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Alexander 06 pope, born 01/01/1431

Sigismund 01 The Old British royalty, born 01/01/1467

Zwingli, Huldrych, Ulrich leader of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland, and founder of the Swiss Reformed Churches, born 01/01/1484

Pau Claris I Casademunt politician, born 01/01/1586

Willem Pietersz Buytewech artist, born 01/01/1592

Sun Chuanting military person, born 01/01/1593

Barthelemy Vimont born 01/01/1594

John Wilkins Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, Secretary of the Royal Society, Bishop of Chester, Anglican clergyman, Author, Administrator, born 01/01/1614

Bartolome Esteban Murillo ARTIST, PAINTER OF RELIGIOUS THEMES, born 01/01/1618

Aert Van Waes artist, born 01/01/1620

Giovanni Battista Mancini Italian soprano castrato, voice teacher and author of books on singing, born 01/01/1714

Johann Christoph Altnickol German organist, bass singer and composer, born 01/01/1720

Isabel Godin des Odonais born 01/01/1728

Miyagino Nishikinosuke born 01/01/1744

Anthony Wayne Continental Army general, military person, born 01/01/1745

Vincent Strambi Roman Catholic Bishop, saint, born 01/01/1745

David Howell United States federal judge, born 01/01/1747

Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg first Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, office holder, born 01/01/1750

Benjamin Williams governor, born 01/01/1751

Betsy Ross born 01/01/1752

Onogawa Kisaburo born 01/01/1758

Henry Molleston office holder, born 01/01/1762

Maria Edgeworth Novelist, writer, born 01/01/1767

Walter Dulaney Addison Episcopal clergyman, born 01/01/1769

James M. Broom office holder, born 01/01/1776

William Beale English composer and baritone, born 01/01/1784

Tamagaki Gakunosuke born 01/01/1784

Augustus Ludlow United States Navy officer, born 01/01/1792

Francis Bond Head office holder, born 01/01/1793

Robert Crittenden governor, born 01/01/1797

Kuniyoshi ARTIST, PAINTER, PRINTMAKER, born 01/01/1798

Václav Emanuel Horák Czech composer and liturgical musician, born 01/01/1800

Constantine Hering Homeopathic physician and naturalist., Homeopath, born 01/01/1800

Egerton, Francis, 1st Earl of Ellesmere Earl of Ellesmere and politician, office holder, born 01/01/1800


Peter Jones Methodist Missionary of Upper Canada, Chief of the Mississaugas of Credit and New Credit, born 01/01/1802

Daniel Egan Australian politician, office holder, born 01/01/1803

Manuel Felipe Tovar president, born 01/01/1803

Guglielmo Libri Carucci Dalla Sommaja Professor of mathematics, born 01/01/1803

Republic of Haiti REPUBLIC, born 01/01/1804

Archibald Bell Pastoralist, explorer, born 01/01/1804

Mingchen Ye Politician, governor, born 01/01/1807

William Henry Stiles Confederate Army officer, born 01/01/1808

Nicolas Hyeronimus Australian innkeeper, merchant, pastoralist and politician, Innkeeper, Merchant, Pastoralist, office holder, born 01/01/1808

Ellet, Charles, Jr. United States Army officer, Engineer, born 01/01/1810

William Bigler senator, born 01/01/1814

Charles Bernard Renouvier PHILOSOPHER, philosopher, born 01/01/1815

James Macconnell born 01/01/1815

Manuel Murillo Toro president, born 01/01/1816

Napoleon Bonaparte Giddings senator, born 01/01/1816

John W. Hall merchant, office holder, born 01/01/1817

George F. Shepley Union Army general, politician, office holder, born 01/01/1819

John Sewell Sanborn office holder, born 01/01/1819

George F. Shepley Union Army general, politician, office holder, born 01/01/1819

Edward Butler New South Wales politician, lawyer and journalist, born 01/01/1823

Samuel William Gray Australian politician, office holder, born 01/01/1823


Manuel Baquedano president, born 01/01/1823

William Lewis Cabell Confederate Army general, military person, born 01/01/1827

Richard Phelan born 01/01/1828

John S. Casement Union Army officer, military person, born 01/01/1829

Tommaso Salvini actor, born 01/01/1829

Paul Hamilton Hayne Editor, poet, born 01/01/1830

George M. Love American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1831

Robert Arthur Lawson Architect, born 01/01/1833

William Ellis United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1834

David Oppenheimer Businessman and author, office holder, born 01/01/1834

Edward Cochrane office holder, born 01/01/1834

John Yates Beall Confederate privateer, military person, born 01/01/1835

John Durham Union Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1835

Reuben S. Strahan judge, born 01/01/1835

Francis Lewis Cardozo Clergyman, politician, educator, born 01/01/1836

William Lindsay SCRUGGS Diplomat, office holder, born 01/01/1836

Thomas Lounsbury American scholar and Union officer, born 01/01/1838


William H. Workman politician, born 01/01/1839

Republic of El Salvador REPUBLIC, born 01/01/1841

William Malcolm Bunn 10th Governor of Idaho Territory, American newspaperman, office holder, born 01/01/1842

John Connor United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1845

Juan Serralles Businessman, Philanthropist, Industrialist, born 01/01/1845

Rudolf Tillmetz German flute virtuoso and pedagogue, born 01/01/1847

Clara T. Bracy Actor, drug, born 01/01/1848

Joseph Cable United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 01/01/1848

Richard J. Nolan United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1848

Joseph Cable United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1848

Alois Epstein Czech paediatrician, born 01/01/1849

Gaspard Edouard Five MILITARY, GENERAL, PIONEER OF THE BELGIAN CONGO, born 01/01/1849

Benjamin Holt President of Holt Manufacturing Company, born 01/01/1849

William Mershon Lanning congressman, born 01/01/1849

Cornelius Gurlitt German architect, academic and art historian, born 01/01/1850

Thomas Wilson Crothers office holder, born 01/01/1850

Henry Rodenburg United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1851

Edmund Ter Meer scientist, born 01/01/1852

Harry A. Richardson businessman, office holder, born 01/01/1853

Thomas Waddell New South Wales politician and Premier, born 01/01/1854

George Earle Chamberlain governor, born 01/01/1854

Laurence Ginnell Barrister / Author, politician, born 01/01/1854

Bill McGunnigle Major League Baseball player, manager, baseball player, born 01/01/1855

George H. Morgan United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1855

Willis Sweet congressman, born 01/01/1856

Cornelis Adriaan Lobry de Bruijn SCIENTIST, CHEMIST, born 01/01/1857

Tim Keefe baseball player, born 01/01/1857

Albert Gleaves United States Navy admiral, military person, born 01/01/1858

Clarence Ransom Edwards United States Army general commanding 26th "Yankee" Division in WWI, military person, born 01/01/1859

Leandre Lacroix Luxembourgian politician, born 01/01/1859

Henrique Pousao artist, born 01/01/1859

Jan Vilimek Czech illustrator, painter, born 01/01/1860

John Franklin Mcgee United States federal judge, born 01/01/1861

Herminie Templeton Kavanagh writer, born 01/01/1861

Chunxuan Cen Politician, governor, born 01/01/1861

Joe Warbrick New Zealand rugby union player and administrator, rugby player, born 01/01/1862

Cecilio Baez president, born 01/01/1862

Coubertin, Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Pedagogue and historian, president, born 01/01/1863

Adolf Beck Physiologist, born 01/01/1863

Pierre de Coubertin EDUCATOR, HISTORIAN, born 01/01/1863

Aleko Konstantinov writer, born 01/01/1863

John M. Haines governor, born 01/01/1863

Gustave Moussu PATHOLOGIST, PROFESSOR, born 01/01/1864

Alfred Stieglitz PHOTOGRAPHER, EDITOR, artist, born 01/01/1864

Baishi Qi born 01/01/1864

Miah Murray Major League Baseball player, umpire, baseball player, born 01/01/1865

James Robb Church United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1866

Peter Elfelt actor, born 01/01/1866

Snitz Edwards actor, born 01/01/1868

Carl Petersen office holder, born 01/01/1868

Bumpus Jones baseball player, born 01/01/1870

Roy Daugherty outlaw, born 01/01/1870

Paden Tolbert born 01/01/1870

Jose Ramos Preto Jurist and, office holder, born 01/01/1871

Alfred Dubuc member of parliament, born 01/01/1871

Arthur Gibson Manning New South Wales politician, Grazier, member of parliament, born 01/01/1872

James Young Film director, Actor, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/01/1872

Victor Balthazard PHYSICIAN, AUTHOR, born 01/01/1872

Telesphore Arsenault member of parliament, born 01/01/1872

W. Matt Lowe Merchant, office holder, born 01/01/1872

Marija Jurić journalist, novelist, dramatist, born 01/01/1873

Frank Hall Crane Actor, drug, born 01/01/1873

Mariano Azuela AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 01/01/1873

Charlotte Hennessy actor, born 01/01/1873

Gustave Whitehead aviation pioneer, born 01/01/1874

Joseph Ernest van Roey ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, born 01/01/1874

Frank Knox Politician and United States Army officer, office holder, born 01/01/1874

Hugo Leichtentritt German-Jewish musicologist and composer, born 01/01/1874

Thomas F. Donnelly member of parliament, born 01/01/1874

Joe Kostal Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 01/01/1876

Paula de Waart Actor, drug, born 01/01/1876

Robert Bobby Howe Walthour Sr American cyclist, born 01/01/1878



Edward Morgan Forster Writer, writer, born 01/01/1879

Edward Dillon Actor, drug, born 01/01/1879

Paul Porcasi Actor, drug, born 01/01/1879

Adomas Varnas Lithuanian painter, photographer, collector, philanthropist and educator, born 01/01/1879

Ernest Jones PSYCHOANALYST, AUTHOR, born 01/01/1879

Albert H. Taylor scientist, born 01/01/1879

Mieczyslawa Cwiklinska actor, born 01/01/1879

Edward Dillon Actor, born 01/01/1879

U Ottama Buddhist monk, born 01/01/1880

Jr. Willem Eduard Bok South African lawyer and judge, office holder, born 01/01/1880

Vajiravudh British royalty, born 01/01/1881

Winifred Greenwood VAUDEVILLE/STAGE/SILENT FILM ACTRESS, born 01/01/1882

Abigail Campbell Kawananakoa Political leader, born 01/01/1882

Martin Ansorge congressman, born 01/01/1882

William Joseph Donovan United States Army General, Medal of Honor recipient, and civil serveant, military person, born 01/01/1883

Federigo Tozzi Italian writer, writer, born 01/01/1883

Roy Wilson Howard EDITOR, PUBLISHER, born 01/01/1883

Constance MacKenzie DANCER, born 01/01/1883

Ichiro Hatoyama prime minister, born 01/01/1883

Frederick J. Conboy office holder, born 01/01/1883

Tran Trong Kim president, born 01/01/1883

Edwin Johnson governor, born 01/01/1884

Papa Celestin musical artist, born 01/01/1884

Victor Travers actor, born 01/01/1884

Bela Balogh actor, born 01/01/1885

Willard Robertson Actor, drug, born 01/01/1886

Harold Halse soccer player, born 01/01/1886

Garegin Njdeh office holder, born 01/01/1886

Hermann Rosse Art director, Architect and Painter, drug, born 01/01/1887

Wilhelm Canaris MILITARY, NAVAL ADMIRAL, INTELLIGENCE HEAD 1934-44, military person, born 01/01/1887

Saune military person, born 01/01/1887

Chesley Bonestell Artist, born 01/01/1888

Ludwig Rex Actor, drug, born 01/01/1888

Henri Pequet AVIATOR, born 01/01/1888

Augustus Dunbier artist, born 01/01/1888

Franz Karl German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 01/01/1888

Johann Theodor von Ravenstein German soldier WW I and WW II, military person, born 01/01/1889

Tom Dugan Actor, actor, born 01/01/1889

Charles Bickford FILM/STAGE/TV/BURLESQUE ACTOR, born 02/22/1914

Saba Sueyro president, born 01/01/1889

Ted Bassett English professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1889

Lila Leslie Actor, actor, born 01/01/1890

Willie Sandlin United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1890

Ellis M Zacharias military person, born 01/01/1890

Charles Bickford Actor, actor, born 01/01/1891

Alessandro De Stefani Screenwriter, actor, born 01/01/1891

Prince Constantine Constantinovich Of Russia British royalty, born 01/01/1891

Ted Magner soccer manager, born 01/01/1891

Harlan Ellison AUTHOR, EDITOR, FASTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, born 05/27/1934

Manuel Roxas office holder, born 01/01/1892

Mahidol Adulyadej British royalty, born 01/01/1892

Miklós Radnai Hungarian composer, critic and music writer, born 01/01/1892

Decies, Helen Beresford, Baroness born 01/01/1893

Satyendra Nath Bose Physicist, scientist, born 01/01/1894

Iván Petrovich Actor, drug, born 01/01/1894

Walther Schultze PHYSICIAN, NAZI POLITICIAN, born 01/01/1894

J. Edgar Hoover FBI director, office holder, born 01/01/1895

Gustav Abraham Schickedanz German entrepreneur, entrepreneur, born 01/01/1895

Marc Evrard MILITARY, OFFICER, born 01/01/1895

Laszlo Endre born 01/01/1895

Frank Bell military person, born 01/01/1895

Arthur J. Forrest United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1896

Jose Diaz office holder, born 01/01/1896

Estelle Yancey Vocalist, musical artist, born 01/01/1896

Max Ibel military person, born 01/01/1896

Werner von Eichstedt German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 01/01/1896

Heinrich Goetz German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 01/01/1896

Walter Greaza actor, born 01/01/1897

Gerhard T. Buchholz Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, drug, born 01/01/1898

New York City Incorporation of 5 Boroughs CITY, born 01/01/1898

Andre Marie Zeller MILITARY, ARMY OFFICER, POLITICIAN, GOV. OF PARIS, born 01/01/1898

Reza Mahjubi composer and violinist, musical artist, born 01/01/1898

Wal Rigney Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 01/01/1898


Raymond Loucheur MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 01/01/1899

Lillian Rich English Actor, Film actor, actor, born 01/01/1900

Robert Bruce Lindsay American Physicist, scientist, born 01/01/1900

Boris Bazhanov Personal secretary to Joseph Stalin, born 01/01/1900


Mildred Davis ACTRESS, born 04/28/1956

William Norton politician, born 01/01/1900

Chiune Sugihara born 01/01/1900

Sam Berger gridiron football player, born 01/01/1900

John Hermann born 01/01/1900

Benjamin Buttenweiser Banker, born 01/01/1900

Shrikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar vocalist, musicologist, musical artist, born 01/01/1900

Bernard Ryan Apprentice Tailor, born 01/01/1900

Giovanni Corbyons soccer player, born 01/01/1900

Commonwealth of Australia COMMONWEALTH, born 01/01/1901

Commonwealth of Australia---Political POLITICAL ENTITY, born 01/01/1901

Marcel Balsa Formula One racer, born 01/01/1901

Century Milstead gridiron football player, born 01/01/1901

Martin Unrein military person, born 01/01/1901

Samuel Zauber soccer player, born 01/01/1901

Dean Park Taylor American politician, born 01/01/1902

Hans von Dohnanyi LAWYER, SUPREME COURT JUDGE, MURDER VICTIM, born 01/01/1902

Hans Von Dohnanyi jurist, born 01/01/1902

B. J. Shelton Musician, musical artist, born 01/01/1902

Charley Belanger boxer, born 01/01/1902

Emanuel Hirsch Bloch born 01/01/1902

Hossein Sadaghiani soccer manager, born 01/01/1903

Joe Wostoupal gridiron football player, born 01/01/1903

Prince George Louis Of Erbach-Schonberg British royalty, born 01/01/1903

Florence Lake actor, born 01/01/1904

Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry office holder, born 01/01/1904

Ethan Allen baseball player, born 01/01/1904

Vasilis Avlonitis actor, born 01/01/1904

Newsboy Brown boxer, born 01/01/1904

Paul A. Porter Lawyer, office holder, born 01/01/1904

Adrian Ford american football player, born 01/01/1904

Tom Dalton prime minister, born 01/01/1904


Olive Hasbrouck STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, born 01/01/1905

Stanislaw Mazur scientist, born 01/01/1905

Fred Bretonnel boxer, born 01/01/1905

Rodolfo Orlandini soccer player, born 01/01/1905

Lanka Sundaram Lawyer, office holder, born 01/01/1905

Teddy Andrulewicz american football player, born 01/01/1905

Gerald Sanford Levin United States federal judge, born 01/01/1906

Fulvio Bernardini SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/01/1906

Gloria Gould born 01/01/1906

Alfons Novickis soccer player, born 01/01/1906

Addison Baker United States Air Force Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1907

Bernard Zabłocki Polish microbiologist, immunologist, born 01/01/1907

Frank Coe born 01/01/1907

Tuffy Griffiths boxer, born 01/01/1907

Mohammed Hadid born 01/01/1907

Elwyn Romnes ice hockey player, born 01/01/1907

Calvert Coggeshall artist, born 01/01/1907

Elizabeth Bentley Teacher, born 01/01/1908

Ford Bradshaw Bank robber, criminal, born 01/01/1908

George Zaharias wrestler, born 01/01/1908

Bill Tapia Singer, Musician, musical artist, born 01/01/1908

Filopimin Finos Film Director, Actor, actor, born 01/01/1908

Julia Pirotte artist, born 01/01/1908

Arthur Griffiths soccer player, born 01/01/1908

Barry Goldwater United States Air Force general and politician, office holder, born 01/01/1909

Dana Andrews Actor, actor, born 01/01/1909

Laurent Di Lorto SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/01/1909

Stepan Bandera Politician, office holder, born 01/01/1909

Laurent Di Lorto soccer player, born 01/01/1909

Russ Rebholz college coach, born 01/01/1909

Jackie Wilson boxer, born 01/01/1909

Richard Duffin scientist, born 01/01/1909

Roland Leo English member of parliament, born 01/01/1909

Arthur Machado soccer player, born 01/01/1909

Aloys Grillmeier Catholic theologian and Cardinal-deacon, born 01/01/1910

Jack Leswick ice hockey player, born 01/01/1910

Hank Greenberg Baseball outfielder, baseball player, born 01/01/1911

Jason Christopher Lotterhand AUTHOR, OCCULTIST, BUILDERS OF THE ADYTUM LEADER, born 01/01/1911

Hakon Melberg born 01/01/1911

Necdet Kent Diplomat, born 01/01/1911

Basil Dearden actor, born 01/01/1911

Blanch Barrow Criminal, criminal, born 01/01/1911

Bill Woggon comics creator, born 01/01/1911

James Macguire soccer player, born 01/01/1911

Kim Philby spy, born 01/01/1912

Toshia Mori Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/01/1912

Harold "Kim" Philby SOVIET KGB SPY AGAINST BRITISH, born 01/01/1912

Hossein Tehrani Professional musician, Instructor, musical artist, born 01/01/1912

Khertek Anchimaa-Toka office holder, born 01/01/1912

Lev Rebet Politician, office holder, born 01/01/1912

Felix Brunet AVIATOR, born 01/01/1913

F. D. Washington Bishop, Pastor, Evangelist, Radio Personality, born 01/01/1913

Robert A. Siegel born 01/01/1913

Vojin Bozovic soccer manager, born 01/01/1913

Alberta Gay domestic, teacher, born 01/01/1913

Glauco Signorini soccer player, born 01/01/1913

Taamusi Qumaq Inuit chief, born 01/01/1914

Noor Inayat Khan SABOTEUR, SPY CALLED "MADELEINE," W.A.A.F., AUTHOR, born 01/01/1914

Sanli Ma Xiangsheng actor, actor, born 01/01/1914

Dogen Handa born 01/01/1914

Aussie Elliott Bank robber, criminal, born 01/01/1914

Jimmy Watson soccer player, born 01/01/1914

Elias Porter scientist, born 01/01/1914

Chas Messenger born 01/01/1914

Piero Colli soccer player, born 01/01/1914

Maxine Doyle American actress, primarily worked in the 1930s and 1940s and known for her work at Republic Pictures, Actress, actor, born 01/01/1915

Branko Copic Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/01/1915

Fazlollah Reza scientist, born 01/01/1915

Dick Bassi american football player, born 01/01/1915

Henry Adler Musician, musical artist, born 01/01/1915

Edward H. Howell judge, born 01/01/1915

Alastair Campbell Gillespie Mars military person, born 01/01/1915

Eric Winstone Bandleader, conductor, composer, musical artist, born 01/01/1915

Ray Eastwood soccer player, born 01/01/1915

Donald Duffy born 01/01/1915

Roger Lambrecht Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/01/1916

Giacomo Neri SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/01/1916

Marvin Camras born 01/01/1916

Murray Armstrong ice hockey player, born 01/01/1916

Giacomo Neri soccer manager, born 01/01/1916

Abbas Qarib soccer player, born 01/01/1916

Jules Gregory Charney METEOROLOGIST, OCEANOGRAPHER, born 01/01/1917

Shannon Bolin actress and singer, actor, born 01/01/1917

Oscar Aubuchon ice hockey player, born 01/01/1917

Jack Garland Canadian politician, politician, born 01/01/1918

Frances Bay actor, born 01/01/1918

Johnny 'Man' Young musical artist, born 01/01/1918

Marguerite Wilson cyclist, born 01/01/1918

Leonardo Ferrulli military person, born 01/01/1918

Carole Landis Actress, actor, born 01/01/1919

J. D. Salinger American novelist and writer, Writer, writer, born 01/01/1919

Al McKibbon JAZZ MUSICIAN, DOUBLE BASS PLAYER, born 01/01/1919

Sheila Mercier ACTRESS, actor, born 01/01/1919

Rocky Graziano boxer, born 01/01/1919

Bones Mackinney born 01/01/1919

Gunduz Kilic soccer manager, born 01/01/1919

Sherry Robertson baseball player, born 01/01/1919

Helen Dettweiler golf player, born 01/01/1919

Reinhold Knacke German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 01/01/1919

Thacher Longstreth Councilman, born 01/01/1920

Ted Lowry boxer, born 01/01/1920

Alberto Dualib Businessman,President of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, born 01/01/1920

Ghorban Soleimani Musician, vocalist, musical artist, born 01/01/1920

Nicolae Simatoc soccer manager, born 01/01/1920

Willie Fennell Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 01/01/1920

Bodo Spranz German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 01/01/1920

Clifford Bourland TRACK & FIELD CHAMPION, born 01/01/1921

Cesar ARTIST, SCULPTOR, born 01/01/1921

Barbara Goalen MODEL, born 01/01/1921

John W. Roberts MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 01/01/1921

Donogh Omalley office holder, born 01/01/1921

Harvey Possinger military person, born 01/01/1921

Hossein Vahid Khorasani born 01/01/1921

Guang Bai Actress, Singer, actor, born 01/01/1921

Oscar Fox soccer player, born 01/01/1921

Barbara Goalen model, actress, actor, born 01/01/1921

Stefano Ferrari soccer player, born 01/01/1921

Doris Tetzlaff born 01/01/1921

Andre Bergeron PRINTER, TRADE UNION ACTIVIST, born 01/01/1922

Rocky Graziano BOXER, MIDDLEWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPION, born 01/01/1922

Ernest "Fritz" Hollings LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (DEM SC), born 01/01/1922

Ernest Hollings office holder, born 01/01/1922

Jerry Robinson comics creator, born 01/01/1922

Natalio Pescia soccer player, born 01/01/1922

Tano Cimarosa born 01/01/1922

Dick Loepfe american football player, born 01/01/1922

Bozidar Sandic soccer manager, born 01/01/1922

Ousmane Sembène film director, producer, screenwriter, actor & author, actor, born 01/01/1923

Valentina Cortese ACTRESS, born 03/21/1990

Piet Welde-Meersch BOXER, born 01/01/1923

Milt Jackson Musician, Soloist, Composer, Band Leader, musical artist, born 01/01/1923

Daniel Gorenstein scientist, born 01/01/1923

W.W. Law born 01/01/1923

Barbara Baxley actor, born 01/01/1923

Wilfred Waters cyclist, born 01/01/1923

Kenne Fant Actor, actor, born 01/01/1923

Tibor Garay soccer player, born 01/01/1923

Teruo Ishii Japanese Film director, Theatre director and Author, Film director, actor, born 01/01/1924

Francisco Macias Nguema office holder, born 01/01/1924

Genichi Taguchi scientist, born 01/01/1924

Roberts Blossom Actor/Poet, actor, born 01/01/1924

Charlie Munger Investor, born 01/01/1924

Earl Torgeson baseball player, born 01/01/1924

Sunao Sato born 01/01/1924

James Moorhouse office holder, born 01/01/1924

Valentina Cortese Actor, actor, born 01/01/1925

Paul Bomani Tanzanian politician and ambassador, ambassador, born 01/01/1925

Ottavio Jemma Screenwriter, drug, born 01/01/1925

Suzy Amis FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 01/05/1958

Matthew "Stymie" Beard, Jr. CHILD COMEDY ACTOR, BLACK BOY IN "OUR GANG" FILMS, Actor, actor, born 01/01/1925

Paul Emile Deiber ACTOR, born 01/01/1925

Haleem office holder, born 01/01/1925

Mario Merz artist, born 01/01/1925

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Islamic Spiritual Leader, Speaker and Author, writer, born 01/01/1925

Koji Nakano Novelist, translator, literary critic, writer, born 01/01/1925

Jack Cloud american football player, born 01/01/1925

P. J. Antony Actor, Director, Script Writer, Lyricist, Novelist, born 01/01/1925

Stan Kielty rugby player, born 01/01/1925

Zena Marshall British actress, actor, born 01/01/1926

James E. Johnson United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1926

Hilda Múdra Slovak figure skating coach, born 01/01/1926

Riccardo Garrone Actor, drug, born 01/01/1926

Claudio Villo OPERA SINGER, TENOR, born 01/01/1926

Gina Berriault Novelist, short story writer, born 01/01/1926

Mitsugu Saotome Novelist, writer, born 01/01/1926

Blanca Rodriguez office holder, born 01/01/1926

Danny Little Bear wrestler, born 01/01/1926

James Waldo Ackerman born 01/01/1926

John Etty rugby player, born 01/01/1926

Sylvester Sanfilippo born 01/01/1926

John Mackeown rugby player, born 01/01/1926

Murray Sayle journalist, novelist, adventurer, journalist, born 01/01/1926

Lu Leonard Actor, Actress, actor, born 01/01/1927

Maurice Bejart DANCER, CHOREGRAPHER, BALLET DIRECTOR, born 01/01/1927

James Joseph Reeb CIVIL RIGHTS MARTYR, born 01/01/1927

Maurice Bejart choreographer, actor, born 01/01/1927

Vasile Milea office holder, born 01/01/1927

Yaakov Ben-Yezri born 01/01/1927

Calum Mackay ice hockey player, born 01/01/1927

Brian Farley soccer player, born 01/01/1927

Maurice Kaufmann Actor, actor, born 01/01/1928

June; Baroness Lloyd of Highbury Lloyd British paediatrician and life peer, born 01/01/1928

Hap Sharp Formula One racer, born 01/01/1928

Laye Camara Poet, writer, born 01/01/1928

Anne De Gaulle actor, born 01/01/1928

Volney Peters born 01/01/1928

Costica Toma soccer manager, born 01/01/1928

Ron Macewin born 01/01/1928

David Bevan rugby player, born 01/01/1928

Bob Goslin boxer, born 01/01/1928

Limbergo Taccola soccer player, born 01/01/1928

Raymond Chow Film company founder, artist, born 01/01/1929

Metin Erksan actor, born 01/01/1929

Fredrik Olsen Businessman, born 01/01/1929

Cornelius Casey soccer player, born 01/01/1929

David Shaber Screenwriter, actor, born 01/01/1929

Mel Becket gridiron football player, born 01/01/1929

Brazeal Dennard Arranger, Conductor, Singer, Educator, born 01/01/1929

Gene Hackman actor, Actor, born 01/01/1930

Yanis Kanidis Self-sacrificing victim of the 2003 Beslan hostage crisis, born 01/01/1930

Bitti Bergamo TENNIS PLAYER, born 01/01/1930

Manuel Correa BOXER, born 01/01/1930

Ann Harding FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, born 01/01/1930

Frederick Wiseman DOCUMENTARY FILM DIRECTOR, born 01/01/1930

Gaafar Nimeiry president, born 01/01/1930

John Wood Actor, actor, born 01/01/1930

Sihung Lung artist, born 01/01/1930

Kishan Lal Diler office holder, born 01/01/1931

Don L. Taylor member of parliament, born 01/01/1931

Boman Framji Chhapgar Biologist, scientist, born 01/01/1931

Tzaims Luksus American artist and fashion designer, born 01/01/1932

Alessandro Fantini Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/01/1932

Richard Boucher SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/01/1932

Giuseppe Patane MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR OF OPERAS, born 01/01/1932

Blaze Starr Stripper, burlesque star, nude model, actress, gemologist, model, born 01/01/1932

Mohsina Kidwai office holder, born 01/01/1932

Lewis John Carlino Director, Playwright and Screenwriter, writer, born 01/01/1932


Joe Orton born 01/01/1933

Joseph Koo Composer, Arranger, artist, born 01/01/1933

Ji Ma Xiangsheng performer, artist, born 01/01/1934

Washington Cacciavillani soccer manager, born 01/01/1934

Rinaldo Olivieri SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/01/1935

B. Kliban comics creator, born 01/01/1935

Benjamin W. Lee scientist, born 01/01/1935

Chinesinho soccer player, born 01/01/1935

Allister Bain Actor, playwright, screenwriter, actor, born 01/01/1935

Digby George Smith Military Historian, born 01/01/1935

Louis Rostollan Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/01/1936

Robert Jarvis member of parliament, born 01/01/1936

Lenita Airisto BEAUTY QUEEN, BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, writer, born 01/01/1937

Matt Robinson actor, born 01/01/1937

Saeed Khan Rangeela actor, born 01/01/1937

Kabi Dilwar Poet, writer, born 01/01/1937

Robert Ginnaven actor, born 01/01/1937

Erkki Lahde PROFESSOR, FOREST SCIENTIST, born 01/01/1938

Frank Langella ACTOR, born 01/01/1938

Gus Trikonis ACTOR, DIRECTOR, DANCER, born 01/01/1938

Bill Emerson congressman, born 01/01/1938

Michèle Mercier Actress, Dancer and Singer, actor, born 01/01/1939

Renato Scarpa Actor, drug, born 01/01/1939

Michele Mercier STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, born 01/01/1939

Tipene Oregan born 01/01/1939

Orville Buckner American boxer, born 01/01/1939

Richard Adams office holder, born 01/01/1939

Dave Goulder Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/01/1939

Atsushi Ii Seiyū, actor, born 01/01/1939


Eknath Mahadeo Gaikwad office holder, born 01/01/1940

Peter Llewellyn Gwynn-Jones Officer of Arms, born 01/01/1940

Mike Mackeever gridiron football player, born 01/01/1940

Marlin Mackeever gridiron football player, born 01/01/1940

Mersad Berber actor, born 01/01/1940

Manorama Madhwaraj office holder, born 01/01/1940

Jorg Kuhn artist, born 01/01/1940

Martin Evans Developmental biology, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2007., scientist, born 01/01/1941

Simón Andreu Actor, drug, born 01/01/1941

Eva Ras actor, born 01/01/1941

Elisa Gabbai Singer, musical artist, born 01/01/1941

Bruno Arcari BOXER, WORLD JR.-WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION 1970-74, born 01/01/1942

Martin Frost LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (DEM TX), congressman, born 01/01/1942


Country Joe Macdonald Musician, political activist, musical artist, born 01/01/1942

Peter Lewis Management Consultant, member of parliament, born 01/01/1942

Molly Peters actor, born 01/01/1942

Billy Lothridge gridiron football player, born 01/01/1942

Rajashekhar Mansur Hindustani Classical Musician, musical artist, born 01/01/1942

Mahama Johnson Traore film director, producer, screenwriter, & author, actor, born 01/01/1942

Rupert Rosenblum Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 01/01/1942

Ronald Owen Perelman Businessman, investor, born 01/01/1943

Jesús Manzaneque Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 01/01/1943

Don Novello COMEDIAN, WRITER, actor, born 01/01/1943

Tony Knowles office holder, born 01/01/1943

Jocelyne Girard-Bujold member of parliament, born 01/01/1943

Vladimir Seks president, born 01/01/1943

Stanley Kamel actor, born 01/01/1943

Sharon Brown born 01/01/1943

Shlomo Scharf soccer manager, born 01/01/1943

Lisa Chiao actress, actor, born 01/01/1943

Omar Hasan Ahmad al- Bashir Sudanese president, office holder, born 01/01/1944

Baby Huey musical artist, born 01/01/1944

Andy Provan Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1944

Suzy Kendall Actress, actor, born 01/01/1944

Zafarullah Khan Jamali office holder, born 01/01/1944

Vyacheslav Tsugba prime minister, born 01/01/1944

Ali Osman Taha office holder, born 01/01/1944

Jumabek Ibraimov prime minister, born 01/01/1944

Jan Carnogursky prime minister, born 01/01/1944

Teresa Toranska Journalist, writer, born 01/01/1944

Robert Lee Minor Stunt double, television actor, actor, born 01/01/1944

Adolfo Calisto soccer manager, born 01/01/1944

Arjun Ray Lieutenant General, CEO Indus Trust, Writer,, born 01/01/1944

Diahnne Abbott Actor, Film actress, singer, actor, born 01/01/1945

Peter Duncan Australian politician, member of parliament, born 01/01/1945

Jacky Ickx RACE CAR DRIVER, born 01/01/1945

Charles Richardson NOTED FAMILY, born 01/01/1945

Giovanna Rizzo LAWYER, MALE TO FEMALE TRANSSEXUAL, AUTHOR, born 01/01/1945

Clark Randt ambassador, born 01/01/1945

Victor Ashe office holder, born 01/01/1945

Carles Sola i Ferrando politician, born 01/01/1945

Zoltan Varga soccer manager, born 01/01/1945

Max Julien actor, born 01/01/1945

Ekkehart Schlicht scientist, born 01/01/1945

Subray Rama Nayak Chief Justice of High Courts, born 01/01/1945

Rudiger Safranski Philosopher, author, writer, born 01/01/1945

Paul Lyneham Political journalist, journalist, born 01/01/1945

Tina Leung actress, entrepreneur, political commentator, actor, born 01/01/1945

Wayne Perry RADIO TALK SHOW HOST, born 01/01/1946

Kathleen Casey Wilkins 1ST "BABY BOOMER", born 01/01/1946

Roberto Rivelino soccer player, born 01/01/1946

Pappala Chalapathirao office holder, born 01/01/1946

Surendra Prakash Goyal office holder, born 01/01/1946

Nand Kumar Sai office holder, born 01/01/1946

Jim Spigelman politician, born 01/01/1946

James Byrne Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/01/1946

Jon Stevens Corzine New Jersey politician, born 01/01/1947

Patricia Carey DANCER, born 01/01/1947

Leonard Thompson PRO GOLFER, golf player, born 01/01/1947

Vladimir Titov Pilot, astronaut, born 01/01/1947

Rosemberg Pabon Pabon office holder, born 01/01/1947

F. R. David Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/01/1947

Tarachand Sahu office holder, born 01/01/1947

Bob Foster office holder, born 01/01/1947

Jim Stanfield ice hockey player, born 01/01/1947

Freddie Mackay musical artist, born 01/01/1947

Ilmars Liepins soccer player, born 01/01/1947

Kahki Asatiani soccer manager, born 01/01/1947

Chris Mitchell born 01/01/1947

Gary B.B. Coleman Guitarist, singer, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 01/01/1947


Ismael Zambada Garcia Illegal drug trafficker, born 01/01/1948

Joe Petagno artist, born 01/01/1948

Johnny Brady politician, born 01/01/1948

Sue Napier Teacher, office holder, born 01/01/1948

Kailash Baitha office holder, born 01/01/1948

Devlet Bahceli politician, born 01/01/1948

Javier Aguirresarobe actor, born 01/01/1948

Ann Aston actor, born 01/01/1948

Louis Chedid musical artist, born 01/01/1948

Jorge Amor Ameal Businessman, born 01/01/1948

Borys Ivanovych Tarasyuk Ukrainian politician, former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine., politician, born 01/01/1949

Ralph H. Johnson United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/01/1949

Olivia Goldsmith Novelist, writer, born 01/01/1949

Paula Tsui Singer, musical artist, born 01/01/1949

P. Pookunhikoya office holder, born 01/01/1949

Bapi Hari Chaure office holder, born 01/01/1949

Sangduen Manwong born 01/01/1949

Tony Currie footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1950

Robert E. Scott Contract Law Scholar, Columbia Law Professor, born 01/01/1950

Maryam Mursal musical artist, born 01/01/1950

Eugenio Morel Football Player, musical artist, born 01/01/1950

Penny Woolcock Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 01/01/1950

Prem Singh Chandumajra office holder, born 01/01/1950

Michael Kearns Actor, writer, director, teacher, producer, actor, born 01/01/1950

Dan Snarr mayor, born 01/01/1950

Bruce Goodwin office holder, born 01/01/1950

Nana Patekar Actor, Filmmaker, born 01/01/1951

Luc Ferry office holder, born 01/01/1951

Daniel Alvarado actor, born 01/01/1951

Ashfaq Hussain Urdu poet TV Producer, writer, born 01/01/1951

Devendra Singh Yadav office holder, born 01/01/1951

Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran office holder, born 01/01/1951

Jakup Krasniqi Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo, office holder, born 01/01/1951

Joseph Watson Footballer, soccer manager, born 01/01/1952

Pascal Racan ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 01/01/1952

Rosario Marchese Teacher, politician, born 01/01/1952

Shaji N. Karun Film director, Cinematographer, actor, born 01/01/1952

Mile Kitic musical artist, born 01/01/1952

Chandrakant Khaire office holder, born 01/01/1952

Gauri Shankar Chaturbhuj Bisen office holder, born 01/01/1952

Stephanie Faracy actor, born 01/01/1952

Uday Prakash writer, born 01/01/1952

Alpha Blondy Ivorian reggae singer, Singer/Songwriter, musical artist, born 01/01/1953

Gary E. Johnson office holder, born 01/01/1953

Tina Heath Television presenter and actress, actor, born 01/01/1953

Chan Seng Khai office holder, born 01/01/1953

Mark Oregan office holder, born 01/01/1953

Zenon Plech born 01/01/1953

Toyin Falola scientist, born 01/01/1953

Robert Menendez United States Senator from New Jersey, attorney, senator, born 01/01/1954

Lynn Glauber DANCER, born 01/01/1954

Richard Edson Actor/Musician, actor, born 01/01/1954

Richard Gibson actor, born 01/01/1954

Lal Mani Prasad office holder, born 01/01/1954

Bharati Vaishampayan Hindustani Classical Music-Vocal, musical artist, born 01/01/1954

Yannis Papathanasiou office holder, born 01/01/1954

Mariam Osman Sherifay politician, born 01/01/1954

Bill Mallonee Musician, born 01/01/1955

Mike Sullivan PRO GOLFER, born 01/01/1955

Gennady Lyachin military person, born 01/01/1955

Mario Andreacchio Film director, writer, and producer, actor, born 01/01/1955

John Rowswell civil engineer, politician, born 01/01/1955

Alexandru Athanasiu prime minister, born 01/01/1955

Ivan Simko president, born 01/01/1955

Sheila McCarthy Actor, actor, born 01/01/1956

Republic of the Sudan REPUBLIC, born 01/01/1956

Koji Yakusho Actor, actor, born 01/01/1956

Rick Limoges member of parliament, born 01/01/1956

Ziad Rahbani Singer, Jazz music, musical artist, born 01/01/1956

Leonie Short Dental therapist, member of parliament, born 01/01/1956

Md. Ali Ashraf Fatmi office holder, born 01/01/1956

Christine Lagarde office holder, born 01/01/1956

Eleanor David Actor, actor, born 01/01/1956

Ron Robinson gridiron football player, born 01/01/1956

Syed Tatheer Hussain Zaidi born 01/01/1956

Debra Lawrance actor, born 01/01/1957

Evangelos Venizelos office holder, born 01/01/1957

Adamu Aliero office holder, born 01/01/1957

Lewis Macdonald office holder, born 01/01/1957

Laura Albanese journalist, politician, born 01/01/1957

Issei Noro Guitarist, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 01/01/1957

Tony Salmons comics creator, born 01/01/1957

M. N. Abdul Majeed office holder, born 01/01/1957

Ali Larijani president, born 01/01/1958

David Wayne musical artist, born 01/01/1958

Pankaj Choudhary office holder, born 01/01/1958

Republic of Cuba REPUBLIC, born 01/01/1959

Azali Assoumani president, born 01/01/1959

Bartlett Sher Theatre director, actor, born 01/01/1959

Jane Comerford musical artist, born 01/01/1959

Adrian Hall actor, born 01/01/1959

Albie Selznick actor, born 01/01/1959

Shinya Tsukamoto 塚本晋也 Director, Producer, Writer, and Actor, actor, born 01/01/1960

Daniel Joseph Wilson Football (soccer) player, school, born 01/01/1960

Ibrahim Ozdemir Turkish philosophy professor, born 01/01/1960

Republic of Cameroon REPUBLIC, born 01/01/1960


Daniel Joseph Wilson Football (soccer) player, soccer manager, born 01/01/1960

Sansuma Khunggur Bwiswmuthiary office holder, born 01/01/1960

Alexey Vyzmanavin born 01/01/1960

Eddie Lowe gridiron football player, born 01/01/1960

John Henry Canadian politician, office holder, born 01/01/1960

Davide Cassani Racing cyclist and broadcaster, cyclist, born 01/01/1961

Cynthia Dale actor, born 01/01/1961

Mark Wingett actor, born 01/01/1961

Antonio Sanchez Host, producer and comedian, actor, born 01/01/1961

Viktor Pasulko soccer manager, born 01/01/1961

Vasile Troian artist, born 01/01/1961

Linda Smith member of parliament, born 01/01/1961

Phil Hammond General Practitioner, broadcaster, and comedian, General Practitioner, born 01/01/1962

Jana Marie Angelakis OLYMPIC FENCER, born 01/01/1962

Independent State of Western Samoa STATE, born 01/01/1962

Richard Roxburgh actor, born 01/01/1962

Ari Up Musician, musical artist, born 01/01/1962

Ram Chandra Paswan office holder, born 01/01/1962

Carlos Gomez Actor, actor, born 01/01/1962

Jeffrey Falcon actor, born 01/01/1962

Anton Muscatelli office holder, born 01/01/1962

Adam Solomon Musician, born 01/01/1963

Bahr Idriss Abu Garda Indicted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Darfur, born 01/01/1963

Alberico Evani SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/01/1963

Thom Merrick artist, born 01/01/1963

Linda Henry Actress, actor, born 01/01/1963

Angela Harry Model, Actress/Voice actor, actor, born 01/01/1963

Simon Singh Author, TV presenter, born 01/01/1964

Dedee Pfeiffer Actress, actor, born 01/01/1964

Alakesh Das office holder, born 01/01/1964

Yitzhak Gagula born 01/01/1964

Rafael Ramos Puerto Rican retired boxer, born 01/01/1965

Khabib Khasibovich Ilyaletdinov Retired Russian professional footballer, soccer manager, born 01/01/1965

John Sullivan real estate broker, congressman, born 01/01/1965

Harry Galbreath gridiron football player, born 01/01/1965

Darko Jelcic musician, drummer, musical artist, born 01/01/1965

Herve Palito DANCER, born 01/01/1966

Anna Burke Union industrial officer, member of parliament, born 01/01/1966

Crazy Legs artist, born 01/01/1966

Ivica Dacic office holder, born 01/01/1966

Tina Landon Choreographer, born 01/01/1966

Vallipuram Vasanthan Tamil Militant, born 01/01/1966

Derrick Thomas FOOTBALL PLAYER, OUTSIDE LINEBACKER, american football player, born 01/01/1967

John Digweed musical artist, born 01/01/1967

Sharon Small Actress, actor, born 01/01/1967

Tim Dog musical artist, born 01/01/1967

Sunny Chan Actor, actor, born 01/01/1967

Michelle Holmes actor, born 01/01/1967

Steve Buehrer office holder, born 01/01/1967

Mehmet Simsek office holder, born 01/01/1967

Ivan Langer politician, born 01/01/1967

Ihor Pavlyuk poet, novelist, essayist, writer, born 01/01/1967

Kevin Jobling Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1968

John Paul Tremblay Actor, actor, born 01/01/1968

Joey Stefano adult actor, born 01/01/1968

Miki Higashino Composer, musical artist, born 01/01/1968

Rick J Jordan Musician, musical artist, born 01/01/1968

Alan Mak artist, born 01/01/1968

Aldona Orman actress, actor, born 01/01/1968

Liang Chow born 01/01/1968

Alick Macheso Singer-songwriter, guitarist, dancer, choreographer, musical artist, born 01/01/1968

Morris Chestnut Actor, actor, born 01/01/1969

Alessandro Bovo OLYMPIC WATER POLO SWIMMER, born 01/01/1969

Chris Weston comics creator, born 01/01/1969

Christi Paul Journalist,, journalist, born 01/01/1969

Nicolle Dickson Television actor, actor, born 01/01/1969

Ashok Chhaviram Argal office holder, born 01/01/1969

Maxine Swann artist, born 01/01/1969

Nicholas Gleaves Actor, actor, born 01/01/1969

Barbara Kanam Congolese guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer, Singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, musical artist, born 01/01/1970

Fredro Starr Rapper and actor, musical artist, born 01/01/1970

Gabriel Jarret actor, born 01/01/1970

Fiona Dolman actor, born 01/01/1970

Kevin Mitchell american football player, born 01/01/1971

Il-gon Song South Korean film director, Film director and screenwriter, actor, born 01/01/1971

Ezra Weisz Voice Actor/Actor, actor, born 01/01/1971

Kalabhavan Mani born 01/01/1971

Jyotiraditya Scindia office holder, born 01/01/1971

Amy Robbins Actress, Presenter, actor, born 01/01/1971

Nada Nadim Prouty CIA Covert Operation Officer, US Government, born 01/01/1971

Noli Locsin born 01/01/1971

Emrah Ipek Singer, musical artist, born 01/01/1971

Abdala Faye artist, born 01/01/1971

Catherine McCormack British actress, actress, actor, born 01/01/1972

Tego Calderon Singer-songwriter, actor, rapper, musical artist, born 01/01/1972

Tom Barman Musician, songwriter, film director, musical artist, born 01/01/1972

Ben Price actor, born 01/01/1972

Maile Meloy artist, born 01/01/1972

Alfred Ntombela Actor, actor, born 01/01/1972

Micaela Nevarez born 01/01/1972

Mickey Evans Footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1973

Matt Uelmen Video game composer, Composer, Sound designer, musical artist, born 01/01/1973

Mercury Hayes Professional American Football Player, gridiron football player, born 01/01/1973

Danny Lloyd Actor / Teacher, actor, born 01/01/1973

Bryan Thao Worra artist, born 01/01/1973

Jimi Mistry Actor, actor, born 01/01/1973

Anand Kumar Educationalist, Mathematician, born 01/01/1973

Jimmy Cunningham gridiron football player, born 01/01/1973

Antti Saario musician, artist, record producer, academic, musical artist, born 01/01/1973

Justin McRoberts Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/01/1974

Marco Schreyl German television personality, born 01/01/1974

Jessica Lee Van Dyke NOTED FAMILY, born 01/01/1974

Kirk Olivadotti born 01/01/1974

Clint Tracy office holder, born 01/01/1974

Bengt Henning Sæternes footballer, striker, soccer player, born 01/01/1975

Teal Bunbury Footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1975

Kerim Tekin Singer, musical artist, born 01/01/1975

Sonali Bendre Actress, model, television presenter, actor, born 01/01/1975

James Talia Journalist, journalist, born 01/01/1975

Terence Flanagan politician, born 01/01/1975

Kuljeet Randhawa Model, actress, actor, born 01/01/1976

Zbigniew Grzybowski soccer player, born 01/01/1976

Krisztian Gabala soccer player, born 01/01/1976

Zablon Amanaka soccer player, born 01/01/1976

Oksana Lada Actress/Model, actor, born 01/01/1976

Ali Hasanov artist, musician and film director, artist, born 01/01/1976

Azra Kolakovic musician, musical artist, born 01/01/1977

Tarik Oregan born 01/01/1978

Faisal Agab soccer player, born 01/01/1978

Mehmet Yozgatlı Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1979

Andoni Aranaga Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/01/1979

Koichi Domoto Singer, actor, singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist, television personality, seiyū, musical artist, born 01/01/1979

Brody Dalle musical artist, born 01/01/1979

Vyacheslav Sviderskyi soccer player, born 01/01/1979

Gisela musical artist, born 01/01/1979

Bobby Ryan soccer player, born 01/01/1979

Johnny Barker Actor, Singer, actor, born 01/01/1979

Cesar Gradito soccer player, born 01/01/1979

Jennifer Lauret actor, born 01/01/1980

Elin Nordegren Model, au pair, clerk, born 01/01/1980

Lexi Randall Actress, actor, born 01/01/1980

Konstantin Ponomarev Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/01/1981

Zsolt Baumgartner Formula One racer, born 01/01/1981

Jonas Armstrong Actor, actor, born 01/01/1981

Yacine Abdessadki soccer player, born 01/01/1981

Jamies Nutbrown rugby player, born 01/01/1981

David Nalbandian Argentine tennis player, tennis player, born 01/01/1982

Radosław Matusiak footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1982

Fırat Akkoyun Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1982

Jody Latham Actor, actor, born 01/01/1982

Lynn Verlayne singer-songwriter, born 01/01/1982

Calum Davenport footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1983

Onur Acar Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1983

Alex Cordaz Italian footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1983

Jasmine Dustin Actress/Model, actor, born 01/01/1983

Jona Weinhofen musical artist, born 01/01/1983

Suchanan Viratprasert tennis player, born 01/01/1983

Nkosinathi Joyi born 01/01/1983

Andrew Simpson Actor, drug, born 01/01/1984

Brett Moyer Lacrosse player, born 01/01/1984

Michael Witt rugby player, born 01/01/1984

Duong Trieu Vu singer, musical artist, born 01/01/1984

Sayali Bhagat Actress, model, actor, born 01/01/1984

Amara Karan actor, born 01/01/1984

Kinfung Cheung soccer manager, born 01/01/1984

Fernando San Emeterio basketball player, born 01/01/1984

Muhannad Eltahir soccer player, born 01/01/1984

Ion Cebanu politician, born 01/01/1984

Mourad N'Zif Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1984

William Gay american football player, born 01/01/1985

Oscar Gatto Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/01/1985

Kady Zadora Riklis NOTED FAMILY, born 01/01/1985

Tiago Splitter basketball player, born 01/01/1985

Stephen Tulloch american football player, born 01/01/1985

Milad Meydavoudi soccer player, born 01/01/1985

Mahmoud Al Malloul soccer player, born 01/01/1985

Borislav Tonev soccer player, born 01/01/1985

Sungmin Lee South Korean singer, actor, Singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, radio host, musical artist, born 01/01/1986

Colin Morgan Actor, actor, born 01/01/1986

Florence Baggett TEST TUBE BABY, born 01/01/1986

Oliver Brown TEST-TUBE BABY, born 01/01/1986

Callum Lloyd soccer player, born 01/01/1986

Adisak Ganu soccer player, born 01/01/1986

Zakaria Charara soccer player, born 01/01/1986

Nana Dzagnidze born 01/01/1987

Tarek Elrich soccer player, born 01/01/1987

Cassie Patten born 01/01/1987

Yan Klukowski soccer player, born 01/01/1987

Anıl Taşdemir Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1988

Bruna Erhardt model, born 01/01/1988

Assimiou Toure soccer player, born 01/01/1988

Luka Lapenda soccer player, born 01/01/1988

Milen Vasilen soccer player, born 01/01/1988

John peter Kane most ballin person alive, Coal miner, unionist, member of parliament, born 01/01/1989

Bugoy Drilon Singer, musical artist, born 01/01/1989

Edita Vilkeviciute model, born 01/01/1989

Wattanasap Jarernsri soccer player, born 01/01/1989

Daniel Charge Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/01/1990

Morgan Thompson Actor, actor, born 01/01/1990

Evgeniya Tulchevska born 01/01/1990

Momchil Milchov soccer player, born 01/01/1990

Albi Celiku soccer player, born 01/01/1990

Ivan Ivanov soccer player, born 01/01/1991

Jasper Pittard born 01/01/1991

Oren Williams actor, born 01/01/1992

European Economic Community (EEC) 12 NATION ECONOMIC COMMUNITY, born 01/01/1993

Heath Andrew Ledger born 01/01/2000