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Adriaen van Ostade engraver, printmaker, born 12/10/1610

Jonathan Swift AUTHOR, ESSAYIST, POET, born 07/18/1922

William Berczy Canadian pioneer and painter, born 12/10/1744

James Donaldson Scottish newspaper publisher, Newspaper publisher, journalist, born 12/10/1751

Grand Duke Frederick Francis 01 Of Mecklenburg British royalty, born 12/10/1756

Peleg Sprague office holder, born 12/10/1756

Maria Bibiana Benitez poet, playwright, writer, born 12/10/1783

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Minister, educator, co-founder of the first permanent school for the Deaf in North America., born 12/10/1787

Kensey Jr. Johns office holder, born 12/10/1791

James Wolfe Ripley Union Army general, military person, born 12/10/1794

Matthias W. Baldwin born 12/10/1795

John J. Milligan office holder, born 12/10/1795

George Fletcher Moore politician, public servant, diarist, born 12/10/1798

Philippe Ricord scientist, born 12/10/1800

John Fletcher Darby mayor, born 12/10/1803

Carl Jacobi Mathematician, scientist, born 12/10/1804

Charles Durkee senator, born 12/10/1805

Abraham K. Allison Politician, governor, born 12/10/1810

Norman Eddy United States Army officer, born 12/10/1810

Zachariah Chandler office holder, born 12/10/1813

John Wright Hazelton New Jersey politician, United States Representative, congressman, born 12/10/1814

Enoch Greenleafe Parrott United States admiral, military person, born 12/10/1814

Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace NOTED FAMILY, MATH GENIUS, LEGIT DAU OF LORD BYRON, born 12/10/1815

Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace NOTED FAMILY, MATH GENIUS, LEGIT DAU OF LORD BYRON, born 12/10/1815

Lovelace, Ada King, Countess Of born 12/10/1815

Mississippi Statehood STATE, born 12/10/1817

David Allen Russell Union Army general, military person, born 12/10/1820

Princess Elizabeth Of Clarence British royalty, born 12/10/1820

César Franck Belgian composer, organist and music teacher, born 12/10/1822

Thomas Devin Union Army general, military person, born 12/10/1822


George MacDonald Scottish journalist, novelist, Minister, Poet, Novelist, writer, born 12/10/1824

George Macdonald POET, NOVELIST, born 12/10/1824

John Henry Kinkead 3rd Governor of Nevada and 1st Governor of the District of Alaska, office holder, born 12/10/1826

Benjamin West Kilburn born 12/10/1827

Emily Dickinson Poet, born 12/10/1830

Thomas Power Christian Bishop, born 12/10/1830

George Haddow member of parliament, born 12/10/1833

Howard Fox Businessman, naturalist, geologist, gardener, born 12/10/1836

Edward Eggleston Novelist, historian, clergyman, born 12/10/1837

Evan Howell Confederate Army officer, born 12/10/1839

Alexander Boarman American judge, governor, born 12/10/1839

William Neil Dennison United States Army officer, born 12/10/1841

Joseph Blackburne born 12/10/1841

John Aloysius Green Businessman, Farmer, Stone Cutter, office holder, born 12/10/1844

Irving Stringham American mathematician, scientist, born 12/10/1847

Frederick William Piesse member of parliament, born 12/10/1848

John W. Kern senator, born 12/10/1849

Gustav Hinrichs born 12/10/1850

James Albert Manning Aikins politician in Manitoba, Canada, born 12/10/1851

Ernst Henrici German polemicist, born 12/10/1854

August Spies Upholsterer, criminal, born 12/10/1855

Henry Nicholas Ridley scientist, born 12/10/1855

Peder Mørk Mønsted Danish painter, artist, born 12/10/1859

Daniel Richard Crissinger president, born 12/10/1860

Daisy Greville born 12/10/1861

Benjamin Prowse office holder, born 12/10/1862

Herman O. Stickney United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/10/1867

Ker Xavier Roussel ARTIST, PAINTER, ILLUSTRATOR, LITHOGRAPHER, born 12/10/1867

Charles-Avila Wilson office holder, born 12/10/1869

Adolf Loos Austrian Architect, architect, born 12/10/1870

Pierre Louys AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, born 12/10/1870

Thomas Gore senator, born 12/10/1870


Anton Rudolf Mauve ARTIST, PAINTER, NOTED FAMILY, born 12/10/1876

Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari Political leader, Lawyer, Writer, Statesman, office holder, born 12/10/1878

James Lawton Collins U.S. Army general, military person, born 12/10/1882

Vincent L. Leibell United States federal judge, born 12/10/1883

John Lawrence Goheen Agriculturist, social worker, missionaries, administer, writer, missionaries, Agriculturist, writer, born 12/10/1883

Edward A. Kull Cinematographer, Film director, drug, born 12/10/1885

Victor McLaglen Actor, actor, born 12/10/1886

Annie Bos Actor, actor, born 12/10/1886

Arthur Hoffmann German athlete, born 12/10/1887

Ray Collins Actor, actor, born 12/10/1889

Harry McCoy Actor, actor, born 12/10/1889

Ray Barker military person, born 12/10/1889

Rhea Mitchell Actress, actor, born 12/10/1890

Byron Ingemar Johnson president, born 12/10/1890

James Ockendon military person, born 12/10/1890

Laszlo Bardossy president, born 12/10/1890

George Merritt actor, born 12/10/1890

Harold Alexander, Earl Alexander of Tunis MILITARY, GREATEST BRIT FIELD COMMANDER OF WWII, governor, born 12/10/1891

Nelly Sachs Poet, Playwright, writer, born 12/10/1891

Louis Lozowick artist, born 12/10/1892

Lew Brown Lyricist, musical artist, born 12/10/1893

Alfred George Drake military person, born 12/10/1893

John Linton Treloar Archivist and first director of the Australian War Memorial, Archivist and museum administrator, born 12/10/1894

William Sydney Marchant prime minister, born 12/10/1894

William O. Brice United States Marine Corps general, military person, born 12/10/1898

Howard Beale Australian politician and diplomat, Barrister, member of parliament, born 12/10/1898

Dominic Eric Costa Australian politician, Postmaster, member of parliament, born 12/10/1900


Roy Carlyle baseball player, born 12/10/1900

James Mollison Australian art patron, born 12/10/1901

Ivor Egwad Jones rugby player, born 12/10/1901

Vito Marcantonio congressman, born 12/10/1902

Una Merkel Actor, actor, born 12/10/1903

George J. Lewis Actor, actor, born 12/10/1903

Victor Dennis Kearney Australian politician, Unionist, member of parliament, born 12/10/1903


Mary Norton Author, writer, born 12/10/1903

Marton Bukovi soccer manager, born 12/10/1903

Emilio Giuseppe Dossena artist, writer, born 12/10/1903

Antonin Novotny president, born 12/10/1904

Giuseppe Torriani soccer player, born 12/10/1904

Renato Birolli ARTIST, PAINTER, born 12/10/1905

Valter Palm born 12/10/1905

Doris Cross ARTIST, PAINTER, SCULPTOR, PRINT MAKER, born 12/10/1906

Jules Ladoumegue RUNNER, OLYMPIC TRACK & FIELD SILVER MEDAL CHAMP, born 12/10/1906

Harold Adamson Lyricist, musical artist, born 12/10/1906

Walter Zinn scientist, born 12/10/1906

Bots Nekola baseball player, born 12/10/1906

Mary Virginia Gaver Librarian, Educator, Writer and editor, born 12/10/1906

Sidney Fox Actress, actor, born 12/10/1907

Amedeo Nazzari Actor, actor, born 12/10/1907

Lucien Laurent SOCCER PLAYER, born 12/10/1907

Lucien Laurent soccer player, born 12/10/1907

Mark Edward Bradley military person, born 12/10/1907

Harry Payne miner, rugby player, born 12/10/1907

Michael Blankfort Jewish-American screenwriter, playwright and author, Screenwriter Author Playwright, writer, born 12/10/1907

Olivier Messiaen French composer, organist, and ornithologist, born 12/10/1908

Eugene Potts Oregon state legislator, public administrator, founder of Historic Pottsville, politician, born 12/10/1908

Theos Casimir Bernard scholar in philosophy, practitioner of Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, born 12/10/1908

Harold Wright office holder, born 12/10/1908

Earl Cook baseball player, born 12/10/1908

Mario Evaristo soccer player, born 12/10/1908

Frank Gill born 12/10/1908

John Robert Brown United States federal judge, born 12/10/1909

Sylvia Coleridge British actress, actor, born 12/10/1909

Herbert Kuppisch German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 12/10/1909

William Osmund Sr. Kelly office holder, born 12/10/1909

Chet Huntley NEWSCASTER, television news anchor, born 12/10/1911

Giovanni Riccardi SOCCER PLAYER, born 12/10/1911

Tetsuji Takechi Japanese Film director, Theatre director and Author, Kabuki director, theorist and critic, Theatre director, Film director, Author, Actor, actor, born 12/10/1912

William S. Hart, Sr. STAGE/FILM ACTOR, FILM DIRECTOR, AUTHOR, senator, born 12/10/1912

Harry Locke actor, born 12/10/1913

Eli L. Whiteley United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/10/1913

Morton Gould MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, born 12/10/1913

Ray Nance Trumpeter, Vocalist, Violinist, musical artist, born 12/10/1913

Dick Zoll american football player, born 12/10/1913

Hal Le Roy Film, vaudeville and television actor and dancer, Actor, dancer, singer, actor, born 12/10/1913

Dorothy Lamour Actress, singer, Actress, actor, born 12/10/1914


John Dale Ryan military person, born 12/10/1915

Deramus, William N., III born 12/10/1915

Nicky Barr military person, born 12/10/1915

Heinrich Schroeteler German World War II U-boat commander, born 12/10/1915

Mario Nuzzolese Journalist, AGIS Co-Founder, born 12/10/1915

Alfredo Ripstein Mexican film producer, born 12/10/1916

Ruedi Walter CABARET ENTERTAINER, born 12/10/1916

Parker Hall gridiron football player, born 12/10/1916

Joe Ungerer gridiron football player, born 12/10/1916

Andy Tomasic Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 12/10/1917

Yahya Petra Of Kelantan British royalty, born 12/10/1917

Anne Gynne Actress, actor, born 12/10/1918


Chuck Deshane american football player, born 12/10/1918

Robert Taplett military person, born 12/10/1918

Vsevolod Blinkov soccer manager, born 12/10/1918

Seigfried Brosow military person, born 12/10/1918

Sesto Bruscantini OPERA SINGER, BASS, born 12/10/1919

Harrison A. Williams, Jr. LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (NJ DEM), born 12/10/1919

Harrison A. Williams senator, born 12/10/1919

Jean Lee criminal, born 12/10/1919

Vincent Brassard manufacturer, meat packer, member of parliament, born 12/10/1919

Clarice Lispector Brazilian writer, Writer, writer, born 12/10/1920

Gerald Thomas film director, actor, born 12/10/1920

Thanassis Skordalos Composer, singer, musical artist, born 12/10/1920

Henry William Menard scientist, born 12/10/1920

Frank P. Witek United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/10/1921

Gian Luigi Rondi Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 12/10/1921

Matt Baker comics creator, born 12/10/1921

Raleigh Brown Attorney; Judge, office holder, born 12/10/1921

George Knobel soccer manager, born 12/10/1922

Charles R. Long United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/10/1923

Harold Gould STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 12/10/1923

Jean Guelis BALLET DANCER, born 12/10/1923

Johnny Dixon soccer player, born 12/10/1923

Harold Gould Actor, born 12/10/1923

Clorindo Testa architect, born 12/10/1923

Michael Gill Writer, Director, Producer, writer, born 12/10/1923

Hec Highton ice hockey player, born 12/10/1923

Hugh W. Hardy United States Marine Corps Reserve general; 3D seismc pioneer, military person, born 12/10/1924

Sergio Manente SOCCER PLAYER, born 12/10/1924

Michael Manley office holder, born 12/10/1924

Kelvin Lancaster Professor, scientist, born 12/10/1924

Doug Heywood born 12/10/1924

Sergio Manente soccer manager, born 12/10/1924

Jean Byron Actress, actor, born 12/10/1925

Oskar Burgbacher SKIER, CROSS COUNTRY SKI CHAMPION, born 12/10/1925

Norm Macdonald born 12/10/1925

Carolyn Kizer born 12/10/1925

Ovide Laflamme member of parliament, born 12/10/1925

Tony Wright actor, born 12/10/1925

Harry Fowler actor, born 12/10/1926

Nikolai Tishchenko soccer manager, born 12/10/1926

Thomas Ambrose Masterson United States federal judge, born 12/10/1927

Elsie & Marie Dodgson SIAMESE TWINS, born 12/10/1927

James B. Keysar POLITICIAN, born 12/10/1927

Richard Carlton Lillehei PROFESSOR OF SURGURY, born 12/10/1927

Pat Nixon POLITICAL WIFE, U.S. 1ST LADY, Actress, writer, producer, actor, born 12/10/1927

Harvey Murray Glatman born 12/10/1927

Dan Blocker Actor, actor, born 12/10/1928

John Colicos SHAKESPEAREAN ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 12/10/1928

Barbara Nichols Actress, actor, born 12/10/1928

Dan Blocker FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, born 12/10/1929

Michael Snow artist, born 12/10/1929

Clayton Keith Yeutter Secretary of Agriculture and chairman of the Republican National Committee, office holder, born 12/10/1930

Thomas Michael Jopling POLITICIAN, M.P., born 12/10/1930

Zulfiqar Ali Khan military person, born 12/10/1930

Howard Maccurdy member of parliament, born 12/10/1932

William Armstrong III Percy Historian, Gay Activist, professor, historian, encyclopedist, and gay activist, born 12/10/1933

Marsh, Henry L., III Virginia Politician, Civil Rights Lawyer, office holder, born 12/10/1933

Mako STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 12/10/1933

Mako Iwamatsu actor, born 12/10/1933

Shuji Terayama Poet, dramatist, writer, film director, photographer, born 12/10/1935

Alan Fennell comics creator, born 12/10/1936

Donald Bies PRO GOLFER, born 12/10/1937

El Cordobes BULLFIGHTER, born 12/10/1937

Karel Schwarzenberg office holder, born 12/10/1937

Don Sebesky Trombonist, Arranger, Author, musical artist, born 12/10/1937

Ken Adamson born 12/10/1938

Grady Alderman gridiron football player, born 12/10/1938

Barry Cunliffe English archaeologist, born 12/10/1939

Yvonne Ingdal Actor, drug, born 12/10/1939

Gilles A. Perron member of parliament, born 12/10/1940

Zoltan Gal office holder, born 12/10/1940

Tommy Kirk Actor, actor, born 12/10/1941

Ken Campbell Actor, actor, born 12/10/1941

Tommy Rettig Actor; Computer Software engineer, Actor, software engineer, actor, born 12/10/1941

Fionnula Flanagan Actress, actor, born 12/10/1941

Francoise Dubois DANCER, born 12/10/1941

Sarina Angelina Mineo NOTED FAMILY, SISTER OF ACTOR SAL MINEO, born 12/10/1941

Kyu Sakamoto Singer, songwriter, actor, TV personality, musical artist, born 12/10/1941

Peter Michael Goetz actor, born 12/10/1941

Herve Mirouze soccer manager, born 12/10/1941

Bill Meyer artist, print maker, painter, film maker, musician, artist, born 12/10/1942


Theodore Wilson Actor, actor, born 12/10/1943


Colin Kenny office holder, born 12/10/1943

Alvin Jaeger politician, born 12/10/1943

Robert J. Mellow office holder, born 12/10/1943

Tisha Sterling Actress, actor, born 12/10/1944

Chitra Mudgal Indian, Hindi language writer, born 12/10/1944

Christine Ann Fyffe Australian politician, born 12/10/1944

Valerie Jeanne Percy NOTED FAMILY, TWIN, MURDER VICTIM, born 12/10/1944

Sharon Lee Percy Rockefeller NOTED FAMILY, TWIN OF MURDER VICTIM VALERIE PERCY, born 12/10/1944

Toots Hibbert Musician, Songwriter, Bandleader, musical artist, born 12/10/1945

Marek Grechuta Singer-songwriter, pianist, musical artist, born 12/10/1945

Jimmy Rooney soccer player, born 12/10/1945

Ann Turner writer, born 12/10/1945

Peter Huttner Swedish actor, actor, born 12/10/1945

Robert C. Murray United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/10/1946

Guy Hocquenghem AUTHOR, AIDS ACTIVIST, GAY, AIDS VICTIM, born 12/10/1946

Douglas Kenney writer, born 12/10/1946

Gloria Loring actor, born 12/10/1946

Thomas Lux Poet, writer, born 12/10/1946

Connie Chanpochu Singer, actor, actor, born 12/10/1946

Oganes Zanazanyan soccer manager, born 12/10/1946

Richard Poirier HOLLYWOOD THEATRICAL AGENT, born 12/10/1947

Bob Macmullan Unionist, member of parliament, born 12/10/1947

Thommie Bergman ice hockey player, born 12/10/1947

Ted Martinez baseball player, born 12/10/1947

Ross Dillon born 12/10/1947

Zinaida Voronina born 12/10/1947

Muhammad Zaidan born 12/10/1948

Terry Teruo Kawamura United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/10/1949

Harry Michael Cohen POLITICIAN, M.P., born 12/10/1949

Harry Cohen member of parliament, born 12/10/1949

Richard J. Cohen attorney, legislator, office holder, born 12/10/1949

Enrique Castillo Film actor, writer, director, actor, born 12/10/1949

Gregg Berger COMEDIAN, Voice actor, actor, born 12/10/1950

Simon Owen GOLFER, born 12/10/1950

Miroslav Ilic musical artist, born 12/10/1950

Johnny Rodriguez Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 12/10/1951

Jay Obrien office holder, born 12/10/1951

Clive Anderson Television Presenter, Lawyer, Comedy writer, game show host, lawyer, radio presenter, television presenter, born 12/10/1952

Susan Dey ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 12/10/1952

Rainer Adrion soccer manager, born 12/10/1953

Ramon Naval Guico President of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines, Public Servant, office holder, born 12/10/1953

Kristine DeBell Actress, model, actor, born 12/10/1954

Ross Shafer Comedian/Television host, actor, born 12/10/1954

Jack Hues Musician, Singer, Guitarist, musical artist, born 12/10/1954

M.S.K. Bhavani Rajenthiran office holder, born 12/10/1954

Billy Caskey soccer player, born 12/10/1954

Goran Ivandic Musician, musical artist, born 12/10/1955

Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan politician, born 12/10/1955

Mark Maryboy office holder, born 12/10/1955

Rod Blagojevich Former Governor of Illinois, office holder, born 12/10/1956

Marie Bountrogianni Psychologist, politician, born 12/10/1956

Catherine Parks actor, born 12/10/1956

Tomihisa Taue politician, born 12/10/1956

Roberto Cassinelli office holder, born 12/10/1956

Prem Rawat Addresses people on the subject of finding peace within and says that he is able to offer a practical way which he calls "Knowledge", born 12/10/1957

Paul Hardcastle MUSICIAN, SINGER, COMPOSER, KEYBOARDIST, musician, producer, songwriter,radio presenter in the USA, musical artist, born 12/10/1957

Maharaj-Ji SPIRITUAL LEADER, GURU, born 12/10/1957

Nancy Karetaklindell member of parliament, born 12/10/1957

Michael Clarke Duncan Actor, actor, born 12/10/1957

Kathy Dahlkemper Landscaping contractor,, congressman, born 12/10/1957

Cornelia Caroline Funke Author, writer, born 12/10/1958


Eng Hen Ng office holder, born 12/10/1958

Pepsi Demacque Singer, musical artist, born 12/10/1958

Carlos de los Cobos Mexican former footballer, soccer manager, born 12/10/1958

Francois Marcela-Froideval comics creator, born 12/10/1958

Wolf Hoffmann born 12/10/1959

Udi Aloni Filmmaker , Writer, writer, born 12/10/1959

Kenneth Branagh STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, DIRECTOR, PLAYWRIGHT, Actor, film director, actor, born 12/10/1960

Michael Schoeffling actor, born 12/10/1960

Rati Agnihotri Model, Actress, actor, born 12/10/1960

Sato Koichi actor, born 12/10/1960

Mark Ivan Kendall Professional footballer, soccer player, born 12/10/1961

Oded Schramm scientist, born 12/10/1961

Steve Brown ACTOR, MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 12/10/1962

Masazaku Katsura mangaka, writer, born 12/10/1962

Cassia Eller Singer, musical artist, born 12/10/1962

Deborah H. Horan office holder, born 12/10/1962

George Newbern Actor, actor, born 12/10/1964

Prudence Liew Singer, actor, TV presenter, film producer, actor, born 12/10/1964

Timothy Christian-Riley MUSICIAN, SINGER, DRUMMER, born 12/10/1965

J Mascis Musician, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 12/10/1965

Greg Giraldo comedian, born 12/10/1965

Stephanie Morgenstern Actress, filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, born 12/10/1965

Torsten Wohlert soccer player, born 12/10/1965

Joern Karlsrud soccer manager, born 12/10/1965

Saori Oguri comics creator, born 12/10/1966

Paul Thissen Lawyer, office holder, born 12/10/1966

Messiah Marcolin Musician, musical artist, born 12/10/1967

Holly Witt Playboy Playmate, born 12/10/1968

Darren Shane Berry Cricketer, born 12/10/1969

Paulo Alves soccer manager, born 12/10/1969

Rob Blake ice hockey player, born 12/10/1969

John Proos office holder, born 12/10/1969

Deb Obarski musical artist, born 12/10/1969

Linda Ravenswood writer, born 12/10/1969

Alec Cleland Footballer, soccer player, born 12/10/1970

Kevin Sharp musical artist, born 12/10/1970

Ricardo Alamo Actor, actor, born 12/10/1970

Susanna Reid Journalist, presenter, journalist, born 12/10/1970

Zbigniew Kowalski soccer player, born 12/10/1970

Friedrich Von Gärtner German architect, born 12/10/1971

Oforia Musician, Artist, Musical Producer, musical artist, born 12/10/1971

Bill Baroni office holder, born 12/10/1971

Brian Molko Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 12/10/1972

Tara Subkoff actor, born 12/10/1972

Mina Shim Model, Singer, Dancer, musical artist, born 12/10/1972

Brian Dougherty Lacrosse player, born 12/10/1973

Billy Lyon American football defensive lineman, american football player, born 12/10/1973

Arden Myrin Actress/Comedian, actor, born 12/10/1973

Daniela Spanic actor, born 12/10/1973

Ljubisa Rankovic soccer player, born 12/10/1973

Jason Otoole actor, born 12/10/1973

Monique Dupree actor, born 12/10/1974

Tim Ashe office holder, born 12/10/1976

Clementine Singer, Songwriter, Label Manager, musical artist, born 12/10/1976

Emmanuelle Chriqui Actress, actor, born 12/10/1977

Laurent Veronnez DJ, Producer, Remixer, musical artist, born 12/10/1977

Summer Phoenix Actress/Model, actor, born 12/10/1978

Brent Laing born 12/10/1978

Sarim Momin actor, born 12/10/1978

Anjana Sukhani Actress, model, actor, born 12/10/1978

Jose' Rubio musical artist, born 12/10/1978

Sergio Ghisalberti Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 12/10/1979

Paolo Longo Borghini Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 12/10/1980

Jean Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 12/10/1980

Wikluh Sky musical artist, born 12/10/1980

Halema Boland Game show host, Television presenters and radio personality, born 12/10/1980

Alberto Zeni Film actor, actor, born 12/10/1980

Sari Abboud Singer, musical artist, born 12/10/1981

Helena Blackman British musical theatre actress, musical artist, born 12/10/1982

Joe Polo born 12/10/1982

Shilpa Anand Model , Actress, born 12/10/1982

Gordon Gilbert soccer player, born 12/10/1982

Regardt Dreyer rugby player, born 12/10/1982

Nick Martin Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 12/10/1982

Tomas Hajovsky soccer player, born 12/10/1982

Robbie Engelquist Canadian Comedian, rapper and actor., Comedian, Actor, and Rapper, musical artist, born 12/10/1983

Patrick Flueger Actor, actor, born 12/10/1983

Xavier Samuel Actor, born 12/10/1983

Zoltán Lipták Professional footballer, soccer player, born 12/10/1984

Tom Hern actor, born 12/10/1984

Xing Liu born 12/10/1984

Trésor Mputu Association football forward, soccer player, born 12/10/1985

Yan Kit Chan badminton player, born 12/10/1985

Vincent Bueno Singer, composer, musical artist, born 12/10/1985

Mohd Fazliata Taib soccer player, born 12/10/1985

Gary Entin actor, born 12/10/1985

Wesley Darius Donald Charles Professional footballer, soccer player, born 12/10/1987

Christian Daniel Smith Professional footballer, soccer player, born 12/10/1987

Simon Richard Church Footballer, soccer player, born 12/10/1988

Danny Groves Professional footballer, soccer player, born 12/10/1990

Giulia Boverio Actress, actor, born 12/10/1990

Alex Lambert Singer, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 12/10/1990

Punnara Phoomchareon born 12/10/1990

Tommy Oar soccer player, born 12/10/1991

Harry Crawford Professional footballer, soccer player, born 12/10/1991

Rachel Trachtenburg Singer, drummer, actress, model, musical artist, born 12/10/1993