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William Freeman Vilas Union Army officer and politician, office holder, born 07/09/1840

Albrecht Schmidt Actor, actor, born 04/09/1870

William Bondy United States federal judge, born 04/09/1870

Ray Corrigan American actor, actor, born 02/14/1902

Stuart Erwin FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, born 02/14/1902

Thelma Ritter Actress, actor, born 02/14/1902

Princess Sophie Of Luxembourg British royalty, born 02/14/1902

James Jarvist Arnold Australian politician, Railway worker, accountant, member of parliament, born 04/12/1902

Louis Joseph Maria Beel LAWYER, POLITICIAN, P.M., ADMINISTRATOR, Politician, office holder, born 04/12/1902

Gus Kenneally gridiron football player, born 04/12/1902

Joe Patrick Abbot born 04/12/1902

Ted Mack TV PERSONALITY, born 02/12/1904

Rudolf Antonius Heinrich Platte ACTOR, CABARET PERFORMER, born 02/12/1904

Etienne Charles Wolff EMBRYOLOGIST, born 02/12/1904

Clarence Adam Milligan member of parliament, born 02/12/1904

Trudy Marshall Actress, actor, born 02/14/1920

Jack Lesberg Musician, musical artist, born 02/14/1920

Albert Barille born 02/14/1920

Kanwar Zorawar Singh military person, born 02/14/1920

Alan Jay Perlis American computer scientist, scientist, born 04/01/1922

Robert Joseph Parks ENGINEER, SPACE PROJECT DIRECTOR, born 04/01/1922

Julius Hatofsky artist, born 04/01/1922

Giuseppe Casari SOCCER PLAYER, soccer player, born 04/10/1922

John Brim musical artist, born 04/10/1922

Frank Bowyer soccer player, born 04/10/1922

H. Richard Hornberger Hornberger Writer, Author, Surgeon, born 02/01/1924

Subagio Sastrowardoyo poet, short-story writer, essayist, literary critic, writer, born 02/01/1924

Aredio Gimona soccer manager, born 02/01/1924

Richard Bauman ACTOR, born 02/10/1924

Bud Poile ice hockey player, born 02/10/1924

Kyaw Swe Actor, director, born 02/10/1924

Noud van Melis soccer player, born 02/10/1924

Hank Brown LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (REP CO), senator, born 02/12/1940

Victor Taylor GRAPHIC ARTIST, AIDS VICTIM, born 02/12/1940

Ralph Bates Actor, actor, born 02/12/1940

Bashir Ahmad office holder, born 02/12/1940

Wolfgang Solz soccer player, born 02/12/1940

Terry Graham Parry Jones British comedian, Actor,, born 02/01/1942

Ned Randolph Attorney, mayor, born 02/01/1942

Antonio Fusari soccer player, born 02/01/1942

Robert Colin Green Footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1942

Lawrence Weiner artist, born 02/10/1942

Madhabi Mukherjee actor, born 02/10/1942

Gennaro Olivieri soccer manager, born 02/10/1942