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Joan 01 Of Navarre British royalty, born 01/14/1273

Franchinus Gaffurius Italian music theorist and composer, born 01/14/1451

Jacques Zevecot POET, born 01/14/1596

Thomas Britton English concert promoter, Charcoal merchant and Concert promoter, born 01/14/1644

William Whipple born 01/14/1730

Benedict Arnold Continental and British Army general, military person, born 01/14/1741

James Garrard governor, born 01/14/1749

Corona Elisabeth Wilhelmine Schröter 18th century German musician and singer, born 01/14/1751

Adam Czartoryski office holder, born 01/14/1770

Amherst, William Pitt Amherst, 1st Earl office holder, born 01/14/1773

Nathanial Silsbee Merchant, senator, born 01/14/1773

Henry Baldwin United States federal judge, judge, born 01/14/1780

Wilson Lumpkin governor, born 01/14/1783

John Chamberlain Clark American politician, congressman, born 01/14/1793

Valentin Canalizo President of Mexico, president, born 01/14/1794

Dover, George James Welbore Agar-Ellis, 1st Baron office holder, born 01/14/1797

Johan Rudolph Thorbecke Politician, politician, born 01/14/1798

Ludwig Von Kochel musicologist, writer, composer, botanist and publisher, born 01/14/1800

Adolphe Theodore Brongniart BIOLOGIST, BOTANIST, GEOLOGIST, AUTHOR, NOTED SON, born 01/14/1801

Matthew Fontaine Maury United States Navy officer, born 01/14/1806

Karl Graedener German composer, born 01/14/1812

John R. Edie Union Army officer, politician, born 01/14/1814

Francis Kernan senator, born 01/14/1816

Sakari Topelius AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PROFESSOR, born 01/14/1818

Frederick Steele Union Army general, military person, born 01/14/1819

Duke Of Parma Charles Iii British royalty, born 01/14/1823

Franklin Augustus Alberger politician, born 01/14/1825

William Drew Washburn senator, born 01/14/1831

John Bullock Jr. Clark Confederate Army general and politician, military person, born 01/14/1831

Robinson, William Cleaver Francis, Sir British colonial administrator and music composer, office holder, born 01/14/1834

Armand Sabatier ANATOMIST, PROFESSOR, ZOOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 01/14/1834

Felix Otto Dessoff German conductor and composer, born 01/14/1835

Hugh Judson Kilpatrick Union United States Army general, politician, military person, born 01/14/1836

Theodore Fantin-Latour ARTIST, PAINTER, PRINTMAKER, ILLUSTRATOR, born 01/14/1836

Berthe Morisot MODEL, ARTIST, PAINTER OF IMPRESSIONIST SCHOOL, artist, born 01/14/1841

John Robert Brown Confederate Army soldier and politician, born 01/14/1842

James Madison DeWolf Surgeon with the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment, killed in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, born 01/14/1843

Rebati Novelist ,Short Story Writer, poet, , philosopher, Social Activist, writer, born 01/14/1843

Ephraim M. Woomer Union Army soldier, born 01/14/1844

Robert Maitland O'Reilly 20th Surgeon General of the United States Army, military person, born 01/14/1845

Lansdowne, Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess Of office holder, born 01/14/1845

Daniel Hunter Macmillan office holder, born 01/14/1846

James Moore cyclist, born 01/14/1849

Pierre Loti MILITARY, NAVAL OFFICER, AUTHOR, NOVELIST, French Navy Officer, Writer, writer, born 01/14/1850

Jean de Reszke MUSICIAN, OPERA SINGER, BARITONE, THEN TENOR, born 01/14/1850

Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich Of Russia British royalty, born 01/14/1850

Rainer Ludwig Claisen German chemist best known for his work with condensations of carbonyls and sigmatropic rearrangements, scientist, born 01/14/1851

Jef Lambeaux ARTIST, SCULPTOR, born 01/14/1852

Jef Lambeaux artist, born 01/14/1852

Francis Maccrea office holder, born 01/14/1852

Benjamin Barker Jr Odell governor, born 01/14/1854

Homer Watson artist, born 01/14/1855

Waller Thomas Burns United States federal judge, born 01/14/1858

Kennedy, Patrick, J. Politician, Businessman, politician, born 01/14/1858

Atanas Badev composer and music teacher, born 01/14/1860

Mehmed Vi born 01/14/1861

Manuel Gomes da Costa President of Portugal, Military officer, office holder, born 01/14/1863

Edward McWade Actor, Screenwriter, actor, born 01/14/1865

George Warwick Mcclintic United States federal judge, born 01/14/1866

James H. Hughes office holder, born 01/14/1867

George Pearce Australian politician, Carpenter, member of parliament, born 01/14/1870

Beman Gates Dawes politician, born 01/14/1870

Clauson judge, born 01/14/1870

Andre Bloch MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 01/14/1873

Moisei Uritsky chekist, political activist, and statesman, politician, born 01/14/1873

Meade, Arthur Vesey, 5th Earl of Clanwilliam Army officer and politician, born 01/14/1873

Jack Taylor baseball player, born 01/14/1874

Albert Schweitzer German theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician, scientist, born 01/14/1875

Felix Hamrin prime minister, born 01/14/1875

Konstanty Zakrzewski physicist, born 01/14/1876

Victor Segalen PHYSICIAN, WRITER, POET, COMPOSER, born 01/14/1878


Jiri Stribrny politician, businessman, politician, born 01/14/1880

Walter Woods Screenwriter, actor, born 01/14/1881

Hendrik Willem van Loon Dutch-American historian and journalist, born 01/14/1882


Charles Albert Henderson member of parliament, born 01/14/1883

Lawrence Counselman Wroth Author, librarian, research professor, writer, born 01/14/1884

Hugh John Lofting English novelist, Novelist, Poet, writer, born 01/14/1886

Clara Beranger Screenwriter,, Screenwriter, writer, born 01/14/1886

Franz Josef Popp military person, born 01/14/1886

Hugo Steinhaus scientist, born 01/14/1887

Claude C. Maccolloch judge, born 01/14/1888

John P. Lucas United States Army general, military person, born 01/14/1890

Félix Goethals Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/14/1891

Roach, Hal, Sr. Film producer, Director/Producer, actor, born 01/14/1892


Lucien Dalsace ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 01/14/1893

Billy Meyer baseball player, born 01/14/1893

Frederic Sellers born 01/14/1893


Hans J. Salter MUSICIAN, COMPOSER FOR FILMS, born 01/14/1896

John Dos Passos Novelist, playwright, poet, journalist, painter, novelist, playwright, poet, journalist, painter, translator, writer, born 01/14/1896

Ieronim Uborevich military person, born 01/14/1896

Baron Hasso von Manteuffel MILITARY, GENERAL, military person, born 01/14/1897

Leslie Alexander Mutch member of parliament, born 01/14/1897

Juares Tavora MILITARY, GENERAL, POLITICIAN, born 01/14/1898

Fritz Bayerlein MILITARY, GENERAL, military person, born 01/14/1899

Wilfrid Lawson Stage and screen actor, actor, born 01/14/1900

Robert Nicholas Young military person, born 01/14/1900

Bebe Daniels Actress, producer, screenwriter, Actress, dancer, singer, producer, writer, actor, born 01/14/1901

Lee Parry Actor, drug, born 01/14/1901

Alfred Tarski scientist, born 01/14/1901

Dana Porter office holder, born 01/14/1901

Hinrich Schuldt military person, born 01/14/1901

James Bullough Lansing Engineer, inventor, designer, born 01/14/1902

Ray Brew born 01/14/1903

Russ Scarritt baseball player, born 01/14/1903

Albert Oesterlin military person, born 01/14/1903


Jean Robert Thomazo MILITARY, COLONEL, POLITICIAN, born 01/14/1904

Albert Charles Siebert Canadian ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/14/1904

Alan Chambers member of parliament, born 01/14/1904

Ernst Wellmann German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 01/14/1904

Takeo Fukuda prime minister, born 01/14/1905

Durga Khote actor, film producer, actor, born 01/14/1905

Carlos Alvarado Lang artist, born 01/14/1905

William Bendix actor, Film, radio, television actor, born 01/14/1906

Dick Neal soccer player, born 01/14/1906

Nel Tarleton boxer, born 01/14/1906

Masao Kotani scientist, born 01/14/1906

Albert Mahuzier EXPLORER, DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER, born 01/14/1907

Chet Brewer baseball player, born 01/14/1907

Colombo Russ singer, violinist, actor, Actor, Singer, Violinist, musical artist, born 01/14/1908

Vernon Smith football player, baseball player, military serviceman, national collegiate athletic association athlete, born 01/14/1908

Russ Columbo SINGER, COMPOSER, ACTOR, BANDLEADER, born 01/14/1908

Norman Parker born 01/14/1908

Emil Lang German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 01/14/1909


Joseph Glimco gangsterlabor racketeer, criminal, born 01/14/1909

Thukha actor, born 01/14/1910

Carlos Quirino Filipino biographer and historian, born 01/14/1910

Clara Østø Actor, actor, born 01/14/1911

J. Skelly Wright judge, born 01/14/1911

Robert Gysae German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 01/14/1911

Djuanda Kartawidjadja prime minister, born 01/14/1911

Hank Gornicki baseball player, born 01/14/1911

Tillie Olsen writer, born 01/14/1912

William Christie politician, born 01/14/1913

Motoo Tatsuhara soccer player, born 01/14/1913

Luderin Darbone Musician, fiddler, musical artist, born 01/14/1913

Harold Russell Actor, drug, born 01/14/1914

Watson, Thomas J., Jr. Business, office holder, born 01/14/1914

Vince Alascia comics creator, born 01/14/1914

Nick Campofreda gridiron football player, born 01/14/1914

Mordechai Zar born 01/14/1914

Alvaro Cardoso soccer player, born 01/14/1914


Mark Goodson Television producer, born 01/14/1915

Raymond Mayhew Lewin military person, born 01/14/1915

Charles Weldon Cannon Saddlemaker and rancher, Saddlemaker; Rancher; Dickens Town Council member, born 01/14/1915

Bobby Wood American football tackle, american football player, born 01/14/1916

Len Siffleet Australian soldier, military person, born 01/14/1916

Janine Darcey Actor, actor, born 01/14/1917

Billy Butterfield MUSICIAN, TRUMPET/FLUGELHORN PLAYER, BANDLEADER, Musician, musical artist, born 01/14/1917

Thomas G. Corbin MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 01/14/1917

Sydney James Bidwell MP, member of parliament, born 01/14/1917

Bob Kercher American football end, american football player, born 01/14/1918

Guillermo Lovell born 01/14/1918

Wally Culpitt born 01/14/1918

Helmut Lambach German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 01/14/1918

Andy Rooney Writer, humorist, television personality, writer, born 01/14/1919

Joe Seneca Actor, actor, born 01/14/1919

Rhena Schweitzer-Miller American humanitarian activist, born 01/14/1919

Giulio Andreotti LAWYER, POLITICIAN, JOURNALIST, office holder, born 01/14/1919

Bertus De Harder SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/14/1920


Cris Alexander Actor/Photographer, actor, born 01/14/1920

Bertus De Harder soccer manager, born 01/14/1920

Murray Bookchin Anarchist/socialist writer, philosopher, born 01/14/1921

Roger Carre SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/14/1921

Kenneth Bulmer Author, writer, born 01/14/1921

Norris Embry artist, born 01/14/1921

Ken Sailors basketball player, born 01/14/1921

Bernard Streten soccer player, born 01/14/1921

Charlie Watkins soccer manager, born 01/14/1921

Joe Baksi Boxer, boxer, born 01/14/1922

Jean Cox OPERA SINGER, TENOR, born 01/14/1922

Hank Biasatti baseball player, born 01/14/1922

Rudolph Douglas Raiford born 01/14/1922

Alberto Eliani soccer manager, born 01/14/1922

Mary Ann Jackson Film actress, born 01/14/1923

Bodil Steen Actor, actor, born 01/14/1923

Guy Williams Actor, actor, born 01/14/1924

Alberto Bertuccelli SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/14/1924

Alberto Bertucelli soccer player, born 01/14/1924

Kimitake Hiraoka Japanese novelist, playwright, poet,, short story writer, essayist, novelist, playwright, poet,, writer, born 01/14/1925

Ugo Pecchioli POLITICIAN, SENATOR 1972, born 01/14/1925

Ernst Stojaspal soccer player, born 01/14/1925

Warren Mitchell TV, Film and stage actor, drug, born 01/14/1926

Vasco Abadjiev Bulgarian virtuoso violinist, born 01/14/1926

Tom Tryon AUTHOR, NOVELIST, ACTOR, GAY, actor, born 01/14/1926

Mahashweta Devi Activist, Author, writer, born 01/14/1926

Baltazar soccer player, born 01/14/1926

Frank Aletter actor, born 01/14/1926

K. B. Tilak Director, Producer, actor, born 01/14/1926

Johnny Linaker soccer player, born 01/14/1927

M. Aram born 01/14/1927

Lars Forssell Swedish writer, member of the Swedish Academy, born 01/14/1928


Lauch Faircloth senator, born 01/14/1928

Hans Kornberg scientist, born 01/14/1928

James Cullen Martin scientist, born 01/14/1928

Peter Barkworth English actor, actor, born 01/14/1929

Aleksandar Petrović Film director and screenwriter, drug, born 01/14/1929

Antonino Pietro Gullotti POLITICIAN, CHRISTIAN DEMOCRAT, born 01/14/1929

Darrell Mudra college coach, born 01/14/1929

John Grande Rock and roll musician, born 01/14/1930

Raymond G. Murphy United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/14/1930

David Ibarra Munoz Mexican Secretary of Finance (1977-1982), office holder, born 01/14/1930

Rene Bonino RUNNER, OLYMPIC TRACK & FIELD CHAMPION, born 01/14/1930

Raymond Gerald Murphy MILITARY, U.S. MARINE CORPS HERO, MEDAL OF HONOR, born 01/14/1930

Catarina Valente SINGER, DANCER, ACTRESS, ENTERTAINER, born 01/14/1931

Frank Costigan Barrister, born 01/14/1931

Harriet Andersson Actress, actor, born 01/14/1932

Antonio Maspes Track cyclist, cyclist, born 01/14/1932

Luigi Scotti prime minister, born 01/14/1932

Stan Brakhage FILM DIRECTOR, born 01/14/1933

Princess of Bulgaria ROYALTY, born 01/14/1933

Stan Brakhage artist, born 01/14/1933

Richard Briers ACTOR, actor, born 01/14/1934

Alberto Rodriguez Larreta Formula One racer, born 01/14/1934

Marek Hlasko Writer, writer, born 01/14/1934

Alice Harris born 01/14/1934

Bystrík Režucha Slovak conductor, born 01/14/1935

Marjorie Weinzweig PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY, AUTHOR, born 01/14/1935

Clarence Carter Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, musical artist, born 01/14/1936

Su Nan-Cheng Politician, office holder, born 01/14/1936

Dronamraju Krishna Rao Indian- American geneticist, scientist, born 01/14/1937

Stefano Satta Flores ACTOR, OPERA SINGER, Actor, actor, born 01/14/1937

Billie Jo Spears Singer, musical artist, born 01/14/1937

Shoban Babu actor, born 01/14/1937

Rao Gopal Rao office holder, born 01/14/1937

Erland Kops badminton player, born 01/14/1937

Jack Jones ACTOR, SINGER, NOTED FAMILY, Singer, actor, musical artist, born 01/14/1938

Giorgia Moll FILM ACTRESS, born 01/14/1938

Morihiro Hosokawa office holder, born 01/14/1938

Allen Toussaint Musician, composer, arranger, record producer, musical artist, born 01/14/1938

Gust L. Avrakotos Case officer, Task Force Chief, born 01/14/1938

Clyde Evans office holder, born 01/14/1938

Jack Dryburgh Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/14/1939

Reiner Protsch scientist, born 01/14/1939

Fishman artist, born 01/14/1939


Trevor Nunn Theatre and film director, actor, born 01/14/1940

John Castle actor, born 01/14/1940

Faye Dunaway Actress, actor, born 01/14/1941

Gibby Gilbert GOLFER, born 01/14/1941

Ian James Brayshaw Cricketer, born 01/14/1942

Judith Merkle Riley Novelist, Teacher, novelist, writer, born 01/14/1942

Gerben Karstens Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/14/1942

Michael Gwisdek Actor, Film director, actor, born 01/14/1942

Wilfred Moore office holder, born 01/14/1942

Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal judge, born 01/14/1942

Billy Parker baseball player, born 01/14/1942

Holland Taylor Actress, actor, born 01/14/1943

Thomas Norris Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/14/1944

Marjoe Gortner CHILD EVANGELIST, ACTOR, born 01/14/1944

Graham Marsh GOLFER, NOTED FAMILY, born 01/14/1944

Anselm Grün German Benedictine padre and author, born 01/14/1945

Maina Gielgud BALLET DANCER, NOTED FAMILY, Ballet dancer, born 01/14/1945

Enid Kent Television, stage actress, actor, born 01/14/1945

Mark Zieman Farmer, Trucking Owner, office holder, born 01/14/1945

Vonetta Macgee actor, born 01/14/1945

Einar Hakonarson artist, born 01/14/1945

Harold Frederick Shipman Serial killer, born 01/14/1946

Madhusudhan Reddy Takkala office holder, born 01/14/1946

Travis Williams gridiron football player, born 01/14/1946

John Domenick office holder, born 01/14/1946

Mick Darrell Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/14/1947

Ruben Olivares boxer, born 01/14/1947

Richard Laymon novelist, writer, born 01/14/1947

Nicholas L. Jr. Bissel Prosecutor, born 01/14/1947

Gene Washington american football player, born 01/14/1947

Jane Sterk Professor, Retired psychologist and business owner., politician, born 01/14/1947

Peter Nogly soccer manager, born 01/14/1947

Guy Delhumeau soccer player, born 01/14/1947

Jose Pacheco Gomez soccer player, born 01/14/1947

Carl Weathers Actor; Former American Football Player, Actor, actor, born 01/14/1948

Giampiero Ventura Football (soccer) player and manager, soccer manager, born 01/14/1948


Miklos Nemeth president, born 01/14/1948

Valeri Kharlamov ice hockey player, born 01/14/1948

John Lescroart Novelist, screenwriter, born 01/14/1948

T Bone Burnett Singer-songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 01/14/1948

Lawrence Kasdan Film producer, Director, producer, screenwriter, actor, born 01/14/1949

Michael Crescenz United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/14/1949

Christine Belford ACTRESS, born 01/14/1949

Franklin Raines office holder, born 01/14/1949

Paul Chubb Film and TV actor, born 01/14/1949

Nancy Morgan actor, born 01/14/1949

Donovan Macclelland office holder, born 01/14/1949

Charlie Tumahai Musician, Songwriter, Humanitarian, musical artist, born 01/14/1949

Catherine Bearder office holder, born 01/14/1949

Maria A. Caiuby PSYCOLOGIST, PAST LIFE THERAPIST, born 01/14/1950

Laura Jantti FILM DIRECTOR, born 01/14/1950

Kaija Keel Olmos NOTED HUSBAND, born 01/14/1950

Hanne Haller deutsche Schlagersängerin, Komponistin, Texterin, Produzentin und Tonmeisterin, born 01/14/1950

Carme Elias actor, born 01/14/1951

Sydney Biddle Barrow PROSTITUTE, "THE MAYFLOWER MADAM", born 01/14/1952

Terry Forster BASEBALLL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 01/14/1952

Calin Popescu-Tariceanu prime minister, born 01/14/1952

James Whittemore judge, born 01/14/1952

Denzil Douglas Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis, prime minister, born 01/14/1953

Artie Owens gridiron football player, born 01/14/1953

Meli Polishook-Bloch born 01/14/1953

Loris Boni soccer manager, born 01/14/1953

Monica Tidwell Playboy Playmate, born 01/14/1954

Danny Boone baseball player, born 01/14/1954

Mark K. Keller office holder, born 01/14/1954

Lakshman Singh office holder, born 01/14/1955

Kevin Garn office holder, born 01/14/1955

Rosina Lippi-Green Novelist, linguist, writer, born 01/14/1956

Etienne Warren Daho SINGER, born 01/14/1956

Warren Daho Etienne SINGER, born 01/14/1956

Warren Avis BUSINESSMAN, FOUNDER OF AVIS RENT-A-CAR, born 01/14/1957

Suzanne Danielle Film, television actress, actor, born 01/14/1957

Jerome Napoleon British royalty, born 01/14/1957

David T. Daniels office holder, born 01/14/1957

Jackie Planeix DANCER, born 01/14/1958

Sami Al-Arian Former professor of, criminal, born 01/14/1958

Bret Schundler politician, born 01/14/1959

Geoff Tate Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/14/1959

Susan Smith Playboy Playmate, born 01/14/1959

Eric Alterman Journalist, author, journalist, born 01/14/1960

Todd Loren comics creator, born 01/14/1960

John Adams office holder, born 01/14/1960

Torbjorn Persson soccer manager, born 01/14/1960

Walter Allievi soccer player, born 01/14/1960

Rob Hall Mountain guide, born 01/14/1961

Mike Tramp musical artist, born 01/14/1961

Michael Maccaul attorney, congressman, born 01/14/1962

Gert-Jan Theunisse Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/14/1963

Anna Samokhina Actress, drug, born 01/14/1963

Steven Soderbergh FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, ACTOR, born 01/14/1963

Todd Stroger politician, born 01/14/1963

Alex Jolig musical artist, born 01/14/1963

Henry Saari adult actor, born 01/14/1964

Timothy Harris office holder, born 01/14/1964

Mark Addy actor, born 01/14/1964

Sergei Nemchinov Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/14/1964

Jindra Dolansky musical artist, born 01/14/1964

Uwe Wegmann soccer manager, born 01/14/1964

Ellis Paul American singer-songwriter and musician, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/14/1965

Desiree Becker JOURNALIST, ACTRESS, born 01/14/1965

Shamil Basayev military person, born 01/14/1965

James A. Jr. Bethea actor, born 01/14/1965

Dj Paul Elstak Producer, DJ, musical artist, born 01/14/1966

Robert Flello member of parliament, born 01/14/1966

Kerri Green Actress, actor, born 01/14/1967

Zakk Wylde Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 01/14/1967

Sharon Beshenivsky Police Officer, born 01/14/1967

Emanuela Orlandi missing teenager, born 01/14/1968

Zoran Madzirov The Bottleman, composer, performing & recording artist, inventor, musical artist, born 01/14/1968

Todd Book office holder, born 01/14/1968

Anthony Meindl actor, born 01/14/1968

Dave Grohl guitarist, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/14/1969

Marek Kalbus German opera singer, born 01/14/1969

Jason Bateman ACTOR SINCE A CHILD, Actor, actor, born 01/14/1969

David Grohl of NIRVANA MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 01/14/1969

Adam Edward Brooks actor, born 01/14/1969

Fazil Say Composer and Pianist, musical artist, born 01/14/1970

Antonios Nikopolidis soccer player, born 01/14/1971

Raimondas Rumsas Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/14/1972

Hakan Kutlu Turkish footballer, soccer manager, born 01/14/1972

Giancarlo Fisichella RACE CAR DRIVER, born 01/14/1973

Fabiana Luperini CHAMPION CYCLIST, born 01/14/1974

Kevin Durand Actor, singer, actor, born 01/14/1974

Georgina Cates Actress, actor, born 01/14/1975

Taylor Hayes American pornographic actress, adult actor, born 01/14/1975

Alessandro Spezialetti Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/14/1975

Jordan Elizabeth Ladd NOTED FAMILY, born 01/14/1975

Jordan Ladd Actress, actor, born 01/14/1975

Hamish Gee musical artist, born 01/14/1975

Noel Trent Association football player, soccer player, born 01/14/1976

Vincenzo Chianese Italian footballer, soccer player, born 01/14/1976

Shane Barnard musical artist, born 01/14/1976

Jimmy Little actor, born 01/14/1976

Ryan Delahoussaye musician, musical artist, born 01/14/1976

Håvard Homstvedt Norwegian painter, born 01/14/1976

Wayne Larry Brown Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/14/1977

Justin Kurtz Professional ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 01/14/1977

Martin Daniel Irigoyen Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Sound Designer, Record producer, musical artist, born 01/14/1977

Juan Raba actor, born 01/14/1977

Kris Jordan office holder, born 01/14/1977

Ruco Chan Actor. singer and television presenter, actor, born 01/14/1977

Shawn Crawford American sprinter, born 01/14/1978

Just Blaze Record producer, Rapper, Singer, musical artist, born 01/14/1978

Kuno Becker actor, born 01/14/1978

Costi Ionita musical artist, born 01/14/1978

Sage Brocklebank actor, born 01/14/1978

Petar Shopov soccer player, born 01/14/1978

Nicholas Boynton ice hockey player, born 01/14/1979

Christopher Albright Professional soccer player, soccer player, born 01/14/1979

John Reuben Zappin rapper, Recording artist, musical artist, born 01/14/1979

Alastair Montgomery 3RD TEST TUBE BABY BORN IN THE WORLD, born 01/14/1979

Karen Elson model, born 01/14/1979

James Scott Actor, actor, born 01/14/1979

Angela Lindvall model, born 01/14/1979

Kate Elson model, born 01/14/1979

Noel Oelschig rugby player, born 01/14/1979

Evans Soligo Italian footballer, soccer player, born 01/14/1979

Byron Leftwich American football quarterback, american football player, born 01/14/1980

Hiroshi Tamaki Actor, actor, born 01/14/1980

Marcio Souza soccer player, born 01/14/1980

Barnes Ed English rugby union footballer, rugby player, born 01/14/1981

Rosa Lopez Singer, musical artist, born 01/14/1981

Zdenek Blatny ice hockey player, born 01/14/1981

Melina Matsoukas born 01/14/1981

Lorenzo Branchetti presenter, character actor, actor, born 01/14/1981

Trieste Kelly Dunn Actress, actor, born 01/14/1981

Joe Gamble Footballer, soccer player, born 01/14/1982

Marc Broussard Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/14/1982

Caleb Followill Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/14/1982

Cam Bergman Lacrosse player, born 01/14/1983

Mauricio Soler Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/14/1983

Maxime Monfort Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/14/1983

Talena Atfield musical artist, born 01/14/1983

Samba Sow soccer player, born 01/14/1984

Pavel Gintov Pianist, musical artist, born 01/14/1984

Richard Hurlin soccer player, born 01/14/1984

Nadezhda Kosintseva born 01/14/1985

Jason Abalos Actor, actor, born 01/14/1985

Marshay Green american football player, born 01/14/1986

James Cusack Radio presenter, DJ, Radio producer, born 01/14/1987

Jack P. Shepherd Soap opera actor, Actor, actor, born 01/14/1988

James Clifford Altman NOTED FAMILY, born 01/14/1988

Jordy Lemoine CHILD SINGER, ENTERTAINER, born 01/14/1988

Mikalah Gordon Singer, actress, television personality, musical artist, born 01/14/1988

Kacey Barnfield actor, born 01/14/1988

Hye Sung Kim Actor, model, born 01/14/1988

Alcides Pena soccer player, born 01/14/1989

Mads Winther Albæk Danish footballer, soccer player, born 01/14/1990

Mikee Lee actor, host, actor, born 01/14/1990

Irina Zhuravskaya born 01/14/1990

Michael Cardinali soccer player, born 01/14/1990

Osher Zeitun Israeli association football player, soccer player, born 01/14/1991

Nimue Smit Dutch model, model, born 01/14/1992

Eddie Oshodi Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/14/1992

Martin Cuevas tennis player, born 01/14/1992