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Walter de Stapledon Bishop of Exeter; Lord High Treasurer of England, Christian Bishop, born 02/01/1261

Edward Coke English colonial entrepreneur, jurist, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, Speaker of the House of Commons, Attorney General, judge, born 02/01/1552

Gustaf Bonde politician, born 02/01/1620

Jan Hackaert artist, born 02/01/1628

Johann Birkenstock German composer and violinist, born 02/01/1687

Prince Frederick Louis of Wales ROYALTY, born 02/01/1707

Jean Joseph Marie Amiot born 02/01/1718

John Philip Kemble Actor-manager, actor, born 02/01/1757

Bradbury Cilley office holder, born 02/01/1760

John Clark farmer, office holder, born 02/01/1761

John Chandler senator, born 02/01/1762

George Duff Royal Navy Officer, born 02/01/1764

Joseph Richardson congressman, born 02/01/1778

William D. Moseley governor, born 02/01/1785

Adolf Fredrik Lindblad Swedish composer, born 02/01/1801


Thomas Cole artist, born 02/01/1801

Titus Coan Missionary, born 02/01/1801

Augustus Marie Martin born 02/01/1803

Thomas Beamish Akins born 02/01/1809

Charles Lenox Remond American abolitionist, lecturer and civil rights activist, Activist, lecturer, born 02/01/1810

Daniel Galbraith office holder, born 02/01/1813

Richard Hargrave politician, born 02/01/1817

Henry L. Eustis Union Army General, military person, born 02/01/1819

Beaufort, Henry Somerset, 8th Duke of office holder, born 02/01/1824

James W. Throckmorton governor, born 02/01/1825

Alphonse James De Rothschild Financier, vineyard owner, philanthropist, art collector, racehorse owner/breeder, born 02/01/1827

William S. Tilton Union United States Army officer, military person, born 02/01/1828

Meyer Guggenheim born 02/01/1828

John P. Slough Union Army general, military person, born 02/01/1829

Francis Cornish mayor, born 02/01/1831

Henry Macneal Turner Union Army chaplain and Methodist bishop, born 02/01/1833


John Costigan physiotherapist, health care administrator, politician, born 02/01/1835

Henry Remsen Tilton United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/01/1836

Harvey W. Scott Newspaper editor, The Oregonian, journalist, born 02/01/1838

Frederick John Gladman Australian educationist and author, born 02/01/1839

T. B. Walker businessperson, lumberman art collector, businessperson, art collector, born 02/01/1840

Theodore Doxford Shipowner, politician, born 02/01/1841

Robert Harper Australian politician, Pastoralist, member of parliament, born 02/01/1842

Albert Lebourg ARTIST, LANDSCAPE PAINTER, born 02/01/1849

Durham Stevens Assassinated American diplomat., born 02/01/1851

William Laird Clowes British journalist and historian, journalist and historian, born 02/01/1856


Louis-Philippe Pelletier office holder, born 02/01/1857

Lew Brown Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 02/01/1858

Lydia Maria Adams DeWitt U.S. pathologist, born 02/01/1859


Henry Miller actor, born 02/01/1859

Victor Allard office holder, born 02/01/1860

Robert Sterling Yard Wilderness activist and publicist, born 02/01/1861

Matthew Joseph Kenny Member of Parliament and lawyer, born 02/01/1861

Stefan Luchian artist, born 02/01/1868

Harry De Vere Actor, drug, born 02/01/1870


Andrew Kehoe Farmer, School board member, Treasurer, born 02/01/1872

Jerome Donovan congressman, born 02/01/1872

John P. Obrien office holder, born 02/01/1873

Hugo von Hofmannsthal Austrian novelist, librettist, poet, dramatist, narrator, and essayist, born 02/01/1874

Eddie Polo Actor, drug, born 02/01/1875

Billy Sr. Sullivan baseball player, born 02/01/1875

Robert Mackenzie member of parliament, born 02/01/1875

Prosper L'Orange born 02/01/1876

Alfred Hajos born 02/01/1878

Hattie Caraway senator, born 02/01/1878

Thomas Macdonagh military person, born 02/01/1878

Milan Hodza prime minister, born 02/01/1878

Anna Yesipova Russian Pianist, Musician, professor, musical artist, born 02/01/1881

Samuel Richard Parchment OCCULTIST, AUTHOR, born 02/01/1881

Louis Stephen St-Laurent 12th Prime Minister of Canada (1948 - 1957), prime minister, born 02/01/1882

Vladimir - Maystora Dimitrov artist, born 02/01/1882

William James Scully Australian politician, Contractor, member of parliament, born 02/01/1883

Yevgeny Zamyatin Russian author, Novelist, Journalist, writer, born 02/01/1884

Herbert Eustis Winlock Egyptologist, born 02/01/1884

Camille Chantemps POLITICIAN, PM OF FRANCE, born 02/01/1885

Camille Chautemps prime minister, born 02/01/1885

Vasile Gafencu mayor, born 02/01/1886

Charles Bernard Nordhoff Novelist, Novelist, memoirist, writer, born 02/01/1887

Hollywood, California SECTION OF THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES, born 02/01/1887

Wallace N Rehfuss engineer, politician, born 02/01/1889

Earle Thaddeus Mack Major League Baseball player and coach, baseball player, born 02/01/1890

Ann Little SILENT FILM ACTRESS, actor, born 02/21/1938

Cecilio Putong Educator and Writer, born 02/01/1891

Otto Backenkohler MILITARY, NAVAL ADMIRAL, born 02/01/1892

Loudoun Maclean military person, born 02/01/1893

John Ford Film director, Film director/Film producer, actor, born 02/01/1894

Henry Tyndall "Dick" Merrill Aviator, Actor., Aviator, born 02/01/1894

James P. Johnson musical artist, born 02/01/1894

John Ford FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, born 03/16/1952

Anastasio Somoza Garcia president, born 02/01/1896

Denise Robins author, Journalist, Novelist, writer, born 02/01/1897

Gilbert H. Jertberg United States federal judge, born 02/01/1897

Gordey Levchenko military person, born 02/01/1897

Stanley Norman Evans born 02/01/1898

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov METAPHYSICIAN, AUTHOR, born 02/01/1900

John Philip Stewart PHYSICIAN, SURGEON, AUTHOR, born 02/01/1900

John Y. Brown Sr. congressman, born 02/01/1900

William Glanville born 02/01/1900

Dan Hornsby Singer, songwriter, producer, musician, musical artist, born 02/01/1900

Clark Gable American actor, Actor, actor, born 02/01/1901

Frank Woodruff Buckles United States Army soldier and centenarian, military person, born 02/01/1901

Langston Hughes Poet, playwright, novelist, poet, columnist, dramatist, essayist, lyricist, novelist, writer, born 02/01/1902

Heinosuke Gosho FILM DIRECTOR, born 02/01/1902

Jovan Karamata scientist, born 02/01/1902

Tom Baxter soccer player, born 02/01/1903

S. J. Perelman Author, screenwriter, writer, born 02/01/1904

Joseph Asjiro Satowaki born 02/01/1904

Cesare Fantoni Actor, actor, born 02/01/1905

Emilio Gino Segre SCIENTIST, PHYSICIST, NOBEL PRIZE/PHYSICS 1959, scientist, born 02/01/1905

Lloyd Berkner scientist, born 02/01/1905

Piero Lulli Actor, drug, born 02/01/1906

Pierre Capdevielle MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR, born 02/01/1906

Helen Chandler STAGE/FILM ACTRESS, actor, born 02/01/1906

Hildegarde SINGER, PIANIST, ACTRESS, ENTERTAINER, born 02/01/1906

Minoru Shibuya Film director, drug, born 02/01/1907

Domenico Dalberto soccer player, born 02/01/1907

Gene Sheldon actor, born 02/01/1908


Louis Rasminsky office holder, born 02/01/1908

Vince Barton baseball player, born 02/01/1908

Stanley J Randall Businessman, office holder, born 02/01/1908

Liberto dos Santos soccer player, born 02/01/1908

Helen Chandler American actress, actor, born 02/01/1909

George Beverly Shea born 02/01/1909

Katherine MacKinnon DANCER, born 02/01/1910

Michael Kanin Writer, Screenwriter, Director, actor, born 02/01/1910

Mario Ciminaghi soccer player, born 02/01/1910

Dutch Lieber baseball player, born 02/01/1910

Wilhelm Antrup German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 02/01/1910

Abraham Haskel Taub American mathematician, physicist, scientist, born 02/01/1911

Pietro De Vico Actor, drug, born 02/01/1911

James Craig Film actor, actor, born 02/01/1912

Clete Roberts NEWSCASTER, born 02/01/1912

Ronald Kirkbride Novelist, writer, born 02/01/1912

Albin Kitzinger soccer player, born 02/01/1912

Josef Swientek military person, born 02/01/1912

Jeffrey Quill military person, born 02/01/1913

Waldeen born 02/01/1913

Gerald Joseph Weber United States federal judge, born 02/01/1914

Helvio Guozden governor, born 02/01/1914

Bob Maclean born 02/01/1914

Joachim Schlichting military person, born 02/01/1914

Marino Girolami actor, born 02/01/1914

Victor Jose Pozzo soccer player, born 02/01/1914

Francisco Provvidente soccer player, born 02/01/1914

Paul Gildner German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 02/01/1914

Baby with 6 Fingers & 6 Toes BIRTH DEFECT, born 02/01/1915

Umberto Busani SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/01/1915

Stanley Matthews soccer manager, born 02/01/1915

Rolando Vera wrestler, born 02/01/1915

Mike 01 Macmahon ice hockey player, born 02/01/1915

Victor Shem-Tov born 02/01/1915

Sambhu Nath De scientist, born 02/01/1915

Woody Abernathy baseball player, born 02/01/1915

Jeanne Carpenter Actress, actor, born 02/01/1916

Alicia Rhett Actress, actor, born 02/01/1916

Keith Aickin judge, born 02/01/1916

Betty Belton cricketer, born 02/01/1916

Bruce Gordon actor, born 02/01/1916

Benedict Mar Gregorios born 02/01/1916

Ray Bray gridiron football player, born 02/01/1917

James Harry Lacey military person, born 02/01/1917

Al Piasecky gridiron football player, born 02/01/1917

Frank Briggs soccer player, born 02/01/1917

Kunitaka Sueoka soccer player, born 02/01/1917

Ernest Childers United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/01/1918

Muriel Sarah Spark AUTHOR, born 02/01/1918

Muriel Spark novelist, short story writer, poet, essayist, writer, born 02/01/1918

Jack Murphy born 02/01/1918

Ignacy Tokarczuk born 02/01/1918

Homer I. Lewis MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 02/01/1919

Andrea King actor, born 02/01/1919

Lela Swift born 02/01/1919

Morgan D. Peoples born 02/01/1919

Egon Christophersen military person, born 02/01/1919

Roger Birkman Psychologist, Author, Chairman, born 02/01/1919

Norm Brown baseball player, born 02/01/1919

Pierre Jonquieres d'Oriola EQUESTRIAN SHOW JUMPING CHAMPION, born 02/01/1920

Robert Timbrell military person, born 02/01/1920

Celso Battaia soccer player, born 02/01/1920

Zhao Pengfei office holder, born 02/01/1920

Geoffrey Thomas McLaren Australian politician, born 02/01/1921

Marcel Poblome SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/01/1921

Winton M. Blount office holder, born 02/01/1921

Peter Sallis Actor, actor, born 02/01/1921

Gunther Viezenz military person, born 02/01/1921

Harendra Narayan Das artist, born 02/01/1921

Dave Madison baseball player, born 02/01/1921

Renata Tebaldi OPERA SINGER, LYRIC SOPRANO, born 02/01/1922

Soja Jovanovic actor, born 02/01/1922

Lloyd L. Duxbury politician, born 02/01/1922

Manuel Fernandez soccer manager, born 02/01/1922

Rika de Backer POLITICIAN, SECRETARY OF STATE, born 02/01/1923

Ben Weider President of the IFBB, born 02/01/1923

John Perceval artist, born 02/01/1923

John Gorman office holder, born 02/01/1923

Leroy Foster musical artist, born 02/01/1923

Anba Athanasius Christian Bishop, born 02/01/1923

H. Richard Hornberger Hornberger Writer, Author, Surgeon, born 02/01/1924

Subagio Sastrowardoyo poet, short-story writer, essayist, literary critic, writer, born 02/01/1924

Aredio Gimona soccer manager, born 02/01/1924

Bobby Laing Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1925

Mary Nesbitt born 02/01/1925

Shane Devine United States federal judge, born 02/01/1926

Paul Guiramand ARTIST, PAINTER, born 02/01/1926

Nancy Gates Film, television actress, actor, born 02/01/1926

Gus Heinze artist, born 02/01/1926

Johnny Ashcroft Australian country musician, born 02/01/1927

Flaviano Labo OPERA SINGER, LYRIC TENOR, born 02/01/1927

Galway Kinnell Poet, poet, writer, born 02/01/1927

Robert Moore Theatre director, film director, actor, born 02/01/1927

Jimmy Andrews soccer manager, born 02/01/1927

Peter Cook soccer player, born 02/01/1927


Stuart Whitman FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 02/01/1928

Tom Lantos college professor, international affairs analyst, business consultant, congressman, born 02/01/1928

Samuel Frederick Edwards scientist, born 02/01/1928

Petr Ginz born 02/01/1928

Demetrios of America Christian Bishop, born 02/01/1928

R. A. Simpson Australian poet, Poet, Editor, Artist and Art teacher, born 02/01/1929

Smith Hempstone journalist, born 02/01/1929

Basilio Lami Dozo military person, born 02/01/1929

Jinzo Toriumi artist, born 02/01/1929

Nicholas Nagy-Talavera born 02/01/1929

Hussain Muhammad Ershad Bangladeshi Army Chief of Staff turned President, now Member of Parliament, Chief of Army Staff to Politician, president, born 02/01/1930

Peter Tapsell member of parliament, born 02/01/1930

Zakaria Tamer Syrian Writer of Short stories, Newspaper Columnist, Newspaper Editor, Short story writer, Newspaper Columnist, Newspaper Editor, writer, born 02/01/1931

Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin Political leader, President of Russia., president, born 02/01/1931

Alan Abraham office holder, born 02/01/1931

Lionel Batiste Singer, musical artist, born 02/01/1931

John Nott office holder, born 02/01/1932

Xavier Perrot Formula One racer, born 02/01/1932

Wendell Andersen POLITICIAN, GOVERNOR, born 02/01/1933

Rose Marie Nitribitt PROSTITUTE, MURDER VICTIM, born 02/01/1933

Edwards Reynolds Price AUTHOR, NOVELIST, GAY, born 02/01/1933

Wendell Anderson governor, born 02/01/1933

Peter Sillett soccer manager, born 02/01/1933

Aurele Gervais member of parliament, born 02/01/1933

Ken Fleming Civil Engineer, born 02/01/1933

Howard Gittis Businessman, attorney, Attorney, born 02/01/1934

Bob Shane of THE KINGSTON TRIO MUSICIAN, SINGER, Singer,, musical artist, born 02/01/1934

Paul Carr actor, born 02/01/1934

Rene Duhamel CHAMPION ROWER, born 02/01/1935

Ze'ev Almog military person, born 02/01/1935

Sharyn Moffett Actor, actor, born 02/01/1936

Serge Korber Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/01/1936

Azie Taylor Morton office holder, born 02/01/1936

Jake Hoeppner member of parliament, born 02/01/1936

The Everly Brothers United States Marine, Band, born 02/01/1937

Imerio Massignan Cyclist, cyclist, born 02/01/1937



Jean Wisniewski SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/01/1937

Garrett Morris Actor, Comedian, Comedy Writer, actor, born 02/01/1937

Ali, Mir, Masoom Statistician, Educator, Researcher, Author, born 02/01/1937

Sherman Hemsley STAGE/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 02/01/1938

Cynog Dafis member of parliament, born 02/01/1938

Jimmy Carl Black Musician, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 02/01/1938

Cameron, John Alastair, Lord Abernethy judge, born 02/01/1938

Paul Eugene Gillmor Ohio politician, attorney, congressman, born 02/01/1939

John Whitton Haslem Australian politician, member of parliament, born 02/01/1939

Marcia P. Sward Mathematician, scientist, born 02/01/1939

Fritjof Capra THEORETICAL PHYSICIST, AUTHOR, scientist, born 02/01/1939

Claude Francois SINGER, COMPOSER, born 02/01/1939

Claude Francois Musician, singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/01/1939

Del Maccoury Singer, musical artist, born 02/01/1939

Joe Sample Musician, Composer, musical artist, born 02/01/1939

Ram Lakhina Entrepreneur; Founder and Chairman, Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade (NICCT), born 02/01/1939

Stephen Cairfield Dubois Australian politician, Political staffer, member of parliament, born 02/01/1940

Bibi Besch ACTRESS, born 02/01/1940

Bibi Besch actor, born 02/01/1940

Hugo Sanchez Bonilla Artist, born 02/01/1940

Tom Gray Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/01/1941

Terry Graham Parry Jones British comedian, Actor,, born 02/01/1942

Ned Randolph Attorney, mayor, born 02/01/1942

Antonio Fusari soccer player, born 02/01/1942

Rosemarie Frankland Beauty pageant contestant, actress, born 02/01/1943

Marian Opania Actor, drug, born 02/01/1943

Tina Sloan ACTRESS, born 02/01/1943

Ron Woods BASEBALL PLAYER, born 02/01/1943

Enrique Guzman Singer and Actor, actor, born 02/01/1943

Elspeth Attwooll born 02/01/1943

Ata Ul Haq Qasmi Columnist, Journalist, former Ambassador and former Professor of Urdu Literature, office holder, born 02/01/1943

Ian Butler Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1944

Mike Enzi accountant, energy executive, senator, born 02/01/1944

Robert Higgs born 02/01/1944

Leo Burmester Film, stage, TV actor, singer, actor, born 02/01/1944

Deuter MUSICIAN, "NEW AGE" MUSIC, born 02/01/1945

Dennis Lee Obradovich POLICEMAN, MURDER VICTIM, born 02/01/1945

Mike Colle Teacher, office holder, born 02/01/1945

Serge Joyal office holder, born 02/01/1945

Vasili Bogazianos actor, born 02/01/1945

Karan Singh Yadav office holder, born 02/01/1945

José Pesarrodona Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/01/1946

Francis Campaner Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/01/1946

Pascal Bonitzer Screenwriter, Actor, drug, born 02/01/1946

Bart Braverman FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 02/01/1946

Kari Lepisto FASHION DESIGNER, GAY, born 02/01/1946

Gerald Comeau office holder, born 02/01/1946

Philip Dawid scientist, born 02/01/1946

Larry Grant Retired businessman and attorney, born 02/01/1946

John Bylsma cyclist, born 02/01/1946

Victor Wood Singer, actor, politician, musical artist, born 02/01/1946

Jessica Savitch Television journalist, born 02/01/1947

Frank J. Tipler American Physicist, Mathematical Physicist, born 02/01/1947

Adam Paterson Ingram POLITICIAN, M.P., LABOUR: EAST KILBRIDE, born 02/01/1947

Jim McKee BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 02/01/1947

Fran Ulmer office holder, born 02/01/1947

Adam Ingram member of parliament, born 02/01/1947

Al Saunders born 02/01/1947

Normie Rowe Rock singer, musical artist, born 02/01/1947

Mike Brant Singer, musical artist, born 02/01/1947

Trevor Flugge Farmer; businessman, born 02/01/1947

Danny Thompson baseball player, born 02/01/1947

Rick James Singer, songwriter, dancer, bandleader, record producer, musical artist, born 02/01/1948

Elisabeth Sladen Actress, Actress, Presenter, Writer, actor, born 02/01/1948

Ferruccio Mazzola soccer manager, born 02/01/1948

Joan Burton politician, born 02/01/1949

Lex Marinos Actor, Director, Writer, actor, born 02/01/1949

Michael Kennedy politician, born 02/01/1949

Ze Mario soccer manager, born 02/01/1949

Lynda Lovejoy NM State Senator, Director, Navajo Area Agency on Aging Navajo Nation, office holder, born 02/01/1949

Mike Campbell musical artist, born 02/01/1950

Jacqueline Minor Adside American educator and sprinter, born 02/01/1951


Kieran Conry Christian Bishop, born 02/01/1951

Sonny Landreth musical artist, born 02/01/1951

Roderick Francis Macdonald judge, born 02/01/1951

Andrew Smith office holder, born 02/01/1952

Digamber Bapuji Patil office holder, born 02/01/1952

Tawanna P. Gaines Gaines college coordinator, politician, born 02/01/1952

Raymond Alexander (Ray) Stevens Australian politician, born 02/01/1953

Joe Simitian office holder, born 02/01/1953

Mourad Benmehidi office holder, born 02/01/1953

Gary Emmanuel Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 02/01/1954

Mike Campbell MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, SONGWRITER, born 02/01/1954

Chuck Dukowski of BLACK FLAG MUSICIAN, BASS PLAYER, Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 02/01/1954

Bill Mumy FILM/TV ACTOR, CHILD ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 02/01/1954

Hloagune Witthaya soccer manager, born 02/01/1954

Ignacio Coronel Villarreal Illegal drug trafficker, born 02/01/1954

Asghar office holder, born 02/01/1954

Michael Currie business manager, politician, born 02/01/1955

Diana Schutz comics creator, born 02/01/1955

Exene Cervenka of X MUSICIAN, SINGER, SONGWRITER, born 02/01/1956

Brahmanandham actor, born 02/01/1956

Tim Mazzetti gridiron football player, born 02/01/1956

James Moore musical artist, born 02/01/1956

Gilbert Hernandez comics creator, born 02/01/1957

Dennis Brown Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/01/1957

Gustavo Bell Lawyer, Journalist, office holder, born 02/01/1957

Cylk Cozart actor, born 02/01/1957

Renae Jacobs Voice actor, actor, born 02/01/1957

Gregory Creswell born 02/01/1957

Tilak Raj Behad office holder, born 02/01/1957

Dennis Francis Comic book creator, artist and writer, comics creator, born 02/01/1957

Luther Loide Blissett Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 02/01/1958

Arab Union of Egypt, Syria & Yemen POLITICAL ENTITY, born 02/01/1958

Cristina Mancinelli Scotti NOTED FAMILY, born 02/01/1958

Eleanor Laing member of parliament, born 02/01/1958

Tony Ka Fai Leung Actor, actor, born 02/01/1958

Sean Fleming office holder, born 02/01/1958

Timo Torikka actor, born 02/01/1958

Ottmar Liebert JAZZ MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 02/01/1959

Colleen Hartland president, born 02/01/1959

Matt Lattanzi Actor, actor, born 02/01/1959

Jackie Shroff Actor, actor, born 02/01/1960

Ron Frenz comics creator, born 02/01/1960

Mary-Dulany James attorney, politician, born 02/01/1960

David Cullen office holder, born 02/01/1960

Jose Luis Cuciuffo soccer player, born 02/01/1961

Miloslav Vlcek prime minister, born 02/01/1961

Ken Travers office holder, born 02/01/1961

John Paskin Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1962

Big Daddy Kane RAP ARTIST, born 09/10/1968

Tomoyasu Hotei Guitarist, singer, composer, lyricist, actor, musical artist, born 02/01/1962

Tatu soccer manager, born 02/01/1962

Vasyl Petrovych Tsushko Politician and Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Politician, politician, born 02/01/1963

Linus Roache Actor, actor, born 02/01/1964

Dwayne Goettel Musician, musical artist, born 02/01/1964

Jani Lane Singer-songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 02/01/1964

Jake Siewert politician, born 02/01/1964

Brandon Lee Actor, artist, born 02/01/1965

Sherilyn Fenn actress, Actress, actor, born 02/01/1965

Noah Blake Actor, actor, born 02/01/1965

Princess Stephanie of Monaco ROYALTY, born 02/01/1965

Laurent Garnier musical artist, born 02/01/1966

Donna Edmondson Playboy Playmate, born 02/01/1966

Pete Mackee artist, born 02/01/1966

Ariane Schluter actor, born 02/01/1966

Meg Cabot Novelist, Writer, writer, born 02/01/1967

Patle Shishupal Natthu office holder, born 02/01/1967

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick actress, former model, actor, born 02/01/1967

Lisa Marie Presley NOTED FAMILY, SCIENTOLOGIST, born 02/01/1968

Pauly Shore ACTOR, COMEDIAN, Actor, comedian, actor, born 02/01/1968

Monika Bolly actress, actor, born 02/01/1968

Ann Leonard Fianna Fáil politician from County Monaghan, Ireland, born 02/01/1969

Joshua Redman Musician, composer, musical artist, born 02/01/1969

Andrew Breitbart Writer, Columnist, born 02/01/1969

Ulrike Frank actor, born 02/01/1969

Malik Sealy basketball player, born 02/01/1970

Louis Age gridiron football player, born 02/01/1970

Albert S. Garcia office holder, born 02/01/1970

Michael C. Hall Actor, actor, born 02/01/1971

Ron Welty American drummer, Musician, musical artist, born 02/01/1971

Roberto Petito Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 02/01/1971

Zlatko Zahovic soccer player, born 02/01/1971

Barney Cheng actor, born 02/01/1971

Arjan Bellaj soccer player, born 02/01/1971

Rebecca Creskoff Actress, actor, born 02/01/1971

Christian Ziege Footballer, soccer manager, born 02/01/1972

Yoshi Deherrera born 02/01/1972

Carlton Bruner All-American college swimmer, international swimmer, Pan-American Games gold medalist, born 02/01/1972

Steve Macanespie soccer manager, born 02/01/1972

Dejan Zecevic Film director and screenwriter, actor, born 02/01/1972

Ivan Farmakovsky Pianist, musical artist, born 02/01/1973

Bartek Niziol Polish violinist, born 02/01/1974

Lisa Marie Scott Playboy Playmate, born 02/01/1974

Hakkı Hocaoğlu Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1975

Big Boi musical artist, born 02/01/1975

Gilles Roussel French comic book creator and cartoonist, comics creator, born 02/01/1975

Phil Ivey American professional poker player, poker player, born 02/01/1976

Mat S. Rogers Australian rugby league and rugby union player, rugby player, born 02/01/1976

Paul Ditchburn ice hockey player, born 02/01/1976

Katrin Jakobsdottir office holder, born 02/01/1976

Libor Sionko footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1977

Max von Schlebrügge Swedish footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1977

Mike Dart Cherokee basketweaver from Fairfield, Oklahoma, born 02/01/1977

Oscar Braynon office holder, born 02/01/1977

Gun Arvidssen Writer, musician, subeditor, project manager, cinematographer, entrepreneur, writer, born 02/01/1977

Jim Rugg comics creator, born 02/01/1977

Cara Michelle Playboy Playmate, born 02/01/1978

Daniel Collopy actor, born 02/01/1978

Sara Tavares musical artist, born 02/01/1978

Rachelle Marie Lefevre Actor, Actress, actor, born 02/01/1979

Keith Barney musical artist, born 02/01/1979

Kenyatta Walker All-American college football player, professional football player, offensive lineman, offensive tackle, american football player, born 02/01/1979

Valentin Elizalde Singer-Songwriter, musical artist, born 02/01/1979

Mahek Chahal Actress, Model, actor, born 02/01/1979

Aleksander Seliga soccer player, born 02/01/1980

Alison Viktorin Voice Actress, actor, born 02/01/1981

Hins Cheung Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/01/1981

Sean. Hampton Actor, born 02/01/1981

Jay R Sillona singer-songwriter, actor, record producer, model, Singer-songwriter, music executive, actor, record producer, dancer, composer, model, businessman, musical artist, born 02/01/1981

Adam Kokesh United States Marine, military person, born 02/01/1982

Shoaib Malik Cricketer, cricketer, born 02/01/1982

Jong Wook Kim singer, musical artist, born 02/01/1982

Wilson Savoy Musician, musical artist, born 02/01/1982

Sebastian Bartolini soccer player, born 02/01/1982

Jurgen Van Den Broeck Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/01/1983

Mathieu Drujon Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/01/1983

Heather Deloach Actress, actor, born 02/01/1983

Marilou Berry Actress, Film actress, actor, born 02/01/1983

Andrew Vanwyngarden Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/01/1983

Saad Nazzal soccer player, born 02/01/1983

Ronnie Kroell model, born 02/01/1983

Darren Barr Fletcher Scottish footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1984

Lee Thompson Young actor, born 02/01/1984

Aimee Morakot Kittisara born 02/01/1984

Eder dos Santos soccer player, born 02/01/1984

Hassan Rabia soccer player, born 02/01/1984

Anthony Favre soccer player, born 02/01/1984

Jodi Gordon Actress, Model, actor, born 02/01/1985

David Ousted Danish footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1985

Windell Gabriels soccer player, born 02/01/1985

Lauren Conrad Television personality, author, fashion designer, Television personality, fashion student, People's Revolution coordinator, author, fashion designer, born 02/01/1986

Mathis Olimb Norwegian ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 02/01/1986

Yadira Geara Cury born 02/01/1986

Guillaume Walter Brenner soccer player, born 02/01/1986

Costel Fane Pantilmon Romanian footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1987

Adrien Niyonshuti bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/01/1987

Marek Strestik soccer player, born 02/01/1987

Kyle H Mabson Vocalist, Songwriter, Musician, Producer, musical artist, born 02/01/1987

Heather Elizabeth Morris Actress, dancer, singer, actor, born 02/01/1987

Aman Verma soccer player, born 02/01/1988

Kelly Martinez born 02/01/1988

Jimena Elias born 02/01/1989

Carolina Demetiev born 02/01/1989

Carolina Dementiev born 02/01/1989

Laura Marling Singer/songwriter, musical artist, born 02/01/1990

Marius Matei Romanian footballer, soccer player, born 02/01/1991

Martha Heredia Female vocalist from the Dominican Republic, Singer, musical artist, born 02/01/1991

Rolando Lewis soccer player, born 02/01/1991

Dionne Bromfield Singer, musical artist, born 02/01/1996