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People People born on September 21th

Lyman Melvin Jones office holder, born 09/21/1843

Clair Engle senator, born 09/21/1911

Timothy Creasey military person, born 09/21/1923

Nicholas Nuttall British peer and businessman, born 09/21/1933

Cass Sunstein scientist, born 09/21/1954


People People belonging to military persons

John Tracy United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/28/1848

Arthur Lockwood Wagner United States brigadier general and military instructor, military person, born 03/16/1853

Arthur S. Carpender United States Navy admiral and aviator, military person, born 10/24/1884

Clemens Betzel German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 06/09/1895

Van Vien Cao Soldier; Civil servant, military person, born 12/21/1921


Kenner Garrard

- Union Army general. Kenner Garrard (September 21, 1827 – May 15, 1879) was a brigadier general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. A member of one of Ohio's most prominent military families, he performed well at the Battle of Gettysburg, and then led a cavalry division in the army of Major General William T. Sherman during the Atlanta Campaign. He developed a reputation for personal bravery and was cited for gallantry at the Battle of Nashville as an infantry division commander. Born 09/21/1827. Died 05/15/1879 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Wikipedia)

Kenner Garrard, Matrix of Birth

September 21th (Friday) 1827

09/21/1827 = 30 = 3 (3 )

30 - 4 = 26 = 8

11 (two) 7 (one)
222 (three) 88 (two)
33 (two) 6 (one) 9 (one)

Personal Psychological Portrait:

EccentricEccentric : Eccentricity, Originality in Methods and Actions. Paradoxical Mind and Temper. Tend to Swim Against the Stream. Might Be Innovative, Unpredictable and Unruly - Very Strong

MaximalistMaximalist : Striving for Big Goals. Workaholic, Perfectionist. Tendency to Impatience, Intolerance, Destructive Criticism of Others. Easily Disappointed. Apathetic and Lazy when Cannot See Worthy Goals. Achieving Goals Can Bring Unexpected Outcomes - Very Strong

AnalystAnalyst : Observational and Analytical Talents. Might be Reflective, Theoretical and Distant - Moderate

CelebrityCelebrity : Personal Charisma, Brightness, Attractiveness, Popularity. Passionate, Responsive Personality. Tend to Be Vulnerable to Feedback, Upset when Unappreciated - Moderate

Energy of the Life Path

3 (Three)

Intrigue of Life

Personal Image, Performance. Imagination, Dreams, Fun. Connection with Time and Generation. Arch of Arts/Commerce.


Energy Portrait:

Life Path Number = 3

Types of Energy:

Personal Energy - Strong - 7 points

Mass/Universal Energy - Moderate - 4 points

Social Energy - Weak - 1 point

Aspects of Life:

Materialistic/Physical Life - Strong - 5 points

Artistic/Public Life - Moderate - 4 points

Mental Life - Moderate - 3 points

Stages of Life:

Youth - Strong - 7 points

Maturity - Moderate - 4 points

Middle Age - Weak - 1 point

Types of Destiny:

Free Will, Opportunities - Moderate - 3 points

Predestination, Universe Mission - Moderate - 3 points

Mental Indexes:

Smart Memory/Wit - Strong - 5 points

Intellectual Creativity/Invention - Moderate - 4 points

Fantasy/Spirituality - Moderate - 4 points

Personal Characteristics:

Persona : Personal Ambitions, Self-Expression - Strong - 7 points

Mogul : Risk, Investment, Politics - Strong - 6 points

Down-to-Earth : Vitality, Practicality, Skillfulness - Strong - 5 points

Artist : Artistic, Dramatic, Entertaining Talents - Moderate - 4 points

Touch of the Universe : Gifts, Legacy, Karma - Moderate - 4 points

Venturer : Free Enterprise, Commercial Spirit - Moderate - 3 points

Inner Self : Inner Maxims, Individual Beliefs - Moderate - 3 points

Guru : Intellectual Independence, Leadership - Moderate - 3 points

Authority : Social Skills, Career Potential - Weak - 1 point