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Lidwina van Schiedam ROMAN CATHOLIC SAINT, born 03/18/1380

Amerigo Vespucci SAILOR, NAVIGATOR, born 03/18/1452

Queen Mary of France, Duchess of Suffolk ROYALTY, British royalty, born 03/18/1496

Cornelis Ketel artist, born 03/18/1548

Adam Elsheimer German artist, born 03/18/1578

Simon Bradstreet governor, born 03/18/1603

Frederick 03 Of Denmark British royalty, born 03/18/1609

Giuseppe Pitoni Italian composer, born 03/18/1657

Giovanni Bastista Felice Zappi POET, born 03/18/1667

Kirill Razumovsky office holder, born 03/18/1728

John Walker English lexicographer, born 03/18/1732

Alexander Kucharsky artist, born 03/18/1741

James De Wolf senator, born 03/18/1764

Milos Obrenovic monarch, born 03/18/1780

John Caldwell Calhoun American politician, office holder, born 03/18/1782

Gilbert, Walter Raleigh, 1st Baronet Officer in the British East India Company, born 03/18/1785

Edward Littleton office holder, born 03/18/1791

Francis Lieber German-American jurist and political philosopher, born 03/18/1800

Christian Friedrich Hebbel German poet and dramatist, poet and dramatist, writer, born 03/18/1813

John Bower Lewis mayor, born 03/18/1817

Daniel Leasure Union Army officer, military person, born 03/18/1819

William E. Stevenson governor, born 03/18/1820

Alexander Stuart McDill U.S Representative from Wisconsin, born 03/18/1822

Rosalind Chao ACTRESS, born 09/23/1949

George Murray Smith Businessman and publisher of books and literary journals, born 03/18/1824

Alfred William Lamb American politician, born 03/18/1824

Henry Capehart United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/18/1825

Joseph Rene Bellot MILITARY, NAVAL OFFICER, ARCTIC EXPLORER, born 03/18/1826

Abel Carter Wilder American politician, born 03/18/1828

William R. Boggs Confederate Army general, born 03/18/1829

Maxwell, James Laidlaw, Senior Missionary to Formosa (Taiwan), born 03/18/1836

Grover Cleveland 22nd and 24th President of the United States, Lawyer, president, born 03/18/1837

Jean Baptiste Stobbaerts ARTIST, PAINTER, born 03/18/1838

Franca Junior Journalist, playwright, writer, born 03/18/1838

Francis Fessenden United States Army general during American Civil War, military person, born 03/18/1839

John Edmund Luck Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland New Zealand, born 03/18/1840

Stephane Mallarme POET, TEACHER, ESSAYIST, TRANSLATOR, SYMBOLIST, Poet, writer, born 03/18/1842

Thomas Edmund Scroggy Union Army soldier, politician, born 03/18/1843

Jules H. Vandenpeereboom POLITICIAN, P.M., born 03/18/1843

Lewis Linn Macarthur judge, born 03/18/1843

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Russian composer, member of the group "The Five", born 03/18/1844

Nicholai Rimsky-Korsakov MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 03/18/1844

William O'Connell Bradley Governor of Kentucky, Senator from Kentucky, governor, born 03/18/1847

Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll ROYALTY, QUEEN VICTORIA'S 6TH CHILD, born 03/18/1848

Louise, Princess, Duchess of Argyll British Princess, British royalty, born 03/18/1848

Johann von Pallavicini ambassador, born 03/18/1848

Joseph Grasset PHYSICIAN, BIOLOGIST, PHILOSOPHER, born 03/18/1849

Louis Felix Henneguy ZOOLOGIST, born 03/18/1850

Alexander Hamilton lawyer, businessman, delegate to the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1901, born 03/18/1851

Julien Dupre artist, born 03/18/1851

Augustus Harris Actor, Actor, impresario, dramatist, actor, born 03/18/1852

Oscar Walker Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 03/18/1854

Adolfo Hohenstein Painter and decorative artist, artist, born 03/18/1854

Newton, Thomas Wodehouse Legh, 2nd Baron office holder, born 03/18/1857

Rudolf Diesel-C ENGINEER, INVENTOR OF DIESEL ENGINE, born 03/18/1858

Rudolf Diesel ENGINEER, INVENTOR OF DIESEL ENGINE, born 03/18/1858

Carmichael, Thomas Gibson-Carmichael, 1st Baron office holder, born 03/18/1859

Lucien Alexandre Descaves AUTHOR, ESSAYIST, SATIRIST, PLAYWRIGHT, JOURNALIST, born 03/18/1861

Eugène Fredrik Jansson Painter, born 03/18/1862

Dorr Eugene Felt Inventor, businessman, born 03/18/1862

Perungavur Rajagopalachari lawyer, civil servant, office holder, born 03/18/1862

William Sulzer governor, born 03/18/1863

Nathaniel White Harper office holder, born 03/18/1865

Karol Adamiecki born 03/18/1866

Jessie Pope writer, born 03/18/1868

Wilhelm Stekel Psychologist, born 03/18/1868

Bill Webb Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 03/18/1868

Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1937 to 1940, office holder, born 03/18/1869

Maude Abbott Physician, born 03/18/1869

Vernon Hamersley born 03/18/1871

Nikolai Berdyaev philosopher, born 03/18/1874

Nixey Callahan baseball player, born 03/18/1874

Manuel Trucco president, born 03/18/1876

Edgar Cayce Purported clairvoyant healer and psychic, born 03/18/1877

Clement Hill Cricketer, cricketer, born 03/18/1877

George Field Actor, drug, born 03/18/1877

Pauline Decroix PHYSICIAN, DOCTOR OF MEDICINE, born 03/18/1877

J. Marvin Hunter Journalist; Historian; Printer, writer, born 03/18/1880

Gian Francesco Malipiero MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/18/1882

Ada Dondini Actor, drug, born 03/18/1883

Bernard Cronin Australian journalist and novelist, Writer and Journalist, writer, born 03/18/1884


Robert Emmett O'Connor Actor, drug, born 03/18/1885

Edward Everett Horton Actor, actor, born 03/18/1886

Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière German WWI U-boat commander, military person, born 03/18/1886

Mikhail Tereshchenko politician, born 03/18/1886

Otto von Schrader military person, born 03/18/1888

Sid Crowl soccer player, born 03/18/1888

Ernst Kuehl German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 03/18/1888

George Morby Ingram Australian Victoria Cross recipient, military person, born 03/18/1889

Henri Decoin Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/18/1890

Gunnar Andersen soccer player, born 03/18/1890

Walter Andrew Shewhart scientist, born 03/18/1891

Margaret Culkin Banning Novelist, born 03/18/1891

Arne Somersalo Military officer, born 03/18/1891

Edith Storey Actor, actor, born 03/18/1892

Ryogoku Yujiro born 03/18/1892

Wilfred Edward Salter Owen English poet and soldier, writer, born 03/18/1893

Constante Girardengo CYCLIST, born 03/18/1893

Jean Goldkette Bandleader, musical artist, born 03/18/1893

Bobby Blood English footballer, soccer player, born 03/18/1894

Léonce Corne Actor, drug, born 03/18/1894

Maurice de Canonge ACTOR, FILM DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, born 03/18/1894

Stuart Buchanan Voice Actor, actor, born 03/18/1894

Victor Matson artist, born 03/18/1895

Hugh Buntine Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 03/18/1895



Murray Van Wagoner governor, born 03/18/1898

Joe Thorn Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 03/18/1899

Roberto Grau chess player, athlete, born 03/18/1900

George Gough born 03/18/1900

Johnny Cooney baseball player, born 03/18/1901

Giuseppe Santagostino soccer manager, born 03/18/1901

Diana Miller Actress, actor, born 03/18/1902

Count Galeazzo Ciano POLITICIAN, MINISTER, TRAITOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/18/1903

Harry Enson Hubbard military person, born 03/18/1903

Gordon Perry gridiron football player, born 03/18/1903

Srečko Kosovel Poet, writer, born 03/18/1904

Paul Comet AVIATOR, born 03/18/1904

Margaret Tucker Indigenous Australian activist and writer, born 03/18/1904

Robert Donat FILM/STAGE ACTOR, FILM DIRECTOR, born 03/18/1905

Robert Donat Actor, actor, born 03/18/1905

Benny Friedman born 03/18/1905

Zoilo Saldombide soccer player, born 03/18/1905

Roy L. Johnson military person, born 03/18/1906

Karl Sesta soccer manager, born 03/18/1906

Lydia Arsens politician, born 03/18/1906

Valdemar Mota soccer player, born 03/18/1906

John Zachary Young English zoologist and neurophysiologist. Professor of anatomy and author., Professor of anatomy and author, born 03/18/1907

Lucile Browne Actor, Actress, actor, born 03/18/1907

Arthur Dwight Ross military person, born 03/18/1907


Raymond L.S. Patriarca born 03/18/1908

Jack Milburn soccer manager, born 03/18/1908

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr., the 1st U.S. FIRST FAMILY, born 03/18/1909

Lt. Col. Apji Dalel Singh office holder, born 03/18/1909

Pepi Lederer Actress, writer, actor, born 03/18/1910

Bernard Joseph Leddy United States federal judge, born 03/18/1910

Ethel D. Jacobs Thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder, born 03/18/1910

George Stevens soccer player, born 03/18/1910

Friedrich Jakob German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 03/18/1910

Smiley Burnette FILM/TV/RADIO ACTOR, SONGWRITER, WESTERN COMIC, singer-songwriter, musician, film actor, inventor, musical artist, born 03/18/1911

William Lava MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, ARRANGER, CONDUCTOR, Composer, musical artist, born 03/18/1911

Al Benton baseball player, born 03/18/1911

Rudolf Saalbach military person, born 03/18/1911

Jozef Achilles Puchala saint, born 03/18/1911

William Marshall Chamberlain Hodgson politician, born 03/18/1912

Martin Schonfelder military person, born 03/18/1912

René Clément Film director, actor, born 03/18/1913

Werner Mölders German World War II fighter pilot, military person, born 03/18/1913

Rene Clement FILM DIRECTOR, SCREENWRITER, born 03/18/1913


Reinhard Hardegen German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 03/18/1913

Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe diplomat, civil servant, office holder, born 03/18/1913

Bruno Karczewski German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 03/18/1913

Luisa Ferida Actress, actor, born 03/18/1914

Ernest Augustus 04 Of Hanover British royalty, born 03/18/1914

Freddy Turner rugby player, born 03/18/1914

Richard Thomas Condon AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 03/18/1915

Josef Bryks Czechoslovak Second World War fighter pilot, military person, born 03/18/1916

Arie van Vliet CYCLIST, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL CHAMPION, born 03/18/1916

Hiram Bithorn baseball player, born 03/18/1916

Mircea Ionescu-Quintus office holder, born 03/18/1917

Anatoli Vasiliev Painter, artist, born 03/18/1917

Mike Road Retired voice actor, born 03/18/1918

David Zeidler scientist, born 03/18/1918

Peter Thomas Dunican born 03/18/1918

Jozef Ondrusz Folklorist and writer, writer, born 03/18/1918

Fritz Vogt military person, born 03/18/1918

Leonard L. Jr. Northrup scientist, born 03/18/1918

Indrajit Gupta Home Minister, India, office holder, born 03/18/1919

Antonio Pierfederici ACTOR, born 03/18/1919

G. E. M. Anscombe Professor of philosophy, University of Cambridge, born 03/18/1919

K. Sri Dhammananda born 03/18/1919

Mickey Rutner baseball player, born 03/18/1919

Michele Arnaud Singer, producer, musical artist, born 03/18/1919

Miroslav Marcovich writer, born 03/18/1919

Willy F. James United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/18/1920

John W. Vogt military person, born 03/18/1920

Belus Smawley college coach, born 03/18/1920

John Currie soccer player, born 03/18/1921

Fred Shuttlesworth born 03/18/1922

Seymour Lipset Political sociologist, born 03/18/1922

Egon Bahr German politician (SPD), Politician, statesman, journalist, politician, born 03/18/1922

Vasco Oliveira soccer player, born 03/18/1922

Chester M. McKeen MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 03/18/1923

John Silkin office holder, born 03/18/1923

Ryuichi Tamura Poet, Essayist, writer, born 03/18/1923

Garvin Hamner baseball player, born 03/18/1924

Anne Howard American actress, actor, born 03/18/1925

Don Paul FOOTBALL COACH OF L.A. RAMS, gridiron football player, born 03/18/1925

Fred Hatfield baseball player, born 03/18/1925

John Skylstead Sr. Rhoades United States federal judge, born 03/18/1925

Peter Graves ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/18/1926

Dick Littlefield baseball player, born 03/18/1926

William Cochrane born 03/18/1926

Joel Williams american football player, born 03/18/1926

George Ames Plimpton Journalist, writer, editor, actor, journalist, born 03/18/1927


George Plimpton AUTHOR, AFICIONADO, born 07/12/1968

John Kander Composer, musical artist, born 03/18/1927

Fidel Ramos President of the Philippines from 1992 to 1998, office holder, born 03/18/1928

Miguel Poblet i Orriols Road racing cyclist, cyclist, born 03/18/1928

Antonin Rolland Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/18/1928

Fidel Ramos President of the Philippines from 1992 to 1998, office holder, born 03/18/1928

Fidel V. Ramos MILITARY, GENERAL LOYAL TO MRS. AQUINO, born 03/18/1928

Fidel Ramos President of the Philippines from 1992 to 1998, office holder, born 03/18/1928

Lennart Axel Edvard Carleson scientist, born 03/18/1928

Julia Mullock British royalty, born 03/18/1928

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf born 03/18/1928

Mirka Mora artist, born 03/18/1928

Christa Wolf German literary critic, novelist, and essayist, born 03/18/1929

William Kerr Fraser office holder, born 03/18/1929

Peter Joseph Kenna playwright, radio actor and screenwriter, playwright, film and screenwriter, writer, born 03/18/1930

Sture Eskilsson Political strategist, born 03/18/1930

Sorie Ibrahim Koroma prime minister, born 03/18/1930

John Fraser Actor, actor, born 03/18/1931

Howard Coble attorney, office holder, born 03/18/1931

Kurt Oppelt Austrian figure skater, born 03/18/1932

John Updike NOVELIST, SHORT-STORY WRITER, POET, born 03/18/1932

John Updike novelist, short story writer, literary critic, writer, born 03/18/1932

Miguel Aleman Velasco governor, born 03/18/1932

Unita Blackwell American civil rights activist, born 03/18/1933

Kai Fischer Actor, drug, born 03/18/1934

Joseph Edward Baird BANKER, COMPANY EXECUTIVE, born 03/18/1934

Charley Pride C&W SINGER, GUITARIST, BASEBALL PLAYER, born 03/18/1934

Semion Grossu prime minister, born 03/18/1934

Ole Barndorff-Nielsen Mathematician, scientist, born 03/18/1935

Charles Proctor Sifton United States federal judge, born 03/18/1935

Frank Maclaughlin comics creator, born 03/18/1935

Frederik Willem de Klerk State President of South Africa, Politician, office holder, born 03/18/1936

John Schubeck News anchor, journalist, born 03/18/1936

Rudi Altig WORLD CHAMPION CYCLIST, born 03/18/1937

Mark Donohue Formula One racer, born 03/18/1937

Gerardo Sofovich actor, born 03/18/1937

Fujinishiki Takemitsu born 03/18/1937

Charley Pride Singer, musical artist, born 03/18/1938

Lawrence Denardis Chairman, Institute for New Democracies, office holder, born 03/18/1938

Ron Atkinson Football player, manager and commentator, soccer manager, born 03/18/1939

Werner Krauss FILM/STAGE ACTOR, born 03/18/1939

Marja-Leena Mikkola WRITER, born 03/18/1939

Jean Pierre Wallez MUSICIAN, STRINGS, born 03/18/1939

Wolfgang Bauer POET, PLAYWRIGHT, AUTHOR, NOVELIST, born 03/18/1941


Wilson Pickett Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1941

Margie Bowes singer, musical artist, born 03/18/1941

John W. Derr office holder, born 03/18/1941

Albert Van Vlierberghe Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/18/1942

Roland Lefevre DANCER, born 03/18/1943

Kevin Dobson Actor, actor, born 03/18/1943

Dennis Linde Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1943

Grivas actor, born 03/18/1943

Maurice Izier Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/18/1944

Kevin Dobson ACTOR, born 03/18/1944

Jacques Secretin TABLE TENNIS CHAMPION, born 03/18/1944

Rodger Dean Duncan Business consultant, author, professional speaker, born 03/18/1944

Michael Reagan Radio talk show host, born 03/18/1945

Marta Suplicy Psychologist, politician, born 03/18/1945

Eric Woolfson Singer, songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 03/18/1945

Hiroh Kikai Japanese photographer, born 03/18/1945

John Jacobs golf player, born 03/18/1945

Anthony Villanueva born 03/18/1945

Svend Pri badminton player, born 03/18/1945


Tim Hagan office holder, born 03/18/1946

Vi Simpson office holder, born 03/18/1946

Van Kelly baseball player, born 03/18/1946

Bertram Schafer born 03/18/1946

Steven H. Schiff LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (REP NM), born 03/18/1947

Karen Maccarthy congressman, born 03/18/1947

Patrick Chesnais actor, born 03/18/1947

Hal Varian born 03/18/1947

David Lloyd cricketer, born 03/18/1947

B. J. Wilson rock drummer, musical artist, born 03/18/1947

Heather Ryan Playboy Playmate, born 03/18/1947

Howard Hilstrom member of parliament, born 03/18/1947

Patrick Barlow actor, born 03/18/1947

Steven Schiff congressman, born 03/18/1947

David Koon born 03/18/1947

John Nienstedt Christian Bishop, born 03/18/1947

Rodrigo Rato office holder, born 03/18/1949

Aase Kleveland Musician, politician, leader, musical artist, born 03/18/1949

Brad Dourif ACTOR, born 03/18/1950

Lorraine Barrett office holder, born 03/18/1950

J. G. Hertzler actor, born 03/18/1950

Jim Knobeloch actor, born 03/18/1950

Froma Harrop Columnist, journalist, born 03/18/1950

Bill Frisell Guitarist, composer, music arranger, musical artist, born 03/18/1951

Paul Barber Actor, actor, born 03/18/1951

Bruce Baum Comedian, born 03/18/1951

Pat Eddery JOCKEY, CHAMPION FLAT RACING JOCKEY 1974-77 & 1986, born 03/18/1952

Mike Webster american football player, born 03/18/1952

Bernie Torme Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1952

Ahmad Shuja Pasha military person, born 03/18/1952

Vince Kendrick American college football player, professional football player, running back, fullback, american football player, born 03/18/1952

D. V. Sadananda Gowda office holder, born 03/18/1953

Renato Serafini born 03/18/1953

Victor Lescovitz office holder, born 03/18/1953

Dianne Byrum Partner, Byrum & Fisk Advocacy Communications, office holder, born 03/18/1954

Graeme David Porter Cricketer, cricketer, born 03/18/1955

Lars Rise Politician for the Christian Democratic Party, born 03/18/1955

Francis Slay mayor, born 03/18/1955

Danve Raosaheb Dadarao Patil office holder, born 03/18/1955

Bill Reinhold comics creator, born 03/18/1955

Sherry Kowtko DANCER, born 03/18/1956

Rebecca Ndjoze-Ozo office holder, born 03/18/1956

Brenda L. Pogge Virginia Politician, office holder, born 03/18/1957

Rickey Keeton BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 03/18/1957

Kazuko Fujita comics creator, born 03/18/1957

Jetta Klijnsma politician, born 03/18/1957

Neil Brand actor, born 03/18/1958

Luc Besson Film director, producer, director, screenwriter, actor, born 03/18/1959


Patrick Roger Tridon SINGER, born 03/18/1959

Fiorella Pierobon TV ANNOUNCER, born 03/18/1960

James Plaskett born 03/18/1960

Richard Biggs Actor, actor, born 03/18/1960

Patricia Farinellli Playboy Playmate, born 03/18/1960

Claudia Udy Actress, born 03/18/1960

Kevin Hague member of parliament, born 03/18/1960

Geoffrey Owens actor, born 03/18/1961

Grant Hart Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Drummer, musical artist, born 03/18/1961

Philippe Swan Singer, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1961

Vincent Barteau Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/18/1962

Keith Millard american football player, born 03/18/1962

Patrice Trovoada office holder, born 03/18/1962

Bob Shennan Radio executive, born 03/18/1962

Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr Imam allegedly kidnapped by CIA in Italy, born 03/18/1963

Vanessa Williams American actress, singer, songwriter and former Miss America, Singer, songwriter, actress, musical artist, born 03/18/1963

Jeff Labar Guitarist, musical artist, born 03/18/1963

Mario Impemba baseball television play-by-play announcer, journalist, born 03/18/1963

Chauncey K. Gregory office holder, born 03/18/1963

Julia Lemmertz actor, born 03/18/1963

Bonnie Blair ICE SKATER, OLYMPIC SPEEDSKATER, born 03/18/1964

Courtney Pine musical artist, born 03/18/1964

Rozalla musical artist, born 03/18/1964

Christina Ferguson Playboy Playmate, born 03/18/1964

Seymore Butts adult actor, born 03/18/1964

Motti Ivanir soccer manager, born 03/18/1964

Lauri Lebo Author, reporter, journalist, born 03/18/1964

Adrian Smith Strongman Bodybuilding, born 03/18/1964

David Cubitt Actor, actor, born 03/18/1965

Roman Swewczyk soccer player, born 03/18/1965

Jerry Cantrell of ALICE IN CHAINS MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, Musician, songwriter, actor, musical artist, born 03/18/1966

Ton Caanen soccer manager, born 03/18/1966

Jon Levin Musician, Lawyer, musical artist, born 03/18/1966

Mark Simpson soccer manager, born 03/18/1966

Jorge Ferreira soccer manager, born 03/18/1966

Anna Hedh office holder, born 03/18/1967

Paul Marsden International Business Consultant, member of parliament, born 03/18/1968

Jun Hu Actor, actor, born 03/18/1968

Tamer Hassan Actor, actor, born 03/18/1968

Sheila Taormina Swimmer, triathlete and pentathlete, born 03/18/1969

Antonella Guidelli of GUIDELLI CANTANTI SINGER, born 03/18/1969

Vassily Ivanchuk born 03/18/1969

Michael Bergin actor, born 03/18/1969

David Gogo Canadian blues guitarist, musical artist, born 03/18/1969

Queen Latifah RAPPER, ACTRESS, Singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper, actress, spokesperson, author, musical artist, born 03/18/1970

Queen Latifah RAPPER, FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 03/18/1970

Ed Setzler Engineering Manager, office holder, born 03/18/1970

Christian Lantignotti soccer player, born 03/18/1970

Kitty Ussher member of parliament, born 03/18/1971

Charles Wish artist, born 03/18/1971

Anja Möllenbeck retired German discus thrower, whose personal best throw is 64.63 metres, achieved in May 1998 in Obersuhl, discus thrower, born 03/18/1972

Raul Chavez baseball player, born 03/18/1973

Patrick Harvie office holder, born 03/18/1973

Rob Johnson american football player, born 03/18/1973

Marcus Greatwood born 03/18/1973

Stuart Zender Bassist, Songwriter and Music Producer, musical artist, born 03/18/1974

Grzegorz Napieralski Polish politician, office holder, born 03/18/1974

Shane Stockton Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1974

Sutton Foster Actress, Singer, Dancer, Artist, actor, born 03/18/1975

Babbu Maan Singer-songwriter, Actor, Producer, musical artist, born 03/18/1975

John Lefler Singer-Songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1975

Charles David Copeland Miller soccer player, born 03/18/1976

Mike Quackenbush Professional wrestler, wrestler, born 03/18/1976

Marnie Stern musical artist, born 03/18/1976

Christine Fan Singer, actress, host, actor, born 03/18/1976

Giovanna Antonelli actor, born 03/18/1976

Zdeno Chára Slovak professional ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 03/18/1977

Willy Sagnol soccer player, born 03/18/1977

Brian Scalabrine basketball player, born 03/18/1978

Dr. Matt Destruction Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1978

Adam Noah Levine American singer, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1979

Danneel Harris Actress, actor, born 03/18/1979

Harvey Carey born 03/18/1979

Alexei Yagudin Russian figure skater, figure skater, born 03/18/1980

Juliette Schoppmann Singer, musical artist, born 03/18/1980

Lasha Nozadze soccer player, born 03/18/1980

Fabian Cancellara Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/18/1981

Stephen Philip Collis Football (soccer) goalkeeper, soccer player, born 03/18/1981

Chris Geere Actor, actor, born 03/18/1981

Na-Ra Jang Singer, Actress, musical artist, born 03/18/1981

Kasib Powell basketball player, born 03/18/1981

Ingrid Olava Musician, singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 03/18/1981

Pawel Buskiewicz soccer player, born 03/18/1983

Saad Tawfiq born 03/18/1983

Juno Mak Singer, Record producer, musical artist, born 03/18/1984

Vonzell Solomon Singer, Actress, musical artist, born 03/18/1984

Arsen Beqiri soccer player, born 03/18/1984

Ricky D American porn director, adult actor, born 03/18/1985

Bianca King actor, born 03/18/1985

Sirikitiya Jensen British royalty, born 03/18/1985

Theodora Richards Model, actor, born 03/18/1985

Senad Muminovic soccer player, born 03/18/1985

Tomasz Bzdega soccer player, born 03/18/1985

Anucha Chaiyawong soccer player, born 03/18/1985

Marvin Humes Singer, songwriter, actor, musical artist, born 03/18/1985

Krystle Robba born 03/18/1986

Yakir Lusky soccer player, born 03/18/1986

Mauro Zárate Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/18/1987

James Lowry Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/18/1987

Ilirjan Caushaj soccer player, born 03/18/1987

Logan Quadruplet I MULTIPLE BIRTH, QUADRUPLET, born 03/18/1988

Grace Rasmussen Netball player, born 03/18/1988

Erald Elmazi soccer player, born 03/18/1988

María José Pérez Female volleyball player from Venezuela, born 03/18/1988

Jonathan Ahdout Actor, actor, born 03/18/1989

Kana Nishino Singer, lyricist, musical artist, born 03/18/1989

Lily Jane Collins Actress, model, writer, and television host, Actress, model, writer, born 03/18/1989

Chudomir Grigorov soccer player, born 03/18/1989

Francesco Checcucci Italian footballer, soccer player, born 03/18/1989

Luke Tarsitano actor, born 03/18/1990

Tom Smyth Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/18/1991

Dominique Thomas Sandy Lacrosse player, born 03/18/1992

Mana Iwabuchi soccer player, born 03/18/1993

Alain Fabien Delon-Van Breemen NOTED FAMILY, born 03/18/1994

Madeline Carroll Actress, actor, born 03/18/1996