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Lessons Of Peoplay

Lesson 1: Lines of Birth Matrix – what do they mean?

The Line 1-4-7 indicates 'The Beautiful Mind', or 'The Thinker/Philosopher'-part of our Personality. We are trying to find the meaning of life and things on this level of our nature, doing this search in the most critical and individual manner. Therefore, the Line 1-4-7 indicates the capacity for personal independent mental search and growth, beyond the influence of other People or current Time. Look at the Birth Matrix of one of the most influential people in human history: Sir Isaac Newton

The Line 2-5-8 is a central Line and a 'physical core' of the Birth Matrix , which means 'The Being Itself', or our existence on physical, materialistic level of reality. The vitality, practicality, common sense and individual well-being are most important on this level, which indicates 'The Materialist'-part of our Personality. Look at the Birth Matrix of a Person who had the longest confirmed human life span in history: Jeanne Louise Calment

The Line 3-6-9 indicates 'The Artist', or 'The Visionary'-part of Personality. This is the psychic level of human nature, which helps transform all personal sensations, emotions and thoughts to Art and Vision, i.e. figurative and metaphorical representation of reality. On the level of Line 3-6-9, Person might be able to 'see' things from the past or the future. In spiritual sense, the Line 3-6-9 means 'Faith', in contrast to 'Critical Mind' of the Line 1-4-7. The Line 3-6-9 also marks the interdependence of Person and his/her Time and is very important to any Celebrities as well as to People who deal with both today's and eternal things: news, PR and social network as well as Culture, Religion and Education. Brian Samuel Epstein

Lesson 2: Life Path – what is it about?

When you calculate your 'Pythagoras' Matrix of Birth on our website, you will see your Life Path Number highlighted in red. However, the System we are offering is not about your personal Life Path per se. This is the subject of a different Life-Purpose System. We, on the other hand, seek to provide you with an original System, which is about the meaning of our entire 'Pythagoras' Birth Code, which is much deeper and more versatile – both energetically and psychologically - than just Life Path itself.

Nevertheless, Life Path is one of the most interesting and important characteristics of Personal Birth Matrix ! The reason is simple: Life Path indicates the kind of main energy for our current life (or incarnation, if you like this kind of definition).

As indicator of main energy, Life Path plays much more positive than negative role in our life and therefore should not be considered as a harsh indicator of inevitable Destiny. On the contrary, Life Path should be considered as a 'tip from heaven' about our strongest inborn potential and hence for the best choices in life, including possible life course. This is especially the case when the Life Path is strengthened with an impressive aspect of its Number!

In order to help you better understand the energy of your Life Path (through its picture and definition), we are highlighting its Number in red color twice: first, in the Matrix itself, and second, as an additional number in parentheses, near your calculated Life Path. This additional number in parentheses should be especially helpful to those who have '10', '11', and '12' as their Life-Path Numbers.

With all our respect for the followers of the Life-Purpose System, we do NOT consider such variants to be energy-independent Numbers. Thus, we consider the Numbers '1', '2', and '3' in parentheses to be illustrating 'energy versions' of Life-Paths '10', '11', and '12', respectively.

Because of these rules, you might come across a situation when a Person, for example, has a Life-Path '11' (energy version '2') and does not have any '2' in his/her personal Matrix . Do not be confused! This case means that an Individual might have to master his or her main Life Energy through other energies, which may require more time and/or unusual efforts. As a result, such an Individual may demonstrate unconventional forms of achievements, life turns or paths to success, like singer Madonna or former president Bill Clinton do. Madonna Louise Ciccone