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Edward V King of England, British royalty, born 11/04/1470

Guido Reni ARTIST, PAINTER, artist, born 11/04/1575

Carlo Mannelli Italian violinist, castrato and composer, born 11/04/1640

Samuel Carpenter Samuel Carpenter, immigrant, Merchant, born 11/04/1649

Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani Prince, writer, monk and author, born 11/04/1658

William Bradford senator, born 11/04/1729

Thomas Johnson United States federal judge, judge, born 11/04/1732

Abraham Robertson scientist, born 11/04/1751

Jean-Girard Lacuee military person, born 11/04/1752

John Branch governor, born 11/04/1782

Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker CLASSICAL PHILOLOGIST, ARCHAEOLOGIST, born 11/04/1784

John William Smith governor, born 11/04/1792

John Neagle artist, born 11/04/1796

Carlo Blasis DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, TEACHER, AUTHOR, born 11/04/1797

Ambrose Hundley Sevier senator, born 11/04/1801

Stephen Clarendon Phillips congressman, born 11/04/1801

Mariano Riva Palacio Former Mexican Secretary of Finance (1848), Justice, congressman and thrice Governor of the State of Mexico., governor, born 11/04/1803

Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli ROMAN CATHOLIC DOMINICAN PRIEST, MISSIONARY, born 11/04/1806

Benjamin Robbins Curtis judge, born 11/04/1809

John Macgill born 11/04/1809

Antonio Carlo Napoleone Gallenga Italian author and politician, born 11/04/1810

Lucius Robinson governor, born 11/04/1810

Richard M. Bishop governor, born 11/04/1812

Thomas Howard Duval United States federal judge, born 11/04/1813

Nils Peter Hamberg Swedish pharmacist and physician, Pharmacist and physician, born 11/04/1815

James L. Alcorn Confederate Army general, senator, born 11/04/1816

Stephen J. Field U.S. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, judge, born 11/04/1816

Bolognesi born 11/04/1816

Alexander Lawton Confederate Army general, military person, born 11/04/1818

James A. Cravens United States Army officer and politician, congressman, born 11/04/1818

Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers United States Navy admiral, born 11/04/1819

Robert V. Richardson Confederate Army general, military person, born 11/04/1820

Gustave Adolphe Brion ARTIST, PAINTER, ILLUSTRATOR, born 11/04/1824

Philip Sclater lawyer, zoologist, born 11/04/1829

William Peters Hepburn Union Army officer and politician, congressman, born 11/04/1833

Allen D. Candler Politician, Teacher, Farmer, Railroad Owner, governor, born 11/04/1834

J. Smith Young Confederate Army officer and politician, born 11/04/1834

Lunsford Lomax Confederate Army general, military person, born 11/04/1835

Julian Emanuel Salomons Australian barrister, royal commissioner, solicitor-general, chief justice and member of parliament, born 11/04/1836

Gilbert M. L. Johnson Union United States Army general, military person, born 11/04/1837

Thomas MacDonald Patterson Union United States Army soldier, senator, born 11/04/1839

William Robert Giblin office holder, born 11/04/1840

William B. Cushing United States Navy officer, born 11/04/1842

William Barker Cushing MILITARY, NAVAL OFFICER, born 11/04/1842

Gaston Serpelle French composer, born 11/04/1846

Grace Bedell born 11/04/1848

James Bradley Orman governor, born 11/04/1849

Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel office holder, born 11/04/1852

Joseph T. Kingsbury University of Utah president from 1897 to 1916, born 11/04/1853

Patrick J. Kyle United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/04/1854

Harry Beresford Actor, actor, born 11/04/1863

Sir Robert Stodart Lorimer ARCHITECT, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/04/1864

Alfred Edward Durrant military person, born 11/04/1864


La Belle Otero dancer, actress, courtesan, born 11/04/1868

John George Aulsebrook Kitchen Inventor, born 11/04/1869

Bobby Wallace baseball player, born 11/04/1873

Carlos Mendieta president, born 11/04/1873

Arthur Crispien painter, journalist, politician, born 11/04/1875


Tomasz Arciszewski office holder, born 11/04/1877

Tommy Leach baseball player, born 11/04/1877

Ulrich Bonnell Phillips scientist, born 11/04/1877

George Harold Baker member of parliament, born 11/04/1877

William Penn Adair Rogers American humorist and entertainer, actor, comic, columnist, radio personality, born 11/04/1879

Harry Aaron Hollzer United States federal judge, born 11/04/1880

Paul J. Jones United States federal judge, gridiron football player, born 11/04/1880

Gaby Deslys actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 11/04/1881

Hector Authier member of parliament, born 11/04/1881

Bob Douglas Hall of Fame, Contributor, born 11/04/1882

Minnie D. Craig First woman Speaker of the House in the United States, born 11/04/1883

Nikolaos Plastiras office holder, born 11/04/1883

Princess Helen of Serbia Serbian princess; wife of Prince Ioann Konstantinovich of Russia., British royalty, born 11/04/1884

Signe Wirff Actor, drug, born 11/04/1887

Heinz Stamer military person, born 11/04/1887

George Travers Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1888

Leo Florian Hauck born 11/04/1888

Bela Macourek military person, born 11/04/1889

Alfred Henschke German writer, poet, playwright, born 11/04/1890

Ralph Spence Screenwriter, actor, born 11/04/1890

Eddie Cline FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, ACTOR, born 11/04/1891

Edward F. Cline actor, born 11/04/1891

Wilhelm Meisel military person, born 11/04/1891

Gabor Vajna office holder, born 11/04/1891

Dieudonne Costes AVIATOR, born 11/04/1892

Harold M. McClelland American Air Force general, military person, born 11/04/1893

Arthur Easterbrook military person, born 11/04/1893

Gabriel Paul Auphan MILITARY, NAVAL ADMIRAL, born 11/04/1894

Helmut Friebe German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/04/1894

Oskar Eckholt German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 11/04/1894

Ben Sharpsteen Film director, Film producer, actor, born 11/04/1895

J. R. Ackerley English writer and editor, Writer and editor, writer, born 11/04/1896

Ian Wolfe Actor, actor, born 11/04/1896

Carlos P. Garcia office holder, born 11/04/1896

Cornelis Bernardus van Niel American microbiologist, scientist, born 11/04/1897

Oscar Lorenzo Fernández Brazilian composer, born 11/04/1897

Charles Lacquehay CYCLIST, born 11/04/1897

Alfred Bruer German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/04/1897

Joe Dougherty provided the original voice of the Warner Brothers animation character, Porky Pig. Actually had a stutter which became one of the characters trademarks, voice actor, actor, born 11/04/1898

Tregoweth Brown Motion picture sound editor, born 11/04/1899

Paul Nicolas SOCCER PLAYER, born 11/04/1899

Bernhard Rogge military person, born 11/04/1899

Nicolas Frantz cyclist, born 11/04/1899

Kazimierz Zakrzewski historian, publicist, Historian, publicist, born 11/04/1900

Sergei Dmitrievich Vasilyev Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 11/04/1900

Spyridon Marinatos Greek archaeologist, scientist, born 11/04/1901

Bangja British royalty, born 11/04/1901

Max Wagner actor, born 11/04/1901

Bill Henderson baseball player, born 11/04/1901

Frank Jenks actor, born 11/04/1902

Watchman Nee born 11/04/1903

Alan Geddes born 11/04/1903

John Harris born 11/04/1903

Bill Fleckenstein american football player, born 11/04/1903

Don Alvarado Actor, assistant director, production manager, Actor, film director, actor, born 11/04/1904

Tadeusz Żyliński Polish technician and textilist, born 11/04/1904

Valentin Gonzalez military person, born 11/04/1904

Earl Mattingly baseball player, born 11/04/1904

John Cecil Holm Playwright, theatre director, actor, born 11/04/1904

Dragutin Tadijanovic Poet, born 11/04/1905

Nannie Doss born 11/04/1905

Alf Young soccer manager, born 11/04/1905

Everett Marshall wrestler, born 11/04/1905

Sterling North novelist, literary critic, writer, born 11/04/1906

Jean Filliozat Author, born 11/04/1906

Joe Sullivan Pianist, musical artist, born 11/04/1906

Henri Dubuis Architect, born 11/04/1906

Willie Love Pianist, singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1906


Karoly Bartha born 11/04/1907

Joseph Rotblat Polish-born British-naturalised physicist, scientist, born 11/04/1908

Stanley Cortez CINEMATOGRAPHER, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/04/1908

Jean Jacques Gautier DRAMA/FILM CRITIC, NOVELIST, JOURNALIST, born 11/04/1908

Anthony Warde actor, born 11/04/1908

Hermogenes Fonseca soccer player, born 11/04/1908

Robert W. Mondy born 11/04/1908

Skeeter Webb baseball player, born 11/04/1909

Bert Patenaude soccer player, born 11/04/1909

Evelyn Johnson former pilot, born 11/04/1909

Idov Cohen born 11/04/1909

Joe Beggs baseball player, born 11/04/1910

Dixie Lee Actor, actor, born 11/04/1911

Richard Gotabhaya Senanayake Politics, member of parliament, born 11/04/1911

Humphrey Davis ACTOR, born 11/04/1912

Frances Faye Singer, pianist, born 11/04/1912

Pablo Antonio Cuadra Poet, essayist, art and literary critic, playwright, graphic artist, writer, born 11/04/1912

Max Bennett ice hockey player, born 11/04/1912

Gig Young Actor, actor, born 11/04/1913

David H. Greene Author, Teacher, writer, born 11/04/1913

Duncan James Macrae Scottish rugby union player, born 11/04/1914

Duncan James Macrae Scottish rugby union player, born 11/04/1914

John Spirida gridiron football player, born 11/04/1914

Folke Sundquist Actor, drug, born 11/04/1915

Kim Wee Wee Journalist; Politician, president, born 11/04/1915

Ismail Abdul Rahman office holder, born 11/04/1915

Cronkite, Walter Leland, Jr. Television journalist, Television and radio broadcaster, news anchor, journalist, born 11/04/1916

John Basilone United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor and Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 11/04/1916

Banks Simpson nascar driver, born 11/04/1916

Walther-Hans Boettcher German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/04/1916

Virginia Field FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, actor, born 11/04/1917

Estevao Cardoso de Avellar born 11/04/1917

Alan Lyell scientist, born 11/04/1917

Art Carney Actor, comedian, Actor, actor, born 11/04/1918

Furman Bisher Sportswriter, born 11/04/1918

James I Mestrovitch United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/04/1918

Cameron Mitchell RADIO/STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 11/04/1918

Martin Balsam Film actor, Actor, actor, born 11/04/1919

Edward H. Ahrens United States Marine, military person, born 11/04/1919

Quentin Roosevelt Fourth child of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., born 11/04/1919

Shirley Mitchell actor, born 11/04/1919

Joel Thomas Broyhill office holder, born 11/04/1919

Allan Collins born 11/04/1919

Hans Rohrig military person, born 11/04/1919

Peter Schilperoort musician, musical artist, born 11/04/1919

Thomas Gale Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1920

Harriette Tarler actor, born 11/04/1920

Andrew Mattei Gleason MATHEMATICIAN, born 11/04/1921


Jay Anson born 11/04/1921

Andrew Gleason scientist, born 11/04/1921

Errico Jockey, born 11/04/1921

George Karreman scientist, born 11/04/1921

Mary Sherman Morgan American, born 11/04/1921

Gene Rock basketball player, born 11/04/1921

Alan F. Mitchell British forester, dendrologist and botanist, born 11/04/1922


Benno Besson Swiss actor and director, born 11/04/1922

Ralph E. Sutton musical artist, born 11/04/1922

Eddie Basinski baseball player, born 11/04/1922

Eugene Sledge United States Marine, military person, born 11/04/1923

Sulamith Goldhaber high-energy physicist, scientist, born 11/04/1923

John Herbers Journalist, author, Journalist, Author, writer, born 11/04/1923

Howie Meeker ice hockey player, born 11/04/1923

Harold Rudman soccer player, born 11/04/1924

Ritwik Ghatak Film maker, Film maker and writer, writer, born 11/04/1925

Bruce Hilkene American football player, born 11/04/1925

Aleksandra Śląska Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/04/1925

Teodor Aniola soccer player, born 11/04/1925

Leopoldo Elia prime minister, born 11/04/1925

Sakae Menda Activist, criminal, born 11/04/1925

Laurence Rosenthal MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 11/04/1926

Tubby Raymond college coach, born 11/04/1926

Bobby Breen CHILD ACTOR, SINGER, Actor/Singer, actor, born 11/04/1927

Hannah Weiner American poet, born 11/04/1928


Lopez, Eugenio, Jr. Chairman Emeritus of ABS-CBN, born 11/04/1928

Larry Bunker Drummer, vibraphonist, musical artist, born 11/04/1928

Jay Van noy baseball player, born 11/04/1928

Shaike Ofir Israeli film actor and comedian, actor, born 11/04/1929

Leopold Gratz POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 11/04/1929

John Jr. Gunther student, born 11/04/1929

Dickie Valentine Singer, guitarist, musical artist, born 11/04/1929

Hector Cafferata Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/04/1929

Romanov, Alexander, Prince British royalty, born 11/04/1929

Tommy E Jones Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1930

Vittorio Congia Actor, drug, born 11/04/1930

Richard Groat BASEBALL PLAYER, SHORTSTOP, born 11/04/1930

Kate Reid FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 11/04/1930

Dick Groat baseball player, born 11/04/1930

Ariel Chiappone ARTIST, PAINTER, born 11/04/1931

Erminia Ferrari Manfredi FASHION DESIGNER, born 11/04/1931


Clinton Ford Singer, musical artist, born 11/04/1931

Cleopa Msuya prime minister, born 11/04/1931

Noam Pitlik Actor, director, screenwriter, Actor, television director, producer, actor, born 11/04/1932

Albert Reynolds office holder, born 11/04/1932

Thomas Klestil president, born 11/04/1932

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu office holder, born 11/04/1933

Ainslie Sheil Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 11/04/1933

Tommy Abbott American dancer, actor, actor, born 11/04/1934

Renaud Sainsaulieu French sociologist, born 11/04/1935

Barry Crocker Singer,, actor, born 11/04/1935

Charles Kenneth Williams POET, born 11/04/1936

Victor Wegria soccer manager, born 11/04/1936

Jacques Lavoie member of parliament, born 11/04/1936

Loretta Swit STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, AUTHOR, Actress, actor, born 11/04/1937

Michael Wilson ambassador, born 11/04/1937

Carlos Tello Mexican Secretary of Budget and Planning (1976-77), office holder, born 11/04/1938

Alan Jones Cricketer, cricketer, born 11/04/1938

Ron Bean office holder, born 11/04/1938

Michael Meacher British politician, office holder, born 11/04/1939

George Mallaby actor, born 11/04/1939

Marlène Jobert Actress, author, actor, born 11/04/1940

Noel Jeffrey Hicks Australian politician, Draughtsman, member of parliament, born 11/04/1940

Marlene Jobert ACTRESS, born 11/04/1940

Delbert McClinton C&W SINGER, born 11/04/1940

John Sanderson office holder, born 11/04/1940

Elsie Kay Hallahan Western Australian politician, office holder, born 11/04/1941

bath patricia first African American woman doctor to receive a patent for a medical invention, Ophthalmologist, born 11/04/1942

Clark Edward Graebner TENNIS PLAYER, born 11/04/1943

Rafidah Aziz Member of Parliament, politician, born 11/04/1943

Duane Eddy MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 11/04/1944

Avis Miller Playboy Playmate, born 11/04/1945

Laura Lane Welch Bush First Lady of the United States, office holder, born 11/04/1946

Robert Mapplethorpe artist, born 11/04/1946

Frederick Elmes Cinematographer, actor, born 11/04/1946

Jim Smith gridiron football player, born 11/04/1946

Alan Munde Musician, musical artist, born 11/04/1946

Billy Hancock Vocalist, Musician, musical artist, born 11/04/1946

Rod Marsh Cricketer, cricketer, born 11/04/1947

Alexei Ulanov Russian pair skater, born 11/04/1947

Miguel María Lasa Urquía Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/04/1947

Deborah Leslie Dozier NOTED FAMILY, born 11/04/1947

Meri Vennamo POLITICIAN, born 11/04/1947

Linda Haynes actor, born 11/04/1947

Toshiyuki Nishida Actor, actor, born 11/04/1947

Pat Jones college coach, born 11/04/1947

Ike Thomas gridiron football player, born 11/04/1947

Timothy H. Hennessey office holder, born 11/04/1947

Loyd Colson baseball player, born 11/04/1947

Peter Breen Former Australian politician, born 11/04/1947

Beatrice Dufrasne DANCER, born 11/04/1948

Shaul Mofaz Israeli politician, born 11/04/1948

Amadou Toumani Toure president, born 11/04/1948

Ricardo Ehrlich office holder, born 11/04/1948

Carlos Moreno judge, born 11/04/1948

A. D. Champika Premadasa office holder, born 11/04/1948

Francois-Xavier Dumortier born 11/04/1948

Berlinda Tolbert Television, film actress, actor, born 11/04/1949

Markie Post ACTRESS, born 11/04/1950

Charles Frazier Novelist, Writer, writer, born 11/04/1950

Ross Jenkins Footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1951

Eugenio Torre Filipino chess International Grandmaster, born 11/04/1951

John Cannis member of parliament, born 11/04/1951

Traian Basescu president, born 11/04/1951

Cosey Fanni Tutti musical artist, born 11/04/1951

Wayne Douglas Smith Australian politician, born 11/04/1952

Charles Edward Jones astronaut, born 11/04/1952

Doug Corbett American college baseball player, professional baseball player, pitcher, relief pitcher, MLB All-Star, baseball player, born 11/04/1952

Carmen Julia Alvarez actor, born 11/04/1952

Jeff Lorber Musician, musical artist, born 11/04/1952

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz office holder, born 11/04/1952

Raymond Gravel member of parliament, born 11/04/1952

Carlos Gutierrez 35th United States Secretary of Commerce, office holder, born 11/04/1953

Rick Green actor, born 11/04/1953

Ann Jones office holder, born 11/04/1953

Van Stephenson Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1953

David Shaw american football player, born 11/04/1953

Anne Breuer DANCER, born 11/04/1954

Chris Difford Musician, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 11/04/1954

Alexander Victorovich Fedorov Russian Media Education, Media Literacy theorist, writer, lecturer, film critic, scientist, born 11/04/1954

Hidehiko Shimizu soccer manager, born 11/04/1954

Matti Taneli Vanhanen Finnish politician, Prime Minister of Finland, canal, born 11/04/1955

Peter Boynton FILM/TV ACTOR, SOAP STAR, born 11/04/1955

Rodger Cuzner member of parliament, born 11/04/1955

Lani Tupu actor, born 11/04/1955

David Wilson radio and television journalist, politician, born 11/04/1955

Jordan Rudess Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1956

Igor Talkov Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1956

James Honeyman-Scott Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1956

John Arrowood judge, born 11/04/1956

Tony Abbott Australian politician, politician, born 11/04/1957

James Honeyman-Scott of THE PRETENDERS MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 11/04/1957

Zerrin Ozer Singer, musical artist, born 11/04/1957

Sergei Prigoda soccer manager, born 11/04/1957

Uwe Bewersdorf German pair skater, born 11/04/1958

Anne Sweeney Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks and President of the Disney-ABC Television Group, Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks & President of Disney-ABC Television Group, born 11/04/1958

Victoria Frances Lawford NOTED FAMILY, born 11/04/1958

Pat Ramsey office holder, born 11/04/1958

Redmond Burke Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon, born 11/04/1958

Bayn Johnson Actress, Singer, Dancer, actor, born 11/04/1958

Dirk Demol Directuer sportif and former racing cyclist, cyclist, born 11/04/1959

Cesar Evora Actor, actor, born 11/04/1959

Dejan Cukic Singer, songwriter, journalist, musical artist, born 11/04/1959

Ken Kirzinger actor, born 11/04/1959

Magenta Devine Television presenter, journalist, born 11/04/1960

Franziska Menke musical artist, born 11/04/1960

Ralph Macchio ACTOR, born 11/04/1961

Rachel Siewert office holder, born 11/04/1961

Annabelle Gurwitch Actress, actor, born 11/04/1961

Jon Robin Baitz Stage, film actor, actor, born 11/04/1961

Gary Cowling Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 11/04/1961

Jean-Pierre Bemba Democratic Republic of the Congo politician, born 11/04/1962

Jeff Probst Television presenter, game show host, executive producer, reporter, actor, born 11/04/1962

Jim Hume office holder, born 11/04/1962

Lena Zavaroni POP SINGER, CHILD STAR, ANOREXIA VICTIM, born 11/04/1963

Lena Zavaroni Singer, musical artist, born 11/04/1963

Dallas Eliuk Former lacrosse player, born 11/04/1964

Sandrone Dazieri popular Italian crime writer, Author, Screenwriter, writer, born 11/04/1964

Yuko Mizutani Seiyū, actor, born 11/04/1964

Sylvie Roy office holder, born 11/04/1964

Ian Paul Cassidy actor, born 11/04/1964

Lone Droscher Nielsen scientist, born 11/04/1964

Pata Guitarist, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1965

Milind Soman Actor, Model, actor, born 11/04/1965

Kiersten Warren Actress, actor, born 11/04/1965

Jeff Scott Soto Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1965

Shaun Williamson Actor, singer, television personality and presenter, actor, born 11/04/1965

Malandra Burrows actor, born 11/04/1965

Petra Verkaik Adult model, Playboy Playmate, born 11/04/1966

Chitral "Chity" Somapala Musician, singer, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1966

Juan Diego Solanas Film director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, drug, born 11/04/1966

Bethenny Frankel born 11/04/1966

Gelson Da Silva soccer player, born 11/04/1967

Miles Long US porn actor, adult actor, born 11/04/1968

Kara Dukakis NOTED FAMILY, born 11/04/1968

Council Nedd born 11/04/1968

Sean John Combs Rapper, producer, actor, Rapper, record producer, actor, fashion designer, dancer, singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1969

Matthew McConaughey Actor, actor, born 11/04/1969

Trevor L. Blackwell American programmer, Computer programmer, engineer and entrepreneur, born 11/04/1969

Diana Bianchedi FOIL FENCER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 11/04/1969

Dave Kelly Record producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, engineer, and Mixer, musical artist, born 11/04/1969

Alexander Moskalenko born 11/04/1969

Tabu Actress, actor, born 11/04/1970

Malena Ernman Singer, musical artist, born 11/04/1970

Anthony Ruivivar actor, born 11/04/1970

Darren Stephen Edmondson Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 11/04/1971

Kuzman Babeu soccer manager, born 11/04/1971

Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo Portuguese footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1972

Tim Vincent Actor, TV presenter, born 11/04/1972

Wendy Hoopes actor, born 11/04/1972

Lara Giddings president, born 11/04/1972

Myles Pollard actor, born 11/04/1972

Steve Cruz adult actor, born 11/04/1972

Stephen Baron Johnson artist, born 11/04/1972

Bojan Dimitrijevic actor, born 11/04/1973

Robert Winters Footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1974

Cedric Bixler Zavala Musician, Songwriter, Singer, Drummer, musical artist, born 11/04/1974

Chris Cason Voice Actor, actor, born 11/04/1974

Sasa Antunovic soccer player, born 11/04/1974

Yoann Le Boulanger Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/04/1975

Heather Tom Actress, actor, born 11/04/1975

Lorenzen Wright basketball player, born 11/04/1975

Warren Christie actor, born 11/04/1975

Justine Waddell Actress, Actor, actor, born 11/04/1976

Sander Van Gessel soccer player, born 11/04/1976

Oren Nisim soccer player, born 11/04/1976

Ian Lawson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1977

Tonicha Jeronimo actor, born 11/04/1977

Jose Maria Torre Actor and fashion designer, actor, born 11/04/1977

Michael Leavitt artist, born 11/04/1977

Hannelore Knuts model, born 11/04/1977

Chris Adamson Footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1978

Gorka Verdugo Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/04/1978

Andy Flickinger Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/04/1978

Valentina Igoshina classical pianist, musical artist, born 11/04/1978

Julio Lopez soccer player, born 11/04/1978

Paul McIlravey Footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1979

Trishelle Cannatella actor, born 11/04/1979

Valeria Solarino Actress, born 11/04/1979

Jerry Collins New Zealand Rugby union footballer., Professional rugby player., rugby player, born 11/04/1980

Marcy Rylan Actress, actor, born 11/04/1980

Sabrina Colie actor, born 11/04/1980

Sebastian Vazquez soccer player, born 11/04/1980

Georgios Kolanis soccer player, born 11/04/1980

Mohamed Salmeen soccer player, born 11/04/1980

Alberto Di Bernado rugby player, born 11/04/1980

Ruslan Sirota pianist, keyboardist, organist, composer, musical artist, born 11/04/1980

Khouny Actor, Model and Host, actor, born 11/04/1981

Levi Kreis Singer, songwriter, actor, musical artist, born 11/04/1981

Paul Tucker comics creator, born 11/04/1981

Travis Van Winkle Actor, actor, born 11/04/1982

Seth Kimbrough musical artist, born 11/04/1982

David Frank Llwyd Jones soccer player, born 11/04/1984

Danny Morgan Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1984

Barry Cogan Irish footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1984

Yousuf Al Busaidi soccer player, born 11/04/1984

Aslan Mashukov soccer player, born 11/04/1984

Vanessa Struhler Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/04/1985

Rico Maierhofer born 11/04/1985

Raimund Riedewald Professional football player, soccer player, born 11/04/1986

Alexz Johnson Vocalist, songwriter, musician, actress, musical artist, born 11/04/1986

Angelica Panganiban Actress, actor, born 11/04/1986

Evan Sharpley baseball player, born 11/04/1986

Peter Charles Bore Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1987

Michelle Madrigal actor, born 11/04/1987

Panagiotis Karachalios soccer player, born 11/04/1987

Christopher Hugh Martin Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/04/1988

Jean-Luc Bilodeau actor, born 11/04/1990

Zane Tetevano rugby player, born 11/04/1990

Bee Vang Actor, Actor, Student, actor, born 11/04/1991

Olta Boka musician, musical artist, born 11/04/1991

Bea Binene ActressHostSingerDancer, actor, born 11/04/1997

Darcy Rose Byrnes Actress & Singer, actor, born 11/04/1998