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Vauban born 05/15/1633

Maximilian Hell scientist, born 05/15/1720

Levi Lincoln American revolutionary and statesman, governor, born 05/15/1749

Christian Jensen Lofthuus born 05/15/1750

Thomas Taylor SCHOLAR, GREEK TRANSLATOR, AUTHOR, born 05/15/1758

Ezekiel Hart Entrepreneur, Politician, office holder, born 05/15/1767

Klemens Lothar Wenzel Metternich POLITICIAN, born 05/15/1773

James Gadsden American businessman, soldier and diplomat, born 05/15/1788

Neil Arnott Physician, born 05/15/1788

Alexander J. Dallas United States Navy officer, born 05/15/1791

Floris Van Hall prime minister, born 05/15/1791

Constantine Phipps office holder, born 05/15/1797

Adolphe Gambart ASTRONOMER, MEMBER OF ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, born 05/15/1800

Xavier Fournet MINERALOGIST, GEOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 05/15/1801

Isaac R. Trimble Confederate Army general, military person, born 05/15/1802

Juan Nepomuceno Almonte Mexican general, diplomat and regent, Military officer, diplomat, office holder, born 05/15/1803

Alexander Hamilton Bowman Union Army officer, military person, born 05/15/1803

Jacob Thompson office holder, born 05/15/1810

Collett Leventhorpe Confederate Army general, military person, born 05/15/1815

Antoine Chintreuil ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/15/1815

Alfred Rethel ARTIST, PAINTER, ETCHER, born 05/15/1816

Debendranath Tagore Religious reformer, born 05/15/1817

William Muhlenberg Hiester Union Army officer, born 05/15/1818

Alphonse Hubert François Balat architect, born 05/15/1818

Thomas L. Crittenden Union Army general, military person, born 05/15/1819

Daniel Ammen United States Navy admiral, military person, born 05/15/1820

Edward Penny Author, newspaper owner, office holder, born 05/15/1820

John Decker Last Chief Engineer of the New York City Fire Department., Firefighter, politician and businessman, born 05/15/1823

Aquila Walsh office holder, born 05/15/1823

Laurence S. Baker Confederate Army general, military person, born 05/15/1830

Lot Smith born 05/15/1830

Edward D. Muhlenberg Union Army officer, born 05/15/1831

Edward Dicey Author, journalist and editor, journalist, born 05/15/1832

Henry Melville Youmans congressman, born 05/15/1832

Heino Schmieden German Architect, born 05/15/1835

Hetty Cary best remembered for making the first three battle flags of the Confederacy, born 05/15/1836

Amos Jay Cummings United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, politician, military person, born 05/15/1838

Sophie Stehle SINGER, born 05/15/1838

William Owens Merchant, office holder, born 05/15/1840

James H. Berry governor, born 05/15/1841

Louis Cameron Hughes office holder, born 05/15/1842

Sir Edwin Ray Lankester Zoologist, scientist, born 05/15/1847

Ananda Rao office holder, born 05/15/1852

L. Frank Baum Children's author, editor, journalist, screenwriter, Author, Newspaper Editor, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, born 05/15/1856

Wilhelmina Fleming scientist, born 05/15/1857

Jack Corcoran Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 05/15/1858

Pierre Curie CHEMIST, PHYSICIST, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/15/1859

Ellen Louise Wilson office holder, born 05/15/1860

Alvord, Benjamin, Jr. United States Army general, military person, born 05/15/1860

Augustin Savard French composer, born 05/15/1861

Arthur Schnitzler Austrian writer and doctor, born 05/15/1862

Frank Hornby English toy inventor, businessman and politician, Toy inventor, Businessman, Politician, born 05/15/1863

Hjalmar Johansen born 05/15/1867

Herbert Ashcombe Walker General Manager, London and South Western Railway (1912–1922); General Manager, Southern Railway (Great Britain) (1923–1937), born 05/15/1868

George Henry Wanton United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/15/1868

John Storey New South Wales politician and Premier, office holder, born 05/15/1869

Duncan Ross office holder, born 05/15/1870

Mike Flynn Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 05/15/1872

Fritz Feigl scientist, born 05/15/1875

Gregoria De Jesus born 05/15/1875

Anna Whelan Betts artist, born 05/15/1875

Gabriel Faure WRITER, born 05/15/1877


Samuel Robert Nicholls Australian politician, Clerk, member of parliament, born 05/15/1885

Helen Burness Cruickshank POET, born 05/15/1886


John David Jr. Clifford United States federal judge, born 05/15/1887

Mitoyo Kawate born 05/15/1889

Harry Wills boxer, born 05/15/1889

Shadrach Livingstone James born 05/15/1890

E. Urner Goodman Founder of the Order of the Arrow, Professional Scouter, born 05/15/1891

Arthur Creech Jones member of parliament, born 05/15/1891

André Luguet Actor, drug, born 05/15/1892

Andre Luguet ACTOR, born 05/15/1892

Jimmy Wilde boxer, born 05/15/1892

Lee Phelps Actor, drug, born 05/15/1893

Prescott Sheldon Bush Former US Senator, Father of George H.W. Bush, senator, born 05/15/1895

Pietro Lazzari artist and sculptor, born 05/15/1895

Astrid Zachrison born 05/15/1895

William Albert Pommer member of parliament, born 05/15/1895

Carleton Main Clement Canadian WWI ace pilot, military person, born 05/15/1896

Vernon Treatt Politician/ Lawyer, politician, born 05/15/1897

Athol Richardson Politician/ Lawyer, politician, born 05/15/1897

Arletty Actress, Actress, singer, fashion model, actor, born 05/15/1898

Henri Padou CHAMPION SWIMMER, born 05/15/1898

Len Jordan senator, born 05/15/1899

Ces Dacre cricketer, born 05/15/1899

Jacques Natanson PLAYWRIGHT, born 05/15/1901

Xavier Herbert Author, writer, born 05/15/1901

Luis Monti soccer manager, born 05/15/1901

Edmond Hall Clarinetist, musical artist, born 05/15/1901

Jimmy Walsh soccer player, born 05/15/1901

Friedrich Domin Actor, drug, born 05/15/1902

Pippo Barzizza MUSICIAN, ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR, born 05/15/1902

Richard J. Daley POLITICIAN, MAYOR OF CHICAGO, politician, born 05/15/1902

Alexis Nihon inventor and businessman, born 05/15/1902

William McTaggart ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/15/1903

Anny Ondra actor, born 05/15/1903

Maria Reiche scientist, born 05/15/1903


Bob Macintyre soccer player, born 05/15/1904

William Spencer soccer player, born 05/15/1904

Joseph Cotten actor, Actor, born 05/15/1905

Albert Dubout CARTOONIST, born 05/15/1905

Las Vegas, Nevada CITY, born 05/15/1905

Eric Winter Illustrator, born 05/15/1905

Rudolf Petersen military person, born 05/15/1905

Robert Petrie scientist, born 05/15/1906

Swede Ellstrom gridiron football player, born 05/15/1906

George Emmerson soccer player, born 05/15/1906

Johnny Williams musical artist, born 05/15/1906

Thomas Joseph Dodd Senator from Connecticut and father of Chris Dodd, senator, born 05/15/1907

Bert Hoffmeister Canadian general, military person, born 05/15/1907

Lajos Koranyi soccer player, born 05/15/1907

Karl Baacke German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 05/15/1907

Kevin William Collin Ellis Australian politician, born 05/15/1908

Erich Bielka Diplomat, member of Austrian government, born 05/15/1908

Richard William Briginshaw Trade union leader, politician, born 05/15/1908

Emil Joseph Diemer born 05/15/1908

Gosta Werner Film director and screenwriter., actor, born 05/15/1908

Marcella Rabwin Assistant, Author, born 05/15/1908

Sylvio Hoffmann Mazzi soccer player, born 05/15/1908

James Mason English actor, Actor, actor, born 05/15/1909

J. Caleb Boggs office holder, born 05/15/1909

Joseph DeSantis actor, born 05/15/1909

Vladimir Alatortsev born 05/15/1909

Arthur Nelson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1909

Constance Cummings ACTRESS, born 05/15/1910

Constance Cummings actor, born 05/15/1910

Dave Zinkoff born 05/15/1910

David Bodian scientist, born 05/15/1910

Edward Nigel Drury Australian politician, Accountant, member of parliament, born 05/15/1911


Samuel John Small Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1912

Michael Curley soccer player, born 05/15/1912

Franklin Richard Jr. Bruns born 05/15/1912

Norrie Paramor English record producer, musical artist, born 05/15/1913


Antony Warr rugby player, born 05/15/1913

Rufus D. Hayes Attorney; Businessman, office holder, born 05/15/1913

Jimmy Wasdell BASEBALL PLAYER, baseball player, born 05/15/1914

Angus Maclean president, born 05/15/1914

Turk Broda ice hockey player, born 05/15/1914

Helmut Klassmann military person, born 05/15/1914

Mario Monicelli screenwriter, director, actor, actor, born 05/15/1915

William Witney American director, actor, born 05/15/1915

Albert Lenormand ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/15/1915

Vera Gebuhr Actor, drug, born 05/15/1916


Lord Robert Howat McDonald QUEEN'S COUNSEL 1957, HIGH COURT JUDGE, born 05/15/1916

Bill Williams FILM/TV ACTOR, born 09/30/1954

Fang-liang Chiang Homemaker, First Lady of the Republic of China, office holder, born 05/15/1916

John Hans Stroh scientist, born 05/15/1916

Ronald Arthur Saggers Cricketer, cricketer, born 05/15/1917

Hugh Falkus born 05/15/1917

Francisco Mateo soccer manager, born 05/15/1917

Jerzy Duszynski Actor, actor, born 05/15/1917

Richard Edward Arnold American country music artist, musical artist, born 05/15/1918

Richard Tompkins Founder of Argos and Green Shield Stamps, born 05/15/1918

Eddy Arnold MUSICIAN, SINGER, C&W STAR, born 12/02/1940

Joseph Wiseman STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 05/15/1918

Saul Laskin office holder, born 05/15/1918

Joseph Wiseman Actor, actor, born 05/15/1918

John Siegal american football player, born 05/15/1918

Charles Tandy Businessperson, born 05/15/1918

Thomas Charles Drake-Brockman Australian politician, Soldier, farmer, member of parliament, born 05/15/1919

Eugenia Charles office holder, born 05/15/1919

Cyril Trailor soccer player, born 05/15/1919

Bela Sarosi soccer manager, born 05/15/1919

Frank Twombly Hubbard Harpsichord maker, born 05/15/1920

Michel Audiard Film director, actor, born 05/15/1920


Nasrallah Sfeir born 05/15/1920

Barbara Lott actor, born 05/15/1920

Dave Stogner Musician, Bandleader, Radio & TV host, musical artist, born 05/15/1920

William "Popsie" Randolph Photographer, writer, born 05/15/1920

Billy Bly soccer player, born 05/15/1920

Čestmír Vycpálek footballer and manager, soccer manager, born 05/15/1921

Erroll Garner MUSICIAN, JAZZ PIANIST, COMPOSER, born 05/15/1921

Jacob Besser military person, born 05/15/1921

Nguyễn Cơ Thạch Foreign Minister of Vietnam 1980 - 1991, born 05/15/1921

Adil Carcani office holder, born 05/15/1922

Howie Livingston gridiron football player, born 05/15/1922

Neil Rutherford military person, born 05/15/1922

Selma Wijnberg born 05/15/1922

Richard Avedon FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER, born 05/15/1923

Richard Avedon Photographer, writer, born 05/15/1923

John Lanchbery born 05/15/1923

Johnny Walker Actor, actor, born 05/15/1923

Ellis Larkins Pianist, musical artist, born 05/15/1923

Doris Dowling actor, born 05/15/1923

George Brown gridiron football player, born 05/15/1923

Jack Brownsword soccer player, born 05/15/1923

Dale Matthewson baseball player, born 05/15/1923

Ursula Thiess FILM ACTRESS, born 05/15/1924

Tony Adamle american football player, born 05/15/1924

Maria Koepcke scientist, born 05/15/1924

Ursula Thiess actor, born 05/15/1924

Edward A. Neloy Trainer, born 05/15/1924

Carl Sanders governor, born 05/15/1925

Howard Morton actor, born 05/15/1925

Roy Stewart actor, born 05/15/1925

Ralph Meatyard artist, born 05/15/1925

David George Hahn member of parliament, born 05/15/1925

Ernesto Foldats scientist, born 05/15/1925

Natalie Nevins Singer, musical artist, born 05/15/1925

Ellen Hanley musical theater performer, actor, born 05/15/1926


Peter Shaffer PLAYWRIGHT, SCREENWRITER, CRITIC, born 05/15/1926

Anthony Shaffer Playwright, writer, born 05/15/1926

Margaret Guilfoyle Accountant, member of parliament, born 05/15/1926

Elahi Bux Soomro Politician, office holder, born 05/15/1926

Fred Baczewski baseball player, born 05/15/1926

Assia Wevill born 05/15/1927

Thomas Woods Syme Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 05/15/1928

Lise Ringheim Actor, actor, born 05/15/1928

Raymond Federman Novelist, poet, critic, translator, academic, writer, poet, writer, born 05/15/1928

Leo Turner born 05/15/1928

Tulla Blomberg Ranslet artist, born 05/15/1928

Marianne Hold Actor, actress, actor, born 05/15/1929

Denne Bart Petitclerc Author, Journalist, War Correspondent, Producer, Screenwriter, born 05/15/1929

Kevin Michael Kiernan Cairns Australian politician, Dentist, member of parliament, born 05/15/1929

Juanjo Menéndez Actor, drug, born 05/15/1929

Pierre Jacquot ARITST, PAINTER, born 05/15/1929

Andrew Bertie monarch, born 05/15/1929

Peter Broeker Formula One racer, born 05/15/1929

David Healy actor, born 05/15/1929

Peggy Pope actor, born 05/15/1929

Jean-Albert Marie Cartier ART PUBLICIST, BALLET DIRECTOR, born 05/15/1930

Jasper Johns ARTIST, PAINTER, GAY, artist, born 05/15/1930

Gabriel L. Plaa American-Canadian toxicologist and educator, specialist of hepatotoxicity, born 05/15/1930

Claus Roxin German jurist and scholar, scientist, born 05/15/1931

Joseph A. Jr. Califano office holder, born 05/15/1931

Norma Fox Mazer Author, writer, born 05/15/1931

Irma Rangel congressman, born 05/15/1931

Frits Korthals Altes politician, born 05/15/1931

Chavalit Yongchaiyudh prime minister, born 05/15/1932

Kenneth A. Gibson office holder, born 05/15/1932

Juzo Itami Actor, film director, actor, born 05/15/1933

Robert W. Godshall Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, office holder, born 05/15/1933

Shirley Love broadcasting, sales and marketing, office holder, born 05/15/1933

Alvin Francis Poussaint Author, professor, psychiatrist, born 05/15/1934

Utah Phillips Songwriter, performer, raconteur, musical artist, born 05/15/1935



Barry Crump novelist, writer, born 05/15/1935

Don Shinnick american football player, born 05/15/1935

Anna Maria Alberghetti Actress, singer, actor, born 05/15/1936

Arthur Daniel O'Neal GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, born 05/15/1936

Wavy Gravy ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE NEW MEXICO HOG FARM, Activist, comic, born 05/15/1936

Paul Zindel born 05/15/1936

Trini Lopez MUSICIAN, SINGER, GUITARIST, ACTOR, born 05/15/1937

Madeleine Korbel Albright Czech-Born American Politician, born 05/15/1937

Joe Tait born 05/15/1937

Mireille Darc FILM/TV ACTRESS, MODEL, born 05/15/1938

Cesar radio announcer, construction worker, balot vendor, construction painter, born 05/15/1938

Tommy Olivencia musical artist, born 05/15/1938

Gilberto Rincon Gallardo Mexican activist and politician, Activist and politician, office holder, born 05/15/1939

Konstantin Ozgan office holder, born 05/15/1939

Tony Staley Businessman, member of parliament, born 05/15/1939

Mohamed Nafa born 05/15/1939

Paul Rudd ACTOR, born 04/06/1969

Proinsias De Rossa politician, born 05/15/1940

Lainie Kazan Actress, singer, actor, born 05/15/1940

John Verpoorten comics creator, born 05/15/1940

Robert Anthony Kowalski British computer scientist, scientist, born 05/15/1941

Edy Schutz Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/15/1941

Vivienne Poy office holder, born 05/15/1941

Jaxon comics creator, born 05/15/1941

Arthur Taylor Winfree American theoretical biologist, scientist, born 05/15/1942

Anthony W. England ASTRONAUT, born 05/15/1942

Lainie Kazan ACTRESS, COMEDIENNE, born 05/15/1942

K.T. Oslin Singer, musical artist, born 05/15/1942

Jusuf Kalla office holder, born 05/15/1942

Padraic Maccormack politician, born 05/15/1942

Douglas Lowe office holder, born 05/15/1942

Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini prime minister, born 05/15/1942

Vijay Kelkar born 05/15/1942

Michael Clapham member of parliament, born 05/15/1943

John Richard Clawson OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL BASKETBALL PLAYER, GUARD, born 05/15/1944

Gunilla Hutton actor, born 05/15/1944

Duke Duarte Pio Of Braganza born 05/15/1945

Jerry Quarry boxer, born 05/15/1945

Bill Rosendahl politician, born 05/15/1945

John Orcsik Television actor, actor, born 05/15/1945

Beth Courtney President, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, born 05/15/1945

Aly Bain MUSICIAN, FIDDLER, Musician, musical artist, born 05/15/1946

Kenichi Mikawa TV personality, singer, born 05/15/1946

Jim Mair ice hockey player, born 05/15/1946

Rod Coombes singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 05/15/1946

Clark Davis OLYMPIC FREESTYLE WRESTLER, born 05/15/1947

Lucy Fleming actor, born 05/15/1947

Ruben Arminana university president, born 05/15/1947

Yassin Muhyiddin Deputy Prime Minister, politician, born 05/15/1947

Graeham Goble musical artist, born 05/15/1947

John Craven soccer player, born 05/15/1947

Danny Faragher musician, songwriter, bandleader, musical artist, born 05/15/1947

Brian Eno Producer, musician, Producer, musician, songwriter, artist, musical artist, born 05/15/1948

Renato Casarotto MALE NURSE, MOUNTAIN CLIMBER, born 05/15/1948

Kathleen Sebelius governor, born 05/15/1948

Russell S. Kokubun office holder, born 05/15/1948

Dror Zeigerman born 05/15/1948

Haig Oundjian British figure skater, figure skater, born 05/15/1949

Frank Culbertson Astronaut, Naval captain, Test Pilot, astronaut, born 05/15/1949

Bob Berkowitz TV JOURNALIST, TALK SHOW HOST, born 05/15/1950

Jim Simons PRO GOLFER, born 05/15/1950

Jim Bacon president, born 05/15/1950

Nicholas Hammond actor, born 05/15/1950

Frank Wilczek Physicist, scientist, born 05/15/1951

Chazz Palminteri FILM/TV ACTOR, PLAYWRIGHT, SCREENWRITER, born 05/15/1951

David Almond writer, born 05/15/1951

Wally Chambers american football player, born 05/15/1951

Howard Milstein Real estate developer, born 05/15/1951

Yoshifumi Hibako military person, born 05/15/1951

Delphine Seyrig STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, FEMINIST, born 05/15/1952

Chazz Palminteri Actor, writer, actor, born 05/15/1952

Imbarek Shamekh office holder, born 05/15/1952

Robert Peterson born 05/15/1952

George Brett BASEBALL PLAYER, 3RD BASEMAN, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/15/1953


Natalia Chernogolova Artist, artist, born 05/15/1954

S. Pierre Yameogo Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/15/1955

Lee Horsley FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 05/15/1955

Mathias Claus jazz pianist, composer, Pianist, composer, musical artist, born 05/15/1956

Leena Havukainen FILM DIRECTOR, born 05/15/1956

Nadezhda Pavlova Soviet Ballet Dancer, born 05/15/1956

Ricky Ian Gordon Composer, lyricist, musical artist, born 05/15/1956

Mirek Topolanek office holder, born 05/15/1956

Jo Oldson office holder, born 05/15/1956

Juan Jose Ibarretxe president, born 05/15/1957

Luis Geraldes artist, born 05/15/1957

John Mason member of parliament, born 05/15/1957

Jason Graae Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 05/15/1958

Michael Steinberg Film director, Film producer, drug, born 05/15/1959

Gina Alajar actor, born 05/15/1959

Gary Chivers Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1960

Colin R. Robinson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1960

Joey Browner FOOTBALL PLAYER, DEFENSIVE BACK, born 05/15/1960

Katrin Cartlidge Actress, actor, born 05/15/1961

Melvin Glover American hip-hop musician and member of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, musical artist, born 05/15/1961

Roberta Voltolini SINGER, DANCER, BALLERINA, born 05/15/1961

Jeff Dee artist, born 05/15/1961

Anthony Rota member of parliament, born 05/15/1961

Vincent David Overson Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 05/15/1962

Richard Ingold Arena football coach, born 05/15/1963

Brenda Bakke Actress, actor, born 05/15/1963

Grant Heslov Actor, producer, screenwriter, director, actor, born 05/15/1963

Narsing Yadav actor, born 05/15/1963

Jan Dunn film director, screenwriter, actor, born 05/15/1963

Chaudhary Munawwar Hasan office holder, born 05/15/1964

Sulejman Demollari soccer manager, born 05/15/1964

Lhoussaine Kherchtou Cook, militant, state witness, born 05/15/1964

G. Kishan Reddy office holder, born 05/15/1964

Martin Sonneborn German satirist, journalist and politician, born 05/15/1965

Scott Tronc Australian former rugby league footballer, rugby player, born 05/15/1965

Frederik Du Chau animator, film director, screenwriter, born 05/15/1965

Bianca Halstead rock musician, she was the bassist and lead singer of Betty Blowtorch. She was killed by a drunk driver on December 15, 2001. A substance abuse center called The Bianca Center for Substance Abuse, which opened in November of 2008 is named in her honor, born 05/15/1965

Orla Guerin Journalist, Presenter,, journalist, born 05/15/1966

Madhuri Dixit Actress, actor, born 05/15/1967

Simen Agdestein soccer player, born 05/15/1967

Brigitte Bako actor, born 05/15/1967

Orlando Zapata born 05/15/1967

Cecilia Malmström Swedish politician, office holder, born 05/15/1968

Todd Porter CHILD ACTOR, born 05/15/1968

Sophie Raworth Journalist, presenter, newsreader, journalist, born 05/15/1968

Ernesto Tomasini born 05/15/1968

Emmitt Smith All-American college football player, professional football player, running back, Super Bowl champion, sports broadcaster, american football player, born 05/15/1969

Cam Brown ice hockey player, born 05/15/1969

Paudie Coffey politician, born 05/15/1969

Carsten Thomassen Journalist, political commentator and war correspondent, journalist, born 05/15/1969

Rob Blasdell Lacrosse player, born 05/15/1970

Desmond K. Howard COLLEGE & PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER, WIDE RECEIVER, born 05/15/1970

Saira Khan TV presenter, entrepreneur, born 05/15/1970

Ben Wallace member of parliament, born 05/15/1970

Michael Patrick Jann actor, born 05/15/1970

Brad Rowe actor, born 05/15/1970

Jim Poolman politician, born 05/15/1970

Dave Finkel actor, born 05/15/1970

Joichiro Tatsuyoshi born 05/15/1970

Zoubier Baya soccer player, born 05/15/1971

Sam Trammell Actor, actor, born 05/15/1971

Francesco Mussoni office holder, born 05/15/1971

Niklas Axelsson Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 05/15/1972

Agnieszka Warchulska actress, actor, born 05/15/1972

Tengiz Sichinava Georgian footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1972

David Charvet TV ACTOR, Actor/Singer, born 05/15/1972

David Franck Charvet MODEL, TV ACTOR, born 05/15/1972

Danny Alexander office holder, born 05/15/1972

Andy Seigle basketball player, born 05/15/1972

Andre Segatti Actor, Model, actor, born 05/15/1972

Shiney Ahuja Actor, Model, actor, born 05/15/1973

Anders Manga musical artist, born 05/15/1973

Giorgio Corona Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 05/15/1974

Ahmet Zappa musician, actor, novelist, musical artist, born 05/15/1974

A.J. Hinch baseball player, born 05/15/1974

Brad Trost member of parliament, born 05/15/1974

Olafur Örn Bjarnason footballer, Supreme Court of the United States case, born 05/15/1975

Peter Iwers Musician, musical artist, born 05/15/1975

Ryan Leaf Notoriously unsuccessful American Football player, american football player, born 05/15/1976

Tyler Walker American baseball pitcher, baseball player, born 05/15/1976

Søren Berg Danish football player, soccer player, born 05/15/1976

David Copeland Engineer's assistant, born 05/15/1976

Ingrid Canoletti MODEL, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/15/1977

Juan Velasco Damas soccer player, born 05/15/1977

Ceyhun Eris soccer player, born 05/15/1977

Krissy Taylor Model, model, born 05/15/1978

Egoi Martínez Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/15/1978

Constantino Zaballa Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/15/1978

Dwayne De Rosario soccer player, born 05/15/1978

David Krumholtz Actor, actor, born 05/15/1978

Krzysztof Ignaczak born 05/15/1978

Zoltan Bathory Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/15/1978

Brandon Miller Lacrosse player, born 05/15/1979


Dominic Scott Musician, musical artist, born 05/15/1979

Shero Rauf actor, born 05/15/1979

Shane Hmiel nascar driver, born 05/15/1980

Tilde Froling actor, born 05/15/1980

Richard Kahan Actor, actor, born 05/15/1980

Patrice Evra Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1981

Zara Phillips ROYALTY, ENGLISH PRINCESS, born 05/15/1981

Paul Konchesky soccer player, born 05/15/1981

Ben Singer, songwriter, voice actor, TV host, musical artist, born 05/15/1981

Samuel Neva soccer player, born 05/15/1981

Spencer Chandra Herbert arts manager, office holder, born 05/15/1981

Yawhen Branavitski soccer player, born 05/15/1981

Veronica Campbell-Brown Jamaican sprint athlete and Olympic gold medallist, born 05/15/1982

Alex Breckenridge Actor, Actress, photographer,, actor, born 05/15/1982

Rafael Perez baseball player, born 05/15/1982

Marco Turati soccer player, born 05/15/1982

Chermarn Boonyasak Film and television actress, model, born 05/15/1982

Doug Anderson born 05/15/1982

Michael Stryger Danish footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1983

Anders Høyen Egholm Danish footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1983

Inigo Diaz De Cerio soccer player, born 05/15/1984

Justine Robbeson South African javelin thrower, born 05/15/1985

Tom Stamsnijder Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/15/1985

Tom Kalkhuis soccer player, born 05/15/1986

Tomas Klus Singer-songwriter, Drama student, musical artist, born 05/15/1986

Claire Buffie Photographer, born 05/15/1986

Andy Murray Tennis player, tennis player, born 05/15/1987

Tyrese Rice basketball player, born 05/15/1987

Scott Neilson Footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1987

Jennylyn Mercado Singer, Actress, Product Endorser, born 05/15/1987

Michael Brantley baseball player, born 05/15/1987

John Hashem gridiron football player, born 05/15/1987

Doruk Cetin Film Director, Film Producer, Photographer, Actor, actor, born 05/15/1987

Ram actor, born 05/15/1988

Nicole Flint born 05/15/1988

Akina Minami Japanese idol, fish, born 05/15/1989

Nana Ofori-Twumasi Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/15/1990

Gerald Santos Singer, actor, musical artist, born 05/15/1990

Jordan Watt model, born 05/15/1990

Ryo Aono born 05/15/1990

Daniel Scott Zahller Brown Internet blogger, born 05/15/1990

Jennifer Hof model, born 05/15/1991

Mollee Gray Dancer, Actress, Singer, gymnast, musical artist, born 05/15/1991

Ksenia Sitnik singer, musical artist, born 05/15/1995