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Leonardo da Vinci Italian artist and polymath, artist, born 04/15/1452

Queen Marie de Medicis of France ROYALTY, 2ND WIFE OF HENRI IV OF FRANCE, born 04/15/1573


Brancaccio born 04/15/1592

P. de Bandeyra de Mello POLITICIAN, PHYSICIAN, born 04/15/1612

Piere De Bonzi born 04/15/1631

Christian 05 Of Denmark British royalty, born 04/15/1646

Jan van Huysum ARTIST, STILL-LIFE PAINTER, DECORATOR, born 04/15/1682

Catherine I Empress of Russia, British royalty, born 04/15/1684

Johann Friedrich Fasch German violinist and composer, born 04/15/1688

Franz Joseph Spiegler artist, born 04/15/1691

Leonhard Euler Mathematician, scientist, born 04/15/1707

Stefano Evodio Assemani born 04/15/1707

Stefano Evodio Assemani born 04/15/1707

Archibald Lochry colonial American military officer, born 04/15/1733

Charles Willson Peale ARTIST, PORTRAIT PAINTER, artist, born 04/15/1741

Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire Naturalist, scientist, born 04/15/1772

Eleazer Wheelock Ripley congressman, born 04/15/1782

John Augustus Foote American politician, congressman, born 04/15/1785

Byram Green congressman, born 04/15/1786

Francois Decombe Albert DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER, AUTHOR, born 04/15/1789

Maria Schicklgruber NOTED FAMILY, HITLER'S PATERNAL GRANDMOTHER, born 04/15/1795

Louis Adolphe Thiers POLITICIAN, JOURNALIST, HISTORIAN, born 04/15/1797

Charles Paine governor, born 04/15/1799

James Clark Ross born 04/15/1800

Nathaniel Briggs Borden congressman, born 04/15/1801

William Champ office holder, born 04/15/1808

Samuel Andrews German geologist, Geologist, botanist, born 04/15/1809

Hermann Grassmann scientist, born 04/15/1809

Whitmell P. Tunstall born 04/15/1810

Theodore Rousseau ARTIST, LANDSCAPE PAINTER, NOTED FAMILY, born 04/15/1812

Jonathan Edwards Spilman Kentucky lawyer, minister, and composer, born 04/15/1812

George Greene Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court and founder of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, office holder, born 04/15/1817

William Lodewyk Crowther office holder, born 04/15/1817

Edward F. W. Ellis Union Army officer, born 04/15/1819

Aime Laussedat GEODESIST, ASTRONOMER, INVENTOR, born 04/15/1819

Evander MacNair Confederate Army general, born 04/15/1820

Catesby ap Roger Jones United States Navy officer, born 04/15/1821

Napoleon J.T. Dana Union Army general, military person, born 04/15/1822

William Penn Adair Cherokee politician and delegate to Washington, Colonel in the Confederate States Army, born 04/15/1830

Wilhelm Busch German painter and poet, writer, born 04/15/1832

Herbert Vaughan born 04/15/1832

Thomas Francois Burgers Christian minister, president, born 04/15/1834

George Engel Toy store owner, criminal, born 04/15/1836

Horace Porter United States Army Medal of Honor recipient and Union Army general, military person, born 04/15/1837

Joseph Robbins Kinney Merchant, politician, born 04/15/1839


David William Gregory Cricketer, cricketer, born 04/15/1845

Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter born 04/15/1847

Clarence Hale United States federal judge, born 04/15/1848

Charles Herbert Allen governor, born 04/15/1848

Patrick James Donahue born 04/15/1849

Ponnambalam Ramanathan Solicitor-General of Ceylon and Sri Lankan Tamil political leader, Politician, Crown Counsel, member of parliament, born 04/15/1851

Edouard Brissaud PHYSICIAN, NEUROLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 04/15/1852

Joseph Freinademetz saint, born 04/15/1852

Edouard Brissaud physician, born 04/15/1852

Alfred Editing Alfred Watkins British Author, Photographer, Author, born 04/15/1855

Emile Durkheim SOCIOLOGIST, AUTHOR, scientist, born 04/15/1858

Luren Dickinson governor, born 04/15/1859

Charles Edwin Benham born 04/15/1860

Elisabeth Lwoff-Parlaghy artist, born 04/15/1863

Edmond Ryckman office holder, born 04/15/1866

Cinders O'Brien Major League Baseball player, baseball player, born 04/15/1867

Young Griffo BOXER, born 04/15/1869

Jonathan Zenneck scientist, born 04/15/1871

Oskari Tokoi office holder, born 04/15/1873

Antonin Svehla born 04/15/1873

Johannes Stark German Physicist, scientist, born 04/15/1874

Jim Jeffries CHAMPION HEAVYWEIGHT BOXER, boxer, born 04/15/1875

Arthur Werner office holder, born 04/15/1877

Robert Walser Writer, writer, born 04/15/1878

George Gordon office holder, born 04/15/1879

Max Wertheimer Co-founder of Gestalt psychology, scientist, born 04/15/1880

Douglas McLean Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 04/15/1880

Armistead Mason Dobie United States federal judge, born 04/15/1881

Herbert Evans Actor, actor, born 04/15/1882

Maurice Happe AVIATOR, born 04/15/1882

Stanley Bruce Australian politician, prime minister, born 04/15/1883

Frank J. Bart United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/15/1883

Emory Leon Chaffee American physicist, scientist, born 04/15/1885

Richard Travers Actor, drug, born 04/15/1885

William Jowitt office holder, born 04/15/1885

Franz Bohme military person, born 04/15/1885

Hans Rose German World War II U-boat commander, military person, born 04/15/1885

Amedee Ozenfant ARTIST, PAINTER, AUTHOR, born 04/15/1886

William Forgan Smith Queensland Premier, office holder, born 04/15/1887

Mike Brady golf player, born 04/15/1887

Greta Almroth Actor, drug, born 04/15/1888

Florence Bates LAWYER, FILM/STAGE/TV ACTRESS, BUSINESSWOMAN, Actress, actor, born 04/15/1888

Hermann Kohl AVIATOR, PIONEER PILOT, born 04/15/1888

Constant Menager Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/15/1889

Thomas Hart Benton ARTIST, PAINTER, MURALIST, artist, born 04/15/1889

Asa Philip Randolph LABOR LEADER, UNION ORGANIZER, PUBLISHER, born 04/15/1889


Walter Butler Australian politician, born 04/15/1892

Martin Wandel German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 04/15/1892

Gale Henry Actor, actor, born 04/15/1893

William C. McGann Film director, drug, born 04/15/1893

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev Soviet Union politician and premier, office holder, born 04/15/1894

Germaine Kerjean ACTRESS, born 04/15/1894

Bessie Smith JAZZ SINGER, LESBIAN, Singer, musical artist, born 04/15/1894

Kathleen Kirkham Actor, actor, born 04/15/1895

Corrado Alvaro JOURNALIST, NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, EDITOR, born 04/15/1895

Clark Macconachy born 04/15/1895

Maurice Hartt member of parliament, born 04/15/1895

Williams, Sr., Clayton W. Oilman, Engineer; Geologist; Rancher, Farmer, Historian; County commissioner; Philanthropist, born 04/15/1895

Pesach Burstein actor, born 04/15/1896

Gordon Canfield American lawyer and politician, congressman, born 04/15/1898

Franco Scalamandré Businessman, born 04/15/1898

Sarah Bernhardt ACTRESS, MORE THAN 1000 LOVERS, LEGEND IN HER TIME, born 04/15/1899

Angus Macisaac born 04/15/1900

Earl T. Newbry Businessman, politician, born 04/15/1900

Fritz Berger military person, born 04/15/1900


Rene Pleven prime minister, born 04/15/1901

Bert Sutton born 04/15/1901

Abolhasan Saba composer, musical artist, born 04/15/1902

Samuel Kurtz Hoffman scientist, born 04/15/1902

John Williams actor, born 04/15/1903

William Henry Kibby military person, born 04/15/1903

Samuel Harrison Coon rancher, congressman, born 04/15/1903

Jim Cahill prime minister, born 04/15/1903

Arshile Gorky artist, born 04/15/1904

Reginald Townley president, born 04/15/1904

William Crawford Haworth Australian politician, Pharmaceutical chemist, member of parliament, born 04/15/1905

Carl Rudolf Berghult office holder, born 04/15/1905

Bernard Addison Musician, musical artist, born 04/15/1905

Arthur Lemon rugby player, born 04/15/1905

Terence Marsh Production designer, drug, born 04/15/1906

Jack D. Moore Set decorator, drug, born 04/15/1906

Jack Poplin Art director, drug, born 04/15/1906

Patrizia von Brandenstein Production designer, actor, born 04/15/1906

Suvadhana British royalty, born 04/15/1906

Christian Frederik von Schalburg military person, born 04/15/1906

Bruno Ballante soccer player, born 04/15/1906

Niko Tinbergen Zoologist, ethologist, scientist, born 04/15/1907

Agnes Capri ACTRESS, SINGER, PAINTER, born 04/15/1907

Casper Reardon born 04/15/1907


Richard Lowenthal Political scientist, born 04/15/1908

Peter Miller soccer player, born 04/15/1908

Culbertson, Jr., Floyd D. Attorney, office holder, born 04/15/1908

Joseph Langlois member of parliament, born 04/15/1909

Miguel Najdorf born 04/15/1910

Eddie Mayo baseball player, born 04/15/1910

Fred Lutkefedder soccer player, born 04/15/1910

Jerzy Krzysztof Stanisław Zathey historian, librarian, manuscripts-expert, born 04/15/1911

Sam Benge NOTED FAMILY, born 04/15/1911


Charles Goldenberg gridiron football player, born 04/15/1911

Siegfried Strelow German World War II U-boat commander, born 04/15/1911

Martin Gross military person, born 04/15/1911

Il-sung Kim President of North Korea, president, born 04/15/1912

Georges Beaucourt SOCCER PLAYER, born 04/15/1912

Baburaoji Parkhe Founder, Parkhe Group, born 04/15/1912

Georges Beaucourt soccer manager, born 04/15/1912

Hans Egon Holthusen WRITER, HISTORIAN, PHILOSOPHER, POET, ESSAYIST, born 04/15/1913

Mirko Kokotovic soccer manager, born 04/15/1913

Gerry Hill cricketer, born 04/15/1913

P. J. Thomas born 04/15/1914

Ramnath Shastri Dogri Writer, playwright, poet, writer, born 04/15/1914

Baruch Kamin born 04/15/1914

Duilio Santagostino soccer player, born 04/15/1914

Walter Seelmann-Eggebert German radiochemist, born 04/15/1915

Hans Conried FILM/STAGE/TV/RADIO ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 09/21/1932

Walter Washington governor, born 04/15/1915

Joe Hoover baseball player, born 04/15/1915

Helene Hanff Screenwriter, writer, writer, born 04/15/1916

Lee Vincent American musician, Bandleader, musical artist, born 04/15/1916

Alfred S. Bloomingdale DEPARTMENT STORE EXECUTIVE, DINER'S CLUB FOUNDER, born 04/15/1916

Benjamin Biaggini born 04/15/1916

Vernon Grimshaw cricketer, born 04/15/1916

Arie Smit artist, born 04/15/1916

Hans Conried Actor, Actor, comedian, voice actor, actor, born 04/15/1917

Elmer Gedeon United States Navy Captain, Major League Baseball player, One of two MLB players killed in WWII, military person, born 04/15/1917

Pietro Grossi MUSICIAN, CELLIST, COMPOSER, born 04/15/1917

I. H. Usmani scientist, born 04/15/1917

Hans Ramberg scientist, born 04/15/1917

Louis Osborne Coxe Author, poet, professor, playwright, writer, born 04/15/1918

Hans Billian Producer, Film director, Writer, actor, born 04/15/1918

Sebastian Rudolf Karl von Hoerner German astrophysicist, born 04/15/1919

Jack Comber Australian politician, Insurance consultant, member of parliament, born 04/15/1919

Fernando Gonçalves Namora writer and medical doctor, medical doctor, writer, born 04/15/1919


John Burns Kidd MILITARY, MAJOR GENERAL, born 04/15/1919

Alberto Breccia comics creator, born 04/15/1919

Arjan Singh military person, born 04/15/1919

Gordon Hahn office holder, born 04/15/1919

Richard von Weizsäcker German politician, president, born 04/15/1920

Richard von Weizsacker LAWYER, POLITICIAN, GERMAN PRESIDENT, AUTHOR, born 04/15/1920

Thomas Steven Szasz scientist, born 04/15/1920

George Georges member of parliament, born 04/15/1920

Jim Macfadden ice hockey player, born 04/15/1920

Danny Cox BOXER, born 04/15/1921

Jean Orgeix AVIATOR, born 04/15/1921

Georgy Beregovoy Pilot, astronaut, born 04/15/1921

Harvey Jones gridiron football player, born 04/15/1921

Ray Poole United States Marine, gridiron football player, born 04/15/1921

John David Jess Australian politician, Estate agent, member of parliament, born 04/15/1922

Michael Ansara STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, Actor, actor, born 04/15/1922

Harold Washington LAWYER, POLITICIAN, 1ST BLACK MAYOR OF CHICAGO, congressman, born 04/15/1922

Donn Draeger Martial artist, born 04/15/1922

Graham Whitehead Formula One racer, born 04/15/1922

Joyce Jacobs Actress, actor, born 04/15/1922

Ted Jarrard born 04/15/1922

Siegfried Wischnewski actor, born 04/15/1922

Olavo Egydio Setúbal Mayor of São Paulo, Banker, politician, born 04/15/1923

Jean Willes Actor, actor, born 04/15/1923

Harvey Lembeck STAGE/FILM/TV ACTOR, COMEDIAN, actor, born 04/15/1923

Ernesto Prinoth Formula One racer, born 04/15/1923

Ant Wallace scientist, born 04/15/1923

Otto Schnellbacher gridiron football player, born 04/15/1923

Johnny Jaffurs american football player, born 04/15/1923

Alphonso Deal office holder, born 04/15/1923

Des Collins soccer player, born 04/15/1923

Rikki Fulton Scottish actor, actor, born 04/15/1924

Sir Neville Marriner MUSICIAN, ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR, musical artist, born 04/15/1924

Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu office holder, born 04/15/1924

Hans Linde judge, born 04/15/1924

Howard Junior Brown born 04/15/1924

Weldon Edwards american football player, born 04/15/1924

Jack Cutting soccer player, born 04/15/1924

George Shuffler Musician, musical artist, born 04/15/1925

Colin Bean Actor, Actor, author, actor, born 04/15/1926

Walter Darlington Huddleston POLITICIAN, U.S. SENATOR (DEM, KY), born 04/15/1926

Walter Huddleston office holder, born 04/15/1926

Mary Lena Faulk golf player, born 04/15/1926

Jerry Grandenetti comics creator, born 04/15/1926

Earl W. Macdaniel scientist, born 04/15/1926

Robert James Ellicott Australian politician, Barrister, member of parliament, born 04/15/1927

Robert Mills scientist, born 04/15/1927

Jim Parmer gridiron football player, born 04/15/1927

Norma Merrick Sklarek ARCHITECT, born 04/15/1928

Hanna-Renate Laurien teacher, politician, born 04/15/1928

Rauni Mollberg Film director, actor, born 04/15/1929

Ulf Linde Swedish linguist, Member of the Swedish Academy, born 04/15/1929

Naseem Hasan Shah office holder, born 04/15/1929

Gerald Beaudoin office holder, born 04/15/1929

T. Brooke Benjamin scientist, born 04/15/1929

Donald R. Moyer United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/15/1930

Georges Descrières Actor, drug, born 04/15/1930


Georges Descrieres ACTOR, born 04/15/1930

Herb Pomeroy musical artist, born 04/15/1930

Xu Zhu born 04/15/1930

Dolores Taylor Cannon HYPNOTIST, AUTHOR, PAST LIFE REGRESSIONIST, born 04/15/1931

Ed Bailey baseball player, born 04/15/1931

Pierre Vaneck Actor,, actor, born 04/15/1931

Elizabeth Montgomery Actress, actor, born 04/15/1933

Roy Clark musical artist, born 04/15/1933

Peter Sinclair office holder, born 04/15/1933

David Martin office holder, born 04/15/1933

Koji Yada Seiyū, actor, born 04/15/1933

Reshad Feild SUFI TEACHER, AUTHOR, born 04/15/1934

Maureen Arthur Actress, actor, born 04/15/1934

Gyula Bodrogi Film actor,, born 04/15/1934

Ping Tom Chinese American civic leader, Businessman, born 04/15/1935

Edward Meyer politician, born 04/15/1935

Raymond Poulidor Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/15/1936

Jose Becerra BOXER, WORLD BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION 1959-60, born 04/15/1936

Victor Althouse member of parliament, born 04/15/1937

Tom Sutton comics creator, born 04/15/1937

Jay Garner United States Army general and United States Marine, atoll, born 04/15/1938

Claudia Cardinale actress, actor, born 04/15/1938

Jaime Paz Zamora president, born 04/15/1939

Marty Wilde musical artist, born 04/15/1939

Jeffrey Archer English politician and author, Politician, author, member of parliament, born 04/15/1940

Robert Hudson Walker, Jr. ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, born 04/15/1940

Marian Zazeela MUSICIAN, SINGER, born 04/15/1940

Robert Jr. Walker actor, born 04/15/1940

Willie Davis baseball player, born 04/15/1940

Yossef Romano born 04/15/1940

Woodie Fryman baseball player, born 04/15/1940

Howard L. Berman LAWYER, POLITICIAN, U.S. REP (DEM CA), born 04/15/1941

Allan Clarke of THE HOLLIES SINGER, born 04/15/1942

Francis X. Dilorenzo born 04/15/1942

Kenneth Lay Businessman, criminal, born 04/15/1942

Julie Sommars actress, actor, born 04/15/1942

George Ross Footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1943

David Gilhooly ARTIST, SCULPTOR, CERAMIST, born 04/15/1943

Mariann Fischer Boel office holder, born 04/15/1943

Guy Boyd actor, born 04/15/1943

David R. Nagle congressman, born 04/15/1943

John Sola politician, born 04/15/1944

Toni Ann Thomas Playboy Playmate, born 04/15/1944

Carl J. Domino office holder, born 04/15/1944

Ted Sizemore baseball player, born 04/15/1945

Istemihan Taviloglu Composer, Educator, and Arranger, musical artist, born 04/15/1945

Jim Sr. Flanigan american football player, born 04/15/1945

Jim Gouk Canadian politician, born 04/15/1946

Wayne Gilchrest United States Marine, high school teacher, congressman, born 04/15/1946

Marsha Hunt actor, born 04/15/1946

Bob Desimone actor, born 04/15/1946

Michael Tucci actor, born 04/15/1946

Willi Neuberger soccer player, born 04/15/1946

Pete Rouse office holder, born 04/15/1946

Tsvi Misinai Computer Scientist, Writer, Historian, writer, born 04/15/1946

Irene Love Adams POLITICIAN, M.P., LABOUR PARTY, born 04/15/1947

Bill Aitken office holder, born 04/15/1947

Lois Chiles actor, born 04/15/1947

DeDe Lind Playboy Playmate, born 04/15/1947

David Jackson born 04/15/1947

Woolly Wolstenholme musician, musical artist, born 04/15/1947

Ted Kwalick gridiron football player, born 04/15/1947

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Screenwriter, Producer, writer, born 04/15/1947

Don Marcotte ice hockey player, born 04/15/1947

Martin Broughton Businessman, born 04/15/1947

Jos Van Der Meer scientist, born 04/15/1947

Michael Kamen Composer, musical artist, born 04/15/1948

Kadir Inanir actor, born 04/15/1948

Sandra Lovelace Nicholas office holder, born 04/15/1948

Phil Mogg Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 04/15/1948

Soeng Hyang Hospice Nurse, born 04/15/1948

Kerry Joseph Bartlett Australian politician, Teacher, member of parliament, born 04/15/1949

Matthias Wissmann German politician, born 04/15/1949

Michael Fleming Folland United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 04/15/1949

David Rendel member of parliament, born 04/15/1949

Alla Pugacheva Singer, Actress, musical artist, born 04/15/1949

Josiane Balasko Actor, screenwriter, film director, actor, born 04/15/1950

Butch Deadmarsh ice hockey player, born 04/15/1950

Peter Cochrane Australian historian, born 04/15/1950

Patty Jean Johnson TRACK & FIELD CHAMPION, born 04/15/1950

Amy Wright ACTRESS, Actress, actor, born 04/15/1950

Trixie Schuba ICE SKATING CHAMPION, born 04/15/1951

Walter F. Parkes actor, born 04/15/1951

Ray Prins politician, born 04/15/1951

Dwarf Woman I DWARF, born 04/15/1952

Glenn Shadix Actor, born 04/15/1952

Kym Gyngell Actor, actor, born 04/15/1952

Sam Macmurray Actor, actor, born 04/15/1952

S. Enam Bukhari born 04/15/1952

Nicholas Hugh Minchin Australian politician, Solicitor, politician, born 04/15/1953

David Campbell Director of Winds at Canterbury Christ Church University, musical artist, born 04/15/1953

Patricia Adam office holder, born 04/15/1953

Viktor Pynzenyk Politician, economist, Politician, economist and professor, office holder, born 04/15/1954

Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed Film producer, multi-millionaire, film producer, born 04/15/1955

Enith Brigitha SWIMMER, born 04/15/1955

Joyce Mujuru office holder, born 04/15/1955

Tommy Castro Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 04/15/1955

Byron Cherry Television actor, businessman, entrepreneur, actor, born 04/15/1955

Teodoro Borlongan Last president of the Urban Bank, born 04/15/1955

Jeff Golub Musician, Songwriter, musical artist, born 04/15/1955

Michael Cooper American basketball coach and former player, born 04/15/1956

Robert Glen Coe born 04/15/1956

Gert Jan Timmerman born 04/15/1956


Abu Hamza al-Masri born 04/15/1958

Keith Acton ice hockey player, born 04/15/1958

Steve Dowman Professional footballer, soccer manager, born 04/15/1958

Benjamin Zephaniah Writer, writer, born 04/15/1958

Smith, Robert, 3rd Baronet member of parliament, born 04/15/1958

Tom Sawyer office holder, born 04/15/1958

Wendel Meldrum Actress, actor, born 04/15/1958

Emma Thompson Actress, screenwriter, Actress, comedienne, screenwriter, actor, born 04/15/1959

Kevin Lowe HOCKEY PLAYER, DEFENSEMAN, ice hockey player, born 04/15/1959

Thomas F. Wilson Actor, Comedian, Voice actor, Writer, Musician, Painter, actor, born 04/15/1959

Jean Burk Writer, Key-note Speaker, CEO, musical artist, born 04/15/1959

Prince Philippe of Belgium ROYALTY, born 04/15/1960

Susanne Bier Film director, born 04/15/1960

G J R Krishnan Violinist, composer, musical artist, born 04/15/1960

Luca Barbarossa SINGER OF POP MUSIC, Singer, musical artist, born 04/15/1961

Tiina Lillak CHAMPION JAVELIN THROWER, born 04/15/1961

Lynne Austin Playboy Playmate, born 04/15/1961

Meera Sanyal office holder, born 04/15/1961

Michael McManus Actor, actor, born 04/15/1962

Tom Kane Voice actor, actor, born 04/15/1962

Surjit Bindrakhia musical artist, born 04/15/1962

Alex Veadov actor, born 04/15/1962

Diosdado Cabello Rondón Venezuelan politician, office holder, born 04/15/1963

Walter Casagrande soccer player, born 04/15/1963

Rudy Garcia businessman, office holder, born 04/15/1963

Jacqueline Meirelles model, born 04/15/1963

Lydie Denier Actress, model, actor, born 04/15/1964

Claudia Leistner German figure skater, born 04/15/1965

Hex Hector DJ and producer, musical artist, born 04/15/1965

Oscar Harrison musical artist, born 04/15/1965

Linda Perry Musician, songwriter, producer, musical artist, born 04/15/1965

Salou Djibo office holder, born 04/15/1965

Todd Elik ice hockey player, born 04/15/1966

Samantha Fox Singer, Former glamour model, Actress, TV personality, musical artist, born 04/15/1966

Vlastislav Marecek soccer manager, born 04/15/1966

Jouni Inkala writer, born 04/15/1966

Dara Torres All-American college swimmer, international swimmer, Olympic gold medalist, sports broadcaster, swimsuit model, born 04/15/1967

Alessio Vinci journalist, born 04/15/1968

Patrick J. McCabe Lacrosse player, born 04/15/1969

Ennis William Cosby NOTED FAMILY, SOCIAL ACTIVIST, MURDER VICTIM, born 04/15/1969

Mat Stevenson Television actor, actor, born 04/15/1969

Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar Indian classical singer, born 04/15/1969

Flex Alexander Actor, dancer, comedian, Actor/Comedian/Dancer, actor, born 04/15/1970

Dominic Brunt Actor, actor, born 04/15/1970

Sousa politician, born 04/15/1970

Andrew Daly actor, born 04/15/1971

Kate Harbour actor, born 04/15/1971

Michael Arbouet Film, television actor, director, actor, born 04/15/1971

Gerry Harrison Professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1972

Arturo Gatti boxer, born 04/15/1972

Christa Sauls Model, actress, actor, born 04/15/1972

Lou Romano Artist/Voice Actor, actor, born 04/15/1972

Steve Lingren ice hockey player, born 04/15/1973

Danny Pino Actor, actor, born 04/15/1974

Mike Quinn american football player, born 04/15/1974

Douglas Spain actor, born 04/15/1974

Marena Bencomo born 04/15/1974

Paul Kohls attorney, senior manager, legislator, office holder, born 04/15/1974

Adolfo Cambiaso Polo player, Polo Player, born 04/15/1975

Paul Dana born 04/15/1975

Raghu Ram Television producer, actor, born 04/15/1975

Susan Ward Actress/Model, actor, born 04/15/1976

Kellee Stewart actor, born 04/15/1976

John Lamont office holder, born 04/15/1976

Mounir Benkassou soccer player, born 04/15/1976

Aleksandr Feofanov soccer player, born 04/15/1976

Giuseppe Alessi Italian footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1977

Fernanda Lessa model, born 04/15/1977

Luis Fonsi musical artist, born 04/15/1978

Katherine Hare Theatre, actor, born 04/15/1978

Hank Matthews Voice actor, actor, born 04/15/1978

Ryusuke Taguchi Professional wrestler, wrestler, born 04/15/1979

Rory Hilton born 04/15/1979

Olli Tuominen born 04/15/1979

Fränk Schleck Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/15/1980

Patrick Carney musical artist, born 04/15/1980

Natalie Casey actor, born 04/15/1980

Victor Nunez soccer player, born 04/15/1980

Raul Lopez basketball player, born 04/15/1980

Gasper Ndoja soccer player, born 04/15/1980

Winston Shawn Gilles Cricketer, born 04/15/1981

Greg Bice Lacrosse player, born 04/15/1981

Bit Na Wang actress, model, actor, born 04/15/1981

Seth Rogen Actor, actor, comedian, voice artist, producer, writer, actor, born 04/15/1982

Herana-Daze Lavalle Jones American football safety, american football player, born 04/15/1982

Lee Richard McEvilly Professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1982

Jonathan Iannucci Lacrosse player, born 04/15/1982

Anthony Green Singer-songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 04/15/1982

Marie Kremer actor, born 04/15/1982

Willy Van De Wiel born 04/15/1982

Martin Pedersen Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/15/1983

April Barbaran Singer, musical artist, born 04/15/1983

Siobhan Hewlett actor, born 04/15/1983

Steve Rolls boxer, born 04/15/1984

Neil John Ashton Professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1985

Andre Caldwell American college football player, professional football player, wide receiver, american football player, born 04/15/1985

Bonkoj Khongomalai actor, born 04/15/1985

Tom Heaton footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1986

Christopher Dagnall soccer player, born 04/15/1986

Maximilian Mehring German professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1986

Elnatan Salami soccer player, born 04/15/1986

Gatis Smukulis Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 04/15/1987

Erbim Fagu soccer player, born 04/15/1987

Hsie He-Hsian Actor, Song Writer, Singer, actor, born 04/15/1987

Sharlon Schoop baseball player, born 04/15/1987

Zack Schilawski soccer player, born 04/15/1987

Carlos Salom soccer player, born 04/15/1987

Long Zheng soccer player, born 04/15/1988

Thomas Albanese Italian footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1988

Andre Jamal Kinney actor, born 04/15/1989

Elizabeta Samara born 04/15/1989

Emma Watson British actress, Actress, model, actor, born 04/15/1990

Edward Mena Venezuelan singer, Singer, musical artist, born 04/15/1990

Daiki Arioka Singer, Actor, Talent, Pop Idol, musical artist, born 04/15/1991

Amy Diamond Child singer, Singer, musical artist, born 04/15/1992

Nathaniel Otis Mendez-Laing Professional footballer, soccer player, born 04/15/1992

Richard Sandrak born 04/15/1992

John Guidetti soccer player, born 04/15/1992

Rachel Rhodes Model/Singer, actor, born 04/15/1993

Kiri Nicole Baga American figure skater, figure skater, born 04/15/1995

Sharlene San Pedro Child actress, actor, born 04/15/1999