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1st Duke Albert von Hohenzollern of Prussia MILITARY, GRAND MASTER OF THE TEUTONIC KNIGHTS, born 05/16/1490

Innocent 11 pope, born 05/16/1611

New York City CITY, born 05/16/1626

Jeremias Van Rensselaer merchant, patroon, born 05/16/1632

Maria Gaetana Agnesi scientist, born 05/16/1718

Isaac Coffin Royal Navy officer during the American War of Independence, French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars., military person, born 05/16/1759

John Opie artist, born 05/16/1761

Louis Nicolas Vauquelin scientist, born 05/16/1763

Jacob Beltzhoover born 05/16/1770

Hamilton, Alexander, Jr. American attorney, born 05/16/1786

Juan Nepomuceno Fernandez Lindo Lawyer, Politician, president, born 05/16/1790

William H. Seward American lawyer and politician, office holder, born 05/16/1801

George Cadwalader Union Army General, military person, born 05/16/1806

James N. Buffum office holder, born 05/16/1807

Alexander Boteler politician, born 05/16/1815

Francis C. Speight NYPD police inspector and participant in the Police Riot of 1857 and New York Draft Riots of 1863., Police officer, born 05/16/1816

Edmund Kirby Smith Confederate Army general, military person, born 05/16/1824

Levi P. Morton office holder, born 05/16/1824

Edwin Baruch Winans governor, born 05/16/1826

Pierre Cuypers architect, born 05/16/1827

Norman Jay Colman office holder, born 05/16/1827

Fowler office holder, born 05/16/1830

William W. Crapo congressman, born 05/16/1830

Jatindramohan Tagore Indian philanthropist, born 05/16/1831

Daniel Manning office holder, born 05/16/1831

Philip Armour born 05/16/1832

Abdón Cifuentes Sea explorer, born 05/16/1835

Lincolnshire, Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington, 1st Marquess of office holder, born 05/16/1843

Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov scientist, born 05/16/1845

Ottomar Anschutz born 05/16/1846

Ernest Bambridge Footballer, born 05/16/1848


John 1st Baron Gorell Barnes judge, born 05/16/1848

Elgin, Victor Alexander Bruce, 9th Earl of office holder, born 05/16/1849

Arthur Henry Mann English organist, born 05/16/1850

Jan Mikulicz-Radecki scientist, born 05/16/1850

Charles E. Wolverton judge, born 05/16/1851

Andrew H. Longino governor, born 05/16/1854

L. Frank Baum AUTHOR, FAMOUS FOR "OZ" BOOKS, born 05/16/1856

Charles Melville Hays born 05/16/1856

Frank Harris Hiscock judge, born 05/16/1856

Juan Morel Campos composer, director of the Ponce Municipal Band, musical artist, born 05/16/1857

Robert S. Vessey governor, born 05/16/1858

Steve Dignan Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 05/16/1859

Eugene Georges Marty MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, CHORUSMASTER, born 05/16/1860

H. H. Holmes serial killer, born 05/16/1861

Anna Seward Pruitt missionary in China, born 05/16/1862

Willem de Zwart ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/16/1862

Andrieus A. Jones senator, born 05/16/1862

Henry Adam Bruce Australian politician, Sugar grower, member of parliament, born 05/16/1868

Joseph L. Epps United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/16/1870

Edward Sullivan United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 05/16/1870

Edward Sullivan United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/16/1870

William Remsburg Grove United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/16/1872

Emmett Forrest Branch politician, born 05/16/1874

John J. Clausey United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/16/1875

James E. West lawyer and an advocate of children's rights, who become the first professional Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), serving from 1911–1943, Chief Scout Executive, born 05/16/1876

Joseph M. Maccormick senator, born 05/16/1877

Eric Gascoigne Robinson Royal Navy admiral and First World War Victoria Cross recipient, military person, born 05/16/1882

Herbert Hughes Irish composer, music critic and collector of folk songs, born 05/16/1882

Roland Gwynne mayor, born 05/16/1882

Celal Bayar president, born 05/16/1883

Maria Lacerda de Moura Brazilian journalist, feminist, anarchist, born 05/16/1887

Bull Montana Wrestler, actor, wrestler, born 05/16/1887

Henry Armetta STAGE/FILM ACTOR, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 12/09/1950

George Utley soccer player, born 05/16/1887


Maria Garland Actor, actor, born 05/16/1889

Lucien Bossoutrot AVIATOR, born 05/16/1890

Mario De Sa-Carneiro Poet and writer, writer, born 05/16/1890

Leslie Fuller Film actor, born 05/16/1890

Richard Tauber OPERA SINGER, TENOR, COMPOSER, born 05/16/1891

Dietrich von Saucken German World War II general, military person, born 05/16/1892

Osgood Perkins Actor, actor, born 05/16/1892

Messali Ahmed bin Hadj POLITICIAN, born 05/16/1892

Armand Daigle office holder, born 05/16/1892

Hans Stuhlmacher deutscher Pädagoge und Heimatforscher, born 05/16/1892

Stella Bowen artist and writer, Artist and writer, born 05/16/1893

Paul van Kempen MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR, PEDAGOGUE, born 05/16/1893

Isolde Menges MUSICIAN, VIOLINIST, born 05/16/1893

Charles Hawker Australian politician, Soldier, member of parliament, born 05/16/1894

Dwight Johns United States Army general in World War II, military person, born 05/16/1894

Hobart R. Gay United States Army general, military person, born 05/16/1894

Fielding L. Wright Politician, governor, born 05/16/1895


Kenji Mizoguchi FILM DIRECTOR, film director, screenwriter, editor, actor, born 05/16/1898

August de Schrijver POLITICIAN, born 05/16/1898

Tamara De Lempicka artist, born 05/16/1898

Jean Fautrier artist, born 05/16/1898

Luigi Fenaroli Italian botanist and agronomist, scientist, born 05/16/1899

Aage Winther-Jørgensen Actor, actor, born 05/16/1900

Maurice Villain THEOLOGIAN, HISTORIAN, born 05/16/1900

Baden Herod soccer player, born 05/16/1900

Dougie Campbell soccer player, born 05/16/1901

Jan Kiepura OPERA SINGER, TENOR, ACTOR, born 05/16/1902

Hilde Kirsch PSYCHOLOGIST, JUNGIAN ANALYST, born 05/16/1902

Watty Clark baseball player, born 05/16/1902

Norman Rupert Barrett Australian-born English surgeon, born 05/16/1903

Ugo La Malfa POLITICIAN, born 05/16/1903

Willy Schneider PSYCHIC, TRANCE MEDIUM, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/16/1903

Ivor Jennings born 05/16/1903

Charles Brannock scientist, born 05/16/1903

Wesley Dennis artist, born 05/16/1903

Abe White baseball player, born 05/16/1904

Henry Fonda actor, Actor, born 05/16/1905

Herbert Ernest Bates AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, born 05/16/1905

Libero Bigiaretti NOVELIST, POET, ENGINEERING DRAUGHTSMAN, born 05/16/1905

Mickey Erickson gridiron football player, born 05/16/1905

Margret Elizabeth Rey author and illustrator, born 05/16/1906

Arturo Uslar Pietri novelist, writer, writer, born 05/16/1906

Liao Yaoxiang military person, born 05/16/1906

George Salaman British businessman and WWII officer, born 05/16/1907

Antonin Puc soccer manager, born 05/16/1907

Harold Rumney born 05/16/1907

Anne Bonnet ARTIST, born 05/16/1908

Albert Gazier POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 05/16/1908

Muktananda born 05/16/1908

Harrie Massey scientist, born 05/16/1908

Sister Mary Luke Tobin born 05/16/1908

Stefano Gallio soccer player, born 05/16/1908

Ron Biilmann Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 05/16/1908

Margaret Sullavan Actress, actor, born 05/16/1909

Pierre Abelin POLITICIAN, PARLIAMENTARIAN, born 05/16/1909

Sir Charles Wilson UNIVERSITY OFFICER, born 05/16/1909

Luigi Villoresi Racing driver, Formula One racer, born 05/16/1909

Rudolf Kompfner scientist, born 05/16/1909

Charles Wilson office holder, born 05/16/1909

Horacio Rivero military person, born 05/16/1910

Zoe Fontana FASHION DESIGNER, born 05/16/1911

Giovanni Varglien soccer player, born 05/16/1911

Giacomo Valentini soccer player, born 05/16/1911

Studs Terkel American author, historian and broadcaster, Author, Historian, Radio Personality, Actor, writer, born 05/16/1912

Francis Lund Van Dusen United States federal judge, born 05/16/1912

Alfred Aston SOCCER PLAYER, born 05/16/1912

Alfred Aston soccer manager, born 05/16/1912

William Ludwig Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 05/16/1912

Sebastiano Baggio ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, born 05/16/1913

Woody Herman MUSICIAN, BANDLEADER, JAZZ COMPOSER, SINGER, Bandleader, Saxophonist, Clarinetist, Singer, musical artist, born 05/16/1913

Gordon Chalk office holder, born 05/16/1913

John Hamilton member of parliament, born 05/16/1913

Gheorghe Apostol president, born 05/16/1913

Sebastiano Baggio office holder, born 05/16/1913

Dean Griffing gridiron football player, born 05/16/1913

Edward T. Hall scientist, born 05/16/1914

Joy Liebert cricketer, born 05/16/1914

Gerd Suhren military person, born 05/16/1914

Ezra Stoller American architectural photographer, born 05/16/1915

Jean Francois Denisse ASTRONOMER, born 05/16/1915

Mario Monicelli FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 11/26/1924

Koula Agagiotou actress, born 05/16/1915

James Henry Binger LAWYER, BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, born 05/16/1916

Ephraim Katzir president, born 05/16/1916

Fred Hargesheimer military person, born 05/16/1916

Hans-Joachim Brand German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 05/16/1916

George Gaynes Actor, actor, born 05/16/1917

Woodrow Wilson Keeble United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/16/1917

Ben Kuroki United States Air Force airmen, military person, born 05/16/1917

Juan Rulfo Writer, writer, born 05/16/1917

Andre Even ARTIST, PAINTER, born 05/16/1918

Wilf Mannion soccer player, born 05/16/1918

Anton-Rudolf Piffer military person, born 05/16/1918

Borge Mathiesen soccer player, born 05/16/1918

Johannes Scher military person, born 05/16/1918

Jack Doolan gridiron football player, born 05/16/1919

Arthur Smith member of parliament, born 05/16/1919

Martine Carol actress, actor, born 05/16/1920

Ingrid Backlin Swedish actress, born 05/16/1920

Dave Philley baseball player, born 05/16/1920

Geoffrey Page military person, born 05/16/1920


Harry Carey, Jr. FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 05/16/1921

Mildred Smith ACTRESS, AGENT, born 05/16/1921

Kinji Shibuya wrestler, born 05/16/1921

Prince Michel Casimir Poniatowski ROYALTY, POLITICIAN, MINISTER, AUTHOR, born 05/16/1922

John Bernard Mackey military person, born 05/16/1922

Charlie Wayman soccer player, born 05/16/1922

Harold Lambert born 05/16/1922

Speedy Haworth musical artist, born 05/16/1922

Peter Hall military person, born 05/16/1922

Merton Miller American economist, born 05/16/1923

Victoria Fromkin scientist, born 05/16/1923

Dawda Jawara president, born 05/16/1924

Joseph Margolis philosopher, born 05/16/1924

Bobbejaan Schoepen musical artist, born 05/16/1925

Nilton Santos soccer player, born 05/16/1925

Ilona Novak born 05/16/1925

Wendell Lee Bagwell Gospel singer, born 05/16/1925

Leongino Unzaim soccer player, born 05/16/1925

James Hoyt born 05/16/1925

Margot Arnold novelist, writer, born 05/16/1925

Robert Jay Lifton American psychiatrist, scientist, born 05/16/1926


Albert Finch boxer, born 05/16/1926

Rube Walker baseball player, born 05/16/1926

Ronald Podrow born 05/16/1926

William G. Hobbs Physician, surgeon, and artists, born 05/16/1927

Billy Martin BASEBALL PLAYER, INFIELDER, BASEBALL MANAGER, baseball player, born 05/16/1928

Hiroshi Nakajima president, born 05/16/1928

Lucy Ann Polk Singer, musical artist, born 05/16/1928

Samuel A. Banks born 05/16/1928

Anthony J Lumsden architect, born 05/16/1928

Betty Carter Jazz singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/16/1929

Warren W. Wiersbe American pastor and writer, Pastor, writer, writer, born 05/16/1929

Roy Martin Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/16/1929

Academy Awards INITIAL AWARDS CEREMONY, born 05/16/1929

Paolo Melis BOXER, born 05/16/1929

Adrienne Rich POET, RADICAL FEMINIST, PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH, poet, non-fiction writer, essayist, writer, born 05/16/1929

John Conyers attorney, congressman, born 05/16/1929

Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda scenographer, costume designer, actress, born 05/16/1930


Levi, Peter, FSA, FRSL Writer, archaeologist, sometime Jesuit priest, born 05/16/1931

Alena Vrzanova Czech figure skater, figure skater, born 05/16/1931

Donald James Martino MUSICIAN, 12-TONE COMPOSER, PULITZER PRIZE 1974, born 05/16/1931

Lowell Palmer Weicker, Jr. POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (REP CT), born 05/16/1931

Lowell P. Weicker office holder, born 05/16/1931

K. Natwar Singh Politician, politician, born 05/16/1931

Jack Dodson Actor, actor, born 05/16/1931

Yvon Douis SOCCER PLAYER, born 05/16/1935

Jerauld R. Gentry military person, born 05/16/1935

Angelo Martino Colombo soccer player, born 05/16/1935

Roy Hudd Music hall, Actor and Entertainer, born 05/16/1936

Harry C. Stonecipher Aerospace executive, born 05/16/1936

Karl Lehmann Bishop of Mainz, Catholic Cardinal, cardinal, born 05/16/1936

Manfred Stolpe German politician, born 05/16/1936

James Baxter Hunt POLITICIAN, born 05/16/1937

Liana-Kaarina ACTRESS, born 05/16/1937

Anthony Saidy CHESSMASTER, PHYSICIAN, born 05/16/1937


Jim Hunt office holder, born 05/16/1937

Jocelyn Lane actor, born 05/16/1937

Thomas Gifford Novelist, writer, born 05/16/1937

Paul Geerts comics creator, born 05/16/1937

Stuart Bell POLITICIAN, M.P., member of parliament, born 05/16/1938

John David Macwilliam member of parliament, born 05/16/1941

David Smith member of parliament, born 05/16/1941

Denis Hart born 05/16/1941

Eric Berntson prime minister, born 05/16/1941

Joseph Parrenin politician, born 05/16/1941

Helma Esslinger "MISS WORLD" BEAUTY QUEEN, born 05/16/1942

David Penry-Davey judge, born 05/16/1942

Ben Andrews actor, born 05/16/1942

Jon Jost filmmaker, filmmaker-videomaker, actor, born 05/16/1943

Daniel R. Coats LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (REP IN), born 05/16/1943

Dan Coats senator, born 05/16/1943

Mike Caro poker player, born 05/16/1944

Billy Cobham Musician, songwriter, bandleader, instructor, musical artist, born 05/16/1944

Jim Fung born 05/16/1944

T. G. Ravi Film actor, actor, born 05/16/1944

Jim Moran U.S. Congressman, office holder, born 05/16/1945

Brewster H. Shaw American astronaut, Test Pilot, astronaut, born 05/16/1945

Massimo Moratti Oil businessman, born 05/16/1945

Paul Lutus computer programmer, born 05/16/1945

Marta Beatriz Roque Economist, born 05/16/1945

Berry Merrell ice hockey player, born 05/16/1945

Bob Young musical artist, born 05/16/1945

Anna Asp Production designer, Art director, drug, born 05/16/1946

Rosemary Susan Allen Barnes POLITICIAN, M.P., born 05/16/1946

Robert Fripp MUSICIAN, SINGER, GUITARIST, SONGWRITER,BANDLEADER, Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 05/16/1946

Ken Paff Labor movement activist/leader, born 05/16/1946

Janette Tough of THE KRANKIES COMEDIENNE, born 05/16/1947

Bill Smitrovich actor, born 05/16/1947

Richard Gottfried office holder, born 05/16/1947

Robert W. Levy American politician, mayor, born 05/16/1947

Mats Ahlberg ice hockey player, born 05/16/1947

John Light Napier congressman, born 05/16/1947

Vladimir Eshtrekov soccer manager, born 05/16/1947

Jean-Claude Latombe scientist, born 05/16/1947

James Hood POLITICIAN, M.P., LABOUR: CLYDESIDE, born 05/16/1948

Jimmy Hood member of parliament, born 05/16/1948

Ingeborg Sorensen Playboy Playmate, born 05/16/1948

Jesper Christensen Actor, actor, born 05/16/1948

Jeffrey Piccola office holder, born 05/16/1948

Katia Dandoulaki actor, born 05/16/1948

Ronald Anthony Phillips Australian politician, born 05/16/1949

William Joseph Nigro BANK MANAGER, MA STATE LOTTERY WINNER, born 05/16/1949

Churchill Braz Alemao office holder, born 05/16/1949

Ronald Anthony Phillips Australian politician, born 05/16/1949

Bryan Calvin Hartnell born 05/16/1949

Nicole Rieu Singer, musical artist, born 05/16/1949

Johannes Georg Bednorz Physicist, scientist, born 05/16/1950

Mikhail P. Batura office holder, born 05/16/1950

Pierce Brosnan STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, baseball player, born 05/16/1951

Jonathan Richman Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/16/1951

Claudio Baglioni Singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, conductor, musical artist, born 05/16/1951

Emmanuel Todd historian, demographer, sociologist,political scientist, scientist, born 05/16/1951

Pierce Brosnan Actor, Actor, producer, environmentalist, actor, born 05/16/1953

David John MacLean United Kingdom Conservative Party politician, member of parliament, born 05/16/1953

Frank Miclash teacher, hospital administrator, politician, born 05/16/1953

Richard Page Singer, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 05/16/1953

Stephen Errol Woolman judge, born 05/16/1953

Lee Macleod artist, born 05/16/1953

Clodagh Simonds musical artist, born 05/16/1953

Dwight Evans office holder, born 05/16/1954

Debra Winger ACTRESS, born 05/16/1955

Jon Porter insurance executive, congressman, born 05/16/1955

Hazel Oconnor Singer-songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 05/16/1955

Irene Clarin actor, born 05/16/1955

Joan Benoit RUNNER, born 05/16/1957

Daniel Carson Goodman Screenwriter, actor, born 05/16/1957

Minyon Moore Politician, ambassador, born 05/16/1958

Valeriy Petrakov soccer manager, born 05/16/1958

Mitch Webster BASEBALL PLAYER, CENTER FIELDER, born 05/16/1959

Gabriele Bongiorni soccer player, born 05/16/1959

Broc Glover Former motocross racer, born 05/16/1960

Guilherme Schröter 21st century Brazilian/german family of musicians, Composer and pianist, musical artist, born 05/16/1960

Stella Nova English rock guitarist., musical artist, born 05/16/1960

David Giuliano prime minister, born 05/16/1960

David Coons fine-arts scanner, computer-graphics guru, filmmaker, "mad scientist," nudist, born 05/16/1960

Landon Deireragea member of parliament, born 05/16/1960

Nenad Antanasijevic Multimedial Artist, Composer, Audio&Video producer, Vintage Synthesizers Designer, musical artist, born 05/16/1960

Charles Wright Professional wrestler, strip club manager, wrestler, born 05/16/1961

Kevin McDonald Actor/Comedian, actor, born 05/16/1961

Richard Carlson Author, psychotherapist and motivational speaker, writer, born 05/16/1961

Sarah Boyack office holder, born 05/16/1961

Moon Griffon Radio talk show host, born 05/16/1961

Anette Hoff Actress, actor, born 05/16/1961

Rebecca M. Benally office holder, born 05/16/1962


Mercedes Echerer actor, born 05/16/1963

Jon Coffelt artist, born 05/16/1963

Roch Cholette office holder, born 05/16/1963

Midam comics creator, born 05/16/1963

Nicholas Mattiello office holder, born 05/16/1963

Jarvis Williams PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER, SAFETY, born 05/16/1964

Mary Anne Hobbs born 05/16/1964

Krist Novoselic Musician,, Musician, politician, songwriter, author, director, musical artist, born 05/16/1965

Carlos Castano Gil military person, born 05/16/1965

Chris Ayres Voice Actor, actor, born 05/16/1965

Vincent Regan Actor, actor, born 05/16/1965

Jarvis Williams All-American college football player, professional football player, defensive back, safety, american football player, born 05/16/1965

Janet Jackson American singer-songwriter and actress, Singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, actress, musical artist, born 05/16/1966

Andrew Bernal Footballer, soccer player, born 05/16/1966

Thurman Thomas FOOTBALL PLAYER, RUNNING BACK, born 05/16/1966

Scott Reeves Actor/Singer, actor, born 05/16/1966

Brian P. Stack Politician, office holder, born 05/16/1966

Dylan Jones-Evans politician, born 05/16/1966

Barry Andrews office holder, born 05/16/1967

Brian F. Obyrne Actor, actor, born 05/16/1967

Yuki Takita soccer player, born 05/16/1967

Ralph Tresvant of NEW EDITION SINGER, born 05/16/1968

Chingmy Yau actress, actor, born 05/16/1968

David Boreanaz American actor, famous for Angel and Buffy, Actor, producer, occasional director, actor, born 05/16/1969

Yannick Bisson Actor, actor, born 05/16/1969

Tracey Gold ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/16/1969

Danielle Spencer Singer-songwriter, actor, born 05/16/1969

Gabriela Sabatini TENNIS PLAYER, born 05/16/1970

Bernard Lee poker player, born 05/16/1970

Masahiro Kobayashi Actor, seiyū, actor, born 05/16/1971

Rachel Goswell Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/16/1971

Rick Trevino Singer, musical artist, born 05/16/1971

Barry Baker soccer manager, born 05/16/1971

Christian Califano French Rugby union footballer., rugby player, born 05/16/1972

Peter John Bentley Computer Science, scientist, born 05/16/1972

Hideki Naganuma Composer, musical artist, born 05/16/1972

Fermin Solis comics creator, born 05/16/1972

Kayle Short Ice hockey player, born 05/16/1973

Tori Spelling ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, Actress, actor, born 05/16/1973

Sonny Sandoval Vocalist, Rapper, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/16/1973

Joaquim Ferraz Footballer, soccer player, born 05/16/1974

Laura Pausini Singer-songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 05/16/1974

Richard Dempsey actor, born 05/16/1974

Khalid al- Mihdhar 9/11 hijacker, born 05/16/1975

Tony Kakko Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/16/1975

Verity Price Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Motivational speaker, musical artist, born 05/16/1975

Brian Langtry Lacrosse player, born 05/16/1976

Uros Umek Disc jockey, record producer, musical artist, born 05/16/1976

Chiara Zeffirelli Soprano coloratura, musical artist, born 05/16/1976

Addy Engels Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/16/1977

Gordon Fraser actor, born 05/16/1977

Erik Faber Singer, Guitarist, musical artist, born 05/16/1977

Annie Lemay born 05/16/1977

Fabio Bittencourt Da Costa soccer player, born 05/16/1977

Chris Ackerman Actor, actor, born 05/16/1978

Jim Sturgess Actor, musician, actor, born 05/16/1978

Vincent Larusso actor, born 05/16/1978

Olga Zaitseva born 05/16/1978

Okan Yilmaz soccer player, born 05/16/1978

Hoover Orsi born 05/16/1978

Andrew Martin Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Lyricist and Producer, musical artist, born 05/16/1978

Leonardo Gutierrez basketball player, born 05/16/1978

Jessica Morris Actress, born 05/16/1979

Wei Ding born 05/16/1979

Arnau Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/16/1979

Trent Cameron Actor, actor, born 05/16/1979

Samet Ashimov soccer player, born 05/16/1979

Simon Gerrans Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/16/1980

Mikel Alonso Spanish footballer, soccer player, born 05/16/1980

Lily Kim Korean American reporter, News anchor, born 05/16/1980

Yaniv Green Israeli basketball player, basketball player, born 05/16/1980

Sato Akemi Seiyū, actor, born 05/16/1980

Brooke Macclymont Songwriter, musical artist, born 05/16/1981

Jaime Hammer American Playboy glamour model and Penthouse Pet, adult actor, born 05/16/1982

Eugenio Vélez Dominican baseball utility player, baseball player, born 05/16/1982

Nikita Miller West Indian cricketer, cricketer, born 05/16/1982

Christie Abbott actor, born 05/16/1982

Dan Murray soccer player, born 05/16/1982

Ji Hoon Joo born 05/16/1982

Melissa Altro actor, born 05/16/1982

Nancy Ajram Singer, musical artist, born 05/16/1983

Deisy And Sarah Teles Playboy Playmate, born 05/16/1983

Kulraj Randhawa Actress, actor, born 05/16/1983

Worrawech Danuwong Singer, Actor, musical artist, born 05/16/1984

Steve Feeney Irish association footballer, born 05/16/1984

Akihiro Sakata soccer player, born 05/16/1984

Simon Keizer musical artist, born 05/16/1984

Francisco Alberoni soccer player, born 05/16/1984

Julia Voth Actress/Model, born 05/16/1985

Andrew Keenan-Bolger born 05/16/1985

Rodrigo Peters Marques Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 05/16/1985

Megan Fox Actress, actor, born 05/16/1986

Andy Keogh Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/16/1986

Karla Echenique Female volleyball player from the Dominican Republic, born 05/16/1986

Claudia Suarez born 05/16/1987

Peng Wu born 05/16/1987

Matias Cabrera soccer player, born 05/16/1987

Daniele Pedrelli Italian footballer, soccer player, born 05/16/1988

Martynas Gecevicius basketball player, born 05/16/1988

Jesus Castillo soccer player, born 05/16/1988

Giedre Dukauskaite model, born 05/16/1988

Behati Prinsloo Namibian model, model, born 05/16/1989

Derick Close born 05/16/1989

Thomas Sangster Actor, Bassist, actor, born 05/16/1990

James Harris cricketer, born 05/16/1990

Daniel Carbajo soccer player, born 05/16/1990

Hongyang Li born 05/16/1990

Teresa Polias soccer player, born 05/16/1990

Marc John Jefferies actor, born 05/16/1990

Stass Shpanin artist, born 05/16/1990

Gizem Memic born 05/16/1990

Ashley Wagner American figure skater, figure skater, born 05/16/1991

Ibrahim Ghaleb soccer player, born 05/16/1991

Byron Sumner born 05/16/1991

Amido Balde soccer player, born 05/16/1991

Gavin Hetherington Actor, dancer, actor, born 05/16/1992

Iu Singer, Disk Jockey, musical artist, born 05/16/1993

Ariel Waller Actress, actor, born 05/16/1994

Miles Heizer actor, born 05/16/1994