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Charles II, the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor ROYALTY, born 06/13/ 823

Martha Dandridge Washington U.S. 1ST LADY, POLITICAL WIFE, born 06/13/1731

Giuseppe Cérutti French-Italian author and politician, born 06/13/1738

Robert Woodworth office holder, born 06/13/1743

Jose Bonifacio De Andrada E Silva born 06/13/1763

James Lanman office holder, born 06/13/1769

William James English railway promoter, born 06/13/1771

Thomas Young Polymath, Physicist, scientist, born 06/13/1773

Antoni Radziwill born 06/13/1775

Leverett I Saltonstall congressman, born 06/13/1783

Winfield Scott Union United States Army general, military person, born 06/13/1786

Jose Antonio Paez president, born 06/13/1790

Thomas Arnold schoolmaster, Educator and historian, born 06/13/1795

Mikhail Glinka COMPOSER, born 06/24/1950

George Parker Bidder PRODIGY, ENGINEER, born 06/13/1806

John Power Knowles United States federal judge, born 06/13/1808

Marie Edme de Macmahon, Duc de Magenta MILITARY, MARSHAL OF FRANCE, POLITICIAN, PRESIDENT, born 06/13/1808

Philip St. George Cooke Union Army general, military person, born 06/13/1809

Heinrich Hoffmann PHYSICIAN, AUTHOR OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS, POET, born 06/13/1809

Antonio Salinas y Castañeda office holder, born 06/13/1810

Charles Henry Granger born 06/13/1812

William H. Keim Union Army general, politician, military person, born 06/13/1813

Charles Linn American banker, born 06/13/1814

James Giles Hampton congressman, born 06/13/1814

Charles Alexander office holder, born 06/13/1816

Henry Of The Netherlands British royalty, born 06/13/1820

Gustavus Vasa Fox American naval officer, office holder, born 06/13/1821

Broglie, Albert, 4th Duc De office holder, born 06/13/1821

Carl Schmidt scientist, born 06/13/1822

Gustave Cluseret Union Army general, military person, born 06/13/1823

Edward White) Robertson Attorney, congressman, born 06/13/1823

Julius Eichberg German-born composer, music director and educator, born 06/13/1824

Charles Anthony Goessmann scientist, born 06/13/1827

Jules Elie Delaunay ARTIST, FIGURE & PORTRAIT PAINTER, born 06/13/1828

Everett Peabody Union Army officer, military person, born 06/13/1830

James Clerk Maxwell mathematical physicist, scientist, born 06/13/1831

Thomas H. Carter Confederate Army officer, born 06/13/1831

Walter H. Taylor Confederate Army officer, military person, born 06/13/1838

Jacob Ungerer Sculpture, born 06/13/1840

Oskar Hocker deutscher Schauspieler und Schriftsteller, born 06/13/1840

Jerome Morford United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/13/1841

Christian Albert United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/13/1842

Joe Simmons Major League Baseball player, Manager, baseball player, born 06/13/1845

Rose Cleveland First Lady of the United States, office holder, born 06/13/1846

John M. Pattison Union United States Army soldier, born 06/13/1847

Bradley A. Fiske United States Navy admiral, military person, born 06/13/1854

Karl Mayreder Austrian architect and husband of Rosa Mayreder, born 06/13/1856

Johnston Cornish congressman, born 06/13/1858

Albert Beyer United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/13/1859

Grand Duke Dimitri Constantinovich Of Russia British royalty, born 06/13/1860


William Butler Yeats Irish poet, born 06/13/1865

Alfred Adams Wheat United States federal judge, born 06/13/1867

Amos Weaver Philippine-American War Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/13/1869

Jules Bordet BACTERIOLOGIST, PHYSIOLOGIST, NOBEL PRIZE 1919, born 06/13/1870

Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti poet, essayist, and art and literary critic, poet, journalist, political activist, businessman, visual artist, writer, born 06/13/1870

Harry Watson artist, born 06/13/1871

Chrystal Macmillan born 06/13/1872

Jan Szczepanik Inventor, born 06/13/1872

Alice Stebbins Wells born 06/13/1873

Leopoldo Lugones Journalist, Writer, writer, born 06/13/1874

John Francis O'Brien American lawyer and politician, born 06/13/1874


Miriam A. Ferguson governor, born 06/13/1875

Charles Martin French American athlete, born 06/13/1876

Joseph Stella artist, born 06/13/1877

Lorenzo De Nevers Painter, born 06/13/1877

Robert Elkington Wood businessman best known for leadership of Sears, Roebuck and Company, born 06/13/1879

Lois Weber actor, born 06/13/1881

Romanov, Olga Alexandrovna, Grand Duchess Last Grand Duchess of Imperial Russia, British royalty, born 06/13/1882

Louis Octave Bailly MUSICIAN, VIOLINIST, VIOLA PLAYER, CONDUCTOR, born 06/13/1882

Merta Sterling actor, born 06/13/1883

Burrill B. Crohn American gastroenterologist, scientist, born 06/13/1884

Gerald Brousseau Gardner WITCH, AUTHOR, OPERATED MUSEUM OF WITCHCRAFT, born 06/13/1884

Etienne Henry Gilson PHILOSOPHER, HISTORIAN, PROFESSOR, AUTHOR, born 06/13/1884

Anton Drexler Politician, politician, born 06/13/1884

Ivor Barnard Actor, drug, born 06/13/1887

Andre Francois-Poncet POLITICIAN, DIPLOMAT, AUTHOR, PRESS COORDINATOR, born 06/13/1887

Bob Stuart Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 06/13/1887

Fernando Pessoa POET, Poet, writer and translator, writer, born 06/13/1888

Elisabeth Schumann OPERATIC SOPRANO, LIEDER SINGER, born 06/13/1888

Henry Sparrow soccer player, born 06/13/1889

Herve-Edgar Brunelle lawyer, member of parliament, born 06/13/1891

Basil Rathbone English actor, Actor, actor, born 06/13/1892

Dorothy Leigh Sayers British novelist, Novelist, Playwright, Essayist, translator, Copywriter, Poet, writer, born 06/13/1893

Mark Van Doren American poet and literary critic, poet, critic, teacher, writer, born 06/13/1894

Francis Pélissier Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1894


Jacques Henri Lartigue ARTIST, PAINTER, PHOTOGRAPHER, born 06/13/1894

Francis Pelissier CYCLIST, born 06/13/1894

Zoltan Korda film director, actor, born 06/13/1895

Theodor Pištěk Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/13/1895

Rose Angela Horan Christian Bishop, born 06/13/1895

Joe Fine Businessman, office holder, born 06/13/1895

Larry Keating Actor, actor, born 06/13/1896

Anders Henrikson Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/13/1896

Frederick C. Armstrong military person, born 06/13/1896

Paavo Johannes Nurmi Finnish runner, born 06/13/1897

Yukon Territory, Canada TERRITORY, born 06/13/1898

Carlos Chavez Mexican composer and conductor, born 06/13/1899

Peter Laszlo Peri Artist, born 06/13/1899

Frank George Gibbons military person, born 06/13/1899

Ian Hunter Actor, actor, born 06/13/1900

Albert Charles Wollenberg United States federal judge, born 06/13/1900

Cliff Price soccer player, born 06/13/1900

John Cawte Beaglehole New Zealand historian, born 06/13/1901

Jean Prevost WRITER, JOURNALIST, ESSAYIST, CRITIC, born 06/13/1901

Tage Erlander prime minister, born 06/13/1901

Nat Ross Film director, actor, born 06/13/1902

Ruth Brewer Eisenberg Ivory, of Ebony and Ivory (piano duo), Pianist, born 06/13/1902

Carl Anderson Art director, actor, born 06/13/1903

Red Grange PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER, HALL OF FAME 1963, american football player, born 06/13/1903

Willard Bennett scientist, born 06/13/1903

Carroll Yerkes baseball player, born 06/13/1903

Cliff Marker american football player, born 06/13/1903

Raymond Cartier JOURNALIST, NON-FICTION AUTHOR, born 06/13/1904

Rube Maccray college coach, born 06/13/1904

John Oconnell baseball player, born 06/13/1904

Karl-August Freiherr von Buelow German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 06/13/1904

Kumar Shri Deleepsinhji Cricketer, cricketer, born 06/13/1905

Xian Xinghai Chinese composer, born 06/13/1905

Franco Riccardi EPEE FENCER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 06/13/1905

Yun Chen president, born 06/13/1905

Gene Desautels baseball player, born 06/13/1907

George Munday american football player, born 06/13/1907

Antoni Nicholas Sadlak Lawyer and politician, born 06/13/1908

L. B. Abbott FILMMAKER, CINEMATOGRAPHER, Cinematographer, actor, born 06/13/1908

David Block military person, born 06/13/1908

Norman Lewis soccer player, born 06/13/1908

E. M. S. Namboodiripad office holder, born 06/13/1909

Garland Wilson Pianist, musical artist, born 06/13/1909

Jack Riley gridiron football player, born 06/13/1909

Tom Nolan soccer player, born 06/13/1909

Fred Appleyard soccer player, born 06/13/1909

Albert Christ-Janer ARTIST, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, AUTHOR, EDUCATOR, born 06/13/1910

Fricis Laumanis soccer player, born 06/13/1910


Luis Alvarez PHYSICIST, NOBEL PRIZE/PHYSICS 1968, scientist, born 06/13/1911

Maurice D. Copeland RADIO/STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 06/13/1911

Werner Streib German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 06/13/1911

Mary Wickes Actress, actor, born 06/13/1912

Frederick Michael (Fred) Daly Australian politician, member of parliament, born 06/13/1912


Frederick Michael (Fred) Daly Australian politician, Clerk, member of parliament, born 06/13/1912

Samuel Taylor screenwriter, actor, born 06/13/1912

Israel Levitan artist, born 06/13/1912

Ralph Edwards Radio and television host and producer, actor, born 06/13/1913

Nina Mae McKinney Actress, actor, born 06/13/1913

Oswald Teichmuller scientist, born 06/13/1913

Keith Hymmen Chemical Engineer, politician, born 06/13/1913

Bob Bailey Radio, film actor, actor, born 06/13/1913

Billy Light soccer player, born 06/13/1913

Charles B. Garrigus California Poet Laureate (1966–2000), born 06/13/1914

Constant Vanden Stock born 06/13/1914

George Smith gridiron football player, born 06/13/1914

Antonio Iannucci born 06/13/1914

Donald Budge TENNIS PLAYER, CHAMPION, born 06/13/1915

Michael L. Hoffman ECONOMIST, JOURNALIST, born 06/13/1915

Don Budge tennis player, born 06/13/1915

Kurt Franke military person, born 06/13/1915

Helmut Zahn German chemist first who synthesis of insulin, scientist, born 06/13/1916

Karl Herrligkoffer MOUNTAIN CLIMBER, ADVENTURER, AUTHOR, born 06/13/1916

Robert Boyd Brazier military person, born 06/13/1916

Bob Seymour american football player, born 06/13/1916

Ted Whitfield born 06/13/1916

Augusto Roa Bastos Writer, journalist, professor, writer, born 06/13/1917

Teddy Turner Television actor, actor, born 06/13/1917

Helmut Lent German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 06/13/1918

Ben Johnson FILM/TV ACTOR, RODEO PERFORMER, STUNTMAN, Actor, actor, born 06/13/1918

Frank Power member of parliament, born 06/13/1918

Jurgen Harder military person, born 06/13/1918

Leo Brewer PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY, born 06/13/1919

Matt Patrick soccer player, born 06/13/1919

Leo Brewer scientist, born 06/13/1919

Jack Wilke military person, born 06/13/1919

Jack Court soccer player, born 06/13/1919

Art Jones american football player, born 06/13/1919

Désiré Keteleer Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1920

Rex Everhart ACTOR, born 06/13/1920

Willard Keith military person, born 06/13/1920

Hector Rodriguez baseball player, born 06/13/1920

Rex Everhart actor, born 06/13/1920

Rolf Huisgen scientist, born 06/13/1920

Margaret Birch Former politician in Ontario, Canada, office holder, born 06/13/1921

Justine Johnston actor, born 06/13/1921

Nancy Warren born 06/13/1921

Maurice Diot Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1922

Parvin Soleimani Actress, actor, born 06/13/1922

Mel Parnell baseball player, born 06/13/1922

Elizabeth Lynch Gallagher Artist, author, born 06/13/1922

Max Spittle born 06/13/1922

Reese, John N., Jr. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/13/1923

Percy Rodrigues STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 06/13/1924

Harry Meshel office holder, born 06/13/1924

Albert Bateman soccer player, born 06/13/1924

Tajammul Hussain Malik military person, born 06/13/1924

Bobby Cook soccer player, born 06/13/1924

Len Wootton soccer player, born 06/13/1925

Sir Geoffrey Finsberg POLITICIAN, M.P., born 06/13/1926


Jerome Lejeune GENETICIST, born 06/13/1926

Paul Lynde ACTOR, COMEDIAN, TV PERSONALITY, GAY, born 06/13/1926

Paul Lynde Actor, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 06/13/1926

Tony Mazzocchi Labor leader, born 06/13/1926

Les Devonshire soccer player, born 06/13/1926

Michael Healy military person, born 06/13/1926

Tom Calvin american football player, born 06/13/1926

Zbyněk Brynych Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/13/1927

Friedrich Katz Austrian-born anthropologist and historian, scientist, born 06/13/1927

Franco Maria Malfatti president, born 06/13/1927

Slim Dusty Singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, musical artist, born 06/13/1927

Kenneth E. Behring American real estate developer, former owner of the Seattle Seahawks football team, and philanthropist, Real estate developer, born 06/13/1928

Giacomo Biffi ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, born 06/13/1928

John Forbes Nash Jr. Mathematician, scientist, born 06/13/1928

Andreas Acrivos scientist, born 06/13/1928

Renee Morisset musical artist, born 06/13/1928

Nikola Todev Film and Theater Actor, actor, born 06/13/1928

Ralph McQuarrie American conceptual designer and illustrator, Illustrator and designer, actor, born 06/13/1929

Víctor Israel Actor, drug, born 06/13/1929

E. Clifford McCarty AUTHOR, BOOKSTORE OWNER, born 06/13/1929

Alan Civil Musician, born 06/13/1929

Robert W. Scott office holder, born 06/13/1929

Harry Blanchard Formula One racer, born 06/13/1929

Roman Kintanar scientist, born 06/13/1929

Kurt Equiluz German classical singer, born 06/13/1929

Ben Arda golf player, born 06/13/1929

Meade Roberts PLAYWRIGHT, born 06/13/1930

Armando Hart office holder, born 06/13/1930

Gotthard Graubner artist, born 06/13/1930

Esme Rosemary Irwin English cricketer, born 06/13/1931

Jean Jacques Marcel SOCCER PLAYER, born 06/13/1931

Reed Scowen office holder, born 06/13/1931

Stan Gooch English Author, Author, writer, born 06/13/1932

Charles W. Misner American physicist, scientist, born 06/13/1932

Bob Macgrath Actor/Singer, actor, born 06/13/1932

Thomas Jeremy King POLITICIAN, M.P., CONSERVATIVE: BRIDGWATER, born 06/13/1933

Tom King of Bridgewater office holder, born 06/13/1933

Joe Abeywickrama actor, born 06/13/1933

Grace Chang Singer, Actress, actor, born 06/13/1933

Ruth Duskin PRODIGY, QUIZ KID, born 06/13/1934

Dick Mann RACE CAR DRIVER, born 06/13/1934

James Anthony Griffin born 06/13/1934

Bill Blakeley born 06/13/1934

Willie Whitehead cricketer, born 06/13/1934

Tony Ianuzielo Film director, actor, born 06/13/1935

Christo CONCEPTUAL ARTIST, born 06/13/1935

Harry Crews Novelist, short story writer, essayist, Novelist, writer, born 06/13/1935

Sundaravej Samak prime minister, born 06/13/1935

Trong-rong Chai Taiwanese politician, Politician, politician, born 06/13/1935


Dabbala Rajagopal "Raj" Reddy Indian computer scientist, scientist, born 06/13/1937

Eleanor Holmes Norton LAWYER, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, PROFESSOR, Attorney, congressman, born 06/13/1937

Antonio Serapio office holder, born 06/13/1937

Gojko Mitic actor, stuntman,director, actor, born 06/13/1940

Bobbie Clarke Drummer, musical artist, born 06/13/1940

Frans Verbeeck Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1941

Tom Hallick STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, TV HOST, born 06/13/1941

E. Gerald Corrigan office holder, born 06/13/1941

Marcel Lachemann baseball player, born 06/13/1941

Antonio Eduardo Nachura born 06/13/1941

Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar Nigerian general and brief head of state, Soldier, president, born 06/13/1942

Adamantios Vassilakis Diplomat, born 06/13/1942

James Carr musical artist, born 06/13/1942

Seka Sablic Actress, actor, born 06/13/1942

Malcolm Macdowell Actor, actor, born 06/13/1943

Jim Guy Tucker governor, born 06/13/1943

Peter Benson Actor, actor, born 06/13/1943

Ki-moon Ban Current Secretary-General of the United Nations, office holder, born 06/13/1944

David George Ouellet United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/13/1944

David Maurice Curry POLITICIAN, M.P., born 06/13/1944

David Curry Journalist, member of parliament, born 06/13/1944

Gary Keller American college basketball player, professional basketball player, basketball player, born 06/13/1944

Whitley Strieber AUTHOR, Writer/Novelist, writer, born 06/13/1945

Ronald J. Grabe Test Pilot, astronaut, born 06/13/1945

Melanie Morse Macquarrie actor, born 06/13/1945

Wayne Karlin author, editor, teacher, writer, born 06/13/1945

Tillman Thomas prime minister, born 06/13/1945

Gonzalo Aja Barquín Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1946

Igor Starygin actor, born 06/13/1946

Sher Bahadur Deuba prime minister, born 06/13/1946

Con Sciacca Bank officer, solicitor, member of parliament, born 06/13/1947

John Kahn musical artist, born 06/13/1947

A. G. Lafley Chairman, Procter and Gamble, born 06/13/1947

Ted Cottrell born 06/13/1947

Antonio Segura comics creator, born 06/13/1947

Richmond Flowers gridiron football player, born 06/13/1947

Helen Macdonald politician, born 06/13/1947

Harold Danko Musician, musical artist, born 06/13/1947

Mary Lou Turner Singer, musical artist, born 06/13/1947

Anatoli Zarapin soccer manager, born 06/13/1947

Garnet Bailey ice hockey player, born 06/13/1948

Judith Ann Neuffer military person, born 06/13/1948

Ann Druyan born 06/13/1949

Ursula Schmidt office holder, born 06/13/1949

Jean-Yves Laforest member of parliament, born 06/13/1949

Cynthia Darlow actor, born 06/13/1949

Nicholas Hugh Brown POLITICIAN, M.P., born 06/13/1950

Nick Brown office holder, born 06/13/1950

Pete Hodgson office holder, born 06/13/1950

Belinda Bauer Actress, actor, born 06/13/1950

Ra Macguire musician, author, musical artist, born 06/13/1950

Isabelle Amyes Actress, Writer, actor, born 06/13/1950

Christine Healy Actress, actor, born 06/13/1950

Howard Leese American guitarist, music producer and musical director, Guitarist, Producer, Singer-songwriter, performer, musical artist, born 06/13/1951

Richard Thomas ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 06/13/1951

Janusz Lewandowski office holder, born 06/13/1951

John Harvey Announcer, actor, born 06/13/1951

Jonathan Hogan actor, born 06/13/1951

Young, Robert P., Jr. judge, born 06/13/1951

Barbara Thompson LDS Relief Society Counselor, born 06/13/1952

Tony Zappia Businessman, athlete, member of parliament, born 06/13/1952

Jean-Marie Dedecker politician, born 06/13/1952

Rui Su Singer, musical artist, born 06/13/1952

Russell Javors musician, musical artist, born 06/13/1952

David Simmons office holder, born 06/13/1952

Tim Allen Voice-over artist, character actor, comedian, Actor, comedian, voice-over artist, actor, born 06/13/1953

Atso Almila MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR, born 06/13/1953

Manuel Rojas retired footballer, soccer manager, born 06/13/1954

Bruce Robb Record producer, musician, and music supervisor, Record Producer, Engineer, Musician, and Music Supervisor, musical artist, born 06/13/1954

J. Michael Luttig judge, born 06/13/1954

Leah Ward Sears judge, born 06/13/1955

Jones, John E., III judge, born 06/13/1955

Barrence Whitfield Musician, Bandleader, musical artist, born 06/13/1955

Scott L. Friedman Fishberg Professor and Chief, Division of Liver Diseases, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, born 06/13/1955

Sal Paolantonio journalist, born 06/13/1956

Lise Tremblay novelist, writer, born 06/13/1957

Sergei Makovetsky actor, born 06/13/1958

Yasuyuki Kishino soccer manager, born 06/13/1958

Lance Kinsey Actor, screenwriter, actor, born 06/13/1959

Timothy Robert Devlin POLITICIAN, M.P., born 06/13/1959

Maurice Dantec Writer, writer, born 06/13/1959

Mairead Macguinness politician, born 06/13/1959

Klaus Johannis mayor, born 06/13/1959

Steve Georganas Underwriter, advisor, member of parliament, born 06/13/1959

Boyko Borisov prime minister, born 06/13/1959

Mary Wallace politician, born 06/13/1959

Rino Pretto born 06/13/1959

Vescera Musician, songwriter, Record producer, musical artist, born 06/13/1960

Ivana Dulic-Markovic office holder, born 06/13/1961

Teuta Topi office holder, born 06/13/1961

Barry Barnet real estate agent, politician, born 06/13/1961

Josef Nehl soccer player, born 06/13/1961

Sergei Borisovich Novikov soccer player, born 06/13/1961

Mark Frankel ACTOR, born 06/13/1962

Ally Sheedy ACTRESS, DANCER, WRITER, Actress/Author, actor, born 06/13/1962

Alonzo Bodden actor, born 06/13/1962

Alaska Singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, musical artist, born 06/13/1963

Deb Richard American college golfer, professional golfer, LPGA Tour member, golf player, born 06/13/1963

Katherine Lucy Bridget Burke Actor, Actress, comedienne, playwright, theatre director, actor, born 06/13/1964

Laura Kightlinger Actress, comedienne, writer, actor, born 06/13/1964

Debashree Roy actor, born 06/13/1964

Ciaran Lynch politician, born 06/13/1964

Princess Cristina de Borbon y Grecia of Spain ROYALTY, born 06/13/1965

Lisa Vidal Actress, actor, born 06/13/1965

Lesli Kay actor, born 06/13/1965

Chuck Behler Musician, musical artist, born 06/13/1965

Joe Barnhill Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 06/13/1965

Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman Mathematician, scientist, born 06/13/1966

Henry Bond artist, born 06/13/1966

Franck Chartier DANCER, born 06/13/1967

Fabio Baldato Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1968

Deniece Pearson of FIVE STAR LEAD SINGER, born 06/13/1968

Denise Pearson singer, songwriter, born 06/13/1968

Ivan Sokolov born 06/13/1968

Hiroko Moriguchi Singer, musical artist, born 06/13/1968

Tim Leveque ice hockey player, born 06/13/1968

Glenn Ruth Professional wrestler, wrestler, born 06/13/1969

Troy Sanders Vocalist, Bassist, musical artist, born 06/13/1969

Rivers Cuomo American musician, Singer, songwriter, guitarist, musical artist, born 06/13/1970

Coko singer, musical artist, born 06/13/1970

Ruggero Borghi Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1970

Deanna Edwards Motocross racer, born 06/13/1970

Julian Gil Actor/Model, actor, born 06/13/1970

David Mendenhall actor, born 06/13/1971

Stefano Pescosolido TENNIS PLAYER, born 06/13/1971

Natalie Macmaster musical artist, born 06/13/1972

Konstantin Boyko soccer player, born 06/13/1972

Thierry Marichal Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1973

Ogie Banks Film,voice,stage and television actor, actor, born 06/13/1973

Stephen Gilchrist Glover England-born American stunt performer and radio personality, born 06/13/1974

Takahiro Sakurai Seiyū, actor, born 06/13/1974

Brande Roderick Playboy Playmate, born 06/13/1974

Siriyakorn Pukkavesa Actress, model, presenter, designer, publisher, actor, born 06/13/1974

Olivia Gentile writer, born 06/13/1974

Zoran Stjepanovic soccer player, born 06/13/1975

Pila Fifita rugby player, born 06/13/1975

Krisztian Csillag soccer player, born 06/13/1975

Kym Marsh born 06/13/1976

Tygh Runyan actor, born 06/13/1976

Terence Siufay Singer, Actor, actor, born 06/13/1976

Tudor Chiuariu lawyer, politician, born 06/13/1976

Rainer Schonfelder Austrian Alpine skier, born 06/13/1977

Selwyn Ward actor, born 06/13/1977

Tarmo Kikerpill born 06/13/1977

Ethan Embry American actor, Actor, actor, born 06/13/1978

Brian Dowling Television presenter,, actor, born 06/13/1978

Jason Michael Carroll Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 06/13/1978

Alan Quinn footballer, soccer player, born 06/13/1979

Yumari González racing cyclist, cyclist, born 06/13/1979

Emma Vieceli comics creator, born 06/13/1979

Esther Anderson Actress/Model, actor, born 06/13/1979

Sarah Connor Singer-songwriter, dancer, pianist, philanthropist, musical artist, born 06/13/1980

Florent Malouda soccer player, born 06/13/1980

Juan Carlos Navarro basketball player, born 06/13/1980

Carlos Jayme All-American swimmer, international swimmer, Olympic bronze medalist, born 06/13/1980

Jocelyn Wang actor, born 06/13/1980

Chad Setterstrom american football player, born 06/13/1980

Guy Demel footballer, soccer player, born 06/13/1981

Shanna Victoria Ferrigno NOTED FAMILY, born 06/13/1981

Chris Evans Actor, actor, born 06/13/1981

Jan Nieto musical artist, born 06/13/1981

Blake Judd director, producer, actor, musical artist, born 06/13/1981

Wei Zheng soccer player, born 06/13/1981

Joey Gjertsen soccer player, born 06/13/1982

Kento Hori soccer player, born 06/13/1982

Wisarut Pannasri soccer player, born 06/13/1982

Jessica Marie Caban Model, dancer and actress, model, born 06/13/1982

Jason Spezza ice hockey player, born 06/13/1983

Lasse Bøchman Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1983

Bruce Driscoll Brazilian/American record producer, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, Guitarist, musical artist, born 06/13/1983

Abbas Ahmed Khamis soccer player, born 06/13/1983

Raz-B Singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, Singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, musical artist, born 06/13/1985

Lela Star American pornographic actress, adult actor, born 06/13/1985

Max Samuel Spielberg NOTED FAMILY, born 06/13/1985

Måns Zelmerlöw Swedish gay singer, Singer, musical artist, born 06/13/1986

Eros Capecchi Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/13/1986

Mary-Kate Olsen Actress, actor, born 06/13/1986

Ashley Olsen Actress, actor, born 06/13/1986

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Actresses, born 06/13/1986

Tracy Horgan born 06/13/1986

Kerenina Sunny Halim born 06/13/1986

Anton Shynder Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 06/13/1987

G. V. Prakash Kumar Composer, record producer, music director, singer, instrumentalist, musical artist, born 06/13/1987

Vinny Faherty soccer player, born 06/13/1987

Robert Elek Romanian footballer, soccer player, born 06/13/1988

Reece Noi Actor, born 06/13/1988

Irene Gorovaia born 06/13/1989

Lisa Tucker Singer, actress, musical artist, born 06/13/1989

Mignon du Preez Cricketer, cricketer, born 06/13/1989

Aaron Johnson Actor, actor, born 06/13/1990

Catarina Pereira musical artist, born 06/13/1990

Katrina Hopia Legaspi actor, born 06/13/1994