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John Winthrop governor, born 01/12/1588

Jusepe de Ribera artist, born 01/12/1591

Charles Perrault Author, writer, born 01/12/1628

Sultan Mohammed IV of Turkey ROYALTY, OTTOMAN SULTAN 1648-87, "HUNTSMAN", born 01/12/1642

Samuel Shute governor, born 01/12/1662

Alexis Simon Belle artist, born 01/12/1674

Antoine De Ulloa scientist, born 01/12/1716

Edmund Burke philosopher, born 01/12/1729

William Hamilton Diplomat, antiquarian, archaeologist and vulcanologist, Diplomat, antiquarian, archaeologist, vulcanologist, politician, born 01/12/1731


Ferdinand I King variously of Naples, Sicily, and the Two Sicilies, British royalty, born 01/12/1751

James Hawkins Peck United States federal judge, born 01/12/1790

Robert Patterson Union United States Army general, military person, born 01/12/1792

George Evans senator, born 01/12/1797

Eugene Louis Lami ARTIST, PAINTER, WATERCOLORIST, ENGRAVER, born 01/12/1800

Clarendon, George Villiers, 4th Earl Of office holder, born 01/12/1800

David Stout Manners politician, born 01/12/1808

Tetuan, Leopoldo Odonnell, 1st Duke Of prime minister, born 01/12/1809

Ferdinand 02 Of The Two Sicilies British royalty, born 01/12/1810

George Thomas Davis Politician, congressman, born 01/12/1810

Jones Mitchell Withers Confederate Army general, military person, born 01/12/1814

William Hossak mayor, born 01/12/1814

Willis A. Gorman American lawyer, soldier, politician, and a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War, governor, born 01/12/1816

James I. Cudworth born 01/12/1817

William Welles Hollister Rancher, Entrepreneur and Founder of Hollister, California, office holder, born 01/12/1818

Zealous Bates Tower Union army general, military person, born 01/12/1819

James Donnelly born 01/12/1823

Joseph R. Davis Confederate Army general, military person, born 01/12/1825

Hardeman, Thomas, Jr. born 01/12/1825

Charles Cruft Union Army General, military person, born 01/12/1826

Rosanna Elanor Leprohon Author, Poet, writer, born 01/12/1829

Richard Waterhouse Confederate Army general, born 01/12/1832

Harry White Union United States Army officer, born 01/12/1834

Carlos Troyer American composer, born 01/12/1837

Edmond Marie Bouty PHYSICIST, EDITOR, AUTHOR, born 01/12/1846

Joel Longenecker American farmer, soldier, lawyer, State's Attorney, Judge, gubernatorial candidate, and Department Commander of the Illinois Grand Army of the Republic, born 01/12/1847

Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre MILITARY, MARSHAL OF FRANCE IN WWI, born 01/12/1852

Curbastro Gregorio Ricci MATHEMATICIAN, DISCOVERED RICCI CALCULUS, born 01/12/1853

Hugo Birger artist, born 01/12/1854

Chub Sullivan Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 01/12/1856

John Singer Sargent ARTIST, PAINTER, PORTRAITIST, born 01/12/1856

John Singer Sargent artist, born 01/12/1856

Charles W. Gates governor, born 01/12/1856

Crewe, Robert Crewe-Milnes, 1st Marquess Of office holder, born 01/12/1858

Nat Hudson Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 01/12/1859

Henry Heitfeld senator, born 01/12/1859

Ed Swartwood baseball player, born 01/12/1859

Edith Emma Cooper POET, PLAYWRIGHT, LESBIAN, born 01/12/1862


Swami Vivekananda born 01/12/1863

Jim Roach Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1864

Benjamin Garver Lamme born 01/12/1864

Charles Richman Actor, Film actor, actor, born 01/12/1865

William Bunting Snowball member of parliament, born 01/12/1865

Geza Daruvary office holder, born 01/12/1866

Henry L. Hulbert United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/12/1867

George Borrow BODYBUILDER, "MILO, THE STRONG MAN", born 01/12/1869

Sidney Cecil Robinson member of parliament, born 01/12/1870

Henry Alexander Baldwin Businessman, Politician, born 01/12/1871

Togie Pittinger Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 01/12/1872

Just Sicard de Pauzoles PHYSICIAN, SURGEON, born 01/12/1872

Carl Graham Fisher American entrepreneur, born 01/12/1874

Alexander Thomas Embury member of parliament, born 01/12/1874

Bernhard Adolph Hantzsch German ornithologist, scientist, born 01/12/1875


Jack London American writer of fiction and non-fiction; Journalist, Novelist, journalist, short story writer and essayist, writer, born 01/12/1876

Fevzi Çakmak Turkish politician, general, born 01/12/1876

Edmond Papin PHYSICIAN, SURGEON, born 01/12/1876

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari MUSICIAN, OPERA COMPOSER, born 01/12/1876

Roy Clements Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/12/1877

Walter Gross PHYSICIAN, PATHOLOGIST, PROFESSOR, born 01/12/1878

Franklin Elmore Kennamer United States federal judge, born 01/12/1879


Calbraith Perry Rodgers Aviator, born 01/12/1879

Frank Fahy office holder, born 01/12/1880

Melchior Lengyel Writer, playwright, screenwriter, writer, born 01/12/1880

Jose Luis Tejada Sorzano president, born 01/12/1882

Vsevolod Petrov military person, born 01/12/1883

Texas Guinan Actress, saloon keeper, entrepreneur, actor, born 01/12/1884

Harry Benjamin German/American sexologist, born 01/12/1885

Maire O'Neill Actor, born 01/12/1885

Claude Delvincourt MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, LOST EYE IN WWI, born 01/12/1888

Frank C. Robertson American novelist, born 01/12/1890

Mordecai Wyatt Johnson EDUCATOR, UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT, THEOLOGIAN, born 01/12/1890

Ellen Plessow German actress, born 01/12/1891

Sir Jack C. Drummont BIOCHEMIST, born 01/12/1891

Jack Drummond Biochemist, Nutrition, scientist, born 01/12/1891

Wilburn Cartwright congressman, born 01/12/1892

Hermann Wilhelm Göring German politician and military leader, a leading member of the Nazi Party, second in command of the Third Reich, and commander of the Luftwaffe, office holder, born 01/12/1893

Mikhail Iosifovich Gurevich Soviet aircraft designer, born 01/12/1893

Nick Grinde Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/12/1893


Alfred Rosenberg NAZI "PHILOSOPHER" OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM, born 01/12/1893

Beauford H. Jester governor, born 01/12/1893

Georges Carpentier French boxer, boxer, born 01/12/1894

Jean Marie Berthoin POLITICIAN, SENATOR, MINISTER, born 01/12/1895

Yellapragada Subbarao scientist, born 01/12/1895

Louis Linck Sculptor, artist, born 01/12/1895

Keen Johnson office holder, born 01/12/1896

Harry Bland Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1898

Clennell Haggerston Dickins Aviator, Salesperson, Spokesperson, Aviator, salesperson, and spokesperson, born 01/12/1899

Elmer David Davies United States federal judge, born 01/12/1899

Paul Hermann Muller CHEMIST, NOBEL PRIZE/PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE 1948, scientist, born 01/12/1899

Roland Raymond Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 01/12/1899

Fuller Albright endocrinologist, born 01/12/1900

Siegfried Schürenberg Actor, drug, born 01/12/1900

Robert Herbert Lacey Australian politician, born 01/12/1900

Harry Roy musical artist, born 01/12/1900

Herbert Albrecht office holder, born 01/12/1900

Salvador Cardona Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/12/1901

Scott Joplin MUSICIAN, PIANIST, COMPOSER, born 01/12/1901

Frank Steer American centenarian, born 01/12/1901

Leon Gard artist, born 01/12/1901

Pedro Benitez soccer player, born 01/12/1901

King Abdul-Aziz al-Faisal Ibn-Saud ROYALTY, KING OF SAUDI ARABIA, born 01/12/1902

Verree Teasdale STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, Actor, actor, born 03/15/1906

Chaim Mordechai Aizik Hodakov Chief of staff of the secretariat of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerso, born 01/12/1902

Frank Carson ice hockey player, born 01/12/1902

Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov scientist, born 01/12/1903

Binyamin Mintz born 01/12/1903

Ruth Vollmer artist, born 01/12/1903

Mississippi Fred McDowell MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/12/1904

Georgi Karaslavov Writer, born 01/12/1904

Dmitri Kabalevsky MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 01/12/1905

Tex Ritter COWBOY SINGER, SONGWRITER, ACTOR, POLITICIAN, musical artist, born 01/12/1905

Fred Fitton soccer player, born 01/12/1905

Emmanuel Levinas French philosopher, philosopher, born 01/12/1906

Cai Chusheng Film director, artist, born 01/12/1906

Henny Youngman COMEDIAN, born 01/12/1906

Charles D. Griffin Four-star admiral in the United States Navy, military person, born 01/12/1906

Sergey Korolyov Rocket engineer and designer, Soviet rocket engineer and designer, born 01/12/1907

Sergey Pavlovich Korolev Chief Rocket Engineer in the Soviet Union, born 01/12/1907

John Keith McBroom Laird office holder, born 01/12/1907

George Heywood soccer player, born 01/12/1907

Jean Delannoy Actor, film editor, screenwriter, film director, actor, born 01/12/1908

Jose Limon DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, TEACHER, born 01/12/1908

Rick Concannon gridiron football player, born 01/12/1909

Cam Kirby Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, office holder, born 01/12/1909

Luise Rainer Actress, actor, born 01/12/1910

Mary Rosamund Haas American linguist; studied historical linguistics, North American languages, Thai, born 01/12/1910

Patsy Kelly Actress, drug, born 01/12/1910

Gery Leuliet born 01/12/1910

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION GURU, born 01/12/1911

Andre Rousseau office holder, born 01/12/1911

Robert Abshagen German Resistance fighter against Nazism and Communist, born 01/12/1911

Konrad Bloch BIOCHEMIST, NOBEL PRIZE/PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE 1964, born 01/12/1912

Aubrey Joseph Wagner ENGINEER, WRITER, GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, born 01/12/1912

Tenagnework British royalty, born 01/12/1912

Trummy Young Trombonist, musical artist, born 01/12/1912

Sara Berner Actress/Voice actress, actor, born 01/12/1912

Richard Kuremaa soccer player, born 01/12/1912

Gregor Baunach German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 01/12/1912

Yoshi Kato Actor, drug, born 01/12/1913

Ade Bethune Catholic Worker artist, artist, born 01/12/1914

Edward Gurney senator, born 01/12/1914

Ted Doyle american football player, born 01/12/1914

Wilhelm Osterhold German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 01/12/1914

Emile Rummelhardt soccer manager, born 01/12/1914

Richard Evans Schultes American Ethnobotanist, scientist, born 01/12/1915

Erich Barenfanger MILITARY, GENERAL, born 01/12/1915

Joseph-Aurele Plourde Christian Bishop, born 01/12/1915

Erich Barenfanger military person, born 01/12/1915

Friedrich Lang German World War II Stuka pilot, military person, born 01/12/1915

Roy Easterwood baseball player, born 01/12/1915

Ronald Morrisby cricketer, born 01/12/1915

Stephen C. O'Connell American university president, Florida Supreme Court justice, attorney, born 01/12/1916

Pieter William Botha POLITICIAN, PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA, born 01/12/1916

Jay Macshann Musician, Bandleader, Composer, Soldier, musical artist, born 01/12/1916

Wilson of Rievaulx, Mary Wilson, Baroness office holder, born 01/12/1916

P. W. Botha office holder, born 01/12/1916

William Dean Howe member of parliament, born 01/12/1916

Peters, House, Jr. Actor, actor, born 01/12/1916

William N. Leonard military person, born 01/12/1916

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Inventor of Transcendental Meditation, born 01/12/1917

William Markus Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/12/1917

Karol L. Zachar director, actor, art director, costume designer, pedagogue, born 01/12/1918

Mel Rilstone cricketer, born 01/12/1918

Paul Saunders military person, born 01/12/1918

James Phillip Connor United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/12/1919

Jacques Mauclair Actor, drug, born 01/12/1919

Hans Richter Actor, drug, born 01/12/1919

Thomas Mason actor, born 01/12/1919

Harold Roberts Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1920

Farmer, James L., Jr. Civil rights activist, born 01/12/1920

Mac Speedie gridiron football player, born 01/12/1920

Raymond Courard military person, born 01/12/1920

Tadeusz Żychiewicz Polish journalist, art historian and publicist, born 01/12/1922

Al Zupek American football fullback, american football player, born 01/12/1922

Eric Heffer member of parliament, born 01/12/1922

Rutherford, Jesse, Jr. United States Marine, military person, born 01/12/1922

Ira Hayes United States Marine, military person, born 01/12/1923

Willem Aantjes Dutch politician, Site of Special Scientific Interest, born 01/12/1923

Jack T. Collis Art director, drug, born 01/12/1923

Wim Aantjes Dutch politician, Politician, office holder, born 01/12/1923

Grethe Holmer Actor, actor, born 01/12/1924

Matti Kassila FILM DIRECTOR, NOTED FAMILY, film director, born 01/12/1924

Olivier Gendebien Formula One racer, born 01/12/1924

Mieczyslaw Jagielski office holder, born 01/12/1924

Francis Coleman born 01/12/1924

Bodil Udsen Actor, actor, born 01/12/1925

Jean Marty BILLIARD CHAMPION, born 01/12/1925

Dodo Marmorosa musical artist, born 01/12/1925

Katherine Macgregor actor, born 01/12/1925

Bill Burrud American Actor, actor, born 01/12/1925

Arnoldo Martinez Verdugo office holder, born 01/12/1925

Ed Stevens baseball player, born 01/12/1925

Ray Price Country Music Artist, Singer, songwriter, guitarist, hospital, born 01/12/1926

Tovah Feldshuh ACTRESS, born 12/28/1953

Andrew Laszlo Cinematographer, born 01/12/1926

Pertti Lindfors PHILOSOPHER, born 01/12/1927

Leslie Orgel scientist, born 01/12/1927

Ignatz Bubis born 01/12/1927

Guy Lafitte saxophonist, musical artist, born 01/12/1927

Maurice Marshall born 01/12/1927

Ron Howells soccer player, born 01/12/1927

Ruth Brown BLUES SINGER, "MISS RHYTHM", born 01/12/1928

Andre Labarrere POLITICIAN, MAYOR OF PAU, MINISTER, born 01/12/1928

Lloyd Ruby Formula One racer, born 01/12/1928

Inayat Bhatti singer, film actor, film producer, musical artist, born 01/12/1928

Anthony Maccowan judge, born 01/12/1928

Lawrence F. Bretta office holder, born 01/12/1928

Peter Lerche scientist, born 01/12/1928

Miriam M. Johnson Johnson is a sociologist, educator and author, Sociologist, born 01/12/1928

Jack Boynton artist, born 01/12/1928

Jaakko Hintikka Finnish philosopher, logician, born 01/12/1929

Leon Dony ACTOR, COMEDIAN, DIRECTOR, born 01/12/1929

Alasdair Macintyre philosopher, born 01/12/1929

Willie Francis born 01/12/1929

Ewen Colin Cameron Australian politician, Farmer, member of parliament, born 01/12/1930


Edgar Lansbury PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, TWIN, NOTED FAMILY, born 01/12/1930


Glenn Yarbrough MUSICIAN, FOLKSINGER, GUITARIST, ARRANGER, Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 01/12/1930

Tim Horton ice hockey player, born 01/12/1930

Abdul Jamil Khan Professor of Medicine, Bureaucrat, Health Policy Maker, Medical Educationist, prime minister, born 01/12/1930

Georges Mazoyer JOURNALIST, EDITOR OF "PARIS-MATCH", born 01/12/1931

Roland Alphonso musical artist, born 01/12/1931

Des O'Connor Singer, entertainer, Presenter, Broadcaster, singer, born 01/12/1932

Ginette Jany SWIMMING CHAMPION, born 01/12/1932

Itzik Kol producer, director, actor, born 01/12/1932

Tzeni Karezi actress, born 01/12/1932

Margherita Rinaldi Italian lyric soprano, born 01/12/1933

Michael Aspel TV HOST, INTERVIEWER, NARRATOR, born 01/12/1933

Liliana Cavani FILM DIRECTOR, CINEMATOGRAPHER, born 01/12/1933

Gene Persson actor, born 01/12/1934

Kreskin MENTALIST, MIND READER, born 01/12/1935


Tomiko Ishi Actress, born 01/12/1935

Ken Uston Professional gambler, writer, born 01/12/1935

Emile Lahoud president, born 01/12/1936

Ron Harper actor, born 01/12/1936

Marie Dubois FILM ACTRESS, born 01/12/1937

Lewis Fiander actor, born 01/12/1938

Tilo Gutzeit German figure skater, figure skater, born 01/12/1938

James E. Livingston United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/12/1940

Veerappa Moily office holder, born 01/12/1940

Matthias Habich Actor, actor, born 01/12/1940

Jaime Fuster Berlingeri congressman, born 01/12/1941

Chet Jastremski CHAMPIONSHIP SWIMMER, born 01/12/1941

Olu Dara Musician, musical artist, born 01/12/1941

Long John Baldry Singer – Voice actor, musical artist, born 01/12/1941

John Paul Stanley British Member of Parliament and former Minister of State, member of parliament, born 01/12/1942



Hedayat Amin Arsala Politician, born 01/12/1942

Hilary Weston former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, born 01/12/1942

Doug Graham office holder, born 01/12/1942

Raghav Sharan Sharma born 01/12/1942

Fred Holstein songwriter, musical artist, born 01/12/1942

Roger Ewing Actor; Photographer, born 01/12/1942

Mosharraf Hossain Politician and Freedom Fighter, President of Chittagong North District, Bangladesh Awami League, born 01/12/1943

Jean-Louis Bianco politician, born 01/12/1943

James Nicholas "Jim" Gray American computer scientist, scientist, born 01/12/1944

Joe Frazier BOXER, born 01/12/1944

Gerard Wilk DANCER, born 01/12/1944

Carlos Villagran actor, born 01/12/1944

Vlastimil Hort born 01/12/1944

Judi Monterey Playboy Playmate, born 01/12/1944

David Payne office holder, born 01/12/1944

Maggie Bell Scottish singer-songwriter, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/12/1945

Barry Robins Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 01/12/1945

John Murphy born 01/12/1945

Lady Cosgrove judge, born 01/12/1946

Helmut Koeglberger soccer manager, born 01/12/1946

Tom Dempsey former American football placekicker in the NFL, gridiron football player, born 01/12/1947

Sally Hamwee office holder, born 01/12/1947

Edward Zander born 01/12/1947

Gene Martin baseball player, born 01/12/1947

Henning Munk Jensen soccer player, born 01/12/1947

Arnette Lamb Novelist, writer, born 01/12/1947

Leo Brooks gridiron football player, born 01/12/1947

Otto Brown gridiron football player, born 01/12/1947

Leon Everitt baseball player, born 01/12/1947

Anthony Andrews Actor, actor, born 01/12/1948

Kenny Allen Footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1948

Gordon Campbell Real estate developer, Politician, Teacher, office holder, born 01/12/1948

P. Janardhan Reddy office holder, born 01/12/1948

Hanumatpresaka Swami born 01/12/1948

Terry Forman Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 01/12/1948

Haruki Murakami Japanese author, novelist, Author, novelist, writer, born 01/12/1949

Wayne Wang FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 01/12/1949

Anju Mahendru actor, born 01/12/1949

Parasnath Yadava office holder, born 01/12/1949

Raul Aguas soccer manager, born 01/12/1949

Kirstie Alley Actress, actor, born 01/12/1950

Bob McEwen Early anatomist, olympics, born 01/12/1950

Göran Lindblad Politician, member of parliament, born 01/12/1950

Sheila Jackson Lee congressman, born 01/12/1950

Greg X. Volz singer, musical artist, born 01/12/1950

Patrice Dominguez tennis player, born 01/12/1950

Rush Limbaugh U.S. radio talk show host, Commentator, Author, and television personality, Radio host, political commentator, author, television personality, born 01/12/1951

Tevfik Başer Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/12/1951

Chris Bell of BIG STAR MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, SINGER, born 01/12/1951

Karen Thurman office holder, born 01/12/1951

Kenneth Jadlowiec office holder, born 01/12/1951

Charles Faulkner Master Neuro-linguistic Programmer and Trainer, stock trader, Master NLP practitioner and trainer, life coach, finance trader, born 01/12/1952

Marilyn Lange Playboy Playmate, born 01/12/1952

Bob Stenehjem Roads and Streets Foreman, office holder, born 01/12/1952

Martha Chavez politician, born 01/12/1953

Andrew E. Johnson Born January 12, 1953 in Jacksonville, FL. Educated at Dartmouth College, B.A., 1975. President of Young Democrats. Married Mary Davis of Los Angeles, California. Children: Andrew Earl, Jr. Affiliations: Board of Directors, Duval Farm Bureau. Board of Directors, Big Brothers. Board of Directors, Boys club. Board of Directors, Boy Scouts. Board of Directors, Clara White Mission. Leadership Jacksonville. Northside Businessmen's Club. Jacksonville Kiwanis. Jacksonville Jaycees. Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce. Bullsnort Forum. Donkey Club. Young Democrats. Other Public Service: Duval Democratic Executive Committee. Business Interests: Manager and part-owner, Dinsmore Dairy Farm. Timber. Highlights: Outstnading Young Farmer of the Year, 1976. Outstanding Florida Jaycee Project of the Year award, 1975 and '76. Statewide STAR student Honoree, 1971, Florida Chamber of Commerce. President, Duval County Association of Student Councils, 1971. First clarinetist, McDonald's All-American Band, 1970-71. Youngest member of the Florida House of Representatives, 1978-80., office holder, born 01/12/1953

Howard Stern RADIO DEEJAY, TV TALK SHOW HOST, AUTHOR, Radio personality, television host, author, actor, born 01/12/1954

Kali Mountford member of parliament, born 01/12/1954

Felipe Rose Singer, Actor, actor, born 01/12/1954

Michael Sopkiw Film actor, model, actor, born 01/12/1954

James M. Lyon Software developer, born 01/12/1954

Tom Spencer office holder, born 01/12/1955

David Thomas office holder, born 01/12/1955

Vincent Lavenu Directeur sportif and former road bicycle racer, born 01/12/1956

Anna Fotyga office holder, born 01/12/1957

Jonathan Moyo office holder, born 01/12/1957

James Neil Tucker thief, criminal, born 01/12/1957

Wakashimazu Mutsuo born 01/12/1957

David Butau office holder, born 01/12/1957

Tafataona Mahoso office holder, born 01/12/1957

Pengju Tang soccer manager, born 01/12/1957

Curt Fraser Ice Hockey Player, Head Coach, ice hockey player, born 01/12/1958

Christiane Amanpour ABC anchor, journalist, born 01/12/1958

Blixa Bargeld of NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 01/12/1959

Ralf Moller actor, born 01/12/1959

Oliver Platt Actor, actor, born 01/12/1960

Guido Bontempi Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/12/1960

Chin Chyi Chinese singer and songwriter, Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/12/1960

Robert Prytz soccer player, born 01/12/1960

John G. Brennan actor, voice actor, writer, actor, born 01/12/1961

Stefano Ceccaroni soccer manager, born 01/12/1961

Woon Soo-Yoon comics creator, born 01/12/1961

Dan Maes Businessman, office holder, born 01/12/1961

Joe Quesada comics creator, born 01/12/1962

Timothy Shepard MASS. POLICE CADET, TRAINING STRESS DEATH, born 01/12/1963

Steve Thompson soccer manager, born 01/12/1963

Nando Reis Singer, composer, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 01/12/1963

Debashish Bhattacharya Indian classical lap slide guitarist, musical artist, born 01/12/1963

Jan Peeters politician, born 01/12/1963

Roman Sedlacek soccer manager, born 01/12/1963

Oleg Timofeyev Guitarist, lutenist and musicologist., musical artist, born 01/12/1963

Kevin Russell Singer, musical artist, born 01/12/1964

Martin Sandoval office holder, born 01/12/1964

Ajay Maken office holder, born 01/12/1964

Martin Reid actor, born 01/12/1964

Robert Boland Lawyer, Sports Agent, Professor, Speaker, Author, born 01/12/1964

Toby Mott artist, born 01/12/1964

Mark Smalley Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1965


Alexandra Wentworth actor, born 01/12/1965

Rob Zombie Musician, songwriter, screenwriter, film director, film producer, musical artist, born 01/12/1965

DJ Hurricane rapper, musician, hip-hop DJ, born 01/12/1965

Salah Choudhury born 01/12/1965

Matt Dolan office holder, born 01/12/1965

Jack Coughlin United States Marine, military person, born 01/12/1966

Oussama Kassir Militant Islamist, born 01/12/1966

Olivier Martinez Actor, actor, born 01/12/1966

Ingrid Jensen musical artist, born 01/12/1966

Alejandro Springall Film director and producer, actor, born 01/12/1966

Vendela Kirsebom MODEL, born 01/12/1967

Dennis Hollingsworth office holder, born 01/12/1967

Spencer Dale office holder, born 01/12/1967

Heather Mills former glamour model, activist, Businesswoman, media personality, former model,, born 01/12/1968

Squibb Corporation DRUG CORPORATION, born 01/12/1968

Rachael Harris Actress/Comedienne, actor, born 01/12/1968

Michael Moynihan politician, born 01/12/1968

Christopher Gartin actor, born 01/12/1968

John Jackson Miller comics creator, born 01/12/1968

Richard Sulik politician, born 01/12/1968

Jayson More Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/12/1969

Cam Russell Former Canadian NHL defenceman, ice hockey player, born 01/12/1969

Russell Milton Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1969

Brian Swenlin COMIC BOOK CARTOONIST, born 01/12/1969

Maria Guzenina politician, born 01/12/1969

Slawomir Majak soccer manager, born 01/12/1969

Zack de la Rocha rapper, singer, musician, and activist of Chicano descent, Rapper, poet, musician, songwriter, activist, musical artist, born 01/12/1970

Dennis Hood politician, born 01/12/1970

Jon S. Cardin Attorney, politician, born 01/12/1970

Denny Kantono badminton player, born 01/12/1970

Lindsay Vallis ice hockey player, born 01/12/1971

Jay Jay Burridge British artist and TV presenter, born 01/12/1971

Paul Wilson Cricketer, cricketer, born 01/12/1972

Hans Peter Anvin Linux programmer extraordinaire, Software engineer, born 01/12/1972

Priyanka Vadra born 01/12/1972

Le Thi Diem Thuy Writer, performer, writer, born 01/12/1972

Randy And Jason Sklar actor, born 01/12/1972

Jackeline Rodriguez born 01/12/1972

A. Lee Martinez Author, writer, born 01/12/1973

John Anthony Cheesewright Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1973

Hande Yener musical artist, born 01/12/1973

ZZ Packer Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/12/1973

Tanwar Model , Actress , Television Presenter, actor, born 01/12/1973

Nina Proll Actor, drug, born 01/12/1974

Mel C of SPICE GIRLS MUSICIAN, born 01/12/1974

Melanie Chisholm Singer-songwriter, businesswoman,, musical artist, born 01/12/1974

Dreuxilla Divine Television actor, actor, born 01/12/1974

Claudia Conserva Actress, Television presenter, actor, born 01/12/1974

Alpin Gallo soccer player, born 01/12/1974

Chase Hampton Actor, singer, actor, born 01/12/1975

Jason Freese Musician, Producer, musical artist, born 01/12/1975

Lisa Rieffel actor, born 01/12/1975

Ryan Brown Actor, Author, actor, born 01/12/1975

Xevi Vilaro artist, born 01/12/1975

Ning An Pianist, born 01/12/1976

Miki Nakatani actor, born 01/12/1976

Kneel Cohn musical artist, born 01/12/1976

Mark Telan born 01/12/1976

Marat Dzhumaev born 01/12/1976

Piolo Pascual Model, actor and musician, actor, born 01/12/1977

DeJuan Alfonzo gridiron football player, born 01/12/1977

Gunter Thiebaut soccer player, born 01/12/1977

Nico Schwanz Model, model, born 01/12/1978

Bouchaib El Moubarki soccer player, born 01/12/1978

Jeremy Camp Musician, minister, musical artist, born 01/12/1978

Naoki Tanisaki wrestler, born 01/12/1978

Marian Hossa Ice Hockey Player, ice hockey player, born 01/12/1979

David Zabriskie Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/12/1979

Grzegorz Rasiak Footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1979

Matt Striebel Lacrosse player, born 01/12/1979

Bo-young Lee Actress & model, Actress, model, drug, born 01/12/1979

Sean McAslan Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/12/1980

Vanessa Johansson Actor, actor, born 01/12/1980

Nuria Bermudez actor, born 01/12/1980

Cheick Oumar Dabo soccer player, born 01/12/1981

Valerie Dominguez Tarud born 01/12/1981

Shannon Schambeau born 01/12/1981

Paul-Henri Mathieu tennis player, born 01/12/1982

Adrian Vlas soccer player, born 01/12/1982

Umberto Cazzola soccer player, born 01/12/1982

Shawn Desman Singer,Dancer, musical artist, born 01/12/1983

Liang Fuliang born 01/12/1983

Negar Javaherian actress,, actor, born 01/12/1983

Viktor Igorevich Budyansky Russian footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1984

Eric Go badminton player, born 01/12/1984

Taraneh Alidoosti actor, born 01/12/1984

Robert Hite basketball player, born 01/12/1984

Oyo Boy Sotto Actor, ME Student, Model and Host, actor, born 01/12/1984

Alli Ndri soccer player, born 01/12/1984

Svetlana Chezhina Russian Mangaka, Mangaka, writer, born 01/12/1985

Tsuyoshi Midorikawa Russian Mangaka, Mangaka, writer, born 01/12/1985

Qin Xiao born 01/12/1985

Danielle Judovits Voice actress, actor, born 01/12/1985

Yoonjung Han Pianist, musical artist, born 01/12/1985

Rafika Chawishe Actress, Director, born 01/12/1985

Pablo Daniel Osvaldo Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 01/12/1986

Kieron Mark Richardson Actor, drug, born 01/12/1986

Kehoma Brenner rugby player, born 01/12/1986

Amanda Elizabeth Janet Muise Canadian model, model, born 01/12/1987

Salvatore Sirigu footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1987

Ahmed Yahiaoui Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1987

Will Rothhaar actor, born 01/12/1987

Daniel Ryder ice hockey player, born 01/12/1987

Florin Macovei soccer player, born 01/12/1987

Rich Gunnell american football player, born 01/12/1987

Naya Rivera Actress, singer, actor, born 01/12/1987

Fabio Lebran Italian footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1987

Claude Giroux Canadian ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/12/1988

Jakub Dohnalek soccer player, born 01/12/1988

Arci Munoz Actress, model, actor, born 01/12/1989

Francesco Pambianchi Italian footballer, soccer player, born 01/12/1989

Sergey Karjakin born 01/12/1990

Fifi Richard-Leroy model, actress, television presenter, born 01/12/1990

Dronavalli Harika born 01/12/1991

Amanda Laine model, born 01/12/1992

Aika Mitsui Japanese idol, Singer, musical artist, born 01/12/1993

Nathan Gamble Actor, actor, born 01/12/1998