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Antonio del Pollaiolo artist, born 01/17/1429

Elector Frederick 03 Of Saxony born 01/17/1463

Pope Pius V Pope from 1566 to 1572, pope, born 01/17/1504

Pope Saint Pius V POPE ELECTED 1-7-1566 O.S., born 01/17/1504

Suffolk, Henry Grey, 1st Duke Of born 01/17/1517

Marie Isabelle De Rohan British royalty, born 01/17/1699

Benjamin Franklin American printer, writer, politician, governor, born 01/17/1706

Lyttelton, George, 1st Baron office holder, born 01/17/1709

Hugh Mercer military person, born 01/17/1726

Stanisław August Poniatowski King of Poland, British royalty, born 01/17/1732

François-Joseph Gossec Belgian composer, born 01/17/1734

Ustrzycka Apolonia born 01/17/1736

William Stephens United States federal judge, born 01/17/1752

Smith Thompson United States federal judge, office holder, born 01/17/1768

Charles Brockden Brown Novelist, historian, editor, born 01/17/1771

Jane Porter Scottish novelist, Novelist, writer, born 01/17/1776

Pedro Gual president, born 01/17/1783

Powhatan Ellis United States federal judge, born 01/17/1790

James Armstrong United States Navy officer, born 01/17/1794

Alexander Macleod Sheriff, criminal, born 01/17/1796

Caleb Cushing office holder, born 01/17/1800

Pierre Adolphe Cheruel AUTHOR, HISTORIAN, RECTOR, ESSAYIST, born 01/17/1809

George Smith Houston governor, born 01/17/1811

David Dunn governor, born 01/17/1811

James C. Dobbin office holder, born 01/17/1814

Henry Callaway Missionary, (Anglican) Bishop of St. John's, Christian Bishop, born 01/17/1817

Anne Brontë English novelist and poet, Governess, novelist, poet, writer, born 01/17/1820

Anne Bronte AUTHOR, NOVELIST, POET, NOTED FAMILY, born 01/17/1820

Ossian B. Hart governor, born 01/17/1821

Louis-Joseph D’ Herbomez Christian Bishop, born 01/17/1822

James Noble Tyner office holder, born 01/17/1826

Francis Cassidy mayor, born 01/17/1827

Lewis A. Grant United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/17/1828

Raphael Ritz Swiss painter, born 01/17/1829

William George Thompson Union Army officer, lawyer, judge, politician, born 01/17/1830

Archduchess Elisabeth Franziska Of Austria British royalty, born 01/17/1831

William M. Walton American politician, office holder, born 01/17/1832

Alexander Davis Lawyer and Politician, born 01/17/1833

August Weismann BIOLOGIST, born 01/17/1834

Henry Failing politician, born 01/17/1834

Edouard Pierre Barrera MILITARY, NAVAL ADMIRAL, born 01/17/1836

Edward St. John Daniel military person, born 01/17/1837

James Henry Dooley born 01/17/1841

Francois Henri Hallopeau PHYSICIAN, DERMATOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 01/17/1842

James Forney United States Marine Corps Brevet Medal recipient, military person, born 01/17/1844

Donald M. Dickinson office holder, born 01/17/1846

Ottmar von Mohl  legal scholar, born 01/17/1846

Friedrich von Ammon MILITARY, GENERAL, born 01/17/1847

James H. Hawley governor, born 01/17/1847

Eugene Charles Silvain ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 01/17/1851

A. B. Frost artist, born 01/17/1851

Holly Hollingshead Major League Baseball player, manager, baseball player, born 01/17/1853

Alva Belmont born 01/17/1853

William Nelson Cromwell Lawyer, born 01/17/1854

Palmer C. Ricketts born 01/17/1856

Gabriel Paul Koenigs MATHEMATICIAN, PHYSICIST, AUTHOR, born 01/17/1858

Tomas Carrasquilla novelist, storyteller and essayist, writer, born 01/17/1858

Joseph Ovide Brouillard businessman, member of parliament, born 01/17/1859

Charles K. French Actor, drug, born 01/17/1860

Douglas Hyde president, born 01/17/1860

Jack 1st Baron Gainford Pease office holder, born 01/17/1860

David Lloyd George British politician and prime minister, prime minister, born 01/17/1863

David Torrence Actor, drug, born 01/17/1863

Konstantin Stanislavsky THEATRICAL PRODUCER, ACTOR, TEACHER, AUTHOR, born 01/17/1863

Mary Raphael Slattery Christian Bishop, born 01/17/1863

Frederic Lauth ARTIST, PORTRAIT PAINTER, born 01/17/1865

Robert Irwin salesman, politician, born 01/17/1865

Carl Laemmle, Sr. MOTION PICTURE TYCOON, born 01/17/1867

Carl Laemmle actor, born 01/17/1867

Louis Alexandre Couturat MATHEMATICIAN, PHILOSOPHER, LOGICIAN, born 01/17/1868

Princess Marie Louise Bourbon-Parma British royalty, born 01/17/1870

Arthur Heming artist, born 01/17/1870

Mathias J. Alten ARTIST, PAINTER, born 01/17/1871

Beatty, David Beatty, 1st Earl military person, born 01/17/1871

Nicolae Iorga prime minister, born 01/17/1871

Frank "Boss" Hague POLITICIAN, MAYOR OF JERSEY CITY 1917-1947, born 01/17/1874

M. Edgar Rickard MINING ENGINEER, born 01/17/1874

Florencio Sanchez PLAYWRIGHT, born 01/17/1875

Frank Hague Mayor of Jersey City, politician, born 01/17/1876

Morten Korch Writer, writer, born 01/17/1876

Fred Beell wrestler, born 01/17/1876

Lise Meitner Physicist; Scientist, scientist, born 01/17/1878

Oscar Apfel Actor, film director, drug, born 01/17/1878

Harry Wilcox Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1878

Gustav Neckel academic in Old Norse and older German studies, born 01/17/1878

Richard Gavin Reid Premier of Alberta, Canada, 1934–1935, president, born 01/17/1879


Mack Sennett producer, actor, director, screenwriter, presenter, composer, cinematographer, Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, presenter, composer, cinematographer, actor, born 01/17/1880

Noah Beery Actor, actor, born 01/17/1882

Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna Of Russia British royalty, born 01/17/1882

Ralph Waldo Emerson Gilbert congressman, born 01/17/1882

Hogg, Malcolm Nicholson, Sir An English banker and member of the Council of India (1920-1925), born 01/17/1883

Andre Demaison AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 01/17/1883

Sir West Compton Mackenzie PLAYWRIGHT, AUTHOR, NOVELIST, LITERARY CRITIC, Author and nationalist, born 01/17/1883

Wallace Beery ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 08/10/1913

Hugo Karlis Grotuss artist, born 01/17/1884

Ludde Gentzel Actor, drug, born 01/17/1885

Sakae Osugi born 01/17/1885

Nikolaus Von Falkenhorst military person, born 01/17/1885

Ronald Firbank AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, GAY, born 01/17/1886

Ronald Firbank British novelist, born 01/17/1886

Marcel Godivier Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/17/1887

Ola Raknes Norwegian psychologist, Psychoanalyst, born 01/17/1887

Vilho Annala Academic, born 01/17/1888

Ralph Fowler English Physicist, scientist, born 01/17/1889

Ernesto Perez Acosta Theology, musical artist, born 01/17/1889

Louis Santop born 01/17/1890

Walter Eucken born 01/17/1891

Marjorie Gateson actor, born 01/17/1891

Hans Klein military person, born 01/17/1891

Tommy Handley Comedian, comedian, born 01/17/1892

Tora Teje Actor, drug, born 01/17/1893

Laurens Shull All-American football player killed in action during World War I, born 01/17/1894

Francis Doyle Gleeson He was the last Vicar Apostolic of Alaska and the first Bishop of Fairbanks, born 01/17/1895

Jack Middlemas soccer player, born 01/17/1896

Nils Asther Actor, actor, born 01/17/1897

Anne Cornwall Film actress, actor, born 01/17/1897

Charles Ragland Bunnell artist, born 01/17/1897

Robert Maynard Hutchins philosopher and university president, Educator, born 01/17/1899

Abram Lincoln Harris Economist, anthropologist, academic, economist, academic, anthropologist, born 01/17/1899

Al Capone GANGSTER, PUBLIC ENEMY #1, Gangster, bootlegger, racketeer, criminal, born 01/17/1899

Victor Buller Turner military person, born 01/17/1900

Hayashi Fubo Writer, writer, born 01/17/1900

Hryhorii Epik Ukrainian writer and journalist, Writer, journalist, writer, born 01/17/1901

Jack Lipson Actor, actor, born 01/17/1901

Olin Dutra golf player, born 01/17/1901

Colin Alexander Campbell member of parliament, born 01/17/1901

Martin Harlinghausen MILITARY, GENERAL, born 01/17/1902

Frank Smithwick Hogan office holder, born 01/17/1902

Albert Trueman teacher, professor, cultural and university administrator, born 01/17/1902

Martin Harlinghausen military person, born 01/17/1902

Charles Hallam soccer player, born 01/17/1902

James Stump Johnson Musician, singer, musical artist, born 01/17/1902

Sam Haden soccer manager, born 01/17/1902


Patsy Ruth Miller actress, Actress, actor, born 01/17/1904

Knox Manning Actor, drug, born 01/17/1904

Hem Vejakorn artist, born 01/17/1904

Grant Withers Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 01/17/1905


Guillermo Stabile soccer manager, born 01/17/1905

Ray Cunningham baseball player, born 01/17/1905

H. Bentley Glass American geneticist, scientist, born 01/17/1906

Len Grant gridiron football player, born 01/17/1906

Thomas Andrew Murray Kirk member of parliament, born 01/17/1906

Henk Adams Badings MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, MUSIC THEORIST, born 01/17/1907

Frantisek Junek soccer player, born 01/17/1907

Max Schafer military person, born 01/17/1907

Ben ARTIST, CARTOONIST, born 01/17/1908

Lord John Wheatley SENATOR OF COLLEGE OF JUSTICE IN SCOTLAND 1954, born 01/17/1908

Cus Damato born 01/17/1908

L. V. Prasad Actor, Director, Producer, actor, born 01/17/1908

Bryan Valentine cricketer, born 01/17/1908

Friedrich Beckh military person, born 01/17/1908

Tang Junyi Chinese philosopher, writer, born 01/17/1909

Karen Jønsson Actor, actor, born 01/17/1909

Freddie Frinton Comedian, music hall artist, television actor, actor, born 01/17/1909

Mervyn Griffiths born 01/17/1909

Hugh Victor Halbert Australian politician, Accountant, businessman, member of parliament, born 01/17/1910

Salman Rushdie AUTHOR, born 06/19/1947

Mona Ray Stage, film actress, actor, born 01/17/1910

Kenneth Rush office holder, born 01/17/1910

George Joseph Stigler ECONOMIST, NOBEL PRIZE/ECONOMICS, born 01/17/1911

Moshe Carmel born 01/17/1911

Busher Jackson ice hockey player, born 01/17/1911

Gavriil Kachalin soccer manager, born 01/17/1911

Joseph Carlyle Sitterson born 01/17/1911

John Mason James member of parliament, born 01/17/1911

Philibert Smellinckx soccer player, born 01/17/1911

Jacob Fick military person, born 01/17/1912

Friedrich Donnenfeld soccer manager, born 01/17/1912

Vido Musso JAZZ MUSICIAN, born 01/17/1913

Lansing Leroy Mitchell United States federal judge, born 01/17/1914

Theo Lefevre LAWYER, POLITICIAN, P.M., born 01/17/1914

Kurt Freund scientist, born 01/17/1914

William Stafford Poet, writer, born 01/17/1914

Howard Marion-Crawford actor, born 01/17/1914

Joe Payne soccer player, born 01/17/1914

Luis De La Fuente soccer player, born 01/17/1914

Kurt Plenzat military person, born 01/17/1914

Taizo Kawamoto soccer manager, born 01/17/1914

Max Herzbach military person, born 01/17/1914

Gordon Sinclair Davidson Australian politician, born 01/17/1915

Sammy Angott BOXER, WORLD LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION 1940-44, boxer, born 01/17/1915

Francis Sayre NOTED FAMILY, born 01/17/1915

Mayo Smith baseball player, born 01/17/1915

Lum Harris baseball player, born 01/17/1915

Charles F. Hockett scientist, born 01/17/1916

Frelinghuysen, Peter Hood Ballantine, Jr. born 01/17/1916

Bert Broer scientist, born 01/17/1916

Harold John Ellison United States Navy Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 01/17/1917

Charles Andrew Macgillivary United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/17/1917

Daniel Shanks Mathematician, scientist, born 01/17/1917

Mg Ramachandran Actor, Politician, Producer, actor, born 01/17/1917

Silvio A. Bedini Science historian, born 01/17/1917

Jocko Thompson baseball player, born 01/17/1917

Keith Joseph British barrister, politician, and Conservative Cabinet Minister, Site of Special Scientific Interest, born 01/17/1918

Carole McDonald SINGER, born 01/17/1918

Joseph W. Barr office holder, born 01/17/1918

Russi Mody Chairman of Tata Steel from 1984–1993, born 01/17/1918

George M. Leader governor, born 01/17/1918

Kamal Amrohi film director, screenwriter, dialogue writer, actor, born 01/17/1918

Rudolf Trenkel military person, born 01/17/1918

Hans Reimling military person, born 01/17/1918

Russ Brayshaw ice hockey player, born 01/17/1918

Bob Ingalls American football center, american football player, born 01/17/1919

Tony Golab gridiron football player, born 01/17/1919

Hannah Tompkins American artist, artist, born 01/17/1920

U.S. Prohibition BLUE LAW, born 01/17/1920

Georges Pichard comics creator, born 01/17/1920

Paul Reismann military person, born 01/17/1920

Paul Stevens American actor, born 01/17/1921

Antonio Prohias comics creator, born 01/17/1921

Vic Wilson cricketer, born 01/17/1921

Asghar Khan military person, born 01/17/1921

John Daniel Bergin born 01/17/1921

Dehl Berti actor, born 01/17/1921

Paul J. Wiedorfer United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 01/17/1921

Preston Hanson actor, born 01/17/1921

Ely E. Siman music producer, talent manager, broadcasting executive, musical artist, born 01/17/1921

Luis Echeverria President of Mexico (1970 - 1976), president, born 01/17/1922


Nicholas Katzenbach office holder, born 01/17/1922

De Niro, Sr., Robert artist, born 01/17/1922

Johnny Costa Jazz pianist, actor, born 01/17/1922

Jack Merson baseball player, born 01/17/1922

Miodrag Jovanovic soccer manager, born 01/17/1922

Werner Drechsler WWII German POW murdered by fellow POWs for informing, born 01/17/1923

Bob Ramsing Screenwriter, Film director, actor, born 01/17/1923

Charlie Rundle soccer player, born 01/17/1923

Betty White Actress, Actress, comedienne, actor, born 01/17/1924


Stan Rule born 01/17/1924

Duane Hanson ARTIST, NEW REALIST SCULPTOR, artist, born 01/17/1925

Abdul Kardar cricketer, born 01/17/1925

Patricia Owens actor, born 01/17/1925

Jean Faut born 01/17/1925

Robert Filliou Artist, born 01/17/1926

Newton N. Minow LAWYER, EXECUTIVE, born 01/17/1926

Norma Shearer STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 01/17/1926

Rafael Diaz-Balart born 01/17/1926

Moira Shearer actor, born 01/17/1926

Oscar Gonzalez Guerrero comics creator, born 01/17/1926

Manolo Millares artist, born 01/17/1926

Yitzhak Modai born 01/17/1926

Alan Thaw born 01/17/1926

Antonio Domingo Bussi governor, born 01/17/1926

Charles J. Watters military person, born 01/17/1927

Eartha Kitt American Singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 01/17/1927

Norman Kaye Australian actor and musician, Actor/Musician, drug, born 01/17/1927

Tom Dooley PHYSICIAN, MEDICAL MISSIONARY, AUTHOR, Physician, born 01/17/1927

Harlan Mathews senator, born 01/17/1927

Lelio Antoniotti SOCCER PLAYER, soccer player, born 01/17/1928

Serge Ceustermans BOXER, born 01/17/1928

Matt McGinn SINGER, SONGWRITER, born 01/17/1928

Luigi Moltrasio SOCCER PLAYER, born 01/17/1928

Vidal Sassoon HAIR STYLIST, born 01/17/1928

Pete Morisi comics creator, born 01/17/1928

Jose Hernandez BOXER, born 01/17/1929

Jacques "Jake the Snake" Plante HOCKEY PLAYER, born 01/17/1929

Jacques Plante ice hockey player, born 01/17/1929

Dick Alban american football player, born 01/17/1929

Grady Martin guitarist, session musician, musical artist, born 01/17/1929

Hideo Murata Singer, musical artist, born 01/17/1929

Paul Leo Maurice Johnson member of parliament, born 01/17/1929

Sheree North FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, DANCER, born 01/17/1930

James Earl Jones actor, Actor, born 01/17/1931

David Wilder POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA, born 01/17/1931

Doug Wilder POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA, born 01/17/1931

Don Zimmer BASEBALL PLAYER, born 01/17/1931

Douglas Wilder office holder, born 01/17/1931

Kenneth Paproski politician, born 01/17/1931

Ya'akov Gil born 01/17/1931

Antoine Craan born 01/17/1931

Tony Conwell Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1932

Sheree North Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 01/17/1932

Denis Carter office holder, born 01/17/1932

John Cater actor, born 01/17/1932

Fung Wu Actor, actor, born 01/17/1932

Sadruddin Aga Khan Son of Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, born 01/17/1933


Shari Lewis Ventriloquist, puppeteer, author, children's television show host, born 01/17/1933

Cedar Walton pianist, musical artist, born 01/17/1934

Zlatko Papec soccer player, born 01/17/1934

Efraim Shalom born 01/17/1934

Albert Cheesebrough English footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1935

Ruth Ann Minner business owner, political aide, office holder, born 01/17/1935

John Henry Osmena Politician, office holder, born 01/17/1935

Anthony Roman politician, born 01/17/1936

Alain Badiou philosopher, born 01/17/1937

Buddy Dial gridiron football player, born 01/17/1937

Bernard S. Cohen Former member of the Virginia House of Delegates and attorney, Attorney & Legislator, office holder, born 01/17/1937

John Anthony Bellairs American novelist, novelist, writer, born 01/17/1938


Jiaxuan Tang president, born 01/17/1938

Christodoulos Paraskevaides Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Christian Bishop, born 01/17/1939

Giacomo Rizzo Actor, drug, born 01/17/1939

Maury Povich Television Talk Show Host, born 01/17/1939

Kari Knudsen Playboy Playmate, born 01/17/1939

Takeshi Terauchi Guitarist, musical artist, born 01/17/1939

Mircha Snegur POLITICIAN, PRESIDENT OF MOLDOVA, born 01/17/1940

Anson Chan office holder, born 01/17/1940

Tabare Vazquez office holder, born 01/17/1940

Mircea Snegur president, born 01/17/1940

René Binggeli Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/17/1941

Muhammad Ali American boxer, world heavyweight champion, Olympic gold medalist; anti-Vietnam War activist, boxer, born 01/17/1942

Renzo Sambo Italian rower, 1968 Olympic gold coxed pairs, born 01/17/1942

Nancy Parsons actor, born 01/17/1942

Karel Van Miert politician, born 01/17/1942

Randy Boone Country music singer; former Actor: It's a Man's World; The Virginian; Cimarron Strip, born 01/17/1942

Geoffrey Deuel actor, born 01/17/1943

Geoffrey Jacob Deuel ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, BROTHER OF PETER DUEL, born 01/17/1943

Aarne "Loka" Laitinen JOURNALIST, born 01/17/1943

Wendy Yoshimura POLITICAL ACTIVIST, FEMINIST, ARTIST, born 01/17/1943

Rene Preval president, born 01/17/1943

Chris Montez Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/17/1943

Ken Morley Television actor, actor, born 01/17/1943

Wendell R. Beitzel office holder, born 01/17/1943

Françoise Madeline Hardy Actress, astrologer, pop singer, Actress/Singer, musical artist, born 01/17/1944

Francoise Hardy CHANSON SINGER, ACTRESS, born 01/17/1944

Noel Ratcliffe PRO GOLFER, golf player, born 01/17/1945

Jeanette Fitzsimons member of parliament, born 01/17/1945

Javed Akhtar Lyricist, poet, scriptwriter, writer, born 01/17/1945

Ian Storey-Moore soccer manager, born 01/17/1945

Innocent Actor, born 01/17/1945

Preston Pearson gridiron football player, born 01/17/1945

Lenny Baker Actor, actor, born 01/17/1945

Ian Robertson teacher, rugby player, born 01/17/1945

Michèle Deslauriers Actress, actor, born 01/17/1946

Harold Tichenor Filmmaker and writer, artist, born 01/17/1946

Dom Troiano of THE JAMES GANG MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 01/17/1946

Lucy Saroyan actor, born 01/17/1946

Francois Walthery comics creator, born 01/17/1946

Martin Britt soccer player, born 01/17/1946

Hector Uribe office holder, born 01/17/1946

Joanna David Actor, actor, born 01/17/1947

Jane Elliot Actress, actor, born 01/17/1947

Todd Susman actor, born 01/17/1947

Guy Hunt golf player, born 01/17/1947

Jimmie Jones gridiron football player, born 01/17/1947

Alfredo Marcano boxer, born 01/17/1947

Gail Denenberg golf player, born 01/17/1947

Davíð Oddsson Icelandic politician, prime minister, born 01/17/1948

Alfonso Frazer BOXER, WORLD JR.-WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION 1972-73, born 01/17/1948

Mick Taylor of THE ROLLING STONES MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/17/1948

Billy T. James Comedian, born 01/17/1948

Alfredo Murca soccer player, born 01/17/1948

Andy Kaufman COMEDIAN, BEST KNOWN FOR HIS ROLE ON TV'S "TAXI", Actor/Comedian, actor, born 01/17/1949

Gyude Bryant office holder, born 01/17/1949

Richard Watkins FOOTBALL PLAYER, born 01/17/1950

Jean Poirier environmental coordinator, politician, born 01/17/1950

Cristina Galbo actor, born 01/17/1950

Honey Irani screenwriter, writer, born 01/17/1950

Bindu actor, born 01/17/1951

Kevin Reynolds American film director and screenwriter, born 01/17/1952

Larry Fortensky CONSTRUCTION WORKER, NOTED FAMILY, born 01/17/1952

Ryuichi Sakamoto Musician, composer, record producer, actor, musical artist, born 01/17/1952

Darrell Porter baseball player, born 01/17/1952

Jeff Berlin Bassist, musical artist, born 01/17/1953

Kevin Canty Novelist, short story writer, author, writer, born 01/17/1953

Gilberto Hirata politician, born 01/17/1953

Roberto Canessa Medical cardiologist, born 01/17/1953

Carlos Johnson Guitarist, singer, musical artist, born 01/17/1953

Janet Dykman American Olympic competitive archer., born 01/17/1954

Sally Amis born 01/17/1954

Manasseh Damukana Sogavare prime minister of the Solomon Islands, prime minister, born 01/17/1955


Frazer Smith Comedian, Actor, DJ, actor, born 01/17/1955

Guoli Zhang artist, born 01/17/1955

David Caruso FILM/TV ACTOR, born 01/17/1956

Antero Mertaranta Broadcaster, born 01/17/1956

Jonathan Linsley actor, born 01/17/1956

Mitch Vogel Actor, actor, born 01/17/1956

Martin Fowler Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1957


John Crawford of BERLIN MUSICIAN, BASSIST, SINGER, born 01/17/1957

Ann Nocenti comics creator, born 01/17/1957

Colm Burke office holder, born 01/17/1957

Hilda Koronel actor, born 01/17/1957

Rory Cellan-Jones Journalist, Economist, journalist, born 01/17/1958

James Kerr Footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1958

Ted Conover Author, Journalist, writer, born 01/17/1958

Valdas Kasparavicius Lithuanian footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1958

Rand Miller Co-founder and CEO of Cyan Worlds, born 01/17/1959

Momoe Yamaguchi Singer, actress, actor, born 01/17/1959

Andrea Clausen actor, born 01/17/1959

Bleddyn Taylor rugby player, born 01/17/1959

Chatchai Plengpanich Actor, actor, born 01/17/1960

John Crawford Musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist, musical artist, born 01/17/1960

Igor Yuryevich Nikolayev Composer, singer, song-writer, musical artist, born 01/17/1960

Steve Bennett Football referee, born 01/17/1961

Keith Bostic American professional football player, american football player, born 01/17/1961

Maia Chiburdanidze born 01/17/1961

Jim Carrey Actor, Actor, comedian, actor, born 01/17/1962

Nicholas F. Hughes fisheries biologist, scientist, born 01/17/1962

Joseph C. Phillips Actor, actor, born 01/17/1962

Denis Ohare actor, born 01/17/1962

Hitoshi Nakata soccer manager, born 01/17/1962

Igor Surovikin soccer manager, born 01/17/1962

Colin Kenneth Gordon Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1963

Kai Hansen Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 01/17/1963

Chris Casamassa actor, born 01/17/1963

Cyrus Chestnut born 01/17/1963

Kheng Hua Tan actor, born 01/17/1963

Melori Bigvava soccer manager, born 01/17/1963

Darko Drazic soccer manager, born 01/17/1963

Michelle Obama Wife of the 44th President of the United States, office holder, born 01/17/1964

Huw Lewis office holder, born 01/17/1964

Don Cazayoux Attorney, congressman, born 01/17/1964

Yves Sente comics creator, born 01/17/1964

Jim Holt Minister, office holder, born 01/17/1965

Patrick Vervoort soccer player, born 01/17/1965

Simon Cousins Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/17/1965

Balach Marri Engineer, born 01/17/1965

Joshua Malina Actor, actor, born 01/17/1966

Trish Johnson Professional Golfer, golf player, born 01/17/1966

Powell, William, Jr. actor, born 01/17/1967

Wendy Mass Novelist, writer, born 01/17/1967

Svetlana Masterkova born 01/17/1968

Craig Strong CEO of VoiceStarz/Actor, actor, born 01/17/1968

Jeff Chase Actor, Football Player, Stuntman, actor, born 01/17/1968

Tijs Verwest Dutch DJ and record producer, Musician, disc jockey, record producer, musical artist, born 01/17/1969

Kenny Greene Singer-songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 01/17/1969

Lukas Moodysson Film director and screenwriter, actor, born 01/17/1969

Naveen Andrews Actor, actor, born 01/17/1969

Scott Marshall actor, born 01/17/1969

Ken Schilz office holder, born 01/17/1969

Paolo Vaccari Italian former rugby union player, Sports Manager, rugby player, born 01/17/1971

Sylvie Testud actress, Actress, director, writer, actor, born 01/17/1971

Yuki Kudoh actor, born 01/17/1971

Benno Fürmann German film and television actor, actor, born 01/17/1972

Juan Fernando Velasco Ecuadorian musician, Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 01/17/1972

Olivier Sourgens French Rugby union footballer., rugby player, born 01/17/1972

Kid Rock Musician, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Rapper, musical artist, born 01/17/1972

Aqualung Singer/songwriter, musical artist, born 01/17/1972

Levan Vashalomidze Politician, politician, born 01/17/1972

Ken Hirai Singer, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 01/17/1972

Melissa Bardin Galsky actor, born 01/17/1972

Vittoria Belvedere actor, born 01/17/1972

Yohanan Plesner born 01/17/1972

Ryo Actress, model, actor, born 01/17/1973

Chris Bowen Politician, member of parliament, born 01/17/1973

Aaron Ward ice hockey player, born 01/17/1973

Derrick Mason Professional American football player, american football player, born 01/17/1974

Chen Yang football player, soccer manager, born 01/17/1974

Vesko Kountchev musician, producer-composer, musical artist, born 01/17/1974

Chen Wang badminton player, born 01/17/1974

Coco Lee singer, songwriter, actress, actor, born 01/17/1975

Freddy Rodriguez Actor, actor, born 01/17/1975

Chris William Martin actor, born 01/17/1975

Glynn Hurst soccer player, born 01/17/1976

Keith Robinson Actor/Singer, actor, born 01/17/1976

Asofuji Seiya born 01/17/1976

Aga Zaryan musical artist, born 01/17/1976

Leigh Whannell Actor, actor, born 01/17/1977

Luca Paolini Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 01/17/1977

Wang Wenhua Footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1977

Carolina Ardohain Argentine model and television personality, model, born 01/17/1978

Patrick Suffo Footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1978

Gord Nash Lacrosse player, born 01/17/1978

Hiro Suzuhira mangaka, character designer, and illustrator, born 01/17/1978

Elvis Kafoteka soccer player, born 01/17/1978

Sharon Chan Actress, model, actor, born 01/17/1979

Gregory Carmona soccer player, born 01/17/1979

Benazir Salam Dancer, Dance Teacher, actor, born 01/17/1979

Anthony Tonkin Professional footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1980

Grégory Rast Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/17/1980

Kimberly Spicer Playboy Playmate, born 01/17/1980

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Dancer, born 01/17/1980

Emanuel Bikoula soccer player, born 01/17/1980

Valeri Abramidze soccer player, born 01/17/1980

Christophe Riblon Racing cyclist, cyclist, born 01/17/1981

Antton Luengo Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/17/1981

Revaz Gotsiridze Georgian footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1981

Scott Mechlowicz Actor, actor, born 01/17/1981

Jenni Banerjee actor, born 01/17/1981

Adam Windsor Wrestler, wrestler, born 01/17/1981

Amanda Wilkinson musical artist, born 01/17/1982

Dayna Vawdrey Television presenter, born 01/17/1982

Álvaro Arbeloa Coca footballer, soccer player, born 01/17/1983

Kim Youngwoon South Korean singer, actor, Singer, dancer, actor, television host, MC, radio host, musical artist, born 01/17/1983

Antonio Valencia Mexican boxer, born 01/17/1984

Calvin Harris Singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, musical artist, born 01/17/1984

Hye-rim Park Korean-American model, model, born 01/17/1985

Sebastian Langeveld Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 01/17/1985

Emmanuel Burriss American baseball infielder, baseball player, born 01/17/1985

Simone Simons Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 01/17/1985

Chloe Lattanzi NOTED FAMILY, Singer and Actress, musical artist, born 01/17/1986

Nicholas Cooper actor, born 01/17/1986

Yu Hasebe model, born 01/17/1986

Earl Clark basketball player, born 01/17/1988

Milton Ruiz soccer player, born 01/17/1988

Adama Traore soccer player, born 01/17/1989

Emmie Charayron Triathlete, born 01/17/1990

Maria Job NOTED FAMILY, born 01/17/1991

Kieran Howard soccer player, born 01/17/1991

Nate Hartley Actor, actor, born 01/17/1992

Koe Yeet actor, born 01/17/1992

Ahmed Maclin soccer player, born 01/17/1993

Northridge, California Earthquake EARTHQUAKE OF MAGNITUDE 6.6, born 01/17/1994

Kobe-Awajishima Earthquake EARTHQUAKE, born 01/17/1995

Kirsty Hickey Actor, Actor, Singer, Dancer, actor, born 01/17/1996

Caitlin Sanchez actress, musician, actor, born 01/17/1996