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Somerset, Henry Beaufort, 2nd Earl of British royalty, born 11/26/1401

Guido Ascanio Sforza Di Santa Fiora born 11/26/1518

Johann(es) Bach German composer and musician, born 11/26/1604

John Harvard pastor, born 11/26/1607

Empress Xiaocheng British royalty, born 11/26/1653

William Pitt, the Elder, 1st Earl of Chatham POLITICIAN, P.M., born 11/26/1708

Artemas Ward Continental Army general, Soldier, politician, congressman, born 11/26/1727

William Cowper English poet and hymnodist, Poet, born 11/26/1731

John Phillips office holder, born 11/26/1770

William Hunter senator, born 11/26/1774

Christopher Hansteen scientist, born 11/26/1784

Michal Kulesza artist, born 11/26/1799

William George Armstrong inventor, scientist, engineer, industrialist, born 11/26/1810

Andrew Faulk governor, born 11/26/1814

William H. T. Walker United States Army officer, military person, born 11/26/1816

Charles Adolphe Wurtz CHEMIST, AUTHOR, born 11/26/1817

Luther Judson Glenn Confederate Army officer, born 11/26/1818

Louis Lacombe MUSICIAN, PIANIST, COMPOSER, AUTHOR, born 11/26/1818

Lilly Martin Spencer painter., born 11/26/1822

Juan Pablo Rojas Paul president, born 11/26/1826

Ellen Gould White Author and co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Author and Co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, born 11/26/1827

Alfred Moore Scales Confederate Army general, governor, born 11/26/1827

Rene Goblet prime minister, born 11/26/1828

Horace A. W. Tabor senator, born 11/26/1830

Roswell Gilbert Horr congressman, born 11/26/1830

Mary Edwards Walker United States Army surgeon and Medal of Honor recipient, Surgeon, born 11/26/1832

Joseph Brunet businessman, member of parliament, born 11/26/1834

Gustave Hippolyte Worms STAGE ACTOR, ACTING TEACHER, born 11/26/1836

Thomas Playford Australian politician and Premier of South Australia, president, born 11/26/1837

John Alexander Reina Newlands scientist, born 11/26/1837

Gardner, John Lowell, Ii Merchant, Shipowner, Art collector, born 11/26/1837

Cyril VIII Geha Patriarch of Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Christian Bishop, born 11/26/1840

Myron H. Maccord office holder, born 11/26/1840

Carl Friedrich Benz ENGINEER, INVENTOR, AUTOMOTIVE PIONEER, born 11/26/1844

Thomas G. Jones governor, born 11/26/1844

Facundo Machain president, born 11/26/1845

Maria Feodorovna British royalty, born 11/26/1847

Henricus Van De Wetering Christian Bishop, born 11/26/1850

John Forrester Andrew congressman, born 11/26/1850

Arthur Champion Groom Australian politician, Stock agent, member of parliament, born 11/26/1852

Gonnohyoe Yamamoto office holder, born 11/26/1852

Bat Masterson Gambler, born 11/26/1853

Franz Anton Itrich United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/26/1853

Filippo Turati Italian sociologist, poet and Socialist politician., Poet, journalist, politician, writer, born 11/26/1857

Ferdinand Mongin de Saussure LINGUIST, UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR, born 11/26/1857

Georgi Plekhanov born 11/26/1857

Nikolaus Szecsen Von Temerin ambassador, born 11/26/1857

Katharine Drexel saint, born 11/26/1858

Joseph Wilson Merchant, office holder, born 11/26/1859

George Donworth United States federal judge, born 11/26/1861

Albert Bacon Fall LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S.SENATOR (DEM NM), office holder, born 11/26/1861

Edmund Wyly Grier artist, born 11/26/1862

Auguste Charlois French astronomer, born 11/26/1864

Sir Ralph Spencer Paget Leading British Diplomat in the Edwardian Era, ambassador, born 11/26/1864


Edward E. Cushman United States federal judge, born 11/26/1865

Hugh Duffy Major League Baseball player, manager, baseball player, born 11/26/1866

Austin Joseph Durney United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/26/1867

Charles Albert Boynton United States federal judge, born 11/26/1867

William Pattison Telford member of parliament, born 11/26/1867

Queen Maud of Norway ROYALTY, born 11/26/1869

Pat Morris Neff governor, born 11/26/1871

Fred Tenney baseball player, born 11/26/1871

Hugh Cummings Mackillop member of parliament, born 11/26/1872

Vesta Victoria born 11/26/1873

Karel Zaalberg writer, born 11/26/1873

Isadore Bernstein Screenwriter, drug, born 11/26/1876

Willis Carrier Engineer and inventor, born 11/26/1876

Tom Smith soccer player, born 11/26/1876


Marshall Taylor cyclist, born 11/26/1878

Denis Lutge Australian rugby union player, Australian rugby league player, stevedore, rugby player, born 11/26/1879

Gaetano Cicognani ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, born 11/26/1881

Bascom Sine Deaver United States federal judge, born 11/26/1882

Antoni Virgili politician, born 11/26/1882

Lou Tellegen Silent film and stage actor, director, screenwriter, Actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 11/26/1883

Arthur Thalasso Actor, actor, born 11/26/1883

Frank Hughes office holder, born 11/26/1883

Hughie Mack Actor, drug, born 11/26/1884

Heinrich Brüning German politician; Chancellor of Germany from 1930 to 1932; Academic (Economist); Activist, Academic ; Activist, chancellor, born 11/26/1885


Bodo Zimmermann military person, born 11/26/1886

Viola Compton Film actor, born 11/26/1886

Ford Beebe Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 11/26/1888

Walter von Boltenstern German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/26/1889

Anna Nichols Playwright, born 11/26/1891

Scott Bradley Composer, Arranger, musical artist, born 11/26/1891

Charles Brackett Writer, Screenwriter, Writer, screenwriter, actor, born 11/26/1892

Pierre Jean de Ronarch MILITARY, ADMIRAL, born 11/26/1892

Jacky Carr soccer manager, born 11/26/1892

Rosina Galli DANCER, BALLET MISTRESS, born 11/26/1893

Norbert Wiener American mathematician, scientist, born 11/26/1894

Bill Wilson Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, born 11/26/1895

Bertil Lindblad scientist, born 11/26/1895

Oliver Stewart military person, born 11/26/1896

Robert Accard SOCCER PLAYER, born 11/26/1897

Manuel A. Odria office holder, born 11/26/1897

Theodore Lukits artist, born 11/26/1897

Karl Waldemar Ziegler German chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963, scientist, born 11/26/1898

Hector Scarone soccer manager, born 11/26/1898

Bruno Hauptmann Carpenter, convicted murderer, Carpenter, criminal, born 11/26/1899

Maurice Rose United States Army general, military person, born 11/26/1899

Eric Mackay member of parliament, born 11/26/1899

Battista Serioli military person, born 11/26/1900

Edgar Kail soccer player, born 11/26/1900

Sergei Zakharov artist, born 11/26/1900

William Parsons military person, born 11/26/1901

Wilf Kirkham soccer player, born 11/26/1901

Theodor Kretschmer German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 11/26/1901

Woon-gyu Na Actor, screenwriter, director, born 11/26/1902

William Kanerva soccer player, born 11/26/1902

Ugo Magnetto soccer player, born 11/26/1902

Alessandro Schienoni soccer manager, born 11/26/1902

Daniel J. Flood congressman, born 11/26/1903

K. D. Sethna Poet, scholar, writer, philosopher, and cultural critic, writer, born 11/26/1904

Wilfrid George Kalaugher New Zealand athlete and scholar, born 11/26/1904

Robert P. Alexander born 11/26/1904

Norah Baring English actress, Actress, drug, born 11/26/1905

Albert Bloxham Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/26/1905

Emlyn Williams STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, PLAYWRIGHT, STAGE DIRECTOR, Actor/Dramatist, actor, born 11/26/1905

Bob Johnson baseball player, born 11/26/1905

Richard Thomas Dyke Acland born 11/26/1906

T.N. Srikanthaiah Poet, Writer, Professor, writer, born 11/26/1906

Krystyna Dabrowska artist, born 11/26/1906

Ruth Patrick American botanist and limnologist, scientist, born 11/26/1907

Frances Dee FILM ACTRESS, born 11/26/1907

Sir Charles Forte ENTREPRENEUR, HOTELIER, CATERER, born 11/26/1908

Lefty Gomez BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, baseball player, born 11/26/1908

Charles Forte Caterer and Hotelier, born 11/26/1908

Ogden Phipps Financier, born 11/26/1908

Gerhard Bigalk German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 11/26/1908

Frances Dee American actress, actor, born 11/26/1909

Randolph Henry Weber United States federal judge, born 11/26/1909

Eugene Ionesco PLAYWRIGHT, Playwright, dramatist, writer, born 11/26/1909

Ernie Smith american football player, born 11/26/1909

Cyril Cusack Actor, actor, born 11/26/1910

Teodoro Moscoso ambassador, born 11/26/1910

Milton Brink ice hockey player, born 11/26/1910

James Francis Cope Australian politician, Glassworker, member of parliament, born 11/26/1911

Jimmy Argue Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/26/1911

Albert Coppe POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 11/26/1911

Savino Guglielmetti GYMNAST, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 11/26/1911

Samuel Reshevsky born 11/26/1911

Savino Guglielmetti born 11/26/1911

Raymond Scheyven politician, born 11/26/1911

Sooranad Kunjan Pillai born 11/26/1911

Winifred Collins military person, born 11/26/1911

Arnold Eric Sevareid American journalist, born 11/26/1912

Eugen York Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/26/1912


Billy Bryant soccer player, born 11/26/1913

Garton Delsavio baseball player, born 11/26/1913

Miguel Angel Panto soccer player, born 11/26/1913


Lou Fine comics creator, born 11/26/1914

Severin Louis Rombach military person, born 11/26/1914

Birgit Ridderstedt Folk singer, musical artist, born 11/26/1914

Ed Weiland baseball player, born 11/26/1914


Davidson, Phillip B., Jr. military person, born 11/26/1915

Gerhard Unger German opera singer, born 11/26/1916

Reynold Higgins English archaeologist, born 11/26/1916

Bob Elliott baseball player, born 11/26/1916

Eddie Miller baseball player, born 11/26/1916

Michael Pearse Lacey born 11/26/1916

Jorge Alcalde soccer player, born 11/26/1916

Adele Jergens actor, born 11/26/1917

Donald Medford TV Director, born 11/26/1917

Mike Kosman baseball player, born 11/26/1917

Nesuhi Ertegun Record producer, label executive, musical artist, born 11/26/1917

Friedrich Rupp German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/26/1917

Pat Cooper baseball player, born 11/26/1917

Patricio Aylwin office holder, born 11/26/1918

Huber Matos Political Leader, writer, born 11/26/1918

Bill DeCorrevont American football player, american football player, born 11/26/1918

Inge King artist, born 11/26/1918

Slobodan Obradov hematologist, professor at the university, office holder, born 11/26/1918

Clarence Max Fowler scientist, born 11/26/1918

Frederik Pohl American novelist, short story author, essayist, publisher, editor, and literary agent, Novelist, short story author, essayist, publisher, editor, literary agent, writer, born 11/26/1919

Reginald Robert Myers United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/26/1919

Henri Vidal Actor, drug, born 11/26/1919

Karl Heinz Ertel NAZI MILITARY, WAFFEN SS, born 11/26/1919

Harry Catterick soccer manager, born 11/26/1919

Ryszard Kaczorowski office holder, born 11/26/1919

Wally Fielding soccer player, born 11/26/1919

Noel Coleman Actor, actor, born 11/26/1919

Arthur Edward Martin Maloney member of parliament, born 11/26/1919

Karl-Heinz Ertel German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/26/1919

Bonnedienne Abderrhamane SOCCER PLAYER, born 11/26/1920

Ermanno Gorrieri POLITICIAN, ECONOMIST, born 11/26/1920

Daniel Petrie Director, actor, born 11/26/1920

Varian, Bertram S., Jr. United States Navy officer, military person, born 11/26/1920

Dick Turpin boxer, born 11/26/1920

Elwood Babbitt MEDIUM, born 11/26/1921

Francoise Gilot ARTIST, PAINTER, AUTHOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/26/1921

Michel Habib-Deloncle LAWYER, JOURNALIST, POLITICIAN, born 11/26/1921

Françoise Gilot Artist, born 11/26/1921

Jodi Beeler baseball player, born 11/26/1921

Charles Monroe Schulz American cartoonist, creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip, comics creator, born 11/26/1922

Gino Gardassanich soccer player, born 11/26/1922

Joe Muir baseball player, born 11/26/1922

Patricia Phoenix ACTRESS, born 11/26/1923

Pat Phoenix Actress, actor, born 11/26/1923

Michael Healy scientist, born 11/26/1923

James Barraclough rugby player, born 11/26/1923

Mario Monicelli FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 11/26/1924

George Segal POP ARTIST, SCULPTOR, artist, born 11/26/1924

Edward T. Breathitt office holder, born 11/26/1924

Michael Holliday Singer, musical artist, born 11/26/1924


Ray Bernabei soccer manager, born 11/26/1925

Phil Maccall Stage, film and TV actor, actor, born 11/26/1925

Thomas Eyre Forrest Hughes Australian politician and lawyer, Lawyer, member of parliament, born 11/26/1926

Valere Benedetto BOXER, born 11/26/1926


Albert Maysles DOCUMENTARY FILM DIRECTOR, born 11/26/1926

Armand Penverne SOCCER PLAYER, soccer manager, born 11/26/1926

Gregorio Conrado Alvarez office holder, born 11/26/1926

Yash Pal scientist, born 11/26/1926

Karl Mullen Gynaecologist, rugby player, born 11/26/1926

Rabi Ray office holder, born 11/26/1926

Roy Chisholm scientist, born 11/26/1926

Ernie Coombs born 11/26/1927

Jane Wenham actor, born 11/26/1927

David Garner scientist, born 11/26/1928

Michael Hawkins Actor, actor, born 11/26/1928

Karoly Sandor soccer player, born 11/26/1928

Matthew Leonard United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/26/1929

Slavko Avsenik retired Singer-songwriter, band leader, album producer, musical artist, born 11/26/1929

Leslie Dan born 11/26/1929

William Dysart actor, born 11/26/1929

Veronica Dicarlo Wicker United States federal judge, born 11/26/1930

Jacques Foix SOCCER PLAYER, born 11/26/1930

Ronnie Dell Singer, songwriter, guitarist, musical artist, born 11/26/1930

Giuliana Minuzzo Italian skier, Olympic bronze 1952 & 1960, born 11/26/1931

Adrianus Johannes Simonis THEOLOGIAN, BISHOP OF ROTTERDAM, born 11/26/1931

Adrianus Simonis cardinal, born 11/26/1931

John Wayne Glover Serial killer, born 11/26/1932

Robert Gerard Goulet American entertainer, singer, Singer, actor, television actor, actor, born 11/26/1933

Jasrai Puntsagiin Former prime minister of Mongolia, prime minister, born 11/26/1933

Harvey Gardner ACTOR, born 11/26/1933

Louis Turenne actor, born 11/26/1933

Henry Joy congressman, born 11/26/1933

Koji Kakizawa politician, born 11/26/1933

Eric Sackmann Experimental Biophysicist, born 11/26/1934

Charles E. Richardson Newspaper publisher, born 11/26/1934

Marian Mercer STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, SINGER, actor, born 11/26/1935

Georges Sarre POLITICIAN, born 11/26/1935

Yitzhak Yithaky born 11/26/1936

Lalith Athulathmudali Politician, member of parliament, born 11/26/1936

Evita Munoz Chachita Actress, actor, born 11/26/1936

Herbert J. Hutton United States federal judge, born 11/26/1937

Boris Yegorov Doctor, astronaut, born 11/26/1937

John Moore office holder, born 11/26/1937

Porter Johnston Goss American politician and first Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA Officer, olympics, born 11/26/1938

Rich Little IMPRESSIONIST, born 11/26/1938

Vladimir Yegorov military person, born 11/26/1938

Tina Turner Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actress, Singer, songwriter, dancer, author, actor, musical artist, born 11/26/1939

Abdullah Badawi prime minister, born 11/26/1939

John Gummer office holder, born 11/26/1939

Wayland Flowers Actor, Comedian, Puppeteer and Ventriloquist, actor, born 11/26/1939

Mark Margolis Film, television actor, actor, born 11/26/1939

Shettima Mustapha office holder, born 11/26/1939

David Michael Gordon Graham Fingerstyle guitarist, Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 11/26/1940

Haruko Yoshikawa politician, born 11/26/1940

Republic of Lebanon REPUBLIC, born 11/26/1941

George Savage office holder, born 11/26/1941

Amos Garrett Musician, accompanist, session musician, bandleader, author, musical artist, born 11/26/1941

Frood Fouladvand Advocate; Human rights in Iran, born 11/26/1942

Olivia Cole FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, actor, born 11/26/1942

Leona Detiege POLITICIAN, born 11/26/1942

Rana Waitai member of parliament, born 11/26/1942

Blackjack Mulligan wrestler, born 11/26/1942

Gerald D. Kleczka ACCOUNTANT, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (DEM WI), born 11/26/1943

Bruce Paltrow Director, actor, born 11/26/1943

Gerald Kleczka Accountant, congressman, born 11/26/1943

Marilynne Robinson Novelist, essayist, writer, born 11/26/1943

Nawaf Massalha born 11/26/1943

Karin Schubert actress, adult actor, born 11/26/1944

Tony Ford Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 11/26/1944

Geoff Anderson Professional footballer, Supreme Court of the United States case, born 11/26/1944

Skip Scarborough Songwriter, arranger, and record producer, Songwriter, arranger, record producer, musical artist, born 11/26/1944

Joyce Gwendolen Quin POLITICIAN, M.P., FRENCH TEACHER, born 11/26/1944

Joyce Quin Politician, politician, born 11/26/1944

Jean Terrell Singer, musical artist, born 11/26/1944

Roberto Fontanarrosa Cartoonist and writer, born 11/26/1944

Michael Gregory actor, born 11/26/1944

V K Duggal politician, born 11/26/1944

Steve Hilgenberg office holder, born 11/26/1944

Geoff Anderson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/26/1944

Roger Price Australian politician, Account manager, member of parliament, born 11/26/1945

Björn von Sydow Politician, politician, born 11/26/1945

Daniel Davis ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 11/26/1945


Michael Omartian Composer, musician, record producer, musical artist, born 11/26/1945

Christine Jennings President/Founder/CEO, Sarasota Bank, office holder, born 11/26/1945

Jim Mullen Musician, musical artist, born 11/26/1945

Diane Pietro Witt NOTED DAUGHTER, born 11/26/1946

Art Shell american football player, born 11/26/1946

Baker, Wheeler, R. office holder, born 11/26/1946

Carl Christopher Epting Eighth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa., born 11/26/1946

Larry Gura baseball player, born 11/26/1947

Richie Hebner baseball player, born 11/26/1947

Roger Wehrli american football player, born 11/26/1947

Ian Ross soccer manager, born 11/26/1947

Valeri Ovchinnikov soccer manager, born 11/26/1947

Elizabeth Blackburn American Biologist, scientist, born 11/26/1948

Claes Elfsberg Swedish television journalist, born 11/26/1948

Mark L. Lester FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, born 11/26/1948

Portland Mason ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, DAU OF JAMES & PAMELA MASON, born 11/26/1948

Ann Lloyd Keen member of parliament, born 11/26/1948

Robert Hubner born 11/26/1948

Marianne Muellerleile actor, born 11/26/1948

Julie Macgregor Television actor, actor, born 11/26/1948

John Mackager Stipanovich born 11/26/1948

Alvaro Perez Morales office holder, born 11/26/1948

Turiya Hanover British royalty, born 11/26/1948

Mari Alkatiri prime minister, born 11/26/1949

Shlomo Artzi musical artist, born 11/26/1949

Juanin Clay Film, television actress, actor, born 11/26/1949

Kevin Mannix Business Attorney, office holder, born 11/26/1949

Roni Milo born 11/26/1949

Mick Murray office holder, born 11/26/1949

Ted Winter farmer, insurance agent, legislator, office holder, born 11/26/1949

Rajen Gohain office holder, born 11/26/1950

Bengt Magnusson journalist, born 11/26/1950

Bruno K. Oijer Poet, writer, born 11/26/1951

Sulejman Tihic president, born 11/26/1951

Ian Robertson Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 11/26/1951

Countess of Hochberg Marie Countess of Hochberg, Princess of Great Britain and Ireland, Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg, British royalty, born 11/26/1952

Philip Robert Cousineau WRITER, FILM MAKER, LECTURER ON JUNGIAN THEMES, born 11/26/1952

Mark Dresser Double bassist, Composer, musical artist, born 11/26/1952

Carl Potts comics creator, born 11/26/1952

Bikram Keshari Deo office holder, born 11/26/1952

Hilary James Wedgwood Benn British politician and Cabinet minister, office holder, born 11/26/1953

Shelley Moore Capito Career counselor, congressman, born 11/26/1953

Marian Harkin office holder, born 11/26/1953

Pat Broderick comics creator, born 11/26/1953

Bharatsinh mad Solanki office holder, born 11/26/1953

Roz Chast Cartoonist, comics creator, born 11/26/1954

Marta Andreasen member of parliament, born 11/26/1954

Yvonne Hudson actor, born 11/26/1954

Gisela Stuart member of parliament, born 11/26/1955

Don Lake Writer, Actor, Director, Writer, actor, born 11/26/1956

Alessandro Momo ACTOR, born 11/26/1956

Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz POLITICIAN, M.P., born 11/26/1956

Keith Vaz Member of Parliament, member of parliament, born 11/26/1956

Scott Jacoby actor, born 11/26/1956

Zoran Bojovic soccer player, born 11/26/1956

Trevor Keith Charles Aylott Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/26/1957

Phillip Brutus attorney, office holder, born 11/26/1957

Pamela Prati BALLET DANCER, born 11/26/1958

Steve Buyer attorney, congressman, born 11/26/1958

James Warring born 11/26/1958

Carol Hughes member of parliament, born 11/26/1958

Jamie Rose Actress, actor, born 11/26/1959

Dai Davies member of parliament, born 11/26/1959

Pat Lamarche Teacher, Activist, TV and radio personality, politician, born 11/26/1960

Todd Spitzer born 11/26/1960

Jack A. Markell corporate executive, office holder, born 11/26/1960

Dan Gelber office holder, born 11/26/1960

Greg Wiltjer Canadian basketball player, born 11/26/1960

Lewis, Lynwood W., Jr. Virginia Politician, office holder, born 11/26/1961

Xiao-Gang Wen condensed matter physicist, scientist, born 11/26/1961

Marcy Walker Actress, actor, born 11/26/1961

Lord Nicholas Hervey born 11/26/1961

Ian Bryson Scottish footballer, soccer player, born 11/26/1962

Matt Frei Journalist, Newsreader, News Anchor, Author, journalist, born 11/26/1963

Katharina Schubert actor, born 11/26/1963

Vreni Schneider ski racer from Switzerland, born 11/26/1964

Karen Westwood ACTRESS, born 11/26/1964

Tom Cable born 11/26/1964

Lia Williams Actor, director, actor, born 11/26/1964

Bernard Allison Guitarist, singer, musical artist, born 11/26/1965

Scott Adsit Actor, comedian, writer, actor, born 11/26/1965

Jerry Jr. Calliste Executive Producer, Songwriter, Music Publisher, Entrepreneur, Vice President, President, CEO, musical artist, born 11/26/1965

Jessica Farrar office holder, born 11/26/1966

Senay Gurler Actress, actor, born 11/26/1966

Will Jimeno born 11/26/1967

Shawn Kemp BASKETBALL PLAYER, POWER FORWARD, born 11/26/1969

Bob Wiltfong actor, born 11/26/1969

John Amaechi basketball player, born 11/26/1970

Delilah Cotto Film actress, dancer, model, actor, born 11/26/1970

Ngoc Son musical artist, born 11/26/1970

Winky Wright boxer, born 11/26/1971

Ninibeth Leal born 11/26/1971

Ron Huberman office holder, born 11/26/1971

Liliana Palihovici politician, born 11/26/1971

Chris Osgood ice hockey player, born 11/26/1972

Arjun Rampal Model, Actor, Producer, actor, born 11/26/1972

Christopher Fitzgerald actor, born 11/26/1972

Emmanuel Saez born 11/26/1972

Peter Facinelli Actor, actor, born 11/26/1973

John Zimmerman figure skater, born 11/26/1973

Dan Ladouceur Lacrosse player, born 11/26/1973

Patrick Voller Secretary General SME UNION, office holder, born 11/26/1973

Stefano Lentini composer, singer-songwriter, Composer, Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/26/1974

Omar Chaparro actor, born 11/26/1974

Paula Vazquez Picallo Television presenter, model, actress, actor, born 11/26/1974

Ashok Kumar Rawat office holder, born 11/26/1975

Sara Shamma artist, born 11/26/1975

Maia Campbell Actress, actor, born 11/26/1976

Fergal Harkin soccer player, born 11/26/1976

Wynne Arboleda born 11/26/1976

Jun Zhang badminton player, born 11/26/1977

Jun Fukurmama Seiyū, actor, born 11/26/1978

Michael Macintyre comedian, born 11/26/1979

Albert Montañés Tennis player, tennis player, born 11/26/1980

Sheryn Regis Actress, Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 11/26/1980

Jason Anthony Griffith Actor/Voice actor, actor, born 11/26/1980

Jessica Bowman Actress, actor, born 11/26/1980

Natasha Bedingfield English singer and songwriter, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/26/1981

Ajebitimi Gideon Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/26/1981

Jamie Fiske LIVER TRANSPLANT AS AN INFANT, 11-05-1982, born 11/26/1981

Zola Matumona soccer player, born 11/26/1981

Karl Levi D. Henry Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/26/1982

Milton Guerra soccer player, born 11/26/1982

Said Daftari soccer player, born 11/26/1982

Ryuhei Maruyama Singer, actor, musical artist, born 11/26/1983

Zoltan Takacs soccer player, born 11/26/1983

Shannon Rempel Canadian speed skater from Winnipeg, Manitoba; participated in the 2006 Olympic Games and was the Female World Junior Speed Skating Champion in 2003., born 11/26/1984

Jermaine Gonzales Jamaican sprint athlete, born 11/26/1984

Vincent Jérôme Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/26/1984

Ben Wysocki Musician, musical artist, born 11/26/1984

Serhiy Pylypchuk soccer player, born 11/26/1984

Diego Yesso soccer player, born 11/26/1984

Katie Hennan American gymnast, born 11/26/1985

Baba Saad Rapper, musical artist, born 11/26/1985

Brandon Buddy Actor, actor, born 11/26/1985

Bauke Mollema Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/26/1986

Aneta Langerova Singer, musical artist, born 11/26/1986

Borislav Stoychev soccer player, born 11/26/1986

Lauren Nelson News Anchor, born 11/26/1986

Sareena Thakur model, actress, ambassador, beauty queen, actor, born 11/26/1986

Kyel Romaine Reid soccer player, born 11/26/1987

Riccardo Maniero Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 11/26/1987

Deandre Macdaniel born 11/26/1987

Zhuoyan He Actress, actor, born 11/26/1988


Daniel Welbeck Footballer, soccer player, born 11/26/1990

Prince Louis of Monaco ROYALTY, NOTED FAMILY, born 11/26/1992

Fretzie Bercede Actress, born 11/26/1993