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Jan de Baen Dutch painter, artist, born 02/20/1633

Nicolas Chédeville French composer, musette player and musette maker, born 02/20/1705

Phineas Stevens Officer noted for his defense of Fort at Number 4, born 02/20/1706

Malcolm, Pulteney, Sir British admiral, military person, born 02/20/1768

Guy Duperre military person, born 02/20/1775

Zacheus Burnham office holder, born 02/20/1777

Karl Czerny MUSICIAN, PIANIST, COMPOSER, born 02/20/1791


Hampton, John Somerset Pakington, 1st Baron office holder, born 02/20/1799

Charles Auguste de Beriot MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, VIOLINIST, born 02/20/1802

Henry Stanbery office holder, born 02/20/1803

Peter Pejacevic office holder, born 02/20/1804

Angelina Emily Grimke Politician, lawyer, abolitionist, suffragist, born 02/20/1805

Edmund W. Hubard Confederate Army officer, born 02/20/1806

Bon Louis Henri Martin WRITER, HISTORIAN, POLITICIAN, born 02/20/1810

Henry H. Sibley Union Army general, governor, born 02/20/1811

Townend Glover American entomologist, born 02/20/1813

Pierre Antoine Favre PHYSICIST, MEMBER ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES, born 02/20/1813

Thomas Hill Dixon office holder, born 02/20/1816

Alfred Escher Swiss politician and railroad entrepreneur, born 02/20/1819

David Robert Wingate Confederate Army officer, born 02/20/1819

Mahlon Manson Union Army general, military person, born 02/20/1820

Gustave Charles Nadaud POET, MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, SONGWRITER, born 02/20/1820

Henri Vieuxtemps MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, VIOLINIST, born 02/20/1820

Nils Johan Andersson Botanist and traveller, born 02/20/1821

Henry Wetherby Benchley office holder, born 02/20/1822

Charles S. Randall congressman, born 02/20/1824

Edward S. Bragg Union Army General, military person, born 02/20/1827

Zacharie Astruc ARTIST, SCULPTOR, PAINTER, WRITER, ART CRITIC, born 02/20/1833

Alessandro D'Ancona Italian writer, born 02/20/1835

Eleuthere Elie Nicolas Mascart PHYSICIST, PROFESSOR OF PHYSICS, born 02/20/1837

Henry M. Cist Union Army General, military person, born 02/20/1839

Ludwig Boltzmann Austrian Physicist, scientist, born 02/20/1844

Joshua Slocum born 02/20/1844

Arasuke Sone Politician, diplomat, cabinet minister, born 02/20/1849

Robert Augustus Sweeney United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/20/1853

Ernest Albert Garlington United States Army general and Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/20/1853

Pembroke, Sidney Herbert, 14th Earl office holder, born 02/20/1853

James Parker United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 02/20/1854

Lucien Pissaro ARTIST, PAINTER, BOOK DESIGNER, born 02/20/1863

Arthur Llewelyn Davies barrister, born 02/20/1863

Ernst Carl Westman Swedish architect, National romantic style, born 02/20/1866

Caleb Althin artist, born 02/20/1866

Princess Royal Louise, Duchess of Fife ROYALTY, born 02/20/1867

Louise, , Princess Royal And Duchess Of Fife British royalty, born 02/20/1867

Jay Johnson Morrow Governor of the Panama Canal Zone from 1921 to 1924, governor, born 02/20/1870

George Cosgrave United States federal judge, born 02/20/1870

Pieter Cornelis Boutens POET, PHILOSOPHER, MYSTIC, CLASSICAL SCHOLAR, born 02/20/1870

Endre Puky office holder, born 02/20/1871

Beauchamp, William Lygon, 7th Earl office holder, born 02/20/1872


Orlando H. Petty United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/20/1874

Mary Garden OPERA SINGER, SOPRANO, born 02/20/1874

Marie Marvingt Athlete and aviator, Athlete, mountaineer and aviator, born 02/20/1875

Frederick Haskell Dominick US Congressman from 3rd district 1917-1933, congressman, born 02/20/1877

Vincent Aderente ARTIST, MURAL PAINTER, born 02/20/1880

Alexander Gaden Canadian silent film actor, born 02/20/1880

Julien Maitron Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/20/1881

Dora Altmann actor, born 02/20/1881

Christopher Rave German painter, born 02/20/1881

Lucie Höflich German actor, born 02/20/1883

Ralph E. Jenney United States federal judge, judge, born 02/20/1883

Naoya Shiga writer, born 02/20/1883

George Wall soccer player, born 02/20/1885

Vincent Massey Governor General of Canada, governor, born 02/20/1887

Georges Bernanos NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, FARMER, CRITIC, born 02/20/1888

Maurice Barraud ARTIST, PAINTER, born 02/20/1889

Laureano Gomez Castro Journalist, politician, president, born 02/20/1889

Alma Richards American lawyer, teacher, athlete and soldier, born 02/20/1890

Georg Thomas military person, born 02/20/1890

John Donaldson born 02/20/1891

Russel M. Crouse REPORTER, COLUMNIST, PLAYWRIGHT, AUTHOR, born 02/20/1893

Imre Oltvanyi office holder, born 02/20/1893

Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz writer, born 02/20/1894

Hidari Bokuzen actor, born 02/20/1894

Oreste Biancoli Screenwriter, Film director, drug, born 02/20/1897

Ivan Albright artist, born 02/20/1897

Lothar Freiherr von Bischoffshausen German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 02/20/1897

Harry R. Sokal Film producer, drug, born 02/20/1898

Wolfgang Grassmann SCIENTIST, BIOCHEMIST, AUTHOR, born 02/20/1898

Jimmy Yancey musical artist, born 02/20/1898

Muhammad Abdel Moneim British royalty, born 02/20/1899

Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney American athletes, Businessman:, born 02/20/1899

Art Garvey gridiron football player, born 02/20/1900

Richard Tecwyn Williams scientist, born 02/20/1900

Henry D Eyring Chemist specialized in kinetics, scientist, born 02/20/1901


Louis Kahn architect, born 02/20/1901

Muhammad Naguib president, born 02/20/1901

Frank T. Bow congressman, born 02/20/1901

Ramakrishna Ranga Rao politician, office holder, born 02/20/1901

Ansel Easton Adams American photographer, Photographer and Conservationist, born 02/20/1902

Petrus Verhaegen Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/20/1902

Charles D. Palmer military person, born 02/20/1902

Charles Pélissier Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 02/20/1903

Randi Michelsen Actor, drug, born 02/20/1903


James Devereux military person, born 02/20/1903

Max Cetto architect, born 02/20/1903

Hugh Randall Syme military person, born 02/20/1903

Florence Gilbert actor, born 02/20/1904

Herbert Brownell, Jr. LAWYER, JURIST, PUBLIC OFFICIAL, born 02/20/1904

Alexey Kosygin office holder, born 02/20/1904

Dagon Khin Khin Lay Writer, Publisher, writer, born 02/20/1904

Abraham Alikhanov scientist, born 02/20/1904

Frank Murphy born 02/20/1905

Peter Hardiman born 02/20/1905

Gale Gordon actor, Actor, born 02/20/1906

Franz Rademacher NAZI, "JEWISH EXPERT" IN GERMAN FOREIGN OFFICE, born 02/20/1906

John Kenley Theatrical producer, born 02/20/1906

John H. Jr. Dewitt American radio astronomy pioneer. Observed first moonbounce (EME) transmission in 1946., born 02/20/1906

Malcolm Atterbury STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, THEATHER OWNER/OPERATOR, born 02/20/1907

Malcolm Atterbury Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 02/20/1907

Win Stracke Singer, musical artist, born 02/20/1908

Giovanni Gasparini soccer player, born 02/20/1908

Barry Mather member of parliament, born 02/20/1909

Paul G. Baker United States Navy Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 02/20/1910

André Michel Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 02/20/1910

Adolf Dickfeld military person, born 02/20/1910

Gene Comstock nascar driver, born 02/20/1910

Margot Grahame Actress, actor, born 02/20/1911

Fred Lester soccer player, born 02/20/1911

Istvan Enekes boxer, born 02/20/1911

Whitey Wistert College Hall of Fame American Football Player, Professional Baseball Player, gridiron football player, born 02/20/1912

Seiji Hisamatsu Film director, actor, born 02/20/1912

Yves Bonnat ARTIST, PAINTER, born 02/20/1912

Hassiba Boulmerka OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION ATHLETE, Author, writer, born 07/10/1968

Muriel Humphrey senator, born 02/20/1912

George Devol Inventor, entrepreneur, born 02/20/1912

Johnny Checketts military person, born 02/20/1912

Mary Durack author, historian, writer, born 02/20/1913

Tommy Henrich BASEBALL PLAYER, born 02/20/1913

Tommy Henrich baseball player, born 02/20/1913

George Heath cricketer, born 02/20/1913

Arnold Denker born 02/20/1914

Peter Rogers actor, born 02/20/1914

George W. Shannon Newspaper editor and journalist, born 02/20/1914

Ken Fish soccer player, born 02/20/1914

Abraham M. Halpern Linguist, anthropologist, born 02/20/1914

Chick Harbert CHAMPION PRO GOLFER, golf player, born 02/20/1915

Thomas J. Macintyre senator, born 02/20/1915

Vincent Dethier born 02/20/1915

Elba de Padua Lima soccer manager, born 02/20/1915

Osborne Wiseman military person, born 02/20/1915

Ernst Krag military person, born 02/20/1915

Danuta Szaflarska actress, actor, born 02/20/1915

Leland Clure Morton United States federal judge, born 02/20/1916

Jean Erdman Choreographer, dancer, actor, born 02/20/1916

Bill Dickie ice hockey player, born 02/20/1916

Juan Vicente Torrealba musician, harp executant, composer, musical artist, born 02/20/1917

Willie Fagan soccer manager, born 02/20/1917

Jack Bolling baseball player, born 02/20/1917

Victor Bravo Ahuja Mexican Secretary of Public Education (1970-76), Governor of Oaxaca (1968-70) and Rector of the ITESM (1951-58), office holder, born 02/20/1918

Charles Andrew Muecke United States federal judge, born 02/20/1918

Roy Zimmerman american football player, born 02/20/1918

Lukas Aurednik soccer manager, born 02/20/1918

Joseph Jadrejak soccer manager, born 02/20/1918

Angelo Paternoster gridiron football player, born 02/20/1919

Dick Wesson film and television announcer, born 02/20/1919

Karl Albrecht Entrepreneur, owns Aldi Süd, born 02/20/1920

Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish born 02/20/1920

Tommy Rigg soccer player, born 02/20/1920

Alan Wright military person, born 02/20/1920

Hans-Joachim Förster German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 02/20/1920

Franz Frauscher military person, born 02/20/1920

Buddy Rogers American professional wrestler, wrestler, born 02/20/1921

Michael Ayrton Sculptor, artist, writer, painter, printmaker, sculptor, critic, broadcaster and novelist, born 02/20/1921

Honore Pratesi BOXER, born 02/20/1921

Jimmy Butler Film actor, actor, born 02/20/1921

Selden, Armistead I., Jr. Politician and United States Navy officer, born 02/20/1921

William Walter Kouts United States Army officer, military person, born 02/20/1922

Bim Diederich Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/20/1922

Hitoshi Motoshima Teacher, politician, born 02/20/1922

Jim Wilson baseball player, born 02/20/1922

Georges Villeneuve member of parliament, born 02/20/1922

Frank Stewart Australian politician and rugby league player, Soldier, member of parliament, born 02/20/1923

Victor Atiyeh governor, born 02/20/1923

Forbes Burnham president, born 02/20/1923

Gerson Goldhaber Particle Physicist and astrophysicist, scientist, born 02/20/1924

Jean Goldschmit Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/20/1924

Laurent Dauthuille BOXER, born 02/20/1924

Sidney Poitier FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, DIRECTOR, born 02/20/1924

Gloria Vanderbilt HEIRESS, FASHION DESIGNER, TEXTILE DESIGNER, American artist, actress, fashion designer, socialite, born 02/20/1924

Eugen Barbu novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, journalist, writer, born 02/20/1924

Donald M. Fraser Attorney, politician, born 02/20/1924

Greg Garrison born 02/20/1924

Sal Yvars baseball player, born 02/20/1924

Ian MacLachlan Arrol member of parliament, born 02/20/1924

Laurent Dauthuille boxer, born 02/20/1924

Mordechai Ofer born 02/20/1924

Moshe Wertman born 02/20/1924

Robert Bernard Altman Film director, drug, born 02/20/1925

Norman Miscampbell politician, born 02/20/1925

Howard Wilson Jr. Tindall NASA engineer and manager, born 02/20/1925

Davie Laing soccer player, born 02/20/1925

George Waring Actor, actor, born 02/20/1925

Richard Matheson SCI-FI/FANTASY AUTHOR, SCREENWRITER, Novelist, Short story writer, Screenwriter, writer, born 02/20/1926


Gillian Lynne born 02/20/1926

Adolf Bechtold soccer player, born 02/20/1926

Jean Boucher Civil law notary, member of parliament, born 02/20/1926

Konstantin Krizhevsky soccer manager, born 02/20/1926

Sidney Poitier Actor, director, author, Actor, director, writer, diplomat, drug, born 02/20/1927

Roy Cohn Lawyer, born 02/20/1927

George Barnes BOXER, born 02/20/1927


Hubert de Givenchy FASHION DESIGNER, ENTREPRENEUR, PERFUMER, born 02/20/1927

Hubert De Givenchy born 02/20/1927

Ibrahim Ferrer musical artist, born 02/20/1927

Jean Kennedy Smith office holder, born 02/20/1928

Roy Face baseball player, born 02/20/1928

Tim Greve born 02/20/1928

Amanda Blake American actress, Actress, actor, born 02/20/1929

Uriella spiritual leader of the Fiat Lux order, born 02/20/1929

William Connoll Walker POLITICIAN, M.P., CONSERVATIVE PARTY, born 02/20/1929

Jacques Degats RUNNER, OLYMPIC TRACK & FIELD ATHLETE, born 02/20/1930

Patricia Smith FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 02/20/1930

Ken Jones actor, born 02/20/1930

Robert Williams scientist, born 02/20/1930

John Willard Milnor Mathematician, scientist, born 02/20/1931

Andy Sidaris Director, producer, actor, screenwriter, actor, born 02/20/1931

Karl Spiehs Film producer, drug, born 02/20/1931

John C. Major judge, born 02/20/1931

Nikolay Kolev Sports Journalist, journalist, born 02/20/1932

Kern W. Dunagan United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 02/20/1934

Danny Mummert CHILD ACTOR, born 02/20/1934

Bobby Unser RACE CAR DRIVER, born 02/20/1934

Ellen Gilchrist Fiction writer, poet, Novelist, short story writer, poet, writer, born 02/20/1935

Thomas Campbell Footballer, soccer player, born 02/20/1935

Frank Jordan office holder, born 02/20/1935

Nedurumalli Janardhana Reddy office holder, born 02/20/1935

Jordan Cronenweth Cinematographer, born 02/20/1935

Brid Rodgers office holder, born 02/20/1935

Norman L. Richardson Journalist, writer, born 02/20/1935

Zbigniew Antoni Fronczek politician, born 02/20/1935


Wynn Hawkins BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 02/20/1936

Roy Beggs member of parliament, born 02/20/1936

Sharpe James office holder, born 02/20/1936

David Ackles SINGER, SONGWRITER, born 02/20/1937

Roger Penske RACE CAR DRIVER, ENTREPRENEUR, born 02/20/1937

Nancy Wilson POP-JAZZ SINGER, ACTRESS, born 02/20/1937

Richard Beymer Actor, actor, born 02/20/1938

Andre Chorda SOCCER PLAYER, born 02/20/1938

Dave Cox office holder, born 02/20/1938

Wiley W. Hilburn Journalist; Professor, writer, born 02/20/1938

Ann Jago English cricketer, born 02/20/1939

Floro Bogado governor, born 02/20/1939

Abraham III Quintanilla Singer-songwriter, Singer-songwriter, record producer, musical artist, born 02/20/1939

Buffy Sainte-Marie SINGER, born 02/20/1941

Alan Furst Novelist, born 02/20/1941

Mitch McConnell Kentucky politician, office holder, born 02/20/1942

Phil Esposito HOCKEY PLAYER, born 02/20/1942

Peter Strauss STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, born 02/20/1942

June Cochran Playboy Playmate, born 02/20/1942

Mike Leigh FILM DIRECTOR, PLAYWRIGHT, SCREENWRITER, actor, born 02/20/1943

Tom Macnally politician, born 02/20/1943

Winfield Moses office holder, born 02/20/1943

Cristovam Buarque office holder, born 02/20/1944

Lew Soloff musical artist, born 02/20/1944

Donald McPherson Canadian figure skater, figure skater, born 02/20/1945

George Smoot American astrophysicist and cosmologist, scientist, born 02/20/1945

Aldo Tagliapietra of LE ORME MUSICIAN, POP SINGER, BASS PLAYER, GUITARIST, born 02/20/1945

Alan Hull musical artist, born 02/20/1945

Brion James Actor, actor, born 02/20/1945

Polic, Henry, II actor, born 02/20/1945

Amram Mitzna born 02/20/1945

Enrique Abuli comics creator, born 02/20/1945

Alain Fauconnier politician, born 02/20/1945

Richard Cocciante SINGER, singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 02/20/1946

Sandy Duncan STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, Actress/Singer, actor, born 02/20/1946

Brenda Blethyn Actress, actor, born 02/20/1946

J. Geils musical artist, born 02/20/1946

Douglas Russell born 02/20/1946

Joy Ann Smith Canadian politician, member of parliament, born 02/20/1947

Brian Greenhalgh Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/20/1947

Andre van Duin ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 02/20/1947

Peter Osgood soccer player, born 02/20/1947

Peter Strauss American actor, Actor, actor, born 02/20/1947

Torstein Dahle Professor, office holder, born 02/20/1947

John C. Maxwell Author, Professional speaker, Pastor, writer, born 02/20/1947

Henri Dumat soccer player, born 02/20/1947

James David Manning Protestant Christian Pastor, born 02/20/1947

Serge Lenoir soccer player, born 02/20/1947

Henry Hubchen actor, born 02/20/1947

Igor Sanakoyev prime minister, born 02/20/1947

Jennifer O'Neill ACTRESS, MODEL, born 02/20/1948

John Browne Managing Director and Managing Partner of Riverstone Holdings LLC, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Chair of the Tate, Member of the House of Lords, politician, born 02/20/1948

Clive Caldwell artist, born 02/20/1948

K M Chandrasekhar Civil Servant, office holder, born 02/20/1948

Mab Segrest Author, born 02/20/1949


Stefan Waggershausen CHANSON SINGER, born 02/20/1949


Jozef Jan Jordaens ROWER, born 02/20/1950

Tony Wilson Journalist, born 02/20/1950

Ismael Miranda musical artist, born 02/20/1950

John Gieve office holder, born 02/20/1950

Claude Cousineau office holder, born 02/20/1950

Indian Economists office holder, born 02/20/1950

James Gordon Brown Politician, canal, born 02/20/1951

Edward Albert FILM/TV ACTOR, PHOTOGRAPHER, NOTED FAMILY, born 02/20/1951

Randy California of SPIRIT MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, SINGER, SONGWRITER, ARRANGER, musical artist, born 02/20/1951

Edward Albert Actor, actor, born 02/20/1951

Suzue Miuchi comics creator, born 02/20/1951

Albert De Martin office holder, born 02/20/1951

Premiership Of Gordon Brown prime minister, born 02/20/1951

Harold Brent Mcknight United States federal judge, born 02/20/1952

Louise Latreille DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, BALLET DIRECTOR, born 02/20/1952

Tom Skilling Chief Meteorologist, journalist, born 02/20/1952

Abdala Bucaram president, born 02/20/1952

Mark Murdock office holder, born 02/20/1952

Buddy Alexander American college golfer, amateur golfer, college golf coach, college coach, born 02/20/1953

Kristy Wallace Guitarist, musical artist, born 02/20/1953

Gaetan Dugas Flight attendant, born 02/20/1953

Justine Saunders actor, born 02/20/1953

Benjamin De Hoyos born 02/20/1953

Frederick Applegate Actor, singer, dancer, actor, born 02/20/1953

Patricia Hearst American newspaper heiress, actress, Heiress, socialite, actress, born 02/20/1954

Anthony Stewart Head Actor, actor, born 02/20/1954

Billy Pontoni Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, musical artist, born 02/20/1954

Steve Oliff comics creator, born 02/20/1954

Claire Lynch Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/20/1954

Bryan Gregory Guitarist, Songwriter, musical artist, born 02/20/1954

Caroline Dudan DANCER, born 02/20/1955

Michael Maguire STAGE ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 02/20/1955

Annu Kapoor actor, born 02/20/1956

Everton Blender Singer-songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 02/20/1956

Marzenna Stefania Drab office holder, born 02/20/1956

Glen Hanlon ice hockey player, born 02/20/1957

Victoria Gifford Kennedy NOTED FAMILY, born 02/20/1957

James Wilby ACTOR, actor, born 02/20/1958

Carol Ficatier Playboy Playmate, born 02/20/1958

Scott Brayton RACE CAR DRIVER, born 02/20/1959

Susanne Nevrin MODEL, born 02/20/1959

Tomomi Inada office holder, born 02/20/1959

Siobhain Macdonagh member of parliament, born 02/20/1960

Kee Marcello musical artist, born 02/20/1960

Yumiko Kawahara comics creator, born 02/20/1960

Andrei Shleifer born 02/20/1961

Daddy-O musical artist, born 02/20/1961

Diane Alice Bergerac NOTED FAMILY, born 02/20/1962

Charles Barkley BASKETBALL PLAYER, FORWARD, born 02/20/1963

Ian George Brown of THE STONE ROSES SINGER, born 02/20/1963

Ian Brown Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 02/20/1963

Jon Lynn Christensen congressman, born 02/20/1963

Scott Bailey TRACK STAR, born 02/20/1964

Tom Harris member of parliament, born 02/20/1964

French Stewart Actor, actor, born 02/20/1964

Rodney Rowland Actor, actor, born 02/20/1964

Michael A. Levine Composer, Music producer, musical artist, born 02/20/1964

Mimori Yusa Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/20/1964

Ron Eldard Actor, actor, born 02/20/1965

Federica Moro ACTRESS, BEAUTY QUEEN, MISS ITALY 1982, born 02/20/1965

Steve Diet Goedde artist, born 02/20/1965

Cindy Crawford American fashion model, model, born 02/20/1966

Dennis Mitchell American college track & field athlete, international track & field athlete, Olympic gold medalist, born 02/20/1966

Kurt Donald Cobain American singer, guitarist in Nirvana, Musician, songwriter, artist, musical artist, born 02/20/1967

Andrew Shue ACTOR, SOCCER PLAYER, TEACHER, NOTED FAMILY, actor, born 02/20/1967

Lili Taylor ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 02/20/1967

Kath Soucie Voice actress, actor, born 02/20/1967

Rebekka Armstrong Playboy Playmate, born 02/20/1967

David Herman Actor, comedian, voice actor, actor, born 02/20/1967

Barnaby Holm actor, born 02/20/1967

Justin Louis actor, born 02/20/1967

Stanislav Komocar soccer player, born 02/20/1967

Ted Hankey born 02/20/1968

Lorraine Olivia Playboy Playmate, born 02/20/1968

Joseph Cuschieri politician, born 02/20/1968

Robin Ince comedian, born 02/20/1969

Danis Tanovic Film director, producer, and screenwriter, born 02/20/1969

Sinisa Mihajlovic soccer manager, born 02/20/1969

Bambang Suprianto badminton player, born 02/20/1969

Stuart Miles Television and radio presenter, born 02/20/1970

Cal Rein Actor, actor, born 02/20/1970

Joost van der Westhuizen South African rugby union footballer, rugby player, born 02/20/1971

Stephane Pedron soccer player, born 02/20/1971

Sarah Hadland Actress, actor, born 02/20/1971

Jacqueline Smith Norwegian trade unionist., born 02/20/1971

Brent Gretzky Canadian ice hockey centre, ice hockey player, born 02/20/1972

Jan Boven Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/20/1972

Corinna Harney Playboy Playmate, born 02/20/1972

Neil Primrose Musician, musical artist, born 02/20/1972

Roxana Diaz Actress, actor, born 02/20/1972

Pulvar Audrey Journalist, Writer, journalist, born 02/20/1972

John Maccallister office holder, born 02/20/1972

Tjitske Reidinga comedian and actor, actor, born 02/20/1972

Anton Shkaplerov Lieutenant Colonel, Russian Air Force, astronaut, born 02/20/1972

Kimberley Davies actor, born 02/20/1973

Mike Dierickx DJ, producer , technical engineer, musical artist, born 02/20/1973

Priyanshu Chatterjee Actor, actor, born 02/20/1973

Willa Oneill Actress, actor, born 02/20/1973

Tove Christensen actor, born 02/20/1973

Jesse J. Clarkson actor, born 02/20/1973

Ron Yuan actor, born 02/20/1973

Ophelie Winter SINGER, NOTED FAMILY, born 02/20/1974

Zdravko Lazarov soccer player, born 02/20/1976

Raul Caceres comics creator, born 02/20/1976

Klara Sedlackova Actress, actor, born 02/20/1976

Zoltan Trepak born 02/20/1977

Jay Hernandez Actor, actor, born 02/20/1978

Julia Jentsch Actress, actor, born 02/20/1978

Artur Boruc soccer player, born 02/20/1980

Roman Akhalkatsi soccer player, born 02/20/1980

Majandra Delfino American actress, musician, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, artist, musical artist, born 02/20/1981

Chris Thile Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 02/20/1981

Aleksejs Sirokovs ice hockey player, born 02/20/1981

Kris Williams Investigator, Researcher, actor, born 02/20/1981

Jason Hirsh Major League baseball player, baseball player, born 02/20/1982

Scott Willis Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/20/1982

Kristie Marsden Actress, singer, voice actor & dancer, actor, born 02/20/1982

Ryosei Konishi Singer, actor and songwriter, actor, born 02/20/1982

Imad El Omari soccer player, born 02/20/1982

Jeremy Foley Actor, actor, born 02/20/1983

Riccardo Chiarini Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 02/20/1984

Ana Srebrnic born 02/20/1984

Zhu Xiaolin born 02/20/1984

Christina Olmi born 02/20/1984

Gilles Pagnon rugby player, born 02/20/1984

Yulia Volkova Russian music duo t.A.T.u., Singer, musical artist, born 02/20/1985

Nathan Adam Smith Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/20/1985

Tamara Sky Playboy Playmate, born 02/20/1985

Jake Richardson Actor, actor, born 02/20/1985

Michael Oliver born 02/20/1985

Jamie Waite Footballer, soccer player, born 02/20/1986

Bledion Guga soccer player, born 02/20/1986

Petr Tomasak soccer player, born 02/20/1986

Pana Karnchanasomsak soccer player, born 02/20/1987

Rihanna Singer, songwriter, Singer, songwriter, executive producer, dancer, video director, philanthropist, cultural ambassador, author, actress, musical artist, born 02/20/1988

Jiah Khan Actress, actor, born 02/20/1988

Iga Wyrwał Polish glamour model, model, born 02/20/1989

Yonese Hanine Association football player, soccer player, born 02/20/1990

Anjli Mohindra Actress, actor, born 02/20/1990

David Davis Professional footballer, soccer player, born 02/20/1991

Katharina Gierok German figure skater, figure skater, born 02/20/1992

Ben Moore school kid, born 02/20/1997