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Queen Eleanor of Castile ROYALTY, WIFE OF ALFONSO VIII OF CASTILE, born 10/13/1162

Eleanor Of England British royalty, born 10/13/1162

Edward, Prince of Wales ROYALTY, born 10/13/1453

Mariotto Albertinelli artist, born 10/13/1474

Queen Claude of France ROYALTY, born 10/13/1499

Francis Caracciolo saint, born 10/13/1563

Allan Ramsay artist, born 10/13/1713

John James Gambier British admiral and politician, military person, born 10/13/1756

Peter Barlow scientist, born 10/13/1776

Moritz Hauptmann German music theorist, teacher and composer, born 10/13/1792

Anselm Huettenbrenner Austrian composer, born 10/13/1794

Thomas Haynes Bayly English poet, songwriter, dramatist, and writer, born 10/13/1797

Herman Wilhelm Bissen artist, born 10/13/1798

Robert Crichton Wyllie Physician, Businessman, Politician, office holder, born 10/13/1798

John Baldwin American educator and philanthropist, born 10/13/1799

James Shedden Palmer United States Navy admiral, born 10/13/1810

Max Widnmann ARTIST, SCULPTOR, born 10/13/1812

Gilbert Macmicken office holder, born 10/13/1813

George Thomas Cobb congressman, born 10/13/1813

George Bemis Lawyer, writer, born 10/13/1816

Charles Patrick Daly Chief Justice of the New York Court of Common Pleas; Member of the New York Assembly, judge, born 10/13/1816

Benjamin H. Brewster office holder, born 10/13/1816

Henry Starnes mayor, born 10/13/1816

George P. Fisher American lawyer, judge and politician, office holder, born 10/13/1817

Marion DeKalb Taylor Confederate Army general and politician, born 10/13/1818

Koloman Bedekovic office holder, born 10/13/1818

Rudolf Virchow German doctor, anthropologist, public health activist, pathologist, prehistorian, biologist and politician, scientist, born 10/13/1821

Jacob S. Haldeman Banker, politician and ambassador, born 10/13/1821

Eben Dyer Jordan Businessman, born 10/13/1822

Jacob M. Lewis office holder, born 10/13/1823

Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, 1st Duke of office holder, born 10/13/1825

Charles Frederick Worth Fashion designer, born 10/13/1825

Lafayette C. Baker Union Army officer, born 10/13/1826

Anastasie Brown Christian Bishop, born 10/13/1826

Thomas Bothwell Jeter governor, born 10/13/1827

Gustav Tafel Union Army officer, born 10/13/1830

Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich Of Russia British royalty, born 10/13/1832

Edward Blake office holder, born 10/13/1833

Pierre Lorillard IV Businessman, Racehorse owner/breeder, born 10/13/1833

Louis Adolphe Billy lawyer, member of parliament, born 10/13/1834

John M. Clayton Union United States Army officer, born 10/13/1840

Antonio Pasculli Italian oboist and composer, born 10/13/1842

Hugo Graf von Lerchenfeld auf Kofering und Schonberg Diplomat, politician, born 10/13/1843

Federico Santa Maria born 10/13/1845

Edouard-Hippolyte Laliberte office holder, born 10/13/1845

Augustus E. Willson office holder, born 10/13/1846

Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland office holder, born 10/13/1847

Benjamin Joseph Keiley born 10/13/1847

William Closson artist, born 10/13/1848

Andre Chantemesse PHYSICIAN, BACTERIOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 10/13/1851

Lillie Langtry ACTRESS, MODEL, PINUP GIRL, "THE JERSEY LILY", Actress, actor, born 10/13/1853

Joseph Bergeron office holder, born 10/13/1854

Thomas Henry Barry United States Army general, military person, born 10/13/1855

Cleto Gonzalez Viquez president, born 10/13/1858

Sybil Danning ACTRESS, "PLAYBOY" COVER GIRL, born 05/24/1947

Herman Macinnes office holder, born 10/13/1862

Ted Tyler cricketer, born 10/13/1864

William Guy Granet Railway Manager, Barrister, Railway Manager, born 10/13/1867

Robert G. Houston publisher, office holder, born 10/13/1867

Montgomery M. Taylor United States Navy admiral, military person, born 10/13/1869

Hilda Borgström Actor, drug, born 10/13/1871

Daiun Sogaku Sogaku born 10/13/1871

Louise Closser Hale Actress, author, playright, actor, born 10/13/1872

Ralph Vaughn Williams MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 10/13/1872

Josef Arneth German haematologist, born 10/13/1873

Reginald Edward Stubbs governor, born 10/13/1876

Bill Donovan baseball player, born 10/13/1876

Theodore Gilmore Bilbo POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (DEM LA), RACIAL BIGOT, senator, born 10/13/1877

James Carson Breckinridge military person, born 10/13/1877

Stepan Shaumyan Politician, revolutionary, politician, born 10/13/1878

Peter van Anrooy MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR, COMPOSER, born 10/13/1879

Robert Mayhew member of parliament, born 10/13/1880

Arthur W. Coolidge office holder, born 10/13/1881

Alexander R. Skinker United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/13/1883

Walter Blair Major League Baseball player, catcher, baseball player, born 10/13/1883

Alexander Yegorov military person, born 10/13/1883

Frederick Steiwer Lawyer, Politician and United States Army officer, senator, born 10/13/1883

Leigh Page American Physicist, scientist, born 10/13/1884

Margaret Scudamore Actress, actor, born 10/13/1884

Charles Stevenson Actor, actor, born 10/13/1887

Narashige Koide Japanese artist, artist, born 10/13/1887

Jozef Tiso president, born 10/13/1887

Douglass Dumbrille FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, born 10/13/1888

Georges Louis Gouligand MATHEMATICIAN, AUTHOR, born 10/13/1889

Florence Horsbrugh, Baroness Horsbrugh POLITICIAN, PRIVY COUNCILLOR 1945, M.P., born 10/13/1889

Florence Horsbrugh Politician, politician, born 10/13/1889

Ernest B Price Diplomat, linguist, university professor, business executive, born 10/13/1890

Irene Rich Actress, actor, born 10/13/1891

Fred Macmullin baseball player, born 10/13/1891

Malcolm McGregor Actor, drug, born 10/13/1892

Seymour Parker Gilbert politician, born 10/13/1892

Luka Kaliterna Association football player and manager, soccer manager, born 10/13/1893

Swede Risberg baseball player, born 10/13/1894

Bob Allen Professional American football and baseball player, baseball player, born 10/13/1894

Kurt Schumacher leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany from 1945 to 1952, born 10/13/1895

Cemal Gursel president, born 10/13/1895

Ben Paschal baseball player, born 10/13/1895

Robert Herring military person, born 10/13/1896

Pierre Barjot MILITARY, NAVAL ADMIRAL, born 10/13/1899

Piero Dusio Formula One racer, born 10/13/1899

Hermann von Borries German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/13/1899

William Thomas Sweigert United States federal judge, born 10/13/1900

Ghislaine Marie Francoise Dommanget British royalty, born 10/13/1900

William Shirley cricketer, born 10/13/1900

Edward Chapman Actor, actor, born 10/13/1901

Hubert Shirley-Smith born 10/13/1901

Cipriano Santos soccer player, born 10/13/1901

Arna Bontemps Poet, novelist, born 10/13/1902

Harry Pierpont criminal, born 10/13/1902

Shigeyoshi Suzuki soccer player, born 10/13/1902

Norman Henry Denham Henty Australian politician, born 10/13/1903

James Purdon Lewes Thomas office holder, born 10/13/1903


Coloman Braun-Bogdan soccer manager, born 10/13/1905

Edward Carrere Art director, drug, born 10/13/1906

Karl Holzamer Former director general of ZDF, born 10/13/1906

Bobby Gurney soccer manager, born 10/13/1907

Robley Cook Williams BIOPHYSICIST, EDUCATOR, born 10/13/1908

Robley C. Williams scientist, born 10/13/1908

Art Tatum MUSICIAN, JAZZ PIANIST, Jazz pianist, musical artist, born 10/13/1909

Herblock comics creator, born 10/13/1909

Ed Kawal gridiron football player, born 10/13/1909

Valentin Vaala film director, screenwriter and edited, actor, born 10/13/1909

Cloud, Maurice, Georges artist, born 10/13/1909

Sri H. W. L. Poonja GURU, born 10/13/1910

Robert Mackimson Animator, Director, born 10/13/1910

Otto Joachim Musician and electronic music composer, born 10/13/1910

Ewart John Arlington Harnum office holder, born 10/13/1910

John Wrench Mathematician, scientist, born 10/13/1911

Ulysse Cartonnet CHAMPION SWIMMER, born 10/13/1911

Ashok Kumar Actor, Painter, actor, born 10/13/1911

Millosh Gjergj Nikolla writer, born 10/13/1911

Basil Allen cricketer, born 10/13/1911

Arnie Arenz gridiron football player, born 10/13/1911

Harry Loasby soccer manager, born 10/13/1911

Angus Ellis Taylor scientist, born 10/13/1911

Cornel Wilde Actor, actor, born 10/13/1912

Francis "Two Gun" Crowley American criminal who went on a 3-month crime spree in the New York-area in 1931 and captured after a 2-hour standoff with the NYPD., Criminal, criminal, born 10/13/1912

David Prosser rugby player, born 10/13/1912

Gustav Pressler military person, born 10/13/1912

John T. Parsons Inventor, born 10/13/1913

John Albert Little Australian politician, Clicker, Unionist, Newsagent, member of parliament, born 10/13/1914

Frankie Hayes baseball player, born 10/13/1914

Eddie Boot Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 10/13/1915

Wesley Powell governor, born 10/13/1915

Peter Buchanan soccer player, born 10/13/1915

Otello Trombetta soccer player, born 10/13/1915

James Harriot VETERINARIAN, AUTHOR, born 10/13/1916

Ray Hathaway BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, baseball player, born 10/13/1916

Eruch Jessawala born 10/13/1916

Ismael Huerta born 10/13/1916

Vivian Hollowday military person, born 10/13/1916

William James Henderson member of parliament, born 10/13/1916

Truman O. Olson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/13/1917

Leon Balcer office holder, born 10/13/1917

George Osmond actor, born 10/13/1917

Michael Joseph Green Bishop of Reno, Nevada, born 10/13/1917

Robert Walker Actor, actor, born 10/13/1918

Jack MacGowran Actor, actor, born 10/13/1918

Myles C. Fox United States Marine Corps Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 10/13/1918

Lawrence Scott Lightner MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 10/13/1918

Francois Missoffe INDUSTRIALIST, POLITICIAN, born 10/13/1919

Robert Walker, Sr. ACTOR, born 10/13/1919

Hans Hermann Groer Christian Bishop, born 10/13/1919

Marceline Day FILM ACTRESS, born 06/20/1935

Lloyd Bruce Smith BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, born 10/13/1920

Elaine Hamilton-O'Neal abstract painter, artist, born 10/13/1920

Albert Hague songwriter, composer, actor, actor, born 10/13/1920

Bill Shortt soccer player, born 10/13/1920

Yves Montand Actor, Actor/Singer, actor, born 10/13/1921


Lou Saban born 10/13/1921

Nathaniel Clifton born 10/13/1922

Mike Fetchick golf player, born 10/13/1922

Bobby Dobbs college coach, born 10/13/1922

Cyril Shaps actor, born 10/13/1923

Harry Pregerson judge, born 10/13/1923

Inger Jacobsen Singer, musical artist, born 10/13/1923

Roberto Eduardo Viola president, born 10/13/1924

Thatcher, Margaret Hilda, Baroness Thatcher Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979–1990), canal, born 10/13/1925

Lenny Bruce comedian and social critic, comedian, born 10/13/1925

Ralph Rosenblum film editor, actor, born 10/13/1925

Gustav Winckler musical artist, born 10/13/1925

Margaret Thatcher prime minister, born 10/13/1925

Joe Spence soccer player, born 10/13/1925

Marc Tanenbaum born 10/13/1925

Ray Brown Double bassist, musical artist, born 10/13/1926

George Gair office holder, born 10/13/1926

Caroline Benn born 10/13/1926

Eddie Yost baseball player, born 10/13/1926

Jesse L. Brown military person, born 10/13/1926

Kazuo Nakamura artist, born 10/13/1926


Rust, Art, Jr Broadcaster, author, and sports historian, born 10/13/1927

Giorgio Stegani Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 10/13/1928

Paquita Rico Actor, drug, born 10/13/1929

Laurier Levesque Educator, Insurance agent, politician, born 10/13/1929

Michel Robin Actor, Comedian, Actor, drug, born 10/13/1930

Bruce Geller actor, born 10/13/1930

Raymond Kopa SOCCER PLAYER, born 10/13/1931

Eddie Mathews BASEBALL PLAYER, born 10/13/1931

Eddie Mathews baseball player, born 10/13/1931

Johnny Lytle JAZZ MUSICIAN, VIBRAPHONE PLAYER, born 10/13/1932

Dusan Makavejev DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 10/13/1932

Tudor Topa politician, born 10/13/1932

Thomas Bingham judge, born 10/13/1933

Nana Mouskouri POP SINGER, born 10/13/1934

Jack Colvin actor, born 10/13/1934

Savely Kramarov actor, born 10/13/1934

Edgar Culbertson United States Coast Guard Coast Guard Medal recipient, military person, born 10/13/1935

Cliff Gorman STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 10/13/1936

Donald McHenry GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, born 10/13/1936

Elizabeth Furse congressman, born 10/13/1936

Donald Machenry ambassador, born 10/13/1936

Cliff Gorman Actor, actor, born 10/13/1936

Peter Johnston writer, born 10/13/1936

Chitti Babu Musician, Carnatic Music, Instrumentalist, Veena, actor, born 10/13/1936

Douglas Faulkner PHOTOGRAPHER, WRITER, born 10/13/1937

Hans Meister DANCER, BALLET DIRECTOR, born 10/13/1937

Rudolf Seiters legal assistant, politician, born 10/13/1937

Jim McMullan FILM/TV ACTOR, born 10/13/1938

Ron Moeller BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 10/13/1938

Shirley Caesar Singer, musical artist, born 10/13/1938

James David Cain Retired Educator, Farmer, Rancher, office holder, born 10/13/1938

Jacques Raymond Singer, musical artist, born 10/13/1938

Charles Flaherty office holder, born 10/13/1938

Melinda Dillon ACTRESS, born 10/13/1939

T. J. Cloutier poker player, born 10/13/1939

Rodrigue Tremblay scientist, born 10/13/1939

Lee Leffingwell mayor, born 10/13/1939

Pharoah Sanders Saxophonist, Saxophonist, band leader, musical artist, born 10/13/1940

Chris Farlowe musical artist, born 10/13/1940

Hee Il Cho Martial artist, organisation, born 10/13/1940

Nestor Matamala soccer manager, born 10/13/1940

Neil Aspinall Road manager, Personal assistant, producer, Executive, born 10/13/1941

Robert Hunter a Canadian environmentalist, journalist, author and politician, born 10/13/1941

Hartmut Elsenhans German political scientist, born 10/13/1941

Jeffrey Hunter STAGE/FILM/RADIO/TV ACTOR, born 10/13/1941

Paul Simon MUSICIAN, SINGER, SONGWRITER, GUITARIST, ACTOR, Singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, musical artist, born 10/13/1941

John Snow cricketer, born 10/13/1941

Jim Price baseball analyst, journalist, born 10/13/1941


Jerry Jones BUSINESSMAN, FOOTBALL TEAM OWNER, born 10/13/1942

Pamela Tiffin ACTRESS, MODEL, Actress, actor, born 10/13/1942

Rutanya Alda Actress, actor, born 10/13/1942

Jan Kanty Pawluskiewicz composer, musical artist, born 10/13/1942

Aykut Oray Actor, actor, born 10/13/1942

Mohammad Khatami Iranian politician, former President of Iran, office holder, born 10/13/1943

Jim Poynter Set decorator, drug, born 10/13/1943

Michael Barnackle JOURNALIST, COLUMNIST, born 10/13/1943

Michael Barnicle WRITER, COLUMNIST FOR BOSTON "GLOBE", born 10/13/1943

Edmund Daukoru office holder, born 10/13/1943

Stuart Magee born 10/13/1943

Fletcher Smith american football player, born 10/13/1943

Charlotte Bunch American author and activist, born 10/13/1944

Karen Akers ACTRESS, Actress/Singer, actor, born 10/13/1945

Luc Van den Brande POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 10/13/1945

Dési Bouterse office holder, born 10/13/1945

Hisako Higuchi golf player, born 10/13/1945

Christophe Singer, musical artist, born 10/13/1945

Annette Louise Ellis Australian politician, Public servant, member of parliament, born 10/13/1946

Alexander James Shepherd accountant, politician, born 10/13/1946

Beatrix Kisházi Retired Hungarian table tennis player, born 10/13/1946

Edwina Currie CONSERVATIVE PARTY POLITICIAN, MINISTER, politician, born 10/13/1946

Demond Wilson STAGE/FILM/TV/NIGHTCLUB ACTOR, Actor, Producer, Author, Pastor, actor, born 10/13/1946

Wyatt Creech office holder, born 10/13/1946

Dorothy Moore Singer, musical artist, born 10/13/1946

Lacy J. Dalton singer/songwriter, musical artist, born 10/13/1946

Jessica St. George Playboy Playmate, born 10/13/1946

Tony Green soccer player, born 10/13/1946

Keith Christmas musical artist, born 10/13/1946

Stephen Holden Doane United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/13/1947

Bryan Sharratt Lawyer and businessman, Accountant, Real estate broker, military person, born 10/13/1947

Jon Gerrard office holder, born 10/13/1947

Avi Lerner actor, born 10/13/1947

Alan Wakeman Musician, musical artist, born 10/13/1947

Alan Noonan born 10/13/1947

Adriano Fedele soccer manager, born 10/13/1947

Ann Fienup-Riordan Cultural anthropology, scientist, born 10/13/1948

Donald Sidney Skidgel United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/13/1948

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Musician, musical artist, born 10/13/1948

Marisol Malaret born 10/13/1949

Sylvia Pasquel Actress, actor, born 10/13/1949

Rick Vito Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 10/13/1949

P.J. Lansing Playboy Playmate, born 10/13/1949

Ray Jr. Brown Performer, musical artist, born 10/13/1949

Hugh Segal office holder, born 10/13/1950

Robert Dutton CEO of Dutton & Associates, office holder, born 10/13/1950

Simon Nicol Singer, Musician, Record producer, musical artist, born 10/13/1950

Rolf Russmann soccer player, born 10/13/1950

Tsutomu Isobe Actor, seiyū, actor, born 10/13/1950

Cristian Stănescu Politician, born 10/13/1951

Sally Keeble member of parliament, born 10/13/1951

Frank Colon Musician, musical artist, born 10/13/1951

Jim Washington gridiron football player, born 10/13/1951

Beverly Johnson Supermodel, actress, model, born 10/13/1952

Pippa Guard ACTRESS, born 10/13/1952

John Lone ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 10/13/1952

Mundo Earwood Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 10/13/1952

Angie Bray office holder, born 10/13/1953

Chico of GIPSY KINGS POP SINGER, born 10/13/1954

Monika Kaelin adult actor, born 10/13/1954

Richard Money Football player and coach, soccer manager, born 10/13/1955

Patrick Dewael president, born 10/13/1955

Chris Carter PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, COMPOSER, writer, director, producer, born 10/13/1956

Oliviero Diliberto prime minister, born 10/13/1956

Wilfred RoyEL Wooten Inventor, musician, composer, Musician, composer, inventor, musical artist, born 10/13/1957

Arturo Brachetti MIME, born 10/13/1957

Martine Detournay DANCER, born 10/13/1957

Pamela Lynn Gergely BEAUTY QUEEN, MISS CALIFORNIA UNIVERSE 2-14-1977, born 10/13/1957

Reggie Theus born 10/13/1957

John Hyde office holder, born 10/13/1957

Paul Johnson comics creator, born 10/13/1958

Cherrelle musical artist, born 10/13/1958

Marie Osmond American actress and singer, Singer, Actress, musical artist, born 10/13/1959

Phillip Jess Sproson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/13/1959

Wayne Pygram actor, born 10/13/1959

Dan Didio comics creator, born 10/13/1959

Darren Lowe Ice hockey player and coach, ice hockey player, born 10/13/1960

Ari Fleischer office holder, born 10/13/1960

Eric Joyce member of parliament, born 10/13/1960

Joey Belladonna Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/13/1960

Sal Torres Politician, born 10/13/1960

Peter Keisler office holder, born 10/13/1960

George Pratt comics creator, born 10/13/1960

Elizabeth Turk born 10/13/1961

Kelly Preston ACTRESS, born 10/13/1962

Jerry Rice FOOTBALL PLAYER, WIDE RECEIVER, born 10/13/1962

T'Keymah Crystal Keymah Actress, director, comedienne and writer, actor, born 10/13/1962

Margareth Menezes Singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, musical artist, born 10/13/1962

Valerie Letard politician, born 10/13/1962

Kemistry Drum and bass DJ, record producer, Drum and Bass DJ, Record Producer, born 10/13/1963

Thomas Dörflein Zookeeper, born 10/13/1963

Bryan Hickerson BASEBALL PLAYER, born 10/13/1963

Hiro Kanagawa Voice actor and actor, actor, born 10/13/1963

Douglas Christopher Judge American actor, actor, born 10/13/1964

Chris Gwynn BASEBALL PLAYER, NOTED FAMILY, born 10/13/1964

Masaya Onosaka Seiyū, actor, born 10/13/1964

Matt Walsh Actor, comedian, writer, born 10/13/1964

Marco Travaglio journalist, born 10/13/1964

Allen Covert Actor/Comedian/Writer, actor, born 10/13/1964

Johan Museeuw Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/13/1965

Bill Odenkirk Television writer, writer, born 10/13/1965

Miroslaw Kochalski office holder, born 10/13/1965

Bird Segle Macguire congressman, born 10/13/1965

Phillipe Torrreton actor, born 10/13/1965

Baja Mali Knindza musical artist, born 10/13/1966

Marco Antonio Firebaugh politician, born 10/13/1966

Deborah Abela Writer, writer, born 10/13/1966

Kate Walsh Actress, actor, born 10/13/1967

Steve Vickers Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/13/1967

Becky Burleigh American college soccer player, college soccer coach, college coach, born 10/13/1967

David Gibson politician, born 10/13/1967

Tisha Campbell-Martin Actress, actor, born 10/13/1968

Pedro Telemaco actor, born 10/13/1968

Eduardo Ravelo born 10/13/1968


Cady Macclain actor, born 10/13/1969

Rhett Akins Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 10/13/1969

Liisa Kuoppamaki actor, born 10/13/1969

Michael Richardson gridiron football player, born 10/13/1969

Mike Droese Retired professional wrestler, wrestler, born 10/13/1970

Mel Jackson actor, born 10/13/1970

Ronan Mullen office holder, born 10/13/1970

Nick Page born 10/13/1970

Paul Potts Tenor musician, musical artist, born 10/13/1970

Sacha Baron Cohen English comedian and actor, comedian, actor, writer, actor, born 10/13/1971

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen British comedian, writer, and Golden Globe-winning actor, born 10/13/1971

Johanna Lind musical artist, born 10/13/1971

Sharee Miller criminal, born 10/13/1971

Prince Jaime of the Netherlands ROYALTY, FRATERNAL TWIN, born 10/13/1972

Princess Margarite of the Netherlands ROYALTY, FRATERNAL TWIN, born 10/13/1972

Summer Sanders SWIMMER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 10/13/1972

James Kerwin Director, Public Lecturer, film and theatre director, actor, born 10/13/1973

Nanako Matsushima actor, born 10/13/1973

Ole Ohman Musician, musical artist, born 10/13/1973

Siamese Twins - I MULTIPLE BIRTH, INFANT MORTALITIES, born 10/13/1974

Shiraz Tal model, born 10/13/1974

Milan Kadlec Racing cyclist, cyclist, born 10/13/1974

Jennifer Sky Actor, actor, born 10/13/1976

Vanessa Chinitor Singer, musical artist, born 10/13/1976

Paul Pierce Basketball forward, basketball player, born 10/13/1977

Justin Peter is his birth name it was legally changed to Peroff 1986 Papadimitriou drummer Broken Social Scene, actor, born 10/13/1977

Kiele Sanchez Actress, actor, born 10/13/1977

Jaime Koeppe model, born 10/13/1978

Vakhtang Murvanidze Georgian figure skater, figure skater, born 10/13/1979

Ryan Malcolm Singer, musical artist, born 10/13/1979

dou Niang soccer player, born 10/13/1979

Kristofer Hill Singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, educator, multi-instrumentalist, musical artist, born 10/13/1979

Chalie Boy Rapper, musical artist, born 10/13/1979

Ashanti Singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, model, Singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, model,Ceo of Written entertainment, musical artist, born 10/13/1980

Scott Matthew Parker Footballer, soccer player, born 10/13/1980

Suzie Pollard actress, Actress, actor, born 10/13/1980

Tininho footballer, soccer player, born 10/13/1980

Marc-Andre Bergeron ice hockey player, born 10/13/1980

Martin Kamburov soccer player, born 10/13/1980

Hanna Lindblad Singer, musical artist, born 10/13/1980

Kelechukwu Rowland Okereke English singer/songwriter and guitarist, musical artist, born 10/13/1981

Paul Mayo Footballer, soccer player, born 10/13/1981

Joao Henrique Andrade Amaral soccer player, born 10/13/1981

Jared Nathaniel Emerson-Johnson Video game music composer, sound designer, voice director and voice actor, Composer, sound designer,, musical artist, born 10/13/1981

Ian James Thorpe Swimmer, born 10/13/1982

Yasser Al-Qahtani Footballer, soccer player, born 10/13/1982

Jon Stevenson Professional soccer player, soccer player, born 10/13/1982

Kári Árnason Icelandic footballers, soccer player, born 10/13/1982

Jo Yoon-hee Actress and model, Actress, model, drug, born 10/13/1982

Nicole Trimmel Austrian kickboxer, born 10/13/1982

Ben Cormack British novelist, Writer, Illustrator, writer, born 10/13/1982

Natalie Garza actor, born 10/13/1982

Odette Henriette Jacqmin Singer-songwriter, model, musical artist, born 10/13/1982

Yuny Han born 10/13/1983

Skye Chan born 10/13/1983

Mrigendra Kumar Singh Politician, office holder, born 10/13/1983

Martin Porter Singer-songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 10/13/1983

Frank Simek Association football player, soccer player, born 10/13/1984

Matías Pérez García soccer player, born 10/13/1984

Martyn Paul Woolford Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/13/1985

Lucas Horvat soccer player, born 10/13/1985

Jimbo Aquino born 10/13/1985

Gabriel Agbonlahor soccer player, born 10/13/1986

Brad Holt Minor league baseball pitcher for the New York Mets, baseball player, born 10/13/1986

Raquel Lee Actress, actor, born 10/13/1986

Kit Weyman actor, born 10/13/1986

Micko Larkin musical artist, born 10/13/1986

Maira Vieira model, born 10/13/1988

Dane Sanzenbacher born 10/13/1988

Joe Cobb Footballer, soccer player, born 10/13/1990

Conor Doyle Association football player, soccer player, born 10/13/1991

Tiffany Ariana Trump NOTED FAMILY, born 10/13/1993