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King Christian III of Denmark & Norway ROYALTY, British royalty, born 08/12/1503

Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain Infanta of Spain, Archduchess of Austria, British royalty, born 08/12/1566

Iemitsu Tokugawa office holder, born 08/12/1604

Giovanni Legrenzi Italian composer, born 08/12/1626

Heinrich Ignaz Biber Bohemian-Austrian composer and violinist, born 08/12/1644

Maurice Greene English composer and organist, born 08/12/1696

Parmentier scientist, born 08/12/1737

Carysfort, John Proby, 1st Earl Of office holder, born 08/12/1751

William Tilghman United States federal judge, born 08/12/1756

John Dillard captain in the American Revolution, settler, born 08/12/1760

George IV King of the United Kingdom, British royalty, born 08/12/1762

King George IV of England ROYALTY, BISEXUAL, REIGNED 1820-30, born 08/12/1762

Benjamin Franklin Bache American surgeon and Union Navy officer, born 08/12/1769

Johann Christian Martin Bartels German and Mathematician, born 08/12/1769

André-Louis-Elisabeth-Marie Briche French General, born 08/12/1772

Robert Southey POET, MAN OF LETTERS, POET LAUREATE 1813, Poet, writer, born 08/12/1774

Robert Mills Architect, born 08/12/1781

Norfolk, Henry Howard, 13th Duke Of office holder, born 08/12/1791

George Paulet Royal Navy officer during the Crimean War., military person, born 08/12/1803

Adolphe Granier de Cassagnac french historian and writer, born 08/12/1806

George Busk Surgeon, zoologist and palaeontologist, Surgeon, born 08/12/1807

Samuel Northrup Castle Businessman, Politician, born 08/12/1808

John Stevenson office holder, born 08/12/1812

Ulysses Mercur Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, 1883 - 1887, born 08/12/1818

Stephen Baker American politician, born 08/12/1819

Daniel D. Bidwell Union Army General, military person, born 08/12/1819

Flora Fabbri BALLET DANCER, born 08/12/1820

Oscar C. Badger United States Navy admiral, military person, born 08/12/1823

Fanny Chamberlain born 08/12/1825

Frederick Ouseley English composer, organist and musicologist, born 08/12/1825

Moses Mielziner American rabbi and author, born 08/12/1828

John Horace Forney Confederate Army general, military person, born 08/12/1829

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Russian writer, Spiritualist, born 08/12/1831

Helena P. Blavatsky SPIRITUALIST, AUTHOR, FOUNDER OF THEOSOPHY, born 08/12/1831

William Henry Letterman Physician, born 08/12/1832

William P. Sanders Union United States Army general, military person, born 08/12/1833

Chicago, Illinois CITY, born 08/12/1833

Jan Elias Nicolaas Schimmelpenninck Van Der Oye politician, born 08/12/1836

Warner Miller Union Army officer, senator, born 08/12/1838

Colmar Freiherr von der Goltz military person, born 08/12/1843

Mohammed Ahmed---the Mahdi FOUNDER OF MAHDIST MOVEMENT IN THE SUDAN, born 08/12/1844

John A. Roche politician, born 08/12/1844

Abbott Handerson Thayer artist, born 08/12/1849

Frank O. Briggs United States Senator from New Jersey, born 08/12/1851

James Niven British doctor, office holder, born 08/12/1851

Michael J. Macgivney Priest, born 08/12/1852

Francis Lloyd military person, born 08/12/1853

Clinton Greaves United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/12/1855

John Henry Lorimer Scottish painter, born 08/12/1856

Diamond Jim Brady FINANCIER, BON VIVANT, GOURMAND, born 08/12/1856

Eduardo Dato e Iradier prime minister, born 08/12/1856

Daniel Alcides Carrion scientist, born 08/12/1857

Katharine Lee Bates Author, Poet, Educator, writer, born 08/12/1859

Klara Polzl NOTED FAMILY, MOTHER OF ADOLF HITLER, born 08/12/1860

Jack Whitehouse English footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1861

Otto Rudolf Martin Brendel German astronomer, born 08/12/1862

Margaretta Eagar Nanny to the four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II; author of Six Years at the Russian Court, a 1906 memoir., Governess, born 08/12/1863

Moritz Lewitt born 08/12/1863

Robert Edwy Ryerson member of parliament, born 08/12/1865

Jacinto Benavente writer, born 08/12/1866

Charles G. Bickham United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/12/1867

Edith Hamilton WRITER, CLASSICIST, Classical scholar, author, writer, born 08/12/1867

Chelmsford, Frederic Thesiger, 1st Viscount office holder, born 08/12/1868

Maurice Swynfen Fitzmaurice Royal Navy officer during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Served during the Second Boer War and the First World War., military person, born 08/12/1870

Alberto Barton scientist, born 08/12/1870

William Ollis Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1871

Gustavs Zemgals Lawyer, office holder, born 08/12/1871

William Washington Larsen congressman, born 08/12/1871

Louis Loucheur POLITICIAN, PROPRIETOR OF "PETIT JOURNAL", born 08/12/1872

Princess Marie Louise Of Schleswig-Holstein Charity work, British royalty, born 08/12/1872

George Reginald Geary Barrister, office holder, born 08/12/1873

Clarence Melville Condon United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/12/1875


David William Thomas Attorney; Journalist; Educator, office holder, born 08/12/1876

Mary Bernard Laughlin Christian Bishop, born 08/12/1876

James Howard Catts Australian politician, Unionist, member of parliament, born 08/12/1877

Sem Benelli PLAYWRIGHT, FASCIST, POLITICIAN, born 08/12/1877

James Wolcott Wadsworth Jr. senator, born 08/12/1877

William Lee English footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1878

Robert Carey governor, born 08/12/1878

Parker John Moloney Australian politician, Teacher, member of parliament, born 08/12/1879

Max Ramsay LONGEVITY, CENTENARIAN, ALIVE AT 106 IN 1985, born 08/12/1879

Christy Mathewson Major League Baseball player, manager, baseball player, born 08/12/1880

Radclyffe Hall Novelist, poet, short story writer, writer, born 08/12/1880

Cecil B. DeMille Film director, Producer, director, editor, screenwriter and actor, drug, born 08/12/1881

George Wesley Bellows ARTIST, PAINTER, LITHOGRAPHER, born 08/12/1882

Marion Lorne Actress, actor, born 08/12/1883

Pauline Frederick Actor, actor, born 08/12/1883

Arthur Aylesworth Actor, actor, born 08/12/1883

Jean Cabannes PHYSICIST, born 08/12/1885

Keith Murdoch born 08/12/1885

Earl James Atkisson Colonel of the 1st Gas Regiment in World War I, military person, born 08/12/1886

Ben Hur Lampman journalist, essayist, poet, writer, born 08/12/1886

Erwin Schrödinger Physicist, scientist, born 08/12/1887

Randolph Zane military person, born 08/12/1887

John Olsen Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 08/12/1888

Sid Jordan Actor, drug, born 08/12/1889

Luis Miguel Sanchez Cerro office holder, born 08/12/1889

Eliezer Sukenik scientist, born 08/12/1889

Eddie Kane actor, born 08/12/1889

Reginald Van Trump Truitt Zoologist, Army officer, and lacrosse player and coach, college coach, born 08/12/1890

Avery Blake lacrosse player and coach, college coach, born 08/12/1890

Douglas Gerrard Actor and film director, drug, born 08/12/1891

B. H. DeLay actor, born 08/12/1891

Dimitrije Ljotic born 08/12/1891

Alfred Lunt ACTOR, Actor/Director, actor, born 08/12/1892

Ray Schalk baseball player, born 08/12/1892

Howard Smith Actor, actor, born 08/12/1893

Heinz Greiner German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 08/12/1895

Ejner Federspiel Actor, drug, born 08/12/1896

Mitchell Hepburn president, born 08/12/1896

Lino Enea Spilimbergo artist, born 08/12/1896

Edgar Primrose Dickie PROFESSOR OF DIVINITY, CHAPLAIN TO QUEEN 1956, born 08/12/1897

Oskar Homolka actor, born 08/12/1898

Oscar Homolka FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, born 08/12/1898

Georges Dansereau office holder, born 08/12/1898

Jean Mercier ARTIST, PAINTER, born 08/12/1899

Louis-Philippe Picard member of parliament, born 08/12/1899

Friedrich Fangohr German general and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 08/12/1899

Basil Patchitt soccer player, born 08/12/1900

Mohammad Hatta office holder, born 08/12/1902

Grant Macewan office holder, born 08/12/1902

Akiva Govrin born 08/12/1902

Hellmuth Becker military person, born 08/12/1902

Tamás Lossonczy Abstract painter, born 08/12/1904

Czarevitch Alexis of Russia ROYALTY, HEMOPHILIAC, MURDER VICTIM, born 08/12/1904

Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia Son and heir of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, British royalty, born 08/12/1904

Ken Watson born 08/12/1904

Kay Campbell Radio, television actress, actor, born 08/12/1904

Hans Urs von Balthasar ROMAN CATHOLIC THEOLOGIAN, AUTHOR, born 08/12/1905

Don Hurst baseball player, born 08/12/1905

Guillermo Marin actor, born 08/12/1905

Emerich Vogl soccer manager, born 08/12/1905

Heycock, Llewellyn Heycock, Baron Politician, politician, born 08/12/1905

Harry Hopman tennis player, born 08/12/1906

Tedd Pierce Animator, director, producer, screenwriter, born 08/12/1906

Berkeley Lloyd Bunker senator, born 08/12/1906

Edward Ashleycooper actor, born 08/12/1906

Andrew Murray Charlton Australian Olympic swimmer, born 08/12/1907

Cal Strong American water polo player, born 08/12/1907

Joe Besser Film, television actor, comedian musician, actor, born 08/12/1907

Gladys Bentley Singer, musical artist, born 08/12/1907

Ansell Clarke born 08/12/1907

Renton, David Lockhart-Mure, Baron 20th century British politician, politician, born 08/12/1908

Leo P. Carlin born 08/12/1908

Antonio Barrios soccer manager, born 08/12/1908

Vasile Deheleanu soccer manager, born 08/12/1908

Kazimierz Żurowski Polish archaeologist, born 08/12/1909

Franz Six military person, born 08/12/1909

Solon Toothaker Kimball scientist, born 08/12/1909

Bruce Matthews military person, born 08/12/1909

Skinny Graham baseball player, born 08/12/1909

Cyril Hamilton cricketer, born 08/12/1909

Yusof bin Ishak First President of Singapore, Journalist, president, born 08/12/1910

Heinrich Sutermeister MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 08/12/1910

Jane Wyatt FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, born 08/12/1910

Jane Wyatt Actress, actor, born 08/12/1910

Ralph Nichols badminton player, born 08/12/1910

Bruce Maccandless United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/12/1911

Cantinflas COMEDIAN, CLOWN, ACROBAT, FILM/TV ACTOR, PRODUCER, actor, born 08/12/1911


Alfredo Monza SOCCER PLAYER, born 08/12/1911

Hermann Schaper military person, born 08/12/1911

Otto Ude German soldier and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 08/12/1911

Samuel Fuller Film director, Director, screenwriter, actor, born 08/12/1912

Andrew Mamedoff American World War II pilot, military person, born 08/12/1912

Lloyd Francis Macmahon United States federal judge, born 08/12/1912

Jorge Amado AUTHOR, NOVELIST, MARXIST, born 08/12/1912

Philip Kapleau born 08/12/1912

Jan Piwnik military person, born 08/12/1912

Harlond Clift baseball player, born 08/12/1912

Bennett M. Stewart congressman, born 08/12/1912

Whitney Robson Harris Attorney, born 08/12/1912

Nikolai Timkov artist, born 08/12/1912

Kurt Kasznar Actor, actor, born 08/12/1913

Robert W Hollenhorst American ophthalmologist, born 08/12/1913

Walt Farrant ice hockey player, born 08/12/1913

Richard L. Bare Television director, actor, born 08/12/1913

Ajahn Maha Bua Abbot, born 08/12/1914

Sam B. Boyd college coach, born 08/12/1914

Joseph Lane Loughran Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1915

Alex Wojciechowicz american football player, born 08/12/1915

Muhammad Ibrahim Joyo born 08/12/1915

Ralph Nelson actor, born 08/12/1916

Marjorie Reynolds actress, Actress, actor, born 08/12/1917

Giuseppe Tacca Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/12/1917

Oliver Crawford Screenwriter, author, actor, born 08/12/1917

Stan Dawson born 08/12/1917

Guy Gibson military person, born 08/12/1918

John Yaremko Lawyer, office holder, born 08/12/1918

Roy Felton soccer player, born 08/12/1918

Joseph John Tymczyszyn born 08/12/1918

Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai Indian physicist, scientist, born 08/12/1919

Michael Kidd DIRECTOR, CHOREOGRAPHER, ACTOR, DANCER, born 08/12/1919

Shorty Templeman Formula One racer, born 08/12/1919

Fred Hutchinson baseball player, born 08/12/1919

Gordon Hocking born 08/12/1919

Dave Ruhl wrestler, born 08/12/1920

Hector Rojas Herazo writer, born 08/12/1920

Marjorie Reynolds FILM/TV ACTRESS, DANCER, born 06/08/1964

Abel Paz Anarchist, Writer, Historian, born 08/12/1921

Matt Gillies soccer manager, born 08/12/1921

Lefty Wallace baseball player, born 08/12/1921

Patrick Howard-Dobson military person, born 08/12/1921

William O. Wooldridge first Sergeant Major of the Army, military person, born 08/12/1922

Fulton MacKay ACTOR, born 08/12/1922

Fulton Mackay actor, playwright, actor, born 08/12/1922

Milos Jakes president, born 08/12/1922

Humphrey Atkins office holder, born 08/12/1922

H. Jack Seltzer office holder, born 08/12/1922

Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell BUSINESSWOMAN, MODEL AGENCY/SCHOOL FOUNDER, born 08/12/1923

Gordon Samuels governor, born 08/12/1923

Vicente Di Paolo soccer player, born 08/12/1923

John D. New United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/12/1924

Barbara Hicks English film actor, drug, born 08/12/1924

Muhammad Zia Ul-Haq office holder, born 08/12/1924

Derek Shackleton cricketer, born 08/12/1924

Barbara Hicks English film actor, Actor, actor, born 08/12/1924

R Soeprapto governor, born 08/12/1924

Norris Dewar McWhirter Writer, political activist, television presenter, journalist, born 08/12/1925

Alan Ross McWhirter Writer, political activist, television presenter, journalist, born 08/12/1925


Dale Bumpers LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (DEM AR), office holder, born 08/12/1925


Donald Justice Poet, teacher, scientist, born 08/12/1925

Guillermo Cano Isaza journalist, born 08/12/1925

Leopold Barschandt soccer player, born 08/12/1925

John Derek ACTOR, FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, SCREENWRITER, Actor, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, editor, producer, actor, born 08/12/1926

Rene Vignal SOCCER PLAYER, soccer player, born 08/12/1926

George Buksar gridiron football player, born 08/12/1926

Millard Hall Journalist, political consultant, born 08/12/1926

Dan Cook Sports writer, born 08/12/1926

Hortense Clews military person, born 08/12/1926

Porter Wagoner Country Music Artist, musical artist, born 08/12/1927

Elgen Marion Long American aviator, Aviator, author, and researcher, born 08/12/1927

Don Shepherd cricketer, born 08/12/1927

Bobby Kirk soccer player, born 08/12/1927

Charlie White baseball player, born 08/12/1927

Bob Buhl BASEBALL PLAYER, born 08/12/1928

Bob Buhl baseball player, born 08/12/1928

Roy Davies cricketer, born 08/12/1928

Manfred Douglas Cross Australian politician, Public servant, member of parliament, born 08/12/1929


Buck Owens singer, bandleader, TV host, musical artist, born 08/12/1929

John Bluthal Actor, actor, born 08/12/1929

Harry M. Rosenfeld newspaper editor, born 08/12/1929

George Soros speculator, investor, philanthropist, political activist, Entrepreneur, currency trader, investor, philosopher, philanthropist, political activist, born 08/12/1930

John G. Schmitz U.S. Marine, community college professor, politician, congressman, born 08/12/1930

Charles G. Abrell United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 08/12/1931

Odo J. Struger Austrian scientist, Engineer, businessman, scientist, born 08/12/1931

William Goldman AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SCREENWRITER, Screenwriter, novelist, playwright, non-fiction author., writer, born 08/12/1931

Sirikit Queen Consort of Thailand, British royalty, born 08/12/1932

Jean Gainche Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/12/1932

Charlie Odonnell Announcer, actor, born 08/12/1932

Osmo Kaipainen PHYSICIAN, POLITICIAN, M.P., born 08/12/1933

Wolfgang Steglich scientist, born 08/12/1933

Lisa Tierney NOTED FAMILY, born 08/12/1934

Robert Joseph Hermann born 08/12/1934

John Cazale Actor, actor, born 08/12/1935

Zvi Weinberg born 08/12/1935

John Marlan Pointdexter retired American naval officer and Department of Defense official, office holder, born 08/12/1936

Kjell Grede Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/12/1936

Hans Haacke artist, born 08/12/1936

Terry Grier member of parliament, born 08/12/1936

Elizabeth Shepherd actor, born 08/12/1936

Shirley Vance Wilkins General contractor, office holder, born 08/12/1936

Thommy Berggren Actor, drug, born 08/12/1937

Jimmy Norman African American songwriter, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 08/12/1937

Herman Croo POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 08/12/1937

Herman De Croo office holder, born 08/12/1937

Walter Dean Myers novelist, nonfiction writer, poet, writer, born 08/12/1937

Linda Day actor, born 08/12/1938

Roy Romanow prime minister, born 08/12/1939

Skip Caray Sportscaster, born 08/12/1939

Shanmugam Jayakumar office holder, born 08/12/1939

Norman Elder born 08/12/1939

Oliver Ford Davies Actor, writer, actor, born 08/12/1939

Michael Dennis Antonovich Member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, politician, born 08/12/1939

Mike Cotton musical artist, born 08/12/1939

John Odigie Oyegun governor, born 08/12/1939

Rod Bernard American singer, Television Advertising Salesman, musical artist, born 08/12/1940

Craig Douglas Singer, musical artist, born 08/12/1941

Jennifer Warren actor, born 08/12/1941

Martin E.P. Seligman American psychologist and writer, born 08/12/1942

Arlette van Boven DANCER, born 08/12/1942

Stephen Eric Strom PRODIGY, BROTHER OF "QUIZ KID" ROBERT STROM, born 08/12/1942

Gwen Wong Playboy Playmate, born 08/12/1942

Anne Cools office holder, born 08/12/1943

Deborah Walley Actress, actor, born 08/12/1943

Clara Nunes musical artist, born 08/12/1943

Bernard Boursicot BOOKKEEPER, SPY, GAY, born 08/12/1944

Larry Troutman musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 08/12/1944

Irwin Redlener born 08/12/1944

Jean Nouvel French architect, architect, born 08/12/1945

J. Fife Symington III POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA, HEIR, born 08/12/1945

Gayan Winter AUTHOR, TEACHER, LECTURER, born 08/12/1945

Mal Washer MP, General practitioner, member of parliament, born 08/12/1945

Fife Symington governor, born 08/12/1945

Norm Marlborough office holder, born 08/12/1945

Ken Kennedy scientist, born 08/12/1945

Rosaire Paiement ice hockey player, born 08/12/1945

Bernard Accoyer office holder, born 08/12/1945

Billy Fraser soccer player, born 08/12/1945

Ed Biedenbach college coach, born 08/12/1945

Alfredo Obberti soccer player, born 08/12/1945

Vladimir Basalayev soccer manager, born 08/12/1945

J. N. Reddy scientist, born 08/12/1945

John Usher Legal academic, born 08/12/1945

Tuulikki Eloranta POP SINGER, born 08/12/1946

Terry Nutkins born 08/12/1946

Lynn Kohlman born 08/12/1946

Fred Binney soccer player, born 08/12/1946

Alain Pellegrini military person, born 08/12/1946

Pat Buckley soccer player, born 08/12/1946

Deborah Howe Writer, writer, born 08/12/1946

Maulty Moore american football player, born 08/12/1946

Stefano Benni WRITER, AUTHOR OF SATIRICAL TEXTS, born 08/12/1947

Ian Rilen musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 08/12/1947

John Nathan-Turner Television producer, born 08/12/1947

Seamus Close office holder, born 08/12/1947

Jake Rathwell ice hockey player, born 08/12/1947

Moe Labbe ice hockey player, born 08/12/1947

Randle Montgomery american football player, born 08/12/1947

Sue Monk Kidd Novelist, Novelist, memoirist, feminist, writer, born 08/12/1948

Liam Genockey musical artist, born 08/12/1948

Mizengo Pinda prime minister, born 08/12/1948

Judy Nerat office holder, born 08/12/1948

Mark Knopfler English guitarist, Musician, songwriter, producer, film score composer, musical artist, born 08/12/1949

June Collyer FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, president, born 08/12/1949

Julien Lepers TV HOST, FISCAL CRIMINAL, born 08/12/1949

Lou Martin Musician, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 08/12/1949

Mario Uribe Escobar senator, born 08/12/1949

Gregory S. Mahler American Political Scientist, scientist, born 08/12/1950

John Carty politician, born 08/12/1950

Jim Beaver Actor, actor, born 08/12/1950

Willem den Broeder 20th century Dutch surrealist artist, born 08/12/1951

Anwar Ul-Haq Ahady office holder, born 08/12/1951

Charles E. Brady Medical Doctor, astronaut, born 08/12/1951

Norris Weese gridiron football player, born 08/12/1951

Klaus Toppmoller soccer manager, born 08/12/1951

Alex Naumik musical artist, born 08/12/1951

Curtis G. Sonney office holder, born 08/12/1951

Maureen Moore actor, born 08/12/1951

Carmen Trutanich office holder, born 08/12/1951

Chen Kaige film director, Film director, artist, born 08/12/1952

Sitaram Yechury office holder, born 08/12/1952

Ronald Guttman actor, born 08/12/1952

Daniel Biles judge, born 08/12/1952

Claude Henri Améganvi Togolese politician and Trotskyist, born 08/12/1953

Greg Fox retired Canadian ice hockey defenceman, ice hockey player, born 08/12/1953

Michel Laurent Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/12/1953

Orville Lewis Duke actor, born 08/12/1953

Peter Ostroushko Musician, musical artist, born 08/12/1953

Algirdas Kauspedas musical artist, born 08/12/1953

Chuck Carey soccer manager, born 08/12/1953

Sam J. Jones FILM/TV ACTOR, Film, television actor, actor, born 08/12/1954

Tony Wright member of parliament, born 08/12/1954

Francois Hollande politician, born 08/12/1954

Borbidge Rob office holder, born 08/12/1954

Deb Kennedy office holder, born 08/12/1954

William Breeze Musician; Caliph of Ordo Templi Orientis, born 08/12/1955

Tooker Gomberg Environmental Activist, born 08/12/1955

Terry Taylor wrestler, born 08/12/1955

Eric Cline lawyer, office holder, born 08/12/1955

Iurie Colesnic politician, born 08/12/1955

Bruce Greenwood ACTOR, Actor, born 08/12/1956

Akimi Yoshida comics creator, born 08/12/1956

Osvaldo Laport actor, born 08/12/1956

Isaach De Bankole Actor, actor, born 08/12/1957

Unni Menon Singer, Music Director, Actor, musical artist, born 08/12/1957

Valerie Landsburg Actress, director, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, actor, born 08/12/1958

Dragon Lee actor, born 08/12/1958

Richard Morgan Actor, actor, born 08/12/1958

Robert Mace born 08/12/1958

Amanda Redman English actress, Actress, actor, born 08/12/1959

Martin Bursik politician, born 08/12/1959

Teddi Siddall Actress, actor, born 08/12/1959

Mark Neuman office holder, born 08/12/1959

Praveen Thipsay born 08/12/1959

Gilberto Kassab Mayor of São Paulo, politician, born 08/12/1960

Robert Geddes Footballer, soccer manager, born 08/12/1960

Laurent Fignon Cyclist, cyclist, born 08/12/1960

Chris Bohjalian Novelist, writer, born 08/12/1960

Lonny Chin Playboy Playmate, born 08/12/1960

Patricia Gras born 08/12/1960

Andrea Maria Dusl Austrian/Swedish film director, author and illustrator, born 08/12/1961

Nigel William Gleghorn Footballer, soccer manager, born 08/12/1962

Niki Rüttimann Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 08/12/1962

Ariel Lopez Padilla actor, born 08/12/1962

Madhavi actor, born 08/12/1962

Sir Mix-a-Lot Musician, Rapper, record producer, songwriter, musical artist, born 08/12/1963

Rudy Smidts SOCCER PLAYER, LATERAL REAR, born 08/12/1963

Campbell Newman office holder, born 08/12/1963

Kitao Koji wrestler, born 08/12/1963

Angela Nicoletti actor, born 08/12/1964

Peter Krause Actor/Producer, actor, born 08/12/1965

Kathrine Narducci actor, born 08/12/1965

Staz Johnson comics creator, born 08/12/1965

Barry Manuel baseball player, born 08/12/1965

James Dumont actor, born 08/12/1965

Christopher Stollery actor, born 08/12/1965

Scott Newcomer office holder, born 08/12/1965

Tobias Ellwood member of parliament, born 08/12/1966

Mike Gundy Football coach and player, college coach, born 08/12/1967

Andy Hui Singer, songwriter, actor, actor, born 08/12/1967

Marty Munsch Producer, engineer, musical artist, born 08/12/1967

Andras Jones actor, born 08/12/1968

Kouji Yusa Seiyū, actor, born 08/12/1968

Jason Wilson office holder, born 08/12/1968

Tanita Tikaram Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/12/1969

Scott Simms member of parliament, born 08/12/1969

Aga Muhlach actor, born 08/12/1969

Matthew Walker actor, born 08/12/1969

Anthony Swofford American writer and United States Marine, military person, born 08/12/1970

Edouarde M. Castro VEDANTIST AT 5, PLANNED HIS FUNERAL, DIED AT 7, born 08/12/1970

Ellory Elkayem Film director and writer, born 08/12/1970

Pete Sampras Tennis player, tennis player, born 08/12/1971

Rebecca Gayheart Actress, actor, born 08/12/1971

Glen Gulutzan ice hockey player, born 08/12/1971

Peter Sampras TENNIS PLAYER, born 08/12/1971

Yvette Nicole Brown Actress, actor, born 08/12/1971

Adam Bloom Comedian, actor, born 08/12/1971

William Kenefick actor, born 08/12/1971

Mark Kinsella Footballer, soccer manager, born 08/12/1972

Takanohana CHAMPION SUMO WRESTLER, NOTED FAMILY, born 08/12/1972

Demir Demirkan songwriter, arranger, singer, co-producer, guitarist, musical artist, born 08/12/1972

Mark Iuliano Footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1973

Richard Reid none, criminal, born 08/12/1973

Natalia Paris Model, actor, born 08/12/1973

Arj Barker actor, born 08/12/1974

Linda Oneil Spokesmodel, actress, TV personality, model, born 08/12/1974

Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai born 08/12/1974

Peter Pucher ice hockey player, born 08/12/1974

Karl Stefanovic Television host, born 08/12/1974

Casey Affleck ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 08/12/1975

Willis Marshall born 08/12/1975

Sparkle Singer, musical artist, born 08/12/1975

Kiril Djorov soccer player, born 08/12/1975

Burcu Gunes Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 08/12/1975

Yong Liu badminton player, born 08/12/1975

Fatoine Walker basketball player, born 08/12/1976

Wednesday 13 musical artist, born 08/12/1976

Lina Rafn Singer, Songwriter, VJ, Model, musical artist, born 08/12/1976

Zsolt Dveri soccer player, born 08/12/1976

Iva Majoli TENNIS PLAYER, born 08/12/1977

Al Ewing comics creator, born 08/12/1977

Ajs Nigrutin musical artist, born 08/12/1977

Fehlandt Lentini Professional baseball player, born 08/12/1977

Hayley Wickenheiser Hockey player, ice hockey player, born 08/12/1978

Georgi Kipiani soccer player, born 08/12/1978

Michel Hernandez baseball player, born 08/12/1978

Cindy Klassen Canadian speed skater; Olympian, born 08/12/1979

Zlatan Bajramovic soccer player, born 08/12/1979

D.J. Houlton baseball player, born 08/12/1979

Dominique Swain ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 08/12/1980

Matt Thiessen musical artist, born 08/12/1980

Lea Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 08/12/1980

Natalie Mendoza Television actress, Film actress, Musician, actor, born 08/12/1980

Nick Speed Producer, Singer, Rapper, musical artist, born 08/12/1980

Djibril Cissé Footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1981

Curtis Hodgson Lacrosse player, born 08/12/1981

Steve Talley Actor, actor, born 08/12/1981

Liang Xu soccer player, born 08/12/1981

Caylian Curtis adult actor, born 08/12/1981

Rob Higgitt rugby player, born 08/12/1981

Romanus Orjinta soccer player, born 08/12/1981

Wolry Wolfe soccer player, born 08/12/1981

Nick Patterson Lacrosse player, born 08/12/1982

Frank Faylen STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 08/12/1982

Iza Calzado Model, Actress, TV Host, actor, born 08/12/1982

Glen Barry actor, born 08/12/1982

Marko Palavestric soccer player, born 08/12/1982

Elisabetta Fantone Actress, Model, Painter and Author, actor, born 08/12/1982

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar Association football forward, soccer player, born 08/12/1983

Ze Kalanga soccer player, born 08/12/1983

Kana Asumi Seiyū, actor, born 08/12/1983

Vinicius De Souza Nascimento soccer player, born 08/12/1984

Daniel Anthony William Graham Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 08/12/1985

Verity Rushworth actor, born 08/12/1985

Anna Bernauer German figure skater, figure skater, born 08/12/1986

Holley Ann Dorrough Playboy Playmate, born 08/12/1986

Alessandra Amoroso Singer, musical artist, born 08/12/1986

Yamoudou Camara soccer player, born 08/12/1987

Pliska Almir soccer player, born 08/12/1987

Natalia Navarro born 08/12/1987

Marco Andreoni Footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1988

Radoslav Dimitrov soccer player, born 08/12/1988

Justin Gaston Actor, Model, Singer, Actor, model, singer, actor, born 08/12/1988

Galvao Leal Vinicius soccer player, born 08/12/1989

Kwesi Appiah Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1990

Erik Fabbri soccer player, born 08/12/1991

Jesinta Campbell born 08/12/1991

Jacinta Wawatai actor, born 08/12/1992

Michael Thomas Professional footballer, soccer player, born 08/12/1992

Imani Hakim Actress, actor, born 08/12/1993