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John 02 Of France British royalty, born 04/16/1319

Mieris, Frans van, Sr. artist, born 04/16/1635

Hans Sloane Physician, Philanthropist, born 04/16/1660

Halifax, Charles Montagu, 1st Earl Of office holder, born 04/16/1661

John Hadley scientist, born 04/16/1682

Tsugaru Nobuaki Daimyō of Hirosaki Domain, born 04/16/1719

Joseph Black scientist, born 04/16/1728

Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun French painter, artist, born 04/16/1755

Patrick Kelly born 04/16/1779

Charles Bucke English Writer, Poet, Writer, Philosophical observer, Playwright, writer, born 04/16/1781

Emilie Jeanne Marie Antoinette Bigottini DANCER, born 04/16/1784

John Franklin prime minister, born 04/16/1786

John Wesley Davis Doctor, congressman, born 04/16/1799

Jakob Heine physician, orthopedist, born 04/16/1800

Caleb Blood Smith American politician and judge, office holder, born 04/16/1808

John A. Bolles office holder, born 04/16/1809

John Thomas Wilson Union Army officer, scientist, born 04/16/1811

Henry 1st Baron Aberdare Bruce office holder, born 04/16/1815

Edward "Allegheny" Johnson Confederate Army general, military person, born 04/16/1816

Charles James Folger office holder, born 04/16/1818

Joachim Menant French linguist, born 04/16/1820

Victor Puiseux ASTRONOMER, MATHEMATICIAN, born 04/16/1820

Ford Madox Brown Pre-Raphaelite artist, born 04/16/1821

Ferdinand Eisenstein German Mathematician, scientist, born 04/16/1823

Orlando B. Willcox United States Army Medal of Honor recipient and Union Army general, military person, born 04/16/1823

Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup Danish Council President, prime minister, born 04/16/1825

Major General Archibald Edward Harbord Anson president, born 04/16/1826

Leon Colin PHYSICIAN, AUTHOR, born 04/16/1830

Henri Legrand-Dusaulle PHYSICIAN, ALIENIST, born 04/16/1830

James Jardine United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/16/1837

Alexander von Wagner Hungarian painter and professor, born 04/16/1838

Karel Bendl Czech composer, born 04/16/1838

Antonio Starabba prime minister, born 04/16/1839

Louis E. Atkinson Union Army soldier, born 04/16/1841

Jacques Anatole François Thibault French novelist, Novelist, writer, born 04/16/1844

Anatole France WRITER, NOVELIST, CRITIC, NOBEL PRIZE/LIT 1921, born 04/16/1844

Julio Ribeiro Novelist, journalist, philologist, writer, born 04/16/1845

Jose M. Marxuach Echavarria mayor, born 04/16/1848

Herbert Baxter Adams American educator and historian, Educator and historian, born 04/16/1850

Ernst Josephson artist, born 04/16/1851

Jefferson Monroe Levy U.S. Congressman from New York, Lawyer, congressman, born 04/16/1852

Bedford, George Russell, 10th Duke Of born 04/16/1852

Rutland, Henry Manners, 8th Duke of office holder, born 04/16/1852

Jules Tessier office holder, born 04/16/1852

Coxey, Jacob S., Sr. Activist & politician, politician, born 04/16/1854

William Keith Leask Writer, biographer, historian, lecturer, writer, born 04/16/1857

Johann Flierl German Lutheran missionary, born 04/16/1858

Thomas Urquhart Tailor, lawyer, office holder, born 04/16/1858

Olivier, Sydney Olivier, 1st Baron office holder, born 04/16/1859

Samuel Felker governor, born 04/16/1859

Henry George Chauvel military person, born 04/16/1865

Jose De Diego statesman, poet, attorney, legislator, journalist, writer, born 04/16/1866

James H. Devlin Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 04/16/1866


Spottiswoode Aitken Actor, actor, born 04/16/1868

Pop Swett Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 04/16/1870

Edmund John Millington Synge Irish playwright, poet, prose writer, and collector of folklore, novelist, writer, born 04/16/1871

Henry Stephenson Actor, actor, born 04/16/1871

Hans A. Hansen United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/16/1872

Gabrielle Fontan Actor, drug, born 04/16/1873

Frederick Van Nuys American Politician, senator, born 04/16/1874

Erwin Baur GENETICIST, BOTANIST, EDITOR, born 04/16/1875

Charles Ernest Culley Australian politician, Miner, unionist, member of parliament, born 04/16/1877

Tip Foster cricketer, born 04/16/1878

Eric Fairweather Harrison Australian soldier and politician, Soldier, member of parliament, born 04/16/1880

Gabrielle Fontan ACTRESS, born 03/26/1894

Peter Bennett office holder, born 04/16/1880

Edward Lindley Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax POLITICIAN, DIPLOMAT, AMBASSADOR, M.P., office holder, born 04/16/1881

Rudolf Jung politician, engineer., politician, born 04/16/1882

Andre Edouard Marty artist, born 04/16/1882

William Lawrence Adrian Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee, USA., born 04/16/1883

Arnold Freiherr von Biegeleben German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 04/16/1883

Ernst Thälmann leader of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) during much of the Weimar Republic, born 04/16/1886

Ernst Thalmann COMMUNIST POLITICIAN, ANTI-NAZI, born 04/16/1886

Edward James Salisbury Botanist, ecologist, Ecologist, botanist, born 04/16/1886

Allan Lee Woodrow Bank manager, office holder, born 04/16/1886


Paul Santy ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, BISHOP, born 04/16/1887

Christy Cabanne Film director, actor, born 04/16/1888

Hugo van Dalen MUSICIAN, PIANIST, born 04/16/1888

Maria Grzegorzewska educator, helped bring the special education movement to Poland, Educator, born 04/16/1888

Charlie Chaplin English actor and director, Actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, composer, mime, actor, born 04/16/1889

Ernst Ziegler actor, born 04/16/1889

Robert Leckie military person, born 04/16/1890

Fred Root cricketer, born 04/16/1890

Jenő Egerváry Mathematician, scientist, born 04/16/1891

Johannes Streich German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 04/16/1891

Dutch Leonard baseball player, born 04/16/1892

Marcel Merminod Actor, drug, born 04/16/1893

Paul L. Williams United States Air Force general, military person, born 04/16/1894

Jerzy Neyman scientist, born 04/16/1894

Friedrich-Jobst Volckamer von Kirchensittenbach German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 04/16/1894

Ove Arup born 04/16/1895

Rudolf Boeckmann German soldier and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 04/16/1895

Walter Franck Actor, drug, born 04/16/1896


Leonard-David Sweezey Tremblay member of parliament, born 04/16/1896

David Hughes military person, born 04/16/1899

Toribio Romo Gonzalez saint, born 04/16/1900

Lajos Dinnyes president, born 04/16/1901

Roy E. Furman governor, born 04/16/1901

Edouard Crut soccer player, born 04/16/1901

Nancy Titterton MURDER VICTIM, born 04/16/1902

Luis Casas Pasarin soccer manager, born 04/16/1902

Andrea Palma actor, born 04/16/1903

Paul Waner baseball player, born 04/16/1903

Josef Pottinger soccer manager, born 04/16/1903

Jimmy Yardley soccer player, born 04/16/1903

Fifi d'Orsay VAUDEVILLE/STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, actor, born 04/16/1904

Clifford P. Case senator, born 04/16/1904

Gordon Hodgson soccer manager, born 04/16/1904

Ernest Joseph Boffa bush pilot, born 04/16/1904

Ilya Schor artist, born 04/16/1904

Hinrich Warrelmann German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 04/16/1904

Edwin Albert Robson United States federal judge, born 04/16/1905

Frits Philips born 04/16/1905

Ludwig Fischer Nazi legal officer and official, criminal, born 04/16/1905

Alexander Altmann Orthodox Jewish scholar and rabbi, born 04/16/1906

Billy Benedict FILM/TV ACTOR, born 04/16/1906

Ernest C. Pollard scientist, born 04/16/1906

James Kyes military person, born 04/16/1906

James King soccer player, born 04/16/1906

Tommy Sewell baseball player, born 04/16/1906

Antonio Ortiz President of the Inter-American Development Bank and Secretary of Finance of Mexico., office holder, born 04/16/1907

Pierre Lazareff NEWSPAPER & MAGAZINE PUBLISHER, born 04/16/1907

Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canadian inventor and businessman, born 04/16/1907

August Eigruber Nazi Gauleiter of Oberdonau and Landeshauptmann of Upper Austria. Held other offices., criminal, born 04/16/1907

Wilhelm Dommes German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 04/16/1907

Joseph Jefferson Fisher United States federal judge, born 04/16/1910

Bobby Henderson Pianist, musical artist, born 04/16/1910

Berton Roueche Journalist, novelist, writer, writer, born 04/16/1910

Christine McIntyre STAGE/RADIO/FILM ACTRESS, COMEDIENNE, actor, born 04/16/1911

Guy Burgess born 04/16/1911

David Langton Actor, actor, born 04/16/1912

Catherine Scorsese actor, born 04/16/1912

Josef Streb soccer player, born 04/16/1912

Robert Louis Whelan Bishop of Fairbanks, Alaska, born 04/16/1912

Les Tremayne Actor, actor, born 04/16/1913

Aberconway, Charles Maclaren, 3rd Baron born 04/16/1913

Jose dos Santos Garcia born 04/16/1913

James B. Lampert United States Army general, military person, born 04/16/1914

John Hodiak STAGE/FILM/RADIO/TV ACTOR, actor, born 04/16/1914

Evsey Domar scientist, born 04/16/1914

Fred Smith soccer player, born 04/16/1914

Paul Naudon OCCULTIST, FREEMASON, AUTHOR, born 04/16/1915

Joan Alexander Actress, actor, born 04/16/1915

Hyliard Chappell Canadian lawyer and politician, office holder, born 04/16/1916

Pete Suder baseball player, born 04/16/1916

Reinhard Suhren German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 04/16/1916

Barry Nelson Actor, actor, born 04/16/1917

Betty Clay born 04/16/1917

Robert Folinsbee scientist, born 04/16/1917

Jim Johnston american football player, born 04/16/1917

William Benedict Actor, actor, born 04/16/1917

Spike Milligan Comedian, comic writer, trumpeter, comedian, born 04/16/1918

William Tevlin Arthur Australian politician, Journalist, member of parliament, born 04/16/1918

Dick Gibson Formula One racer, born 04/16/1918

Bob Flock nascar driver, born 04/16/1918

Roger Mirams actor, born 04/16/1918

Merce Cunningham DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, born 04/16/1919

Merce Cunningham Dancer, choreographer, actor, born 04/16/1919

Nilla Pizzi Singer, musical artist, born 04/16/1919

Scoop Lewry office holder, born 04/16/1919

Tom Willmore scientist, born 04/16/1919

Herbert Bauer German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 04/16/1919

Barry Nelson STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 04/16/1920

Prince George Valdemar Of Denmark British royalty, born 04/16/1920

Mark Arnold-Forster Journalist, Author, born 04/16/1920

Peter Ustinov Academy Award-winning British-born actor, writer, dramatist and raconteur, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, actor, born 04/16/1921

Arlin M. Adams Retired senior federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit., born 04/16/1921

Marie Maynard Daly scientist, born 04/16/1921

A.C. Clemons Business, senator, born 04/16/1921

Joe Lodge soccer player, born 04/16/1921

Victor Balaguer Singer, musical artist, born 04/16/1921

Germain Marchadour scientist, born 04/16/1921

Sir Kingsley William Amis English novelist, poet, critic, teacher, novelist, poet, critic, teacher, writer, born 04/16/1922

Leo C. Tindemans POLITICIAN, P.M. 1974-78, JOURNALIST, born 04/16/1922

Leo Tindemans prime minister, born 04/16/1922

Rees Stephens miner, rugby player, born 04/16/1922

Lawrence N. Guarino military person, born 04/16/1922

Arch Alfred Moore, Jr. LAWYER, POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR OF WV 1969-77, born 04/16/1923

Arch A. Jr. Moore governor, born 04/16/1923

Andrzej Romocki born 04/16/1923

Bennie Green musical artist, born 04/16/1923

Richard Rudolf military person, born 04/16/1923

Rudy Pompilii Rock and roll musician, born 04/16/1924

Henry Mancini MUSICIAN, PIANIST, COMPOSER OF MUSIC FOR FILMS, Composer, conductor, musical artist, born 04/16/1924

Geoffrey Johnson-Smith member of parliament, born 04/16/1924

John Harvey-Jones military person, born 04/16/1924

Ed Stacco gridiron football player, born 04/16/1924

Don Gallinger ice hockey player, born 04/16/1925

Alton Brown baseball player, born 04/16/1925

Victor Zamick Ice hockey player and coach, ice hockey player, born 04/16/1926

Harry Bonk American football player, american football player, born 04/16/1926

Pope Benedict XVI 265th and reigning Pope, pope, born 04/16/1927

Edie Adams American singer, Actress, comedienne, singer, drug, born 04/16/1927

Peter Mark Richman STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, actor, born 04/16/1927

Dick Lane american football player, born 04/16/1928

Richard Sylbert actor, producer, scenery painter, production designer, art director, set designer, writer, born 04/16/1928

Vitaly Margulis Pianist, musical artist, born 04/16/1928

Roy Hamilton MUSICIAN, SOUL SINGER, born 04/16/1929

Roy Hamilton Singer, musical artist, born 04/16/1929

Archie Glen soccer player, born 04/16/1929

Carol Bly short story writer, essayist, nonfiction, writer, born 04/16/1930

Herbie Mann JAZZ MUSICIAN, born 04/16/1930

Herbie Mann musical artist, born 04/16/1930

Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi office holder, born 04/16/1930

Julian Morton Carrol POLITICIAN, born 04/16/1931

Godfrey James actor, born 04/16/1931

Qahhor Mahkamov president, born 04/16/1932

Watanabe Takeo Film composer, musical artist, born 04/16/1933

Joan Bakewell TV presenter, newsreader and journalist, born 04/16/1933

Barrie John Unsworth Australian politician and Premier of New South Wales, president, born 04/16/1934

Michael Jackson TV HOST, born 04/16/1934

Robert Stigwood SHOW BUSINESS MOGUL, born 04/16/1934

Vicar comics creator, born 04/16/1934

Keith Macmillan artist, born 04/16/1934

Bobby Vinton SINGER, born 04/16/1935

Steffi Sidney actress, actor, born 04/16/1935

Šaban Bajramović Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 04/16/1936

Colette Flesch Luxembourgian politician, born 04/16/1937

Charles Harold II Haden United States federal judge, born 04/16/1937

Vince Hill Singer, songwriter, record producer, playwrite, musical artist, born 04/16/1937

Ivan Davis office holder, born 04/16/1937

Bernie Allen BASEBALL PLAYER, baseball player, born 04/16/1939

Dusty Springfield FOLK/POP SINGER, born 04/16/1939

Jerry Green office holder, born 04/16/1939

Donald Maccormick Teacher, Journalist, Presenter, journalist, born 04/16/1939

Margrethe II of Denmark Queen of Denmark, British royalty, born 04/16/1940

Benoît Bouchard Canadian politician and ambassador, born 04/16/1940

Marion Mildred Halligan Australian novelist, born 04/16/1940

Corrado Orrico soccer manager, born 04/16/1940

Queen Margarethe II of Denmark ROYALTY, born 04/16/1940

Garry Roggenburk BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 04/16/1940

Joan Snyder ARTIST, born 04/16/1940

Rolf Dieter Brinkmann writer, born 04/16/1940

Valerie Davey member of parliament, born 04/16/1940

Paul Cox film director, actor, born 04/16/1940

Clifford Stearns BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, U.S.REPRESENTATIVE (REP FL), born 04/16/1941

Dave Draper actor, born 04/16/1942

Ruth Madoc actor, born 04/16/1943

Morris Stevenson Footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1943

Dave Peverett Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 04/16/1943

Anthony Principi 4th United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs, office holder, born 04/16/1944

Llew Smith member of parliament, born 04/16/1944

Tom Allen office holder, born 04/16/1945

Gojko Šušak Croatian politician, born 04/16/1945

Mel Machin soccer manager, born 04/16/1945

Karen Ingenthron Actress and radio commentator, actor, born 04/16/1945

John Andrew III Barnes United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/16/1945

Faqir Muhammad Khokhar office holder, born 04/16/1945

Catherine Allegret ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, actor, born 04/16/1946

Margot Adler JOURNALIST, REPORTER, LECTURER, WRITER, WICCAN, Author; Journalist; Lecturer; Wiccan Priestess, born 04/16/1946

Sergio Robles born 04/16/1946

Michael Neary Christian Bishop, born 04/16/1946

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Basketball player, basketball player, born 04/16/1947

Steven A. Lewis PHOTOGRAPHER, TEACHER, HISTORIAN, born 04/16/1947


Galen Head ice hockey player, born 04/16/1947

Lee Kerslake Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 04/16/1947

Eamonn Rogers soccer player, born 04/16/1947

Richard Allen Anderson United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/16/1948

Robert Martin Patterson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/16/1948

Mark Devlin AUTHOR, ABUSED CHILD, born 04/16/1948

Reg Alcock member of parliament, born 04/16/1948

Lynne Franks born 04/16/1948

Robert Kirby Arranger, musician, musical artist, born 04/16/1948

Christiane Gagnon member of parliament, born 04/16/1948

Anita Carrera actor, born 04/16/1948

Desmond Sanford Hawley jockey, Jockey, born 04/16/1949

Ann Romney Wife of Mitt Romney, First Lady of Massachusetts, Homemaker, born 04/16/1949

Pirkko Saisio actor, born 04/16/1949

Venu Nagavalli Actor, Director, Writer, actor, born 04/16/1949

David Graf ACTOR, born 04/16/1950

David Graf actor, born 04/16/1950

Colleen Hewett Singer,, actor, born 04/16/1950

Robert Dutil office holder, born 04/16/1950

Bjorgvin Halldorsson Singer, musical artist, born 04/16/1951

Bill Belichick head coach of the National Football League's New England Patriots, born 04/16/1952

Michel Blanc ACTOR, FILM DIRECTOR, born 04/16/1952

Billy West Voice actor, actor, born 04/16/1952

Chaz Jankel Vocalist, musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 04/16/1952

Bob Humphrys Journalist, journalist, born 04/16/1952

David Hann business consultant, legislator, veteran, office holder, born 04/16/1952

Antonia Darder born 04/16/1952

Francesco Ascani Italian auto racing driver, born 04/16/1952

Kurt Maloo Swiss singer-songwriter, Singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, record producer, musical artist, born 04/16/1953

Jay O. Sanders ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 04/16/1953

Peter Garrett Politician, Activist, Musician, politician, born 04/16/1953

Douglas M. Fraser military person, born 04/16/1953

Ellen Barkin Actress, actor, born 04/16/1954

Nigel Don office holder, born 04/16/1954

Rodney Bush Footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1955

DJ Kool Herc Jamaican DJ, musical artist, born 04/16/1955

David Macdowell Brown astronaut, born 04/16/1956

Marina Yannakoudakis office holder, born 04/16/1956

John Will born 04/16/1957

Patricia De Martelaere writer, born 04/16/1957

Elliot Werk office holder, born 04/16/1957

P Chandrasekaran office holder, born 04/16/1957

Jai Prakash office holder, born 04/16/1958

David Feiss born 04/16/1959

Marc Madiot Directeur sportif and former road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/16/1959

Yvonne Carter Dean of Warwick Medical School, born 04/16/1959

Anne Kursinski born 04/16/1959

Rafael Benítez Maudes footballer, soccer manager, born 04/16/1960

Marianne Frances Saliba New South Wales politician, born 04/16/1960

Andreas Gruschke German author, photographer and Tibet researcher, born 04/16/1960

Ricco Ross actor, born 04/16/1960

Mikel Herzog Singer, musical artist, born 04/16/1960

Steve Sutton Professional footballer, coach, soccer player, born 04/16/1961

Herman Frison Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/16/1961

Ian Mackaye Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer, musical artist, born 04/16/1962

Peter Julian member of parliament, born 04/16/1962

Peter Valentine Professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1963

Kerry Marie Rea Australian politician, Councillor, member of parliament, born 04/16/1963

Donald Terence (Terry) Redman Australian politician, office holder, born 04/16/1963

Sabrina Capucci NOTED FAMILY, born 04/16/1963

Jimmy Osmond of THE OSMONDS SINGER, TV ACTOR, born 04/16/1963

Nick Berry born 04/16/1963

Cine Hwang actor, born 04/16/1963


Daniel Quinn ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 04/16/1964

Esbjorn Svensson musical artist, born 04/16/1964

Boyd Banks actor, born 04/16/1964

Yorick van Wageningen actor, born 04/16/1964

Jon Cryer Actor, writer, film director, film producer, actor, born 04/16/1965

Graeme Clark of WET WET WET MUSICIAN, BASS PLAYER, born 04/16/1965

Martin Lawrence FILM/TV ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 04/16/1965

Sigfrido Tinga office holder, born 04/16/1965

Jukka Hiltunen actor, born 04/16/1965

Bill Galvano office holder, born 04/16/1966

Dave Barnett Professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1967

Bin Yu born 04/16/1967

DJ Falk DJ, Producer, Remixer, musical artist, born 04/16/1967

Josh Blackhill ACTOR, born 04/16/1968

Alisha Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 04/16/1968

Fernando Viña Baseball player, baseball player, born 04/16/1969

Charles Chauvel office holder, born 04/16/1969

Zsolt Vadicska soccer player, born 04/16/1969

Tim Fish comics creator, born 04/16/1970

Matthew White comedian, born 04/16/1970

Daniel Lapaine Actor, actor, born 04/16/1970

Watson actor, born 04/16/1970

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez Singer, Singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, model, designer, musical artist, born 04/16/1971

Brian Dooley actor, born 04/16/1971

Moses Chan Actor, singer, model, actor, born 04/16/1971

Peter Billingsley Actor, producer, director, actor, born 04/16/1971

Max Beesley Television actor, film actor, musician, actor, born 04/16/1971

Belinda Stewart-Wilson Actor, actor, born 04/16/1971

Peter Billingsley ACTOR, born 04/16/1972

Conchita Martinez TENNIS PLAYER, born 04/16/1972

Charlotta Sörenstam Professional golfer, golf player, born 04/16/1973

Bonnie Pink Singer, songwriter, composer, musical artist, born 04/16/1973

Jeff Wadlow Film director, born 04/16/1973

Harold York Canadian retired professional ice hockey centre, ice hockey player, born 04/16/1974

Valerie Rae Miller actor, born 04/16/1974

Mathias Malzieu musician, author, musical artist, born 04/16/1974

Rich Zipperer office holder, born 04/16/1974

Sean Maher actor, born 04/16/1975

Lauren Weinstein comics creator, born 04/16/1975

Karl Yune actor, born 04/16/1975

Mohammad Reza Golzar actor, born 04/16/1975

Nick Pickard Actor, actor, born 04/16/1975

Lukas Haas ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 04/16/1976

Qi Shu artist, born 04/16/1976

David Lyons Actor, actor, born 04/16/1976

Karl Fredrik Ljungberg soccer player, born 04/16/1977

Tameka Empson actor, born 04/16/1977

Ingrid Fiskaa politician, born 04/16/1977

Lara Dutta Model, Actress, Actress, model, actor, born 04/16/1978

Maiysha American singer-songwriter, plus-size model, Singer, Songwriter, Model, musical artist, born 04/16/1978

Nikki Griffin Actress, actor, born 04/16/1978

Boyd Deveraux Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 04/16/1978

Narayani Shastri Model , Actress , Television Presenter, actor, born 04/16/1978

John Buffalo Mailer author, playright, actor, journalist, actor, born 04/16/1978

Shawn Nadelen Lacrosse player, born 04/16/1979

Osni Neto soccer player, born 04/16/1979

Dawn Langstroth Singer, Songwriter, Painter, musical artist, born 04/16/1979

David George Hall New Zealand rugby union footballer, rugby player, born 04/16/1980

Roman Singer and songwriter, Singer-songwriter, musician, producer, musical artist, born 04/16/1980

Ramona Amiri born 04/16/1980

Juliette Marquis actor, born 04/16/1980

Jens Hartwig actor, born 04/16/1980

Brad Pyatt american football player, born 04/16/1980

Lisa Lee Dark Opera singer, Actress, Opera singer, song writer, musician, musical artist, born 04/16/1981

Boris Diaw Professional basketball player, basketball player, born 04/16/1982

Alessandro Proni Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/16/1982

Chris Giles Footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1982

Gareth Risbridger Professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1982

Marie Digby Singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, actress, musical artist, born 04/16/1983

Maroot Dokmalipar soccer player, born 04/16/1983

Manuela Martelli Actress, actor, born 04/16/1983

Noah Fleiss Actor, actor, born 04/16/1984

Romain Feillu Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/16/1984

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Novelist, born 04/16/1984

Claire Foy Actress, actor, born 04/16/1984

Teddy Blass Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 04/16/1984

Marcos Guerrero soccer player, born 04/16/1984

Sam Tillen Professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1985

Jonathan Bearden actor, born 04/16/1985

Benjamin Rojas Actor, singer-songwriter, spokesperson, model, musical artist, born 04/16/1985

Carlos Gerardo Rodriguez soccer player, born 04/16/1985

Nathan Diaz born 04/16/1985

Rhiana Griffith actress, model, artist, actor, born 04/16/1985

Vladimir Micov basketball player, born 04/16/1985

Hanlin Yao soccer player, born 04/16/1985

Michael Thompson American professional golfer, born 04/16/1985

JC Tiuseco Actor, model, actor, born 04/16/1985

John Ike Ibeh Nigerian footballer, Supreme Court of the United States case, born 04/16/1986

John Ike Ibeh Nigerian footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1986

Zain Abbas cricketer, born 04/16/1986

Phil Trautwein American college football player, professional football player, offensive lineman, offensive tackle, american football player, born 04/16/1986

Aaron Justin Lennon soccer player, born 04/16/1987

Tyler Plante ice hockey player, born 04/16/1987

Stephen Lumley soccer player, born 04/16/1987

Zhora Hovhannisyan soccer player, born 04/16/1987

Tomas Simkovic soccer player, born 04/16/1987

Arnav Srivastava Indian independent musician and composer, Musician, actor, born 04/16/1988

Alfred Reade Godwin-Austen British Army General, military person, born 04/16/1989

Darla Pacheco born 04/16/1989

Lorraine Broussard NOTED FAMILY, born 04/16/1990

Jules Sitruk Actor, born 04/16/1990

Arsen Sykaj soccer player, born 04/16/1990

Patrick Deane soccer player, born 04/16/1990

Dmytro Khomchenovskiy soccer player, born 04/16/1990

Yann Thomas Rugby player, born 04/16/1990

Adrian Blad Polish footballer, soccer player, born 04/16/1991

Sandy Hoffmann German figure skater, figure skater, born 04/16/1993

Liliana Mumy Actress/Voice actress, actor, born 04/16/1994

Paul Salas Child Actor/commercial model, actor, born 04/16/1998

Alina Foley Actress, actor, born 04/16/2003

Eléonore Fabiola Victoria Anne Marie British royalty, born 04/16/2008