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Northumberland, Henry Percy, 1st Earl of born 11/10/1341

Charles the Bold British royalty, born 11/10/1433

Duke Charles the Bold of Burgundy ROYALTY, COMTE DE CHAROLAIS, born 11/10/1433

Martin Luther German theologian and priest, atoll, born 11/10/1483


Gebhard Truchsess von Waldburg monarch, born 11/10/1547

Devereux, Robert, 2nd Earl of Essex English nobleman, born 11/10/1565

Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex COURTIER IN ELIZABETH I'S COURT, born 11/10/1566

Jacob Cats Poet, Writer, politician, writer, born 11/10/1577

Ninon De Lenclos born 11/10/1620

Adriaen van de Velde ARTIST, LANDSCAPE PAINTER, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/10/1636

Francois Couperin le Grand MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, ORGANIST, born 11/10/1668

Prince Of Conde Louis Iii British royalty, born 11/10/1668

King George II of England ROYALTY, REIGNED 1727-60, British royalty, born 11/10/1683

Roland-Michel Barrin de La Galissonniere colonial viceroy, naval commander, born 11/10/1693

William Hogarth Painter, engraver, satirist, born 11/10/1697

Prince Honore 03 Of Monaco British royalty, born 11/10/1720

Metta von Oberg German Baroness, born 11/10/1737

Josiah Harmar military person, born 11/10/1753

Aaron Bancroft American missionary, born 11/10/1755

Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope, 5th Earl of office holder, born 11/10/1755

Friedrich Schiller German poet, philosopher, historian, and dramatist, poet, dramatist, writer, born 11/10/1759

Friedrich von Schiller PLAYWRIGHT, POET, NOVELIST, LITERARY THEORIST, born 11/10/1759

Andres Manuel Del Rio scientist, born 11/10/1764

Robert Young Hayne senator, born 11/10/1791

Elias P. Seeley governor, born 11/10/1791

Samuel Nelson judge, born 11/10/1792

Alexander O. Anderson United States Army soldier, senator, born 11/10/1794

Charles Philip Brown Civil Servant, writer, born 11/10/1798

Alexander Walter Scott New South Wales entomologist and politician, born 11/10/1800

Vladimir Dal scientist, born 11/10/1801

John S. Robinson governor, born 11/10/1804

Josiah George Jennings English sanitary engineer; inventor of public toilets, born 11/10/1810

Robert B. Dickey office holder, born 11/10/1811

Zongtang Zuo Statesman, military leader, governor, born 11/10/1812

William Thompson congressman, born 11/10/1813

Horace Dean Doctor, journalist and political candidate in Australia, born 11/10/1814

Russell Errett Union United States Army soldier, born 11/10/1817

Peter Frans van Kerckhoven WRITER, NOVELIST, CRITIC, PLAYWRIGHT, born 11/10/1818

Charles H. Saunders office holder, born 11/10/1821

William Henry Trescot office holder, born 11/10/1822

Thomas Arkell member of parliament, born 11/10/1823

Oden Bowie President, Baltimore & Potomac Railroad, 1860-1894, governor, born 11/10/1826

Alfred Terry Union Army general, military person, born 11/10/1827

Newton Knight born 11/10/1829

Albert G. Jenkins Confederate Army general, politician, born 11/10/1830

John Barkley Dawson Rancher and namesake of the town of Dawson, New Mexico, which is located where land which he bought in 1869 and sold in 1901, rancher, born 11/10/1830

Beauchamp, Frederick Lygon, 6th Earl office holder, born 11/10/1830

Bancroft Gherardi United States Navy admiral, military person, born 11/10/1832

Thomas Moonlight Union Army general, military person, born 11/10/1833

Wager Swayne United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/10/1834

Jose Hernandez POET, born 11/10/1834

Henry Blackstone Banning Union Army general, military person, born 11/10/1836

Andres Avelino Caceres office holder, born 11/10/1836

John Sparrow David Thompson 4th Prime Minister of Canada (1892-1894), canal, born 11/10/1845

Miguel Antonio Caro Tobar Journalist, philologist, politician, president, born 11/10/1845

David Owen Dodd American boy hanged as a spy in the American Civil War, born 11/10/1846

Frank Newcomb military person, born 11/10/1846

Fife, Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of office holder, born 11/10/1849

Arthur Goring Thomas English composer, born 11/10/1850

Francis Maitland Balfour scientist, born 11/10/1851

Ailwyn, Ailwyn Fellowes, 1st Baron office holder, born 11/10/1855

Mabel Loomis Todd editor and writer, writer and editor, writer, born 11/10/1856

Arthur Carter Denison United States federal judge, born 11/10/1861


Peter Charles Harris Adjutant General of the U.S. Army from 1918 to 1922, military person, born 11/10/1865

Blanche Hoschede Monet Painter, born 11/10/1865

David Andrew Australian politician, Auctioneer, member of parliament, born 11/10/1866

Edward Charles Vardon Australian politician, born 11/10/1866

John Carney baseball player, born 11/10/1866

Billy Earle Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 11/10/1867

Maude Turner Gordon Actor, actor, born 11/10/1868

Gichin Funakoshi Martial artist, born 11/10/1868

William Staples office holder, born 11/10/1868

Leon Brunschvicg philosopher, born 11/10/1869

George William Johnson congressman, born 11/10/1869

Harlan Carey Brewster office holder, born 11/10/1870

Winston Churchill Novelist, born 11/10/1871

David Charles McGrath Australian politician, Storekeeper, member of parliament, born 11/10/1872

Willie McGill major league baseball pitcher in the late 19th century, baseball player, born 11/10/1873

Emile Guillaumin AUTHOR, NOVELIST, REGIONAL WRITER, born 11/10/1873


Heinrich Ritter von Srbik HISTORIAN, PROFESSOR, born 11/10/1874

William B. Richardson office holder, born 11/10/1874

Eugene C. Barker Historian, Author, writer, born 11/10/1874

Frank L. Anders United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/10/1875

Lewis H. Wentz born 11/10/1877

Moonlight Graham Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 11/10/1879

Leo White Actor, actor, born 11/10/1882

Lady Dorothy Brett ARTIST, PAINTER OF NM INDIANS & THEIR CEREMONIES, born 11/10/1883

Tamatsubaki Kentaro born 11/10/1883

Nelson M. Holderman United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/10/1885

Esther Dale STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, born 11/10/1885

Jacob Epstein English sculptor, Gaelic games player, born 11/10/1886

Carl Harbaugh Actor, Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 11/10/1886

James Francis Thaddeus Oconnor United States federal judge, born 11/10/1886

Del Gainer baseball player, born 11/10/1886

Robert O. Blood governor, born 11/10/1887

Hans Ehard politician, born 11/10/1887

Bill Watson Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 11/10/1887

Juan Antonio Rios president, born 11/10/1888

Claude Rains English actor, Actor, actor, born 11/10/1889

Mischa Bakaleinikoff Musical director, composer and conductor, Composer, conductor, musical director, musical artist, born 11/10/1890

Carl F. W. Borgward INDUSTRIALIST, AUTOMOTIVE PIONEER, born 11/10/1890

Ann Murdock Actress, actor, born 11/10/1890

Carl Stalling Composer, arranger, musical artist, born 11/10/1891

John Joseph Daly born 11/10/1891

Frank A. Barrett governor, born 11/10/1892

Mabel Normand FILM/STAGE ACTRESS, COMEDIENNE, FILM DIRECTOR, office holder, born 11/10/1894

Aurel D. Leger member of parliament, born 11/10/1894

Franz Bachelin Art director, drug, born 11/10/1895

John Knudsen Northrop Aeronautics Engineer, born 11/10/1895

Olga Grey Actor, drug, born 11/10/1896

Kate Seredy writer, born 11/10/1896

Jimmy Dykes baseball player, born 11/10/1896

Robert Holmes military person, born 11/10/1896

Charlotte Winters United States Navy sailor, born 11/10/1897

Vic Watson soccer player, born 11/10/1897

Edward Smith an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, military person, born 11/10/1898

Eitarō Shindō Actor, drug, born 11/10/1899

Martin Bieber German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/10/1900

Anthony Kimmins director, playwright, screenwriter, producer and actor, actor, born 11/10/1901

John Roxburgh soccer player, born 11/10/1901

Katie Rolfsen Actor, drug, born 11/10/1902

Jean Denis born 11/10/1902

Abe Landa prime minister, born 11/10/1902

Jacob Epstein Soviet spy in World War II, born 11/10/1903

Josephine Hutchinson Actor, actor, born 11/10/1903

Giuseppe Galluzzi soccer manager, born 11/10/1903

Rudolf Batz Lawyer, bureaucrat, Holocaust perpetrator, born 11/10/1903

Marshall Kay American Geologist, scientist, born 11/10/1904

Mary Frances Coulshed Dames Commander of the Order of the British Empire, military person, born 11/10/1904

Paul Lowinger Actor, born 11/10/1904



Gertrude Olmstead STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, BEAUTY QUEEN, born 07/18/1972

Tawee Boonyaket prime minister, born 11/10/1904

Kusumavati Deshpande Indian Marathi writer, born 11/10/1904

Denny Myers college coach, born 11/10/1905

Josef Kramer criminal, born 11/10/1906

Syed Sheh Hassan Barakbah office holder, born 11/10/1906

Wal Ives Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 11/10/1906

John Moore English author and Conservationist, Author, writer, born 11/10/1907

Jane Froman RADIO/NIGHTCLUB SINGER, TV HOSTESS, born 11/10/1907

Jane Froman singer, actress, musical artist, born 11/10/1907

Tom Hanson gridiron football player, born 11/10/1907

Louis Terrenoire JOURNALIST, POLITICIAN, born 11/10/1908

Charles Merritt member of parliament, born 11/10/1908

Edwin Walker military person, born 11/10/1909

Trevor Rhodes soccer player, born 11/10/1909

Edward F. Freeman Guitarist, musical artist, born 11/10/1909

Tomás Blanco Actor, drug, born 11/10/1910

Sandilyan Novelist, Essayist, writer, born 11/10/1910

Abe Eliowitz gridiron football player, born 11/10/1910

Leping Zhang comics creator, born 11/10/1910

Raoul Diagne soccer manager, born 11/10/1910

Ernesto Duchini soccer manager, born 11/10/1910

Karl-Otto Kiepenheuer scientist, born 11/10/1910

Helen Brach Heiress, born 11/10/1911

Harry Andrews STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, Singer, actor, born 11/10/1911

Jean-Hilaire Aubame Gabonese politician, politician, born 11/10/1912

Birdie Tebbetts baseball player, born 11/10/1912

James Broughton POET, PLAYWRIGHT, AVANT-GARDE FILM MAKER, GAY, born 11/10/1913

Karl Shapiro Poet, essayist, writer, born 11/10/1913

Roy Evans born 11/10/1913

David Pryde soccer player, born 11/10/1913

Artur Wozniak soccer manager, born 11/10/1913

Barbara Polk Washburn MOUNTAINEER, born 11/10/1914

William Henry Actor, actor, born 11/10/1914

Edmund Conen soccer manager, born 11/10/1914

Angel Fleitas baseball player, born 11/10/1914

Ruperto Donoso Jockey, born 11/10/1914

Bernard Ramsey Executive, born 11/10/1915

Torcuato Fernandez-Miranda prime minister, born 11/10/1915

Leslie Manfield Teacher, rugby player, born 11/10/1915

Guido Turchi Composer, born 11/10/1916

Louis Le Brocquy artist, born 11/10/1916

Billy May composer, arranger, trumpeter, actor, born 11/10/1916

Joshua Prawer Israeli medievalist and educator, Medievalist, Educator, writer, born 11/10/1917

Tom Greenfield american football player, born 11/10/1917

Herve Bromberger FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/10/1918

Ernst Otto Fischer CHEMIST, NOBEL PRIZE/CHEMISTRY 1973, scientist, born 11/10/1918

Howard Purcell comics creator, born 11/10/1918

Yue-Kong Pao Founder, World-Wide Shipping Group, born 11/10/1918

William Weed Kaufmann U.S. military advisor, professor, born 11/10/1918

Lindquist Marita Novelist, writer, born 11/10/1918

Michael Strank United States Marine, military person, born 11/10/1919

François Périer actor, born 11/10/1919

José María Caffarel Actor, drug, born 11/10/1919

American Legion VETERANS' ORGANIZATION, born 11/10/1919


Francois Perier STAGE/FILM ACTOR, born 11/10/1919

Clyde "Bulldog" Turner FOOTBALL PLAYER, born 11/10/1919

Mikhail Kalashnikov Small arms designer, Russian Lieutenant General, born 11/10/1919

Siegried Freytag military person, born 11/10/1919

Steve Pisanos military person, born 11/10/1919

Robert Muir member of parliament, born 11/10/1919

Kurt Schmucker office holder, born 11/10/1919

Henry Alvan Jr. Mentz United States federal judge, born 11/10/1920

Ruth Maier Jewish Diarist, born 11/10/1920

Howard Thomas Markey United States federal judge, born 11/10/1920



Russ Kerns BASEBALL PLAYER, born 11/10/1920

Cord Meyer, Jr. REFORMER, born 11/10/1920

Jennifer Holt actor, born 11/10/1920

Ina Clough actor, born 11/10/1920

Michel Lacroix HOCKEY PLAYER, born 11/10/1921

Ernie Gregory soccer player, born 11/10/1921

Owen Bush Film, television actor, actor, born 11/10/1921

Johnny Lipon baseball player, born 11/10/1922

John Crosland soccer player, born 11/10/1922

Oscar Gonzalez Formula One racer, born 11/10/1923

Cal Ermer baseball player, born 11/10/1923

Tommy Moroney soccer manager, born 11/10/1923

Albert Nightingale soccer player, born 11/10/1923

Harold Edward Collins MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 11/10/1924

Russell Johnson actor, born 11/10/1924

Bobby Limb Television actor, actor, born 11/10/1924

Lawrence Edward Luscombe born 11/10/1924

Richard Burton Welsh actor, Actor, actor, born 11/10/1925

Hank Ruszkowski BASEBALL PLAYER, born 11/10/1925

David M. Smith United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/10/1926

Sam Burton Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1926

Rossella Falk STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, born 11/10/1926

Art Bisch Formula One racer, born 11/10/1926

Carmen Mauro baseball player, born 11/10/1926

Ninon Sevilla film actress, dancer, actor, born 11/10/1926

Jaime Agudelo Comedian, actor, born 11/10/1926

Sabah musical artist, born 11/10/1927

Joyce Trimmer office holder, born 11/10/1927

Barry Crane actor, born 11/10/1927

Ennio Morricone Italian composer, Composer, orchestrator, music director, conductor, trumpeter, musical artist, born 11/10/1928

Getty Oil Company CORPORATION, born 11/10/1928

Al Carmichael american football player, born 11/10/1928

Staveley military person, born 11/10/1928

Tommy Banks soccer player, born 11/10/1929

George Mojo Buford Harmonicist, musical artist, born 11/10/1929

Kit Horn Surfer, born 11/10/1929

Riazuddin Theoreitcal Physicist, scientist, born 11/10/1930

Jackie Lane Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1931

Franklin Maxey Jarman BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, born 11/10/1931

Roy Scheider American actor, Actor, actor, born 11/10/1932

Paul Bley musical artist, born 11/10/1932

Leonard Joseph Gustafson Canadian politician, born 11/10/1933

Ronald E. Evans ASTRONAUT, NASA CAPTAIN, born 11/10/1933

Ronald E. Evans Engineer, astronaut, born 11/10/1933

Joanna Cook Moore Actress, actor, born 11/10/1934

Norm Cash baseball player, born 11/10/1934

Lucien Bianchi Formula One racer, born 11/10/1934

Pippa Scott ACTRESS, born 11/10/1935

C. K. Chandrappan office holder, born 11/10/1935

Judit Elek Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/10/1937

Albert Hall Actor, actor, born 11/10/1937

Richard Bradford actor, born 11/10/1937

Zdenek Zikan soccer player, born 11/10/1937

Bob McLeod American football player, american football player, born 11/10/1938

Mohammad Ali Actor, actor, born 11/10/1938

Maïa Simon Actress, actor, born 11/10/1939

Tommy Facenda Singer, guitarist, musical artist, born 11/10/1939


Russell Means CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, ACTOR, AUTHOR, Activist, politician, actor, writer, musician, actor, born 11/10/1939

Andrew Cyrille Drummer, musical artist, born 11/10/1939

Herbert Laws Flautist, musical artist, born 11/10/1939

Donna Fargo C&W SINGER, SONGWRITER, born 11/10/1940

Bobby Rush Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/10/1940

John Lance Geoghegan Infantry lieutenant in the United States Army, born 11/10/1941

Geza Jeszenszky office holder, born 11/10/1941

Adriaan Ditvoorst Actor, drug, born 11/10/1942

Linda Goldner PSYCHIC, born 11/10/1942

Patricia Mainardi ARTIST, born 11/10/1942

Hans-Rudolf Merz office holder, born 11/10/1942

Robert F. Engle born 11/10/1942

Édouard Niermans Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 11/10/1943

Saxby Chambliss Lawyer, senator, born 11/10/1943

Ted Dushinski gridiron football player, born 11/10/1943

Livia Klausova Economist, office holder, born 11/10/1943

Diana de Maragall NOTED FAMILY, born 11/10/1944

Askar Akayev president, born 11/10/1944

Silvestre Reyes Border Patrol Sector Chief, congressman, born 11/10/1944

Wayne Maki ice hockey player, born 11/10/1944

Lew Rywin film producer, born 11/10/1945

Donna Fargo Singer-songwriter, author, musical artist, born 11/10/1945

Willi Lippens soccer player, born 11/10/1945

Mick Lally Actor, actor, born 11/10/1945

Bill Southworth baseball player, born 11/10/1945

Alaina Reed Hall Actress, actor, born 11/10/1946

Roy Thomas Baker RECORD PRODUCER, born 11/10/1946

Alaina Reed SINGER, born 11/10/1946

David Alan Stockman POLITICIAN, POLITICAL AIDE, born 11/10/1946

Paul Nicholls cricketer, born 11/10/1946

Fay Boozman Ophthalmologist, office holder, born 11/10/1946

Greg Lake English bassist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, Musician, singer-songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 11/10/1947

Geoffrey Frederick Buckland Australian politician, politician, born 11/10/1947

Glen Buxton of ALICE COOPER MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 11/10/1947

Glen Buxton Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/10/1947

Bachir Gemayel president, born 11/10/1947

Aaron Brown American journalist, Broadcast journalist, journalist, born 11/10/1948

Hugh Moffatt United States Country singer and Songwriter, born 11/10/1948

Christine Hamilton Media personality, broadcaster, public speaker, born 11/10/1949

Bruce Lonsdale member of parliament, born 11/10/1949

Ann Reinking Actress, dancer, choreographer, actor, born 11/10/1949

Brad Ashford office holder, born 11/10/1949

Keith Leonard Professional footballer and coach, soccer manager, born 11/10/1950

Jonathan Harold (Jon) Sullivan Australian politician, member of parliament, born 11/10/1950

Bobby Robinson Footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1950

Jack Scalia Actor, Producer, actor, born 11/10/1950

Debra Hill Film producer, screenwriter, actor, born 11/10/1950

Jan Birkelund soccer player, born 11/10/1950

Viktor Sukhorukov Actor, drug, born 11/10/1951

Morris Hatalsky GOLFER, born 11/10/1951

Jack Scalia TV ACTOR, born 11/10/1951

Raf Vallone ACTOR, born 11/10/1951

Marlene Jennings member of parliament, born 11/10/1951

Danilo Medina office holder, born 11/10/1951

John Williamson basketball player, born 11/10/1951

Carlos Goffi, Jr. TENNIS COACH, OWNER OF TENNIS CLINIC, born 11/10/1952

Lloyd Saint Amand member of parliament, born 11/10/1952

Fernando Allende actor, born 11/10/1952

Jim Maloway insurance broker, member of parliament, born 11/10/1952

Horace Chang office holder, born 11/10/1952

Dayal Thakur singer, musical artist, born 11/10/1952

Les Miles Football coach and player, college coach, born 11/10/1953

Jimmy Allan Football (soccer) goalkeeper and manager, soccer manager, born 11/10/1953

Charles Leiserson scientist, born 11/10/1953

Mario Cipollina of HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS MUSICIAN, BASSIST, born 11/10/1954

Binyamin Elon born 11/10/1954

Jaume Bartumeu office holder, born 11/10/1954

Roland Emmerich film director, producer and screenwriter, actor, born 11/10/1955

Glen Pitre Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 11/10/1955

Clare Higgins Actor, actor, born 11/10/1955

Matt Craven Actor, born 11/10/1956

Nigel Evans member of parliament, born 11/10/1957

Douglas Devananda office holder, born 11/10/1957

Virve "Vicky" Rosti SINGER, born 11/10/1958

David Howarth member of parliament, born 11/10/1958

Mackenzie Phillips Actress, actor, born 11/10/1959

Billy Gilbert Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 11/10/1959

MacKenzie Phillips ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/10/1959

Marthinus Van Schalkwyk politician, born 11/10/1959

Teresa Cheung Singer, musical artist, born 11/10/1959

Linda Cohn Anchor, ESPN, journalist, born 11/10/1959

Neil Richard Gaiman English fantasy writer, Novelist, graphic novelist and screenwriter, writer, born 11/10/1960

Dan Hawkins American Football Coach, college coach, born 11/10/1960

Borys Wrzesnewskyj member of parliament, born 11/10/1960

Len Webber politician, born 11/10/1960

Rudolf Grimm Austrian physicist, scientist, born 11/10/1961

Grant Cramer Film, television actor, actor, born 11/10/1961

Bruno Tuybens member of parliament, born 11/10/1961

Demon Kogure Singer, songwriter, actor, author, television/radio personality, music and stage producer, motion picture and music video director, critic, musical artist, born 11/10/1962


Tommy Davidson Actor, Comedian, actor, born 11/10/1963

Hugh Bonneville actor, born 11/10/1963

Jalani Sidek badminton player, born 11/10/1963

Flavio Guimaraes Singer, composer, musical artist, born 11/10/1963

Pavithra Devi Wanniarachchi Attorney-at-Law, member of parliament, born 11/10/1964


Lee St Hilaire soccer manager, born 11/10/1965

Vanessa Angel Actress, model, actor, born 11/10/1966

Michael Jai White Actor, actor, born 11/10/1967

Ichiro Ito Guitarist, Arrangement, musical artist, born 11/10/1967

Andrew Vowles musical artist, born 11/10/1967

Dave Hunt politician, born 11/10/1967

Steve Brookstein Singer, musical artist, born 11/10/1968

Chris Cagle Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/10/1968

Daphne Deckers model, born 11/10/1968

Ishtar Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/10/1968

Steve Anthrobus soccer manager, born 11/10/1968

Kirsten Fiona Livermore Australian politician, Solicitor, member of parliament, born 11/10/1969

Jens Lehmann soccer player, born 11/10/1969

Nicola Minali Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/10/1969

Ellen Pompeo Actress, actor, born 11/10/1969

Igor Sorin musical artist, born 11/10/1969

Zoltan Teglas Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 11/10/1969

Warren G musical artist, born 11/10/1970

Vince Vieluf actor, born 11/10/1970

Yossi Abukasis soccer manager, born 11/10/1970

Trent Dimas born 11/10/1970

Walton Goggins Actor, actor, born 11/10/1971

Big Pun Rapper, musical artist, born 11/10/1971

Athena Massey actor, born 11/10/1971

Dominic Byrne born 11/10/1972

Diana Pang Actress, dancer, actor, born 11/10/1972

Daren Jay Ashba Musician, guitarist, songwriter, record producer, graphic designer, composer, musical artist, born 11/10/1972

David Watson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1973

Richard McCoy American aircraft hijacker., criminal, born 11/10/1974

Halina Reijn Actor, actor, born 11/10/1975

Tina Kandelaki Television Presenter, born 11/10/1975

Tiziana Lodato ACTRESS, born 11/10/1976

Holly Joan Hart Playboy Playmate, born 11/10/1976

Mark Norman DJ, Producer, Remixer, musical artist, born 11/10/1976

Brittany Murphy actress, recording artist, Actress, singer, voice artist, actor, born 11/10/1977

Lea Moreno Young Actress, actor, born 11/10/1977

Nina Mercedez American Pornographic Actress, adult actor, born 11/10/1977

Barb Byrum State Representative, office holder, born 11/10/1977

Shabnam Gholikhani actress, director, writer, actor, born 11/10/1977

Kyla Cole Slovak glamour model, television presenter and Penthouse Pet, adult actor, born 11/10/1978

Drew McConnell Irish bass guitarist, Musician, musical artist, born 11/10/1978

David Paetkau actor, born 11/10/1978

Bartosz Socko born 11/10/1978

Alexander Refsum Jensenius Norwegian music technologist, researcher and musician, Music Technologist, born 11/10/1978

Zsolt Balog soccer player, born 11/10/1978

Chris Joannou musical artist, born 11/10/1979

Abigail Washburn musical artist, born 11/10/1979

Christopher Ian Porter Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1979

Cuci Amador Singer, musical artist, born 11/10/1979

Allen Hayden born 11/10/1979

Calvin Chen Singer, actor, commercial model, actor, born 11/10/1980

Nicole Joraanstad born 11/10/1980

Alberta Mayne actor, born 11/10/1980

Marin Cenov soccer player, born 11/10/1980

Merkin Valdez Dominican baseball pitcher, baseball player, born 11/10/1981

Jason Dunham United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/10/1981

Alison Waite American model and Playboy Playmate May 2006, Playboy Playmate, born 11/10/1981

Dave Graham Rock Climber, born 11/10/1981

Jeff Darlington Writer for the Miami Herald, born 11/10/1981

Georgie Cupidon badminton player, born 11/10/1981

Mohamed Jarragh soccer player, born 11/10/1981

Jay Washington born 11/10/1981

Jeremy Nordquist office holder, born 11/10/1981

Heather Matarazzo American actress, Actress, drug, born 11/10/1982

Amets Txurruka Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/10/1982

Krista Maccarville born 11/10/1982

Dallas Baker American college football player, professional football player, wide receiver, american football player, born 11/10/1982

Ruth Lorenzo Singer-songwriter, Actress, musical artist, born 11/10/1982

Marius Žaliukas Lithuanian footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1983

Jonathan Steven Shaw Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1983

Thierry Hupond Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 11/10/1984

Ludovic Obraniak soccer player, born 11/10/1984

Giovonnie Samuels Actress/Voice artist, actor, born 11/10/1985

Wu Minxia born 11/10/1985

Ricki-Lee Coulter Singer-songwriter, radio presenter, television host, musical artist, born 11/10/1985

Shabir Khan soccer player, born 11/10/1985

Krystian Trochowski rugby player, born 11/10/1985

Ryan Craig Matthew Smith Footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1986

Mariya Ocher musical artist, born 11/10/1986

Jessica Tovey Actress, actor, born 11/10/1987

D. J. Augustin basketball player, born 11/10/1987

Charles Hamilton Rapper, producer, musical artist, born 11/10/1987

Linda Fah born 11/10/1987

Mie Lacota Racing cyclist, cyclist, born 11/10/1988

Pauleen Luna actor, born 11/10/1988

Rudy Gestede soccer player, born 11/10/1988

Andreas Retz Laudrup Danish footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1990

Ashley Sammons Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/10/1991

Genevieve Buechner Actress, actor, born 11/10/1991

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim Actress and model, actor, born 11/10/1991

Valerio Child actor/commercial model, actor, born 11/10/1998

Kiernan Shipka She has blonde hair ,and is a great actress.She was a good actress when she starred in Cats and dogs, the Revenge of Kitty galore, actor, born 11/10/1999