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James Edwin Ray

- United States Air Force Silver Star recipient and POW during Vietnam War. Not to be confused with James Earl Ray. And for other people named James Ray, see James Ray. James Edwin Ray Born August 25, 1941 (1941-08-25) (age 69) File:JamesERay. jpgJames Edwin Ray, U.S. Air Force Place of birth Longview, Texas Allegiance File:Flag of the United States. svg United States of America Service/branch File:Flag of the United States Air Force. Born 08/25/1941 in Longview, Texas. (Wikipedia)

James Edwin Ray, Matrix of Birth

August 25th (Monday) 1941

08/25/1941 = 30 = 3 (3 )

30 - 4 = 26 = 8

11 (two) 4 (one)
22 (two) 5 (one) 88 (two)
33 (two) 6 (one) 9 (one)

Personal Psychological Portrait:

FighterFighter : Readiness to Fight for Everyday Goals. Energetic, Pushing, Problem-Solver. Tendency to Aggressive Discontent when Lacking Desired Results - Strong

EquilibristEquilibrist : Mobility, Flexibility, Taste for Grace and Balance. Might be Over-Reactive and Explosive under Pressure - Strong

DreamerDreamer : Desire for Joy and a Better Life. Enthusiasm, Consumerism. Tend to Count on the World in Realization of their Plans and Dreams. High Expectations, Excessive Demands, Idealistic Wishes. Charming when Satisfied. Tend to be Depressed and/or Blame Others when Fail. Might be Infantile, Tricky and Vindictive - Strong

ReaperReaper : Gift of Reaping a Harvest. Might Inherit/Achieve High Social, Financial Status, and/or Reap the Harvest of Personal Karma in this Life - Moderate

Energy of the Life Path

3 (Three)

Intrigue of Life

Personal Image, Performance. Imagination, Dreams, Fun. Connection with Time and Generation. Arch of Arts/Commerce.


Energy Portrait:

Life Path Number = 3

Types of Energy:

Personal Energy - Strong - 6 points

Mass/Universal Energy - Moderate - 3 points

Social Energy - Moderate - 3 points

Aspects of Life:

Materialistic/Physical Life - Strong - 5 points

Artistic/Public Life - Moderate - 4 points

Mental Life - Moderate - 3 points

Stages of Life:

Youth - Strong - 6 points

Maturity - Moderate - 3 points

Middle Age - Moderate - 3 points

Types of Destiny:

Predestination, Universe Mission - Moderate - 4 points

Free Will, Opportunities - Moderate - 3 points

Mental Indexes:

Smart Memory/Wit - Strong - 5 points

Intellectual Creativity/Invention - Moderate - 3 points

Fantasy/Spirituality - Moderate - 3 points

Personal Characteristics:

Mogul : Risk, Investment, Politics - Strong - 6 points

Persona : Personal Ambitions, Self-Expression - Strong - 6 points

Down-to-Earth : Vitality, Practicality, Skillfulness - Strong - 5 points

Inner Self : Inner Maxims, Individual Beliefs - Moderate - 4 points

Artist : Artistic, Dramatic, Entertaining Talents - Moderate - 4 points

Venturer : Free Enterprise, Commercial Spirit - Moderate - 3 points

Touch of the Universe : Gifts, Legacy, Karma - Moderate - 3 points

Authority : Social Skills, Career Potential - Moderate - 3 points

Guru : Intellectual Independence, Leadership - Moderate - 3 points