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Dmitry Donskoy monarch, born 10/12/1350

Raymond Wang Chong Lin A really chinxy guy with no life, born 10/12/1400

Edward VI of England Tudor king, British royalty, born 10/12/1537

King Edward VI of England & Ireland ROYALTY, KING AT 9, REIGNED 1547-1553, born 10/12/1537

Thomas Dudley governor, born 10/12/1576

Andreas Gryphius POET, PHILOSOPHER, HISTORIAN, PLAYWRIGHT, born 10/12/1616

Jonathan Trumbull governor, born 10/12/1710

John Pratt Acting Adjutant General of the U.S. Army from 1790 to 1791, military person, born 10/12/1753

Theodorus Bailey American politician, senator, born 10/12/1758

James Davenport American politician and lawyer, born 10/12/1758

Granville, Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl office holder, born 10/12/1773

Lyman Beecher Minister, born 10/12/1775

William Westall artist, born 10/12/1781

Henry Dodge senator, born 10/12/1782

Alfred Conkling United States federal judge, born 10/12/1789

Emperor Dom Pedro I of Brazil ROYALTY, FOUNDER OF BRAZILIAN EMPIRE, British royalty, born 10/12/1798

Jonathan Peel office holder, born 10/12/1799

James Lyons born 10/12/1801

Hermann Anschutz artist, born 10/12/1802

Victor Prosper Considerant SOCIALIST, MILITARY ENGINEER, WRITER, born 10/12/1803

Frances Dana Barker Gage Writer, poet, activist, abolitionist, born 10/12/1808

Victor Prosper Considerant philosopher, born 10/12/1808

Theophilus Lyle Dickey military person, born 10/12/1811

Lyman Trumbull senator, born 10/12/1813

William Harrison Rice Missionary teacher to Hawaii, Teacher, Planter, born 10/12/1813

William J. Hardee Confederate Army general, military person, born 10/12/1815

Joseph Horace Eaton Union Army general, military person, born 10/12/1815

Benjamin Pitman Businessman, born 10/12/1815

Desart, John Cuffe, 3rd Earl of office holder, born 10/12/1818

Joseph Haydn Potter United States Army general during American Civil War, military person, born 10/12/1822

John Poindexter Confederate Army officer and politician, military person, born 10/12/1825

George Lawson scientist, born 10/12/1827

George Richard Dibbs New South Wales politician and Premier, born 10/12/1834

Preston Plumb Union Army officer, born 10/12/1837

Peter Cushman Jones Businessman, Politician, office holder, born 10/12/1837

Hormusjee Naorojee Mody Businessman, born 10/12/1838

George Thorn politician, born 10/12/1838

Thomas E. Corcoran United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/12/1839

Helena Modjeska actor, born 10/12/1840

Samuel Richard Hamersley politician, born 10/12/1842

George Washington Cable American novelist, born 10/12/1844

Charles King United States Army general and author, military person, born 10/12/1844

William Henry Munger United States federal judge, born 10/12/1845

John Alden Riner United States federal judge, born 10/12/1850

Alfred Edwards Businessman, born 10/12/1850

Max Friedlaender Germann bass concert-singer, writer on music, musicologist, born 10/12/1852

Edward Fitzsimmons Dunne governor, born 10/12/1853

Charlie Morton Major League Baseball player, Manager, Executive, baseball player, born 10/12/1854

Willis J. Bailey governor, born 10/12/1854

Arthur Nikisch Hungarian conductor, born 10/12/1855

Wilberforce Eames U.S. bibliographer and librarian, born 10/12/1855

John C. Carbine Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 10/12/1855

Pop Smith Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 10/12/1856

Henry Lippitt senator, born 10/12/1856

William Macwilliams Journalist, member of parliament, born 10/12/1856

Horatio Clarence Hocken office holder, born 10/12/1857

Cipriano Castro president, born 10/12/1858

Maurice Timothy Dooling United States federal judge, born 10/12/1860

Joseph Henry Beale Law Professor, born 10/12/1861

Theodor Boveri scientist, born 10/12/1862

Kamini Roy Poet, scholar, born 10/12/1864

Arthur Harden scientist, born 10/12/1865

Ramsay Macdonald POLITICIAN, 1ST LABOUR P.M. 1924 & 1929, office holder, born 10/12/1866

Edward Grayndler Australian politician,, born 10/12/1867

Boris Sidis born 10/12/1867

Marino Trías Vice President First Philippine Republic, office holder, born 10/12/1868

Benedict Crowell United States Army general, born 10/12/1869

Robert Samut Composer, musical artist, born 10/12/1869

Frederick George Sanderson member of parliament, born 10/12/1870

Herbert L. Foss United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/12/1871

Curnonski FAMOUS CHEF, born 10/12/1872

Ralph Vaughan Williams born 10/12/1872

Albert Saunders office holder, born 10/12/1874

Aleister Crowley poet, mountaineer, occultist, born 10/12/1875

Granville Roland Fortescue Rough Rider from the Spanish-American War, military person, born 10/12/1875


Robert Courtney Davis Adjutant General of the U.S. Army from 1922 to 1927, military person, born 10/12/1876

James Patrick Lannon United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/12/1878


Michael Joseph Curley Christian Bishop, born 10/12/1879

Peter B. Kyne Writer, actor, born 10/12/1880

Marcel Gensoul MILITARY, ADMIRAL, born 10/12/1880


Crauford Kent Actor, actor, born 10/12/1881

Harry Lietdke Actor, actor, born 10/12/1882

Harry Liedtke STAGE/FILM ACTOR, born 10/12/1882

Frank Crowe born 10/12/1882

Reginald John Godfrey Bateman professor of English, born 10/12/1883

Godfrey Tearle actor, born 10/12/1884

Jacques Keyser Dutch athlete, born 10/12/1885

Thomas Frederic Williams military person, born 10/12/1885

Karl Dane Actor, comedian, actor, born 10/12/1886

Howard Mason Gore governor, born 10/12/1887

Perle Mesta Socialite, born 10/12/1889

Victor Potel Actor, actor, drug, born 10/12/1889

Joseph Laniel POLITICIAN, PREMIER, born 10/12/1889

Joseph Laniel prime minister, born 10/12/1889

Troy H. Middleton military person, born 10/12/1889

Fumimaro Konoe prime minister, born 10/12/1891

Edith Stein saint, born 10/12/1891

Al Mahrt American football player, american football player, born 10/12/1893

Roy Millen born 10/12/1893

Elisabeth Of Romania British royalty, born 10/12/1894

Yisrael Alter born 10/12/1895

Eugenio Montale POET, MUSIC CRITIC, TRANSLATOR, NOBEL PRIZE/LIT, Poet, prose writer, editor, translator, writer, born 10/12/1896

Daisuke Ito Film director, screenwriter, born 10/12/1898

Edmund Blaurock MILITARY, GENERAL, born 10/12/1899

Edmund Blaurock German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/12/1899

Carlos Casaravilla Actor, drug, born 10/12/1900

Colin Watson born 10/12/1900

Pyotr Yezhov soccer manager, born 10/12/1900

Salvador Dali I NOTED FAMILY, born 10/12/1901

Felix Edward Hebert Journalist for New Orleans Times-Picayune, congressman, born 10/12/1901

Alexander G. Weygers artist, born 10/12/1901

Hanns Seidel Lawyer, politician, born 10/12/1901

Reinhold Rehs politician, born 10/12/1901

Zhen Peng office holder, born 10/12/1902

Jimmy Archey musical artist, born 10/12/1902

Eli James Harrison Australian politician, Railway worker - Fireman to Ben Chifley on T-class locomotive 5112., member of parliament, born 10/12/1903

Gosta Knutsson Writer, writer, born 10/12/1903

Jack Crouch baseball player, born 10/12/1903

Henri Guisol ACTOR, born 10/12/1904

Lester Dent Writer, born 10/12/1904

Giovanni Malagodi office holder, born 10/12/1904

Rick Ferrell baseball player, born 10/12/1905

Barney Jr. Battles soccer player, born 10/12/1905

Kenneth W. McFarland Public Speaker and Superintendent of Schools involved in Brown v. Board of Education, born 10/12/1906

Joe Cronin BASEBALL PLAYER, BASEBALL OFFICIAL, baseball player, born 10/12/1906

Piero Taruffi RACE CAR DRIVER, Formula One racer, born 10/12/1906

Tom Waring soccer player, born 10/12/1906

Vieno Johannes Sukselainen office holder, born 10/12/1906

Leo Rudolf Jr Raubal born 10/12/1906

Gunnar Jarring Swedish diplomat and Turkologist, born 10/12/1907

Hans P. Kraus Rare book dealer, born 10/12/1907

Phil Weintraub baseball player, born 10/12/1907

Joseph Plant cricketer, born 10/12/1907

Luis Xavier soccer player, born 10/12/1907

Arthur Space Actor, actor, born 10/12/1908

Paul Engle Poet, fiction writer, academic, born 10/12/1908

Jack Twyford born 10/12/1908

Franz Baermann Steiner anthropologist, polymath, poet, Anthropologist, poet, writer, born 10/12/1909

Dorothy Livesay writer, born 10/12/1909

Jim Francis born 10/12/1910

Malcolm Renfrew Polymer Chemist, born 10/12/1910

Peter Kalifornsky Alaska Native writer (Dena'ina Indian), writer, ethnographer, translator, writer, born 10/12/1911

John Armstrong England Australian politician, Bank officer, farmer, member of parliament, born 10/12/1911

Louis de Guiringaud POLITICIAN, DIPLOMAT, AMBASSADOR, born 10/12/1911

Maribel Vinson Figure skater, figure skater, born 10/12/1911

Louis De Guiringaud office holder, born 10/12/1911

Jules Alfonse american football player, born 10/12/1911

Iorrie Isaacs police officerteacher, rugby player, born 10/12/1911

Mahala Ashley Dickerson born 10/12/1912

Robert Mitchell Choral director, Silent film Accompanist, Organist, musical artist, born 10/12/1912

Dionisio Ridruejo Poet, born 10/12/1912

Alice Chetwynd Ley British novelist, Novelist, writer, born 10/12/1913

Franz Bredemeyer German soldier and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/12/1913

Vitor Guilhar soccer player, born 10/12/1913

Frederick Everett Leek MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 10/12/1914

Paweł Zaremba historian, publicist, lawyer, radio journalist, publisher, born 10/12/1915

Nicolas Hibst soccer manager, born 10/12/1915

Theodor Rossiwall military person, born 10/12/1915

Jesus Galindez scientist, born 10/12/1915

Bai T. Moore Civil servant, writer, born 10/12/1916

Jimmy Dykes soccer player, born 10/12/1916

Han Bentz van den Berg TV ACTOR, born 10/12/1917

Roque Maspoli soccer manager, born 10/12/1917

T. G. Jones soccer manager, born 10/12/1917

Ray Murray baseball player, born 10/12/1917

Dorothy Kate Haynes HORROR & FANTASY SHORT STORY WRITER, born 10/12/1918

Frank Armi Formula One racer, born 10/12/1918

John Fitzpatrick born 10/12/1918

Franz Schmitz German soldier and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 10/12/1918

Mary Ainslee Actor, Actress, actor, born 10/12/1919

Doris Miller military person, born 10/12/1919

Edward T. Barry ice hockey player, born 10/12/1919

Leon Brown basketball player, born 10/12/1919

Felix Milgrom scientist, born 10/12/1919

Christopher Soames office holder, born 10/12/1920

Dan Spiegle comics creator, born 10/12/1920

John Sanchez gridiron football player, born 10/12/1920

Lou Figaro nascar driver, born 10/12/1920

Brian Randall born 10/12/1920

Kenneth Griffith Actor, Actor, Producer, Presenter, actor, born 10/12/1921

Les Horvath gridiron football player, born 10/12/1921

Abe Rosenthal soccer player, born 10/12/1921

Albert Blaustein Lawyer, Legal advisor, born 10/12/1921

Allen Zwerdling American Actor and publisher, born 10/12/1922

Randal Elliot ophthalmologist, born 10/12/1922

Jean Wallace Actress, actor, born 10/12/1923

Sofia W.D. Actor, Film director, drug, born 10/12/1924

Doris Grau Script supervisor, voice actress, actress, actor, born 10/12/1924

Joseph Martin Catholic priest, born 10/12/1924


Essie Mae Washington-Williams born 10/12/1925

Charles Gordone Actor, director, playwright, producer, educator, born 10/12/1925

Hermann Alber military person, born 10/12/1925

Bernardo Pacini BOXER, born 10/12/1926

Cesar Pelli architect, born 10/12/1926

Allan Brown soccer manager, born 10/12/1926

John Kennedy baseball player, born 10/12/1926

Antonia Rey actor, born 10/12/1927

Thomas Burnett Swann American poet, critic and fantasy author, born 10/12/1928

David Wright Young POLITICIAN, M.P., born 10/12/1928

Al Held artist, born 10/12/1928

Rangel Vulchanov born 10/12/1928

Magnús Magnússon Icelandic television host, Television presenter, journalist, translator and writer, born 10/12/1929

John William Bourchier Australian politician, Company manager, member of parliament, born 10/12/1929

Tommy Forgan soccer player, born 10/12/1929

Jens Martin Knudsen Astrophysicist, scientist, born 10/12/1930

Cyril Tawney Folk singer and songwriter, musical artist, born 10/12/1930

Ole-Johan Dahl Computer scientist, scientist, born 10/12/1931

Aristide Pozzali BOXER, born 10/12/1931

Michel Trinquier artist, born 10/12/1931



Adele Stolte German soprano, born 10/12/1932

Marc Nerlove born 10/12/1933

Albert Nikolayevich Shiryaev Russian mathematician, scientist, born 10/12/1934

Oğuz Atay Novelist, Engineer, writer, born 10/12/1934

Thomas L. Judge POLITICIAN, STATE GOVERNOR, born 10/12/1934

Richard Alan Meier ARCHITECT, born 10/12/1934

Lembo Lawyer, politician, born 10/12/1934

Patricia Macgee politician, born 10/12/1934

John Hoyland artist, born 10/12/1934

James Sugar Boy Crawford Singer, musical artist, born 10/12/1934

Luciano Pavarotti Opera singer, born 10/12/1935


Laurence H. Silberman office holder, born 10/12/1935

Shivraj V. Patil Politician, politician, born 10/12/1935

Sam Moore Songwriter, Musician, Performer, musical artist, born 10/12/1935

Dennis Harper Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/12/1936

LeRoy J. Louden office holder, born 10/12/1936

Gawn Grainger ACTOR, born 10/12/1937

Paul Hawkins Formula One racer, born 10/12/1937

Robert Mangold artist, born 10/12/1937

Kerry Sibraa member of parliament, born 10/12/1937

Jim Mackrell Actor, actor, born 10/12/1937

Atma Singh Gill office holder, born 10/12/1938

Franjo Greguric Croatian politician, prime minister, born 10/12/1939

Barry Prima actor, born 10/12/1939

Luciano Armani Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/12/1940

Esko Salminen actor, born 10/12/1940

Isidre Molas I Batllori Politician, historian, politician, born 10/12/1940

Roger W. Brown judge, born 10/12/1940

Vladimir Bubnov soccer manager, born 10/12/1940

David Boner Footballer, soccer player, born 10/12/1941

Giuseppe Insalaco POLITICIAN, MURDER VICTIM, MAYOR OF PALERMO IN '84, born 10/12/1941

W. J. MacLean ARTIST, PAINTER, born 10/12/1941

Craig Anthony Washington Attorney, politician, born 10/12/1941

Joseph Russoniello office holder, born 10/12/1941

Lynn Stephens politician, born 10/12/1941

Melvin Franklin Singer, musical artist, born 10/12/1942

Daliah Lavi Actress, singer, model, actor, born 10/12/1942

Bunchy Carter political activist, born 10/12/1942

Peter Nanfuri office holder, born 10/12/1942

Ritsuko Nakayama Professional bowler, born 10/12/1942

James Dewar Musician, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 10/12/1942

Michael Fitzpatrick politician, born 10/12/1942

Durham, Harold Bascom, Jr. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 10/12/1942

Jakob Kuhn Football player and coach, soccer manager, born 10/12/1943

Raymond Abdo Hatim Baaklini Lebanese diplomat, born 10/12/1943

Abdulwahab Darawshe born 10/12/1943

Joan Fraser Canadian politician, office holder, born 10/12/1944

Lewis Perry MacAdams POET, born 10/12/1944

Jean Rochereau DANCER, born 10/12/1944

Kim Hammond Circuit court judge, born 10/12/1944

Aurore Clement Actress, actor, born 10/12/1945

Thokchom Meinya office holder, born 10/12/1945

Sandra Love office holder, born 10/12/1945

Katherine Maccoy artist, born 10/12/1945

Robert Boris Film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor, born 10/12/1945

Chet D. Traylor Judge; Attorney, office holder, born 10/12/1945

David Wilkins office holder, born 10/12/1946

Drew Edmondson politician, born 10/12/1946

Chris Nicholl soccer manager, born 10/12/1946

Ashok Mankad cricketer, born 10/12/1946

Jesse Tafero criminal, born 10/12/1946

Edward J. Hagedorn office holder, born 10/12/1946

Edward S. Hagedorn politician, born 10/12/1946

Ion Rimaru born 10/12/1946

Terry Leahy born 10/12/1946

Edward Scicluna politician, born 10/12/1946

Chris Wallace NEWSCASTER FOR ABC NEWS, born 10/12/1947

Julie Macwhirter Voice actor/impressionist, actor, born 10/12/1947

George Lam Singer, Composer, Actor, actor, born 10/12/1947

Francisco Rebelo soccer player, born 10/12/1947

Catherine Jourdan Actor, drug, born 10/12/1948

John Engler governor, born 10/12/1948

Protima Bedi Classical Indian dancer, Model, born 10/12/1948

Pat Patterson Insurance agent, office holder, born 10/12/1948

Eli Danker actor, born 10/12/1948

Gurbax Singh Malhi politician, member of parliament, born 10/12/1949

Nigel Thrift British human geographer, born 10/12/1949

Curtis Stovall Anderson Politician, lawyer and former broadcast journalist, Attorney, office holder, born 10/12/1949

Ilich Ramírez Sánchez terrorist, mercenary, criminal, born 10/12/1949

Amanda Muggleton Television actor, actor, born 10/12/1949

Mike Prusi office holder, born 10/12/1949

Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Lama, born 10/12/1949

Paul Otellini CEO of Intel, CEO of Intel Corporation, born 10/12/1950

Susan Anton Actress, Actress, singer, actor, born 10/12/1950

Edward Bloor Young adult novelist, Novelist, editor, writer, born 10/12/1950

Shui-Bian Chen president, born 10/12/1950

Dave Freudenthal office holder, born 10/12/1950

Nigel Waterson member of parliament, born 10/12/1950

Robin Askwith actor, born 10/12/1950

Obert Mpofu Member of the Cabinet of Zimbabwe, office holder, born 10/12/1951

Darryl Anka CHANNELER, born 10/12/1951

Sally Little GOLFER, born 10/12/1951

Ed Royce Tax consultant, politician, born 10/12/1951

Peter Benjamin Mandelson Prominent British Labour politician and spin doctor, office holder, born 10/12/1953

David Threlfall Actor, Television Presenter, Director, Singer, Actor/Director, actor, born 10/12/1953

Lee Dennis COMEDIAN, GAME SHOW HOST, born 10/12/1953

Les Dennis COMEDIAN, TV PERSONALITY, born 10/12/1953

Brian Mason office holder, born 10/12/1953

Jimmy Hotz Music Producer, Musician, Recording engineer,, musical artist, born 10/12/1953

Neven Mimica office holder, born 10/12/1953

Charles B. Hensley Chairman and CEO, Hensley Group Inc., born 10/12/1953

Kieran Deeny office holder, born 10/12/1954

Cheryl Rixon Actress, model, actor, born 10/12/1954

Jane E. Norton office holder, born 10/12/1954

Sammy Green All-American college football player, professional football player, linebacker, gridiron football player, born 10/12/1954

Jane Siberry Singer-songwriter, composer, musician, record producer, poet, musical artist, born 10/12/1955

Ante Gotovina military person, born 10/12/1955

Brigitte Lahaie Porn actress, adult actor, born 10/12/1955

David Vanian Gravedigger, Singer-songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 10/12/1956

Kristen Bjorn adult actor, born 10/12/1957

Renee Chenault-Fattah journalist, born 10/12/1957

Ram Kripal Yadav office holder, born 10/12/1957

Serge Clerc comics creator, born 10/12/1957

Andrew Schofield Actor, Musician, born 10/12/1958

Bryn Merrick Musician, musical artist, born 10/12/1958

Hara Patnaik Actor, Director, screenplay writer, Singer, actor, born 10/12/1958

Edward Vinatea Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Mastering Engineer, musical artist, born 10/12/1958

Larry Tee DJ, club promoter and music producer, DJ, club promoter, music producer, musical artist, born 10/12/1959

Wilnelia Merced model, born 10/12/1959

Anna Escobedo Cabral office holder, born 10/12/1959

Emil Amsalem born 10/12/1959

Elie Aboud office holder, born 10/12/1959

Tomotaka Imamichi guitarist, songwriter, music producer, musical artist, born 10/12/1959

Bill Kitchen ice hockey player, born 10/12/1960

Kristiina "Tintti" Wegelius CHAMPION ICE SKATER, born 10/12/1960

Hiroyuki Sanada Actor, actor, born 10/12/1960

Alexei Kudrin office holder, born 10/12/1960

Carlos Bernard Actor, actor, born 10/12/1962

Luca Carboni SINGER OF POP MUSIC, born 10/12/1962

Branko Crvenkovski office holder, born 10/12/1962

Deborah Foreman actor, born 10/12/1962

Chris Botti Trumpeter, musical artist, born 10/12/1962

Martin Horwood member of parliament, born 10/12/1962

Colton Ford Actor, musician, adult actor, born 10/12/1962

Kevin R. McMahon American conductor and composer, born 10/12/1962

Dave Legeno British actor, boxer and cage fighter, actor, born 10/12/1963

Randy Wood HOCKEY PLAYER, LEFT WINGER, born 10/12/1963

Lane Frost Professional Bull Rider, born 10/12/1963

Alan Macdonald soccer manager, born 10/12/1963

Arvind Kumar Sharma office holder, born 10/12/1963

Narayana Kocherlakota office holder, born 10/12/1963

JoAnn Willette Actress, actor, born 10/12/1963

Francisco Gattorno Actor, actor, born 10/12/1964

Craig Else musical artist, born 10/12/1964

Dan Abnett British comic book writer, novelist, comic book writer, novelist, writer, born 10/12/1965

Scott O'Grady United States Air Force captain who gained prominence after the Mrkonjić Grad incident, military person, born 10/12/1965

Wim Jonk soccer player, born 10/12/1966

Jonathan Crombie actor, born 10/12/1966

Brian Kennedy Musician, Songwriter, Author, musical artist, born 10/12/1966

Harry Allen Musician, musical artist, born 10/12/1966

Birna Hanna Kristjansdottir office holder, born 10/12/1966

Martin O'Connor Footballer, soccer manager, born 10/12/1967

Becky Iverson Professional Golfer, golf player, born 10/12/1967

Saara Kuugongelwa Politician, office holder, born 10/12/1967

Hugh Michael Jackman Actor, actor, born 10/12/1968

Republic of Equatorial Guinea REPUBLIC, born 10/12/1968

Adam Rich ACTOR, actor, born 10/12/1968

Yuxin Xie soccer manager, born 10/12/1968

Zeljko Milinovic soccer player, born 10/12/1969

Debbie Phillips office holder, born 10/12/1969

Origa Singer, musical artist, born 10/12/1970

Lala Sloatman Model, actress, costumer, actor, born 10/12/1970

Kirk Cameron FILM/TV ACTOR, born 10/12/1970

Claudia Abreu Actress, actor, born 10/12/1970

Dorian Pena born 10/12/1970

Kye-young Chon comics creator, born 10/12/1970

Bronzell Miller American football player and actor, american football player, born 10/12/1971

Mark Ballou actor, born 10/12/1971

Rodney Begnaud wrestler, born 10/12/1972

Neriah Davis Model, actress, Playboy Playmate, born 10/12/1972

Sönke Möhring Actor, actor, born 10/12/1972

Masakazu Morita Seiyū, actor, actor, born 10/12/1972

Nuutila actor, born 10/12/1972

Mohd Mardani soccer player, born 10/12/1972

Eugene Ball music composer, musician, music lecturer, musical artist, born 10/12/1972

Ebru Gundes Singer, musical artist, born 10/12/1974

Kate Beahan actor, born 10/12/1974

Shane Macanally Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 10/12/1974

Guilherme Mauricio soccer player, born 10/12/1974

Francoise De Clossey pianist, pedagogue, musical artist, born 10/12/1974

Randy Robitaille ice hockey player, born 10/12/1975

Susana Felix Singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, actress, musical artist, born 10/12/1975

David Nurse Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/12/1976

Sarah Lane Television personality, born 10/12/1976

Nick Lloyd born 10/12/1976

Cristie Kerr golf player, born 10/12/1977

Miri Bohadana model, born 10/12/1977

Hussain Kuwajerwala Actor, Anchor and Model, actor, born 10/12/1977

Bjorn Morgan Enqvist soccer player, born 10/12/1977

Scott Metzger Musician, composer, musical artist, born 10/12/1977

Baden Cooke Racing cyclist, cyclist, born 10/12/1978

Marko Jaric basketball player, born 10/12/1978

Marcus Floyd gridiron football player, born 10/12/1978

Humberto Ortiz CHILD ACTOR, SON OF ACTRESS DYANA ORTELLI, born 10/12/1979

Jordan Pundik Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 10/12/1979

Rie Tomosaka Actress and singer, musical artist, born 10/12/1979

Tony Fisher american football player, born 10/12/1979

Ocean Ou Singer, musical artist, born 10/12/1980

Jondan Salvador born 10/12/1980

Foluwashola Ameobi Professional footballer, soccer player, born 10/12/1981

Thomas John Guiry American actor, actor, born 10/12/1981

Nobuo Nashiro Japanese super flyweight boxer, boxer, born 10/12/1981

Winston Parks soccer player, born 10/12/1981

Sneha Actress, Promotional model, actor, born 10/12/1981

Mohamed Mouldi soccer player, born 10/12/1981

Dan Oster Actor/Comedian, actor, born 10/12/1981

Ayesha Omar actor, born 10/12/1981

Brian J. Smith born 10/12/1981

Kristy Wu Actor, actor, born 10/12/1982

Sam Mitchell born 10/12/1982

Chand Torsvik Singer, musical artist, born 10/12/1982

Geert-Maarten C Mol Dutch cricketer, cricketer, born 10/12/1983

Saicy Aguila actor, born 10/12/1983

Lee Donoghue Actor, actor, born 10/12/1983

Maciej Górski Polish mixed martial arts fighter and karateka, born 10/12/1983

Matthew Dewey musical artist, born 10/12/1984

Brittany Bouck actress, actor, born 10/12/1984

Lei Yang Singer, musical artist, born 10/12/1984

Lino Marzoratti soccer player, born 10/12/1985

Sammy Winward born 10/12/1985

Florenc Arapi soccer player, born 10/12/1985

Marcus T. Paulk actor, born 10/12/1986

Marcellus Bowman gridiron football player, born 10/12/1986

André Steensen Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 10/12/1987

Annie Oliv born 10/12/1987

Daniil Simkin born 10/12/1987

Phanyaluck Raisuksiri Thai figure skater, figure skater, born 10/12/1988

Nouva Monika Wahlgren Actress, model, born 10/12/1988

Rocky Lekaj soccer player, born 10/12/1989

Anna Ohmiya born 10/12/1989

Yann Ekra soccer player, born 10/12/1990

Borislav Baldzhiyski soccer player, born 10/12/1990

Alexander James Mill NOTED FAMILY, born 10/12/1991

Chad Daniel Uchytil UNUSUAL BIRTH, MULTIPLE BIRTH, FRATERNAL TWIN, born 10/12/1991

Chelsea Arlette Uchytil UNUSUAL BIRTH, MULTIPLE BIRTH, FRATERNAL TWIN, born 10/12/1991

Taylor Horn Singer-songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 10/12/1992

Emily Kristina Kershaw NOTED FAMILY, born 10/12/1993

Nicholas Elia actor, born 10/12/1997