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Vasily 02 Of Moscow British royalty, born 03/10/1415

Ferdinand II of Aragon, King of Spain ROYALTY, born 03/10/1452

Emperor Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor ROYALTY, REIGNED 1558-1564, British royalty, born 03/10/1503

Norfolk, Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of born 03/10/1536

John Benbow Royal Navy Admiral, military person, born 03/10/1653

Iolo Morganwg Antiquarian, poet, collector, literary forger, Poet, literary forger, writer, born 03/10/1747

Leandro Fernández de Moratín Dramatist, translator, poet, born 03/10/1760

Jeremias Richter born 03/10/1762

Joseph Williamson Merchant, born 03/10/1769

Georg Friedrich Creuzer Philologist and archaeologist, born 03/10/1771

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel German poet, critic and scholar, born 03/10/1772

Queen Louise of Prussia ROYALTY, born 03/10/1776

Queen Luise of Prussia ROYALTY, British royalty, born 03/10/1776

Garret D. Wall senator, born 03/10/1783

Jose Maria Vargas president, born 03/10/1786

Francisco Martinez de la Rosa prime minister, born 03/10/1787

Freiherr Joseph von Eichendorff LAWYER, CIVIL SERVANT, POET, PLAYWRIGHT, born 03/10/1788

Edward Hodges Baily artist, born 03/10/1788

Jose Manuel de la Pena y Pena President of Mexico (1847-48), president, born 03/10/1789

William D. Porter United States Navy officer, born 03/10/1808

John Maccloskey born 03/10/1810

Patrick Neeson Lynch born 03/10/1817

George W. Randolph Confederate Army general, office holder, born 03/10/1818

Donald Fairfax United States Navy admiral, born 03/10/1818

Donald Fairfax United States Navy admiral, military person, born 03/10/1818

James W. Nicholson United States Navy admiral, military person, born 03/10/1821

William Hodson British leader of irregular light cavalry during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, military person, born 03/10/1821

Thomas J. Churchill Confederate Army general, governor, born 03/10/1824

Louis-Ovide Brunet born 03/10/1826

Robert Lowry Confederate Army general, born 03/10/1830

John Owen Dominis British royalty, born 03/10/1832

Nicholas M. Nolan American Civil War, Indian Wars, military person, born 03/10/1835

Cornelius Cronin United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/10/1838

Roderick S. Maccook United States Navy officer, born 03/10/1839

Heinrich Roller author, inventor of the Roller shorthand system, author, born 03/10/1839

John Alexander Martin governor, born 03/10/1839

Ina Coolbrith Poet, born 03/10/1841

Victor-Charles Mahillon Belgian musician and writer on musical topics, born 03/10/1841

George Croom Robertson philosopher, born 03/10/1842

Marie Spartali Stillman Pre-Raphaelite artist, born 03/10/1844

Pablo de Sarasate Composer, conductor, violinist, musical artist, born 03/10/1844

Alexander III Emperor of Russia, British royalty, born 03/10/1845

Czar Alexander III of Russia ROYALTY, REIGNED 1881-94, born 03/10/1845

Czar Alexander III of Russia ROYALTY, REIGNED 1881-94, born 03/10/1845

Charles J. Bell governor, born 03/10/1845

Edward Baker Lincoln the second son of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, born 03/10/1846

James R. Young Union United States Army soldier, born 03/10/1847

Kate Sheppard born 03/10/1847

Camille See office holder, born 03/10/1847

Albert Fraenkel German physician, born 03/10/1848

William Courtright Actor, drug, born 03/10/1848

Charles Vreeland United States Navy admiral, military person, born 03/10/1852

Kanryo Higaonna born 03/10/1853

Thomas Mackenzie office holder, born 03/10/1854

Augustus Walley United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/10/1856

Rudolf E. A. Havenstein German central bank President, scientist, born 03/10/1857

Henry Watson Fowler Schoolmaster, Lexicographer, born 03/10/1858

Dugald Sutherland MacColl ARTIST, PAINTER, DESIGNER, CRITIC, EDITOR, born 03/10/1859

Pauline Johnson Canadian poet and performer, born 03/10/1861

Clifford Sifton office holder, born 03/10/1861

Edward Shortt office holder, born 03/10/1862

Robert Lee office holder, born 03/10/1862

Ed Lytle Professional baseball player and manager, baseball player, born 03/10/1862

Carl Gamborg-Andresen Marine Corps Brevet Medal recipient, military person, born 03/10/1866

Hector Germain Guimard ART NOUVEAU ARCHITECT, PROFESSOR, born 03/10/1867

Hermann von der Lieth-Thomsen military person, born 03/10/1867

Lew Whistler Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 03/10/1868

Carlo Severini scientist, born 03/10/1872

Jakob Wassermann AUTHOR, NOVELIST, BIOGRAPHER, PLAYWRIGHT, born 03/10/1873

Fizalam-William Perras member of parliament, born 03/10/1876

Pascual Ortiz Rubio President of Mexico (1930 - 1932), president, born 03/10/1877

Frank Stanmore Actor, drug, born 03/10/1877

Emile Joseph Brumpt PHYSICIAN, BIOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 03/10/1877

Hans Luther POLITICIAN, CHANCELLOR 1925-26, PRES OF REICHSBANK, chancellor, born 03/10/1879

Edward Francis Ryan born 03/10/1879

Stuart Holmes Actor, actor, born 03/10/1884

Edward William Boers United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/10/1884

Pierre-Jules Boulanger French engineer, Engineer, Chairman, born 03/10/1885

Robert Morane AVIATOR, AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER, born 03/10/1886

Barry Fitzgerald Actor, actor, born 03/10/1888

Ivan Stodola Slovak dramatist and writer, born 03/10/1888

Ilo Wallace Second Lady of the United States, office holder, born 03/10/1888


Takamatsu Toshitsugu born 03/10/1889

Heinrich Adolf Gottron German dermatologist, born 03/10/1890

Willis Bradley Haviland Aviator, Naval Air Combat Pilot; Naval Air Station Commander, born 03/10/1890

Benito Quinquela Martin artist, born 03/10/1890

Albert Ogilvie office holder, born 03/10/1890

Margaret Morris FILM ACTRESS, BUSINESSWOMAN, born 11/07/1903

Sam Jaffe Actor, teacher, engineer, actor, born 03/10/1891

Robert Forgan Public Health Officer, member of parliament, born 03/10/1891

Emanuel Galea born 03/10/1891

Jacob Van Gelderen born 03/10/1891

Joseph-Henri Guiguet military person, born 03/10/1891

Leslie William Burbridge military person, born 03/10/1891

Arthur Honegger MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, MEMBER OF "LES SIX", born 03/10/1892


Arndt Karl German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 03/10/1892

Benjamin Kaufman United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/10/1894

Earl Hand military person, born 03/10/1897

Cy Kendall Actor, actor, born 03/10/1898

Bert Bacharach MEN'S FASHION AUTHORITY, born 03/10/1898

Wavell Wakefield rugby player, born 03/10/1898

Jean Andre Pezon military person, born 03/10/1898

Sherman Billingsley RESTAURATEUR, NIGHTCLUB OWNER, born 03/10/1900

Peter Derose Songwriter, musical artist, born 03/10/1900

Erich Kastner military person, born 03/10/1900

Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia office holder, born 03/10/1900

Charles Richard member of parliament, born 03/10/1900

Michel Seuphor ARTIST, ABSTRACT PAINTER, ART CRITIC, born 03/10/1901

Clarence Ekstrom military person, born 03/10/1902

Leon Bismark "Bix" Beiderbecke American jazz musician, musical artist, born 03/10/1903

Bix Beiderbecke JAZZ MUSICIAN, CORNETIST, PIANIST, COMPOSER, born 03/10/1903


Subramaniam Srinivasan born 03/10/1903

Elizabeth Hirschboeck Humanitarian, born 03/10/1903

Leonard Patrick Walsh United States federal judge, born 03/10/1904

Oran H. Pape gridiron football player, born 03/10/1904

Margot Arce De Vazquez writer, essayist and educator, writer, born 03/10/1904

Ralph Kronig scientist, born 03/10/1904

Adalbert Schneider military person, born 03/10/1904

Edward D. Kawananakoa born 03/10/1904

Billy Easton soccer player, born 03/10/1904

Richard Haydn Actor, writer, Actor, Writer, actor, born 03/10/1905

Betty Amann Actress, actor, born 03/10/1905

Art Herring baseball player, born 03/10/1906

Paul Schuette gridiron football player, born 03/10/1906

Lionel Bertrand member of parliament, born 03/10/1906

Georg-Wilhelm Schulz German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 03/10/1906

Alejandro G. Abadilla Poet, essayist, fiction writer, born 03/10/1906

Romain Gyssels CYCLIST, born 03/10/1907

Francisco Orlich Bolmarcich president, born 03/10/1907

Toni Firssel Photographer, born 03/10/1907

Christopher Del Sesto governor, born 03/10/1907

David Ward gridiron football player, born 03/10/1907

John H. Dent United States Marine, congressman, born 03/10/1908

Orville Brown wrestler, born 03/10/1908

Vernon Dahmer born 03/10/1908

Muriel Angelus actress, actor, born 03/10/1909

Stanisław Zamecznik graphic artist, poster artist, scenographer, architect, born 03/10/1909

Fédérico Ezquerra Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/10/1909

George Bruce POET, born 03/10/1909


Leroy Collins governor, born 03/10/1909

Zara Bate office holder, born 03/10/1909

Harold Comte born 03/10/1909

Horst Niemack military person, born 03/10/1909

Donald T. Bexley Television actor, actor, born 03/10/1910

Khwaja Allah Bakhsh philosopher, born 03/10/1910

Warner Anderson FILM/STAGE/TV ACTOR, actor, born 03/10/1911

Eino Viljami Panula born 03/10/1911

Siegfried Borries MUSICIAN, CONDUCTOR, VIOLINIST, born 03/10/1912

Bill Ceretti gridiron football player, born 03/10/1912

Michel Brusseaux SOCCER PLAYER, born 03/10/1913

Robert Bernard soccer player, born 03/10/1913

Terry Schrunk politician, born 03/10/1913

Pierre Collet Actor, drug, born 03/10/1914

Edgar R. Bassett United States Navy Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 03/10/1914

Chandler Harper golf player, born 03/10/1914

Ross Carter gridiron football player, born 03/10/1914

Bernardo Bertolucci FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, POET, born 03/16/1941

Pamela Mason Actress, screenwriter, actor, born 03/10/1916

E. Davie Fulton member of parliament, born 03/10/1916

Norman Vandivier military person, born 03/10/1916

Eric De Kolb artist, born 03/10/1916

Paulette Garnier BALLET DANCER, born 03/10/1917

Yevgeny Khaldei Photojournalism, journalist, born 03/10/1917

David Hare artist, born 03/10/1917

May Shin actor, born 03/10/1917

Günther Rall German World War II fighter pilot and general of the Bundeswehr, military person, born 03/10/1918

Adrian Warburton British World War II pilot, born 03/10/1918

Isaac Louis Rosenfeld CRITIC, ESSAYIST, NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, born 03/10/1918

Archduke Carl Ludwig Of Austria British royalty, born 03/10/1918

Fernando Peyroyteo soccer manager, born 03/10/1918

Emiel Faignaert CYCLIST, born 03/10/1919

Marion Hutton SINGER, ACTRESS, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/10/1919

Clyde Bulldog Turner american football player, born 03/10/1919

Lorna Thayer actor, born 03/10/1919

Princess Xenia Andreevna Of Russia British royalty, born 03/10/1919

Jethro Burns C&W MUSICIAN, MANDOLIN PLAYER, COMEDIAN, musical artist, born 03/10/1920

Jean Leclere WRESTLING CHAMPION, born 03/10/1920


Marcial Maciel president, born 03/10/1920

Harry Ayres soccer player, born 03/10/1920

Bob Doe military person, born 03/10/1920

Robert L. Cardenas military person, born 03/10/1920

Johnny Blatnik BASEBALL PLAYER, born 03/10/1921

James Atkins baseball player, born 03/10/1921

Hughie Rusell soccer player, born 03/10/1921

William Blezard musical artist, born 03/10/1921

Don Brinkley Television writer, director writer, writer, born 03/10/1921

Adam Kennedy Actor , Novelist, Screenwriter, Painter, born 03/10/1922

Roger Boom PHYSICIST, born 03/10/1923

Jacques Denoel ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 03/10/1923

Pierre Dominique Gaisseau DOCUMENTARY FILM MAKER, born 03/10/1923

Michael Havers office holder, born 03/10/1923

Val Logsdon Fitch scientist, born 03/10/1923

Shmuel Tamir born 03/10/1923

Richard Doyle office holder, born 03/10/1923

Count Oluf Of Rosenborg British royalty, born 03/10/1923

George Hazlett soccer player, born 03/10/1923

Erno Crisa Actor, drug, born 03/10/1924

Angela Morley composer, conductor, born 03/10/1924

Ernest Ivy Jr. Thomas United States Marines, military person, born 03/10/1924

Billy Rees soccer player, born 03/10/1924

Branko Kralj soccer player, born 03/10/1924

Bob Lanier office holder, born 03/10/1925

Giovanni de Riu Formula One racer, born 03/10/1925

Ed Van Der Elsken artist, born 03/10/1925

Jambyn Batmonkh prime minister, born 03/10/1926

Dilbagh Singh military person, born 03/10/1926

Aleksandr Zatsepin Composer, born 03/10/1926

Harry Oscroft soccer manager, born 03/10/1926

Czeslaw Cywinski military person, born 03/10/1926

Robert Kearns Inventor, born 03/10/1927

Albert Evan Adermann Australian politician, Farmer, member of parliament, born 03/10/1927

Jupp Derwall SOCCER COACH, born 03/10/1927

Jupp Derwall soccer manager, born 03/10/1927

Bill Fischer gridiron football player, born 03/10/1927

Herman Wecke soccer player, born 03/10/1927

Donald Hunter soccer player, born 03/10/1927

Claude Laydu actor, born 03/10/1927

Paul Frantz soccer manager, born 03/10/1927

H. Douglas Keith polymer physicist, born 03/10/1927

James Earl Ray Assassin, criminal, born 03/10/1928

Virgil Akins BOXER, WORLD WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION 1958, born 03/10/1928

Kiyoshi Atsumi actor, born 03/10/1928

Sara Montiel actor, born 03/10/1928

Arthur Milton cricketer, born 03/10/1928

Earl Renneke farmer, politician, office holder, born 03/10/1928

Sam Steiger American politician and political commentator, congressman, born 03/10/1929

Cather MacCallum ACTRESS, born 03/10/1929

Alice Hirson actor, born 03/10/1929

Ray Poulter born 03/10/1929

Leon Vincent Rapkin born 03/10/1929

Jimmie MacGregor folksinger and broadcaster, born 03/10/1930

Mosko Alkalai actor, born 03/10/1931

Al Romine American football defensive back, half back, american football player, born 03/10/1932

H. George Anderson Christian Bishop, born 03/10/1932

Long Beach, California Earthquake EARTHQUAKE OF MAGNITUDE 6.3, born 03/10/1933

Bhupen Khakhar artist, born 03/10/1934

Ivan Calin prime minister, born 03/10/1935

Sepp Blatter office holder, born 03/10/1936

Alfredo Zitarrosa Musician, Songwriter, Poet and Journalist, musical artist, born 03/10/1936

Robert Abel Movie director, born 03/10/1937



Joe Viterelli Actor, actor, born 03/10/1937

Pamela Blake FILM ACTRESS, born 03/10/1938

Dave Alexander Singer, Pianist, musical artist, born 03/10/1938

Carlos Ray Norris American martial artist, actor, born 03/10/1940

Chuck Norris ACTOR, born 03/15/1955

Dean Torrence of JAN & DEAN SINGER, DUO WITH JAN BERRY FORMED 1958, born 03/10/1940

Tsebin Tchen Town planner, member of parliament, born 03/10/1940

Louis Moholo Drummer, musical artist, born 03/10/1940

David Rabe actor, born 03/10/1940

Yvon Levesque member of parliament, born 03/10/1940

Jean Alfred office holder, born 03/10/1940

Padma Khanna actor, born 03/10/1940

Martin Van Den Bossche Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/10/1941

Sandra Palmer PRO GOLFER, born 03/10/1941

Teodor Melescanu diplomat, jurist, politician, born 03/10/1941

Kelly Quinn PSYCHIC, born 03/10/1942

Don Bell member of parliament, born 03/10/1942

Richard A. Barone Investor, born 03/10/1942

Dolly Thakore Stage actress, Casting director, actor, born 03/10/1943

Ken Haar office holder, born 03/10/1943

Jesper Svenbro Swedish poet, classical philologist, and member of the Swedish Academy., born 03/10/1944

Willy Van Neste Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/10/1944

John Rousmaniere Author, editor, historian, sailor, born 03/10/1944

Judith Richardson WORLD FAMOUS PSYCHIC, born 03/10/1944

Richard Gant Actor, actor, born 03/10/1944

Katharine Houghton actor, born 03/10/1945

Birgitta Sellén Swedish Centre Party politician from Västerbotten County, member of the Riksdag (Parliament) since 1998., junior-level teacher, politician, born 03/10/1945

Madhavrao Scindia office holder, born 03/10/1945

Dahyabhai Vallaabhbhai Patel office holder, born 03/10/1945

Victor Joy Way Rojas politician, born 03/10/1945

Robert Rico soccer player, born 03/10/1945

Mark William Shaw Author, writer, born 03/10/1945

John McGrath Supreme Court of New Zealand Judge, former Solicitor-General., office holder, born 03/10/1945

William Michael Hollands Animator and director, Film director, born 03/10/1946

Hiroshi Fushida Formula One racer, born 03/10/1946

Jim Valvano college coach, born 03/10/1946

Curley Culp american football player, born 03/10/1946

Mark Lamos actor, born 03/10/1946

Avril Phaedra Douglas Campbell 19th Prime Minister of Canada (1993), canal, born 03/10/1947

Margaret Campbell ACTRESS, DRAMA TEACHER, MURDER VICTIM, born 03/10/1947

Francesca Hilton ACTRESS, HILTON HEIRESS, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/10/1947


Zachary Zorn SWIMMER, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 03/10/1947

Neil Comrie Police officer, office holder, born 03/10/1947

Colin Stinton actor, born 03/10/1947

Grafton Njootli politician, born 03/10/1947

Sardar Muhammad Aslam judge, born 03/10/1947

Wayne Twitchell baseball player, born 03/10/1948

Pat The Cope Gallagher politician, born 03/10/1948

Lilian Johansson actor, born 03/10/1948


Gloria Diaz Actress, born 03/10/1950

Carlos Roberto Flores Politician, Businessman, office holder, born 03/10/1950

Catherine Pugh Businesswoman, politician, born 03/10/1950

Steve Carlyle ice hockey player, born 03/10/1950

Richard Kamwi Medical physician, politician, office holder, born 03/10/1950

Ted Mackenna Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/10/1950

J. P. Macmanus born 03/10/1951

Robert Yeoman actor, born 03/10/1951

Maureen Osullivan office holder, born 03/10/1951

Morgan Tsvangirai Politician, office holder, born 03/10/1952

Tom Roberts office holder, born 03/10/1952

Wilkins Velez Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/10/1953

Paul Haggis Film director, screenwriter, and producer, actor, born 03/10/1953

Wayne Edward Sherwood Actor, actor, born 03/10/1953

Kenneth French born 03/10/1954

Rick Sowieta gridiron football player, born 03/10/1954

Gary Louris musical artist, born 03/10/1955

Robert Smith basketball player, born 03/10/1955

Ignazio Marino prime minister, born 03/10/1955

Lesley Dunlop Actress, actor, born 03/10/1956

Alfie Macleod community relations manager, politician, born 03/10/1956

Osama bin Laden Al-Qaeda leader, military person, born 03/10/1957

Thanu Padmanabhan Indian theoretical physicist, scientist, born 03/10/1957

Shannon Tweed ACTRESS, BEAUTY QUEEN, Playboy Playmate, born 03/10/1957

Barry Gardiner member of parliament, born 03/10/1957

Graham Broad Musician, record producer, musical artist, born 03/10/1957

Matt Knudsen Actor, boom operator, grip, actor, born 03/10/1957

Hans Friedrich office holder, born 03/10/1957

Sharon Stone actress, producer, model, Actress, producer, actor, born 03/10/1958

Steve Howe BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 03/10/1958

Gary Goodyear member of parliament, born 03/10/1958

Steve Howe baseball player, born 03/10/1958

Frankie Ruiz musical artist, born 03/10/1958

Mike Wallace American NASCAR driver, nascar driver, born 03/10/1959

Ad Wijnands Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/10/1959

Jerry Oberholtzer mayor, born 03/10/1959

Carole Amiel NOTED FAMILY, born 03/10/1960

Campbell Martin office holder, born 03/10/1960

G. H. Lauziere Writer/Musician/Business Controller, writer, born 03/10/1960

Laurel Clark American physician & astronautperished aboard STS-107, astronaut, born 03/10/1961

Bobby Petrino college coach, born 03/10/1961

Mitch J. Gaylord GYMNAST, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 03/10/1961

Branko Gardenhour Film producer, actor, born 03/10/1961

Seiko Matsuda SINGER, TV ENTERTAINER, born 03/10/1962

Jasmine Guy Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 03/10/1962

Scott Barrie office holder, born 03/10/1962

David Newsom actor, born 03/10/1962

Tab Thacker actor ,wrestler, actor, born 03/10/1962

Giovanni Koetting soccer player, born 03/10/1962

Frederick Jay Rubin Producer for American Recordings, Record producer, musical artist, born 03/10/1963

Jeff Ament Musician, Songwriter, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/10/1963

Mark Andrew O'Connor English football player, soccer player, born 03/10/1963

Barry Devolin member of parliament, born 03/10/1963

Ron Maurer politician, born 03/10/1963

Neneh Cherry R&B SINGER, RAP ARTIST, Singer-songwriter, rapper, DJ, musical artist, born 03/10/1964

Prince Edward of England ROYALTY, THEATER PRODUCER, PATRON OF THE ARTS, born 03/10/1964

Patrick Kane of HUE AND CRY MUSICIAN, TV HOST, MUSIC JOURNALIST, born 03/10/1964

Edward Wessex Youngest son of Elizabeth II, British royalty, born 03/10/1964

David Faber Business journalist, journalist, born 03/10/1964

Cynthia Brimhall Playboy Playmate, born 03/10/1964

Ed Hooper Author/Journalist, journalist, born 03/10/1964

Edith Bongo First Lady of Gabon, physician, office holder, born 03/10/1964

Billy Boredom of BIKINI KILL MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 03/10/1965

Paul Masotti gridiron football player, born 03/10/1965

Dave Krusen Musician, musical artist, born 03/10/1966

Katrina Ann Hodgkinson Australian politician, office holder, born 03/10/1966

Arthur RADIO/TV ENTERTAINER, COMEDIAN, born 03/10/1966

Edie Brickell SINGER, born 03/10/1966

Mike Timlin baseball player, born 03/10/1966

Stephen Mailer Actor, actor, born 03/10/1966

Li-ann Thio Law academic and Nominated Member of Parliament, Law academic at the Faculty of Law, NUS, member of parliament, born 03/10/1968

Rick Titus soccer player, soccer manager, born 03/10/1969

Dave Sheridan Actor, comedian, musician, producer, writer, actor, born 03/10/1969

Laurie Berkner Guitarist, Singer, musical artist, born 03/10/1969

Anna Gare born 03/10/1969

Michel van der Aa Dutch composer, born 03/10/1970

Matt Barlow Musician, songwriter, police officer, musical artist, born 03/10/1970

Omar Abdullah office holder, born 03/10/1970

Jo Silvagni born 03/10/1970

Armands Strazds Composer, Producer, Software developer, musical artist, born 03/10/1970

Timothy Z. Mosley American musician, Record Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Rapper, Actor, musical artist, born 03/10/1971

Jon Hamm Actor, actor, born 03/10/1971

Daryle Singletary Singer, musical artist, born 03/10/1971

Nick Gates Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/10/1972

Matthew James Brown New South Wales politician, politician, born 03/10/1972

Matt Kenseth nascar driver, born 03/10/1972

Beth Buchanan Actor, actor, born 03/10/1972

Michael Lucas adult actor, born 03/10/1972

Chris Sutton Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 03/10/1973

Eva Herzigová Czech fashion model, model, born 03/10/1973

Geert Verheyen Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/10/1973

Eva Herzigova MODEL, born 03/10/1973

Dan Swano Musician, songwriter, music producer, audio engineer, musical artist, born 03/10/1973

Georg C. F. Greve CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kolab Systems , Founding President and Director at FSFE, born 03/10/1973

John Lecompt Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/10/1973

Keren Ann musical artist, born 03/10/1974

DJ Aligator Producer, DJ, musical artist, born 03/10/1975

Zafer Ozgultekin Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 03/10/1975

Rahshon Turner basketball player, born 03/10/1975

Monica Marulli born 03/10/1975

Eladio Jiménez Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/10/1976

Ane Brun born 03/10/1976

Natalie Nicholson born 03/10/1976

Frantz Granvorka born 03/10/1976

Wenjin Wu born 03/10/1976

Sang-Woo Sin soccer player, born 03/10/1976

Miroslav Kostadinov Singer, musical artist, born 03/10/1976

Shannon Lee Miller United States gymnast, born 03/10/1977

Robin Thicke American musician, Singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, musician, musical artist, born 03/10/1977

Jeff Branson American film/TV/soap opera actor, actor, born 03/10/1977

Rita Simons Actress, Singer, Model, actor, born 03/10/1977

John Macintyre born 03/10/1977

Thomas Alan McNulty Visual Performance Artist, musical artist, born 03/10/1978

Jay Wilkison Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 03/10/1978

Camille Dalmais Singer, songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 03/10/1978

Claire Curran tennis player, born 03/10/1978

Marcie Dodd Actress, singer, actor, born 03/10/1978

Edi Mue Gathegi Actor, actor, born 03/10/1979

Brandon Bluhm actor, born 03/10/1979

Sara Maldonado Actress, actor, born 03/10/1980

Florin Cernat soccer player, born 03/10/1980

Jaime Gomez soccer player, born 03/10/1980

Samuel Eto'o Fils Cameroonian footballer, soccer player, born 03/10/1981

Kristen Maloney American Olympic gymnast, born 03/10/1981

Johnathan Marray British tennis player, tennis player, born 03/10/1981

Nick Hannah american football player, born 03/10/1981

Kwame Brown Professional basketball player, basketball player, born 03/10/1982

Stefano Layeni Italian footballer, soccer player, born 03/10/1982

Keke Wyatt Singer, actress, musical artist, born 03/10/1982

Jonathan Ansell Singer Tenor, musical artist, born 03/10/1982

Shin Koyamada Actor, producer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, martial arts instructor, actor, born 03/10/1982

Zoe Lister Actress, actor, born 03/10/1982

Robert Grizha soccer player, born 03/10/1982

Chalakorn Sa-nguandee soccer player, born 03/10/1982

Carrie Marie Underwood American country music singer; American Idol winner, Singer-songwriter-musician, actress, musical artist, born 03/10/1983

Rafe Spall actor, born 03/10/1983

Francesco Ruopolo Italian footballer, soccer player, born 03/10/1983

Jonas Olsson soccer player, born 03/10/1983

Malika Haqq Actress, actor, born 03/10/1983

Khadijah Haqq Actress, actor, born 03/10/1983

Olivia Wilde Actress, actor, born 03/10/1984

Yuchun Li Singer, musical artist, born 03/10/1984

Yan Tsiharow soccer player, born 03/10/1984

Erika Schaefer actor, born 03/10/1984

Carol Castro Actress, actor, born 03/10/1984

David Haydn Raven Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 03/10/1985

Lassana Diarra footballer, soccer player, born 03/10/1985

Tosayutaka Yuya born 03/10/1985

Jc De Vera actor, born 03/10/1986

Miroslav Antonov soccer player, born 03/10/1986

Māris Štrombergs BMX racer, cyclist, born 03/10/1987

Frederik Krabbe Danish footballer, soccer player, born 03/10/1988

Agnete Hegelund Danish model, model, born 03/10/1988

Patrick Henry Hughes Blind American musician, Student, speaker, musical artist, born 03/10/1988

Ivan Rakitic soccer player, born 03/10/1988

Adriana Kuper born 03/10/1989

Emily Osment American actress, Actress, singer, songwriter, spokesmodel, musical artist, born 03/10/1992

Anais Morand figure skater, born 03/10/1993

Jeffrey Scaperrotta Actor, Actor, lifeguard, actor, born 03/10/1993

Jack Butland English professional association footballer, soccer player, born 03/10/1993

Oliver Taylor actor, born 03/10/1994

Alexandre Lyssov born 03/10/1994

Nicholas Nip born 03/10/1998