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Leone Battista Alberti artist, born 02/14/1404

Arundel, John FitzAlan, 14th Earl of born 02/14/1408

Daniel Tucker American ferryman and Methodist minister, born 02/14/1740

Mulgrave, Henry Phipps, 1st Earl of office holder, born 02/14/1755

Kazimierz Nestor Sapieha born 02/14/1757

Richard Allen RELIGIOUS LEADER, born 02/14/1760


Anson, Thomas, 1st Viscount Anson British peer and politician, born 02/14/1767

John Gurney judge, born 02/14/1768

Brudenell-Bruce, Charles, 1st Marquess of Ailesbury British peer and politician, born 02/14/1773

Fernando Sor Composer, Guitarist, born 02/14/1778

Valentin Gomez Farias President of Mexico, president, born 02/14/1781

Sir Goldsworthy Gurney surgeon, chemist, lecturer, consultant, architect, builder, gentleman scientist, inventor, born 02/14/1793

Henrich Herman Foss office holder, born 02/14/1794

Emory Washburn governor, born 02/14/1800

Józef Bohdan Zaleski poet, born 02/14/1802

John D. White congressman, born 02/14/1802

Jean Reynaud ENGINEER, SOCIAL PHILOSOPHER, AUTHOR, born 02/14/1806

Mihael Ambrož He was mayor of Ljubljana from 1861 to 1864, born 02/14/1808

Juan Bautista Alvarado Governor of Alta California, governor, born 02/14/1809

Alfred Agate artist, born 02/14/1812

John Macneil Union Army general, military person, born 02/14/1813

James Green Martin Confederate Army general, military person, born 02/14/1819

Christopher Sholes PRINTER, JOURNALIST, INVENTOR, born 02/14/1819

Winfield Scott Hancock U.S. Army officer, military person, born 02/14/1824

Barrington, George Barrington, 7th Viscount office holder, born 02/14/1824

John McLeod Murphy United States Navy officer, born 02/14/1827

Edmond Francois About WRITER, JOURNALIST, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, born 02/14/1828

Alfred Iverson Confederate Army general, military person, born 02/14/1829

Anson P. K. Safford American politician, office holder, born 02/14/1830

Isaac R. Moores politician, born 02/14/1831

William Brock office holder, born 02/14/1836

James G. Grindlay United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1840

William Sully Beebe United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1841

Henry Crimmel German-American glassmaker, born 02/14/1844

Robert Themptander prime minister, born 02/14/1844

Quintin Hogg An English educational philanthropist., born 02/14/1845

James Edmund Boyd United States federal judge, born 02/14/1845

Cecil De Vere born 02/14/1845

Julian Scott United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1846

Edmund W. Wells American jurist, businessman, and politician, judge, born 02/14/1846

Francois-Theodore Savoie office holder, born 02/14/1846

Anna Howard Shaw Women's suffrage and temperance movement activist, minister and physician, born 02/14/1847

Edouard Benjamin Baillaud ASTRONOMER, born 02/14/1848

Kiyoura Keigo prime minister, born 02/14/1850

John Perry born 02/14/1850

Grand Duke Nicholas Constantinovich Of Russia British royalty, born 02/14/1850

Al Nichols baseball player, born 02/14/1852

Paul Auvert MILITARY, NAVAL ADMIRAL, born 02/14/1853

Joe Gerhardt Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 02/14/1855

William Schofield judge, born 02/14/1857

Arthur Irwin Major League Baseball player, manager, baseball player, born 02/14/1858

James Thomson Geologist and Explorer, born 02/14/1858

Oregon Statehood STATE, born 02/14/1859

Charles Fletcher Johnson senator, born 02/14/1859

William Macbryar United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1861

William Townley soccer manager, born 02/14/1866

Morgan Murphy Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 02/14/1867

Sakichi Toyoda Founder, Toyota Industries, which eventually spawned the Toyota Group, born 02/14/1867

Paul Ernest Boniface born 02/14/1867

Charles Thomson Rees Wilson Physicist, Nobel Laureate, scientist, born 02/14/1869

Bob Quinn Baseball Manager, born 02/14/1870

David Watson Australian politician, Miner, member of parliament, born 02/14/1870

Kurtz Frankel BALLOONIST, born 02/14/1870

Gerda Lundequist Swedish actress, Actress, actor, born 02/14/1871

Dan Macivor member of parliament, born 02/14/1871

Paul H. Maloney congressman, born 02/14/1876

Edmund Landau MATHEMATICIAN, ZIONIST, PROFESSOR, scientist, born 02/14/1877

Nikolaus Von Uexkuell-Gyllenband born 02/14/1877

Koki Hirota prime minister, born 02/14/1878

John Valentine MacDonald Australian politician, Journalist, member of parliament, born 02/14/1880

Frederick J. Horne United States Navy Admiral and Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 02/14/1880

Richard Valentine Keane Australian politician, Railway clerk, member of parliament, born 02/14/1881

Sir Vincent Zachary Cope Surgeon and medical historian, Surgeon, medical historian, born 02/14/1881

John Lloyd Price Australian politician, Trade unionist, railwayman, member of parliament, born 02/14/1882

John Blyth Barrymore, Sr. STAGE & FILM ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 02/14/1882

George Nathan AUTHOR, EDITOR, DRAMA CRITIC, born 02/14/1882

Walter Leslie Duncan Australian politician, Clerk, member of parliament, born 02/14/1883

Alfred Carlton Gilbert scientist, born 02/14/1884

Peter Burge Australian rugby union player; Australian rugby league player, rugby player, born 02/14/1884

Forrest Smith governor, born 02/14/1886

Franz Baur SCIENTIST, METEOROLOGIST, born 02/14/1887

Larry Steers Actor, actor, born 02/14/1888

Paul Mercier member of parliament, born 02/14/1888

Lucien Fabre WRITER, ENGINEER, NOVELIST, CRITIC, POET, born 02/14/1889

Erich Engel German film and theatre director, born 02/14/1891

Val Parnell Impresario, Theatre and music hall impresario, television executive, born 02/14/1892

Allen Burroughs Hannay United States federal judge, born 02/14/1892

Radola Gajda military person, born 02/14/1892

Evla Roscoe Kendall U.S. Representative from Kentucky, born 02/14/1893

Dollie Lee Butler LAWYER, LECTURER, THEOSOPHIST, born 02/14/1893

Ernst Buffa German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 02/14/1893

Jack Benny comedian, vaudeville performer, and radio, television, and film actor, born 02/14/1894

Albert Dejonghe Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/14/1894

Paul Carbone SMUGGLER, born 02/14/1894

Edwin Russell Jackman Agricultural Extension Agent, writer, born 02/14/1894

Max Horkheimer German sociologist, philosopher, philosopher, born 02/14/1895

Sean Treacy Farmer, born 02/14/1895

Neta Snook Pioneer Aviator, born 02/14/1896

Werner R. Heymann Film composer, drug, born 02/14/1896

Werner Richard Heymann MUSICIAN, FILM COMPOSER, born 02/14/1896

Edward Arthur Milne scientist, born 02/14/1896

Alfred Gause German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 02/14/1896

Emmett Lynn Actor, actor, born 02/14/1897

Robert R. Young born 02/14/1897

Eva Novak Actor, drug, born 02/14/1898

Parry H. Moon American electrical engineer, scientist, born 02/14/1898

Pierre Dejussieu-Pontcarral MILITARY, GENERAL, born 02/14/1898

Bill Tilman Mountaineer, Explorer, born 02/14/1898

Charles M. Poston Railroad employee, office holder, born 02/14/1898

Sir Biren Mookerjee Industrialist, born 02/14/1899

Francis Chapin artist, born 02/14/1899

Peggy Allenby Actress, actor, born 02/14/1901

Tommy Muldoon soccer player, born 02/14/1901

John Maxwell Roxburgh member of parliament, born 02/14/1901

Ray Corrigan American actor, actor, born 02/14/1902

Stuart Erwin FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, born 02/14/1902

Thelma Ritter Actress, actor, born 02/14/1902

Princess Sophie Of Luxembourg British royalty, born 02/14/1902

John Anthony DeMarco OHIO LABOR RACKETEER, GAMBLING KINGPIN, born 02/14/1903

Stuart Erwin actor, born 02/14/1903

Huntington D. Sheldon Wall Street BankerUS Military AviatorUS Intelligence Official, born 02/14/1903

George Nicol Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1903

Ralph Maxwell Lewis ROSICRUCIAN, PRESIDENT OF AMORC, born 02/14/1904

Robert Boucher ice hockey player, born 02/14/1904

Charles Oatley scientist, born 02/14/1904

Dick Edmed soccer player, born 02/14/1904

Nazim Kudsi office holder, born 02/14/1906

Roland Beaudry member of parliament, born 02/14/1906

Will Davies rugby player, born 02/14/1906

Clifford Heap soccer player, born 02/14/1906

Alan Shallcross Hulme Australian politician, Accountant, member of parliament, born 02/14/1907

Ray "Crash" Corrigan FILM ACTOR, TV HOST, STUNT MAN, BUSINESSMAN, born 02/14/1907

Florence Rice STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, Playwright, born 02/14/1907

William Richardson English footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1908

Piotrovsky Boris Archaeologist, historian, born 02/14/1908

Petro Shelest president, born 02/14/1908

Oscar Judd baseball player, born 02/14/1908

Maurice Falcom Tauber Technical Services Librarian, Professor, Author, Researcher, born 02/14/1908

Ray Wedgeworth college coach, born 02/14/1908

A. M. Klein Writer, journalist, lawyer, writer, born 02/14/1909

Robert Harbin born 02/14/1909

Herlong, Albert S., Jr. lawyer, county judge, city attorney, U.S. Representative, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission member, congressman, born 02/14/1909

Akkamma Cherian born 02/14/1909

Gordon Ogden born 02/14/1909

Homero Cárpena Actor, drug, born 02/14/1910

Jim Leonard gridiron football player, born 02/14/1910

Jim Park born 02/14/1910

Vasile Coroban born 02/14/1910

Florence Rice Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/14/1911

Eduardo Serrano musician, conductor, composer, musical artist, born 02/14/1911

Willem Johan Kolff Physician, Inventor, born 02/14/1911

Bill Marshall baseball player, born 02/14/1911

Zalman Suzayiv born 02/14/1911

Arizona Statehood STATE, born 02/14/1912

Tibor Sekelj writer, lawyer, explorer, Esperantist, writer, born 02/14/1912

Bryn Jones soccer player, born 02/14/1912

Geoff Pymar born 02/14/1912

Tyler McVey Actor, actor, born 02/14/1912

Mary Lindheim American sculptor and studio potter, artist, born 02/14/1912

Mel Allen SPORTSCASTER, born 02/14/1913

Woody Hayes FOOTBALL COACH AT OHIO STATE FROM 1951, college coach, born 02/14/1913

Jimmy Hoffa TEAMSTERS UNION LEADER, POSSIBLE MURDER VICTIM, Labor union leader, author, born 02/14/1913


Mel Allen American sportscaster, born 02/14/1913

Tony Levier born 02/14/1913

Versil Deskin gridiron football player, born 02/14/1913


Karel Sys BOXER, born 02/14/1914

Nancy Harkness Love Aviator, born 02/14/1914

Bayliss Levrett Formula One racer, born 02/14/1914

Larry Adler Composer; Actor; Musician, actor, born 02/14/1914

Jan Nisar Akhtar poet, lyricist, writer, born 02/14/1914

Charles Henry Barrett Major League baseball player, baseball player, born 02/14/1915

Irving Gordon Songwriter, musical artist, born 02/14/1915

Oliver B. Greene Evangelist, born 02/14/1915

Friedrich Markworth German World War II U-boat commander, born 02/14/1915

Georg Thomalla Actor, actor, born 02/14/1915

Masaki Kobayashi Film director, Film director, producer, writer, actor, born 02/14/1916

Sally Gray Actor, actor, born 02/14/1916

Marcel Bigeard Soldier, military person, born 02/14/1916

Wawrzyniec Jerzy Żuławski Alpinist, composer, writer, born 02/14/1916

Marcel Maurice Bigeard MILITARY, GENERAL, STATE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, born 02/14/1916

C. William O'Neill POLITICIAN, JUDGE, GOVERNOR OF OHIO, born 02/14/1916

Edward Platt actor, born 02/14/1916

John L. Goldwater Founder of "MLJ Comics", comics creator, born 02/14/1916

Joseph Oconor actor, born 02/14/1916

Huu Loan Poet, writer, born 02/14/1916

Herbert Aaron Hauptman American mathematician, scientist, born 02/14/1917

Red Hickey born 02/14/1917

Augie Bergamo baseball player, born 02/14/1917

Balluku military person, born 02/14/1917

Tom Fitzpatrick office holder, born 02/14/1918

Benny Zientara Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 02/14/1918

Jose C. Abriol priest, Bible translator, born 02/14/1918

Grant Frederick Timmerman MILITARY, U.S. MARINE CORPS HERO, MEDAL OF HONOR, born 02/14/1919

George Kerr american football player, born 02/14/1919

Wolfgang Gast military person, born 02/14/1919

Trudy Marshall Actress, actor, born 02/14/1920

Jack Lesberg Musician, musical artist, born 02/14/1920

Albert Barille born 02/14/1920

Kanwar Zorawar Singh military person, born 02/14/1920

Hazel MacCallion politician, mayor, born 02/14/1921

Hugh Downs TV PERSONALITY, TV HOST, Television broadcaster, host, producer, author, born 02/14/1921

Damodaram Sanjivayya office holder, born 02/14/1921

Ovidiu Creanga born 02/14/1921

Milan Kolibiar Slovak mathematician, born 02/14/1922

Murray Kaufman Disc jockey, born 02/14/1922

Andrea Bonomi SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/14/1923

Andrea Bonomi soccer player, born 02/14/1923

Jay Hebert golf player, born 02/14/1923

Juan Acuna soccer player, born 02/14/1923

Henry Lohmann Actor, drug, born 02/14/1924

Juan Ponce Enrile MILITARY, HELPED OVERTHROW MARCOS AIMING FOR POWER, Lawyer, Politician, office holder, born 02/14/1924

Robert W. Maloy MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 02/14/1924

Mountbatten Of Burma, Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess born 02/14/1924

Horace Madden military person, born 02/14/1924

Hugh Howie soccer player, born 02/14/1924

Arthur Pentelow Actor, actor, born 02/14/1924

Robert Jackson Staker United States federal judge, born 02/14/1925


Paulina Longworth NOTED FAMILY, ONLY CHILD OF ALICE ROOSEVELT L., born 02/14/1925


Alfred Saupe scientist, born 02/14/1925

Buddy Lively baseball player, born 02/14/1925

Al Brodax American animator, born 02/14/1926

Shiv Charan Mathur office holder, born 02/14/1926

Carmen Franco Y Polo British royalty, born 02/14/1926

Alfred Korner soccer player, born 02/14/1926

Jock Smith soccer player, born 02/14/1926

Lois Maxwell Actress, actor, born 02/14/1927

Val Delory ice hockey player, born 02/14/1927

Seizo Kato Seiyū, actor, born 02/14/1927

Bruce Victor Beaver Australian poet, born 02/14/1928

Mark Eden Actor, actor, born 02/14/1928

Jacklyn Lucas United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1928

Miguel Bover Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/14/1928


William Allain governor, born 02/14/1928

Vicente T. Blaz congressman, born 02/14/1928

Sergei Kapitsa scientist, born 02/14/1928

Vic Morrow Actor, Actor, director, actor, born 02/14/1929

William F. Lyell United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1929

Roman Kłosowski Actor, actor, born 02/14/1929

Matthew G. Martinez United States Marine, congressman, born 02/14/1929

Allan Miller Actor, actor, born 02/14/1929

Terry Lyons soccer player, born 02/14/1929

Jacqueline Doyen Actor, drug, born 02/14/1930

Larry Jerome Rubin POET, born 02/14/1930

Angelo Liteky United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1931

Charles Hyatt Film, television actor, Film, television actor, writer, author, actor, born 02/14/1931

Laurie Adams English professional footballer, born 02/14/1931


Bernie Geoffrion ice hockey player, born 02/14/1931

Jonathan Adams actor, born 02/14/1931

Sultan Owaisi Salahuddin office holder, born 02/14/1931

Brian Kelly actor, born 02/14/1931

Nino Staffieri born 02/14/1931

Alexander Kluge German film director and author, Author, film director, actor, born 02/14/1932

Leo K. Thorsness United States Air Force Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1932

Banjo Matthews NASCAR driver and owner, nascar driver, born 02/14/1932

Peter Steele Blair WRESTLER, OLYMPIC BRONZE MEDAL CHAMPION, born 02/14/1932

Vic Morrow FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, born 09/21/1962

Michael Cook Theatre reviewer and playwright, writer, born 02/14/1933

Robert Shea writer, born 02/14/1933

Gedalia Gal born 02/14/1933

Florence Henderson STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, SINGER, Actress/Singer, actor, born 02/14/1934

Dinah Eleonora Hinz STAGE/TV ACTRESS, born 02/14/1934

Merl Saunders musical artist, born 02/14/1934

Ronnie Knox RUNNER, U.C.L.A. TRACK STAR, born 02/14/1935

Mickey Wright GOLFER, born 02/14/1935

Wilson, David, Baron Wilson of Tillyorn office holder, born 02/14/1935

Ambrose King chancellor, born 02/14/1935

Grigore Vieru politician, born 02/14/1935

Vernon Grant comics creator, born 02/14/1935

Arnold Kopelson actor, born 02/14/1935

Andrew Prine Actor, actor, born 02/14/1936

Fanne Foxe actor, born 02/14/1936

Dave Roberts Weatherman, actor, born 02/14/1936

John Roddick Russell MacGregor POLITICIAN, M.P., born 02/14/1937

Magic Sam musical artist, born 02/14/1937

Lee Chamberlin actor, born 02/14/1938

Timothy William Hickey office holder, born 02/14/1938

Eugene Fama born 02/14/1939

Razzy Bailey Singer, musician, musical artist, born 02/14/1939

Lars Passgård Actor, drug, born 02/14/1941

John Valentine Butterfill POLITICIAN, M.P., born 02/14/1941


Paul Tsongas POLITICIAN, U.S.SENATOR (DEM MA), AUTHOR, TWIN, senator, born 02/14/1941

Donna Shalala office holder, born 02/14/1941

Lionel Aldridge american football player, born 02/14/1941

Michael Rubens Bloomberg American businessman, philanthropist, politician, office holder, born 02/14/1942

Andrew Jordt Robinson Actor, actor, born 02/14/1942

Mike Bloomberg Founder and 88% Owner of Bloomberg L.P., a financial software services company, born 02/14/1942

Thomas Reilly office holder, born 02/14/1942

Ricardo Rodriguez Formula One racer, born 02/14/1942

Marcelle Mersereau politician, born 02/14/1942

Sanat Kumar Mandal office holder, born 02/14/1942

Lucien Dulfan artist, born 02/14/1942

John P. Bobo United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1943

Frankie Zoly Molnar United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1943

Eric Andersen MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, Singer-Songwriter, musical artist, born 02/14/1943

Bob Murphy GOLFER, golf player, born 02/14/1943

Maceo Parker Musician, band leader, musical artist, born 02/14/1943

Carl Bernstein JOURNALIST, AUTHOR, born 02/14/1944

Steve Jaffe HOLLYWOOD PRESS AGENT, born 02/14/1944

Alan Parker FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, actor, born 02/14/1944

Ronnie Peterson Formula One racer, born 02/14/1944

David R. Ray United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/14/1945

Lotte Tarp Actor, drug, born 02/14/1945

Vic Briggs of THE ANIMALS MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, musical artist, born 02/14/1945

Prince Of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam 02 British royalty, born 02/14/1945

Nick Lampson high school teacher, congressman, born 02/14/1945

Fred Carter basketball player, born 02/14/1945

Martin Sorrell Businessman, born 02/14/1945

Blowfly comedian, vocalist, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/14/1945

Ladislao Mazurkiewicz soccer manager, born 02/14/1945

Larry Seiple american football player, born 02/14/1945

Monte Fresco artist, born 02/14/1945

Bob Terlecki baseball player, born 02/14/1945

Dick Sheppard soccer player, born 02/14/1945

Jan Decleir Actor, actor, born 02/14/1946

Maria Christina Aumont NOTED FAMILY, born 02/14/1946

Gregory Hines ACTOR, DANCER, born 02/14/1946

Bernard Dowiyogo office holder, born 02/14/1946

Timothy Fok born 02/14/1946

Roberto Vieri soccer player, born 02/14/1946

Nikolajs Jermakovs soccer player, born 02/14/1946

Mariela Perez Branger born 02/14/1946

Alex Edwards soccer player, born 02/14/1946

Derek Possee soccer player, born 02/14/1946

Tim Buckley Musician, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/14/1947

Heidemarie Rosendahl SPRINTER, CHAMPION TRACK & FIELD RUNNER, born 02/14/1947

Judd Gregg senator, born 02/14/1947

Tuan Pham Pilot, astronaut, born 02/14/1947

Stephen A. Schwarzman born 02/14/1947

Ed Hamilton artist, born 02/14/1947

Rameshwar Oraon office holder, born 02/14/1947

O'Bannon, John M., III Virginia Politician, office holder, born 02/14/1948

Edward McGuire MUSICIAN, FLUTIST, born 02/14/1948

Pat Obrien Radio talk show host, born 02/14/1948

Barry Jaeckel GOLFER, NOTED FAMILY, born 02/14/1949


Richard Neal High school teacher, office holder, born 02/14/1949

Eimert Van Middelkoop Politician, office holder, born 02/14/1949

William Stachowski office holder, born 02/14/1949

Jose Dallerès Codina Andorran politician, born 02/14/1949

Peter Neil Slipper Australian politician, Lawyer, member of parliament, born 02/14/1950

Christine Cuddy LAWYER, born 02/14/1950

Raymond Van Het Groenewoud musician, born 02/14/1950

Frank Collison actor, born 02/14/1950

Otis Grand Guitarist, singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/14/1950

Sandra Julien Actress/Model, born 02/14/1950

Kevin Keegan Former professional footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 02/14/1951

Iain Phillip Footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1951

Kenny Hyslop of SIMPLE MINDS MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 02/14/1951

Jo Jo Starbuck ICE SKATER, born 02/14/1951

Sylvain Sylvain Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 02/14/1951

Alan Shatter politician, born 02/14/1951

Michael Doucet Musician, fiddler, singer, Cajun accordion, musical artist, born 02/14/1951

Daniel Miller musical artist, born 02/14/1951

Geoff Crudgington Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1952

Will McEnaney BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 02/14/1952

Hans Backe Swedish former soccer player, soccer manager, born 02/14/1952

Shakuntala Singh scientist, born 02/14/1952

Vidal Colmenares Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/14/1952

Christopher Walter Monckton Publisher, Politician, journalist, born 02/14/1952

Vittoria Gina Gassman REGISTERED NURSE, NOTED FAMILY, born 02/14/1953

Nancy Youngblut actor, born 02/14/1953

Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin Accountant, politician, born 02/14/1953

Robert Dean office holder, born 02/14/1954

Nawab Zulfikar Ali Magsi president, born 02/14/1954

Jam Mohammad Yousaf president, born 02/14/1954

Guillermo Francella actor, born 02/14/1955

James Eckhouse actor, born 02/14/1955

Carol Kalish comics creator, born 02/14/1955

David Johnston politician, born 02/14/1956

Dave Dravecky BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 02/14/1956

Tom Burlinson Actor, actor, born 02/14/1956

Tom Watt actor, born 02/14/1956

Martin Crimp Playwright, actor, born 02/14/1956

Michal Pavlicek Guitarist, composer, singer, lyricist, musical artist, born 02/14/1956

Joachim Weimann born 02/14/1956

Ronald Milne Librarian, born 02/14/1957

Ken Wahl ACTOR, born 02/14/1957

Reggie King basketball player, born 02/14/1957

Terry Connolly Australian politician and judge, born 02/14/1958

Lance Horbach office holder, born 02/14/1958

Wojciech Hieronim Nowacki politician, born 02/14/1958

Francisco Javier Lopez Pena born 02/14/1958

Gordon Purcell comics creator, born 02/14/1959

Matthias Hues Actor, actor, born 02/14/1959

Jorge Daniel Cardaccio soccer player, born 02/14/1959

Walt Poddubny ice hockey player, born 02/14/1960


Meg Tilly Actress/Dancer, actor, born 02/14/1960

Eric Shea Actor, actor, born 02/14/1960

Zurab Kokoyev office holder, born 02/14/1960

Brian Slagel musical artist, born 02/14/1961

Valente Rodriguez singer, actor, born 02/14/1961

Kevyn Aucoin Make-up artist, Photographer, born 02/14/1962

Philippe Sella French Rugby union footballer., Physical Education teacher, then marketing businessman, rugby player, born 02/14/1962

Angela Schanelec Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/14/1962

Liisa Akimoff POP SINGER, born 02/14/1962

Josef Hader actor, born 02/14/1962

Damian Keeley Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1963

Zach Galligan ACTOR, born 02/14/1963

Enrico Colantoni actor, born 02/14/1963

Pedro Cordeiro tennis player, born 02/14/1963

Zach Galligan Actor, actor, born 02/14/1964

Linda Ballantyne voice actress, actor, born 02/14/1964

Suze Demarchi musical artist, born 02/14/1964

Frédéric Delcourt French international swimmer, Olympic silver medalist, born 02/14/1964

Moon Lee actress, actor, born 02/14/1965

Sultan Islamov Singer, Actor, musical artist, born 02/14/1965

John Boag soccer player, born 02/14/1965

Masud Ghnaim born 02/14/1965

Kirsten Dalton Television actress, actor, born 02/14/1966

Karen Dior Transgender adult film performer, director, singer, adult actor, born 02/14/1967

Stelios Haji-Ioannou Entrepreneur, born 02/14/1967

Roger Langridge comics creator, born 02/14/1967

Mark Rutte office holder, born 02/14/1967

Timothy Olague actor, born 02/14/1967

Martin Bartak politician, born 02/14/1967

Alicia Borrachero actor, born 02/14/1968

Meg Hillier member of parliament, born 02/14/1969

Stefano Di Battista Musician, Bandleader, musical artist, born 02/14/1969

Shana Zadrick model, born 02/14/1969

Giuseppe Guerini Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/14/1970

Sean Hill HOCKEY PLAYER, DEFENSEMAN, born 02/14/1970

Guillaume Raoux TENNIS PLAYER, born 02/14/1970

Simon Pegg Actor, comedian, writer, producer, singer, director, actor, born 02/14/1970

Agapito Sanchez boxer, born 02/14/1970

Mark Lutz actor, born 02/14/1970

Jim Ireton Elementary School Teacher, office holder, born 02/14/1970

Alphonse Tchami Footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1971

Kris Aquino Host, Endorser Actress Editor-in-Chief, actor, born 02/14/1971

Kenny Shedd gridiron football player, born 02/14/1971

Curtis Jobling animator, illustrator, writer, born 02/14/1972

Dinio actor, born 02/14/1972

Fred Van Lente comics creator, born 02/14/1972

Ketil Solvik-Olsen Politician, office holder, born 02/14/1972

T.J. Storm actor, born 02/14/1972

Valerio Mastandrea born 02/14/1972

Steve LaTreal McNair American football quarterback, american football player, born 02/14/1973

Kirk Farmer American musician from Richmond, Virginia, Band, born 02/14/1973

Tyus Edney basketball player, born 02/14/1973

Gina Lynn Puerto Rican pornographic actress, adult actor, born 02/14/1974

Tuomas Kytomaki actor, born 02/14/1974

Alexander Symonenko Track cyclist, cyclist, born 02/14/1974

Yul Kwon Winner of Survivor: Cook Islands, born 02/14/1975

Hui Xie soccer player, born 02/14/1975

Gilauri. Nikoloz prime minister, born 02/14/1975

Malik Zidi actor, born 02/14/1975

Wouter Deprez comedian, born 02/14/1975

Ivan Musatov politician, born 02/14/1976

Cadel Evans Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/14/1977

Ben Honeyman Footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1977

Darren Bennett Dancer, born 02/14/1977

Sherard Parker Actor, actor, born 02/14/1977

David Garrard American football quarterback, american football player, born 02/14/1978

Cam Sedgwick Lacrosse player, born 02/14/1978

Rie Rasmussen actor, born 02/14/1978

Nicolas Pavlovich soccer player, born 02/14/1978

Scott Sandison field hockey player, born 02/14/1979

Jocelyn Quivrin Actor, actor, born 02/14/1979

Anouck Lepere model, born 02/14/1979

Thomas Heary soccer player, born 02/14/1979

Zoran Vaskovic soccer player, born 02/14/1979

Alexander Castro soccer player, born 02/14/1979

Michelle Ye Actress, actor, born 02/14/1980

Ayako Hamada Japanese professional wrestler, wrestler, born 02/14/1981

Erin Torpey Actress, singer, actor, born 02/14/1981

Darroh Sudderth musical artist, born 02/14/1981

John Halls Footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1982

Bacary Sagna Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1983

Liran Cohen soccer player, born 02/14/1983

John Prats Actor / Dance Icon / Host / Endorser / Businessman / Car Show Organizer, actor, born 02/14/1984

Matt Barr Actor, Model, actor, born 02/14/1984

Remi Gomis soccer player, born 02/14/1984

Bernice Mosby born 02/14/1984

Philippe Sylvain Senderos soccer player, born 02/14/1985

Anders Lund Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/14/1985

Miki Yeung Singer, Actress, actor, born 02/14/1985

Karima Adebibe model, born 02/14/1985

Heart Evangelista Actress, Host, Singer, Model, VJ, musical artist, born 02/14/1985

Michael Færk Christensen Racing cyclist, cyclist, born 02/14/1986

Oliver Lee actor, born 02/14/1986

Roxanne Guinoo Actress, actor, born 02/14/1986

Adam Ritchard Australian cricketer, born 02/14/1987

Edison Cavani footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1987

Mirosław Dębiec Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1987

Roman Kireyev Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/14/1987

Anatasia Pilar Gionis NOTED FAMILY, born 02/14/1987

Joe Pichler Actor, actor, born 02/14/1987

Yulia Savicheva musical artist, born 02/14/1987

Evgeny Korolev Tennis player, tennis player, born 02/14/1988

Katie Boland Actress, actor, born 02/14/1988

Egor Maistrov figure skater, born 02/14/1988

Asia Nitollano Singer, dancer, model, cheerleader, musical artist, born 02/14/1988

Elissa Sursara Actress, Activist, Model, Spokesperson, actor, born 02/14/1988

Quentin Mosimann Singer, musical artist, born 02/14/1988

Nadine Kraus Professional football player, soccer player, born 02/14/1988

Joseph Thompson soccer player, born 02/14/1989

Emma Miskew born 02/14/1989

Emily Mae Young actor, born 02/14/1990

Dino Muric basketball player, born 02/14/1990

Chris Rowney Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1991

Chris Brown Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/14/1991

Charlie G. Hawkins Actor, actor, born 02/14/1991

Raquel Calderon Student, singer, actress, model, musical artist, born 02/14/1991

Victor Salazar soccer player, born 02/14/1991

Juan Sebastian Villate soccer player, born 02/14/1991

Mariana Bayon model, born 02/14/1991

Karl Sheppard soccer player, born 02/14/1991

Shane Harper Actor, singer, dancer, actor, born 02/14/1993

Butcher, Paul, Jr. Actor/Singer, actor, born 02/14/1994

Allie Grant Actress, actor, born 02/14/1994