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King Charles VI of France, the Well-Beloved ROYALTY, REIGNED 11-04-1380 TO 10-21-1422 O.S., British royalty, born 12/03/1368

Edward Harrison governor, born 12/03/1674

Ludvig Holberg Norwegian writer, essayist, philosopher, historian & playwright, born 12/03/1684

Norbury, John Toler, 1st Earl of office holder, born 12/03/1745

Francis Vigo BUSINESSMAN, PATRIOT, born 12/03/1747

Johann Franz Xaver Sterkel German composer and pianist, born 12/03/1750

Samuel Crompton Inventor, pioneer of the spinning industry, born 12/03/1753

Gilbert Stuart Painter, artist, born 12/03/1755

Aaron Ogden Politician, governor, born 12/03/1756

Louis Adam French composer, born 12/03/1758

Caleb Stark Continental Army officer, born 12/03/1759

Mary Lamb England writer, the sister and collaborator of Charles Lamb (writer), born 12/03/1764

Duchess Augusta Of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel British royalty, born 12/03/1764

Adelaide Dufrenoy poet, painter, novelist, translator, writer, born 12/03/1765

Barbara Fritchie an American patriot during the American Civil War, born 12/03/1766

Gloria Stuart STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, ARTIST, PAINTER, born 10/23/1989

Rowland Hill Educational reformer; social reformer; postal reformer, born 12/03/1795

Francis Kenrick Christian Bishop, born 12/03/1796

France Preseren Poet, writer, born 12/03/1800

John George Alleman Pioneer Catholic priest in the US states of Ohio, Iowa and Illinois., born 12/03/1804

Henry Alexander Wise governor, born 12/03/1806

Shearjashub Spooner American physician and writer, born 12/03/1809

Thomas Alfred Davies Union Army general, military person, born 12/03/1809

Samuel Adler RABBI, AUTHOR, born 12/03/1809

Dominique Xavier Boisselot MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, NOTED FAMILY, born 12/03/1811

Francisco Javier Zaldua Judge, Prosecutor, Professor, president, born 12/03/1811

Henry Conscience AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 12/03/1812

Illinois Statehood STATE, born 12/03/1818

Sir John Duke Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge JURIST, LORD CHIEF JUSTICE OF ENGLAND, born 12/03/1820

Clarles Adam Heckman military person, born 12/03/1822

James M. Jackson Lawyer, politician, born 12/03/1825

George Brinton McClellan Major general during the American Civil War, office holder, born 12/03/1826

Green Berry Raum Union United States Army general, military person, born 12/03/1829

Edward Coke Billings United States federal judge, born 12/03/1829

Edgar Winters Hillyer United States federal judge, born 12/03/1830

Frederic Leighton artist, born 12/03/1830

James Graham Fair senator, born 12/03/1831

Andre Prosper Crova PHYSICIST, born 12/03/1833

Joseph Howland Union United States Army general, military person, born 12/03/1834

Émile Petitot French missionary to Canada, Priest, born 12/03/1838

Cleveland Abbe scientist, born 12/03/1838

Rathmore, David Robert Plunket, 1st Baron office holder, born 12/03/1838

Octavia Hill saint, born 12/03/1838

Princess Louise Of Prussia British royalty, born 12/03/1838

Benjamin Franklin White 9th Governor of Montana Territory, office holder, born 12/03/1838

Jules Claretie AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, CRITIC, born 12/03/1840

John Burnham office holder, born 12/03/1842

James Scott Young United States federal judge, born 12/03/1848

William Shiels office holder, born 12/03/1848

Cecil Gordon Lawson English landscape painter, artist, born 12/03/1851

Joseph Gariepy office holder, born 12/03/1852

Tim Manning Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 12/03/1853

Burleigh F. Spalding governor, born 12/03/1853

William Milton office holder, born 12/03/1854

Cunliffe, Walter Cunliffe, 1st Baron office holder, born 12/03/1855

George Leake politician, office holder, born 12/03/1856

Joseph Conrad AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, SHORT-STORY WRITER, Novelist, writer, born 12/03/1857

Frederick Pirani office holder, born 12/03/1858

Moses B. Cotsworth British calendar reformer, born 12/03/1859

Maurice de Feraudy ACTOR, born 12/03/1859

John Hood United States Navy Admiral, military person, born 12/03/1859

Martin Lomasney office holder, born 12/03/1859

John Bassett Moore office holder, born 12/03/1860

Joseph Archambault office holder, born 12/03/1861

Charles Grafly artist, born 12/03/1862

Gustav Uwe Jenner German composer, conductor and musical scholar, born 12/03/1865

William John Bowser president, born 12/03/1867

Slobodan Jovanovic Jurist, Historian, Prime minister of the Yugoslav government in exile., office holder, born 12/03/1869

Nino Martolgio FILM DIRECTOR, born 12/03/1870

Isaac Vanwinkle politician, born 12/03/1870

Baker, Newton Diehl, Jr. Politician, office holder, born 12/03/1871

Joseph-Alexandre Mercier member of parliament, born 12/03/1874

Rainer Maria Rilke LYRIC POET, NOVELIST, born 11/14/1954

Rainer Maria Rilke LYRIC POET, NOVELIST, born 01/02/1933

Max Meldrum artist, born 12/03/1875

Johnson, Charles, L. Composer, musical artist, born 12/03/1876

Richard Pearse Aviator, born 12/03/1877

Charles Hutchison Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 12/03/1879

Francis A. Nixon born 12/03/1879

Walter Gilbert Alexander New Jersey politician, born 12/03/1880


Giuseppe Becce MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 12/03/1881

Mataj Kocak Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/03/1882

Nandalal Bose artist, born 12/03/1882

Anton Webern Austrian composer and conductor, born 12/03/1883

Anton von Webern MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, born 12/03/1883


Rajendra Prasad president, born 12/03/1884

Aadolf Fredrik Svanström Finnish athlete, born 12/03/1885

Manne Siegbahn Swedish Physicist, scientist, born 12/03/1886


Prince Higashikuni Naruhiko British royalty, born 12/03/1887

Viv Valentine born 12/03/1887

Walton Walker United States Army general, military person, born 12/03/1889

Paul Bern Screenwriter, director, producer, actor, born 12/03/1889

Victor Louis Georges Sayaret military person, born 12/03/1889

John Harris Australian politician, Blacksmith, member of parliament, born 12/03/1890

Warwick Ward Actor, drug, born 12/03/1891

Julius Ochs Adler United States Army general, military person, born 12/03/1892

William Robert Button Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 12/03/1895

Anna Freud PSYCHIATRIST, PSYCHOANALYST, AUTHOR, NOTED FAMILY, scientist, born 12/03/1895

Robert Dopel scientist, born 12/03/1895

Carl-Erik Koehler German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 12/03/1895

William Lancelot Jordan South African World War I pilot, military person, born 12/03/1896


Richard Talmadge SILENT FILM ACTOR, 2ND-UNIT FILM DIRECTOR, born 12/03/1896

Johann-Heinrich Eckhardt German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 12/03/1896

William Gropper born 12/03/1897

Andre Marie POLITICIAN, GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, prime minister, born 12/03/1897

Enrico Viarisio actor, born 12/03/1897

Monte Collins Actor, drug, born 12/03/1898

Marie Mosquini Actor, drug, born 12/03/1899

Hayato Ikeda prime minister, born 12/03/1899

Ulrich Inderbinen born 12/03/1900

Richard Kuhn scientist, born 12/03/1900

Albert Hawke office holder, born 12/03/1900

Ted Juniper soccer player, born 12/03/1901

Roy Alexander Gano military person, born 12/03/1902

Louis Leon Ribak artist, born 12/03/1902

Mary Teston Luis Bell Aviator, military person, born 12/03/1903

Frank Merrill military person, born 12/03/1903

Giuseppe Montalenti PHYSICIAN, BIOLOGIST, ZOOLOGIST, GENETICIST, born 12/03/1904

Harry Connor ice hockey player, born 12/03/1904

Henry M. Goodkind born 12/03/1904

Les Ames Cricketer, cricketer, born 12/03/1905

O'neil Ford architect, born 12/03/1905

Frank Packer Australian media proprietor, Media proprietor, born 12/03/1906

Isaac Rojas president, born 12/03/1906

Albert B. Heagy Chemist, educator, politician, and lacrosse coach and player, college coach, born 12/03/1906

Jerzy Zagórski poet, essayist, translator, born 12/03/1907

Connee Boswell POP SINGER, ACTRESS, POLIO VICTIM, born 12/03/1907

Connee Boswell Vocalist, musical artist, born 12/03/1907

Werner Lott German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 12/03/1907

Harold Brodie scientist, born 12/03/1907

Nigel Marlin Balchin Psychologist, author, Psychologist, Author, writer, born 12/03/1908

Anna Sten Actress, actor, born 12/03/1908

John Karcis born 12/03/1908

Robert Kent Film actor, actor, born 12/03/1908

Stanley Burbury governor, born 12/03/1909

Machito musical artist, born 12/03/1909

Jimmy Jewel Comedy actor, actor, born 12/03/1909

Dana Suesse Composer, musician, lyricist, musical artist, born 12/03/1909

Giovanni Moretti soccer player, born 12/03/1909

Jean Emily Henley Anesthesiologist, born 12/03/1910

Francis Patrick John Dwyer Australian professor of chemistry, born 12/03/1910

Marion Shilling Film, stage actress, actor, born 12/03/1910

Christian Tychsen military person, born 12/03/1910

Franz Kohlauf military person, born 12/03/1910

Nino Rota MUSICIAN, FILM COMPOSER, musical artist, born 12/03/1911

Nino Rota MUSICIAN, FILM COMPOSER, born 12/03/1911

Bill Cahill born 12/03/1911

Dov Bar-Nir born 12/03/1911

Charlie Wagner BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 12/03/1912

Otto Prager military person, born 12/03/1912

Omer Vanaudenhove politician, born 12/03/1913

Mickey Simpson actor, born 12/03/1913

Chester A. Weidenburner office holder, born 12/03/1913

Dare Wright Photographer, author, model, writer, born 12/03/1914

Marion Shilling FILM/STAGE ACTRESS, WAMPAS BABY STAR 1931, born 12/03/1914

Tanya Moiseiwitsch actor, born 12/03/1914

Vic Lindskog gridiron football player, born 12/03/1914

Jack Billingham soccer player, born 12/03/1914

James Hodgson GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, DIPLOMAT, born 12/03/1915

Toivo Karki Composer, musical artist, born 12/03/1915

Abdul Haris Nasution military person, born 12/03/1918

Joe Cleary baseball player, born 12/03/1918

Rene Sparenberg born 12/03/1918

Georg Rietscher German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 12/03/1918

George S. Boylan MILITARY, LT. GENERAL, born 12/03/1919

Helen Walton born 12/03/1919

Dicky Dorsett soccer player, born 12/03/1919

Charles Lynch Journalist and Author, writer, born 12/03/1919

George Curtis soccer manager, born 12/03/1919

Rene Alpsteg SOCCER PLAYER, born 12/03/1920

Marie Ljalkova military person, born 12/03/1920

Danilo Alvim soccer manager, born 12/03/1920

Antonio Barrera office holder, born 12/03/1920

Jack Boyd prime minister, born 12/03/1921

Joe Collins baseball player, born 12/03/1922

Sven Nykvist actor, born 12/03/1922

Len Lesser Actor, actor, born 12/03/1922

Tom Fears american football player, born 12/03/1922

Kit Lawlor soccer player, born 12/03/1922

James Marshall Sprouse United States federal judge, born 12/03/1923

Paul Akkermans POLITICIAN, MINISTER, born 12/03/1923

Trevor Bailey cricketer, born 12/03/1923

Stjepan Bobek soccer manager, born 12/03/1923

Moyra Fraser actor, born 12/03/1923

Dede Allen Film editor, actor, born 12/03/1923

John Warner Backus Computer scientist, scientist, born 12/03/1924

Joseph Morvan Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 12/03/1924

Fred Taylor BASEBALL PLAYER, born 12/03/1924

Ralph Regula attorney, congressman, born 12/03/1924

Roberto Mieres Formula One racer, born 12/03/1924

Francisco Sionil Jose Filipino novelist, writer, journalist, writer, born 12/03/1924

Kim Dae-jung South Korean president, president, born 12/03/1925

Erik Mørk Actor, drug, born 12/03/1925

Ferlin Husky country music artist, musical artist, born 12/03/1925

Francisco Luna Kan politician, born 12/03/1925

Harry Simpson baseball player, born 12/03/1925

Francesco Mulé Actor, drug, born 12/03/1926

Robert M. Hayes scientist, born 12/03/1926

Al Corwin baseball player, born 12/03/1926

Harold Stephens Author, writer, born 12/03/1926

Charles Edward Wiggins United States federal judge, born 12/03/1927

Andy Williams Singer, musical artist, born 12/03/1927

John Willison Green Journalist, journalist, born 12/03/1927

Isabelle Lucas Actress, Singer, actor, born 12/03/1927

Carlo Giuffrè Actor, actor, born 12/03/1928

Andy Williams SINGER, born 12/03/1928

Thomas M. Foglietta congressman, born 12/03/1928

Don Macevoy soccer manager, born 12/03/1928

Thomas P. Ryan mayor, born 12/03/1928

Jean-Luc Godard French-Swiss filmmaker, Actor, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, editor, producer, actor, born 12/03/1930


Jaye P. Morgan SINGER, ACTRESS, born 12/03/1931

Vijay Kumar Malhotra office holder, born 12/03/1931

Corry Brokken artist, born 12/03/1932

Les Crane American talk-show host, born 12/03/1933

Rosalind Knight actor, born 12/03/1933

Stan Booth born 12/03/1933

Abimael Guzman politician, born 12/03/1934

Nicolas Coster actor, born 12/03/1934

Eddie Bernice Johnson Nurse, Therapist, congressman, born 12/03/1935

Howard Kent Walker ambassador, born 12/03/1935

Bobby Howfield American and association footballer, soccer player, born 12/03/1936

Sylvia Jackson office holder, born 12/03/1936

Bill Macgrath president, born 12/03/1936

John F. Seymour United States Marine, senator, born 12/03/1937

Bobby Allison RACE CAR DRIVER, NOTED FAMILY, born 12/03/1937

Kenneth Rollin rugby player, born 12/03/1937

Angela Luce Actor, actor, born 12/03/1938

Zola Levitt born 12/03/1938

Jean-Claude Malepart member of parliament, born 12/03/1938

Martha Scanlan Klima office holder, born 12/03/1938

Phyllis Litoff Jazz vocalist, artistic director, club owner, singer, impresario, artistic director, musical artist, born 12/03/1938

Terry Cole-Whittaker SCIENCE OF MIND PASTOR, BEAUTY QUEEN, AUTHOR, born 12/03/1939

Melinda Ann Morrison NOTED FAMILY, born 12/03/1940

Mamman Jiya Vatsa governor, born 12/03/1940

Jacques Auxiette politician, born 12/03/1940

Mary Alice ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 12/03/1941

Edmond Herve POLITICIAN, MINISTER OF HEALTH, born 12/03/1942

Zdenko Kobescak soccer manager, born 12/03/1943

Colin Dixon rugby player, born 12/03/1943

Gene Hackman RADIO/STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, Actress, actor, born 12/03/1944

Paul Nicholas STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, COMEDIAN, SINGER, born 12/03/1944

Antonio Variacoes Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 12/03/1944

Tunji Olurin governor, born 12/03/1944

Steve Huntz BASEBALL PLAYER, born 12/03/1945

Jack Stauffer STAGE/TV/FILM ACTOR, SOAP STAR, born 12/03/1945

Alexei Barbaneagra politician, born 12/03/1945

Joop Zoetemelk cyclist, born 12/03/1946

Sammy Morgan soccer manager, born 12/03/1946

Miguel Of Viseu, Duke, Infante British royalty, born 12/03/1946

Allan Berube Historian, Activist, Author, writer, born 12/03/1946

Frank Dimattina born 12/03/1946

Greg Washburn baseball player, born 12/03/1946

Neil Johnson soccer player, born 12/03/1946

Patricia Krenwinkel born 12/03/1947

Mick Hill soccer player, born 12/03/1947

Wayne Garrett baseball player, born 12/03/1947

Tommy Tabermann Poet, Member of the Parliament, writer, born 12/03/1947

Linal Haft Actor, actor, born 12/03/1947


Ozzy Osbourne of BLACK SABBATH MUSICIAN, SINGER, SONGWRITER, born 12/03/1948

Ozzy Osbourne Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 12/03/1948

Mel Cappe office holder, born 12/03/1948

Fumihiro Himori politician, born 12/03/1948

Brian Radford Australian art gallery director, born 12/03/1949

Barbara Maria Blida Polish politician, office holder, born 12/03/1949

Mickey Thomas Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 12/03/1949

Heather Menzies actor, born 12/03/1949

Tarik Akan born 12/03/1949

Kristen J. Amundson Writer, office holder, born 12/03/1949

Chris Norby Teacher, office holder, born 12/03/1949

Alberto Juantorena Cuban track athlete, born 12/03/1950

William Asa Hutchinson United States politician, congressman, born 12/03/1950

Peter Trump born 12/03/1950

Stina Lundberg Dabrowski Television presenter, born 12/03/1950

Angus James Scott Glennie judge, born 12/03/1950

John Drew actor, born 12/03/1950

Greg Rice ACTOR, REALTOR, TV HOST, 3' MIDGET, TWIN, born 12/03/1951

John Rice ACTOR, REALTOR, TV HOST, 3' MIDGET, TWIN, born 12/03/1951

Natalis Chan actor, born 12/03/1951

Sada Cumber ambassador, born 12/03/1951

Wan Azizah Wan Ismail office holder, born 12/03/1952

Ted Newsom born 12/03/1952

Bruno Jonas actor, born 12/03/1952

Don Barnes Vocalist, guitarist, musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 12/03/1952

John Warner comics creator, born 12/03/1952

Franz Klammer downhill skier, born 12/03/1953

Boguslaw Sonik Politician, journalist, member of parliament, born 12/03/1953

Paris Kanellakis scientist, born 12/03/1953

David Prior member of parliament, born 12/03/1954

Grace Andreacchi Novelist, Poet and Playwright, writer, born 12/03/1954

Nan Baker office holder, born 12/03/1954

Melody Anderson Film, television actress, Actress, actor, born 12/03/1955

Gilbert Glaus Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 12/03/1955

Steven Culp Actor, born 12/03/1955

Pierferdinando Casini prime minister, born 12/03/1955

Caroline Lamarche writer, born 12/03/1955

Lucia Raynero born 12/03/1955

Hart Bochner FILM/TV ACTOR, DIRECTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 12/03/1956

Valerie Quennessen actor, born 12/03/1957

Frido Croes politician, born 12/03/1957

Brian X. Foley office holder, born 12/03/1957

E. Licaj scientist, born 12/03/1957

Alex White politician, born 12/03/1958

Chris Sulley Footballer, soccer player, born 12/03/1959

Julianne Moore American actress, Actress, actor, born 12/03/1960

Daryl Hannah Actress, actor, born 12/03/1960

Benjamin Bottoms ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 12/03/1960

Mike Ramsey ice hockey player, born 12/03/1960

Steven R. Swanson Engineer, astronaut, born 12/03/1960

Richard Kerr Olivier NOTED FAMILY, born 12/03/1961

Adal Ramones actor, born 12/03/1961

Sangeeta Kumari Singh Deo office holder, born 12/03/1961

Wayne Adam Ford American serial killer, born 12/03/1961

Richard Bacon member of parliament, born 12/03/1962

Tammy Jackson college basketball player, professional basketball player, Olympic bronze medalist, born 12/03/1962

Joe Lally Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 12/03/1963

Jan Gintberg actor, born 12/03/1963

Franz Tscher actor, born 12/03/1964

Allen Helbig artist, born 12/03/1964

Katarina Witt German figure skater, figure skater, born 12/03/1965

Steve Harris Actor, actor, born 12/03/1965

Barbara Garrick actor, born 12/03/1965

Miguel Illescas born 12/03/1965

Brendan Fraser ACTOR, born 12/03/1967

Elaine Taylor politician, born 12/03/1967

Tanush Shaska scientist, born 12/03/1967

Mose Kalev philosopher, born 12/03/1967

Brendan Fraser Actor, actor, born 12/03/1968

Montell Jordan singer-songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 12/03/1968

Bill Steer Guitarist, Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 12/03/1969

Leyna Nguyen News anchor, born 12/03/1969

Hal Steinbrenner born 12/03/1969

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin South Dakota politician, congressman, born 12/03/1970

Jimmy Shergill Actor, actor, born 12/03/1970

Steve Richard Harris Actor, actor, born 12/03/1970

Frank Sinclair Footballer, soccer player, born 12/03/1971

Keegan Connor Tracy actor, born 12/03/1971

Ola Rapace actor, born 12/03/1971

Brother Dash musical artist, born 12/03/1971

Laurent Roux Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 12/03/1972

Malin Orachev soccer player, born 12/03/1972

Ethan Sandler Actor, actor, born 12/03/1972

Sebastien Roch Singer, actor, television host, musical artist, born 12/03/1972

Derek Stillie Footballer, soccer player, born 12/03/1973

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher American spokesperson, web commentator, former employee of a plumbing contractor, atoll, born 12/03/1973

Holly Marie Combs Actress/Producer, actor, born 12/03/1973

MC Frontalot Nerdcore rapper, Songwriter, Rapper, Web Designer, musical artist, born 12/03/1973

Hilary Haag Voice Actor/Real estate agent, actor, born 12/03/1973

Bruno Campos born 12/03/1973

Joe Madureira comics creator, born 12/03/1974

Albena Denkova figure skater, born 12/03/1974

Natalie J Robb actor, born 12/03/1974

Scott Cross college coach, born 12/03/1974

Joris Jarsky actor, born 12/03/1974

Luciano Siqueira de Oliveira soccer player, born 12/03/1975

People's Democratic Republic of Laos REPUBLIC, born 12/03/1975

Mickey Avalon Musician, musical artist, born 12/03/1975

Liza Lapira Actress, actor, born 12/03/1975

Andrei Istratescu born 12/03/1975

John Gary Glover Major League Baseball pitcher, baseball player, born 12/03/1976

Byron Kelleher New Zealand rugby union player, Professional Rugby Union Footballer, rugby player, born 12/03/1976

Arleth Teran Actress, actor, born 12/03/1976

Rod Jones Musician, Guitarist, Backing Vocalist, musical artist, born 12/03/1976

Tomotaka Okamoto Singer, musical artist, born 12/03/1976

Adeyto musical artist, born 12/03/1976

Cristi Harris actor, born 12/03/1977

Ksenija Pajcin Singer, Model, Dancer, musical artist, born 12/03/1977

Ken Wongpuapan Actor, TV Host, Model, Presenter, actor, born 12/03/1977

Dan Snow Presenter, Broadcaster, born 12/03/1978

Bram Tankink Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 12/03/1978

Jonathan Cherry actor, born 12/03/1978

Vadzim Boyka soccer player, born 12/03/1978

Peter Foldgast Danish footballers, soccer player, born 12/03/1979

Andrea Spada CHILD ACTOR, born 12/03/1979

Daniel Bedingfield Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 12/03/1979

Rainbow Francks actor, born 12/03/1979

Konkona Sen Sharma Actress, actor, born 12/03/1979

Tiffany Haddish Dancer/Comdienne/Actress, Dancer, Comedienne, Actress, actor, born 12/03/1979

Mark Steenhuis Lacrosse player, born 12/03/1980

Anna Chlumsky Actress, actor, born 12/03/1980

William Tiero soccer player, born 12/03/1980

Natalia Singer, musical artist, born 12/03/1980

Zlata Filipovic Novelist, short story writer, writer, born 12/03/1980

Brian Bonsall Actor, actor, born 12/03/1981

David Villa Sánchez Association footballer, soccer player, born 12/03/1981

Matthew Mackane actor, born 12/03/1981

Sa Rang Kim singer, composer, producer, musical artist, born 12/03/1981

Michael Essien footballer, soccer player, born 12/03/1982

Jaycee Chan Singer, actor, composer, lyricist, guitarist, actor, born 12/03/1982

Rico Love rapper, songwriter, singer, producer, musical artist, born 12/03/1982

Lucy Walsh Singer, songwriter, keyboardist, backing vocalist, musical artist, born 12/03/1982

Sandra Cisa Latvian model, model, born 12/03/1983

Kati Tolmoff badminton player, born 12/03/1983

Sherri Dupree Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 12/03/1983

Elizabeth Croft Actress, actor, born 12/03/1983

Roberto Longo Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 12/03/1984

Andrea Lazzari Italian footballer, soccer player, born 12/03/1984

Sarah Foret actor, born 12/03/1984

Constanca Araujo artist, born 12/03/1984

Filippa Palmstierna Hamilton model, born 12/03/1985

Michel Van Guldener soccer player, born 12/03/1985

Mohit Sehgal TV Actor, actor, born 12/03/1985

Abby Hancock born 12/03/1986

Michael Jones Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 12/03/1987

William Greenblatt Actor, actor, born 12/03/1987

Valentin Livi NOTED FAMILY, born 12/03/1988

Rebecca Lusterio Actress and Student, actor, born 12/03/1989

Christian Benteke Belgian footballer, soccer player, born 12/03/1990

Fabricio Alfaro soccer player, born 12/03/1990

Dominique Jackson actor, born 12/03/1991

Masahiro Usui actor, born 12/03/1991

Felipe Gallegos soccer player, born 12/03/1991

Joseph McManners British singer, actor, Singer, actor, musical artist, born 12/03/1992

Jake T. Austin Actor/Voice actor, born 12/03/1994

Olivia Grant Actress, born 12/03/1994