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Prince Lian Yinsi British royalty, born 03/29/1681

Luigi Acquisti Sculptor, artist, born 03/29/1747

William Jones office holder, born 03/29/1761

Frederick Christian Accum Chemist, scientist, born 03/29/1769

Jean-De-Dieu Soult office holder, born 03/29/1769

Thomas Dyke Acland born 03/29/1787

John Tyler American lawyer, politician, Lawyer, president, born 03/29/1790

Charles I. Du Pont American Civil War industrialist and politician, born 03/29/1797

Derby, Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl Of prime minister, born 03/29/1799

Elisha Mills Huntington United States federal judge, born 03/29/1806

Bettino Ricasoli prime minister, born 03/29/1809

John Letcher governor, born 03/29/1813

Costache Caragiale actor, theatre manager, born 03/29/1815

Cristen Mikkelsen Kold educator, atoll, born 03/29/1816

Christen Mikkelsen Kold educator, Educator, born 03/29/1816

Edwin Laurentine Drake American oil driller, popularly credited with being the first to drill for oil in the United States, born 03/29/1819

Joshua T. Owen United States Army general during American Civil War, military person, born 03/29/1821

William Lyman scientist, born 03/29/1821

Friedrich Buechner scientist, born 03/29/1824

Robert E. Rodes Confederate Army general, born 03/29/1829

Thomas T. Munford Confederate Army general, military person, born 03/29/1831

Antonio Cardarelli Italian physician, born 03/29/1831

Thomas Lemuel James office holder, born 03/29/1831

Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr Novelist, born 03/29/1831

John Wesley Hillman Discoverer of Crater Lake, born 03/29/1832

Upton Hays Confederate Army officer, military person, born 03/29/1832

Henry M. Mathews governor, born 03/29/1834

Jonas Gustav Vilhelm Zander physician, orthopedist, born 03/29/1835

Don Albert Pardee United States federal judge, born 03/29/1837

Edward L. Martin office holder, born 03/29/1837

Louis Joseph Nicolas Andre MILITARY, GENERAL, POLITICIAN, born 03/29/1838

Thompson H. Murch congressman, born 03/29/1838

Edward Heneage office holder, born 03/29/1840

Thomas Blanchard Stowell American educator and researcher, born 03/29/1846

Benjamin Franklin Tilley US Navy Rear Admiral, Naval Acting-Governor, military person, born 03/29/1848

George Hall baseball player, born 03/29/1849

Louis Gilbert Ballet PHYSICIAN, AUTHOR, born 03/29/1853

Friedrich Neelsen German pathologist, microbiologists, born 03/29/1854

Maurice Hanriot CHEMIST, born 03/29/1854

Herman Bemberg French composer, born 03/29/1859

Frederick Muller United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/29/1861

James, Walter Hartwell, Sir politician, office holder, born 03/29/1863

George Grafton Wilson professor of International Law, born 03/29/1863

Etienne Clementel POLITICIAN, born 03/29/1864

Oakley C. Curtis governor, born 03/29/1865

Cy Young baseball player, born 03/29/1867

Victor Baynard Woolley United States federal judge, born 03/29/1867

Ales Hrdlicka Anthropologist, born 03/29/1869

Elliott Dexter Actor, actor, born 03/29/1870

Alexander Monkman Canadian pioneer and trader, born 03/29/1870

Bill Harbridge Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 03/29/1871

Hal Colebatch Journalist, office holder, born 03/29/1872

Billy Quirk Actor, actor, born 03/29/1873

Tullio Levi-Civita MATHEMATICIAN, PROFESSOR, AUTHOR, born 03/29/1873

Fred E. Smith United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/29/1873

Lou Henry Hoover First Lady of the United States, office holder, born 03/29/1874

Harry James Barber pharmacist, member of parliament, born 03/29/1875

Charles Louis Mckeehan United States federal judge, born 03/29/1876

Walter Guinness office holder, born 03/29/1880

John E. Rankin Lawyer and politician, congressman, born 03/29/1882

Alfred Walter Francis Fuller British anthropologist, born 03/29/1882

Paul Amiot actor, born 03/29/1886

James Joseph Maccann office holder, born 03/29/1886

Albert Cushing Read United States Navy admiral and aviator, military person, born 03/29/1887

Derek Oldham English singer and actor, born 03/29/1887

James E. Casey Founded, born 03/29/1888

Earle Ross actor, born 03/29/1888

Warner Baxter Actor, actor, born 03/29/1889

Constantin Astori Russian artist, born 03/29/1889

Howard Lindsay PLAYWRIGHT, ACTOR, PULITZER PRIZE/DRAMA 1946, born 03/29/1889

Pierre Vellones MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, PHYSICIAN, born 03/29/1889

Karl R. Coolidge Screenwriter, drug, born 03/29/1890

Harold Spencer Jones scientist, born 03/29/1890

Edward Fuller Witsell Adjutant General from 1946 to 1951, military person, born 03/29/1891


Jozsef Pehm Mindszenty ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST, CARDINAL, born 03/29/1892

Dora Carrington artist, born 03/29/1893

August Spangberg politician, born 03/29/1893

John G. Manuel military person, born 03/29/1893

Edmond Giscard d'Estaing LAWYER, FINANCIER, BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, born 03/29/1894


Ernst Junger writer, born 03/29/1895

William Friedrich Ackermann German mathematician best known for the Ackermann function, scientist, born 03/29/1896

John C. Villepigue United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/29/1896

Jan Anteunis SCULPTOR, born 03/29/1896

Jules Mersch Luxembourgian publisher and writer, born 03/29/1898

Paul Reichelt German General and Knight's Cross recipients, military person, born 03/29/1898

Lavrenty Beria office holder, born 03/29/1899

James Allred Lawyer and politician, governor, born 03/29/1899

John Macewen prime minister, born 03/29/1900

Bill Aston Formula One racer, born 03/29/1900

Harold Carter born 03/29/1900

Andrija Maurovic comics creator, born 03/29/1901

Uuno Kailas Poet, author, translator, writer, born 03/29/1901

Francisco Prio born 03/29/1901

Onslow Stevens Actor, actor, born 03/29/1902

Martin Frič Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/29/1902

Marcel Ayme AUTHOR, NOVELIST, PLAYWRIGHT, born 03/29/1902

Sir William Turner Walton MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 03/29/1902

Gertrude Sanford Legendre born 03/29/1902

Don Miller college coach, born 03/29/1902

Katy Valentin actor, born 03/29/1902

Arthur Negus broadcaster and antiques expert, born 03/29/1903

Abdon Sgarbi soccer player, born 03/29/1903

Anibal Jose soccer player, born 03/29/1904

Philip Ahn Actor, drug, born 03/29/1905

Vincenzo Coppo soccer player, born 03/29/1905

Harry Cann Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1905


E. Power Biggs MUSICIAN, ORGANIST, Organist, Harpsichordist, born 03/29/1906

Rulon C. Allred born 03/29/1906

Inzer Bass Wyatt United States federal judge, born 03/29/1907

Braguinha Songwriter, writer, producer, singer, screenwriter, musical artist, born 03/29/1907

William David Maccain office holder, born 03/29/1907

Frank Macnally american football player, born 03/29/1907

Arthur O'Connell American actor; acting on stage, film and television; Oscar nominee, Actor, actor, born 03/29/1908

Dennis Okeefe actor, born 03/29/1908

Stephen Halden Beattie Welsh recipient of the Victoria Cross, military person, born 03/29/1908

Gibby Brack baseball player, born 03/29/1908

Steven Pankow politician, born 03/29/1908

Alan Hall soccer player, born 03/29/1908

Moon Mullican Singer, pianist, songwriter, musical artist, born 03/29/1909

Kiyoteru Hanada writer, born 03/29/1909

Maarouf al- Dawalibi president, born 03/29/1909

E. J. Harrison golf player, born 03/29/1910

Jack Gardner college coach, born 03/29/1910

Bill Dietrich baseball player, born 03/29/1910

Ingrid Semmingsen scientist, born 03/29/1910

David Stern born 03/29/1910

Jay Bonafield film producer, born 03/29/1910

Brigitte Horney Actress, actor, born 03/29/1911

John Lawrence First-class cricketer, cricketer, born 03/29/1911

Philip Ahn FILM/TV ACTOR, born 02/16/1952

Freya von Moltke scholar, author, speaker, born 03/29/1911

Jackie Williams soccer player, born 03/29/1911

Rudolf Geisler German officer and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 03/29/1911

Wally Halsall Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1912

Ernst Von Delius born 03/29/1912

Martin Eichler scientist, born 03/29/1912

Arnold Townsend cricketer, born 03/29/1912

Trevor Ranson born 03/29/1912

Jack Jones Union leader, born 03/29/1913

Niall Macginnis actor, born 03/29/1913

Bessborough, Frederick Edward de Neuflize Ponsonby, 10th Earl of born 03/29/1913

R. S. Thomas born 03/29/1913


Alan Fields born 03/29/1914

Hobbs, Horton H., Jr. scientist, born 03/29/1914

Monford Orloff Business Executive, Financier, Philanthropist, born 03/29/1914


Kenneth Arnold businessman, aviator, born 03/29/1915

George Chisholm musical artist, born 03/29/1915

Gad Granach Author, born 03/29/1915

George Odgers Military historian, journalist, Soldier, journalist and historian, born 03/29/1916


Eugene McCarthy POLITICIAN, TEACHER, POET, U.S. SENATOR (DEM MN), born 03/29/1916

Eugene Maccarthy senator, born 03/29/1916

Peter Geach philosopher, born 03/29/1916

Grigory Fedotov soccer player, born 03/29/1916

Tommy Holmes baseball player, born 03/29/1917

Samuel Moore Walton Founder of Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, born 03/29/1918

Pearl Mae Bailey American singer, Actress, singer, actor, born 03/29/1918

Friedelind Wagner Opera director, born 03/29/1918

Adeline Jay Geokaris office holder, born 03/29/1918

Jane Weinberger Author and publisher, born 03/29/1918

Shirley Jameson born 03/29/1918

Eileen Heckart Actress, actor, born 03/29/1919

Robert Lowry NOVELIST, born 03/29/1919

Alene B. Duerk United States Navy admiral, military person, born 03/29/1920

Alene Bertha Duerk MILITARY, 1ST WOMAN REAR ADMIRAL, NURSE CORPS, born 03/29/1920

Pierre Moinot CIVIL SERVANT, AUTHOR, born 03/29/1920

Simone Rozes LAWYER, JURIST, born 03/29/1920

Heinz Nowotnik military person, born 03/29/1920

Jacqueline Joubert Actor and Continuity announcer, born 03/29/1921

Ferris Fain baseball player, born 03/29/1921

Baburaj Composer, music director, instrumentalist, musical artist, born 03/29/1921

Sam Loxton cricketer, born 03/29/1921

Rendle McNeilage Holten Australian politician, Footballer, member of parliament, born 03/29/1922

Richard M. Hoban MILITARY, LT. GENERAL, born 03/29/1922


March Fong Eu office holder, born 03/29/1922

Peter Lei office holder, born 03/29/1922

Bill Wynne Photographer, Investigative Photojournalist, Author and Community Advocate, born 03/29/1922

Billy Hillenbrand american football player, born 03/29/1922

Claire Schillace born 03/29/1922


Geoff Duke Formula One racer, born 03/29/1923

Ze'ev Katz born 03/29/1923

Amnon Linn born 03/29/1924

Jackie Vernon actor, born 03/29/1924

Owen W. Roberts ambassador, born 03/29/1924

Ahmad Zaidi Adruce Politician, president, born 03/29/1924

Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins Film actor, actor, born 03/29/1925

Pasquale Fornara Professional cyclist, cyclist, born 03/29/1925

Emlen Tunnell american football player, born 03/29/1925

Muhammad Ibn Al Uthaymeen born 03/29/1925

Diana Adams US dancer, leading dancer for the New York Ballet from 1950 to 1963 and a favorite of George Balanchine, later became a teacher and a dean at the School of American Ballet, ballerina, teacher, born 03/29/1926

Bonnie Bluh Novelist, essayist, publisher, speaker, actor, writer, born 03/29/1926

Piero Gibellino soccer player, born 03/29/1926

Lord Donald MacArthur Ross QUEEN'S COUNSEL (SCOTLAND) 1964, HIGH COURT JUDGE, born 03/29/1927

John Robert Vane scientist, born 03/29/1927

Arthur Ravenel politician and United States Marine, congressman, born 03/29/1927

Michael Rizzitello Caporegime in the Los Angeles crime family, criminal, born 03/29/1927

Martin Fleischmann scientist, born 03/29/1927

Robert Laurent CHAMPION SWIMMER, born 03/29/1928

Vincent Gigante criminal, born 03/29/1928

Philip Locke actor, born 03/29/1928

Hernan Carrasco Vivanco soccer manager, born 03/29/1928

Diamantino Silva soccer player, born 03/29/1928

Richard Lewontin scientist, born 03/29/1929

Lennart Meri president, born 03/29/1929

Lawrence Cunliffe member of parliament, born 03/29/1929

Utpal Dutt Actor, director, playwright, actor, born 03/29/1929

Gordon P. Eaton scientist, born 03/29/1929

John Birnie Marshall OLYMPIC CHAMPION SWIMMER, born 03/29/1930

Anerood Jugnauth president, born 03/29/1930

Patrick Asselin member of parliament, born 03/29/1930

Paolo Gucci HEIR, ENTREPRENEUR, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/29/1931

Norman Beresford Tebbit POLITICIAN, M.P., born 03/29/1931

Norman Tebbit office holder, born 03/29/1931

Philip Gilbert Actor, actor, born 03/29/1931

John Ducker Australian politician, born 03/29/1932

John William Clouser POLICE OFFICER, FUGITIVE FROM FBI, AUTHOR, born 03/29/1932

William R. Charette United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 03/29/1932

Gerd Baltus actor, born 03/29/1932

Vincent Drouin member of parliament, born 03/29/1932

Clifford Nelson Fyle born 03/29/1933

Nimal Mendis Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 03/29/1934

Walter Twinn office holder, born 03/29/1934

Ruby Murray Singer, actress, musical artist, born 03/29/1935

Norman Wagner office holder, born 03/29/1935

Takeshi Amemiya Economist, born 03/29/1935

Wolfgang Uhlmann born 03/29/1935

Maylie Scott social worker, born 03/29/1935

Richard Rodney Bennett MUSICIAN, FILM/TV COMPOSER, born 03/29/1936

Judith Guest Novelist, screenwriter, Novelist, writer, born 03/29/1936

Ivan Itkin Nuclear scientist,, office holder, born 03/29/1936

Harald Mante artist, born 03/29/1936

Billy Carter United States Marine, born 03/29/1937

Fred Levin born 03/29/1937

Gordon Milne soccer manager, born 03/29/1937

Barry Jackson Actor, actor, born 03/29/1938

Terence Hill Actor, actor, born 03/29/1939

Ray Davis American bass singer, born 03/29/1940

Godfrey Reggio film director and screenwriter, actor, born 03/29/1940

Charles E.M. Pearce scientist, born 03/29/1940

Astrud Gilberto Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1940

Eden Kane Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1941

Violeta Andrei born 03/29/1941

Larry Lee Pressler South Dakota politician, senator, born 03/29/1942

Julie Goodyear Actress, actor, born 03/29/1942

Scott Wilson actor, born 03/29/1942

Major, John, Sir Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1990–1997), office holder, born 03/29/1943

Vangelis Composer, Record producer, Arranger, Composer, musician, record producer, arranger, musical artist, born 03/29/1943

Eric Idle British comedian, Actor, author, comedian, composer, musician, singer, writer, actor, born 03/29/1943

Nathaniel Glover Retired American police officer and Sheriff of Jacksonville, Florida, Former Jacksonville Sheriff, born 03/29/1943

Robin Davis Film director, Screenwriter, drug, born 03/29/1943

Paola Binetti politician, born 03/29/1943

Redding Pitt Alabama politician, born 03/29/1944

John Suchet British news anchor, presenter, News anchor, presenter, journalist, born 03/29/1944

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo Politician and lawyer, Foreign Minister of Ghana, born 03/29/1944

Luis Balague Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/29/1944

Ilse Konrads CHAMPION SWIMMER, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/29/1944

William Vukovich RACE CAR DRIVER, born 03/29/1944

Walt Frazier born 03/29/1945

Eddie Colquhoun Footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1945

Karen Alkalay-Gut poet, professor, and editor, writer, born 03/29/1945

Jean-Pierre Denis Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 03/29/1946

Richard Holmes Professor of Military and Security Studies, born 03/29/1946

Billy Thorpe Rock singer / musician, producer, writer, musical artist, born 03/29/1946

Fred Haynes Businessman; Coach; Football player, born 03/29/1946

Blaine Nye gridiron football player, born 03/29/1946

Paul Herman actor, born 03/29/1946

Bobby Kimball of TOTO MUSICIAN, SINGER, Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 03/29/1947

Aleksandr Viktorenko Test Pilot, astronaut, born 03/29/1947

Sarah Charlesworth artist, born 03/29/1947

K. C. Singh Baba office holder, born 03/29/1947

Robert Gordon Musician, Actor, musical artist, born 03/29/1947

Kuniaki Shibata born 03/29/1947

Geert Van Istendael writer, born 03/29/1947

Tritia Toyota News anchor, journalist, born 03/29/1947

Bud Cort Actor, actor, born 03/29/1948

Johnny Dowd musical artist, born 03/29/1948

Ken Waddell politician, born 03/29/1948

Carlo Petrini soccer manager, born 03/29/1948

Angelino Rosa soccer player, born 03/29/1948

Gheorghe Vergil Şerbu Politician, born 03/29/1949

Michael Brecker of AVERAGE WHITE BAND MUSICIAN, SAXOPHONIST, born 03/29/1949

Kayahan Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Poet, musical artist, born 03/29/1949

Keith Simpson member of parliament, born 03/29/1949

Michael Brecker Saxophonist, composer, musical artist, born 03/29/1949

Pauline Marois social worker, civil servant, office holder, born 03/29/1949

Yuri Stern born 03/29/1949

Dale Sweetland Former Chairman of Onondaga County Legislature, former US Congressional candidate, politician, born 03/29/1949

Kwokhing Wong office holder, born 03/29/1949


Chris Wilkinson FILM DIRECTOR, born 03/29/1950

Norman Snow born 03/29/1950

John Laird office holder, born 03/29/1950

Huynh Cong Ut Photojournalism, journalist, born 03/29/1951

Gholam Hossein Peyrovani soccer manager, born 03/29/1952

Bob Drogin Journalist, Author, journalist, born 03/29/1952

Tom Hume BASEBALL PLAYER, PITCHER, born 03/29/1953

Louis Price actor, born 03/29/1953

Dennis Cohoon office holder, born 03/29/1953

Karen Ann Quinlan born 03/29/1954

Richard Keen office holder, born 03/29/1954

Earl Campbell FOOTBALL PLAYER, RUNNING BACK, born 03/29/1955

Christopher Lawford FILM/TV ACTOR, PRODUCER, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/29/1955

Joey Luft NOTED FAMILY, born 03/29/1955

Henry Campbell Bellingham member of parliament, born 03/29/1955

Christopher Lawford Kennedy actor, born 03/29/1955

Brendan Gleeson Actor, actor, born 03/29/1955

Rolf Lassgard actor, born 03/29/1955

Rayko Raytchev office holder, born 03/29/1955

Carolinda Witt born 03/29/1955

Latoya Jackson SINGER, NOTED FAMILY, born 03/29/1956

John Gibson born 03/29/1956

Gilberto Camara scientist, born 03/29/1956

Monkevicius Algirdas prime minister, born 03/29/1956

Mark Honadel office holder, born 03/29/1956

Christopher Lambert ACTOR, PRODUCER, actor, born 03/29/1957

Yolande Palfrey Actress, actor, born 03/29/1957

Avraham Michaeli born 03/29/1957

Pedro Bial Television Journalist, journalist, born 03/29/1958

Travis W. Childers Realtor, congressman, born 03/29/1958

Geoff Provest politician, born 03/29/1958

Brad McCrimmon Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 03/29/1959

Perry Farrell Singer, Songwriter, Musician, musical artist, born 03/29/1959

Marc Silvestri comics creator, born 03/29/1959

Nouriel Roubini born 03/29/1959

Paddy Chew The first publicly identified AIDS victim in Singapore., Cabaret Writer, Actor, born 03/29/1960

Marina Sirtis STAGE/FILM/TV ACTRESS, born 03/29/1960

Stephen Street Music producer, musical artist, born 03/29/1960

Bill Mitchell office holder, born 03/29/1960

Feyre Quadruplet I MULTIPLE BIRTH, born 03/29/1961

Feyre Quadruplet II MULTIPLE BIRTH, born 03/29/1961

Feyre Quadruplet III MULTIPLE BIRTH, born 03/29/1961

Feyre Quadruplet IV MULTIPLE BIRTH, born 03/29/1961

Amy Sedaris Actress, author, comedienne, actor, born 03/29/1961

Michael Winterbottom Film director, actor, born 03/29/1961

Matt Letley musical artist, born 03/29/1961

Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki Christian Bishop, born 03/29/1961

Mami Ayukawa Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1961

Jan Kohout politician, born 03/29/1961

Jon Kinyon American filmmaker, Filmmaker, Music Producer, Entrepreneur, born 03/29/1962

Igor Klebanov Theoretical physicist, born 03/29/1962

Dan Bittman Musician, Songwriter, Presenter, musical artist, born 03/29/1962

Elle Macpherson model, born 03/29/1963

Zeljko Vukovic soccer player, born 03/29/1963

Jill Goodacre MODEL, born 03/29/1964

Elle MacPherson MODEL, ACTRESS, RESTAURATEUR, born 03/29/1964

Shunzo Ono soccer player, born 03/29/1965

Pablo Reyero Film director, Screenwriter, actor, born 03/29/1966

Matt Maccoy office holder, born 03/29/1966

Michael-Leon Wooley Broadway, television, film and voice actor, actor, born 03/29/1966

John Popper Blues Traveler founder; harmonica player; vocalist; musician, musical artist, born 03/29/1967

Vijay Siva Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1967

Ainars Bagatskis basketball player, born 03/29/1967

Lucy Lawless New Zealand television and theater actress and singer known best for her role as Xena in the American television series Xena: Warrior Princess., Actress/Singer, actor, born 03/29/1968

Sue Foley Canadian blues singer, guitarist, Singer, guitarist, musical artist, born 03/29/1968

David Smith Professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1968

Alan Budikusuma badminton player, born 03/29/1968

Chiaki Ishikawa Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1969

Jason Rebello Pianist, producer, musical artist, born 03/29/1969

Brady Seals Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 03/29/1969

Jimmy Spencer American college football player, professional football player, cornerback, american football player, born 03/29/1969

David Helpling Composer, Producer, actor, born 03/29/1969

Alex Conrado Musician, composer, actor, born 03/29/1969

Lara Logan correspondent, Journalist, journalist, born 03/29/1971

Ryan Lambert actor, born 03/29/1971

Richard Chartier musical artist, born 03/29/1971

Julie Seymour born 03/29/1971

Priti Patel member of parliament, born 03/29/1972

Wolf Mail musician,Singer-songwriter, record producer, writer, columnist, musical artist, born 03/29/1972

Hera Bjork Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1972

Sean Matthew Gregan Footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1974

Bastian Trost Actor, drug, born 03/29/1974

Kristoffer Cusick Stage, film, television actor, actor, born 03/29/1974

Jonathan Philip Norfolk Road and track racing cyclist, cyclist, born 03/29/1975

Jim Mahfood comics creator, born 03/29/1975

Jaye Amber Radisich Australian politician, office holder, born 03/29/1976

Igor Astarloa Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/29/1976

Domenico Cristiano Italian footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1976

Jennifer Marie Capriati TENNIS PLAYER, born 03/29/1976

Charlotte Martin Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 03/29/1976

Victor Andrag soccer player, born 03/29/1976

Hendrik-Jan Christiaan Mol Dutch cricketer, cricketer, born 03/29/1977

Bevan Docherty born 03/29/1977

Igor Rakocevic basketball player, born 03/29/1978

Tomoe Shinohara Singer, actress, fashion designer, record producer, artist, musical artist, born 03/29/1979

Si-Yeon Park Actress, model, actor, born 03/29/1979

Deangelo Wilson Actor and hip-hop artist, actor, born 03/29/1979

Zakaria El Masbahi basketball player, born 03/29/1979

Katarina Radivojevic Actress, actor, born 03/29/1979

Pierre Faber rugby player, born 03/29/1979

Pablo Urtasun Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/29/1980

Josh Logan musical artist, born 03/29/1980

Mao Denda Singer, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 03/29/1980

Jussi Veikkanen Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 03/29/1981

Aleksei Nikolayevich Golovin Russian professional footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1981

Megan Hilty actor, born 03/29/1981

Willie Madison III Taylor musical artist, born 03/29/1981

Admiral T. Singer-songwriter, DJ, Actor, Designer, Fashion design, Record producer, musical artist, born 03/29/1981

Alexander Fehling Actor, actor, born 03/29/1981

Hideaki Takizawa actor, born 03/29/1982

Wojciech Kaczmarek soccer player, born 03/29/1983

Mark Callano Paragua Filipino chess Grandmaster, born 03/29/1984

Ole-Kristian Tollefsen Ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 03/29/1984

Adam Pardy Canadian ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 03/29/1984

Mai Satoda Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1984

Luca Mazzoni soccer player, born 03/29/1984

Sylvan Agustus Ebanks-Blake soccer player, born 03/29/1986

Cole Skuse Footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1986

Xabier Castillo soccer player, born 03/29/1986

Zbynek Drda Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1987

Nicky Law footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1988

Kelly Sweet Singer, musical artist, born 03/29/1988

Haris Mehmedagic soccer player, born 03/29/1988

Shaune Fraser All-American college swimmer, international swimmer, Pan American games silver medalist, Olympian, born 03/29/1988

Ronald Rea soccer player, born 03/29/1988

Preston Knowles national collegiate athletic association athlete, born 03/29/1989

Joe Widdowson soccer player, born 03/29/1989

Eddie Mearns soccer player, born 03/29/1989

Mirlan Murzaev soccer player, born 03/29/1990

Lyle Taylor soccer player, born 03/29/1990

Jonathan Brazilian footballer, soccer player, born 03/29/1990

Stef Prescott Actress, teen star, model, actor, born 03/29/1991

Chris Massoglia Actor, actor, born 03/29/1992

Choi Jin-ri South Korean singer, actress, Singer, dancer, actress, model, musical artist, born 03/29/1994

Marc Musso actor, born 03/29/1995

Marki Ann Meyer actor, born 03/29/1996