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Jim Clark American bank robber, Bank robber, criminal, born 02/26/1902


J.D. Short Singer, harmonicist, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/26/1902

Alexandru Ghika Mathematician, scientist, born 06/22/1902

Marguerite De La Motte Actress, actor, born 06/22/1902

Henri Deglane WRESTLING CHAMPION, born 06/22/1902

David Burns Actor, singer, born 06/22/1902

Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt Actor, actor, born 02/22/1906

Donald Stuart Russell office holder, born 02/22/1906

Leo Reinhold military person, born 02/22/1906

Creighton C. Hart born 02/22/1906

Pahari Sanyal Actor, actor, born 02/22/1906

Tony Randall Actor, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 02/26/1920

Michael Pate Television actor, actor, born 02/26/1920

Jean Jacques Hueber ARTIST, PAINTER, born 02/26/1920

Hilmar Baunsgaard prime minister, born 02/26/1920

Lucjan Wolanowski journalist, translator and traveller, writer, born 02/26/1920

Goro Azumaya scientist, born 02/26/1920

Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos writer, born 02/26/1920

Henri Crolla French guitarist, musical artist, born 02/26/1920

William Angus Manson Gunn office holder, born 06/22/1920

Luigi Malabrocca CHAMPIONSHIP CYCLIST, born 06/22/1920

Paul Frees actor, born 06/22/1920

Jovito Salonga office holder, born 06/22/1920

Walt Masterson baseball player, born 06/22/1920

Al Lolotai gridiron football player, born 06/22/1920

James Herbert Pomerene Electrical Engineer, born 06/22/1920

George Perpich american football player, born 06/22/1920

Milo Komenich basketball player, born 06/22/1920

Mario Caccia soccer player, born 06/22/1920

Jack Karwales gridiron football player, born 06/22/1920

Carmen Silvera Stage and TV actress, Actress, actor, born 06/02/1922

Clair Patterson scientist, born 06/02/1922

Charlie Sifford golf player, born 06/02/1922

Fredrick W. Mote scientist, born 06/02/1922

Judith Westphalen Painter, born 06/02/1922

Frank Salvatore office holder, born 06/02/1922

Tommy Mont college coach, born 06/20/1922

Aleksandar Sarievski Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 06/20/1922

Ron Crutchley soccer player, born 06/20/1922

Fritz Richard Stern Historian, born 02/02/1926

Valery Giscard d'Estaing CIVIL SERVANT, POLITICIAN, PRESIDENT OF FRANCE, born 02/02/1926

Valery Giscard Destaing president, born 02/02/1926

Elaine Stritch Actress/Vocalist, actor, born 02/02/1926

Sol Rosenberg Businessman; Philanthropist, born 02/02/1926

Richard Matheson SCI-FI/FANTASY AUTHOR, SCREENWRITER, Novelist, Short story writer, Screenwriter, writer, born 02/20/1926


Gillian Lynne born 02/20/1926

Adolf Bechtold soccer player, born 02/20/1926

Jean Boucher Civil law notary, member of parliament, born 02/20/1926

Konstantin Krizhevsky soccer manager, born 02/20/1926

Paul Dixon Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/22/1960

Thomas Strathclyde office holder, born 02/22/1960

Stefan Rahmstorf scientist, born 02/22/1960

Atzo Nicolai politician, born 02/22/1960

John F. Walker CISM consultant, born 02/22/1960

Michael T. Weiss actor, born 02/02/1962

Janisse Ray Professor, environmental activist, writer, born 02/02/1962

Sam Ayers Actor, actor, born 02/02/1962

Anatol Salaru politician, born 02/02/1962

Diane Alice Bergerac NOTED FAMILY, born 02/20/1962