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Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy ROYALTY, REGENT OF THE NETHERLANDS 1507-1530, born 01/10/1480

Archduchess Margaret Of Austria British royalty, born 01/10/1480

Isaac Jogues saint, born 01/10/1607

Buckingham, George Villiers, 2nd Duke of born 01/10/1628

Nicolas Steno Pioneer in anatomy and in geology, scientist, born 01/10/1638

Johannes Zick fresco painter, born 01/10/1702

Giovanni Pichler German-Italian gemcutter, born 01/10/1734

Princess Elizabeth Of Great Britain British royalty, born 01/10/1741

Thomas Mifflin office holder, born 01/10/1744

Abraham Louis Breguet Horologist, Inventor, born 01/10/1747

Erskine, Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron office holder, born 01/10/1750

Benjamin Smith governor, born 01/10/1756

Michel Ney military person, born 01/10/1769

James Sewall Morsell United States federal judge, born 01/10/1775

Thomas Rice congressman, born 01/10/1777

John Wilson congressman, born 01/10/1777

Baroness Annette Elisabeth von Droste-Hulshoff POET, WRITER, born 01/10/1797

Orlando Allen 18th mayor of Buffalo, NY, politician, born 01/10/1803

Oakes Ames congressman, born 01/10/1804

Thomas Dryer Newspaper publisher, politician, born 01/10/1808

Clark, Meriwether Lewis, Sr. United States Army officer, born 01/10/1809

Jeremiah S. Black American lawyer and politician, office holder, born 01/10/1810

Alexander Byrdie Dyer Union Army general, military person, born 01/10/1815

Ando Nobumasa office holder, born 01/10/1819

Louisa Lane Drew Stage actress, actor, born 01/10/1820

Alexander T. Hawthorn Confederate Army general, born 01/10/1825

Thomas Lowndes Snead Confederate Army officer and politician, born 01/10/1828

John T. Hoffman governor, born 01/10/1828

Henri Emile Bazin SCIENTIST, HYDRAULIC ENGINEER, AUTHOR, born 01/10/1829

Chikayoshi Matsudaira office holder, born 01/10/1829

Rufus Mallory congressman, born 01/10/1831

George Mason Lovering United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/10/1832

Samuel Thomas Hauser American Industrialist and 7th Governor of the Montana Territory (1885-1887), atoll, born 01/10/1833

1st Baron John E. E. Dalberg Acton HISTORIAN, EDITOR, Historian, politician, member of parliament, born 01/10/1834

Harry Wright Major League Baseball player, manager, baseball player, born 01/10/1835

Charles Ingalls born 01/10/1836

Stephen Ambrose Historian, writer, born 01/10/1836

George Frederick Bensell artist, born 01/10/1837

Edward Metcalf Smith New Zealand politician, born 01/10/1839

Pitcairn, John, Jr. Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist, Capitalist, Industrialist, born 01/10/1841

Frank James American bank robber, born 01/10/1843

William Pinckney Mason Confederate States Navy lieutenant, Confederate States Army officer, born 01/10/1843

Carroll Page governor, born 01/10/1843

Elisha Andrews American economist and educator, politician, born 01/10/1844

Salvatore Farina NOVELIST, born 01/10/1846

Jacob Schiff Banker and Philanthropist, Banker, born 01/10/1847

Benjamin Russell office holder, born 01/10/1849

John Wellborn Root architect, born 01/10/1850

Claron A. Windus United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/10/1850

Samuel P. Colt Industrialist and politician, born 01/10/1852

Heinrich Köselitz German Composer, Composer, born 01/10/1854

Ramon Corral Vice President of Mexico 1904-1910, Politician, office holder, born 01/10/1854

Manuel Zeno Gandia writer, born 01/10/1855


Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich Of Russia British royalty, born 01/10/1864

Mary Ingalls born 01/10/1865


John A. Lejeune United States Marine Corps Commandant, military person, born 01/10/1867

Sir John Traill Cargill OIL COMPANY DIRECTOR, ENTREPRENEUR, born 01/10/1867


Antoine Faure Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/10/1869

William P. James United States federal judge, born 01/10/1870

Albert Mathiez WRITER, HISTORIAN, born 01/10/1874

Issai Schur scientist, born 01/10/1875

Edwin Sweetland coach and athletic administrator, college coach, born 01/10/1875

Dickie Boon ice hockey player, born 01/10/1878

Guy Tresillian Helvering United States federal judge, born 01/10/1878

Bobby Walker Scottish footballer, soccer player, born 01/10/1879

Gull Natorp Actor, drug, born 01/10/1880

Manuel Azana y Diaz POLITICIAN, PRESIDENT, AUTHOR, born 01/10/1880

Frans van Cauwelaert POLITICIAN, born 01/10/1880


Charles Trowbridge Actor, actor, born 01/10/1882

Wilson Henry Mills member of parliament, born 01/10/1882

Francis X. Bushman Actor, director, writer, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 01/10/1883

Hubert Latham MILITARY, AVIATOR, born 01/10/1883

Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy Novelist, Poet, Journalist, Short story writer, writer, born 01/10/1883

Alfred Saalwächter German Admiral, military person, born 01/10/1883

Hubert Latham Aviator, born 01/10/1883

Florence Reed Actress, actor, born 01/10/1883

Walter Sherman Gifford BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, AUTHOR, born 01/10/1885

Robinson Jeffers TRAGIC POET, PLAYWRIGHT, Poet and Environmentalist, writer, born 01/10/1887

Nemo Agodi Italian gymnast, 6th in team competition at 1908 Olympics, born 01/10/1888

John Held, Jr. CARTOONIST, AUTHOR, born 01/10/1889

Douglas MacLean Actor, actor, born 01/10/1890

Bernard Herzbrun Art director, drug, born 01/10/1891

Cornelis Berkhout MUSICIAN, PIANIST, born 01/10/1891

Louis A. Johnson Politician, office holder, born 01/10/1891

Alex Weyand Olympic athlete, gridiron football player, born 01/10/1892

Benoit Leon Deutsch ACTOR, THEATER DIRECTOR, born 01/10/1892

Albert Jacka Australian Victoria Cross recipient and Mayor of St. Kilda, Australia, military person, born 01/10/1893

Vicente Huidobro POET, born 01/10/1893

Kadish Luz born 01/10/1895

Friedrich-Wilhelm Hauck German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 01/10/1897

Siegfried Rasp military person, born 01/10/1898

Szolem Mandelbrojt French mathematician, scientist, born 01/10/1899

Lya De Putti Actress, actor, born 01/10/1899

Jean Gehret FILM DIRECTOR, born 01/10/1900

Picado Michalski office holder, born 01/10/1900

Angus Fulton born 01/10/1900

Alfred Jones soccer player, born 01/10/1900

Giuseppe Pancera Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/10/1901

Sara P. Mack ARTIST, PAINTER, PHOTOGRAPHER, born 01/10/1901

Harry Harvey Actor, actor, born 01/10/1901

Morton Minsky born 01/10/1902

Violet Wilkey Actress, actor, born 01/10/1903

Barbara Hepworth artist, born 01/10/1903

Doug Brennan ice hockey player, born 01/10/1903

Herbert Hamrol Grocery clerk, born 01/10/1903

Ray Bolger Bolger, Raymond Wallace, Actor, actor, born 01/10/1904

Harrie Walter Wade Australian politician, Farmer, teacher, member of parliament, born 01/10/1905

Jaap Barendregt soccer player, born 01/10/1905

Morian Hansen born 01/10/1905

Albert Arlen pianist, composer, actor and playwright, musical artist, born 01/10/1905

Grigore Moisil Mathematician, computer pioneer, scientist, born 01/10/1906

Tom Arthur Blacksmith, rugby player, born 01/10/1906

Peggy Shannon Actress, actor, born 01/10/1907

Tony Siano gridiron football player, born 01/10/1907

John Dodds soccer player, born 01/10/1907

Myer Rosenblum Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 01/10/1907

Paul Henreid actor, director, Actor, director, actor, born 01/10/1908

Bernard Lee Actor, actor, born 01/10/1908

Ines Mendoza governor, born 01/10/1908

Francis Ryan soccer player, born 01/10/1908

Yannis Tamtakos Social and political activist, born 01/10/1908

Claudia Dell Film, stage actress, actor, born 01/10/1910

Eleanor Hunt Actor, actor, born 01/10/1910


Johnny Peacock baseball player, born 01/10/1910

Bill Fiedler soccer player, born 01/10/1910

Stan Chesney soccer player, born 01/10/1910

Josef Adelbrecht soccer player, born 01/10/1910

Martin Tappe military person, born 01/10/1910

Norman Heatley scientist, born 01/10/1911

Maria Mandel Prison Guard, born 01/10/1912

Franco Bordoni RACE CAR DRIVER, INDUSTRIALIST, born 01/10/1913

Hidemitsu Tanaka Writer, writer, born 01/10/1913

Mehmet Shehu office holder, born 01/10/1913

Gustav Husak president, born 01/10/1913

Ragnhild Hatton historian, writer, born 01/10/1913

Hilary Baumann Hacker born 01/10/1913

Robert Darène Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/10/1914

Robert Darene ACTOR, FILM DIRECTOR, born 01/10/1914

Frank Greenwood military person, born 01/10/1915

Higinio Ortuzar soccer manager, born 01/10/1915

Mervyn Brogan military person, born 01/10/1915

Jack Halloran American composer and choral director, born 01/10/1916

Richard Münch Actor, actor, born 01/10/1916

Sune Karl Bergstrom scientist, born 01/10/1916

Bob Hamilton golf player, born 01/10/1916

Eldzier Cortor Artist and printmaker, born 01/10/1916

Bud Erickson gridiron football player, born 01/10/1916

Jerry Wexler Music producer, born 01/10/1917

Raymond L Brett Academic and writer, born 01/10/1917

Hilde Krahl Actor, drug, born 01/10/1917

Arthur Chung president, born 01/10/1918

Harry Merkel Formula One racer, born 01/10/1918

Les Bennett soccer player, born 01/10/1918

Bill Lillard baseball player, born 01/10/1918

Lawrence Gubow United States federal judge, born 01/10/1919

Amzie Strickland actor, born 01/10/1919

Albert Parker born 01/10/1919

Manzo Terukuni born 01/10/1919

League of Nations COOPERATIVE LEAGUE, born 01/10/1920

Georges Marchal ACTOR, born 01/10/1920

Heinz-Edgar Berres German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 01/10/1920

Joe C. Specker United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/10/1921

Turi Ferro Actor, drug, born 01/10/1921

Jack Alvin Albright MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 01/10/1921

Roger Morris Ward RACE CAR DRIVER, born 01/10/1921

Rodger Ward Formula One racer, born 01/10/1921

Andrew Humphrey military person, born 01/10/1921

George Robotham actor, born 01/10/1921

Lloyd Doran Canadian professional ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/10/1921

Tasso Kavadia actor, born 01/10/1921

Billy Liddell Scottish footballer, soccer player, born 01/10/1922

Lasse Kolstad Actor, actor, born 01/10/1922

Aldo Ballarin SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/10/1922

Owen W. Siler military person, born 01/10/1922

Cliff Chambers baseball player, born 01/10/1922

Luis Antonio Regalado soccer manager, born 01/10/1922

Bob Lubbers comics creator, born 01/10/1922

Aldo Ballarin soccer player, born 01/10/1922

Dick Johnson Aviator, Aeronautical engineer, born 01/10/1923

Herb Siegert American athlete and United States Marine, american football player, born 01/10/1924

Eduardo Chillida ARTIST, ABSTRACT SCULPTOR, born 01/10/1924


Max Roach musical artist, born 01/10/1924

Earl Bakken inventor, born 01/10/1924

Mike Butterworth comics creator, born 01/10/1924

George Howe soccer player, born 01/10/1924

Elizabeth Virginia Hallanan United States federal judge, born 01/10/1925

Chantal De Chevron-Villette British royalty, born 01/10/1925

Alfredo Belusi Argentine tango musician, born 01/10/1925

Willie Dennis Jazz musician (tromponist), Trombonist, musical artist, born 01/10/1926

Jesús Loroño Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/10/1926

Harley Rutledge born 01/10/1926

George Strickland baseball player, born 01/10/1926

Bseiso Journalist, politician, intellectual, writer, born 01/10/1926

Johnnie Ray Singer, Songwriter, Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/10/1927

Harold Raymond Edwards Australian politician, University professor, member of parliament, born 01/10/1927

Luciano Pigozzi Actor, drug, born 01/10/1927

Gisele MacKenzie SINGER, ACTRESS, PIANIST, born 01/10/1927

Henry Commiskey Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/10/1927

Lee Philips Actor/Director, actor, born 01/10/1927

Megumu Tamura soccer player, born 01/10/1927

Philip Levine Poet, born 01/10/1928

Sonny Bupp Actor, actor, born 01/10/1928

Jack Dittmer baseball player, born 01/10/1928

Libi Staiger Actress, actor, born 01/10/1928

Dorothy Van Actress, TV writer, actor, born 01/10/1928

Frank van Acker POLITICIAN, BOURGEMASTER, born 01/10/1929

Fali Sam Nariman jurist, constitutional expert, born 01/10/1929

Roy E. Disney Film executive, actor, born 01/10/1930

Lyle Joseph Ritz JAZZ MUSICIAN, BASS PLAYER, TUBA PLAYER, born 01/10/1930

David Paul Maysles DOCUMANTARY FILM DIRECTOR, born 01/10/1932

Anton Rodgers Actor, actor, born 01/10/1933

Leonid Kravchuk POLITICIAN, PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE, Politician, president, born 01/10/1934

P.J. Mills Banker; Businessman, office holder, born 01/10/1934

Jørgen Buckhøj Actor, drug, born 01/10/1935

Sherrill Eustace Milnes OPERA SINGER, BARITONE, born 01/10/1935

Sherrill Milnes actor, born 01/10/1935

Robert Woodrow Wilson American astronomer, scientist, born 01/10/1936

Jean Martin CHILD MOLESTER, PEDOPHILE, born 01/10/1936


Edward Villella BALLET DANCER, born 01/10/1936

Hilary John Deacon South African archaeologist and academic, born 01/10/1936

Philip Hammial Contemporary Australian poet, editor, artist and art curator, Poet, publisher, editor, artist, art curator, born 01/10/1937

Kyung-Bok Cha South Korean footballer, soccer manager, born 01/10/1937

Donald Ervin Knuth Computer science, scientist, born 01/10/1938


Willy "Stretch" McCovey BASEBALL PLAYER, FIRST BASEMAN, born 01/10/1938

Lois Capps nurse, college professor, congressman, born 01/10/1938

Barbara Scherler German mezzo-soprano and alto, born 01/10/1938

David Horowitz Neoconservative activist, writer, Conservative Activist, Writer, writer, born 01/10/1939

Davie Wilson Footballer, soccer manager, born 01/10/1939


John Lundrigan teacher, businessman, politician, born 01/10/1939

Edmundo Perez Yoma office holder, born 01/10/1939

Harry Gant nascar driver, born 01/10/1940

Margareg Bridgman Police constable, nurse, and nurse administrator, politician, born 01/10/1940

Dave Skaugstad baseball player, born 01/10/1940

Thomas Clarke POLITICIAN, M.P., LABOUR: MONKLANDS WEST, born 01/10/1941

Tom Clarke member of parliament, born 01/10/1941


Jim Croce MUSICIAN, SINGER, GUITARIST, COMPOSER, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/10/1943

Shelly Novack American football player, actor, Actor, actor, born 01/10/1944

Francis Sinatra, Jr. NOTED FAMILY, born 01/10/1944

Jeff Jones comics creator, born 01/10/1944

Bernard Derome news anchor, journalist, born 01/10/1944

John Cernuto poker player, born 01/10/1944

Dale Risinger office holder, born 01/10/1944

Roderick David Stewart English singer, songwriter, Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 01/10/1945

John Joseph Fahey Australian politician and Premier of New South Wales, Lawyer, president, born 01/10/1945

Andrew Dallmeyer ACTOR, DIRECTOR, PLAYWRIGHT, born 01/10/1945

Deirdre Flynn NOTED FAMILY, born 01/10/1945

Rod Stewart MUSICIAN, SINGER, Actress, actor, born 01/10/1945

Bill Murdoch politician, born 01/10/1945

Jennifer Moss actor, born 01/10/1945

Steinar Stjernoe scientist, born 01/10/1945

Gunther Von Hagens Anatomist, born 01/10/1945

Earl McCullouch TRACK & FIELD CHAMPION, born 01/10/1946

Aynsley Dunbar Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/10/1946

Robert Gadocha soccer player, born 01/10/1946

Earl Maccullouch american football player, born 01/10/1946

Kemp Hannon office holder, born 01/10/1946

Terry Cobner Schoolmaster, rugby player, born 01/10/1946

George Korince baseball player, born 01/10/1946

George Alec Effinger SCI-FI AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, born 01/10/1947

George Alec Effinger Novelist, short story writer, novelist, short story writer, writer, born 01/10/1947

Peer Steinbruck office holder, born 01/10/1947

William J. Martini congressman, born 01/10/1947

Matthew Oakeshott politician, born 01/10/1947

Ivar Brogger actor, born 01/10/1947

Kerry Waghorn Artist, caricaturist, illustrator, editorial cartoonist, born 01/10/1947

Bernard Thévenet Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/10/1948

Teresa Graves Actress, singer, actor, born 01/10/1948

Fayette Pinkney Singer, psychologist, vocal coach, musical artist, born 01/10/1948

Leandro Faggin CYCLIST, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 01/10/1948

Bernard Thevenet CYCLIST, born 01/10/1948

William Sanderson Actor, actor, born 01/10/1948

Craig Russell Female impersonator, actor, actor, born 01/10/1948

David Neuberger Judge, judge, born 01/10/1948

George Edward Foreman American boxer, boxer, born 01/10/1949

John P. Baca United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/10/1949

John Woodward Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/10/1949


Teresa Graves ACTRESS, SINGER, JEHOVAH'S WITNESS MISSIONARY, Actor, actor, born 06/30/1963

Allu Aravind Film producer, actor, born 01/10/1949

Jim Bailey Film, television and stage actor, concert and recording artist, actor, born 01/10/1949

Dolores Cristina prime minister, born 01/10/1949

Godwin Abbe governor, born 01/10/1949

Linda Lovelace Pornographic film actress, adult actor, born 01/10/1949


Roy Blunt office holder, born 01/10/1950

Bonnie Hellman Actress, actor, born 01/10/1950

Nelson Brizuela soccer manager, born 01/10/1950

Nicolas Philibert Film director, Actor, drug, born 01/10/1951

Kathleen Bradley model, born 01/10/1951

Pongphan Wongsuwan soccer manager, born 01/10/1951

Scott Thurston musical artist, born 01/10/1952

Oleg Romanishin born 01/10/1952

Pat Benatar POP/ROCK SINGER, FILM ACTRESS, Singer-songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 01/10/1953

Bobby Rahal CHAMPION RACE CAR DRIVER, born 01/10/1953

Mike Stern Songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 01/10/1953

Alannah Mactiernan office holder, born 01/10/1953

Olga Zrihen office holder, born 01/10/1953

Ron Gerberry office holder, born 01/10/1953

John Gidman English footballer, soccer player, born 01/10/1954

Bairbre De Brun office holder, born 01/10/1954

Nihal Silva actor, born 01/10/1954

Piero Braglia Footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 01/10/1955

Michael Schenker Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 01/10/1955

Janice Gregory office holder, born 01/10/1955

Susil Premajayanth office holder, born 01/10/1955

Shawn Colvin Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/10/1956

Mark Manges american football player, born 01/10/1956

Greg Walden Former broadcasting executive, office holder, born 01/10/1957

Tony Lupton office holder, born 01/10/1957

Uri Maklev born 01/10/1957

Wolfgang Ilgenfritz office holder, born 01/10/1957

Galina Kakovkina artist, born 01/10/1957


Caroline Langrishe Actor, actor, born 01/10/1958

Thomas Gaffey politician, born 01/10/1958

Victor Webster soccer player, born 01/10/1958

Gabrielle Carey writer, born 01/10/1959

Richard Dotson BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 01/10/1959

Chris Van Hollen Attorney, congressman, born 01/10/1959

Fran Walsh Screenwriter, film producer, musician, actor, born 01/10/1959

Curt Kirkwood musical artist, born 01/10/1959

Sherman Augustus actor, born 01/10/1959

Brian Cowen prime minister, born 01/10/1960

Jay Russell Director, Producer, actor, born 01/10/1960

Benoit Pelletier politician, born 01/10/1960

Scott Wade born 01/10/1960

Bill Shuster Automobile Dealer, congressman, born 01/10/1961

Janet Jones actor, born 01/10/1961

Mark Venturini actor, born 01/10/1961

Jingui Wu soccer manager, born 01/10/1961

Choi Soon-Ho South Korean football manager, soccer manager, born 01/10/1962

Michael Fortier office holder, born 01/10/1962

Khaled Bin Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Businessman, born 01/10/1962

Zoltan Pokorni office holder, born 01/10/1962

Mark Pryor senator, born 01/10/1963

Jeff Zimmerman All-American college football player, professional football player, offensive lineman, offensive tackle, guard, american football player, born 01/10/1963

Michael Wiedenkeller born 01/10/1963

Michelle Danner Actress/Director/Producer/Acting Coach, born 01/10/1963

Tony Gardner actor, born 01/10/1964

Akifumi Tada Composer, musician, musical artist, born 01/10/1964

Martin Kuhl Footballer, soccer manager, born 01/10/1965

Nathan Moore musical artist, born 01/10/1965

Jose Navas artist, born 01/10/1965

Murali Nair Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 01/10/1966

Danny Kurmann Ice hockey official, born 01/10/1966

Trini Alvarado Actress, actor, born 01/10/1967

Clive Wedderburn Actor, actor, born 01/10/1967

Jeremy Cumpston doctor/actor, actor, born 01/10/1967


Zoe Tay actor, born 01/10/1968

Keziah Jones Musician, Songwriter, Photographer, Poet, Playwright, Painter, musical artist, born 01/10/1968

Dominic Iorfa soccer player, born 01/10/1968

Leo Housakos office holder, born 01/10/1968

Stefano Alfonso born 01/10/1968

Scott Ryan Australian politician, politician, born 01/10/1970

Sam Yoon office holder, born 01/10/1970

Craig Cheetham Actor, actor, born 01/10/1970

Alisa Maric born 01/10/1970

Mirjana Maric born 01/10/1970

Ana Barbara Singer, Songwriter, Producer Actress, musical artist, born 01/10/1971

Rudi Istenic soccer player, born 01/10/1971

Tomasz Konieczny Polish Bas/Basbariton and Actor, actor, born 01/10/1972

Jakob Cedergren Actor, drug, born 01/10/1973

Ryan Drummond actor, born 01/10/1973

Bryan Herb Gay tour company owner; writer; television host, born 01/10/1973

Bob Peeters Supreme Court of the United States case, born 01/10/1974

Ryoka Yuzuki adult actor, born 01/10/1974

Steve Marchand office holder, born 01/10/1974

Jared Barker Canadian Rugby union footballer., rugby player, born 01/10/1975

Kim Kristensen soccer player, born 01/10/1975

Nevil Thanas Dede soccer player, born 01/10/1975

Dan Karaty Dancer and choreographer, TV Personality, Dancer and Choreographer, born 01/10/1976

Marlon Perez Arango Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/10/1976

Terry Jackson American college football player, professional football player, running back, gridiron football player, born 01/10/1976

Dana Fuchs Actress, Singer, Songwriter, actor, born 01/10/1976

Alex Winters actor, born 01/10/1976

Alec Shelbrooke member of parliament, born 01/10/1976

Matthew Barber musician, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/10/1977

Rhian Benson Singer-songwriter, composer, instrumentalist, record producer, musical artist, born 01/10/1977

Jean-Philippe Javary Association footballer, soccer player, born 01/10/1978

Brent Smith musical artist, born 01/10/1978

Antonio Cupo actor, born 01/10/1978

Chris Anthony Arena Football League wide receiver/linebacker, born 01/10/1979

James Lloyd Actor, actor, born 01/10/1980

Tasesa Lavea Professional rugby union footballer, rugby player, born 01/10/1980

Jehan Mubarak Sri Lankan cricketer, cricketer, born 01/10/1981

Travis Gibb NOTED FAMILY, born 01/10/1981

Tamta Singer, musical artist, born 01/10/1981

Brian Joo Singer, Actor, Rapper, Dancer, musical artist, born 01/10/1981

Josh Ryan Evans Actor, actor, born 01/10/1982

Julien Brellier French footballer, soccer player, born 01/10/1982

Misato Fukuen Seiyū, actor, born 01/10/1982

Max Starks college football player, professional football player, offensive lineman, offensive tackle, american football player, born 01/10/1982

Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme French illustrator, photographer & science fiction author, Illustrator, visual artist, photographer, writer, writer, born 01/10/1982

Sebin Ha Instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, record producer, musical artist, born 01/10/1983

Yamon Figurs american football player, born 01/10/1983

Tadas Labukas Lithuanian footballer, soccer player, born 01/10/1984

Ben Pomeroy rugby player, born 01/10/1984

Jana Defi model, born 01/10/1984

Marouane Chamakh soccer player, born 01/10/1984

Will Morefield office holder, born 01/10/1984

Aleksei Trinitatskiy soccer player, born 01/10/1985

Alex Meraz dancer, actor, actor, born 01/10/1985

Peter Tsimikalis ice hockey player, born 01/10/1986

Abigail Clancy model, born 01/10/1986

Paulo Sergio Betanin soccer player, born 01/10/1986

Hanbin He badminton player, born 01/10/1986

Saleisha Stowers model, born 01/10/1986

Yacine Si Salem soccer player, born 01/10/1988

Wu Si Xuan Singer, musical artist, born 01/10/1988

Alex Lopez soccer player, born 01/10/1988

Tao Li Singaporean Olympic competitive swimmer, born 01/10/1990

Martin Jones Canadian ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/10/1990

Anton Abele Gymnasium student, Celebrity, Social debater, Charity worker, actor, born 01/10/1992

Sime Vrsaljko soccer player, born 01/10/1992

Marvin Rodriguez soccer manager, born 01/10/1993

Kaitlyn Maher Singer/Actress, musical artist, born 01/10/2004