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Queen Isabel de Valois ROYALTY, 2ND QUEEN OF KING RICHARD II, British royalty, born 11/09/1389

Claudio Casciolini Italian composer, born 11/09/1697

Aleksander August Czartoryski born 11/09/1697

Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia British royalty, born 11/09/1723


Joseph Christopher Yates governor, born 11/09/1768

John W. Green judge, born 11/09/1781

Convers Francis writer, born 11/09/1795

Crown Prince Gustav Of Sweden British royalty, born 11/09/1799

Gail Borden born 11/09/1801

Henry Farnam civil engineer, railroad president, born 11/09/1803

Thomas Bragg office holder, born 11/09/1810

Charles Duclerc prime minister, born 11/09/1812

Marcus Lawrence Ward politician, born 11/09/1812


Edward Canby Union Army General, military person, born 11/09/1817

David Campbell Humphreys United States federal judge, born 11/09/1817

Ivan Turgenev AUTHOR, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, POET, born 11/09/1818

Jean Baptiste Weckerlin MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, WRITER, EDITOR, TEACHER, born 11/09/1821

William Henry Forney Confederate Army general and politician, born 11/09/1823

A.P. Hill Confederate Army general, military person, born 11/09/1825

Joseph Shehyn office holder, born 11/09/1829

Algernon S. Paddock politician, born 11/09/1830

Prince Ernst Leopold Of Leiningen British royalty, born 11/09/1830

Emile Gaboriau AUTHOR, NOVELIST, FOUNDER OF "ROMAN POLICIER", born 11/09/1832

Sally Louisa Tompkins Confederate Army officer, born 11/09/1833

Riascos Garcia Soldier , politician, president, born 11/09/1833

Isami Kondo office holder, born 11/09/1834

Jean Théodore Radoux Belgian composer and bassoonist, born 11/09/1835

Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau president, born 11/09/1840

Robert Philippe Louis Eugène Ferdinand of Orléans Duke of Chartres Union Army soldier, military person, born 11/09/1840

Edward VII of the United Kingdom European royalty, British royalty, born 11/09/1841

King Edward VII of England ROYALTY, REIGNED 1901-1910, PLAYBOY, born 11/09/1841

Mary Hallock Foote Novelist, short story writer, illustrator, born 11/09/1847

Benjamin P. Cornelius politician, born 11/09/1850

Stanford White ARCHITECT, MURDER VICTIM, architect, born 11/09/1853

Alexandros Zaimis politician, born 11/09/1855

Fort Tejon Earthquake EARTHQUAKE OF MAGNITUDE 8.3, born 11/09/1857

George Wood Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 11/09/1858

James Rennell Rodd politician, born 11/09/1858

Edgar R. Champlin office holder, born 11/09/1858

Ord, Edward Otho Cresap, II Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War, military person, born 11/09/1858

Victor Marc Charbonnet POLITICIAN, born 11/09/1861

Philip Lehman Investment banker, born 11/09/1861

Minnie Marx Manager, born 11/09/1864

Jack Crooks Major League Baseball player, Manager, baseball player, born 11/09/1865

George Barbier FILM/STAGE ACTOR, born 11/09/1865

Joseph Armstrong office holder, born 11/09/1866

Thomas J. De La Hunt Writer, Historian, writer, born 11/09/1866

Marie Dressler Actress, actor, born 11/09/1868

Bill Phillips baseball player, born 11/09/1868

Edward Gleason American sport shooter, born 11/09/1869

Marie Dressler ACTRESS, LESBIAN, born 04/23/1956

Fulgencio R. Moreno artist, born 11/09/1872

Fritz Thyssen INDUSTRIALIST, born 11/09/1873

John Harold member of parliament, born 11/09/1873

Caroline van Dommelen Actor, drug, born 11/09/1874

Matthew M. Neely senator, born 11/09/1874

Rudolf von Sebottendorff German Freemason and founder of the Thule Society, born 11/09/1875

Albert Hazan Blanding United States Army general, born 11/09/1876

Iqbal, Muhammad, Sir Indian writer and politician, comics creator, born 11/09/1877

Forrest Halsey Screenwriter, actor, born 11/09/1877

Enrico De Nicola LAWYER, POLITICIAN, 1ST PRESIDENT OF ITAL.REPUBLIC, president, born 11/09/1877

Adolf Dietrich artist, born 11/09/1877

Dosan Chang-ho Ahn Korean independence activist and writer., born 11/09/1878

Duncan Leith CLERGYMAN, CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY, born 11/09/1878

Alvaro Castro Lawyer and, office holder, born 11/09/1878

Telesphore Simard mayor, born 11/09/1878

Albert Edward Howarth Blakey Australian politician, Clerk, member of parliament, born 11/09/1879

Giles Gilbert Scott architect, born 11/09/1880

Herbert Thomas Kalmus METALLURGIST, PHYSICIST, INVENTOR OF TECHNICOLOR, Scientist, born 11/09/1881

Bach ACTOR, born 11/09/1882

Roy E. Ayers congressman, born 11/09/1882

Arthur F Waye physician, politician, born 11/09/1882

Edna May Oliver Actor, Actress, actor, born 11/09/1883

Jozsef Haubrich office holder, born 11/09/1883

Noel Godfrey Chavasse British VC and bar recipient, Olympic athlete, military person, born 11/09/1884

Christopher Maude Chavasse Anglican bishop; OBE and MC; Olympic athlete, born 11/09/1884

Father of Unusual Children FATHER OF 2-HEADED BABY & QUADRUPLETS, born 11/09/1884

Hermann Klaus Hugo Weyl German mathematician, scientist, born 11/09/1885

Charles Griffith Ross office holder, born 11/09/1885

Roger Gordon McDowall COLONIAL ADMINISTRATOR, born 11/09/1886


Gertrude Astor ACTRESS, born 05/04/1961


Snub Pollard Actor, actor, born 11/09/1889

Gertrude Astor Actress, actor, born 11/09/1889

Ragnar Skancke politician, born 11/09/1890

Grigory Kulik military person, born 11/09/1890

C.W. Thompson Farmer; Businessman, office holder, born 11/09/1890

Elizabeth Hadley Richardson American woman, wife to Ernest Hemingway, born 11/09/1891

John Miljan Actor, actor, born 11/09/1892

Erich Auerbach Literary critic, Philologist, writer, born 11/09/1892

Mabel Normand Silent film actress, Actress/Comedienne, actor, born 11/09/1893

Geoffrey Pyke English inventor & spy, Journalist, educationalist and inventor, born 11/09/1893

Liam Lynch military person, born 11/09/1893

Mae Marsh American actress, Actress, actor, born 11/09/1894

Antonio Riquelme Actor, actor, born 11/09/1894

Dietrich von Choltitz MILITARY, GENERAL, AUTHOR, born 11/09/1894

Dietrich von Choltitz military person, born 11/09/1894

William G. Bonelli American politician, Politician, born 11/09/1895

John Albert Beasley Australian politician, Unionist, member of parliament, born 11/09/1895

Tivadar Uray Actor, drug, born 11/09/1895

Hellmut von der Chevallerie German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 11/09/1896

Ronald George Wreyford Norrish scientist, born 11/09/1897

Leonard Carmichael scientist, born 11/09/1898

Cesare Merzagora president, born 11/09/1898

Mezz Mezzrow musical artist, born 11/09/1899

Gloria Hope Actress, actor, born 11/09/1901

Marvel Rea Actress, actor, born 11/09/1901

Anthony Asquith Film director, drug, born 11/09/1902

Bernd Eistert scientist, born 11/09/1902

Bert Jepson soccer player, born 11/09/1902

Tom Goode member of parliament, born 11/09/1902

Mitrofan Ivanovich Nedelin military person, born 11/09/1902

Abby Rockefeller NOTED FAMILY, born 11/09/1903

Josefina Pla Poet, Painter, Journalist, musical artist, born 11/09/1903

Bobby Weale soccer player, born 11/09/1903

William A. Horning Art director, actor, born 11/09/1904

Viktor Brack Chief Administrative Officer in the Chancellery of the Führer of the NSDAP, criminal, born 11/09/1904

Yong Sool Choi Martial artist, born 11/09/1904

Erika Mann Writer, war correspondent, actress, born 11/09/1905

Arthur Louis Hugo Rudolph rocket engineer, Rocket engineer, born 11/09/1906

Muggsy Spanier JAZZ MUSICIAN, CORNET PLAYER, BANDLEADER, Trumpeter/Cornettist, musical artist, born 11/09/1906

Ted Pool born 11/09/1906

Fred Brickell baseball player, born 11/09/1906

Tommy Bell soccer player, born 11/09/1906

Francis Cavanaugh Gangster, Hitman, criminal, born 11/09/1906

Mariano Villaronga-Toro Educator and Commissioner of Education, born 11/09/1906

Pierre Grégoire Luxembourgian politician, born 11/09/1907

Prince 1907 Louis Ferdinand Of Prussia British royalty, born 11/09/1907

Yasuo Takamoro soccer player, born 11/09/1907

Kay Thompson born 11/09/1908

Lenore Romney born 11/09/1908

Roy Schalk baseball player, born 11/09/1908

Alan Rait born 11/09/1908

Robert Douglas actor, screenwriter, director, actor, born 11/09/1909

Carroll Quigley Professor, born 11/09/1910

Edward Baker cricketer, born 11/09/1910

Abo El Seoud El-Ibiary Screenwriter - Playwright - Lyricist - Journalist, actor, born 11/09/1910

Ed Kahn gridiron football player, born 11/09/1911

Antonio Roman actor, born 11/09/1911

Hermann Potschka military person, born 11/09/1911

Ed Linke baseball player, born 11/09/1911

Sathyan Actor, Police Inspector, Soldier , Clerk, School Teacher, born 11/09/1912

Jack Metherell born 11/09/1912

Hedy Lamarr Actress, inventor, actor, born 11/09/1913

Lou Ambers BOXER, WORLD LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION 1936-37, born 11/09/1913

Jean Witold MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR, born 11/09/1913

Patrick Macalinney actor, born 11/09/1913

Gianni Puccini Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/09/1914

Basil Davidson Historian, writer, born 11/09/1914

Thomas Berry Priest, Eco-theologian, Earth scholar, Author and Teacher, born 11/09/1914

Kee Hwang Martial artist,, born 11/09/1914

Colin Falkland Gray military person, born 11/09/1914

Sargent Shriver ambassador, born 11/09/1915

Denis Hurley Christian Bishop, born 11/09/1915

Andre Francois comics creator, born 11/09/1915

Ganesh Man Singh born 11/09/1915

Euell Montgomery politician, born 11/09/1915

Walt Lanfranconi baseball player, born 11/09/1916

Richard Tyler born 11/09/1916

Martha Settle Putney Educator and Historian, born 11/09/1916

Helmut Wandmaker military person, born 11/09/1916

Prince Louis Ferdinand von Preussen ROYALTY, HEIR TO GERMAN THRONE, born 11/09/1917

Bob Neighbors baseball player, born 11/09/1917

Haim Yehuda born 11/09/1917

Spiro Agnew former Vice President of the United States, office holder, born 11/09/1918

Spiro T. Agnew POLITICIAN, U.S. VICE PRESIDENT, LAWYER, born 11/09/1918

Florence Chadwick CHAMPION SWIMMER, STOCKBROKER, born 11/09/1918

German Republic FOUNDATION OF MODERN GERMANY, born 11/09/1918

Hong Hi Choi Martial artist, born 11/09/1918

Thomas Ferebee military person, born 11/09/1918

Arie de Vroet soccer manager, born 11/09/1918

Manuel Castro Ruiz born 11/09/1918

Kathleen Cabot NOTED FAMILY, born 11/09/1919

Jerry Priddy baseball player, born 11/09/1919

Jim Baird born 11/09/1920

Dick Whitman baseball player, born 11/09/1920

Ho-ling Ma Official of Kuomintang, born 11/09/1920

Michael Lawrence Cadman Artist, born 11/09/1920

Umberto Baldini Art historian, born 11/09/1921

Thomas Otten Paine ENGINEER, U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, born 11/09/1921

Pierrette Alarie musical artist, born 11/09/1921

Silvio O. Conte congressman, born 11/09/1921

Viktor Chukarin born 11/09/1921

Bill Wood born 11/09/1921

Dorothy Dandridge Actress, singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 11/09/1922

Raymond Devos ACTOR, born 11/09/1922

Imre Lakatos philosopher, born 11/09/1922

Sherman W. Tribbitt Merchant, office holder, born 11/09/1922

Richard Lashof scientist, born 11/09/1922

William H. Mizell American musician, Singer, songwriter, guitarist, musical artist, born 11/09/1923

Elizabeth Hawley journalist and chronicler of Himalayan expeditions, born 11/09/1923

Howard Deuton Brundage PUBLISHER, ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE, born 11/09/1923

Eric Parsons soccer player, born 11/09/1923

Bror Mellberg soccer player, born 11/09/1923


Joy Page Actress, actor, born 11/09/1924

Tony Waddington soccer manager, born 11/09/1924

Chintaman Raghunath Vyas singer, musical artist, born 11/09/1924

Bob Anderson soccer player, born 11/09/1924

Lazare Gianessi SOCCER PLAYER, born 11/09/1925

Bill Bruton baseball player, born 11/09/1925

Stanislaw Gawlik actor, born 11/09/1925

John Malkin soccer player, born 11/09/1925

Martin Benrath Actor, drug, born 11/09/1926

Hugh Leonard writer, born 11/09/1926

Cornelis Zitman artist, born 11/09/1926

George Willis soccer player, born 11/09/1926

Antonio Bellocchio POLITICIAN, born 11/09/1927

Johnny Beattie actor, born 11/09/1927

Francisco Norden Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 11/09/1929

Oleg Briansky DANCER, TEACHER, born 11/09/1929

Severn Darden COMEDIAN, ACTOR, born 11/09/1929

Eric Thompson actor, born 11/09/1929

Severn Darden born 11/09/1929

Kazimir Hnatow soccer manager, born 11/09/1929

Ignacio Ellacuria philosopher, born 11/09/1930

Jose Aguas soccer player, born 11/09/1930

Francis C. Hammond United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/09/1931

Tommy Greenhough cricketer, born 11/09/1931

Stuart Leggatt office holder, born 11/09/1931

Valery Ivanovich Shumakov Russian surgeon and transplantologist, born 11/09/1931

Frank A. Philbrook member of parliament, born 11/09/1931

Carmencita Reyes Teacher, office holder, born 11/09/1931

Serge Roy SOCCER PLAYER, born 11/09/1932

Lyudvig Chibirov president, born 11/09/1932

Carl Sagan Astronomy and planetary science, scientist, born 11/09/1934

Ingvar Carlsson prime minister, born 11/09/1934

Hamilton Green office holder, born 11/09/1934

Antonio Porta Poet, writer, artist, born 11/09/1935

Mary Travers Singer, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/09/1936

Eduardo Punset Spanish lawyer, economist, and scientific popularizer, born 11/09/1936

Bob Graham LAWYER, POLITICIAN, FL GOV, U.S. SENATOR (DEM FL), senator, born 11/09/1936

Mikhail Tal born 11/09/1936

Eduardo Punset Spanish lawyer, economist, and scientific popularizer, born 11/09/1936

Clyde Wells politician, born 11/09/1937

Paul Drummond Cameron American psychologist, scientist, born 11/09/1939

Björn Engholm German politician, born 11/09/1939

Marco Bellocchio Film director, Screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 11/09/1939

Bjorn Engholm POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR OF SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN 1989, born 11/09/1939

Alain Giletti CHAMPION ICE SKATER, FIGURE SKATER, born 11/09/1939

Matti Rag Paananen MUSICIAN, born 11/09/1939

Barbara Watterson EGYPTOLOGIST, AUTHOR, LECTURER, SOCIALIST, born 11/09/1939

Alan Kotok American computer scientist, scientist, born 11/09/1941

Tom Fogerty Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/09/1941

Tom Weiskopf PRO GOLFER, born 11/09/1942

Richard Greene violinist, musical artist, born 11/09/1942

Robert F. Stryker United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 11/09/1944

Bill Hendon congressman, born 11/09/1944

Phil May musical artist, born 11/09/1944

Zevulun Orlev born 11/09/1945

Virgil Carter american football player, born 11/09/1945

Alvaro Pineda Jockey, born 11/09/1945

Richard Steven Goldberg former engineer, born 11/09/1945

Jos van Immerseel Harpsichordist, Conductor, Pianist, musical artist, born 11/09/1945

Del Williams american football player, born 11/09/1945

Walt Harris college coach, born 11/09/1946

Marina Warner Mythographer, Novelist, Lecturer, Professor, writer, born 11/09/1946

Benny Mardones Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 11/09/1946

Thomas Garrigus born 11/09/1946

Robert David Hall actor, born 11/09/1947

Brad Teague nascar driver, born 11/09/1947

Pat Carey politician, born 11/09/1947

Phil Driscoll musical artist, born 11/09/1947

Jingxuan Qi born 11/09/1947

Bille August Film director, actor, born 11/09/1948

Luiz Felipe Scolari Football Coach, soccer manager, born 11/09/1948

Joe Bouchard of BLUE OYSTER CULT MUSICIAN, BASSIST, born 11/09/1948

Rex Stout WRITER, CRIME NOVELIST, born 11/09/1948

Tommy Booth Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 11/09/1949

Kenneth Stevenson office holder, born 11/09/1949

Dale Potter gridiron football player, born 11/09/1949

Pasi Kaunisto POP SINGER, born 11/09/1950

Parekura Horomia member of parliament, born 11/09/1950

Lou Ferrigno ACTOR, BODY BUILDER, PLAYED "HULK" ON TV, born 11/09/1951

Bill Mantlo comics creator, born 11/09/1951

Mark Palios Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1952

Sherrod Brown Ohio politician, Teacher, office holder, born 11/09/1952

John Megna Stage, film, television actor, teacher, actor, born 11/09/1952

Uday Singh office holder, born 11/09/1952

Bernard Membe Tanzanian politician, office holder, born 11/09/1953

Jozsef Pinter born 11/09/1953

Didi Thurau CHAMPION CYCLIST, born 11/09/1954

Dennis Stratton Musician, musical artist, born 11/09/1954

Shankar Nag actor, born 11/09/1954

Carsten Staur office holder, born 11/09/1954

Shintaro Sonoka Actor, seiyū, actor, born 11/09/1954

Karen Dotrice English actor, Actress, actor, born 11/09/1955


Fernando Meirelles Film director, actor, born 11/09/1955

Biljana Krstic Singer, musical artist, born 11/09/1955

Mate Hidvegi scientist, born 11/09/1955

Bogumila Zongollowicz Writer, writer, born 11/09/1955

Willie Williams criminal, born 11/09/1956

Milovan Destil =Marković Artist, Visual Artist, artist, born 11/09/1957

Esterina Tartman born 11/09/1957

Gorg Mallia artist, born 11/09/1957

Nixon, Samuel A., Jr. Virginia Politician, Business technology consulting, office holder, born 11/09/1958

Tony Slattery Actor/Comedian, actor, born 11/09/1959

Donnie Macclurkin musical artist, born 11/09/1959

Miroslav Taborsky actor, born 11/09/1959

Javier Velasquez office holder, born 11/09/1959

Joelle Ursull Singer, musical artist, born 11/09/1960

Jill Dando English journalist and television presenter. She was murdered., Television presenter and Newsreader, born 11/09/1961

Mort Todd comics creator, born 11/09/1961

Terry Connor Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1962

Cecilia Mones-Ruiz DANCER, born 11/09/1962

Michael Patrick Flanagan congressman, born 11/09/1962

Tamara Sher scientist, born 11/09/1962

Daryl D. Metcalfe office holder, born 11/09/1962

Dmitri Barannik soccer manager, born 11/09/1963

Erin Blunt Actor, actor, born 11/09/1963

Deborah York British classical singer, born 11/09/1964

Tanya Cook office holder, born 11/09/1964

Jorge Rodriguez president, born 11/09/1965

Ricky Junior Otto Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1967

Ted Ansani of MATERIAL ISSUE MUSICIAN, BASS PLAYER, born 11/09/1967

Joanna Riding actor, born 11/09/1967


Erol Sander actor, born 11/09/1968

Sonny Dykes Football coach, college coach, born 11/09/1969

Roxanne Shante Emcee, musical artist, born 11/09/1969

Jeff Lang guitarist/singer/songwriter, musical artist, born 11/09/1969

Allison Wolfe Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 11/09/1969

Eduardo Gonzalez office holder, born 11/09/1969

Andrew Dold artist, born 11/09/1969

Sergio Marcon Italian footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1970

Scarface Rapper, producer, actor, musical artist, born 11/09/1970

Susan Tedeschi Musician, Songwriter, Band, born 11/09/1970

Domino CEO/Producer/Manager, musical artist, born 11/09/1970

Mark Victor Arbib Australian politician, Senator, member of parliament, born 11/09/1971

Ryan T. McDougle Virginia Politician, office holder, born 11/09/1971

Shindou Naomi Seiyū, actor, born 11/09/1972

Corin Tucker musical artist, born 11/09/1972

Lasse Lindroth actor, born 11/09/1972

Carolyn Wonderland musical artist, born 11/09/1972

Gabrielle Miller actor, born 11/09/1973

Zisis Vryzas soccer player, born 11/09/1973

Nick Lachey Singer, songwriter, actor, musical artist, born 11/09/1973

Vladislav Tkachiev born 11/09/1973

Danielle Trussoni Memoirist, novelist, Novelist, writer, born 11/09/1973

Alessandro Del Piero footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1974

Martín Garrido Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/09/1974

Gerardo Fernández Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/09/1974

Joe C Rapper, musical artist, born 11/09/1974

Giovanna Mezzogiorno actor, born 11/09/1974

Tamas Lapsanszki soccer player, born 11/09/1974

Richard H. Bernstein American lawyer, born 11/09/1974

Sean Bennett former professional gridiron football player, american football player, born 11/09/1975

Simon Black Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1975

Jonas Bering Musician, Composer, Producer, musical artist, born 11/09/1975

Yuehong Zhang born 11/09/1975

Raphael Eugene DeNiro NOTED FAMILY, born 11/09/1976

Ion Overman Actress, actor, born 11/09/1976

Jose Chatruc soccer player, born 11/09/1976

Christopher Paul Morgan Association footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1977

Maya Bouskilla singer, recording artist, performer, songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 11/09/1977

Rastislav Belicak soccer player, born 11/09/1977

Nicola Pagani soccer player, born 11/09/1977

Sisqo Vocals, songwriter, and record producer, musical artist, born 11/09/1978

Raja actor, born 11/09/1978

Kobi Nachtailer soccer player, born 11/09/1978

Payal Rohatgi actor, born 11/09/1978

Aitor Galdós Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 11/09/1979

Dave Bush baseball player, born 11/09/1979

James Alan John Harper Footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1980

Caroline Louise Flack Television presenter, born 11/09/1980

Tyrone Calico american football player, born 11/09/1980

Zaykiel Leong soccer player, born 11/09/1980

Joel Joshua Frederick McAnuff Footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1981

Arto Saari Pro Skater, born 11/09/1981

Claudia Ortiz De Zevallos Model, actor, born 11/09/1981

Luke Covell rugby player, born 11/09/1981

Jorge Ribeiro soccer player, born 11/09/1981

Marcelo Messias soccer player, born 11/09/1981

Rebecca Oneill soccer player, born 11/09/1981

Nicholas Cole Mitchell American professional wrestler, wrestler, born 11/09/1982

Jamie Lenman Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, musical artist, born 11/09/1982

Massiv musical artist, born 11/09/1982

Michael Thomas Turner Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1983

Maja Włoszczowska Mountain biker, born 11/09/1983

Dusan Petronijevic soccer player, born 11/09/1983

Pleumjit Thinkaow born 11/09/1983

Delta Ann Goodrem Australian pop singer and actress, Singer-songwriter, Performer, Actress, musical artist, born 11/09/1984

Se7en South Korean pop/R&B singer, singer, dancer, musical artist, born 11/09/1984

Johnny Dingle american football player, born 11/09/1984

Vinicius soccer player, born 11/09/1984

Derrick Harvey American college football player, professional football player, defensive lineman, defensive end, american football player, born 11/09/1986

Raul Must badminton player, born 11/09/1987

Alexander James Pearce Footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1988

Nikki Blonsky American actress and singer, Actress/Singer, actor, born 11/09/1988

Analeigh Tipton model, born 11/09/1988

Jennifer Pike Musician, musical artist, born 11/09/1989

Ross Aden Jenkins Professional footballer, soccer player, born 11/09/1990

Christian Edward Murphy NOTED FAMILY, born 11/09/1990

Chalermsuk Kaewsuktae soccer player, born 11/09/1990

Iu Wai soccer player, born 11/09/1991