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Thomas Campion English composer, poet and physician, born 02/12/1567

Cornelis Bisschop artist, born 02/12/1630

Juan Garcia de Salazar Spanish baroque composer, born 02/12/1639


Cotton Mather Minister, born 02/12/1663

George Hadley Lawyer, amateur meteorologist, born 02/12/1685

Sebastian Sailer Premonstratensian preacher and writer, born 02/12/1714

Hertford, Francis Ingram-Seymour-Conway, 2nd Marquess of office holder, born 02/12/1743

Emperor Francis II of the Holy Roman Empire ROYALTY, LAST EMPEROR OF ROMAN/GERMAN EMPIRE, born 02/12/1768

Holy Roman Emperor Francis II Deceased Monarch, British royalty, born 02/12/1768

William Hotham Royal Navy officer during the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary Wars., military person, born 02/12/1772

Jacque Dupre 8th Governor of Louisiana, governor, born 02/12/1773

Louisa Adams First Lady of the United States, office holder, born 02/12/1775

Somerset, Arthur John Henry, Lord soldier, member of parliament, born 02/12/1780

St Leonards, Edward Sugden, 1st Baron office holder, born 02/12/1781

Alden Partridge United States Army officer, military person, born 02/12/1785

Norbert Provencher Christian Bishop, born 02/12/1787

Carl Reichenbach German Philosopher, Chemist, Geologist, Metallurgist, Naturalist, Industrialist and Philosopher, born 02/12/1788

Peter Cooper Industrialist, Inventor, Philanthropist, born 02/12/1791

Aubrey George Spencer born 02/12/1795

Hiram Capron politician, born 02/12/1796

John Edward Gray scientist, born 02/12/1800

William Clancy born 02/12/1802

Kalman Ghyczy office holder, born 02/12/1808

Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States of America, Lawyer, Politician, president, born 02/12/1809

Charles Robert Darwin Naturalist, scientist, born 02/12/1809

George Houston Brown congressman, born 02/12/1810

James Johnson governor, born 02/12/1811

Benjamin Franklin Thomas congressman, born 02/12/1813

Leon-Charles Clement office holder, born 02/12/1814

Martin Brewer Anderson First President of University of Rochester, born 02/12/1815

Conrad Baker politician, born 02/12/1817

Louis A. S. Deibler EXECUTIONER, born 02/12/1823

Swami Dayananda Saraswati born 02/12/1824

George Meredith Writer and poet, writer, born 02/12/1828

Paul Borel ARTIST, born 02/12/1828

Robert Jr. Ransom Confederate Army general, military person, born 02/12/1828

Marshall F. Moore governor, born 02/12/1829

John Morrissey Boxer and Politician, born 02/12/1831

Edmund Needham Morrill governor, born 02/12/1834

John Sills Jones Union Army officer, born 02/12/1836

Carl Gangolf Kayser born 02/12/1837

Thomas Moran artist, born 02/12/1837

David Patterson Dyer United States federal judge, born 02/12/1838

Charles Carroll Walcutt general in the Union Army during the American Civil War, military person, born 02/12/1838

Richard Cutts Shannon office holder, born 02/12/1839

Paul Jullien MUSICIAN, VIOLINIST, born 02/12/1840

Gijsbert van Tienhoven Professor, prime minister, born 02/12/1841

Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu PUBLICIST, HISTORIAN, born 02/12/1842

Charles L. Thomas United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 02/12/1843

Charles L. Thomas United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/12/1843

Andrew Coyle Bradley United States federal judge, born 02/12/1844

Judson Claudius Clements congressman, born 02/12/1846

Albert John Gould Australian politician, Businessman, member of parliament, born 02/12/1847

Prince Philipp zu Eulenberg-Hertefeld DIPLOMAT, POET, MUSICIAN, ARCHITECT, GAY, born 02/12/1847

Friedrich Engesser CIVIL ENGINEER, AUTHOR, born 02/12/1848

Lord Randolph Churchill STATEMAN, CONSERVATIVE POLITICIAN, born 02/12/1849

William Morris Davis American geographer, geologist, and meteorologist, often called the "father of American geography", scientist, born 02/12/1850

Eugen Von Boehm-Bawerk born 02/12/1851

Charles John Fulmer Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 02/12/1851

Napoleon Charbonneau office holder, born 02/12/1853

Frederick Augustus Woodard congressman, born 02/12/1854

Jacob Pavlovitch Adler Russian-born actor in Yiddish theatere in Odessa, London and New York, Actor, actor, born 02/12/1855

Eduard von Boehm-Ermolli military person, born 02/12/1856

Jean Eugene Auguste Atget DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHER, ACTOR, born 02/12/1857

Charlie Simms Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1859

G P Nerli artist, born 02/12/1860

Frank Rinehart American photographer and portraitist, artist, born 02/12/1861

Lou Andreas-Salome WRITER, born 02/12/1861

Lou Andreas-Salome born 02/12/1861

William Denison McCrackan AUTHOR, LECTURER, born 02/12/1864

John Walter Findlay member of parliament, born 02/12/1866

William Faversham Stage actor, actor, born 02/12/1868

Frelinghuysen, Joseph Sherman, Sr. born 02/12/1869

Marie Lloyd Music hall singer, born 02/12/1870

Marcus William Robertson United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/12/1870

Hugo Stinnes ENTREPRENEUR, INDUSTRIALIST, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC, Industrialist, born 02/12/1870

Henry Riggs Rathbone congressman, born 02/12/1870

August Holtz United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/12/1871

Andrew Joseph McDonald ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, ARCHBISHOP, born 02/12/1871

Harry K. Thaw born 02/12/1871

Roddy Macleod soccer player, born 02/12/1872

Oscar Stribolt actor, born 02/12/1872

Jack Chadburn Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1873

Abram Piatt Jr. Andrew congressman, born 02/12/1873

Effie Louise Power Children's Librarian, author, educator, and storyteller, born 02/12/1873

Thubten Gyatso born 02/12/1876

Louis Renault Business, born 02/12/1877

Odon Beniczky office holder, born 02/12/1878

Juan Esteban Montero president, born 02/12/1879

Helena Roerich philosopher, born 02/12/1879

John Llewellyn Lewis U.S. labor leader, Miner; Labor leader, born 02/12/1880

Clifton Mathews United States federal judge, born 02/12/1880

Arturo Bocchini LAW OFFICER, HEAD OF FASCIST POLICE, born 02/12/1880

John L. Lewis LABOR LEADER, PRESIDENT OF UNITED MINE WORKERS, insurance broker, congressman, born 10/21/1934

Tom Chatterton Actor, actor, born 02/12/1881


Walter Nash Clerk, office holder, born 02/12/1882

William Samuel Murphy member of parliament, born 02/12/1882

Ludwig Stössel actor, Actor, born 02/12/1883

Licinio Refice Italian composer and priest, born 02/12/1883

Zaifeng, , 2nd Prince Chun British royalty, born 02/12/1883


Alice Roosevelt Longworth SOCIALITE, LONGEVITY, NOTED FAMILY, actor, born 02/12/1884

Julius Streicher NAZI NATIONAL SOCIALIST POLITICIAN, #1 JEW BAITER, office holder, born 02/12/1885

Lewis Windermere Nott Australian politician and medical practitioner, Medical practitioner, member of parliament, born 02/12/1886

Humphrey Oleary office holder, born 02/12/1886

Edelmiro Julian Farrell office holder, born 02/12/1887

Hans Graf Von Sponeck military person, born 02/12/1888

Arthur Hutt military person, born 02/12/1889

Curley Byrd college coach, born 02/12/1889

Edward William Hanson Naval officer and Governor of American Samoa, Naval officer, governor, born 02/12/1889

Bess Meredith Film actress, Film writer, born 02/12/1890

Heinrich Luers SCIENTIST, CHEMIST, born 02/12/1890

James J. Lyons Salesman, office holder, born 02/12/1890

Otto Tiemann German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 02/12/1890

Max Terhune Actor, drug, born 02/12/1891

Eugene Donald Millikin POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR, born 02/12/1891

Maurice Yvain MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 02/12/1891

Robert P. Patterson office holder, born 02/12/1891

Theodor Plievier German writer, born 02/12/1892

Moritz von Drebber German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 02/12/1892

Omar Nelson Bradley MILITARY, GENERAL OF THE 1ST ARMY IN WWII, military person, born 02/12/1893

Marcel Gilles Minnaert SCIENTIST, ASTROPHYSICIST, AUTHOR, born 02/12/1893

Ferenc Gordon office holder, born 02/12/1893

Reidar Waaler United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/12/1894

Eugene Chavant SOCIALIST FIGHTER, born 02/12/1894

Brian Desmond Hurst Film director, born 02/12/1895

Kristian Djurhuus prime minister, born 02/12/1895

Dorothy Frooks American author, publisher, military figure and actress, author, publisher, born 02/12/1896

Charles Groves Wright Anderson Australian Victoria Cross recipient, farmer and politician., Farmer, Soldier, Politician, member of parliament, born 02/12/1897

Vola Vale Actress, actor, born 02/12/1897

Wallace Ford Actor, actor, born 02/12/1898

Roy Ellsworth Harris MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, PIANIST, ORGANIST, born 02/12/1898

Tom Blasingame Rancher, born 02/12/1898

James Harold Stewart military person, born 02/12/1898

Charles Johnston politician, born 02/12/1899

Pink Anderson American singer-guitarist, musical artist, born 02/12/1900

Roger Jean Heim BOTANIST (CRYPTOGAMY), AUTHOR, born 02/12/1900

Vasily Chuikov military person, born 02/12/1900

Frederick Emney Actor, actor, born 02/12/1900

Arden Maddison soccer player, born 02/12/1900

John Evans soccer player, born 02/12/1900

Ragnar Garret military person, born 02/12/1900

Virgil Cheeves baseball player, born 02/12/1901

George Owen ice hockey player, born 02/12/1901

Kiddo Davis baseball player, born 02/12/1902

Jorge Basadre Historian, born 02/12/1903

Jess Hafey baseball player, born 02/12/1903

Joseph F. Biroc Cinematographer, born 02/12/1903

Ted Mack TV PERSONALITY, born 02/12/1904

Rudolf Antonius Heinrich Platte ACTOR, CABARET PERFORMER, born 02/12/1904

Etienne Charles Wolff EMBRYOLOGIST, born 02/12/1904

Clarence Adam Milligan member of parliament, born 02/12/1904

Harry Bellaver FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, Film, stage, television actor, actor, born 02/12/1905


Magnus Cameron Cormack Australian politician, politician, born 02/12/1906

Howard Okey born 02/12/1906

Charles Quigley Actor, actor, born 02/12/1906

André Cauvin Film director, Screenwriter, Film producer, actor, born 02/12/1907

Joseph Kearns actor, born 02/12/1907

Clifton C. Edom scientist, born 02/12/1907

Jean Effel CARTOONIST, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, born 02/12/1908

Jacques Herbrand scientist, born 02/12/1908

Sigmund Rascher German SS doctor, born 02/12/1909

Shin Saburi Actor, actor, born 02/12/1909

Bernabe Ferreyra soccer player, born 02/12/1909

Jack Mandley soccer player, born 02/12/1909

Forsyth Hardy DOCUMENTARY FILM MAKER, FILM CRITIC, born 02/12/1910

Enrique Anderson Imbert Writer, Critic, Professor, writer, born 02/12/1910


Cearbhall Odalaigh president, born 02/12/1911

Antonio Guzman Fernandez office holder, born 02/12/1911

Stephen H. Sholes Record producer, musical artist, born 02/12/1911

Elizabeth Bullock Andrews congressman, born 02/12/1911

Campbell Ewing Millar member of parliament, born 02/12/1911

Eric Barker Actor, Comedy actor, actor, born 02/12/1912

Fritz Bornemann German architect, born 02/12/1912

Paul Bascomb American jazz tenor saxophonist, born 02/12/1912

Pierre Jaminet Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/12/1912

Lycette Darsonval DANCER, TEACHER, CHOREOGRAPHER, born 02/12/1912

Ernest Clark actor, born 02/12/1912

Thomas H. Tongue judge, born 02/12/1912

Josef Blosche military person, born 02/12/1912

Johnny Dell Isola gridiron football player, born 02/12/1912

Joe Kinnear born 02/12/1912

Donaldson military person, born 02/12/1912

David DeJernett American basketball player, born 02/12/1912

Oliver John Whitley Broadcasting administrator for the BBC., born 02/12/1912

Joop Cantor MUSICIAN, CELLIST, born 02/12/1913

Anthony Corallo Gangster, criminal, born 02/12/1913

Alfred Gregory Mountain climber, explorer, photographer, born 02/12/1913

Nello Celio Politician, born 02/12/1914

Tex Beneke musician, musical artist, born 02/12/1914

Lazar Kolisevski president, born 02/12/1914

Lorne Greene Actor, actor, born 02/12/1915

Andrew Goodpaster United States Army general, military person, born 02/12/1915

Antonio Giolitti POLITICIAN, AUTHOR, MINISTER OF THE BUDGET, born 02/12/1915

Forrest Tucker ACTOR, born 02/12/1915

Karl Bastian military person, born 02/12/1915

Richard G. Colbert military person, born 02/12/1915

Joseph Lawrence Alioto LAWYER, POLITICIAN, MAYOR OF SAN FRANCISCO, born 02/12/1916

Michel de Saint Pierre AUTHOR, NOVELIST, BIOGRAPHER, PLAYWRIGHT, born 02/12/1916

Joseph Alioto office holder, born 02/12/1916

Rudy Larriva Animator/Film director, actor, born 02/12/1916

Valentyn Rechmedin Journalist and writer, writer, born 02/12/1916

Damian Iguacen Borau born 02/12/1916

Peter McRae cricketer, born 02/12/1916


Dom DiMaggio BASEBALL PLAYER, born 02/12/1917

Dom Dimaggio baseball player, born 02/12/1917

Odessa Grady Clay Relative, Housewife, born 02/12/1917

Franz Juschkat German soldier and Knight's Cross and Close Combat Clasp in Gold recipient, military person, born 02/12/1917

Mickey Freeman Television actor, born 02/12/1917

Julian Schwinger Physicist, scientist, born 02/12/1918

John L. Jerstad United States Air Force Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/12/1918

Milovan Ciric soccer manager, born 02/12/1918

Werner Schröer German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 02/12/1918

Norman Farberow scientist, born 02/12/1918

Tamer Balci Actor, actor, born 02/12/1918

Edward Dean Price United States federal judge, born 02/12/1919

Forrest Tucker actor, born 02/12/1919

Ferruccio Valcareggi soccer manager, born 02/12/1919

Subhash Mukhopadhyaya Poet, writer, born 02/12/1919

Jack Johnson soccer player, born 02/12/1919

Jack Turner Formula One racer, born 02/12/1920

Pran Sikand Actor, actor, born 02/12/1920

Thomas Mack Wilhoite military person, born 02/12/1921

Don Bollweg baseball player, born 02/12/1921

Franz Staudegg military person, born 02/12/1921

Eduard Lorenz SS-Unterscharführer, born 02/12/1921

Gustl Bayrhammer Actor, drug, born 02/12/1922

Hussein Onn Lawyer, prime minister, born 02/12/1922

Hank Dezonie born 02/12/1922

Jack Keddie born 02/12/1922

Anthony J. Cimini office holder, born 02/12/1922

Oernulf Tofte office holder, born 02/12/1922

Robert Q. Marston American university professor, university president, research scientist, medical doctor, National Institutes of Health director, Rhodes Scholar, born 02/12/1923

Jean Stock BOXER, born 02/12/1923

Gian-Franco Zeffirelli FILM DIRECTOR, STAGE/COSTUME DESIGNER, ACTOR, GAY, born 02/12/1923

James Chichester-Clark Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, prime minister, born 02/12/1923

Lex Davison born 02/12/1923

Knox Martin artist, born 02/12/1923

Doug Rees soccer player, born 02/12/1923

Jules Levy Producer, producer, actor, born 02/12/1923

Big John Wrencher musical artist, born 02/12/1923

Louis Zorich Actor/Musician, actor, born 02/12/1924

John Archer military person, born 02/12/1924

Theodore Cross born 02/12/1924

Urquhart Edward Innes Australian politician, Unionist, member of parliament, born 02/12/1925

Joan Mitchell ARTIST, PAINTER, born 02/12/1925

Anthony Berry Conservative MP, member of parliament, born 02/12/1925

Joan Finney governor, born 02/12/1925

Joan Mitchell artist, born 02/12/1925

Lee Tressel college coach, born 02/12/1925

Irene Camber Italian fencer, 1952 Olympic gold in individual foil, born 02/12/1926

John Perkins Barrymore CLAIMED TO BE BARRYMORE'S ILLEGITIMATE SON, ACTOR, born 02/12/1926

Joe Garagiola SPORTSCASTER, TV HOST, BASEBALL PLAYER, CATCHER, baseball player, born 02/12/1926

Charles Van Doren born 02/12/1926

Rolf Brem artist, born 02/12/1926

Witold Skulicz artist, born 02/12/1926

Ann Gillis Actress, actor, born 02/12/1927

Kyudo Nakagawa born 02/12/1927

H.M. Wynant Actor, actor, born 02/12/1927

Rita Meyer born 02/12/1927

Heinz Werner Baumann FILM/TV ACTOR, born 02/12/1928

John Fieldhouse military person, born 02/12/1928

Edwin Power scientist, born 02/12/1928

Arlen J. Specter United States Senator from Pennsylvania, Attorney, senator, born 02/12/1930

Herbert Nachbar East German Author, born 02/12/1930

Imre Soós Actor, drug, born 02/12/1930

Red Allen musical artist, born 02/12/1930

Francis Coeuret BOXER, born 02/12/1931

Connie Morella politician, born 02/12/1931

Walt Groller Musician, musical artist, born 02/12/1931

Lincoln Kilpatrick Film, television actor, actor, born 02/12/1932

Eliyahu Comay Theoretical physicist, scientist, born 02/12/1932

Ernesto Ornati SADC : #14263, born 02/12/1932

Axel Jensen born 02/12/1932

Bernard Rahis SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/12/1933

Costa Gavras film director and producer, actor, born 02/12/1933

Bruno Oya actor, born 02/12/1933

Bill Russell Hall of Fame American basketball player., born 02/12/1934

Alasdair Paine Webster Australian Politician, Politician, Teacher, Superintendent, member of parliament, born 02/12/1934


Anne O. Krueger born 02/12/1934

Vince Heinrich Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 02/12/1934


Joe Don Baker STAGE/FILM,/TV ACTOR, actor, born 02/12/1936

Lizhi Fang Professor of astrophysics, born 02/12/1936

Paul Shenar actor, born 02/12/1936

Binyamin Ben-Eliezer born 02/12/1936

Richard Lynch Film, television actor, actor, born 02/12/1936

H. R. Jothipala artist, born 02/12/1936

Toru Iwaya artist, born 02/12/1936

Anatole Novak Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/12/1937

Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy ROYALTY, KING-IN-EXILE OF ITALY, ARMS DEALER, born 02/12/1937

John Rodriguez teacher, politician, born 02/12/1937

Jan Magnus Fladmark monarch, born 02/12/1937

Yitzhak Galanti born 02/12/1937

Judy Blume Novelist, short story writer, author, novels and short stories, writer, born 02/12/1938

Peter Temple-Morris member of parliament, born 02/12/1938

Nelson Skalbania Businessman, born 02/12/1938

Pilar Pellicer film actress, actor, born 02/12/1938

Julia Irene (Nita) Cunningham Australian politician, born 02/12/1939

György Fehér Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/12/1939

Ray Manzarek of THE DOORS MUSICIAN, KEYBOARDIST, Musician, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Filmmaker, musical artist, born 02/12/1939

Chaudhary Ajit Singh office holder, born 02/12/1939

Larry Cook born 02/12/1939

Hank Brown LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (REP CO), senator, born 02/12/1940

Victor Taylor GRAPHIC ARTIST, AIDS VICTIM, born 02/12/1940

Ralph Bates Actor, actor, born 02/12/1940

Bashir Ahmad office holder, born 02/12/1940

Wolfgang Solz soccer player, born 02/12/1940

Thomas Capra NOTED FAMILY, born 02/12/1941

Bruno Lawrence Actor, Musician, actor, born 02/12/1941

Erden Alkan actor, born 02/12/1941

Dominguinhos musical artist, born 02/12/1941

Ehud Barak Prime Minister of Israel, prime minister, born 02/12/1942

Jacques Ayotte NUCLEAR PHYSICIST, born 02/12/1942

Michael Elphick PRODUCER & DIRECTOR OF COMMERCIALS (1987), born 02/12/1942

Peter Charles Snape POLITICIAN, M.P., born 02/12/1942

Peter Snape member of parliament, born 02/12/1942

Norma Major Businessman, office holder, born 02/12/1942

John J Donovan Entrepreneur, Professor at MIT, born 02/12/1942

Leila Hayes Television actor, actor, born 02/12/1942

Giuseppe Morosi soccer player, born 02/12/1942

William Wegman ARTIST, born 02/12/1943

Richard Pates born 02/12/1943

Oswaldo Alvarez Paz governor, born 02/12/1943

Jackie Torrence STORYTELLER, born 02/12/1944

Ortwin Runde politician, born 02/12/1944

David Marks Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer, Publisher, Sound Engineer, Author, musical artist, born 02/12/1944

Maud Adams Actress, model, actor, born 02/12/1945

Donald Edward Wilson Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 02/12/1945

Vaidehi Kannada writer, Writer, writer, born 02/12/1945

Cliff DeYoung ACTOR, born 02/12/1945

Joe Schermie of THREE DOG NIGHT MUSICIAN, BASS PLAYER, born 02/12/1945

David D. Friedman born 02/12/1945

Andy Poe actor, born 02/12/1945

James R. Roebuck office holder, born 02/12/1945

Alan Hunt actor, born 02/12/1945

Dupa comics creator, born 02/12/1945

Dani Coren born 02/12/1945

Thilo Sarrazin office holder, born 02/12/1945

Harald Irmscher Former German football player, now coach, Football coach, born 02/12/1946

Peter Schoomaker military person, born 02/12/1946

Cliff Deyoung actor, born 02/12/1946

Jean Eyeghe Ndong prime minister, born 02/12/1946

Joe Schermie musician, musical artist, born 02/12/1946

Nicolae Pantea soccer manager, born 02/12/1946

Anne Marie Helger Actress, actor, born 02/12/1946

Sharif Nazarov soccer manager, born 02/12/1946

Lillian Lehman Actress, actor, born 02/12/1947

Ken Johnson american football player, born 02/12/1947

Raymond Kurzweil Author, Scientist, & Futurist, atoll, born 02/12/1948

Graham Pugh Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1948

Alexander Charles Carlile POLITICIAN, M.P., born 02/12/1948

Ray Kurzweil Author, Scientist, & Futurist, Author, entrepreneur, scientist and futurist, born 02/12/1948

Nicholas Soames member of parliament, born 02/12/1948

Alex Carlile politician, born 02/12/1948

Jan Grauls office holder, born 02/12/1948

Marion Hänsel Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, Actor, actor, born 02/12/1949

Robin Thomas actor, born 02/12/1949

Joaquin Sabina singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/12/1949

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu office holder, born 02/12/1949

Michael Ironside Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Editor, Playwright, Actor, Voice actor, Film producer, Screenwriter, Film director, Film editor, Playwright, actor, born 02/12/1950

Patrick Quinn actor, born 02/12/1950

Steven Parent Delivery boy, Salesman, Delivery boy, born 02/12/1951

Steven Earl Parent CARETAKER, MANSON FAMILY MURDER VICTIM, born 02/12/1951

Shaikh Yamani NOTED FAMILY, born 02/12/1951

Steve Hackett Musician, Songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 02/12/1951

Gil Moore Musician, Songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 02/12/1951

Rosy Bindi prime minister, born 02/12/1951

Cory Lerios Musician, Composer, Producer, musical artist, born 02/12/1951

Simon MacCorkindale British actor, director and producer, Actor, director, producer, actor, born 02/12/1952

Bob Lally American football linebacker, american football player, born 02/12/1952

Des Smyth PRO GOLFER, born 02/12/1952

Salvador Pineda Actor, musical artist, born 02/12/1952

Hugh Henry office holder, born 02/12/1952

Larry Joshua actor, born 02/12/1952

Joanna Kerns Actress/Director, actor, born 02/12/1953

Nabil Shaban actor, born 02/12/1953

Ellen Michaels Playboy Playmate, born 02/12/1953

Des Smyth golf player, born 02/12/1953

Tzimis Panousis Greek musician and stand-up comedian, radio presenter, standup comedian, book writer, musical artist, born 02/12/1954

Majalli Wahabi born 02/12/1954

Zach Grenier actor, born 02/12/1954

Daniele Masala Modern pentathlete, Olympic gold 1984, born 02/12/1955

Fraser Clarke Heston SCREENWRITER, FILM PRODUCER, NOTED FAMILY, born 02/12/1955

Bill Laswell Musician, producer, arranger, musical artist, born 02/12/1955

Arsenio Hall Actor, comedian, Actor, comedian, television host, actor, born 02/12/1955

Arsenio Hall FILM/TV ACTOR, COMEDIAN, TV TALK SHOW HOST, born 02/12/1956

Cliff Robertson STAGE/FILM/TV/COMMERCIAL ACTOR, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/12/1956

Ad Melkert Politician, politician, born 02/12/1956

Brad King educator, office holder, born 02/12/1956

Pat Macnamee office holder, born 02/12/1957

Joe Sagal actor, born 02/12/1957

Stephen J. Windhorst Attorney; State Representative; Judge, office holder, born 02/12/1957

Diana Vincent jewelry designer, born 02/12/1958

Kurtwood Smith ACTOR, born 02/12/1958

Grant Maclennan musician, songwriter, guitarist, singer, musical artist, born 02/12/1958

Ruth Guerri Playboy Playmate, born 02/12/1958

Kauko Royhka ARTIST, SINGER, WRITER, born 02/12/1959

Sigrid Thornton Actor, actor, born 02/12/1959

Glenn Flear born 02/12/1959


Mary Mulligan office holder, born 02/12/1960

Nakul Das Rai office holder, born 02/12/1960

Lisa Scaffidi office holder, born 02/12/1960

Terry Wayne Ray Actor, producer, screenwriter, drug, born 02/12/1961

Lourdes Perez Singer, songwriter, composer, poet, musical artist, born 02/12/1961

Jin Lang Chen Host, Songwriter, actor, born 02/12/1961

Terry Wayne Ray Actor, producer, screenwriter, Actor, writer, producer, voice for "Gaydar Gun", actor, born 02/12/1961

Sharryn Maree Jackson Australian politician, Unionist, member of parliament, born 02/12/1962

Borislav Mikhailov Footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1962

Jagabati Babu actor, born 02/12/1962

Ali Leroi actor, born 02/12/1962

Mahinda Amaraweera office holder, born 02/12/1962

Trevor Matthewson Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1963

John Michael Higgins Actor, actor, born 02/12/1963

Brian Haley Actor/Comedian, actor, born 02/12/1963

Jacqueline Woodson Author, writer, born 02/12/1963

Ben Sherwood American author, journalist, and entrepreneur, Author, Journalist, Entrepreneur, writer, born 02/12/1964

Raphael Sbarge ACTOR, actor, born 02/12/1964

Alun Davies office holder, born 02/12/1964

Stephen Carter politician, born 02/12/1964

Christine Elise born 02/12/1965

Cutty Ranks singer, songwriter, musician, entertainer, musical artist, born 02/12/1965

Alex Meneses actor, born 02/12/1965

Bob Ursel born 02/12/1965

Lochlyn Munro actor, born 02/12/1966

Paul Crook Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/12/1966

Jose Manalo actor, born 02/12/1966

Daniel Martin Diaz artist, born 02/12/1967

Julie Bradbury badminton player, born 02/12/1967

Chynna Phillips Singer, actress, musical artist, born 02/12/1968

John Purves Retired Canadian ice hockey player, born 02/12/1968

Chynna Phyllips of WILSON PHILLIPS SINGER, NOTED FAMILY, born 02/12/1968

Atiqa Odho Actress, Host, Make-up artist, Hairstylist, actor, born 02/12/1968

Nathan Rees prime minister, born 02/12/1968

Darren Aronofsky Film director, Film director, screenwriter & producer, actor, born 02/12/1969

Myung-Bo Hong South Korean football player, soccer manager, born 02/12/1969

David Naccache Cryptographer, born 02/12/1969

Byron Stroud Musician, musical artist, born 02/12/1969

Jean-Pierre Cyprien soccer player, born 02/12/1969

J. Robert Spencer Actor, Singer, actor, born 02/12/1969

Judd Winick comics creator, born 02/12/1970

Jim Creeggan musical artist, born 02/12/1970

Sacha Horler Actor, actor, born 02/12/1970

Scott Menville Actor, actor, born 02/12/1971

Cathy Priest born 02/12/1971

Benjamin Sadler Actor, actor, born 02/12/1971

Ajay Naidu actor, born 02/12/1972

Sophie Zelmani Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/12/1972

Andrew Cassese actor, born 02/12/1972

Tara Strong Actress, voice actress, singer, actor, born 02/12/1973

Kevin Austin soccer player, born 02/12/1973

Thomas Dufour born 02/12/1973

Geert Omloop Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/12/1974

Jeff Capel III Basketball player and coach, radio station, born 02/12/1975

Michael Ray Bower Actor, actor, born 02/12/1975

Jeff Capel III Basketball player and coach, college coach, born 02/12/1975

J. Period Disc Jockey, Remixer, Producer, musical artist, born 02/12/1975

Silvia Saint Czech pornographic actress, adult actor, born 02/12/1976

Christopher Pettiet Actor, actor, born 02/12/1976

Anna Benson model, born 02/12/1976

Jenni Falconer Television presenter, born 02/12/1976

Alain Masudi Congolese football player, soccer player, born 02/12/1978

Gethin Jones Welsh television presenter, Television presenter, actor, born 02/12/1978

Jesse Gordon Spencer Australian actor, Actor/Musician, actor, born 02/12/1979

Chris Luzar gridiron football player, born 02/12/1979

Christina Ricci Actress, actor, born 02/12/1980

Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis player, tennis player, born 02/12/1980

Sarah Lancaster Actress, actor, born 02/12/1980

Bogdan Bălan Romanian Rugby union footballer., rugby player, born 02/12/1980

Dariusz Pietrasiak Polish footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1980

Robin Bain Actress, Writer, Director, actor, born 02/12/1980

Tine Rustad Kristiansen born 02/12/1980

Qiana Chase Playboy Playmate, born 02/12/1981

Selena Li artist, born 02/12/1981

Jesse Hutch actor, born 02/12/1981

Marcin Nowacki soccer player, born 02/12/1981

Kevin Frew Lacrosse player, born 02/12/1982

Matt Kennard Height= 5 in 10 ft / 178 cm, Television Actor, actor, born 02/12/1982

Vyacheslav Hleb soccer player, born 02/12/1983

Daniel Eric Rosenberg MTV VJ, actor, born 02/12/1983

Iko Uwais actor, born 02/12/1983

Alexandra Dahlström Actor, actor, born 02/12/1984

Andrew Bell Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1984

Manuel Maciel soccer player, born 02/12/1984

Zaza Sakhokia soccer player, born 02/12/1984

Ranganath Vinay Kumar Cricketer, cricketer, born 02/12/1984


Saskia Burmeister Australian actress, actor, born 02/12/1985

Stuart Mackie rugby player, born 02/12/1985

John Turner Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1986

Zack Greer Lacrosse player, born 02/12/1986

Ashwath Sundaresan Television actor, actor, born 02/12/1986

Jonny Chops musical artist, born 02/12/1986

Diego Ângelo de Oliveira Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1986

Aroon Clansey soccer player, born 02/12/1986

Jérémy Chardy tennis player, born 02/12/1987

Oryan Singer, Actor, musical artist, born 02/12/1987

Claudia Ciesla model, born 02/12/1987

Clare-Hope Ashitey actor, born 02/12/1987

Miuna Saito Singer, musical artist, born 02/12/1987

Xu Yang soccer player, born 02/12/1987

Junior Osborne Footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1988

Afshan Azad Actress, actor, born 02/12/1988

Eikura Nana actor, born 02/12/1988

David Hubert soccer player, born 02/12/1988

Mike Posner Singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, musical artist, born 02/12/1988

Rachel Clark model, born 02/12/1989

Daniel Kaha soccer player, born 02/12/1989

Emmanuel Agyeman Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1990

Johnny Stewart Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/12/1990

Lucas Trecarichi soccer player, born 02/12/1991

Patrick Herrmann Professional football player, soccer player, born 02/12/1991

Faisal ibn Hamad al- Khalifa British royalty, born 02/12/1992

Stefan Ristovski soccer player, born 02/12/1992

Ingolfur Sigurdsson soccer player, born 02/12/1993

Shane Baumel Actor, born 02/12/1997