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Hans Adam Weissenkircher artist, born 02/10/1646

Carpenter, George, 1st Baron Carpenter office holder, born 02/10/1657

William Cornwallis military person, born 02/10/1744

Benjamin Smith Barton American botanist, scientist, born 02/10/1766

Charles Lamb English essayist, born 02/10/1775

James Wilkes Maurice Royal Navy officer during the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars., military person, born 02/10/1775

Adam Recsey president, born 02/10/1775

Ashur Ware United States federal judge, born 02/10/1782

Henri Navier French engineer and physicist, scientist, born 02/10/1785

Robert P. Letcher governor, born 02/10/1788

Ary Scheffer artist, born 02/10/1795

Jaganath Shunkerseth scientist, born 02/10/1803

Kuriakose Chavara saint, born 02/10/1805

Orville Hickman Browning office holder, born 02/10/1806

Abner Clark Harding Union Army general, military person, born 02/10/1807

Lajos Batthyany office holder, born 02/10/1807

Alexander Samuel Diven Politician, born 02/10/1809

Theodore Howard Mccaleb United States federal judge, born 02/10/1810

Jean de Quatrefages de Breau NATURALIST, ETHNOLOGIST, ANTHROPOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 02/10/1810

Guillermo Prieto Mexican writer, journalist and politician., Writer, journalist and politician., office holder, born 02/10/1818

Isham Green Harris office holder, born 02/10/1818

Richard Storrs Willis American composer, born 02/10/1819

William Scurry Confederate Army general, military person, born 02/10/1821

Wolverton, George Grenfell Glyn, 2nd Baron office holder, born 02/10/1824

Geoffrey Thomas Phipps Hornby British admiral, military person, born 02/10/1825

Martin Tovar Y Tovar born 02/10/1827

Moses Whelock Field American politician, born 02/10/1828

Alfred Mouton Confederate Army general, military person, born 02/10/1829

Theodore Fawcett politician, born 02/10/1832

Harrison Gray Otis Union United States Army soldier, born 02/10/1837

Harrison Gray Otis Union United States Army soldier, born 02/10/1837

Per Teodor Cleve scientist, born 02/10/1840

Bartolo Longo saint, born 02/10/1841

Adelina Patti Opera Singer, born 02/10/1843

John Henry Patterson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 02/10/1843

Augustus J. Ricks United States federal judge, born 02/10/1843

John Henry Patterson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/10/1843

Eli Houston Murray Governor of Utah Territory between 1880 and 1886, governor, born 02/10/1843

Sir William Fletcher Barrett PHYSICIST, PSYCHIC RESEARCHER, PROFESSOR, AUTHOR, born 02/10/1844

Alexander Herrmann Magician, illusionist, card scaler, born 02/10/1844

James Burns Australian businessman, shipowner and philanthropist, born 02/10/1846

1st Baron Charles William de la Poer Beresford MILITARY, ADMIRAL, born 02/10/1846

Ira Remsen scientist, born 02/10/1846

Nabin Chandra Sen POET, born 02/10/1847

A N Hornby cricketer, born 02/10/1847

Everett George DeVeber Canadian politician, active in provincial politics and member of the Canadian Senate, Medical doctor, office holder, born 02/10/1849

Asa Stratton Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 02/10/1853

Albert Barnes Anderson United States federal judge, born 02/10/1857

William Pember Reeves lawyer and journalist, prime minister, born 02/10/1857

Bernhard Ringrose Wise Australian politician and social reformer, born 02/10/1858

Alice Heine British royalty, born 02/10/1858

Jonathan Goforth Missionary in China, born 02/10/1859

Alexandre Millerand LAWYER, POLITICIAN, 11TH PRESIDENT OF 3RD REPUBLIC, president, born 02/10/1859

Paddy Crick New South Wales politician, born 02/10/1862

Rafael Altamira y Crevea HISTORIAN, JURIST, born 02/10/1866

Robert Randolph Garran First Solicitor-General of Australia, lawyer, public servant, born 02/10/1867

Holm Olaf Bursum United States Senator from New Mexico, senator, born 02/10/1867

James Chester Manifold Australian politician, Landowner, member of parliament, born 02/10/1867

Lake Jones United States federal judge, born 02/10/1867

Charles W. Bryan governor, born 02/10/1867

Robert Falconer office holder, born 02/10/1867

William Allen White AUTHOR, JOURNALIST, EDITOR, NOVELIST, born 02/10/1868

Prince Waldemar Of Prussia British royalty, born 02/10/1868

Vasily Pavlovich Kalafati Russian composer and pedagogue, born 02/10/1869

Arthur Cushing office holder, born 02/10/1869

Norman McKinnell ACTOR, born 02/10/1870

Clifford Coffin military person, born 02/10/1870

Albert William Flewitt English footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1872

Pyotr Chardynin Film director, Screenwriter, Film director, screenwriter, actor, actor, born 02/10/1873

Walter Lea office holder, born 02/10/1874

Robert Sangster Rait office holder, born 02/10/1874

Gaston Henri Gustave Billotte MILITARY, GENERAL, born 02/10/1875

Theophile Blickx ARTIST, PAINTER, SCULPTOR, born 02/10/1875

George S. Buck politician, born 02/10/1875

Jack Joyce Entertainer, born 02/10/1876

John Foster Symes United States federal judge, born 02/10/1878

Franz Carl Bornschein American composer, teacher and music critic, born 02/10/1879


Boris Konstantinovich Zaytsev writer, dramatist, born 02/10/1881

Frank Thomas Shaver member of parliament, born 02/10/1881

Elmo Pierce Lee United States federal judge, born 02/10/1882

Orville Bullington Attorney; Educator, born 02/10/1882

Stanislaw Bulak-Balachowicz president, born 02/10/1883

Frederick Hawksworth born 02/10/1884

Rork Scott Ferguson member of parliament, born 02/10/1884

John Parkinson English cardiologist, born 02/10/1885

David Gourd member of parliament, born 02/10/1885

Diamond Jenness Canadian anthropologist, Anthropologist, born 02/10/1886

Olin Howland Actor, drug, born 02/10/1886

Jack Standing Actor, actor, born 02/10/1886

Archibald Lyle soccer player, born 02/10/1886

Arthur Vincent Dias Planter, born 02/10/1886

Michael Rauchechelsen MUSICIAN, PIANIST, born 02/10/1889

Earl C. Latourette judge, born 02/10/1889

Boris Pasternak WRITER, POET, NOBEL PRIZE/LITERATURE 1958, born 09/24/1899

Fanya Kaplan born 02/10/1890

George Ferguson actor, born 02/10/1890

Allan Kent Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 02/10/1891

Gunther Blumentritt MILITARY, GENERAL OF THE INFANTRY, born 02/10/1892

Alan Hale, Sr. ACTOR, Actor/Director, actor, born 02/10/1892

Gunther Blumentritt military person, born 02/10/1892

Robert Alexis Green congressman, born 02/10/1892

Karl Arning German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 02/10/1892

Deanna Durbin FILM ACTRESS, SINGER, HONORARY OSCAR 1938, born 12/04/1922


Jimmy Durante Actor, comedian, singer, pianist, actor, born 02/10/1893

Harold Macmillan POLITICIAN, CONSERVATIVE PARTY P.M., PUBLISHER, office holder, born 02/10/1894

Herb Pennock baseball player, born 02/10/1894

Joseph Maxwell Australian Victoria Cross recipient, military person, born 02/10/1896

Shepherd, Lemuel C., Jr. 20th Commandant of the Marine Corps, military person, born 02/10/1896

Charles Victor actor, born 02/10/1896

Dame Judith Anderson Actress, actor, born 02/10/1897

John Franklin Enders scientist, born 02/10/1897

Dame Judith Anderson STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 09/03/1905


Bertolt Bertolt Brecht Poet, playwright, and theatre director, Playwright Theatre Director Poet, writer, born 02/10/1898

Cevdet Sunay president, born 02/10/1899

A. Ronald Heaver EDITOR, WRITER, PEN-NAMES OF ARH OR ZADOK, born 02/10/1900

Gianna Pederzini SINGER, MEZZO SOPRANO, ACTRESS, born 02/10/1900

Clarrie Martin prime minister, born 02/10/1900

Stella Adler ACTRESS, STAGE DIRECTOR, ACTING TEACHER, Actress, actor, born 02/10/1901

Richard Brauer scientist, born 02/10/1901

Per Buckhøj Actor, drug, born 02/10/1902

Walter Hauser Brattain RESEARCH PHYSICIST, NOBEL PRIZE/PHYSICS 1956, scientist, born 02/10/1902

Peteris Lauks soccer player, born 02/10/1902

Johnny Lucas American Baseball outfielder, born 02/10/1903

Edmund Wood Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1903

Matthias Sindelar soccer player, born 02/10/1903

Johnny Lucas American Baseball outfielder, born 02/10/1903

Walt Lerian baseball player, born 02/10/1903

Hans-Arno Ostermeier German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 02/10/1903

Heinrich Voigtsberger German general and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 02/10/1903

John Farrow Film director, screenwriter, Actor director, producer and screenwriter, actor, born 02/10/1904

John Villiers Farrow FILM DIRECTOR, AUTHOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 02/10/1904

Hal Anderson baseball player, born 02/10/1904

Chick Webb musical artist, born 02/10/1905

Lon Chaney, Jr. FILM ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, Actor, actor, born 02/10/1906

Roger Frison-Roche WRITER, MOUNTAINEER, ALPINIST, born 02/10/1906

Macdowell, Harris B., Jr. farmer, office holder, born 02/10/1906

Carlo Rigotti soccer manager, born 02/10/1906

Eric Cole military person, born 02/10/1906

George Quellich baseball player, born 02/10/1906

James H. Baxter born 02/10/1906

Frank Burton Ellis United States federal judge, Lawyer, office holder, born 02/10/1907

Andre Marius Marchand ARTIST, PAINTER, LITHOGRAPHER, ILLUSTRATOR, born 02/10/1907

Ronald Martland office holder, born 02/10/1907

Pisharoth Rama Pisharoty Indian meteorologist, born 02/10/1909

Jean Maurice L. Rigaux ACTOR, SONGWRITER, born 02/10/1909

Robert Main soccer player, born 02/10/1909

Joyce Grenfell Actress, actor, born 02/10/1910

Dominique Georges Pire ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 1958, born 02/10/1910

Douglas Spencer Actor, actor, born 02/10/1910

Princess Eugenie Of Greece And Denmark British royalty, born 02/10/1910

Bob Logan baseball player, born 02/10/1910

Walter Storp military person, born 02/10/1910

Archie Macpherson soccer manager, born 02/10/1910

Rebii Erkal Turkish footballer and manager, born 02/10/1911

Yisrael Galili born 02/10/1911

Norman Maccabe actor, born 02/10/1911

Edgar Brenchley Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 02/10/1912

Chalky Wright boxer, born 02/10/1912

Bob Davidson ice hockey player, born 02/10/1912

Herbert Baum electrician, born 02/10/1912

Olga Lehmann artist, born 02/10/1912

Erich Vielwerth German soldier and Knight's Cross and Close Combat Clasp in Gold recipient, military person, born 02/10/1912

Jozsef Darvas office holder, born 02/10/1912

Douglas Slocombe Cinematographer, born 02/10/1913

Adolf Borchers German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 02/10/1913

Franz Dorr military person, born 02/10/1913

Carl Frederick Burke Founder of Maritime Central Airways, born 02/10/1913

Orville Emil Bloch United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/10/1915

Ralph Hodgin baseball player, born 02/10/1915

Arnold Quick cricketer, born 02/10/1915

Fred Ford Football (soccer) player and manager, soccer manager, born 02/10/1916

Edward R. Roybal HEALTH EDUCATOR, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (DEM CA), born 02/10/1916

Edward Roybal congressman, born 02/10/1916

Gilbert Jerome Perlow scientist, born 02/10/1916

Achiam artist, born 02/10/1916

Musine Kokalari Writer, writer, born 02/10/1917

Allie Reynolds baseball player, born 02/10/1917

Danny Kladis Formula One racer, born 02/10/1917

Venedictos Printesis born 02/10/1917

Georg Michael German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 02/10/1917

Ray Monaco gridiron football player, born 02/10/1918

Hal Van Every american football player, born 02/10/1918

Carlos Canario soccer player, born 02/10/1918

Ferenc Bessenyei Actor, drug, born 02/10/1919

Eddie Johnson Formula One racer, born 02/10/1919

Bob Montgomery boxer, born 02/10/1919

Alexander Ormston soccer player, born 02/10/1919

Andre Petitfils SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/10/1920

Don Brennan cricketer, born 02/10/1920

Jose Manuel Castanon writer, born 02/10/1920

Bill Perkins born 02/10/1920

Sandy Van Ginkel architect, born 02/10/1920

Abraham Bennett Lester Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1920

Severin Bijelić Actor, drug, born 02/10/1921

Theodor Reimann soccer manager, born 02/10/1921

Don Avery gridiron football player, born 02/10/1921

Doug Young Voice actor, actor, born 02/10/1921

Peter Florin office holder, born 02/10/1921

Sally Pierone Artist, Family Counselor, born 02/10/1921

Big Joe Duskin Pianist, singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/10/1921

Arpad Goncz president, born 02/10/1922

Harold Hughes governor, born 02/10/1922

Henry Barnett scientist, born 02/10/1922

Neva Patterson Film, television actress, actor, born 02/10/1922

Mary Markward Beauty shop and FBI Informant, born 02/10/1922

Ahti Karjalainen ECONOMIST, POLITICIAN, MINISTER, P.M., born 02/10/1923

Allie Sherman FOOTBALL COACH, born 02/10/1923

Cesare Siepi OPERA SINGER, BASS, born 02/10/1923

Cheh Chang artist, born 02/10/1923

Theo Fitzau Formula One racer, born 02/10/1923

Ahti Karjalainen office holder, born 02/10/1923

Don Deeks gridiron football player, born 02/10/1923

Evan Vogds american football player, born 02/10/1923

Stan Aldous soccer player, born 02/10/1923

Richard Bauman ACTOR, born 02/10/1924

Bud Poile ice hockey player, born 02/10/1924

Kyaw Swe Actor, director, born 02/10/1924

Noud van Melis soccer player, born 02/10/1924

Pierre Mondy ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 02/10/1925

Neva Patterson FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 02/10/1925

Hazel Court English actress, actor, born 02/10/1926

Danny Blanchflower SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/10/1926

Danny Blanchflower soccer manager, born 02/10/1926

Randy Jackson baseball player, born 02/10/1926

Kostas Mountakis Composer, singer, musical artist, born 02/10/1926

Carmen Romano First Lady of Mexico, born 02/10/1926

Genevieve Laurens ARTIST, PAINTER, born 02/10/1927

Leontyne Price OPERA SINGER, SOPRANO, born 02/10/1927

William Tetley office holder, born 02/10/1927

Gordon Bowman born 02/10/1927

Florian Chmielewski Television Executive, office holder, born 02/10/1927

Rene Gardien SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/10/1928

Jean Luc Lagardere PUBLISHER, ENTREPRENEUR, born 02/10/1928

John Ringham Actor, actor, born 02/10/1928

Paddy DeMarco boxer, born 02/10/1928

Rene Gardien soccer manager, born 02/10/1928

Julia Compton Moore Wife of Hal Moore, Army daughter, wife, and mother, born 02/10/1929

Joy Dirksen Baker NOTED FAMILY, POLITICAL WIFE, ALCOHOLIC, born 02/10/1929

Oliver Goldsmith AUTHOR, POET, NATURALIST, HISTORIAN, NOVELIST, born 02/10/1929

Bruno Hunziker Swiss Politician, born 02/10/1930

Luisa Rivelli Actor, drug, born 02/10/1930

Robert Wagner FILM/TV ACTOR, PRODUCER, HOST, born 02/10/1930

Vladimir Shkodrov scientist, born 02/10/1930

Anne Wexler office holder, born 02/10/1930

Douglas A. Gordon Pirie MIDDLE DISTANCE RUNNER, born 02/10/1931

Crawford Douglas member of parliament, born 02/10/1931

Rockin Dopsie Musician, composer, singer, musical artist, born 02/10/1932

Yosef Ba-Gad born 02/10/1932

Victor Rebengiuc Actor, actor, born 02/10/1933

Kirk Fordice governor, born 02/10/1934

Barrie Ingham Actor, actor, born 02/10/1934

Donald Burton actor, born 02/10/1934

Vincent Nsengiyumva Archbishop of Kigali, Christian Bishop, born 02/10/1936

E. L. Henry Attorney; Lobbyist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, office holder, born 02/10/1936

Roberta Flack Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 02/10/1937

Kiruttinan, office holder, born 02/10/1937

Bob Francis MUSICIAN, NIGHTCLUB SINGER, born 02/10/1938

Peter Purves English actor, Actor and Television presenter, actor, born 02/10/1939

Bridget Hayward NOTED FAMILY, born 02/10/1939

Adrienne Clarkson governor, born 02/10/1939

Edwin L. Nelson United States federal judge, born 02/10/1940

Edmond Muntz office holder, born 02/10/1940

Mutsuhiko Nomura soccer manager, born 02/10/1940

Michael Apted FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, born 02/10/1941

Meyera Oberndorf governor, born 02/10/1941

Susan Mann office holder, born 02/10/1941

Ortiz Mayagoitia G president, born 02/10/1941

Irving Gerstein office holder, born 02/10/1941

Robert Colin Green Footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1942

Lawrence Weiner artist, born 02/10/1942

Madhabi Mukherjee actor, born 02/10/1942

Gennaro Olivieri soccer manager, born 02/10/1942

Walter B. Jones business distributor, congressman, born 02/10/1943

Pamela Gordon Playboy Playmate, born 02/10/1943

Mary McGarry Morris Author, playwright, born 02/10/1943

Joseph A. Trillo politician, born 02/10/1943

Frances Moore Lappé activist against world hunger, writer, activist, writer, born 02/10/1944

Peter Allen SINGER, DANCER, SONGWRITER, COMPOSER, AIDS VICTIM, Musician, singer-songwriter,, musical artist, born 02/10/1944

Urpo Leppanen POLITICIAN, born 02/10/1944

Frank Keating governor, born 02/10/1944

Clifford T Ward Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/10/1944

Randy Ewing Businessman, office holder, born 02/10/1944

Miyoko Akaza actor, born 02/10/1944

Assad Assad born 02/10/1944

Geraldine Hunt Singer, songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 02/10/1945

Cesar Gioja senator, born 02/10/1945

Richard P. Anderson FOOTBALL PLAYER, born 02/10/1946

Maurizia Dova FASHION DESIGNER, born 02/10/1946

Keith Douglas Towland Mans POLITICIAN, M.P., born 02/10/1946

Brice Lalonde politician, born 02/10/1946

Dick Anderson american football player, born 02/10/1946

Bob Spence baseball player, born 02/10/1946

Louise Arbour judge, born 02/10/1947

Nicholas Owen Journalist, writer, newsreader, television presenter and broadcaster, journalist, born 02/10/1947

Michael Philip Pratt Australian politician, Farmer, member of parliament, born 02/10/1948

Rosalyn R. Dance Virginia Politician, office holder, born 02/10/1948

Miodrag Petković mathematician, computer scientist, and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Niš in Serbia in the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Mathematician, born 02/10/1948

John Magnier Coolmore, born 02/10/1948

Howard Allen Serial killer, born 02/10/1949

Harold Sylvester actor, born 02/10/1949

Manuel H. Johnson judge, born 02/10/1949

Valri Bromfield actor, born 02/10/1949

Mark Andrew Spitz American swimmer, born 02/10/1950

Luis Donaldo Colosio POLITICIAN, MURDER VICTIM, born 02/10/1950

Emilio Gritti DANCER, born 02/10/1950


Pat Dunn school principal, politician, born 02/10/1950

Arno Alderath DANCER, born 02/10/1951

Aleksander Sznapik born 02/10/1951

Martin Ferris politician, born 02/10/1952

Marian Diacov office holder, born 02/10/1952

Ronnie Caryl Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 02/10/1953

Thomas Dinapoli politician, born 02/10/1954

Peter Ramsauer office holder, born 02/10/1954

Back Alley John Canadian blues singer, songwriter, harmonica player, Blues singer, songwriter, harmonica player, musical artist, born 02/10/1955

Greg Norman GOLFER, born 02/10/1955

James Cramer Television personality, author, born 02/10/1955

Chris Adams wrestler, born 02/10/1955

Leonard Preyra professor, politician, born 02/10/1955

Patrick Dupond BALLET DANCER, DIRECTOR, born 02/10/1956

Manny Vega artist, born 02/10/1956

Kathleen Beller ACTRESS, born 02/10/1957

Yamada Akihiro artist, born 02/10/1957

Samantha Shaw politician, born 02/10/1957

Billy Thomson Footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1958

Phillip John (Phil) Weightman Australian politician, born 02/10/1958

Gustavo Ballas BOXER, WORLD SUPER-FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION 1981, born 02/10/1958

Rupert Vansittart actor, born 02/10/1958

Bess Motta actor, born 02/10/1958

Rick Paterson ice hockey player, born 02/10/1958

Zion Mackinney gridiron football player, born 02/10/1958

John Berry Director of the Office of Personnel Management, office holder, born 02/10/1959

Lisa Macpherson born 02/10/1959

Mani Charenamei office holder, born 02/10/1959

Robert Addie actor, born 02/10/1960

Bryan Dobson Newscaster, journalist, born 02/10/1960

Steve Bailey musical artist, born 02/10/1960

Lionel Cartwright Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/10/1960

Russell Johnston born 02/10/1960

Tapio Korjus CHAMPION JAVELIN THROWER, born 02/10/1961

George Stephanopoulos WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR UNDER CLINTON, -Television journalist, journalist, born 02/10/1961

Paolo Fresu Musician, Composer, arranger, record producer, musical artist, born 02/10/1961

Jay Pickett actor, born 02/10/1961

Cliff Burton Musician, Songwriter, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/10/1962

Piero Pelu Singer, musical artist, born 02/10/1962

Alex To Singer, actor, actor, born 02/10/1962

Andy Maddocks soccer manager, born 02/10/1962

Lenny Dykstra BASEBALL PLAYER, CENTERFIELDER, born 02/10/1963

Karen Wilson STUDENT, MISSING PERSON, born 02/10/1963

Tony Reno musical artist, born 02/10/1963

Philip Glenister actor, born 02/10/1963

Glenn Beck talk-radio and television host, Media personality, born 02/10/1964

Arthur Lenk Israeli diplomat, politician, born 02/10/1964


John Campbell born 02/10/1964

Francesca Neri actor, born 02/10/1964

Carolyn Bolivargetson shopkeeper, politician, born 02/10/1964

Francesca Bentivoglio CHAMPION ROWER, born 02/10/1965

Tony Philliskirk soccer manager, born 02/10/1965

Daryl Johnston american football player, born 02/10/1966

Renata Przemyk Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, musical artist, born 02/10/1966

Laura Dern STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, Actor, actor, born 02/10/1967

Jacky Durand cyclist, born 02/10/1967

Vince Gilligan Writer, Director, Producer, actor, born 02/10/1967

Dominique Vien office holder, born 02/10/1967

Marcel Raducan politician, born 02/10/1967

Laurie Foell actor, born 02/10/1968

Mattias Klum musical artist, born 02/10/1968

Anne R. Kaiser office holder, born 02/10/1968

Torben Betts Dramatist, actor, born 02/10/1968

Jan Kees De Jager Politician, politician, born 02/10/1969

Thomas Van Hamme broadcaster, born 02/10/1969

Robert Joseph Jones American baseball player, baseball player, born 02/10/1970

Aasne Seierstad Broadcast Journalist, Author, born 02/10/1970

Hywel Simons actor, born 02/10/1970

Ardy Wiranata badminton player, born 02/10/1970

Sarah Aldrich Actress, actor, born 02/10/1970

Elsten Torres Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/10/1970

Kumar Vishwas Poet, Lyricist, Associate Professor, writer, born 02/10/1970

Lisa Marie Varon Professional wrestler, fitness competitor and bodybuilder, wrestler, born 02/10/1971

Michael Dietz Actor, Producer, Board Game Inventor, actor, born 02/10/1971

Lorena Rojas actor, born 02/10/1971

Kathryne Dora Brown Actress, actor, born 02/10/1971

Jon Button Musician, musical artist, born 02/10/1971

Michael Scott Kasprowicz Cricketer, cricketer, born 02/10/1972

Vladimir Naydanov soccer player, born 02/10/1972

Martha Lane Fox Businesswoman, born 02/10/1973

Núria Añó Catalan writer novelist, writer, novelist, writer, born 02/10/1973

Elizabeth Banks American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/10/1974

Claire Goose actor, born 02/10/1975

Lee Su Geun comedian, born 02/10/1975

Keeley Hawes actress, Actress, actor, born 02/10/1976

Carlos Jiménez Spanish basketball player, basketball player, born 02/10/1976

Carmelo Imbriani Italian footballer and Coach, soccer player, born 02/10/1976

Kev Brown musical artist, born 02/10/1976

Vanessa Damata Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/10/1976

Zaza Janashia soccer player, born 02/10/1976

Peter Fast Bowler Ongondo Kenyan cricketer, cricketer, born 02/10/1977

Michal Slawuta soccer player, born 02/10/1977

Boris Avrukh born 02/10/1978

Daryl Palumbo Vocalist Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 02/10/1979

Lars Mads Jørgensen Danish footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1979

Jumaine Jones basketball player, born 02/10/1979

Kristen Viikmae soccer player, born 02/10/1979

Paul Waggoner Musician, musical artist, born 02/10/1979

Johan Harstad writer, born 02/10/1979

Enzo Maresca Italian footballer, soccer player, born 02/10/1980

Bruno Sundov basketball player, born 02/10/1980

Yukiko Tamaki Seiyū, actor, born 02/10/1980

Jurga Sedeikyte musical artist, born 02/10/1980

Holly Willoughby English actress, Model, television presenter, born 02/10/1981

Natasha Saint-Pier Singer, Vocalist, Songwriter, musical artist, born 02/10/1981

Ran Carthon born 02/10/1981

Eric Dill Singer, Songwriter, Actor, musical artist, born 02/10/1981

Barry Sloane Actor, actor, born 02/10/1981

Julio Cesar Cortez soccer player, born 02/10/1981

Justin Gatlin American athlete, Olympic medalist, world record holder for 100 m dash, born 02/10/1982

Cat Whitehill American football player, soccer player, born 02/10/1982

Seok-jin Ha Actor, actor, born 02/10/1982

James Andrew Cheyne Ryan New Zealand rugby union footballer, born 02/10/1983

Bless Rapper, Singer, musical artist, born 02/10/1983

Donte Bonner actor, born 02/10/1983

Armando Romero soccer player, born 02/10/1983

Vic Fuentes Singer-songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 02/10/1983

Hyo-Jin Kim Model, actress, born 02/10/1984

Brent Everett adult actor, born 02/10/1984

Zaza Pachulia basketball player, born 02/10/1984

Tonny Brogaard soccer player, born 02/10/1984

Stephanie Dixon Canadian paralympian swimmer, born 02/10/1984

Emma Roberts American child actress; Niece of actress Julia Roberts, Actress, voice actress, singer, musical artist, born 02/10/1985

Selcuk Inan soccer player, born 02/10/1985

Brayden Pierce Actor, actor, born 02/10/1985

Viktor Troicki Tennis player, tennis player, born 02/10/1986

Vanessa Goncalves born 02/10/1986

Andrea Muizelaar fashion model, model, born 02/10/1987

Pieter Vanspeybrouck Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/10/1987

Frederiek Nolf Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/10/1987

Yuja Wang Pianist, born 02/10/1987

Waly Coulibaly basketball player, born 02/10/1988

Blaise Garza actor, born 02/10/1989

Guodong Xiao born 02/10/1989

Bunmi Mojekwu Actress, actor, born 02/10/1989

De Ping Ceng Singer, musical artist, born 02/10/1991

Haruna Kawaguchi actor, born 02/10/1995

Chloe Grace Moretz Actress, actor, born 02/10/1997

Gabrielle and Michaela Garcia SIAMESE TWINS, born 02/10/1998