

Timothy Zahn science fiction novelist, Author, writer, born 09/01/1951

Alfred Angelo Attanasio writer, Writer, born 09/20/1951

Javier Marias Novelist, Translator, Columnist, writer, born 09/20/1951

Roberto G. Fernández novelist, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 09/24/1951

Andres Caicedo novelist, poet and playwright, writer, born 09/29/1951

Bakhytzan Kanapyanov Poet, writer, writer, born 10/04/1951

Peter Hitchens Author, journalist, writer, born 10/28/1951

Joe R. Lansdale Novelist, short story writer, martial arts instructor, Writer, martial arts instructor, writer, born 10/28/1951

Charlaine Harris writer, born 11/25/1951

Bruno K. Oijer Poet, writer, born 11/26/1951

William McGuire Bryson American author, Author, University Chancellor, writer, born 12/08/1951

Amy Hempel Short story writer, Short story writer, essayist, journalist, professor, writer, born 12/14/1951

Charles de Lint Author, writer, born 12/22/1951

Uday Prakash writer, born 01/01/1952

Diana Gabaldon novelist, writer, born 01/11/1952

Susan G. Cole Activist, Activist / Author / Radio Broadcaster, writer, born 02/09/1952

Ying Tai Lung writer, born 02/13/1952

Jan Kerouac AUTHOR, NOVELIST, NOTED FAMILY, Writer, writer, born 02/16/1952

Amy Tan Novelist, Writer, writer, born 02/19/1952

Nevada Barr Novelist, Author, writer, born 03/01/1952

Douglas Noël Adams Author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, Writer, writer, born 03/11/1952

Alice Hoffman Novelist, young-adult writer, children's writer, writer, born 03/16/1952

Gary Soto Author, Poet, writer, born 04/12/1952

Padgett Powell Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 04/25/1952

Diane Elizabeth Duane American author, Author, writer, born 05/18/1952

Orhan Pamuk Turkish novelist, Novelist, Professor of Comparative Literature and Writing, writer, born 06/07/1952

Kage Baker Writer, writer, born 06/10/1952

Hilary Mantel Novelist, short story writer and critic, writer, born 07/06/1952

Jane Rogers English Novelist, Editor, Scriptwriter, Lecturer, and Teacher, Novelist, writer, born 07/21/1952

David C. Smith author, editor, writer, born 08/10/1952

Darrell Schweitzer Writer, editor, and essayist, writer, born 08/27/1952

Rita Dove Poet, Poet, author, writer, born 08/28/1952

Bradford Swain Linaweaver American science fiction author, Writer, writer, born 09/01/1952

Loren D. Estleman Novelist, writer, born 09/15/1952

Cherrie Moraga playwright, activist, writer, born 09/25/1952

Katie Fforde Novelist, writer, born 09/27/1952

Clive Barker Author, film director and visual artist, Author, film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, playwright, painter, illustrator & visual artist, writer, born 10/05/1952

Michael Cunningham Novelist, writer, born 11/06/1952

Antero Alli writer, born 11/11/1952

Maria Merce Marcal I Serra writer, born 11/13/1952

Muhammed Zafar Iqbal Physicist, writer, columnist, writer, born 12/23/1952

Kevin Canty Novelist, short story writer, author, writer, born 01/17/1953

Katarzyna Krenz novelist, poet, painter, writer, born 01/24/1953

Joe Bob Briggs Film critic, writer, actor, writer, born 01/27/1953

Tijs Goldschmidt writer, born 01/30/1953

Giannina Braschi poet, novelist, essayist, writer, born 02/05/1953

Kaoru Kurimoto Japanese writer, novelist and critic, writer, born 02/13/1953

Ken V. Krawchuk United States inventor, writer, and politician, Author, Public Speaker, Information Technology professional, Business Architect, Political Activist, Outdoorsman, writer, born 02/25/1953

Daniel Woodrell Novelist, writer, born 03/04/1953

Carl Hiaasen Author, Novelist, Journalist, writer, born 03/12/1953

Stephen Sewell playwright and screenwriter, Playwright and Screenwriter, writer, born 03/13/1953

Yoshihiro Yonezawa manga critic, Comiket co-founder and president, manga critic & Comiket co-founder and president, writer, born 03/21/1953

Byron Preiss Author, editor, publisher, writer, born 04/11/1953

Ahlam Mosteghanemi writer, born 04/13/1953

Roberto Bolano Writer, Poet, writer, born 04/28/1953

Donald Gallinger Novelist, Short story writer, writer, born 05/04/1953

Tess Gerritsen author, medical doctor, writer, born 06/12/1953

Ana Castillo Novelist, poet, essayist, short story writer, novelist, poet, essayist, short story writer, writer, born 06/15/1953

Robert Crais Novelist, screenwriter, Novelist, Screenwriter, writer, born 06/20/1953

Masanori Ito writer, born 07/10/1953

Laura Numeroff Author, writer, born 07/14/1953

Paul Quarrington novelist, playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker, musician, educator, writer, born 07/22/1953

Carmen Posadas Writer, writer, born 08/13/1953

Wolfgang Hohlbein Novelist, writer, born 08/15/1953

Michael Wolff Columnist, Internet entrepreneur, television commentator, writer, born 08/27/1953

Roland Merullo Fiction writer, Novelist, essayist, memoirist, writer, born 09/19/1953

Volkan S. Ediger Energy Adviser to the President of Turkey, Part-Time Instructor, writer, born 09/25/1953

Brenda Silsbe Writer, writer, born 10/10/1953

David Laskin Historian, reporter, Historian, Reporter, writer, born 10/25/1953

Alan Moore English comic book writer, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, musician, artist, and magician, Comics writer, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, musician, cartoonist, magician, writer, born 11/18/1953

Iain Banks Scottish science-fiction novelist, writer, born 02/16/1954

Louis Sachar American children's author, Author, writer, born 03/20/1954

Dorothy Porter Australian poet, Poet, writer, born 03/26/1954

Arnold] Stadler German writer, Novelist, writer, born 04/09/1954

Safdar Hasmi Author, Street Theatre, Activist, writer, born 04/12/1954

Bruce Sterling American writer, speaker, futurist, and design instructor, Writer, speaker, futurist, design instructor, writer, born 04/14/1954

N. Robin Crossby Writer, game designer, writer, born 05/18/1954

Louise Erdrich Novelist, short story writer, poet, writer, born 06/07/1954

Gregory Maguire Novelist, writer, born 06/09/1954

Aa Gill Columnist, Author, writer, born 06/28/1954

Trevor Berbick Jamaican heavyweight boxer, boxer, born 08/01/1954

Lorna Dee Cervantes poet, writer, born 08/06/1954

Linda Aksomitis Photojournalist, writer, born 08/07/1954

Stieg Larsson Author, Journalist, Novelist, writer, born 08/15/1954

Željko Ivanković Poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, translator, writer, born 08/29/1954

Paul Di Filippo Writer, writer, born 10/29/1954

Kazuo Ishiguro British Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 11/08/1954

Mary Gaitskill Novelist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 11/11/1954

Robert William Goddard English Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 11/13/1954

Grace Andreacchi Novelist, Poet and Playwright, writer, born 12/03/1954

Hanif Kureishi English playwright, screenwriter, novelist, Playwright, screenwriter, novelist, film director, writer, born 12/05/1954

Louis Bernieres Novelist, writer, born 12/08/1954

Tamora Pierce American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 12/13/1954

Chris Dlacey Author, writer, born 12/16/1954

Sandra Cisneros Novelist, poet, short story writer, writer, born 12/20/1954

Martin Vargas retired boxer, boxer, born 01/24/1955

John Tate American boxer, boxer, born 01/29/1955

John Grisham Novelist, lawyer, politician, Novelist, writer, born 02/08/1955

Juan Berrios author, engineer, professor, writer, born 03/01/1955

Nina Kiriki Hoffman author, writer, born 03/20/1955

B.W. Powe Writer--poet, novelist, essayist, philosopher, journalist; Professor of Literature, writer, born 03/23/1955

Jose Rivera drama, writer, born 03/24/1955

Ellen Hopkins Novelist, Poet, writer, born 03/26/1955

Barbara Kingsolver American author, poet and essayist., novelist, poet, essayist, writer, born 04/08/1955

Eleanor Joanne Daley Canadian composer, organist, and accompanist., writer, born 04/21/1955

Timothy Garton Ash British historian and author, writer, born 07/12/1955

Ehud Havazelet American short story writer, Writer, writer, born 07/13/1955

Gerrie Coetzee South African boxer, boxer, born 08/04/1955

Carol S Batey Author, Lifestyle Coach, writer, born 09/11/1955

Hiromi Ito Poet, Novelist, writer, born 09/13/1955

Geraldine Brooks Contemporary Pulitzer Prize-winning, Australian-American journalist and author., Journalist, writer, writer, born 09/14/1955

Pier Vittorio Tondelli Italian novelist, Novelist, intellectual, writer, born 09/14/1955

Jeffrey Ford American author, Writer, teacher, writer, born 11/08/1955

Bogumila Zongollowicz Writer, writer, born 11/09/1955

Lucinda Roy novelist, poet, writer, born 12/19/1955

Carol Ann Duffy Poet, playwright, writer, born 12/23/1955

Sarojini Sahoo Novelist, Short story writer, Poet, Essayist, Academician, writer, born 01/04/1956

Rosina Lippi-Green Novelist, linguist, writer, born 01/14/1956

Ian McMillan poet, journalist, playwright, broadcaster, writer, born 01/21/1956

Thomas P. Logan businessman, venture capitalist, former space journalist, writer, born 01/31/1956

Hikaru Okuizumi novelist, writer, born 02/06/1956

Yoriko Shono Japanese writer, Writer, writer, born 03/16/1956

Hamid Reza Sadr Iranian film critic, Film critic and Film historian, writer, born 03/19/1956

Win Lyovarin Novelist, Short story Writer, Columnist, writer, born 03/23/1956

Anthony Horowitz Author, Author, Screenwriter, writer, born 04/05/1956

Jotie T'hooft Poet, writer, born 05/09/1956

Dave Sim Writer, Cartoonist, writer, born 05/17/1956

Patricia Cornwell Novelist, journalist, biographer, Novelist, 1990 - present, writer, born 06/09/1956

Lyubov Sirota poet, writer, playwright, journalist, translator, writer, born 06/21/1956

Achy Obejas novelist, journalist, writer, born 06/28/1956

Amitav Ghosh Writer, writer, born 07/11/1956

Katherine Alice Applegate Children's author, Children's novelist, writer, born 07/19/1956

Michael Connelly Novelist, journalist, Novelist, writer, born 07/21/1956

David Shields Writer, professor, Writer/Professor, writer, born 07/22/1956

Julia Darling Playwright, Novelist, Poet, Short story writer, writer, born 08/21/1956

Mark Dawidziak Writer, writer, born 09/07/1956

Peter Allen David novelist, short story writer, sceenwriter, comic book writer, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, comic book writer, writer, born 09/23/1956

Cheng Gu Chinese poet, poet, essayist, novelist, writer, born 09/24/1956

Michael Scully American writer and producer, Television writer, writer, born 10/02/1956

Robert David Reed writer, Writer, born 10/09/1956

Paul Jaquays American artist and game designer, Game designer and artist, writer, born 10/14/1956

Zain Abdul Hady Novelist, Head of Department, writer, born 12/01/1956

Petrine Archer-Straw Curator & Art Historian, writer, born 12/26/1956

Thomas Ascol pastor, author, theologian, writer, born 01/20/1957

David Kessler Author, writer, born 03/15/1957

Mark Burgess Artist, Writer, Computer Programmer, writer, born 04/26/1957

Velina Hasu Houston poet, screenwriter, playwright, essayist, advocate, Poet, essayist, screenwriter, playwright, author, editor, writer, born 05/05/1957

Constance Briscoe British barrister, recorder, writer, writer, born 05/18/1957

Martin Caparros Novelist, Journalist., writer, born 05/29/1957

Lise Tremblay novelist, writer, born 06/13/1957

Richard Powers Novelist, writer, born 06/18/1957

Geir Ivarsoy founder and lead programmer of Opera software, writer, born 06/27/1957

James Curtis Novelist, Screenwriter, writer, born 07/04/1957

Tony Jordan Screenwriter, writer, born 07/21/1957

Victor Celorio Aportations related to books, Writer, Inventor, writer, born 07/27/1957

Li-Young Lee poet, writer, born 08/19/1957

Patricia Partin writer, born 09/04/1957

Stephen Baxter Author, Writer, writer, born 11/13/1957

Catherine Seipp writer, born 11/17/1957

Michael Stackpole science fiction author, writer, game designer, writer, born 11/27/1957

Joel Champetier novelist, writer, born 11/30/1957

Markus Kajo TV PERSONALITY, HUMORIST, writer, born 12/07/1957

Susanna Tamaro Novelist, Director, writer, born 12/12/1957

Lucia M. Gonzalez Author, Librarian, Storyteller, Puppeteer., writer, born 12/13/1957

Ted Conover Author, Journalist, writer, born 01/17/1958

Lori K. Gordon American artist, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, and Sculptor, writer, born 01/20/1958

Tonya Zavasta Author, Raw Food Promoter, Entrepreneur, writer, born 01/22/1958

James Grippando Novelist, Lawyer, Novelist, writer, born 01/27/1958

Charlotte Gordon Cummng Musician, writer, born 02/02/1958

Susie Bright writer, speaker, teacher, audio-show host, writer, born 03/25/1958

John Kay poet, teacher, father, poet, Teacher and Father, writer, born 04/05/1958

Benjamin Zephaniah Writer, writer, born 04/15/1958

Norb Vonnegut American novelist, Novelist, Financial Services Commentator, writer, born 04/24/1958

Makoto Kobayashi Mangaka, writer, born 05/13/1958

Jonathan Maberry writer, born 05/18/1958

Farzad Bazoft Journalist, writer, born 05/22/1958

Wayne Johnston Novelist, writer, born 05/22/1958

Mitch Albom Novelist, journalist, columnist, screenwriter, dramatist, broadcaster, musician, philanthropist, writer, born 05/23/1958

Michael Breault Game designer and editor, Game designer, editor, writer, born 05/28/1958

S. T. Joshi Critic, Editor, Historian, writer, born 06/22/1958

Jennifer Finney Boylan Novelist, short story writer, editor, professor, Author; professor of creative writing and American literature, writer, born 06/22/1958

Cristina García Novelist, journalist, novelist, journalist, writer, born 07/04/1958

Rieko Matsuura Japanese novelist and short story writer, Novelist, Short story writer, writer, born 08/07/1958

John Coy American children's author., children's author, writer, born 08/09/1958

Joscha Remus German Writer, Journalist, Photographer, Writer, Journalist, Photographer, writer, born 08/23/1958

Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya Russian journalist, Journalist, author, writer, born 08/30/1958

Irvine Welsh Scottish novelist, Novelist, writer, born 09/27/1958

Alexandra Sviridov journalist, writer, writer, born 10/15/1958

Eric Marcus non-fiction writer, writer, born 11/12/1958

Nick Park director, animator, writer, writer, born 12/06/1958

Cornelia Caroline Funke Author, writer, born 12/10/1958

Christopher Kelen writer, born 12/17/1958

Gilles Leroy Novelist, writer, born 12/28/1958

Patrick Nielsen Hayden American science fiction editor, fanzine publisher, essayist, reviewer, anthologist, and teacher., Editor, writer, born 01/02/1959

Duk-Koo Kim South Korean boxer, boxer, born 01/08/1959

Ovidiu Pecican historian, essayist, novelist, short story writer, literary critic, playwright, journalist, poet, writer, born 01/08/1959

Brigitte Byrd American author, Poet, Author, Professor, writer, born 02/15/1959

Dejan Stojanović poet, writer, and businessman, Writer, writer, born 03/11/1959

Suzanne Francis Author, writer, born 03/20/1959

Julijana Matanovic Short story writer, novelist and scholar, writer, born 04/06/1959

Chingiz Abdullayev Writer, writer, born 04/07/1959

Alice Randall author, songwriter, screenwriter, educator, writer, born 05/04/1959

Lowell Cunningham American comic book creator and artist, Freelance writer, comic book author, writer, born 05/21/1959

Maurice Dantec Writer, writer, born 06/13/1959

Robert B. Weide Screenwriter, producer, director, documentarian, Documentarian, producer, director, screenwriter, writer, born 06/20/1959

Louis Philippe French musician, Musician, writer, born 06/24/1959

Ashihei Hino writer, born 06/29/1959

Shu Fujisawa writer, born 06/29/1959

Julie Burchill novelist, columnist, writer, born 07/03/1959

David Shore Writer, producer, writer, born 07/03/1959

Gil Waugh Novelist, writer, born 07/07/1959

Francois Gautier Journalism, writer, born 07/26/1959

William T. Vollmann Novelist, short story writer, essayist, novelist, journalist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 07/28/1959

Jonathan Franzen Novelist, Novelist, essayist, writer, born 08/17/1959

Eric Schlosser Non-fiction writer, Journalist, writer, born 08/17/1959

Nancy A. Collins Novelist, writer, born 09/10/1959

Ashley Pharaoh Screenwriter, Television Producer, writer, born 09/13/1959

Michael Scott Novelist, writer, born 09/28/1959

Steven Erikson Canadian fantasy author, Author, writer, born 10/07/1959

Mercedes Odina journalist, author, film director, culture manager, journalist, author, film director, cultural manager, writer, born 10/11/1959

Rocky Wood Writer, writer, born 10/19/1959

Neal Stephenson American science fiction writer, novelist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 10/31/1959

Mike Reiss American writer and producer, Television and film writer, writer, born 11/15/1959

Ronald Kelly Writer, Novelist, writer, born 11/20/1959

Udi Aloni Filmmaker , Writer, writer, born 12/10/1959

Martin Meenan playwright, screenwriter, poet, actor, director, author, teacher, writer, born 12/21/1959

Angus Konstam Scottish historian and author, Writer, Historian, writer, born 01/02/1960

Bart Kosko Writer and Professor of Electrical Engineering, writer, born 02/07/1960

Peter F. Hamilton English Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 03/02/1960

Jeffrey Eugenides Novelist, short story writer, teacher, writer, born 03/08/1960

G. H. Lauziere Writer/Musician/Business Controller, writer, born 03/10/1960

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt writer, born 03/28/1960

Kaye Gibbons Novelist, writer, born 05/05/1960

Stuart Pigott Wine writer, Wine writer, critic, writer, born 05/26/1960

Ethan Canin Author, educator, physician, author, educator, physician, writer, born 07/19/1960

Randy Geissler Corporate Executive and Enterpreneur, writer, born 07/21/1960

Chris Bohjalian Novelist, writer, born 08/12/1960

John S. Hall Poet, author, singer, lawyer, writer, born 09/02/1960

Alison Bechdel American cartoonist, author, cartoonist, author, writer, born 09/10/1960

Thomas K. Martin Fantasy author, writer, born 09/25/1960

Carlo Lucarelli Novelist, Journalist, Screenwriter, Television presenter, writer, born 10/26/1960

Neil Richard Gaiman English fantasy writer, Novelist, graphic novelist and screenwriter, writer, born 11/10/1960

Douglas Brinkley Historian, writer, born 12/14/1960

Allen Kurzweil Novelist, children's writer, essayist, Novelist, writer, born 12/16/1960

David Gustav Fraser playwright, screenwriter, writer, born 12/18/1960

Jasper Fforde English novelist, novelist, writer, born 01/11/1961

Miguel M. Abrahao Writer and Dramatist, writer, born 01/21/1961

Arnaldur Indridason writer, born 01/28/1961

Stewart O'Nan Novelist, writer, born 02/04/1961

Douglas Rushkoff Writer, American media theorist, American media theorist, writer, columnist, lecturer graphic novelist, documentarian, writer, born 02/18/1961

Umayya Abu-Hanna writer, born 03/17/1961

Edward E. Kramer Editor, writer, Editor, Writer, writer, born 03/20/1961

Kathryn Harrison Author, author, writer, born 03/20/1961

Howard Gordon screenwriter, producer, writer, born 03/31/1961

Kia Corthron Playwright, television writer, writer, born 05/13/1961

Richard Carlson Author, psychotherapist and motivational speaker, writer, born 05/16/1961

Richard A. Knaak American fantasy author, writer, born 05/28/1961

David Leavitt Novelist, short story writer, essayist, professor, short story writer, novelist, essayist, professor, writer, born 06/23/1961

Cate Tiernan American Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 07/24/1961

Iggy Pintado Author and Marketing Expert, Non-fiction writer, Marketing, writer, born 08/08/1961

Jonathan Coe English novelist, Novelist, writer, born 08/19/1961

Greg Egan Australian science fiction writer and former computer programmer, Writer, former Programmer, writer, born 08/20/1961

Lois-Ann Yamanaka writer, Language Arts Resource teacher, English Teacher, Hawaii Department of Education., writer, born 09/07/1961

Will Self Writer, Journalist, Journalist, novelist, writer, born 09/26/1961

Marc Levy Novelist, writer, born 10/16/1961

Rick Moody Fiction writer, Novelist, short story writer, essayist, composer, writer, born 10/18/1961

Laurie Halse Anderson Novelist, writer, born 10/23/1961

Nicola Morgan Author, Teacher, writer, born 11/11/1961

Robert Girardi Novelist, Author, writer, born 11/18/1961

Arundhati Roy Indian novelist, essayist, Novelist, essayist, writer, born 11/24/1961

Jim Provenzano writer, born 12/06/1961

A. M. Homes Novelist, memoirist, Fiction writer, memoirist, screenwriter, writer, born 12/18/1961

Douglas Coupland American novelist, short story writer, playwright, and graphic designer, Writer, Artist, writer, born 12/30/1961

Harlan Coben Author, writer, born 01/04/1962

Elizabeth Searle Fiction writer, Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/13/1962

Janisse Ray Professor, environmental activist, writer, born 02/02/1962

Malorie Blackman Author, writer, born 02/08/1962

Guido Monte Italian writer and poet, writer, poet, writer, born 02/17/1962

David Foster Wallace Fiction writer, essayist, novelist, short story writer, essayist, college professor, writer, born 02/21/1962

Chuck Palahniuk American novelist, essayist, novelist, essayist, writer, born 02/21/1962

David Fury Writer; Producer, screenwriter, producer, writer, born 03/05/1962

Houghton Hung Gar Kuen, writer, born 03/08/1962

Kevin J. Anderson Author, writer, born 03/27/1962

Tanya Anne Crosby Novelist, writer, born 06/05/1962

Marc Gascoigne British author and editor, writer, born 07/05/1962

Peter Hedges Novelist, screenwriter, film director, writer, born 07/06/1962

Christian (real name) Cameron Canadian historical fiction author, Author, writer, born 08/16/1962

Karl Schroeder Author. Technology consultant., author, technology consultant, writer, born 09/04/1962

Liza Marklund Swedish journalist and detective fiction writer, Crime Novelist, writer, born 09/09/1962

Vinnie Tortorich Author, host, trainer, Author,, writer, born 09/27/1962

Kerry Shook Novelist, Pastor, writer, born 10/04/1962

Ted Dekker Novelist, writer, born 10/24/1962

Naomi Wolf Author, writer, born 11/12/1962

Neal Shusterman Novelist, writer, born 11/12/1962

Masazaku Katsura mangaka, writer, born 12/10/1962

Steve Matchett Author, Columnist, Editor, Television Broadcaster, writer, born 12/23/1962

Jacqueline Woodson Author, writer, born 02/12/1963

Laurell K. Hamilton Novelist, Writer, Novelist, writer, born 02/19/1963

John Prendergast Author, Human Rights Activist, writer, born 03/21/1963

Gregory Keyes writer of science fiction and fantasy, Novelist, writer, born 04/11/1963

Russell T Davies Screenwriter and television producer, Screenwriter, television producer, writer, born 04/27/1963

Johan Staël von Holstein Entrepreneur, CEO of MyCube, writer, born 05/05/1963

Richard Appel American writer and producer, Writer, producer, former attorney, writer, born 05/21/1963

Michael Chabon Novelist, short story writer, essayist, Novelist, screenwriter, columnist, short-story writer, writer, born 05/24/1963

Simon Armitage Poet, playwright, novelist, Poet / Playwright / Novelist, writer, born 05/26/1963

Mark Ovenden Writer and journalist, writer, born 06/20/1963

Yann Martel Canadian novelist, Novelist, writer, born 06/25/1963

David Drake playwright, stage director, actor, author, writer, born 06/27/1963

Michael Ruhlman Author of non-fiction books, writer, born 07/28/1963

Christophe Arleston French comics writer, writer, born 08/14/1963

Malcolm Gladwell Journalist and science writer, Non-fiction writer, journalist, writer, born 09/01/1963

Toby Young Journalist, writer, born 10/17/1963

T.M. Gray American author, Novelist, writer, born 11/23/1963

Ann Patchett Novelist, memoirist, writer, born 12/02/1963

Christine Fugate Filmmaker, Director, Writer, writer, born 12/12/1963

Caroline Aherne Comedian, Actress, writer, comedienne, writer, born 12/24/1963

Ben Sherwood American author, journalist, and entrepreneur, Author, Journalist, Entrepreneur, writer, born 02/12/1964

Jonathan Lethem Novelist, essayist, short story writer, writer, born 02/19/1964

Bret Easton Ellis American novelist, novelist, writer, born 03/07/1964

Amy Alkon Advice columnist, writer, born 03/08/1964

Kate DiCamillo American children's author., Children's author, writer, born 03/25/1964

Margaret Peterson Haddix Young-adult novelist, Author, writer, born 04/09/1964

Philip Jon Haarsma novelist, children's literature, Novelist, writer, born 06/05/1964

Dan Brown Author, Novelist, writer, born 06/22/1964

Mike Edison writer, musician, writer, born 08/02/1964

Elizabeth Kostova Author, Novelist, writer, born 08/04/1964

Connie Lapallo Author and Speaker, writer, born 09/07/1964

Aleksandar Hemon Short story writer, novelist, columnist, Short story writer, novelist and columnist, writer, born 09/09/1964

Carlos Ruiz Zafon writer, born 09/25/1964

Charles Stross Science fiction writer, Writer, former Programmer and Pharmacist, writer, born 10/18/1964

Sandrone Dazieri popular Italian crime writer, Author, Screenwriter, writer, born 11/04/1964

Boris Dezulovic Novelist and journalist, writer, born 11/20/1964

James Reese Novelist, writer, born 11/21/1964

David Rakoff Essayist, journalist, actor, writer, born 11/27/1964

Bjørn Lomborg Environmentalist author, author, researcher, writer, born 01/06/1965

Andrey Dashkov Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/28/1965

Dan Schneider Film critic, poet, writer, writer, born 02/02/1965

Hannes Stein Journalist and Author, writer, born 02/15/1965

Khakan Sajid Short Story writing, writer, born 02/15/1965

Colum Maccann Writer, writer, born 02/28/1965

Khaled Hosseini Novelist, Novelist, physician, writer, born 03/04/1965

Kevin Williamson writer, born 03/14/1965

Michael Karam Writer, journalist, writer, born 05/01/1965

Michael Marshall Smith British author, Author, writer, born 05/03/1965

Abigail Pogrebin writer, born 05/17/1965

Vincent Louis Carrella American novelist, author, writer, short story writer, novelist, video game developer, writer, born 06/26/1965

David Lipsky Novelist, journalist, short story writer, writer, born 07/20/1965

Chang-Rae Lee Novelist, novelist, writer, born 07/29/1965

Joanne Rowling English writer. Author of the Harry Potter series, Novelist, writer, born 07/31/1965

Hakan Toker Turkish writer, Writer and translator, writer, born 08/01/1965

Dennis Lehane Novelist, Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 08/04/1965

Rob Thomas Young adult novel author, television program writer, Television showrunner, creator, writer, producer, writer, born 08/15/1965

Christopher Nolan Author, Poet, Writer, writer, born 09/06/1965

Dan Abnett British comic book writer, novelist, comic book writer, novelist, writer, born 10/12/1965

Bill Odenkirk Television writer, writer, born 10/13/1965

Laura Albert Novelist, short story writer, Author, writer, born 11/02/1965

Jennifer Michael Hecht Philosopher, poet, historian, author, writer, born 11/23/1965

Khin Khin Htoo Writer, writer, born 12/17/1965

Sydney Pokorny author, writer, activist, writer, born 12/23/1965

Nicholas Sparks Author, Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 12/31/1965

William Lloyd Oakley American writer and producer, Television writer, writer, born 02/27/1966

David Pilkey United States children's author, Writer and illustrator, writer, born 03/04/1966

Michael Carroll Irish writer, Novelist, writer, born 03/21/1966

Jouni Inkala writer, born 04/15/1966

Abraham Shakespeare Truck driver's assistant, writer, born 04/23/1966

Joshua Weinstein American writer and producer, Television writer, writer, born 05/05/1966

Oliver Holt Author, Journalist, writer, born 05/22/1966

Sarah Waters novelist, Novelist, writer, born 07/21/1966

Marek Krajewski writer, linguist, writer, born 09/04/1966

Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright American translator, writer, born 10/03/1966

Sherman Alexie Poet, short story writer, novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker, Poet, Short-Story Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, writer, born 10/07/1966

Deborah Abela Writer, writer, born 10/13/1966

Tahir Shah British author, journalist and documentary filmmaker, Writer, documentary maker, writer, born 11/16/1966

Pete Shaw British author, broadcaster, programmer and theatrical producer, journalist, technical writer, writer, born 12/02/1966

Carolyn Hax author, columnist, writer, born 12/05/1966

Ihor Pavlyuk poet, novelist, essayist, writer, born 01/01/1967

Wendy Mass Novelist, writer, born 01/17/1967

Meg Cabot Novelist, Writer, writer, born 02/01/1967

Naoko Takeuchi Japanese Mangaka, mangaka, writer, born 03/15/1967

Brenda A. Ferber American novelist, Novelist, writer, born 04/23/1967

Outi Alanne writer, born 05/04/1967

Poppy Z. Brite Novelist, short story writer, food writer, Novelist, Writer, writer, born 05/25/1967

Jhumpa Lahiri Short story writer, novelist, writer, born 07/11/1967

Adam Johnson Novelist, short story writer, Author, lecturer, writer, born 07/12/1967

Wladimir Kaminer Writer, writer, born 07/19/1967

Joshua Ozersky writer, born 08/22/1967

James Berardinelli Film critic, writer, born 09/01/1967

Jonathan Littell Novelist, writer, born 10/10/1967

Sami Garam writer, born 10/31/1967

Judd Apatow Film director, Writer, Producer, Actor, writer, born 12/06/1967

Wiebke Eden writer, born 01/19/1968

Novala Takemoto writer, fashion designer, writer, born 01/26/1968

Monte Cook Writer, game designer, writer, born 01/29/1968

Sonya Hartnett Contemporary Australian author, Author, writer, born 02/23/1968

Gonzalo Lira Novelist, filmmaker, Novelist, Film Director, writer, born 02/29/1968

Richard Dean Starr American science fiction author, editor, journalist, screenwriter, Editor, writer, born 03/06/1968

Iris Chang author, journalist, writer, born 03/28/1968

Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes Short story writer, poet, playwright, scholar, writer, born 04/10/1968

Sergey Vasilievich Lukyanenko Russian science fiction writer, Physician, Writer,, writer, born 04/11/1968

Matthew Wingett Screenwriter, Journalist, Novelist, writer, born 04/24/1968

Harry Kambolis Canadian restaurateur, restaurateur author, writer, born 06/30/1968

Ronni Ancona Comedian, Actress, impressionist, author, writer, born 07/04/1968

Petr Stancik writer, born 09/06/1968

Shuichi Yoshida novelist, writer, born 09/14/1968

Larry Smith Non-fiction writer, editor, writer, born 09/17/1968

Santana writer, born 10/01/1968

Paul. Chronnell writer, born 10/26/1968

Kouhei Kadono writer, born 12/12/1968

Mark Oldman Wine critic, writer, born 01/05/1969

Edwidge Danticat Novelist, short story writer, memoirist, Writer, writer, born 01/19/1969

Nestor Barron Writer, Poet, Musician, Comic artist., writer, born 01/29/1969

David G. Armstrong Physician, Researcher, writer, born 02/18/1969

Hanne Blank Historian, writer, editor, activist, public speaker. Recent author of Virgin: The Untouched History (2007), historian, writer, editor, public speaker, activist, writer, born 02/25/1969

Dan Fitzsimons writer, born 02/26/1969

Daryl F. Mallett Publisher, Editor, Short story writer, Screenwriter, Columnist, Actor, Producer, writer, born 05/03/1969

Erlend Loe Norwegian novelist, Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 05/24/1969

Christopher Largen Author, Filmmaker, Author, Screenwriter, Public Speaker, Filmmaker, writer, born 06/18/1969

Thomas Breitling Entrepreneur, President of Breitling Ventures, writer, born 06/19/1969

Bryan Fuller Screenwriter, television producer, writer, born 07/27/1969

Emma Donoghue Irish novelist, playwright, short-story writer and historian, novelist, short story writer, playwright, literary historian, writer, born 10/24/1969

Bruno Maddox British novelist and journalist, Novelist, writer, born 11/15/1969

Linda Ravenswood writer, born 12/10/1969

Sheppard Solomon Songwriter, writer, born 12/12/1969

Kumar Vishwas Poet, Lyricist, Associate Professor, writer, born 02/10/1970

Daniel Handler Novelist, children's writer, Novelist, screenwriter, writer, born 02/28/1970

Dave Eggers Memoirist, novelist, short story writer, editor, publisher, Writer, editor, publisher, writer, born 03/12/1970

Dominique Mainon American Author, Author, Screenwriter, Filmmaker,, writer, born 04/04/1970

Alan Baxter novelist, novelist, martial artist, personal trainer, Writer, Martial Artist, Personal Trainer, writer, born 04/18/1970

Naomi Klein author, activist, Author, activist, writer, born 05/05/1970

Luis Prieto Film director, Writer, writer, born 07/10/1970

Marko Kitti writer, born 07/11/1970

Richard Marggraf Turley Poet and Literary Critic, poet and literary critic, writer, born 08/02/1970

Taalam Acey Poet, musician, Spoken Word artist, author, writer, born 09/16/1970

Leon Pranix Author, writer, born 10/05/1970

Zelda La Grange Personal Assistant, writer, born 10/29/1970

Matt Briggs Novelist, short story writer, Writer, writer, born 12/01/1970

Karin Slaughter Novelist, Writer, Author, writer, born 01/06/1971

Sarah Kane Playwright, writer, born 02/03/1971

Maxence Layet Journalist, writer, born 04/01/1971

Heather Gemmen Author, Editor, Speaker, writer, born 04/04/1971

Clint Catalyst Writer, actor, writer, born 04/08/1971

Russell Payne English fantasy writer, Novelist, Artist, Musician, comics writer, screenwriter, writer, born 04/18/1971

Paul G. Tremblay American author and editor, Novelist, Short story writer, Editor, writer, born 06/30/1971

Jeffrey Angles Translator, Writer, Professor, writer, born 07/10/1971

Cory Doctorow Journalist. Author, author, blogger, writer, born 07/17/1971

Joel Stein American Journalist, Columnist, writer, born 07/23/1971

Anibal Cristobo writer, poet, critic,, writer, born 09/01/1971

Chabeli Iglesias Journalist, writer, born 09/03/1971

D. Harlan Wilson Novelist & Professor, writer, born 09/03/1971

Kiran Desai Indian author, Novelist, writer, born 09/03/1971

Matt Nix Screenwriter, Television writer, writer, born 09/04/1971

Damon Dimarco Writer, Actor, writer, born 10/16/1971

Le Thi Diem Thuy Writer, performer, writer, born 01/12/1972

Jacinto Rey Spanish Novelist, Novelist, writer, born 02/23/1972

Kathleen Clarice Louise Cornwell Klein Dealtry Groom Novelist, writer, born 03/11/1972

Reza Aslan Writer, scholar, Writer, Scholar, writer, born 05/03/1972

Max Brooks Author, Writer, Screenwriter, writer, born 05/22/1972

China Miéville English writer, Novelist, writer, born 09/06/1972

Sean Theriault author, professor, writer, born 10/23/1972

Tomas Straka historian, professor, and writer., writer, born 10/25/1972

Shane Bolks novelist / teacher, writer, born 12/25/1972

ZZ Packer Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/12/1973

A. Lee Martinez Author, writer, born 01/12/1973

Núria Añó Catalan writer novelist, writer, novelist, writer, born 02/10/1973

Juan Bernardo Gutiérrez Novelist, Novelist, Systems architect, writer, born 03/17/1973

Julie Powell Writer, writer, born 04/20/1973

Patrick Rothfuss American fantasy writer, Novelist, writer, born 06/06/1973

Will Ludwigsen Novelist, Short Story Author, writer, born 06/27/1973

Tara Hunt Writer, Marketing consultant, writer, born 07/15/1973

Kelly Going American author, author, writer, born 08/21/1973

Johan Norberg author, Author, writer, born 08/27/1973

Zaza Burchuladze Writer, writer, born 09/09/1973

Vanesa Littlecrow cartoonist, writer, dancer, model, writer, born 11/08/1973

Danielle Trussoni Memoirist, novelist, Novelist, writer, born 11/09/1973

Shannon princess academy is a great book! Hale American fantasy novelist., Novelist, writer, born 01/26/1974

Rene Romano writer, commentator, radio and internet, writer, born 03/06/1974

Adam Hamdy British comics writer, Screenwriter, author, writer, born 03/12/1974

Sheherazade Goldsmith English environmentalist and author, Columnist and editor, writer, born 03/14/1974

Shane Jiraiya Cummings writer, born 04/24/1974

Mitch Alison Award winning integrated Writer/CD (now living in Australia., Writer, Creative Director., writer, born 05/09/1974

Aaron Macgruder writer, cartoonist, public speaker, writer, born 05/29/1974

Olivia Gentile writer, born 06/13/1974

Jhonen Vasquez Cartoonist, Cartoonist, comic book artist, writer, writer, born 09/01/1974

Jonathan Lamas Journalist, writer, born 10/16/1974

Aravind Adiga Indian journalist and author, Writer, writer, born 10/23/1974

Joe Abercrombie British fantasy writer and film editor, Novelist, writer, born 12/31/1974

Nelly Arcan writer, born 03/05/1975

V. Anamika Contemporary Artist, writer, born 03/12/1975

Jennifer Storm Writer, Speaker, writer, born 05/07/1975

William Mallon writer, born 07/22/1975

Cherie Priest Writer, writer, born 07/30/1975

Marcus Mastin Novelist, Short story writer, Poet, writer, born 08/20/1975

Zadie Smith Novelist, essayist, Professor of Creative Writing, writer, born 10/25/1975

Dušan Fabian Novelist, Short story writer, Researcher, Novelist, Short story writer, Researcher at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, writer, born 11/11/1975

Derick Martini Director, Screenwriter, Editor, writer, born 12/02/1975

Jon Smith British writer, Writer, Journalist, SEO Consultant, writer, born 12/19/1975

Vladimir Klitschko Ukrainian boxer, boxer, born 03/25/1976

Lauren Buekes South African novelist, Writer, writer, born 06/05/1976

Celestino Caballero Panamanian boxer, boxer, born 06/21/1976

Sparrow Hall Short story writer, transmedia storyteller, innovator in emerging media, Fiction Author, Musician, writer, born 07/14/1976

Jorge Rodrigo Barrios Argentine professional boxer, boxer, born 08/01/1976

Alonso Vener Writer, writer, born 08/22/1976

Mohsen Emadi Poet, Researcher and Translator, writer, born 10/29/1976

Tomasz Adamek Polish boxer, boxer, born 12/01/1976

Sarah Mlynowski Novelist, writer, born 01/04/1977

Caridad De La Luz poet, actor, activist, writer, born 01/21/1977

Gun Arvidssen Writer, musician, subeditor, project manager, cinematographer, entrepreneur, writer, born 02/01/1977

Jonathan Safran Foer Novelist, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 02/21/1977

Suzi Brent Novelist, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, writer, born 04/28/1977

Michael Armstrong Boxer, boxer, born 06/21/1977

Carlton Mellick Novelist, writer, born 07/02/1977

Nic Kelman American writer, writer, born 07/12/1977

Pongsaklek Wonjongkam Thai boxer, World Boxing Council world flyweight champion, boxer, born 08/11/1977

John Green Novelist, writer, born 08/24/1977

Diego Corrales American professional boxer, boxer, born 08/25/1977

Zack Hample writer, born 09/14/1977

Igor Stiks Novelist, writer, born 09/17/1977

Gabrielle Zevin Author, writer, born 10/24/1977

Lee Jamieson Writer and lecturer, writer, born 12/14/1977

Emma Forrest British journalist, novelist and screenwriter, Writer, writer, born 12/26/1977

Seanan Macguire writer, born 01/05/1978

Lisa Brennan-Jobs Writer, journalist, Writer, writer, born 05/17/1978

Eric Shapiro filmmaker, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 06/26/1978

Pierre Vogel boxer, born 07/20/1978

Yutaka Niida Japanese minimumweight boxer, boxer, born 10/02/1978

Alexander Reshideovich Dyukov Russian historian and journalist, Author, writer, born 10/17/1978

Jack Thorne Playwright, Screenwriter, writer, born 12/06/1978

Eddie Robson Author, Science fiction writer, writer, born 12/20/1978

Johan Harstad writer, born 02/10/1979

Alexander Gordon Smith Novelist, writer, born 02/27/1979

Jairo Nieto Advertising, writer, born 04/26/1979

James Clancy Phelan Contemporary Australian author, writer, born 05/21/1979

Florian Zeller novelist, playwright, novelist, playwright, journalist, writer, born 06/28/1979

Dmitry Glukhovsky Writer, Journalist, writer, born 07/12/1979

Zarko Kujundziski writer, born 05/19/1980

Nestan Kvinikadze Novelist, journalist, writer, born 06/05/1980

Ryan North Canadian webcomic writer and programmer, Comic writer, computer programmer, writer, born 10/20/1980

Zlata Filipovic Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 12/03/1980

Marie Šťastná Czech poet, Poet, writer, born 04/06/1981

Mélanie Berliet writer, born 08/15/1981

Cecelia Ahern Irish novelist, Novelist, writer, born 09/30/1981

Nobuo Nashiro Japanese super flyweight boxer, boxer, born 10/12/1981

Kimmie Weeks Human Rights Activist, Inspirational Speaker, writer, born 12/06/1981

Benjamin Lebert German writer, Writer, writer, born 01/09/1982

Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme French illustrator, photographer & science fiction author, Illustrator, visual artist, photographer, writer, writer, born 01/10/1982

A. A. Alvarez writer, born 02/19/1982

Jeff Sampson Young Adult novelist, writer, born 07/15/1982

James Brown English writer. Author of the Sydeian series. 3-D artist. Steampunk commentator and promoter., writer, born 08/13/1982

Skyla Dawn Cameron novelist, writer, born 09/21/1982

Ben Cormack British novelist, Writer, Illustrator, writer, born 10/13/1982

Roberto Vásquez Panamanian boxer, boxer, born 05/26/1983

Toby Hemingway Actor, writer, born 05/28/1983

Sally Nicholls Novelist, writer, born 06/22/1983

Andre Berto US-American-born Haïtian boxer, boxer, born 09/07/1983

Juan Díaz Mexican professional boxer, boxer, born 09/17/1983

Dita Karelina writer, born 09/20/1984

Svetlana Chezhina Russian Mangaka, Mangaka, writer, born 01/12/1985

Tsuyoshi Midorikawa Russian Mangaka, Mangaka, writer, born 01/12/1985

Mohammad Faisal Indian record holder for memorization, Electronic Engineer, writer, born 05/23/1985

Alexandra Bracken Author, writer, born 02/27/1987

Susianna Kentikian female boxer, boxer, born 09/11/1987

Sarah Kay American poet, Poet, writer, born 06/19/1988

Ralph Rene writer, born 08/24/1993