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Regiomontanus German astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician, scientist, born 06/06/1436

King Joao III of Portugal ROYALTY, born 06/06/1502

SWEDEN, INDEPENDENCE event: June 6, 1523 at 11:30 AM in Stockholm, born 06/06/1523

Diego Velazquez Spanish painter, artist, born 06/06/1599

Hendrick Bloemaert artist, born 06/06/1601

Pierre Corneille DRAMATIC POET, PLAYWRIGHT, born 06/06/1606

Carel Van Savoyen artist, born 06/06/1619

Petar Zrinski monarch, born 06/06/1621

Dirck Ferreris artist, born 06/06/1634

Willem Van Ingen artist, born 06/06/1651

Giacomo Antonio Perti Italian composer, born 06/06/1661

John Reading Governor of New Jersey, born 06/06/1686

Edmund Law born 06/06/1703

King Joseph of Portugal ROYALTY, REIGNED 1750-77, born 06/06/1714

Louis-Sebastien Mercier writer, born 06/06/1740

Nathan Hale born 06/06/1755

Robert Dundas office holder, born 06/06/1758

Joseph Sydney Yorke British admiral, military person, born 06/06/1768

Peter Heywood Royal Navy officer, born 06/06/1772

William Reed congressman, born 06/06/1776

Isaac Crewdson Minister, born 06/06/1780

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin Russian poet, novelist, playwright, Poet, novelist, playwright, writer, born 06/06/1799

Alexander Pushkin POET, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, born 06/06/1799

Richard Rawlinson Vyvyan politician and student of science, Landowner, member of parliament, born 06/06/1800

Louis-Raymond De Neckere born 06/06/1800

Adrien-Francois Servais Cellist, composer, musical artist, born 06/06/1807

Timothy Shay Arthur Novelist, short story writer, publisher, born 06/06/1809

Louis Antoine Debrauz de Saldapenna Austrian, Diplomat, Journalist, Author, Founder of the Mémorial diplomatique, born 06/06/1811

Israel Washburn congressman, born 06/06/1813

Bersheba Leighton Fristoe born 06/06/1816

William H. Macomb United States Navy officer, born 06/06/1819

Richard Thomas Walker Duke Confederate Army officer, born 06/06/1822

Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle TEUTONIC SCHOLAR, born 06/06/1825

Sarah Parker Remond Activist, physician, born 06/06/1826

John Schofield Union Army general, military person, born 06/06/1829

Shusaku Honinbo born 06/06/1829

Charles R. Jennison Union Army officer, military person, born 06/06/1834

Eugene Hale senator, born 06/06/1836

Thomas Blake Glover Scottish merchant in Bakumatsu and Meiji Japan, Businessman, born 06/06/1838

William Dudley Chipley Confederate Army officer and politician, born 06/06/1840

William H. Sowden Union Army soldier, lawyer, politician, born 06/06/1840

William Francis Bartlett United States Army general, military person, born 06/06/1840

Aaron Wright Merchant, office holder, born 06/06/1840

Eliza Orzeszkowa novelist, essayist, publisher, writer, born 06/06/1841

John Downer president, born 06/06/1843

Thomas H. Anderson United States federal judge, born 06/06/1848

Karl Ferdinand Braun Inventor and physicist, scientist, born 06/06/1850

George T. Emmons military person, born 06/06/1852

Michael John Hoban born 06/06/1853

George Adam Clare office holder, born 06/06/1854

Aleksandr Lyapunov scientist, born 06/06/1857

Primo Feliciano Velázquez Mexican historian, lawyer, journalist, born 06/06/1860

William Ralph Inge born 06/06/1860

Henry Newbolt British poet, writer, born 06/06/1862

George Hernandez Actor, drug, born 06/06/1863

Leo Dryden born 06/06/1863

Hugh Sinclair Australian politician, Farmer, company manager, member of parliament, born 06/06/1864

Alfredo de Sa Cardoso Army officer, office holder, born 06/06/1864

Jack Addenbrooke Professional footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 06/06/1865

Ernst Krogius Finnish sailor, born 06/06/1865

Thomas Washington military person, born 06/06/1865

George Charrette United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/06/1867

Thomas Jennings Bailey United States federal judge, born 06/06/1867

Robert Falcon Scott Antarctic Explorer, Royal Navy officer and Antarctic explorer, born 06/06/1868

Heinrich Held Journalist, politician, born 06/06/1868

Siegfried Wagner MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 06/06/1869

Thomas Hall politician, born 06/06/1869

David Latta office holder, born 06/06/1869

Alexander Stanhope Cobbe military person, born 06/06/1870

Bill Lange Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 06/06/1871

Arthur Henry Adams New Zealand-Australian poet and journalist, born 06/06/1872

Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia ROYALTY, MURDER VICTIM, born 06/06/1872

Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia ROYALTY, MURDER VICTIM, born 06/06/1872

Nicola Canali office holder, born 06/06/1874

Thomas Mann German novelist, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, and Nobel Prize laureate, Novelist, short story writer, essayist, writer, born 06/06/1875

J. Farrell MacDonald Actor & Director, Actor, Film director, singer, actor, born 06/06/1875

Walter Moffitt Marks Australian lawyer, yachtsman and politician, Solicitor, member of parliament, born 06/06/1875

Norberto Romualdez born 06/06/1875

Thomas William Glasgow Australian politician, military person, born 06/06/1876

Bartolome Blanche president, born 06/06/1879

Norbert Jacques Screenwriter, drug, born 06/06/1880

Yvonne Brothier OPERA SINGER, SOPRANO, TEACHER, born 06/06/1880

W.T. Cosgrave office holder, born 06/06/1880

Rudolf Walter Ladenburg SCIENTIST, PHYSICIST, AUTHOR, born 06/06/1882

Jock Hutchison golf player, born 06/06/1884

Tim Williamson soccer player, born 06/06/1884

Roy Fedden born 06/06/1885

Gid Tanner musical artist, born 06/06/1885

Ryushi Kawabata artist, born 06/06/1885

Tyler Brooke Actor, actor, born 06/06/1886

Frances Starr Actress, actor, born 06/06/1886

David Sydney Jackson Australian politician, Locksmith, member of parliament, born 06/06/1889

William Alexander college coach, born 06/06/1889

Maasti Venkatesh Iyengar District Commissioner, Professor, Writer, writer, born 06/06/1891

Erich Marcks military person, born 06/06/1891

Casper Platt United States federal judge, born 06/06/1892

Ted Lewis MUSICIAN, BANDLEADER, CLARINETIST, SINGER, musical artist, born 06/06/1892

Donald Duncan Entrepreneur, born 06/06/1892

Kozlowski office holder, born 06/06/1892

Will James Novelist, children's writer, artist, born 06/06/1892

Otto Pankok artist, born 06/06/1893

Robert Alexander Anderson American composer, born 06/06/1894

Bryant Moore United States Army officer, military person, born 06/06/1894

Harry Greb CHAMPION MIDDLEWEIGHT BOXER, boxer, born 06/06/1894

Ralph Campney office holder, born 06/06/1894

Harold P. Burke United States federal judge, born 06/06/1895

Henry William Allingham Supercentenarian First World War veteran and oldest verified living man, military person, born 06/06/1896

Robert Cedric Sherriff playwright, playwright and screenwriter, born 06/06/1896

Homer E. Capehart senator, born 06/06/1897

Joel Rinne actor, born 06/06/1897

Walter Abel Actor, actor, born 06/06/1898

Ninette de Valois dancer, teacher, choreographer and director of classical ballet, Ballet DancerBallet TeacherChoreographerCompany Director, born 06/06/1898

Harold D. Smith office holder, born 06/06/1898

Shirley Mason Actor, actor, born 06/06/1900


Manfred Sakel scientist, born 06/06/1900

Véra Korène Actress, actor, born 06/06/1901

Achmed Sukarno POLITICIAN, PRESIDENT OF INDONESIA, president, born 06/06/1901

Helmuth Stieff military person, born 06/06/1901

Walter Koppisch gridiron football player, born 06/06/1901

George Smith soccer player, born 06/06/1901

Frederick Marshall office holder, born 06/06/1902

Fresco Thompson baseball player, born 06/06/1902

Tommy Jenkins born 06/06/1902

Paolo Stoppa Actor, actor, born 06/06/1903

Frank Courtnay Australian politician, Plumber, member of parliament, born 06/06/1903

Aram Ilich Khachaturian MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, born 06/06/1903

Rafael Paasio office holder, born 06/06/1903

Juan Cesar Cordero Davila military person, born 06/06/1904

Heinrich von Brentano di Tremezzo German politician and lawyer, born 06/06/1904

Winston Field office holder, born 06/06/1904

Piotr Borodin prime minister, born 06/06/1905

David Baillie soccer player, born 06/06/1905

Robert Joshua Australian politician, Motor mechanic, soldier, member of parliament, born 06/06/1906

Junio Valerio Borghese Italian naval commander during the regime of Mussolini's National Fascist Party and was a prominent hard-line fascist politician in post-war Italy, born 06/06/1906

Nate Barragar gridiron football player, born 06/06/1906

Dick Duckworth soccer manager, born 06/06/1906

Jack Prince soccer player, born 06/06/1906

Bert Greeves Motorcycle designer and manufacturer, born 06/06/1906

Huguette M. Clark Heiress musician artist, born 06/06/1906

Bill Dickey BASEBALL PLAYER, born 06/06/1907

George Rickey artist, born 06/06/1907

William Joseph Lynch United States federal judge, born 06/06/1908

Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita ARTIST, CRAFTSMAN, ART TEACHER, HOLOCAUST VICTIM, born 06/06/1908

Art Giroux ice hockey player, born 06/06/1908

Rudolf Gramlich soccer player, born 06/06/1908

Roberto Etxebarria Arruti soccer player, born 06/06/1908

Isaiah Berlin British political philosopher and historian of ideas; liberal thinker; Professor of Social and Political Theory; wrote on positive and negative liberty, value pluralism, Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment, philosopher, born 06/06/1909

Edgar Shearer soccer player, born 06/06/1909

Fritzi Burger Austrian figure skater, born 06/06/1910


Alfred Gleave member of parliament, born 06/06/1911

Hector Bertram Gray military person, born 06/06/1911

Jiri Sobotka soccer manager, born 06/06/1911

Maria Montez Actress, actor, born 06/06/1912

Eloi Tassin Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/06/1912

Frederick Walter Collard Australian politician, Goldminer, union official, member of parliament, born 06/06/1912

Jiro Nitta Novelist, writer, born 06/06/1912

Pinder, John J., Jr. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/06/1912

Bruce Lester Actor, actor, born 06/06/1912

Peter Cornelius German photographer and photojournalist, born 06/06/1913

Ernst Staudle NAZI MILITARY, WAFFEN SS, born 06/06/1913

Patrick Gordon Campbell British journalist, humorist and television personality, born 06/06/1913

Ernst Staudle military person, born 06/06/1913

Marion Tinsley Bennett United States federal judge, born 06/06/1914

Elmer Boyd Staats ECONOMIST, GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, born 06/06/1914

Julien Audette Aviator, born 06/06/1914

Sidney Eisenshtat architect, born 06/06/1914

Wilhelm von Malachowski German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 06/06/1914

Frankie Burke Film actor, actor, born 06/06/1915

Brebis Bleaney scientist, born 06/06/1915

Ted Regan born 06/06/1915

Guy Griffiths Royal Marine Pilot, born 06/06/1915

Jack Richard Miller United States federal judge, born 06/06/1916

David Stuart Peoples BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, born 06/06/1916

Kenneth Connor actor, born 06/06/1916

Hamani Diori president, born 06/06/1916

Tom Bass artist, born 06/06/1916

Dario Lodigiani baseball player, born 06/06/1916

Kirk Kerkorian CORPORATE EXECUTIVE, ENTREPRENEUR, CEO of Tracinda Corporation, born 06/06/1917

Torbert Macdonald congressman, born 06/06/1917

Peter Donald Actor, actor, born 06/06/1918

Richard Crane actor, born 06/06/1918

Peter Carrington office holder, born 06/06/1919

Shane Macgrath born 06/06/1919

Ben Hunter RADIO PERSONALITY, DEEJAY, born 06/06/1920

Daniel Forbes military person, born 06/06/1920

Jan Rubes Actor, Bass opera singer, actor, born 06/06/1920

Serge Lang Journalist, writer, born 06/06/1920

Dick Pirrie born 06/06/1920

Bobby Harper soccer player, born 06/06/1920

Gerhard Raht German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 06/06/1920

Marion Jones Callister United States federal judge, born 06/06/1921

Dick Yates soccer player, born 06/06/1921

Iain Hamilton MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 06/06/1922

Eric James Bessell Australian politician, born 06/06/1923

Virginia Kelley NOTED FAMILY, born 06/06/1923


Cleo Virginia Andrews Novelist, writer, born 06/06/1923

Ivor Bueb Formula One racer, born 06/06/1923

Jim Rigsby Formula One racer, born 06/06/1923

Virginia Clinton Kelly Nurse anesthetist, born 06/06/1923

Silvia Monfort actor, born 06/06/1923

Jean Adelard Pouliot Broadcaster, born 06/06/1923

Göran Malmqvist Swedish linguist and sinologist, Member of the Swedish Academy, born 06/06/1924

W. Marvin Watson office holder, born 06/06/1924

Frank Bateman born 06/06/1924

Lewis G. Watkins United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 06/06/1925

Marvin Worth Film producer, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 06/06/1925

Maxine Kumin Poet, novelist, children's writer, Poet, author, writer, born 06/06/1925

Fitz Fulton military person, born 06/06/1925

Erdal İnönü Turkish physicist and politician, president, born 06/06/1926

Torsten Torsten Swedish painter and modern artist, artist, born 06/06/1926

Alex Sanders Wiccan Priest, born 06/06/1926

Wieslaw Adam Berger Writer, writer, born 06/06/1926

Ernie Bryan soccer player, born 06/06/1926

Eddie Cano MUSICIAN, PIANIST, born 06/06/1927

Jack Cowan soccer player, born 06/06/1927

Les Feldick bible teacher, rancher, television personality, born 06/06/1927

Ralph Wetton soccer player, born 06/06/1927

George Deukmejian POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, office holder, born 06/06/1928

Julian Mayfield NOVELIST, born 06/06/1928

Robert Mackenzie politician, born 06/06/1928

RD Wingfield author, playwright, writer, born 06/06/1928

Sabah Qabbani ambassador, born 06/06/1928

Lucien Schaeffer soccer player, born 06/06/1928

Julian Mayfield Actor, director, writer, lecturer and Civil Rights activist., born 06/06/1928

Sunil Dutt office holder, born 06/06/1929

Mary Hatcher actor, born 06/06/1929

Billy Bales born 06/06/1929

Jorge Villamil Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Physician, musical artist, born 06/06/1929

Theodore J. Flicker Playwright, theatrical producer, director, actor, screenwriter, author, and sculptor, actor, born 06/06/1930

Joan Dixon Film, television actress, singer, actor, born 06/06/1930

Sally Hayfron Wife of Robert Mugabe, first lady of Zimbabwe, Teacher, born 06/06/1931

Bahgat Osman artist, born 06/06/1931

Anne Claire Poirier Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/06/1932

David Randolph Scott NASA ASTRONAUT, born 06/06/1932

Billie Whitelaw STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 06/06/1932

Budd Friedman actor, born 06/06/1932

George Gaines Set decorator, drug, born 06/06/1933

Cleveland Williams boxer, born 06/06/1933

Heinrich Rohrer scientist, born 06/06/1933

Albert II of Belgium Belgian monarch, British royalty, born 06/06/1934

King Albert II of Belgium ROYALTY, born 06/06/1934

Gilbert Cates actor, born 06/06/1934

Raymond Andrews Writer, writer, born 06/06/1934

J. Kurtz JOCKEY, born 06/06/1935

Grant Green Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/06/1935

Joy Kogawa writer, born 06/06/1935

Jacques Desallangre office holder, born 06/06/1935

Anne Edwards politician, born 06/06/1935

Cal Bellini Actor, born 06/06/1935

Levi Stubbs Singer, actor, musical artist, born 06/06/1936

Elaine Elizabeth Darling Australian politician, Teacher, member of parliament, born 06/06/1936

A. Venkatesh Naik office holder, born 06/06/1936

Romano Garagnani Olympic silver, skeet shooting, born 06/06/1937

Marshall Baillieu Australian politician, Manufacturing engineer, member of parliament, born 06/06/1937

Liana Orfei Actor, drug, born 06/06/1937

Mae Clarke STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, DANCER, born 06/06/1937

Shunkai Yan Director, artist, born 06/06/1937

Barry Stobart Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/06/1938

Dee Barber NOTED FAMILY, born 06/06/1938

Gary "U.S." Bonds POP SINGER, born 06/06/1939

Marian Wright Edelman CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, LAWYER, AUTHOR, born 06/06/1939

Gary U.S. Bonds musical artist, born 06/06/1939

Richard Popcorn Wylie Pianist, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 06/06/1939

Antonella Ragno-Lonzi Italian fencer, 1972 Olympic gold foil, born 06/06/1940

Nursultan Nazarbayev POLITICIAN, PRESIDENT OF KAZAKHSTAN, born 06/06/1940

Richard Paul Actor, actor, born 06/06/1940

Bruce Mitchell Musician, musical artist, born 06/06/1940

Alexander Narh Tettey-Enyo Minister for Education, Educationist, member of parliament, born 06/06/1940

Alexander Claud Cockburn author and historian, journalist, born 06/06/1941

Coosje van Bruggen Sculptor & art historian/critic, artist, born 06/06/1942

Zigmantas Kiaupa scientist, born 06/06/1942

Richard Errett Smalley scientist, born 06/06/1943

Jonathan Mance Judge, judge, born 06/06/1943

Joe Stampley musical artist, born 06/06/1943

Phillip Allen Sharp American biologis, scientist, born 06/06/1944


Edgar Froese of TANGERINE DREAM MUSICIAN, Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 06/06/1944

Alan Skip of PRETTY THINGS MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 06/06/1944

Winston Groom American novelist and non-fiction writer,, born 06/06/1944

Tommie Smith american football player, born 06/06/1944

Paul Connaughton office holder, born 06/06/1944

Monty Alexander Musician, musical artist, born 06/06/1944

Rene Rivkin Stockbroker, criminal, born 06/06/1944

Patricio Cornejo tennis player, born 06/06/1944

Allen Boyd Politician and American Army Soldier, farmer, congressman, born 06/06/1945

Arthur Shawcross American criminal, born 06/06/1945

Webster Shamu Member of the Cabinet of Zimbabwe, office holder, born 06/06/1945

David Dukes ACTOR, actor, born 06/06/1945

Robert E. Howard FANTASY WRITER, born 06/06/1945

David E. Bonior office holder, born 06/06/1945

Max Anderson born 06/06/1945

Abdirahman Mohamud Farole president, born 06/06/1945

Richard Gordon artist, born 06/06/1945

Tom Coppola musical artist, born 06/06/1945

Tony Levin Musician, songwriter, vocalist, musical artist, born 06/06/1946

Hywel Francis member of parliament, born 06/06/1946

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh office holder, born 06/06/1946

Raghubansh Prasad Singh office holder, born 06/06/1946

Fauziah Abdul Rashid monarch, born 06/06/1946

Aagje Kok Olympic swimmer, born 06/06/1947

David Blunkett blind British politician, office holder, born 06/06/1947

Robert Englund STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, actor, born 06/06/1947

Joel Fisher ARTIST, born 06/06/1947

Larry Murray military person, born 06/06/1947

Bent Jensen soccer player, born 06/06/1947

Sutti Veerabhadra Rao actor, theater artist, Radio artist, actor, born 06/06/1947

Al Macaffrey American politician, Funeral director, office holder, born 06/06/1948

Djalma Cavalcante PROFESSIONAL CRIMINAL, EMBEZZLER, FRAUD, born 06/06/1948


Augusta Hornblower POLITICIAN, U.S.REPRESENTATIVE (REP MA), born 06/06/1948

Tina Lenert MIME, born 06/06/1948

Rocco Buttiglione prime minister, born 06/06/1948

Arnaldo Baptista Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 06/06/1948

Cedric Wilson office holder, born 06/06/1948

Jurgen Marcus Singer, musical artist, born 06/06/1948

Jean Saxon TAROT READER, born 06/06/1949

Linda Barnes Novelist, playwright, poet, born 06/06/1949

Kerry Killinger Businessman, born 06/06/1949

Noemi Sanin office holder, born 06/06/1949

Chantal Akerman Film director, artist, film director, professor, actor, born 06/06/1950

Andrew Napolitano Judge, office holder, born 06/06/1950

Larry Bomke independent insurance agent, office holder, born 06/06/1950

Frank Fahey politician, born 06/06/1951

Andrew Macfarlane actor, born 06/06/1951

Marietta Giannakou politician, born 06/06/1951

Paulo Kassoma office holder, born 06/06/1951

Marsha Blackburn politician, Retail Marketing, congressman, born 06/06/1952

Jim Lynch Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 06/06/1953

June Yamagishi musician, musical artist, born 06/06/1953

Susan Kunze Educator, Author, born 06/06/1953

Harvey Fierstein PLAYWRIGHT, ACTOR, GAY, born 06/06/1954

Wladyslaw Zmuda soccer player, born 06/06/1954

Jorge Mendonca soccer player, born 06/06/1954

Larry Brinson American college football player, professional football player, running back, Super Bowl champion, american football player, born 06/06/1954

Rainbeaux Smith Actress, actor, born 06/06/1955

Sandra Bernhard ACTRESS, COMEDIENNE, AUTHOR, SINGER, LESBIAN, Film, television actress, comedienne, singer, actor, born 06/06/1955

Petro Pysarchuk Politician, Entrepreneur, office holder, born 06/06/1955

Bjorn Rune Borg Swedish tennis player, tennis player, born 06/06/1956

Bubbi Morthens Singer, musician, songwriter, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/06/1956

Colin Brazier Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/06/1957

Steve Fireovid BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 06/06/1957

Junior Giscombe ROCK MUSICIAN, SINGER, born 06/06/1957

Junior SINGER, born 06/06/1957

Francis Scarpaleggia member of parliament, born 06/06/1957

Charles Macburney office holder, born 06/06/1957

Mark L. Cole Virginia Politician, office holder, born 06/06/1958

Danny Webb actor, born 06/06/1958

William X. Wang scientist, born 06/06/1958

Marc Lawrence STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR, WRITER, Actress/Comedienne, actor, born 06/06/1959

Amanda Pays ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 06/06/1959


John Albert Taylor Convicted rapist and murderer who was executed by firing squad at Utah State Prison in 1996., criminal, born 06/06/1959

Idoia Zenerrutzabeitia president, born 06/06/1959

Neal H. Moritz actor, born 06/06/1959

Michele Cadieux Actress, model, corrections / mental health counselor, actor, born 06/06/1959

Steve Vai MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, musical artist, born 06/06/1960

Peter Zeitlinger actor, born 06/06/1960

Julian Monge Najera scientist, born 06/06/1960

Milford Haven, George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess Of Peer and businessman, politician, born 06/06/1961

Dee C. Lee musical artist, born 06/06/1961

Wes Johnson actor, born 06/06/1961

Nir Brand actor, born 06/06/1961

Nugroho actor, born 06/06/1961

Chris Cantell Investment Banker and Entrepreneur, born 06/06/1961

Carol Cady SHOT PUT CHAMPION, born 06/06/1962

Hirokazu Koreeda Film director and screenwriter, actor, born 06/06/1962

Christian Marolt Belgian businessman:, born 06/06/1962

Jason Isaacs British actor, Actor, actor, born 06/06/1963

Bruce Guthrie American politician, born 06/06/1963

Rueben Mayes PRO FOOTBALL PLAYER, RUNNING BACK, born 06/06/1963

Eric Cantor office holder, born 06/06/1963

Guillermo Angel Hoyos soccer manager, born 06/06/1963

Anthony Starke Actor, actor, born 06/06/1963

Bernard Drainville office holder, born 06/06/1963

Carlos Manuel Pazo Torrado office holder, born 06/06/1963

Charles Ashenoff wrestler, born 06/06/1964

Wayman L. Tisdale BASKETBALL PLAYER, born 06/06/1964

Vincent Young actor, born 06/06/1964

Lisa Heddens office holder, born 06/06/1964


Megumi Ogata Seiyū, actor, born 06/06/1965

Chris Thieneman CEO, Thieneman Real Estate and Thieneman Multi-Family Properties, born 06/06/1965

Faure Gnassingbe president, born 06/06/1966

Aadesh Shrivastava actor, born 06/06/1966

Max Casella Actor, actor, born 06/06/1967

Aleem Sarwar Dar Pakistani cricketer and cricket umpire, cricketer, born 06/06/1968

Bart Voskamp Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/06/1968

Erik Prince private military company executive, born 06/06/1969

Joe Leibham office holder, born 06/06/1969

Kwame Kilpatrick Mayor of Detroit, Michigan, resigning, Former politician, office holder, born 06/06/1970

Evgeni Berzin Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/06/1970

Ryan Cohan Pianist, composer, and bandleader, Pianist, composer, arranger, musical artist, born 06/06/1971

Steve Baker member of parliament, born 06/06/1971

Natalie Morales Anchor/Correspondent, journalist, born 06/06/1972

Michihiro Kuroda Musician, writer, musical artist, born 06/06/1972

M. T. Ramesh office holder, born 06/06/1972

Patrick Rothfuss American fantasy writer, Novelist, writer, born 06/06/1973

Kat Swift Activist, bookkeeper, musical artist, born 06/06/1973

Nikhil Chinapa actor, born 06/06/1973

Danny Strong Actor, actor, born 06/06/1974

Xu Yang Footballer, soccer player, born 06/06/1974

Raoul Bhanea actor, born 06/06/1974

Sonya Walger Actress, actor, born 06/06/1974

Staci Keanan Actress, actor, born 06/06/1975

Cheer Chen singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 06/06/1975

Nina Kaczorowski actor, born 06/06/1975

Mark Maccoy Vocalist, visual artist, musical artist, born 06/06/1975

Dave King born 06/06/1975

Valter Guchua soccer player, born 06/06/1975

Maciej Stachowiak Polish Computer Scientist, born 06/06/1976

Ben Lambert born 06/06/1976

Ola Borten Moe Politician, office holder, born 06/06/1976

Emilie-Claire Barlow Singer, Actress, musical artist, born 06/06/1976

Camu Tao Producer, rapper, singer, musical artist, born 06/06/1977

Vlado Georgiev Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 06/06/1977

Malgosia Bela model, born 06/06/1977

Judith Barsi Child actress, Actress, actor, born 06/06/1978

Carl Barât English musician, musical artist, born 06/06/1978

David Stahr American independent professional wrestler, born 06/06/1978

Joy Enriquez musical artist, born 06/06/1978

Mariana Popova Singer, musical artist, born 06/06/1978

J. T. Buck Director of Arts for First Grace United Church of Christ in Akron, Ohio, born 06/06/1978

Ronald Susilo badminton player, born 06/06/1979

Jacinta Stapelton Television actor, actor, born 06/06/1979

Luis Fernando Da Silva soccer player, born 06/06/1979

Lauren Anderson Playboy Playmate, born 06/06/1980

Dewon Brazelton baseball player, born 06/06/1980

Hiroshi Shiibashi comics creator, born 06/06/1980

Amanda Mays WORLD'S 1ST TEST TUBE TWINS, FRATERNAL TWIN, born 06/06/1981

Stephen Mays WORLD'S 1ST TEST TUBE TWINS, FRATERNAL TWIN, born 06/06/1981

Ralph Van Dooren soccer player, born 06/06/1981

Kristine Sa Singer, Songwriter, TV Producer, TV Host,, musical artist, born 06/06/1982

Kevin Kleinberg Television actor, actor, born 06/06/1983

Romulo Pires model, born 06/06/1983

Amber Borycki actor, born 06/06/1983

Antonia Prebble Actress, TV Presenter, actor, born 06/06/1984

Shannon Stewart model, born 06/06/1984

Antimo Iunco Italian footballer, soccer player, born 06/06/1984

Joe Cohen American college football player, professional football player, american football player, born 06/06/1984

Igor Cukrov Singer, songwriter, musician, television personality, musical artist, born 06/06/1984

Elton Grami soccer player, born 06/06/1984

Eduardo Jumisse soccer player, born 06/06/1984

Bar Refaeli Israeli model, model, born 06/06/1985

Sebastian Larsson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 06/06/1985

Marzyeh Ghassemi Marshall Scholar, scientist, born 06/06/1985

Drew Macintyre wrestler, born 06/06/1985

Victor Basa actor, born 06/06/1985

Christian Brassington actor, born 06/06/1985

Nikolay Demirov soccer player, born 06/06/1985

Pieter Jacobs Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 06/06/1986

Junichi Tazawa Baseball pitcher, born 06/06/1986

Osarimen Giulio Ebagua Association footballer, soccer player, born 06/06/1986

Leslie Carter Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 06/06/1986

Justin Allgaier nascar driver, born 06/06/1986

Bhavana Balachandran Actress, actor, born 06/06/1986

Antonio Zito soccer player, born 06/06/1986

Kyle Falconer musical artist, born 06/06/1987

Gideon Glick Actor, actor, born 06/06/1988

Ronaldo Sousa Andrades soccer player, born 06/06/1988

Andrei Cordos soccer player, born 06/06/1988

Robert O'Halloran Australian politician., Public servant, member of parliament, born 06/06/1988

Paula Brancati actor, born 06/06/1989

Monice Singer, musical artist, born 06/06/1989

Marios Koutouris soccer player, born 06/06/1989

Ionut Balaur soccer player, born 06/06/1989

Lene Lai Actress, Model, Pageant Winner, actor, born 06/06/1989

Gavin Hoyte Footballer, soccer player, born 06/06/1990

Ashleigh Chisholm Actress, actor, born 06/06/1990

Ellie Kendrick actress, actor, born 06/06/1990

Ivan Stoev soccer player, born 06/06/1990

Hyun-ah Kim South Korean singer, rapper, Singer, dancer, rapper, musical artist, born 06/06/1992

Megumi Murakami Singer, actress, musical artist, born 06/06/1992

Frida Gustavsson Swedish model, model, born 06/06/1993

Margot Early Author, born 06/06/2009