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Charles British royalty, born 03/12/1270

Reginald Pole Christian Bishop, born 03/12/1500

Caspar Othmayr German Protestant priest, theologian and composer, born 03/12/1515

Andre Le Notre artist, born 03/12/1613

George Berkeley philosopher, born 03/12/1685

Vaux military person, born 03/12/1705

Johann Adolph Rudolph Hass Clavichord maker, born 03/12/1713

Cesare philosopher and politician, Philosopher and politician, born 03/12/1738

Montfort Stokes senator, born 03/12/1762

Martin Chittenden governor, born 03/12/1763

James Markham Marshall United States federal judge, born 03/12/1764

Charles Philip Yorke office holder, born 03/12/1764

Francois Gerard artist, born 03/12/1770

Henry Eckford Scottish/American shipbuilder, Shipbuilder, born 03/12/1775

Frederica Dorothea Wilhelmina Of Baden British royalty, born 03/12/1781

William Buckland scientist, born 03/12/1784

James Bannerman Former governor of Ghana (then the Gold Coast), born 03/12/1790

John Frederic Daniell born 03/12/1790

Charles John Barnett British Army officer and diplomat, born 03/12/1790

William Lyon Mackenzie Journalist, Politician, mayor, born 03/12/1795

George Thomas Wood governor, born 03/12/1795

Colchester, Charles Abbot, 2nd Baron office holder, born 03/12/1798

Louis Prosper Gachard writer, born 03/12/1800

Jane Pierce office holder, born 03/12/1806

Ignacio Comonfort President of Mexico (1855 - 1858), president, born 03/12/1812

Giuseppe Palizzi ARTIST, PAINTER, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/12/1812

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin ARCHITECT, born 03/12/1812

Arnold Krekel United States federal judge, born 03/12/1815

Louis Jules Trochu president, born 03/12/1815

David Stuart Union Army officer and American politician, archaea, born 03/12/1816

David Stuart Union Army officer and American politician, military person, born 03/12/1816

John Lorimer Worden United States Navy admiral, born 03/12/1818

Ange Georges Bousquet MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, CRITIC, born 03/12/1818

James C. Hawthorne physician, office holder, born 03/12/1819

John Joseph Caldwell Abbott 3rd Prime Minister of Canada (1891–1892), office holder, born 03/12/1821

John Payne Bankhead United States Navy, military person, born 03/12/1821

Luitpold Of Bavaria British royalty, born 03/12/1821

Gustav Robert Kirchhof Physicist, scientist, born 03/12/1824

Granville Henderson Oury American politician, judge, miner and lawyer, congressman, born 03/12/1825

Robert Lowry American professor of literature, composer of gospel hymns, born 03/12/1826

William Richard Terry Confederate Army general, born 03/12/1827

William Felix Brantley Confederate Army general, military person, born 03/12/1830

Elizabeth Crocker Bowers Actress, actor, born 03/12/1830

J. L. Toole actor, born 03/12/1832


Hilary A. Herbert American politician, office holder, born 03/12/1834

Simon Newcomb ASTRONOMER, EDITOR, PROFESSOR, AUTHOR, born 03/12/1835

Sir William Henry Perkin chemistry, scientist, born 03/12/1838

John Bickford United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/12/1843

Leander H. Macnelly Confederate Army officer, born 03/12/1844

Patrick Collins office holder, born 03/12/1844

John Brown Kerr United States Army Brigadier General, Medal of Honor awardee, military person, born 03/12/1847

Edward Green II Bradford United States federal judge, born 03/12/1848

Charles Edouard Chamberland PHYSICIAN, BACTERIOLOGIST, INVENTOR, AUTHOR, born 03/12/1851

Theodore Thurston Geer governor, born 03/12/1851

Andrew Furuseth Merchant seaman and labor reformer, born 03/12/1854

George P. Wanty United States federal judge, born 03/12/1856

William V. Ranous Actor, actor, born 03/12/1857

Ernesto Cesaro scientist, born 03/12/1859


Benjamin F. Baker United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/12/1862

Henry Hendrickson United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/12/1862

Prince Gabrielle D'Annunzio POET, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, AVIATOR, PATRIOT, Poet, journalist, novelist, dramatist, writer, born 03/12/1863

Sayaji Rao III, Gaekwad of Baroda ROYALTY, INDIAN PRINCE, POLITICIAN, born 03/12/1863

Charles Young military person, born 03/12/1864

Denny Lyons Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 03/12/1866

Princess Karadja of Sweden ROYALTY, born 03/12/1868

George William Forbes office holder, born 03/12/1869

Mary Nash STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, born 08/15/1885

Thomas Low office holder, born 03/12/1871

Philip M. Bannon United States Marine Corps Brevet Medal recipient, military person, born 03/12/1872

Stewart Edward White OCCULTIST, PSYCHIC RESEARCHER, AUTHOR, born 03/12/1873

George S. Simonds United States Army general, military person, born 03/12/1874

Edward Andrew Deeds born 03/12/1874

Boleslaus Goral Polish American priest, professor and newspaper editor, born 03/12/1876

Wilhelm Frick NAZI POLITICIAN, REICH MINISTER OF EDUCATION, SPY, chancellor, born 03/12/1877

Gemma Galgani ROMAN CATHOLIC SAINT, STIGMATIST, born 03/12/1878

Theodore Varlet WRITER, POET, born 03/12/1878

Alfred Abel Actor, actor, born 03/12/1879

Charles Delestraint MILITARY, GENERAL, LEADER IN FRENCH SECRET ARMY, born 03/12/1879

Arthur John Lewis member of parliament, born 03/12/1879

Boyd Irwin Actor, actor, born 03/12/1880

Bobby Marshall gridiron football player, born 03/12/1880

House Sr. Peters Actor, actor, born 03/12/1880

Arthur Raymond Robinson United States Army officer, politician, born 03/12/1881


Vaino Tanner office holder, born 03/12/1881

Arturo Soto Rangel Actor, actor, born 03/12/1882

Zoltan Mesko born 03/12/1883

Alan Patterson British athlete, born 03/12/1886

Frank Swift Chase artist, born 03/12/1886

Florence Lee Actor, actor, born 03/12/1888

Jean Jacques Dufy ARTIST, PAINTER, DESIGNER, born 03/12/1888

Wilhelm Knappertsbusch MUSICIAN, WAGNERIAN CONDUCTOR, born 03/12/1888

Vaslav Nijinsky DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, BISEXUAL, born 03/12/1888

James McIntosh Fraser Australian trade unionist and politician, Tramways worker, member of parliament, born 03/12/1889

Donnell Gilliam United States federal judge, born 03/12/1889

Fred J. Burrell Publisher of textile textbooks, Advertising agent, office holder, born 03/12/1889

William Dudley Pelley WRITER, AUTHOR, MAGAZINE PUBLISHER, born 03/12/1890

Evert Taube Musician, musical artist, born 03/12/1890

George W. Mason automobile industry executive, born 03/12/1891

Gerhard Berthold German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 03/12/1891

Bill James baseball player, born 03/12/1892

Sid Castle soccer player, born 03/12/1892

Jean Brochard Actor, drug, born 03/12/1893

Bill Brock POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (REP TN), GOP CHAIRMAN, born 11/23/1930

Elwood Lindsay Haines Fifth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa., born 03/12/1893

Eddy Chandler Actor, drug, born 03/12/1894

Helmuth Brinkmann MILITARY, NAVAL ADMIRAL, born 03/12/1895

William C. Lee military person, born 03/12/1895

Jesse Fuller Musician, singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1896

Larry Anthony Australian politician, Banana farmer, member of parliament, born 03/12/1897

René Blancard Actor, drug, born 03/12/1897

Darby Loudon Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 03/12/1897

Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Soldier , politician, president, born 03/12/1900

Otto Schulz military person, born 03/12/1900

Francisco J. Serrano architect, born 03/12/1900

Martin Plaa TENNIS PLAYER, born 03/12/1901

Martin Gang born 03/12/1901

Harry A. Corey born 03/12/1901

Leslie Fenton Actor, Film director, actor, born 03/12/1902

Edward Daniel Legge Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1902

George Bradshaw soccer player, born 03/12/1904

Takashi Shimura Actor, actor, born 03/12/1905

Lauren Ackerman scientist, born 03/12/1905

Gracie Pfost congressman, born 03/12/1906

Horace Byers scientist, born 03/12/1906

Rusty Saunders baseball player, born 03/12/1906

Victor Florent Dubois member of parliament, born 03/12/1906

Paul Lambert JAZZ MUSICIAN, born 03/12/1907

Heitor Canalli soccer player, born 03/12/1907

Marcello Mihalic soccer manager, born 03/12/1907

Ricardo Faccio soccer player, born 03/12/1907

Max Wall English music hall artist/actor, born 03/12/1908

Rita Angus Artist, artist, born 03/12/1908

Kurt Stöpel Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/12/1908

Inez Courtney STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, born 03/12/1908

David Saul Marshall office holder, born 03/12/1908

Bob Barr baseball player, born 03/12/1908

Allen Moore American football defensive end, gridiron football player, born 03/12/1909

Jack Angus soccer player, born 03/12/1909


George Van Tassel UFO ENTHUSIAST, born 03/12/1910

Masayoshi Ohira prime minister, born 03/12/1910

George Van Tassel born 03/12/1910

Gustavo Diaz Ordaz President of Mexico (1964 - 1970), president, born 03/12/1911

William Patrick Hitler Nephew of Adolf Hitler, archaea, born 03/12/1911

Ernie Caddell gridiron football player, born 03/12/1911

Phil Lane born 03/12/1911

Suzanne Kaaren Stage, film actress, actor, born 03/12/1912

Ala Gertner born 03/12/1912

Sydney Negus Carpenter, contractor, member of parliament, born 03/12/1912

Peter Chitty born 03/12/1912

Yiannis Spyropoulos artist, born 03/12/1912

Jiri Traxler musical artist, born 03/12/1912

Teobaldo Depetrini SOCCER PLAYER, born 03/12/1913

Tommy Farr boxer, born 03/12/1913

Yashwantrao Chavan office holder, born 03/12/1913

Agathe von Trapp Singer and author, born 03/12/1913

Ya'akov Frank born 03/12/1913

John Symonds English writer/novelist, born 03/12/1914

Julia Lennon Waitress, Housewife, born 03/12/1914

Frank Soo soccer manager, born 03/12/1914

Teobaldo Depetrini soccer manager, born 03/12/1914

Heinie Weisenbaugh gridiron football player, born 03/12/1914

Jim Sivell american football player, born 03/12/1914

Hakell Cohen National Basketball Association public relations director, born 03/12/1914

Willibald C. Bianchi United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/12/1915

Heinrich Setz German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 03/12/1915

Red Byron nascar driver, born 03/12/1915

Alberto Burri artist, born 03/12/1915

Bruno Knezevic soccer manager, born 03/12/1915

Charles L. Christ scientist, born 03/12/1916

Googie Withers STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, actor, born 03/12/1917

John Cowden Vice President and Assistant President of CBS, born 03/12/1917

Giovanni Benedett born 03/12/1917

Georg Bonk German soldier and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 03/12/1917

Pierre-Jean S. Vaillard SATIRICAL SONGWRITER, born 03/12/1918

Elaine Dekooning artist, born 03/12/1918

Robert Klonsky born 03/12/1918

Amos Joel scientist, born 03/12/1918

Piere Brambilla Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/12/1919

Woodrow R. Thompson United States Marine Corps Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 03/12/1919

Miguel Gila Comedian, Actor, drug, born 03/12/1919

Wilfried Reitz MUSICIAN, CELLIST, born 03/12/1919

Hank Bergman military person, born 03/12/1919

Frank Campanella actor, born 03/12/1919

Serafino Biagioni Cyclist, cyclist, born 03/12/1920


Otto Westphalen German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 03/12/1920

Norman Kenneth Foster South Australian politician., Dock worker, member of parliament, born 03/12/1921


Gordon MacRae ACTOR, SINGER, actor, born 03/12/1921

Joe Fagan soccer manager, born 03/12/1921

Don Maccafferty born 03/12/1921

Chris Lambert born 03/12/1921

Karyshkovskij Archaeologist, historian coins, born 03/12/1921

Jack Kerouac American novelist and poet, Novelist, Poet, Painter, writer, born 03/12/1922

Hans Imhoff German Businessman, Chocolatier, born 03/12/1922

Joseph Lane Kirkland LABOR UNION OFFICIAL, born 03/12/1922

Helen Parrish FILM/TV ACTRESS, CHILD ACTRESS, born 03/12/1922

Lane Kirkland Labor leader, born 03/12/1922

Percy Janes Novelist, writer, born 03/12/1922

Frank Lock soccer player, born 03/12/1922


Walter Schirra ASTRONAUT, 9TH MAN IN SPACE 10-03-1962, born 03/12/1923

Walter Marty Schirra Test Pilot, astronaut, born 03/12/1923

Mae Young wrestler, born 03/12/1923

Vladek Sheybal Actor, actor, born 03/12/1923

Charlie Utting born 03/12/1923

Helen Parrish actor, born 03/12/1923

Henry Foldberg college coach, born 03/12/1923

Don Condon born 03/12/1923

Deane R. Hinton office holder, born 03/12/1923

Stan Rickaby English footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1924

Gaetan Annaloro BOXER, born 03/12/1924

Valerio Bacigalupo SOCCER PLAYER, born 03/12/1924

Mary Lee Woods born 03/12/1924

Valerio Bacigalupo soccer player, born 03/12/1924

Aristides Bastidas Journalist, journalist, born 03/12/1924

Louison Bobet CYCLIST, born 03/12/1925

Georges Delerue MUSICIAN, FILM COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, born 03/12/1925

Harry Harrison SCI-FI NOVELIST, EDITOR, ARTIST, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Fiction writer - short stories, novellas, novels, et cetera, writer, born 03/12/1925

Leo Esaki scientist, born 03/12/1925

G. William Whitehurst congressman, born 03/12/1925

Constantin Chirita born 03/12/1925

Zoltán Keleman Hungarian opera singer, born 03/12/1926

Les Shannon soccer manager, born 03/12/1926

George Ryoichi Ariyoshi POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR OF HAWAII, SENATOR (DEM HI), born 03/12/1926

John Clellon Holmes POET, NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, BEATNIK, born 03/12/1926

Karin Waehner MODERN DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, born 03/12/1926

George Ariyoshi governor, born 03/12/1926

Gudrun Ure actor, born 03/12/1926

Arthur A. Hartman ambassador, born 03/12/1926

Aldo Curti soccer player, born 03/12/1926


Raul Alfonsin president, born 03/12/1927

Sudharmono office holder, born 03/12/1927

Tin Oo military person, born 03/12/1927

Elazar Granot born 03/12/1927

Roland Dunstan Moyle Politician, born 03/12/1928

Helmut Hauptmann East German writer, born 03/12/1928

Henning Bahs Screenwriter, drug, born 03/12/1928

Edward Albee AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT, GAY, Dramatist, writer, born 03/12/1928

Therese Lavoie-Roux office holder, born 03/12/1928

Aldemaro Romero musician, pianist, composer, musical artist, born 03/12/1928

Robert Paynter actor, born 03/12/1928

Billy Lee Actor, actor, born 03/12/1929

William Liley surgeon, born 03/12/1929

Stanislas Bober Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/12/1930

Scoey Mitchell actor, born 03/12/1930

Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas Film actor, actor, born 03/12/1931

Michel Clavel BOXER, born 03/12/1931

William "Buckwheat" Thomas CHILD ACTOR, born 03/12/1931

Joe Devlin soccer player, born 03/12/1931

Simo Hannula ARTIST, PAINTER, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, born 03/12/1932

Andrew Jackson Young, Jr. CLERGYMAN, POLITICIAN, CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER, born 03/12/1932

Andrew Young office holder, born 03/12/1932

Chiquito Filipino comedian and actor, actor, born 03/12/1932

See Tong Chiam office holder, born 03/12/1935

Mitch Greenlick office holder, born 03/12/1935

Sydney B. Nelson Retired Attorney, office holder, born 03/12/1935

Eddie Sutton Basketball player and coach, college coach, born 03/12/1936

Keith Nichol Slater Cricketer, cricketer, born 03/12/1936

Diane C. Chechik AUTHOR, born 03/12/1937

Betty Lou Beets Cashier, waitress, criminal, born 03/12/1937

Kerry Hallam artist, born 03/12/1937

Norman Hogg POLITICIAN, LABOUR M.P., born 03/12/1938

Valeri Panov BALLET DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, born 03/12/1938

Johnny Rutherford RACE CAR DRIVER, born 03/12/1938

Lew Dewitt Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1938

Sandra Edwards Playboy Playmate, born 03/12/1938


Johnny Callison baseball player, born 03/12/1939

Al Jarreau JAZZ SINGER, born 03/12/1940

Mauri Antero Numminen ARTIST, SONGWRITER, born 03/12/1940

M.A. Numminen singer, musician, composer, author, producer etc., musical artist, born 03/12/1940

Virgil Nemoianu Essayist, literary critic, philosopher of culture, writer, born 03/12/1940

Sunday Ajibade Adenihun governor, born 03/12/1940

Barbara Feldon American actress and model, Actress, model, television host, writer, actor, born 03/12/1941

Wallace Of Saltaire, William Wallace, Baron politician, born 03/12/1941

Bob Miller president, born 03/12/1941

John Cummins Canadian politician, member of parliament, born 03/12/1942

James Phillip Fleming United States Air Force Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/12/1943

Philip Maxwell Ruddock Australian politician, member of parliament, born 03/12/1943

André Desvages Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/12/1944


Leif G.W. Persson Swedish criminologist and writer, Novelist, Criminologist, writer, born 03/12/1945

Sammy Gravano born 03/12/1945

Horacio Pina baseball player, born 03/12/1945

Dale Livingston american football player, born 03/12/1945

Harald Klose soccer player, born 03/12/1945

Bernie Lewis soccer player, born 03/12/1945

Don Oriley baseball player, born 03/12/1945

Mark Metcalf Actor, actor, born 03/12/1946

Liza Minnelli ACTRESS, SINGER, NOTED FAMILY, born 01/02/1948

Frank Welker Voice actor, actor, born 03/12/1946

Ludo Martens historian, born 03/12/1946

Dean Cundey Cinematographer, actor, born 03/12/1946

Dan Eastman Businessman, Car salesman, politician, born 03/12/1946

Patricia Hampl Memoirist, writer, educator, born 03/12/1946

Willard Mitt Romney American politician, governor, born 03/12/1947

Roderick Richards Welsh Conservative Party politician; MP 1992-97, AM 1999–2002, Royal Marines, Ministry of Defence, Journalist, Broadcaster, politician, born 03/12/1947

Didier Flamand Actor, drug, born 03/12/1947


Zdenek Zeman soccer manager, born 03/12/1947

Peter Harry Carstensen politician, born 03/12/1947

Greg Garrett baseball player, born 03/12/1947

Ray Wilson born 03/12/1947

Ruby Andrews Singer, musical artist, born 03/12/1947

Dante Mircoli soccer player, born 03/12/1947

Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell Bottomley POLITICIAN, M.P., CONSERVATIVE PARTY, born 03/12/1948

Kent Conrad POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (DEM ND), Civil servant, office holder, born 03/12/1948

James Taylor MUSICIAN, SINGER, GUITARIST, SONGWRITER, CELLIST, musical artist, born 03/12/1948

Virginia Bottomley office holder, born 03/12/1948

Jennifer Hosten born 03/12/1948

Dae-soo Hahn Musician, Songwriter, Singer, musical artist, born 03/12/1948

Les Holroyd musician, musical artist, born 03/12/1948

Zafarul Khan Journalist, born 03/12/1948

James Irvin Gadsen ambassador, born 03/12/1948

Rob Cohen FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, born 03/12/1949

David Mellor office holder, born 03/12/1949

Yuri Balashov born 03/12/1949

Charles Levin actor, born 03/12/1949

Hubert Mathis Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/12/1950

Joyce Beatty office holder, born 03/12/1950

Jon Provost Actor; Educator; Businessman, actor, born 03/12/1950

Wayne D. Fontana office holder, born 03/12/1950

Caren Kaye Actress, actor, born 03/12/1951

Maciej Zaremba Journalist and author, born 03/12/1951

Pierre-Raymond Villemiane Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/12/1951

Charles Jamieson ACTOR, NARRATOR, VOICE-OVER ARTIST, born 03/12/1952

Randy Stonehill musical artist, born 03/12/1952

Dahir Rayale Kahin office holder, born 03/12/1952

Larry Nickel Composer / Songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1952

Julius Carry Actor, actor, born 03/12/1952

Carl Hiaasen Author, Novelist, Journalist, writer, born 03/12/1953

Ron Jeremy Porn star, adult actor, born 03/12/1953

Jeff Osterhage TV ACTOR, born 03/12/1953

Marv Allemang gridiron football player, born 03/12/1953

Aban Marker Kabraji scientist, born 03/12/1953

Avni Spahiu ambassador, born 03/12/1953

Joanne Giannini office holder, born 03/12/1953

Anish Kapoor artist, born 03/12/1954

Thione Seck Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1955

Ayoob Kara born 03/12/1955

Nicole Leger office holder, born 03/12/1955

Leo Blanchard gridiron football player, born 03/12/1955

Masumi Goto Seiyū, actor, born 03/12/1955

Mike Holland GOLFER, born 03/12/1956

Steve Harris Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1956

Marlon Jackson SINGER, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/12/1957

Jerry Levine ACTOR, Actor/Director, actor, born 03/12/1957

Subhash Deshmukh office holder, born 03/12/1957

Mike Quade baseball player, born 03/12/1957

Johanne Morasse office holder, born 03/12/1957

Dileita Mohamed Dileita prime minister, born 03/12/1958

Debra Jensen Playboy Playmate, born 03/12/1958

Baciro Dabo politician, born 03/12/1958

N. N. Krishnadas office holder, born 03/12/1959

James Lemunyon office holder, born 03/12/1959

Jason Beghe Actor, actor, born 03/12/1960

Jack Vance FANTASY/SCI-FI AUTHOR, Actor, actor, born 03/12/1960

Maki Nomiya musical artist, born 03/12/1960

Sadegh Larijani office holder, born 03/12/1960

Beat Glogger born 03/12/1960

Titus Welliver actor, born 03/12/1961

Devidas Anandrao Pingale office holder, born 03/12/1961

Kevin Baddely Football (soccer) defender, soccer player, born 03/12/1962

Darryl Strawberry BASEBALL PLAYER, OUTFIELDER, born 03/12/1962

Graham Nolan comics creator, born 03/12/1962

Chris Sanders Voice Actor, Animator, Screenwriter and Director, actor, born 03/12/1962

Lorenzo Hampton American college football player, professional football, running back, american football player, born 03/12/1962

Luke, Tony, Jr. born 03/12/1962

Roberto Santamaria Calavia soccer player, born 03/12/1962

John Andretti RACE CAR DRIVER, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/12/1963

Joaquim Carvalho Cruz OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL TRACK & FIELD CHAMPION RUNNER, born 03/12/1963

Princess Maasoumeh Farahnaz Pahlavi of Iran ROYALTY, born 03/12/1963

Paul Way PRO GOLFER, born 03/12/1963

Jake Weber ACTOR, born 03/12/1963

Kazik Staszewski Musician, singer-songwriter, producer, actor, musical artist, born 03/12/1963

Ian Holloway soccer manager, born 03/12/1963

Lesley Lehane born 03/12/1963

Cam Plante ice hockey player, born 03/12/1964

Andrew Lanza office holder, born 03/12/1964

Athol Trollip politician, born 03/12/1964

Coleen Nolan Singer, television presenter, born 03/12/1965

Liza Umarova Singer, Actress, musical artist, born 03/12/1965

Rolands Bulders soccer player, born 03/12/1965

Rick Worthy actor, born 03/12/1967

Irvin Smith gridiron football player, born 03/12/1967

Aaron Edward Eckhart Actor, actor, born 03/12/1968

Republic of Mauritius REPUBLIC, born 03/12/1968

Jason Lively Actor, actor, born 03/12/1968

Martin Schoeller artist, born 03/12/1968

Lee Richardson Footballer, soccer manager, born 03/12/1969

Stephanie Andrea Grant ALLEGED NOTED FAMILY, born 03/12/1970

Dave Eggers Memoirist, novelist, short story writer, editor, publisher, Writer, editor, publisher, writer, born 03/12/1970

John Nemechek nascar driver, born 03/12/1970

Neal Katyal office holder, born 03/12/1970

Katsuya Onizuka boxer, born 03/12/1970

Marine Delterme actress,, actor, born 03/12/1970

Ray Prewitt actor, born 03/12/1970

Scott Bailey born 03/12/1970

Troy Winbush actor, born 03/12/1970

Abu Zubaydah born 03/12/1971

Tony Eveready adult actor, born 03/12/1971

Hector Luis Bustamante Film, television actor, actor, born 03/12/1972

Lizette Carrión American actress, born 03/12/1972

Madeline Matar Singer, musical artist, born 03/12/1972

Richie Purdy soccer player, born 03/12/1972

David Draiman musical artist, born 03/12/1973

Jason Singh Singer/songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1973

Mark Daly politician, born 03/12/1973

Ardian Behari soccer player, born 03/12/1973

Jeremy Hunt Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/12/1974

Adam Hamdy British comics writer, Screenwriter, author, writer, born 03/12/1974

Edgaras Jankauskas Lithuanian footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1975

Kelle Bryan Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1975

Marc Menard actor, born 03/12/1975

V. Anamika Contemporary Artist, writer, born 03/12/1975

María Adánez Spanish actress, actor, born 03/12/1976

Wei Zhao Actress, singer, actor, born 03/12/1976

Joachim Kessef adult actor, born 03/12/1976

Ramiro Corrales footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1977

Camille Anderson actor, born 03/12/1977

Arina Tanemura Japanese manga artist, Manga artist, born 03/12/1978

Peter Doherty English singer and songwriter, stadium, born 03/12/1979

Staf Scheirlinckx Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/12/1979

Enrico Kern Footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1979

Peter Doherty English singer and songwriter, Musician, songwriter, writer, musical artist, born 03/12/1979

Rhys Coiro Actor, actor, born 03/12/1979

John-Paul Lavoisier Actor, actor, born 03/12/1980

Juliana Silveira actress, actor, born 03/12/1980

Arap Bethke Actor, born 03/12/1980

Nirina Zubir actor, born 03/12/1980

Colette Pechekhonova model, born 03/12/1980

Katarina Srebotnik Tennis player, tennis player, born 03/12/1981

Grant Mattos National Football League wide receiver, gridiron football player, born 03/12/1981

Martin Canning Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1981

Chiwa Saito Seiyū, actor, born 03/12/1981

Holly Williams Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1981

Dayna Price actor, born 03/12/1981

Rene Van Dieren soccer player, born 03/12/1981

Manuel Iori Italian footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1982

Samm Levine Actor, actor, born 03/12/1982

Conor Downey soccer player, born 03/12/1982

Nai-Han Kou born 03/12/1982

Erald Deliallisi soccer player, born 03/12/1982

Pal Szalma soccer player, born 03/12/1982

Samigue Eman born 03/12/1982

Kyle Harrison Lacrosse player, born 03/12/1983

Atif Aslam Musician, Singer, Lyricist, Band, born 03/12/1983

Lena Frier Kristiansen badminton player, born 03/12/1983

David Mitchell Lacrosse player, born 03/12/1984

Mitch Belisle Lacrosse player, born 03/12/1984

Minea Blomqvist Professional golfer, golf player, born 03/12/1985

Zander Diamond soccer player, born 03/12/1985

Yai Nilwong soccer player, born 03/12/1985

Eron Falbo Singer-songwriter, writer,, musical artist, born 03/12/1985

Nico Van Der Linden soccer player, born 03/12/1985

Stromae Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 03/12/1985

Ben Rubeor Lacrosse player, born 03/12/1986

Matthew John Bailey Association footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1986

Teimour Radjabov born 03/12/1987

Ashley Zais born 03/12/1987

Nane Joseph soccer player, born 03/12/1987

Myles Weston Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1988

Terrence Oglesby Norwegian/American professional basketball player, basketball player, born 03/12/1988

Victor Pony Carr soccer player, born 03/12/1988

Patrik Cesar Dos Santos Duzi soccer player, born 03/12/1988

Elly Jackson Singer-songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 03/12/1988

Shane Killock Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/12/1989

Lyndsay Pace Student, Singer, musical artist, born 03/12/1990

Vinny Mukendi Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 03/12/1992

Tyler Patrick Jones Actor, actor, born 03/12/1994

Culloden, Xan Windsor, Lord born 03/12/2007