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Alexander Severus monarch, born 10/01/ 208

Alvaro de Mendana de Neira Explorer, navigator, cartographer, born 10/01/1542

Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor ROYALTY, KING CHARLES III OF HUNGARY, British royalty, born 10/01/1685

William Shippen scientist, born 10/01/1712

Richard Stockton born 10/01/1730

Simeon Olcott senator, born 10/01/1735

Olivier Remigius Wallis Field Master of Artillery, French Revolutionary Wars, military person, born 10/01/1742

Peter Muhlenberg office holder, born 10/01/1746

Paul I Emperor of Russia, British royalty, born 10/01/1754

Czar Paul I of Russia ROYALTY, REIGNED 1796-1801, MURDER VICTIM, born 10/01/1754

Arden, Charles Perceval, 2nd Baron office holder, born 10/01/1756

Victor Marie Du Pont de Nemours office holder, born 10/01/1767

Nathan Appleton congressman, born 10/01/1779

Goran Wahlenberg Chair of Botany and Medicine, born 10/01/1780

Robert Smirke architect, born 10/01/1780

James Lawrence military person, born 10/01/1781


Rufus Choate senator, born 10/01/1799

Edward Pinkney American poet, lawyer, sailor, professor, and editor, Sailor, writer, born 10/01/1802

Oliver Blake Clerk, office holder, born 10/01/1802

George Clive office holder, born 10/01/1805

George Washington Warren office holder, born 10/01/1813


Cranbrook, Gathorne-Hardy, 1st Earl of office holder, born 10/01/1814

John Campbell Allen office holder, born 10/01/1817

John Mercer Johnson Lawyer, member of parliament, born 10/01/1818

Gheorghe Tattarescu artist, born 10/01/1818

Thursday October II Christian born 10/01/1820

Benjamin T. Biggs farmer, office holder, born 10/01/1821

Edmond Got STAGE ACTOR, LIBRETTIST, born 10/01/1822

Karl von Piloty ARTIST, PAINTER, MURALIST, TEACHER, born 10/01/1826

Richard Coulter Union Army general, military person, born 10/01/1827

Edward H. East American politician, born 10/01/1830

Jeremiah C. Sullivan Union United States Army general, military person, born 10/01/1830

Caroline Harrison office holder, born 10/01/1832

Francis Cockrell Confederate Army general, born 10/01/1834

Rush Clark congressman, born 10/01/1834

Robert Houston Anderson United States Army officer, military person, born 10/01/1835

John Freeman Mackie Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/01/1835

William Hicks Jackson Confederate Army general, born 10/01/1835

Karoly Hieronymi office holder, born 10/01/1836

Nicolas Avellaneda President of Argentina, October 12, 1874—October 12, 1880, president, born 10/01/1837

William Hulsey Confederate Army officer, born 10/01/1838

Alexander Hart Confederate Army soldiers, born 10/01/1839

Logue, Michael, Cardinal born 10/01/1840

Anthony Higgins office holder, born 10/01/1840

Charles Emile Hortensius Cros INVENTOR, POET, PHOTOGRAPHER, born 10/01/1842

J. J. Macalester office holder, born 10/01/1842

Louis Aldrich Stage actor, actor, born 10/01/1843

William Christie scientist, born 10/01/1845

Henry Thomas Reed United States federal judge, born 10/01/1846

Annie Besant British social reformer, born 10/01/1847

Teodoro A. Dehesa Mendez governor, born 10/01/1848

Milton Reed office holder, born 10/01/1848

Steve Bellán Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 10/01/1849

David R. Francis office holder, born 10/01/1850

Marjory Kennedy-Fraser MUSICIAN, WRITER, COLLECTOR OF FOLKLORE/BALLADS, born 10/01/1857

George Kemball military person, born 10/01/1858

Harry H. Halsell American rancher and author, born 10/01/1860


Charles Henry Martin governor, born 10/01/1863


Lydia Knott Actor, Film actress, actor, born 10/01/1866

Dean Conant Worcester scientist, born 10/01/1866

Arshak Fetvadjian artist, born 10/01/1866

Adams, Edward, Charles office holder, born 10/01/1867

Frank Cooper United States federal judge, born 10/01/1869

Francesco Marchetti-Selvaggiani CLERGYMAN, ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, BISHOP, born 10/01/1871

Mihaly Domotor office holder, born 10/01/1875

Laura Bullion Criminal and prostitute. Later householder and seamstress, criminal, born 10/01/1876

Kirkman George Finlay born 10/01/1877

Edwin Ruthven Holmes United States federal judge, born 10/01/1878

Othmar Spann philosopher, born 10/01/1878

Louis Gosselin member of parliament, born 10/01/1879

Leon Aillaud governor, born 10/01/1880

William Edward Boeing aviation pioneer, Industrialist, born 10/01/1881

Allen Melancthon Sumner United States Marine Corps officer, born 10/01/1882

Martin Ignatius Welsh United States federal judge, born 10/01/1882

Bert Freeman Footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1885

Ned Hanlon office holder, born 10/01/1887

Wesley Abner D'Ewart United States Republican politician, born 10/01/1889

A. W. Binnie AVIATOR, born 10/01/1889

Ralph Washington Sockman born 10/01/1889

Minta Durfee Actress, actor, born 10/01/1889

Alice Joyce Actress, actor, born 10/01/1890

Stanley Holloway FILM/STAGE ACTOR, Actor, comedian and singer, actor, born 10/01/1890

Blanche Oelrichs actor, born 10/01/1890

Svend Methling Actor, actor, born 10/01/1891

Dagmar Ebbesen Actor, drug, born 10/01/1891

Emilio Pettoruti artist, born 10/01/1892

Faith Baldwin AUTHOR, ROMANTIC NOVELIST, COLUMNIST, born 10/01/1893

Faith Baldwin Novelist, writer, born 10/01/1893

Sudhi Ranjan Das office holder, born 10/01/1894

Charles Evenden Editorial cartoonist, journalist, born 10/01/1894

Hans Schweikart Film director, Actor, drug, born 10/01/1895

Carmen Hill baseball player, born 10/01/1895

Willy Marienfeld German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/01/1895

Ted Healy Actor, comedian, Actor, actor, born 10/01/1896

Abraham Sofaer actor, born 10/01/1896

Albert Alexander Millard Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1898

Gunther Brandt military person, born 10/01/1898

Henry Gordon Clappison military person, born 10/01/1898

Paul Hilton office holder, born 10/01/1899

Joseph Guillemot RUNNER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 10/01/1899

Ernest Haycox Novelist, short story writer, born 10/01/1899

John Burr Williams born 10/01/1900

Mal Aldrich born 10/01/1900

Louise Lorraine FILM ACTRESS, born 10/01/1901

Phiroz Mehta Pianist, Author, Lecturer, writer, born 10/01/1902

Oktavijan Miletic Cinematographer, film director, actor, born 10/01/1902

Richard Loo actor, born 10/01/1903

George Coulouris STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, PRODUCER, Actor, actor, born 10/01/1903

Mary Katherine Herbert military person, born 10/01/1903

Irene Craigmile Bolam Banker, homemaker, Banker, born 10/01/1904

Hermann Ehlers LAWYER, POLITICIAN, born 10/01/1904

Vladimir Horowitz MUSICIAN, CONCERT PIANIST, born 10/01/1904

Otto Robert Frisch scientist, born 10/01/1904

A. K. Gopalan office holder, born 10/01/1904

Edward Gothard cricketer, born 10/01/1904

Alfons Goppel Lawyer, politician, born 10/01/1905

Albert Cavens Actor, actor, born 10/01/1906

P. Govinda Menon POLITICIAN, UNION LAW MINISTER OF INDIA, born 10/01/1906

Sachin Dev Burman actor, born 10/01/1906

Knut Ansgar Nelson Christian Bishop, born 10/01/1906

Harry Collier born 10/01/1907

Evaristo Frisoni soccer player, born 10/01/1907

Doug Young ice hockey player, born 10/01/1908

Nicholas Marsicano American Figurative Expressionism and teacher, born 10/01/1908

Varyl Begg military person, born 10/01/1908

Umar Dimayev Singer, musical artist, born 10/01/1908

Thierry Maulnier WRITER, JOURNALIST, PLAYWRIGHT, DRAMA CRITIC, born 10/01/1909


Samuel William Yorty office holder, born 10/01/1909

Everett Sloane Actor, songwriter, theatre director, actor, born 10/01/1909

Renato Bodini soccer manager, born 10/01/1909

Attilio Pavesi Olympic cycling golds, cyclist, born 10/01/1910

Carmine Tramunti born 10/01/1910

Yvon-Roma Tasse member of parliament, born 10/01/1910

Herman Michael Hickman, Jr. FOOTBALL COACH, born 10/01/1911

Fletcher Knebel NOVELIST, born 10/01/1911

Fletcher Knebel Novelist, journalist, born 10/01/1911

Edward P. Boland congressman, born 10/01/1911

Heinrich Mark president, born 10/01/1911

Mohammed Hussain born 10/01/1911

Jim Spedding Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1912

Kathleen Ollerenshaw scientist, born 10/01/1912

George W. Grider military person, born 10/01/1912

B.R. Heyn military person, born 10/01/1912

Shafik Chokin scientist, born 10/01/1912

Slavko Surdonja soccer player, born 10/01/1912

Wilhelm Ahrens German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/01/1912

Helio Gracie Martial artist, born 10/01/1913

Yisrael Barzilai born 10/01/1913

Estil C. Ball musical artist, born 10/01/1913

Erich Eberhard military person, born 10/01/1913

Stuart Hampshire British philosopher, literary critic and university administrator, philosopher, born 10/01/1914

Michael Goodliffe Actor, actor, born 10/01/1914

Marvin Sr. Gay Minister, born 10/01/1914

Jerome Bruner scientist, born 10/01/1915

Leo Lamoureux ice hockey player, born 10/01/1916

Helmut Adam German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/01/1916

Cahal Daly Cardinal, born 10/01/1917

Waggoner Carr Attorney; Author, office holder, born 10/01/1918

Jim Russell baseball player, born 10/01/1918

G D Madgulkar One of the greatest modern poets of Maharashtra, India, Poet, Lyricist, Playwright, Script Writer, Dialog Writer, Actor, and Orator, writer, born 10/01/1919

Bob Boyd baseball player, born 10/01/1919

Evelyn Sharp Aviator, born 10/01/1919

Victor Mosquera Chaux office holder, born 10/01/1919

Alberto Cerioni soccer player, born 10/01/1919

Walter Matthau actor, Actor, born 10/01/1920

Lonny Chapman actor, born 10/01/1920

David Herbert Donald historian of the American Civil War, born 10/01/1920

James Whitmore Actor, actor, born 10/01/1921

Norman Dodgin Professional footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 10/01/1921

Angelo Niculescu soccer manager, born 10/01/1921

Jorge Castaneda y Alvarez office holder, born 10/01/1921

Ivo Suprina soccer player, born 10/01/1921

Ramana Reddy Film actor and comedian, actor, born 10/01/1921

Chen Ning Franklin Yang Nobel Prize-winning physicist, scientist, born 10/01/1922


Neil Blaney politician, born 10/01/1922

Buddy Macdonald child actor, actor, born 10/01/1922

Allu Rama Lingaiah Character actor, actor, born 10/01/1922

Jacques Chouinard military person, born 10/01/1922

Takehiko Bessho born 10/01/1922

Trevor Ford soccer player, born 10/01/1923

Frank Ziegler gridiron football player, born 10/01/1923

Vaclav Jezek soccer manager, born 10/01/1923

Fernand Sastre born 10/01/1923

Jimmy Carter President of the United States, president, born 10/01/1924

William Hubbs Rehnquist 16th Chief Justice of the United States, office holder, born 10/01/1924

William H. Rehnquist LAWYER, U.S. SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE, born 10/01/1924

Roger Williams musical artist, born 10/01/1924

Bob Geigel wrestler, born 10/01/1924

Nobuko Otowa Actor, drug, born 10/01/1925

Jose Beyaert CYCLIST, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 10/01/1925

James Syme Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 10/01/1926

Tom Bosley Emmy-nominated American actor, Actor, actor, born 10/01/1927

Sherman Glenn Finesilver United States federal judge, born 10/01/1927

Sivaji Ganesan actor, born 10/01/1927

George Peppard Actor, politician and United States Marine, actor, born 10/01/1928

Laurence Harvey Actor, actor, born 10/01/1928

Rongji Zhu office holder, born 10/01/1928

Willy Mairesse Formula One racer, born 10/01/1928

Hal Naragon baseball player, born 10/01/1928

Ne Win actor, director, actor, born 10/01/1928

Raymond Steed military person, born 10/01/1928

Oscar Lini soccer player, born 10/01/1928

John Robert Evans office holder, born 10/01/1929

Bonnie Owens Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 10/01/1929

Ken Arthurson rugby player, born 10/01/1929

Ante Mladinic soccer manager, born 10/01/1929

Ernesto Grillo soccer player, born 10/01/1929

Jerome M. Hughes Educational Researcher, office holder, born 10/01/1929

Richard Harris Irish actor, singer and songwriter, Actor, singer-songwriter, producer, director, writer, actor, born 10/01/1930

Philippe Noiret STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 10/01/1930


Jean Godden Seattle City Councilmember, politician, born 10/01/1931

Albert Collins SINGER, SONGWRITER, MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/01/1932

Zale Kessler ACTOR, born 10/01/1933

John Gunnell member of parliament, born 10/01/1933

Richard Marshall Neal Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 10/01/1933

Larry Simms CHILD ACTOR, born 10/01/1934

Margaret Maccain office holder, born 10/01/1934

B.C. Khanduri office holder, born 10/01/1934

Julie Andrews Actress, singer, author, actor, born 10/01/1935

Maria Fiore Actor, drug, born 10/01/1935

Julio Jaramillo musical artist, born 10/01/1935

Walter De Maria artist, born 10/01/1935

Duncan Edwards Association footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1936

Patrick Henry Brady United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/01/1936

Stella Stevens FILM/TV ACTRESS, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, born 10/01/1936

Lelia Goldoni actor, born 10/01/1936

P. Dayaratna office holder, born 10/01/1936

Edward Ohara member of parliament, born 10/01/1937

Hedy d' Ancona politician, born 10/01/1937

John D. Anderson scientist, born 10/01/1937

Mary McFadden FASHION DESIGNER, born 10/01/1938

Alf Svensson Adjunkt, politician, born 10/01/1938

Stella Stevens Playboy Playmate, born 10/01/1938

George B. Archer GOLFER, born 10/01/1939

Janie Sell Stage/television actress, actor, born 10/01/1939

Geoffrey Whitehead Actor, actor, born 10/01/1939

Ramesh Prasad Mohapatra scientist, born 10/01/1939

Phyllis Chesler Psychotherapist, college professor, and author, born 10/01/1940

Jean-Luc Bideau Actor, drug, born 10/01/1940

Richard Corben comics creator, born 10/01/1940

Steve Orourke born 10/01/1940

Marc Savoy Accordion maker, musician, accordionist, musical artist, born 10/01/1940

Ramon Carranza Saxophonist, composer, teacher, musical artist, born 10/01/1940

Riley E. Ingram Virginia Politician, Real estate, office holder, born 10/01/1941

Dale Oehler Arranger, composer, musician, producer, musical artist, born 10/01/1941

Hans Gunter Wallraff WRITER, JOURNALIST, BOOK SELLER, born 10/01/1942

Jean Pierre Jabouille Formula One racer, born 10/01/1942

Joseph Finnegan judge, born 10/01/1942

Michael C. Gwynne actor, born 10/01/1942

Robert Lelievre Folk and rock musician, Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 10/01/1942

Allan J. Kellogg United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/01/1943

Peter Kastner Actor, actor, born 10/01/1943

Jean-Jacques Annaud FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, Film director, Producer, Screenwriter, actor, born 10/01/1943

Jerry Martini of SLY & THE FAMILY STONE MUSICIAN, SAXOPHONIST, born 10/01/1943

Willie Williams LOS ANGELES POLICE CHIEF, born 10/01/1943

John Mackovic college coach, born 10/01/1943

Emmet Stagg politician, born 10/01/1944

Dror Kashtan soccer manager, born 10/01/1944

Donny Hathaway Singer, songwriter, arranger, conductor, record producer, instrumentalist, musical artist, born 10/01/1945

Rod Carew BASEBALL PLAYER, baseball player, born 10/01/1945

Ellen Macilwaine Singer-songwriter, slide guitarist, musical artist, born 10/01/1945

Terry Leyden office holder, born 10/01/1945

Britt Fredriksen Playboy Playmate, born 10/01/1945

Haris Silajdzic office holder, born 10/01/1945

Frank Nunley gridiron football player, born 10/01/1945

Sid Rawle Campaigner, organiser, born 10/01/1945

Jon Warden BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 10/01/1946

Tim Obrien Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 10/01/1946

Dave Holland bassist, composer, musical artist, born 10/01/1946

Liangyu Chen office holder, born 10/01/1946

John Ronaldson born 10/01/1946

John Brennan Crutchley System engineer, criminal, born 10/01/1946

Jury Rupin Photographer, art expert and collector, writer., born 10/01/1946

Jim Thomson soccer player, born 10/01/1946

Jim Gilligan college coach, born 10/01/1946

Dave Arneson American game designer, Game designer, writer, born 10/01/1947

Stephen Collins ACTOR, Actor/Writer, actor, born 10/01/1947

Aaron Ciechanover scientist, born 10/01/1947

Kate Fitzpatrick Television actress, actor, born 10/01/1947

Buzz Capra baseball player, born 10/01/1947

George Wells wrestler, born 10/01/1947

Derek Rickard soccer player, born 10/01/1947

Beverly Ann Jarosz HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, MURDER VICTIM, born 10/01/1948

Hsiao-yung Chiang born 10/01/1948

Mark Landon actor, born 10/01/1948

Phillip Emmons Isaac Bonewits Neopagan leader, author, and neo-druid priest, born 10/01/1949

P. E. I. Bonewits MODERN DRUID LEADER, NEO-PAGAN, AUTHOR, born 10/01/1949

People's Republic of China REPUBLIC, born 10/01/1949

Nebojsa Radmanovic president, born 10/01/1949

Luigino Negro CON MAN, IMPOSTER, FRAUD, born 10/01/1950

Randy Quaid FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, Actor, born 10/01/1950

Susan Adele Greenfield Scientist, academic, writer, Academic, scientist, politician, born 10/01/1950

Mark Helias Musician, Composer, Educator, musical artist, born 10/01/1950

Jean Manson Playboy Playmate, born 10/01/1950

Natalia Nogulich actor, born 10/01/1950

Vladimir Hotineanu politician, born 10/01/1950

Finbarry Nolan HEALER, 7TH SON IN HIS FAMILY, born 10/01/1951

Nodar Khashba office holder, born 10/01/1951

Raymond Wongyukman professor, current affairs commentator, radio host, published author, politician, born 10/01/1951

Christine Andreas Singer, actress, actor, born 10/01/1951

Stewart Alexander politician, born 10/01/1951

Karoon Sai-ngam Thai senator, born 10/01/1952

Nusret Çolpan Turkish painter, miniatureartist, artist, born 10/01/1952

Jacques Martin National Hockey League coach, born 10/01/1952

Gus O'Donnell Cabinet Secretary since 2005, office holder, born 10/01/1952

Anthony Chan artist, born 10/01/1952

Klaus Wowereit German politician, politician, born 10/01/1953

Hashim Qureshi Politician, writer, Politician, Writer, born 10/01/1953

Susan Tenney Gage NOTED FAMILY, born 10/01/1953

John Hegley comedian, born 10/01/1953

Irene Napier Make-up artist, actor, born 10/01/1953

Yesui Zhang office holder, born 10/01/1953

Colin Campbell judge, born 10/01/1953

Dré Steemans actor, born 10/01/1954

Damodar Barku Shingada office holder, born 10/01/1954

Michelle G. Schneider office holder, born 10/01/1954

Howard Hewett of SHALAMAR SINGER, Singer, musical artist, born 10/01/1955

Brogan Lane ACTRESS, born 10/01/1955

Steve Courson american football player, born 10/01/1955

Don Letts Musician, Disc jockey, Movie producer., musical artist, born 10/01/1956

Andrus Ansip office holder, born 10/01/1956

Tara Buckman American actress, Actress, actor, born 10/01/1956

Libby Jacobs office holder, born 10/01/1956

Tony Zeno basketball player, born 10/01/1957

Verawaty Wiharjo badminton player, born 10/01/1957

Debbie Johnson business owner, legislator, office holder, born 10/01/1957

John Lenders office holder, born 10/01/1958


Youssou Ndour Singer, percussionist, musical artist, born 10/01/1959

Billy Timmins office holder, born 10/01/1959

Zeta Bosio Bassist, musical artist, born 10/01/1959

Brendan Jenkins office holder, born 10/01/1959

Federal Republic of Nigeria REPUBLIC, born 10/01/1960

Cameron Thompson Journalist, member of parliament, born 10/01/1960

Sukh Dhaliwal member of parliament, born 10/01/1960

Willie Wood golf player, born 10/01/1960

Elizabeth Dennehy actor, born 10/01/1960

Magnus Stefansson politician, born 10/01/1960

Gary Seward Professional footballer, born 10/01/1961

Esai Morales ACTOR, actor, born 10/01/1962

Nico Claesen soccer manager, born 10/01/1962

Hakeem Kae-Kazim Actor, actor, born 10/01/1962

James Vasanthan Music composer, TV anchor, musical artist, born 10/01/1962

Neil Stephens Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/01/1963

Mark McGwire BASEBALL PLAYER, 1ST BASEMAN, born 10/01/1963

Nanci Chambers Actress, actor, born 10/01/1963

Roger Raupp artist, born 10/01/1963

Harry Hill English comedian, doctor, comedian, born 10/01/1964

Zeki Demirkubuz Turkish film director, born 10/01/1964

John Joseph Sheridan Professional footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 10/01/1964

Denis Dercourt Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 10/01/1964

Tapir Gao office holder, born 10/01/1964

Roger De Sa soccer manager, born 10/01/1964

Barbara Tyson actor, born 10/01/1964

David Jacox stunt performer, stunt double, actor, stunt co-ordinator, actor, born 10/01/1964

David D'Or Israeli singer, Musician, vocalist, composer, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/01/1965

Mia Amor Mottley Leaders of the Barbados Labour Party, office holder, born 10/01/1965

Yoshie Kashiwabara Singer, songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 10/01/1965

Kathy Liebert poker player, born 10/01/1967

Mark Durdensmith TV presenter, Television Presenter, journalist, born 10/01/1968

Jay Underwood actor, born 10/01/1968

Santana writer, born 10/01/1968

Zach Galifianakis American actor, comedian, writer, Actor, comedian, writer, musician, actor, born 10/01/1969

Jorge Aravena Actor, actor, born 10/01/1969

Marc Lasalle adult actor, born 10/01/1969

Vartan Ghazarian soccer player, born 10/01/1969

Yami Bolo musical artist, born 10/01/1970

Maile S.L. Shimabukuro office holder, born 10/01/1970

Svyatoslav Syrota soccer player, born 10/01/1970

Blake Nelson Boyd artist, born 10/01/1970

Joe Doherty punk rock singer, musical artist, born 10/01/1970

Rhodri Marsden British journalist and musician, born 10/01/1971

Andrew Okeefe Presenter on Deal or No Deal, The Rich List, Weekend Sunrise, Big Bite, born 10/01/1971

Song Il Gook born 10/01/1971

Leila Hatami actor, born 10/01/1972

Esa Holopainen musical artist, born 10/01/1972

Stephen Lord Actor, actor, born 10/01/1972

Mike Maneluk ice hockey player, born 10/01/1973

Yasmine /Lafitte Moroccan pornographic actress, adult actor, born 10/01/1973

Devin Nunes farmer, office holder, born 10/01/1973

Christian Borle stage, television actor, singer, dancer, actor, born 10/01/1973

Sherri Saum actor, born 10/01/1974

Stuart Tuck soccer player, born 10/01/1974

Suna Kim Actress, model, born 10/01/1975

Willy Santos Professional skateboarder, Small business owner, born 10/01/1975

Zoltan Sebescen soccer manager, born 10/01/1975

Albert M. Chan Actor, Director, actor, born 10/01/1975

Richard Oakes Musician, musical artist, born 10/01/1976

Hell Razah musical artist, born 10/01/1976

Diana Haddad Singer, Producer, Philanthropist, Television Personality, musical artist, born 10/01/1976

Kevin Mitchell musical artist, born 10/01/1976

Brian Macfayden actor, born 10/01/1976

Danielle Bisutti Actress, singer-songwriter, actor, born 10/01/1976

Narong Wisetsri soccer player, born 10/01/1976

Matthew Wilson Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/01/1977

Claudia Palacios Television journalist, journalist, born 10/01/1977

Owen Biddle Bass guitarist, record producer, songwriter, musical artist, born 10/01/1977

Amit Bhandari Cricketer, cricketer, born 10/01/1978

Barry John Conlon Footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1978

Richard Hodgson soccer player, born 10/01/1979

Jetsada Boonruangrod soccer player, born 10/01/1979

Sarah Drew Actress, actor, born 10/01/1980

David Johnny Oduya Swedish professional ice hockey defenceman, ice hockey player, born 10/01/1981

Dieudonne Kalulika soccer player, born 10/01/1981

Rupert Friend actor, born 10/01/1981

Roxane Mesquida Actress, actor, born 10/01/1981

Haruna Babangida soccer player, born 10/01/1982

Tyran Richard Playboy Playmate, born 10/01/1982

Rob Strauss wrestler, born 10/01/1983

Jason Roy-Leveillee Actor, actor, born 10/01/1983

Matt Cain American baseball pitcher, vice prime minister, born 10/01/1984

Erica Ellyson Penthouse Pet of the Month for January 2007 and Pet of the Year for 2008, adult actor, born 10/01/1984

Monica Spear born 10/01/1984

Morgan Gehris comics creator, born 10/01/1984

Steven Roy Hogg Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1985

Catrinel Menghia Romanian model, model, born 10/01/1985

Casper Grønn Larsen Danish footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1985

Alexandra Brown NOTED FAMILY, born 10/01/1985

Sicily Sewell actor, born 10/01/1985

Robert Hughes Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1986

Carl Finnigan Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1986

Jurnee Smollett Actress, actor, born 10/01/1986

Matthew Gonzalez actor, born 10/01/1986

Lionel Glenn Robert Ainsworth Footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1987

Whittier, California Earthquake EARTHQUAKE OF MAGNITUDE 6.1, born 10/01/1987

Ferreira-Jorge Triplet I MULTIPLE BIRTH, TRIPLET, born 10/01/1987

Ferreira-Jorge Triplet III MULTIPLE BIRTH, TRIPLET, born 10/01/1987

Stuart Lafferty Actor & Model, actor, born 10/01/1987

Ohad Saidof soccer player, born 10/01/1987

Andre Greipel cyclist, born 10/01/1987

Jason McElwain Autistic man, well-known for a high-scoring high school basketball game, born 10/01/1988

Artur Patras Moldavian footballer, soccer player, born 10/01/1988

Cariba Heine Actress, actor, born 10/01/1988

Zoe Blanc figure skater, born 10/01/1988

Brie Larson musical artist, born 10/01/1989

Zachary Anthony Peck NOTED FAMILY, born 10/01/1991

Dinar, Turkey, Earthquake EARTHQUAKE, born 10/01/1995

Pylos, Greece, Earthquake EARTHQUAKE, born 10/01/1995