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Princess Mary of Windsor ROYALTY, NUN, born 03/11/1279

Henry Brandon, Earl of Lincoln ROYALTY, born 03/11/1516

Torquato Tasso POET, PLAYWRIGHT, Poet, Novelist, Author, writer, born 03/11/1544

Henry Benedict Stuart British royalty, born 03/11/1725

Robert Treat Paine Lawyer, born 03/11/1731

Benjamin Tupper Continental Army officer, pioneer to the Ohio Country, military person, born 03/11/1738

Harusato Matsudaira office holder, born 03/11/1751

Amos Slaymaker Politician, born 03/11/1755

Jose Miguel Pey de Andrade president, born 03/11/1763

William Huskisson office holder, born 03/11/1770

John Mclean United States federal judge, office holder, born 03/11/1785

Pal Esterhazy office holder, born 03/11/1786

Giovanni Perrone Italian Jesuit, born 03/11/1794

Cottesloe, Thomas Fremantle, 1st Baron office holder, born 03/11/1798

William Draper office holder, born 03/11/1801

Urbain Le Verrier ASTRONOMER, DISCOVERED NEPTUNE'S ORBIT 8-31-1846, scientist, born 03/11/1811

William Vincent Wallace Irish composer and musician, born 03/11/1812

David Jackson Bailey Confederate Army officer, born 03/11/1812

James Speed office holder, born 03/11/1812

Takayuki Todo office holder, born 03/11/1813

Jesse Lowe Politician, real estate, ferries, mayor, born 03/11/1814

David Williamson Carroll American lawyer and politician, born 03/11/1816

John Wilkins Whitfield Confederate Army general and politician, born 03/11/1818

Marius Petipa DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, BALLET MASTER, born 03/11/1818

Marius Petipa artist, born 03/11/1818

Allison Nelson Confederate Army general and politician, born 03/11/1822

Princess Imperial Januaria Maria Of Brazil British royalty, born 03/11/1822

Ferdinand Carre Engineer, inventor, born 03/11/1824

Noble Andrew Hull office holder, born 03/11/1827

William Ruffin Cox Confederate Army general, judge and politician, military person, born 03/11/1832

William Ludgate American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/11/1836

Shigenobu Okuma office holder, born 03/11/1838

William Marland United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, archaea, born 03/11/1839

Arthur P. Gorman POLITICIAN, LEGISLATOR, SENATOR (DEM, MD), born 03/11/1839

William Marland United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/11/1839

Dwijendranath Tagore born 03/11/1840

Luigi Luzzatti prime minister, born 03/11/1841

James T Garrow office holder, born 03/11/1843

Eliza Jane Poitevent Holbrook Nicholson Poet and journalist, Journalist and poet, writer, born 03/11/1843

António Cândido Gonçalves Crespo Portuguese poet, born 03/11/1846

Sidney Sonnino POLITICIAN, FINANCIAL EXPERT, P.M., PUBLISHER, office holder, born 03/11/1847

Salvatore Pincherle Italian mathematician, scientist, born 03/11/1853

Louis-Joseph Forget Banker, stockbroker, office holder, born 03/11/1853

Tom Clarke born 03/11/1857

Sri Narasimha Bharathi HINDU SPIRITUAL TEACHER, born 03/11/1858

Thomas Hastings American architect, born 03/11/1860

Andrew Stoddart cricketer, born 03/11/1863

Vladimir Ippolitovich Lipsky scientist, born 03/11/1863

Winsome Earle Sears Virginia Politician, office holder, born 03/11/1864

Henri Rivière Artist, born 03/11/1864

Louis Bachelier Mathematician, scientist, born 03/11/1870

Frederic Palen Schoonmaker United States federal judge, born 03/11/1870

Teddy Rankin born 03/11/1872

Walter Devoe SPIRITUAL HEALER, AUTHOR, born 03/11/1874

Jack Miller Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1875

Michele Pane Italian American symbolist poet and journalist, born 03/11/1876

Kenneth Hayes Miller ARTIST, PAINTER, ETCHER, LECTURER, TEACHER, born 03/11/1876

Carl Sprague Ruggles MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, VIOLINIST, ARTIST, PAINTER, born 03/11/1876

Totaro Umegatani born 03/11/1878

William Dyer Actor, drug, born 03/11/1881

Chuon Nath born 03/11/1883

Sheridan Downey senator, born 03/11/1884

Omer Seyfettin Author, teacher, military officer, writer, born 03/11/1884

Sir Malcolm Campbell Racing motorist, Racing motorist, journalist, born 03/11/1885

Edward Rydz-Smigly military person, born 03/11/1886

Raoul Walsh Film director, Actor/Director, actor, born 03/11/1887

Pearl Elizabeth Corkhill Australian Military Nurse of First World War, military person, born 03/11/1887

Jock Sutherland American football player and coach, gridiron football player, born 03/11/1889

Vannevar Bush American engineer, scientist, born 03/11/1890

H. C. Witwer Short story author, screenwriter, cartoonist, writer, born 03/11/1890

W. Lee Odaniel senator, born 03/11/1890

Michael Polanyi born 03/11/1891

Tadeusz Tański Polish automobile engineer, born 03/11/1892

Thomas T. Handy military person, born 03/11/1892

Cyril Albert Clowes Soldier in the Australian Army, military person, born 03/11/1892

Herbert B. Maw Governor of Utah (1941-1949), born 03/11/1893

Arnaldo Belluigi SCIENTIST, GEOPHYSICIST, AUTHOR, born 03/11/1893

Paul Priem military person, born 03/11/1893

John Chalmers Australian Albert Medal/George Cross recipient, born 03/11/1894

Otto Grotewohl POLITICIAN, PRINTER, BUSINESSMAN, politician, born 03/11/1894

Bernie Bierman college coach, born 03/11/1894

Princess Elisabeth of Hesse Daughter of Ernst-Ludwig, last Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine, and of Princess Victoria Melita of Great Britain and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha., British royalty, born 03/11/1895

Karl Hellmer Actor, drug, born 03/11/1896

Hans (general) Wagner German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 03/11/1896

Archibald Clyde Wanliss Fisken Australian politician, Pastoralist, member of parliament, born 03/11/1897

Henry Dixon Cowell MUSICIAN, PIANIST, PIONEER COMPOSER, GAY, born 03/11/1897

Dorothy Elizabeth Gish Actress, director, writer, actor, born 03/11/1898


Miff Mole musical artist, born 03/11/1898

Amede Ardoin Musician, Accordionist, musical artist, born 03/11/1898

Carlo Tamberlani Actor, actor, born 03/11/1899

King Frederick IX of Denmark ROYALTY, REIGNED 1947-1972, British royalty, born 03/11/1899

Walter Adam Tucker prime minister, born 03/11/1899

Douglas, James H., Jr. Served in the United States Department of Defense as Secretary of the Air Force and Deputy Secretary of Defense, office holder, born 03/11/1899

Noble Kizer college coach, born 03/11/1900

Frederick Olen Mercer United States federal judge, born 03/11/1901

Annie Mona Burgin Teacher and member of Girl Guiding movement, born 03/11/1903

Lawrence Welk MUSICIAN, BANDLEADER, ACCORDIAN PLAYER, TV HOST, Musician, accordionist, bandleader, and television impresario, born 03/11/1903

Muir Esther actor, born 03/11/1903

Art Ruble baseball player, born 03/11/1903

James Marshall Carter United States federal judge, born 03/11/1904

Silva Marques soccer player, born 03/11/1905

Jessie Matthews actress, singer, dancer, Actress, singer, dancer, actor, born 03/11/1907

Helmuth James Graf von Moltke International law, born 03/11/1907

Margaret Herbison Politician, office holder, born 03/11/1907

Felicien Vervaecke cyclist, born 03/11/1907

Eulogio Balao office holder, born 03/11/1907

Heinz Brandt military person, born 03/11/1907

Andre Dalibert ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 03/11/1908

Horace Burrows soccer player, born 03/11/1910

Don Tarr Naval officer, rugby player, born 03/11/1910

Manuel Soares Dos Reis soccer player, born 03/11/1910

Charles R. Ware United States Navy Navy Cross recipient, military person, born 03/11/1911

Alba De Cespedes WRITER, born 03/11/1911


Jim Bucher baseball player, born 03/11/1911

Alba De Cespedes Y Bertini born 03/11/1911

Erwin Reichel military person, born 03/11/1911

Yitzhak Coren born 03/11/1911

Tommy Priestley soccer player, born 03/11/1911

Walter Guevara Arze president, born 03/11/1912

Xavier Montsalvatge Composer, music critic, music professor, born 03/11/1912

Matylda Palfyova born 03/11/1912

Eric Austin Gowing Anglican Bishop of Auckland, born 03/11/1913

Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 03/11/1913

John Francis (Jack) McCafferty Founder of McCafferty's Express Coaches and Mayor of Toowoomba, born 03/11/1914

William Lloydwebber Composer, Organist, musical artist, born 03/11/1914

Avlaro Del Portillo born 03/11/1914

Lawrence Pennell member of parliament, born 03/11/1915

Hamp Pool born 03/11/1915

Herve-Maria Le Cleac'h born 03/11/1915

Wilson, James Harold, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1964–1970 and 1974–1976), canal, born 03/11/1916

Ferdy Mayne Actor, actor, born 03/11/1916

Harold Wilson POLITICIAN, P.M., AUTHOR, born 03/11/1916

Evelyn Finley Film actress, stuntwoman, actor, born 03/11/1916

Thomas Burton Adams office holder, born 03/11/1917

Earl Bellamy actor, born 03/11/1917

Silverio Paulo de Albuquerque born 03/11/1917

Jack Coe Evangelist/faith healer, born 03/11/1918

James Hamilton British politician, born 03/11/1918

Mercer Ellington Trumpeter, composer, arranger, musical artist, born 03/11/1919

Astor Piazzolla Composer, Bandoneón player, musical artist, born 03/11/1921

Elizabeth Linington Novelist, writer, born 03/11/1921

Ted Tinkler cricketer, born 03/11/1921

Leopold Reichling scientist, born 03/11/1921

E. E. Cleveland born 03/11/1921

Giuseppe Baldini SOCCER PLAYER, born 03/11/1922

Ian MacPhail ARTIST, PAINTER, born 03/11/1922

Madeline Houston McWhinney BANKING EXECUTIVE, born 03/11/1922

Tun Razak POLITICIAN, born 03/11/1922

Abdul Razak Lawyer, prime minister, born 03/11/1922

Cornelius Castoriadis philosopher, born 03/11/1922

Giuseppe Baldini soccer manager, born 03/11/1922

Terence Alexander English actor, Actor, actor, born 03/11/1923

Alberico Sala WRITER, POET, ART CRITIC, born 03/11/1923

Agatha Barbara president, born 03/11/1923

Louise Brough tennis player, born 03/11/1923

Paul Muller Actor, born 03/11/1923

Prince Welf Henry Of Hanover British royalty, born 03/11/1923

Herbert Richers Film producer, dubber, actor, born 03/11/1923

Franco Basaglia PSYCHIATRIST, AUTHOR, born 03/11/1924

Bill Ezinicki ice hockey player, born 03/11/1924

Margaret Traxler Nun, Women's Rights Activist, born 03/11/1924

Bryan A. Poston Businessman, office holder, born 03/11/1924

Cle Jeltes Businessman and philantropist, born 03/11/1924

Peter R. Hunt Film editor, television producer and director, actor, born 03/11/1925

Christopher Anvil Novelist, short story author, writer, born 03/11/1925

Margaret Oakley Dayhoff scientist, born 03/11/1925

Ralph Abernathy U.S. civil rights leader, born 03/11/1926

Georgi Yumatov Actor, drug, born 03/11/1926

Paul Paviot Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/11/1926

Eugene K. Bird military person, born 03/11/1926

Ilhan Mimaroglu Composer, musical artist, born 03/11/1926

Dennis Wilshaw soccer player, born 03/11/1926

Bill Sheppell soccer player, born 03/11/1926

Julius Curtis Lewis Jr. mayor, born 03/11/1926

Thomas Stewart soccer player, born 03/11/1926

Gaston Berghmans actor, comedian, actor, born 03/11/1926

Joachim Fuchsberger German actor and television host, born 03/11/1927

Michiko Ishimure Japanese writer, born 03/11/1927

Mario Baroni CYCLIST, born 03/11/1927

Dempsey Wilson Formula One racer, born 03/11/1927

Hans G. Tanzler American college basketball player, attorney, mayor of Jacksonville, Florida, mayor, born 03/11/1927

Albert Salmi Actor, actor, born 03/11/1928

Frederick Stafford Actor, actor, born 03/11/1928

Valerie French actor, born 03/11/1928

Edward Helfrick office holder, born 03/11/1928

Józef Zapędzki sport shooter, born 03/11/1929

Timothy Carey actor, born 03/11/1929

Mick Clavan soccer player, born 03/11/1929

Lana Morris British actress, Actress, actor, born 03/11/1930

Troy Ruttman nascar driver, born 03/11/1930

Gordie Byers ice hockey player, born 03/11/1930

Tony Church Actor, actor, born 03/11/1930

Keith Rupert Murdoch Businessman, Chairman and CEO of, born 03/11/1931

Marisa Del Frate CABARET SINGER, born 03/11/1931


Diane Brewster actor, born 03/11/1931

Nigel Lawson CONSERVATIVE POLITICIAN, CHANCELLOR OF EXCHEQUER, office holder, born 03/11/1932

Leroy Jenkins musical artist, born 03/11/1932

Ken Black office holder, born 03/11/1932

Sandra Milo ACTRESS, born 03/11/1933

Jesus Gil Businessman, politician, born 03/11/1933

Roger Coggio Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/11/1934

John Burgess MUSICIAN, BAGPIPE PLAYER, born 03/11/1934

Sam Donaldson TV NEWS REPORTER, ANCHORMAN, born 03/11/1934

Herbert Keith Speed POLITICIAN, M.P., born 03/11/1934

Dilys Laye actor, born 03/11/1934

Peter Alexander Walsh Australian politician, Farmer, member of parliament, born 03/11/1935

Alan Redway member of parliament, born 03/11/1935

Shirley Russell actor, born 03/11/1935

Christopher Hyde-Smith Royal College of Music Professor, Orchestral, soloist Retired, musical artist, born 03/11/1935

Antonin Gregory Scalia Supreme Court Associate Justice, musical, born 03/11/1936

Harald zur Hausen Co-recipient, 2008, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, scientist, born 03/11/1936

Antonin Scalia U.S. SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE, LAW PROF, born 03/11/1936

Nancy Kovack actor, born 03/11/1936

Baliram Kashyap office holder, born 03/11/1936

Alexandra Zabelina Former Soviet Olympic fencer, born 03/11/1937

Carlos Larranaga Actor, actor, born 03/11/1937

Christian Wolff Actor, drug, born 03/11/1938

Jackie Moreland Basketball player; Engineer, born 03/11/1938

Lorraine Hunt Entertainer, restaurant owner, office holder, born 03/11/1939

John Henry scientist, born 03/11/1939

Ginger Young Playboy Playmate, born 03/11/1939

Ed Philip Adult educator, management consultant, office holder, born 03/11/1940

Bobby Graham Session musician, drummer, musical artist, born 03/11/1940

Chan Shen actor, born 03/11/1940

David Boies Attorney, born 03/11/1941

Joanne C. Benson teacher, politician, born 03/11/1941

Jim Wynn BASEBALL PLAYER, born 03/11/1942

Peter Eyre actor, born 03/11/1942

Raymond Delisle Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/11/1943

Heinz-Ulrich Walther German pair skater, judge and technical controller, figure skater, born 03/11/1943

Arturo Merzario FORMULA ONE RACE CAR DRIVER, born 03/11/1943

Graham Lyle SONGWRITER, born 03/11/1944

Morrison, Jr., DeLesseps office holder, born 03/11/1944

Maurice Clermont office holder, born 03/11/1944

Dock Ellis baseball player, born 03/11/1945

Josemari Chan musical artist, born 03/11/1945

Jack Parker college coach, born 03/11/1945

Tricia Oneil actor, born 03/11/1945

Richard Gray Test Pilot, born 03/11/1945

Pirri soccer player, born 03/11/1945

Manuel Elkin Patarroyo Murillo born 03/11/1946

Conal Robert Gregory POLITICIAN, M.P., born 03/11/1947

Johnny Young musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, disc jockey, television presenter & producer, musical artist, born 03/11/1947

Alan Yentob Television executive & broadcaster, born 03/11/1947

Frank Patrick american football player, born 03/11/1947

Blue Weaver Musician, composer, musical artist, born 03/11/1947

Rodger Doxsey scientist, born 03/11/1947

Vítor Campos soccer player, born 03/11/1947

Dominique Sanda Actor, actor, born 03/11/1948

Franz Lambert Composer and organist, born 03/11/1948

Tony Wright member of parliament, born 03/11/1948

Shahram Shabpareh Singer, Songwriter, Actor, musical artist, born 03/11/1948

Danny J. Petersen Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/11/1949

Robert Antony Hayward POLITICIAN, M.P., born 03/11/1949

Jean-Paul Bacquet office holder, born 03/11/1949

Bobby McFerrin Singer-songwriter, musician, conductor, producer, musical artist, born 03/11/1950

Bob Deuell Texas politician, office holder, born 03/11/1950

Alan Beer Footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1950

Jerry Zucker FILM DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, SCREENWRITER, Film director, Film producer, Screenwriter, actor, born 03/11/1950

Cathy Rowland Playboy Playmate, born 03/11/1950

Windlan Hall gridiron football player, born 03/11/1950

Karen Christy Playboy Playmate, born 03/11/1951

Aryeh Gamliel born 03/11/1951

Douglas Noël Adams Author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, Writer, writer, born 03/11/1952

Susan Richardson American actress, born 03/11/1952


Bernie Labarge musician, born 03/11/1953

Carole André Actor, actor, born 03/11/1953


Mary Harney office holder, born 03/11/1953

Laszlo Boloni soccer manager, born 03/11/1953

Gale Norton office holder, born 03/11/1954

David Newman composer, actor, born 03/11/1954

Nelson Albano office holder, born 03/11/1954

Stephen Bogardus actor, born 03/11/1954

Vinod Dua Journalism, journalist, born 03/11/1954

Nina Hagen Singer, musical artist, born 03/11/1955

Bill Siksay politician, member of parliament, born 03/11/1955

Jimmy Fortune Singer, musical artist, born 03/11/1955

Joey Buttafuoco Auto Body Shop Owner, auto body shop owner, born 03/11/1956

Ivo Iaconi Footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 03/11/1956

Helen Rollason Journalist, presenter, newsreader, journalist, born 03/11/1956

The Lady Chablis Entertainer, actor, actor, born 03/11/1957

Elena Donaldson born 03/11/1957

Robert Clark politician, born 03/11/1957

Paul Cullen judge, born 03/11/1957

Mauricio Cruz soccer manager, born 03/11/1957

Anissa Jones Child actress, Actress, actor, born 03/11/1958

James Pinkerton Journalist, author, pundit, journalist, born 03/11/1958

Hsi-wei Chou office holder, born 03/11/1958

Nina Hartley American porn star; sex educator, adult actor, born 03/11/1959

Carolyn Wilson born 03/11/1959

Dejan Stojanović poet, writer, and businessman, Writer, writer, born 03/11/1959

Robert Glenister Actor, actor, born 03/11/1960

Fulvio Cecere actor, born 03/11/1960

Christophe Gans film director, actor, born 03/11/1960

Sharon Jordan Actress, actor, born 03/11/1960

Jose Roel Lungay musical artist, born 03/11/1960

Jorge Santini mayor, born 03/11/1960

Jose Guillermo Rodriguez mayor, born 03/11/1960

Robert William Thomson journalist, editor, journalist, born 03/11/1961

Elias Koteas actor, born 03/11/1961

Kai A. Konrad born 03/11/1961

Alberto Terrile Photographer, artist, born 03/11/1961

Peter Berg Actor, director, producer, writer, actor, born 03/11/1962

Barbara Alyn Woods Actress, actor, born 03/11/1962

Mary Gauthier Songwriter, Musician, Restaurateur, musical artist, born 03/11/1962

Jeffrey Nordling Actor, actor, born 03/11/1962

Gary Barnett Professional footballer, football manager, soccer manager, born 03/11/1963

Maginel Galt NOTED FAMILY, born 03/11/1963

David Lachapelle born 03/11/1963

James To Legislative Councillor, politician, born 03/11/1963

Fernando Guillen Cuervo actor, born 03/11/1963

Emma Chambers Actor, Actress, actor, born 03/11/1964

Joel Benjamin CHESS CHAMPION, born 03/11/1964


Shane Richie Actor, comedian, television presenter, singer, media personality, actor, born 03/11/1964

Andrew Saxton member of parliament, born 03/11/1964

John Avalos Politician, office holder, born 03/11/1964

Nigel Howard Adkins soccer manager, born 03/11/1965

Jr. Jesse Louis Jackson United States Congressman from Illinois, politician, civil rights leader, congressman, born 03/11/1965

Wallace Langham Actor, actor, born 03/11/1965

Catherine Fulop actor, born 03/11/1965

Tony Pounder soccer player, born 03/11/1966

Annaulrica Ericsson actor, born 03/11/1966

John Barrowman Actor, musical performer, dancer, singer, television presenter, media personality, Entertainer, actor, born 03/11/1967

Brad Carson congressman, born 03/11/1967

Cynthia Klitbo Actress, actor, born 03/11/1967

Lisa Loeb Singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer, actress, musical artist, born 03/11/1968

Margaret Anderson Kelliher office holder, born 03/11/1968

Stephane Bedard office holder, born 03/11/1968

Dominic Mafham Actor, actor, born 03/11/1968

Takao Osawa Actor Model director, actor, born 03/11/1968

Terrence Howard Actor, singer, rapper, actor, born 03/11/1969

Rami Jaffee Keyboardist, musical artist, born 03/11/1969

Soraya born 03/11/1969

Jose Menendez National Director for emerging real estate markets, Stewart Title Company, office holder, born 03/11/1969

Al Gamble musical artist, born 03/11/1969

Thomas Stauch Drummer, musical artist, born 03/11/1970

Justin Hayford musical artist, born 03/11/1970

Calogero Messina HEMOPHILIAC, AIDS VICTIM, born 03/11/1971

Jonas Karlsson actor, born 03/11/1971

Johnny Knoxville Writer, Producer, Actor, actor, born 03/11/1971

Kennedy Otieno Obuya Kenyan cricketer, cricketer, born 03/11/1972

Kathleen Clarice Louise Cornwell Klein Dealtry Groom Novelist, writer, born 03/11/1972

Vedin Music soccer player, born 03/11/1973

Wataru Sakata born 03/11/1973

Martin Hiden soccer player, born 03/11/1973

Pereira actor, born 03/11/1973

Eric Lynch Member of The Howard Stern Show, born 03/11/1975

David Cañada Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/11/1975

Aviad Cohen Singer, Rapper, Website/Graphic Designer, Singer, Rapper, musical artist, born 03/11/1975

Christian Bowman actor, born 03/11/1975

Mariana Díaz-Oliva Tennis player, tennis player, born 03/11/1976

Enrico Degano Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/11/1976

Anja Weisgerber office holder, born 03/11/1976

Szymon Wydra born 03/11/1976

Sokol Rapper,, musical artist, born 03/11/1977

Didier Yves Drogba Tébily footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1978

Héctor Arturo Sanhueza Medel Footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1978

Christopher Khayman Lee actor, born 03/11/1978

Craig Fairbaugh Musician, Guitarist, Singer, musical artist, born 03/11/1978

Hayko Cepkin Singer, keyboardist, Band, born 03/11/1978

Scott Calderwood soccer manager, born 03/11/1978

Andres Segura model, born 03/11/1978

Danuel Pipoly actor, born 03/11/1978

Paulo Marques Musse Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1978

Spencer Steel Lacrosse player, born 03/11/1979

Jassim Mohammed Ghulam soccer player, born 03/11/1979

Joanne Peters soccer player, born 03/11/1979

Paul Josef Herbert Scharner footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1980

Brent Barton politician, born 03/11/1980

Yancy De Ocampo born 03/11/1980

Letoya Nicole Luckett American R&B singer-songwriter and actress, Singer-songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 03/11/1981

David Anders Actor, actor, born 03/11/1981

Russell Lissack musical artist, born 03/11/1981

Heidi Cortez adult actor, born 03/11/1981

Matthias Schweighofer actor, born 03/11/1981

Thora Birch actress, Actress, actor, born 03/11/1982

Nate Bauers Lacrosse player, born 03/11/1982

C.J. Kemp Lacrosse player, born 03/11/1982

Lindsey Mackeon actor, born 03/11/1982

Peter Kotula Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Musician, musical artist, born 03/11/1982

Marietta Chrousala born 03/11/1983

Lopes soccer player, born 03/11/1983

Noboru Ryuo born 03/11/1983

Kai Reus Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/11/1985

Paul Bissonnette ice hockey player, born 03/11/1985

Hakuho Sho born 03/11/1985

Qianyun Gong born 03/11/1985

Jake Maxwell Wright Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1986

Gabriel Siminic Romanian footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1986

Andrea Bonaventura gridiron football player, born 03/11/1986

Estefania Villarreal actor, born 03/11/1987

Katsuhiko Nakajima Professional wrestler, wrestler, born 03/11/1988

Alexandra Lawford Pender NOTED FAMILY, born 03/11/1988

Alexandr Fier born 03/11/1988

Reiley Macclendon actor, born 03/11/1990

Ronalds Cinks ice hockey player, born 03/11/1990

Jack Rodwell Footballer, soccer player, born 03/11/1991

Drew Osborne Film actor, actor, born 03/11/1991

John Edwards born 03/11/1991

Candida Arias Female volleyball player from the Dominican Republic, born 03/11/1992