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Michael Gottlieb Agnethler German botanist and numismatist, scientist, born 06/10/1719

William Eustis governor, born 06/10/1753

Henry Burbeck military person, born 06/10/1754

Jacob Holgate governor, born 06/10/1767

Christopher Cole British Royal Navy officer, military person, born 06/10/1770

David L. Morril senator, born 06/10/1772

James Barbour office holder, born 06/10/1775

Alney Maclean Surveyor, office holder, born 06/10/1779

Antonio Ricaurte military person, born 06/10/1786

Chauncey Jerome scientist, born 06/10/1793

Charles Augustus FitzRoy British military officer, governor, born 06/10/1796

Joseph Rowntree Businessman, Educationist, born 06/10/1801

Archibald Williams United States federal judge, born 06/10/1801

James S. Bradbury senator, born 06/10/1802

Joseph Bourret mayor, born 06/10/1802

Anson P. Morrill American politician, governor, born 06/10/1803

Henry Darcy scientist, born 06/10/1803

Hermann Schlegel German ornithologist, born 06/10/1804

Cornelis Hiddingh Dutch lawyer, consul general for the Orange Free State, office holder, born 06/10/1809

George Ebbert politician, born 06/10/1810

Chandler J. Wells politician, born 06/10/1814

Edward Fox United States federal judge, born 06/10/1815

James W. Nye senator, born 06/10/1815

Gustave Courbet ARTIST, PAINTER, LEADER OF 19TH-C REALIST MOVEMENT, artist, born 06/10/1819

John Hill congressman, born 06/10/1821

John Jacob III Astor Union Army officer, born 06/10/1822

John Jacob Astor II CAPITALIST, MILITARY MAN, born 06/10/1822

James Chatham Duane Union Army General, military person, born 06/10/1824

Thomas W. Ferry senator, born 06/10/1827

Edwin Arnold Journalist, editor, and poet, journalist, born 06/10/1832

Nikolaus Otto Inventor, born 06/10/1832

Rebecca Latimer Felton senator, born 06/10/1835

Yamaoka Tesshu born 06/10/1836

Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg prime minister, born 06/10/1839

Thomas F. Toon Confederate Army general, military person, born 06/10/1840


John Tweedale United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/10/1841

Heinrich von Herzogenberg Austrian composer and conductor, born 06/10/1843

Albert Neuhuys ARTIST, PAINTER, born 06/10/1844

Benjamin Constant ARTIST, PAINTER, born 06/10/1845

David Jayne Hill office holder, born 06/10/1850

Francois de Curel PLAYWRIGHT, NOVELIST, born 06/10/1854

George Buckle Editor and author, journalist, born 06/10/1854

Alfred S. Bennett judge, born 06/10/1854

Charles Allen Culberson office holder, born 06/10/1855

Charles Franklin Sprague congressman, born 06/10/1857

Arastu Yar Jung scientist, born 06/10/1858

Sir James Guthrie ARTIST, PAINTER, PORTRAITIST, born 06/10/1859

Lucien Hillemacher MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, NOTED FAMILY, born 06/10/1860

Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem PHYSICIST, HISTORIAN, PHILOSOPHER OF SCIENCE, born 06/10/1861

Mrs. Leslie Carter Stage and film actress, actor, born 06/10/1862

Jean Ajalbert AUTHOR, LAWYER, PLAYWRIGHT, CRITIC, born 06/10/1863

Louis Couperus AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Novelist, born 06/10/1863


Matajiro Koizumi office holder, born 06/10/1865

Walter P. Lewis Actor, actor, born 06/10/1866

Frances Munds American suffragette, office holder, born 06/10/1866

Harry Holland office holder, born 06/10/1868

Louis Gustave Vanzype WRITER, JOURNALIST, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, CRITIC, born 06/10/1869

Hamilton Fyfe Journalist and editor, journalist, born 06/10/1869

Adolf Zinkl born 06/10/1871

Henry William Heisch United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/10/1872

Guy Brasfield Park governor, born 06/10/1872

Vera Lewis Actor, actor, born 06/10/1873

Violet Oakley artist, born 06/10/1874

Renée Carl Actor, drug, born 06/10/1875

Harold Hume American university professor, university president, horticulturalist, born 06/10/1875

Henry P. Russell United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/10/1878

Rafael Erich office holder, born 06/10/1879

Ary Carel Hugo Vosbergen Dutch athlete, born 06/10/1882

Elgin Lessley Cinematographer, born 06/10/1883

Hortensio Quijano president, born 06/10/1884

Byrd, Harry Flood, Sr. politician, born 06/10/1887

Sessue Hayakawa STAGE/FILM ACTOR, FILM PRODUCER, AUTHOR, Actor, actor, born 06/10/1889

T. Semmes Walmsley mayor, born 06/10/1889

Bud Talbott American football player, american football player, born 06/10/1892

Martin Boyd architect, writer, Architect, writer, biographer, born 06/10/1893

Arthur Hill Gilbert Artist and United States Navy officer, born 06/10/1893

Berrie H. Jarrett United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/10/1894

Prince Igor Constantinovich Of Russia British royalty, born 06/10/1894

Bill Nolan actor, born 06/10/1894

Hattie McDaniel Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/10/1895

Park Manross member of parliament, born 06/10/1895

Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia Second daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, British royalty, born 06/10/1897

Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia ROYALTY, MURDER VICTIM, born 06/10/1897

John Letts military person, born 06/10/1897

Virginia Valli Actor, actor, born 06/10/1898

Garland Braxton baseball player, born 06/10/1900

Sir Duncan Law Anderson CIVIL ENGINEER, DIRECTOR OF VARIOUS COMPANIES, born 06/10/1901

Theo Lingen Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, actor, film director, screenwriter, drug, born 06/10/1903

Robert A. Stemmle Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 06/10/1903


Alex Matheson office holder, born 06/10/1903

Clyde Beatty Lion trainer, performer, film actor, circus owner, actor, born 06/10/1903


Jean-Jacques Juglas politician, born 06/10/1904

Danny Macfayden baseball player, born 06/10/1905

Golovko military person, born 06/10/1906

Ernie Curtis Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1907

Fairfield Porter artist, born 06/10/1907

Dickie Wells musical artist, born 06/10/1907

Ezra Ichilov born 06/10/1907

Robert Eddison Film actor, actor, born 06/10/1908

Wilfred Charles Coutts Australian politician, Salesman, member of parliament, born 06/10/1908

Gerard Sweetman politician, born 06/10/1908

Mike Kreevich baseball player, born 06/10/1908

Jeff Davis Woodson military person, born 06/10/1908

Granny Alston cricketer, born 06/10/1908

Gustav Forstmann military person, born 06/10/1908

George Stainton Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1909

Gregorio Blasco soccer player, born 06/10/1909

Robert Cummings Actor, actor, born 06/10/1910

Antonio Casal Actor, actor, born 06/10/1910

Julie Haydon STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, DRAMA TEACHER, born 06/10/1910

Howlin' Wolf MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, SINGER, GUITARIST, HARMONICA, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/10/1910

Julie Haydon actress, actor, born 06/10/1910

Frank Demaree baseball player, born 06/10/1910

Leon Carr Songwriter, composer, arranger, pianist, conductor, musical artist, born 06/10/1910

Ramon Zabalo soccer player, born 06/10/1910

George Francis Jr. Frazier United States journalist, born 06/10/1911

Petro Yukhymovych Vesklyarov Theater and television actor, actor, born 06/10/1911

Frank Caplan Founder of Creative Playthings, Toy Developer, Educator, Author, Youth Worker, born 06/10/1911

Agnes Moorehead FILM/STAGE/VAUDEVILLE/RADIO/TV ACTRESS, born 06/10/1912

Jean Lesage 19th Premier of Quebec, president, born 06/10/1912

Enrique Fernandez soccer manager, born 06/10/1912

Lawrence Kermit White military person, born 06/10/1912

Sven Johnsson born 06/10/1912

Lorenzo Suber soccer player, born 06/10/1912

Wilbur Joseph Cohen EDUCATOR, REFORMER, U.S.GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, born 06/10/1913

Alfred Lex military person, born 06/10/1913

Ruth Litzig SWIMMER, born 06/10/1914

Lionel Bouvrette ice hockey player, born 06/10/1914

Oktay Rifat Horozcu born 06/10/1914

Inia Watene Tauhia Te Wiata opera singer, film actor and carver, born 06/10/1915

Saul Bellow AUTHOR, NOVELIST, NOBEL PRIZE/LITERATURE 1976, born 06/10/1915

Saul Bellow Novelist, short story writer, critic, professor, writer, born 06/10/1915

Peter "Mr. Bread" LoCascio SYNDICATE LIEUTENANT-TO-BE, born 06/10/1916

Portia Porter BULL FIGHTER, born 06/10/1916

Amir Abdullah Khan Rokhri politician, born 06/10/1916

William Rosenberg Entrepreneur, born 06/10/1916

Bill Waddington actor, born 06/10/1916

Earl Henry BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 06/10/1917

Franco Modigliani Economist, born 06/10/1918

Barry Morse British-born stage, screen, and radio actor, Actor, Director, Writer, drug, born 06/10/1918

Patachou ACTRESS, SINGER, born 06/10/1918

Francesco Pernigo SOCCER PLAYER, born 06/10/1918

Vittorio Sardelli SOCCER PLAYER, born 06/10/1918

John Howland Rowe archaeologist, anthropologist, born 06/10/1918

Horst von Schroeter German World War II U-boat commander, born 06/10/1919

Godfrey Goldin born 06/10/1919

Moultrie Patten Actor, jazz musician, actor, born 06/10/1919

James Erwin Schevill POET, PLAYWRIGHT, born 06/10/1920

Ruth Bell Graham Philanthropist, Poet, Author, Painter, born 06/10/1920

John Goodyear american football player, born 06/10/1920

Johnny Podgajny baseball player, born 06/10/1920

Jean Robic Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/10/1921

John Harlan Willis United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/10/1921

Prince Philip of England, Duke of Edinburgh ROYALTY, CONSORT OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II, born 06/10/1921

Philip Edinburgh Prince consort and Duke of Edinburgh, British royalty, born 06/10/1921

Reg Parker soccer player, born 06/10/1921

Ralph Hamilton basketball player, born 06/10/1921

Judy Garland American actress, singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 06/10/1922

Al Besselink PRO GOLFER, born 06/10/1922

Rose Percia Mofford office holder, born 06/10/1922

Joseph Doiron office holder, born 06/10/1922

Robert Maxwell PUBLISHER, POLITICIAN, ENTREPRENEUR, AUTHOR, Publisher, media proprietor, member of parliament, born 06/10/1923


Madeleine Lebeau Actress, born 06/10/1923

Wendell Eads Jockey, born 06/10/1923

Neptali A. Gonzales office holder, born 06/10/1923

Friedrich L. Bauer scientist, born 06/10/1924

James Salter Short story writer, novelist, poet, Writer, writer, born 06/10/1925

Dharsono office holder, born 06/10/1925

Erik Kuld Jensen soccer player, born 06/10/1925

Baby with Two Heads and One Face STRANGE BIRTH, born 06/10/1926

June Haver FILM ACTRESS, born 06/10/1926

Tom Kirby ARTIST, PAINTER, born 06/10/1926

George Michael Low born 06/10/1926

June Haver actor, born 06/10/1926

Lionel Jeffries Actor, film director, screenwriter, actor, born 06/10/1926

Kevin Macnamara born 06/10/1926

Brita Borg Actress/Singer, actor, born 06/10/1926

Italo Alighiero Chiusano writer, literary critic, Germanist, writer, born 06/10/1926

Paul Marco Actor, actor, born 06/10/1927

Osvaldo Juan Zubeldia soccer manager, born 06/10/1927

Ladislao Kubala soccer manager, born 06/10/1927

Bill Macgarry soccer manager, born 06/10/1927

Johnny Orr college coach, born 06/10/1927

Arnold Weinstein born 06/10/1927

Mitacq comics creator, born 06/10/1927


Maurice Sendak artist, illustrator, writer, writer, born 06/10/1928

Walter Francis Sullivan born 06/10/1928

Branko Mikulic prime minister, born 06/10/1928

Maria Von Quistorp born 06/10/1928

Ken Lehman baseball player, born 06/10/1928

John Ingham Businessman:, born 06/10/1928

Homer Fieldhouse Landscape Architect, born 06/10/1928

Ian McCahon Sinclair Australian politician, canal, born 06/10/1929

Harald Juhnke STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, LIP-SYNC ENTERTAINER, born 06/10/1929

Dan Kater TV EXECUTIVE, born 06/10/1929

James Alton McDivitt ASTRONAUT, born 06/10/1929

Mike Weinblatt TV EXECUTIVE, born 06/10/1929

James Macdivitt Test Pilot, astronaut, born 06/10/1929

Lyudmila Zykina Singer, musical artist, born 06/10/1929

Hank Foiles baseball player, born 06/10/1929

Ronald Baynham soccer player, born 06/10/1929

Derek Lewis soccer player, born 06/10/1929

Grace Mirabella FASHION EDITOR, PUBLISHING EXECUTIVE, born 06/10/1930

Ilya Glazunov artist, born 06/10/1930

Joao Gilberto MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, SINGER, COMPOSER, Guitarist, singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 06/10/1931

Gaston Geens president, born 06/10/1931

Philipp-Hariolf Jenninger German politician and diplomat, former President of the Bundestag, office holder, born 06/10/1932

Bennett Johnston LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (DEM LA), attorney, lobbyist, senator, born 06/10/1932

Gardner McKay TV ACTOR, WRITER, born 06/10/1932

Branko Lustig Film producer, actor, born 06/10/1932

Gardner Mackay actor, born 06/10/1932

Aharon Nahmias born 06/10/1932

Chuck Fairbanks Football coach, college coach, born 06/10/1933

F. Lee Bailey LAWYER, AUTHOR, born 06/10/1933

Egon Bischoff DANCER, BALLET DIRECTOR, born 06/10/1934

Alois Mock POLITICIAN, LAWYER, born 06/10/1934

Pendry, Thomas, Baron member of parliament, born 06/10/1934

Wallace P. Carson judge, born 06/10/1934

John Jr. Baker american football player, born 06/10/1935

Yoshihiro Tatsumi comics creator, born 06/10/1935

Strake, Jr., George office holder, born 06/10/1935

Alex Decroce office holder, born 06/10/1936

Luciana Paluzzi FILM ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 06/10/1937

Johnny Edwards BASEBALL PLAYER, born 06/10/1938

Samuel Skinner office holder, born 06/10/1938

Murray Davison ice hockey player, born 06/10/1938

Joe Bossano prime minister, born 06/10/1939

Alexandra Stewart actor, born 06/10/1939

C. Garcia HORSE TRAINER, born 06/10/1940

John Stevens Drummer, musical artist, born 06/10/1940

Peter Ryan Formula One racer, born 06/10/1940

Shirley Alston of THE SHIRELLES SINGER, born 06/10/1941

Jurgen Prochnow ACTOR, born 06/10/1941

Philip Caputo Novelist, journalist, born 06/10/1941

Shirley Owens musical artist, born 06/10/1941

Mickey Jones actor, born 06/10/1941

Jose Antonio Ardanza Garro president, born 06/10/1941

Reggie Minton college coach, born 06/10/1941

Preston Manning member of parliament, born 06/10/1942

Gordon Burns Broadcaster, journalist, journalist, born 06/10/1942

Chantal Goya singer, actress, musical artist, born 06/10/1942

Arthur Campbell Hamilton judge, born 06/10/1942

Richard Margolis PHOTOGRAPHER, TEACHER, born 06/10/1943

Roy M. Hopkins Automobile dealer, office holder, born 06/10/1943

Jerry Capeci crime journalist, born 06/10/1944

Tu Cheng-sheng Politician, office holder, born 06/10/1944

Buddy Hart actor, born 06/10/1944

Tommy Baldwin Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1945

Sandy Davie Footballer, soccer manager, born 06/10/1945

Billy Andrews american football player, born 06/10/1945

Janet Kauffman Novelist, poet, artist, born 06/10/1945

Republic of Italy REPUBLIC, born 06/10/1946

Anne McCaffrey AUTHOR OF FANTASY NOVELS, born 06/10/1946

Fernando Balzaretti actor, born 06/10/1946

Paul Gludovatz soccer manager, born 06/10/1946

Eddie Polland PRO GOLFER, golf player, born 06/10/1947

Randy Edelman Composer, conductor, musical artist, born 06/10/1947

Ken Singleton baseball player, born 06/10/1947

Randee Heller Actress, actor, born 06/10/1947

Jim Walker soccer player, born 06/10/1947

W. Craig Zwick born 06/10/1947

Miralem Fazlic soccer player, born 06/10/1947

Danny Matthys artist, born 06/10/1947

Brian Adam office holder, born 06/10/1948

Frankie R Faison Actor, actor, born 06/10/1949

Kevin Corcoran actor, born 06/10/1949

Karen Logan BASKETBALL PLAYER, born 06/10/1949

Keith Best member of parliament, born 06/10/1949

Martin Armiger singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer, film/TV composer, musical artist, born 06/10/1949

Bora Dugic Composer, musical artist, born 06/10/1949

Duncan McKenzie English ex-footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1950


John Gianelli BASKETBALL PLAYER, born 06/10/1950

Charles Vess comics creator, born 06/10/1951

Kage Baker Writer, writer, born 06/10/1952

Jim Holbert office holder, born 06/10/1952

Johnny Reid Edwards American politician, senator, born 06/10/1953

Almut Lehmann German pair skater, born 06/10/1953

Bill Longmuir GOLFER, born 06/10/1953

Paul Vallas office holder, born 06/10/1953

Kazuyoshi Ishii Martial artist, born 06/10/1953

Christine Saint-Pierre office holder, born 06/10/1953

Andrew Stevens FILM/TV ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 06/10/1955

Annette Schavan office holder, born 06/10/1955

Rolandas Paksas president, born 06/10/1956

Mike Rumbles office holder, born 06/10/1956

Peter Barnes Footballer, soccer manager, born 06/10/1957

Michael Burger Actor, Actor/Game show host, actor, born 06/10/1957

Lindsay Hoyle member of parliament, born 06/10/1957

Robert Clohessy Actor, actor, born 06/10/1958

Shinzawa Motoei comics creator, born 06/10/1958

Sergei Ursuliak actor, born 06/10/1958

Avraham Yehezkel born 06/10/1958

Eliot Laurence Spitzer New York State Attorney General and Governor of New York, office holder, born 06/10/1959

Carlo Ancelotti SOCCER PLAYER, born 06/10/1959

Timothy Van Patten ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 06/10/1959

Billy Whitehurst soccer player, born 06/10/1959

Scott Maccloud comics creator, born 06/10/1960

Nandamuri Balakrishna Actor, born 06/10/1960

Louis Emerick actor, born 06/10/1960

Kimberly Ann Deal Alternative rock musician, Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 06/10/1961

Maxi Priest Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 06/10/1961

Kelley Deal Musician, musical artist, born 06/10/1961

Wong Ka Kui Singer, Musician, Actor, actor, born 06/10/1962

Carolyn Hennesy Actress/Writer, actor, born 06/10/1962

Vincent Perez actor, born 06/10/1962

Tzi Ma Actor, actor, born 06/10/1962

Elisabeth Shue ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, born 06/10/1963

Jeanne Tripplehorn Actress, actor, born 06/10/1963

Tracy Davidson actor, born 06/10/1963

Nadia Hasnaoui Journalist, television presenter, born 06/10/1963

Jimmy Chamberlin Drummer, Songwriter, Producer, Drummer, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 06/10/1964

Stuart McCall Footballer and football manager, soccer manager, born 06/10/1964

Kate Flannery Actress, actor, born 06/10/1964

Ben Daniels British actor, Film, stage and television actor, actor, born 06/10/1964

Angelo Gregucci Football (soccer) player and manager, soccer manager, born 06/10/1964

Vincent Perez ACTOR, born 06/10/1964

Andrew Niccol Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, born 06/10/1964

Gary Wallis Touring drummer, percussionist and musical director, musical artist, born 06/10/1964

Thomas A. Desjardin born 06/10/1964

Elizabeth Jane Hurley English model and actress, Actress/Model, drug, born 06/10/1965

Joseph Alberto Santiago Alternative rock musician, Musician, musical artist, born 06/10/1965

Andrew Davenport Producer, Writer, Composer, born 06/10/1965

American Express Company CORPORATION, born 06/10/1965

Terry Fator Ventriloquist, impressionist, singer, musical artist, born 06/10/1965

Filiz Hüsmenova Politician, born 06/10/1966

Steve Dargavel Australian politician, Youth worker, member of parliament, born 06/10/1966

Doug McKeon ACTOR, CHILD ACTOR, born 06/10/1966

Laura Silverman Actress, voice actress, actor, born 06/10/1966

Prince Hubertus Of Hohenzollern British royalty, born 06/10/1966

Susanne Bratli Sales clerk, member of parliament, born 06/10/1966

Emma Anderson musical artist, born 06/10/1967

Amy Yip artist, born 06/10/1967

Darren Robinson musical artist, born 06/10/1967

Galina Beloglazova born 06/10/1967

Susan Haskell actor, born 06/10/1968

Stephen Derosa Actor, actor, born 06/10/1968

Richard James Osullivan Screenwriter,, born 06/10/1968

Matthew John (Matt) Birney Australian politician, office holder, born 06/10/1969

Ronny Johnsen footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1969

Mohammed Kasim Reed Georgia (U.S. state) State Senator, attorney, office holder, born 06/10/1969

Susanna Huckstep BEAUTY QUEEN, MISS ITALY 1984, born 06/10/1969

Jane Hill Journalist, Presenter, Newsreader, journalist, born 06/10/1969

Tony McCoy American college football player, professional football player, defensive lineman, defensive tackle, Christian minister, gridiron football player, born 06/10/1969

Raimo De Vries soccer player, born 06/10/1969

Chris Coleman football player and coach, soccer manager, born 06/10/1970

Mike Doughty musical artist, born 06/10/1970

Julie Saint Claire actress, director, producer, actor, born 06/10/1970

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal Governor of Louisiana, governor, born 06/10/1971

Kyle Sandilands Australian radio and television personality, born 06/10/1971

Debbie Chazen actor, born 06/10/1971

Ken Jay musical artist, born 06/10/1971

Vincent J. Polistina office holder, born 06/10/1971

Edip Aydın Syriac Orthodox Ecclesiastical authority, born 06/10/1971

Radmila Sekerinska office holder, born 06/10/1972

Sasa Dragin office holder, born 06/10/1972

Andrea Bernini Italian footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1973

Flesh-N-Bone musical artist, born 06/10/1973

Beno Lapajne born 06/10/1973

Orazio Russo soccer player, born 06/10/1973

David Friedman Actor, actor, born 06/10/1973

Sbusiso Xaba president, born 06/10/1973

Christophe Bassons Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/10/1974

David Navas Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/10/1974

Tobi Wong artist, born 06/10/1974

Nicole Bilderback Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/10/1975

Rebecca Cardon Personal trainer, Reality show participant, actor, born 06/10/1975

Nick Ramsay office holder, born 06/10/1975

Issac Hayes III Record producer, Songwriter, producer, voice-over artist, musical artist, born 06/10/1975

James Moore Broadcaster, member of parliament, born 06/10/1976

Stefan Postma soccer player, born 06/10/1976

Sasa Kocic Footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1976

Michel Brown actor, born 06/10/1976

Andriy Shevchenko Politician, politician, born 06/10/1976

Zarko Belada soccer player, born 06/10/1977

Nornagest Musician, musical artist, born 06/10/1977

Andrea Merenda soccer player, born 06/10/1977

Ricky Calimag born 06/10/1978

Konstantinos Loumpoutis Professional football player, soccer player, born 06/10/1979

Ivan Rana born 06/10/1979

Jake Tsakalidis basketball player, born 06/10/1979

Packie Holden soccer player, born 06/10/1979

Melinda Sward actor, born 06/10/1979

Don Allado born 06/10/1979

Sedat Yesilkaya Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1980

Marco Marzano Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/10/1980

Yuegu Wang Singaporean table tennis player, born 06/10/1980

Yasmine Abdul Aziz Actress, actor, born 06/10/1980

Sinan Kaloğlu Kurdish footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1981

Will Frischkorn Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/10/1981

Jonathan Bennett Actor, actor, born 06/10/1981

Brady Rawlings born 06/10/1981

John White Actor, actor, born 06/10/1981

Jun Yang soccer player, born 06/10/1981

Paulo Cesar Rodrigues Lima soccer player, born 06/10/1981

Tim Alek Mulley artist, born 06/10/1981

Leelee Sobieski Actress, actor, born 06/10/1982


Elyse Sewell model, born 06/10/1982

Catherine Gardner Actress, actor, born 06/10/1982

Cynthia Lander born 06/10/1982

Gaby Dela Merced Formula Three Driver, Model, Host, actor, born 06/10/1982

Nick Adams Dancer, Actor, Dancer, actor, actor, born 06/10/1983

Carolyn Renee Spivey UNUSUAL BIRTH, BORN IN PLANE AT 39,000 FEET, born 06/10/1983

Aaron Davey born 06/10/1983

Nelson Marcos soccer player, born 06/10/1983

Lee Fowler Footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1983

Johnny Perrin musical artist, born 06/10/1983

Ryan Thomas Actor, actor, born 06/10/1984

Grayson Boucher born 06/10/1984

Shunsuke Sato Violinist, musical artist, born 06/10/1984

Andy Schleck Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/10/1985

Cornelius Ingram American college football player, professional football player, tight end, american football player, born 06/10/1985

Kreesha Turner Pop recording artist, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 06/10/1985

Joseph Paul Zimmerman Actor, musician, actor, born 06/10/1986

Cal Robertson Actor, actor, born 06/10/1986

Zsuzsanna Nagy figure skater, born 06/10/1986

Xavier Mitchell gridiron football player, born 06/10/1986

Chelsea Korka Singer, actress, dancer, musical artist, born 06/10/1986

Craig Robert Nelthorpe Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1987

Amobi Okoye American football defensive tackle, american football player, born 06/10/1987

Fredrik Pettersson Swedish ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 06/10/1987

Martin Harnik soccer player, born 06/10/1987

Jagos Vukovic soccer player, born 06/10/1988

Becki Ronen born 06/10/1988

William Benz Bitter Lacrosse player, born 06/10/1988

James Henry Footballer, soccer player, born 06/10/1989

Thien Ly Duong Truong born 06/10/1989

Ryuya Wakaba Actor, actor, born 06/10/1989

Edward Bright Ebersol NOTED FAMILY, born 06/10/1990

Niamh Perry Actress, singer, actor, born 06/10/1990

Mitchell James Duncan Australian rules footballer, born 06/10/1991

George Sofroni soccer player, born 06/10/1991

Jordan Johns born 06/10/1991

Jonas Ramalho soccer player, born 06/10/1993

Vita Chambers Singer, musical artist, born 06/10/1993

Nicholas Santo Pietro NOTED FAMILY, born 06/10/1994

Julian De La Celle Actor, actor, born 06/10/1996

Fletcher Oleary Actor, Dancer, actor, born 06/10/1997

Johnny Bennett Actor, actor, born 06/10/1998