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Isabella d' Este RENAISSANCE WOMAN, PATRON OF THE ARTS, born 05/19/1474

Jacob Jordaens Flemish Baroque painter, artist, born 05/19/1593

Augustus John Hervey Admiral, politician, military person, born 05/19/1724

William Henry Pennsylvania delegate to the Continental Congress, born 05/19/1729

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz British royalty, born 05/19/1744

Johann Gottlieb Fichte German philosopher, philosopher, born 05/19/1762

George Prevost Officer in the British Army,, born 05/19/1767

Richard Le Poer Trench office holder, born 05/19/1767

Rahel Varnhagen Writer, born 05/19/1771

Arthur Aikin chemist, mineralogist, scientific writer, scientist, born 05/19/1773

Jean Charles Leonard De Sismondi born 05/19/1773

George Anson Starkweather American politician, congressman, born 05/19/1794

Johns Hopkins Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and abolitionist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist, Abolitionist, born 05/19/1795

Harrowby, Dudley Ryder, 2nd Earl of office holder, born 05/19/1798

George Washington Whistler railroad engineer, born 05/19/1800

Martinus Rorbye artist, born 05/19/1803

Samuel Jameson Gholson Confederate Army general, judge, lawyer and politician, military person, born 05/19/1808

Felix Kirk Zollicoffer Confederate Army general and American politician, military person, born 05/19/1812

John G. Barnard Union Army General, military person, born 05/19/1815

Peter Hately Waddell Scottish cleric, born 05/19/1817

Charles George Arbuthnot Lieutenant General in the Royal Artillery, born 05/19/1824

Basing, George Sclater-Booth, 1st Baron office holder, born 05/19/1826

Paul-Armand Challemel-Lacour French statesman, born 05/19/1827

Richard Irving Dodge United States Army officer and author, military person, born 05/19/1827

John Frederick Parker one of four men detailed to act as United States President Abraham Lincoln's bodyguard on April 14, 1865, the night Lincoln was assassinated at Ford’s theater, bodyguard, born 05/19/1830

George W Howlan office holder, born 05/19/1835

John D. Ford United States Navy admiral, military person, born 05/19/1840

Theodor Zincke scientist, born 05/19/1843

Patrick James Leonard United States Army sergeant and Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/19/1847

George John Romanes Evolutionary biologist, scientist, born 05/19/1848

Knut Agathon Wallenberg Banker, politician, born 05/19/1853

Julia Ettie Crane American music educator, born 05/19/1855

Albert Atwater office holder, born 05/19/1856

George Lawrence congressman, born 05/19/1859

Vittorio Orlando prime minister, born 05/19/1860

Nellie Melba opera singer, born 05/19/1861

Florence Mackubin ARTIST, born 05/19/1861

Dame Nellie Melba OPERA SINGER, SOPRANO, born 05/19/1861

João do Canto e Castro President of Portugal, Naval officer, office holder, born 05/19/1862

John Mathieson office holder, born 05/19/1863

William James Gordon West Indian recipient of the Victoria Cross, born 05/19/1864

William Gerrand Gibson Australian farmer and politician, Farmer, member of parliament, born 05/19/1869

Nick Bentz Serial killer, born 05/19/1870

William McCall Actor, actor, born 05/19/1870

Pompeo Luigi Coppini ARTIST, SCULPTOR, artist, born 05/19/1870

Clark W. Macdonnell politician, born 05/19/1870

Leon Bernard PHYSICIAN, BIOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 05/19/1872

Gilbert Jessop cricketer, born 05/19/1874

William Fleming Farmer, member of parliament, born 05/19/1874

Charles Robert Francis United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/19/1875

Valmont Martin mayor, born 05/19/1875

William King Gregory American Zoologist, Zoologist, born 05/19/1876

Stephane Saint-Georges de Bouhelier WRITER, PLAYWRIGHT, POET, NOVELIST, ESSAYIST, born 05/19/1876

Joe Humphries cricketer, born 05/19/1876

Charlie Redwood Australian rugby union player, rugby player, born 05/19/1878

Nancy Witcher Langhorne, Viscountess Astor POLITICIAN, SOCIAL ACTIVIST, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/19/1879

Viscount Waldorf Astor ADMINISTRATOR, born 05/19/1879

Edouard Bague AVIATOR, born 05/19/1879

Nancy Astor Member of Parliament (British House of Commons), member of parliament, born 05/19/1879

Albert Edward Richardson architect, born 05/19/1880

Baron Maurice de Rothschild BANKER, NOTED BANKING FAMILY, born 05/19/1881

Henricus W. J. M. Keuls POET, LAWYER, COPYRIGHT SPECIALIST, born 05/19/1883

Robert Marshall politician, born 05/19/1883

Paul Bildt Actor, drug, born 05/19/1885

Manley Ottmer Hudson lawyer for public international law, born 05/19/1886

Clay Clement Actor, actor, born 05/19/1888

Henry Barber Richardson American archer, born 05/19/1889

Wilson Writer, Producer, and Voice Actor, actor, born 05/19/1889

Hồ Chí Minh Prime minister, president, North Vietnam, president, born 05/19/1890


Oswald Boelcke German First World War flying ace, military person, born 05/19/1891

Josip Broz Tito POLITICIAN, P.M., LIFETIME PRESIDENT FROM 1953, born 05/19/1892

Pops Foster Bassist, Tubist, Trumpeter, musical artist, born 05/19/1892

Carl Wilhelm Correns SCIENTIST, MINERALOGIST, GEOLOGIST, AUTHOR, born 05/19/1893

Ramon Encinas soccer manager, born 05/19/1893

Harry Clay Westover United States federal judge, born 05/19/1894

Gudipati Venkatachalam actor, born 05/19/1894

Henry Busse musical artist, born 05/19/1894

Henning Schoenfeld German General and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 05/19/1894

Albert Hay Malotte MUSICIAN, ORGANIST, SET "LORD'S PRAYER" TO MUSIC, born 05/19/1895

Albert Hay Malotte Composer, born 05/19/1895

Ernest Foot military person, born 05/19/1895

Michael Balcon English Film producer, actor, born 05/19/1896


Jorge Alessandri president, born 05/19/1896

Frank Sherwin artist, born 05/19/1896

Luke, Frank, Jr. American fighter ace and Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/19/1897

Julius Evola author, metaphysician, political philosopher, philosopher, writer, writer, born 05/19/1898

Julius Cesare Evola OCCULTIST, HERMETIC WRITER, born 05/19/1898


Thomas Neil Sheehy member of parliament, born 05/19/1899

Friedrich Foertsch German Wehrmacht and Bundeswehr general, military person, born 05/19/1900

Anton Vovk Christian Bishop, born 05/19/1900

H.O. West Businessman, born 05/19/1900

George Edward Pendray journalist, rocketeer, public relations counsel, author, rocketeer, business executive, born 05/19/1901

Ivo Oscar Mortelmans MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, born 05/19/1901

Paul Weiss Professor, Philosopher, Writer, born 05/19/1901

Jack Lyons soccer player, born 05/19/1901

Otto Ambros scientist, born 05/19/1901

Lubka Kolessa Canadian-Ukrainian pianist, born 05/19/1902

Otello Martelli actor, born 05/19/1902

Duchess Altburg Of Oldenburg British royalty, born 05/19/1903

Anthony Bushell Actor, drug, born 05/19/1904

Murray Murdoch ice hockey player, born 05/19/1904

Frank Kirkleski american football player, born 05/19/1904

Natalie Kingston Film actress, dancer, actor, born 05/19/1905

Frantisek Kloz soccer manager, born 05/19/1905

Bruce Bennett Actor, actor, born 05/19/1906

Edward F. Arn governor, born 05/19/1906

Jimmy Macdonald animator, Voice artist and head of Disney sound effects department, actor, born 05/19/1906

Guy Bernard MUSICIAN, FILM COMPOSER, born 05/19/1907

John Wesley Burgess member of parliament, born 05/19/1907

Cesare Fasanelli soccer player, born 05/19/1907

Percy Williams Canadian athlete, born 05/19/1908

Lester Bolstad GOLFER, born 05/19/1908

Arturo De Cordova FILM ACTOR, born 05/19/1908

Sylvan Friedman Farmer; Rancher, office holder, born 05/19/1908

Nicholas Winton Humanitarian, born 05/19/1909

John G. Bennett MATHEMATICIAN, OCCULTIST, AUTHOR, born 05/19/1909

T. Harry Williams Historian affiliated with Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, writer, born 05/19/1909

Samuel Bilehou J Oshoffa born 05/19/1909

Nathuram Godse Murderer of Mahatma Gandhi, born 05/19/1910

Helge Hagerman Actor, Film producer, drug, born 05/19/1910

Tuculescu Ion artist, born 05/19/1910

Ljupco Arsov prime minister, born 05/19/1910

Maynard Smith Air Force Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/19/1911

Pietro Palazzini born 05/19/1912

Eladio Martinez artist, born 05/19/1912

Bert Hardy Documentary photographer, born 05/19/1913

Pete Costanza comics creator, born 05/19/1913

Clem Stralka gridiron football player, born 05/19/1913

Fritz Biermeier military person, born 05/19/1913

Sandor Zold office holder, born 05/19/1913

Hereditary Prince Carol Victor Of Albania British royalty, born 05/19/1913

Max Ferdinand Perutz Molecular biology, Crystallography, scientist, born 05/19/1914

Alex Shibicky ice hockey player, born 05/19/1914

Beverly Roberts Actress, singer, painter, actor, born 05/19/1914

Douglas Hunt soccer manager, born 05/19/1914

Renee Asherson actor, born 05/19/1915

Wolfgang Heinrich Johannes Fuchs scientist, born 05/19/1915

Lee, Blair, III American politician, governor, born 05/19/1916

Alfred Shaughnessy Television producer and scriptwriter, born 05/19/1916

Kae Sumner Einfeldt born 05/19/1916

Homer A. Jack political activist, Unitarian minister, committee chairmen, born 05/19/1916

Carlos C. Ogden United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/19/1917

Robert Gordon Robertson president, born 05/19/1917

Norman Humphries cricketer, born 05/19/1917

Raymond Steele born 05/19/1917

Julius M. Calvi office holder, born 05/19/1917

Abraham (Bram) Pais American Physicist, scientist, born 05/19/1918

William Crawford United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/19/1918

Alberto Bonucci Actor, Film director, actor, born 05/19/1918

Egon Albrecht German fighter ace and Knight's Cross recipient, military person, born 05/19/1918

Hermann Eppenhoff soccer manager, born 05/19/1919

Earl Naylor baseball player, born 05/19/1919

Merle Hapes american football player, born 05/19/1919

Mitja Ribicic prime minister, born 05/19/1919

Joe Cahill military person, born 05/19/1920

Billy Pearson Jockey, born 05/19/1920

Ivan Boeszoermenyi-Nagy scientist, born 05/19/1920

Aurelio Granada Escudeiro born 05/19/1920

Karel van het Reve Dutch writer, translator, literary historian, born 05/19/1921

Yuri Kochiyama Activist, born 05/19/1921

Dallas H. Cook United States Marine, military person, born 05/19/1921

Daniel Gélin French actor, director, screenwriter, actor, born 05/19/1921

John F. Bolt U.S. Marine Corps ace of World War II and the Korean War; Navy Cross and Distinguished Flying Cross recipient; only U.S. Marine Corps jet aircraft flying ace, military person, born 05/19/1921

Daniel Gelin ACTOR, POET, DIRECTOR, WRITER, born 05/19/1921

William Huffman Stewart PHYSICIAN, U.S. SURGEON GENERAL, born 05/19/1921

Herbert Burdenski soccer manager, born 05/19/1922

Raymond Bernard OCCULTIST, born 05/19/1923

Abdolhossein Zarinkoob born 05/19/1923

Truong Nhu Tang office holder, born 05/19/1923

Stanford L. Luce Professor, born 05/19/1923

Georgy Arbatov Founder Director of the Institute for US and Canadian Studies, born 05/19/1923

Sandy Wilson English composer and lyricist, born 05/19/1924

Vernon M. Ingram German biologist, scientist, born 05/19/1924

Hannes Messemer Actor, born 05/19/1924

Ted Macwhinney office holder, born 05/19/1924

Malcolm X Nation of Islam leader, born 05/19/1925

Guy Provost French Canadian actor, actor, born 05/19/1925

John C. Squires United States Army Medal of Honor recipient, military person, born 05/19/1925

Malcolm X, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz MILITANT BLACK ACTIVIST, MURDER VICTIM, born 05/19/1925

Brian Moll actor, born 05/19/1925

Kenneth C. Binks lawyer, office holder, born 05/19/1925

Chet Upham office holder, born 05/19/1925

Swami Kriyananda disciple of the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, atoll, born 05/19/1926

Fernand Raynaud ACTOR, COMEDIAN, born 05/19/1926

Mark Andrews senator, born 05/19/1926

Ron Ashman soccer manager, born 05/19/1926

Isao Okawa Ex Chairman of Sega Enterprises, born 05/19/1926

John Battye soccer player, born 05/19/1926

Serge Lang French-born American mathematician, scientist, born 05/19/1927

Roland de Corneille member of parliament, born 05/19/1927

Rito Romero wrestler, born 05/19/1927

Miriam Marx actor, born 05/19/1927

Bill Antonello baseball player, born 05/19/1927

Loy Stewart born 05/19/1927

George Petherbridge soccer player, born 05/19/1927

Colin Chapman British automotive designer, inventor, builder; founder of Lotus Cars, Formula One racer, born 05/19/1928

Dolph Schayes professional basketball player, coach, basketball player, born 05/19/1928

Anatole Shub American political writer and journalist, born 05/19/1928

Bruce Bilson Director, producer, writer, Director, Producer, Writer, actor, born 05/19/1928

Gil Macdougald baseball player, born 05/19/1928

George Sinner governor, born 05/19/1928

Zelenovic Dragutin president, born 05/19/1928

John Stroger Politician, politician, born 05/19/1929

Gloria Emerson journalist and author, journalist, born 05/19/1929

Lorraine Hansberry PLAYWRIGHT, Playwright, author, writer, born 05/19/1930

Rudolf Emil Kalman scientist, born 05/19/1930

Leonid Kharitonov actor, born 05/19/1930

Alfred Schmidt philosopher and sociologist, born 05/19/1931

William Docker Browning United States federal judge, born 05/19/1931

Bob Anderson Formula One racer, born 05/19/1931

Trevor Peacock actor, born 05/19/1931

Eva Kotthaus FILM ACTRESS, actor, born 05/19/1932

Alma Cogan musical artist, born 05/19/1932

Fenwick Lawson artist, born 05/19/1932

Bill Fitch United States Marine, NCAA collegiate and NBA coach, born 05/19/1934

John North Historian of science, born 05/19/1934

Ruskin Bond Writer Poet, writer, born 05/19/1934

David Hartman Actor, television personality, Actor, drug, born 05/19/1935

Cecil Macbee Musician, musical artist, born 05/19/1935

Michael Wisher actor, born 05/19/1935

Sabrina Actress, born 05/19/1936

Elisabeth Schwarz Austrian figure skater, born 05/19/1936

Pat Roach Actor, Wrestler, actor, born 05/19/1937

Madge Hindle Television actress, actor, born 05/19/1938

Anthony Spilotro born 05/19/1938

Marilyn Chris actress, actor, born 05/19/1938

James Hubert Bilbray congressman, born 05/19/1938

Nancy Kwan American actress, actor, born 05/19/1939

Livio Berruti RUNNER, SPRINTER, born 05/19/1939

James Fox ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, actor, born 05/19/1939



Helen Jackson member of parliament, born 05/19/1939

Stephen Young actor, born 05/19/1939

Don J. Johnson BOWLER, born 05/19/1940

Francisco Anthony Lorenzo AIRLINE EXECUTIVE, born 05/19/1940

Mickey Newbury Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/19/1940

Frans Bouwmeester soccer player, born 05/19/1940


Nora Ephron JOURNALIST, SCREENWRITER, NOTED FAMILY, Actress, screenwriter, producer, director, journalist, actor, born 05/19/1941

Ritt Bjerregaard office holder, born 05/19/1941

Tania Mallet actor, born 05/19/1941

Igor Judge judge, born 05/19/1941

Alice Faye Harris, Jr. NOTED FAMILY, born 05/19/1942

Gary Kildall Computer scientist, born 05/19/1942

Robert Kilroy-Silk Television presenter, office holder, born 05/19/1942

Carol Eden Playboy Playmate, born 05/19/1942

Shirrel Rhoades comics creator, born 05/19/1942

Carla Zampatti born 05/19/1942

Robert Leslie (Bob) Graham Australian politician, born 05/19/1943

Terry Kolb MASOCHIST, WRITER, born 05/19/1943

Yosef Ahimeir born 05/19/1943

Petre Popeangă Politician, born 05/19/1944

Yoohanon Mar Chrysostom born 05/19/1944

Raymond Bunt office holder, born 05/19/1944

Peter Townshend of THE WHO MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, GUITARIST, PIANIST, GAY, born 05/19/1945

Dilshad Khan Hindustani Classical Music, musical artist, born 05/19/1945

Aleksandr Zaitsev scientist, born 05/19/1945

Mick Porter soccer player, born 05/19/1945

Michele Placido Actor, film director, Actor/Director, drug, born 05/19/1946

Phillip Rudd of AC/DC MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, born 05/19/1946

Andre The Giant wrestler, born 05/19/1946

John WaiheE office holder, born 05/19/1946

Trevor Adams Actor, actor, born 05/19/1946

Carlos Alberto de Barros Franco Physician, born 05/19/1946

David L. Iii Brewer military person, born 05/19/1946

Roger Sloman actor, born 05/19/1946

Jerry Newsom basketball player, born 05/19/1946

David Helfgott concert pianist, born 05/19/1947

Paul Brady MUSICIAN, SONGWRITER, GUITARIST, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/19/1947

Christopher Robert Chope POLITICIAN, M.P., born 05/19/1947

Christopher Chope member of parliament, born 05/19/1947

Barry Beyerstein University professor, born 05/19/1947

Ken Morton soccer player, born 05/19/1947

Grace Jones Jamaican American singer, model, actress, singer/songwriter, model, artist, musical artist, born 05/19/1948

Chris Chittell British actor, actor, born 05/19/1948

Jean-Pierre Haignere Astronaut, Air Force officer, Test Pilot, astronaut, born 05/19/1948

Tom Scott Arranger, bandleader, composer, conductor, session musician, musical artist, born 05/19/1948

Judy Macburney actor, born 05/19/1948

Charlie Chin artist, born 05/19/1948

Bruce Jarchow actor, born 05/19/1948

Dusty Hill Entertainer, Bassist, Singer, Songwriter, musical artist, born 05/19/1949

Stephen Varcoe English bass-baritone, born 05/19/1949

George Leo Thomas prelate, Christian Bishop, born 05/19/1950

Johann Rafelski scientist, born 05/19/1950

Joey Ramone American Singer, Musician, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/19/1951

Robert Harper actor, born 05/19/1951

Vytautas Kernagis Vocalist, actor, television presenter., musical artist, born 05/19/1951

Grace Jones SINGER, ACTRESS, born 05/19/1952

Joey Ramone of THE RAMONES SINGER, born 05/19/1952

Peter Hendy born 05/19/1953

Jane L. Campbell mayor, born 05/19/1953

Patrick Stewart Hodge judge, born 05/19/1953

Phil Rudd Musician, musical artist, born 05/19/1954

Paul Patrick Chomnycky born 05/19/1954

Grant Woods politician, born 05/19/1954

Sandy Pasch office holder, born 05/19/1954

Stan Cockerton born 05/19/1955

Kym Cassiman DANCER, born 05/19/1956

Steven Meigs Ford FILM/TV ACTOR, TV HOST, NOTED FAMILY, born 05/19/1956

Oliver Letwin office holder, born 05/19/1956

Eric Show baseball player, born 05/19/1956

Martyn Ware Composer, Record producer, musical artist, born 05/19/1956

Shaun Francis Graf Cricketer, cricketer, born 05/19/1957

Tof Thissen politician, born 05/19/1957

K. Rani office holder, born 05/19/1958

Jenny Durkan office holder, born 05/19/1958

Nicole Brown Simpson Murder victim, born 05/19/1959

Marion Weber German figure skater, born 05/19/1959

William Wallace Daniel NOTED FAMILY, GRANDSON OF PRESIDENT HARRY TRUMAN, born 05/19/1959

Jim Ward Voice actor, actor, born 05/19/1959

Brian Lockwood Television director, editor, actor, born 05/19/1959

Kabir Hashim Politician and Economist, member of parliament, born 05/19/1959

Alex Jacobowitz classically-trained street performer, born 05/19/1960

Jann Carl actor, born 05/19/1960

Shujaat Khan Composer, sitar player, musical artist, born 05/19/1960

Tony Coton Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/19/1961

Gregory Poirier actor, born 05/19/1961

Stan Stammers Bass Player, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, musical artist, born 05/19/1961

Vadim Cojocaru politician, born 05/19/1961

Iain Harvie of DEL AMITRI MUSICIAN, GUITARIST, born 05/19/1962

Filippo Galli SOCCER PLAYER, born 05/19/1963

Pilin Leon born 05/19/1963

Steven Odonnell Actor, born 05/19/1963

Lawrence Ng artist, born 05/19/1964

Manvedra Singh office holder, born 05/19/1964

Sean Whalen actor, born 05/19/1964

Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot of CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT MUSICIAN, SINGER, SONGWRITER, born 05/19/1965

Cecilia Bolocco born 05/19/1965

Mike Smith born 05/19/1965

Maile Flanagan Voice Actor/Stage Actor/Film Actor, actor, born 05/19/1965

Lay Phyu Musician, musical artist, born 05/19/1965

Boris Singer, songwriter, composer, musical artist, born 05/19/1965

Polly Walker Actress, actor, born 05/19/1966

Joe Cassar politician, born 05/19/1966

Geraldine Somerville actor, born 05/19/1967

Steve Lieber comics creator, born 05/19/1967

Chuck Macilhinney office holder, born 05/19/1967

Massimo Taccon artist, born 05/19/1967

Theo de Raadt Founder and lead developer of the OpenBSD operating system, scientist, born 05/19/1968

Rodrigo González musical artist, born 05/19/1968

Kyle Eastwood ACTOR, NOTED FAMILY, Musician, Singer, musical artist, born 05/19/1968

James Parrish gridiron football player, born 05/19/1968

Thomas Vinterberg Film director, producer, screenwriter and actor, actor, born 05/19/1969

Mario Dumont office holder, born 05/19/1970

Miguel Angel Benitez soccer manager, born 05/19/1970

Jason Gray-Stanford Actor, actor, born 05/19/1970

Alison Elliott born 05/19/1970

Sally Wheeler actor, born 05/19/1970

Merethe Troan Singer, musical artist, born 05/19/1970

Manoush actor, born 05/19/1971

Steve Balsamo musical artist, born 05/19/1971

Iurie Ciocan Professor, politician, politician, born 05/19/1971

Scott McClain American baseball first baseman, baseball player, born 05/19/1972

Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich Golubev Russian speed skater, born 05/19/1972

Abel Guier Bass Guitarist, songwriter, musical artist, born 05/19/1972

Ronald Williams gridiron football player, born 05/19/1972

Dario Franchitti British race car driver of Italian descent, born 05/19/1973

Mostafa Shaban actor, born 05/19/1973

Chris Doering American college football player, professional football player, wide receiver, gridiron football player, born 05/19/1973

Sandro Chaves De Assis Rosa soccer player, born 05/19/1973

Andrew Gary Johns Australian rugby league player, rugby player, born 05/19/1974

Emma Shapplin Soprano coloratura, musical artist, born 05/19/1974

Nikolay Soltys born 05/19/1974

Ning Zhang badminton player, born 05/19/1975

DJ Hidden musical artist, born 05/19/1975

Terence Yin Actor, Singer, actor, born 05/19/1975

Geir Zahl musical artist, born 05/19/1975

Kevin Garnett Basketball forward, basketball player, born 05/19/1976

James Scudamore Award winning author, born 05/19/1976

Brian Skinner basketball player, born 05/19/1976

Nicole Gordon American artist, born 05/19/1976

Jeremy Dawson Musician, musical artist, born 05/19/1976

Manuel Rivero Almunia Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/19/1977

Kelly Sheridan Voice Actor/Actress, actor, born 05/19/1977

Wouter Hamel musical artist, born 05/19/1977

Stephen Cruz boxer, born 05/19/1977

Mark Rooney Professional footballer, soccer player, born 05/19/1978

Christian Murro Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/19/1978

Andy Hedlund American ice hockey player, ice hockey player, born 05/19/1978

Willie Walker born 05/19/1978

Kenji Arai soccer player, born 05/19/1978

Kim Zolciak Singer, television personality, musical artist, born 05/19/1978

Waylon Albright Jennings Country music Artist, Singer-songwriter, musical artist, born 05/19/1979

Islaja Singer, songwriter, musician, musical artist, born 05/19/1979

Mindaugas Lukauskis basketball player, born 05/19/1979

Caroline Correa Actress, actor, born 05/19/1979

Nick Carlson Lacrosse player, born 05/19/1980

Zarko Kujundziski writer, born 05/19/1980

Drew Fuller Actor, Model, actor, born 05/19/1980

Chris Jarvis actor, born 05/19/1980

Yo Gotti Rapper, musical artist, born 05/19/1980

Mark Brown gridiron football player, born 05/19/1980

Marco Cellini Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 05/19/1981

Bong Tae-gyu Actor, actor, born 05/19/1981

Sani Becirovic basketball player, born 05/19/1981

Shelley Nichols born 05/19/1982

Rebekah Higgs Singer-songwriter, Band, born 05/19/1982

Ibrahim Aydemir Turkish footballer, soccer player, born 05/19/1983

Jessica Fox Actor, actor, born 05/19/1983

Aniello Cutolo soccer player, born 05/19/1983

Linda Pritchard Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, musical artist, born 05/19/1983

Marija Vujović Montenegrin model, model, born 05/19/1984

Aaron Musicant Television actor, actor, born 05/19/1984

Maria Colombage born 05/19/1984

Arve Grøvan Walde footballer, soccer player, born 05/19/1985

Hamed Haddadi Professional basketball player, basketball player, born 05/19/1985

Mei-Ching Chen born 05/19/1985

Daniel Polk american football player, born 05/19/1985

Arkaitz Durán Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/19/1986

Facundo Pieres Polo player, Polo Player, born 05/19/1986

Sergio de Lis Road bicycle racer, cyclist, born 05/19/1986

Eric Lloyd Actor, actor, born 05/19/1986

Jayne Wisener Actress, Actor, actor, born 05/19/1987

Joel Dalgarno Lacrosse player, born 05/19/1987

Juan Ramon soccer player, born 05/19/1987

Lily Cole English model, model, born 05/19/1988

Daniel Kirkup Football (soccer) player, soccer player, born 05/19/1988

Georgina Stojiljkovic model, born 05/19/1988

Jasmine Singer-songwriter, radio DJ, musical artist, born 05/19/1989

Siddarth Kaul Indian cricketer, cricketer, born 05/19/1990

Victor Ibrabo soccer player, born 05/19/1990

Alex soccer player, born 05/19/1990

Allen Christensen Australian rules footballer, born 05/19/1991

Ji-Man Choi Professional baseball player, born 05/19/1991

Cassi Van Den Dungen model, born 05/19/1992

Ryunosuke Kamiki Actor, Voice actor, actor, born 05/19/1993