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Biao Zhu British royalty, born 10/10/1355

Jacobus Arminius Pastor, professor, born 10/10/1560

Cavendish, William, 3rd Earl of Devonshire born 10/10/1617

William Dummer governor, born 10/10/1677

Jean Antoine Watteau ARTIST, PAINTER, artist, born 10/10/1684

Louise-Hippolyte, , Princess Of Monaco British royalty, born 10/10/1697

Henry Cavendish Scientist, scientist, born 10/10/1731

Michal Jerzy Poniatowski born 10/10/1736

Benjamin West artist, born 10/10/1738

Michal Hieronim Radziwill born 10/10/1744

Martin Vahl Botanist and zoologist, born 10/10/1749

Charles McKnight American surgeon and professor, military person, born 10/10/1750

Erik Acharius Botanist, scientist, born 10/10/1757

Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine office holder, born 10/10/1807

Giuseppe Verdi MUSICIAN, COMPOSER KNOWN FOR HIS OPERAS, born 10/28/1955

Giuseppe Verdi Italian composer, born 10/10/1813

Christopher Buys-Ballot SCIENTIST, METEOROLOGIST, INVENTOR, scientist, born 10/10/1817

Zebulon York Confederate Army general, military person, born 10/10/1819

Monck, Charles Stanley Monck, 4th Viscount office holder, born 10/10/1819

John Minto sheep rancher, politician, born 10/10/1822

Moses Tyler Stevens U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (1891–1895), congressman, born 10/10/1825

Paul Kruger POLITICIAN, SOUTH AFRICAN PRESIDENT, BOER LEADER, office holder, born 10/10/1825

William Ladd politician, born 10/10/1826

Samuel J. Randall office holder, born 10/10/1828

Yoshinaga Matsudaira office holder, born 10/10/1828

Dandridge MacRae Confederate Army general, born 10/10/1829

Queen Isabella II of Spain ROYALTY, REIGNED 1843-1870, ABDICATED 6-25-1870, born 10/10/1830

Emmer Bowen military person, born 10/10/1830

Alfred William Savary office holder, born 10/10/1831

Anson G. MacCook Union Army general, military person, born 10/10/1835

Dalton Maccarthy office holder, born 10/10/1836

Robert Gould Shaw Union United States Army officer, military person, born 10/10/1837

Joseph Benton Donley Union Army officer, born 10/10/1838

Addison S. MacClure Politician, born 10/10/1839

William Everett congressman, born 10/10/1839

Amos Madden Thayer United States federal judge, born 10/10/1841

Marie Bethell Beauclerc born 10/10/1845

Aaron Ward United States Navy admiral, born 10/10/1851

Frank D. Baker teacher, Doctor, pharmacist, real estate, office holder, born 10/10/1852

William Sylvester Taylor Governor of Kentucky, Farmer, Teacher, office holder, born 10/10/1853

Bill Tobin Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 10/10/1854

Cassie Chadwick Clairvoyant/Fortune teller, criminal, born 10/10/1857

George Clark prime minister, born 10/10/1857

John Wilson Ruckman United States Army general, military person, born 10/10/1858

Maurice Prendergast artist, born 10/10/1858

Reading, Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess Of office holder, born 10/10/1860

George Brand Duncan United States Army general in World War I, military person, born 10/10/1861

Fridtjof Nansen EXPLORER, SCIENTIST, ARTIST, POLITICIAN, Scientist, explorer and humanitarian worker, born 10/10/1861

Henry Cust Politician and editor, journalist, born 10/10/1861

Claudio Williman office holder, born 10/10/1861

Émile Mayrisch Luxembourgian industrialist, born 10/10/1862

Alanson B. Houghton politician, born 10/10/1863

Theodore Frank Appleby United States Congressman from New Jersey, congressman, born 10/10/1864

Thomas Joseph Scully United States Congressman from New Jersey, congressman, born 10/10/1864

Charlotte von Schaumburg-Lippe German queen consort, 2nd wife of William II, King of Württemberg, British royalty, born 10/10/1864

Edgar McNabb Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 10/10/1865

Nicolae Vermont artist, born 10/10/1866

Ad Gumbert Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 10/10/1868

Nathan Lewis Miller governor, born 10/10/1868

Royal Page Davidson educator / inventor, Educator / inventor, born 10/10/1870

Franciszek Trabalski office holder, born 10/10/1870

Merrit C. Mechem governor, born 10/10/1870

Henry Wickham Steed JOURNALIST, Journalist, editor, and historian, journalist, born 10/10/1871

Crawford, David Lindsay, 27th Earl of office holder, born 10/10/1871

Robert Penn United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/10/1872

Duke Adolf Friedrich Of Mecklenburg president, born 10/10/1873

Johan Martin Jakobsen Strand politician, born 10/10/1873

Roland Fairbairn McWilliams Canadian politician, born 10/10/1874

Ike Webb Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1874

Walter Niemann MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, AUTHOR, born 10/10/1876

Thomas Shenton Whitelegge Thomas Viceroy, governor, born 10/10/1879

Robert Baillie ARTIST, SCULPTOR, born 10/10/1880

A. Gaston Ragueneau French athlete, born 10/10/1881

Gheorghe Cristescu Politician, activist, born 10/10/1882

Richard Seymour Rodney United States federal judge, born 10/10/1882

Paul Vasseur CHAMPION SWIMMER, born 10/10/1884

Ion Tudose mayor, born 10/10/1884

Carlo Campogalliani STAGE/FILM ACTOR, DIRECTOR, born 10/10/1885

Edmund Aloysius Walsh CATHOLIC EDUCATOR, GEOPOLITICAL EXPERT, born 10/10/1885

Raoul Gaston Giraud PHYSICIAN, AUTHOR, born 10/10/1888

Jean Touzet Du Vigier military person, born 10/10/1888

Han van Meegeren Painter and art forger, Painter, art forger, born 10/10/1889

Arthur Housman actor, born 10/10/1889

Tom Obrien born 10/10/1889

Baruch Ostrovsky office holder, born 10/10/1890

Steve Magaddino SYNDICATE GANGSTER, MAFIOSO, born 10/10/1891

Stefano Magaddino born 10/10/1891

C.A. Bottolfsen governor, born 10/10/1891

Ernest Islip Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1892

Ivo Andrik WRITER, born 10/10/1892

Earle Dickson born 10/10/1892

Ira Schnapp comics creator, born 10/10/1892

Walter A. Gordon governor, born 10/10/1894

Fridolf Rhudin Swedish actor and comedian, actor, born 10/10/1895

Monroe Mark Friedman United States federal judge, born 10/10/1895

Wolfram Freiherr Von Richthofen military person, born 10/10/1895

Johnny Taylor Australian rugby union player, Dentist, rugby player, born 10/10/1895

Lazarus Phillips office holder, born 10/10/1895

Lester Germer scientist, born 10/10/1896


Marie Pierre Koenig MILITARY, GENERAL, POLITICIAN, born 10/10/1898

Dorothy Ferebee scientist, born 10/10/1898

Norman Lee Film director, born 10/10/1898

Eliyahu Eliashar born 10/10/1899

Kurt Lottner German general and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 10/10/1899

Helen Hayes actress, Actress, actor, born 10/10/1900

Gregory Gaye actor, Actor, born 10/10/1900

Martin Donald Van Oosterhout United States federal judge, born 10/10/1900

Karl Kaufmann NAZI, born 10/10/1900

Karl Kaufmann office holder, born 10/10/1900

Wilhelm Rediess military person, born 10/10/1900

Jack Liebowitz comics creator, born 10/10/1900

James Edward McManus Bishop of Ponce, Puerto Rico and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of New York, born 10/10/1900

Alberto Giacometti ARTIST, SCULPTOR, PAINTER, LITHOGRAPHER, POET, artist, born 10/10/1901

Helen Ainsworth Actress, actor, born 10/10/1901

William Forrest Actor, actor, born 10/10/1902

Shivaram Karanth Writer, Film director, Journalist, writer, born 10/10/1902

Charles Lloyd Pack actor, born 10/10/1902

Dick Ket artist, born 10/10/1902

Prince Regent Charles of Belgium ROYALTY, REIGNED 1944-50, COUNT OF FLANDERS, GAY, born 10/10/1903

Fay Thomas baseball player, born 10/10/1903

Arthur Ivor Brown soccer player, born 10/10/1903

Edward A. Christmas Trainer, born 10/10/1903

Carlos Alves Junior soccer player, born 10/10/1903

Charles F. Sullivan office holder, born 10/10/1904

Princess Isabel Alfonsa Of Bourbon-Two Sicilies British royalty, born 10/10/1904

Wilhelm Beiglbock Medical doctor, criminal, born 10/10/1905

Franz Augsberger military person, born 10/10/1905

Wally Berger baseball player, born 10/10/1905

Laverne Harding actor, born 10/10/1905

R. K. Narayan Indian novelist, Writer, writer, born 10/10/1906

Paul Creston MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, ORGANIST, born 10/10/1906

Giovanni Fusco MUSICIAN, COMPOSER FOR FILMS, born 10/10/1906

Harry Watt FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 10/10/1906

Wanda Jakubowska Film director, drug, born 10/10/1907

Kiichi Aichi served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance and Minister of Education, Cabinet Minister, born 10/10/1907

Ruby Goldstein boxer, born 10/10/1907

Augustyn Jozef Czartoryski born 10/10/1907

Arthur Walter Adams White member of parliament, born 10/10/1907


Sallie Nichols AUTHOR OF JUNGIAN BASED BOOK ON TAROT, born 10/10/1908

Robin Buckston cricketer, born 10/10/1908

Mudigonda Lingamurthy actor, born 10/10/1908

Oliver Brown Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1908

Florida Friebus Actress, screenwriter, actor, born 10/10/1909

Robert F. Boyle Art directors, Art director/Production designer, actor, born 10/10/1909

Roger Manvell actor, born 10/10/1909

Bruno Arturovich Freindlich actor, born 10/10/1909

Jacques Rossi Author, polyglot, born 10/10/1909

Leo Ayotte Artist, born 10/10/1909

Max Simon Ehrlich writer, born 10/10/1909

Giuseppe Martano Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/10/1910

Julius Shulman American architectural photographer, born 10/10/1910

Price Daniel governor, born 10/10/1910

Albert Margai prime minister, born 10/10/1910

Julius Shulman Architectural photographer; environmentalist, born 10/10/1910

Ramon Gaya artist, born 10/10/1910

Harold Levander governor, born 10/10/1910

Kalakkad Subbiah Ramanarayanan Iyer Singer, musical artist, born 10/10/1910

Vincenzo Demetz Italian cross-country skier, born 10/10/1911

Leo M. Mintz Instrumental in the early establishment, marketing and promotion of rock and roll music, record store owner, music promoter, born 10/10/1911

Clare Hollingworth Journalist, born 10/10/1911

Zeke Manners musical artist, born 10/10/1911

Traian Iordache soccer player, born 10/10/1911

Lino Masarie NAZI MILITARY, WAFFEN SS, born 10/10/1912

Arturo Godoy boxer, born 10/10/1912

Thomas Stoltz Harvey scientist, born 10/10/1912

Raymond Eudes member of parliament, born 10/10/1912

Hilman B. Walker college coach, born 10/10/1912

Arzelino Masarie military person, born 10/10/1912

Johnny Downs Film actor, actor, born 10/10/1913

John Brooke Howse Australian politician, Company director, member of parliament, born 10/10/1913


Claude Simon Novelist, writer, born 10/10/1913

Janis Carter actor, born 10/10/1913

Ashoke Kumar Sen office holder, born 10/10/1913

Charlie Appleby born 10/10/1913

Princess Elisabeth Maria Of Bavaria British royalty, born 10/10/1913

Bengt Logardt Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 10/10/1914

Hermann Bix German panzer ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/10/1914

Harry "Sweets" Edison JAZZ MUSICIAN, TRUMPET PLAYER, COMPOSER, born 10/10/1915

Sweets Edison Musician, musical artist, born 10/10/1915

Bill Chadwick Former NHL referee, born 10/10/1915

Harry Eisenstat baseball player, born 10/10/1915

William Horsley Jr. Orrick United States federal judge, born 10/10/1915

Coley Macdonough gridiron football player, born 10/10/1915

Susana Jansen DANCER, born 10/10/1916

Bernard Heuvelmans born 10/10/1916

Benson Fong Actor, actor, born 10/10/1916

Mbuso Alphin Mqalo monarch, born 10/10/1916

Thelonious Monk Pianist, composer, musical artist, born 10/10/1917

Marcel Dupont Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/10/1917

Thelonius Monk JAZZ MUSICIAN, PIANIST, born 10/10/1917

Franco Colombo soccer player, born 10/10/1917

Werner Dollinger German politician and economist, born 10/10/1918


Robert Smith Johnston QUEEN'S COUNSEL 1955, HIGH COURT JUDGE, born 10/10/1918

Yigal Allon born 10/10/1918

John William King governor, born 10/10/1918

Benny Fenton soccer manager, born 10/10/1918

Olle Tandberg born 10/10/1918

Susana Audeoud DANCER, TEACHER, born 10/10/1919

Edgar Laprade ice hockey player, born 10/10/1919

Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Sadozai office holder, born 10/10/1919

Frank Sinkwich gridiron football player, born 10/10/1920

Hank Riebe BASEBALL PLAYER, born 10/10/1921

Andrea Zanzotto Italian poet, writer, born 10/10/1921

Monk Montgomery Bassist, musical artist, born 10/10/1921

Guenther Konopacki German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/10/1921

Ki-young Kim South Korean film director, Film director, screenwriter, producer, editor, drug, born 10/10/1922

Juan Carlos Lorenzo soccer manager, born 10/10/1922

Shovkat Alakbarova musical artist, born 10/10/1922

Tommaso Maestrelli soccer manager, born 10/10/1922

Nicholas Parsons Actor, radio and TV presenter, born 10/10/1923

George E. Woods United States federal judge, born 10/10/1923

Eugene M. "Fats" Heard JAZZ MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 10/10/1923

Jack Hemingway SAFARI GUIDE, NOTED FAMILY, born 10/10/1923

James Jabara military person, born 10/10/1923

Jack Hemingway Writer, writer, born 10/10/1923

Edmund A. Gann Commercial fishing executive, born 10/10/1923

S. Ramaseshan scientist, born 10/10/1923

Asri Muda office holder, born 10/10/1923

Ed Wood Screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor, author, and editor, drug, born 10/10/1924


Bryce Poe MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 10/10/1924

James Clavell novelist, screenwriter, director, writer, born 10/10/1924

Ludmilla Tcherina actor, born 10/10/1924

Umar Wirahadikusumah office holder, born 10/10/1924

John Abbotts soccer player, born 10/10/1924

Ludmilla Tcherina DANCER, born 10/10/1925

Francisco Aguabella Percussionist, musical artist, born 10/10/1925

Clarence Self american football player, born 10/10/1925

William Dale Phillips scientist, born 10/10/1925

Norval Jones United States Navy, military person, born 10/10/1926

Richard Jaeckel FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 10/10/1926

Oscar Brown musical artist, born 10/10/1926

Axel Düberg Actor, drug, born 10/10/1927

Renzo Burini SOCCER PLAYER, soccer manager, born 10/10/1927

Dana Elcar actor, born 10/10/1927

Nedunuri Krishnamurthy Classical Vocalist, musical artist, born 10/10/1927

Joseph Gryzik soccer player, born 10/10/1927

Herbert K. Pililaau recipient of the Medal of Honor during the Korean War, military person, born 10/10/1928

Hidetaka Nishiyama Martial artist, born 10/10/1928

Susumu Hani Film director, actor, born 10/10/1928

Gheorghe Ola soccer manager, born 10/10/1928

Derek Lambert Journalist, Author, born 10/10/1929

Harold Pinter English playwright, screenwriter, poet, actor, director, author, political activist, Playwright, screenwriter, actor, theatre director, poet, writer, born 10/10/1930

Yves Chauvin French chemist and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, born 10/10/1930

Harold Pinter English playwright, screenwriter, poet, actor, director, author, political activist, born 10/10/1930

Harold Pinter English playwright, screenwriter, poet, actor, director, author, political activist, born 10/10/1930

Harold Pinter English playwright, screenwriter, poet, actor, director, author, political activist, born 10/10/1930

Kim Winona Actress, Actress and fine art painter and art teacher, actor, born 10/10/1930

Adlai E. Stevenson III POLITICIAN, LAWYER, U.S. SENATOR (DEM IL), born 10/10/1930

Adlai 3 Stevenson senator, born 10/10/1930

Eugenio Castellotti Formula One racer, born 10/10/1930

Judit Temes born 10/10/1930

Brook Benton POP SINGER, SONGWRITER, born 10/10/1931


Ron Feinberg Television, film, voice actor, actor, born 10/10/1932

James J. Lindsay military person, born 10/10/1932

Daniel Massey Actor, Performer, actor, born 10/10/1933

Jay Sebring Hair stylist, born 10/10/1933

S. Albert Kivinen SCHOLAR, PHILOSOPHER, SKEPTIC, born 10/10/1933

Derek Clark office holder, born 10/10/1933

Ione Christensen politician, born 10/10/1933

Kevin Newman Soldier, member of parliament, born 10/10/1933

Birgit Sadolin Actor, born 10/10/1933

Anilza Leoni Actress, singer, dancer, painter, actor, born 10/10/1933

Julian Howard Beale Australian politician, member of parliament, born 10/10/1934

Alison Barbara Ratcliffe English cricketer, born 10/10/1934

Judith Chalmers TV HOST, CHILD ACTOR, TV ANNOUNCER, born 10/10/1935

Albert Scanlon soccer player, born 10/10/1935

Draper, Jr., James T. born 10/10/1935

Judith Chalmers television presenter, born 10/10/1936

Gerhard Ertl German Professor emeritus at Chemistry, 2007 Nobel Prize, scientist, born 10/10/1936

Elizabeth White MULTIPLE BIRTH, TWIN, born 10/10/1936

Abdul Abdul Cader office holder, born 10/10/1936

Bruce Devlin GOLFER, born 10/10/1937

Peter Underwood governor, born 10/10/1937

Fela Kuti Musician and actor, Singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, activist, musical artist, born 10/10/1938

Steven Gordon SHOW BUSINESS (?), born 10/10/1938

Toby Roth REALTOR, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (REP WI), congressman, born 10/10/1938

Nigel Beard member of parliament, born 10/10/1938

Boro Jovanović Yugoslav tennis professional, tennis player, born 10/10/1939

Joseph R. Pitts Teacher, congressman, born 10/10/1939

Zainal Abidin Ahmad Member of Parliament, politician, born 10/10/1939

Winston Spencer Churchill POLITICIAN, M.P., NOTED FAMILY, born 10/10/1940

Winston Spencer Churchill member of parliament, born 10/10/1940

Dickie Rock Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/10/1940

Anfre Reidl office holder, born 10/10/1940

Takuji Hayata born 10/10/1940

Peter Coyote Actor, author, film director, screenwriter, actor, born 10/10/1941

Laurence Tribe scientist, born 10/10/1941

Jacob Nena office holder, born 10/10/1941

Susan Maree Ryan Australian politician, born 10/10/1942

Peter Coyote ACTOR, born 01/25/1956

William Pettet ARTIST, born 10/10/1942

Radu Vasile office holder, born 10/10/1942

Joe Don Looney gridiron football player, born 10/10/1942

Frederick Barthelme Short story writer, novelist, editor, professor, born 10/10/1943

Naomi Schor Literary critic & Theorist, born 10/10/1943

Walter Arnheim Executive Director at Washington National Opera Treasurer at Mobil Oil, born 10/10/1944

Edoardo Reja footballer, manager, soccer manager, born 10/10/1945

Rob Gibson office holder, born 10/10/1945

Yuri Razuvaev born 10/10/1945

Solomon Lew Chairman of Premier Investments, born 10/10/1945

Christopher Hill Christian Bishop, born 10/10/1945

Carl Ditterich born 10/10/1945

Headman Shabalala musical artist, born 10/10/1945

Michael Lahti office holder, born 10/10/1945

Jim Marsalis gridiron football player, born 10/10/1945

Yoshiko Sakurai born 10/10/1945

Marion Maccorry actor, born 10/10/1945

Mahinda Abeywardena office holder, born 10/10/1945

Chris Tarrant OBE Television presenter,, Radio DJ,, Journalist,, Broadcaster, Broadcaster, actor, born 10/10/1946

Mildred Grieveson Novelist, writer, born 10/10/1946

Charles Dance STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, actor, born 10/10/1946

Franco Malerba ASTRONAUT, born 10/10/1946

Chris Tarrant TV HOST, PRODUCER, VOICE-OVER ACTOR, born 10/10/1946

Ben Vereen ACTOR, SINGER, DANCER, Actor, Dancer, Singer, actor, born 10/10/1946

John Prine musical artist, born 10/10/1946

Kan Naoto office holder, born 10/10/1946

Malerba Member of the European Parliament, astronaut, born 10/10/1946

Peter Mahovlich ice hockey player, born 10/10/1946

Fikret Kizilok Singer, composer, dentist, musical artist, born 10/10/1946

John Packer Christian Bishop, born 10/10/1946

Genjiro Arato film producer, director, actor., born 10/10/1946

Bill Thompson american football player, born 10/10/1946

Gary Beach Actor, actor, born 10/10/1947

Edmund Clark financial executive, born 10/10/1947

Roger Metzger baseball player, born 10/10/1947

Mariska Veres Musician, musical artist, born 10/10/1947

Michael Lewis MUSICIAN, CLARINET & SAX PLAYER, born 10/10/1948

Roger B. Wilson governor, born 10/10/1948

Meir Sheetrit born 10/10/1948

Ed Volker musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/10/1948

Cyril Neville musician, musical artist, born 10/10/1948

Micha Goldman born 10/10/1948

JACK MILDREN Quarterback, gridiron football player, born 10/10/1949

Jessica Harper ACTRESS, actor, born 10/10/1949

Erik Leek LUCKY, LOTTERY WINNER, born 10/10/1949

Nora (pseudonym) Roberts Romance novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/10/1950

Terry Enyart BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 10/10/1950


Mario Kassar actor, born 10/10/1951

Nancy Alvarez born 10/10/1951

V Puththirasigamoney member of parliament, born 10/10/1951

Paul Davies Welsh footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1952

Mohammed Goje governor, born 10/10/1952

Albert Rust France footballer, soccer manager, born 10/10/1953

Phil O'Connor Footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1953

Alan Devlin Footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1953

Midge Ure MUSICIAN, SINGER, SONGWRITER, born 10/10/1953


Gus Williams BASKETBALL PLAYER, born 10/10/1953

Brenda Silsbe Writer, writer, born 10/10/1953

Rekha Indian film actress, Actress, actor, born 10/10/1954

Keith Anthony Ripley Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1954

Christopher A. Boyko United States federal judge, born 10/10/1954

David Lee Roth MUSICIAN, Singer-songwriter, musician, author, producer, paramedic, musical artist, born 10/10/1954

Julio Gonzalez warehouse worker, criminal, born 10/10/1954

Mohamed Mounir Singer, Actor, musical artist, born 10/10/1954

Rajendra Kumar Badi office holder, born 10/10/1954

Frederick Werema office holder, born 10/10/1954

Vaclav Patejdi Singer-songwriter, musician, composer, musical artist, born 10/10/1954

Bill Elliot American race car driver, nascar driver, born 10/10/1955

Meral Hussein-Ece politician, born 10/10/1955

Fiona Fullerton Actress/Businesswoman, actor, born 10/10/1956

Maritza Pineda born 10/10/1956

Joe Szwaja Public high school teacher and political activist, politician, born 10/10/1956

Greg Brown Football coach, college coach, born 10/10/1957

Rumiko Takahashi comics creator, born 10/10/1957

Rod Donald member of parliament, born 10/10/1957

J. Eddie Peck FILM/TV ACTOR, SOAP STAR, Film, television actor, actor, born 10/10/1958

Tanya Tucker POP SINGER, born 10/10/1958

John M. Grunsfeld Physicist, astronaut, born 10/10/1958

Bruce Lohnes born 10/10/1958

Hans-Jurgen Schatz actor, born 10/10/1958

Paul S. Weiss American scientist, scientist, born 10/10/1959

Vince Hilaire Footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1959

Kirsty Anna MacColl English pop singer-songwriter, Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/10/1959

Peter Daniel Judge PHONE COMPANY SALES MANAGER, GAY, AIDS VICTIM, born 10/10/1959

Julia Sweeney ACTRESS, COMEDIENNE, born 10/10/1959

Bill Rammell member of parliament, born 10/10/1959

Bradley Whitford Actor, actor, born 10/10/1959

Victoria Clark Actor, singer, actor, born 10/10/1959

Marcelo Ebrard office holder, born 10/10/1959

Shane Fontayne Session musician, audio engineer, musical artist, born 10/10/1959

Derek Sikua office holder, born 10/10/1959

Simon Townshend Musician, Songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 10/10/1960

Ira Silverstein office holder, born 10/10/1960

George Cole musical artist, born 10/10/1960

Sonny Cabatu born 10/10/1960

Khadija Arib politician, born 10/10/1960

Carl Steven Shutt Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 10/10/1961

Paul Chart Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/10/1961

Martin Marietta Corporation AEROSPACE INDUSTRY, MERGER INCORPORATION, born 10/10/1961

Jodi Benson Voice actress/Singer, actor, born 10/10/1961

A. Donald Maceachin office holder, born 10/10/1961

Bård Eker Norwegian industrial designer and businessman, Industrial designer and businessman, born 10/10/1961

Peter Ingwersen Danish fashion designer, Fashion designer, born 10/10/1962

Jennifer Veiga office holder, born 10/10/1962

Daniel Pearl American Journalist, Journalist, born 10/10/1963

Dragan Bjelogrlic actor, born 10/10/1963

Goran Bjelogrlic actor, born 10/10/1963

Bjorn Kristensen soccer player, born 10/10/1963

Bersague Professor, Chorale conductor, Choral conductor, Academy Professor in Venezuela, musical artist, born 10/10/1963

Hulya Avsar actor, born 10/10/1963

Angelo Pizzetti soccer player, born 10/10/1963

Sarah Lancashire Actress, actor, born 10/10/1964

Rebecca Pidgeon Actress/Singer-songwriter, actor, born 10/10/1965

Chris Penn Actor, actor, born 10/10/1965

Toshi Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/10/1965

Tj Norris artist, born 10/10/1965

Tony Alexander Adams Former professional football player and assistant manager, soccer manager, born 10/10/1966

Ling Bai Actress, actor, born 10/10/1966

Zhigang Zhai Fighter pilot, astronaut, born 10/10/1966

Mohamed Elmoutaoikil Civil servant, born 10/10/1966

Chris Walden Composer, Arranger, Conductor, musical artist, born 10/10/1966

Charles Reeves Recording engineer, musician, producer, musical artist, born 10/10/1966

Jonathan Littell Novelist, writer, born 10/10/1967

Gavin Newsom office holder, born 10/10/1967

Michael Giacchino Film and television score composer, actor, born 10/10/1967

Ali actor, born 10/10/1967

Flo Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/10/1967

Leonardo Sierra Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/10/1968

Chris Ofili artist, born 10/10/1968

Ben Allan born 10/10/1968

Jonathan Marc Sherman actor, born 10/10/1968

Jason Machugh Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, actor, born 10/10/1968

DJ Skribble DJ, Producer, Remixer, Actor, musical artist, born 10/10/1968

Brett Favre NFL quarterback, american football player, born 10/10/1969

Dilsa Demirbag Sten Swedish author and journalist, born 10/10/1969

Wendi Maclendon-Covey Actress/Comedienne, actor, born 10/10/1969

Francis Joseph Escudero Lawyer; Politician, senator, born 10/10/1969

Republic of Fiji REPUBLIC, born 10/10/1970

James Lord GAY HUSTLER, born 10/10/1970

Scott Swedorski Software development & Marketing, born 10/10/1970

J. Todd Rutherford office holder, born 10/10/1970

Scott Macadams politician, born 10/10/1970

Safak Sezer born 10/10/1970

Ian Michael Bennett footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1971

Evgenj Kisin MUSICIAN, PIANIST, born 10/10/1971

Truth Hurts Singer, Producer, musical artist, born 10/10/1971

Silvia Cavalleri Professional Golfer, golf player, born 10/10/1972

Joelle Carter actor, born 10/10/1972

Brice Brown artist, born 10/10/1972

Russell Hantz born 10/10/1972

Mario López Actor, Host, Actor/Host, actor, born 10/10/1973

Vikash Dhorasoo French association footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1973

Joel Chenal French Alpine skier, born 10/10/1973

Adeola Peter Oluwatoyin Akinbiyi Football Striker, soccer player, born 10/10/1974

Christopher Robert Pronger Canadian ice hockey defenceman, ice hockey player, born 10/10/1974

Asi Cohen actor, born 10/10/1974

Christer Warren soccer manager, born 10/10/1974

Mark Ford Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1975

Ihsahn Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 10/10/1975

Jacqueline Pirie Actress, actor, born 10/10/1975

Natalie Ramsey Television actress, actor, born 10/10/1975

Kalani Sitake University of Utah defensive coordinator, college coach, born 10/10/1975

Augustin Chirita soccer player, born 10/10/1975

Jeremy Staat American athlete and United States Marine, american football player, born 10/10/1976

Tibor Kalina soccer player, born 10/10/1976

Miroslav Rizov soccer player, born 10/10/1976

Ashley Day Leavitt Congregational minister, born 10/10/1977

Joanne Nicholas badminton player, born 10/10/1977

Nova Widianto badminton player, born 10/10/1977

Scott Dobie Footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1978

Jodilyn Okeefe Actress/Model, actor, born 10/10/1978

Jamie Ippolito NOTED FAMILY, born 10/10/1979

Chun Wu Singer, actor, and model, actor, born 10/10/1979

Volkan Kahraman soccer player, born 10/10/1979

Noah Lowry American baseball pitcher, baseball player, born 10/10/1980

Alex Richard Eisenhower NOTED FAMILY, born 10/10/1980

Tim Maurer Musician, musical artist, born 10/10/1980

Demetrius Hopkins boxer, born 10/10/1980

Fernanda Machado Actress, actor, born 10/10/1980

Lynn Hung model, born 10/10/1980

Michael Oliver Actor, actor, born 10/10/1981

Javier Glatt gridiron football player, born 10/10/1981

Marcin Lubiejewski born 10/10/1981

Liliana Greenfield-Sanders artist, born 10/10/1981

Bozo Milic soccer player, born 10/10/1981

Rory Lamont born 10/10/1982

Erik Santos Singer, Actor, musical artist, born 10/10/1982

Chev Walker born 10/10/1982

Kemare Thompson musical artist, born 10/10/1982

Cupid Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 10/10/1982

Tadas Klimavicius basketball player, born 10/10/1982

Nicholas Bohane soccer player, born 10/10/1982

Tolga Zengin soccer player, born 10/10/1983

Michael Roiz born 10/10/1983

Kevinn Pinkney basketball player, born 10/10/1983

Jack Savoretti musical artist, born 10/10/1983

Gemaal Hussain cricketer, born 10/10/1983

Carl Barrdahl Swedish DJ and trance producer, Record producer, Disc jockey, musical artist, born 10/10/1984

Daniele Vantaggiato Italian footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1984

Valeriy Dmitriyev Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/10/1984

Stephanie Cheng Singer, musical artist, born 10/10/1984

Chiaki Kuriyama Actress, model, actor, born 10/10/1984

Rod Benson basketball player, born 10/10/1984

Huynh Quang Thanh soccer player, born 10/10/1984

Mark Bice born 10/10/1984

Matej Siva soccer player, born 10/10/1984

Dominique Cornu Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/10/1985

Aaron Himelstein Actor, actor, born 10/10/1985

Heather Hogan Voice actress, actor, born 10/10/1985

Kyle Switzer actor, born 10/10/1985

Layke Anderson actor, born 10/10/1985

Daniel Larosa born 10/10/1985

Sarah Nile Model, realitystar of Grande Fratello 2009/2010, actor, born 10/10/1985

Pierre Rolland Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/10/1986

Lucy Griffiths actor, born 10/10/1986

Vadim Demidov Norwegian footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1986

Robert Andrew Haw Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1986

Scottie Reynolds national collegiate athletic association athlete, born 10/10/1987

Amanat Ali Singer, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 2nd Runner up, musical artist, born 10/10/1987

Rafael Barbosa Footballer, Supreme Court of the United States case, born 10/10/1988

Natalia Zuyeva born 10/10/1988

Rafael Amaral Do Nascimento Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1988

Keiran Ricardo Agard Association football player, Supreme Court of the United States case, born 10/10/1989

Johan Motin ice hockey player, born 10/10/1989

Joey Bradford cyclist, born 10/10/1989

Daniel Tovar Actor, actor, born 10/10/1989

Emer Kenny Actress, actor, born 10/10/1989

Keiran Ricardo Agard Association football player, soccer player, born 10/10/1989

Sam Cox Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1990

Damaris Lewis model, born 10/10/1990

Geno Smith American football quarterback, born 10/10/1990

Oktavianus Maniani soccer player, born 10/10/1990

Aidan Peter White Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1991

Lali Espósito Actress, Actress, singer, model, spokesperson, musical artist, born 10/10/1991

Manuel Giandonato Italian footballer, soccer player, born 10/10/1991

Michael Daniel Smith CHILD MURDER VICTIM DROWNED BY MOTHER, born 10/10/1991

Gabriella Cilmi Singer-songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 10/10/1991

Xherdan Shaqiri soccer player, born 10/10/1991

Nash Aguas Actor, born 10/10/1998