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King Christian IV of Denmark & Norway ROYALTY, British royalty, born 04/12/1577

Anton Picher German-Italian gemcutter, born 04/12/1697

William Cookworthy scientist, born 04/12/1705

Felice Giardini Italian composer and violinist, born 04/12/1716

Lyman Hall governor, born 04/12/1724

Antoine Laurent de Jussieu Botanist who classified the flowering plants, scientist, born 04/12/1748

Philip Barton Key United States federal judge, Representative, born 04/12/1757

George Clint portrait painter and engraver, born 04/12/1770

Henry Clay American politician, office holder, born 04/12/1777

Prince Gennaro Of Naples And Sicily British royalty, born 04/12/1780

Timothy Pilsbury United States Representative, born 04/12/1789

Andrew Wylie born 04/12/1789

Francis Preston Sr Blair American newspaper editor and presidential advisor, born 04/12/1791

Durham, John Lambton, 1st Earl of office holder, born 04/12/1792

Benjamin Seaver Auctioneer, office holder, born 04/12/1795

George N. Briggs governor, born 04/12/1796

Zina Pitcher mayor, born 04/12/1797

Caleb S. Layton politician, born 04/12/1798

Joseph Lanner Austrian dance music composer, born 04/12/1801

Karl Friedrich Otto von Gerlach born 04/12/1801

Hendrik de Cock Minister, born 04/12/1801

George W. Jones American politician, judge and diplomat, senator, born 04/12/1804

Theodorus Bailey United States Navy admiral, military person, born 04/12/1805

Peter Rindisbacher artist, born 04/12/1806

Karl Ziegler POET, born 04/12/1812

Charles Gavan Duffy office holder, born 04/12/1816

Samuel G. Arnold Union United States Army officer, senator, born 04/12/1821

George Gibbs Dibrell Confederate Army general, born 04/12/1822

Donald Grant Mitchell writer, born 04/12/1822

Frederick Knefler Union army general in the American Civil War, military person, born 04/12/1824

Richard Harvey Cain congressman, born 04/12/1825

Richard Arnold Politician and Union army general, military person, born 04/12/1828

Charles Foster congressman, born 04/12/1828

Daniel Sheldon Norton American politician, senator, born 04/12/1829

Grenville M. Dodge Union Army General, military person, born 04/12/1831

George B. Anderson Confederate Army general, military person, born 04/12/1831

Constantin Emile Meunier ARTIST, PAINTER, SCULPTOR, ILLUSTRATOR, born 04/12/1831

George H. Tichenor American physician and Confederate Army officer, born 04/12/1837

Władysław Zajączkowski mathematician, born 04/12/1837

John Shaw Billings United States Army officer, Librarian, surgeon, born 04/12/1838

Melvin Baldwin Union Army officer, born 04/12/1838

Victorin de Joncieres MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CRITIC, born 04/12/1839

Edmond Audran MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 04/12/1840

Thomas Chisholm office holder, born 04/12/1842

Georg Oeder ARTIST, PAINTER, born 04/12/1846

Albert Heim Swiss geologist, scientist, born 04/12/1849

Sandy Nava Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 04/12/1850

Peter J. Somers congressman, born 04/12/1850

Edward Maunder English astronomer studying sunspots, scientist, born 04/12/1851

Jose Gautier Benitez writer, born 04/12/1851

Ferdinand von Lindemann German Mathematician, scientist, born 04/12/1852

Francois Dugas office holder, born 04/12/1852

Stephen Cox Newton Amateur cricketer and schoolmaster, cricketer, born 04/12/1853

William Maloney Medical doctor, member of parliament, born 04/12/1854

Bernhard von Hartz MILITARY, GENERAL, born 04/12/1862

Buster Hoover Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 04/12/1863

Theodor Rehbock professor of hydraulics, hydraulics engineer, scientist, born 04/12/1864

William Devey Footballer, soccer player, born 04/12/1865

Princess Viktoria Of Prussia British royalty, born 04/12/1866

Daddy Stovepipe One-man band, singer, guitarist, harmonicist, songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1867

James Louis Garvin Journalist and editor, journalist, born 04/12/1868

Henri Desire Landru Soldier, second-hand furniture dealer, fraudster, born 04/12/1869

Alexander 1st Baron Murray of Elibank Murray office holder, born 04/12/1870

Winchester Osgood college coach, born 04/12/1870

Frank Robert Welsh office holder, born 04/12/1871

Ioannis Metaxas prime minister, born 04/12/1871

Georges Urbain French chemist, scientist, born 04/12/1872

Dorothea Wolbert Actor, actor, born 04/12/1874

Edgar Thomas Conley Adjutant General of the U.S. Army from 1933 to 1935, military person, born 04/12/1874

William B. Bankhead office holder, born 04/12/1874

William Foulke soccer player, born 04/12/1874

John Alexander Macdonald office holder, born 04/12/1874

A. A. Pearson scientist, born 04/12/1874

Ted Holloway Australian trade unionist and politician, Unionist, member of parliament, born 04/12/1875

Theodore Wharton Film director, film producer, actor, born 04/12/1875

Carl Heinrich Becker German Orientalist, born 04/12/1876

Emile Brehier PHILOSOPHER, HISTORIAN, born 04/12/1876

Vic Willis baseball player, born 04/12/1876

Ragnvald A Nestos governor, born 04/12/1877

Richard Benedikt Goldschmidt PHYSICIAN, ZOOLOGIST, GENETICIST, AUTHOR, born 04/12/1878

Luke Lea Politician and United States Army officer, senator, born 04/12/1879

Fred H. Brown governor, born 04/12/1879

Eben Byers Industrialist, amateur golfer, born 04/12/1880

Harry Baur STAGE/FILM ACTOR, WWII ALLIED SPY, born 04/12/1880

Addie Joss baseball player, born 04/12/1880

Richard Crawshay born 04/12/1882

Dally Messenger Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 04/12/1883

Paolo Abbate ARTIST, SCULPTOR, MUSEUM CURATOR, born 04/12/1884

Otto Fritz Meyerhof BIOCHEMIST, NOBEL PRIZE/PHYSIOLOGY & MEDICINE 1922, born 04/12/1884

Maurice Brasset lawyer, member of parliament, born 04/12/1884

Edwin Thomas John Kerby Australian politician, Mining engineer, member of parliament, born 04/12/1885

Jullan Kindahl Actor, drug, born 04/12/1885

Robert Delaunay ARTIST, FAUVE & CUBIST PAINTER, COLOR THEORIST, artist, born 04/12/1885

Hermann Hoth military person, born 04/12/1885

Paul Buchner ZOOLOGIST, born 04/12/1886

Oran Macpherson politician, born 04/12/1886

Cecil Abercrombie cricketer, born 04/12/1886

Harold Lockwood Actor, actor, born 04/12/1887

Wilhelm Gluud SCIENTIST, CHEMIST, EDITOR, AUTHOR, born 04/12/1887

Cecil Kimber born 04/12/1888

Chief Thundercloud FILM ACTOR, actor, born 07/24/1899

Pierre-Etienne Flandin JOURNALIST, LAWYER, CONSERVATIVE POLITICIAN, prime minister, born 04/12/1889

Seyid Shushinski musical artist, born 04/12/1889

Jan Cornelis Hofman artist, born 04/12/1889

Gustavo Herrera office holder, born 04/12/1890

Marguerite Clayton Actor, Actress, actor, born 04/12/1891

Hans Rothfels Professor, born 04/12/1891

Henry Darger Author, artist, artist, born 04/12/1892

Robert Harron Actor, actor, born 04/12/1893

Rhoderick Macgrigor military person, born 04/12/1893

Francisco Craveiro Lopes President of Portugal, Air force officer, president, born 04/12/1894


Ben Nicholson artist, born 04/12/1894

Jack Gwynne An illusionist and Vaudeville magician., Entertainer / Magician, born 04/12/1895

Giovanni Panico ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, born 04/12/1895

William Joseph Major member of parliament, born 04/12/1896

Erpo Freiherr von Bodenhausen military person, born 04/12/1897


Chief Thundercloud American actor, Actor, actor, born 04/12/1899

Guy Mazeline AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SAILOR, born 04/12/1900

Georgie Mee soccer player, born 04/12/1900

Mickey Oneil baseball player, born 04/12/1900

Lowell Stockman congressman, born 04/12/1901

Leopoldo Conti soccer manager, born 04/12/1901

James Jarvist Arnold Australian politician, Railway worker, accountant, member of parliament, born 04/12/1902

Louis Joseph Maria Beel LAWYER, POLITICIAN, P.M., ADMINISTRATOR, Politician, office holder, born 04/12/1902

Gus Kenneally gridiron football player, born 04/12/1902

Joe Patrick Abbot born 04/12/1902

Jan Tinbergen Dutch economist, scientist, born 04/12/1903

Paul Dahlke Actor, actor, born 04/12/1904

Glen H. Taylor senator, born 04/12/1904

Werner Kreipe military person, born 04/12/1904

Iosif Kheifits Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 04/12/1905

Alfonso Joseph Zirpoli United States federal judge, born 04/12/1905

Warren Grant Magnuson LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S.SENATOR (DEM WA), office holder, born 04/12/1905

Mooney born 04/12/1906


Eugene Chaboud Formula One racer, born 04/12/1907

Hardie Gramatky Painter, Author, born 04/12/1907

John Lamb Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 04/12/1907

Virginia Cherrill FILM ACTRESS, actress, actor, born 04/12/1908

Andre Martinet LINGUIST, born 04/12/1908

Carlos Lleras Restrepo Politician, writer, president, born 04/12/1908

Robert Lee Scott Jr. Brigadier General in the United States Air Force. His autobiography, God is My Co-Pilot, was made into a film., military person, born 04/12/1908

Milorad Mitrovic soccer manager, born 04/12/1908

Eric Macnair baseball player, born 04/12/1909

John Richard Easonsmith military person, born 04/12/1909

Murray Ross office holder, born 04/12/1910

Kidar Sharma Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Producer, Lyricist, actor, born 04/12/1910

Ryszard Koncewicz soccer manager, born 04/12/1911

Marshall Formby office holder, born 04/12/1911

Georges Franju French filmmaker, director, screenwriter, actor, born 04/12/1912

Hamengkubuwono Ix office holder, born 04/12/1912

Walt Gorney actor, born 04/12/1912

Toshihiro Shimamura born 04/12/1912

Jack Wilson baseball player, born 04/12/1912


Louis O. Kelso Economist, Investor, born 04/12/1913

Keiko Fukuda Martial artist, born 04/12/1913

Allan Everett born 04/12/1913

Arthur Woodruff soccer manager, born 04/12/1913

Armen Alchian born 04/12/1914

Jan van Cauwelaert born 04/12/1914

Anton Mueller German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 04/12/1914

Robert Wierinkx Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/12/1915

Rene Henri Fonteilles AVIATOR, born 04/12/1915

Isadore Perlman CHEMIST, born 04/12/1915

Ernest Borneman Novelist, filmmaker, anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, musician, critic, psychoanalyst, sexologist, born 04/12/1915

Hound Dog Taylor Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1915

Emil Petaja novelist, short story writer, poet, publisher, writer, born 04/12/1915

Paul Bell born 04/12/1915

Leroy Monsky American football player of the 1930s, gridiron football player, born 04/12/1916

Beverly Cleary Novelist, short story writer, children's author, Author, writer, born 04/12/1916

Eldon M Woolliams member of parliament, born 04/12/1916

Martin Becker German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 04/12/1916

Peck, Jr., William S. Businessman, office holder, born 04/12/1916

Reg Allen Set decorator, drug, born 04/12/1917

Robert Manzon Formula One racer, born 04/12/1917

Vinoo Mankad cricketer, born 04/12/1917

Helen Forrest Singer, musical artist, born 04/12/1917

Dzemal Bijedic born 04/12/1917

Robert Anderson born 04/12/1917

Harrison Thyng American war veteran and flying ace, military person, born 04/12/1918

Mahmoud Younis Suez Canal nationalization Engineer., born 04/12/1918

Keith Walter Wilson Ewert Australian politician, Accountant, member of parliament, born 04/12/1918

Andrei Alekseyevich Popov Actor, drug, born 04/12/1918

Chucho Ramos baseball player, born 04/12/1918

Billy Vaughn singer, multi-instrumentalist, and orchestra leader, born 04/12/1919

Maurice Girodias Book publisher, born 04/12/1919

Ion Calvocoressi British army officer and stockbrocker, born 04/12/1919


Ivor Barry actor, born 04/12/1919

Hovhannes Tcholakian born 04/12/1919

Hovah Underwood born 04/12/1919

Amador Lugo Guadarrama artist, born 04/12/1921

Shakey Jake Harris Singer, harmonicist, songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1921

Audrey Long American actress, Actress, actor, born 04/12/1922

Simon Kapwepwe Zambian politician, fought for independence, artist, born 04/12/1922


Billy Maccomb actor, born 04/12/1922

Ann Miller dancer, singer and actress, actor, born 04/12/1923

W. Harry Davis American civil rights activist and businessman, Civic leader, businessman, boxing coach, born 04/12/1923

Eddie Turnbull soccer manager, born 04/12/1923

George Terlep american football player, born 04/12/1923

Raymond Barre POLITICIAN, P.M. OF FRANCE, born 04/12/1924

Jack Harrington CHILD ACTOR, BARTENDER, GAY, born 04/12/1924

Peter Safar scientist, born 04/12/1924

Raymond Barre prime minister, born 04/12/1924

Curtis Turner nascar driver, born 04/12/1924

Dick Marx Jingle composer, musical artist, born 04/12/1924

Oliver Postgate Animator and puppeteer, Animator, puppeteer and writer, actor, born 04/12/1925

Ned Miller Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1925

Joe Bowman Bootmaker, Marksman, Western Entertainer, born 04/12/1925

Alfred Beck soccer manager, born 04/12/1925

Khozh-Akhmed Bersanov Ethnographer, Author, writer, born 04/12/1926

Piero De Bernardi Screenwriter, drug, born 04/12/1926

James Kenneth Hillman PSYCHOLOGIST, JUNGIAN ANALYST, AUTHOR, born 04/12/1926

Umberto Marzotto ENTREPRENEUR, TEXTILE MANUFACTURER, born 04/12/1926

Jane Withers CHILD ACTRESS, born 04/12/1926

Walt Moryn baseball player, born 04/12/1926

Alex Jardine soccer player, born 04/12/1926

Lou Possehl baseball player, born 04/12/1926

Alvin Sargent actor, born 04/12/1927

George Herman Playwright, Actor, Director, Teacher, Playwright, writer, academic, born 04/12/1928

Hardy Kruger FILM/TV ACTOR, actor, born 04/12/1928

Margaret Merrick PRODIGY, ONE OF ORIGINAL RADIO "QUIZ KIDS", born 04/12/1928

Russell Lee Rogers astronaut, born 04/12/1928

Elspet Gray Television actress, actor, born 04/12/1929

Mel Held BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 04/12/1929

Luis Vigoreaux actor, host, producer, actor, born 04/12/1929

Vasiliy Bodnarchuk born 04/12/1929

Andre Darrigade cyclist, born 04/12/1929

Mukhran Machavariani Poet, writer, born 04/12/1929

Michał Życzkowski Polish technician, born 04/12/1930

Manuel Neri ARTIST, SCULPTOR, artist, born 04/12/1930

Gustave "Bubi" Scholz OLYMPIC BOXER, born 04/12/1930

Max Yalden ambassador, born 04/12/1930

Jock Bruce-Gardyne Politician, office holder, born 04/12/1930

Patricia Dainton actor, born 04/12/1930

Chico Anysio ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 04/12/1931

Jean-Pierre Marielle Actor, actor, born 04/12/1932

Jean Pierre Marielle ACTOR, born 04/12/1932

Monserrat Caballe OPERA SINGER, SOPRANO, born 04/12/1933

Charlie Lau baseball player, born 04/12/1933

N. S. V. Chitthan office holder, born 04/12/1934

Anselm Hollo Poet, translator, born 04/12/1934

Charles H. Barker United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/12/1935

Jimmy Makulis Singer, musical artist, born 04/12/1935

Anthony S. Earl POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR OF WISCONSIN, born 04/12/1936

Charles Napier Actor, actor, born 04/12/1936

Igor Volk Ukrainian cosmonaut and test pilot, Pilot, astronaut, born 04/12/1937

Barbara Aland german theologian and Professor of New Testament Research and Church History, philosopher, born 04/12/1937

Iraj Kaboli Persian writer and translator., born 04/12/1938

Alan Ayckbourn Playwright and director, writer, born 04/12/1939

Johnny Raper Australian rugby league player, rugby player, born 04/12/1939

Philippe Moureaux POLITICIAN, MINISTER, MAYOR OF MOLENBEEK ST.JEAN, office holder, born 04/12/1939

Mohammed Miari born 04/12/1939

Herbie Hancock Pianist, composer, and bandleader, musician, composer, bandleader, musical artist, born 04/12/1940

John Hagee Pastor, CornerStone Church, born 04/12/1940

Mikhail Romadin artist, born 04/12/1940

Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore Footballer, soccer manager, born 04/12/1941

Bobby Moore PRO FOOTBALLER, SOCCER PLAYER, born 04/12/1941

Dennis Abbott office holder, born 04/12/1941

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma Current African National Congress president., office holder, born 04/12/1942


Jan Emiel Daele WRITER, born 04/12/1942

Frank Bank actor, born 04/12/1942

Charles Ludlam STAGE ACTOR, DIRECTOR, PLAYWRIGHT, GAY AIDS VICTIM, actor, born 04/12/1943

Walmsley, Joan Margaret, Baroness politician, born 04/12/1943

Sumitra Mahajan office holder, born 04/12/1943

Russell D. Clark TRUCK DRIVER, LOTTERY WINNER, born 04/12/1944

Terry Harmon BASEBALL PLAYER, born 04/12/1944


Karel Kryl poet, Singer-songwriter, musician, graphic artist, musical artist, born 04/12/1944

Irv Rubin Chairman of, criminal, born 04/12/1945

Laura Esterman Film actress, actor, born 04/12/1945

Serge Schmemann Writer and editorial page editor, born 04/12/1945

Alan Parkinson soccer player, born 04/12/1945

Kazi Shamsul Hoque born 04/12/1945

Ed O'Neill Actor, Actor/Teacher, actor, born 04/12/1946

Norment, Thomas K., Jr. Virginia Politician, office holder, born 04/12/1946

George Islay MacNeill Robertson POLITICIAN, LABOUR M.P., born 04/12/1946

George Robertson office holder, born 04/12/1946

John Dunsworth Actor, actor, born 04/12/1946

Nelson Jobim office holder, born 04/12/1946

Salvatore Miceli criminal, born 04/12/1946

David Letterman TV personality, comedian, born 04/12/1947

Tom Clancy Novelist, writer, born 04/12/1947

Dan Lauria United States Marine, Actor, actor, born 04/12/1947

Mary Catherine Crawford Australian politician, Teacher, member of parliament, born 04/12/1947

Wayne Northrop actor, born 04/12/1947

Thommy Abrahamsson ice hockey player, born 04/12/1947

Christer Abrahamsson ice hockey player, born 04/12/1947

Fernando Alva soccer player, born 04/12/1947

Joschka Fischer German foreign minister and Vice Chancellor, politician, born 04/12/1948

Beadle, Jeremy James Anthony Gibson, MBE English television presenter, writer and producer, TV presenter, writer and producer., born 04/12/1948

Wade Henderson born 04/12/1948

Saffold, Monroe, Jr. Bodybuilder/Minister/Professor, actor, born 04/12/1948

Linda Carbonetta ICE SKATING CHAMPION, born 04/12/1949

Scott Turow LAWYER, AUTHOR, born 04/12/1949

Steen Krarup Jensen Sculptor, poet, song writer, social critic, born 04/12/1950

Chip Carter NOTED FAMILY, born 04/12/1950

David Cassidy STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, Actor, singer, musician, actor, born 04/12/1950

Donal Mackeown born 04/12/1950

Ricky Reyes actor, born 04/12/1950

Peter Jeremy Baldwin Australian politician, Activist, member of parliament, born 04/12/1951

Alistair Brown Footballer, soccer player, born 04/12/1951

Tom Noonan actor, born 04/12/1951

Tim Walberg minister, college administrator, congressman, born 04/12/1951

Elizabeth Brater office holder, born 04/12/1951

Rosanna M. Peterson judge, born 04/12/1951

Gary Soto Author, Poet, writer, born 04/12/1952

Mike Munro Journalist, journalist, born 04/12/1952

Peter Bradley member of parliament, born 04/12/1953

Huw Edwards member of parliament, born 04/12/1953

Ritwik Sanyal singer, musical artist, born 04/12/1953

Wu Hsing-Kuo artist, born 04/12/1953

John Faulkner Australian politician, Site of Special Scientific Interest, born 04/12/1954

Steve Stevaert politician, bar owner, born 04/12/1954

Safdar Hasmi Author, Street Theatre, Activist, writer, born 04/12/1954

Ray Abruzzo Television actor, actor, born 04/12/1954

Diane Yatauro politician, born 04/12/1954

Fabian Hamilton member of parliament, born 04/12/1955

Eraldo Pecci Italian former footballer, born 04/12/1955

Fred Ryan office holder, born 04/12/1955

Herbert Arthur Wiglev Clamor Grönemeyer German musician, actor, Singer, Actor, Composer, musical artist, born 04/12/1956

Andy Garcia ACTOR, DIRECTOR, Actor, musician, actor, born 04/12/1956

Herbert Gronemeyer STAGE/TV/FILM ACTOR, POP SINGER, born 04/12/1956

Tama Janowitz AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, born 04/12/1956

Mike Bouchard Oakland County Sheriff, office holder, born 04/12/1956

Vince Gill MUSICIAN, C&W SINGER, SONGWRITER, GUITARIST, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1957

Zeki Sezer office holder, born 04/12/1957

Stoycho Mladenov soccer manager, born 04/12/1957

Ronald Plasterk Politician, politician, born 04/12/1957

Curt Truninger film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 04/12/1957

Will Sergeant Guitarist, musical artist, born 04/12/1958

Gillian Merron British politician, member of parliament, born 04/12/1959

Michael Charles Gooding Footballer, soccer manager, born 04/12/1959

Xiao Ling Tong Liu actor, born 04/12/1959

Ronald Blanco La Cruz governor, born 04/12/1959

Jan Pearson Actress, born 04/12/1959

Jackson Carlaw office holder, born 04/12/1959

Ron Maclean Sportscaster, born 04/12/1960

Magda Szubanski Australian actress, actor, born 04/12/1961

Willi Ninja dancer, known for the Vogue style of his dance, born 04/12/1961

Lisa Gerrard Singer, musical artist, born 04/12/1961

Jacques Maillot Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/12/1962

Yordanka Fandakova mayor, born 04/12/1962

Bob Vander Plaats Small Business Owner, born 04/12/1963

Michael English Singer-songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 04/12/1963

Bill Sublette office holder, born 04/12/1963

William Connolley Software engineer, climatologist, writer, blogger, politician, Software engineer, born 04/12/1964

Amy Ray Singer-songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 04/12/1964

Johan Capiot Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/12/1964

Beeaje Quick ENTREPRENEUR, ARTIST, born 04/12/1964

Mark Simmonds member of parliament, born 04/12/1964

Pandora Peaks model, born 04/12/1964

Mark Camacho actor, born 04/12/1964

Damon Quinn actor, born 04/12/1964

Deryl Dodd Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1964


Tom Obrien Actor, actor, born 04/12/1965

Kim Bodnia actor, born 04/12/1965

Holly One adult actor, born 04/12/1965

Ian Porter Actor, actor, born 04/12/1965

Kathleen L. Casey Member of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, office holder, born 04/12/1966

Vladimir Novosiad Belarusian politician, Lawyer, president, born 04/12/1968

Alicia Coppola Actress, actor, born 04/12/1968

Rajesh Manjhi office holder, born 04/12/1968

Sharon Epperson News Reporter, journalist, born 04/12/1968

Vadym Plotnikov soccer manager, born 04/12/1968

Emily Joyce Actress, actor, born 04/12/1969

Lucas Radebe soccer player, born 04/12/1969

Billy Schwer boxer, born 04/12/1969

Matthew Roger Green member of parliament, born 04/12/1970

Nick Hexum Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1970

Chandra Nehru Chandrakanthan Marine Officer, member of parliament, born 04/12/1970

Nicholas Brendon Actor, actor, born 04/12/1971

Christophe Moreau Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/12/1971

Shannen Doherty Actress, director, Actress, director, producer, actor, born 04/12/1971

Myriam Muller Actor, drug, born 04/12/1971

Tomas Villum Jensen Actor, Film director, drug, born 04/12/1971

Fernando Meligeni tennis player, born 04/12/1971

Kelly Donovan actor, born 04/12/1971

Mario Traversoni Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/12/1972

Sebnem Ferah Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1972

Matt Levin actor, born 04/12/1972

NiCole Robinson actor, born 04/12/1972

Mark Brooks comics creator, born 04/12/1972

Paul Vitale Professional Speaker, born 04/12/1972

Christian Panucci soccer player, born 04/12/1973

Lionel Roux TENNIS PLAYER, born 04/12/1973

Jeffrey Scott Campbell American comic book artist, comics creator, born 04/12/1973

Joel Lautier born 04/12/1973

Claudia Jordan born 04/12/1973

Christina Moore Actress, actor, born 04/12/1973

Marley Shelton Actor, Actress, actor, born 04/12/1974

Michael Wardian Marathon runner, born 04/12/1974

Ruben Östlund Film director, actor, born 04/12/1974

Jennifer Knapp musical artist, born 04/12/1974

Kabir Khan Cricketer, cricketer, born 04/12/1974

Slava Mogutin artist, born 04/12/1974

Fred Weary All-American college football player, professional football player, defensive back, cornerback, gridiron football player, born 04/12/1974

Ian Habgood Composer, music producer, musical artist, born 04/12/1974

Carlo Teodorani Italian football player, soccer player, born 04/12/1977

Alessandro Lorenti CHILD ACTOR, born 04/12/1977

Sarah Monahan Filmmaker, child actor, actor, born 04/12/1977

Sarah Jane Morris actor, born 04/12/1977

Juan Carlos Panameno soccer player, born 04/12/1977

Tae-Won Park soccer player, born 04/12/1977

Saba Homayoon actress, actor, born 04/12/1977

Guy Berryman Bassist, musical artist, born 04/12/1978

Riley Smith Actor/Musician, actor, born 04/12/1978

Jared Turner Actor, actor, born 04/12/1978

Claire Danes FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 04/12/1979

Mateja Kezman soccer player, born 04/12/1979

Soo-Young Lee musical artist, born 04/12/1979

Paul Nicholls actor, born 04/12/1979

Carolina la O Singer, Song writer, musical artist, born 04/12/1979

Velimir Vidic soccer player, born 04/12/1979

Stacy Moxon born 04/12/1979

Baek Kyoung Song rapper, composer, songwriter, lyricist, musical artist, born 04/12/1979

Argo Aadli Actor, born 04/12/1980

Erik Mongrain Canadian musician guitarist composer, Guitarist, composer, musical artist, born 04/12/1980

Brian Macfadden Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1980

Derrick Hanson adult actor, born 04/12/1980

Brian Vandborg Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/12/1981

Nicolas Burdisso soccer player, born 04/12/1981

Blac Elvis Producer, pianist, songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1981

Juan Pablo Brzezicki Tennis player, tennis player, born 04/12/1982

Deen musical artist, born 04/12/1982

Kiley Dean Singer, musical artist, born 04/12/1982

Tania Medina born 04/12/1982

Graham Goddard artist, born 04/12/1982

Tali Giat Model / Spokesperson, model, born 04/12/1982

Jelena Dokić tennis player, born 04/12/1983

Rufus Alexander Football player, american football player, born 04/12/1983

Phoebe Thomas actor, born 04/12/1983

Steven Smith basketball player, born 04/12/1983

Zak Thompson soccer player, born 04/12/1983

Devin Smith basketball player, born 04/12/1983

Garrett Neff American model, model, born 04/12/1984

Kamil Miton born 04/12/1984

Hitomi Yoshizawa Japanese idol, Singer, musical artist, born 04/12/1985

James Alexandrou actor, born 04/12/1985

Jeisa Chiminazzo model, born 04/12/1985

Shahriyar Mamedyarov born 04/12/1985

Tidiane Dia soccer player, born 04/12/1985

Marcel Granollers tennis player, born 04/12/1986

Athena Lundberg Playboy Playmate, born 04/12/1986

Lorena Singer, musical artist, born 04/12/1986

Oleksiy Polyanskyi soccer player, born 04/12/1986

Gisela Ponce de Leon Actress, dancer, singer, actor, born 04/12/1986

Esther Applunius Malaysian singer, Singer, musical artist, born 04/12/1987

Niall Oreilly soccer player, born 04/12/1987

Marios Georgiou soccer player, born 04/12/1987

Ozturk Ali soccer player, born 04/12/1987

Joseph Alan Garner Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 04/12/1988

Tone Damli Aaberge Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 04/12/1988

terry Jr. Stirling Drummer, musical artist, born 04/12/1988

Amedeo Calliari Italian footballer, soccer player, born 04/12/1988

Gilda Sansone model, born 04/12/1989

Hanga Adam basketball player, born 04/12/1989

Euro-Disney AMUSEMENT PARK, born 04/12/1992

Giorgio Cantarini actor, born 04/12/1992

Saoirse Ronan actor, born 04/12/1994

Suzanna von Nathusius Polish child tv actor, actor, born 04/12/2000