Class: drug

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Class: drug

Susan Lucci American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/23/1646

Sarah Siddons Actress, actor, born 07/05/1755

John Philip Kemble Actor-manager, actor, born 02/01/1757

Jakob Ludwig Carl Grimm German philologist, jurist and mythologist, writer, born 01/04/1785

Charlotta Maria Eriksson Swedish actor, painter, instructor, and principal, actor, born 02/11/1794

Betty Deland actor, born 11/14/1831

J. L. Toole actor, born 03/12/1832

W. Chrystie Miller Actor, drug, born 08/10/1843

Sarah Bernhardt Actress, actor, born 10/22/1844

Russell Bassett Actor, actor, born 10/24/1845

Ellen Alice Terry English actress, actor, born 02/27/1847

Clara T. Bracy Actor, drug, born 01/01/1848

William Courtright Actor, drug, born 03/10/1848

Jennie Lee Actor, actor, born 09/04/1848

Josephine Crowell Actor, drug, born 01/11/1849

George Berrell Actor, drug, born 12/16/1849

Augustus Harris Actor, Actor, impresario, dramatist, actor, born 03/18/1852

Charles Kent Actor, drug, born 06/18/1852

Gertrude Claire Actor, actor, born 07/16/1852

To Rickets Actor, actor, born 01/15/1853

Laura La Varnie Actor, drug, born 03/02/1853

Riley Chamberlin Actor, actor, born 11/07/1854

Jacob Pavlovitch Adler Russian-born actor in Yiddish theatere in Odessa, London and New York, Actor, actor, born 02/12/1855

Jay Hunt Film director, actor, actor, born 08/04/1855

Bert Woodruff Actor, drug, born 04/29/1856

Frank Daniels Film actor, actor, born 08/15/1856

Augustus Thomas Playwright, drug, born 01/08/1857

William V. Ranous Actor, actor, born 03/12/1857

Georgia Cayvan Actor, Comedian, actor, born 08/22/1857

Frank Currier Actor, drug, born 09/04/1857

Ermete Zacconi actor, Actor, drug, born 09/14/1857

Frederick Vroom Actor, actor, born 11/11/1857

Harry L. Rattenberry Actor, actor, born 12/14/1857

Frank Clark Actor, drug, born 12/22/1857

John Cossar Actor, drug, born 01/02/1858

Cesare Gravina Actor, actor, born 01/23/1858

Ferdinand Gottschalk Actor, drug, born 02/28/1858

May Robson Actor, actor, born 04/19/1858

Richard Henry Cummings Actor, drug, born 08/20/1858

Eleonora Duse actress, actor, born 10/03/1858

Gus Leonard actor, born 02/04/1859

Edward Kimball Actor, actor, born 06/26/1859

Edwin B. Tilton Actor, drug, born 09/15/1859

Colin Campbell Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 10/11/1859

Sam Marx Vaudeville performer, actor, born 10/23/1859

Edward Connelly Actor, drug, born 12/30/1859

Charles K. French Actor, drug, born 01/17/1860

Florence Farr Actress, Author, Musician, Mystic, actor, born 07/07/1860

George F. Marion Film actor, actor, born 07/16/1860

George Fawcett Actor, drug, born 08/25/1860

James Neill Actor, drug, born 09/29/1860

Lillian Langdon Actor, Film actress, drug, born 11/25/1860

Ernst Arndt Austrian stage and film actor, Actor, drug, born 02/03/1861

Theodore Roberts Film, stage actor, actor, born 10/08/1861

Phyllis Allen Silent film actress, Actress, actor, born 11/25/1861

Carrie Clark Ward Actor, actor, born 01/09/1862

L. M. Wells Actor, actor, born 02/05/1862

Edward Elkas Actor, actor, born 02/08/1862

Eva Thatcher Film actress, actor, born 03/14/1862

Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset Film director film writer, silent film director, film writer, actor, born 03/30/1862

Mrs. Leslie Carter Stage and film actress, actor, born 06/10/1862

Lule Warrenton Actor, actor, born 06/22/1862

May Irwin actress, singer, Actress, singer, actor, born 06/27/1862

Gustav von Seyffertitz Actor, drug, born 08/04/1862

Burr McIntosh Actor, drug, born 08/21/1862

Fred Huntley Actor, Film director, drug, born 08/29/1862

Frank Beal Actor, Film director, Film actor, director, drug, born 09/11/1862

Otis Turner Film director, actor, born 11/29/1862

David Torrence Actor, drug, born 01/17/1863

Carrie Daumery Actor, actor, born 03/25/1863

Mac Barnes Actor, actor, born 06/02/1863

George Hernandez Actor, drug, born 06/06/1863

Ricca Allen Actor, drug, born 06/09/1863

Frederik Jensen Actor, actor, born 06/25/1863

E. H. Calvert Actor, film director, drug, born 06/27/1863

Joseph Kilgour Actor, actor, born 07/11/1863

Herschel Mayall Actor, actor, born 07/12/1863

Alison Skipworth British actress, Actress, actor, born 07/25/1863

John Bunny Actor, actor, born 09/21/1863

Edythe Chapman Actor, actor, born 10/08/1863

Dick La Reno Actor, drug, born 10/31/1863

Harry Todd Actor, actor, born 12/13/1863

Alice Davenport Actor, drug, born 02/29/1864

Tully Marshall Actor, actor, born 04/10/1864

Albert Roccardi Actor, drug, born 05/09/1864

Wadsworth Harris Actor, drug, born 10/09/1864

Jessie Ralph Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/05/1864

William S. Hart actor, film director, Actor, screenwriter, director, producer, actor, born 12/06/1864

Frank Campeau Actor, actor, born 12/14/1864

Charles Richman Actor, Film actor, actor, born 01/12/1865

Edward McWade Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/14/1865

Travers Vale Film director, actor, born 01/31/1865

Victory Bateman Film actress, actor, born 04/06/1865

Charles Stanton Ogle Actor, actor, born 06/05/1865

Dame May Whitty Actress, actor, born 06/19/1865

George C. Pearce Actor, Film actor, actor, born 06/26/1865

Franklin Ritchie Actor, drug, born 06/26/1865

Arthur Mackley actor, born 07/03/1865

Mollie McConnell Film actress, Actress, actor, born 09/24/1865

Howard Crampton Actor, drug, born 12/12/1865

Mrs. Fiske Actress, playwright, actor, born 12/19/1865

Harry George Bryant Davenport Actor, drug, born 01/19/1866

Walter P. Lewis Actor, actor, born 06/10/1866

Sidney De Gray actor, born 06/16/1866

Reginald Barlow Actor, actor, born 06/17/1866

Josef Swickard Actor, actor, born 06/26/1866

Macklyn Arbuckle Film, stage actor, actor, born 07/09/1866

Maurice Schutz actor, born 08/03/1866

Brandon Hurst Actor, actor, born 08/30/1866

Lydia Knott Actor, Film actress, actor, born 10/01/1866

Andrew Bennison Screenwriter, drug, born 11/03/1866

Charles Wilken Actor, drug, born 11/08/1866

Mark Fenton Actor, actor, born 11/11/1866

James A. Marcus Actor, actor, born 01/21/1867

Paul Weigel Actor, actor, born 02/18/1867

Mayme Kelso Actor, actor, born 02/28/1867

J. P. Lockney Actor, actor, born 03/17/1867

Ziegfeld, Florenz, Jr. Broadway impresario, actor, born 03/21/1867

Lionel Belmore Actor, drug, born 05/12/1867

J. Gordon Edwards Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, actor, born 06/24/1867

Herbert Prior English Actor, actor, born 07/02/1867

George Bunny Actor, drug, born 07/13/1867

William Orlamond Actor, actor, born 08/01/1867

Louise Lester Actress, actor, born 08/08/1867

Wilbur Higby Actor, actor, born 08/21/1867

Anna Dodge Actor, drug, born 10/18/1867

Viola Allen American actress, Film, stage actress, actor, born 10/27/1867

Alec B. Francis Actor, actor, born 12/02/1867

Edith Yorke English actress, actor, born 12/23/1867

Marc Robbins Actor, actor, born 01/03/1868

Henry Travers Actor, actor, born 03/05/1868

Margaret Mann Actor, drug, born 04/04/1868

Maurits Binger Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/05/1868

George Arliss Actor, author, Actor, author, playwright, filmmaker, actor, born 04/10/1868

Spottiswoode Aitken Actor, actor, born 04/16/1868

Sheldon Lewis Actor, actor, born 04/20/1868

Al Shean Comedian, actor, born 05/12/1868

Hardee Kirkland Film actor, director, actor, born 05/23/1868

Robert Edeson Actor, actor, born 06/03/1868

Loyola O'Connor actor, born 07/08/1868

Egil Eide Actor, Film director, drug, born 08/24/1868

Alma Kruger Actress, actor, born 09/13/1868

Fred Gamble Actor, actor, born 10/26/1868

Marie Dressler Actress, actor, born 11/09/1868

Maude Turner Gordon Actor, actor, born 11/10/1868

Bayard Veiller Screenwriter, actor, born 01/02/1869

William Elmer Actor, actor, born 04/25/1869

Louise Carver Actress, actor, born 06/09/1869

William E. Wing Screenwriter, actor, born 07/04/1869

Christian Schrøder Actor, actor, born 07/13/1869

Booth Tarkington American novelist, Novelist/Dramatist, writer, born 07/29/1869

Robert Dudley actor, born 09/13/1869

Stina Berg Actor, drug, born 10/21/1869

D'Arcy Corrigan Actor, actor, born 01/02/1870

Harry De Vere Actor, drug, born 02/01/1870

Lon Poff Actor, actor, born 02/08/1870

William Welsh Actor, drug, born 02/09/1870

Elliott Dexter Actor, actor, born 03/29/1870

Neal Hart Actor, actor, born 04/07/1870

Albrecht Schmidt Actor, actor, born 04/09/1870

Friedrich Kühne Actor, drug, born 04/24/1870

William McCall Actor, actor, born 05/19/1870

Richard Bennett Actor, actor, born 05/21/1870

Charles Hill Mailes Actor, drug, born 05/25/1870

Claude Gillingwater Actor, actor, born 08/02/1870

Nelson McDowell Actor, actor, born 08/14/1870

Charles Sellon Actor, drug, born 08/24/1870

Leopold Wharton Film director, film producer, actor, born 09/01/1870

Ferdinand Martini actor, born 09/01/1870

Edward Ellis actor, writer, Actor, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 11/12/1870

Petrine Sonne Actor, actor, born 11/25/1870

Bert Sprotte Actor, actor, born 12/09/1870

George Ovey Actor, actor, born 12/13/1870

Gerda Lundequist Swedish actress, Actress, actor, born 02/14/1871

Joseph W. Girard Actor, actor, born 04/02/1871

Otto Treßler Actor, drug, born 04/13/1871

Henry Stephenson Actor, actor, born 04/16/1871

James Gordon Actor, actor, born 04/23/1871

Frank Hayes Actor, actor, born 05/17/1871

Olga Engl Actor, drug, born 05/30/1871

Clare Greet actor, born 06/14/1871

Edmund Breese Actor, Stage, film actor, drug, born 06/18/1871

Richard Carle Actor, actor, born 07/07/1871

Theo Frenkel Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/14/1871

Charles Giblyn Film director, Actor, drug, born 09/06/1871

Hilda Borgström Actor, drug, born 10/13/1871

James Young Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/01/1872

Lafe McKee Actor, drug, born 01/23/1872

Kate Price Actress, actor, born 02/13/1872

William Desond Taylor Actor, director, actor, born 04/26/1872

Albert Steinrück Actor, drug, born 05/20/1872

Will Walling Actor, drug, born 06/02/1872

Winter Hall Actor, actor, born 06/21/1872

Charles Murray Actor, drug, born 06/22/1872

Frederick Sullivan Film director, Actor, drug, born 07/18/1872

Frank Lanning Actor, actor, born 08/14/1872

Mae Hotely actor, born 10/07/1872

Ralph Lewis Actor, actor, born 10/08/1872

Louise Closser Hale Actress, author, playright, actor, born 10/13/1872

David Smith Film director, drug, born 10/28/1872

Paul Panzer Actor, actor, born 11/03/1872

Lucille La Verne Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/08/1872

Maude Adams Actress, actor, born 11/11/1872

Margaret Seddon Actor, actor, born 11/18/1872

Harry Holman Actor, actor, born 11/20/1872

Jenő Janovics Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/08/1872

William Conklin Actor, actor, born 12/25/1872

Frank Hall Crane Actor, drug, born 01/01/1873

Adolph Zukor actor, born 01/07/1873

Arthur Hotaling Film director, actor, born 02/03/1873

Pyotr Chardynin Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 02/10/1873

Lee Kohlmar Actor, Film director, drug, born 02/27/1873

Madame Sul-Te-Wan Actress, actor, born 03/07/1873

Anna Held Actress, singer, actor, born 03/08/1873

Charles Clary Actor, drug, born 03/24/1873

Otto Matieson Actor, drug, born 03/27/1873

Billy Quirk Actor, actor, born 03/29/1873

Gabrielle Fontan Actor, drug, born 04/16/1873

Jerold T. Hevener Actor, Film director, actor, born 04/30/1873

Charles Avery Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 05/28/1873

George MacQuarrie Actor, drug, born 06/02/1873

Vera Lewis Actor, actor, born 06/10/1873

Frank Farrington Actor, drug, born 07/08/1873

Wilbur Mack Actor, actor, born 07/29/1873

Tom McGuire Actor, drug, born 09/01/1873

Willard Mack Actor, film director, Actor, director, playwright, actor, born 09/18/1873

Theodore Lorch Actor, actor, born 09/29/1873

Charles Wellesley Actor, actor, born 11/17/1873

Harry Solter Actor, film director and screenwriter, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 11/18/1873

John St. Polis Actor, actor, born 11/24/1873

George Beban Actor, actor, born 12/13/1873

Fred Niblo Film director, actor, born 01/06/1874

George Periolat Actor, actor, born 02/05/1874

Max Adalbert Actor, actor, born 02/19/1874

J. Barney Sherry Actor, actor, born 03/04/1874

Mary Carr Actor, drug, born 03/14/1874

Arthur Hoyt Actor, actor, born 03/19/1874

Elemér Thury Actor, drug, born 04/03/1874

Thomas G. Lingham Actor, actor, born 04/07/1874

Friedrich Kayßler Actor, drug, born 04/07/1874

Dorothea Wolbert Actor, actor, born 04/12/1874

Lillian Elliott Actor, actor, born 04/24/1874

Sidney Toler Actor, playwright, theatre director, actor, born 04/28/1874

Lillian Leighton Actress, actor, born 05/17/1874

John Emerson Actor, Playwright, Director, Producer, Writer, actor, born 05/29/1874

Charles Paton Actor, drug, born 07/31/1874

Sidney Morgan Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor, drug, born 08/02/1874

Edmund Mortimer Actor, actor, born 08/21/1874

Helen Haye Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/28/1874

Tom Murray Actor, actor, born 09/08/1874

George Irving Actor, director, actor, born 10/05/1874

Charles Newton Actor, actor, born 10/08/1874

Frank Brownlee Actor, Film actor, drug, born 10/11/1874

Billie Bennett Actor, Film actress, drug, born 10/23/1874

Emma Gramatica Actor, drug, born 10/25/1874

Caroline van Dommelen Actor, drug, born 11/09/1874

Henry Kolker Actor, Film director, actor, born 11/13/1874

Albert Capellani Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/23/1874

Lloyd Ingraham Actor, Film director, drug, born 11/30/1874

D.W. Griffith American film director, Actor, film director, film producer, drug, born 01/22/1875

Frank MacQuarrie Actor, drug, born 01/27/1875

Horace B. Carpenter Actor, Film director, Actor, film director, screenwriter, drug, born 01/31/1875

Eddie Polo Actor, drug, born 02/01/1875

Emma Dunn Actor, drug, born 02/26/1875

Spencer Charters Actor, drug, born 03/25/1875

Helen Westley Actress, actor, born 03/28/1875

Samuel S. Hinds Actor, actor, born 04/04/1875

Theodore Wharton Film director, film producer, actor, born 04/12/1875

Henry A. Barrows Actor, Film actor, actor, born 04/29/1875

Max Davidson Actor, actor, born 05/23/1875

Anna von Palen Actor, drug, born 05/26/1875

J. Farrell MacDonald Actor & Director, Actor, Film director, singer, actor, born 06/06/1875

Renée Carl Actor, drug, born 06/10/1875

Sam De Grasse Actor, actor, born 06/12/1875

William V. Mong Actor, screenwriter, film director, actor, born 06/25/1875

Antonio Gandusio Actor, actor, born 07/29/1875

Harry Northrup Actor, drug, born 07/31/1875

Olof Winnerstrand actor, born 08/26/1875

Wolfgang Neff Film director, drug, born 09/08/1875

Russ Powell Actor, actor, born 09/16/1875

Edmund Gwenn Actor, actor, born 09/26/1875

Lincoln Plumer Silent film actor, actor, born 09/28/1875

Edgar Selwyn Theatrical producer, actor, born 10/20/1875

Rose Dione Actor, actor, born 10/22/1875

H. B. Warner Actor, actor, born 10/26/1875

Dorothy Vernon Actor, drug, born 11/11/1875

Bert Williams Entertainer, actor, born 11/12/1875

Richard Neill Actor, actor, born 11/12/1875

Elizabeth Patterson Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/22/1875

Suzanne Desprès Actor, actor, born 12/16/1875

Paula de Waart Actor, drug, born 01/01/1876

Rose Plumer Film actress, actor, born 01/19/1876

Arthur V. Johnson Actor, Film director, actor, born 02/02/1876

Aggie Herring Actor, actor, born 02/04/1876

Mack Swain actor, vaudevillian, Actor, vaudevillian, actor, born 02/16/1876

Victor Moore Actor, actor, born 02/24/1876

Charles Halton Actor, actor, born 03/16/1876

John DuCasse Schulze Art director, drug, born 04/23/1876

Monroe Salisbury Actor, actor, born 05/08/1876

Clarence Barr Actor, drug, born 06/08/1876

John T. Dillon Actor, drug, born 06/19/1876

Ben F. Wilson Actor, film director, actor, born 07/07/1876

Edward Martindel Actor, drug, born 07/08/1876

Maria Ouspenskaya Actress, actor, born 07/29/1876

Willy Kaiser-Heyl Actor, drug, born 08/04/1876

Roy Watson Actor, drug, born 08/06/1876

Ernest Cossart Actor, actor, born 09/24/1876

Richard Stanton Actor, Film director, actor, born 10/08/1876

Isadore Bernstein Screenwriter, drug, born 11/26/1876

Milton Ross Actor, actor, born 12/02/1876

Harry Dunkinson Actor, drug, born 12/16/1876

Stanton Heck Actor, actor, born 01/08/1877

Roy Clements Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/12/1877

Vladimir Gardin Film director, Screenwriter, actor, Film director, screenwriter, actor, drug, born 01/18/1877

John Webb Dillon Actor, drug, born 02/06/1877

Tenen Holtz Actor, actor, born 02/17/1877

George Melford Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 02/19/1877

Frank Stanmore Actor, drug, born 03/10/1877

Myra Keaton Film actress, actor, born 03/13/1877

Montagu Love Actor, actor, born 03/15/1877

Axel Frische Screenwriter, Actor, Film director, drug, born 03/15/1877

George Field Actor, drug, born 03/18/1877

Frank Whitson Actor, actor, born 03/22/1877

Carl Alstrup Actor, Film director, actor, born 04/11/1877

Perry Banks Actor, drug, born 04/24/1877

J. Searle Dawley Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 05/13/1877

Otto Gebühr Actor, drug, born 05/29/1877

Chief John Big Tree Actor, actor, born 06/02/1877

Charles Coburn Actor, actor, born 06/19/1877

William Clifford Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/27/1877

Hayden Stevenson Actor, drug, born 07/02/1877

Georges Saillard actress, actor, born 07/05/1877

Nigel De Brulier English Actor, actor, born 07/08/1877

René Navarre Actor, drug, born 07/08/1877

Henry Otto Actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, actor, born 08/08/1877

May Wallace Actor, drug, born 08/23/1877

Burton L. King Film director, Actor, actor, born 08/25/1877

Alfréd Deésy Film director, Actor, actor, born 09/22/1877

Harry Schumm Actor, drug, born 09/27/1877

Stanner E.V. Taylor Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 09/28/1877

Josephine Lovett Screenwriter, drug, born 10/21/1877

Claire McDowell Actor, actor, born 11/02/1877

Edwin Wallock Actor, actor, born 11/06/1877

Robert Homans Actor, actor, born 11/08/1877

Forrest Halsey Screenwriter, actor, born 11/09/1877

Herbert Pitman Third Officer of Titanic, actor, born 11/20/1877

Sidney Bracey Actor, drug, born 12/18/1877

Nils Ahrén Actor, drug, born 12/30/1877

Harry Carey Actor, drug, born 01/16/1878

Oscar Apfel Actor, film director, drug, born 01/17/1878

Ernest Joy Actor, actor, born 01/20/1878

William Desmond Actor, drug, born 01/23/1878

Magnus Stifter Actor, drug, born 01/23/1878

Charles Magnusson Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/26/1878

George C. Hull Screenwriter, actor, born 01/28/1878

Paul Otto Actor, actor, born 02/08/1878

Lauritz Lauritzen Film director, drug, born 03/13/1878

Henry B. Walthall Actor, actor, born 03/16/1878

Chick Morrison Actor, actor, born 04/03/1878

Ethel Wales Actor, actor, born 04/04/1878

Holger-Madsen Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/11/1878

Ethel Griffies Actress, actor, born 04/26/1878

Lionel Barrymore Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 04/28/1878

Jan van Dommelen Actor, drug, born 04/28/1878

Edward Clark Actor, drug, born 05/06/1878

Conway Tearle Actor, drug, born 05/17/1878

Warren Cook Actor, drug, born 05/23/1878

Bill Robinson Dancer, actor, actor, born 05/25/1878

Ernest Torrence Actor, actor, born 06/26/1878

Waldemar Young Screenwriter, actor, born 07/01/1878

William C. deMille actor, born 07/25/1878

Fred Mace Actor, actor, born 08/22/1878

Murdock MacQuarrie Actor, drug, born 08/25/1878

Bobby Burns Actor, film director, Film actor, director, actor, born 09/01/1878

Fritz Magnussen Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/13/1878

Guy Oliver Actor, actor, born 09/25/1878

T. D. Crittenden Actor, drug, born 09/27/1878

George Holt Actor, Film director, drug, born 09/30/1878

Louise Dresser actress, Actress, actor, born 10/05/1878

Coen Hissink Actor, drug, born 10/05/1878

Schiøler Linck Actor, actor, born 10/26/1878

Eily Malyon British character actress, Character actress, actor, born 10/30/1878

Kingsley Benedict Actor, Film actor, drug, born 11/14/1878

Frank Jonasson Actor, actor, born 12/14/1878

Edward Dillon Actor, drug, born 01/01/1879

Paul Porcasi Actor, drug, born 01/01/1879

Ernest Thesiger Actor, actor, born 01/15/1879

Harry A. Pollard Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/23/1879

Vin Moore Film director, actor, born 01/23/1879

Walter Stull Actor, Film director, actor, born 01/27/1879

Julius Falkenstein Actor, drug, born 02/25/1879

Walter Long Actor, actor, born 03/05/1879

Alfred Abel Actor, actor, born 03/12/1879

Hayward Mack Actor, actor, born 03/20/1879

Modesto Cid Actor, drug, born 03/25/1879

Otto Hoffman Actor, actor, born 05/02/1879

Max Marcin Screenwriter, drug, born 05/05/1879

Alla Nazimova Actress, actor, born 05/22/1879

Frank Alexander Silent film actor, actor, born 05/25/1879

Lucile Watson Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/27/1879

George Lessey Actor, Film director, actor, born 06/08/1879

Cyril Chadwick Actor, drug, born 06/11/1879

Martha Mattox Actor, actor, born 06/19/1879

DeWitt Jennings Actor, drug, born 06/21/1879

Eugenie Forde Actor, actor, born 06/22/1879

Charles de Rochefort Actor, actor, born 07/07/1879

Laura Oakley Actor, drug, born 07/10/1879

Georg John Actor, actor, born 07/23/1879

J. Warren Kerrigan Actor, director, actor, born 07/25/1879

Ethel Barrymore Actress, actor, born 08/15/1879

Samuel Goldwyn Film producer, actor, born 08/17/1879

Lew Kelly actor, born 08/24/1879

Sydney Ayres Silent film actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 08/28/1879

Max Schreck German actor, actor, born 09/06/1879

Hampton Del Ruth Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 09/07/1879

Jack Adams Silent film actor, Actor, actor, born 09/08/1879

Shorty Hamilton Actor, actor, born 09/09/1879

Harry Carter Actor, drug, born 09/14/1879

Kathryn Sheldon Actor, actor, born 09/22/1879

Warner Oland Actor, actor, born 10/03/1879

Jane Darwell Actress, actor, born 10/15/1879

Sara Allgood Actor, actor, born 10/15/1879

Karl Etlinger Actor, drug, born 10/16/1879

Arthur Henry Gooden Screenwriter, actor, born 10/23/1879

King Baggot Actor, screenwriter and director, actor, born 11/07/1879

Charles Maigne Screenwriter and film director, drug, born 11/11/1879

Lewis Stone Actor, actor, born 11/15/1879

Charles Hutchison Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 12/03/1879

Herbert Yost Actor, actor, born 12/08/1879

Laura Hope Crews Actress, actor, born 12/12/1879

William Duncan Actor, Film director, actor, born 12/16/1879

Ida May Park Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 12/28/1879

Mary Forbes Actor, actor, born 12/30/1879

Marian Skinner Actor, actor, born 01/08/1880

Gull Natorp Actor, drug, born 01/10/1880

Mack Sennett producer, actor, director, screenwriter, presenter, composer, cinematographer, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, presenter, composer, cinematographer, actor, born 01/17/1880

William Bertram Actor, Film director, Actor, film director, actor, born 01/19/1880

Fritz Schade Actor, drug, born 01/19/1880

Sylvia Ashton Actor, drug, born 01/26/1880

W. C. Fields Actor, Actor, comedian, juggler, writer, actor, born 01/29/1880

Frank Elliott Actor, actor, born 02/11/1880

Lucille Ward actor, born 02/25/1880

Florence Auer Actress, actor, born 03/03/1880

Boyd Irwin Actor, actor, born 03/12/1880

Broncho Billy Anderson Film director, actor, Actor, actor, born 03/21/1880

Allan Cavan Actor, drug, born 03/25/1880

Hector Sarno Actor, actor, born 04/24/1880

Jack Curtis Actor, drug, born 05/28/1880

Perry N. Vekroff Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 06/03/1880

Clara Blandick Actress, actor, born 06/04/1880

Norbert Jacques Screenwriter, drug, born 06/06/1880

Clarence G. Badger Film director, actor, born 06/09/1880

Mahlon Hamilton Actor, drug, born 06/15/1880

Amelia Chellini Actor, drug, born 06/16/1880

Joachim Holst-Jensen Actor, actor, born 06/16/1880

Mitchell Lewis Actor, drug, born 06/26/1880

Charles Le Moyne Actor, actor, born 06/27/1880

Charles Albert Browning Film director/actor, Film actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 07/12/1880

Leo Carrillo Actor, actor, born 08/06/1880

Hans Moser Austrian actor, Actor, drug, born 08/06/1880

Edward Coxen Actor, actor, born 08/08/1880

Viggo Larsen Actor, Film director, drug, born 08/14/1880

Charles Arling Actor, drug, born 08/22/1880

Wyndham Standing Actor, drug, born 08/23/1880

Tom Wilson Actor, drug, born 08/27/1880

Samuel Sax Film producer, actor, born 09/05/1880

Joe Rickson Actor, actor, born 09/06/1880

Jack McDonald Actor, actor, born 09/17/1880

Robert McKenzie Actor, actor, born 09/22/1880

Wally Van Actor, Film director, drug, born 09/27/1880

Marie Niedermann Actor, drug, born 09/27/1880

Peter B. Kyne Writer, actor, born 10/12/1880

Coit Albertson Silent film actor, Actor, actor, born 10/14/1880

Una O'Connor Actor, drug, born 10/23/1880

Arthur Wellin film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 10/31/1880

Charles Kenyon Screenwriter, actor, born 11/02/1880

Eugene O’Brien Stage, film actor, drug, born 11/14/1880

Charles Brinley Actor, drug, born 11/15/1880

John Ekman Actor, drug, born 11/15/1880

Edwin Stanley Actor, drug, born 11/22/1880

Buck Connors Actor, actor, born 11/22/1880

Basil Dickey Screenwriter, drug, born 11/23/1880

Rosalind Ivan Actress, actor, born 11/27/1880

Richard A. Rowland Film producer, studio executive, Studio executive, film producer, actor, born 12/08/1880

Richard Schayer Screenwriter, actor, born 12/13/1880

Mabel Paige Actor, drug, born 12/19/1880

Bertram Grassby Actor, actor, born 12/23/1880

Leon De La Mothe Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/26/1880

Walter Woods Screenwriter, actor, born 01/14/1881

Yakov Protazanov Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 01/23/1881

Dot Farley Actor, actor, born 02/06/1881

Tom Chatterton Actor, actor, born 02/12/1881

Ivar Kåge Actor, drug, born 02/21/1881

William Dyer Actor, drug, born 03/11/1881

Noble Johnson Actor, actor, born 04/18/1881

Duke R. Lee Actor, actor, born 05/13/1881

Julian Eltinge Actor, female impersonator, actor, born 05/14/1881

Charlotte Burton Actress, actor, born 05/30/1881

William Anthony McGuire Screenwriter, actor, born 07/09/1881

Marc Mcdermott Australian-American silent film actor, actor, born 07/24/1881

Olga Preobrazhenskaya Film director, Actress, drug, born 07/24/1881

Gus McNaughton Actor, drug, born 07/29/1881

Lillian Albertson Actress, theatrical producer, Actress, actor, born 08/06/1881

Cecil B. DeMille Film director, Producer, director, editor, screenwriter and actor, drug, born 08/12/1881

Francis Ford Actor, Film director, Actor, actor, born 08/14/1881

Achille Majeroni Actor, actor, born 08/24/1881

Paul Powell Film director, drug, born 09/06/1881

J. Morris Foster Silent film actor, actor, born 09/09/1881

Asta Sofie Amalie Nielsen Danish actress, actor, born 09/11/1881

Matthew Betz Film actor, actor, born 09/13/1881

Blanche Payson drug, born 09/20/1881

Oreste Bilancia actor, born 09/24/1881

Gustavo Serena Actor, Film director, drug, born 10/05/1881

Crauford Kent Actor, actor, born 10/12/1881

Al Christie Film director, producer, and screenwriter, Film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 10/23/1881

Margaret Wycherly Actor, actor, born 10/26/1881

Carl Schenstrøm Actor, actor, born 11/13/1881

Anna Henriques-Nielsen Actor, drug, born 12/08/1881

Harold Morris Warner Film studio executive, Film executive, actor, born 12/12/1881

Pat Hartigan Actor, actor, born 12/21/1881

Dick Sutherland Actor, drug, born 12/23/1881

Emanuel Gregers Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Actor, actor, born 12/28/1881

Milton Sills actor, Actor, born 01/02/1882

Albert MacQuarrie Actor, actor, born 01/08/1882

Charles Trowbridge Actor, actor, born 01/10/1882

Theodore Kosloff Ballet dancer, choreographer, actor, actor, born 01/22/1882

George Siegmann Actor, actor, born 02/08/1882

George Terwilliger Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/27/1882

Guy Kibbee Actor, actor, born 03/06/1882

Arturo Soto Rangel Actor, actor, born 03/12/1882

Max Gülstorff Actor, drug, born 03/23/1882

Jack Cunningham Screenwriter, actor, born 04/01/1882

Herbert Evans Actor, actor, born 04/15/1882

Charles Brabin Film director, actor, born 04/17/1882

Willard Louis Actor, actor, born 04/19/1882

True Boardman Actor, drug, born 04/21/1882

Thurston Hall Actor, actor, born 05/10/1882

Betty Harte Actor, drug, born 05/13/1882

James Gleason Actor, actor, born 05/23/1882

John Hughes Art director, drug, born 05/23/1882

Marie Doro actor, born 05/25/1882

Walter James Actor, actor, born 06/03/1882

Valeska Suratt Actress, drug, born 06/28/1882

Max Parker Art director, drug, born 07/12/1882

Edward Earle Actor, drug, born 07/16/1882

James Vincent Actor, Film director, actor, born 07/19/1882

Donald Crisp Actor, film director, Actor, producer, director, screenwriter, actor, born 07/27/1882

Holmes Herbert English Actor, drug, born 07/30/1882

Ernst Eklund Actor, drug, born 08/06/1882

Beryl Mercer actress, actor, born 08/13/1882

Charles Judels Actor, actor, born 08/17/1882

Jack Norton Actor, drug, born 09/02/1882

Jack Duffy Actor, actor, born 09/04/1882

Harry Myers Actor, film director, drug, born 09/05/1882

Paul Harvey American actor, actor, born 09/10/1882

Erville Alderson Actor, Film actor, actor, born 09/11/1882

William S. Darling Art director, drug, born 09/14/1882

Henry Edwards Actor, Film director, drug, born 09/18/1882

William C. Dowlan Actor, Film director, drug, born 09/21/1882

Ethel Grey Terry Actor, actor, born 10/02/1882

Herbert Blaché Film director, drug, born 10/05/1882

Harry Lietdke Actor, actor, born 10/12/1882

Jack Nelson Actor, Film director, drug, born 10/15/1882

Olaf Fønss Actor, Director, Producer, Film Censor, Union Leader, Actor, Director, Producer, actor, born 10/17/1882

Béla Lugosi Actor, actor, born 10/20/1882

Margaret Dumont Actress, actor, born 10/20/1882

Dorothy Phillips Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/22/1882

Ewart Adamson Screenwriter, drug, born 10/23/1882

Percy Standing Actor, drug, born 10/26/1882

Thomas H. Ince Cinema pioneer, studio mogul, producer, director, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 11/06/1882

Ethel Clayton Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/08/1882

Harry Hayden Actor, actor, drug, born 11/08/1882

Leo White Actor, actor, born 11/10/1882

Lizette Thorne Actress, actor, born 11/24/1882

E.W. Hammons Film producer, actor, born 12/02/1882

Edmund Breon Actor, drug, born 12/12/1882

A.W. Hackel Film producer, actor, born 12/18/1882

Francis X. Bushman Actor, director, writer, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 01/10/1883

Elliott J. Clawson Screenwriter, drug, born 01/19/1883

Estelle Winwood stage, actress, Actress, director, drug, born 01/24/1883

Sakall, S.Z., Szőke Szakáll Actor, actor, born 02/02/1883

Joe King Actor, actor, born 02/09/1883

Ludwig Stössel actor, Actor, born 02/12/1883

William LeBaron Film producer, drug, born 02/16/1883

Olga Svendsen Actor, actor, born 02/22/1883

J. Edward Hungerford Screenwriter, drug, born 02/25/1883

Gyula Csortos Actor, drug, born 03/03/1883

Ada Dondini Actor, drug, born 03/18/1883

Cleo Madison Actor, actor, born 03/26/1883

Poul Reumert Actor, actor, born 03/26/1883

Thomas J. Geraghty Screenwriter, drug, born 04/10/1883

George B. French Actor, actor, born 04/14/1883

Margaret Campbell Actress, actor, born 04/24/1883

Johnny Arthur Actor, actor, born 05/20/1883

Douglas Fairbanks Actor, producer, screenwriter, director, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 05/23/1883

Merta Sterling actor, born 06/13/1883

C. Henry Gordon Actor, drug, born 06/17/1883

Mary Alden Actress, actor, born 06/18/1883

Leah Baird Silent film actress, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 06/20/1883

Arthur Devère Actor, actor, born 06/24/1883

Arthur Robison Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/25/1883

Günther Stapenhorst Film producer, drug, born 06/25/1883

Polly Moran Actress, actor, born 06/28/1883

Erik Rosén Actor, drug, born 07/13/1883

Joseph Crehan Actor, drug, born 07/15/1883

C. Graham Baker Screenwriter, drug, born 07/16/1883

Mauritz Stiller director, screenwriter, actor, Director, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 07/17/1883

Stuart Paton Film director, actor, born 07/23/1883

Margaret Joslin Actor, actor, born 08/06/1883

Marion Lorne Actress, actor, born 08/12/1883

Pauline Frederick Actor, actor, born 08/12/1883

Elsie Ferguson Actress, actor, born 08/19/1883

Muriel George Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/29/1883

Neely Edwards Actor, drug, born 09/16/1883

Glen Cavender Actor, drug, born 09/19/1883

Roy Stewart Actor, drug, born 10/17/1883

Jim Corey Actor, drug, born 10/19/1883

Bud Duncan drug, born 10/31/1883

Turi Pandolfini Actor, drug, born 11/01/1883

Edna May Oliver Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/09/1883

W. C. Tuttle Writer, drug, born 11/11/1883

Jack Richardson Actor, actor, born 11/18/1883

Ned Sparks Actor, actor, born 11/19/1883

Edwin August Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film actor, director, screenwriter, drug, born 11/20/1883

Percy Marmont Actor, drug, born 11/25/1883

Lou Tellegen Silent film and stage actor, director, screenwriter, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 11/26/1883

Arthur Thalasso Actor, actor, born 11/26/1883

Paul Sarauw Screenwriter, drug, born 11/30/1883

David Powell Actor, actor, born 12/17/1883

Wilfred Noy Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 12/24/1883

Eddie Boland actor, born 12/27/1883

Lili Bech Actress, actor, born 12/29/1883

Texas Guinan Actress, saloon keeper, entrepreneur, actor, born 01/12/1884

Harrison Greene Actor, drug, born 01/18/1884

Anton Grot Art director, drug, born 01/18/1884

Fred Fox Film director, Actor, drug, born 01/22/1884

Sojin Actor, actor, born 01/30/1884

Arthur L. Jarrett actor, born 02/05/1884

Burt Mustin Actor, actor, born 02/08/1884

Lee Shumway Actor, actor, born 03/04/1884

Stuart Holmes Actor, actor, born 03/10/1884

Harrison Ford Actor, actor, born 03/16/1884

Frank Hagney Actor, actor, born 03/20/1884

Walter Huston actor, singer, Actor, actor, born 04/06/1884

Fay Tincher Actor, actor, born 04/17/1884

William Garwood Actor, director, actor, born 04/28/1884

Walter DeLeon Screenwriter, drug, born 05/03/1884

Leon Schlesinger Film producer, actor, born 05/20/1884

Charles Winninger Actor, actor, born 05/26/1884

Richard Tucker Actor, actor, born 06/04/1884

Bernhard Goetzke Actor, actor, born 06/05/1884

Dave Morris Actor, drug, born 06/07/1884

Forrester Harvey Actor, actor, born 06/27/1884

Svend Rindom Screenwriter, drug, born 06/30/1884

Pauline Carton actor, Actor, drug, born 07/04/1884

Pierre Larquey Actor, drug, born 07/10/1884

Howard Estabrook Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 07/11/1884

John Francis Dillon Film director, Actor, actor, born 07/13/1884

Kathleen Howard Opera singer, actress, magazine editor, actor, born 07/17/1884

Gibb McLaughlin drug, born 07/19/1884

Bud Osborne Actor, actor, born 07/20/1884

Emil Jannings actor, Actor, born 07/23/1884

Albert Warner Film executive, actor, born 07/23/1884

Hans Joby Actor, drug, born 08/03/1884

Ernest Shields Actor, actor, born 08/05/1884

Elwood Bredell Cinematographer, actor, actor, born 08/06/1884

Billie Burke Actress, actor, born 08/07/1884

Mary Nash Actress, actor, born 08/15/1884

Fred Kelsey Actor, director, screenwriter, drug, born 08/20/1884

Guy Hedlund Actor, drug, born 08/21/1884

James C. Morton Actor, actor, born 08/25/1884

Harry Antrim Film, Vaudeville and Television actor, Actor, actor, born 08/27/1884

Sigurd Wallén Swedish actor and film director, actor, born 09/01/1884

Jean Cadell Actor, actor, born 09/13/1884

Georges Paulais Actor, drug, born 09/16/1884

C. Gardner Sullivan Screenwriter, actor, born 09/18/1884

Al Thompson Actor, drug, born 09/21/1884

Bessie Barriscale Actress, actor, born 09/30/1884

Rudolf Forster Actor, drug, born 10/30/1884

Charles Puffy Actor, drug, born 11/03/1884

Hughie Mack Actor, drug, born 11/26/1884

Torben Meyer actor, Actor, born 12/01/1884

T. Hayes Hunter Film director, drug, born 12/01/1884

John B. O'Brien Actor and film director, actor, born 12/13/1884

William Quinn Actor, actor, born 12/13/1884

Stanley J. Warmington English actor, actor, born 12/16/1884

Evelyn Nesbit Model, chorus girl, actress, actor, born 12/25/1884

Ludde Gentzel Actor, drug, born 01/17/1885

Valdemar Møller Actor, actor, born 01/19/1885

Julia Cæsar Actor, drug, born 01/28/1885

Laura Sawyer actor, born 02/03/1885

Wyndham Gittens Screenwriter, actor, born 02/07/1885

George Fitzmaurice Film director, drug, born 02/13/1885

Bert Lytell Actor, actor, born 02/24/1885

Gustav Adolf Semler Actor, drug, born 03/14/1885

Sydney Chaplin English music hall & film actor, Actor, actor, born 03/16/1885

Robert Emmett O'Connor Actor, drug, born 03/18/1885

Pierre Renoir Actor, actor, born 03/21/1885

Wallace Beery Actor, actor, born 04/01/1885

Allan Dwan Film director, film producer, screenwriter, Director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 04/03/1885

George Kuwa Actor, actor, born 04/07/1885

Jullan Kindahl Actor, drug, born 04/12/1885

Richard Travers Actor, drug, born 04/15/1885

Ray Gallagher Actor, actor, born 04/17/1885

Erna Morena Actor, drug, born 04/24/1885

Christine van Meeteren Actor, drug, born 04/26/1885

Hedda Hopper Actress, gossip columnist, radio personality, Actress turned gossip columnist, actor, born 05/02/1885

George "Gabby" Hayes Actor, actor, born 05/07/1885

Mae Murray Actress, dancer, film producer, screenwriter, actor, born 05/10/1885

J. Herbert Frank Actor, actor, born 05/12/1885

Aage Foss Actor, actor, born 05/18/1885

Paul Bildt Actor, drug, born 05/19/1885

Rasmus Christiansen Actor, drug, born 05/23/1885

Harry Gribbon Actor, actor, born 06/09/1885

Dale Fuller actor, born 06/17/1885

Ernie Adams Actor, Film actor, drug, born 06/18/1885

H. M. Walker Film maker, actor, born 06/27/1885

Louis B. Mayer Film producer, actor, born 07/04/1885

Julius Jaenzon Cinematographer, actor, born 07/08/1885

Richard Lund Actor, drug, born 07/09/1885

Tom Kennedy Actor, actor, born 07/15/1885

Jacques Feyder Film director, actor, born 07/21/1885

William Lowery Actor, actor, born 07/22/1885

Theda Bara Silent film actress, Actress, actor, born 07/29/1885

Harry O. Hoyt Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 08/06/1885

Gordon Harker Actor, actor, born 08/07/1885

Georg Wilhelm Pabst Film director, actor, born 08/25/1885

Arnold Pressburger Actor, Film producer, actor, born 08/27/1885

Allan Forrest Actor, actor, born 09/01/1885

Paul Henckels Actor, drug, born 09/09/1885

William Slavens McNutt Screenwriter, actor, born 09/12/1885

Moore Marriott Comedy actor, actor, born 09/14/1885

George Cleveland Actor, drug, born 09/17/1885

Ernst Reicher Actor, Film producer, drug, born 09/19/1885

Erich von Stroheim Actor, film director, Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 09/22/1885

Harvey Clark Actor, actor, born 10/04/1885

Purnell Pratt Actor, drug, born 10/20/1885

Herbert Rawlinson Actor, actor, born 11/15/1885

Fred Myton Screenwriter, drug, born 11/15/1885

Syd Crossley Actor, drug, born 11/18/1885

Guglielmo Sinaz Actor, drug, born 11/20/1885

Leslie Austin English actor, actor, born 11/21/1885

Steve Clemente Actor, actor, born 11/22/1885

Ludwig Trautmann Actor, drug, born 11/22/1885

Charles West Actor, actor, born 11/30/1885

E. Mason Hopper Film director, drug, born 12/06/1885

Edward A. Kull Cinematographer, Film director, drug, born 12/10/1885

John Bowers Actor, actor, born 12/25/1885

Willard Robertson Actor, drug, born 01/01/1886

Florence Lawrence Actress, inventor, actor, born 01/02/1886

Lupu Pick Actor, Film director, drug, born 01/02/1886

Chester Conklin actor, comedian, Actor, comedian, actor, born 01/11/1886

George Zucco Actor, actor, born 01/11/1886

Warner Richmond Actor, actor, born 01/11/1886

Martin Faust Actor, drug, born 01/16/1886

Henry King actor, born 01/24/1886

Pat Harmon Actor, drug, born 02/03/1886

Olin Howland Actor, drug, born 02/10/1886

Raymond B. West Director, actor, born 02/11/1886

Léon Mathot actor, born 03/05/1886

Virginia Pearson Actress, actor, born 03/07/1886

Joe Bordeaux drug, born 03/09/1886

Lillian West Actor, drug, born 03/15/1886

Michael Mark Actor, drug, born 03/15/1886

Edward Everett Horton Actor, actor, born 03/18/1886

Julius Stern Film producer, drug, born 03/22/1886

Charlotte Mineau Actor, actor, born 03/24/1886

Paul Amiot actor, born 03/29/1886

Alfred Allen Silent film actor, author, Film actor, author, actor, born 04/08/1886

Val Paul Actor, Film director, actor, born 04/10/1886

Robert F. Hill Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 04/14/1886

Otto Lederer Actor, actor, born 04/17/1886

Iva Shepard Actor, drug, born 04/23/1886

Adele Blood Actress, actor, born 04/23/1886

Robert Scholz Actor, drug, born 04/23/1886

Dick Elliott Actor, actor, born 04/30/1886

Jess Robbins Film director, actor, born 04/30/1886

William Gould Actor, drug, born 05/02/1886

Pauline Bush Actor, Film actress, actor, born 05/22/1886

E. Lloyd Sheldon Screenwriter, Film producer, Film editor, drug, born 05/27/1886

Tyler Brooke Actor, actor, born 06/06/1886

Hal Price drug, born 06/24/1886

Reggie Morris Actor, actor, born 06/25/1886

Léon Larive Actor, drug, born 06/28/1886

Jean Hersholt Actor, actor, born 07/12/1886

Isabelle LaMal Actor, actor, born 07/16/1886

Lars Hanson film and stage actor, Actor, actor, born 07/26/1886

Alan Roscoe Actor, actor, born 08/23/1886

Josette Andriot Actress, silent film actress, actor, born 08/23/1886

Arthur Rosson Film director, actor, born 08/24/1886

Ève Francis Actress, actress, actor, born 08/24/1886

Robert McKim Actor, actor, born 08/26/1886

Gildo Bocci Actor, drug, born 09/01/1886

Barney Furey Actor, actor, born 09/07/1886

Mathilde Comont Actor, actor, born 09/09/1886

Tammany Young American stage and film actor, actor, born 09/09/1886

Jacques Jaccard Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/11/1886

Frank Griffin Film director, actor, born 09/17/1886

Carmine Gallone Film director, actor, born 09/18/1886

Frederick J. Jackson Screenwriter, drug, born 09/21/1886

Hobart Cavanaugh Actor, actor, born 09/22/1886

Victor Montell Actor, actor, born 09/25/1886

William Bailey Actor, actor, born 09/26/1886

Luigi Almirante Actor, drug, born 09/30/1886

B. Reeves Eason Film director, actor, Director, actor, screenwriter, actor, born 10/02/1886

Karl Dane Actor, comedian, actor, born 10/12/1886

Raoul Aslan Actor, actor, born 10/16/1886

Spring Dell Byington American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/17/1886

Leo G Carroll Actor, actor, born 10/25/1886

J. Frank Glendon Actor, actor, born 10/25/1886

Carl Harbaugh Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 11/10/1886

Ed Wynn Actor/Comedian, actor, born 11/11/1886

Hobart Henley Actor, film director, actor, born 11/23/1886

Eddie Lyons Actor, film director, actor, born 11/25/1886

Károly Lajthay Film director, Actor, drug, born 12/07/1886

Victor McLaglen Actor, actor, born 12/10/1886

Annie Bos Actor, actor, born 12/10/1886

Owen Moore Actor, actor, born 12/12/1886

André Hugon Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 12/17/1886

Michael Curtiz Hungarian-American film director, Director, actor, born 12/24/1886

John Davidson Actor, drug, born 12/25/1886

Hermann Rosse Art director, Architect and Painter, drug, born 01/01/1887

Mona Geijer-Falkner Actor, drug, born 01/02/1887

Dennis Wyndham Actor, drug, born 01/15/1887

Charley Rogers Actor, film director and screenwriter, actor, born 01/15/1887

John Hamilton Actor, actor, born 01/16/1887

Jessalyn Van Trump Silent film actress, Actress, actor, born 01/16/1887

Ralph Ince Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/16/1887

Carl Lamac Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 01/27/1887

Hans W. Petersen Actor, drug, born 01/28/1887

Arne Lindblad Actor, drug, born 01/30/1887

Walter Janssen Actor, drug, born 02/07/1887

William Frawley Actor, actor, born 02/26/1887

Raoul Walsh Film director, Actor/Director, actor, born 03/11/1887

Charles Reisner Film director, actor, born 03/14/1887

Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle Actor, Actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, actor, born 03/24/1887

Harold Lockwood Actor, actor, born 04/12/1887

Lillian Walker American actress, Actress, actor, born 04/21/1887

Elisabeth Risdon Actor, actor, born 04/26/1887

Hooper Atchley Actor, Film actor, drug, born 04/30/1887

Kurt Vespermann Actor, actor, born 05/01/1887

Jeanie MacPherson Actress, Screenwriter, Actress/Screenwriter, actor, born 05/18/1887

Mabel Taliaferro Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/21/1887

A. W. Sandberg Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 05/22/1887

Agnes Rehni Actor, actor, born 05/24/1887

Willem van der Veer Actor, drug, born 05/26/1887

Ivor Barnard Actor, drug, born 06/13/1887

Theodore Reed Film director, drug, born 06/18/1887

Blanche Yurka American actress, Actress, actor, born 06/18/1887

Wiktor Andersson Actor, drug, born 06/19/1887

Enzo Biliotti Actor, drug, born 06/28/1887

Elith Pio Actor, actor, born 07/03/1887

Raymond Hatton Actor, actor, born 07/07/1887

Jack Conway Film director, actor, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 07/17/1887

Anthony Coldeway Screenwriter, actor, born 08/01/1887

Reginald Owen Actor, actor, born 08/05/1887

Esme Percy Actor, drug, born 08/08/1887

Hugh Herbert Comedian, actor, born 08/10/1887

Jimmy Finlayson Actor, drug, born 08/27/1887

Andrew Arbuckle Actor, actor, born 09/05/1887

Peter Malberg Actor, actor, born 09/21/1887

Antonio Moreno Actor/Director, actor, born 09/26/1887

Jean Toulout Actor, drug, born 09/28/1887

Billy Bevan Actor, drug, born 09/29/1887

Lil Dagover Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/30/1887

Lew Harvey actor, born 10/06/1887

Jack Mulhall Actor, actor, born 10/07/1887

Harry Tenbrook Actor, actor, born 10/09/1887

Charles Stevenson Actor, actor, born 10/13/1887

Bernard McConville Screenwriter, actor, born 10/16/1887

Addison Richards Actor, drug, born 10/20/1887

Edward Laemmle Film director, drug, born 10/25/1887

Otto Fries Actor, actor, born 10/28/1887

Valdemar Skjerning Actor, actor, born 10/31/1887

Signe Wirff Actor, drug, born 11/04/1887

Roland Young Actor, actor, born 11/11/1887

George Larkin Actor, drug, born 11/11/1887

Felice Minotti Actor, drug, born 11/19/1887

Harry Semels Actor, actor, born 11/20/1887

Boris Karloff Actor, actor, born 11/23/1887

Aage Fønss Actor, actor, born 12/12/1887

Jefferson Moffitt Screenwriter, actor, born 12/17/1887

Eric Blore Actor, actor, born 12/23/1887

Bob Kortman Actor, actor, born 12/24/1887

J. Grubb Alexander Screenwriter, drug, born 12/25/1887

Gaston Modot Actor, actor, born 12/31/1887

Ludwig Rex Actor, drug, born 01/01/1888

George B. Seitz Film director, Actor, playwright, screenwriter, director, drug, born 01/03/1888

Jay Marchant Film director, Actor, drug, born 01/07/1888

Matt Moore Actor, actor, born 01/08/1888

Jay Belasco Film actor, actor, born 01/11/1888

Olinto Cristina Actor, drug, born 02/05/1888

Archer MacMackin Director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 02/07/1888

Edith Evans Actress, actor, born 02/08/1888

Larry Steers Actor, actor, born 02/14/1888

John G. Adolfi Silent film director, Actor, Screenwriter, Silent film director, actor, born 02/19/1888

Gladden James Actor, drug, born 02/26/1888

Olaf Hytten Actor, actor, born 03/03/1888

Jules Furthman Screenwriter, actor, born 03/05/1888

Gösta Cederlund actor, born 03/06/1888

Abe Stern Film producer, drug, born 03/08/1888

Barry Fitzgerald Actor, actor, born 03/10/1888

Florence Lee Actor, actor, born 03/12/1888

Pina Gallini Actor, drug, born 03/19/1888

Henri Rollan Actor, drug, born 03/23/1888

Jameson Thomas Actor, actor, born 03/24/1888

Ferris Taylor actor, born 03/25/1888

Robert Thornby Film director, Actor, actor, born 03/27/1888

Agnes Windeck Actor, actor, born 03/27/1888

William Steele Actor, actor, born 03/28/1888

Anna Q Nilsson Actress, actor, born 03/30/1888

Donald Calthrop Actor, drug, born 04/11/1888

Greta Almroth Actor, drug, born 04/15/1888

Christy Cabanne Film director, actor, born 04/16/1888

Marguerite Marsh Actor, drug, born 04/18/1888

Al Ferguson Actor, actor, born 04/19/1888

Fred Kohler Actor, actor, born 04/20/1888

Anita Loos Actress, novelist, screenwriter, TV producer, Actress, novelist, screenwriter, actor, born 04/26/1888

Florence La Badie actor, Actress, born 04/27/1888

Alfons Fryland Actor, drug, born 05/01/1888

Beulah Bondi Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1888

Clara Williams Actress, actor, born 05/03/1888

Selmer Jackson Actor, drug, born 05/07/1888

Guglielmo Barnabò Actor, drug, born 05/11/1888

Maidel Turner Film, stage actress, actor, born 05/12/1888

Miles Mander Actor, actor, born 05/14/1888

Clay Clement Actor, actor, born 05/19/1888

Jack Holt Actor, actor, born 05/31/1888

Earle Rodney actor, born 06/04/1888

Hans Karl Breslauer Austrian film director and writer, actor, born 06/12/1888

William B. Davidson Actor, actor, born 06/16/1888

Jack Eaton Film producer, Film director, drug, born 06/16/1888

Robert D. Walker Actor, drug, born 06/18/1888

Carl Ström Actor, actor, born 06/18/1888

Lee Moran Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 06/23/1888

Henry Armetta Actor, drug, born 07/04/1888

Dolores Cassinelli Actress, actor, born 07/04/1888

Percy Kilbride Actor, actor, born 07/06/1888

Svend Bille Actor, actor, born 07/15/1888

George Chesebro Actor, actor, born 07/29/1888

Cecil Cunningham Film actress, actor, born 08/02/1888

Allen Holubar Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/03/1888

Victor Francen Actor, actor, born 08/05/1888

John Olsen Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 08/12/1888

Maude George Actor, actor, born 08/15/1888

Violet Farebrother drug, born 08/22/1888

Tom Gibson Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 09/01/1888

Louise Glaum Actress, actor, born 09/04/1888

Edward Hearn Actor, actor, born 09/06/1888

Maurice Chevalier Actor, Singer, actor, born 09/12/1888

John Stone Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/12/1888

Porter Hall Actor, actor, born 09/19/1888

Wade Boteler Actor, actor, born 10/03/1888

Claud Allister Actor, drug, born 10/03/1888

Jimmie Adams Actor, Film actor, actor, born 10/04/1888

Irving Cummings Actor, Film director, actor, born 10/09/1888

Paul Hurst Actor, Film director, Actor/Director, actor, born 10/15/1888

Walter McGrail Actor, actor, born 10/19/1888

Richard Eichberg Film director, Film producer, drug, born 10/27/1888

Virginia Kirtley actor, born 11/11/1888

Giovanni Grasso Actor, drug, born 11/11/1888

Frances Marion Writer, Screenwriter, Author, journalist, screenwriter, actor, born 11/18/1888

Gustaf Molander Film director, actor, born 11/18/1888

Fred Church Actor, drug, born 11/19/1888

Harpo Marx Actor, comedian, Actor, comedian, mime, actor, born 11/23/1888

Nana Bryant Actor, drug, born 11/23/1888

Cathleen Nesbitt actress, Actress, actor, born 11/24/1888

Ford Beebe Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 11/26/1888

Colin Kenny Actor, actor, born 12/04/1888

Molly Malone Actor, actor, born 12/07/1888

Paul Cavanagh Actor, drug, born 12/08/1888

Duke Worne Film director and actor, Actor/Director, actor, born 12/14/1888

Gladys Cooper Actor, Actress, actor, born 12/18/1888

Lucien Hubbard Screenwriter, actor, born 12/22/1888

Sonya Levien Screenwriter, actor, born 12/25/1888

Hazel Buckham Actor, Actress, drug, born 12/27/1888

F. W. Murnau Film director, actor, born 12/28/1888

John Sturtevant Set decorator, drug, born 12/29/1888

Tom Dugan Actor, actor, born 01/01/1889

Robert M. Haas Art director, drug, born 01/03/1889

Lyle Tayo American actress, Actress, drug, born 01/19/1889

Franklin Pangborn Actor, actor, born 01/23/1889

Carl Theodor Dreyer Danish film director, Film director, actor, born 02/03/1889

Jim Mason Actor, actor, born 02/03/1889

Walter Catlett Actor, actor, born 02/04/1889

Félix de Pomés Actor, drug, born 02/05/1889

Herbert Hübner Actor, drug, born 02/06/1889

Robert A. Dillon Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 02/13/1889

Sir Felix Aylmer Actor, actor, born 02/21/1889

Victor Fleming Film director, Director, cinematographer, producer, actor, born 02/23/1889

Musidora Actress, writer, producer, Actress, director, writer, actor, born 02/23/1889

Pearl White Actress, actor, born 03/04/1889

George Walsh Actor, drug, born 03/16/1889

W. S. Van Dyke American film director, actor, born 03/21/1889

Warner Baxter Actor, actor, born 03/29/1889

Herman Bing 1930s-1940's character actor, Character actor/Voice actor, actor, born 03/30/1889

Harry L. Fraser Film director, actor, born 03/31/1889

G. Raymond Nye Actor, actor, born 04/13/1889

James Stephenson Actor, actor, born 04/14/1889

Charlie Chaplin English actor and director, Actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, composer, mime, actor, born 04/16/1889

Fred Malatesta Actor, actor, born 04/18/1889

Blackie Whiteford Actor, actor, born 04/27/1889

Bryant Washburn Actor, drug, born 04/28/1889

Armando Migliari Actor, actor, born 04/29/1889

Harry Woods Actor, actor, born 05/05/1889

Maria Garland Actor, actor, born 05/16/1889

Dorothy Gibson Silent film actress, singer, model, Actress, Singer and Model, actor, born 05/17/1889

Vester Pegg Actor, actor, born 05/23/1889

Virginia True Boardman Actor, drug, born 05/23/1889

Billy Engle Actor, drug, born 05/28/1889

Jack Okey Art director, drug, born 06/03/1889

Wesley Ruggles Film director, actor, born 06/11/1889

Eddy Waller Actor, drug, born 06/14/1889

Ray Myers Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/21/1889

Donald MacBride Actor, actor, born 06/23/1889

Billy Franey Actor, actor, born 06/23/1889

Moroni Olsen Actor, actor, born 06/27/1889

Frank Mayo Actor, actor, born 06/28/1889

June Mathis Screenwriter, producer, film studio executive, drug, born 06/30/1889

Åke Claesson Actor, drug, born 07/02/1889

Richard Cramer Actor, drug, born 07/03/1889

Lambert Hillyer Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/08/1889

Eugene Pallette Actor, actor, born 07/09/1889

Heinie Conklin Actor, actor, born 07/15/1889

Larry Semon Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 07/16/1889

James Whale Film director, actor, born 07/22/1889

Herbert Heyes Actor, drug, born 08/03/1889

William Keighley Film director, actor, born 08/04/1889

Sid Jordan Actor, drug, born 08/12/1889

Arvid E. Gillstrom Film director, actor, born 08/13/1889

Tom London Actor, actor, born 08/24/1889

Bodil Ipsen Actor, Director, actor, born 08/30/1889

George H. Plympton Screenwriter, actor, born 09/02/1889

George Hively Screenwriter, actor, born 09/06/1889

Alfred Herman Art director, drug, born 09/08/1889

Scott Pembroke Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/13/1889

Georges Melchior Actor, drug, born 09/15/1889

Sandro Ruffini Actor, drug, born 09/21/1889

Belle Mitchell Actor, actor, born 09/24/1889

Alan Dinehart Actor, Film, stage actor, actor, born 10/03/1889

Robert Z. Leonard Film director, director, producer, actor, screenwriter, actor, born 10/07/1889

Max Rée Art director, drug, born 10/07/1889

Victor Potel Actor, actor, drug, born 10/12/1889

Phyllis Gordon Actress, actor, born 10/17/1889

Rex Taylor Screenwriter, drug, born 11/01/1889

Eva McKenzie Actor, actor, born 11/05/1889

George Davis Actor, drug, born 11/07/1889

Snub Pollard Actor, actor, born 11/09/1889

Gertrude Astor Actress, actor, born 11/09/1889

Claude Rains English actor, Actor, actor, born 11/10/1889

Clifton Webb Actor, singer, dancer, actor, born 11/19/1889

Virgilio Riento Actor, drug, born 11/29/1889

Jon Iversen Actor, film director, actor, born 12/01/1889

Paul Bern Screenwriter, director, producer, actor, born 12/03/1889

Lloyd Bacon Actor, director, actor, born 12/04/1889

Ray Collins Actor, actor, born 12/10/1889

Harry McCoy Actor, actor, born 12/10/1889

Gabriel Alw Actor, drug, born 12/25/1889

Pierre Watkin Actor, actor, born 12/29/1889

Lila Leslie Actor, actor, born 01/01/1890

Eddie Gribbon Actor, drug, born 01/03/1890

Cora Witherspoon Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/05/1890

Leo Willis Actor, drug, born 01/05/1890

Henny Porten Actor, Film producer, drug, born 01/07/1890

Douglas MacLean Actor, actor, born 01/10/1890

Fritz Odemar Actor, drug, born 01/13/1890

René Génin Actor, drug, born 01/25/1890

Ernest Hilliard Actor, actor, born 01/31/1890

Camillo Pilotto Actor, drug, born 02/06/1890

Artie Ortego Actor, actor, born 02/09/1890

Edward Arnold Actor, actor, born 02/18/1890

Wheeler Oakman Actor, actor, born 02/21/1890

Marjorie Main Actress, actor, born 02/24/1890

Rachel Devirys actress, actor, born 02/28/1890

John Aasen Actor, actor, born 03/05/1890

Elmer Clifton Film director, screenwriter and actor, actor, born 03/14/1890

Ted Adams Film actor, Actor, drug, born 03/17/1890

Henri Decoin Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/18/1890

Gayne Whitman Actor, drug, born 03/19/1890

Alan James Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 03/23/1890

El Brendel Actor, actor, born 03/25/1890

Karl R. Coolidge Screenwriter, drug, born 03/29/1890

Art Acord Silent film actor, stuntman, ranch hand, Silent film actor, actor, born 04/17/1890

Alexander Granach Actor, actor, born 04/18/1890

Edgar Kennedy Actor, actor, born 04/26/1890

Claire Whitney Actress, actor, born 05/06/1890

George Archainbaud Director, actor, born 05/07/1890

John Meehan Screenwriter, actor, born 05/08/1890

Clarence Brown Film director, actor, born 05/10/1890

Robert N. Lee Screenwriter, drug, born 05/12/1890

Mikhail Rasumny Television, film actor, actor, born 05/13/1890

Herbert Marshall Actor, actor, born 05/23/1890

Brunette Fritzi American movie actress, Film actress, actor, born 05/27/1890

Frank Morgan Actor, actor, born 06/01/1890

Karl Jørgensen Actor, actor, born 06/12/1890

May Allison Film actress, Actress, actor, born 06/14/1890

Stan Laurel silent film comedian, Actor, writer, comedian, entertainer, film director, actor, born 06/16/1890

Kempton Greene Actor, drug, born 06/28/1890

Gertrude McCoy Actor, actor, born 06/30/1890

Bessie Eyton Actor, drug, born 07/05/1890

Tom Powers Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 07/07/1890

Dorothy Bernard Actor, Film actress, drug, born 07/25/1890

Erich Dunskus Actor, drug, born 07/27/1890

Marie Lohr Actor, Actress, actor, born 07/28/1890

Robin Burns Comedian, Film, radio actor, comedian, actor, born 08/02/1890

Marin Sais Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/02/1890

Albert Russell Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 08/02/1890

Samuel Bischoff Film producer, drug, born 08/11/1890

Ferruccio Biancini Actor, Film producer, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 08/18/1890

Bennett Cohen Screenwriter, drug, born 08/28/1890

Bobby Dunn Actor, actor, born 08/28/1890

Kamuela C. Searle actor, born 08/29/1890

Gunnar Sommerfeldt Actor, actor, born 09/04/1890

Naima Wifstrand Actor, Actress/Singer/Composer, drug, born 09/04/1890

Jack Mower Actor, drug, born 09/05/1890

Clara Kimball Young Actress, actor, born 09/06/1890

Lew Meehan Actor, actor, born 09/07/1890

A.P. Younger Screenwriter, actor, born 09/25/1890

Lewis Seiler Film director, actor, born 09/30/1890

Alice Joyce Actress, actor, born 10/01/1890

Hermann Thimig Actor, drug, born 10/03/1890

Gertrude Robinson Actor, drug, born 10/07/1890

Henry Nielsen Actor, actor, born 11/01/1890

Ralph Spence Screenwriter, actor, born 11/04/1890

Ben Holmes Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/06/1890

Jerome Storm Film director, actor, born 11/11/1890

Irvin Willat Film director, actor, born 11/18/1890

Robert Armstrong Actor, actor, born 11/20/1890

Harald Madsen Actor, drug, born 11/20/1890

Jacob Geis Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 11/30/1890

Fritz Lang Austrian-American Film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor, Film director, film producer, actor, born 12/05/1890

Carl Jules Weyl Art director, actor, born 12/06/1890

Rhea Mitchell Actress, actor, born 12/10/1890

Jack Trevor Actor, drug, born 12/14/1890

Ekman, Gösta, Sr. actor, born 12/28/1890

Charles Bickford Actor, actor, born 01/01/1891

Alessandro De Stefani Screenwriter, actor, born 01/01/1891

Lloyd Whitlock Actor, actor, born 01/02/1891

Bernard Herzbrun Art director, drug, born 01/10/1891

Arne Weel Actor, Film director, actor, born 01/15/1891

Aldo Silvani Actor, actor, born 01/21/1891

Monta Bell Film director, actor, born 02/05/1891

Ann Little Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/07/1891

Ronald Colman Actor, actor, born 02/09/1891

Max Terhune Actor, drug, born 02/12/1891

George Jeske Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 02/22/1891

Victor Varconi Actor, actor, born 03/31/1891

Jack Buchanan (I) Scottish actor, singer, director and producer, Actor, director, producer, singer, actor, born 04/02/1891

Harold S. Bucquet Film director, drug, born 04/10/1891

Marshall Neilan Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, actor, born 04/11/1891

Marguerite Clayton Actor, Actress, actor, born 04/12/1891

Françoise Rosay Actress, actor, born 04/19/1891

Olav Riégo Actor, drug, born 04/21/1891

Belle Bennett Film actress, stage and screen actress, actor, born 04/22/1891

Monte Montague Actor, actor, born 04/23/1891

Aleksandr Razumny Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 05/01/1891

Wallace MacDonald Actor, Film producer, drug, born 05/05/1891

Lynn Reynolds Film director, actor, born 05/07/1891

Sam Lufkin Actor, actor, born 05/08/1891

Fritz Rasp Actor, drug, born 05/13/1891

William Hauber Actor, actor, born 05/20/1891

Gretchen Lederer Actor, drug, born 05/23/1891

Aage Redal Actor, actor, born 05/27/1891

Casson Michel Ferguson Actor, actor, born 05/29/1891

Audrey Munson actor, born 06/08/1891

Mae Busch Actress, actor, born 06/18/1891

Craig Hutchinson Film director, actor, born 06/23/1891

Irving Pichel Actor, film director, actor, born 06/24/1891

Charles Dorian Film director, Actor, drug, born 06/27/1891

Willy Haas Screenwriter, drug, born 07/06/1891

Virginia Rappe Silent film actress, model, actor, born 07/07/1891

Sammy Brooks Actor, drug, born 07/10/1891

Jetta Goudal Actress, actor, born 07/12/1891

John Victor Mackay Art director, drug, born 07/13/1891

R. Henry Grey Actor, actor, born 07/17/1891

Gene Lockhart Actor, Actor, singer, playwright, composer, actor, born 07/18/1891

Luigi Cimara Actor, drug, born 07/19/1891

Harry Cohn president and production director of Columbia Pictures, Film producer, actor, born 07/23/1891

Vera Sisson Actor, actor, born 07/31/1891

Margit Makay Actor, drug, born 08/04/1891

Adelqui Migliar Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 08/05/1891

Billie West Actor, drug, born 08/05/1891

Yvette Andréyor Actor, drug, born 08/06/1891

Henry O'Neill Actor, drug, born 08/10/1891

George Fisher Actor, drug, born 08/10/1891

Douglas Gerrard Actor and film director, drug, born 08/12/1891

Jean De Briac Actor, drug, born 08/15/1891

Meinhart Maur Actor, drug, born 08/18/1891

Bert Roach Actor, actor, born 08/21/1891

Francis McDonald Actor, actor, born 08/22/1891

Theodor Danegger Actor, drug, born 08/31/1891

Rowland V. Lee Film director, drug, born 09/06/1891

Roscoe Karns Actor, actor, born 09/07/1891

Lillie Hayward Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/12/1891

Isabel Jeans Actor, actor, born 09/16/1891

Franco Coop Actor, drug, born 09/27/1891

Svend Methling Actor, actor, born 10/01/1891

Dagmar Ebbesen Actor, drug, born 10/01/1891

Irene Rich Actress, actor, born 10/13/1891

Monte M. Katterjohn Screenwriter, drug, born 10/20/1891

Miriam Cooper Actor, Actress, writer, speaker, actor, born 11/07/1891

Stephan Rosti Actor, Film director, drug, born 11/16/1891

Florence Barker Silent film actress, actor, born 11/22/1891

Warwick Ward Actor, drug, born 12/03/1891

Al Boasberg Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 12/05/1891

Olga Printzlau Screenwriter, drug, born 12/13/1891

Clyde Cook Actor, drug, born 12/16/1891

Arthur Hoerl Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 12/17/1891

Earle Foxe Actor, drug, born 12/25/1891

George Marshall Actor, screenwriter, producer, film and television director, actor, born 12/29/1891

Ludwig Berger Film director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, drug, born 01/06/1892

Roach, Hal, Sr. Film producer, Director/Producer, actor, born 01/14/1892

Oliver Hardy silent film comedian, Actor, actor, born 01/18/1892

Mady Christians Actress, actor, born 01/19/1892

Hank Bell Actor, Film actor, drug, born 01/21/1892

Jack Jevne Screenwriter, drug, born 01/25/1892

Ernst Lubitsch German-born Jewish film director, Director, Actor, Writer, Producer, actor, born 01/28/1892

Augusto Genina film director, film producer, actor, born 01/28/1892

Raymond L. Schrock Screenwriter, drug, born 02/02/1892

Merrill McCormick Actor, drug, born 02/05/1892

Ben Corbett Actor, drug, born 02/06/1892

Gilbert Pratt Film director, actor, born 02/16/1892

Carl Auen Actor, drug, born 02/16/1892

Irene Hunt Actor, actor, born 02/22/1892

Kathleen Harrison Actress, actor, born 02/23/1892

William Demarest Actor, actor, born 02/27/1892

William Tummel Film director, drug, born 03/05/1892

Frank Puglia Actor, actor, born 03/09/1892

Arthur Caesar Screenwriter, drug, born 03/09/1892

Walter Miller Actor, actor, born 03/09/1892

Edith Storey Actor, actor, born 03/18/1892

Andy Clyde actor, born 03/25/1892

Bertram Millhauser Screenwriter, drug, born 03/25/1892

Lola Cornero Actor, drug, born 03/30/1892

Mignon Anderson Silent film actress, Film actress, actor, born 03/31/1892

Bertram C. Granger Set decorator, drug, born 03/31/1892

Mary Pickford Actress, actor, born 04/08/1892

Rosemary Theby Actor, drug, born 04/08/1892

Carol Holloway Actor, drug, born 04/30/1892

Frank Mitchell Dazey Screenwriter, actor, born 04/30/1892

Dame Margaret Rutherford Actress, actor, born 05/11/1892

Fritz Kortner Actor and Theatre director, actor, born 05/12/1892

Frank Rice Actor, actor, born 05/13/1892

André Luguet Actor, drug, born 05/15/1892

Osgood Perkins Actor, actor, born 05/16/1892

Jerry Mandy actor, born 06/05/1892

Basil Rathbone English actor, Actor, actor, born 06/13/1892

Lupino Lane drug, born 06/16/1892

Scott R. Dunlap Film producer, film director, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 06/20/1892

Edmund Cobb Actor, actor, born 06/23/1892

Neal Burns Actor, Film actor, director, writer, actor, born 06/26/1892

Robert Ellis Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 06/27/1892

Alice B. Russell Actor, actor, born 06/30/1892

Pierre Blanchar Actor, drug, born 06/30/1892

Russell A. Gausman Set decorator, drug, born 07/04/1892

Slim Summerville Actor & Director, actor, born 07/10/1892

Daniel Reed Military Colonel and Businessman, Director, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 07/12/1892

Mary Clare Actress, actor, born 07/17/1892

Randall Faye Screenwriter, drug, born 07/26/1892

William Powell Actor, actor, born 07/29/1892

Jack Warner President of Warner Brothers Studios, Film executive, actor, born 08/02/1892

Hoot Gibson Actor, director, producer, actor, born 08/06/1892

Charles Delaney Actor, drug, born 08/09/1892

Aldo De Benedetti Screenwriter, drug, born 08/13/1892

Haldane Douglas Art director, drug, born 08/13/1892

Edna Maison Actor, actor, born 08/17/1892

Joseph C. Wright Art director, drug, born 08/19/1892

Lou Brock Film producer, drug, born 08/21/1892

Ruth Roland Actress, producer, actor, born 08/26/1892

Helen Gibson Actress, stuntwoman, trick rider, film producer, actress, stuntwoman, trick rider, film producer, actor, born 08/27/1892

Claire Du Brey Actor, Actress, drug, born 08/31/1892

Joseph F. Poland Screenwriter, actor, born 09/04/1892

Tsuru Aoki Actress, actor, born 09/09/1892

Ruth Stonehouse Actress, film director, actor, born 09/28/1892

Henry Victor Actor, actor, born 10/02/1892

Luis Trenker Film director and actor, Film director, actor, architect, actor, born 10/04/1892

Kathryn Card Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/04/1892

Robert P. Kerr Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/09/1892

Malcolm McGregor Actor, drug, born 10/13/1892

Harry S. Webb Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/15/1892

Nell Shipman actress, screenwriter, producer, animal trainer, Actress, screenwriter, director, producer, animal trainer, actor, born 10/25/1892

Alice Brady Actress, actor, born 11/02/1892

George Lloyd Actor, actor, born 11/05/1892

Edward Sedgwick Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 11/07/1892

John Miljan Actor, actor, born 11/09/1892

Friedrich Gnaß Actor, drug, born 11/13/1892

Charles Brackett Writer, Screenwriter, Writer, screenwriter, actor, born 11/26/1892

John G. Blystone Film director, drug, born 12/02/1892

Cyril Ring American film actor, actor, born 12/05/1892

Raymond McKee Actor, drug, born 12/07/1892

Max Ehrlich Actor, director, screenwriter, drug, born 12/07/1892

George Cooper Actor, drug, born 12/12/1892

Michael Visaroff Actor, actor, born 12/18/1892

Noël Roquevert Actor, drug, born 12/18/1892

Yvonne Arnaud Pianist, singer, actress, actor, born 12/20/1892

Winifred Bryson Actor, Film actress, actor, born 12/20/1892

Don Barclay Film actor, Actor, actor, born 12/26/1892

Albert S. D'Agostino Art director, actor, born 12/27/1892

Emory Parnell actor, born 12/29/1892

John Litel Actor, actor, born 12/30/1892

Ernst Marischka Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 01/02/1893

Spencer Gordon Bennet Film director and producer, actor, born 01/05/1893

Nick Grinde Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/12/1893

Ivor Novello Welsh composer, singer and actor, Actor, singer, composer, actor, born 01/15/1893

Tora Teje Actor, drug, born 01/17/1893

Christian Arhoff Actor, actor, born 01/26/1893

Jesús Tordesillas Actor, drug, born 01/28/1893

Ruth Royce Actor, actor, born 02/06/1893

Doris Schroeder Screenwriter, actor, born 02/07/1893

Gino Corrado Actor, drug, born 02/09/1893

Cedric Hardwicke Actor, actor, born 02/19/1893

Bill Nestell Actor, actor, born 03/03/1893

Gus Meins Film director, actor, born 03/06/1893

Jean Brochard Actor, drug, born 03/12/1893

Sidney Franklin Film director, actor, born 03/21/1893

Cedric Gibbons Art director, set decorator, actor, born 03/23/1893

George Beranger Actor, Film director, drug, born 03/27/1893

Cicely Courtneidge Actress, comedienne, actor, born 04/01/1893

Helena Makowska Actor, drug, born 04/02/1893

Leslie Howard actor, Actor, director, producer, born 04/03/1893

Robert Harron Actor, actor, born 04/12/1893

Gale Henry Actor, actor, born 04/15/1893

William C. McGann Film director, drug, born 04/15/1893

Marcel Merminod Actor, drug, born 04/16/1893

Charles R. Moore actor, born 04/23/1893

Ed Brandenburg Film actor, actor, born 05/05/1893

Lee Phelps Actor, drug, born 05/15/1893

William Irving Actor, drug, born 05/17/1893

Kathryn Adams Actor, Film actress, actor, born 05/25/1893

Vivian Rich Actress, actor, born 05/26/1893

Charles Stevens Actor, drug, born 05/26/1893

Helga Frier Actor, actor, born 06/12/1893

Stanley Lupino actor, dancer, singer, librettist, director and short story writer, Actor, dancer, singer, librettist, director and short story writer, actor, born 06/15/1893

Philo McCullough Actor, actor, born 06/16/1893

Adolf Jahr Actor, drug, born 06/23/1893

Slim Gaut Actor, actor, born 07/08/1893

Richard Dix Actor, actor, born 07/18/1893

Edward Ray Robinson Set decorator, drug, born 07/24/1893

Slim Whitaker Actor, drug, born 07/29/1893

William Scott Actor, actor, born 08/01/1893

Mae West American actress, playwright, screenwriter, and sex symbol, Actress, playwright, screenwriter, actor, born 08/17/1893

Odette Barencey Actor, actress, drug, born 08/20/1893

Cecil Kellaway Actor, actor, born 08/22/1893

Betty Blythe Actress, actor, born 09/01/1893

Irving Bacon Actor, actor, born 09/06/1893

Harold Shumate Screenwriter, drug, born 09/07/1893

Alexander Korda Film director, Director/Producer, actor, born 09/16/1893

Dorothy Dalton Actress, actor, born 09/22/1893

Cläre Lotto Actor, actor, born 09/23/1893

Julia Faye Actor, actress, actor, born 09/24/1893

Gladys Brockwell Actress, actor, born 09/26/1893

Lillian Gish Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/14/1893

Charley Chase Actor, comedian, director, writer, Comedian, director, screenwriter, songwriter, actor, born 10/20/1893

Gina Kaus Screenwriter, novelist, Novelist, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/21/1893

Gummo Marx American comedian, Actor, Theatrical agent, actor, born 10/23/1893

Jean Acker Actress, actor, born 10/23/1893

Theodore von Eltz Actor, actor, born 11/05/1893

Leatrice Joy Actress, actor, born 11/07/1893

Mabel Normand Silent film actress, Actress/Comedienne, actor, born 11/09/1893

Grover Jones Screenwriter, actor, born 11/15/1893

Checco Durante Actor, drug, born 11/19/1893

Fay Bainter Actress, actor, born 12/07/1893

Edward Goldenberg Robinson Romanian-American film actor, Actor, actor, born 12/12/1893

James Kevin McGuinness Screenwriter, actor, born 12/20/1893

George Schnéevoigt Film director, actor, born 12/23/1893

Ruth Chatterton actress, Actress, actor, born 12/24/1893

Carl Brisson actor, born 12/24/1893

Iván Petrovich Actor, drug, born 01/01/1894

ZaSu Pitts Actress, actor, born 01/03/1894

Harvey Gates Screenwriter, actor, born 01/19/1894

Jean Debucourt actor, Actor, drug, born 01/19/1894

Mildred Griffiths Set decorator, drug, born 01/20/1894

Matt McHugh Actor, actor, born 01/22/1894

William Gillespie Actor, drug, born 01/24/1894

Hope Loring Screenwriter, actor, born 01/29/1894

John Ford Film director, Film director/Film producer, actor, born 02/01/1894

Carroll Clark Art director, drug, born 02/06/1894

Mikheil Chiaureli Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/06/1894

King Vidor Director, producer, screenwriter, Film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 02/08/1894

Bud Jamison Actor, drug, born 02/15/1894

Enid Markey Actor, actress, actor, born 02/22/1894

Julia Lajos Actor, drug, born 02/24/1894

Tiny Sandford actor, born 02/26/1894

Carl-Gunnar Wingård Actor, drug, born 02/27/1894

Ethel Grandin Actor, actor, born 03/03/1894

Symona Boniface Actor, drug, born 03/05/1894

Mack V. Wright Actor, Film director, actor, born 03/09/1894

Eddy Chandler Actor, drug, born 03/12/1894

Léonce Corne Actor, drug, born 03/18/1894

Ralph Hammeras Special effects designer, Cinematographer, Art director, Special effects designer, drug, born 03/24/1894

Will Wright Actor, actor, born 03/26/1894

Neva Gerber Actor, actor, born 04/03/1894

Ashton Dearholt Actor, drug, born 04/04/1894

Vivian Reed Actress, actor, born 04/17/1894

Frank Borzage Film director, actor, born 04/23/1894

Georges Renavent Actor, actor, born 04/23/1894

Norma Talmadge Actress, producer, Actress/Producer, drug, born 05/02/1894

Ellen Gottschalch Actor, actor, born 05/02/1894

Elvira Popescu actor, born 05/10/1894

Estelle Taylor Actor, actor, born 05/20/1894

Kenyon Nicholson Playwright, screenwriter, actor, born 05/21/1894

William Fairbanks Actor, actor, born 05/24/1894

Josef von Sternberg Film director, drug, born 05/29/1894

Viola Barry Film actress, actor, born 06/04/1894

Norman Kerry Actor, actor, born 06/16/1894

Jeanne Eagels actor, born 06/26/1894

Lee Hill Actor, actor, born 07/08/1894

Knud Heglund Actor, actor, born 07/10/1894

Osvald Helmuth Actor, actor, born 07/14/1894

Hans Peters Art director, drug, born 07/23/1894

Walter Brennan Actor, actor, born 07/25/1894

Marie Walcamp Silent film actress, Actress, actor, born 07/27/1894

William Stanley Blystone Actor, drug, born 08/01/1894

Alan Crosland Actor, film director, actor, born 08/10/1894

Edith Johnson Actor, drug, born 08/10/1894

Harvey B. Dunn Actor, actor, born 08/19/1894

Tecla Scarano Actor, drug, born 08/20/1894

Walter Rilla Actor, drug, born 08/22/1894

Charles Meredith Actor, actor, born 08/27/1894

Ernst Winar Actor, Film director, drug, born 09/03/1894

Olexandr Dovzhenko Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 09/11/1894

Billy Gilbert Actor, Actor, comedy writer, film director, actor, born 09/12/1894

Ella Margaret Gibson Actor, drug, born 09/14/1894

Barbara Castleton Actress, actor, born 09/14/1894

Paul Girard Smith Screenwriter, actor, born 09/14/1894

Jean Renoir Film director, Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, author, actor, born 09/15/1894

Tullio Carminati Actor, actor, born 09/21/1894

Billy Bletcher Actor, actor, born 09/24/1894

Jeanne Pérez Actor, drug, born 09/28/1894

Gerhard Menzel Screenwriter, drug, born 09/29/1894

Rhea Haines Actor, actor, born 10/02/1894

Del Lord Film director, actor, born 10/07/1894

Olive Thomas Silent film actress, Actress, Socialite, Ziegfeld girl, actor, born 10/20/1894

Mae Marsh American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/09/1894

Antonio Riquelme Actor, actor, born 11/09/1894

Seena Owen Actor, actor, born 11/14/1894

Corinne Griffith Actress, film producer, author, actor, born 11/21/1894

Betty Schade Actor, actor, born 11/22/1894

Jack Natteford Screenwriter, drug, born 11/27/1894

Warren William Actor, actor, born 12/02/1894

Fred Berger Actor, drug, born 12/05/1894

Eugene Mullin Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 12/18/1894

Carmen Phillips Actor, actor, born 01/09/1895

Fortunio Bonanova Actor, Opera singer, Actor/Opera singer, actor, born 01/13/1895

Raymond Griffith actor, born 01/23/1895

Mary Glynne Actor, drug, born 01/25/1895

Justine Johnstone Stage, film actress, Stage, film actress, pathologist, scientist, actor, born 01/31/1895

Anita Stewart Actress, film producer, actor, born 02/07/1895

Hallam Cooley Actor, actor, born 02/08/1895

Vernon Dent Actor, actor, born 02/16/1895

Louis Calhern Actor, actor, born 02/19/1895

Charles King Actor, drug, born 02/21/1895

Tom Buckingham Film director, drug, born 02/25/1895

Louise Lovely Australian actor and film producer, actor, born 02/28/1895

Nita Naldi Actor, Actress, actor, born 03/01/1895

Wallace Fox Film director, drug, born 03/09/1895

Dorothy Davenport Actor, film director, actor, born 03/13/1895

Shemp Howard Actor, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 03/17/1895

Syd Saylor Actor, drug, born 03/24/1895

Giulio Calì Actor, drug, born 03/26/1895

Ann Forrest Actor, actor, born 04/14/1895

Kathleen Kirkham Actor, actor, born 04/15/1895

George W. Hill Film director, Cinematographer, actor, born 04/25/1895

Mary Thurman Actress, actor, born 04/27/1895

Charles Lamont Film director, actor, born 05/05/1895

Rudolph Valentino Silent film actor, Actor, actor, born 05/06/1895

Richard Barthelmess Film actor, Actor, actor, born 05/09/1895

John Melin Actor, drug, born 05/18/1895

Noel M. Smith Film director, actor, born 05/22/1895

Paul Lukas Actor, actor, born 05/26/1895

Russell Hicks Actor, drug, born 06/04/1895

Lottie Pickford Actress, actor, born 06/09/1895

Hattie McDaniel Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/10/1895

Zoltan Korda film director, actor, born 06/13/1895

Theodor Pištěk Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/13/1895

Louise Fazenda Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/17/1895

Ivan Lebedeff Actor, drug, born 06/18/1895

Cullen Landis Actor, actor, born 07/09/1895

Sidney Blackmer Actor, actor, born 07/13/1895

Ken Maynard American Actor and stunt performer, actor, born 07/21/1895

Henry Lynn Producer/Director/Writer, Yiddish films, actor, born 07/21/1895

Aileen Pringle American actress, Actress, actor, born 07/23/1895

Gino Cavalieri Actor, drug, born 07/25/1895

Gracie Allen Actress, comedienne, actor, born 07/26/1895

Kenneth Harlan Actor, actor, born 07/26/1895

Jerry Verno Actor, drug, born 07/26/1895

Bobby Howes actor, born 08/04/1895

Franz Schafheitlin Actor, drug, born 08/09/1895

Marcel Vertès Costume designer, drug, born 08/10/1895

Liane Head Actress, singer, actor, born 08/16/1895

Lucien Littlefield Actor, actor, born 08/16/1895

Hans Unterkircher Actor, drug, born 08/22/1895

Sara García Actress, actor, born 09/08/1895

Alice Lake Actress, actor, born 09/12/1895

Ruth McDevitt Actress, actor, born 09/13/1895

Alfred Santell Film director, actor, born 09/14/1895

Paul Muni Actor, actor, born 09/22/1895

Victor Saville Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/25/1895

George Raft Actor, actor, born 09/26/1895

Giuditta Rissone Actor, drug, born 09/28/1895

Hans Schweikart Film director, Actor, drug, born 10/01/1895

Bud Abbott Actor, comedian, Actor, comedian, producer, actor, born 10/02/1895

Joseph Frank Keaton Actor and filmmaker, Actor, actor, born 10/04/1895

Nando Bruno Actor, drug, born 10/06/1895

Fridolf Rhudin Swedish actor and comedian, actor, born 10/10/1895

Edna Purviance Actress, actor, born 10/21/1895

Ben Sharpsteen Film director, Film producer, actor, born 11/04/1895

Tivadar Uray Actor, drug, born 11/09/1895

Franz Bachelin Art director, drug, born 11/10/1895

Wally Wales Actor, drug, born 11/13/1895

Louise Huff American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/14/1895

Stephen Roberts Film director, actor, born 11/23/1895

Louis D. Lighton Screenwriter, actor, born 11/25/1895

Busby Berkeley Film director, film director, choreographer, actor, born 11/29/1895

Yakima Canutt Actor, stuntman, rodeo rider, Actor, actor, born 11/29/1895

Otto Brower Film director, drug, born 12/02/1895

Jack Pennick Actor, drug, born 12/07/1895

Betty Burbridge Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 12/07/1895

Sig Arno German-born stage and film actor, German-American stage and film actor, actor, born 12/27/1895

Agnes Vernon Actor, actor, born 12/27/1895

Eyvind Johan-Svendsen Actor, actor, born 01/05/1896

Agnes Christine Johnston Screenwriter, actor, born 01/11/1896

Marjorie Bennett Actress, actor, born 01/15/1896

Mary MacLaren Actor, actor, born 01/19/1896

George Burns Actor, Comedian, Writer, Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 01/20/1896

Rolfe Sedan Actor, actor, born 01/20/1896

Isabel Withers American actress, Actress, actor, born 01/20/1896

Alfred J. Goulding Film director, actor, born 01/26/1896

Milton Kibbee Actor, actor, born 01/27/1896

Olive Carey Actor, actor, born 01/31/1896

Gypsy Abbott Silent film actress, actor, born 01/31/1896

Jay Wilsey Actor, drug, born 02/06/1896

George Hackathorne Actor, actor, born 02/13/1896

Werner R. Heymann Film composer, drug, born 02/14/1896

William Welllman Director, Actor, director, actor, actor, born 02/29/1896

A. Earl Hedrick Art director, drug, born 03/02/1896

Willie Fung Actor, actor, born 03/03/1896

Kai Holm Actor, drug, born 03/04/1896

Karl Hellmer Actor, drug, born 03/11/1896

Ella Hall Actor, drug, born 03/17/1896

Joseph Schildkraut Actor, actor, born 03/22/1896

Fern Emmett Actor, actor, born 03/22/1896

Ray Enright Film director, drug, born 03/25/1896

Einar Juhl Actor, drug, born 04/08/1896

Walter Franck Actor, drug, born 04/16/1896

Victoria Forde actress, Actress, actor, born 04/21/1896

Jules Levey film producer, drug, born 05/02/1896

Robert Odell Art director, drug, born 05/04/1896

Richard Day Art director, drug, born 05/09/1896

Archie Gottler Actor, director, writer, composer, actor, born 05/14/1896

Ruth Donnelly Actress, actor, born 05/17/1896

Walter Fitzgerald actor, born 05/18/1896

Michael Balcon English Film producer, actor, born 05/19/1896

Boris Evgenyevich Zakhava theatre director, film and theatre actor, acting coach, actor, born 05/24/1896

Jone Morino Actor, drug, born 05/28/1896

Howard Hawks Film director, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, actor, born 05/30/1896

Hope Summers Actress, actor, born 06/07/1896

Larry Keating Actor, actor, born 06/13/1896

Anders Henrikson Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/13/1896

Blanche Sweet Actress, actor, born 06/18/1896

William Walker Actor, actor, born 07/01/1896

Doris Lloyd English actress, drug, born 07/03/1896

William M. Conselman actor, born 07/10/1896

Evelyn Preer Actress, singer, actor, born 07/16/1896

Vladimir Petrov Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/22/1896

Jack Perrin Actor, actor, born 07/25/1896

Charles Butterworth Stage and film actor, actor, born 07/26/1896

Barbara La Marr Actress, screenwriter, Actress, cabaret artist, screenwriter, actor, born 07/28/1896

William Cameron Menzies Art director, actor, born 07/29/1896

Johanna Hofer Actor, drug, born 07/30/1896

Oskar Sima Actor, drug, born 07/31/1896

Erle C. Kenton Film director, drug, born 08/01/1896

F. A. Turner Actor, drug, born 08/01/1896

Maurice Ransford Art director, drug, born 08/03/1896

Ejner Federspiel Actor, drug, born 08/12/1896

Karl Ludwig Diehl Actor, drug, born 08/14/1896

Jack Pickford Actor, Actor, director, producer, drug, born 08/18/1896

Alan Mowbray Actor, actor, born 08/18/1896

Olga Baclanova Actress, actor, born 08/19/1896

W. E. Lawrence Actor, actor, born 08/22/1896

Hubert von Meyerinck Actor, drug, born 08/23/1896

Morris Ankrum actor, born 08/27/1896

Raymond Massey Actor, actor, born 08/30/1896

Fleming Lynge Screenwriter, drug, born 09/20/1896

Zdeněk Štěpánek Actor, drug, born 09/22/1896

Ted Healy Actor, comedian, Actor, actor, born 10/01/1896

David Howard Film director, drug, born 10/06/1896

Lilyan Tashman Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/23/1896

Ica von Lenkeffy Actor, drug, born 10/25/1896

Luigi Pavese Actor, drug, born 10/25/1896

Maria Zanoli Actor, drug, born 10/26/1896

Ruth Gordon Actress, Actress/Writer, actor, born 10/30/1896

Ian Wolfe Actor, actor, born 11/04/1896

Edwin Justus Mayer Screenwriter, drug, born 11/08/1896

Olga Grey Actor, drug, born 11/10/1896

Félix Dafauce Actor, drug, born 11/13/1896

Pierre Couderc Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 11/18/1896

Marvin Loback Actor, actor, born 11/21/1896

Lilia Skala Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/29/1896

Rod La Rocque Actor, actor, born 11/29/1896

Louis Florencie Actor, drug, born 12/04/1896

Jack Henley actor, born 12/06/1896

Bryan Foy Film producer, Film director, drug, born 12/08/1896

Tom Keene Actor, actor, born 12/30/1896

Marion Davies Actress, actor, born 01/03/1897

Dorothy Arzner Film director, actor, born 01/03/1897

Nils Asther Actor, actor, born 01/17/1897

Anne Cornwall Film actress, actor, born 01/17/1897

Natacha Rambova Costume and set designer, artistic director, screenwriter, producer, actress, fashion designer, actor, born 01/19/1897

J. Carrol Naish Actor, actor, born 01/21/1897

Renato Cialente Actor, drug, born 02/02/1897

Jaque Catelain Actor, actor, born 02/09/1897

Dame Judith Anderson Actress, actor, born 02/10/1897

Emmett Lynn Actor, actor, born 02/14/1897

Oreste Biancoli Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 02/20/1897

Frank Ellis Actor, drug, born 02/26/1897

Jack White film producer, actor, born 03/02/1897

Jack Townley Screenwriter, actor, born 03/03/1897

René Blancard Actor, drug, born 03/12/1897

Conrad Nagel Actor, actor, born 03/16/1897

Betty Compson Actor, Actress, actor, born 03/19/1897

Raymond Borderie Film producer, drug, born 03/30/1897

Malcolm Stuart Boylan Screenwriter, drug, born 04/13/1897

Harold French Actor, Film director, actor, born 04/23/1897

Douglas Sirk Film director, actor, born 04/26/1897

Trude Hesterberg Actor, drug, born 05/02/1897

Otto Siegel Set decorator, drug, born 05/07/1897

George Dudley Art director, drug, born 05/08/1897

Frank Capra Italian-American film director, Director, producer, writer, actor, born 05/18/1897

Arthur Loft Actor, drug, born 05/25/1897

Carlo Ninchi Actor, drug, born 05/31/1897

Umberto Melnati Italian actor, actor, born 06/17/1897

Vincent Korda Art director, drug, born 06/22/1897

Jewel Carmen Actress, actor, born 07/13/1897

Lynton Brent Actor, actor, born 08/02/1897

Joseph Calleia Actor, actor, born 08/04/1897

Juan Orol Film director, actor, born 08/04/1897

Wiard Ihnen Art director, drug, born 08/05/1897

Gordon Rigby Screenwriter, drug, born 08/07/1897

Rouben Mamoulian film, theatre director, Film director, Theatre director, actor, born 08/08/1897

Noël-Noël Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/09/1897

Käthe Haack Actor, drug, born 08/11/1897

Elisabeth Bergner actor, born 08/22/1897

Gertrude Bambrick Silent film actress, Film actress, actor, born 08/24/1897

Albert Ray Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 08/28/1897

Frank Lackteen Actor, drug, born 08/29/1897

Fredric March actor, Actor, born 08/31/1897

Cecil Parker Actor, actor, born 09/03/1897

Hermione Gingold Actress, actor, born 09/12/1897

Robert Williams Actor, actor, born 09/15/1897

W. Duncan Mansfield Film editor, drug, born 09/17/1897

Kermit Maynard Actor, stunt performer, Actor, stuntman, drug, born 09/20/1897

Walter Pidgeon Actor, actor, born 09/23/1897

Anna-Lisa Baude Actor, drug, born 09/25/1897

Alfred Zeisler Film producer, Film director, drug, born 09/26/1897

Jerome Cowan Actor, actor, born 10/06/1897

Gerhard Lamprecht Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/06/1897

Marcel Herrand Actor, actor, born 10/08/1897

Chet Brandenburg Film actor, actor, born 10/15/1897

Edith Head Fashion designer, actor, born 10/28/1897

Sigurd Langberg Actor, actor, born 10/29/1897

Herman J. Mankiewicz Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 11/07/1897

Gertrude Olmstead Actress, drug, born 11/13/1897

Eddie Baker Actor, Film actor, drug, born 11/17/1897

Julia Heron Set decorator, drug, born 11/21/1897

Harry Wilson Actor, actor, born 11/22/1897

Helene Chadwick Actress, actor, born 11/25/1897

Lige Conley Actor, actor, born 12/05/1897

Eddie Imazu Art director, drug, born 12/12/1897

Max Hansen Tenor, actor, born 12/22/1897

Julien Carette Actor, drug, born 12/23/1897

Dorothy Peterson actor, Actress, drug, born 12/25/1897

Lawrence Weingarten Film producer, actor, born 12/30/1897

Rhys Williams Actor, actor, born 12/31/1897

Liva Weel Actor, actor, born 12/31/1897

Gerhard T. Buchholz Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, drug, born 01/01/1898

Art Baker Film, television, radio actor, actor, born 01/07/1898

Rudolf Fernau Actor, drug, born 01/07/1898

Gracie Fields singer and comedienne, actor, born 01/09/1898

Vilma Bánky Film actress, Actress, actor, born 01/09/1898

Agnes Esterhazy Actor, actor, born 01/21/1898

Sergei Eisenstein Film director, drug, born 01/23/1898

Randolph Scott Actor, actor, born 01/23/1898

Wallace Lupino drug, born 01/23/1898

Ralph Ceder Film director, drug, born 02/02/1898

Bartine Burkett Zane Actor, actor, born 02/09/1898

Wallace Ford Actor, actor, born 02/12/1898

Eva Novak Actor, drug, born 02/14/1898

Harry R. Sokal Film producer, drug, born 02/20/1898

Ray Moyer Set decorator, drug, born 02/21/1898

Charlotte Susa Actress, actor, born 03/01/1898

Therese Giehse Actress, actor, born 03/06/1898

Douglas Håge Actor, drug, born 03/06/1898

Cy Kendall Actor, actor, born 03/10/1898

Dorothy Elizabeth Gish Actress, director, writer, actor, born 03/11/1898

Henry Hathaway Film director, actor, born 03/13/1898

Donald MacDonald Actor, actor, born 03/13/1898

Titina De Filippo Actor, actor, born 03/27/1898

Agnes Ayres Actress, actor, born 04/04/1898

Fritzi Ridgeway Actor, Actress, actor, born 04/08/1898

Antoine Balpêtré Actor, actor, born 05/03/1898

María Corda Actor, actor, born 05/04/1898

Dewey Starkey Film director, drug, born 05/09/1898

Olga Solbelli Actor, drug, born 05/11/1898

Arletty Actress, Actress, singer, fashion model, actor, born 05/15/1898

Lucy Doraine Actor, actor, born 05/22/1898

Frank McHugh Actor, actor, born 05/23/1898

Molly Picon American actress, Actress, actor, born 06/01/1898

Walter Abel Actor, actor, born 06/06/1898

Virginia Valli Actor, actor, born 06/10/1898

Lillian Hall-Davis Actress, actor, born 06/23/1898

Gustav Ucicky Film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor, born 07/06/1898

Fred M. MacLean Set decorator, drug, born 07/09/1898

Renée Björling Actor, drug, born 07/10/1898

John Twist Screenwriter, actor, born 07/14/1898

Manuel Arbó Actor, drug, born 07/18/1898

Stepan Kayukov Actor, actor, born 08/01/1898

Glenn Tryon Actor, actor, born 08/02/1898

Armand Schaefer Film producer, Film director, actor, born 08/05/1898

Lewis R. Foster Screenwriter, director, producer, television composer, actor, born 08/05/1898

Oskar Homolka actor, born 08/12/1898

Regis Toomey actor, born 08/13/1898

Dewey Robinson Actor, drug, born 08/17/1898

Héléna Manson Actor, drug, born 08/18/1898

Eleanor Boardman Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/19/1898

Van Nest Polglase Art director, drug, born 08/25/1898

Shirley Booth Actress, actor, born 08/30/1898

Richard Arlen Actor, actor, born 09/01/1898

Marilyn Miller Actress, singer, dancer, actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 09/01/1898

Bessie Love Actress, actor, born 09/10/1898

Hal B. Wallis Film producer, actor, born 09/14/1898

Katharine Alexander Actress, actor, born 09/22/1898

Harry Behn American screenplay writer and children's author, actor, born 09/24/1898

Renée Adorée Actress, actor, born 09/30/1898

Francis Morgan Farley Actor began career in 1918 in the play "Seventeen". Farley played a large number of mostly small parts in movies, television and broadway. He also served in World War II, actor, born 10/03/1898

Ewald Balser Actor, drug, born 10/05/1898

Dee Lampton Actor, actor, born 10/06/1898

Edward Ludwig Film director, actor, born 10/07/1898

Alex Suhr Actor, drug, born 10/07/1898

Bernard Nedell Actor, drug, born 10/14/1898

Francis Edward Faragoh Screenwriter, drug, born 10/16/1898

Eileen Sedgwick Actor, drug, born 10/17/1898

Lotte Lenya Austrian singer and actress, Actor, actor, born 10/18/1898

Willis Goldbeck Screenwriter, actor, born 10/24/1898

Eve Southern Actress, actor, born 10/24/1898

Karl Anton Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 10/25/1898

Joe Dougherty provided the original voice of the Warner Brothers animation character, Porky Pig. Actually had a stutter which became one of the characters trademarks, voice actor, actor, born 11/04/1898

Margaret Morris Actor, Film actress, actor, born 11/07/1898

Marie Prevost Actress, actor, born 11/08/1898

William Flannery Art director, actor, born 11/17/1898

Grace Darmond Actor, actor, born 11/20/1898

Bess Flowers Actor, actor, born 11/23/1898

Erika Voigt Actor, actor, born 11/28/1898

Monte Collins Actor, drug, born 12/03/1898

Irene Dunne American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/20/1898

Rafael Rivelles Actor, actor, born 12/23/1898

Carlo Duse Actor, drug, born 01/05/1899

Phyllis Haver Actress, actor, born 01/06/1899

Lya De Putti Actress, actor, born 01/10/1899

Lev Kuleshov Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 01/13/1899

George K. Arthur drug, born 01/27/1899

Antal Páger Actor, drug, born 01/29/1899

Benny Rubin Actor Comedian, Actor, Comedian, actor, born 02/02/1899

Ramón Novarro Actor, actor, born 02/06/1899

Paul Martin Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/08/1899

Gale Sondergaard American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/15/1899

Leland Fuller Art director, drug, born 02/16/1899

Priscilla Bonner Actress, actor, born 02/17/1899

Edwin L. Marin Actor, actor, born 02/21/1899

Dwight Frye Actor, actor, born 02/22/1899

Ian Keith Actor, actor, born 02/27/1899

Liana Del Balzo Actor, drug, born 03/04/1899

Victor A. Gangelin Set decorator, drug, born 03/04/1899

Houston Branch Screenwriter, drug, born 03/05/1899

Alfredo Martinelli Actor, actor, born 03/07/1899

Carlo Tamberlani Actor, actor, born 03/11/1899

George Brent Actor, actor, born 03/15/1899

Dora Gerson Actor, Actress/Singer, actor, born 03/23/1899

Gloria Swanson American actress, Actress, actor, born 03/27/1899

Carmel Myers Actor, actor, born 04/04/1899

Chief Thundercloud American actor, Actor, actor, born 04/12/1899

George O'Brien Actor, actor, born 04/19/1899

Dorothy Yost Screenwriter, drug, born 04/25/1899

Lucie Mannheim Actor, actor, born 04/30/1899

Aline MacMahon Actor, actor, born 05/03/1899

Arthur Q. Bryan Voice Actor, Comedian/Voice actor, actor, born 05/08/1899

Fred Astaire Dancer, actor, Actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, actor, born 05/10/1899

Ira S. Webb Film producer, Set decorator, drug, born 05/12/1899

Ralph Sanford Actor, actor, born 05/21/1899

Hans Brausewetter Actor, drug, born 05/27/1899

Irving Thalberg Film producer, actor, born 05/30/1899

Madge Blake Actor, Film, television actress, actor, born 05/31/1899

Lane Chandler Actor, actor, born 06/04/1899

Joseph Kish Set decorator, drug, born 06/14/1899

Carl Johan Hviid Actor, drug, born 06/27/1899

Madge Bellamy Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/30/1899

Charles Laughton English-American stage and film actor, Actor, screenwriter, producer, director, actor, born 07/01/1899

Walter Ladengast Actor, drug, born 07/04/1899

George Cukor American film director, Director, actor, born 07/07/1899

John Gilbert Actor, Actor, director, writer, actor, born 07/10/1899

Camilla von Hollay Actor, actor, born 07/11/1899

Martha Mansfield Actor, Actress, actor, born 07/14/1899

Léonide Moguy Film director, actor, born 07/14/1899

James Cagney Actor, Actor/Dancer, actor, born 07/17/1899

Seymour Nebenzal Film producer, drug, born 07/22/1899

Nerio Bernardi Actor, drug, born 07/23/1899

Hal Yates Screenwriter, film director, actor, born 07/26/1899

Nat Levine Film producer, drug, born 07/26/1899

Alice Terry Actress, actor, born 07/29/1899

Paul Kelly Actor, actor, born 08/09/1899

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock British film director and film producer, Film director, drug, born 08/13/1899

Povl Wøldike Actor, drug, born 08/13/1899

Eddie Phillips Actor, actor, born 08/14/1899

J. Walter Ruben Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, drug, born 08/14/1899

Claus Clausen Actor, drug, born 08/15/1899

Glenn Strange Actor, actor, born 08/16/1899

Colleen Moore Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/19/1899

Charlie Hall Actor, drug, born 08/19/1899

Giuseppe Amato Film producer, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 08/24/1899

Charles Boyer Actor, actor, born 08/28/1899

May McAvoy Film actress, actor, born 09/08/1899

Alice O'Fredericks Actress, Director, Writer, actor, born 09/08/1899

Ila Lóth Actor, drug, born 09/10/1899

Leslie Goodwins Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/17/1899

Ida Kaminska Polish actress, actor, born 09/18/1899

Ricardo Cortez Actor, actor, born 09/19/1899

Yevgeni Gabrilovich Screenwriter, drug, born 09/29/1899

Gertrude Berg Actress, screenwriter, actor, born 10/03/1899

Josephine Hill Actor, drug, born 10/03/1899

Rian James Screenwriter, drug, born 10/03/1899

Ivan Pravov Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 10/04/1899

Evelyn Brent Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/20/1899

Harriet Hammond Actor, actor, born 10/20/1899

Grigori Roshal Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/21/1899

Akim Tamiroff Actor, actor, born 10/29/1899

Francis Lederer actor, Actor, born 11/06/1899

Eitarō Shindō Actor, drug, born 11/10/1899

Edna Murphy Actor, actor, born 11/17/1899

Jobyna Ralston Actress, actor, born 11/21/1899

Ethan Laidlaw Actor, actor, born 11/25/1899

Georgi Nikolaevich Vasilyev Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 11/25/1899

Marie Mosquini Actor, drug, born 12/03/1899

Guillermo Battaglia Actor, actor, born 12/07/1899

John Qualen Actor, actor, born 12/08/1899

Frank Wisbar Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/09/1899

Gustaf Gründgens German actor, actor, born 12/22/1899

Richard Schweizer Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 12/23/1899

Humphrey Bogart Actor, actor, born 12/25/1899

Gustav Diessl Actor, drug, born 12/30/1899

Gaston Glass Actor, actor, born 12/31/1899

Lillian Rich English Actor, Film actor, actor, born 01/01/1900

William Haines Actor, interior designer, Actor, actor, born 01/02/1900

George Magrill Actor, drug, born 01/05/1900

Siegfried Schürenberg Actor, drug, born 01/12/1900

Colin Clive Actor, actor, born 01/20/1900

Elof Ahrle Actor, Film director, drug, born 01/21/1900

Fredric Hope Art director, drug, born 01/22/1900

Ralph Graves Actor, actor, born 01/23/1900

Marjorie Hume Actor, drug, born 01/27/1900

Martita Hunt Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/30/1900

Georg Skarstedt Actor, drug, born 01/31/1900

Russell Hopton Actor, drug, born 02/18/1900

Flavio Calzavara Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/21/1900

Jean Negulesco Film director, actor, born 02/26/1900

Irma Patkós Actor, drug, born 03/08/1900

Georg Funkquist Actor, actor, born 03/13/1900

Cyril Hume Screenwriter, actor, born 03/16/1900

Fosco Giachetti Actor, actor, born 03/28/1900

Spencer Tracy American actor, Actor, actor, born 04/05/1900

Ilka Chase actress, novelist, Actress/Novelist, actor, born 04/08/1900

Harry Ahlin Actor, drug, born 04/14/1900

Robert Lord Screenwriter, Film producer, Screenwriter, film producer, actor, born 05/01/1900

Max Elloy Actor, drug, born 05/05/1900

Linda Sini Film director, actor, born 05/14/1900

Aage Winther-Jørgensen Actor, actor, born 05/16/1900

Eduardo De Filippo actor, playwright, screenwriter, author and poet, Actor, actor, born 05/24/1900

Shirley Mason Actor, actor, born 06/06/1900

Ian Hunter Actor, actor, born 06/13/1900

Vera Steadman Actress, drug, born 06/23/1900

Tyrone Guthrie Actor, actor, born 07/02/1900

Frederica Sagor Maas playwright, essayist and author, Playwright, screenwriter,, actor, born 07/06/1900

Evelyn Laye actress, Actress, actor, born 07/10/1900

Marcel Dalio Actor, actor, born 07/17/1900

Lou Breslow Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 07/18/1900

Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Actor, drug, born 07/27/1900

Helen Morgan Singer, actress, actor, born 08/02/1900

Robert Siodmak Film director, actor, born 08/08/1900

Eileen Percy Actor, actor, born 08/21/1900

Roland Culver actor, born 08/31/1900

Larry Kent Actor, drug, born 09/15/1900

Emerson Treacy Actor, actor, born 09/17/1900

Jules White Film director, actor, born 09/17/1900

Betty Francisco Actor, actor, born 09/26/1900

Ernst Fegté Art director, drug, born 09/28/1900

Robert Shayne Film, Television actor, actor, born 10/04/1900

Václav Krška Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/07/1900

Helen Hayes actress, Actress, actor, born 10/10/1900

Gregory Gaye actor, Actor, born 10/10/1900

Carlos Casaravilla Actor, drug, born 10/12/1900

Mervyn LeRoy Film director, actor, born 10/15/1900

Fritz Feld Actor, actor, born 10/15/1900

Lauro Gazzolo Actor, drug, born 10/15/1900

Philip Ford Film director, Actor, drug, born 10/16/1900

Jean Arthur Actress, actor, born 10/17/1900

Lamar Trotti Reporter, screenwriter, producer, motion picture executive, Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/18/1900

Dmitri Vasilyev Film director, actor, born 10/21/1900

James Hall American actor, Actor, actor, born 10/22/1900

Sergei Dmitrievich Vasilyev Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 11/04/1900

John Longden Actor, drug, born 11/11/1900

Athole Shearer Canadian actress, actor, born 11/20/1900

Alice Calhoun Silent film actress, Film actress, actor, born 11/21/1900

Margaret Livingston American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/25/1900

Agnes Moorehead Actress, actor, born 12/06/1900

John Tyrrell Actor, actor, born 12/07/1900

Katina Paxinou Actress, actor, born 12/17/1900

Darrell Silvera Set decorator, drug, born 12/18/1900

Marc Allégret Screenwriter and film director, actor, born 12/22/1900

Marie Bell Tragedian, comic actor, stage director, actor, born 12/23/1900

Noel Purcell Film, television actor, actor, born 12/23/1900

Lew Landers Film and television director, actor, born 01/02/1901

Bebe Daniels Actress, producer, screenwriter, Actress, dancer, singer, producer, writer, actor, born 01/14/1901

Lee Parry Actor, drug, born 01/14/1901

Ernest Pagano Screenwriter, actor, born 01/16/1901

Jack Lipson Actor, actor, born 01/17/1901

Wolfgang Zilzer Actor, actor, born 01/20/1901

Mary Philips Actress, actor, born 01/23/1901

Walter Holscher Art director, drug, born 01/23/1901

Mildred Dunnock Actress, actor, born 01/25/1901

Jan Kurnakowicz Actor, drug, born 01/27/1901

Clark Gable American actor, Actor, actor, born 02/01/1901

Arthur Sheekman Screenwriter, actor, born 02/05/1901

Nino Besozzi Actor, drug, born 02/06/1901

Brian Donlevy Actor, actor, born 02/09/1901

Peggy Allenby Actress, actor, born 02/14/1901

Chester Morris Actor, actor, born 02/16/1901

Koji Shima Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/16/1901

Hugo Haas Actor, drug, born 02/18/1901

Mildred Davis Actress, actor, born 02/22/1901

Robert Usher Art director, drug, born 02/27/1901

Mark Donskoy Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 03/06/1901

Georges Chamarat Actor, drug, born 03/30/1901

Gay Seabrook Actor, actor, born 04/01/1901

Melvyn Douglas Actor, actor, born 04/05/1901

Svea Holst Actor, drug, born 04/20/1901

Sammee Tong Actor, actor, born 04/21/1901

William Ferrari Art director, drug, born 04/21/1901

Harald Braun Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/26/1901

Fritiof Billquist Actor, drug, born 05/05/1901

Gary Cooper actor, born 05/07/1901

Fuzzy Knight Actor, drug, born 05/09/1901

Gustav Machatý Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 05/09/1901

Casey Roberts Set decorator, actor, born 05/09/1901

Camillo Mastrocinque Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 05/11/1901

Ruth Weyher Actor, drug, born 05/28/1901

Véra Korène Actress, actor, born 06/06/1901

Torkil Lauritzen Actor, actor, born 06/18/1901

Cliff Lyons Stuntman, Actor, actor, born 07/01/1901

Sam Katzman Film producer and director, actor, born 07/07/1901

Gustav Knuth Actor, drug, born 07/07/1901

Jester Hairston Composer, songwriter, arranger, choral conductor, and actor, actor, born 07/09/1901

Eric Portman Actor, actor, born 07/13/1901

George Tobias Actor, actor, born 07/14/1901

Allyn Joslyn Actor, actor, born 07/21/1901

Helen Ferguson actress, publicist, actor, born 07/23/1901

Donald Reed Actor, drug, born 07/23/1901

Mabel Albertson Actress, actor, born 07/24/1901

Marcelle Pradot Actress, actress, actor, born 07/27/1901

Mabel Poulton English actress, actor, born 07/29/1901

Magnus Kesster Actor, drug, born 07/29/1901

Enrico Glori Actor, drug, born 08/03/1901

Ann Harding Actress, actor, born 08/07/1901

Yuliya Solntseva Film director, Actor, Film director,, drug, born 08/07/1901

Boris Chirkov Actor, actor, born 08/13/1901

J. Peverell Marley Cinematographer, actor, born 08/14/1901

Merrill Pye Art director, drug, born 08/14/1901

John B. Goodman Art director, drug, born 08/15/1901

Jean Yarbrough Film director, actor, born 08/22/1901

Andrei Kostrichkin Actor, actor, born 08/24/1901

Babe London Actor, actor, born 08/28/1901

Stradling, Harry, A.S.C. cinematographer, actor, born 09/01/1901

José Bohr Film director, Film producer, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/03/1901

Florence Eldridge American actress, Actress, drug, born 09/05/1901

Kenneth MacDonald Actor, actor, born 09/08/1901

Frederick Hazlitt Brennan Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/23/1901

Robert Bresson Film director, actor, born 09/25/1901

Lily Bouwmeester Actor, actor, born 09/28/1901

Carroll Nye Actor, drug, born 10/04/1901

Herbert Grevenius Screenwriter, drug, born 10/07/1901

Edward Chapman Actor, actor, born 10/13/1901

Georges Lampin Film director, drug, born 10/14/1901

James Dunn Actor, Vaudeville performer, actor, born 11/02/1901

Paul Ford Comedy actor, Actor, actor, born 11/02/1901

Etta Moten Barnett American singer, Actress, singer, U.S. cultural representative in Africa, actor, born 11/05/1901

Perry Ferguson Art director, drug, born 11/13/1901

Lee Patrick Actress, actor, born 11/22/1901

Mildred Harris Actress, actor, born 11/29/1901

Betty Mack Actor, actor, born 11/30/1901

Carol Dempster Actress, actor, born 12/09/1901

Pina Renzi Actor, drug, born 12/16/1901

Marlene Dietrich actor and singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 12/27/1901

Gerda Madsen Actor, drug, born 01/04/1902

Marjorie Daw Actress, drug, born 01/19/1902

Arlette Marchal Actor, actor, born 01/29/1902

Elise Cavanna Actress, comedienne, dancer, artist, actor, born 01/30/1902

Tallulah Bankhead Actress, drug, born 01/31/1902

Lyle Talbot Actor, actor, born 02/08/1902

Per Buckhøj Actor, drug, born 02/10/1902

Ray Corrigan American actor, actor, born 02/14/1902

Ganjiro Nakamura Actor, drug, born 02/17/1902

Margherita Bagni Actor, drug, born 02/21/1902

Heinz Rühmann German film actor, Actor, actor, born 03/07/1902

Louise Beavers Actress, actor, born 03/08/1902

Hugh Hunt Set decorator, drug, born 03/08/1902

Leslie Fenton Actor, Film director, actor, born 03/12/1902

Diana Miller Actress, actor, born 03/18/1902

Egon von Jordan Actor, drug, born 03/19/1902

Gustav Fröhlich Actor, actor, born 03/21/1902

Onslow Stevens Actor, actor, born 03/29/1902

Martin Frič Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/29/1902

Mary Miles Minter Actress, actor, born 04/01/1902

Virginia Fox Actress, actor, born 04/02/1902

Gertrude Short Actor, actor, born 04/06/1902

Shirley Grey Actor, actor, born 04/11/1902

John Elfström Actor, actor, born 04/20/1902

Abbas Fares Actor, actor, born 04/22/1902

Kitty Kelly Stage, film, television actress, actor, born 04/27/1902

Henny Lindorff Buckhøj Actor, drug, born 04/29/1902

Ken Mitsuda Actor, drug, born 04/29/1902

Sonnie Hale actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 05/01/1902

Brian Aherne Actor, actor, born 05/02/1902

Walter Slezak Actor, actor, born 05/03/1902

Mona Mårtenson Actor, drug, born 05/04/1902

Max Ophüls Film director, Director, Writer, actor, born 05/06/1902

David O. Selznick Film producer, actor, born 05/10/1902

Dick Curtis Actor, actor, born 05/11/1902

Friedrich Domin Actor, drug, born 05/15/1902

Charles Barton Film director, actor, born 05/25/1902

Erminio Macario Actor, drug, born 05/27/1902

Alexander Engel Actor, actor, born 06/04/1902

John Rawlins Film director, drug, born 06/09/1902

Nat Ross Film director, actor, born 06/13/1902

Boris Barnet Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 06/18/1902

Marguerite De La Motte Actress, actor, born 06/22/1902

Mathias Wieman Actor, actor, born 06/23/1902

Charles Blavette Actor, actor, born 06/24/1902

Carl-Heinz Schroth Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/29/1902

William Wyler Oscar-winning motion picture director, Director, Producer, actor, born 07/01/1902

Vince Barnett Actor, actor, born 07/04/1902

Norma Shearer actress, Actress, actor, born 08/10/1902

Lloyd Nolan Actor, actor, born 08/11/1902

Margaret Leahy Silent film actress, actor, born 08/17/1902

Leni Riefenstahl German film director, dancer and actress, actor, born 08/22/1902

Paul Calinescu Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/23/1902

Mantan Moreland Actor, actor, born 09/03/1902

Darryl F. Zanuck Film producer, actor, born 09/05/1902

Eisuke Takizawa Film director, actor, born 09/06/1902

Chester Schaeffer Film editor, actor, born 09/09/1902

Esther Ralston Actress, actor, born 09/17/1902

Ray Nazarro Film and television director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 09/25/1902

Kitty Machugh Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/03/1902

Larry Fine American actor, comedian, member of "Three Stooges", Actor/Comedian, actor, born 10/05/1902

William Forrest Actor, actor, born 10/10/1902

Anthony Nicholls Actor, actor, born 10/16/1902

Miriam Hopkins American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/18/1902

Ib Schønberg Actor, actor, born 10/23/1902

Elsa Lanchester Actress, actor, born 10/25/1902

Eduard Franz Actor, actor, born 10/31/1902

Dagny Lind Actor, drug, born 11/07/1902

Anthony Asquith Film director, drug, born 11/09/1902

Katie Rolfsen Actor, drug, born 11/10/1902

Patricia Avery Silent film actress, actor, born 11/12/1902

Jack Ingram Actor, actor, born 11/15/1902

Franklin Adreon Screenwriter, director, producer, actor, actor, born 11/18/1902

Ivo Perilli Screenwriter, drug, born 11/24/1902

Harold Goodwin Actor, actor, born 12/01/1902

Malcolm C. Bert Art director, drug, born 12/04/1902

Emeric Pressburger Film screenwriter, actor, born 12/05/1902

Margaret Hamilton actress, schoolteacher, Actress, actor, born 12/09/1902

Oliver Emert Set decorator, drug, born 12/09/1902

Reginald Le Borg Film director, drug, born 12/11/1902

Frances Bavier Actress, actor, born 12/14/1902

Ralph Richardson Actor, actor, born 12/19/1902

Barton MacLane Actor, playwright, screenwriter, actor, born 12/25/1902

Francis L. Sullivan Actor, actor, born 01/06/1903

Alan Napier Actor, actor, born 01/07/1903

Gene Roth Actor, actor, born 01/08/1903

Robert D. Webb Film director, drug, born 01/08/1903

Violet Wilkey Actress, actor, born 01/10/1903

Werner Hinz Actor, drug, born 01/18/1903

Leon Ames Actor, actor, born 01/20/1903

Emil Hass Christensen Actor, drug, born 01/23/1903

Rex Lease Actor, actor, born 02/11/1903

Edgar Bergen Comedian, ventriloquist, actor, born 02/16/1903

Randi Michelsen Actor, drug, born 02/20/1903

Reginald Gardiner Actor, actor, born 02/27/1903

Vincente Minnelli Film and theatre director, actor, born 02/28/1903

William Haade Actor, drug, born 03/02/1903

Zaki Rostom actor,in 55 films, actor, born 03/05/1903

Verree Teasdale Actor, actress, actor, born 03/15/1903

Dorothy Seastrom Actress, actor, born 03/16/1903

Edgar Buchanan Actor, actor, born 03/20/1903

Betty Balfour British actress, Actress, actor, born 03/27/1903

John Harron Actor, actor, born 03/31/1903

Kathleen Key Actress, actor, born 04/01/1903

Ward Bond Actor, actor, born 04/09/1903

Andrea Palma actor, born 04/16/1903

John Sutro Film producer, drug, born 04/23/1903

Dorothy Sebastian Actress, actor, born 04/26/1903

Paul Azaïs Actor, drug, born 05/06/1903

Wilfrid Hyde-White Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 05/12/1903

Gabriel Gobin Actor, actor, born 05/12/1903

Billie Dove American actress, Actress, actor, born 05/14/1903

Walter Reisch Director, Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 05/23/1903

Binnie Barnes Actress, actor, born 05/25/1903

Bob Hope English entertainer, Actor/Comedian/Author, actor, born 05/29/1903

Eddie Acuff Actor, actor, born 06/03/1903

Carlos Montalbán Actor, actor, born 06/05/1903

Paolo Stoppa Actor, actor, born 06/06/1903

Theo Lingen Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, actor, film director, screenwriter, drug, born 06/10/1903

Robert A. Stemmle Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 06/10/1903

Hertha von Walther Actor, drug, born 06/12/1903

Carl Anderson Art director, actor, born 06/13/1903

Jeanette MacDonald Singer, actress, Actress/Singer, actor, born 06/18/1903

Eddie Laughton Actor, actor, born 06/20/1903

Joan Standing Actor, actor, born 06/21/1903

Anne Revere Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/25/1903

John English Director, actor, born 06/25/1903

Arnold Sjöstrand Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/30/1903

Don Beddoe Film, television actor, actor, born 07/01/1903

LeRoy Mason Actor, drug, born 07/02/1903

Wynne Gibson Actress, actor, born 07/03/1903

Ken Murray Entertainer, author, actor, born 07/14/1903

Randall Duell Art director, Art director and Architect, drug, born 07/14/1903

Mary Philbin Actor, actor, born 07/16/1903

Eduardo Passarelli Actor, drug, born 07/20/1903

Elsa Merlini Actor, drug, born 07/26/1903

Knud Schrøder Actor, drug, born 07/28/1903

Malcolm Brown Art director, drug, born 08/10/1903

Lasse Krantz Actor, drug, born 08/10/1903

Lewis Sargent Actor, drug, born 08/19/1903

Claude Dauphin Actor, drug, born 08/19/1903

Peppino De Filippo Actor, actor, born 08/24/1903

Simone Mareuil Actress, actor, born 08/25/1903

Andrei Fajt Actor, drug, born 08/29/1903

Asbjørn Andersen Actor, Film director, drug, born 08/30/1903

Arthur Godfrey American television actor, Entertainer, actor, born 08/31/1903

Otto Eduard Hasse Actor, actor, born 09/11/1903

Claudette Colbert Actress, actor, born 09/13/1903

Bjarne Forchhammer Actor, actor, born 09/14/1903

Vera Stroyeva Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/21/1903

Robert Bassler Television and film producer, actor, born 09/26/1903

Richard Loo actor, born 10/01/1903

William A. Berke Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/03/1903

Jessie Rindom Actor, drug, born 10/04/1903

Ermanno Roveri Actor, drug, born 10/05/1903

Hans Söhnker Actor, drug, born 10/11/1903

Tor Johnson Wrestler, actor, actor, born 10/19/1903

Werner Klingler Film director, Actor, drug, born 10/23/1903

Max Adrian Northern Irish actor, actor, born 11/01/1903

June Marlowe American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/06/1903

Mona Maris Argentine actress, Actress, actor, born 11/07/1903

Josephine Hutchinson Actor, actor, born 11/10/1903

Paul Sheriff Art director, drug, born 11/13/1903

Tilly Losch Ballerina, dancer, actress, actor, born 11/15/1903

Nancy Carroll Actress, actor, born 11/19/1903

Una Merkel Actor, actor, born 12/10/1903

George J. Lewis Actor, actor, born 12/10/1903

Norman Foster Foster director, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 12/13/1903

Hardie Albright Film, stage, television actor, Actor, actor, born 12/16/1903

J. Edward Bromberg Actor, actor, born 12/25/1903

Florence Lake actor, born 01/01/1904

Tom Helmore English film actor, actor, born 01/04/1904

Ray Bolger Bolger, Raymond Wallace, Actor, actor, born 01/10/1904

Patsy Ruth Miller actress, Actress, actor, born 01/17/1904

Knox Manning Actor, drug, born 01/17/1904

Cary Grant English actor, Actor, actor, born 01/18/1904

Josef Berne Film director, drug, born 01/19/1904

George Balanchine Russian-American choreographer and ballet master and master teacher, choreographer, actor, director, actor, born 01/22/1904

Edward J. Nugent Actor, actor, born 02/07/1904

John Farrow Film director, screenwriter, Actor director, producer and screenwriter, actor, born 02/10/1904

James Baskett Actor, actor, born 02/16/1904

Giorgio Bianchi Actor, actor, born 02/18/1904

Florence Gilbert actor, born 02/20/1904

Rukmini Devi Arundale actor, born 02/29/1904

Erling Schroeder Actor, actor, born 03/01/1904

Mayo Methot Actress, actor, born 03/03/1904

Marcia Healy Actor, actor, born 03/07/1904

Clive Morton Actor, actor, born 03/16/1904

Anna Lindahl Actor, drug, born 03/24/1904

Emilio Fernández Film director, actor, born 03/26/1904

Gene Towne Screenwriter, drug, born 03/27/1904

Sylvia Ashley Model, actress, socialite, model, actress, drug, born 04/01/1904

Holger Löwenadler Actor, actor, born 04/01/1904

Glenda Farrell Actor, actor, born 04/03/1904

Richard H. Riedel Art director, drug, born 04/05/1904

Vasili Merkuryev Actor, drug, born 04/06/1904

Alma Bennett Actor, Film actress, actor, born 04/09/1904

Nino Pavese Actor, drug, born 04/10/1904

Paul Dahlke Actor, actor, born 04/12/1904

Dewey Markham Comedian, actor, singer, dancer, actor, born 04/18/1904

Dorothy Revier American actress, Actress, actor, born 04/18/1904

Bruce Cabot Actor, actor, born 04/20/1904

Raymond Huntley Actor, actor, born 04/23/1904

Raymond Bailey Actor, actor, born 05/06/1904

Chishu Ryu Actor, actor, born 05/12/1904

Lola Todd Actor, actor, born 05/14/1904

Jean Gabin French actor, actor, born 05/17/1904

Anthony Bushell Actor, drug, born 05/19/1904

Pyotr Sobolevsky Actor, actor, born 05/22/1904

Libby Holman Actress, singer, drug, born 05/23/1904

Luis Marquina Film director, actor, born 05/25/1904

Johnny Weissmuller Swimmer and actor, actor, born 06/02/1904

Enid Stamp Taylor British actress, Actress, actor, born 06/12/1904

Raymond Rouleau Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/14/1904

Ralph Bellamy Actor, actor, born 06/17/1904

Keye Luke Actor, actor, born 06/18/1904

George Sawley Set decorator, Art director, drug, born 06/18/1904

Bobby Todd Actor, actor, born 06/22/1904

Peter Lorre Austrian actor, Actor, actor, born 06/26/1904

Virginia Brown Faire Actor, actor, born 06/26/1904

Alberta Vaughn Actress, actor, born 06/27/1904

Milburn Stone Actor, actor, born 07/05/1904

Eugenia Clinchard Child actress, silent film actress, actor, born 07/05/1904

Lili Damita actress, actor, born 07/10/1904

Gunnar Olsson Actor, actor, born 07/10/1904

Zita Johann actress, actor, born 07/14/1904

Vittorio Metz Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 07/18/1904

Harry Hasso Cinematographer, actor, born 07/24/1904

Leigh Jason Film director, actor, born 07/26/1904

Clara Horton Actress, drug, born 07/29/1904

Dolores del Río Actress, actor, born 08/03/1904

Renato Malavasi Actor, drug, born 08/08/1904

Eigil Reimers Actor, actor, born 08/10/1904

Charles Rogers Actor, jazz musician, Actor/Musician, actor, born 08/13/1904

Ralph Berger Art director, drug, born 08/20/1904

Alice White Actress, actor, born 08/24/1904

Johnny Mack Brown Football player, actor, actor, born 09/01/1904

Lili Heglund Actor, drug, born 09/05/1904

Ray McCarey Actor, Director, actor, born 09/06/1904

Alta Allen Actress, actor, born 09/06/1904

Gladys George Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/13/1904

Edwina Booth Actress, actor, born 09/13/1904

Sergei Iosifovich Yutkevich Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 09/15/1904

Claude E. Carpenter Set decorator, actor, born 09/26/1904

Greer Garson Actress, actor, born 09/29/1904

Philip van Zandt Actor, actor, born 10/04/1904

Tita Merello Actress, tango dancer and singer, actor, born 10/11/1904

Claire Luce actor, film director, actor, born 10/15/1904

Harald G. Petersson Screenwriter, drug, born 10/16/1904

Anna Neagle Actress, singer, actor, born 10/20/1904

Marian Nixon Actress, actor, born 10/20/1904

Constance Bennett Actress, actor, born 10/22/1904

Liva Weel Actor, actor, born 10/22/1904

Laura La Plante Actor, actor, born 11/01/1904

Don Alvarado Actor, assistant director, production manager, Actor, film director, actor, born 11/04/1904

Umberto Spadaro Actor, actor, born 11/08/1904

William A. Horning Art director, actor, born 11/09/1904

Jacques Tourneur Director, actor, born 11/12/1904

Jessie Royce Landis Actor, actor, born 11/25/1904

Kay Johnson American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/29/1904

Elissa Landi Actor, actor, born 12/06/1904

Robert Livingston Actor, drug, born 12/09/1904

Rolf Hansen Film director, drug, born 12/12/1904

George Stevens Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer, Producer, actor, born 12/18/1904

Viktor Eisymont Film director, drug, born 12/20/1904

Minna Jørgensen Actor, drug, born 12/22/1904

Edith Schultze-Westrum Actor, drug, born 12/30/1904

Luigi Zampa Film director, actor, born 01/02/1905

Anna May Wong American actress, Actress, television presenter, singer, author, actor, born 01/03/1905

Richard Pefferle Set decorator, drug, born 01/05/1905

Kay Francis actress, actor, born 01/13/1905

Lev Arnshtam Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 01/15/1905

Grant Withers Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 01/17/1905

Bernhard Minetti Actor, drug, born 01/26/1905

Howard Macnear Actor, actor, born 01/27/1905

Kurt Waitzmann Actor, drug, born 01/30/1905

Cesare Fantoni Actor, actor, born 02/01/1905

Albert Bessler Actor, actor, born 02/15/1905

Poul Bang Film producer, Film director, drug, born 02/17/1905

Franchot Tone Actor, actor, born 02/27/1905

Richard Haydn Actor, writer, Actor, Writer, actor, born 03/10/1905

Betty Amann Actress, actor, born 03/10/1905

Miguel Zacarías film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor, born 03/19/1905

Joan Crawford American actress, Actress, actor, born 03/23/1905

Ego Brønnum-Jacobsen Actor, drug, born 03/24/1905

Karl John Actor, drug, born 03/24/1905

Philip Ahn Actor, drug, born 03/29/1905

Ramón Torrado Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/05/1905

Herbert W. Spencer Television and film composer, orchestrator, actor, born 04/07/1905

Iosif Kheifits Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 04/12/1905

Guido Celano Actor, drug, born 04/19/1905

Jean Vigo Film director, drug, born 04/26/1905

Márton Keleti Film director, drug, born 04/27/1905

Aleksandr Borisov Actor, drug, born 05/01/1905

Frank Mitchell Actor, actor, born 05/13/1905

Joseph Cotten actor, Actor, born 05/15/1905

Henry Fonda actor, Actor, born 05/16/1905

Miguel M. Delgado Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 05/17/1905

Natalie Kingston Film actress, dancer, actor, born 05/19/1905

Robert Montgomery Actor, Actor/Director, actor, born 05/21/1905

Sebastian Shaw Stage actor; movie actor; author, Actor, director, novelist, playwright, poet, actor, born 05/29/1905

Ann Christy Actress, actor, born 05/31/1905

Mildred Natwick Actress, actor, born 06/19/1905

Georgia Hale American actress, Actress, actor, born 06/24/1905

Kurt Ulrich Film producer, drug, born 06/28/1905

Paul Frankeur Actor, actor, born 06/29/1905

James Edward Grant American film writer and director, actor, born 07/02/1905

Isa Miranda Actress, actor, born 07/05/1905

Thomas Gomez Actor, actor, born 07/10/1905

Urie McCleary Art director, drug, born 07/10/1905

Addie McPhail Actor, actor, born 07/15/1905

Louis Diage Set decorator, drug, born 07/22/1905

Clara Bow Actress, actor, born 07/29/1905

Thelma Todd Actress, actor, born 07/29/1905

Myrna Loy actress, Actress, actor, born 08/02/1905

Karin Nellemose Actor, actor, born 08/03/1905

Edouard Mielche Actor, drug, born 08/08/1905

Leo Genn Actor, actor, born 08/09/1905

George Rigaud Actor, drug, born 08/11/1905

Martin Obzina Art director, drug, born 08/17/1905

Valentine Davies Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 08/25/1905

Jack Otterson Art director, drug, born 08/25/1905

Maxwell Shane Screenwriter, producer, director, actor, born 08/26/1905

Sam Levene Actor, actor, born 08/28/1905

Henry Wilcoxon Actor, actor, born 09/08/1905

Greta Garbo actress, Actress, drug, born 09/18/1905

Betty Garde Actress, actor, born 09/19/1905

Michael Powell Film Director, actor, born 09/30/1905

Andy Devine Actor, actor, born 10/07/1905

Wolfgang Lukschy Actor, actor, born 10/19/1905

Gunnar Lauring Actor, actor, born 10/31/1905

Sigge Fürst Actor, drug, born 11/03/1905

Joel McCrea Actor, actor, born 11/05/1905

Miskow Makwarth Actor, drug, born 11/05/1905

Frank Tuttle Set decorator, drug, born 11/15/1905

Tino Scotti Actor, drug, born 11/16/1905

Mischa Auer Actor, actor, born 11/17/1905

Gladys Egan Actress, actor, born 11/24/1905

Norah Baring English actress, Actress, drug, born 11/26/1905

Astrid Allwyn Film, stage actress, Actress, actor, born 11/27/1905

Otto Preminger Director, producer, actor, actor, born 12/05/1905

Frank Faylen Actor, actor, born 12/08/1905

Gilbert Roland Actor, actor, born 12/11/1905

Youcca Troubetzkoy Actor, actor, born 12/12/1905

Arturo García Buhr Actor, Film director, drug, born 12/16/1905

Mary Nolan Actor, actor, born 12/18/1905

Albert Dekker Actor, politician, actor, born 12/20/1905

Hiroshi Inagaki director, screenwriter, producer, actor, actor, born 12/30/1905

Manolo Morán León Actor, actor, born 12/30/1905

William Bendix actor, Film, radio, television actor, born 01/14/1906

Diana Wynyard actor, born 01/16/1906

Lilian Harvey Actress, actor, born 01/19/1906

Bretaigne Windust Theatre, film and television director, television producer, Director/Producer, actor, born 01/20/1906

Masaichi Nagata Film producer, drug, born 01/21/1906

Arthur Lonergan Art director, drug, born 01/23/1906

Per Gundmann Actor, actor, born 01/30/1906

Piero Lulli Actor, drug, born 02/01/1906

John Carradine Actor, actor, born 02/05/1906

Børge Møller Grimstrup Actor, actor, born 02/15/1906

Osvaldo Valenti Actor, drug, born 02/17/1906

Toni Mannix Actress, dancer, actor, born 02/19/1906

Gale Gordon actor, Actor, born 02/20/1906

Jeanne Aubert French actress, singer, Singer, actress, actor, born 02/21/1906

Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt Actor, actor, born 02/22/1906

Warren Hymer Actor, actor, born 02/25/1906

Madeleine Carroll Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/26/1906

Hans Bertram Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 02/26/1906

Paul Groesse Art director, drug, born 02/28/1906

Camilla Spira Actor, actor, born 03/01/1906

Lou Costello Actor, Comedian, actor, born 03/06/1906

Ozzie Nelson Actor, band leader, television producer and director, actor, born 03/20/1906

Arvid Müller Screenwriter, drug, born 04/02/1906

Bea Benaderet actress, actor, born 04/04/1906

Grady Sutton Actor, actor, born 04/05/1906

Elga Olga Svendsen Actor, drug, born 04/14/1906

Terence Marsh Production designer, drug, born 04/15/1906

Jack D. Moore Set decorator, drug, born 04/15/1906

Jack Poplin Art director, drug, born 04/15/1906

Patrizia von Brandenstein Production designer, actor, born 04/15/1906

Renato Chiantoni Actor, drug, born 04/19/1906

Eddie Albert Actor, Actor, gardener, humanitarian, activist, actor, born 04/22/1906

Riccardo Billi actor, born 04/22/1906

Renate Müller Actress, actor, born 04/26/1906

Dorothy Dwan Actor, drug, born 04/26/1906

William Glasgow Art director, drug, born 04/26/1906

Rose Hobart Actress, actor, born 05/01/1906

Mary Astor Actress, author, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1906

Esmond Knight Actor, dialogue coach, actor, born 05/04/1906

Bruce Bennett Actor, actor, born 05/19/1906

Lyda Roberti Actress, actor, born 05/20/1906

Sergei Gerasimov Film director, Screenwriter, actor, Film director, screenwriter, actor, drug, born 05/21/1906

Dorothy Tree actress, actor, born 05/21/1906

Helen Foster Actress, actor, born 05/23/1906

Holger Höglund Actor, drug, born 05/31/1906

Alice Treff Actor, actor, born 06/04/1906

Evalyn Knapp Actress, actor, born 06/17/1906

Karin Kavli Actor, drug, born 06/21/1906

Billy Wilder Austrian-born, Jewish-American journalist, screenwriter, film director, and producer, Film director, producer and screenwriter, actor, born 06/22/1906

Albert Lieven Actor, actor, born 06/22/1906

Lima Barreto Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/23/1906

Katherine Cassavetes actor, born 06/24/1906

Anthony Mann Director, actor, born 06/30/1906

George Sanders British actor, Actor, author, singer, actor, born 07/03/1906

Hilde Körber Actor, drug, born 07/03/1906

Pietro Tordi Actor, drug, born 07/12/1906

Jack Chertok Television and film producer, actor, born 07/13/1906

Olive Borden Actress, actor, born 07/14/1906

Vincent Sherman Film director, actor, born 07/16/1906

Clancy Cooper Actor, drug, born 07/23/1906

John Huston American film director and actor, actor, born 08/05/1906

Dorothy Jordan Actress, actor, born 08/09/1906

Barbara Bennett Actress, actor, born 08/13/1906

Marcel Carné Film director, actor, born 08/18/1906

André van Gyseghem actor, born 08/18/1906

June Collyer Film actress, actor, born 08/19/1906

Charles Arnt Actor, drug, born 08/20/1906

Joe Sawyer Actor, drug, born 08/29/1906

Joan Blondell actress, Actress, actor, born 08/30/1906

Tord Stål Actor, drug, born 09/14/1906

Jacques Becker Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 09/15/1906

Jean Dréville Film director, drug, born 09/20/1906

Salvo Randone Actor, drug, born 09/25/1906

Ángel Álvarez actor, born 09/26/1906

Albert Cavens Actor, actor, born 10/01/1906

Carlo Campanini Actor, actor, born 10/05/1906

Janet Gaynor Actress, actor, born 10/06/1906

Jeanette Loff Actress, singer, actor, born 10/09/1906

Edward Carrere Art director, drug, born 10/13/1906

Benita Hume British actress, Actress, drug, born 10/14/1906

Léon Barsacq Production designer, Art director, Set decorator, drug, born 10/18/1906

Sumner Getchell Actor, drug, born 10/20/1906

Beatrice Bonnesen Actor, actor, born 10/21/1906

Gabriel Scognamillo Art director, drug, born 10/27/1906

Al Roelofs Art director, drug, born 10/27/1906

Sue Carol Actress, talent agent, actor, born 10/30/1906

Gus Dahlström Actor, drug, born 11/06/1906

Mario Soldati Film director, actor, born 11/11/1906

Hermione Baddeley Actress, actor, born 11/13/1906

Louise Brooks Actress, dancer, Actress, model, dancer, actor, born 11/14/1906

Andrei Abrikosov Actor, actor, born 11/14/1906

Betty Bronson Actress, actor, born 11/17/1906

Howard Petrie Actor, actor, born 11/22/1906

Dudley Dickerson Actor, actor, born 11/27/1906

Daniel B. Cathcart Art director, drug, born 12/08/1906

Ebba Amfeldt Actor, drug, born 12/21/1906

Erwin Geschonneck Actor, actor, born 12/27/1906

Duilio Coletti Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/28/1906

Valsø Holm Actor, drug, born 12/31/1906

Ray Milland Actor, director, drug, born 01/03/1907

Benkt-Åke Benktsson Actor, drug, born 01/06/1907

Peggy Shannon Actress, actor, born 01/10/1907

Dan Duryea Actor, actor, born 01/23/1907

Joyce Compton American actress, actor, born 01/27/1907

Ross Bellah Art director, drug, born 01/27/1907

Minoru Shibuya Film director, drug, born 02/01/1907

Adrianne Allen Actress, actor, born 02/07/1907

Ray Middleton Actor, actor, born 02/08/1907

André Cauvin Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, actor, born 02/12/1907

Cesar Romero Film, television, actor, Actor, actor, born 02/15/1907

Robert Young American actor, Actor, actor, born 02/22/1907

Sheldon Leonard Actor, Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, actor, born 02/22/1907

Wini Shaw Actor, Actress, dancer, singer, actor, born 02/25/1907

Dorothy Burgess Film, stage actress, Actress, actor, born 03/04/1907

Jessie Matthews actress, singer, dancer, Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 03/11/1907

Zarah Leander Swedish actress and singer, Actress, singer, actor, born 03/15/1907

Lucile Browne Actor, Actress, actor, born 03/18/1907

Kent Smith Actor, actor, born 03/19/1907

Henry Grace Set decorator, drug, born 03/20/1907

Philip Rapp Film and television director, screenwriter, actor, born 03/26/1907

Eddie Quillan Actor, actor, born 03/31/1907

Fatma Gadri Actress, actor, born 04/01/1907

Iron Eyes Cody actor, born 04/03/1907

Paul Douglas actor, born 04/11/1907

Dorothy Boyd Actor, actor, born 04/14/1907

Phyllis Konstam Actor, actor, born 04/14/1907

Ross Dowd Set decorator, drug, born 04/17/1907

Lina Basquette Film actress, Actress, actor, born 04/19/1907

Olaf Ussing Actor, drug, born 04/28/1907

Fred Zinnemann Film director, actor, born 04/29/1907

Sydney Box Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 04/29/1907

Justin Herman Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, drug, born 04/29/1907

Gian Gaspare Napolitano Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 04/30/1907

Katharine Houghton Hepburn American actor, Actress, drug, born 05/12/1907

Lincoln Stedman Actor, drug, born 05/18/1907

Laurence Olivier Actor, producer, director, peer, knight, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 05/22/1907

John Wayne Wayne American film actor, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 05/26/1907

Rosalind Russell Actress, singer, Actress, singer, screenwriter, actor, born 06/04/1907

Emile Kuri Set decorator, drug, born 06/11/1907

James Robertson Actor, actor, born 06/15/1907

Dercy Gonçalves Comedian, actor, born 06/23/1907

Martha Sleeper Actor, actor, born 06/24/1907

Joan Harrison Film producer, screenwriter, actor, born 06/26/1907

John McIntire Actor, actor, born 06/27/1907

Joan Davis Actress, vaudevillian, Actress, Vaudevillian, actor, born 06/29/1907

Ellen Jansø Actor, drug, born 07/02/1907

Erik Chitty Actor, actor, born 07/08/1907

Annabella Actress, actor, born 07/14/1907

Barbara Stanwyck actress, Actress, drug, born 07/16/1907

Isabel Jewell Actress, actor, born 07/19/1907

Georg Rydeberg Actor, drug, born 07/21/1907

Ross Alexander Actor, actor, born 07/27/1907

Adrienne Ames Film actress, Actress, actor, born 08/03/1907

Irene Tedrow Actress, actor, born 08/03/1907

Eadie Adams Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/08/1907

Marion Burns Actor, Film actress, actor, born 08/09/1907

Wesley Barry Actor, director, producer, actor, born 08/10/1907

Tamara Makarova Actor, drug, born 08/13/1907

Miguel Morayta Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/15/1907

The Amazing Criswell Psychic, actor, Showman, actor, writer, seer, drug, born 08/18/1907

Nino Taranto Actor, drug, born 08/28/1907

Argentina Brunetti Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/31/1907

Ruby R. Levitt Set decorator, drug, born 09/12/1907

Fay Wray Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/15/1907

Helen Vinson Actor, actor, born 09/17/1907

Leon Askin Actor, actor, born 09/18/1907

Rudd Weatherwax Actor, animal trainer, actor, born 09/23/1907

Wanda Jakubowska Film director, drug, born 10/10/1907

Pert Kelton actor, born 10/14/1907

Ughetto Bertucci Actor, drug, born 10/18/1907

Arlene Francis Actor, Actress/Radio presenter, actor, born 10/20/1907

Douglass Montgomery Actor, actor, born 10/29/1907

Raymond Bussières Actor, drug, born 11/03/1907

Allan Bohlin Actor, drug, born 11/05/1907

Burgess Meredith American film and television actor, Actor, singer, producer, director, screenwriter, actor, born 11/16/1907

Gustav Nezval Actor, drug, born 11/18/1907

Sidney Fox Actress, actor, born 12/10/1907

Amedeo Nazzari Actor, actor, born 12/10/1907

Edith Hermansen Actor, drug, born 12/11/1907

Vinicio Sofia Actor, drug, born 12/13/1907

Guy Middleton actor, born 12/14/1907

Henning Karmark Film producer, drug, born 12/17/1907

Peggy Ashcroft Actress, actor, born 12/22/1907

Emma Väänänen Actor, drug, born 12/22/1907

Rina Franchetti Actor, Actress, drug, born 12/23/1907

Mike Mazurki Actor, actor, born 12/25/1907

Andrew Cruickshank Actor, actor, born 12/25/1907

George Dolenz Actor, actor, born 01/05/1908

William Henry Hartnell Character Actor, actor, born 01/08/1908

Paul Henreid actor, director, Actor, director, actor, born 01/10/1908

Bernard Lee Actor, actor, born 01/10/1908

Lionel Stander Actor, actor, born 01/11/1908

Jean Delannoy Actor, film editor, screenwriter, film director, actor, born 01/12/1908

Ethel Merman Actress, singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 01/16/1908

Jill Esmond Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/26/1908

Richard Lewis Hearne Comic actor, actor, born 01/30/1908

Robert Maxwell Radio and television producer, screenwriter, actor, born 01/31/1908

Gene Sheldon actor, born 02/01/1908

Geneva Mitchell Actor, actor, born 02/03/1908

Gwili Andre Actress, actor, born 02/04/1908

Peg Entwistle Actress, actor, born 02/05/1908

Michael Maltese cartoon writer, actor, born 02/06/1908

George Hurdalek Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 02/06/1908

Patrick Barr British actor, actor, born 02/13/1908

Aleksandr Grigoryevich Zarkhi Film director, screenwriter, playwright, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 02/18/1908

Susan Fleming Actress, actor, born 02/19/1908

Kazuo Hasegawa Actor, drug, born 02/27/1908

Billie Bird Actress, Actress, comedian, actor, born 02/28/1908

Terence De Marney actor, British actor and writer, born 03/01/1908

Erik Frey Actor, drug, born 03/01/1908

Vladimir Vajnshtok Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/02/1908

Naemi Briese Actor, drug, born 03/04/1908

Rex Harrison Actor, actor, born 03/05/1908

Anna Magnani Actress, actor, born 03/07/1908

Brigitte Helm Actor, Actress, actor, born 03/17/1908

Sir David Lean UK film director, producer, actor, born 03/25/1908

Ákos Ráthonyi Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/26/1908

Arthur O'Connell American actor; acting on stage, film and television; Oscar nominee, Actor, actor, born 03/29/1908

Buddy Ebsen American actor and performer, Actor/Dancer, actor, born 04/02/1908

William Kiernan Set decorator, drug, born 04/02/1908

Alfred Adam actor, born 04/04/1908

Bette Davis American actress of film, television and theater, Actress, actor, born 04/05/1908

Tito Guízar Actor, singer, actor, born 04/08/1908

Elizabeth Allan Actress, actor, born 04/09/1908

Yngve Nordwall Actor, director, actor, born 04/13/1908

Clemens Hasse Actor, drug, born 04/13/1908

Marceline Day Actress, actor, born 04/24/1908

Eve Arden Actress, actor, born 04/30/1908

Bakewell, William, Jr. Film actor, actor, born 05/02/1908

Arturo de Córdova Actor, actor, born 05/08/1908

Carlo Romano Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 05/08/1908

Gunnar Strømvad Actor, drug, born 05/12/1908

Paul Stewart Actor, actor, born 05/13/1908

James Maitland Stewart American actor, drug, born 05/20/1908

Louis Daquin Film director, Actor, drug, born 05/20/1908

Mel Blanc Voice actor, comedian, Voice actor/Comedian, actor, born 05/30/1908

Don Ameche Actor, actor, born 05/31/1908

Sigfred Johansen Actor, actor, born 05/31/1908

Bill Fraser Comic actor, actor, actor, born 06/05/1908

Robert Eddison Film actor, actor, born 06/10/1908

Frank Sully Actor, actor, born 06/17/1908

Sloan Nibley Screenwriter, actor, born 06/23/1908

Lewis J. Rachmil Film producer, Art director, drug, born 07/03/1908

Milton Berle Comedian, actor, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 07/12/1908

Alain Cuny Actor, actor, born 07/12/1908

Lupe Vélez Actor, Actress, actor, born 07/18/1908

Memmo Carotenuto Actor, drug, born 07/24/1908

Alexander D'Arcy Actor, actor, born 08/10/1908

Jeanne Stuart British actress, Actress, actor, born 08/13/1908

Gene Raymond Actor, singer, composer, producer, director, actor, born 08/13/1908

Manos KatrakisΜάνος Κατράκης actor, born 08/14/1908

Collier Young Film producer, actor, born 08/19/1908

Tom Tully Actor, actor, born 08/21/1908

Walter Burke actor, born 08/25/1908

Merna Kennedy Actress, actor, born 09/07/1908

Mae Questel Actress, actor, born 09/13/1908

Penny Singleton American actress, actor, born 09/15/1908

Steve Pendleton Actor, actor, born 09/16/1908

Dagmar Olsson Actor, drug, born 09/27/1908

Ville Salminen actor, born 10/02/1908

Ralph Baum Film producer, Film director, drug, born 10/04/1908

Carole Lombard American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/06/1908

Bjarne Henning-Jensen Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/06/1908

Arthur Space Actor, actor, born 10/12/1908

Hjördis Petterson Actor, actor, born 10/17/1908

Pierre Dux Actor, drug, born 10/21/1908

Ole Monty Actor, drug, born 10/22/1908

Sally O'Neil Actor, actor, born 10/23/1908

Tauno Palo actor, born 10/25/1908

Polly Ann Young American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/25/1908

Carmen Dillon Art director, drug, born 10/25/1908

Richard Häussler Actor, Film director, drug, born 10/26/1908

Lorens Marmstedt Film producer, Film director, drug, born 10/29/1908

Nicola Manzari Screenwriter, drug, born 11/14/1908

Helen Badgley Silent film actress, Actress, actor, born 12/01/1908

Anna Sten Actress, actor, born 12/03/1908

Rina Morelli Actor, drug, born 12/06/1908

Phyllis Barry Actor, actor, born 12/07/1908

Sally Eilers American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/11/1908

Manoel de Oliveira film director, actor, born 12/12/1908

Sture Lagerwall Actor, Film director, drug, born 12/13/1908

Wolfgang Reinhardt Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/13/1908

Morey Amsterdam Actor, comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 12/14/1908

Celia Johnson Actor, actor, born 12/18/1908

Dennis Morgan actor, born 12/20/1908

Curt Löwgren Actor, drug, born 12/20/1908

Jeanne Herviale Actor, drug, born 12/24/1908

Helen Twelvetrees Actress, actor, born 12/25/1908

Lew Ayres Actor, actor, born 12/28/1908

Claire Dodd Actress, actor, born 12/29/1908

Dana Andrews Actor, actor, born 01/01/1909

Haruko Sugimura Actor, actor, born 01/06/1909

Karen Jønsson Actor, actor, born 01/17/1909

Ann Sothern Actress, actor, born 01/22/1909

Helen Chandler American actress, actor, born 02/01/1909

Frank Albertson Actor, actor, born 02/02/1909

André Cayatte Film director, actor, born 02/03/1909

Ernesto Calindri Actor, drug, born 02/05/1909

Ann Tyrrell Actress, actor, born 02/06/1909

Roldano Lupi Actor, drug, born 02/08/1909

Carmen Miranda Actress, singer, actor, born 02/09/1909

Heather Angel Actress, actor, born 02/09/1909

Shin Saburi Actor, actor, born 02/12/1909

Hugh Beaumont actor, Film, TV, radio actor, born 02/16/1909

Yelena Kuzmina Actor, drug, born 02/17/1909

Kay Hammond actor, born 02/18/1909

Nino Marchetti Actor, drug, born 02/21/1909

Hans Kurt Actor, actor, born 02/23/1909

Olan Soule Actor, actor, born 02/28/1909

Mogens Brandt Actor, drug, born 03/01/1909

Dante Maggio Actor, drug, born 03/02/1909

Al Read British comedian, Comedian, actor, born 03/03/1909

Muriel Angelus actress, actor, born 03/10/1909

Louis Hayward Actor, drug, born 03/19/1909

Bjørn Spiro Actor, actor, born 03/20/1909

Gunnar Sjöberg Actor, drug, born 03/25/1909

Gunnar Lemvigh Actor, drug, born 03/28/1909

Walter H. Tyler Art director, actor, born 03/28/1909

Andy Samuel Film actor, actor, born 04/10/1909

Yoshikata Yoda Screenwriter, drug, born 04/14/1909

Ralph Byrd Actor, actor, born 04/22/1909

Marjorie Kane Actor, Actress, drug, born 04/28/1909

Vincenzo Talarico Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 04/28/1909

Leonid Lukov Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/02/1909

Howard Da Silva Actor, actor, born 05/04/1909

Paul May Film director, drug, born 05/08/1909

Knud Hallest Actor, drug, born 05/12/1909

James Mason English actor, Actor, actor, born 05/15/1909

Margaret Sullavan Actress, actor, born 05/16/1909

Yanina Zhejmo Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/29/1909

Gustav Kampendonk Screenwriter, drug, born 05/30/1909

June MacCloy American actress, Actress, actor, born 06/02/1909

Jessica Tandy Actress, actor, born 06/07/1909

Roberto Gavaldón Film director, actor, born 06/07/1909

Marion Martin American actress, actress, actor, born 06/07/1909

Tom Steele Scottish-born stuntman and actor, actor, born 06/12/1909

Paul. Reed Singer, Comic actor, actor, born 06/16/1909

Errol Flynn actor, Actor, drug, born 06/20/1909

Katherine Dunham Dancer, choreographer, songwriter, activist, actor, born 06/22/1909

Maurice Adler Film producer, actor, born 06/22/1909

Georges Rouquier Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/23/1909

Marguerite Viby Actor, actor, born 06/25/1909

Madge Evans Actress, actor, born 07/01/1909

Anton Giulio Majano Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 07/05/1909

Nietta Zocchi Actor, drug, born 07/10/1909

Irene Hervey Actor, actor, born 07/11/1909

Joe DeRita Actor, comedian, drug, born 07/12/1909

Mario Chiari Production designer, Art director, drug, born 07/14/1909

Attilio Dottesio Actor, drug, born 07/16/1909

James W. Sullivan Art director, drug, born 07/17/1909

Julio Bracho Film director, Screenwriter, film director,, drug, born 07/17/1909

Harriet Nelson Actress, singer, actor, born 07/18/1909

René Múgica Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/08/1909

Dave Willock Actor, actor, born 08/13/1909

Kaarlo Halttunen Actor, drug, born 08/18/1909

Guido Alberti Actor, drug, born 08/20/1909

Lucille Ricksen actress, Actress, actor, born 08/22/1909

Michael Rennie Actor, actor, born 08/25/1909

Jim Davis Actor, actor, born 08/26/1909

Lamberto Maggiorani Actor, actor, born 08/28/1909

Lidiya Sukharevskaya Actor, drug, born 08/30/1909

Børge Müller Screenwriter, actor, born 09/04/1909

Oscar Ljung Actor, drug, born 09/06/1909

Elia Kazan Greek-American film and theatre director, film and theatrical producer, screenwriter, novelist, actor, born 09/07/1909

Clara Calamai Actor, actor, born 09/07/1909

Phil Arnold Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 09/15/1909

Ahmed Badrakhan Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/18/1909

Berta Hall Actor, drug, born 09/21/1909

Leonard Sachs actor, born 09/26/1909

Toivo Mäkelä Actor, drug, born 09/26/1909

Ken Uehara Actor, drug, born 10/07/1909

Florida Friebus Actress, screenwriter, actor, born 10/10/1909

Robert F. Boyle Art directors, Art director/Production designer, actor, born 10/10/1909

Mária Mezei Actor, drug, born 10/16/1909

Carla Laemmle Actress, drug, born 10/20/1909

Whit Bissell actor, born 10/25/1909

Dieter Borsche Actor, drug, born 10/25/1909

Jean-Paul Le Chanois Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 10/25/1909

Addison Hehr Art director, actor, born 10/27/1909

Carl Lange Actor, actor, born 10/30/1909

Norman Krasna Screenwriter, actor, born 11/07/1909

Robert Ryan Actor, actor, born 11/11/1909

Carlos Velo Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/15/1909

Emilio Cigoli Actor, drug, born 11/18/1909

Carlos López Moctezuma Actor, drug, born 11/19/1909

Georg Løkkeberg Actor, drug, born 11/20/1909

Frances Dee American actress, actor, born 11/26/1909

Kinuyo Tanaka Actor, film director, actor, born 11/29/1909

Sybille Schmitz Actress, actor, born 12/02/1909

Hans Paetsch Actor, drug, born 12/07/1909

Karen Morley Actor, Actress, actor, born 12/12/1909

Jack Gwillim Actor, actor, born 12/15/1909

Diane Ellis Actress, actor, born 12/20/1909

Maurice Denham Actor, actor, born 12/23/1909

Harald Molander Film producer, drug, born 12/25/1909

Poul Müller Actor, drug, born 12/31/1909

Claudia Dell Film, stage actress, actor, born 01/10/1910

Eleanor Hunt Actor, actor, born 01/10/1910

Luise Rainer Actress, actor, born 01/12/1910

Patsy Kelly Actress, drug, born 01/12/1910

Preben Philipsen Film producer, drug, born 01/18/1910

Åke Söderblom Actor, actor, born 01/20/1910

Tatjana Sais Actor, drug, born 01/28/1910

Dave Sharpe Stunt performer, actor, born 02/02/1910

Stig Järrel Swedish actor, film director and revue artist, actor, born 02/08/1910

Joyce Grenfell Actress, actor, born 02/10/1910

Homero Cárpena Actor, drug, born 02/14/1910

Hilyard M. Brown Art director, drug, born 02/16/1910

Arthur Hunnicutt Actor, actor, born 02/17/1910

Marc Lawrence Actor, actor, born 02/17/1910

Daisuke Katō Actor, actor, born 02/18/1910

Dorothy Janis Actress, actor, born 02/19/1910

André Michel Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/20/1910

Vaughn Taylor Film, television actor, actor, born 02/22/1910

Joan Bennett Actress, actor, born 02/27/1910

Wolfgang Preiss Actor, actor, born 02/27/1910

David Niven English actor, Actor, drug, born 03/01/1910

Sheila Terry actor, Actress, born 03/05/1910

Franz Schnyder Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/05/1910

Claire Trevor Actress, actor, born 03/08/1910

Daniel Mangrané Film producer, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 03/08/1910

S. Sylvan Simon Film producer, film and theatre director, actor, born 03/09/1910

Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt Actor, actor, born 03/13/1910

Solveig Sundborg Actor, drug, born 03/14/1910

Frank Dekova Actor, actor, born 03/17/1910

Pepi Lederer Actress, writer, actor, born 03/18/1910

Akira Kurosawa Director, producer, screenwriter, editor, actor, born 03/23/1910

Gudrun Brost Actor, drug, born 04/06/1910

Pat Paterson Actress, actor, born 04/07/1910

Richard Irvine Art director, drug, born 04/10/1910

Albert Zugsmith Director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 04/24/1910

Else Petersen Actor, drug, born 04/26/1910

Crox Alvarado Actor, drug, born 05/03/1910

June Gittelson Actor, actor, born 05/06/1910

Robert Wilcox Actor, actor, born 05/10/1910

Ebbe Rode Actor, actor, born 05/10/1910

Helge Hagerman Actor, Film producer, drug, born 05/19/1910

Mario Pisu Actor, drug, born 05/21/1910

Molly Lamont Actress, actor, born 05/22/1910

Rachel Kempson Actors, drug, born 05/28/1910

Inge Meysel German actress, actor, born 05/30/1910

Gianni Franciolini Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/01/1910

Paulette Goddard American actor, Actress, actor, born 06/03/1910

Max Haufler Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/04/1910

Robert Cummings Actor, actor, born 06/10/1910

Antonio Casal Actor, actor, born 06/10/1910

Ona Munson Actress, actor, born 06/16/1910

Ilona Massey Actress, actor, born 06/16/1910

Dick Foran Actor, actor, born 06/18/1910

Winston Miller Screenwriter, Film producer, Actor, actor, born 06/22/1910

Gloria Stuart Actor, Actress, artist, actor, born 07/04/1910

Elena Altieri Actor, drug, born 07/07/1910

Sally Blane Actress, actor, born 07/11/1910

Zoe Rae Actor, actor, born 07/13/1910

Barbara O'Neil Actor, Actress, actor, born 07/17/1910

Muriel Evans Actor, Actress, drug, born 07/20/1910

Veniero Colasanti Costume designer, Set decorator, drug, born 07/21/1910

Ernest Archer Art director, drug, born 07/26/1910

Anita Page Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/04/1910

Sylvia Sidney Actress, actor, born 08/08/1910

Berthe Qvistgaard Actor, actor, born 08/11/1910

Mae Clarke Actor, actor, born 08/16/1910

Thecla Boesen Actor, drug, born 08/22/1910

Kitty Carlisle Hart Singer, actress, socialite, Actress/Singer, actor, born 09/03/1910

Jean-Louis Barrault Actor, actor, born 09/08/1910

Jack Hawkins Actor, actor, born 09/14/1910

Actress Margaret Lindsay Actor, actor, born 09/19/1910

Jean Servais Film and stage actor, actor, born 09/24/1910

Gösta Bernhard Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/26/1910

Virginia Bruce Actress, singer, actor, born 09/29/1910

Egon Eis Screenwriter, drug, born 10/06/1910

Romolo Marcellini Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/06/1910

Winston Hibler Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, actor, born 10/08/1910

Herschel Daugherty Television and film director, actor, actor, born 10/27/1910

Tomás Blanco Actor, drug, born 11/10/1910

José Elías Moreno Actor, drug, born 11/12/1910

Kurt Hoffmann Film director, drug, born 11/12/1910

Yataro Kurokawa Actor, film actor, actor, born 11/15/1910

Cyril Cusack Actor, actor, born 11/26/1910

Judy Malcolm Actor, actor, born 12/01/1910

Suzanne Ridgeway Actor, actor, born 12/01/1910

Thelma White Actress, actor, born 12/04/1910

Mario Amendola Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 12/08/1910

Van Heflin Actor, actor, born 12/13/1910

Evelyn Hoey Singer, actress, actor, born 12/15/1910

Cary Odell Art director, drug, born 12/20/1910

Mahmoud Meliguy Film and television actor, actor, born 12/22/1910

Marguerite Churchill Actress, actor, born 12/25/1910

Walter Kolm-Veltée Film director, drug, born 12/27/1910

Fernando Carrere Art director, drug, born 12/31/1910

Nikolai Kryuchkov Actor, drug, born 01/06/1911

Butterfly McQueen Actress, actor, born 01/07/1911

Gypsy Rose Lee American burlesque performer, actress, author, Actress, author, playwright, dancer, entertainer, actor, born 01/08/1911

Jerzy Zarzycki Film director, drug, born 01/11/1911

Harald Heide Steen Actor, drug, born 01/11/1911

Clara Østø Actor, actor, born 01/14/1911

Ronald Long Television, stage actor, actor, born 01/30/1911

Pietro De Vico Actor, drug, born 02/01/1911

Jean Muir actress, actor, born 02/13/1911

Florence Rice Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/14/1911

Giorgio Prosperi Screenwriter, drug, born 02/17/1911

Merle Oberon Actress, actor, born 02/18/1911

Margot Grahame Actress, actor, born 02/20/1911

Jean Harlow Actress, actor, born 03/03/1911

Beatrice Gray actor, born 03/03/1911

Simone Renant Actor, drug, born 03/19/1911

Brigitte Horney Actress, actor, born 03/29/1911

Nanette Bordeaux Actor, actor, born 04/03/1911

Spec O'Donnell Actor, actor, born 04/09/1911

José Luis Sáenz de Heredia Film director, actor, born 04/10/1911

George Seaton screenwriter, director, producer, Screenwriter, director, producer, actor, born 04/17/1911

Jean-Pierre Aumont Actor, actor, born 05/01/1911

Gilles Grangier Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/05/1911

Maureen O'Sullivan Actress, actor, born 05/17/1911

Ben Alexander Actor, screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 05/26/1911

Vincent Price actor, Actor, born 05/27/1911

Ellen Corby Actress, actor, born 06/03/1911

Petro Yukhymovych Vesklyarov Theater and television actor, actor, born 06/10/1911

Elisa Cegani Actor, drug, born 06/11/1911

Grete Frische Actress, Director, Writer, actor, born 06/17/1911

Gail Patrick Actress, television producer, actor, born 06/20/1911

Vladimir Yemelyanov Actor, drug, born 06/20/1911

Carlo Dapporto Actor, actor, born 06/26/1911

Dwight Hauser Film producer, screenwriter, actor, born 07/04/1911

Terry-Thomas Actor, actor, born 07/14/1911

Tadeusz Fijewski Actor, drug, born 07/14/1911

Ginger Rogers Actress, Actress, singer, dancer, artist, actor, born 07/16/1911

Peter van Eyck German-American actor, Actor, actor, born 07/16/1911

Hume Cronyn Actor, actor, born 07/18/1911

Althea Henley Actress, actor, born 07/23/1911

Inger Lassen Actor, drug, born 07/27/1911

Ann Doran Actress, actor, born 07/28/1911

Ann Dvorak Actress, actor, born 08/02/1911

Rusty Wescoatt Actor, actor, born 08/02/1911

Robert Taylor Actor, drug, born 08/05/1911

Lucille Désirée Ball Actress, Actress, comedienne, model, film executive, actor, born 08/06/1911

Else Jarlbak Actor, drug, born 08/08/1911

Elith Foss Actor, drug, born 08/08/1911

Norman Rockett Set decorator, drug, born 08/08/1911

Naima Wifstrand Actor, actor, born 08/11/1911

Karl-Arne Holmsten Actor, drug, born 08/14/1911

Nicole Védrès Film director, drug, born 09/04/1911

Kōzaburō Yoshimura Film director, drug, born 09/09/1911

Rune Waldekranz Film producer, drug, born 09/14/1911

Jerry Wald Film producer, screenwriter, Producer/Screenwriter, actor, born 09/16/1911

Sir Michael Hordern Actor, Radio personality, actor, born 10/03/1911

Rauni Luoma Actor, drug, born 10/15/1911

Sheila Bromley Actor, Film actress, drug, born 10/31/1911

Victoria Horne Actor, actor, born 11/01/1911

Dixie Lee Actor, actor, born 11/04/1911

Baby Marie Film actress, Actress, actor, born 11/05/1911

Kelly Flint Actress, actor, born 11/15/1911

Hans Nielsen Actor, drug, born 11/30/1911

Zheng Junli Film director, actor, actor, born 12/06/1911

Lee J. Cobb Actor, actor, born 12/08/1911

Broderick Crawford Actor, actor, born 12/09/1911

Margo Jones Theater director, Theater director and producer, actor, born 12/12/1911

Jules Dassin Film director, actor, born 12/18/1911

Jeanette Nolan Film, television actress, actor, born 12/30/1911

Robert Clatworthy Art director, drug, born 12/31/1911

Toshia Mori Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/01/1912

Danny Thomas Actor, comedian, actor, born 01/06/1912

José Ferrer Actor, Actor/Director, actor, born 01/08/1912

Tadashi Imai Film director, actor, born 01/08/1912

Mario Riva Actor, drug, born 01/26/1912

Ursula Herking Actor, drug, born 01/28/1912

John Boylan Actor, actor, born 01/31/1912

James Craig Film actor, actor, born 02/01/1912

Mary Carlisle Actor, actor, born 02/03/1912

Ginette Leclerc Actor, drug, born 02/09/1912

Eric Barker Actor, Comedy actor, actor, born 02/12/1912

Assia Noris Russian-Italian actress, actor, born 02/16/1912

Seiji Hisamatsu Film director, actor, born 02/20/1912

Arline Judge Actress, actor, born 02/21/1912

Gert Fröbe German actor, Actor, actor, born 02/25/1912

Richard Wattis Actor, actor, born 02/25/1912

Seaman Jacobs Screenwriter, Television writer, actor, born 02/25/1912

Jean-Pierre Kérien Actor, drug, born 03/15/1912

Karl Malden Actor, actor, born 03/22/1912

Knud Rex Actor, actor, born 03/30/1912

Marcello Marchesi Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 04/04/1912

John Le Mesurier Comedy actor and film actor, Comedy and film actor, actor, born 04/05/1912

Georges Franju French filmmaker, director, screenwriter, actor, born 04/12/1912

David Langton Actor, actor, born 04/16/1912

Renato Rascel Actor, drug, born 04/27/1912

Richard Carlson Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 04/29/1912

Britta Brunius Actor, drug, born 05/04/1912

Richard Murphy Screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor, born 05/08/1912

Richard Brooks United States Marine, actor, born 05/18/1912

Marius Goring actor, born 05/23/1912

Iris Adrian Actress, actor, born 05/29/1912

Hugh Griffith Welsh actor, Actor, actor, born 05/30/1912

Nino Vingelli Actor, drug, born 06/04/1912

Redmond Bernard Phillips Actor, actor, born 06/05/1912

Maria Montez Actress, actor, born 06/06/1912

Inger Stender Actor, actor, born 06/07/1912

Henry Brandon Actor, actor, born 06/08/1912

James Algar Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, actor, born 06/11/1912

Mary Wickes Actress, actor, born 06/13/1912

Martin Gabel Actor, actor, born 06/19/1912

Folco Lulli Actor, drug, born 07/03/1912

Viviane Romance Actor, Actress, actor, born 07/04/1912

Robert Lees Screenwriter, actor, actor, born 07/10/1912

Joseph Depew Television director and producer, actor, actor, born 07/11/1912

Aino Taube Actor, actor, born 07/11/1912

Art Linkletter Radio and television personality, Radio/television personality, actor, born 07/17/1912

Paola Barbara Actor, drug, born 07/22/1912

Nikolai Gritsenko Actor, drug, born 07/24/1912

Irv Kupcinet Journalist, television personality, actor, born 07/31/1912

Palle Huld Actor, drug, born 08/02/1912

Phyllis Crane Actor, actor, born 08/07/1912

Daniel Mann Film director, actor, born 08/08/1912

Samuel Fuller Film director, Director, screenwriter, actor, born 08/12/1912

Max Croiset Actor, drug, born 08/13/1912

Wendy Hiller Actress, actor, born 08/15/1912

Kurt Meisel Actor, Film director, drug, born 08/18/1912

Gene Kelly dancer, actor, singer, director, producer, and choreographer, Actor, dancer, singer, director, producer, choreographer, actor, born 08/23/1912

Alita Román Actor, actor, born 08/24/1912

Barry Sullivan Actor, actor, born 08/29/1912

Leda Gloria Actor, drug, born 08/30/1912

Peter Capell Actor, actor, born 09/03/1912

Alexander Mackendrick Film director, actor, born 09/08/1912

Martha Scott Actor, Film, television and stage actress, actor, born 09/22/1912

Don Porter Actor, actor, born 09/24/1912

Sture Ericson Actor, actor, born 09/27/1912

Michelangelo Antonioni Film director, actor, born 09/29/1912

Eduard Linkers Actor, drug, born 10/11/1912

Cornel Wilde Actor, actor, born 10/13/1912

Peer Guldbrandsen Screenwriter, Actor, Film director, Film producer, drug, born 10/22/1912

Jon Lennart Mjøen Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/22/1912

Howard Clewes Screenwriter, Screenwriter, Novelist, drug, born 10/27/1912

Antonio Vilar Actor, actor, born 10/31/1912

Adelheid Seeck Actor, drug, born 11/03/1912

Toke Anthony Townley actor, born 11/06/1912

June Havoc actress, Actress, dancer, director, writer, actor, born 11/08/1912

Peggy Cartwright Film actress, actor, born 11/14/1912

Tito Davison Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/14/1912

Eleanor Powell Dancer, actress, Actress/Dancer, actor, born 11/21/1912

Garson Kanin Film and theatre director, playwright, screenwriter, actor, born 11/24/1912

Joan Sanderson Actress, actor, born 11/24/1912

Victor Iliu Film director, drug, born 11/24/1912

Eugen York Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/26/1912

Tetsuji Takechi Japanese Film director, Theatre director and Author, Kabuki director, theorist and critic, Theatre director, Film director, Author, Actor, actor, born 12/10/1912

Carlo Ponti Italian film producer, actor, born 12/11/1912

Ettore Giannini Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 12/15/1912

Robert Berri Actor, drug, born 12/16/1912

Charles Marquis Warren Film director, Motion picture and television writer, producer, and director, actor, born 12/16/1912

Ernie Morrison Film actor, Actor, actor, born 12/20/1912

Nancy Coleman Actor, actor, born 12/30/1912

Jacques Dynam Actor, drug, born 12/30/1912

Víctor Urruchúa Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/30/1912

Anna Lee Actor, actor, born 01/02/1913

Domenico Meccoli Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 01/04/1913

Laura Solari Actor, actor, born 01/05/1913

Loretta Young Actress, actor, born 01/06/1913

Francis de Wolff Actor, actor, born 01/07/1913

Karl Stegger actor, born 01/11/1913

Yoshi Kato Actor, drug, born 01/12/1913

Bridges, Lloyd Vernet, Jr. Actor, actor, born 01/15/1913

Danny Kaye Actor, Actor, singer, comedian, actor, born 01/18/1913

June Knight Actress, actor, born 01/22/1913

William Prince Actor, actor, born 01/26/1913

Victor Mature Actor, drug, born 01/29/1913

Daniel Taradash Screenwriter, actor, born 01/29/1913

Poul Reichhardt Actor, actor, born 02/02/1913

Eleanor Stewart Film, voice actress, actor, born 02/02/1913

Ady Berber Actor, actor, born 02/04/1913

Bertil Anderberg Actor, drug, born 02/13/1913

Jim Backus Actor, actor, born 02/25/1913

John Garfield Actor, actor, born 03/04/1913

Liam O'Brien Screenwriter, Television producer, actor, born 03/07/1913

Labros Konstadaras drug, born 03/13/1913

René Clément Film director, actor, born 03/18/1913

Karl Erik Flens Actor, drug, born 03/19/1913

Peter Coke Actor, playwright, artist, actor, born 04/03/1913

Frances Langford Singer, actress, actor, born 04/04/1913

Antoni Clavé Costume designer, drug, born 04/05/1913

Oleg Cassini Fashion designer, actor, born 04/11/1913

Les Tremayne Actor, actor, born 04/16/1913

Dick Wessel Actor, actor, born 04/20/1913

Gull-Maj Norin Actress, actor, born 04/20/1913

Elmo Williams film editor, actor, born 04/30/1913

Stewart Granger Actor, actor, born 05/06/1913

Bob Clampett Animator, puppeteer, actor, born 05/08/1913

Thorley Walters Actor, actor, born 05/12/1913

Rafael Gil Film director, actor, born 05/22/1913

Linden Travers British actress, Actress, actor, born 05/27/1913

Leo Riuttu Actor, drug, born 06/05/1913

Ralph Edwards Radio and television host and producer, actor, born 06/13/1913

Nina Mae McKinney Actress, actor, born 06/13/1913

Joan Marsh American actress, Actress, actor, born 07/10/1913

Red Skelton comedian, Actor/Comedian/Painter/Clown, actor, born 07/18/1913

Marvin Miller Actor, Actor, announcer, actor, born 07/18/1913

Eric Pohlmann actor, born 07/18/1913

Claudio Gora Actor, actor, born 07/27/1913

Laird Cregar Actor, actor, born 07/28/1913

Stephen McNally Actor, actor, born 07/29/1913

Kurt Kasznar Actor, actor, born 08/12/1913

Henry Cornelius Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/18/1913

Luis Prendes Actor, drug, born 08/22/1913

Lilla Brignone Actor, drug, born 08/23/1913

Don DeFore Actor, actor, born 08/25/1913

Alan Ladd Actor, actor, born 09/03/1913

Kathleen Burke American actress, actor, born 09/05/1913

Anthony Quayle Actor, Actor/Theatre director, actor, born 09/07/1913

John Price Actor, Film director, drug, born 09/15/1913

Erik Blomberg Cinematographer, Film producer, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 09/18/1913

Frances Farmer Actor, actor, born 09/19/1913

Trevor Howard Actor, actor, born 09/29/1913

Stanley Kramer Film director, actor, born 09/29/1913

Alberto Talegalli Actor, actor, born 10/02/1913

Peaches Jackson Actor, Actress, drug, born 10/09/1913

Johnny Downs Film actor, actor, born 10/10/1913

Robert Lowery Actor, actor, born 10/17/1913

Marian Marsh Actress, actor, born 10/17/1913

Evelyn Venable American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/18/1913

Rosamund John Actress, actor, born 10/19/1913

Mary Jane Irving Actress, actor, born 10/20/1913

Boots Mallory actor, born 10/22/1913

Burt Lancaster American actor, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 11/02/1913

Gig Young Actor, actor, born 11/04/1913

Vivien Leigh actress, Actress, actor, born 11/05/1913

John Irwing Macgiver Actor, actor, born 11/05/1913

Hedy Lamarr Actress, inventor, actor, born 11/09/1913

Sonja Wigert Actor, drug, born 11/11/1913

Helen Mack American actress, actress, writer, director, producer, actor, born 11/12/1913

Guy Green director, cinematographer, camera operator, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 11/15/1913

Seiji Miyaguchi Actor, actor, born 11/15/1913

Aleksander Bardini Actor, actor, born 11/17/1913

Russell Rouse Screenwriter, Screenwriter, director, producer, actor, born 11/20/1913

Geraldine Fitzgerald Actress, actor, born 11/24/1913

Howard Duff Actor, actor, born 11/24/1913

František Čáp Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/07/1913

Harry Locke actor, born 12/10/1913

John Stoll Art director, drug, born 12/13/1913

Lou Jacobi Actor, actor, born 12/28/1913

Henry Rowland Actor, actor, born 12/28/1913

George Reeves Actor, actor, born 01/05/1914

Robert Darène Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/10/1914

Osa Massen Danish actress, Actress, actor, born 01/13/1914

Harold Russell Actor, drug, born 01/14/1914

Katy Hughes American actress, actor, born 01/16/1914

Clarice Sherry Actress, actor, born 01/23/1914

Frank R. McKelvy Set decorator, drug, born 01/24/1914

Tom Neal Actor, actor, born 01/28/1914

John Ireland Actor, actor, born 01/30/1914

Vittorio Cottafavi Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/30/1914

Judith Barrett Film actress, actor, born 02/02/1914

Tomanija Đuričko Actor, drug, born 02/16/1914

Arthur Kennedy Actor, actor, born 02/17/1914

Mahmoud Zulfikar Film director, Actor, drug, born 02/18/1914

Zachary Scott American actor, actor, born 02/21/1914

Martin Ritt Film director, actor, born 03/02/1914

Jean Champion Actor, drug, born 03/09/1914

Pierre Collet Actor, drug, born 03/10/1914

Conchita Montes Actor, actor, born 03/13/1914

Joe E. Ross Comedian, Comic actor, Actor, actor, born 03/15/1914

Luisa Ferida Actress, actor, born 03/18/1914

Wendell Corey Actor, Actor/Politician, actor, born 03/20/1914

Åke Grönberg Actor, actor, born 03/26/1914

Richard Denning Actor, actor, born 03/27/1914

Alexander Trojan Actor, drug, born 03/30/1914

Alec Guinness English actor, Actor, drug, born 04/02/1914

Jack Davis Actor, actor, born 04/05/1914

John Hubbard Actor, actor, born 04/14/1914

Alfredo B. Crevenna Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/22/1914

Ruth White Actor, actor, born 04/24/1914

Cecilia Parker Actor, actor, born 04/26/1914

Deryck Guyler Actor, actor, born 04/29/1914

Reinhard Kolldehoff Actor, drug, born 04/29/1914

Armando Bo actor, born 05/03/1914

Tyrone Power Actor, actor, born 05/05/1914

Verna Hillie Actor, drug, born 05/05/1914

Rochelle Hudson Actress, actor, born 05/06/1914

Joseph Hurley Art director, drug, born 05/06/1914

Carlos Riquelme Actor, actor, born 05/13/1914

Arthur Haynes Comedian, actor, born 05/14/1914

Irma Seikkula Actor, drug, born 05/14/1914

Lilli Palmer Actor, drug, born 05/24/1914

Luis Lucia Film director, actor, born 05/24/1914

Roy Glenn Actor, actor, born 06/03/1914

Rose Hill Actor, Actress and Singer, actor, born 06/05/1914

Khwaja Ahmad Abbas / K. A. Abbas Film director, Screenwriter, Novelist, Journalist, Film director, Screenwriter, Novelist, Journalist, columnist, actor, born 06/07/1914

Barbara Mullen Television actress, actor, born 06/09/1914

Dudley Manlove Actor, radio announcer, actor, born 06/11/1914

Gerald Mohr American radio, film and television character actor, actor, born 06/11/1914

John Bailey English actor, actor, born 06/26/1914

Ethelreda Leopold Actor, actor, born 07/02/1914

Gerda Gilboe Film actress, Danish film actress, singer, drug, born 07/05/1914

Jacques Castelot Actor, drug, born 07/11/1914

Luigi Scaccianoce Production designer, actor, born 07/12/1914

Howard Vernon Actor, actor, born 07/15/1914

Charles Régnier Actor, drug, born 07/22/1914

Klári Tolnay Actor, drug, born 07/27/1914

Woody Strode American football player and actor, Sportsman, actor, born 07/28/1914

Mario Bava actor, born 07/30/1914

J. Lee Thompson actor, born 08/01/1914

Beatrice Straight Actress, actor, born 08/02/1914

Penelope Dudley-Ward English actress, Actress, actor, born 08/04/1914

Silvio Bagolini Actor, drug, born 08/04/1914

Lydia Lamaison Actor, Actress, drug, born 08/05/1914

Fernando Cerchio Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/07/1914

Sheila Darcy Actress, actor, born 08/08/1914

Ken Annakin Film director, actor, born 08/10/1914

Andrea Leeds American actress, Actress, actor, born 08/14/1914

Robert Emmet Smith Art director, drug, born 08/21/1914

Oliver A. Unger American film and TV producer, Film Producer, television producer, film distributor, actor, born 08/28/1914

Julie Bishop Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/30/1914

Richard Basehart Actor, actor, born 08/31/1914

Joan Barclay Actress, actor, born 08/31/1914

Arleen Whelan Actor, drug, born 09/01/1914

Ivan Pereverzev Actor, drug, born 09/03/1914

Hillary Brooke actor, born 09/08/1914

Robert Wise Film director, actor, born 09/10/1914

Tambi Larsen Art director, drug, born 09/11/1914

Gunnar Bigum Actor, drug, born 09/13/1914

Pietro Germi Film director, actor, born 09/14/1914

Jack Cardiff cinematographer, film director, Actor, cinematographer, director, photographer, actor, born 09/18/1914

Siegfried Lowitz Actor, actor, born 09/22/1914

Michael Goodliffe Actor, actor, born 10/01/1914

John Larch Actor, actor, born 10/04/1914

Tom Payne Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 10/04/1914

Joan Littlewood Theatre director, actor, born 10/06/1914

Bengt Logardt Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 10/10/1914

Mickey Daniels Film actor, actor, born 10/11/1914

Waldo Pressman Salt Screenwriter, drug, born 10/18/1914

Fayard Nicholas Choreographer, dancer, actor, actor, born 10/20/1914

Maudie Prickett actor, born 10/25/1914

Jackie Coogan Actor, actor, born 10/26/1914

Betty Helsengreen Actor, actor, born 10/26/1914

Dody Goodman actor, born 10/28/1914

Norman Lloyd American actor, actor, born 11/08/1914

Gianni Puccini Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/09/1914

Alberto Lattuada Film director, actor, born 11/13/1914

Dona Drake Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 11/15/1914

George Dunn Actor, humorist, actor, born 11/23/1914

Vera Carmi Actor, drug, born 11/23/1914

Raoul Pene Du Bois Costume designer, Costume designer, Scenic designer, actor, born 11/29/1914

Dorothy Lamour Actress, singer, Actress, actor, born 12/10/1914

Larry Parks Actor, actor, born 12/13/1914

Tiger Haynes Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 12/13/1914

Jørgen Beck Actor, drug, born 12/13/1914

Asta Hansen Actor, actor, born 12/20/1914

Dorothy Hyson Stage actress, actor, born 12/24/1914

Richard Widmark Actor, actor, born 12/26/1914

Lise Thomsen Actor, drug, born 12/26/1914

Giuseppe Berto Writer, drug, born 12/27/1914

Alfred Vohrer Film director, Actor, actor, born 12/29/1914

Jo Van Fleet Actress, actor, born 12/30/1914

Maxine Doyle American actress, primarily worked in the 1930s and 1940s and known for her work at Republic Pictures, Actress, actor, born 01/01/1915

Mady Rahl Actor, actor, born 01/03/1915

Anita Louise Actress, actor, born 01/09/1915

Veda Ann Borg actor, born 01/11/1915

Leslie H. Martinson Film and television director, actor, born 01/16/1915

Ernst Schröder Actor, actor, born 01/27/1915

Dorothy Dell Actress, actor, born 01/30/1915

Henki Kolstad Actor, actor, born 02/03/1915

Eddie Bracken Actor, actor, born 02/07/1915

Boris Andreyev Actor, Actor, voice actor, drug, born 02/09/1915

Lorne Greene Actor, actor, born 02/12/1915

Mimi Weddell Actress, actor, born 02/15/1915

Phyllis Calvert Actor, actor, born 02/18/1915

Edvin Tiemroth Actor, Film director, drug, born 02/18/1915

Ann Sheridan actress, Actress, actor, born 02/21/1915

Mirjami Kuosmanen Actor, drug, born 02/22/1915

Zero Mostel actor, Actor, born 02/28/1915

Lona Andre American actress, Actress, actor, born 03/02/1915

Caterina Boratto Actor, Actress, drug, born 03/15/1915

Henrik Sandberg Film producer, drug, born 03/15/1915

Lloyd Henry Bumstead Art director, actor, born 03/17/1915

Patricia Morison Actress, singer, actor, born 03/19/1915

Diana Gibson Actor, actor, born 03/21/1915

Louis Quinn Actor, actor, born 03/23/1915

Jadwiga Andrzejewska Actor, actor, born 03/30/1915

Dorothy Fay Actress, actor, born 04/04/1915

Harry Morgan Actor, Actor, director, writer, actor, born 04/10/1915

Aurora Miranda Entertainer, actor, born 04/20/1915

Jean Chevrier Actor, drug, born 04/25/1915

Sándor Szabó Actor, drug, born 04/25/1915

Peggy Mount Comedy actress, Actress, actor, born 05/02/1915

Alice Faye Actor, Actress/Singer, actor, born 05/05/1915

Orson Welles Broadcaster, director, actor, Actor, director, writer, producer, voice actor, actor, born 05/06/1915

Mario Monicelli screenwriter, director, actor, actor, born 05/15/1915

William Witney American director, actor, born 05/15/1915

Bill Williams Actor, actor, born 05/21/1915

Martin Manulis Film, television and theater producer, actor, born 05/30/1915

Barbara Pepper Actress, actor, born 05/31/1915

John Randolph Actor, actor, born 06/01/1915

Jorge Salcedo actor, born 06/02/1915

Patricia Roc British actress, Actress, actor, born 06/07/1915

Kurt Jung-Alsen Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/18/1915

Dennis Price Actor, actor, born 06/23/1915

Mario Carotenuto Actor, actor, born 06/29/1915

Junior Durkin Actor, actor, born 07/02/1915

Eric Orbom Art director, drug, born 07/06/1915

Yvonne Mitchell Actor, actor, born 07/07/1915

Birgit Tengroth Actor, drug, born 07/13/1915

Toby Wing American actress, showgirl, actor, born 07/14/1915

Cass Daley Actress, singer, comedienne, actor, born 07/17/1915

Elliot Scott Art director, drug, born 07/19/1915

Isao Yamagata Actor, drug, born 07/25/1915

Signe Hasso Actress, actor, born 08/15/1915

Laurence Marks Radio and television writer, actor, born 08/23/1915

Ingrid Bergman Actress, actor, born 08/29/1915

Jay R. Smith Film actor, actor, born 08/29/1915

Jack Beutel Actor, actor, born 09/05/1915

Frank Cady Actor, actor, born 09/08/1915

Edmond O'Brien actor, Actor, born 09/10/1915

Hasse Ekman Film director, actor, actor, born 09/10/1915

Robert Shaw American actor, Actor, actor, born 09/15/1915

Arthur Lowe English actor, Actor, actor, born 09/22/1915

Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen Actor, actor, born 09/22/1915

Brenda Marshall Actress, actor, born 09/29/1915

Anne Nagel Actress, actor, born 09/29/1915

Elli Parvo Actor, drug, born 10/17/1915

Folke Sundquist Actor, drug, born 11/04/1915

Jane Hamilton Actor, actor, born 11/07/1915

Richard Fiske Actor, actor, born 11/20/1915

Kishore Sahu Actor, Film director, drug, born 11/22/1915

Ellen Drew Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/23/1915

Eli Wallach Actor, actor, born 12/07/1915

Curd Jürgens Film, stage and tv actor, Actor, actor, born 12/13/1915

Mary Morris British actress, Actress, actor, born 12/13/1915

Gerda Neumann Actor, drug, born 12/14/1915

Paolo Moffa Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/16/1915

Joan Woodbury actor, born 12/17/1915

Édith Piaf Singer, songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 12/19/1915

Barbara Billingsley actress, Actress, actor, born 12/22/1915

Jean Brooks actress, actor, born 12/23/1915

Mary Kornman American film actress, Film actress, actor, born 12/27/1915

Robert Parrish child actor, film editor, film director, writer, actor, born 01/04/1916

Richard Münch Actor, actor, born 01/10/1916

Alex Nicol Actor, film and television director, actor, born 01/20/1916

Arnoldo Foà Actor, actor, born 01/24/1916

Jeanne Carpenter Actress, actor, born 02/01/1916

Silvana Jachino Actor, drug, born 02/02/1916

James Griffith Actor, musician, screenwriter, actor, born 02/13/1916

Masaki Kobayashi Film director, Film director, producer, writer, actor, born 02/14/1916

Sally Gray Actor, actor, born 02/14/1916

Mary Jane Croft Actress, actor, born 02/15/1916

Alberto Sorrentino Actor, actor, born 02/16/1916

Raf Vallone Actor, actor, born 02/17/1916

Jackie Gleason comedian, actor, and musician, Actor, comedian, musician, actor, born 02/26/1916

José Calvo Actor, actor, born 03/03/1916

Virginia Gregg Actor, actor, born 03/06/1916

Louise Latimer Actor, drug, born 03/06/1916

Pamela Mason Actress, screenwriter, actor, born 03/10/1916

Ferdy Mayne Actor, actor, born 03/11/1916

Mercedes McCambridge Actress, actor, born 03/16/1916

Freddy Koch Actor, drug, born 03/21/1916

Ulla Lock Actor, drug, born 03/21/1916

José Bódalo Actor, actor, born 03/24/1916

Jean Rogers Actor, actor, born 03/25/1916

Sterling Hayden Actor, Actor, author, sailor, model, Marine, OSS agent, actor, born 03/26/1916

David White Actor, actor, born 04/04/1916

Carmen Silva Film and Telenovela Actress, actor, born 04/05/1916

Anders Ek Actor, actor, born 04/07/1916

Anthony Caruso Film, television actor, actor, born 04/07/1916

Alfie Bass Actor, actor, born 04/08/1916

Howard W. Koch Film producer, actor, born 04/11/1916

Phil Brown Actor, actor, born 04/30/1916

Jack Maxsted Art director, drug, born 04/30/1916

Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford Actor, retired military officer, actor, born 05/01/1916

Sif Ruud Actor, actor, born 05/06/1916

Alfred Weidenmann Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/10/1916

Lorenzo Mongiardino Architect, Interior designer, Production designer, drug, born 05/12/1916

Vera Gebuhr Actor, drug, born 05/15/1916

Rupert Davies Actor, actor, born 05/22/1916

Leonardo Cortese Actor, Film director, drug, born 05/24/1916

Willie Best Actor, actor, born 05/27/1916

Bert Haanstra Photographer, cameraman, film director, actor, born 05/31/1916

Massimo Serato Actor, actor, born 05/31/1916

Judy Campbell English light comedy actress and occasional playwright, actor, born 05/31/1916

Luigi Comencini Film director, actor, born 06/08/1916

Irwin Allen Film producer, actor, born 06/12/1916

Ivan Tors Screenwriter, producer, director, actor, born 06/12/1916

Dorothy McGuire Actress, actor, born 06/14/1916

Dorothea Kent Actor, drug, born 06/21/1916

Irene Worth Actor, actor, born 06/23/1916

Olivia de Havilland American actress, Actress, actor, born 07/01/1916

Reg Varney Actor, actor, born 07/11/1916

George Fant Actor, drug, born 07/11/1916

Sheila Florance Television actor, actor, born 07/24/1916

Keenan Wynn American actor, Actor, actor, born 07/27/1916

David Brown American film/musical theatre producer, Film producer, actor, born 07/28/1916

Budd Boetticher Film director, actor, born 07/29/1916

Alice Sapritch Actor, drug, born 07/29/1916

Neil McCallum Actor, actor, born 07/29/1916

Dick Wilson actor, born 07/30/1916

Sydney Tafler Actor, actor, born 07/31/1916

Marie Wilson Actor, actor, born 08/19/1916

Bernard Archard English actor, actor, born 08/20/1916

Geoffrey Keen Actor, actor, born 08/21/1916

Hal Smith Actor, actor, born 08/24/1916

Amparo Arozamena Actor, actor, born 08/24/1916

Van Johnson Actor, Actor, dancer, singer, actor, born 08/25/1916

Martha Raye American comic actress and singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 08/27/1916

Dick Haymes Actor, singer, actor, born 09/13/1916

Lynne Carver Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/13/1916

Margaret Lockwood Film actress, actor, born 09/15/1916

Rossano Brazzi Actor, actor, born 09/18/1916

Marianne Aminoff Actor, actor, drug, born 09/21/1916

Peter Finch Actor, actor, born 09/28/1916

George Sidney Film director and producer, actor, born 10/04/1916

Jack Arnold Television & film director, producer, actor, born 10/14/1916

Anthony Dawson Actor, actor, born 10/18/1916

Andrea Checchi Italian film actor, actor, born 10/21/1916

Kendall McComas Film actor, Film actor; engineer, actor, born 10/29/1916

Joe Cobb Film actor, Actor, actor, born 11/07/1916

Bill Melendez Mexican-American animator, film director, film producer, Animator, actor, born 11/15/1916

Greta Gynt Actress, actor, born 11/15/1916

Evelyn Keyes Actress, actor, born 11/20/1916

Richard Fleischer Film director, actor, born 12/08/1916

Kirk Douglas American actor and film producer, Actor, producer, director, author, actor, born 12/09/1916

Mark Stevens Actor, actor, born 12/13/1916

Betty Grable dancer, singer, actress, Actress, dancer, singer, actor, born 12/18/1916

Roy Ward Baker Film director, actor, born 12/19/1916

Jack Witikka Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/20/1916

Dino Risi Film director, actor, born 12/23/1916

Eugene Jackson Film actor, actor, born 12/25/1916

Georg Årlin Actor, actor, born 12/30/1916

Vivi Gioi Actor, actor, born 01/02/1917

Jane Wyman Actress, actor, born 01/05/1917

Hilde Krahl Actor, drug, born 01/10/1917

William Markus Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/12/1917

Janine Darcey Actor, actor, born 01/14/1917

Nico Pepe Actor, drug, born 01/19/1917

Ernest Borgnine Actor, actor, born 01/24/1917

Alf Malland Actor, drug, born 01/24/1917

Majorie Deanne Actor, actor, born 01/28/1917

Giuseppe de Santis Film director, actor, born 02/11/1917

Meg Wyllie Actor, actor, born 02/15/1917

George N. Neise Actor, actor, born 02/16/1917

Ralph S. Hurst Set decorator, drug, born 02/18/1917

Ed Graves Art director, drug, born 02/24/1917

Brenda Joyce Actress, actor, born 02/25/1917

Odette Laure Actor, actor, born 02/28/1917

Desi Arnaz American musician, Actor, musician, producer, actor, born 03/02/1917

Robert Luthardt Art director, drug, born 03/03/1917

Clemente Fracassi Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 03/05/1917

Frankie Howerd British actor, Actor, comedian, actor, born 03/06/1917

Herbert Anderson actor, born 03/13/1917

Virginia Grey American actress, Actress, actor, born 03/22/1917

Leon Janney Actor, actor, born 04/01/1917

R. G. Armstrong Actor, actor, born 04/07/1917

Reg Allen Set decorator, drug, born 04/12/1917

Valerie Hobson Actor, actor, born 04/14/1917

Hans Conried Actor, Actor, comedian, voice actor, actor, born 04/15/1917

Barry Nelson Actor, actor, born 04/16/1917

Megs Jenkins Actress, actor, born 04/21/1917

Manolo Gómez Bur Actor, drug, born 04/21/1917

Doris Duranti Actor, drug, born 04/25/1917

Celeste Holm actress, Actress, actor, born 04/29/1917

David Tomlinson Actor, actor, born 05/01/1917

Danielle Darrieux actress, actor, born 05/01/1917

Wendy Toye filmmaker, Dancer/Choreographer/Actress/Film, television and stage director, actor, born 05/01/1917

Leopoldo Trieste Actor, drug, born 05/03/1917

Maxine Gates Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/03/1917

June Lang American actress, Actress, actor, born 05/05/1917

John Arnatt British actor, actor, born 05/09/1917

Margo American actress, Actress, actor, born 05/10/1917

George Gaynes Actor, actor, born 05/16/1917

James Donald Scottish Actor, Actor, actor, born 05/18/1917

Raymond Burr Actor, drug, born 05/21/1917

Nathan Davis actor, born 05/22/1917

Preben Lerdorff Rye Actor, drug, born 05/23/1917

Max Showalter Actor, musician, Actor, composer, pianist, singer, actor, born 06/02/1917

Johannes Marott Actor, drug, born 06/14/1917

Víctor Junco Actor, drug, born 06/18/1917

Susan Hayward Actress, actor, born 06/30/1917

Ángel Picazo Actor, drug, born 07/01/1917

Guri Richter Actor, Actress, drug, born 07/07/1917

Donald Jeffry Herbert American television host, actor, born 07/10/1917

Louis Clyde Stoumen Film director, Film producer, drug, born 07/15/1917

Lorna Gray Actor, drug, born 07/26/1917

Yehia Chahine Film actor, actor, born 07/28/1917

Robert Mitchum American film actor, singer, Actor, author, composer, singer, actor, born 08/06/1917

Marjorie Reynolds actress, Actress, actor, born 08/12/1917

Oliver Crawford Screenwriter, author, actor, born 08/12/1917

Gloria Dickson Actress, actor, born 08/13/1917

François Simon Actor, drug, born 08/16/1917

Gianni Agus Actor, drug, born 08/17/1917

Mel Ferrer actor, director, producer, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 08/25/1917

Lisbeth Movin Actress, Director, actor, born 08/25/1917

Aroldo Tieri Actor, actor, born 08/28/1917

Ricardo Muñoz Suay Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/28/1917

Isabel Sanford Actress, actor, born 08/29/1917

Bodil Kjer Actor, actor, born 09/02/1917

Herbert Lom Actor, actor, born 09/11/1917

Erni Arneson Actor, Actress, drug, born 09/12/1917

Clifton Young Actor, actor, born 09/15/1917

June Foray American voice actor, Voice actress, actor, born 09/18/1917

Fernando Rey Actor, actor, born 09/20/1917

Anna Campori Actor, drug, born 09/22/1917

Ted Haworth Production designer, Art director, drug, born 09/26/1917

June Allyson Actress, actor, born 10/07/1917

Philip Leacock Television and film director, producer, actor, born 10/08/1917

Zoltán Fábri Film director, actor, born 10/15/1917

Alice Pearce Actress, actor, born 10/16/1917

Hans Strååt Actor, drug, born 10/17/1917

Ismael Rodríguez Film director, actor, born 10/19/1917

Jean-Pierre Melville French film director, actor, born 10/20/1917

Joan Fontaine Actress, actor, born 10/22/1917

Robert Bray Actor; US Marine, American film and television actor, actor, born 10/23/1917

Eddie Constantine Film actor, singer, actor, born 10/29/1917

Inge Ivarson Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/02/1917

Titos Vandis Actor, drug, born 11/07/1917

Robert Sterling American actor, actor, born 11/13/1917

Dorothy Arnold Actress, actor, born 11/21/1917

John Newland Director, actor, television producer, screenwriter, actor, born 11/23/1917

Adele Jergens actor, born 11/26/1917

Pierre Gaspard-Huit Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/29/1917

Ezra Stone Actor, television and film director, actor, born 12/02/1917

Hurd Hatfield actor, born 12/07/1917

Ann Richards actor, born 12/13/1917

Elyse Knox American actress, actress, model and singer, actor, born 12/14/1917

Ossie Davis Actor, director, poet, playwright, writer, and social activist, Actor, director, poet, playwright, writer, activist, actor, born 12/18/1917

Lynn Bari American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/18/1917

Freddie Francis Cinematographer, film director, actor, born 12/22/1917

Frankie Darro American Actor, Actor/Voice actor, actor, born 12/22/1917

Toivo Pawlo Actor, drug, born 12/25/1917

Barbro Kollberg Actor, actor, born 12/27/1917

Jeane Dixon American astrologer, psychic, actor, born 01/03/1918

Allan Ekelund Film producer, drug, born 01/16/1918

Norman Chaney Film actor, actor, born 01/18/1918

Luciano Emmer Film director, actor, born 01/19/1918

Suzanne Flon Actor, actor, born 01/28/1918

Michiyo Kogure Actor, drug, born 01/31/1918

Ida Lupino Actress/Director, actor, born 02/04/1918

Allan Arbus Film, television actor, photographer, Actor/Photographer, actor, born 02/15/1918

Alberto Ruschel Actor, actor, born 02/21/1918

Roger Delgado Character actor, actor, born 03/01/1918

Rolf Thiele Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/07/1918

Jacques Baratier Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/08/1918

Hans-Henrik Krause Actor, Film director, drug, born 03/13/1918

Verna Fields film editor and entertainment industry executive, drug, born 03/21/1918

Jackie Condon Film actor, actor, born 03/25/1918

Victor Vicas Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/25/1918

Pearl Mae Bailey American singer, Actress, singer, actor, born 03/29/1918

Heidemarie Hatheyer Actor, drug, born 04/08/1918

Andrei Alekseyevich Popov Actor, drug, born 04/12/1918

William Holden American actor, Actor, wildlife conservationist, actor, born 04/17/1918

Anne Shirley Actor, Actress, actor, born 04/17/1918

Gabriel Axel Film director, actor, born 04/18/1918

June Storey American actress, Actress, actor, born 04/20/1918

June Duprez Actress, actor, born 05/14/1918

Massimo Girotti Actor, actor, born 05/18/1918

Alberto Bonucci Actor, Film director, actor, born 05/19/1918

Jeanne Bates Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/21/1918

Ági Mészáros Actor, drug, born 05/24/1918

Henry Calvin actor, born 05/25/1918

John Dall Actor, actor, born 05/26/1918

Edith Massey American actress, actor, born 05/28/1918

Patrick Cargill Actor, actor, born 06/03/1918

Robert Preston Actor, actor, born 06/08/1918

Barry Morse British-born stage, screen, and radio actor, Actor, Director, Writer, drug, born 06/10/1918

Jane Bryan Film actress; United States Federal Arts Commission member, Actress, actor, born 06/11/1918

Richard Derr Film, television actor, actor, born 06/15/1918

Willy Breinholst Writer, Screenwriter, actor, born 06/27/1918

Rolf Søder Actor, drug, born 07/04/1918

Werner Peters Actor, actor, born 07/07/1918

Ingmar Bergman Stage and film director, Film director, producer, writer, actor, born 07/14/1918

Jane Frazee Actor, actor, born 07/18/1918

Carl Ottosen Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 07/18/1918

Segol Mann Actor, drug, born 07/19/1918

Jean-Roger Caussimon Actor, drug, born 07/24/1918

Nan Grey Actor, actor, born 07/25/1918

Marjorie Lord American actress, Actress, actor, born 07/26/1918

Cheryl Walker American actress, Actress, model, actor, born 08/01/1918

Claus Holm Actor, actor, born 08/04/1918

Ilija Ivezic Actor, drug, born 08/04/1918

Tom Drake actor, born 08/05/1918

Pamela Blake Actor, drug, born 08/06/1918

Robert Aldrich Film director, filmmaker, actor, born 08/09/1918

Evelyn Ankers Actress, actor, born 08/17/1918

Richard Greene Actor, actor, born 08/25/1918

Ismael Merlo Actor, drug, born 09/01/1918

Donald Haines Film actor, actor, born 09/05/1918

Peg Phillips American actress, actor, born 09/20/1918

Sven Methling Director, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/20/1918

Joffre Soares Actor, drug, born 09/21/1918

Arnold Stang Actor, actor, born 09/28/1918

Laura Gore Actor, drug, born 09/30/1918

Pedro Lazaga Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/03/1918

Lila Kedrova Actress, actor, born 10/09/1918

Robert Walker Actor, actor, born 10/13/1918

Jack MacGowran Actor, actor, born 10/13/1918

Rita Hayworth actress, Actress, dancer, drug, born 10/17/1918

Peggy Morgan Actress, actor, born 10/23/1918

Ulrik Neumann Actor, Musician, drug, born 10/23/1918

Milton Selzer Film, stage, television actor, actor, born 10/25/1918

Diana Serra Cary Actress, author, publisher, historian, Actress, actor, born 10/26/1918

Teresa Wright Actress, actor, born 10/27/1918

Art Carney Actor, comedian, Actor, actor, born 11/04/1918

Alan Tilvern Actor, actor, born 11/05/1918

Hervé Bromberger Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/11/1918

Sven Lindberg Actor, actor, born 11/20/1918

Mikhail Gluzsky Actor, drug, born 11/21/1918

Gigi Ballista Actor, drug, born 12/01/1918

Caja Heimann Actor, actor, born 12/07/1918

William Craig Smith Art director, drug, born 12/09/1918

Anne Gynne Actress, actor, born 12/10/1918

Jeff Chandler Actor, singer, actor, born 12/15/1918

Virginia Davis Actress, actor, born 12/31/1918

Carole Landis Actress, actor, born 01/01/1919

Alfonso Corona Blake Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/02/1919

Jacques Mauclair Actor, drug, born 01/12/1919

Hans Richter Actor, drug, born 01/12/1919

Joe Seneca Actor, actor, born 01/14/1919

Coleman Francis B-movie director, actor, actor, born 01/24/1919

Kamal El Sheikh Film director, drug, born 02/02/1919

Peter Butterworth English actor, actor, born 02/04/1919

Jock Mahoney Actor/Stuntman, actor, born 02/07/1919

Ferenc Bessenyei Actor, drug, born 02/10/1919

Eva Gabor Actress and businesswoman, Actress, actor, born 02/11/1919

Jack Palance Actor, boxer, Actor, actor, born 02/18/1919

J.C. Quinn Actor, actor, born 02/18/1919

Mary Maguire Australian actress, actor, born 02/22/1919

Jennifer Jones Actress, actor, born 03/02/1919

M.N.Nambiar actor, born 03/07/1919

Enrico Gras Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/07/1919

Miguel Gila Comedian, Actor, drug, born 03/12/1919

Donald Richards Stage actor, singer, actor, born 03/24/1919

Eileen Heckart Actress, actor, born 03/29/1919

Miklós Gábor Actor, drug, born 04/07/1919

Roger Pigaut Actor, Film director, drug, born 04/08/1919

Louis Miehe-Renard Actor, drug, born 04/11/1919

Howard Keel Actor, Actor/Singer, actor, born 04/13/1919

Nils Reinhardt Christensen Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/13/1919

Barbro Flodquist Actor, drug, born 04/19/1919

Jørn Jeppesen Actor, actor, born 04/21/1919

Gérard Oury actor, born 04/29/1919

Dan O'Herlihy Actor, actor, born 05/01/1919

Lex Barker Actor, singer, Actor, actor, born 05/08/1919

Betty Garrett Actress, dancer, Actress, comedienne, dancer, singer, actor, born 05/23/1919

Monte Hale Western Actor and country singer, actor, born 06/08/1919

Richard Todd Actor, actor, born 06/11/1919

Uta Hagen Actress, acting teacher, actor, born 06/12/1919

Sam Wanamaker Actor, actor, born 06/14/1919

Beryl Reid Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/17/1919

João Mendes Film director, drug, born 06/18/1919

Åke Fridell Actor, actor, born 06/23/1919

Gunnar Nielsen Actor, drug, born 06/23/1919

Donald M. Ashton Art director, drug, born 06/26/1919

Ruggero Maccari Screenwriter, actor, born 06/28/1919

Slim Pickens American rodeo performer, film and television actor, actor, born 06/29/1919

Hampe Faustman Actor, Film director, drug, born 07/03/1919

Jon Pertwee Character Actor, actor, born 07/07/1919

Mickey Carroll Actor, actor, born 07/08/1919

Lino Ventura Actor, actor, born 07/14/1919

Andrea Bosic Actor, drug, born 07/15/1919

Curt Masreliez Actor, drug, born 07/19/1919

K. T. Stevens Film, television actor, Film, television actress, actor, born 07/20/1919

Patricia Dane Actress, actor, born 08/04/1919

Dino De Laurentiis actor, born 08/08/1919

Walter Bernstein Screenwriter, film producer, actor, born 08/20/1919

Howard Morris Actor, Film director, Voice actor, Comic, actor, born 09/04/1919

Paul Claudon Film producer, Actor, drug, born 09/05/1919

Erik Strandmark Actor, actor, born 09/14/1919

Giuseppe Rinaldi Actor, drug, born 09/14/1919

László Ranódy Film director, drug, born 09/14/1919

Mogens Wieth Actor, drug, born 09/16/1919

Annelise Reenberg Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/16/1919

Diana Lewis American actress, Actress, actor, born 09/18/1919

Nigel Stock Actor, actor, born 09/21/1919

André Valmy Actor, drug, born 10/08/1919

Mary Ainslee Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/12/1919

Georg Adelly Actor, drug, born 10/19/1919

Pål Skjønberg Actor, drug, born 10/20/1919

Bruce Cowling actor, born 10/30/1919

John Sylvester White American Actor, Actor, actor, born 10/31/1919

Amelia Bence Actor, actor, born 11/03/1919

Martin Balsam Film actor, Actor, actor, born 11/04/1919

François Périer actor, born 11/10/1919

José María Caffarel Actor, drug, born 11/10/1919

Mary Beth Hughes Actress, actor, born 11/13/1919

Nova Pilbeam British actress, Actress, actor, born 11/15/1919

David Kossoff actor, born 11/24/1919

Henri Vidal Actor, drug, born 11/26/1919

Lis Løwert Actor, Actress, actor, born 12/07/1919

Stephen Seymour Set decorator, drug, born 12/15/1919

Stig Johanson Actor, drug, born 12/18/1919

Armando Calvo Actor, drug, born 12/25/1919

Rolf Olsen Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 12/26/1919

Peter Stephens actor, born 01/03/1920

Robert Lamoureux Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 01/04/1920

Douglas Wilmer Actor, actor, born 01/08/1920

Clive Dunn actor, Actor, born 01/09/1920

Toni Ucci Actor, drug, born 01/13/1920

Federico Fellini Director, screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 01/20/1920

Alicia Montoya Actor, actor, born 01/25/1920

José Luis de Villalonga Actor, actor, born 01/29/1920

Delbert Mann Film director, Director, actor, born 01/30/1920

Michael Anderson Film director, actor, born 01/30/1920

Raphael Bretton Set decorator, drug, born 02/07/1920

Bengt Ekerot Actor, actor, born 02/08/1920

Trudy Marshall Actress, actor, born 02/14/1920

Bill Cullen American sports announcer, Television personality, actor, born 02/18/1920

Peter R. Romero Art director, actor, born 02/18/1920

Virginia Hunter Actress, actor, born 02/21/1920

Tony Randall Actor, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 02/26/1920

Michael Pate Television actor, actor, born 02/26/1920

Alf Kjellin Actor, film director, Actor, actor, born 02/28/1920

James Mitchell Dancer and actor, Actor/Dancer, actor, born 02/29/1920

Michèle Morgan Actress, actor, born 02/29/1920

James Doohan Canadian character and voice actor, Actor, actor, born 03/03/1920

Virginia Christine Actor, actor, born 03/05/1920

Lewis Gilbert Film director, actor, born 03/06/1920

Memduh Ün Film producer, Film director, drug, born 03/14/1920

Tige Andrews Actor, actor, born 03/19/1920

Paul Hagen Actor, drug, born 03/19/1920

Mario Cecchi Gori Film producer, actor, born 03/21/1920

Gene Nelson Actor, dancer, screenwriter, director, Actor, dancer, screenwriter, film and television director, actor, born 03/24/1920

Patrick Troughton Character Actor, actor, born 03/25/1920

Toshirō Mifune Japanese actor, Actor, actor, born 04/01/1920

Jack Webb Actor, producer, director, author, Actor, producer, director, screenwriter, drug, born 04/02/1920

Éric Rohmer Film director, Film Director, actor, born 04/04/1920

Gianrico Tedeschi Actor, drug, born 04/20/1920

Anselmo Duarte Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 04/21/1920

Tom Mason Chiropractor, actor, actor, born 04/29/1920

William Ian DeWitt Hutt Canadian television, film and stage actor, actor, born 05/02/1920

Preben Neergaard Actor, actor, born 05/02/1920

Denver Pyle Actor, actor, born 05/11/1920

Michel Audiard Film director, actor, born 05/15/1920

Martine Carol actress, actor, born 05/16/1920

Anthony Steel Actor, actor, born 05/21/1920

Daniel Ivernel Actor, drug, born 06/03/1920

Robert Hutton Actor, actor, born 06/11/1920

Peter Jones Actor, actor, born 06/12/1920

Alberto Sordi Actor, actor, born 06/15/1920

Ian Carmichael OBE Actor, actor, born 06/18/1920

June Preisser Actor, actor, born 06/26/1920

Stanislav Ledinek Actor, drug, born 06/26/1920

Kjeld Petersen Actor, drug, born 07/01/1920

Sandro Continenza Screenwriter, drug, born 07/13/1920

Yoshio Inaba Actor, actor, born 07/15/1920

Kathryn Adams actress, Actress, actor, born 07/15/1920

June Vincent Actress, actor, born 07/17/1920

Patricia Medina Actress, actor, born 07/19/1920

Lea Padovani Actor, drug, born 07/20/1920

Constance Dowling Actress, actor, born 07/21/1920

Preben Mahrt Actor, drug, born 07/28/1920

Franca Valeri Actor, actor, born 07/31/1920

Bill Scott American voice actor, actor, voice artist, writer, producer, actor, born 08/02/1920

Maria Karnilova Actor, actor, born 08/03/1920

Dina Sassoli Italian film actress, Film actress, actor, born 08/05/1920

Ella Raines American actress, actor, born 08/06/1920

Dominique Marcas Actor, drug, born 08/08/1920

Allen Hoskins Actor, actor, born 08/09/1920

Fernando Sánchez Polack Actor, drug, born 08/11/1920

Maureen O'Hara Actor, Actress/Singer, actor, born 08/17/1920

Shelley Winters Actress, actor, born 08/18/1920

René-Jean Chauffard Actor, drug, born 08/24/1920

Richard Farnsworth Actor, actor, born 09/01/1920

Buster Larsen Actor, actor, born 09/01/1920

Tom Chatto Actor, actor, born 09/01/1920

Michael Aldridge Actor, actor, born 09/09/1920

John Crawford Actor, actor, born 09/13/1920

Jack Warden Actor, actor, born 09/18/1920

Mickey Rooney Actor, drug, born 09/23/1920

Sergei Bondarchuk Film director, actor, born 09/25/1920

Jorge Martínez de Hoyos Actor, actor, born 09/25/1920

William Conrad American film, television director, actor and narrator, Film, television, voice actor, Director, actor, born 09/27/1920

Jayne Meadows actress, author, Actress, author, actor, born 09/27/1920

Peter Arne Actor, actor, born 09/29/1920

Walter Matthau actor, Actor, born 10/01/1920

Henri Verneuil Director, actor, born 10/15/1920

Bianco Zully Actor, actor, born 10/17/1920

Melina Mercouri Actress, singer, politician, actor, born 10/18/1920

Ulf Palme actor, born 10/18/1920

Mitzi Green actor, born 10/22/1920

Nanette Fabray Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/27/1920

Norman Bird Actor, actor, born 10/30/1920

Leonard Freeman Television producer, screenwriter, actor, born 10/31/1920

Ann Rutherford Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/02/1920

Esther Rolle Actress, actor, born 11/08/1920

Gene Tierney American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/19/1920

Ralph Meeker actor, born 11/21/1920

Jorge Mistral Actor, actor, born 11/24/1920

Ricardo Montalbán Actor, actor, born 11/25/1920

Virginia Mayo Actor, actor, born 11/30/1920

Dorothy Abbott Actress, actor, born 12/16/1920

Helmuth Schneider actor, born 12/18/1920

Jean Gascon Actor, actor, born 12/21/1920

Alan North Actor, actor, born 12/23/1920

Birger Malmsten Actor, actor, born 12/23/1920

Viveca Lindfors Actor, actor, born 12/29/1920

Tamás Fejér Film director, drug, born 12/29/1920

Jack Lord American actor, Artist, actor, director, producer, philanthropist, actor, born 12/30/1920

John Russell United States Marine, actor, born 01/03/1921

Turi Ferro Actor, drug, born 01/10/1921

Marianna Tavrog Film director, film director, actor, born 01/16/1921

Rebel Randall Actress, drug, born 01/22/1921

Chitrasena Dancer, actor, Dancer, actor, born 01/26/1921

Yuri Ozerov Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/26/1921

Donna Reed Actress, actor, born 01/27/1921

Barry Mahon American film director, producer and United States Army soldier, Film director, cinematographer, producer, actor, born 02/05/1921

Lana Turner Actress, actor, born 02/08/1921

Severin Bijelić Actor, drug, born 02/10/1921

Corinne Luchaire Actress, drug, born 02/11/1921

Vera-Ellen Actress, dancer, actor, born 02/16/1921

Ann Savage Actress, actor, born 02/19/1921

Jean Heather Actress, actor, born 02/21/1921

Giulietta Masina Italian actress, actress, actor, born 02/22/1921

Abe Vigoda American actor, Actor, actor, born 02/24/1921

Betty Hutton Actor, actor, born 02/26/1921

Rodolfo Sonego Screenwriter, actor, born 02/27/1921

Jack Clayton Film director, actor, born 03/01/1921

Diana Barrymore Actress, Film, stage actress, actor, born 03/03/1921

Joan Greenwood Actor, actor, born 03/04/1921

Carl Betz Actor, actor, born 03/09/1921

Tommy Cooper Comedian and magician, actor, born 03/19/1921

Nino Manfredi Actor, actor, born 03/22/1921

Simone Signoret Actress, actor, born 03/25/1921

Nancy Kelly Actress, actor, born 03/25/1921

Richard Marner Actor, actor, born 03/27/1921

Fletcher Markle Actor, screenwriter, television producer, television and film director, actor, born 03/27/1921

Dirk Bogarde actor, actor, novelist, born 03/28/1921

Kirk Browning Television director, Television producer, actor, born 03/28/1921

France Roche Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/02/1921

Jan Sterling American actress, actor, born 04/03/1921

Peter Ustinov Academy Award-winning British-born actor, writer, dramatist and raconteur, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, actor, born 04/16/1921

Tove Maës Actress, actor, born 04/30/1921

Satyajit Ray Film maker, writer, Film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 05/02/1921

Gale Robbins American actress, actress, singer, actor, born 05/07/1921

Bendt Rothe Actor, actor, born 05/09/1921

Luis Ciges Actor, drug, born 05/10/1921

Daniel Gélin French actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 05/19/1921

Grigori Naumovich Chukhrai film director, screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 05/23/1921

Edna Skinner Actress, actor, born 05/23/1921

Alida Valli Actor, actress, actor, born 05/31/1921

Alexis Smith Actress, actor, born 06/08/1921

Sheila Ryan American actress, Actress, actor, born 06/08/1921

Gil Parrondo Art director, Set decorator, Production designer, drug, born 06/17/1921

Judy Holliday Actress, actor, born 06/21/1921

Jane Russell actress, model, Actress, model, actor, born 06/21/1921

Jean Kent Actress, actor, born 06/21/1921

Muriel Pavlow British actress, Actress, actor, born 06/27/1921

Jerzy Stefan Stawiński Screenwriter, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/01/1921

Susan Peters Actress, actor, born 07/03/1921

François Reichenbach Film director, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/03/1921

Keld Markuslund Actor, drug, born 07/09/1921

Jeff Donnell Actor, actor, born 07/10/1921

Stuart A. Reiss Set decorator, drug, born 07/15/1921

Calvert Grant DeForest American comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 07/23/1921

Sandra Gould actress, writer, Actress, writer, actor, born 07/23/1921

Tibor Molnár Actor, drug, born 07/26/1921

Pat McDonald Actress, actor, born 08/01/1921

Marilyn Maxwell American actress, actor, born 08/03/1921

Esther Williams American swimmer, actress, Actress/Swimmer, actor, born 08/08/1921

William Asher Director, producer, screenwriter, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 08/08/1921

Marvin Zindler United States Marine, Television journalist, actor, born 08/10/1921

Carl Möhner Actor, drug, born 08/11/1921

Vittorio Caprioli Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/15/1921

Gene Roddenberry Television producer and Television writer, Television writer, producer, and futurist, actor, born 08/19/1921

Robert Marsden British actor, theatre director, dramatic recitalist, drama teacher, Actor, theatre director, dramatic recitalist, drama teacher, actor, born 08/22/1921

Dinos Dimopoulos Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/22/1921

Monty Hall Game show host, Game show host, actor, producer, singer, sportscaster, actor, born 08/25/1921

Nancy Kulp Actor, actor, born 08/28/1921

Fernando Fernán-Gómez Actor, film director, actor, born 08/28/1921

Barbro Hiort af Ornäs Actor, actor, born 08/28/1921

Norma MacMillan Voice actor, actor, born 09/15/1921

Nils Hallberg Actor, drug, born 09/18/1921

Doris Houck Actor, actor, born 09/28/1921

Deborah Kerr Actress, actor, born 09/30/1921

James Whitmore Actor, actor, born 10/01/1921

James Poe Screenwriter, actor, born 10/04/1921

Linda Stirling American model and actress, Actress, model, showgirl, actor, born 10/11/1921

Kenneth Griffith Actor, Actor, Producer, Presenter, actor, born 10/12/1921

Yves Montand Actor, Actor/Singer, actor, born 10/13/1921

Robert Urquhart Actor, drug, born 10/16/1921

George Nader Actor, writer, actor, born 10/19/1921

Benito Alazraki Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/27/1921

Muriel Landers Actor, Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 10/27/1921

Carlo Taranto Actor, actor, born 10/28/1921

Jess Hahn Actor, actor, born 10/29/1921

Fausto Tozzi Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/29/1921

American film actor Bronson, Charles, Actor, actor, born 11/03/1921

Brian Keith Actor, actor, born 11/14/1921

Phyllis Thaxter American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/20/1921

Vivian Blaine Actor, actor, born 11/21/1921

Knud Hilding Actor, drug, born 11/21/1921

Dagmar Actress, model, television personality, actor, born 11/29/1921

Willy Holt Production designer, Art director, actor, born 11/30/1921

Deanna Durbin singer, actress, Actress/Singer, actor, born 12/04/1921

Alvy Moore United States Marine, actor, born 12/05/1921

Ingeborg Brams Actor, drug, born 12/09/1921

Gian Luigi Rondi Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 12/10/1921

Harry Spear Film actor, actor, born 12/16/1921

Yuri Nikulin actor, clown, actor, born 12/18/1921

Renato Baldini Actor, actor, born 12/18/1921

George Roy Hill American actor, actor, born 12/20/1921

Britta Holmberg Actor, drug, born 12/21/1921

Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen American writer, comedian, musician, Actor, comedian, television personality, musician, writer, actor, born 12/26/1921

Paolo Carlini Actor, drug, born 01/06/1922

Lasse Kolstad Actor, actor, born 01/10/1922

Albert Lamorisse Writer, Screenwriter, Writer, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, actor, born 01/13/1922

Guy Madison Actor, actor, born 01/19/1922

Ken Hughes Film director, actor, born 01/19/1922

Graham Stark Comedian, actor, writer, director, actor, born 01/20/1922

Paul Scofield Actor, actor, born 01/21/1922

Telly Savalas Actor, actor, born 01/21/1922

Joanne Dru Actress, actor, born 01/31/1922

Arnold Laven Motion picture and television, Television and motion picture director and producer, actor, born 02/03/1922

Kathryn Grayson Actor, opera singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 02/09/1922

Leif Wager Actor, drug, born 02/11/1922

Gustl Bayrhammer Actor, drug, born 02/12/1922

Poul Thomsen Actor, drug, born 02/15/1922

Allan Melvin Actor, Impressionist, Voice Over, actor, born 02/18/1922

Rudolf Ulrich Actor, drug, born 03/01/1922

Maurice Biraud Actor, drug, born 03/03/1922

Cyd Charisse Actress, dancer, Actress/Dancer, actor, born 03/08/1922

Bjørn Puggaard-Müller Actor, drug, born 03/13/1922

Horst Wendlandt Film producer, drug, born 03/15/1922

Russ Meyer director, photographer, actor, born 03/21/1922

Ugo Tognazzi actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 03/23/1922

Flavio Mogherini Production designer, Art director, Film director, drug, born 03/25/1922

Olle Länsberg Screenwriter, drug, born 03/28/1922

Felix Bowness Actor, Boxer, Soldier, Comedian, Actor, actor, born 03/30/1922

Patrick Magee Actor, actor, born 03/31/1922

Christopher Hewett Actor, theatre director, Actor, actor, born 04/05/1922

Jin-kyu Kim South Korean actor, Actor, film director, producer, drug, born 04/06/1922

Karel Černý Art director, Production designer, drug, born 04/07/1922

Heikki Savolainen Finnish actor renowned for the part of Urho Hietanen in Edvin Laine's 1955 Tuntematon sotilas (The Unknown Soldier), Movie actor, actor, born 04/09/1922

Audrey Long American actress, Actress, actor, born 04/12/1922

Barbara Hale Actor, Actress, actor, born 04/18/1922

Ennio Balbo Actor, drug, born 04/18/1922

J.D. Cannon Actor, actor, born 04/24/1922

Michel Cournot Journalist, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 05/01/1922

Raimondo Vianello Actor, drug, born 05/07/1922

Beatrice Arthur actress, singer, comedian, Actress, comedienne, singer, actor, born 05/13/1922

Adrian Hoven Actor, Film producer, Film director, actor, born 05/18/1922

Clara Colosimo Actor, drug, born 05/23/1922

Matthew Richard Stone American animator, Actor, Writer, Television director, Television producer, actor, born 05/26/1922

Christopher Frank Carandini Lee English actor, Actor, Singer, actor, born 05/27/1922

Vladimir Druzhnikov Actor, drug, born 05/30/1922

Denholm Mitchell Elliott actor, Actor, born 05/31/1922

Carmen Silvera Stage and TV actress, Actress, actor, born 06/02/1922

Alain Resnais Film director, actor, born 06/03/1922

George Axelrod actor, born 06/09/1922

Balduin Baas Actor, drug, born 06/09/1922

Judy Garland American actress, singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 06/10/1922

John Bromfield Actor and Commercial fisherman, actor, born 06/11/1922

Parvin Soleimani Actress, actor, born 06/13/1922

K. Asif Film director, Film director, film producer, screenwriter, drug, born 06/14/1922

Frances Rafferty American actress, Actress, dancer, actor, born 06/16/1922

Keve Hjelm Actor, Film director, drug, born 06/23/1922

Tetsurō Tamba Actor, actor, born 07/17/1922

Lillian Hayman Actress, singer, actor, born 07/17/1922

Mollie Sugden British actress, actor, born 07/21/1922

Demeter Bitenc Actor, drug, born 07/21/1922

Buzz Kulik Film director, Film producer, actor, born 07/23/1922

Adolfo Celi Actor, actor, born 07/27/1922

Arthur Hill Actor, actor, born 08/01/1922

Pierre Trabaud Actor, drug, born 08/07/1922

Rory Calhoun Actor, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 08/08/1922

Jørgen Weel Actor, drug, born 08/13/1922

Micheline Presle actress, actor, born 08/22/1922

Jean Darling Film actress, actor, born 08/23/1922

Marianne Stone Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/23/1922

Zofia Mrozowska Actor, drug, born 08/24/1922

Vittorio Gassman actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 09/01/1922

Yvonne De Carlo Actress, actor, born 09/01/1922

Robert Day Film director, actor, born 09/11/1922

Tino Buazzelli Actor, drug, born 09/13/1922

Jackie Cooper Actor, director, Actor, actor, born 09/15/1922

Janis Paige Actor, Film, television actress, actor, born 09/16/1922

Grayson Hall Actress, actor, born 09/18/1922

Lizabeth Scott Actor, actor, born 09/29/1922

Mel Ferber Television producer and director, actor, born 10/02/1922

Ki-young Kim South Korean film director, Film director, screenwriter, producer, editor, drug, born 10/10/1922

Yumeji Tsukioka Actor, drug, born 10/14/1922

Juanita Moore Actress, actor, born 10/19/1922

Colleen Gray Actress, actor, born 10/23/1922

Mimi Nelson Actor, actor, born 10/25/1922

Barbara Bel Geddes American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/31/1922

Dorothy Dandridge Actress, singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 11/09/1922

Kim Hunter Actress, actor, born 11/12/1922

Oskar Werner Actor, actor, born 11/13/1922

Veronica Lake Actress, actor, born 11/14/1922

Lynne Roberts Film actress, Actress, actor, born 11/22/1922

Franco Balducci Actor, drug, born 11/23/1922

Leo Gordon Actor, actor, born 12/02/1922

Maila Nurmi Actress, actor, born 12/11/1922

Ruth Roman American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/22/1922

Ava Gardner American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/24/1922

Ousmane Sembène film director, producer, screenwriter, actor & author, actor, born 01/01/1923

Pinkas Braun Actor, drug, born 01/07/1923

Jack T. Collis Art director, drug, born 01/12/1923

Bodil Steen Actor, actor, born 01/14/1923

Bob Ramsing Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 01/17/1923

Alberto de Mendoza Actor, actor, born 01/21/1923

Florence Halop Actress, actor, born 01/23/1923

Bonita Granville Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/02/1923

Conrad Bain Actor, actor, born 02/04/1923

Dora Bryan British actress; former hotelier, Actress, actor, born 02/07/1923

Heinz Drache Actor, drug, born 02/09/1923

Zdeněk Podskalský Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/18/1923

Gunnar Höglund Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/18/1923

Paul Campbell Actor, actor, born 02/27/1923

Charles Durning Actor, actor, born 02/28/1923

Jean Carson Actress, actor, born 02/28/1923

Danny Sue Nolan Actor, actor, born 02/28/1923

Barney Martin American actor, Actor, actor, born 03/03/1923

Mario Brega Actor, actor, born 03/05/1923

Ed McMahon Tonight Show announcer, game show host, actor, spokesman, Comedian, game show host, announcer, spokesman, actor, born 03/06/1923

Terence Alexander English actor, Actor, actor, born 03/11/1923

Willy Semmelrogge Actor, drug, born 03/15/1923

Eiji Funakoshi actor, Actor, born 03/17/1923

Philip Abbott Actor, actor, born 03/21/1923

Gloria Henry actress, actor, born 04/02/1923

Paul Whitsun-Jones Film & TV actor, actor, born 04/05/1923

Aldo Bufi Landi Actor, actor, born 04/07/1923

Edward Mulhare Actor, actor, born 04/08/1923

Norman Vaughan Comedian, actor, born 04/10/1923

Ann Miller dancer, singer and actress, actor, born 04/12/1923

Don Adams Actor, comedian, game show panelist, director, voice artist, actor, born 04/13/1923

Jean Willes Actor, actor, born 04/15/1923

Lindsay Anderson Film director, drug, born 04/17/1923

Ignazio Leone Actor, drug, born 04/19/1923

Hugh Lloyd Actor, actor, born 04/22/1923

Peggy Knudsen Actress, actor, born 04/22/1923

Peter Slabakov Actor, actor, born 04/24/1923

Adele Mara American actress, Actress, actor, born 04/28/1923

Gordon Mitchell Film actor, bodybuilder, actor, born 04/29/1923

Al Lewis Actor, radio personality, politician, Character Actor, actor, born 04/30/1923

Anne Baxter Actress, actor, born 05/07/1923

Leonore Lemmon American socialite, drug, born 05/11/1923

Valentin Zubkov Actor, drug, born 05/12/1923

Rick Jason Actor, actor, born 05/21/1923

Siobhán McKenna Actor, actor, born 05/24/1923

James Arness Actor, actor, born 05/26/1923

Roy Dotrice Actor, actor, born 05/26/1923

Jimmy Lydon Actor, television producer, actor, born 05/30/1923

Margot Trooger Actor, drug, born 06/02/1923

Arthur Jeph Parker Set decorator, actor, born 06/04/1923

Carlos Thompson Actor, actor, born 06/07/1923

Bjørn Watt-Boolsen Actor, actor, born 06/20/1923

Isao Kimura Actor, actor, born 06/22/1923

Constance Ford Actor, actor, born 07/01/1923

Marie McDonald Actress, singer, actor, born 07/06/1923

Dale Robertson American television and Western film actor., actor, born 07/14/1923

César Fernández Ardavín Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/22/1923

Estelle Getty Actress, Actress, Comedienne, actor, born 07/25/1923

Vladimir Basov Actor, film director, screenwriter, actor, born 07/28/1923

Jacques Rispal Actor, drug, born 08/01/1923

Sherwood Bailey Film actor, Actor, actor, born 08/06/1923

Galeazzo Benti Actor, drug, born 08/06/1923

Mariano Laurenti Film director, drug, born 08/06/1923

Rhonda Fleming Actor, actor, born 08/10/1923

Rose Marie American actress, Actress, singer, actor, born 08/15/1923

Julius Harris Actor, actor, born 08/17/1923

Lord Attenborough Actor, film director, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 08/29/1923

Osvaldo Terranova actor, born 08/30/1923

William Duell Film actor, Singer, TV actor, Stage actor, actor, born 08/30/1923

David Lowell Rich Film director, Director/Producer, actor, born 08/31/1923

Walerian Borowczyk Film director, actor, born 09/02/1923

Gustavo Rojo Actor, drug, born 09/05/1923

Peter Lawford Actor, actor, born 09/07/1923

Leonardo Benvenuti Screenwriter, drug, born 09/08/1923

Cliff Robertson Actor, actor, born 09/09/1923

Lily Broberg Actor, actor, born 09/19/1923

Dev Anand Actor, producer, director -, Actor, Producer, Director, actor, born 09/26/1923

Aleksandr Alov(Александр Алов) Film director, actor, born 09/26/1923

Charlton Heston American actor, Actor, film director, actor, born 10/04/1923

Glynis Johns British stage and film actress, dancer, pianist and singer, Actress, dancer, pianist, singer, actor, born 10/05/1923

Giorgio Moser Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/09/1923

Jean Wallace Actress, actor, born 10/12/1923

Linda Darnell Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/16/1923

John Wittig Actor, drug, born 10/22/1923

Frank Sutton American Actor, actor, born 10/23/1923

Harold P. Warren Salesman, director, producer, actor, screenwriter, actor, born 10/23/1923

Belita actor, born 10/25/1923

Astrid Villaume Actor, actor, born 11/03/1923

Donald Houston Actor, actor, born 11/06/1923

Sam O'Steen film editor, actor, born 11/06/1923

Linda Christian Actor, actor, born 11/13/1923

Danny Dayton Actor, television director, actor, born 11/20/1923

Mel Bourne Production designer, Art director, actor, born 11/22/1923

Shelagh Fraser Actress, actor, born 11/25/1923

Adriana Serra Actor, drug, born 11/27/1923

Gloria Grahame Actress, actor, born 11/28/1923

James Karen Actor, actor, born 11/28/1923

Gabriel Cattand Actor, drug, born 11/29/1923

Dick Shawn Actor, Actor, comedian, actor, born 12/01/1923

Ted Knight Actor, actor, born 12/07/1923

Betsy Blair Actress, actor, born 12/11/1923

Bob Barker American game show host, Game show host, actor, born 12/12/1923

Leon Niemczyk Actor, actor, born 12/15/1923

Gaby Stenberg Actor, actor, born 12/15/1923

Ove Rud Actor, drug, born 12/16/1923

René Havard Actor, drug, born 12/20/1923

Teruo Ishii Japanese Film director, Theatre director and Author, Film director, actor, born 01/01/1924

Geoffrey Bayldon English actor, actor, born 01/07/1924

Anne Vernon Actor, actor, born 01/07/1924

Marcello Fondato Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 01/08/1924

Grethe Holmer Actor, actor, born 01/12/1924

Guy Williams Actor, actor, born 01/14/1924

Betty White Actress, Actress, comedienne, actor, born 01/17/1924

Nicholas Colasanto Actor, actor, born 01/19/1924

Dolores Moran American actress, Actress, actor, born 01/27/1924

Hattie Jacques English actress, actor, born 02/07/1924

George Segal Actor, actor, born 02/13/1924

Henry Lohmann Actor, drug, born 02/14/1924

Erik Schumann Actor, drug, born 02/15/1924

Chikage Awashima Actor, actor, born 02/24/1924

Nora Eddington American film actress, American actress, socialite, actor, born 02/25/1924

Paolo Heusch Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/26/1924

Marc Eyraud Actor, drug, born 03/01/1924

Walter Chiari actor, born 03/02/1924

Cathy Downs American actress, Actress, actor, born 03/03/1924

Erno Crisa Actor, drug, born 03/10/1924

Walter Gotell Actor, actor, born 03/15/1924

Lev Kulidzhanov Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/19/1924

Bent Vejlby Actor, actor, born 03/20/1924

Bülent Oran Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 03/27/1924

Freddie Bartholomew Actor, actor, born 03/28/1924

Marlon Brando Actor, Actor/Film director, actor, born 04/03/1924

Daniel Emilfork actor, born 04/07/1924

Günter Pfitzmann Actor, drug, born 04/08/1924

Isabel de Pomés actor, born 04/10/1924

Robert R. Benton Set decorator, drug, born 04/10/1924

Peter James Set decorator, drug, born 04/14/1924

Rikki Fulton Scottish actor, actor, born 04/15/1924

Nina Foch Actress, actor, born 04/20/1924

Ruth Leuwerik Actor, drug, born 04/23/1924

Harold Jack Bloom Screenwriter, Television producer, actor, born 04/26/1924

Dodo Abashidze Actor, drug, born 05/01/1924

Mladomir Puriša Đorđević Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/06/1924

Enrique Rambal Actor, drug, born 05/08/1924

Maxine Cooper Gomberg Actress, activist, photographer, actor, born 05/12/1924

Franca Scagnetti Actor, drug, born 05/17/1924

Irasema Dilián Actor, actor, born 05/27/1924

Al Ruscio Actor, actor, born 06/02/1924

Dennis Weaver American actor, Actor, actor, born 06/04/1924

Frances Foster Actor, Film, television, stage actress and theatre director, actor, born 06/11/1924

Faith Domergue Actress, actor, born 06/16/1924

Eva Marie Saint Actor, actor, born 07/04/1924

Val Avery Actor, actor, born 07/14/1924

Yoichi Numata Actor, drug, born 07/19/1924

Lola Albright American actress, singer, Actress, singer, model, actor, born 07/20/1924

Vivean Gray Actress, actor, born 07/20/1924

Tor Isedal Actor, drug, born 07/20/1924

Don Knotts actor, comedian, Actor, actor, born 07/21/1924

Rauni Ikäheimo Actor, drug, born 07/21/1924

Massimo Franciosa Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 07/23/1924

Brad Johnson Actor, drug, born 07/23/1924

Michael Stringer Production designer, drug, born 07/26/1924

Marcia Mae Jones Actress, actor, born 08/01/1924

Jean Gruault Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 08/03/1924

Dudley Foster actor, born 08/07/1924

Martha Hyer actor, Actress, born 08/10/1924

Sven-Eric Gamble Actor, actor, born 08/10/1924

Barbara Hicks English film actor, drug, born 08/12/1924

Eduardo Fajardo Actor, drug, born 08/14/1924

Lale Oraloğlu Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/15/1924

Fess Parker Actor, actor, born 08/16/1924

Jeanne Darville Actor, drug, born 08/18/1924

Buddy Hackett American actor and comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 08/31/1924

George Sewell Actor, actor, born 08/31/1924

Harry Meyen Actor, drug, born 08/31/1924

Knud Leif Thomsen Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/02/1924

Riccardo Cucciolla Actor, drug, born 09/05/1924

Leonard Kibrick Film actor, actor, born 09/06/1924

Fouad El-Mohandes Egyptian actor, actor, born 09/06/1924

Jane Greer Actress, Film, television actress, actor, born 09/09/1924

Lauren Bacall American actress, Actress, actor, born 09/16/1924

Linda Wallem American actress, Actress, writer, producer, actor, born 09/16/1924

Peter Glaze Comedian, actor, born 09/17/1924

Gail Russell Actress, actor, born 09/21/1924

Theresa Merritt Actress, singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 09/24/1924

Marcello Mastroianni Actor, actor, born 09/28/1924

Marina Berti Actor, actor, born 09/29/1924

Kieron Moore actor, born 10/05/1924

Ed Wood Screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor, author, and editor, drug, born 10/10/1924

Sofia W.D. Actor, Film director, drug, born 10/12/1924

Robert Webber Actor, actor, born 10/14/1924

Edgar J. Scherick Film producer, drug, born 10/16/1924

Georges Géret Actor, drug, born 10/18/1924

Armando Crispino Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/18/1924

Lily Weiding Actor, drug, born 10/22/1924

Billy Barty Actor, actor, born 10/25/1924

Ruby Dee Actor, Actress, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, activist, actor, born 10/27/1924

Andrzej Łapicki Actor, drug, born 11/11/1924

Phyllis Avery Actress, real estate agent, Actress, actor, born 11/14/1924

Jacques Ertaud Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/18/1924

William Russell English actor, actor, born 11/19/1924

Geraldine Page Actress, actor, born 11/22/1924

Paula Raymond American actress, actor, born 11/23/1924

Paul Richards Actor, actor, born 11/23/1924

Sheila MacRae actress, actor, born 11/24/1924

Jonathan Frid Actor, Director, Actor, actor, born 12/02/1924

Vilgot Sjöman Swedish writer and film director, Writer and film director, actor, born 12/02/1924

Tamara Lees Actor, Actress, drug, born 12/14/1924

Edmund Purdom Actor, actor, born 12/19/1924

Alberto Lupo actor, born 12/19/1924

Sammy McKim Actor, actor, born 12/20/1924

Taylor Mead Actor, writer, performer, actor, born 12/31/1924

Valentina Cortese Actor, actor, born 01/01/1925

Ottavio Jemma Screenwriter, drug, born 01/01/1925

Giacomo Furia Actor, drug, born 01/02/1925

Enrique Carreras actor, Film director, writer, actor, producer, born 01/06/1925

Lee Van Cleef Actor, actor, born 01/09/1925

Bill Burrud American Actor, actor, born 01/12/1925

Bodil Udsen Actor, actor, born 01/12/1925

Harold Switzer Film actor, child actor, actor, born 01/16/1925

Tommi Rinne Actor, drug, born 01/21/1925

Helen Stenborg Actor, actor, born 01/24/1925

William Hudson Actor, actor, born 01/24/1925

Paul Newman American actor, director, Actor, director, humanitarian, entrepreneur, drug, born 01/26/1925

Luisa Rossi Actor, drug, born 01/26/1925

Dorothy Malone Actress, actor, born 01/30/1925

Shelley Berman American comedian, writer, teacher, and actor, Comedian, actor, writer, teacher, lecturer, poet, actor, born 02/03/1925

Romolo Valli Actor, actor, born 02/07/1925

Jack Lemmon actor, Actor, born 02/08/1925

Franco Ressel Actor, drug, born 02/08/1925

Kim Stanley American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/11/1925

Hal Holbrook Actor, actor, born 02/17/1925

George Kennedy Actor, actor, born 02/18/1925

Robert Bernard Altman Film director, drug, born 02/20/1925

Richard Vernon Film, television actor, actor, born 03/07/1925

Peter R. Hunt Film editor, television producer and director, actor, born 03/11/1925

Cornell Borchers Actress, actor, born 03/16/1925

Gabriele Ferzetti Actor, actor, born 03/17/1925

Anne Howard American actress, actor, born 03/18/1925

Dorothy "Echo" DeBorba Film actress, actor, born 03/28/1925

Innokenty Smoktunovsky actor, born 03/28/1925

Connie Cezon Actor, actor, born 03/28/1925

Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins Film actor, actor, born 03/29/1925

José María Prada Actor, drug, born 03/31/1925

Oliver Postgate Animator and puppeteer, Animator, puppeteer and writer, actor, born 04/12/1925

Rod Steiger Actor, actor, born 04/14/1925

Woody Kling Television writer, producer, composer, actor, born 04/14/1925

Hugh Obrian Actor and United States Marine, actor, born 04/19/1925

Michael Barrington English actor, actor, born 04/19/1925

Corinne Calvet Actress, actor, born 04/30/1925

Inga Gill Actor, actor, born 05/02/1925

Eddi Arent Actor, drug, born 05/05/1925

Lilyan Chauvin Actor, Actress, producer, director, actor, born 05/07/1925

Jang-kang Heo South Korean film director, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/09/1925

Gordon Gostelow actor, born 05/14/1925

François Maistre Actor, drug, born 05/14/1925

Guy Provost French Canadian actor, actor, born 05/19/1925

Mai Zetterling Actor, film director, Actress, film director, actor, born 05/24/1925

Marcel Bluwal Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/25/1925

Bud Molin Film editor and director, actor, born 05/26/1925

Martha Vickers American actress, Actress, actor, born 05/28/1925

Tony Curtis Actor, drug, born 06/03/1925

Marvin Worth Film producer, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 06/06/1925

Franco Castellano Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 06/20/1925

Maureen Stapleton Actress, actor, born 06/21/1925

June Lockhart American TV and film actress, Actress, actor, born 06/25/1925

Nancy Saunders Actress, actor, born 06/25/1925

Farley Granger American actor, actor, born 07/01/1925

Lester Persky Film, television and theatre producer, actor, born 07/06/1925

Philip Carey United States Marine, Actor, actor, born 07/15/1925

Paolo Panelli Actor, drug, born 07/15/1925

Gloria DeHaven American actress, Film, television actress, actor, born 07/23/1925

Harry Towb actor, Stage, film and TV actor, born 07/27/1925

Jacques Sernas Actor, actor, born 07/30/1925

Barbara Bates Actress, actor, born 08/06/1925

Jerry Wunderlich Set decorator, drug, born 08/18/1925

Honor Blackman Actress, actor, born 08/22/1925

Robert Mulligan Film director, actor, born 08/23/1925

Giacomo Rossi-Stuart Actor, actor, born 08/25/1925

Donald O'Connor actor, Actor, dancer, singer, born 08/28/1925

Nelly Beltrán Actor, drug, born 08/29/1925

Wally Albright Actor, actor, born 09/03/1925

Peter Sellers British comedian & actor, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 09/08/1925

Dickie Moore Film actor, actor, born 09/12/1925

Helle Virkner Actress, actor, born 09/15/1925

Jean-Charles Tacchella director, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor, born 09/23/1925

Frank Latimore Actor, actor, born 09/28/1925

Nobuko Otowa Actor, drug, born 10/01/1925

Ralph Rosenblum film editor, actor, born 10/13/1925

Tony Hart Artist, Artist, Television presenter, drug, born 10/15/1925

Angela Lansbury English actress, Actress, singer, actor, born 10/16/1925

Bernard Hepton Film and tv actor, actor, born 10/19/1925

Nanni Loy Film director, actor, born 10/23/1925

Gianni Bonagura Actor, drug, born 10/27/1925

Robert Hardy actor, Actor, born 10/29/1925

George Murcell Actor, actor, born 10/30/1925

Jerry Tucker Film actor, actor, born 11/01/1925

Aleksandra Śląska Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/04/1925

Michel Bouquet Actor, drug, born 11/06/1925

Asunción Balaguer Actor, drug, born 11/08/1925

Richard Burton Welsh actor, Actor, actor, born 11/10/1925

Rock Hudson Actor, actor, born 11/17/1925

Tony Russel Film, television actor, actor, born 11/23/1925

Nonna Mordyukova Actress, actor, born 11/25/1925

Marshall Thompson American film/TV actor, actor, born 11/27/1925

Julie Harris American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/02/1925

Erik Mørk Actor, drug, born 12/03/1925

Dina Merrill American actress, actor, born 12/09/1925

Jean Byron Actress, actor, born 12/10/1925

Dick Van Dyke Actor, comedian, Television producer, writer, Actor, comedian, producer, writer, actor, born 12/13/1925

Lautaro Murúa Actor, actor, born 12/29/1925

Zena Marshall British actress, actor, born 01/01/1926

Riccardo Garrone Actor, drug, born 01/01/1926

Walter Sedlmayr Actor, actor, born 01/06/1926

Armando Silvestre Actor, actor, born 01/06/1926

Chester Feldman Television producer, television director, Television producer, actor, born 01/08/1926

Shakti Samanta Film director, actor, born 01/13/1926

Warren Mitchell TV, Film and stage actor, drug, born 01/14/1926

Maria Schell Austrian actress, actress, producer, actor, born 01/15/1926

Harry Basch Actor, writer, actor, born 01/16/1926

Patricia Neal actress, Actress, actor, born 01/20/1926

Steve Reeves Bodybuilder, actor, actor, born 01/21/1926

Ingrid Thulin actor, born 01/27/1926

Audrey Meadows Actress, actor, born 02/08/1926

Birgitte Reimer Actor, actor, born 02/08/1926

Hazel Court English actress, actor, born 02/10/1926

Leslie Nielsen Actor, actor, born 02/11/1926

Jeung-ryu Ju South Korean actress, Actress, drug, born 02/11/1926

John Schlesinger Film director, actor, born 02/16/1926

Jeremy Slate Actor, actor, born 02/17/1926

Miroslava Stern Actress, actor, born 02/26/1926

Cynthia Stone Actress, actor, born 02/26/1926

Linda Sini Actor, actor, born 02/26/1926

Alfonso Balcázar Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, actor, born 03/02/1926

Andrzej Wajda Polish film director, actor, born 03/06/1926

Francisco Rabal Actor, actor, born 03/08/1926

Georgi Yumatov Actor, drug, born 03/11/1926

Paul Paviot Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/11/1926

Jerry Lewis American comedian, actor, film producer, writer and director, Comedian, actor, film producer, writer, film director, singer, national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, actor, born 03/16/1926

Yngve Gamlin Actor, Film director, drug, born 03/17/1926

Delphi Lawrence British actress, Actress, actor, born 03/23/1926

Shirley Jean Rickert Film actress, Child actress in films, actor, born 03/25/1926

Sydney Chaplin Stage and film actor, Actor, actor, born 03/31/1926

Shirley Mills Actress, dancer, actor, born 04/08/1926

János Herskó Film director, Actor, drug, born 04/09/1926

Lyndon Brook Actor, actor, born 04/10/1926

Piero De Bernardi Screenwriter, drug, born 04/12/1926

Gloria Jean actress, singer, Actress, singer, actor, born 04/14/1926

Colin Bean Actor, Actor, author, actor, born 04/15/1926

Günter Meisner Actor, actor, born 04/18/1926

Pierre Guffroy Production designer, Art director, drug, born 04/22/1926

Tadeusz Janczar Actor, drug, born 04/25/1926

Cloris Leachman Actress, actor, born 04/30/1926

Enzo Garinei Actor, drug, born 05/04/1926

Ann B. Davis American actress, Actress, actor, born 05/05/1926

David Hurst German actor, actor, theatre producer, actor, born 05/08/1926

Tichi Wilkerson Kassel American film personality and publisher, Journalist, actor, born 05/10/1926

Frank Thring Actor, actor, born 05/11/1926

Eric Morecambe British comedian, actor, born 05/14/1926

Ellen Hanley musical theater performer, actor, born 05/15/1926

Karl Lieffen Actor, drug, born 05/17/1926

Dietmar Schönherr Actor, drug, born 05/17/1926

Stan Jolley Art director, Production designer, drug, born 05/17/1926

Dirch Passer Actor, actor, born 05/18/1926

Kay Kendall Actress, actor, born 05/21/1926

Märta Torén Actress, actor, born 05/21/1926

Jacques Hilling Actor, drug, born 05/22/1926

Peter Zadek theatre and film director, actor, born 05/26/1926

Marilyn Monroe American actress, Actress, model, film producer, singer, actor, born 06/01/1926

Alberto Farnese Actor, drug, born 06/03/1926

Nine-Christine Jönsson Actor, drug, born 06/08/1926

Philippe Castelli Actor, drug, born 06/08/1926

Kenneth Halliwell Actor, writer, actor, born 06/23/1926

John K. Collum Film actor, actor, born 06/29/1926

Peter Alexander Austrian singer and actor, actor, born 06/30/1926

Serge Roullet Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/06/1926

Pavle VuisićПавле Вујисић actor, born 07/10/1926

Patrick Wymark Actor, actor, born 07/11/1926

Arne Ragneborn Actor, Film director, drug, born 07/13/1926

Harry Dean Stanton Actor, actor, born 07/14/1926

Maunu Kurkvaara Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/18/1926

Helen Gallagher Actress, actor, born 07/19/1926

Patricia Cutts Actress, actor, born 07/20/1926

Norman Jewison director, producer, and actor, actor, born 07/21/1926

Bill Pertwee English comedy actor, Comedy actor, author, actor, born 07/21/1926

Karel Reisz Film director, actor, born 07/21/1926

Paul Burke Actor, actor, born 07/21/1926

Gordon Scott actor, born 08/03/1926

Stan Freberg Author, voice actor, comedian, puppeteer, Voice actor, actor, born 08/07/1926

Richard Anderson Film, television actor, Actor, actor, born 08/08/1926

Silvio Amadio Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/08/1926

Franca Marzi Actor, drug, born 08/18/1926

Gyula Hernádi Screenwriter, drug, born 08/23/1926

Florestano Vancini actor, born 08/24/1926

Dale Hennesy Art director, actor, born 08/24/1926

Betty Lynn Actress, actor, born 08/29/1926

Irene Papas Actor, actor, born 09/03/1926

Jan-Olof Strandberg Actor, drug, born 09/09/1926

Tommy Bond Film actor, Actor, actor, born 09/16/1926

Rudolf Zehetgruber Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, Film producer, drug, born 09/16/1926

Annelise Hovmand Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, actor, born 09/17/1926

Aldo Ray Actor, Film actor, actor, born 09/25/1926

Veikko Sinisalo Actor, drug, born 09/30/1926

Diana Lynn actor, born 10/07/1926

Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev Actor, actor, born 10/09/1926

Earle Hyman Actor, Stage, film and television actor, actor, born 10/11/1926

Jean Peters Actress, actor, born 10/15/1926

Julie Adams Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/17/1926

Beverly Garland Actress, actor, born 10/17/1926

Klaus Kinski German actor, Actor, actor, born 10/18/1926

Leonard Rossiter Actor, actor, born 10/21/1926

Silvio Clementelli Film producer, drug, born 10/28/1926

Martin Benrath Actor, drug, born 11/09/1926

Grethe Thordahl Actor, actor, born 11/11/1926

Jeffrey Hunter Actor, actor, born 11/25/1926

Naomi Stevens Actress, actor, born 11/29/1926

Richard Crenna actor, director, producer, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 11/30/1926

Francesco Mulé Actor, drug, born 12/03/1926

Doris Svedlund Actor, actor, born 12/11/1926

Alfredo Bini Film producer, actor, born 12/12/1926

Patrice Wymore Actress, singer, actor, born 12/17/1926

Nikola Tanhofer Film director, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, drug, born 12/25/1926

Lu Leonard Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/01/1927

Barbara Rush Actor, actor, born 01/04/1927

Luciano Pigozzi Actor, drug, born 01/10/1927

Tauno Söder Actor, drug, born 01/13/1927

Eartha Kitt American Singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 01/17/1927

Norman Kaye Australian actor and musician, Actor/Musician, drug, born 01/17/1927

Erni Mangold Actor, drug, born 01/25/1927

Per Oscarsson Actor, actor, born 01/28/1927

Kenneth Anger Film director, author, filmmaker, actor, author, actor, born 02/03/1927

Gian Luigi Polidoro Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/04/1927

Roy Jenson Actor, actor, born 02/09/1927

Henrik Wiehe Actor, drug, born 02/09/1927

Lois Maxwell Actress, actor, born 02/14/1927

Sidney Poitier Actor, director, author, Actor, director, writer, diplomat, drug, born 02/20/1927

Jarl Kulle Actor, actor, born 02/27/1927

Jack Cassidy Actor, director, Actor, actor, born 03/05/1927

James Broderick Actor, actor, born 03/07/1927

Wolfgang Grönebaum Actor, drug, born 03/14/1927

Virginia Weidler American actress, Actress, actor, born 03/21/1927

Herbert Fux Actor, actor, born 03/25/1927

William Daniels Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 03/31/1927

Carlo Croccolo Actor, actor, born 04/09/1927

Maurice Ronet Actor, actor, born 04/13/1927

Dany Robin Actress, actor, born 04/14/1927

Edie Adams American singer, Actress, comedienne, singer, drug, born 04/16/1927

Stephen B. Grimes Production designer, Art director, drug, born 04/18/1927

Gerald Flood English actor, actor, born 04/21/1927

Ralston Hill Stage, film actor, actor, born 04/24/1927

Ray Barrett Actor, actor, born 05/02/1927

Patricia Ann Carroll American actress, Actress, actor, born 05/05/1927

Ettore Manni Actor, drug, born 05/06/1927

Lianella Carell Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/06/1927

Ulla Sjöblom Actor, drug, born 05/11/1927

Herbert Ross Film director, actor, born 05/13/1927

George R. Nelson Set decorator, drug, born 05/22/1927

Julia Smith Director, Producer, director, drug, born 05/26/1927

Priscilla Morrill Actress, actor, born 06/04/1927

Paul Marco Actor, actor, born 06/10/1927

Zbyněk Brynych Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/13/1927

Bob Keeshan United States Marine, actor, born 06/27/1927

Pierre Perrault Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/29/1927

Brock Peters Actor, actor, born 07/02/1927

Gina Lollobrigida Actress, photojournalist, actor, born 07/04/1927

Janet Leigh Actor, Actress, actor, born 07/06/1927

Pat Paulsen United States Marine, actor, born 07/06/1927

Susan Cabot Actress, drug, born 07/09/1927

Carmen Zapata Actor, actor, born 07/15/1927

Paul Préboist actor, born 07/21/1927

Gérard Brach Writer, actor, born 07/23/1927

Adelaide João Actor, drug, born 07/27/1927

Pasqual Festa Campanile Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 07/28/1927

Lois Nettleton Actress, actor, born 08/06/1927

Inga Landgré Actor, drug, born 08/06/1927

Carl Switzer Film actor, Film actor, child actor, actor, born 08/07/1927

Stuart Rosenberg actor, born 08/11/1927

Jørgen Ryg Actor, drug, born 08/11/1927

David Jack Holt American actor, actor, born 08/14/1927

L. Q. Jones Actor, actor, born 08/19/1927

Tatsumi Kumashiro Japanese Film director, Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 08/24/1927

Athony Bate Actor, actor, born 08/31/1927

Freddie Jones British actor, actor, born 09/12/1927

Peter Falk Actor, actor, born 09/16/1927

Jack Kelly Actor, politician, actor, born 09/16/1927

Phyllis Kirk Actress, actor, born 09/18/1927

Rachel Roberts Actress, actor, born 09/20/1927

Arthur Malet Actor, actor, born 09/24/1927

Alan Bridges Film director, drug, born 09/28/1927

Tom Bosley Emmy-nominated American actor, Actor, actor, born 10/01/1927

Toshio Masuda Film director, Film and television director, actor, born 10/05/1927

Stella Greenall Education activist, adviser to the U.K. government, Education Activist, actor, born 10/08/1927

Axel Düberg Actor, drug, born 10/10/1927

Roger Moore Actor, Actor/Producer, actor, born 10/14/1927

Jane Arden Film director, actress. screenwriter, playwright, songwriter, poet, actor, born 10/19/1927

Lee Grant Actor, Actress, director, actor, born 10/31/1927

Aino-Maija Tikkanen Actor, actor, born 11/02/1927

Jørgen Reenberg Actor, drug, born 11/08/1927

Barbara Payton Actress, actor, born 11/16/1927

Robert Butler Television and film director, actor, born 11/17/1927

Estelle Parsons Actress, actor, born 11/20/1927

Walter Kohut Austrian actor, Actor, actor, born 11/20/1927

Barbara Rütting Actor, drug, born 11/21/1927

Tamara Nosova Actor, drug, born 11/21/1927

Sybil Jason Actress, singer, actor, born 11/23/1927

Rupert Crosse Actor, actor, born 11/29/1927

Bernard Toublanc-Michel Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/06/1927

Pierre Zimmer Actor, Film director, drug, born 12/15/1927

Richard Long Actor, actor, born 12/17/1927

Paul Guers Actor, drug, born 12/19/1927

Peggie Castle Actress, actor, born 12/22/1927

Turgut Özatay Actor, drug, born 12/30/1927

Maurice Kaufmann Actor, actor, born 01/01/1928

Capucine Actress, model, actor, born 01/06/1928

Péter Bacsó actor, born 01/06/1928

Domenico Modugno Singer and actor, actor, born 01/09/1928

Åke Lindman Actor, actor, born 01/11/1928

Bertel Lauring Actor, actor, born 01/11/1928

Harry Wüstenhagen Actor, drug, born 01/11/1928

Gregory Walcott Actor, actor, born 01/13/1928

Constance Smith Irish actress, Actress, actor, born 01/22/1928

Jeanne Moreau Actress, screenwriter, film director, actor, born 01/23/1928

Roger Vadim Film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 01/26/1928

Lila Leeds Actress, actor, born 01/28/1928

Peter Byrne Actor, theatre director, Actor/Director, actor, born 01/29/1928

Rebecca Welles Actress, actor, born 02/05/1928

Vyacheslav Tikhonov Actor, actor, born 02/08/1928

Mark Eden Actor, actor, born 02/14/1928

Bruce Forsyth Presenter, Actor, Singer, Entertainer, Musician, Television presenter, game show host, entertainer, showman, singer, dancer, actor, born 02/22/1928

Axel Strøbye Actor, drug, born 02/22/1928

Larry Gelbart American comedy writer and playwright, Author, playwright, actor, born 02/25/1928

Moo-ryong Choi South Korean actress, Actor, drug, born 02/25/1928

John Ewart Australian actor., Television actor, actor, born 02/26/1928

Tom Aldredge actor, born 02/28/1928

Erol Taş Actor, drug, born 02/28/1928

Joss Ackland actor, born 02/29/1928

Jacques Rivette Film director, actor, born 03/01/1928

Maurício do Valle Actor, drug, born 03/01/1928

Albert Salmi Actor, actor, born 03/11/1928

Frederick Stafford Actor, actor, born 03/11/1928

Henning Bahs Screenwriter, drug, born 03/12/1928

Karlheinz Böhm Actor, actor, born 03/16/1928

Victor Maddern actor, born 03/16/1928

Patrick McGoohan Actor, actor, born 03/19/1928

Luigi Magni Film director, actor, born 03/21/1928

Vanessa Brown Actress, actor, born 03/24/1928

Reg Evans Actor, actor, born 03/27/1928

Edwin Zbonek Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/28/1928

Enzo Cannavale Actor, drug, born 04/05/1928

James Garner Actor, actor, born 04/07/1928

Alan J. Pakula Film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 04/07/1928

Delfina Guzmán Actor, Actress, drug, born 04/07/1928

Eric Porter Actor, actor, born 04/08/1928

Bruce Kirby Actor, actor, born 04/24/1928

Jens Østerholm Actor, drug, born 04/25/1928

Pierre Schoendoerffer Film director, actor, born 05/05/1928

Frank Wolff Actor, actor, born 05/11/1928

Lise Ringheim Actor, actor, born 05/15/1928

Pernell Roberts Actor, drug, born 05/18/1928

John Abineri English actor, actor, born 05/18/1928

Bruce Bilson Director, producer, writer, Director, Producer, Writer, actor, born 05/19/1928

Nigel Davenport Actor, actor, born 05/23/1928

Lucky Grills Australian actor and comedian, actor, born 05/26/1928

Sally Forrest Actor, actor, born 05/28/1928

Luiz Carlos Barreto Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/28/1928

Bob Monkhouse Comedian, actor, born 06/01/1928

Tony Richardson Film director, actor, born 06/05/1928

James Kennaway Writer, drug, born 06/05/1928

Annie Cordy Actor, Singer, actor, born 06/16/1928

Maggie McNamara Actress, actor, born 06/18/1928

Nancy Marchand Actress, actor, born 06/19/1928

Margit Bara Actor, drug, born 06/21/1928

Ian Bannen Actor, actor, born 06/29/1928

Katherine Helmond Actress, actor, born 07/05/1928

Warren Oates Actor, actor, born 07/05/1928

Søren Elung Jensen Actor, drug, born 07/07/1928

Bob Crane Actor, disc jockey, Actor, actor, born 07/13/1928

Lucyna Winnicka Actor, drug, born 07/14/1928

Orson Bean American Actor, Actor, actor, born 07/22/1928

Jardel Filho Actor, drug, born 07/24/1928

Stanley Kubrick American film director, Film director, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor, drug, born 07/26/1928

Jane Barbe American singer, American singer, voice actor, actor, born 07/29/1928

Paul Bisciglia Actor, drug, born 07/30/1928

Jack Shea Director, actor, born 08/01/1928

Rafael Hernández Actor, drug, born 08/03/1928

Henning Moritzen Actor, drug, born 08/03/1928

Ann Blyth Actress, Actress, singer, actor, born 08/16/1928

Walter Massey Actor, actor, born 08/19/1928

Tor Stokke Actor, drug, born 08/23/1928

Dick O'Neill Actor, actor, born 08/29/1928

James Coburn Actor, actor, born 08/31/1928

Takahiro Tamura Actor, drug, born 08/31/1928

Dick York Actor, actor, born 09/04/1928

Earl Holliman Actor, actor, born 09/11/1928

Roddy McDowall Actor, Actor, photographer, director, actor, born 09/17/1928

Adam West American actor, Actor, voice actor, actor, born 09/19/1928

Will Tremper Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, Actor, drug, born 09/19/1928

George Peppard Actor, politician and United States Marine, actor, born 10/01/1928

Laurence Harvey Actor, actor, born 10/01/1928

George "Spanky" McFarland Film actor, actor, born 10/02/1928

Bill Maynard British comedian and actor, actor, comedian, actor, born 10/08/1928

Ray Stricklyn Film, stage, TV actor, actor, born 10/08/1928

Giorgio Stegani Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 10/13/1928

Zev Braun film producer, Film producer, actor, born 10/19/1928

Bella Darvi Actress, actor, born 10/23/1928

Teresa Gutierrez Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/25/1928

Marcel Bozzuffi Actor, actor, born 10/28/1928

Cleo Moore actor, born 10/31/1928

Wanda Hendrix American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/11/1928

James Luisi Former NBA player, actor, actor, born 11/11/1928

Mircea Mureșan Film director, drug, born 11/11/1928

Carlo Giuffrè Actor, actor, born 12/03/1928

Jan Hendriks Actor, actor, born 12/06/1928

Nikola Korabov Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/07/1928

Dick Van Patten Actor, actor, born 12/09/1928

Thomas Fantl Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/09/1928

Dan Blocker Actor, actor, born 12/10/1928

Sally Brophy Broadway and television actor, actor, born 12/14/1928

George Lindsey Actor, Television Personality, Writer, Narrator, Speaker, Actor, television personality, writer, narrator, actor, born 12/17/1928

Colleen Townsend American actress, author, Actress, writer, actor, born 12/21/1928

Bernard Cribbins character actor, musical comedian, actor, born 12/29/1928

Juan Carlos Altavista Actor, drug, born 01/04/1929

Peter Barkworth English actor, actor, born 01/14/1929

Aleksandar Petrović Film director and screenwriter, drug, born 01/14/1929

Denis Sanders Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 01/21/1929

Elizabeth Allen actress, Actress, actor, born 01/25/1929

Urda Arneberg Actor, drug, born 01/26/1929

Michael Craig Actor, actor, born 01/27/1929

Jean Simmons Actress, actor, born 01/31/1929

Andy Milligan Playwright, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor, film editor, producer, and director, actor, born 01/31/1929

Tiberio Murgia Actor, drug, born 02/05/1929

Gunvor Pontén Actor, actor, born 02/11/1929

Rolf Zehetbauer Production designer, Art director, Set decorator, drug, born 02/13/1929

Vic Morrow Actor, Actor, director, actor, born 02/14/1929

Roman Kłosowski Actor, actor, born 02/14/1929

Björn Bjelfvenstam Actor, drug, born 02/19/1929

Amanda Blake American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/20/1929

James Beck Actor, actor, born 02/21/1929

Paolo Ferrari Actor, drug, born 02/26/1929

Billy Lee Actor, actor, born 03/12/1929

Shirley Stoler Actress, actor, born 03/30/1929

Jane Powell Singer, dancer, actress, actor, born 04/01/1929

Michael O'Herlihy Television and film director, television producer, actor, born 04/01/1929

Ronald Norman Haddrick Actor, actor, born 04/09/1929

Max von Sydow Actor, actor, born 04/10/1929

Hanns Lothar Actor, drug, born 04/10/1929

Henri Garcin Actor, drug, born 04/11/1929

Elspet Gray Television actress, actor, born 04/12/1929

Rauni Mollberg Film director, actor, born 04/15/1929

Odete Lara Actor, drug, born 04/17/1929

Peter Carsten ActorFilm producer, drug, born 04/30/1929

Audrey Hepburn actress, Actress, actor, born 05/04/1929

Miyoshi Umeki Actress, Actress/Singer, actor, born 05/08/1929

Nicola Badalucco Screenwriter, drug, born 05/13/1929

Marianne Hold Actor, actress, actor, born 05/15/1929

Juanjo Menéndez Actor, drug, born 05/15/1929

Nina Pens Rode Actor, actor, born 05/22/1929

Ulla Jacobsson Actress, actor, born 05/23/1929

Brian Thomas Wenzel Australian actor, actor, born 05/24/1929

Warren Frost Stage, television, film actor, actor, born 05/25/1929

Ernie Carroll Australian television personality, actor, born 05/26/1929

Horst Frank Actor, drug, born 05/28/1929

Ljuba Tadić actor, born 05/31/1929

Elaine Stewart American actress, model, Actress/Model, actor, born 05/31/1929

Alberto De Martino Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 06/12/1929

Ralph McQuarrie American conceptual designer and illustrator, Illustrator and designer, actor, born 06/13/1929

Víctor Israel Actor, drug, born 06/13/1929

Ramon Bieri Film, television actor, actor, born 06/16/1929

André Rouyer Actor, drug, born 06/20/1929

Marguerite Muni Actor, actor, born 06/23/1929

René Laloux Animator, Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 07/13/1929

Charles H. Joffe Film producer, actor, born 07/16/1929

Grethe Sønck Actor, singer, actor, born 07/16/1929

Michael Medwin Actor, actor, born 07/18/1929

Susan Shaw English actress, Actress, actor, born 08/29/1929

Hal Ashby Film director, film director and editor, actor, born 09/02/1929

Mieczysław Stoor Actor, drug, born 09/05/1929

Darwood Kaye Actor, actor, born 09/08/1929

Pentti Siimes Actor, drug, born 09/10/1929

Dick Latessa Stage, film and television actor, actor, born 09/15/1929

Mel Stewart Actor, director, musician, Actor, television director, musician, actor, born 09/19/1929

Anne Meara Actress, comedian, Actress/Comedienne, actor, born 09/20/1929

Suzanne Schiffman French screenwriter, director, actor, born 09/27/1929

Scotty Beckett Actor, actor, born 10/04/1929

Paquita Rico Actor, drug, born 10/13/1929

Joan Plowright Actress, actor, born 10/28/1929

Bud Spencer Actor, Writer, Actor, former Swimmer, Singer, Composer, Jurist, Screenplaywriter, Fashion designer, Record producer, actor, born 10/31/1929

Shaike Ofir Israeli film actor and comedian, actor, born 11/04/1929

Francisco Norden Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/09/1929

Edward Asner actor, Actor, born 11/15/1929

Isa Barzizza Actor, drug, born 11/22/1929

Eric Till Film director, actor, born 11/24/1929

John Cassavetes Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor, Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Film editor, actor, born 12/09/1929

Christopher Plummer Actor, actor, born 12/13/1929

Nicholas Courtney English actor, actor, born 12/16/1929

Renzo Palmer Actor, drug, born 12/20/1929

Tamaz Meliava Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/23/1929

Tommy Rall actor, born 12/27/1929

Susie Garrett Actress, actor, born 12/29/1929

Gene Hackman actor, Actor, born 01/01/1930

Robert Loggia actor, Actor/Director, born 01/03/1930

Edson Stroll Actor, actor, born 01/06/1930

Kate Mundt Actor, drug, born 01/09/1930

Roy E. Disney Film executive, actor, born 01/10/1930

Rod Taylor Actor, actor, born 01/11/1930

Frances Sternhagen American actress, actor, born 01/13/1930

Françoise Prévost Actor, Actress, drug, born 01/13/1930

Tippi Hedren American actress, Actress, actor, born 01/19/1930

Alejandro Rey Actor, actor, born 02/08/1930

Luisa Rivelli Actor, drug, born 02/10/1930

Imre Soós Actor, drug, born 02/12/1930

Jacqueline Doyen Actor, drug, born 02/14/1930

John Frankenheimer Film director, actor, born 02/19/1930

Joanne Woodward Actress, producer, Actor, actor, born 02/27/1930

Allison Hayes Actress, model, actor, born 03/06/1930

Lana Morris British actress, Actress, actor, born 03/11/1930

Kirsten Passer Actor, drug, born 03/13/1930

Steve Macqueen American actor, Actor, actor, born 03/24/1930

John Astin actor, Actor, born 03/30/1930

Preben Kaas Actor, drug, born 03/30/1930

Andrew Sachs A German-born English actor, Actor, actor, born 04/07/1930

Folco Quilici Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/09/1930

James L. Berkey Set decorator, drug, born 04/10/1930

Bradford Dillman Actor, Actor, author, actor, born 04/14/1930

Raymond Danon Film producer, drug, born 04/14/1930

Georges Descrières Actor, drug, born 04/15/1930

Venantino Venantini Actor, drug, born 04/17/1930

Dick Sargent Actor, activist, Actor, actor, born 04/19/1930

Silvana Mangano Italian actress, actor, born 04/21/1930

Carolyn Jones Actress, actor, born 04/28/1930

Jesús Franco Director, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor, actor, born 05/12/1930

Clint Eastwood Actor, director, film producer, Actor, film director, film producer, composer, actor, born 05/31/1930

Mario Gariazzo Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 06/04/1930

Theodore J. Flicker Playwright, theatrical producer, director, actor, screenwriter, author, and sculptor, actor, born 06/06/1930

Bo Widerberg actor, born 06/08/1930

Stole Arandjelovic Actor, drug, born 06/12/1930

Odile Versois Actor, actor, born 06/14/1930

Gena Rowlands Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/19/1930

Claude Chabrol French film director, director, actor, producer, screenwriter, drug, born 06/24/1930

Volker Vogeler Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/27/1930

Robert Evans American film producer, Film producer, actor, born 06/29/1930

Ariadne Welter Actor, actor, born 06/29/1930

Sachiko Hidari Actor, drug, born 06/29/1930

Moustapha Akkad Film director, actor, born 07/01/1930

Jacqueline Brookes Actor, actor, born 07/24/1930

Christine Carère Actor, drug, born 07/27/1930

Lionel Bart Composer, actor, born 08/01/1930

Satoru Kobayashi Japanese Film director, Film director, actor, born 08/01/1930

Jeanne Carmen Actress, model, pin-up girl, Actress, actor, born 08/04/1930

Nita Talbot Actress, actor, born 08/08/1930

Glauce Rocha Actor, drug, born 08/16/1930

Frank Perry Film director, actor, born 08/21/1930

Vera Miles American actress, Actress, actor, born 08/23/1930

Giani Esposito Actor, drug, born 08/23/1930

Sean Connery Oscar-winning Scottish actor, Actor, producer, actor, born 08/25/1930

Ben Gazzara Actor, actor, born 08/28/1930

Norma Randall Actress, actor, born 09/05/1930

Mario Adorf Actor, actor, born 09/08/1930

Anne Francis Actress, model, actress & model & film director, actor, born 09/16/1930

Hardy Rafn Actor, drug, born 09/17/1930

Derek Nimmo Actor, Theatre manager, actor, born 09/19/1930

Dawn Addams Actress, actor, born 09/21/1930

Elsa Aguirre actor, born 09/25/1930

Philip Bosco Actor, actor, born 09/26/1930

Ugo Gregoretti Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/28/1930

Richard Harris Irish actor, singer and songwriter, Actor, singer-songwriter, producer, director, writer, actor, born 10/01/1930

Cosetta Greco Actor, drug, born 10/08/1930

Kim Winona Actress, Actress and fine art painter and art teacher, actor, born 10/10/1930

Zdravko Velimirović Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/11/1930

Michel Robin Actor, Comedian, Actor, drug, born 10/13/1930

Philippe Leroy Actor, actor, born 10/15/1930

Gérard Blain Actor, Film director, drug, born 10/23/1930

Franz Josef Gottlieb Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/01/1930

Vittorio Congia Actor, drug, born 11/04/1930

Roland Bertin Actor, drug, born 11/16/1930

Inger Marie Andersen Actor, drug, born 11/25/1930

Connie Meiling Actor, actor, born 11/29/1930

Jean-Luc Godard French-Swiss filmmaker, Actor, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, editor, producer, actor, born 12/03/1930

Marianne Edwards Film actor, actor, born 12/04/1930

Maximilian Schell Academy Award-winning Swiss actor, Actor, screenwriter, director, producer, production manager, actor, born 12/08/1930

Jean-Louis Trintignant actor, born 12/11/1930

Kiriro Urayama Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/14/1930

Ronald Allen English actor, actor, born 12/16/1930

Armin Mueller-Stahl German film actor, Actor, actor, born 12/17/1930

Barbara Ruick Actor, actor, born 12/23/1930

Julio Diamante Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/27/1930

Robert Duvall Actor, Actor, director, actor, born 01/05/1931

Alvin Ailey Dancer, choreographer, drug, born 01/05/1931

Peter Baldwin Television director, producer, screenwriter and actor, actor, born 01/11/1931

Charles Nelson Reilly Actor, comedian, director, actor, born 01/13/1931

Patricia Blair American TV and film actress, Film, television actress, actor, born 01/15/1931

Ellen Holly Actress, actor, born 01/16/1931

Preben Uglebjerg Actor, drug, born 01/16/1931

James Earl Jones actor, Actor, born 01/17/1931

Ingrid Andree Actor, drug, born 01/19/1931

Yoshiko Kuga Actor, actor, born 01/21/1931

Hansjörg Felmy Actor, drug, born 01/31/1931

Rip Torn Actor, actor, born 02/06/1931

Gloria Talbott American actress, actor, born 02/07/1931

James Dean actor, Actor, drug, born 02/08/1931

Charles Hyatt Film, television actor, Film, television actor, writer, author, actor, born 02/14/1931

Claire Bloom Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/15/1931

Andy Sidaris Director, producer, actor, screenwriter, actor, born 02/20/1931

Karl Spiehs Film producer, drug, born 02/20/1931

Dominic Chianese American actor, Actor, actor, born 02/24/1931

Jean-Paul Roussillon Actor, drug, born 03/05/1931

Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas Film actor, actor, born 03/12/1931

John Fraser Actor, actor, born 03/18/1931

Karen Steele Actress, actor, born 03/20/1931

William Shatner Actor, Actor, novelist, spokesman, drug, born 03/22/1931

David Janssen American actor, actor, born 03/27/1931

Frédéric de Pasquale Actor, drug, born 03/28/1931

Herbert Vesely Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/31/1931

George Baker British actor, Actor, actor, born 04/01/1931

Ivan Dixon Actor, director, producer, actor, born 04/06/1931

John Gavin Actor, actor, born 04/08/1931

Hilmar Thate Actor, drug, born 04/17/1931

Rolf Hädrich Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/24/1931

Bernie Brillstein Film producer, actor, born 04/26/1931

Robert Morse Actor, Actor/Singer, actor, born 05/18/1931

Irwin Winkler Director, Producer, Director, actor, born 05/25/1931

Faten Hamama Film and Television actress, actress, producer, production manager, screenwriter, actor, born 05/27/1931

Carroll Baker Actress, actor, born 05/28/1931

Bogumił Kobiela Actor, actor, born 05/31/1931

Anthony Harvey British film director and editor, actor, born 06/03/1931

Jacques Demy Film director, actor, born 06/05/1931

Virginia McKenna Actor, actor, born 06/07/1931

Sieghardt Rupp Actor, actor, born 06/14/1931

Ingrid van Bergen Actor, actor, born 06/15/1931

Yves Barsacq Actor, drug, born 06/17/1931

Joan Marshall Actress, actor, born 06/19/1931

Olympia Dukakis Actress, actor, born 06/20/1931

Leslie Caron actress, Actress, actor, born 07/01/1931

Frank Williams English comedy actor, Comedy actor, actor, born 07/02/1931

Frits Helmuth Actor, drug, born 07/03/1931

Antonella Lualdi Actor, drug, born 07/06/1931

Palle Kjærulff-Schmidt Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/07/1931

Nick Adams Actor, screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 07/10/1931

Tab Hunter Actor, writer, singer, actor, born 07/11/1931

Susan Stephen British actress, actor, born 07/16/1931

Walter Vidarte Actor, drug, born 07/18/1931

Darryl Hickman Actor, actor, born 07/28/1931

Héctor Pellegrini Actor, actor, born 08/06/1931

Édouard Luntz Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/08/1931

Janice Rule Actress, actor, born 08/15/1931

Marianne Koch Actor, actor, born 08/19/1931

Padmanabham actor, born 08/20/1931

Regis Francis Xavier Philbin Television personality, talk show host, game show host, TV presenter, actor, born 08/25/1931

Sandra Mondaini Actor, Actress, presenter, drug, born 09/01/1931

Mitzi Gaynor Actress, dancer, actor, born 09/04/1931

Lyusyena Ovchinnikova Actor, drug, born 09/10/1931

Ian Holm actor, Actor, born 09/12/1931

Barbara Bain Actor, actor, born 09/13/1931

Anne Bancroft American actress, Actress, actor, born 09/17/1931

Anita Ekberg Actor, actor, born 09/29/1931

Angie Dickinson Actress, actor, born 09/30/1931

Mickey S. Michaels Set decorator, drug, born 10/09/1931

Rosa Rosal Filipino actor, actor, born 10/16/1931

Franco Interlenghi Actor, actor, born 10/19/1931

Nicole Courcel Actor, actor, born 10/21/1931

Diana Dors Actor, Actress, drug, born 10/23/1931

Sabine Bethmann Actress, drug, born 10/25/1931

Analía Gadé Actor, actor, born 10/28/1931

Monica Vitti Actor, actor, born 11/03/1931

Darla Hood Actor, Film actor, child actor, singer, actor, born 11/08/1931

Stu Linder film editor, actor, born 11/08/1931

Dick Clair Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 11/11/1931

Jennifer Jayne British actress, Actress, actor, born 11/14/1931

Nelly Borgeaud Actor, drug, born 11/29/1931

Jack Ging United States Marine, Actor, actor, born 11/30/1931

George Walter Pearch Television commentator, Talk show host, Radio commentator, actor, born 12/04/1931

Romolo Guerrieri Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/05/1931

Rita Moreno Actress, singer, Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 12/11/1931

Fujiko Yamamoto Actor, Actress, actor, born 12/11/1931

Evald Schorm Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 12/15/1931

Gunnel Lindblom Actor, drug, born 12/18/1931

André S. Labarthe Actor, Film producer, Film director, drug, born 12/18/1931

Jill Bennett Actress, actor, born 12/24/1931

Martin Milner Actor, actor, born 12/28/1931

Richard Stahl Actor, actor, born 01/04/1932

Wolfgang Reichmann Actor, drug, born 01/07/1932

Jon Cypher actor, Actor, born 01/13/1932

Harriet Andersson Actress, actor, born 01/14/1932

Alain Jessua Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/16/1932

Piper Laurie Actress, actor, born 01/22/1932

Peggy Ann Garner American actress, actor, born 02/03/1932

François Truffaut French screenwriter, director, producer or actor, Actor, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 02/06/1932

Lincoln Kilpatrick Film, television actor, actor, born 02/12/1932

Alexander Kluge German film director and author, Author, film director, actor, born 02/14/1932

Erika Remberg Actor, drug, born 02/15/1932

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry Actress, film producer, voice actress, Actress, producer, voice actress, actor, born 02/23/1932

Elizabeth Taylor actress, Actress, actor, born 02/27/1932

Roberto Farias Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/27/1932

Gennadi Yukhtin Actor, drug, born 03/30/1932

Debbie Reynolds Actor, Actress, dancer, singer, actor, born 04/01/1932

Gordon Jump Actor, actor, born 04/01/1932

Joel Grey Actor, Actor, dancer, singer, actor, born 04/05/1932

Hari Rhodes Actor, Author, Actor, actor, born 04/10/1932

Jean-Pierre Marielle Actor, actor, born 04/12/1932

Elaine May director, screenwriter and actress, actor, born 04/21/1932

Manuel Zarzo Actor, actor, born 04/26/1932

Anouk Aimée Actor, actor, born 04/27/1932

Bruce Herbert Glover American character actor, actor, born 05/02/1932

Herbert Holba Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/07/1932

Roger Dumas Actor, drug, born 05/09/1932

Baby LeRoy Actor, actor, born 05/12/1932

Michel Soutter Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/02/1932

Anne Claire Poirier Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/06/1932

Gerd Andersson Actor, drug, born 06/11/1932

Peter Lupus actor/bodybuilder, actor, born 06/17/1932

Pier Angeli Actress, actor, born 06/19/1932

Noriyuki Morita American actor, Actor, actor, born 06/28/1932

Helga Liné Actor, actor, born 07/14/1932

Robert Ellis Miller Film director, drug, born 07/18/1932

Jack Schwartzman actor, born 07/22/1932

Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole actor, Actor, born 08/02/1932

Anneli Sauli Actor, drug, born 08/06/1932

Edward Hardwicke English actor, actor, born 08/07/1932

Delphine Seyrig actress, actor, born 08/10/1932

Gheorghe Naghi Film director, Actor, drug, born 08/18/1932

Anthony Ainley English actor, actor, born 08/20/1932

Roy Castle Television celebrity, jazz trumpeter, Television celebrity, actor, born 08/31/1932

Carol Lawrence Actress, singer, actor, born 09/05/1932

John Harkins Actor, actor, born 09/07/1932

Bo Goldman Screenwriter, Television producer, actor, born 09/10/1932

Joyce Jameson Actress, actor, born 09/26/1932

Gabriel Woolf English actor, actor, born 10/02/1932

Felicia Farr Actor, Actress/Model, actor, born 10/04/1932

Jacqueline Beer Actress, actor, born 10/14/1932

Alberto Argibay Actor, drug, born 10/25/1932

Jean-Pierre Cassel Actor, actor, born 10/27/1932

Suzy Parker actress and model, Model, actress, actor, born 10/28/1932

Stéphane Audran Actress, actor, born 11/02/1932

Noam Pitlik Actor, director, screenwriter, Actor, television director, producer, actor, born 11/04/1932

Ann-Marie Gyllenspetz Sweden, drug, born 11/07/1932

Roy Scheider American actor, Actor, actor, born 11/10/1932

Zinovy Moiseevich Vysokovsky Soviet and Russian actor, Actor, actor, born 11/28/1932

Michele Lupo Film director, drug, born 12/04/1932

Ellen Burstyn Actress, actor, born 12/07/1932

Anne Heywood British actress, Actress, actor, born 12/11/1932

Tatsuya Nakadai Japanese film actor, actor, born 12/13/1932

Abbe Lane American singer and actress, Singer, dancer, actress, actor, born 12/14/1932

Roger Smith Actor, screenwriter, actor, born 12/18/1932

John Hillerman actor, born 12/20/1932

Mabel King Actress, actor, born 12/25/1932

George Schlatter American television producer and director, actor, born 12/31/1932

Anton Rodgers Actor, actor, born 01/10/1933

John Boorman Film director, actor, born 01/18/1933

Eldar Shengelaya Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/20/1933

Hugo Herrestrup Actor, drug, born 01/29/1933

Finn Henriksen Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/29/1933

Kim Novak Actress, actor, born 02/13/1933

Mario Caiano Film director, actor, born 02/13/1933

Sheila Hancock Actress, Actress, film director, author, panelist, actor, born 02/22/1933

Avi Sagild Actor, drug, born 02/22/1933

Brigitte Grothum Actor, actor, born 02/26/1933

Michael Caine actor, Actor, born 03/14/1933

Michael Pfleghar Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/20/1933

Jean-Claude Brialy Actor, actor, born 03/30/1933

Brianne Murphy Cinematographer, actor, born 04/01/1933

Dudley Sutton Actor, actor, born 04/06/1933

Wayne Rogers actor, Actor, director, screenwriter, investor, television personality, born 04/07/1933

Claude de Givray Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/07/1933

Jean-Paul Belmondo Actor, actor, born 04/09/1933

Gian Maria Volontè Actor, drug, born 04/09/1933

Sergio Donati Screenwriter, drug, born 04/13/1933

Elizabeth Montgomery Actress, actor, born 04/15/1933

Jayne Mansfield American actress, singer, model, Actress, singer, model, actor, born 04/19/1933

Françoise Fabian Actor, drug, born 05/10/1933

Mihai Iacob Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/11/1933

Juzo Itami Actor, film director, actor, born 05/15/1933

Othon Bastos Actor, drug, born 05/23/1933

Zelda Rubinstein Actress, actor, born 05/28/1933

Georgi Burkov Actor, actor, voice actor, drug, born 05/31/1933

George Gaines Set decorator, drug, born 06/06/1933

Gene Wilder Comedic actor, Actor, director, screenwriter, author, actor, born 06/11/1933

Danny Aiello Actor, actor, born 06/20/1933

Brett Halsey Actor, actor, born 06/20/1933

Giuseppe Moccia Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 06/22/1933

Peter Brogle Actor, drug, born 06/22/1933

Lea Massari Italian actress, Actress, actor, born 06/30/1933

Ib Mossin actor, born 07/03/1933

Leonard Landy Film actor, actor, born 07/03/1933

Per Myrberg Actor, actor, born 07/11/1933

Brian Cant Actor, actor, born 07/12/1933

Patsy Byrne Actress, actor, born 07/13/1933

Brad Harris Film actor, stuntman, executive producer, actor, born 07/16/1933

John Aniston Actor, actor, born 07/24/1933

Laly Soldevila Actor, drug, born 07/25/1933

Neil McCarthy actor, born 07/26/1933

Stanisław Jędryka Film director, drug, born 07/27/1933

Edd Byrnes actor, Actor, born 07/30/1933

Dom DeLuise Actor, comedian, chef, director, producer, author, Actor, comedian, chef, film director, television producer, writer, actor, born 08/01/1933

Ebbe Langberg Actor, Film director, drug, born 08/01/1933

Tom Bell Actor, actor, born 08/02/1933

Madhur Jaffrey Actress, actor, born 08/13/1933

Witold Leszczyński Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/16/1933

François Dyrek Actor, drug, born 08/16/1933

Roman Polanski Film director, producer, writer, actor, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, drug, born 08/18/1933

Debra Paget Actor, actor, born 08/19/1933

Erik Paaske Actor, drug, born 08/21/1933

Sylva Koscina Actress, actor, born 08/22/1933

István Gaál Film director, Film editor, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/25/1933

Monica Maughan Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/15/1933

Pat Crowley actor, born 09/17/1933

Robert Blake Actor, actor, born 09/18/1933

Nagesh Comedian, Film actor, actor, born 09/27/1933

James Villers Actor, actor, born 09/29/1933

Annie Birgit Garde Actor, actor, born 10/03/1933

Diane Cilento Australian actress, Actress, actor, born 10/05/1933

Daniel Massey Actor, Performer, actor, born 10/10/1933

Eugene "Porky" Lee Film actor, actor, born 10/25/1933

Takis Kanellopoulos Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/26/1933

Johanna von Koczian Actor, drug, born 10/30/1933

Peter Jeremy William Huggins English actor, actor, born 11/03/1933

Herb Edelman Actor, actor, born 11/05/1933

Robert Gerard Goulet American entertainer, singer, Singer, actor, television actor, actor, born 11/26/1933

Hope Lange American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/28/1933

Sándor Sára Cinematographer, Film director, drug, born 11/28/1933

Horst Buchholz German actor, actor, born 12/04/1933

Cicely Tyson Actor, Actress, actor, born 12/19/1933

Gheorghe Dinică Actor, music, actor, born 12/25/1933

Maurizio Arena Actor, drug, born 12/26/1933

Marpessa Dawn Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 01/03/1934

Roy Kinnear actor, born 01/08/1934

Tom Baker English actor, Actor, actor, born 01/20/1934

Graham Cyril Kennedy Entertainer, Television personality, actor, born 02/15/1934

Alan Bates Actor, actor, born 02/17/1934

Geraldine Newman English actress, actor, born 02/18/1934

Frank Braña Actor, actor, born 02/24/1934

Gia Scala Actress, actress, actor, born 03/03/1934

John Noakes actor, presenter and television personality, actor, born 03/06/1934

Roger Coggio Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/11/1934

Kai Fischer Actor, drug, born 03/18/1934

Renato Salvatori Actor, actor, born 03/20/1934

May Britt Actress, actor, born 03/22/1934

Jytte Abildstrøm Actor, drug, born 03/25/1934

Alan Wolf Arkin actor, Actor, director, musician, singer, born 03/26/1934

Peter Schamoni Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/27/1934

Ilaria Occhini Actor, drug, born 03/28/1934

Brian Glover English character actor, writer and wrestler, actor, born 04/02/1934

Ian William Richardson Actor, actor, born 04/07/1934

James Drury Former actor; oil and natural gas business, Former actor; oil and natural gas businessman, actor, born 04/18/1934

Fikret Hakan actor, born 04/23/1934

Shirley MacLaine Academy Award-winning American film and theatre actress, Actress, dancer, author, activist, actor, born 04/24/1934

Birgitte Price Actor, actor, born 04/29/1934

Manfred Durniok Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/02/1934

Alan Bennett Actor, author, actor, born 05/09/1934

Andre Gregory Director and actor, actor, born 05/11/1934

Dwayne Hickman son= alby, actor, born 05/18/1934

Jim Hutton Actor, actor, born 05/31/1934

Millicent Martin British actress, Actress, actor, born 06/08/1934

Wendy Craig British actress, actor, born 06/20/1934

Maggie Jones Actress, actor, born 06/21/1934

Beatriz Sheridan actor, born 06/25/1934

Alberto Bevilacqua Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/27/1934

Sydney Pollack Actor, actor, born 07/01/1934

Claude Berri Film producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 07/01/1934

Jean Marsh English actress, actress, writer, actor, born 07/01/1934

Ilselil Larsen Actor, drug, born 07/01/1934

Louise Fletcher Actress, actor, born 07/22/1934

Stan Daniels Screenwriter, producer, director, Screenwriter, producer, and director, actor, born 07/31/1934

Gyula Maár Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/02/1934

Pål Løkkeberg Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/02/1934

Cammie King Child actress, Actress, actor, born 08/05/1934

Edit Soós Actor, drug, born 08/07/1934

Donnie Dunagan United States Marine, Actor, actor, born 08/16/1934

Barbara Eden Actor, actor, born 08/23/1934

Chuck McCann Actor, actor, born 09/02/1934

Otto Brandenburg Musician, Actor, actor, born 09/04/1934

Paul Naschy Actor, Director, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/06/1934

Jody McCrea Actor, producer, Actor, actor, born 09/06/1934

Zbigniew Zapasiewicz theatre and film actor, theatre director, pedagogue, Actor, Director, actor, born 09/13/1934

Ángel Aranda Actor, drug, born 09/18/1934

Lloyd Haynes United States Marine and actor, Actor, U.S. Marine, writer, actor, born 09/19/1934

Sophia Loren actress, Actress, actor, born 09/20/1934

Wilford Brimley Actor, actor, born 09/27/1934

Brigitte Bardot French actress, Actress, model, singer, animal rights activist, actor, born 09/28/1934

Janet Munro Actress, actor, born 09/28/1934

Alan Hopgood Australian writer and actor, Actor/Writer, actor, born 09/29/1934

Inger Stevens Actress, actor, born 10/18/1934

Victor Argo Actor, Film, television actor, drug, born 11/05/1934

Patrick Ledoux Film director, drug, born 11/06/1934

Joanna Cook Moore Actress, actor, born 11/10/1934

Nobu McCarthy actor, born 11/13/1934

Craig Slocum Actor, actor, born 11/14/1934

Joanna Barnes actress, drug, born 11/15/1934

Laurence Luckinbill actor, Actor, born 11/21/1934

Sophie Daumier French actress, Actor, drug, born 11/24/1934

Luciano Rossi Actor, drug, born 11/28/1934

Vyacheslav Nevinny actor, born 11/30/1934

Björn Gustafson Actor, drug, born 11/30/1934

Victor French Actor, actor, born 12/04/1934

Matjaž Klopčič Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/04/1934

Aldo Lado drug, born 12/05/1934

Erik Overbye Film producer, drug, born 12/06/1934

Judie Dench English actress, Actress, actor, born 12/09/1934

Richard Darryl Zanuck actor, born 12/13/1934

Shyam Benegal Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 12/14/1934

Margaret Natalie Smith English actress, Actress, actor, born 12/28/1934

Russ Tamblyn actor, born 12/30/1934

Bob Denver actor, born 01/09/1935

Jørgen Buckhøj Actor, drug, born 01/10/1935

Philip Rosenberg Production designer, Art director, drug, born 01/15/1935

Bryan Pringle Actor, actor, born 01/19/1935

Mona Malm Actor, drug, born 01/24/1935

Jane Wagner Playwright, actress, Screenwriter, director, producer, actor, born 02/02/1935

Susan Engel Actress, actor, born 03/25/1935

Julian Wyatt Glover English actor, Actor, actor, born 03/27/1935

Sharon Acker Canadian actress, drug, born 04/02/1935

Giovanni Cianfriglia Actor, drug, born 04/05/1935

Sheree Winton Actress, actor, born 04/11/1935

Charles Grodin American actor, actor, born 04/21/1935

Sady Rebbot Actor, drug, born 04/27/1935

Giulio Brogi Actor, drug, born 05/03/1935

Maria-Pia Casilio Actor, drug, born 05/05/1935

David Hartman Actor, television personality, Actor, drug, born 05/19/1935

Anne Reid English actor, Actress, actor, born 05/28/1935

Giulia Rubini Actor, drug, born 06/02/1935

Irma P. Hall American actress, actor, born 06/03/1935

Tony Ianuzielo Film director, actor, born 06/13/1935

Belinda Lee English actress, Actress, actor, born 06/15/1935

Christian Doermer Actor, drug, born 07/05/1935

Paul Hüttel Actor, drug, born 07/13/1935

Johan Bergenstråhle Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/15/1935

Donald Sutherland actor, born 07/17/1935

Grover Dale American actor, dancer and choreographer, Actor, choreographer, dancer, director, pedagogue, actor, born 07/22/1935

Antonín Máša Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/22/1935

Lisa Gastoni Actor, drug, born 07/28/1935

Klaus Pagh Actor, Film producer, Film director, drug, born 07/29/1935

Elsa Cárdenas Actor, drug, born 08/03/1935

John Saxon Film, television actor, actor, born 08/05/1935

Kazuko Yoshiyuki Actor, actor, born 08/09/1935

John Cazale Actor, actor, born 08/12/1935

Rod Hull Comedian, Entertainer, comedian, actor, born 08/13/1935

Kipp Hamilton Actress, actor, born 08/16/1935

Gail Fisher Actress, actor, born 08/18/1935

Sonny Shroyer Actor, actor, born 08/28/1935

Don Chastain Actor, screenwriter, actor, born 09/02/1935

Vitali Kanevsky Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/04/1935

Antonio Eceiza Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/14/1935

Sigrid Valdis Actress, actor, born 09/21/1935

Ronald Lacey Actor, actor, born 09/28/1935

Julie Andrews Actress, singer, author, actor, born 10/01/1935

Maria Fiore Actor, drug, born 10/01/1935

Peter Boyle Actor, actor, born 10/18/1935

Lena Söderblom Actor, drug, born 10/24/1935

Antoni Ribas Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/27/1935

Michael Jayston Actor, actor, born 10/29/1935

Dimitar Buynozov Actor, drug, born 11/07/1935

Alain Delon Actor, actor, born 11/08/1935

Gary Jasgur Film actor, actor, born 11/08/1935

Bibi Andersson actress, Actress, actor, born 11/11/1935

Tom Atkins actor, born 11/13/1935

Mari Töröcsik Actor, drug, born 11/23/1935

Aldo Maccione Actor, actor, born 11/27/1935

Diane Ladd Actress, Actress, director, producer, actor, born 11/29/1935

Woody Allen Actor, writer, and director, Actor, drug, born 12/01/1935

Lee Remick actress, Actress, actor, born 12/14/1935

John G. Avildsen Film director, actor, born 12/21/1935

Maurice Capovila Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/16/1936

Rainer Brandt Actor, drug, born 01/19/1936

Peter Steen Actor, drug, born 01/22/1936

Juliette Mayniel Actor, drug, born 01/22/1936

William Bogert Actor, actor, born 01/24/1936

Diana Hyland Actress, actor, born 01/25/1936

Troy Donahue American actor, Actor, actor, born 01/27/1936

Alan Alda Actor and United States Army officer, Actor, author, activist, director, screenwriter, drug, born 01/28/1936

Sharyn Moffett Actor, actor, born 02/01/1936

Serge Korber Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/01/1936

Duane Jones Actor, actor, born 02/02/1936

Carlo Delle Piane Actor, drug, born 02/02/1936

Andrew Prine Actor, actor, born 02/14/1936

Fred Herko Actor, dancer, choreographer, musician, actor, born 02/23/1936

John Truscott Actor, Production designer, Costume designer, drug, born 02/23/1936

Bella Flores actor, born 02/27/1936

Alex Rocco Actor, actor, born 02/29/1936

Iya Savvina Actor, drug, born 03/02/1936

Sue Ane Langdon Actress, actor, born 03/08/1936

Ursula Andress Actor, Actress, actor, born 03/19/1936

László Szabó Actor, drug, born 03/24/1936

Ljubomir Ćipranić Actor, drug, born 04/09/1936

Jill Ireland Actress, actor, born 04/24/1936

Theodoros Angelopoulos Film director and screenwriter, drug, born 04/27/1936

Norma Aleandro Actress, actor, born 05/02/1936

Asen Kisimov Actor, drug, born 05/03/1936

Albert Finney actor, Actor, born 05/09/1936

Anna Maria Alberghetti Actress, singer, actor, born 05/15/1936

Dennis Hopper American actor, Actor, director, artist, actor, born 05/17/1936

Ruta Lee Actress, dancer, Actress, drug, born 05/30/1936

Bekim Fehmiu Actor, actor, born 06/01/1936

Zsolt Kézdi-Kovács Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/01/1936

James Darren Actor, actor, born 06/08/1936

Chad Everett Actor, actor, born 06/11/1936

Jaime Camino Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/11/1936

Henrique Viana Actor, actor, born 06/29/1936

Erkko Kivikoski Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/02/1936

Baard Owe Actor, actor, born 07/03/1936

Shirley Knight Actress, actor, born 07/05/1936

James Hampton Actor, television director, screenwriter, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 07/09/1936

Lino Banfi Actor, drug, born 07/11/1936

Marisa Allasio Actor, drug, born 07/14/1936

John Korty Director, actor, born 07/22/1936

Ruth Buzzi Actress, comedienne, actor, born 07/24/1936

Mark Goddard Actor, actor, born 07/24/1936

Lau Kar-Leung Hong Kong Chinese martial arts film director, choreographer and actor. Practitioner of the martial art of Hung Gar, director, action choreographer, actor, actor, born 07/28/1936

Ralph Taeger Actor, actor, born 07/30/1936

Keith Barron English actor, Actor, Television presenter, actor, born 08/08/1936

Malene Schwartz Actor, drug, born 08/10/1936

Kjell Grede Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/12/1936

Robert Redford actor, director, producer, Actor, producer, director, businessman, model, environmentalist, philanthropist, actor, born 08/18/1936

Hiroshi Kawaguchi Actor, actor, born 08/22/1936

Pilar Pallete actor, born 09/03/1936

Christiane Nielsen Actor, actor, born 09/10/1936

Juliet Prowse British-American dancer and actress, Actress/Dancer, actor, born 09/25/1936

Brian Blessed Actor, Actor, author, director, TV presenter, actor, born 10/09/1936

Tony Lo Bianco Actor, actor, born 10/19/1936

David Nelson Actor, director, producer, actor, born 10/24/1936

Michael Landon Actor, director, producer, writer, actor, born 10/31/1936

Susan Kohner Actress, actor, born 11/11/1936

John Reilly Actor, actor, born 11/11/1936

Stephen Lewis Actor, playwright, Actor, actor, born 11/14/1936

Hanne Borchsenius Actor, drug, born 11/30/1936

Akira Kubo Actor, drug, born 12/01/1936

David Carradine American actor, film producer, film director, Actor, actor, born 12/08/1936

Denise Coffey Comic actress, Actor; director; playwright, actor, born 12/12/1936

Wojciech Frykowski Actor, writer, actor, born 12/22/1936

Héctor Elizondo Actor, actor, born 12/22/1936

James Stacy Actor, actor, born 12/23/1936

Lawrence Schiller producer, director, screenwriter, actor, born 12/28/1936

Mary Tyler Moore American actress, television producer, Actress, actor, born 12/29/1936

Terence Rigby actor, born 01/02/1937

Shirley Eaton Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/13/1937

Ariadna Shengelaya Actor, actor, born 01/13/1937

Margaret O'Brien American actress, Actress, actor, born 01/15/1937

Christian de Chalonge Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/21/1937

Vanessa Redgrave Actress, actor, born 01/30/1937

Suzanne Pleshette American actress, Actress, actor, born 01/31/1937

Bobby Driscoll Actor/Artist, actor, born 03/03/1937

Theo Kamecke Film Director, Film Editor & Sculptor, Writer, Film Editor & Director, Writer, Sculptor, actor, born 03/14/1937

Benjamin Patrick Aris English actor, actor, born 03/16/1937

Peter Vogel Actor, drug, born 03/22/1937

Warren Beatty Actor, director, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 03/30/1937

Billy Dee Williams American actor and writer, Actor, artist, singer, writer, actor, born 04/06/1937

Valerie Singleton British television presenter, actor, born 04/09/1937

Buddy Noonan Cinematographer, actor, entertainer, journalist, television producer, actor, born 04/09/1937

Marek Walczewski Actor, actor, born 04/09/1937

Jill Gascoine British actress, novelist, Actress, Novelist, actor, born 04/11/1937

Edward Charles Morris Fox English stage, film and television actor, Actor, actor, born 04/13/1937

Didi Perego Actor, actor, born 04/13/1937

Jack Nicholson American actor, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 04/22/1937

Bo Brundin Actor, drug, born 04/25/1937

Sandy Dennis Actress, actor, born 04/27/1937

Victor Dyomin Film director, actor, editor, writer, actor, born 05/08/1937

Willy Rathnov Actor, drug, born 05/13/1937

Aleksandr Demyanenko actor, born 05/30/1937

Morgan Freeman actor, Actor, director, narrator, born 06/01/1937

Hugo Carvana Actor, drug, born 06/04/1937

Liana Orfei Actor, drug, born 06/06/1937

Jay Bernstein Television and film producer, publicist, actor, born 06/07/1937

Polly Holliday Actress, actor, born 07/02/1937

Brooke Hayward Actress, writer, actor, born 07/05/1937

Bill Cosby Actor, comedian, author, producer, musician, activist, drug, born 07/12/1937

Ken Ogata Actor, actor, born 07/20/1937

William Blinn Screenwriter, television producer, actor, born 07/21/1937

Steven Berkoff Playwright, actor and theatre director, Actor, director, writer, actor, born 08/03/1937

Barbara Windsor Actress, actor, born 08/06/1937

Dustin Hoffman Actor, actor, born 08/08/1937

Nelson Villagra Actor, drug, born 08/09/1937

Anna Massey Actress, actor, born 08/11/1937

Thommy Berggren Actor, drug, born 08/12/1937

József Madaras Actor, drug, born 08/16/1937

Ville Salminen actor, born 08/23/1937

Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins Actor, actor, born 08/29/1937

Warren Berlinger Television, film, stage actor, drug, born 08/31/1937

Carmelo Bene Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 09/01/1937

Derek Fowlds Actor, Presenter, actor, born 09/02/1937

Kristina Adolphson Actor, drug, born 09/02/1937

William Devane Actor, actor, born 09/05/1937

John Phillip Law Film, television actor, actor, born 09/07/1937

Daniela Rocca Actor, actor, born 09/12/1937

Carol Christensen Actress, actor, born 09/14/1937

Bella Emberg English actor, Actress, actor, born 09/16/1937

Daniel Filho Film producer, Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/30/1937

Roberto Herlitzka Actor, drug, born 10/02/1937

Virna Lisi Actress, actress, actor, born 10/08/1937

Cliff Twemlow English actor, nightclub bouncer, horror paperback writer and library music composer, actor, born 10/14/1937

Ludmil Staikov Film director, actor, born 10/18/1937

Enzo Cerusico Actor, actor, born 10/22/1937

Gio Petré Actor, drug, born 11/01/1937

Harris Yulin Actor, actor, born 11/05/1937

Jan Kociniak actor, born 11/08/1937

Judit Elek Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/10/1937

Marlo Thomas Actress, Actress, producer, activist, actor, born 11/21/1937

Ingrid Pitt Actress, actor, born 11/21/1937

Ferenc Kósa Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/21/1937

Ridley Scott English film director, and producer, Film director, film producer, actor, born 11/30/1937

Ferenc Kardos Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/04/1937

Maud Hansson Actor, Actress, actor, born 12/05/1937

Kenneth Colley Actor, actor, born 12/07/1937

Rob Houwer Film producer, actor, born 12/13/1937

Lorena Velázquez Actress, actor, born 12/15/1937

Jane Fonda Actress, writer, Actress, writer, activist, actor, born 12/21/1937

Maja Komorowska Actor, drug, born 12/23/1937

Anthony Hopkins Actor, actor, born 12/31/1937

Scilla Gabel Actor, drug, born 01/04/1938

Lindsay Crosby Actor, singer, actor, born 01/05/1938

Lena Granhagen Actor, drug, born 01/07/1938

Julián Mateos Actor, Film producer, actor, born 01/15/1938

Ray Dennis Steckler Actor, director, producer, cinematographer, Director, producer, actor, cinematographer, actor, born 01/25/1938

Françoise Brion Actor, drug, born 01/29/1938

Beatrice Palner Actor, actor, born 01/31/1938

Victor Buono Actor, actor, born 02/03/1938

Zygmunt Malanowicz Actor, drug, born 02/04/1938

Gyda Hansen Actor, Actress, drug, born 02/07/1938

Raúl de la Torre Film director, actor, born 02/19/1938

Richard Beymer Actor, actor, born 02/20/1938

Diane Varsi Actress, actor, born 02/23/1938

Diane Baker American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/25/1938

Roger Jendly Actor, drug, born 03/08/1938

Tom Adams English actor, actor, born 03/09/1938

Christian Wolff Actor, drug, born 03/11/1938

Rudolf Nureyev Dancer, actor, actor, born 03/17/1938

Ali MacGraw Actress, Actor, author, animal activist, actor, born 04/01/1938

John Quade Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 04/01/1938

Roy Thinnes Actor, actor, born 04/06/1938

Claudia Cardinale actress, actor, born 04/15/1938

Gary Collins Actor, actor, born 04/30/1938

Buck Taylor American television actor and artist, Actor, actor, born 05/13/1938

David Neves Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/14/1938

Madge Hindle Television actress, actor, born 05/19/1938

Veit Heiduschka Film producer, actor, born 05/20/1938

Luana Patten Actress, actor, born 07/06/1938

Erkki Olavi Kokkonen Finnish film director, Director, actor, born 07/07/1938

Brian Dennehy Actor, actor, born 07/09/1938

Natalie Wood Actress, actor, born 07/20/1938

Frans Weisz Film director, drug, born 07/23/1938

Franz Ernst Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/30/1938

Ingrid Caven Actor, actor, born 08/03/1938

Piero Vida Actor, drug, born 08/05/1938

Paul Bartel American actor, writer, film director, Actor, director, writer, actor, born 08/06/1938

Michèle Girardon Actress, actor, born 08/09/1938

Diana Muldaur Actor, Actress, actor, born 08/19/1938

Leonard Frey Actor, actor, born 09/04/1938

Pia Friedal Lindström actress and television anchor, actor, born 09/20/1938

Romy Schneider Austrian-German actress, actress, actor, born 09/23/1938

Lennie Bennett Television comedian, Television Comedian, actor, born 09/26/1938

Gabriella Pallotta Actor, drug, born 10/06/1938

Dawn Wells American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/18/1938

Emidio Greco Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/20/1938

Christopher Lloyd Three-time Emmy Award-winning American film actor, who specializes in character acting., Actor, actor, born 10/22/1938

Bernadette Lafont Actor, actor, born 10/25/1938

Dina Sfat Actor, actor, born 10/28/1938

Ralph Bakshi AnimatorFilmmaker, Animator, actor, born 10/29/1938

Jean Seberg Actress, actor, born 11/13/1938

Robert Drivas Actor, director, actor, born 11/21/1938

Esko Nikkari Actor, actor, born 11/23/1938

Michel Duchaussoy Actor, drug, born 11/29/1938

Angela Luce Actor, actor, born 12/03/1938

Невена КокановаNevena Kokanova Actor, actor, born 12/12/1938

Janette Scott Film actress, Actress, author, actor, born 12/14/1938

Liv Ullmann actress, author, director, Actress/Director, actor, born 12/16/1938

Peter H. Hunt Director, actor, born 12/19/1938

Danny Dark voiceover artist, announcer, Voiceover, actor, born 12/19/1938

Pierre Koralnik Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/22/1938

Pirkko Mannola Actor, drug, born 12/27/1938

Jon Voight Actor, actor, born 12/29/1938

Michèle Mercier Actress, Dancer and Singer, actor, born 01/01/1939

Renato Scarpa Actor, drug, born 01/01/1939

Birgitta Pettersson Actor, actor, born 01/07/1939

John LaMotta Actor, actor, born 01/08/1939

Susannah York Actor, actor, born 01/09/1939

Giacomo Rizzo Actor, drug, born 01/17/1939

Angela Thorne Actress, actor, born 01/25/1939

Polly Platt Film producer, actor, born 01/29/1939

Aribam Syam Sharma Film director, Composer, actor, born 02/02/1939

Mike Farrell American Actor, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, activist, public speaker, humanitarian, actor, born 02/06/1939

Jean Beaudin Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/06/1939

Peter Purves English actor, Actor and Television presenter, actor, born 02/10/1939

György Fehér Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/12/1939

Angelo Infanti Actor, drug, born 02/16/1939

Mary Ann Mobley Actress, actor, born 02/17/1939

Peter Fonda American actor, Actor, actor, born 02/23/1939

Marisa Mell Actor, actor, born 02/24/1939

John Cullum Actor, actor, born 03/02/1939

Samantha Eggar Actor, Actress, actor, born 03/05/1939

Piera Degli Esposti Actor, drug, born 03/13/1939

Bertrand Blier Film director, drug, born 03/14/1939

Bill Gilmour Television director, actor, born 03/17/1939

Marino Masé Actor, drug, born 03/21/1939

Terence Hill Actor, actor, born 03/29/1939

Volker Schlöndorff German filmmaker, actor, born 03/31/1939

Lino Brocka Film director, actor, born 04/03/1939

David Winters Producer, director, actor, choreographer, dancer, Producer, director, actor, screenwriter, choreographer, dancer, actor, born 04/05/1939

Francis Ford Coppola Director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 04/07/1939

Paul Sorvino Actor, actor, born 04/13/1939

Christopher Miles Film director, Film director, producer and writer, actor, born 04/19/1939

Jason Miller Actor, actor, born 04/22/1939

Lone Hertz Actor, drug, born 04/23/1939

Vladislav Dvorzhetsky Actor, drug, born 04/26/1939

Ray Aranha Actor, playwright, theater director, actor, born 05/01/1939

Maurizio Ponzi Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/08/1939

Harvey Keitel Academy Award-nominated American actor, Actor, actor, born 05/13/1939

Nancy Kwan American actress, actor, born 05/19/1939

Cleavon Little American actor, actor, born 06/01/1939

Deirdre O'Connell Actress, singer, theatre director, actor, born 06/16/1939

Robert Kramer Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 06/22/1939

Barbara Montgomery Actress, actor, born 06/25/1939

Karen Black American singer-songwriter, Actress, screenwriter, singer, composer, producer, actor, born 07/01/1939

Prakash Mehra Film producer, actor, born 07/13/1939

Peter Bogdanovich Film director, actor, born 07/30/1939

Nicu Constantin Actor, actor, born 07/31/1939

Wanda Ventham British actress, Actress, actor, born 08/05/1939

Verna Bloom actor, born 08/07/1939

Bulle Ogier Actor, actor, born 08/09/1939

Laryssa Lauret Polish-born actress, actor, born 08/09/1939

Williams, Clarence, III Actor, actor, born 08/21/1939

John Badham Film director, actor, born 08/25/1939

Eros Pagni Actor, drug, born 08/28/1939

Elizabeth Ashley Actress, actor, born 08/30/1939

Robert Hoffman Actor, actor, born 08/30/1939

Vivi Bach Actor, drug, born 09/03/1939

Bob May American actor, stuntman, Actor and stuntman, actor, born 09/04/1939

Jan Halldoff Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/04/1939

George Lazenby Actor, actor, born 09/05/1939

Brigid Berlin Actress, artist, actor, born 09/06/1939

Richard Kiel Actor, actor, born 09/13/1939

Feroz Khan Actor, Editor, Producer, Director, actor, born 09/25/1939

Luigi Diberti Actor, drug, born 09/29/1939

Len Cariou Actor, actor, born 09/30/1939

F. Murray Abraham actor, Actor, born 10/24/1939

Jane Alexander Actress, author, actor, born 10/28/1939

Jan Nowicki Actor, actor, born 11/05/1939

Marco Bellocchio Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 11/09/1939

Maïa Simon Actress, actor, born 11/10/1939

Allen Garfield actor, born 11/22/1939

Galina Polskikh Actor, Actress, drug, born 11/27/1939

Yvonne Ingdal Actor, drug, born 12/10/1939

Alessandra Panaro Actor, actor, born 12/14/1939

Yvonne Monlaur Actor, actor, born 12/15/1939

Kathryn Joosten Actress, actor, born 12/20/1939

Tony Scotti Actor, television and film producer, businessman, actor, born 12/22/1939

John Amos Actor, athlete, actor, born 12/27/1939

Bernhard Sinkel Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/19/1940

Jana Brejchová Actor, drug, born 01/20/1940

John Hurt English Actor, Actor, actor, born 01/22/1940

Adriaan Ditvoorst Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/23/1940

Paolo Graziosi Actor, drug, born 01/25/1940

Katharine Ross Actress/Author, actor, born 01/29/1940

David Jason Television actor, Actor, drug, born 02/02/1940

Michelle Rossignol Actor, drug, born 02/04/1940

Pete Duel Actor, actor, born 02/24/1940

Jud Taylor Actor, television director, television producer, actor, born 02/25/1940

Gloria Paul Actor, actor, born 02/28/1940

Harada Yoshio Actor, actor, born 02/29/1940

Tom Pedigo Set decorator, drug, born 03/04/1940

Raúl Juliá actor, born 03/09/1940

Carlos Ray Norris American martial artist, actor, born 03/10/1940

Bernardo Bertolucci Film director, actor, born 03/16/1940

Brian Ackland-Snow Production designer, drug, born 03/31/1940

Penelope Anne Constance Keith Actress, Actor, drug, born 04/02/1940

Gianfranco Barra Actor, drug, born 04/05/1940

Isabel Ruth Actor, drug, born 04/06/1940

José Luis Gómez Actor, drug, born 04/19/1940

Anna Maria Tatò Film director, drug, born 04/19/1940

Al Pacino American actor, Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 04/25/1940

Lars Gunnar Åberg Swedish actor, musician, film director, and artist, Actor, artist, film director, musician, actor, born 05/04/1940

Emilio Delgado American actor, Actor, actor, born 05/08/1940

James Lawrence Brooks American director, producer and writer, Director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 05/09/1940

Zhanna Prokhorenko Ukrainian actress, actress, actor, born 05/11/1940

Marcel Lozinski Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/17/1940

Paul Winfield Actor, actor, born 05/22/1940

Michael Sarrazin Actor, actor, born 05/22/1940

Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass Actress, actor, born 06/01/1940

Carole Ann Ford British actor, actor, born 06/08/1940

John Mahoney Actor, actor, born 06/20/1940

Lyudmila Marchenko Actor, drug, born 06/20/1940

Abbas Kiarostami Film director, photographer and poet, Director, screenwriter, producer, drug, born 06/22/1940

Esther Rantzen English journalist and television presenter, Journalist and television presenter, actor, born 06/22/1940

Barbara Colby Actress, actor, born 07/02/1940

Tony Tarantino Film actor, actor, actor, born 07/05/1940

Mills Watson American Actor, actor, born 07/10/1940

Anja Breien Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 07/12/1940

Patrick Stewart actor, Actor, drug, born 07/13/1940

Chuck Riley American voice actor, voice actor, actor, born 07/20/1940

Vera Tschechowa Actor, drug, born 07/22/1940

Dan Hedaya Actor, actor, born 07/24/1940

Otto Møller Jensen Actor, actor, born 07/31/1940

Maria Grazia Buccella Model, actor, actor, born 08/15/1940

Bruce Beresford Film director, actor, born 08/16/1940

Don LaFontaine American voice actor, Voice actor, actor, born 08/26/1940

Philippe Léotard Actor, actor, born 08/28/1940

Pauline Collins English actress, actor, born 09/03/1940

Raquel Welch Actress, drug, born 09/05/1940

Juozas Budraitis Actor, drug, born 09/06/1940

Dario Argento Film director, Film director, producer and screenwriter, actor, born 09/07/1940

Wayne McLaren Stuntman, model, actor, rodeo performer, actor, born 09/12/1940

Sotiris Moustakas Actor, actor, born 09/17/1940

Frankie Avalon Singer, actor, actor, born 09/18/1940

Karin Baal Actor, drug, born 09/19/1940

Maelcum Soul Film actress, actor, born 09/22/1940

Michael Blodgett Actor, novelist, screenwriter, Actor, Novelist, Screenwriter, actor, born 09/26/1940

Lyudmila Maksakova Actor, drug, born 09/26/1940

Jean-Luc Bideau Actor, drug, born 10/01/1940

Talitha Getty Actress, socialite, Actress, drug, born 10/18/1940

Michael Gambon Actor, actor, born 10/19/1940

Jesper Langberg Actor, drug, born 10/20/1940

Tilo Prückner Actor, actor, born 10/26/1940

Marlène Jobert Actress, author, actor, born 11/04/1940

Beverly Adams Actress, author, Actress/Author, actor, born 11/07/1940

Michael Fengler Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/14/1940

Terry Vance Gilliam American film director, animator and actor, Actor, animator, director, producer, screenwriter, drug, born 11/22/1940

John Alderton Actor, actor, born 11/27/1940

Gianni Cavina Actor, drug, born 12/09/1940

Tony Adams Welsh actor, Actor, actor, born 12/11/1940

Donna Mills Actress, actor, born 12/11/1940

Arnaldo Jabor Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 12/12/1940

Barbara Valentin Actress, actor, born 12/15/1940

Eli Cohen Actor, Film director, drug, born 12/18/1940

Sharon Farrell Actress, actor, born 12/24/1940

Simón Andreu Actor, drug, born 01/01/1941

Hayao Miyazaki Japanese film director, Film director, drug, born 01/05/1941

Graham Arthur Chapman British comedian, actor, born 01/08/1941

Gloria Neil Actress, actor, born 01/13/1941

Faye Dunaway Actress, actor, born 01/14/1941

Judy Gringer Actor, drug, born 01/23/1941

Joel Crothers Actor, actor, born 01/28/1941

Gigi Perreau American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/06/1941

Nick Nolte Actor, producer, Actor/Producer, actor, born 02/08/1941

Lars Passgård Actor, drug, born 02/14/1941

Julia McKenzie English actress, presenter, director, writer, actress, presenter, director, writer, actor, born 02/17/1941

Charlotte Stewart Actor, actor, born 02/27/1941

Joo Hyun Actor, actor, born 03/01/1941

John Hancock Actor, actor, born 03/04/1941

Karyn Kupcinet Actress, actor, born 03/06/1941

Barbara Feldon American actress and model, Actress, model, television host, writer, actor, born 03/12/1941

Wolfgang Petersen German film director, Film director, actor, born 03/14/1941

Michael Moriarty Actor/Musician, actor, born 04/05/1941

Gil-jong Ha South Korean film director, Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 04/13/1941

Julie Christie Actress, actor, born 04/14/1941

Ryan O'Neal Actor, actor, born 04/20/1941

Ann-Margret Olsson Actress, singer, Actress, singer, dancer, drug, born 04/28/1941

Paul Darrow English actor, actor, born 05/02/1941

Senta Berger Actor, Actor, Producer, actor, born 05/13/1941

Grace Zabriskie Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/17/1941

Miriam Margolyes British actress, Actor, actor, born 05/18/1941

Diane McBain actor, born 05/18/1941

Iosif Demian Cinematographer, Film director, drug, born 05/26/1941

Dorel Vişan Actor, drug, born 05/26/1941

Robert Logan Actor, actor, born 05/29/1941

Stacy Keach Actor, Actor/Narrator, actor, born 06/02/1941

Cécile Vassort Actor, drug, born 06/02/1941

Elizabeth Franz American actress, actor, born 06/18/1941

Lyman Ward Actor, actor, born 06/21/1941

Joe Flaherty Actor, actor, born 06/21/1941

Michael Lerner Actor, actor, born 06/22/1941

Denys Arcand Film director, Film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor, born 06/25/1941

Robert Forster Actor, actor, born 07/13/1941

Jacques Perrin Actor, film director, actor, born 07/13/1941

Kurt Raab Actor, actor, born 07/20/1941

Takuzo Kawatani Actor, drug, born 07/21/1941

Colin Higgins Director, producer, actor, screenwriter, actor, born 07/28/1941

David Warner British actor, Actor, actor, born 07/29/1941

Zeki Ökten Turkish film director, Film director, actor, born 08/04/1941

Carla Gravina Actor, drug, born 08/05/1941

Volker Prechtel Actor, drug, born 08/09/1941

Patricio Guzmán Lozanes Chilean film director, director, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor, actor, born 08/11/1941

Erin Fleming Actress, actor, born 08/13/1941

Nikolai Gubenko Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/17/1941

Paola Pitagora Actor, drug, born 08/24/1941

Renzo Rossellini Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/24/1941

Tatsuya Fuji Actor, drug, born 08/27/1941

Nelson Xavier Actor, drug, born 08/30/1941

Martine Beswick British actress/model, Actress, model, actor, born 09/26/1941

Peter Coyote Actor, author, film director, screenwriter, actor, born 10/10/1941

Gordon Gebert Child Actor, Professor, actor, born 10/17/1941

Rosemary Nicolais Author, actor, born 10/28/1941

Dack Rambo Actor, actor, born 11/13/1941

Graham Haberfield UK actor, actor, born 11/17/1941

David Hemmings Actor, actor, born 11/18/1941

Juliet Mills English actress, Actress, actor, born 11/21/1941

Franco Nero Actor, actor, born 11/23/1941

Laura Antonelli Actress, actor, born 11/28/1941

Tommy Kirk Actor, actor, born 12/10/1941

Ken Campbell Actor, actor, born 12/10/1941

Fionnula Flanagan Actress, actor, born 12/10/1941

Daniel Schmid Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/26/1941

Sarah Miles Actress, actor, born 12/31/1941

John Thaw English film, television and stage actor, Actor, drug, born 01/03/1942

Yvette Mimieux Actor, actor, born 01/08/1942

Carol Cleveland actor, actress; comedienne, born 01/13/1942

Michael Gwisdek Actor, Film director, actor, born 01/14/1942

Ludmila Savelyeva Actor, Ballerina, actor, born 01/24/1942

Soad Hosny Actress, actor, born 01/26/1942

Daniela Bianchi Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/31/1942

Carol Lynley Child model, actress, actor, born 02/13/1942

Andrew Jordt Robinson Actor, actor, born 02/14/1942

Teresa Velázquez Actor, drug, born 03/08/1942

Ion Caramitru 20th century Romanian political and cultural personality, actor, born 03/09/1942

Geoffrey Hayes Television presenter, actor, actor, born 03/13/1942

Rita Tushingham Film and stage actress, actor, born 03/14/1942

Françoise Dorleac French film actress, Actress, actor, born 03/21/1942

Michael Haneke Film director, Screenwriter, Filmmaker/Screenwriter, actor, born 03/23/1942

Lynda Baron English actress, Actress, actor, born 03/24/1942

Roshan Seth Actor, actor, born 04/02/1942

Marsha Mason Actress, Actress/Director, actor, born 04/03/1942

Brandon De Wilde Actor, actor, born 04/09/1942

Ida Galli Actor, actor, born 04/09/1942

Stuart Craig Production designer, actor, born 04/14/1942

Mario Brenta Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/17/1942

Judith McGrath Australian actor, actor, born 04/21/1942

Denis Lill Actor, actor, born 04/22/1942

Sandra Dee actress, model, Actress, model, actor, born 04/23/1942

Per Pallesen Actor, drug, born 04/30/1942

Alexis Kanner Actor, Director, actor, born 05/02/1942

István Bujtor actor, director, producer, screenplay writer, actor, born 05/05/1942

Michele Lee Actress, singer, dancer, producer, director, game show panelist, actor, born 06/24/1942

Stephen Bayly Film producer, Film director, drug, born 07/07/1942

Edy Williams Actress, actor, born 07/09/1942

Harrison Ford actor, Actor/Producer, born 07/13/1942

Anthony James Actor, actor, born 07/22/1942

Chris Sarandon Actor, actor, born 07/24/1942

Tonia Marketaki Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/28/1942

Tony Sirico Actor, Actor/Voice Actor, actor, born 07/29/1942

Giancarlo Giannini Actor, actor, born 08/01/1942

Don Sinclair Davis American actor, actor, born 08/04/1942

Sabine Sinjen Actor, drug, born 08/18/1942

Anthony Earl Numkena Actor, actor, born 08/20/1942

Gilbert Moses Stage, screen, and television director, actor, born 08/20/1942

Imogen Hassall Actress, actor, born 08/25/1942

Gottfried John Actor, actor, born 08/29/1942

Werner Herzog German film director, screenwriter, actor, and opera director., Actor, actor, born 09/05/1942

Carol Wayne Actress, actor, born 09/06/1942

Beverly Aadland Actress, actor, born 09/16/1942

Kent McCord Actor, actor, born 09/26/1942

Madeline Kahn American actor, actress, singer, actor, born 09/29/1942

Ian McShane actor, producer, director, Actor, actor, born 09/29/1942

Yves Yersin Film director, drug, born 10/04/1942

Britt Ekland Actress, actor, born 10/06/1942

Joy Behar comedian, co-host on The View, film, television actress, Actress, actor, born 10/07/1942

Amitabh Bachchan Film actor, Film actor, producer, singer, television presenter, drug, born 10/11/1942

Daliah Lavi Actress, singer, model, actor, born 10/12/1942

Penny Marshall Film actress, director, producer, Film actress, Director, Producer, actor, born 10/15/1942

Annette Funicello Actress/Singer, actor, born 10/22/1942

Bob Hoskins actor, Actor and Film director, born 10/26/1942

Anecy Rocha Actor, drug, born 10/26/1942

Larry Flynt American publisher, drug, born 11/01/1942

Stefanie Powers actress, singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 11/02/1942

Adriaan Ditvoorst Actor, drug, born 11/10/1942

Martin Scorsese American film director, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, drug, born 11/17/1942

Susan Sullivan Actress, actor, born 11/18/1942

Al Matthews United States Marine, actor, born 11/21/1942

Susan Anspach Actress, actor, born 11/23/1942

Dinara Asanova Film director, drug, born 11/24/1942

Michael Craze English actor, actor, born 11/29/1942

Dennis Kirkland Television Producer, actor, born 12/02/1942

Grynet Molvig Actress, singer, actor, born 12/23/1942

Fred Ward Actor, Actor, film producer, actor, born 12/30/1942

Holland Taylor Actress, actor, born 01/14/1943

Michael John Attwell English actor, actor, born 01/16/1943

Geoffrey Deuel actor, born 01/17/1943

Sharon Marie Tate actress, victim of murder by Charles Manson followers, Actress, model, actor, born 01/24/1943

Rossana Ghessa Actor, drug, born 01/24/1943

John Beck Actor, actor, born 01/28/1943

Marian Opania Actor, drug, born 02/01/1943

Blythe Danner Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/03/1943

Mary Frann Actress, actor, born 02/27/1943

Lynn Redgrave English-American actress, Actress, actor, born 03/08/1943

Anita Morris Actress, actor, born 03/14/1943

Mu-saeng Kim Actor, drug, born 03/16/1943

Conchata Ferrell Actress, actor, born 03/28/1943

Eric Idle British comedian, Actor, author, comedian, composer, musician, singer, writer, actor, born 03/29/1943

Robin Davis Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/29/1943

Roy Andersson Film director, actor, born 03/31/1943

Carol White British actress, Actress, actor, born 04/01/1943

Mircea Daneliuc Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 04/07/1943

Ruth Madoc actor, born 04/16/1943

Edie Sedgwick Socialite, actress, Artist, socialite, model, actress, drug, born 04/20/1943

Hervé Villechaize actor, born 04/23/1943

Ryszard Bugajski Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/27/1943

Beba Loncar Actor, drug, born 04/28/1943

Dominique Labourier Actor, drug, born 04/29/1943

Regina Carrol American actress, actor, born 05/02/1943

Jan Englert Actor, drug, born 05/11/1943

Gisela Hahn Actor, drug, born 05/13/1943

Jon Jost filmmaker, filmmaker-videomaker, actor, born 05/16/1943

Lotte Horne Actor, drug, born 06/03/1943

Colin Baker English actor, actor, born 06/08/1943

Oleg Vidov Actor, actor, born 06/11/1943

Raffaella Carrà actress/singer, actor, born 06/18/1943

Karpo Acimovic-Godina Cinematographer, Film director, actor, born 06/26/1943

Kurtwood Smith Actor, actor, born 07/03/1943

Wendy Richard Actress, actor, born 07/20/1943

Janet Margolin American actress, Actress, actor, born 07/25/1943

Roz Kelly Actress, actor, born 07/29/1943

Peter Del Monte Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/29/1943

Carlos Roffé Actor, actor, born 08/01/1943

Max Wright Actor, actor, born 08/02/1943

Julia Foster Actress, actor, born 08/02/1943

Barbara Bouchet Actress and Entrepreneuse, actor, born 08/15/1943

Robert DeNiro American actor, director, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 08/17/1943

Sylvester McCoy Character Actor, actor, born 08/20/1943

Lisa Harrow Actor, actor, born 08/25/1943

Tuesday Weld American actress, Actress, actor, born 08/27/1943

Lee William Aaker United States actor, Actor, Producer, Carpenter, actor, born 09/25/1943

Ana Carolina Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/27/1943

Peter Kastner Actor, actor, born 10/01/1943

John Bindon Actor, Bodyguard, Actor & bodyguard, actor, born 10/04/1943

Jim Poynter Set decorator, drug, born 10/13/1943

Lois Hamilton Model, actress, artist, author, aviatrix, Model, author, actress, artist and aviatrix, actor, born 10/14/1943

Noreen Corcoran Retired actress and dancer in Chatsworth, California, actor, born 10/20/1943

Catherine Deneuve actor, born 10/22/1943

Don Simpson Film producer, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 10/29/1943

Sam Shepard Actor, author, playwright, actor, born 11/05/1943

Stephanie Edwards Actress, television personality, actor, born 11/08/1943

Édouard Niermans Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 11/10/1943

Wallace Shawn Actor and playwright, Actor, voice actor, playwright, actor, born 11/12/1943

Julie Ege Norwegian actress, actor, born 11/12/1943

Lauren Hutton Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/17/1943

Safi Faye Ethnologist and film director, Film director, ethnologist, actor, born 11/22/1943

Jörg Hube actor, born 11/22/1943

Tony Bonner Australian actor, actor, born 11/23/1943

Kiwako Taichi Actor, drug, born 12/02/1943

Sue Johnston Actress, drug, born 12/07/1943

Mary Woronov Actress, writer, actor, born 12/08/1943

Theodore Wilson Actor, actor, born 12/10/1943

Jack Nance Actor, actor, born 12/21/1943

Lena Bergman Actor, drug, born 12/21/1943

Harry Shearer Actor, Actor, comedian, writer, voice artist, musician, author, radio host, actor, born 12/23/1943

Elizabeth Hartman Actress, actor, born 12/23/1943

Hanna Schygulla Actor, actor, born 12/25/1943

Ben Kingsley Actor, actor, born 12/31/1943

Suzy Kendall Actress, actor, born 01/01/1944

Olga Georges-Picot actress, actor, born 01/06/1944

Shelly Novack American football player, actor, Actor, actor, born 01/10/1944

Thomas Fritsch Actor, actor, born 01/16/1944

Marilù Tolo Actor, drug, born 01/16/1944

Shelley Fabares Actress, singer, actor, born 01/19/1944

Margaret Avery Actress, singer, actor, born 01/20/1944

Susana Giménez Actress, television presenter, actor, born 01/29/1944

Stockard Channing American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/13/1944

E. J. Peaker Actor, actor, born 02/22/1944

Paul America Actor, Film actor, actor, born 02/25/1944

Wojciech Marczewski Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 02/28/1944

Marie-Christine Barrault Actress, actor, born 03/21/1944

Hilary Minster actor, born 03/21/1944

Ken Howard Actor, actor, born 03/28/1944

Craig T. Nelson actor, director, producer, screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 04/04/1944

Willeke van Ammelrooy Actor, actor, born 04/05/1944

Hywel Bennett Actor, actor, born 04/08/1944

Jean-François Stévenin Actor, actor, born 04/23/1944

George Lucas American filmmaker, Film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 05/14/1944

Patricia Quinn Actress, actor, born 05/28/1944

Samantha Juste Television personality, singer, actor, born 05/31/1944

Ömer Kavur Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, actor, born 06/18/1944

Richard Monette Actor, actor, born 06/19/1944

Cheryl Holdridge Actress, actor, born 06/20/1944

Klaus Maria Brandauer Austrian actor and director, actor, born 06/22/1944

Gary Busey Actor, actor, born 06/29/1944

Geraldine Chaplin Actor, Actress, actor, born 07/31/1944

John Soursby Glover Actor, actor, born 08/07/1944

David Rasche Actor, actor, born 08/07/1944

Sam Elliott Actor, actor, born 08/09/1944

John Roselius Actor, actor, born 08/19/1944

Anthony Heald Actor, actor, born 08/25/1944

Gino Piserchio Actor, musician, composer, actor, born 09/05/1944

Joey Heatherton actress, singer, Actress, singer, actor, born 09/14/1944

Linda Henning American actress, actor, born 09/16/1944

Fannie Flagg American actress and writer, Actress/Author, actor, born 09/21/1944

Michael Douglas actor, producer, Actor, producer, actor, born 09/25/1944

Merzak Allouache Film director, drug, born 10/06/1944

Francis Girod Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/09/1944

Ian Marter English actor, actor, born 10/28/1944

Tom Shales American critic of television programming and operations, actor, born 11/03/1944

Jesper Klein Actor, drug, born 11/13/1944

Harold Ramis Actor, director, writer, actor, born 11/21/1944

James Toback Screenwriter, film director, actor, born 11/23/1944

Candy Darling Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/24/1944

Bruce Adler Actor, actor, born 11/27/1944

Peter Cullen Canadian voice actor, Voice actor, actor, born 12/01/1944

Tisha Sterling Actress, actor, born 12/10/1944

Nǃxau Bush farmer, actor, actor, born 12/16/1944

Ulli Lommel Actor, film director, Actor, director, actor, born 12/21/1944

Maurizio Amati Film producer, drug, born 12/23/1944

Taylor Hackford Film director, drug, born 12/31/1944

Diahnne Abbott Actor, Film actress, singer, actor, born 01/01/1945

Peter Patzak Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/02/1945

John Doman Actor, actor, born 01/09/1945

Christian Berger Cinematographer, Filmmaker/Cinematographer, actor, born 01/13/1945

Vibeke Løkkeberg Actor, Film director, actor, born 01/22/1945

Leigh Taylor-Young Actress, actor, born 01/25/1945

Tom Selleck actor, actor, film producer, born 01/29/1945

Mia Farrow Actress, singer, actor, born 02/09/1945

Maud Adams Actress, model, actor, born 02/12/1945

Lotte Tarp Actor, drug, born 02/14/1945

Brenda Fricker Actress, actor, born 02/17/1945

Femi Benussi Actor, drug, born 03/04/1945

Micky Dolenz actor, musician, Actor, Musician, actor, born 03/08/1945

Carol Speed Actor, actor, born 03/14/1945

Claude d'Anna Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/31/1945

Linda Hunt Actress, actor, born 04/02/1945

Catherine Spaak Actor, actor, born 04/03/1945

Tony Dow actor, Actor, Director, Producer, Sculptor, born 04/13/1945

Michael Brandon Actor, actor, born 04/20/1945

Nadav Levitan Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 04/21/1945

Dan van Husen Actor, actor, born 04/30/1945

Jean-François Davy Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 05/03/1945

Francesca Annis Actress, actor, born 05/14/1945

Priscilla Presley model, author and actress, Actress/Businesswoman, actor, born 05/24/1945

René Féret Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, Film producer, drug, born 05/26/1945

Jon Pagano Peters American film producer, actor, born 06/02/1945

Bill Paterson Actor, actor, born 06/03/1945

Ida Di Benedetto Actor, Film producer, drug, born 06/03/1945

Adrienne Barbeau Actress, actor, born 06/11/1945

Mithun Chakraborty Film actor, Actor, actor, born 06/16/1945

Michael Cole Actor, actor, born 07/07/1945

Stan Lathan Director, Producer, Director, producer, actor, born 07/08/1945

Ron Glass Actor, actor, born 07/10/1945

Jos Stelling Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 07/16/1945

Jeong-im Nam South Korean actress, Actress, drug, born 07/21/1945

Helen Mirren Actor, actor, born 07/26/1945

Suzanna Leigh English actress, Actress, actor, born 07/26/1945

Linda Harrison Actress, actress/model, actor, born 07/26/1945

Brenda Benet Actress, actor, born 08/14/1945

Patty McCormack American actress, Actress, actor, born 08/21/1945

David DeCesare Screenwriter, Director, Producer, actor, born 08/22/1945

Christiane Krüger Actor, actor, born 09/08/1945

Jerzy Zelnik Actor, drug, born 09/14/1945

Harris Glenn Milstead drug, born 10/19/1945

Everett McGill Actor, actor, born 10/21/1945

Carrie Snodgress Actress, actor, born 10/27/1945

Melba Moore American singer, actress, Singer, songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 10/29/1945

Bob Gunton American film and television actor, Actor, actor, born 11/15/1945

Srdjan Karanovic Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/17/1945

Goldie Hawn Actress, Actress, producer, director, actor, born 11/21/1945

Sandy Descher Actress, actor, born 11/30/1945

Liz Gebhardt Actress, actor, born 12/12/1945

Jeremy Kagan Television and film director, screenwriter, actor, born 12/14/1945

Ernie Hudson Actor and United States Marine, Actor, playwright, producer, actor, born 12/17/1945

Mark Johnson American film producer, actor, born 12/27/1945

Diane Keaton Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/05/1946

Kabir Bedi Actor, Actor, Television presenter, actor, born 01/16/1946

Michèle Deslauriers Actress, actor, born 01/17/1946

David Lynch American filmmaker, actor, born 01/20/1946

Michael Ontkean Actor, actor, born 01/24/1946

Pascal Bonitzer Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 02/01/1946

Héctor Babenco Film director, actor, born 02/07/1946

Jan Decleir Actor, actor, born 02/14/1946

Ian Lavender English actor, Actor, actor, born 02/16/1946

Alan Rickman English film, television and stage actor, Actor, drug, born 02/21/1946

Bertrand Van Effenterre Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, actor, born 03/02/1946

Haile Gerima Ethiopian director, film professor, philosopher, and writer, Film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor, born 03/04/1946

Colesberry, Robert F., Jr. Film and television producer and actor., actor, born 03/07/1946

Mark Metcalf Actor, actor, born 03/12/1946

Timothy Peter Dalton Welsh actor, Actor, actor, born 03/21/1946

Jean-Pierre Denis Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 03/29/1946

Jane Asher Actress, author, Actress, actor, born 04/05/1946

Ed O'Neill Actor, Actor/Teacher, actor, born 04/12/1946

Hayley Mills English actress, Actress, singer, actor, born 04/18/1946

Tim Curry actor, singer, composer, Actor, singer, composer, actor, born 04/19/1946

Stuart Benjamin Producer, actor, born 04/25/1946

Joanna Lumley English actress and former model, actor, born 05/01/1946

David Suchet Actor, drug, born 05/02/1946

Candice Bergen actress, film and television actress, fashion model, actor, born 05/09/1946

Anna Asp Production designer, Art director, drug, born 05/16/1946

Andreas Katsulas Actor, actor, born 05/18/1946

Michele Placido Actor, film director, Actor/Director, drug, born 05/19/1946

Lewis Collins Actor, singer, actor, singer, actor, born 05/27/1946

Stephen A. Unger American executive recruiter, actor, born 05/31/1946

Stefania Sandrelli Actor, actor, born 06/05/1946

Igor Starygin actor, born 06/13/1946

Gitte Hænning Singer, film actress, Actor, drug, born 06/29/1946

Sylvester Stallone film actor, film, film, screenwriter and television presenter, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 07/06/1946

Inga Abel German actress, Actress, actor, born 07/07/1946

Mary-Ellis Bunim Television producer, actor, born 07/09/1946

Vincent Pastore Actor, actor, born 07/14/1946

Ann Turkel American actress, model, actress and model, actor, born 07/16/1946

Danny Glover Actor, director, producer, activist, Actor, director, activist, actor, born 07/22/1946

Barbara Kopple American film/documentary director, actor, born 07/30/1946

Maureen Starkey actor, born 08/04/1946

Erika Slezak American actress, Actress, actor, born 08/05/1946

Loni Anderson Actress, actor, born 08/05/1946

James Reynolds Actor and United States Marine, Actor, actor, born 08/10/1946

Patrick Bouchitey Actor, Film director, actor, born 08/11/1946

Tony Robinson Actor, broadcaster and political campaigner, actor, born 08/15/1946

Peggy Lipton Actress, actor, born 08/30/1946

Olgierd Łukaszewicz Actor, drug, born 09/07/1946

Tommy Lee Jones American actor, Actor/Director, actor, born 09/15/1946

Oliver Stone Academy Award-winning American film director and screenwriter, film director, producer and screenwriter, actor, born 09/15/1946

Sisse Reingaard Actor, drug, born 09/23/1946

Susan Sarandon Actress, activist, Actress, drug, born 10/04/1946

Jean-Jacques Beineix Film director, actor, born 10/08/1946

Tim Hutchinson Art director, Production designer, drug, born 10/09/1946

Chris Tarrant OBE Television presenter,, Radio DJ,, Journalist,, Broadcaster, Broadcaster, actor, born 10/10/1946

Patrick Grandperret Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 10/24/1946

Sally Field actress, Actress, singer, producer, director, screenwriter, actor, born 11/06/1946

Jill Banner American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/08/1946

Alaina Reed Hall Actress, actor, born 11/10/1946

Liza Minnelli Singer, actress, Actress, vocalist, actor, born 11/13/1946

Joe Dante film director, Director, producer, actor, actor, born 11/28/1946

Jonathan Katz Comedian, actor, Actor, comedian, actor, born 12/01/1946

Maggie Steed Actress and Comedienne, actor, born 12/01/1946

Lajos Balázsovits Actor, drug, born 12/04/1946

Barrie Rutter Theatre director and actor, actor, born 12/12/1946

Jane Birkin Singer, actress, director, songwriter, activist, actor, born 12/14/1946

Patty Duke Actress, Actress, author, mental health advocate, actor, born 12/14/1946

Robert Urich Actor, actor, born 12/19/1946

Lesley Judd British dancer, TV presenter, actor, born 12/20/1946

Pierre Falardeau Film director, Screenwriter, Writer, actor, born 12/28/1946

Pete Waterman Record producer, occasional songwriter, radio and club DJ, television presenter, railway enthusiast, Record producer, songwriter, radio and club DJ, television presenter and railway enthusiast, actor, born 01/15/1947

Alessandro Haber Actor, director, songwriter, actor, comedian, director, songwriter, actor, born 01/19/1947

Jerry London Television director and producer, actor, born 01/21/1947

Farrah Fawcett American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/02/1947

Marisa Berenson Actress, model, actor, born 02/15/1947

Rusty Hamer Actor, actor, born 02/15/1947

Dallas Adams English actor, actor, born 02/17/1947

Jackie Curtis Actor, poet, playwright, actor, born 02/19/1947

Yelena Solovey Actor, drug, born 02/24/1947

Alan Thicke actor, songwriter, game show host, Actor, songwriter, composer, game show host, talk-show emcee, actor, born 03/01/1947

Gunnar Hansen Actor, actor, born 03/04/1947

Richard Lawson Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 03/07/1947

Didier Flamand Actor, drug, born 03/12/1947

Yoon-sik Baek Actor, drug, born 03/16/1947

Veleka Gray Actress, actor, born 03/22/1947

Barbara Rhoades Actress, actor, born 03/23/1947

Dar Robinson Actor, stunt performer, actor, born 03/26/1947

John Ratzenberger Actor, Actor, voice actor, entrepreneur, leading advocate for skilled worker shortage crisis, actor, born 04/06/1947

Ulf Brunnberg Actor, actor, born 04/07/1947

Katherine Walsh Actress, actor, born 04/11/1947

Dan Lauria United States Marine, Actor, actor, born 04/12/1947

Agostina Belli Actor, actor, born 04/13/1947

Jeffrey DeMunn American actor, Actor, actor, born 04/25/1947

Alan Dale Actor, actor, born 05/06/1947

Jacki Weaver Australian actress, Film actor, stage actor, television actor, actor, born 05/25/1947

Flavio Bucci Actor, drug, born 05/25/1947

Hichem Rostom Actor, drug, born 05/26/1947

Sondra Locke Actor, Actress, singer, director, drug, born 05/28/1947

John Price Welsh stage and film actor, Actor, actor, born 06/01/1947

Meredith Baxter Actress, Actress/Producer, actor, born 06/21/1947

Ken Lerner Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 06/21/1947

Shirley Hemphill Actress, comedienne, actor, born 07/01/1947

Jayanto Chattopadhyay Bengali actor reciter, Actor, Reciter, actor, born 07/02/1947

Richard Griffiths Actor, actor, born 07/31/1947

Marina Neyolova Actor, drug, born 08/01/1947

Francisco José Lombardi Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/03/1947

Gerald McRaney actor, Actor, born 08/19/1947

Anne Archer Film, television actress, Actress, actor, born 08/25/1947

Barbara Bach Actress, actor, born 08/27/1947

Péter Gothár Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/28/1947

Ray Wise Actor, actor, born 08/29/1947

Sam Neill Actor, drug, born 09/14/1947

Janusz Zaorski film director, scenarist, actor, actor, born 09/19/1947

Denis Lawson Actor, actor, born 09/27/1947

Guy Siner Actor, Actor, Presenter, actor, born 10/16/1947

Ole Neumann Actor, actor, born 10/16/1947

Ivan Vladimirovich Dykhovichnyy Film director and screenwriter, actor, born 10/16/1947

Ildikó Bánsági Actor, drug, born 10/19/1947

Kevin Kline actor, Actor, born 10/24/1947

Boris Frumin Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/24/1947

Joe Mantegna Actor, film, stage and television actor, actor, born 11/13/1947

Luís Filipe Rocha Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 11/16/1947

Memè Perlini Actor, Film director, actor, born 12/08/1947

Steven Spielberg Academy Award–winning American film director and producer, Film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 12/18/1947

Sarah Kernochan documentarian, film director, screenwriter, producer, singer-songwriter, actor, born 12/30/1947

Ted Lange Actor, director, screenwriter, Actor, director, and screenwriter, actor, born 01/05/1948

Teresa Graves Actress, singer, actor, born 01/10/1948

Helga Anders actor, born 01/11/1948

Anthony Andrews Actor, actor, born 01/12/1948

Shinji Somai Film director, drug, born 01/13/1948

Carl Weathers Actor; Former American Football Player, Actor, actor, born 01/14/1948

Susan Lowe Actress and Artist, Actress, Artist, actor, born 01/19/1948

Michael Des Barres Actor, singer, actor, born 01/24/1948

Mikhail Nikolaevitch Baryshnikov Russian Ballet Dancer, actor, born 01/28/1948

Paul Jabara Actor, singer, songwriter, actor, born 01/31/1948

Elisabeth Sladen Actress, Actress, Presenter, Writer, actor, born 02/01/1948

Monica Rose Game show host, Game show hostess, actor, born 02/11/1948

Bernadette Peters Actress, singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 02/28/1948

Mercedes Ruehl Actress, Actor, actor, born 02/28/1948

Adrienne Posta British actress, actor, born 03/01/1948

Krzysztof Majchrzak actor, born 03/02/1948

Dominique Sanda Actor, actor, born 03/11/1948

Pekka Lehto Film director, drug, born 03/14/1948

Pablito Calvo actor, born 03/16/1948

Dianne Wiest Actress, actor, born 03/28/1948

Bud Cort Actor, actor, born 03/29/1948

Andrea Feldman Underground film actress, actor, born 04/01/1948

Gregory Itzin Actor, actor, born 04/20/1948

Perry King Actor, actor, born 04/30/1948

Lindsay Crouse Actor, actor, born 05/12/1948

Rich Correll Television director, producer, actor, and screenwriter, actor, born 05/14/1948

Chris Chittell British actor, actor, born 05/19/1948

Mike Levey Infomercial host, actor, Infomercial host, actor, born 05/28/1948

Jerry Mathers American actor, Actor, actor, born 06/02/1948

Xavier Saint-Macary Actor, actor, born 06/07/1948

Kathy Bates Actress, director, actor, born 06/28/1948

Sergei Bodrov Film director, actor, born 06/28/1948

Yaowen Hou Chinese xiangsheng actor, Xiangsheng actor, actor, born 07/17/1948

Georgia Engel American actress, Actress, actor, born 07/28/1948

Jean Reno Actor, actor, born 07/30/1948

Hugues Quester Actor, drug, born 08/05/1948

Mirta Miller Actor, drug, born 08/16/1948

Eleonora Brown Actor, actor, born 08/22/1948

Nana Djordjadze Film director, Screenwriter, actor, Film director, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 08/24/1948

Mammootty film actor, Film actor, Film distributor, Social worker, actor, born 09/07/1948

Susan Blakely American actress, Actress, actor, born 09/07/1948

Judy Geeson British actress, actor, born 09/10/1948

Michael Sacks Actor, actor, born 09/11/1948

Nell Carter actress & singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 09/13/1948

John Ritter Actor, actor, comedian, actor, born 09/17/1948

Phil Hartman American actor, comedian, Actor, voice actor, comedian, graphic artist, screenwriter, actor, born 09/24/1948

Mimi Kennedy Actress and Entrepreneuse, actor, born 09/25/1948

Gareth Armstrong British actor, actor, born 09/28/1948

Claude Jade Actress, actor, born 10/08/1948

Catherine Jourdan Actor, drug, born 10/12/1948

Hema Malini Actress, Politician, Actress, Director and Producer, actor, born 10/16/1948

George Wendt Comedic actor, Actor, drug, born 10/17/1948

Garry George McDonald Australian actor, Actor, actor, born 10/30/1948

Diane Linkletter Television personality, musician, actor, born 10/31/1948

Bille August Film director, actor, born 11/09/1948

Vincent Schiavelli Actor, actor, born 11/11/1948

Andrea Marcovicci American actress, singer, Actress, singer, actor, born 11/18/1948

Chul-soo Park South Korean film director, Film director, Screenwriter, Producer, Actor, actor, born 11/20/1948

Jean-Claude Guiguet Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/22/1948

Denise Drysdale Television personality, actress, comedian, actor, born 12/05/1948

JoBeth Williams Actress, director, actor, born 12/06/1948

Christopher Biggins British actor, Actor, televisionpersonality, actor, born 12/16/1948

Samuel Leroy Jackson Actor, Actor, producer, actor, born 12/21/1948

Noel Edmonds English television presenter and radio DJ, Broadcaster, drug, born 12/22/1948

Gérard Depardieu French actor, actor, born 12/27/1948

Marc Porel Actor, drug, born 01/03/1949

Lawrence Kasdan Film producer, Director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 01/14/1949

David Strathairn Academy Award-nominated American film, television, and stage actor, Actor, actor, born 01/26/1949

Brooke Adams Actress, actor, born 02/08/1949

Judith Light American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/09/1949

Marion Hänsel Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 02/12/1949

Gates McFadden American actress, actor, born 03/02/1949

Cookie Mueller Actress, writer, actor, born 03/04/1949

Dagmar Bláhová Actor, actor, born 03/08/1949

Fanny Ardant actress, Actress, actor, born 03/22/1949

Kevin Reardon Lloyd English actor, actor, born 03/28/1949

Carl Franklin Actor, screenwriter, Film and television director, actor, born 04/11/1949

Chris Langham Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 04/14/1949

Jessica Lange Actress, actor, born 04/20/1949

Veronica Cartwright actress, Actress, actor, born 04/20/1949

Luís Miguel Cintra Actor, drug, born 04/29/1949

Rockets Redglare Actor, stand-up comedian, actor, born 05/08/1949

Cotter Smith American actor, Actor, actor, born 05/29/1949

Tom Berenger Actor, actor, born 05/31/1949

Alan Safier Actor, Singer, Writer, Producer, Composer, actor, born 06/03/1949

Frankie R Faison Actor, actor, born 06/10/1949

Kevin Corcoran actor, born 06/10/1949

Meryl Streep actress, Actress, actor, born 06/22/1949

Lindsay Wagner Actress, actor, born 06/22/1949

Nigel Lythgoe Executive producer and television director., Director, actor, born 07/09/1949

Lung Wei Wang Hong Kong action cinema actor, choreographer, and director, drug, born 07/14/1949

Michael Richards Actor, comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 07/24/1949

Matthew Parris Journalist, Politician, journalist, drug, born 08/07/1949

Shelley Long Actress, actor, born 08/23/1949

Charles Rocket Actor, comedian, Actor, actor, born 08/24/1949

Carole Ita White Actress, actor, born 08/24/1949

Burghart Klaußner Actor, drug, born 09/13/1949

James Dearden Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 09/14/1949

Oz Scott Screenwriter, television producer, film, television, and theatre director, actor, born 09/16/1949

Beth Grant Actor, Actress, actor, born 09/18/1949

Twiggy Model, Actress, Singer, Model (person), actress, singer, model, born 09/19/1949

Pedro Almodóvar filmmaker, Filmmaker, actor, born 09/25/1949

Armand Assante Actor, actor, born 10/04/1949

Ottavia Piccolo Actor, drug, born 10/09/1949

Brian Kerwin Actor, actor, born 10/25/1949

Armin Shimerman Actor, actor, born 11/05/1949

Jeff Bridges actor, Actor, singer, producer, composer, born 12/04/1949

Rajinikanth Actor, Film actor, drug, born 12/12/1949

Sissy Spacek Actress, singer, Actress, drug, born 12/25/1949

James R. Stein Television producer, screenwriter, actor, born 01/09/1950

Kirstie Alley Actress, actor, born 01/12/1950

Debbie Allen Actress, choreographer, television director, television producer, singer, dancer, Actress, choreographer, television director, television producer, actor, born 01/16/1950

Sébastien Dhavernas actor, born 01/19/1950

Ana Maria Magalhães Actor, actor, born 01/21/1950

Maroun Bagdadi Film director, actor, born 01/21/1950

Richard Dean Anderson American actor, Actor, producer, composer, actor, born 01/23/1950

Anna Bonaiuto Actor, drug, born 01/28/1950

Ann Jillian actor, born 01/29/1950

Morgan Fairchild American actress, television presenter, Actress, actor, born 02/03/1950

Michael Ironside Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Editor, Playwright, Actor, Voice actor, Film producer, Screenwriter, Film director, Film editor, Playwright, actor, born 02/12/1950

Joe Estevez Actor, director, producer, actor, born 02/13/1950

Cybill Sheherd Actress, Actress, singer, actor, born 02/18/1950

John Hughes Film director, producer, and writer, Director, producer, writer, actor, born 02/18/1950

Johan Leysen Actor, drug, born 02/19/1950

Julie Walters Actress, Actress, novelist, actor, born 02/22/1950

Belinda Giblin Australian actress, actor, born 03/02/1950

William H. Macy actor, Actor, drug, born 03/13/1950

Rick Dees Radio personality, comedic performer, actor, born 03/14/1950

Joseph Cali American actor, Actor, actor, born 03/30/1950

Karel Smyczek Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 03/31/1950

Christine Lahti Actress, film director, actor, born 04/04/1950

Bill Irwin Actor, actor, born 04/11/1950

Ron Perlman Actor, Actor/Voice actor, actor, born 04/13/1950

Josiane Balasko Actor, screenwriter, film director, actor, born 04/15/1950

Kenny Ortega Television and film director, producer, choreographer, actor, born 04/18/1950

Bruce Boxleitner Actor, writer, Actor, actor, born 05/12/1950

Thomas Gottschalk German TV host, actor, born 05/18/1950

Gregory Harrison actor, born 05/31/1950

Robert Z'Dar Actor, film producer, actor, born 06/03/1950

Chantal Akerman Film director, artist, film director, professor, actor, born 06/06/1950

Jim Brown American film/documentary director, actor, born 06/07/1950

Kathy Baker Actress, actor, born 06/08/1950

Jeanne Labrune Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 06/21/1950

Nancy Allen Actress, actor, born 06/24/1950

Jonathan Benair American actor, actor, born 07/04/1950

Vaughn Armstrong Actor, actor, born 07/07/1950

Goutam Ghose Film director, Actor, Producer, Music Director, Cinematographer, actor, born 07/24/1950

James Glickenhaus Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, actor, born 07/24/1950

Mike Starr Actor, actor, born 07/29/1950

Richard Berry Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/31/1950

John Landis Director, writer, actor, Film director, drug, born 08/03/1950

Charles Fleischer actor, comedian, voice artist, drug, born 08/27/1950

Robert Sahakyants Animator, actor, born 08/30/1950

Jerzy Radziwiłowicz Actor, drug, born 09/08/1950

Joe Lisi United States Marine, actor, born 09/09/1950

Amy Madigan Actress, actor, born 09/11/1950

Shabana Azmi Indian actor, Actress, actor, born 09/18/1950

Vishnuvardhan actor, born 09/18/1950

Susan Anton Actress, Actress, singer, actor, born 10/12/1950

Howard Rollins Actor, actor, born 10/17/1950

Caroline Ellis English actress, Actor, musician, actor, born 10/19/1950

Lindsay Duncan Actress, actor, born 11/07/1950

Bruce Baron Film actor, actor, born 11/15/1950

Keith Thibodeaux American actor, musician, Actor, musician, actor, born 12/01/1950

Wendie Malick Actress, actor, born 12/13/1950

Gillian Armstrong Film director, Director, actor, born 12/18/1950

Nicolas Philibert Film director, Actor, drug, born 01/10/1951

Tevfik Başer Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/12/1951

David Patrick Kelly Actor, actor, born 01/23/1951

Cristine Rose Actress, actor, born 01/31/1951

Debbie Weems Actress, singer, actor, born 02/03/1951

Kim Milford Actor, singer-songwriter, and composer, Actor, vocalist, singer-songwriter and composer, actor, born 02/07/1951

David Naughton Actor, Actor/singer, actor, born 02/13/1951

Jane Seymour Actress, actor, born 02/15/1951

Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieślak Actor, drug, born 02/15/1951

William Katt Actor, actor, born 02/16/1951

Jan Priiskorn-Schmidt Actor, drug, born 02/21/1951

Caren Kaye Actress, actor, born 03/12/1951

Kurt Russell Actor, actor, born 03/17/1951

Peter Davison Character actor, actor, born 04/13/1951

Barry Brown Author, playwright, actor, drug, born 04/19/1951

Louise Jameson English Actress, actor, born 04/20/1951

Steven Banks American actor, actor, born 05/01/1951

Rolf de Heer Film director, writer, producer, Director, Producer and Writer, actor, born 05/04/1951

Derek McGrath Actor, actor, born 06/04/1951

Charles Sturridge Director, Film director, Television director, actor, born 06/24/1951

Lee Wilkof Actor, actor, born 06/25/1951

Julia Duffy actress, Actress, actor, born 06/27/1951

Lucie Arnaz actress, Actress, actor, born 07/07/1951

Anjelica Huston Actress, actor, born 07/08/1951

Tisa Farrow actor, born 07/22/1951

Lynda Carter Actress, Singer, actor, born 07/24/1951

Jay North actor, born 08/03/1951

Mamoru Oshii Japanese film, TV, and anime director, film director, screenwriter, mangaka, television director, novelist, actor, born 08/08/1951

Didier Haudepin Actor, Film producer, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/15/1951

Mark Harmon Actor, actor, born 09/02/1951

Julie Kavner Voice actor, Actress, actor, born 09/07/1951

Georganne LaPiere American actress, actor, born 09/07/1951

Harry Groener Actor, actor, born 09/10/1951

Jean Smart American actress, Actress, actor, born 09/13/1951

David Banks English actor, actor, born 09/24/1951

Mark Hamill actor, Actor, voice-actor, producer, director, writer, born 09/25/1951

Romina Power actress, singer, writer, painter, actor, born 10/02/1951

Karen Allen actor, Actress, drug, born 10/05/1951

Adam Ferency Actor, actor, born 10/05/1951

Robert Wuhl Actor, Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 10/09/1951

Pam Dawber American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/18/1951

Julian Schnabel American artist and filmmaker, actor, born 10/26/1951

Viktor Sukhorukov Actor, drug, born 11/10/1951

Marc Summers TV personality, Television personality, actor, born 11/11/1951

Miroslav Krobot Actor, drug, born 11/12/1951

Stephen Root Actor, actor, born 11/17/1951

Diane Bertrand Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/20/1951

David Rappaport Actor, Musician, Writer, Director, Teacher, Actor, Musician, Writer, Director, Teacher, Activist, actor, born 11/23/1951

Kathryn Bigelow American film director, Film director, actor, born 11/27/1951

Jörg Graser Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 12/30/1951

Simon MacCorkindale British actor, director and producer, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 02/12/1952

Bruce Weintraub Set decorator, drug, born 02/28/1952

Sharon Dahlonega actor, born 02/29/1952

Rudy Fernandez actor, producer, actor, born 03/03/1952

Annette O'Toole Actor, Actress, actor, born 04/01/1952

Clarke Peters Actor, actor, born 04/07/1952

Erick Avari Actor, actor, born 04/13/1952

Tony Plana actor, born 04/19/1952

Mary McDonnell Actor, actor, born 04/28/1952

Christine Baranski Actress, actor, born 05/02/1952

Caitlin Clarke actor, instructor, actor, born 05/03/1952

Antony Hamilton Actor, Model, Dancer, Actor, model, dancer, actor, born 05/04/1952

Shohreh Aghdashloo Actress, actor, born 05/11/1952

Sybil Danning Film, television actor, Film, television actress, actor, born 05/24/1952

Catherine McGoohan Actor, actor, born 05/31/1952

Liam Neeson Actor, drug, born 06/07/1952

Carol Kane Actor, Actress, actor, born 06/18/1952

Isabella Rossellini Actress, Model, Filmmaker, Author, Philanthropist, Actress, filmmaker, author, model, philanthropist, drug, born 06/18/1952

John Goodman Actor, drug, born 06/20/1952

Larry Riley Actor, musician, television composer, Actor, musician, actor, born 06/20/1952

David Garrison Actor, actor, born 06/30/1952

Michael Schottenberg Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/10/1952

Franklyn Seales Actor, Actor, painter, actor, born 07/15/1952

Daniel Mesguich actor, born 07/15/1952

Marc Esposito Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/16/1952

Keiko Matsuzaka Actress, actor, born 07/20/1952

Robin Williams Academy Award-winning American actor and comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 07/21/1952

Bobby Buntrock Actor, actor, born 08/04/1952

Caroline Aaron Actor, Actress/Producer, actor, born 08/07/1952

Reginald VelJohnson Actor, Actor, writer, actor, born 08/16/1952

Patrick Swayze Actor, dancer, singer, songwriter, Actor, dancer, singer-songwriter, actor, born 08/18/1952

Jonathan Frakes actor, born 08/19/1952

Paul Reubens American actor, writer and comedian, Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 08/27/1952

Géza Balkay Actor, drug, born 09/05/1952

Nikos Sergianopoulos Actor, actor, born 09/24/1952

Sylvia Kristel Actor, actor, born 09/28/1952

Raymond O'Connor Actor, actor, born 09/30/1952

Mary Badham Actress, actor, born 10/07/1952

Rick Aviles Actor, Stand-up Comedian, actor, born 10/14/1952

Melanie Mayron American actress and director, actor, born 10/20/1952

Patti Davis author, daughter of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis, actor, born 10/21/1952

Mehdi Charef Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/21/1952

Yoshishige Yoshida Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/21/1952

Roberto Benigni Film director, actor, actor, born 10/27/1952

Annie Potts Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/28/1952

Fiorella Infascelli Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/29/1952

Roseanne Barr Actress, comedienne, writer, producer, director, actor, born 11/03/1952

Alfre Woodard American actor, Actress, actor, born 11/08/1952

Ray Sharkey Actor, actor, born 11/14/1952

Claudio Capone Narrator, Voice actor, actor, born 11/18/1952

Lorna Luft American television, stage and film actress and singer, Actress, author, singer, actor, born 11/21/1952

Henry Selick Film director, film producer, character designer, stop motion animator, storyboard artist, actor, born 11/30/1952

Jenny Agutter Agutter British actress, Actress, actor, born 12/20/1952

Tovah Feldshuh American actress, playright, Actress, singer, playwright, drug, born 12/27/1952

Pamela Sue Martin actress, actor, born 01/05/1953

Jim Jarmusch American film director, Filmmaker, actor, born 01/22/1953

Steven Zaillian Film director, actor, born 01/30/1953

Mary Steenburgen American Academy Award-winning film actress., Actress, actor, born 02/08/1953

Tony Adams Film and theater producer, actor, born 02/15/1953

Geoffrey Perkins Comedy writing and producing, Comedy writer, producer and performer, actor, born 02/22/1953

Kay Ann Lenz Actress, actor, born 03/04/1953

Carole André Actor, actor, born 03/11/1953

Deborah Raffin American actress, Actress, director, actor, born 03/13/1953

Sue Brooks Film director, Film producer, drug, born 05/01/1953

Lynn Whitfield American actor, Actress, actor, born 05/06/1953

Boyd Gaines Actor, actor, born 05/11/1953

Pierce Brosnan Actor, Actor, producer, environmentalist, actor, born 05/16/1953

Aleksandr Abdulov Actor, actor, born 05/29/1953

Pirkka-Pekka Petelius Finnish actor, actor, screenwriter, actor, born 05/31/1953

Peter Bergman American actor, actor, born 06/11/1953

Tim Allen Voice-over artist, character actor, comedian, Actor, comedian, voice-over artist, actor, born 06/13/1953

Ulrich Mühe German film, television and theatre actor, Actor and director, actor, born 06/20/1953

John Vallone Production designer, Art director, drug, born 06/23/1953

Yahoo Serious Actor, director, composer, actor, born 07/27/1953

Peter Stormare Actor, actor, born 08/27/1953

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs American Actor, Actor, actor, born 09/04/1953

Amy Irving American actor, Actress, actor, born 09/10/1953

Taryn Power Actress, actor, born 09/13/1953

Kari Väänänen Actor, actor, born 09/17/1953

Laurie Bird Film actor, photographer, actor, born 09/26/1953

Claude Mouriéras Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 09/27/1953

David Threlfall Actor, Television Presenter, Director, Singer, Actor/Director, actor, born 10/12/1953

Maureen Teefy Actress, actor, born 10/26/1953

Michael J. Anderson Actor, actor, born 10/31/1953

Kate Capshaw Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/03/1953

Waldemar Krzystek Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 11/23/1953

Christine Pascal Actress, screenwriter, director, actor, born 11/29/1953

Antoine de Caunes Film director and actor, Television presenter and film actor and director, actor, born 12/01/1953

Kim Basinger Actor, fashion model, Actress, actor, born 12/08/1953

John Malkovich Academy Award-nominated American actor, producer and director, Actor, actor, born 12/09/1953

Bill Pullman American actor, Actor, actor, born 12/17/1953

Jeff Kober Actor, actor, born 12/18/1953

James Remar Actor, actor, born 12/31/1953

Katey Sagal Actor, Actress, Singer, Songwriter, actor, born 01/19/1954

Idrissa Ouedraogo Film director, screenwriter and producer, actor, born 01/21/1954

Margaux Hemingway Actress, model, fashion model, actress, actor, born 02/16/1954

Rene Russo Actor, actor, born 02/17/1954

John Travolta Actor, singer, dancer, Actor, singer, dancer, producer, writer, actor, born 02/18/1954

Anthony Stewart Head Actor, actor, born 02/20/1954

Ronald William Hoaward American actor and director, Actor, producer, director, actor, born 03/01/1954

Robert Gossett actor, born 03/03/1954

Adrian Zmed actor, Actor, born 03/04/1954

Yamina Bachir Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/20/1954

Usama Muhammad Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/21/1954

Tommy Hollis actor, born 03/22/1954

Alfred Humphries Actor, drug, born 04/03/1954

Chan, Jackie, SBS Hong Kong actor, action choreographer, film director, film producer, martial artist, screenwriter, singer and stunt performer, Actor, martial artist, director, producer, screenwriter, action choreographer, singer, actor, born 04/07/1954

Dennis Quaid Actor, drug, born 04/09/1954

Peter MacNicol Actor, actor, born 04/10/1954

Deborah Rush American actress, Actress, actor, born 04/10/1954

Ellen Barkin Actress, actor, born 04/16/1954

Michael Francis Moore American film director, author, and social commentator, Actor, director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 04/23/1954

Pia Zadora Actress, singer, actor, born 05/04/1954

Daragh O'Malley actor, born 05/25/1954

Murali Actor, actor, born 05/25/1954

Jeannine Taylor American actress, actor, born 06/02/1954

Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttir Actor, drug, born 06/18/1954

Kathleen Turner Actress, actor, born 06/19/1954

Freddie Prinze Actor, stand-up comedian, Actor, Stand-up Comedian, actor, born 06/22/1954

Danitra Vance Actress, actor, born 07/13/1954

Bruce Abbott Actor, actor, born 07/28/1954

Rick Overton screenwriter, actor, and comedian, Actor, actor, born 08/10/1954

Michael G. Moye Television writer, Television producer, Photographer, Television writer, producer, photographer, actor, born 08/11/1954

Răzvan Vasilescu Actor, drug, born 08/14/1954

David Paymer Actor, Director, Actor, director, actor, born 08/30/1954

Michael Emerson American actor, Actor, actor, born 09/07/1954

David Bamber British actor, Actor, actor, born 09/19/1954

Patrick Braoudé French actor, directory, scriptwriter, and producer, Actor, directory, scriptwriter, and producer, actor, born 09/25/1954

Dré Steemans actor, born 10/01/1954

Lorraine Bracco Actress, actor, born 10/02/1954

Lani O'Grady Actress, actor, born 10/02/1954

Rekha Indian film actress, Actress, actor, born 10/10/1954

Tim Choate Actor, actor, born 10/11/1954

Alexander Fu Sheng Popular Hong Kong martial arts film star in the 1970s from the Shaw Brothers studio., Actor, actor, born 10/20/1954

فرید مصطفوی ّFarid Mostafavi Screenwriter, actor, born 10/27/1954

Ken Wahl Actor, actor, born 10/31/1954

Allison Anders Director, screenwriter, actor, born 11/16/1954

Manuel Poirier Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/17/1954

Gregory Hlady Actor, actor, born 12/04/1954

Kristine DeBell Actress, model, actor, born 12/10/1954

Dan Butler Actor, actor, born 12/12/1954

Kusturica, Nemanja, Emir Film director and screenwriter, drug, born 12/24/1954

Denzel Washington Actor, screenwriter, director, producer, actor, born 12/28/1954

Stefano Madia Actor, drug, born 12/31/1954

Kevin Costner American film actor and director, Actor, producer, director, actor, born 01/18/1955

Olivier Assayas Film director, actor, born 01/25/1955

Kim Zimmer actor, born 02/02/1955

Miguel Ferrer Actor, actor, born 02/07/1955

Jim J. Bullock Actor, actor, born 02/09/1955

Gilbert Gottfried Actor/Comedian, actor, born 02/28/1955

Catherine Bach Actress, actor, born 03/01/1955

Glenne Headly Actress, actor, born 03/13/1955

Isabelle Huppert Actress, drug, born 03/16/1955

Gary Sinise American actor, Actor, director, actor, born 03/17/1955

Bruce Willis American actor, producer, singer, Actor, producer, musician, actor, born 03/19/1955

Rob Epstein film director, producer, actor, born 04/06/1955

Kane Hodder Horror film actor, Actor/Stuntman, actor, born 04/08/1955

Kristine Sutherland Actor, actor, born 04/17/1955

Kate Mulgrew Actress, actor, born 04/29/1955

Ricky Tognazzi Actor, Film director, actor, born 05/01/1955

Kevin Peter Hall Actor, actor, born 05/09/1955

Scott Brazil television producer, director, actor, born 05/12/1955

Winifred Hervey Television producer, screenwriter, actor, born 05/14/1955

S. Pierre Yameogo Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/15/1955

Francesco Nuti Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/17/1955

Connie Sellecca Actress, Activist, Actress, spokesperson, activist, actor, born 05/25/1955

Dana Carvey Comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 06/02/1955

Vickilyn Reynolds Actor, actor, born 06/02/1955

Rainbeaux Smith Actress, actor, born 06/06/1955

Griffin Dunne Actor, director, Actor/Director, actor, born 06/08/1955

Julie Hagerty Actress, model, Actress, actor, born 06/15/1955

Sandy Allen Actress, drug, born 06/18/1955

Isabelle Adjani Actress, Actress, singer, drug, born 06/27/1955

Bruce Altman Film, television actor, actor, born 07/03/1955

Lisa Banes Stage, film, television actress, Film, television actress, actor, born 07/09/1955

Willem Dafoe American actor, Actor, actor, born 07/22/1955

Billy Bob Thornton Actor, screenwriter, director, musician (Vocals/Drums), Actor, screenwriter, director, musician, actor, born 08/04/1955

Paul Greengrass Academy Award-nominated, BAFTA Award-winning English writer and film director, Film director, screenwriter, actor, born 08/13/1955

Antonio Luigi Grimaldi Italian actor and director, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 08/14/1955

Gunnel Fred Actor, actor, born 08/29/1955

Betsy Brantley Actor, actor, born 09/20/1955

Unni Straume Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/02/1955

Sabine von Maydell Actor, actor, born 10/09/1955

Sabine Haudepin Actor, drug, born 10/19/1955

Chris Bernard Film director, Director, actor, born 10/20/1955

Karen Dotrice English actor, Actress, actor, born 11/09/1955

Roland Emmerich film director, producer and screenwriter, actor, born 11/10/1955

Glen Pitre Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 11/10/1955

Whoopi Goldberg Actress, comedienne, author, singer, Actress, comedienne, radio disc jockey, author, singer-songwriter, talk show host, activist, actor, born 11/13/1955

Ildikó Enyedi Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 11/15/1955

Gloria Guida Actor, actor, born 11/19/1955

Rick Saucedo actor singer songwriter impersonator elvis, actor, born 11/20/1955

Gordon Liu Chinese martial arts film actor and adopted brother of Lau Kar-leung, martial arts film actor, actor, born 11/30/1955

Melody Anderson Film, television actress, Actress, actor, born 12/03/1955

Milenko Zablacanski Serbian writer, actor and director, Actor, director, and playwright, actor, born 12/08/1955

Claudio Bigagli Actor, drug, born 12/08/1955

Sheila McCarthy Actor, actor, born 01/01/1956

Mel Gibson American film actor, director, producer, Actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor, born 01/03/1956

Ann Magnuson Actress, performance artist, singer, Actress, performance artist, actor, born 01/04/1956

Angus Deayton Television presenter, actor, writer, comedian, comedian, born 01/06/1956

Thomas Henty actor, Television actor, born 01/19/1956

Geena Davis Actress, Actress, producer, writer, athlete, model, actor, born 01/21/1956

Angela Aames Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/27/1956

Adriana Barraza Actress, acting coach, director, actor, born 03/05/1956

Dana Delany Actress, actor, born 03/13/1956

Matthew Garber Actor, actor, born 03/25/1956

David Edward Kelley Writer, producer, lawyer, actor, born 04/04/1956

Walter Salles film director, producer and editor, actor, born 04/21/1956

Lars von Trier Film director, Film director and screenwriter, actor, born 04/30/1956

Michael Wright actor, born 04/30/1956

Lakis Lazopoulos Actor;Writer, actor, born 05/06/1956

Cristina Comencini Novelist, Film director, Oscar nominee, Film director, screenwriter, novelist, actor, born 05/08/1956

Catherine Corsini Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 05/18/1956

Dean Butler Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 05/20/1956

Lisa Hartman Black Actress, singer, actor, born 06/01/1956

Gregory Alan Williams Actor, author, actor, born 06/12/1956

Ulf Larsson Actor, Comedian, Writer, Director, actor, born 07/01/1956

Tom Hanks actor, Actor, producer, director, voice over artist, writer, speaker, born 07/09/1956

Robin Renucci Film director, actor, actor, born 07/11/1956

Delta Burke Actress, actor, born 07/30/1956

Ernie Dingo Actor, Television personality, comedian, Actor, Television personality, comedian, teacher, actor, born 07/31/1956

Neal Israel Actor, screenwriter, film and television producer, film and television director, Director, producer, writer and actor, actor, born 08/01/1956

Maureen McCormick Actress, singer, actor, born 08/05/1956

Adam Nimoy Television director, actor, born 08/09/1956

Adam Arkin Actor, writer, director, actor, born 08/19/1956

Joan Allen actress, Actress, actor, born 08/20/1956

Kim Cattrall English born Actress, Actress, actor, born 08/21/1956

Ayman Zeidan Actor, actor, born 09/01/1956

Megan Williams Actress, singer, actor, born 09/11/1956

Tim McInnerny Actor, actor, born 09/18/1956

Christoph Waltz Actor, actor, born 10/04/1956

Stephen Spinella Actor, actor, born 10/11/1956

Carrie Fisher Actress, Screenwriter, Novelist, Novelist, screenwriter, actress, actor, born 10/21/1956

Norm Green Award-winning American film and television producer, Journalist, Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, actor, born 11/03/1956

Bo Derek Actress, actor, born 11/20/1956

Cherry Jones Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/21/1956

Cynthia Rhodes Actress, dancer, singer, Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 11/21/1956

Don Lake Writer, Actor, Director, Writer, actor, born 11/26/1956

Hinton Battle African-American actor, dancer, and choreographer., Actor, choreographer, dancer, actor, born 11/29/1956

Blanche Baker American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/20/1956

Gregory Paul Martin British writer and television and film actor, actor, born 01/21/1957


Timothy Spall Actor, presenter, actor, born 02/27/1957

Jean van de Velde Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/14/1957

Richard Kwietniowski Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/17/1957

Vanessa Calloway Bell Actress, dancer, actor, born 03/20/1957

Daniel Day-Lewis English actor, Actor, actor, born 04/22/1957

Richard E. Grant Actor, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 05/05/1957

Daniel Carson Goodman Screenwriter, actor, born 05/16/1957

Stephen R. Hudis director, Director, Stunts, Actor, actor, born 05/17/1957

Judge Reinhold Actor, actor, born 05/21/1957

Ted Levine Actor, actor, born 05/29/1957

Michael Burger Actor, Actor/Game show host, actor, born 06/10/1957

Jon Gries Actor, writer, director, actor, born 06/17/1957

Frances McDormand Actress, actor, born 06/23/1957

Jan Schütte Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 06/26/1957

Lisa Blount Actor, actor, born 07/01/1957

Ken Ober Actor, game show host, television producer, screenwriter, Game show host, comedian, and actor, actor, born 07/03/1957

Kim Ui-seok Film director, actor, born 07/06/1957

Kelly McGillis American actress, actress, actor, born 07/09/1957

Cameron Crowe Academy Award-winning American writer and film director, actor, born 07/13/1957

Donna Dixon Actress, actor, born 07/20/1957

Dirk Blocker Television, film actor, actor, born 07/31/1957

Melanie Griffith Actress, actor, born 08/09/1957

Alejandro Tommasi Mexican stage, film and television actor, actor, born 08/14/1957

Stephen John Fry English comedian, Actor, comedian, author, journalist, broadcaster, film director, drug, born 08/24/1957

Khandi Alexander Actress, dancer, choreographer, actor, born 09/04/1957

Weng Weng Actor, martial artist, actor, born 09/07/1957

Heather Thomas Actress, screenwriter, author, political activist, Actress, screenwriter, author, actor, born 09/08/1957

Fran Drescher American film and television actress, comedian, screenwriter, tv director, producer, author and activist, Actress, actor, born 09/30/1957

Bernie Mac American comedian and actor, Actor, comedian, sketch writer, actor, born 10/05/1957

Manuel Huerga Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/20/1957

Nancy Cartwright Voice actor, Actress, comedian, voice artist, actor, born 10/25/1957

Dan Castellaneta Voice actor, Actor, Comedian, Voice actor, writer, actor, comedian, actor, born 10/29/1957

Kevin Pollak Actor/Comedian, actor, born 10/30/1957

Jon-Erik Hexum Actor, model, actor, born 11/05/1957

Ray McKinnon Actor, actor, born 11/15/1957

Aurelio Grimaldi Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/22/1957

Marcelino Sánchez Actor, actor, born 12/05/1957

Arabella Weir British comedian, actress, writer, Comedian, Actress, Writer., actor, born 12/06/1957

Susan Powter Author, motivational speaker, Dietitian, Motivational speaker, Writer, actor, born 12/12/1957

Toby Radloff Film actor, actor, born 12/12/1957

Dominique Cabrera Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/21/1957

Trisha Goddard English television presenter, Broadcaster, actress, drug, born 12/23/1957

Aleksandr Khvan Film director, Actor, drug, born 12/28/1957

Gary Jones British/Canadian actor, actor, born 01/04/1958

Lizzie Borden Film director/ Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 02/03/1958

Barry Miller Actor, actor, born 02/06/1958

Pernilla August Actress, Actress, film director, drug, born 02/13/1958

Jack Coleman actor, screenwriter, actor, born 02/21/1958

Miranda Richardson Actress, Actor, drug, born 03/03/1958

Sharon Stone actress, producer, model, Actress, producer, actor, born 03/10/1958

Anissa Jones Child actress, Actress, actor, born 03/11/1958

János Szász Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/14/1958

Darezhan Omirbaev Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/15/1958

Holly Hunter Actress, Actress / Producer, actor, born 03/20/1958

Gary Oldman Actor, screenwriter, director, producer, musician, Actor, filmmaker, musician, actor, born 03/21/1958

Tony Cox actor, born 03/31/1958

Alec Baldwin American actor, Actor, director, producer, author, actor, born 04/03/1958

Arielle Dombasle French-American actress and singer, Actress, singer, actor, born 04/27/1958

Michelle Pfeiffer Actor, Actress, drug, born 04/29/1958

Eve Plumb Actress, painter, actor, born 04/29/1958

Chen Kuo-Fu Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, drug, born 05/13/1958

Paul Whitehouse British comedian and actor, Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 05/17/1958

Denise Welch Television presenter, Actress, Actress, television presenter, actor, born 05/22/1958

Drew Allison Carey Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host, Actor, actor, born 05/23/1958

Linnea Quigley Actress, Actress/Producer, actor, born 05/27/1958

Annette Bening Actress, actor, born 05/29/1958

Ted McGinley Actor, actor, born 05/30/1958

Robert Clohessy Actor, actor, born 06/10/1958

Rebecca Holden Actress, singer, actor, born 06/12/1958

Bruce Campbell American actor, Actor, author, producer, writer, director, actor, born 06/22/1958

Tim Abell Actor, actor, born 07/01/1958

Kevin Norwood Bacon American film and theater actor, Musician, Actor, actor, born 07/08/1958

Lambert Wilson Actor, drug, born 08/03/1958

Amanda Bearse Actress, Director, Comedienne, Actress, director, comedienne, actor, born 08/09/1958

Don Swayze Actor, actor, born 08/10/1958

Valerie Landsburg Actress, director, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, actor, born 08/12/1958

Steve Guttenberg Actor, comedian, actor, born 08/24/1958

Timothy Burton Film Director, Producer, Writer, Conceptual artist, Film director, film producer, writer, artist, actor, born 08/25/1958

Randy Stone Film producer, actor, born 08/26/1958

Lenny Henry Comedian, Actor, comedian, presenter, writer, actor, born 08/29/1958

Bernard Blancan Actor, actor, born 09/09/1958

Chris Columbus American filmmaker, Screenwriter, producer, director, actor, born 09/10/1958

Scott Gordon Patterson Actor known for his role on Gilmore Girls, Baseball pitcher, actor, born 09/11/1958

Johanna Schall Actor, drug, born 09/19/1958

Tim Robbins actor, screenwriter, director, producer, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, activist, musician, actor, born 10/16/1958

Viggo Mortensen American actor, Actor, poet, musician, photographer and painter, actor, born 10/20/1958

Thierry van Werveke Actor, drug, born 10/23/1958

Megan Mullally American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/12/1958

Marg Helgenberger American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/16/1958

Isabella Blow Magazine editor, stylist, actress, model, actor, born 11/19/1958

Dorothy Lucey Entertainment reporter, actor, born 11/19/1958

Jamie Lee Curtis Actress, author, Actress, actor, born 11/22/1958

Lynn-Holly Johnson Figure skater, actress, actor, born 12/13/1958

Joan Severance Film and television actress, model, actor, born 12/23/1958

Bebe Neuwirth Actor, Actress, actor, born 12/31/1958

Alex Hyde-White Film, television actor, actor, born 01/30/1959

Hella von Sinnen German lesbian TV entertainer and comedian, actor, born 02/02/1959

Bradley Cole American actor, Actor, actor, born 02/11/1959

Kyle MacLachlan Actor, actor, born 02/22/1959

Aleksei Balabanov Film director, drug, born 02/25/1959

Aidan Quinn Actor, actor, born 03/08/1959

Renny Harlin Finnish film director and film producer, Director/Producer, actor, born 03/15/1959

Luc Besson Film director, producer, director, screenwriter, actor, born 03/18/1959

Matthew Modine actor, Actor, born 03/22/1959

Philippe Volter Actor, actor, born 03/23/1959

David Frankel Film director, actor, born 04/02/1959

Emma Thompson Actress, screenwriter, Actress, comedienne, screenwriter, actor, born 04/15/1959

Sean Bean Actor, actor, born 04/17/1959

Ryan Stiles actor, comedian, Actor, comedian, director, voice actor, actor, born 04/22/1959

Glenn Morshower Actor, actor, born 04/24/1959

Neil Pearson Actor, actor, born 04/27/1959

Paul Gross Film Actor, Film Producer, Film Writer, music composer, Film Director, actor, born 04/30/1959

Justine Avignone Miceli American actress, Actress, actor, born 04/30/1959

Barbara Yung Actress, actor, born 05/07/1959

Peter Greene Actor, actor, born 05/10/1959

Ving Rhames Actor, actor, born 05/12/1959

Michael Steinberg Film director, Film producer, drug, born 05/15/1959

Nick Cassavetes Actor, Director, Writer, actor, born 05/21/1959

Rupert Everett Actor, actor, born 05/29/1959

Scott Thompson Actor/Comedian, actor, born 06/12/1959

Lance Kinsey Actor, screenwriter, actor, born 06/13/1959

John Franklin Actor, actor, born 06/16/1959

Mark McKinney comedian, actor, born 06/26/1959

Robert Knepper Actor, actor, born 07/08/1959

James Hugh Calum Laurie English actor and comedian, Actor, comedian, writer, musician, director, actor, born 07/11/1959

Kevin Spacey Oscar-winning American actor, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 07/26/1959

Tom McGowan Actor, actor, born 07/26/1959

John C. McGinley Actor, actor, born 08/03/1959

Rosanna Arquette Actress, director, producer, actor, born 08/10/1959

Amanda Redman English actress, Actress, actor, born 08/12/1959

Marcia Gay Harden Actress, actor, born 08/14/1959

Brian Thompson Actor, actor, born 08/28/1959

Merritt Butrick Actor, actor, born 09/03/1959

Haviland Morris Actress, actor, born 09/14/1959

Soo-il Jeon South Korean film director, film director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 09/15/1959

Rosalind Chao American actress, Actress, drug, born 09/23/1959

Carmen Russo Reality television personality, singer, actress, dancer, Film actor, actor, born 10/03/1959

Samuel Marshall Raimi American film director, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 10/23/1959

Mackenzie Phillips Actress, actor, born 11/10/1959

Paul McGann Character actor, actor, born 11/14/1959

Mario Martone Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/20/1959

Dominique Dunne American actress, actor, born 11/23/1959

Johnny Whitaker Actor, Actor/Singer, actor, born 12/13/1959

Perry Lang Television director and actor, Director, writer, actor, actor, born 12/24/1959

Patricia Clarkson Actress, actor, born 12/29/1959

Val Kilmer Actor, actor, born 12/31/1959

Shinya Tsukamoto 塚本晋也 Director, Producer, Writer, and Actor, actor, born 01/01/1960

Jeffrey Richmond American composer, television actor and producer, Composer, actor, producer, actor, born 01/07/1960

Oliver Platt Actor, actor, born 01/12/1960

Matthew Bourne British ballet and dance choreographer, Theatre director, choreographer, dancer, actor, born 01/13/1960

Robert Smigel Humorist, performer, Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 02/07/1960

Robert Addie actor, born 02/10/1960

Piotr Bajor Actor, drug, born 02/16/1960

Mykelti Williamson American actor, Actor, actor, born 03/04/1960

Jason Beghe Actor, actor, born 03/12/1960

Louise Robey Singer-songwriter, model, and actress, Singer-songwriter, actor, born 03/14/1960

Markus Selin Finnish television Producer and film producer, actor, born 03/16/1960

Kelly LeBrock actress, supermodel, actor, Supermodel, actor, born 03/24/1960

Brenda Strong Actress, actor, born 03/25/1960

Bill Corbett Actor, Puppeteer, actor, born 03/30/1960

Michael Praed British actor, actor, born 04/01/1960

Zoltán Kamondi Film director, Actor, drug, born 04/06/1960

Valerie Bertinelli actress, Actress, actor, born 04/23/1960

Gildor Roy Actor, actor, born 05/11/1960

Doug Jones Actor, actor, born 05/24/1960

Tracy Jo Pollan Actress, actor, born 06/22/1960

Eve Gordon Actress, actor, born 06/25/1960

Jane Lynch Actress, Actress, comedian, writer, singer, actor, born 07/14/1960

Fazlur Rahman Babu actor, Actor, singer, born 07/14/1960

Willie Aames Actor, film and television director, television producer, screenwriter, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 07/15/1960

Atom Egoyan film director, screenwriter, producer & actor, actor, born 07/19/1960

David Duchovny Actor, actor, born 08/07/1960

Lucinda Dickey Actress, dancer, actor, born 08/14/1960

Timothy Hutton American actor, Actor, actor, born 08/16/1960

Sean Penn American actor, director, Actor/Director, actor, born 08/17/1960

Hugh John Mungo Grant English actor and film producer, Actor/Film producer, actor, born 09/09/1960

Héctor Fáver Film producer, Film director, drug, born 09/09/1960

Frédéric Pierrot Actor, drug, born 09/17/1960

Scott Baio American actor, Actor, actor, born 09/22/1960

Anna Hruby Australian actor, Television actor, actor, born 10/19/1960

Tilda Swinton Actress, actor, born 11/05/1960

Richard Wayne Fields Announcer of The Price Is Right, Actor, Meteorologist, Voice-Over Actor, Game show announcer, spokesperson, voice-over artist, meteorologist, actor, born 11/30/1960

Silk Smitha Actress, actor, born 12/02/1960

Julianne Moore American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/03/1960

Daryl Hannah Actress, actor, born 12/03/1960

Sólveig Anspach Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 12/08/1960

Rachel Portman British composer, actor, born 12/11/1960

Chad McQueen Professional race car driver and actor, Actor, actor, born 12/28/1960

Karim Dridi Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/09/1961

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Actress, comedian, Actress/Comedienne, actor, born 01/13/1961

Nastassja Kinski actress, Actress, actor, born 01/24/1961

Tim Meadows Actor, comedian, Actor/Comedian, actor, born 02/05/1961

Terry Wayne Ray Actor, producer, screenwriter, drug, born 02/12/1961

Trent Lehman Actor, actor, born 02/23/1961

Camryn Manheim Actress, actor, born 03/08/1961

Titus Welliver actor, born 03/12/1961

Penny Johnson Jerald Actress, actor, born 03/14/1961

Eddie Murphy Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe Award-winning American actor, Actor, comedian, director, producer, singer, voice actor, drug, born 04/03/1961

Magda Szubanski Australian actress, actor, born 04/12/1961

Jane Leeves Actress, actor, born 04/18/1961

Joan Chen actress, film director, screenwriter, producer, actress, director, screenwriter, producer, actor, born 04/26/1961

George Clooney actor, director, producer, screenwriter, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 05/06/1961

Janet McTeer Actress, actor, born 05/08/1961

John Corbett Actor/Singer, actor, born 05/09/1961

Bruce McCulloch comedian, actor, writer, actor, born 05/12/1961

Siobhan Fallon Hogan Actor, Actress, actor, born 05/13/1961

Tim Roth English actor, Actor/Director, actor, born 05/14/1961

Katrin Cartlidge Actress, actor, born 05/15/1961

Kevin McDonald Actor/Comedian, actor, born 05/16/1961

Peri Gilpin American television and voice actress, Actress, actor, born 05/27/1961

Lea Thompson American actress of film and theatre, and director of several television series and made-for-TV movies., Actress/Director, actor, born 05/31/1961

Liam Cunningham Actor, actor, born 06/02/1961

Bodil Jørgensen Actor, drug, born 06/03/1961

Mary Kay Bergman Voice actress, actor, born 06/05/1961

Michael J. Fox Canadian actor, Actor, author, producer, advocate, voice-over artist, actor, born 06/09/1961

Aaron Benjamin Sorkin American Screenwriter, Producer, Playwright, Screenwriter, producer, playwright, actor, born 06/09/1961

Vasili Pichul Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 06/15/1961

Kōichi Yamadera Japanese Seiyū, actor, tarento and narrator, Actor, tarento, seiyū, actor, born 06/17/1961

Ricky Gervais English actor, comedian, author, director, producer, Actor, comedian, writer, producer, director, actor, born 06/25/1961

Kimberlin Ann Brown American actress, Film, television actress, actor, born 06/29/1961

Gareth Jones Television presenter, actor, born 07/05/1961

Shivanna Kannada actor, Actor, actor, born 07/12/1961

Forest Whitaker American actor and film director., Actor, producer, director, actor, born 07/15/1961

Jean-Pierre Améris Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 07/26/1961

Laurence Fishburne Award-winning American film, theatre, and television actor, film director, film producer, and playwright., Actor, director, producer, playwright, actor, born 07/30/1961

Molly Hagan Actress, actor, born 08/03/1961

Kati Outinen Actor, actor, born 08/17/1961

Tony Longo actor, born 08/19/1961

Francesca Comencini Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 08/19/1961

Elizabeth Daily voice actress, actress, singer, songwriter, musician, Voice actress, actress, singer, songwriter, musician, actor, born 09/11/1961

Sonja Savić Actor, actor, born 09/15/1961

James R. Gandolfini Emmy award winning American actor, Actor, actor, born 09/18/1961

Mehmet Aslantuğ Actor, drug, born 09/25/1961

Eric Stoltz Actor, Actor, director, actor, born 09/30/1961

Crystal Bernard Actor, Actress/Singer, actor, born 09/30/1961

Paul Chart Film direct