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Katherine Swynford British royalty, born 11/25/1350

Dacre, Thomas, 2nd Baron Dacre Knight of Henry VIII of England, born 11/25/1467

Lope de Vega PLAYWRIGHT, POET, Poet, playwright, writer, born 11/25/1562

Queen Consort Henriette Marie of England ROYALTY, QUEEN OF CHARLES I OF ENGLAND, born 11/25/1609

Catherine Of Braganza British royalty, born 11/25/1638

Charles-Michel De L'epee born 11/25/1712

Thomas Abbt mathematician, writer, born 11/25/1738

William Henry Of Gloucester And Edinburgh, Duke, Prince British royalty, born 11/25/1743

Robert Townsend president, born 11/25/1753

Henry Brockholst Livingston United States federal judge, born 11/25/1757

Armstrong, John, Jr. office holder, born 11/25/1758

Thomas Contee Worthington U.S. Representative, born 11/25/1782

Claude-Louis Mathieu scientist, born 11/25/1783

Franz Xaver Gruber Austrian teacher and church organist, born 11/25/1787

Franz Xaver Gruber Austrian teacher and church organist, born 11/25/1787

Francis Wedgwood English Potter, born 11/25/1800

William Ballard Preston office holder, born 11/25/1805

Buccleuch, Walter Montagu-Douglas-Scott, 5th Duke of office holder, born 11/25/1806

Augustus Henry Kilty United States Navy admiral, military person, born 11/25/1807

Adolph Edward Borie United States Secretary of the Navy, office holder, born 11/25/1809

Charles E. Stuart Union United States Army officer, senator, born 11/25/1810


John Bigelow born 11/25/1817

Nathaniel Wales Shoe Manufacturer, office holder, born 11/25/1819

Henry Wirz command of Camp Sumter, military person, born 11/25/1823

Joseph Alexander Cooper military person, born 11/25/1823

Michel Marie Charles Verlat artist, born 11/25/1824

John Mott-Smith Dentist, Diplomat, Politician, office holder, born 11/25/1824

Edward A. Wild Union Army general, military person, born 11/25/1825

Charles Victor Crosnier de Varingy Author, Diplomat, born 11/25/1829

Andrew Carnegie American businessman and philanthropist, business magnate and philanthropist steel tycoon, born 11/25/1835

Augustin Thompson Union United States Army soldier, born 11/25/1835

Joseph Glæser Danish composer and organist, born 11/25/1835

Arthur Sewall Shipbuilder, Railroad president and director, bank president, politician, born 11/25/1835

Thomas Ryan Union Army soldier, congressman, born 11/25/1837

Zenjiro Yasuda Entrepreneur, born 11/25/1838

Karl Benz born 11/25/1844

Eca De Queiroz Novelist, writer, born 11/25/1845

Carrie Nation Temperance advocate, born 11/25/1846

Henry P. Haney Last survivor of The Great Locomotive Chase during the American Civil War. He was a 15 year old fireman on the "Texas", the locomotive used by the "General's" crew to pursue the "General" on the second half of the chase after it was stolen by the Andrews Raiders, born 11/25/1846

Carry Nation TEMPERANCE ADVOCATE, LECTURER, born 11/25/1846

Sam Wright Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 11/25/1848

James Vincent O'Loghlin Australian politician, born 11/25/1852

Paul Hillemacher MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/25/1852

George G. Bingham office holder, born 11/25/1855

Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev Russian composer, pianist, music theorist and teacher, born 11/25/1856


Frederick Haultain president, born 11/25/1857

Archibald Garrod scientist, born 11/25/1857

Lillian Langdon Actor, Film actress, drug, born 11/25/1860

Phyllis Allen Silent film actress, Actress, actor, born 11/25/1861

Jose Gil Fortoul president, born 11/25/1861

Frederick Howard Taylor Missionary in China and Author, born 11/25/1862


Albert G. Schmedeman governor, born 11/25/1864

Kate Gleason American engineer and businesswoman, born 11/25/1865

Sylvia Llewelyn Davies housewife, born 11/25/1866

Julian Price Insurance Executive, born 11/25/1867

Louis, Ernest, Grand Duke Of Hesse British royalty, born 11/25/1868

Alfred Grotjahn PHYSICIAN, SOCIAL HYGIENIST, AUTHOR, born 11/25/1869

Petrine Sonne Actor, actor, born 11/25/1870


Zsigmond Perenyi office holder, born 11/25/1870


Albert Henry Krehbiel artist, born 11/25/1873

Charles Brents Kennamer United States federal judge, born 11/25/1874

Joe Gans CHAMPION LIGHTWEIGHT BOXER, born 11/25/1874

Lewis Spence AUTHOR, SCHOLAR, OCCULTIST, POET, journalist, folklorist, occult scholar, writer, born 11/25/1874

Butler B. Hare US Congressman from 2nd district 1915-1933 and 3rd district 1939-1947, congressman, born 11/25/1875

Isabel Ecclestone Mackay writer, born 11/25/1875

Princess of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Victoria Melita Princess of Great Britain and of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; former Grand Duchess of Hesse; pretender Empress of Russia; a granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England., British royalty, born 11/25/1876


Benjamin F. Haines Massachusetts politician, office holder, born 11/25/1876

Arnold Wienholt Australian politician, Farmer, soldier, author, member of parliament, born 11/25/1877

Georg Kaiser PLAYWRIGHT, NOVELIST, born 11/25/1878

John Travers Wood congressman, born 11/25/1878

Joseph-Arsene Bonnier member of parliament, born 11/25/1879

Elsie Jeanette Oxenham Children's writer, Children's Novelist, writer, born 11/25/1880

Henry Francis Maltby Actor, dramatist, born 11/25/1880

Pope John XXIII Pope, pope, born 11/25/1881

Percy Marmont Actor, drug, born 11/25/1883


Eddie Lyons Actor, film director, actor, born 11/25/1886

Arthur F. Lederle United States federal judge, born 11/25/1887

Theo-Helmut Lieb German general and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/25/1889

Telesforo Trinidad United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/25/1890

Isaac Rosenberg POET, ARTIST, born 11/25/1890

Onishiki Uichiro born 11/25/1891

Dagmar Oakland actor, born 11/25/1893

Anastas Hovhannesi Mikoyan Armenian Old Bolshevik and Soviet statesman, Commissar, statesman, politician, born 11/25/1895

Louis D. Lighton Screenwriter, actor, born 11/25/1895

Wilhelm Kempff MUSICIAN, PIANIST, COMPOSER, AUTHOR, TEACHER, born 11/25/1895

Helen Hooven Santmyer AUTHOR, born 11/25/1895

Ludvik Svoboda president, born 11/25/1895

Margery Ingersoll SINGER, born 11/25/1896

Virgil Thomson MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CRITIC, ORGANIST, GAY, born 11/25/1896

Helene Chadwick Actress, actor, born 11/25/1897

Ethan Laidlaw Actor, actor, born 11/25/1899

Georgi Nikolaevich Vasilyev Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, drug, born 11/25/1899

W. R. Burnett Novelist, screenwriter, born 11/25/1899

Margaret Livingston American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/25/1900

Helen Gahagan Douglas Actress, congressman, born 11/25/1900

Rudolf Höß German war criminal, commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp, SS-Obersturmbannführer, born 11/25/1900

John Landis FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 08/30/1950

Gaetano Martino GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, FOREIGN MINISTER 1954-57, born 11/25/1900

Friedrich Steiner MUSICIAN, born 11/25/1900

Arthur Schwartz Composer, musical artist, born 11/25/1900

Sonya Noskowiak artist, born 11/25/1900

Fernando Tambroni prime minister, born 11/25/1901

Alan Taylor judge, born 11/25/1901

Frederick Abbott cricketer, born 11/25/1901

Fyke Farmer born 11/25/1901

Eddie Shore ice hockey player, born 11/25/1902

Frank Snr Aked born 11/25/1902

Arthur Batchelor born 11/25/1902

John Niemeyer Findlay South African Philosopher, born 11/25/1903

Jim Weaver baseball player, born 11/25/1903

Jessie Royce Landis Actor, actor, born 11/25/1904

Bosko Ralic soccer manager, born 11/25/1904

Alexander Mackie Honeyman PROFESSOR OF ORIENTAL LANGUAGES, AUTHOR, REVIEWER, born 11/25/1907

Raymond Guest Soldier, Businessman, Statesman,, born 11/25/1907

Ralph Lancaster born 11/25/1907

Yip Foster ice hockey player, born 11/25/1907

John Edmund Hunt United States Congressman from New Jersey, congressman, born 11/25/1908

Manuel Antonio de Varona y Loredo born 11/25/1908

Bill Dodd Lawyer and politician, Attorney; Politician, office holder, born 11/25/1909

William O'Neil Spencer JAZZ MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, SINGER, born 11/25/1909

P.D. Eastman Writer, cartoonist, animator, writer, born 11/25/1909

Emad Hamdi Actor, actor, born 11/25/1909

Erich Klunder military person, born 11/25/1909

George Taylor cricketer, born 11/25/1909

Mona Goya Film actor, born 11/25/1909

Richard Seifert architect, born 11/25/1910

Hugh Devore college coach, born 11/25/1910

Cliff Walmsley soccer player, born 11/25/1910

Paul Murry comics creator, born 11/25/1911

Pamplin, Robert B., Sr. Businessman, born 11/25/1911

Spilhaus scientist, born 11/25/1911

Frank Curcio born 11/25/1912

Lewis Thomas scientist, born 11/25/1913

Benjamin Walker Diplomatic attaché and author in the area of esoterica, philosophy, and religion, writer, born 11/25/1913

Dorothy Wellman Actress/Dancer, actor, born 11/25/1913

Noel Hall military person, born 11/25/1913

Robert Dewley prime minister, born 11/25/1913

Joe DiMaggio BASEBALL PLAYER, OUTFIELDER, baseball player, born 11/25/1914

Ronald Hamence Hamence Australian cricketer, cricketer, born 11/25/1915

Augusto Pinochet Chilean General and Politician, president, born 11/25/1915

Oswald A. Powers United States Navy Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 11/25/1915

Augusto Pinochet Ugarte POLITICIAN, DICTATOR, born 11/25/1915

Richardson Of Duntisbourne, Gordon Richardson, Baron Lawyer, banker, office holder, born 11/25/1915

Gus Bivona Musician, musical artist, born 11/25/1915

Henry Caulfield Professor, born 11/25/1915

Jack Chew soccer player, born 11/25/1915

Ann Stanford POET, born 11/25/1916

Antonio Lopez Fajardo Pepsi-Cola y Hit de Venezuela CEO and Chairman, born 11/25/1916

Jack Lowry born 11/25/1916

Rudolf Rettberg military person, born 11/25/1916

John Jones soccer player, born 11/25/1916

Len Perme BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 11/25/1917

Harold Chesnut scientist, born 11/25/1917

Robert H. Maccard United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/25/1918

Doug Turley gridiron football player, born 11/25/1918

Frane Matosic soccer manager, born 11/25/1918

Steve Brodie FILM/TV ACTOR, born 11/25/1919

Norman Tokar actor, born 11/25/1919

Ricardo Montalbán Actor, actor, born 11/25/1920

Patrick Joe Reynolds Irish Fine Gael politician, Cathaoirleach of Seanad Éireann 1983–1987, office holder, born 11/25/1920

Ricardo Montalban FILM/TV/STAGE/COMMERCIAL ACTOR, born 11/25/1920

Bruce Bernard Weatherill POLITICIAN, M.P., TWIN, born 11/25/1920

Bernard Weatherill politician, born 11/25/1920

Noel Neill actor, born 11/25/1920

Bill Pointon soccer player, born 11/25/1920

Stanley Ho Entrepreneur, born 11/25/1921

Janos Pilinszky writer, born 11/25/1921

Ben Wade baseball player, born 11/25/1922

John Wells baseball player, born 11/25/1922

Willis Adcock born 11/25/1922

Shelagh Fraser Actress, actor, born 11/25/1923

Mauno Koivisto president, born 11/25/1923

Art Wall golf player, born 11/25/1923

Archie Wilson baseball player, born 11/25/1923

Jimmy Dunn soccer player, born 11/25/1923

Paul Desmond JAZZ MUSICIAN, ALTO SAXOPHONIST, musical artist, born 11/25/1924

Ante Markovic prime minister, born 11/25/1924

Douglas T. Jacobson United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/25/1925

Nonna Mordyukova Actress, actor, born 11/25/1925

Vilayattasseri Mullambalath Balachandran Indian sports writer, Journalist, journalist, born 11/25/1925

Jeffrey Hunter STAGE/FILM/RADIO/TV ACTOR, born 10/13/1941

Ante Markovic POLITICIAN, P.M. OF YUGOSLAVIA, born 11/25/1925

Ernie Whittle soccer player, born 11/25/1925

Jeffrey Hunter Actor, actor, born 11/25/1926

Poul Anderson AUTHOR, SCIENCE-FICTION WRITER, born 11/25/1926

Poul Anderson Novelist, short story writer, Novelist, short story author, writer, born 11/25/1926

Tanjore Ramachandra Anantharaman Indian metallurgist and materials scientist, born 11/25/1927


Etta Jones Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/25/1928

Ray Narleski baseball player, born 11/25/1928

Donald Stewart Judge, Royal Commissioner, Police Officer, Writer, born 11/25/1928

William Dean cricketer, born 11/25/1928

Ronald Davie PSYCHOLOGIST, SOCIOLOGIST, born 11/25/1929

Surinder Kaur Playback singer, songwriter, singer, musical artist, born 11/25/1929

Peter Pianto born 11/25/1929

Jack Hogan actor, born 11/25/1929

Inger Marie Andersen Actor, drug, born 11/25/1930

Jan P. Syse prime minister, born 11/25/1930

Nat Adderley JAZZ MUSICIAN, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/25/1931

Nat Adderley Cornettist, musical artist, born 11/25/1931

Ella Leffland Novelist, short story writer, born 11/25/1931

Takayo Fischer actor, born 11/25/1932

Kathryn Grant Crosby ACTRESS, BEAUTY QUEEN, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/25/1933

Jim Waugh BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 11/25/1933

Kathryn Crosby actor, born 11/25/1933

Thomas Henry Goode member of parliament, born 11/25/1933

Tunku Abdul Rahman British royalty, born 11/25/1933

Danilo Mainardi Ethologist, scholar and writer, born 11/25/1933

Daniel Leow Le Roux Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1933

Ann Davies Actor, actor, born 11/25/1934

Tomoaki Wakahaguro born 11/25/1934

Roland Wabra German football player, soccer player, born 11/25/1935

Ronald Johnson POET, born 11/25/1935

Leonard Legaspi born 11/25/1935

Matt Clark STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, actor, born 11/25/1936

Michael Wolfgang Laurence Morris POLITICIAN, M.P., born 11/25/1936


Alan Keen member of parliament, born 11/25/1937

Maria Fyfe POLITICIAN, M.P., LABOUR: GLASGOW MARYHILL, member of parliament, born 11/25/1938

Shelagh Delaney English playwright, born 11/25/1939

Aeneas Chigwedere office holder, born 11/25/1939

Angelino Soler Romagura Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/25/1939


Rosanna Schiaffino ACTRESS, born 11/25/1939

Reinhard Alfred Furrer Physicist, Astronaut, Physicist, astronaut, born 11/25/1940

Joe Jackson Gibbs American football coach and NASCAR Championship team owner, born 11/25/1940

Percy Sledge Singer, musical artist, born 11/25/1940

Richard Tillinghast POET, born 11/25/1940

Karl Offmann president, born 11/25/1940

Hans-Georg Moldenhauer German football goalkeeper, soccer player, born 11/25/1941

Jerry Portnoy Singer-songwriter, harmonicist, musical artist, born 11/25/1943

Beverly Washburn actor, born 11/25/1943


Paul Copley Actor, voice-over artist, actor, born 11/25/1944

Nicky Daniel Bacon United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 11/25/1945

George Webster FOOTBALL PLAYER, born 11/25/1945

Nicky Daniel Bacon United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/25/1945

Bobby Knutt actor, born 11/25/1945

Kent Karlsson soccer manager, born 11/25/1945

Ahmad Sa'd born 11/25/1945

Don Leshnock BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 11/25/1946

Slim Borgudd Formula One racer, born 11/25/1946

John L. Sullivan wrestler, born 11/25/1946

Atiku Abubakar office holder, born 11/25/1946

Mike Doyle soccer player, born 11/25/1946

Richard Cottingham born 11/25/1946

Keith Lindsey soccer player, born 11/25/1946

Marc Brown Author and illustrator, writer, born 11/25/1946


John Larroquette FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 11/25/1947

New Zealand COUNTRY, born 11/25/1947

Steve Heighway soccer player, born 11/25/1947

Stephane Courtois scientist, born 11/25/1947

Sean Ardagh politician, born 11/25/1947

Tracey Walter actor, born 11/25/1947

Peter Franchot politician, born 11/25/1947

Saeed Meer tennis player, born 11/25/1947

Gardiner Kane office holder, born 11/25/1947

Marcos Rivas soccer player, born 11/25/1947

Paul Murphy office holder, born 11/25/1948

Antonio Pantojas actor, born 11/25/1948

Jun Ichikawa actor, born 11/25/1948

Jacques P. Dupuis office holder, born 11/25/1948

Dru Hart Playboy Playmate, born 11/25/1948

Joyce Cohen actor, born 11/25/1948

Tony Neary rugby player, born 11/25/1948

Tal Hutchins office holder, born 11/25/1949

Jocelyn Brown Singer, musical artist, born 11/25/1950

Yaakov Edri born 11/25/1950

Tobias Joaquim Dai office holder, born 11/25/1950

Willie Young soccer player, born 11/25/1951

Charlaine Harris writer, born 11/25/1951

Felix Grucci congressman, born 11/25/1951

John Lynch governor, born 11/25/1952

Radmila Hrustanovic mayor, born 11/25/1952

Brian Little Footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 11/25/1953

Monique St. Pierre Playboy Playmate, born 11/25/1953

James Hayden actor, born 11/25/1953

Joseph Ward Footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1954

Lee Menning Actress, actor, born 11/25/1954

Dave Alex Riddett born 11/25/1954

Bruce Hopkins actor, born 11/25/1955

Bruno Tonioli Television personality, choreographer, born 11/25/1955

Valeriu Cosarciuc politician, born 11/25/1955

Cyril Svoboda politician, born 11/25/1956

Giovanna Debono prime minister, born 11/25/1956

Robert Ehrlich governor, born 11/25/1957

Charles Kennedy politician, office holder, born 11/25/1959

Steve Rothery Musician, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/25/1959

Charles Peter Kennedy POLITICIAN, LIBERAL DEMOCRAT M.P., born 11/25/1959

Amy Grant CHRISTIAN ROCK/GOSPEL SINGER, musical artist, born 11/25/1960

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. LAWYER, POLITICAL MAGAZINE PUBLISHER, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/25/1960

Ishola Sarafa Tunji office holder, born 11/25/1960

Furrow, Buford O., Jr. born 11/25/1961

Matthias Freihof actor, born 11/25/1961

Hironobu Sakaguchi game designer, Founder of Mistwalker, born 11/25/1962

Shannon Hope Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 11/25/1962

Xavier Breton politician, born 11/25/1962

Holly Cole Singer, musical artist, born 11/25/1963

Kevin Chamberlin actor, born 11/25/1963

Dale Marshall prime minister, born 11/25/1963

Chip Kelly college coach, born 11/25/1963

Sean Devereux Teacher, Aid Worker, actor, born 11/25/1964

Stacey North soccer player, born 11/25/1964

Michael William Gebhardt OLYMPIC SILVER MEDAL CHAMPION SAILOR, born 11/25/1965

Tim Armstrong Musician, songwriter, producer, director, musical artist, born 11/25/1965

Dougray Scott actor, born 11/25/1965

David Kelly soccer player, born 11/25/1965

William Albert Burke Actor, Film, television actor, actor, born 11/25/1966

Rupa Ganguly actor, born 11/25/1966

Joseph Guerino Tripodi New South Wales politician, Economist and union organiser, office holder, born 11/25/1967

Roeland Wiesnekker Swiss actor (film and theatre), born 11/25/1967

Curtis Baldwin ACTOR, born 11/25/1967

Robb Stauber HOCKEY PLAYER, GUARD, born 11/25/1967

Niurka Marcos Actress, dancer and singer, actor, born 11/25/1967

Anthony Nesty All-American college swimmer, international swimmer, Olympic gold medalist, born 11/25/1967

Kazuya Nakai Seiyū, actor, born 11/25/1967

Gregg Turkington Comedian, musician, artist, and writer, born 11/25/1967

Jill Hennessy actor, born 11/25/1968

Jacqueline Hennessy Actress/journalist, born 11/25/1968

Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Co. CORPORATION, born 11/25/1968

Eric Sermon musical artist, born 11/25/1968

Ken Kadokura born 11/25/1968

Beom-soo Lee born 11/25/1969

Adam Hasner office holder, born 11/25/1969

Jr. Glenn Allen Hegar Texas politician, Farmer, office holder, born 11/25/1970

Christina Applegate American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/25/1971

Dedrick D. Gobert Film actor, actor, born 11/25/1971

Tommy Torres singer-songwriter, music producer, musical artist, born 11/25/1971

Rebekah L. Warren office holder, born 11/25/1971

Christina Applegate ACTRESS, born 11/25/1972

Kenny Hakansson Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/25/1972

Robert Rhodin Film director, actor, born 11/25/1972

Salomao Mazuad Salha soccer player, born 11/25/1972

Steven de Jongh Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/25/1973

Eddie Steeples actor, producer, writer, director, actor, born 11/25/1973

Octavio Dotel baseball player, born 11/25/1973

Cynthia Gwyn Brown Playboy Playmate, born 11/25/1974

Pavel Ruminov film director, screenwriter, editor and composer, actor, born 11/25/1974

Clint Mathis Professional soccer player, soccer player, born 11/25/1976

Paul Brooker Footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1976

Guillermo Cañas tennis player, born 11/25/1977

Wayne Michael Hill Andrews Footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1977

Memet Ali Alabora Actor, actor, born 11/25/1977

Ringo Shiina Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Musician, musical artist, born 11/25/1978

Rakhi Sawant Actress, actor, born 11/25/1978

Kengo Mashimo wrestler, born 11/25/1978

Koel Purie Actress, actor, born 11/25/1978

Nikhil Dwivedi Actor, actor, born 11/25/1978

Thea Gilmore Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/25/1979

David Segal office holder, born 11/25/1979

Jerry Ferrara Actor, actor, born 11/25/1979

Victoria Stadnik born 11/25/1979

Cameron Delaney Australian swimmer, born 11/25/1980

Steffen Thier rugby player, born 11/25/1980

Xabier Alonso Olano footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1981

K.T. Gray Voice Actor / Musician, actor, born 11/25/1981

Wael Zenga soccer player, born 11/25/1981

Maximilian Nicu soccer player, born 11/25/1982

Jhulan Goswami Cricketer, cricketer, born 11/25/1983

Simone Dallamano Italian footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1983

Joey Chestnut Professional Competitive Eater with Major League Eating/ Construction Engineer, born 11/25/1983

Cassio Vargas Barbosa soccer player, born 11/25/1983

Kevyn Ista Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/25/1984

Leanne Li Actress, TV host, actor, born 11/25/1984

Rory May soccer player, born 11/25/1984

Carlo Westphal Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/25/1985

Faye Smythe Actress, actor, born 11/25/1985

Quentin Chaney national collegiate athletic association athlete, born 11/25/1985

Marit Malm Frafjord born 11/25/1985

Haley Webb Actress, actor, born 11/25/1985

Katie Cassidy American actress, singer, Actress/singer, actor, born 11/25/1986

Craig Gardner Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1986

Jason Rae Democratic National Committee member from the state of Wisconsin, born 11/25/1986

Amber Hagerman born 11/25/1986

Tihomir Trifonov soccer player, born 11/25/1986

James Walker footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1987

Robbie Threlfall English footballer, soccer player, born 11/25/1988

Harry Worley Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 11/25/1988

Nodar Kumaritashvili Georgian luger, born 11/25/1988

Natasha Musician, model, musical artist, born 11/25/1988

Victoria Hart Singer, musical artist, born 11/25/1988

Jay Spearing soccer player, born 11/25/1988

Chantel Kohl musical artist, born 11/25/1989

Tom Dice Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/25/1989

Anouchka Delon NOTED FAMILY, born 11/25/1990

Zack Shada born 11/25/1992

Martin Del Rosario actor, born 11/25/1992