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Chester, Alphonso, Earl Of British royalty, born 11/24/1273

Orleans, Charles, Duke Of British royalty, born 11/24/1394

Baruch Spinoza Dutch philosopher, philosopher, born 11/24/1632

John Holwell mathematician and astrologer, born 11/24/1649

Ali II ibn Hussein fourth leader of the Husainid Dynasty and ruler of Tunisia, born 11/24/1712


Alexander Suvorov military person, born 11/24/1729

Sousa Caldas Orator, poet, priest, writer, born 11/24/1762

Shadrach Bond governor, born 11/24/1773

Philip Clayton Pendleton United States federal judge, judge, born 11/24/1779

Zachary Taylor President of the USA, 1849–50, Soldier, president, born 11/24/1784

Alexander Parris architect, born 11/24/1790

Johann Adam Klein painter, engraver, born 11/24/1792

Ludwig Bechstein German writer and fairy tale collector, born 11/24/1801

Nepomucena Kostecka actor, born 11/24/1807

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr French critic, journalist and novelist, born 11/24/1808

Ditlev Gothard Monrad prime minister, born 11/24/1811

James H. Trapier United States Army officer, military person, born 11/24/1815

William Crawford Williamson Naturalist, born 11/24/1816

William Woods Holden Lawyer, governor, born 11/24/1818

Julia Von Hauke British royalty, born 11/24/1825

John Wolcott Stewart governor, born 11/24/1825


James George Currie office holder, born 11/24/1827

Businessman I BUSINESSMAN, WOOLBUYER, born 11/24/1830

Michael Hahn governor, born 11/24/1830

Alexander Porphyrievich Borodin PHYSICIAN, CHEMIST, MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 11/24/1833

John B. Rector United States federal judge, born 11/24/1837

William Shadrack Shallenberger Union Army soldier, born 11/24/1839

JAmes Warren York Musical instrument maker, Musical instrument builder, born 11/24/1839

Henry Kirke Porter Union United States Army soldier, born 11/24/1840

Charles C. Townsend American politician, born 11/24/1841

William Edgar Simonds United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/24/1842

John Stephen Michaud born 11/24/1843

Charles Vernon Gridley United States Navy officer, military person, born 11/24/1844

Friedrich Jolly German neurologist and psychiatrist, born 11/24/1844

Tom Hurry Riches Railway Engineer, born 11/24/1846


Alexander Edmund Batson Davie president, born 11/24/1847

Peilun Zhang military person, born 11/24/1848

Frances Hodgson Burnett Children's author, novelist, playwright, born 11/24/1849

Lukacs Laszlo president, born 11/24/1850


William N. Barrett Attorney, politician, born 11/24/1855

Mederic Catudal agent, politician, born 11/24/1856

Friedrich Sthamer office holder, born 11/24/1856

John M. Stotsenburg United States Army officer killed in the Philippine-American War, military person, born 11/24/1858

Sang-ryong Yi president, born 11/24/1858

Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, THEATER DIRECTOR, CONDUCTOR, born 11/24/1859

C. V. Matteson Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 11/24/1861


Edwin Grant Conklin scientist, born 11/24/1863

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec ARTIST, PAINTER, POSTER MAKER, DRAUGHTSMAN, artist, born 11/24/1864

Andrew Macphail born 11/24/1864

John Wesley Brien physician, member of parliament, born 11/24/1864

Frederick Winchester Sladen US Military Academy superintendent, military person, born 11/24/1867

Truman Smith Baxter office holder, born 11/24/1867

Scott Joplin MUSICIAN, PIANIST, COMPOSER, born 01/12/1901

H. C. Baldridge governor, born 11/24/1868

António Óscar Carmona President of Portugal, Military officer, prime minister, born 11/24/1869

Alfred Greig ARCHITECT, born 11/24/1869

John St. Polis Actor, actor, born 11/24/1873

Julius Martov born 11/24/1873

Gyokudo Kawai artist, born 11/24/1873

Charles William Miller Sportsman, born 11/24/1874

Nobuyuki Abe prime minister, born 11/24/1875

Albion Roudolph Foster member of parliament, born 11/24/1875

Bowley, Albert Jesse, Jr. military person, born 11/24/1875


Hideyo Noguchi BACTERIOLOGIST, scientist, born 11/24/1876

Alben W. Barkley Vice President of the United States, office holder, born 11/24/1877

Mary Sullivan art collector, founding trustee of the Museum of Modern Art, born 11/24/1877

Petigara Law enforcement, office holder, born 11/24/1877

Leonard Chadwick United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/24/1878

Paul Diepgen MEDICAL HISTORIAN, GYNAECOLOGIST, born 11/24/1878

Lizette Thorne Actress, actor, born 11/24/1882

Tom Hooper ice hockey player, born 11/24/1883

Harry H. Belt judge, born 11/24/1883

Yitzhak Ben-Zvi president, born 11/24/1884

Christian Wirth military person, born 11/24/1885

Margaret Caroline Anderson editor, author, writer, born 11/24/1886

George Anderson born 11/24/1886

Nettie McBirney American food writer, inventor, food writer, born 11/24/1887

Erich von Manstein MILITARY, FIELD MARSHAL, born 11/24/1887

Erich Von Manstein military person, born 11/24/1887

Clarence R. Huebner United States Army general, military person, born 11/24/1888

Cathleen Nesbitt actress, Actress, actor, born 11/24/1888

Dale Carnegie AUTHOR, LECTURER, Writer, lecturer, writer, born 11/24/1888

Kurt Freiherr von Schroder NAZI BANKER, EARLY PATRON OF HITLER & HIS MOVEMENT, born 11/24/1889

Zalman Shazar president, born 11/24/1889

George Burns baseball player, born 11/24/1889

Hugh Hay military person, born 11/24/1889


Mariano Ospina Perez president, born 11/24/1891

Charles F. Hurley governor, born 11/24/1893

Hsien Wu scientist, born 11/24/1893

Withers Alexander Burress Lieutenant General, United States Army, military person, born 11/24/1894

Corinne Griffith STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, AUTHOR, DANCER, born 06/04/1926

Herbert Sutcliffe cricketer, born 11/24/1894

Bezawada Ramachandra Reddy office holder, born 11/24/1894

Wilhelm Hasse German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 11/24/1894

Heinrich Eberbach MILITARY, GENERAL, born 11/24/1895

Heinrich Eberbach military person, born 11/24/1895

Francois Ducaud-Bourge WRITER, born 11/24/1897

Charles "Lucky" Luciano GANGSTER, ALLEGEDLY ARCHITECT OF MODERN MAFIA, Allegedly had control over the drug trafficking supplying heroin from the rest of the world to USA, Businessman, First boss of the Luciano Family which later became the Genovese crime family. Founder and Chairman of the Commission with Meyer Lansky, Hitman, Gambler, Bootlegger., born 11/24/1897

Shaoqi Liu president, born 11/24/1898

Ward Morehouse Theatre critic, columnist, screenwriter, born 11/24/1899

Vilho Helanen Civil servant, born 11/24/1899

Hector James McIvor Australian politician, Oil company representative, member of parliament, born 11/24/1900

Alice Calhoun SILENT SCREEN ACTRESS, born 09/16/1952

Kurt Richter born 11/24/1900

Roman Bohnen actor, born 11/24/1901

Gianangelo Barzan soccer player, born 11/24/1901

Ivo Perilli Screenwriter, drug, born 11/24/1902

Muriel Vanderbilt Heiress, born 11/24/1902

Jacky Slicer soccer player, born 11/24/1902

Kalman Latabar Film actor, Comedian, born 11/24/1902

Nicholas Llewelyn Davies born 11/24/1903

A. Ross Tilley plastic surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, born 11/24/1904

Billy Rogell baseball player, born 11/24/1904

Gladys Egan Actress, actor, born 11/24/1905

Irving Allen actor, born 11/24/1905

Jack Mollenkopf college coach, born 11/24/1905

Joseph Clement Leonard Sexton member of parliament, born 11/24/1905

Alex Ross Physician, rugby player, born 11/24/1905

Andreina Pagnani STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, COMEDIENNE, born 11/24/1906

Don Maclaughlin Television actor, actor, born 11/24/1906

Ans Polak born 11/24/1906

Ludwik Zabrocki linguist, born 11/24/1907

Evangeline Walton WRITER, born 11/24/1907

Evangeline Walton Author, writer, born 11/24/1907

Rodney Palmer cricketer, born 11/24/1907

Friedrich Geiger born 11/24/1907

Jimmy Smy soccer player, born 11/24/1907

Libertad Lamarque Singer/Actress, actor, born 11/24/1908

Allen Fairhall Australian politician, Electrical fitter, radio officer, member of parliament, born 11/24/1909

Tom Winsett baseball player, born 11/24/1909

Georg Schewe German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 11/24/1909

Davis Hughes Australian politician, born 11/24/1910

Warren Heller american football player, born 11/24/1910

Walter Robbins soccer player, born 11/24/1910


Ducky Medwick BASEBALL PLAYER, OUTFIELDER, baseball player, born 11/24/1911

Norman Christie soccer player, born 11/24/1911

Wally Reynolds soccer player, born 11/24/1911

Garson Kanin Film and theatre director, playwright, screenwriter, actor, born 11/24/1912

Joan Sanderson Actress, actor, born 11/24/1912

François Neuville Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/24/1912

Victor Iliu Film director, drug, born 11/24/1912

Teddy Wilson Pianist, musical artist, born 11/24/1912

Dixie Howell born 11/24/1912

Bernard Delfgaauw philosopher, born 11/24/1912

Ant Feuerwerker jurist and economist, born 11/24/1912

Tony Giuliani baseball player, born 11/24/1912

Yeruham Meshel born 11/24/1912

Geraldine Fitzgerald Actress, actor, born 11/24/1913

Howard Duff Actor, actor, born 11/24/1913

Reg Stockill soccer player, born 11/24/1913

Frederick Hugo Larson member of parliament, born 11/24/1913

David Moore Crook military person, born 11/24/1914

Mark Saxton Author, editor, writer, born 11/24/1914

Fahredin Nuri scientist, born 11/24/1914

Bernard Knox professor, author, writer, born 11/24/1914

Helen Cherry Actress, actor, born 11/24/1915

Dick West baseball player, born 11/24/1915

Forrest J. Ackerman Science fiction writer, collector, writer, born 11/24/1916

Kenneth Walsh Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/24/1916

Johnny Steele soccer manager, born 11/24/1916

Frankie Muse Freeman born 11/24/1916

Herchenratter Art Professional ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 11/24/1917

John Justin Actor, actor, born 11/24/1917

Jack Freeman college coach, born 11/24/1918

Cyril Briggs soccer player, born 11/24/1918

David Kossoff actor, born 11/24/1919

Carlton W. Barrett United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/24/1919

Nap Reyes baseball player, born 11/24/1919

Jorge Mistral Actor, actor, born 11/24/1920

Jean Maridor AVIATOR, born 11/24/1920

Percy Sutton Civil-rights activist, entrepreneur, lawyer, politician, born 11/24/1920

John Vliet Lindsay POLITICIAN, LAWYER, AUTHOR, U.S. REP (R NY), born 11/24/1921

John Lindsay politician, born 11/24/1921

Robert Banks scientist, born 11/24/1921

Herbert York scientist, born 11/24/1921

Yoshiko Uchida short story writer, editor, Novelist, children's book author, writer, born 11/24/1921

Senner, George F., Jr. United States Marine, congressman, born 11/24/1921

Claus Adolf Moser British statistician and Civil Servant, born 11/24/1922

Richard Leech actor, born 11/24/1922

Stanford R. Ovshinsky American inventor and scientist, born 11/24/1922

Joan Turner actor, born 11/24/1922

Earl Craven college coach, born 11/24/1922

Serge Chaloff saxophonist, musical artist, born 11/24/1923

Danny Ozark born 11/24/1923

Zlatko Cajkovski soccer manager, born 11/24/1923

Octavio Lepage office holder, born 11/24/1923

Fred Mitchell artist, born 11/24/1923

Sheila MacRae actress, actor, born 11/24/1924

James Milton Burns United States federal judge, judge, born 11/24/1924

Fred Hall Professional football player, manager, administrator, soccer manager, born 11/24/1924

Eileen Barton musical artist, born 11/24/1924

Dick Duden gridiron football player, born 11/24/1924

Alex Simpson soccer player, born 11/24/1924

Richard Lawson military person, born 11/24/1924

Tatineni Prakash Rao Film director, actor, born 11/24/1924

Joanne Winter born 11/24/1924

Richard E. Kraus United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/24/1925

William F. Buckley, Jr. EDITOR, PUBLISHER, WRITER, TV PERSONALITY, born 11/24/1925

Simon Van Der Meer scientist, born 11/24/1925

Bejaratana British royalty, born 11/24/1925

Tsung-Dao Lee Nobel Prize-winning physicist, scientist, born 11/24/1926

Paul Blackburn Poet, translator, teacher, writer, born 11/24/1926

Wirayi Dzawanda Musarurwa Zimbabwean journalist, born 11/24/1927

Adrian Escudero soccer manager, born 11/24/1927

Beryl Reid STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 11/24/1928

George Richard Moscone 37th mayor of San Francisco, office holder, born 11/24/1929

John Henry Johnson american football player, born 11/24/1929

Eric Till Film director, actor, born 11/24/1929

Harry Oliver Bradley teacher, member of parliament, born 11/24/1929

Ken Barrington cricketer, born 11/24/1930

Yale Lary american football player, born 11/24/1930

Albert Wolsky Costume designer, actor, born 11/24/1930

Rabi Ghosh Actor, Film Director, actor, born 11/24/1931

Stan Jones american football player, born 11/24/1931

Tommy Bing soccer player, born 11/24/1931

Claudio Naranjo psychiatrist, author, born 11/24/1932

Rene Enriquez ACTOR, born 11/24/1933

Rene Enriquez born 11/24/1933

Sophie Daumier French actress, Actor, drug, born 11/24/1934

Yvonne Rainer artist, born 11/24/1934

Ronald V. Dellums POLITICIAN, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE (DEMO, CA), born 11/24/1935

Bill Michie member of parliament, born 11/24/1935

Ron Dellums United States Marine, congressman, born 11/24/1935

Salim Khan Actor, Scriptwriter, actor, born 11/24/1935

Vin Denson cyclist, born 11/24/1935

Carlos Cruz boxer, born 11/24/1937

Maxelende Ganade Musician, actor, born 11/24/1937

Oscar Palmer Robertson NBA player, basketball player, born 11/24/1938

Charles Starkweather spree killer, born 11/24/1938

Willy Claes POLITICIAN, SOCIALIST, CHAIRMAN OF NATO, politician, born 11/24/1938

David Newell actor, born 11/24/1938

Alan Lake Actor, actor, born 11/24/1940

Hermann Otto Solms office holder, born 11/24/1940

Randolph Peter Best early drummer for The Beatles, Drummer, civil servant, songwriter, vocalist, musical artist, born 11/24/1941

Pete Best of THE BEATLES MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 11/24/1941

John Louis De Andrea ARTIST, born 11/24/1941


Donald Dunn of BOOKER T. & THE MG'S MUSICIAN, BASS PLAYER, born 11/24/1941

Horacio Altuna comics creator, born 11/24/1941

John De Andrea American sculptor, born 11/24/1941

Dinara Asanova Film director, drug, born 11/24/1942

Billy Connolly FILM/TV ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 11/24/1942

Andrew Stunell member of parliament, born 11/24/1942

Bob Harvey office holder, born 11/24/1942

Freddie Webb Basketball player, Politician, office holder, born 11/24/1942

Dave Bing American basketball player, office holder, born 11/24/1943

Robin Williamson of THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND MUSICIAN, SINGER, SONGWRITER, GUITARIST, POET, Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/24/1943

Kuniwo Nakamura president, born 11/24/1943

Harry A. Sieben politician, born 11/24/1943

Richard Tee Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/24/1943

Collette Giudichelli politician, born 11/24/1943

Charles Van Zant office holder, born 11/24/1943

Luigi Ontani artist, born 11/24/1943

Candy Darling Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/24/1944

Werner Abelshauser German Economic historian, born 11/24/1944

Dan Glickman LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (DEM KS), office holder, born 11/24/1944

Amol Palekar Actor, Director, actor, born 11/24/1944

Bev Bevan Musician, musical artist, born 11/24/1944


Nurruddin Farah novelist, essayist, professor, writer, born 11/24/1945

William Lindsay Politician, politician, born 11/24/1945

Ted Bundy Serial killer, born 11/24/1946

Penelope Jones (complete name) Halsall Novelist, writer, born 11/24/1946

Vivien Saunders PRO GOLFER, LAWYER, AUTHOR, born 11/24/1946

Jim Seymour gridiron football player, born 11/24/1946

Tony Clarkin musical artist, born 11/24/1946

Roberto Challe soccer player, born 11/24/1946

Tom Stincic gridiron football player, born 11/24/1946

Jan Ruiter soccer player, born 11/24/1946

Don Branker born 11/24/1946

Minoru Kobata soccer player, born 11/24/1946

Dwight Schultz Actor/Voice Actor, actor, born 11/24/1947

Koumei Nakamura born 11/24/1947

Jorge Obeid office holder, born 11/24/1947

Eva Lundgren scientist, born 11/24/1947

Carol Tiggs writer, born 11/24/1947

Eli Ben-Menachem born 11/24/1947


Steve Yeager BASEBALL PLAYER, born 11/24/1948

Mary White office holder, born 11/24/1948

Paul Helmke office holder, born 11/24/1948

Zachary Selig American artist, Author, Painter, Spiritist, Yoruba priest, Interior design, artist, born 11/24/1949

Linda Tripp NEWS FIGURE, born 11/24/1949

Shane Bourne Actor, Stand-up comedian, actor, born 11/24/1949

Damon Evans Actor, actor, born 11/24/1949

Maxime Arseneau office holder, born 11/24/1949

Tamanofuji Shigeru born 11/24/1949


Stanley Livingston Actor, Director, Producer, actor, born 11/24/1950

Mimis Androulakis Greek author and politician, born 11/24/1951

Steve Smith POLE VAULTER, born 11/24/1951

Chet Edwards congressman, born 11/24/1951

Graham Price rugby player, born 11/24/1951

Cathy Peattie office holder, born 11/24/1951

James Sheridan member of parliament, born 11/24/1952

Ulrich Seidl Film director, actor, born 11/24/1952

Clem Burke of BLONDIE MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 11/24/1953

Robert Krimmer actor, born 11/24/1953

Richard Alarcon office holder, born 11/24/1953

Glenn Withrow actor, born 11/24/1953

Clem Burke Musician, Drummer, musical artist, born 11/24/1954

Susan Gilmore Television actress, actor, born 11/24/1954

Matyas Eorsi politician, born 11/24/1954

Guillermo Algaze born 11/24/1954

Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth Politician, born 11/24/1955

Clive Whitehead Footballer, soccer manager, born 11/24/1955

Scott Hoch GOLFER, born 11/24/1955

Emir Kusturica FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 11/24/1955

Najib Mikati prime minister, born 11/24/1955

Philip Raffaelli military person, born 11/24/1955

Charles Mehlberg POLICEMAN, MURDER VICTIM, born 11/24/1956

Steven E. Nevel TOOL & DIE MAKER, CHILD MOLESTER, born 11/24/1956

Rachel Chagall Actress, actor, born 11/24/1956

Virve Reid Playboy Playmate, born 11/24/1956

Ruben Santiago-Hudson actor, born 11/24/1956

Denise Crosby ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, actor, born 11/24/1957

John Minihan office holder, born 11/24/1957

Matthew Lukwiya scientist, born 11/24/1957

Rick Davis SOCCER PLAYER, MIDFIELDER, soccer player, born 11/24/1958

Roy Aitken Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 11/24/1958

Margaret Curran office holder, born 11/24/1958

Dana Tyler Journalist, journalist, born 11/24/1958

Carmel musical artist, born 11/24/1958

Tom Dunbar baseball player, born 11/24/1959

Mike Schaufler business owner, office holder, born 11/24/1959

Zainab Abdulkadir Kure office holder, born 11/24/1959

Philip Absolon British artist and a founder member of the Stuckists art group, artist, born 11/24/1960

Edgar Meyer musical artist, born 11/24/1960

Amanda Wyss Actress, actor, born 11/24/1960

Eli Elezra poker player, born 11/24/1960

Armen Grigoryan musical artist, born 11/24/1960

Mary Kim Titla Publisher,, journalist, born 11/24/1960

Olav Fyske Tveit born 11/24/1960

Arundhati Roy Indian novelist, essayist, Novelist, essayist, writer, born 11/24/1961

Robin Stille Actress, actor, born 11/24/1961

Matthew Hayes angler, born 11/24/1961

John Kovalic Cartoonist, cartoonist, illustrator, and writer, born 11/24/1962

Tracey Wickham Swimmer, born 11/24/1962

Gino Cavallini HOCKEY PLAYER, LEFT WING, born 11/24/1962

John Squire musical artist, born 11/24/1962

Shae Dlyn actor, born 11/24/1962

Glen Suitor gridiron football player, born 11/24/1962

Yuri Budanov Russian colonel convicted of murder of Chechen girl, military person, born 11/24/1963

Lisa Howard Actress, actor, born 11/24/1963

Michele S. Jones First woman Command Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army Reserve, military person, born 11/24/1963

Lisa Maxwell Actress, Television presenter, actor, born 11/24/1963

Cal Macaninch actor, born 11/24/1963

David Christian Rogers ARTIST, PAINTER, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/24/1964

Brad Sherwood Actor, actor, born 11/24/1964

Chris Joss Musician, Producer, musical artist, born 11/24/1964

Lesa Ann Pedriana Playboy Playmate, born 11/24/1964

Mike Goldberg actor, born 11/24/1964

Garret Dillahunt Actor, actor, born 11/24/1964

Conleth Hill Actor, actor, born 11/24/1964

Maxim Thorne office holder, born 11/24/1964

Brad Wall prime minister, born 11/24/1965

Russell Watson English tenor, Tenor, musical artist, born 11/24/1966

Tony Abbott pastor, politician, born 11/24/1966

Cal Eldred BASEBALL PLAYER, born 11/24/1967

Shahid Malik office holder, born 11/24/1967

Phil Starbuck Professional footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 11/24/1968

Drew Henry born 11/24/1968

Ernest Odonnell actor, born 11/24/1968

Anura Dissanayaka office holder, born 11/24/1968

Peter Mel born 11/24/1969

Rob Nicholson Musician, songwriter, bassist, musical artist, born 11/24/1969

Benoist Apparu office holder, born 11/24/1969

Prapatsara Chutanutpong born 11/24/1969

Ashley Ward Retired English footballer, soccer player, born 11/24/1970

Julieta Venegas Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 11/24/1970

Chad Taylor born 11/24/1970

Shanti Roney Actor, actor, born 11/24/1970

Lola Glaudini actor, born 11/24/1971

Brandon Molale Actor, actor, born 11/24/1971

Félix Cárdenas Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/24/1972

Dan Falzon Paramedic, Television actor, actor, born 11/24/1972

Ibrahim Dossey soccer player, born 11/24/1972

Danielle Nicolet Actress, actor, born 11/24/1973

Stephen Merchant British writer, director, and comic actor, Actor, actor, born 11/24/1974

Anthony Menezes soccer player, born 11/24/1974

Dan Falzon ACTOR, MUSICIAN, born 11/24/1974

Peter Barry Irish hurler, Gaelic games player, born 11/24/1974

Aylin Mujica Actress, model, Dancer, actor, born 11/24/1974

Guido Trentin Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/24/1975

Sigit Budiarto badminton player, born 11/24/1975

Spasoje Bulajic soccer player, born 11/24/1975

Meredith Patterson actor, born 11/24/1975

Jiri Pospisil politician, born 11/24/1975

Michael Roof American actor, actor, born 11/24/1976

Hiroyuki Ikeuchi actor, born 11/24/1976

Theo Becker Actor, Model and Singer, actor, born 11/24/1976

Johanna Westerberg Professional Golfer, golf player, born 11/24/1977

Katherine Heigl Actress, film producer, Actress, actor, born 11/24/1978

Vanessa Incontrada Actor, Model, drug, born 11/24/1978

Robert Mizrachi poker player, born 11/24/1978

Nomsebenzi Tsotsobe rugby player, born 11/24/1978

Ryan Maloney actor, born 11/24/1979

Rebecca Barlow Singer, guitarist, Band, born 11/24/1979

Kabir Ali Cricketer, cricketer, born 11/24/1980

Thomas Ziegler Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/24/1980

Garry Thompson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/24/1980

Steve Croudson Footballer, soccer player, born 11/24/1980

Celina Jaitley Model, actress, actor, born 11/24/1981

Joey Ansah Actor, Martial artist, actor, born 11/24/1982

Nicholas Dagostino Actor, actor, born 11/24/1982

Alyaksandr Mikhnavets soccer player, born 11/24/1982

Dean Ashton English footballer, soccer player, born 11/24/1983

Luis León Sánchez Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/24/1983

Matt Spaeth american football player, born 11/24/1983

Anthony Alridge american football player, born 11/24/1983

Bossman musical artist, born 11/24/1983

Lars Eckert rugby player, born 11/24/1983

Doyle Willie soccer player, born 11/24/1984

Wolf Hudson adult actor, born 11/24/1984

Jimmy Macloud Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/24/1984

Michelle Wai artist, born 11/24/1984

Chase Patton American Football Quarterback, american football player, born 11/24/1985

Julia Alexandratou Glamour model, singer, actress, media personality, born 11/24/1985

Vasilije Prodanovic soccer player, born 11/24/1985

Stine Richard Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Performer, musical artist, born 11/24/1985

Heng Zhou soccer player, born 11/24/1985

Micaela Vazquez actor, born 11/24/1986

Danilo Aparecido Da Silva soccer player, born 11/24/1986

Dominic Douglas american football player, born 11/24/1986

James Holt american football player, born 11/24/1986

Val Acuna basketball player, born 11/24/1986

Hristijan Spirovski Musician, singer, producer, arranger, conductor, music artist, organist, musical artist, born 11/24/1987

Elena Satine Actress, actor, born 11/24/1987

Vadym Rybalchenko soccer player, born 11/24/1988

Chris Le musical artist, born 11/24/1988

Sebastien Brown Football (soccer) goalkeeper, soccer player, born 11/24/1989

Sarah Hyland Actress, actor, born 11/24/1990

Jasmin Sudic soccer player, born 11/24/1990

Richie Stanaway born 11/24/1991

Ivi Adamou Singer, musical artist, born 11/24/1993

Phoebe Prince Student, born 11/24/1994

Brecken Palmer actor, born 11/24/1998

Bridger Palmer actor, born 11/24/1998