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People People born on January 10th

Jeremiah S. Black American lawyer and politician, office holder, born 01/10/1810

Pitcairn, John, Jr. Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist, Capitalist, Industrialist, born 01/10/1841

Aldo Ballarin soccer player, born 01/10/1922

Zoe Tay actor, born 01/10/1968

Tamta Singer, musical artist, born 01/10/1981


People People belonging to military persons

John Moresby military person, born 03/15/1830

Hamilton Smith Hawkins United States Army general in the Spanish-American War, military person, born 11/13/1834

John Fraser Drummond military person, born 10/19/1918

Wallace H. Robinson United States Marine Corps general, military person, born 02/11/1920

Benito Martinez United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/21/1932


Siegfried Rasp

. Siegfried Rasp (10 January 1898 – 2 February 1968) was a German general of infantry, serving during World War II. Born in Munich, Rasp became an officer aspirant on September 6, 1915 and earned his commission as a Leutnant on June 24, 1916 in the 1st Bavarian Infantry Regiment. He was promoted to Oberst in July 1941, Generalmajor in November 1943, Generalleutnant in April 1944, and General der Infanterie in December 1944. Born 01/10/1898. Died 02/02/1968. (Wikipedia)

Siegfried Rasp, Matrix of Birth

January 10th (Monday) 1898

01/10/1898 = 28 = 10 (1 )

28 - 2 = 26 = 8

1111 (four)
22 (two) 8888 (four)
6 (one) 9 (one)

Personal Psychological Portrait:

EccentricEccentric : Eccentricity, Originality in Methods and Actions. Paradoxical Mind and Temper. Tend to Swim Against the Stream. Might Be Innovative, Unpredictable and Unruly - Strong

ReaperReaper : Gift of Reaping a Harvest. Might Inherit/Achieve High Social, Financial Status, and/or Reap the Harvest of Personal Karma in this Life - Strong

AlienAlien : Absence of Energy Flow in Some Areas of Life. Difficulties in Adaptation, Self-Expression and Self-Explanation - Moderate

AnalystAnalyst : Observational and Analytical Talents. Might be Reflective, Theoretical and Distant - Moderate

FighterFighter : Readiness to Fight for Everyday Goals. Energetic, Pushing, Problem-Solver. Tendency to Aggressive Discontent when Lacking Desired Results - Moderate

LauncherLauncher : Self-Reliance, Confidence, Straightforwardness. Striving for Progress and Evolution. Can be 'Launchers' of New Movements, Technologies, Genres, Processes. Might Seem Reckless, but Still Confident, in their Decisions and Actions. Able to Change their Own Lives and Lives of Others Dramatically - Moderate

Lonely StarLonely Star : Individualism, Concentration on Self. Many Talents, Clouded by a Hot Temper, Hidden Sense of Superiority or Open Narcissism. Tend to Turn Down Advice and Requests of Others. Sensitive to Criticism, Occasionally Might Feel Lost and Misunderstood. Their Lot - Triumph or Obscurity, Both with Touch of Loneliness - Moderate

Energy of the Life Path

1 (One)

The Beginning

Cosmic Impulse, Creation, Magic. Personal Spirit, Shine, Leadership.


Energy Portrait:

Life Path Number = 10

Types of Energy:

Personal Energy - Strong - 6 points

Mass/Universal Energy - Strong - 5 points

Social Energy - Weak - 1 point

Aspects of Life:

Materialistic/Physical Life - Strong - 6 points

Mental Life - Moderate - 4 points

Artistic/Public Life - Weak - 2 points

Stages of Life:

Youth - Strong - 6 points

Maturity - Strong - 5 points

Middle Age - Weak - 1 point

Types of Destiny:

Predestination, Universe Mission - Strong - 5 points

Free Will, Opportunities - Absence - 0 points

Mental Indexes:

Intellectual Creativity/Invention - Strong - 5 points

Smart Memory/Wit - Strong - 5 points

Fantasy/Spirituality - Weak - 1 point

Personal Characteristics:

Mogul : Risk, Investment, Politics - Very Strong - 8 points

Persona : Personal Ambitions, Self-Expression - Strong - 6 points

Down-to-Earth : Vitality, Practicality, Skillfulness - Strong - 6 points

Inner Self : Inner Maxims, Individual Beliefs - Strong - 5 points

Touch of the Universe : Gifts, Legacy, Karma - Strong - 5 points

Guru : Intellectual Independence, Leadership - Moderate - 4 points

Artist : Artistic, Dramatic, Entertaining Talents - Weak - 2 points

Authority : Social Skills, Career Potential - Weak - 1 point

Venturer : Free Enterprise, Commercial Spirit - Absence - 0 points